1. FN 509 Midsize Review: The Best 9mm Pistol Out Of The Box
  2. FN 509 Tactical Review: Best Full-Size Tactical Pistol?
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  6. FN 509 Review: Better Than A M&P Or Glock?
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FN 509 Midsize Review: The Best 9mm Pistol Out Of The Box

[Applause],whats up guys this is the Honest outlaw,here and today were gonna be doing a,review on one of the best pistols of,2019 this is one of the new designs from,FN it is basically the mid size of the,FN 509 that was pretty popular in 2018,before we get in the review I want to,mention what patron supporters thank you,guys very much the channels been almost,completely demonetized at this point so,you guys are basically the force driving,the guns and reviews and stuff so I,appreciate that and because of that,were gonna be stepping up the giveaways,a little bit were gonna be doing the,giveaway for the ear Pro very soon and,then after that I have a couple of,knives and a couple of other stuff and,maybe even a firearm or two to give away,this summer so all you have to do to be,entered in the giveaway is be a,supporter also want to mention am accom,theyve been a longtime supporter of the,channel there is a link in the,description below if you click it you,get $20 off any order of 200 bucks or,more so what is the FN 509 mid-size well,as I said its its very similar to the,509 that came out last year except it,actually has a smaller grip the 509,originally it was kind of a Glock 19 X,type of firearm whereas this is more of,just a Glock and 19 firearm as a matter,of fact as you can see here on the table,they are almost the exact same size of,the Glock 19 bear length is the same at,4 inches the overall length the overall,height all very very similar and the,magazine capacity is the same as well 10,rounds if you live in a shitty state 15,rounds if you live in a free state which,is pretty nice the overall weight of,this gun is also very similar a little,bit heavier though as you can see its a,little bit beefier of a gun than the,Glock at right around 26 point five,ounces very similar to the M&P or this,cz p10 C so comparable to almost every,other polymer got on the market and just,like every other polymer got on the,market this is striker fired very,similar weight very similar size so what,sets this apart so while theyre all,striker fired 9-millimeter pistols,essentially and they all do a very,similar job each year another company,comes out with one thats slightly,better than the previous coming out with,slightly more features that most people,put on like aftermarket features for,example and that is where the FN 509,midsize really comes into play at least,in my opinion so before we get into the,accessories well talk about real ID,thats the most important and its a no,surprise with any other FN pistol that,Ive ever used,it is 100% I think I shot around 700,rounds through this pistol with,something like that I had a good time,shooting it actually and for a compact,gun it was pretty accurate the,reliability was excellent durability was,excellent and the reason why was,accurate is because the trigger on this,gun is actually at least for me really,good I really like it it isnt the,lightest in the world its not like CZ,p10 see light or Kanak light but its,got a very distinctive clean break which,I really like,I found it pretty easy to hit at at,least 50 yards and I could hit it 80,yards with it as well which is pretty,good for a compact pistol thats way,further than you would ever have to,shoot for any self defense type,situation the sights on the pistol are,actually pretty good as well,they come with night sights right from,the factory at least mine did and thats,pretty awesome thats added value so,accuracy and reliability is just as good,or maybe even slightly better than other,polymer-framed guns on the market but,what really sets us apart in my opinion,is I said in the beginning of the video,is the features the texture of this gun,is for the first time since the M&P 2.0,pretty good I really like this I,wouldnt have a stipple job or anything,on this it comes with adjustable back,straps as well I like how they kind of,stepped up and stepped down the texture,depending on where youre gonna need it,you can see here it is a little bit less,aggressive texture here more aggressive,texture here and even less here its,its an interesting blend that helps you,hold on with a pistol very well the,trigger is a serious upgrade from any,Glock erm and P in my particular opinion,and thats starting to become standard,with guns like the ppq the HK vp9 if you,dont have a really good trigger from,the factory and your name isnt Glock,youre not gonna be on the same level,with other pistols on the market it also,has full ambi controls somebody like my,wife would really like that as you can,see your magazine release unlike the P,Tennessee works very easy from both,sides slide release slide lock works,very well again from both sides none of,the controls are sticky which is really,nice they all feel very worn in it has,the M&P style takedown lever which in my,opinion is the best takedown lever it,has a Picatinny rail as you see here not,some dumb glock accessory rail it also,comes with slide serrations and kind of,a try not really a try top slide but a,very uniquely cut slide and it has a,little cocking serration there as well,too if you want to use that there there,the slide is really easy to get a hold,of and manipulate in case you have a,malfunction which in my opinion you,wont have very many of not to mention,with all that stuff to manipulate the,slide you also have the standard sight,on there you can run off your bail to,your boot or you know your zipper or,whatever youre gonna use it with so,theres many different ways to,manipulate this particular gun and all,of the accessories that I could see that,you would ever want to add on to this,pistol aside for maybe a high-def front,sight would be the only minor criticism,I could think of already come on this,pistol you dont have to undercut the,trigger guard like you do want to Glock,you dont have to do anything,I was almost I dont know I was almost,disappointed when I get a gun that I,really like I like to upgrade it and,make it my own but this gun already has,absolutely everything you would ever,need on it already I think for my,personal opinion is the most complete,and probably the best out-of-the-box,pistol if I had to pick an,out-of-the-box gun to use every day,zombie apocalypse carry whatever it may,be I think I would honestly pick the 509,though there are some guns that I like,better because of personal bias 1911s I,shoot Glocks really well Ive shot them,a long time Ive done up Glock I like,slightly better than this but youre,gonna have to pay a lot more also I mean,for a custom Glock even with sights and,a trigger gut job and everything like,that youre looking at somewhere around,seven to eight hundred dollars whereas,this gun is just as good for only 550,and I think for people who didnt grow,up shooting Glocks or didnt grow up,shooting 1911s like me and dont have,that bias I think that this is just,all-around the better gun and I dont,see how its not guns like the p10 C,were very close and the vp9 stuff like,that and they all have one thing here,one thing there they need to upgrade a,little bit or one thing that I have a,small criticism of I dont see any knock,at all for the FN 509 aside from the,lack of accessories because they dont,need accessories,I wish it came with one more magazine,maybe there maybe thats a criticism but,honestly this gun is excellent youll,get a new shoot ability here now quick,and again very excellent because of the,trigger because of the short reset,trigger you can shoot very quickly,because of the texture you can hold on,to the gun really well and because it,doesnt have a crazy bore axis like the,Sig 320 its not super snappy even,though its only a 4-inch barrel so in,this you have a 26 ounce gun that has a,four inch barrel that can shoot like a,full-sized gun that you dont need a,stipple job and you dont need to do,anything to so overall Im gonna have to,give this gun a solid ten out of ten,especially out of the box and I cant,say that enough again because Im gonna,put it in the title of this video but

FN 509 Tactical Review: Best Full-Size Tactical Pistol?

