1. How to Focus on Your Work – 3 Lessons from “Hyperfocus”
  2. Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth
  3. How to stay calm under pressure – Noa Kageyama and Pen-Pen Chen
  4. Book Haul | Ancient History Focus
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  6. 5 Key lessons from Stolen Focus by Johann Hari | Book Review
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How to Focus on Your Work – 3 Lessons from “Hyperfocus”

this video is sponsored by skillshare,every second were awake,were taking in unfathomably large,amounts of information,together our five senses process 11,million bits of it,every second but while the unconscious,mind continuously gathers these millions,of bits the conscious mind can only,handle about 40 of them,at any given moment just a tiny fraction,of what we take in,this is just one of the reasons that we,so often find it difficult to,concentrate on our work,there are severe limits to how much,were able to focus on at once,and keeping the spotlight on the 40 most,important bits is hard,when the other 10.9 million usually,contain more than a few temptations,so in my constant quest to improve my,own ability to focus on my work,i recently picked up the book hyperfocus,by chris bailey to see if it had any new,focus boosting tricks that i could hide,up my sleeves,which are honestly kind of short so im,not sure how many tricks are going to,fit up there,but for me this book was a great deep,dive into many topics surrounding focus,and concentration,i took really really detailed notes in,this book and ive got them in a new,book summaries and notes section on my,website so ill link that in the,description down below,but in this video i want to share and,summarize three of the most important,ideas that i took away,from the book lets start with the skill,of meta awareness the state of knowing,what youre thinking about our minds,love to wander and they do it a lot,by some estimates half the time were,awake and when your mind is wandering,youre not really aware of what its,focused on and sometimes,this is okay but when youre trying to,focus on your work you want to reduce,the time your mind spends wandering,and meta awareness is the tool you use,to do that,when youre aware of where your mind is,you can consciously guide it back to,where it needs to be,after you catch it wandering hyperfocus,spends a lot of time talking about ways,you can improve this meta awareness,skill,but heres one of the most important,tips that i took away from the book,create some kind of regular reminder to,simply check in on the state,of your thoughts on the state of your,mind baileys suggestion is to create,what he calls an,hourly awareness chime using a timer or,maybe an alarm on your phone,when it goes off you ask yourself where,is my mind right now,over the past hour have i been focused,or has my mind been,wandering freely have i been working,with intention or maybe just jumping,from task to task on autopilot,as i get bored of one task and then,another and,over the last hour have i been working,on the most important thing,that i should have been working on and,by using this external chime,an external system to help govern your,internal self-discipline,by using this over time you get better,and better at continuously exercising,this meta awareness,as you work however sometimes its,actually a good thing to let your mind,wander,throughout the book bailey makes,reference to two opposing states,hyperfocus and scatter focus as you can,probably guess,during hyper focus you block out,everything except for one singular,object of attention,right now since youre watching this,video that should be my face and not the,twitter feed and your other monitor,yes i can see what youre doing derek,during hyperfocus that gets blocked out,along with everything else so you can,slip into a state of flow,and actually execute on your intentions,but as youre probably well aware,hyperfocus is a difficult state to,maintain over a long period of time,especially if youre feeling bored or,stressed or in a distracting environment,which is why its very important to try,to go into your work sessions in a,positive state of mind but also to,create a distraction-free work,environment by pushing out everything,else that could be a distraction,you enable yourself to focus on those,most important 40 bits,and if youre curious about how to set,up an environment like that ive got a,whole video,on it ill link that down in the,description below so you can check it,out after you watch,this video but hyperfocus isnt the best,state for every purpose,not only is it taxing after a while but,because it leans so heavily on your,brains prefrontal cortex,its also a state where youre less,creative so to get the most from it you,need to slip,out of it from time to time in exchange,for its exact opposite,scatter focus a state where you,intentionally let your mind wander,this mode of thought is often terrible,for what we tend to narrowly define,as productivity immediate work output,but its great for creativity and if we,look at a longer time scale than the,five seconds your boss catches you not,typing on your keyboard,we can probably agree that creativity,and productivity go hand in hand,you cant have one without the other and,scatter focus lets your mind,wander around different thoughts in a,more creative fashion finding new,connections,between them in the book bailey is very,clear about one thing,scatter focus is not the same thing as,unconscious mind wandering the type of,mind wandering that we usually engage in,the key difference here is,intentionality in scatter focus you,intentionally let your mind wander in,one of three,different modes first theres capture,mode in this mode bailey says you get,out a,piece of paper or you open up a new note,on your computer and then you just let,your mind wander freely for,10 or 15 minutes writing down,observations and thoughts as they come,and by the end of a capture mode session,you might find yourself with a list of,projects you want to check in on or,people you want to reconnect with or,maybe just a list of random ideas,i know personally when i do this i,always end up with more than a few,different video ideas,secondly there is problem crunching mode,in this mode instead of letting your,mind wander completely free,you pick an object of focus maybe a,problem that youre stuck on,and you let your mind wander around that,in a sort of non-linear relaxed fashion,as you maybe go for a walk or a bike,ride which i try to do,pretty much every day this is actually,very similar to the walking meditations,that kyle newport talks about in his,book deep work,or the diffused mode style of thinking,and problem solving that barbara oakley,talks about in her book a mind for,numbers theres sort of a lot of common,threads around here,and whats really great about this mode,is you are thinking about the problem,that youre working on during hyper,focus,but youre thinking about it in a much,more relaxed state allowing your entire,brain to sort of mull over the problem,the illustration that barbara oakley,gives into mind for numbers is of a,pinball table,if youre using that hyper focus mode,its almost like a tightly gripped,cluster of those bouncers that keeps the,ball bouncing around in one very,specific area of the