its loaded with features right out of,the box its the fn 509 tactical its,coming up,hey guys im johnny b with,pptactical.com your definitive source,for gun reviews gear guides everything,that goes bang you all know what we do,today im going to show you the fn509,tactical what im going to do is tell,you all about it ill show it to you up,close ill get it out to the range and,hopefully by the end youll be able to,decide if this peanut butter colored,machine,is right for you big spoiler alert i,like it i really do i dont even say i,love this one its fantastic,also all of you lefties youre in for a,treat today yeah youll see this ones,kind of different good for you lefties,hey if youre new to our stuff we always,have a full article on everything that,we do a lot of resources that we do to,help you out to up your gun game theres,gonna be a link down below check it out,itll send you over to our website,pewpewtactical.com,and finally if youre watching this on,youtube if you dont mind a really quick,thumbs up its a big help so thank you,all right this one is part of the 509,series from fn its the tactical model,which means its got all the bells and,whistles,its not small and its probably not,going to go down in your pants appendix,style but thats not really what this,one was designed for its a duty weapon,now back in 2017 yall remember this,when the u.s military was phasing out,the beretta,everyone and their brother competed to,win the mhs contract thats the modular,handgun system the contract of course,went to sig but the 509 tactical was the,fn submission,for that mhs contract its now today,its available for civilian use good,news i got one overall its a striker,fire nine millimeter full-size duty gun,with a 17 round capacity out of the box,now,full disclosure this ones my personal,gun what youre seeing here i paid full,retail for,but i did not even take it out of the,box until i started this test so it was,brand spanking new now what that box,came with wasnt bad at all its a,pretty good zippered carrying case with,some fn branding,two back straps so you can dial your,grip in,it also has all the stuff that youre,going to need to mount an optic up top,and mine came with two 17 round,magazines because i live in a free state,10 rounders if not,now for mine i immediately bought,extendo mags that the fn company offers,these are oems,theyre a little bit high 50 plus a,piece but they hold 24 rounds not bad,not bad at all now price right now for,the 509 series can have a big window,depending on the model regular 509s not,the tactical theyre about 600 street,price right now but the big one the one,that i got,900 street prize for that tactical,package and thats a big big jump up in,price so what does that extra 300 get,you in my opinion it gets you a lot you,can already see that the slide is cut,for an optic pretty normal on todays,higher top shelf guns,the barrel is also threaded and ready,for a suppressor the sights are also,upgrades trijicon three dot night sights,and theyre also suppressor height i,think yall can see that and up front is,gonna be a rail for mounting your,favorite light which one you gonna go,with well weve got options for you that,article i mentioned over on the ppt site,weve got a list for you its pretty,cool with mine on the up top side i,added a trijicon rmr red dot i really,like it i really do it went on super,easy now we also have a best red dot,site list for you any guesses where that,is,yep its over on our website you know,where the link is lol,okay got a few specs for you the,tactical model is pretty big even,unloaded it weighs nearly two pounds add,in those 24 rounds with the extendo mags,its massive eight inches long and the,barrel length is about four and a half,inches,now a lot of folks they know the 509,compact heres the tactical compared to,that compact you can sort of work with,me here,think of them like the glock 17 and the,glock 19 of the fn world sort of not,exactly all of the controls are going to,feel familiar to you on day one the gun,makes sense in your hands or at least it,did in mind but oh heres the good part,for you lefties youve already spotted,it havent you the 509 series is,completely ambidextrous right out of the,box like nothing has to be swapped over,it really is ready to go and this is,huge,very few guns on the market today are,truly ambi usually have to swap stuff,out so not bad fn not bad lefties are,people too,as far as aesthetics i think it looks,pretty solid in my opinion i got fde but,its also available in black of course,some branding on the grip and the slide,but nothing obnoxious i dont think its,a bad looking gun at all all right here,we go lets get after the range for this,test i got all the mags together i,loaded them up with remington umc,because it was on sale and i lit her rip,i was immediately struck with that,trigger its of course a pretty stout,trigger because its a duty gun but the,reset is shallow and crisp and on day,one i think i got it running like a,champ got it really dialed in,so im not really sure how to explain,this in words but im gonna call the,trigger really good for a service weapon,the 509 tactical for me ran absolutely,awesome all caps awesome zero issues,like for real zero,now keep in mind i was using factory,mags and i didnt run it suppressed and,i didnt do anything in weird weather or,weird conditions just summertime in,tennessee,but in my hands boy oh boy it ran and it,ran great it fed good and ejected good,locked back on empty every single time,now accuracy wise in my hands i was on,target every time,shots where i wanted them no big,surprise there all right let me tell you,what i like and i think theres a lot to,like here but heres three first that fn,grip is good you can change the back,straps of course but whichever one you,go with its going to feel good in your,hands on day one,second i really really love the,reliability thats huge for me i have,two fns now both of those yall saw are,both mine they run like belgian sewing,machines good reliability and third i,like that its a total package,everything you need on day one its in,the box you dont have to do anything if,you want to put on an optic you can and,then add a suppressor down the road if,you want to wait on your stamp and,youre ready to rock and roll now as far,as shortcomings theres not a lot to,complain about here,the only real trouble i had is that i,got my hand nicked really really good,you can see it here i was just being,sloppy with the gun its on me it really,is its on me but for those of you with,big mitts like me better beware,something to keep in mind also its not,cheap thats the big one 900,maybe more plus you need to buy more,magazines and for that price what you,get i think is a total package but it,aint cheap at all now overall im,really happy with it my 509 tactical has,a great trigger stupid reliability and i,think its my new go-to bedside gun,that 24 rounds holy smokes it makes,reloading not all that often,something goes bump in the night youre,gonna be ready to rock and roll big,thumbs up from me and thats all from us,today here at pew pew tactical.com im,johnny b and well see you soon,[Music]