table,whereas in the diffused mode or in,scatter focus youre using the entire,table its like a very,loosely grouped spaced out group of,those bouncers,so the ball can go basically wherever it,needs to go,and in these modes youll often find,that new insights come that wouldnt,have come,during hyper focus finally theres,habitual mode,where you again let your mind wander,freely but you do so while doing the,dishes or doing something that doesnt,take a whole lot of mental effort,and personally on a pretty much daily,basis i tend to combine,capture mode and habitual mode often go,for a walk or ill go for a bike ride,not really doing problem country mode,and only thinking about a specific thing,most the time,but when thoughts come to me ive got,the voice memos app on my watch or on my,phone so i can record the thoughts and,insights,that come to me and i find that again,when im out on these walks and im on,these bike rides,i often get ideas that i would have,never gotten if i was just sitting at my,desk trying to write,and thats really the purpose of this,scatter focus state,because youre more relaxed you think in

Grit: the power of passion and perseverance | Angela Lee Duckworth

Translator: Aida Musai Reviewer: Helena Bedalli,Kur isha 27 vjeç,,hoqa dore nga nje pozicion vertet sfidues si konsulente manaxheriale,per te filluar nje pune edhe me sfiduese: mesimdhenien.,Shkova tu mesoja matematike klasave te shtata,ne shkollat publike te New York-ut.,Si cdo mesues une u beja kuize dhe teste.,U jepja detyra shtepie.,Kur mi dorezonin ato, une vendosja notat.,Ajo qe me ra ne sy ishte se kuocienti i inteligjences nuk ishte,ndryshimi i vetem mes nxenesve te mire dhe atyre te dobet.,Disa prej me te mireve,nuk kishin marre pike maksimale ne testin e kuocientit.,Ndersa disa prej nxenesve me te zgjuar, nuk shkonin aq mire.,Kjo me beri te mendoj.,Gjerat qe mesohen ne matematiken e klases se shtate,,epo ato jane te veshtira: thyesat, presjet,,siperfaqia e nje paralelogrami.,Por keto nuk jane koncepte te pamundura,,dhe une isha plotesisht e bindur se nxenesit e mi,mund ti pervetesonin ato,nese punonin fort duke i dedikuar kohen e mjaftueshme.,Pas disa viteve ne mesimdhenie,,arrita ne konkluzionin se ajo qe i nevojitet sistemit shkollor,eshte te kuptoje me mire nxenesit dhe mesimdhenien,nga kendveshtrimi motivacional,,nga kendveshtrimi psikologjik.,Ne sistemin tone, gjeja qe arrijme te masim me me shume sukses,eshte kuocienti i inteligjences, por, po sikur suksesi ne shkolle e ne jete,te varej nga dicka me e madhe,se sa aftesia per te mesuar shpejt dhe me lehtesi?,Keshtu une braktisa klasen,,dhe shkova ne universitet per tu bere psikologe.,Fillova te studioj femijet dhe te rriturit,ne ambiente te ndryshme shume sfiduese,,dhe ne cdo studim pyetja qe beja ishte,,kush eshte me i suksesshem ketu, dhe pse?,Skuadra ime e kerkuesve dhe une shkuan ne West Point Military Academy.,U perpoqem te parashikonim se cilet prej kadeteve,do ti rezistonte stervitjes ushtarake dhe cilet do ta braktisnin ate.,Shkuam tek National Spelling Bee (konkurs germezimi),dhe provuam te gjenim cilet prej femijeve do te qendronin,me gjate ne gare.,Ne studiuam mesues ne vitin e tyre te pare,qe punonin ne lagje te veshtira, per te kuptuar,cilet prej tyre do te vazhdonin te jepnin mesim,ne fund te vitit te pare,,dhe cilet prej tyre do te ishin me te zote,ne permiresimin e notave te nxenesve te tyre?,Lidhem partneritet me kompani private, per te kuptuar,cilet prej shitesve do te arrinin te mbanin punen e tyre?,Dhe cilet do te fitonin me shume prej saj?,Ne keto kontekste kaq te ndryshme,,pame se ekzistonte nje karakteristike,per te parashikuar suksesin.,Nuk