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Gun Review | FN 509 Tactical FDE

where have i been well youtube doesnt,pay us gun channels nearly enough to,cover the necessities,so i was forced to go out and get a real,job but you guys want gun content so i,am back,and today we are taking a look at a gun,you never consider buying,[Music],in 2015 the us army announced the xm17,modular systems handgun competition,to replace the aging beretta m9 service,pistol,that gun had been in service since the,80s and was way overdue for an upgrade,so 12 pistols were sent from six,different nations with the,sig 320 coming out as the winner most,people know that,most people also know that the glock 19,came in a close second but what about,third place today were taking a look at,the fn,509 tactical a bronze medal winner that,none of us ever talk about,before we get into the 509 tactical let,me remind you guys,fn has a long history of producing,quality firearms,such as the fnfal,and lets not forget the fn scar,perfect i caught both of them first try,eddie ive never missed a gun thats,been thrown at me,to this day except in that one video i,think i got hit in the tooth our fn 509,tactical is a,9 mil striker fire system with a polymer,frame,a stainless steel hard coated slide the,finish is flat dark earth,it is two different tones youll see,here,which seems to be pretty common to most,of guns in this category,not entirely sure why barrel is,four and a half inches in length and it,does have,a thread protector on the end of it now,our thread protector has an o-ring,fitted inside of it,to ensure it wont back out while,shooting other countries you could use,this for a suppressor attachment here in,canada,nope aint gonna happen the pistol comes,with suppressor,height sights did i say that right the,pistol comes with suppressor sight,height suppressor height sight,sight height what the hell what am i,saying you think playing as much call of,duty as i do this would be like just,rolling off my tongue,the handgun comes with suppressor height,sights those are hard to miss,trust me it has an optics ready mount on,top here for whatever red dot you want,to throw on top,this plate here is removable obviously,your overall weight is about 28 ounces,it has an ambidextrous slide stop here,and an ambidextrous magazine release,here,now something cool for you left-handed,shooters the magazine release does not,need to be pushed through,like it does on some other handguns it,exists on both sides,already if you take a look at the grip,texture here,it is no joke there are about three or,four maybe different patterns of grip,texture,and yep it feels like sandpaper this,back strap here is replaceable,with something like this now its,probably worth mentioning this is not,exactly the small,medium large grip size that you would,expect,this just gives it more of a 1911 feel,as opposed to this rounded,curve you see here okay now that the,specs are out of the way lets take a,closer look at some of the cool features,that make this gun unique,cool features first thing this is fns,patent-pending low-profile,optics mounting system this guy here,accepts more than 10 commercially,available red dots that co-witness,with these ginormous tall suppressor,height sights,so lets try and throw that on real,quick just to see how easy it is,before i pop this plate off i just want,to mention something for those curious,these little wings here or ears that you,find on the side,these are to prevent the rear sight from,moving back and forth if the pistol is,dropped,it also helps if you were ever to uh use,this one-handed and rack this off a belt,loop or pant pocket or boot or something,like that,so these are functional all right play,it off now fn does encourage you guys,to clean this before you mount something,but for the video uh whatever,that was super easy thats it okay this,is a leopold delta point pro,literally all i have to do is get taller,screws,longer screws to put in there and thats,it like thats it,its on so our adapter plate here,actually has an o-ring built into it,that means that you dont need,additional loctite on that red dot,that should stay in place for you i,think,all right youre going to get a pizza,box,inside of that its going to be your fn,signature,soft case in my opinion this is a nice,feature a lot of guns dont,include soft cases like this we open it,up it comes with,two additional magazines now take note,both mags have a,color matched base plates why is that,important,well go talk to some of those sig owners,and ask them about that,it comes with one interchangeable back,strap,instructions on how to set up the red,dot on your pistol along with a list of,the most popular red dots available,right now,user manual optics plates and screws and,whatnot,this is your low power recoil spring and,guide rod so this is for any sort of,subsonic ammunition if your gun is not,cycling reliably,you can throw that guy in there confirm,your purchase warranty card or something,crappy cable lock that youll never use,thats it,and then a velcro sealed pocket,if you want to throw anything extra in,there now that we know what it comes,with,lets go shoot it lets go see if this,peanut butter gun jams,[Music],okay we are done shooting the pistol now,ill go through my initial thoughts,some pros some cons and a verdict for,you guys my first initial thought is,that the gun is very well built i am,comparing that to the sig 320,and that glock 19x this thing feels,sturdy,it feels solid i like it second thought,these sights are absolutely enormous,not the best for precision shooting but,it is,its hard to miss them in any light,conditions my third thought on this guy,just my initial thought,eddie it sounds like youre playing with,the snake in there,my god eddie [ __ ] it one more time my,third initial thought is that this guy,feels big in your hand,now maybe thats because of the gigantic,sights on top maybe thats because of,these wings here,im not sure dimensionally it shouldnt,be too much different than the other,competitors,in this category but it definitely feels,really really,big in your hand so those are my initial,thoughts lets go through some pros,first controls are real big and easy to,find that includes the mag release and,the slide stop,even my takedown lever everything seems,to protrude out just a tiny bit more,than the competitor,which makes it real easy to press or,flip or whatever,second point has to be this grip texture,now theres about,three or four different patterns on this,it is the perfect amount of abrasiveness,without being too ridiculous,in your hand all right we cannot talk,about pros without mentioning this,optic ready system im really impressed,with it because not only is it easy to,mount,but your red dot is also going to sit so,low that your sights actually co-witness,with it so,if you run out of batteries or whatever,it does not matter you can still use,those iron sights on top is that smooth,as butter,smooth butter in fact i cant believe it,is you are recording right this is kind,of a pro kind of not a pro but im going,to mention it anyways,youre going to actually include this,bag here,this little thing here because in my,opinion its the little things that,matter if im gonna drop eleven hundred,dollars on a gun,i wanna know that not only is the gun,great but the manufacturer cares enough,about my purchase,to include a little bit extra a little,bit goes a long way your sig and glock,dont come with that stuff,all right lets take a look at some cons,now some things i did not like about,this pistol,the biggest one for me being the trigger,pull the trigger was,incredibly unpredictable and long,and heavy just not what you would expect,in what seems like a fully customized,gun,so let me show you the trigger pull here,eddie grab a,pole gauge and lets take a look here,look at it almost seven pounds even,seven pounds,okay first pull seven pounds lets try,it again reset,seven and a half pounds seven and a half,pounds this is what im talking about it,is super unpredictable,even before we star

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FN 509 CC Edge Review… Decked out from Factory

believe it or not this right here comes,from Factory this bougie this is the FN,509 CC Edge,[Applause],[Applause],basically its a concealed carry firearm,from Factory thats completely pimped,out just about as much as you can get,without of course this optic on it this,did not come with it but it did come,with a bunch of different optic plates,to mount again this is the FN 509 Edge,CC whats going on everybody this is,Steve with the Mr big kid Channel I,really appreciate you all watching I,want to give a shout out to Smoky,Mountain guns and ammo they Supply the,ammunition and the firearm for testing,and review first of all dang this is a,whole lot of gun from Factory so a,couple things that were going to go,over of course were going to talk about,the features of this guy were going to,talk about the trigger the magazines,were going to see what comes in the Box,performance of course thats a big one,performance and reliability so lets,just get started lets Jump Right In,This Is The fnh 509cc Edge just pretty,much Comes This Way from Factory minus,the light and then minus the Optics but,it does come Optics ready so what youre,getting is you get a very calm compact,frame I mean awkwardly compact I can fit,two fingers on there and Pinky has,nothing to do so it also comes with this,15 round with the mag extension right,here that Mag extension is critical so,at least you have something to grab onto,but overall very interesting gun very,interesting release from them so lets,go ahead and give this thing a shot,lets see how it shoots,[Applause],well it ran,I was told this guy is kind of a,gem-o-matic but I have had no issues so,far all right were at the dueling tree,test from shooting targets USA again six,paddle dueling tree,lets do it see if I can smack some,paddles,[Applause],its always the end I start getting,confident and then I start missing a lot,you know what Ive been super impressed,by this already,um my expectations were low,but Ive been proved wrong so far four,full mags into it so 60 rounds so far,and so far so good so one thing we,should talk about is pretty much the,theory of use like whats the point of,this guy its a whole lot of gun right,so this is going to be kind of my,opinion I mean Im not going to speak,for FN but this is basically a high,performance concealed carry handgun you,have this big extended mag and you have,a compensator you have lightning cuts on,the slide you have a match Barrel you,have Optics play a deep optic cut on,here so you can put multiple Optics you,have these tall sights right here so you,can co-witness with the optic you have a,flat face trigger make an extended,magazine release also not too extended,to where its obnoxious or accidentally,dropping the mag,but it is extended and then you have,full-size picatinny rail right up here,in the front with three slots on it so,you have a lot of light mounting options,as well so thats a real quick Mile High,view of all the stuff that this comes,with lets break it down a little more,before we do lets do some more shooting,lets do another mag,[Music],Im not gonna blame that failure to lock,back on the gun I think that one was 100,me I was just really choking up on the,grip right there and,let be what may before we bring this,thing to the table Im just going to,play a little bit of the specs for you,on the screen right here to some pretty,music elevator music,[Music],thats right,[Music],okay my initial Impressions when I first,saw this was I didnt really like it now,it seems like why wouldnt I like it,right its got a lot of features its,bougie I love pimp guns I love guns that,just have tons of features Im a big fan,of compensators,um overall but why didnt I like it well,the first thing is Im not a big fan of,really stubby grips so if you look at,this guy look how short that is so when,you grab it my pinky is completely,hanging off the bottom its not a very,comfortable gun without the magazine,inserted so thats not a big deal you,shoot it or you carry it with the,magazine inserted the problem is,there is a little bit of wobble