behet fjale per inteligjencen sociale.,Nuk ishte pamja e bukur, shendeti, dhe as kuocienti.,Behej fjale per kuraje.,Kuraje do te thote pasion dhe kembengulje ne arritjen e objektivave afatgjate.,Kuraje do te thote te jesh i qendrueshem,,Kuraje do te thote ti qendrosh besnik te ardhmes,jo vetem per nje jave, apo nje muaj,,por per vite me rradhe, duke punuar fort,per ta shnderruar te ardhmen ne realitet.,Kuraje do te thote ta jetosh jeten si nje maratone, dhe jo si nje sprint.,Disa vjet me pare fillova te studioj kurajon,ne shkollat publike te Chicagos.,I kerkova mijera vitparistave ne shkollat e mesme,te plotesonin pyetesore mbi kurajon,,dhe prita me shume nje vit,per te pare se cilet prej tyre do te diplomoheshin.,Rezultoi se femijet me me shume kuraje,kishin me shume mundesi diplomimi,,edhe ne rastin kur i masja ata ne cdo karakteristike te matshme,,si per shembull te ardhurat e familjes,,rezultatet e testeve standarde,,madje edhe ne lidhje me sigurine qe ndjenin femijet ne ambientin skollor.,Kuraja nuk eshte e rendesishme vetem ne,West Point apo ne konkursin e germezimit. Por edhe ne shkolle,,sidomos per femijet qe rrezikojne ta braktisin ate.,Per mua fakti me shokues ne lidhje me kurajen,eshte se ne dime shume pak,,shkenca di shume pak, mbi menyren se si ajo krijohet.,Cdo dite prinder e mesues me pyesin,,”Si mund ti bej femijet me kurajoze?,Si mund ti mesoj femijeve nje etike te forte pune?,Si tia bej per ti mbajtur te motivuar ne afatgjate?”,Pergjigja ime e sinqerte eshte, Nuk e di. (te qeshura),Ajo qe di eshte se talenti nuk te ben kurajoz.,Te dhenat tona tregojne shume qarte,se ka shume individe te talentuar,te cilet nuk perkushtohen ne maksimum.,Ne fakt, te dhenat thone se kuraja nuk eshte e lidhur,,madje eshte ne perpjestim te zhdrejte me talentin.,Deri sot, ideja me e mire qe kam degjuar ne lidhje me krijimin e kurajes,eshte dicka e quajtur “mendesia e rritjes”.,Kjo eshte nje ide e zhvilluar ne Stanford University,nga Carol Dweck, dhe ka te beje me besimin,se aftesia per te mesuar nuk eshte kostante,,por mund te ndryshoje ne baze te perpjekjeve.,Dr. Dweck ka treguar se kur femijet lexojne dhe mesojne,se truri ndryshon dhe rritet,ne baze te sfidave qe kalon,,ata jane shume me te prirur te kembengulin pas deshtimeve,,sepse ata nuk besojne se deshtimi,eshte nje gjendje e pandryshueshme.,Mendesia e rritjes eshte nje ide e mire per te krijuar kuraje.,Por na duhet me shume.,Pikerisht ketu une do ndal fjalimin tim,,sepse ne ndodhemi ketu.,Kjo eshte puna qe na pret.,Duhet te gjejme idete me te mira, gjetjet me bindese,,dhe pastaj ti testojme ato.,Duhet te masim a ishim te sukseshem,,dhe duhet te jemi te gatshem te deshtojme, te gabojme,,tia rinisim me mesimet e marra.,Me fjale te tjera, duhet te kemi kuraje,qe tu japim femijeve me shume kuraje.,Faleminderit,(duartrokitje)

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How to stay calm under pressure – Noa Kageyama and Pen-Pen Chen

المترجم: Hanan Abu Rashed المدقّق: Nada Qanbar,لاعبك الرياضي المُفضّل قريب من لحظة النصر الحاسمة.,تحبس الحشود أنفاسها،,وفي اللحظة الحاسمة، تضيع فرصة النصر.,هذا المتنافس اختبر للتو الظاهرة المسماة “الاختناق”,حيث بالرغم من الشهور، أو حتى سنوات من التدريب،,يفشل الشخص حينما يكون الأمر في غاية الأهمية.,الاختناق أمر شائع في الرياضة،,حيث يتم الانجاز عادةً تحت الضغظ الشديد,ويعتمد على لحظات مهمة.,وتصيب حالة ضغط الانجاز المتحدثين أمام الجمهور,المتنافسين في مسابقات التهجئة،,وحتى الموسيقيين العالميين المشهورين أيضاً.,يضع معظم الناس اللوم على أعصابهم لهذه الحالة.,ولكن لماذا تسبب الحالة العصبية ضعفاً عند أصحاب الأداء العالي؟