in the,magazine which is normal magazines need,to have wobble you want them to be able,to drop loose the problem is when you,rely on the magazine for your grip,youre going to have to deal with a,little bit of wobble and I have a couple,guns that require a magazine to have a,good firm grip on it but,um thats pretty much my only pet peeve,with this thing doesnt mean its not a,good gun and some people dont really,care about that so thats awesome now,theres another YouTuber out there his,name is Opie in the smokies and he,tested this gun out before I did and,this is the same exact gun that he did a,video on now the difference is when he,shot this gun he had issue after issue,he had a lot of jams,um he had a hard time getting through a,magazine without this thing jamming up,after he put a few hundred rounds,through this thing he was finished with,his review so he gave it to me to let me,borrow and do a little write-up on this,thing as well he lubed it up really nice,he like I said he went through a few,hundred rounds Im guessing because,he shot it before I did this things,been working perfect like this thing has,not had a single issue Ive also put a,few hundred rounds to this guy I ran a,couple different types through it some,124 grain stuff and then,um a lot of 115 grain stuff all Full,Metal jackets Im guessing there might,have been some kind of a break-in period,or maybe its just a lubrication issue I,dont know but when he gave this thing,to me and I put my few hundred rounds,through it it worked just fine so far,this thing has been running great,um when I talked to Opie he was having,some struggles for the first 300 rounds,this is the one that came from him so go,ahead and check out his video and youll,be able to see all the issues hes had,Im guessing he must have broken this,thing in before giving it to me to,review because so far its worked,perfectly I was kind of hoping it,wouldnt because I wanna,be able to actually talk something,negative about a gun but apparently this,one runs well too maybe I just have the,Magic Touch I dont know,[Applause],it works so well its boring,no its a very soft shooter compensator,feels very effective,um it doesnt bite that much when it,recoils I think thats going to be a lot,of the lightning touches theyve done on,this thing obviously its a little,heavier you do have the optic which will,actually kind of increase that backwards,recoil or that muzzle lift but then you,have that light on the front which helps,hold it down with the compensator,overall its actually a really nice,feeling gun especially with that,extended mag that is mandatory if this,extended mag didnt exist this would be,very awkward to shoot you see my pinkies,just hanging off on the end so,extended mag is critical,I mean I didnt have any stoppages so uh,I mean no problems obviously right off,the bat,I agree I care Ive carried at 26 I,Glock 26 for a long time with the 15,round magazine with the x-grip on it so,carry going like this is definitely the,way you would have to carry it you would,not be able to carry it like this in my,opinion uh you know even with Glock 26s,they come with a little pinky little,extender,yeah and you definitely cant carry like,this it would not be with a flush fin,magazine it would have to be with a mag,extension other than that ran flawlessly,I like 509 stuff I like FN stuff so,yeah I like the compensator on thats,pretty sweet,its got a lot of cool stuff man not bad,and the red Dots not bad on it Allison,thats it,lets go 508 508 yeah,I like uh I like the green and red stuff,from Holliston so,I like uh I like it Im,what I carried as a carry piece,sure,so lets bring it to the table and talk,about some of the features and the looks,and all that and were even going to,talk about the breakdown now this is for,you YouTube this is part of Maintenance,of a firearm this is very important that,you know how to break this down 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Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Buy A FN 509

i was first introduced to the fnx-9 when,i was at the height of my glock dogma,i was like ragnar when he first met,athleston glocks were the only true gods,and all other guns were false gods so,when i got my hands on the fnx,i thought it was a good enough gun but i,eventually gave it to my girlfriend at,the time,who for some reason really felt the need,to give it back to me,when we broke up but i digress,fast forward to 2020 and im at the gun,range filming a video when a friend of,mine shows up with the fn,509 mrd that hes doing a write-up on,for a major magazine,because im an ammosexual and i want to,shoot every gun i see,i grabbed it and put some rounds through,it and my god was,it good so good in fact i ended up doing,a whole video on the gun,since then ive been a fan of the fn 509,series of pistols,and now im gonna give you five reasons,why if youre gonna buy an fn pistol,it should be the 509 reason number one,the fn 509 tactical,if you were going to buy a gun that was,exclusively dedicated to home defense,and the gun had to be in fn youd be an,idiot,to not make it the fn 509 tactical,everything you need and everything you,want is on this gun,you want a suppressor it has a threaded,barrel you want to be a tactical hipster,and have some high speed low drag,micro red dot like the delta point pro,on your home defense handgun,it has fns low profile optics mounting,system,if youre one of those killjoy,pessimists and have an uncle named,murphy,the 509 tactical has suppressor height,sights,so that if for whatever reason your red,dot isnt working or the battery dies at,the worst time,the suppressor height sights allow you,to use them through the window of your,micro red dot,and allow you to co-witness with your,micro red dot,cant see in the dark like 100 of the,population and want a light on your home,defense handgun,the 509 tactical comes with the rail for,you to mount a light,but my most absolute favorite part of,the fn 509 tactical,is the absolutely glorious 24 round,magazines,from a handgun home defense standpoint,the fn509 tactical,literally does it all,reason number two the fn509 midsize mrd,the fn509 mid-size is what i like to,call the perfect,backpack gun the fn 509 tactical fully,decked out,runs the risk of being too big and being,a snag monster,the compact however runs the risk of,being too small,so instead of drawing the gun from a bag,you find yourself fishing for the gun,in your back the mid size however is big,enough to easily find in a bag,but small enough to not only fit in,smaller pockets,but to draw from the bag without,snagging on everything,is a breeze,the beautiful thing about the fn 509,midsize is that it is also small enough,that if you wanted to carry it on body,you can do it with relative ease and if,you must,it too has the ability to mount a micro,red dot,reason number three the fn509 compact,tactical,the fn509 compact tactical has become,one of my go-to travel guns,especially if im traveling for an,extended period of time when im,carrying ill pop in a 10 or 12 round,magazine,when i get to my hotel ill put in a 24,round magazine,put on my suppressor and just like that,i have a compact home defense handgun,setup,and because its so compact the gun,leaves enough space for any accessories,like a suppressor,extra magazines lights you name it,reason number four the fn509 compact mrd,with a standard capacity of 12 rounds,there are smaller guns with the same,capacity,however what you get with the fn 509,compact that you dont get with other,smaller guns,with the same round count is shoot,ability,there is a comfort level with the fn 509,compact taking shots at further,distances,that you just dont get with the smaller,guns though they have the same capacity,i absolutely love this new super small,high-capacity guns,that are taking over the market but ill,admit that they may be verging on the,edge of being almost,too small there is something to be said,about being able to get,a good purchase on the handle of the gun,when you go to draw,and you really only get that with bigger,guns,the fn 509 compact walks a very fine,line of being,just big enough to get a good confident,purchase on the gun,when you go to draw as well as shooting,more like a full-size,gun than a smaller size gun while also,being small enough that you can conceal,it with ease,it wont disappear like the smaller guns,but it gets damn close,reason number five you just have to have,an fn,look the fn fnx series and the fn 503,series are good in their own right,hell i think the fnx 45 tactical is one,of the best handguns chambered in 45,to date but if im gonna be honest when,it comes to,their guns chambered in nine millimeter,they dont hold a candle to the 509,series,so if you just have to have an fn or you,just want another gun,and youre looking for an fn youd be,nutty,not to pick a gun from their 509 series,of pistols,[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],right now theres a culture war against,the second amendment which is why i need,your help spreading our message to,counter their message,you can help do this by leaving a,comment sharing this video and clicking,the bell and subscribe button,let my voice be your voice and let them,know you want to keep america tactical,because the right to keep and bear arms,shall not be infringed,wasnt a suggestion it was a direct also,if youre wondering where to purchase,your ar-15s are essential,i will not comply i am the militia i,lost all my guns in a boating accident,and your state-specific keep america,tactical shirt,click the link next to my head or the,link in the description section,or if youre watching this on a mobile,device tap the small triangle on the,lower right hand side of this video,and click the link in the description

FN 509 Review: Better Than A M&P Or Glock?

[Applause],[Music],welcome back everybody today were going,over the pistol that you see in my hands,right here and that you guys saw,throughout the intro this is the FM 509,this one here was offense designed for,the MHS pistol contract that of course,eventually went to the sig p320 which is,I believe the M 17 designation now in,the US army and some other services are,looking at it as well however this is,basically what they submitted at least,the civilian version of it anyway,to that contract and its got some cool,benefits to civilian shooters out there,from the military program of course we,have some improvements over the FNS,which this certainly did draw its,lineage from and also some improvements,that were specifically designed for the,NHS contract so what were gonna do here,next is of course let the dogs take a,look at it make sure its good to go do,a little bit more shooting and then come,in and get into those details kind of,what they are how it was improved and,changed from the FNS and at the end,well let you know what we think of it,overall,[Music],[Music],getting into the details of the pistol,well start here on the bottom I guess,and then sort of work our way up we do,have two magazines that are the gunships,with there are 17 round mags and they,are metal so you pop out there with some,authority so youre gonna get a total,capacity of 18 rounds with 1 in the,chamber they do also offer these with 10,round mags for those of you guys that,live behind enemy lines,Im just FYI the plate here the base,plate is different than what it is on,the FNS series so the mags can be used,interchangeably but you have to change,the base plate without that it will not,see properly on the FNS and well get,into the differences between those two,guns here in just a little bit so moving,on up youll see that we do have a,pretty aggressive texture there on each,side which is good my opinion its not,so aggressive that its going to,irritate the skin or something like that,if youre carrying an eye WB but it does,give you a pretty good firm grip on the,pistol we have some texturing there on,the front strap as well as on the back,strap the back strap that you see here,this is the medium one it comes with a,flat one and thats what they call small,thats I believe what the pistol ships,with and then I put this one on there,because I do have relatively large hands,so you can swap it out and sort of fit,the gun to your hand there but I do like,the texture all around it feels very,good in the hand I also like the way,that they sort of chamfered the grip,here your hand really does ride up nice,and high very naturally which I do like,has a little bit of texturing in there,as well mag release this is gonna be one,of my complaints on the gun Im one of,the few so its an ambidextrous mag,release also have an ambidextrous slide,release which is very good but the mag,release is one of the mag release is,that when you push it from either side,the other side goes out as you guys can,see here so Im pushing,on the left side of the pistol right,side comes out same thing vice versa,now the problem with that is when you go,to press it a lot of times with just a,natural firing if my hands are at least,with the size of my hands anyway when I,press it Im actually pressing against,my middle finger and its causing the,mag not to wanna drop free because Im,not actually pressing it all the way,like I should see Im actually pressing,it you can see that action but because,of my middle finger there is stopping it,so I do have to consciously think to,take my middle finger away to get it out,so I wished they would either a make a,single-sided mag release that was,reversible for a lefties who want to use,it like that or be just engineer it so,that that wouldnt happen because there,are guns out there that have an be [ __ ],ami mag release is rather that dont,have that issue the way the ambidextrous,slide release is designed its very nice,and that you can get a positive grip on,it there and it does have that sort of,thing around there to prevent you from,accidentally hitting it but when you,want to hit it you can do so with,authority and were a nice high thumbs,grip like that youre not going to,accidentally actually it like you can on,some like sig pistols or a lot of the,Glocks with extended controls you dont,have to worry about that here with this,one at least I havent had that issue at,all so moving forward we do have our,takedown lever well show you that,process here in just a second we also,have the trigger the trigger in my,opinion is one of the better features of,this gun its also going to be one of,the features that youre probably gonna,hear folks complain about out there and,the reason for that is this one here,breaks at least on my scale right at,seven pounds so compared to some of the,other offerings other its going to be,heavy however my opinion its an,excellent trigger the reason I say that,is that when you have your pre-travel,here youre gonna have a wall and then,the break right there isnt very crisp,and then the reset very tactile very,audible then you come back to your wall,and notice how theres almost no if not,actually there isnt it over travel once,that thing breaks stops its a wall so,very good very predictable trigger when,youre shooting it you know when its,going to break and when that slide,cycles you can get right back on it,again its on the heavy side I know some,guys dont like that but in my opinion I,would,for a crisp trigger to a really light,trigger again just my preference here we,do have the trigger safety there of,course so its a hinged trigger some,guys hate that again I dont mind it in,fact I really like it in this case and,Im moving on forward we do have a 1913,standard rail for adding any lights,lasers accessories and so on as you guys,have probably seen me do throughout the,review the slide on the pistol is made,out of stainless steel and it does have,a nitro carburized to finish that finish,there is very similar to nitriding or,melon iting or any of those other,finishes that you guys may be familiar,with from other models so its gonna,give you good surface hardness good,corrosion resistance and its just gonna,make the slide last longer which,certainly is a good thing up front here,on the slide we have good sharp,serrations same thing back here on the,rear theyre very sharp you can,absolutely get a very positive grip when,youre grabbing onto those serrations in,my opinion they did an excellent job,with both of those moving on forward we,do have nice steel sites that do come,from the factory has a nice ledge here,on the rear sight thats gonna of course,allow you to do one-handed reloading or,clearing drills should you have to do so,the rear sight there has a nice wide you,notch which is kind of gaining in,popularity and the sites themselves are,luminescent in that if you actually,apply a light to them and then go into a,dark area they will glow however they,will not be self-illuminating like the,tritium night sights would be so that,kind of stinks in my opinion but again,theyre nice steel sights so youre,certainly getting an improvement over a,Glock there in that respect one sort of,complaint I had here is after probably,about three or four hundred rounds to,the pistol this piece of the luminescent,paint as you guys can see started to,fall off so were losing a little bit of,that paint however Im probably going to,throw some night sights on here,eventually anyway,but the sights I mean theyre decent,theyre decent in terms of speed to use,them but one thing thats really good,about them that should mention in terms,of those night sights is that they do,take Sig number eight front and sig,member eight rear so theres tons and,tons of aftermarket sights that are,available for the pistol disassembling,the pistol is a pretty straightforward,process so were going to push up here,on our slide lock make sure that the,pistol is empty,it is and rotate this little over down,90 degrees

FN 509 Comparison

petcock 45 here a lot of polymer on the,table when I talked about it a little,bit yes FN 509 comparison gonna do a,little comparison of three different,sizes configurations of the FN 509 since,we have them you know we just happen to,have a couple that dont normally have I,have the standard that I own and I might,soon own the mid-size not sure my trade,the standard for the mid-size but anyway,right now got all three of these these,basic configurations and again thanks to,buds gun shop comm theres a reason we,have the the two on the end top and,bottom and be sending those back to,appreciate their help and ammo we,appreciate Federal furnishing food for,these firearms so theyre hungry theyre,hungry they help 1517 even 24 rounds,they get hungry also if youre not a,member of the NRA go to the link in our,description join at a discount please do,that and if you can afford to join any,other groups organizations do that too,especially your state organization okay,a lot of people been riding in the wagon,and not pulling it,we need people out of the wagon helping,to pull it appreciate it,Im not going to tell you every little,detail about these and youre happy to,hear that right but since we had all,three I just want to give you a rundown,and for those folks not familiar maybe,you might not have even fired o FN 509,yet but youve seen maybe videos on them,or youve read reviews on them or,whatever seeing them in gun shops and,you wonder about them because a lot of,people seem to like them I really,havent seen a lot of negative about,them Im sure its out there duh wasnt,at a news flash theres a lot of,negative on everything but but by and,large these things I think are doing,well and a lot of people really like,them you know me it takes it takes a lot,to impress me away from a Glock Im not,necessarily away from it but to impress,me any firearm this you know polymer,pistol okay and these are these are cool,you know,I will link to see we have we have a,video guess what on each one of these,individual video and now the tactical,model was it was a desert can or,something like that Jonna think but but,we have videos all three of these Ill,try to remember to put the links to all,three of those in the description always,look at the description if I really,messed something up Ill maybe you know,just type of correction in there let you,know hey I said something that was,stupid imagine that or links to earlier,videos always do almost always remember,to do that if its like the chapter 2 or,some other video on the gun I try to put,at least the first video up on that link,to it okay so what we got here the,mid-size 509 the first one and we got,the standard and should the mid-size be,in the moon should we have done that,dont add them by size and all that,complication level the mid-size the,smallest one the standard in the middle,there and then you got the Tasker model,with some other bells and whistles so if,youre thinking about one of these,youre not sure which one you would like,thats mainly why I thought wed do this,short quote unquote,if thats possible for me video just,reminding you what these three are okay,and feel free to add anything you want,to share about these if you have,experienced with one of them or all of,them negatives or positives about each,one you know thats thats thats what,we do negatives and positives about,whatever were looking at and in our,opinion but its something that I think,is a positive or John thinks is a,positive you might think its a negative,so you know just give your impressions,of each one of these if you have you,know if you have opinions on them okay,help people out thats what we try to do,and I know you do too,so anyway you know the first one the,came out of course was the standard size,509 and you know its kind of a kind of,a Glock 19 X almost I guess you could,say its got the long slide like the,Glock 7 or not slide but grip like a,Glock 17 but its got kind of a Glock 19,slide length okay and its pretty,popular this was the configuration I,think they were putting together for,for the military and they did not win,the contract a lot of people like it and,wish they had but a really nice pistol,and I actually bought that one I liked,it and and then they came out with well,a tactical model which is the same,configuration you have a long you know,17 round grip you could say and because,thats well the magazine holds flush and,in the standard same slide they all have,the same length slide but it does have a,longer barrel so but this one is set up,for some other things well see that and,then most recently is this midsize which,is like the original except it has a,shorter grip on it its the biggest,difference then theyve tweaked a couple,of things as I talked about in the video,on this firearm you know its the mag,release the slide lock and the triggers,a little different but nothing dramatic,so all three of them work you know Ill,start off by showing you that hopefully,ok what if I just dont hit anything yes,then I havent shown you anything all,right,we just like to shoot the farms and show,you how they shoot for us you know were,not trying to show off or show how bad,we are or anything like that but just,shoot the guns I know thats kind of,unique for some people lets just shoot,it works,whoo oh so so dramatic so dramatic on,the gong while we have ammo yeah so yeah,good shooter it works lets try this,myth,well not mid-size the full-size see if,it shoots it might be what you want oh,wow,took out the cinder block hold on the,gong oh yeah how about I bet this target,over here lets finish up the mag on,this target yeah three big shots so that,one shoots great you know I like it and,I think most people do that shoot these,firearms but lets make sure the,tactical model works and lets put one,of these big mags in it since its,tactical even if we dont shoot them all,okay look theyre all empty,not now though all right oh you know,what Apple had been shot has he all,right cowboy,lets just put one right on you oh I,forgot I forgot let me correct something,here forgot I didnt adjust the point of,aim there we go as you do it all right,I took care of it lets pull it on the,column yeah how about that Buffalo Oh,got enough lead on him to knock him over,and weve got two leaders here that need,to be dispatched oh wow,didnt take long did I think maybe I,didnt have a full 24 rounds in it,though so that would work soon and you,dont have to put the 24 round mag in it,you know you can put the st. mags in it,you know go in the standard size its,the same frame okay these two are the,same frame exactly right,other than this is a new tactical model,and they have tweaked some things we,point out in the be sure you look at the,mid-size video if youve not seen it yet,you know they tweaked the slide lock a,little bit you can see a little bit of,difference between it and the this first,model of standard model same with the,mag release and that same tweaking or,upgrade is on the tactical model too,because it meets the same frame so there,you go yeah now you saw how I adjusted,for it I sometimes I forget that that is,what thats for and you know I taught,for a lot of years and middle school,high school and my favorite aspect of,teaching was how gullible students can,be right since I dont have students to,pick on anymore I have to pick on you,all Im sorry please forgive me but I,have to I I just dont know what to do,if anybodys pick on accept John he gets,enough of it so no that has nothing to,do with point of impact right I just,thought that would be funny and I know,some people were thinking oh my gosh I,didnt know what that was for huh,interesting,Wow you really learn a lot when you,watch you hick talk 45 no that is just a,barrel thread protector there okay and,uh Ive seen a lot of people react,in our first video with the tactical,model we had a suppressor we shot a fair,amount and one of the things people,liked about the thread protector on this,firearm is the factors of ru

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