,هناك مجموعتان من النظريات لتفسير ذلك،,حيث تقول كلاهما أن الاختناق تحت الضغط يتلخص في التركيز.,أولاً، هناك نظريات الإلهاء.,وهذه تقترح أن الأداء يتأثر حينما يكون الذهن مشغولاً,بالأمور المُقلقة، الشكوك، أو المخاوف،,بدلاً من تركيز اهتمامه على المهمة التي يجب انجازها عملياً.,عندما تتنافس الأفكار المرتبطة بالأمر مع غير المرتبطة على نفس النقطة,على إحداها أن تتنحى جانباً.,يستطيع الدماغ أن يعالج مجموعة واحدة من المعلومات في وقت واحد.,المهام التي تتحدى ذاكرة الإنسان،,”دفتر المذكرات” العقلية الذي نستخدمه,مؤقتاً لتخزين أرقام الهاتف وقوائم الشراء،,معرض للعطب تحت الضغط.,في عام 2004، أجريت دراسة على مجموعة من طلاب جامعة,طُلب منهم حل مسائل رياضية،,بعضها سهل، وبعضها الآخر معقد ويحتاج إلى ذاكرة كبيرة.,أنجز نصف الطلاب كلا المهمتين بدون أي ملاحظات,أما البقية فأنجزوا المهمتين بهدوء وتحت الضغط.,بينما أنجز الجميع المهمات السهلة بشكل جيد،,كان الانجاز سيئاً بالنسبة لمن كانوا متوترين,في المهمات المعقدة التي تحتاج إلى ذاكرة كبيرة.,نظريات المراقبة المحددة شكلت المجموعة الثانية من التفسيرات,لحالة الاختناق تحت الضغط.,حيث اهتموا كيف أن الضغط,يجعل الناس يحللون المهمات العملية بتفصيل كبير.,هنا، يثبت المنطق أن المهارة كلما اتخذت صفة الاتوماتيكية,كلما زادت القدرة على تنفيذها بشكل أدق.,إن المهام التي ننفذها بشكل تلقائي بعيدة عن هذا النوع من حالات الاختناق.,في دراسة أجريت على متنافسي الغولف لمقارنة أدائهم,حينما يكون تركيزهم فقط على وضع الكرة في الهدف,مقابل أن يستعدوا تماماً ويفكروا بشكل دقيق,بالميكانيكية التي سيتبعونها لضربتهم.,عادةً ما يؤدي لاعبو الغولف ضرباتهم بشكل لا شعوري,لذلك، أولئك الذين يفكرون بشكل تفصيلي في حركاتهم,يصبحون أسوأ في تنفيذ ضربات أدق.,إن حالة الاختناق قد لا تكون حالة حتمية للجميع.,ترى الأبحاث أن البعض أكثر عرضة للإصابة بالحالة من الآخرين،,خصوصاً أولئك الذين يملكون وعياً للذات,والقلقون,ويخافون من التعرض للحكم السيىء من قبل الآخرين.,إذاً، كيف يمكن تجنب حالة الاختناق عندما يكون الأمر مهماً؟,أولاً، من المهم التدريب تحت الضغط.,في دراسة أجريت على لاعبي رمي السهام المحترفين,وجد الباحثون أن أولئك الذين لم يتدربوا تحت الضغط,كان أداؤهم أسوأ عند القلق,بالمقارنة مع أولئك الذين أصبحوا متعودين على الأداء تحت الضغط,ثانياً، يمجد الكثيرون مزايا إجراء بعض الحركات الروتينية قبل الأداء,كأخذ نفس عميق،,وتكرار مجموعة من الكلمات،,أو أداء مجموعة من الحركات ذات التسلسل الإيقاعي.,الدراسات التي أجريت على لعبة الغولف، البولينغ، وكرة الماء,وجدت أن الطقوس القصيرة تؤدي إلى مزيد من حالة التناغم,وتضبط الأداء تحت الضغط.,وثالثاً، أظهر الباحثون,أن التركيز الخارجي على الهدف النهائي,يعمل بشكل أفضل من التركيز الداخلي,حيث أن الفرد يُضبط على الآلية لما يقوم بفعله,كشفت دراسة على لاعبي الغولف المحترفين أن أولئك الذين ينفذون ضربات رقيقة,ويركزون على الكرة أثناء طيرانها,يكون أداؤهم أفضل بكثير من أولئك الذين يركزون على حركات الذراعين,لذلك، ربما عدّلنا على القول القديم:,التدريب،,تحت الضغط،,مع التركيز،,مع ذلك الهدف النهائي المتألق في الأفق,سيكون مثالياً.

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Book Haul | Ancient History Focus

hi guys welcome back to my channel today,im super excited because im sharing,with you a book haul and a lot of those,books are for the kids theyre going to,be read aloud some of them are picture,books but i also included a few of the,books that i have set aside for myself,and some books that i hope to read over,the upcoming year as well,so the kids books um youll see mostly,pertain to our history so you guys know,i dont follow a history curriculum but,rather i follow our classical,conversations guide even though were no,longer part of a community or a,classical conversations group um,we do still follow the guide and its,just essentially as that its a guide,for what we are studying for history so,youll see that this year were kind of,reverting back to,um ancient history were starting at the,very beginning with the ten commandments,the creation of the world and working um,up from there in ancient history so,youre gonna see that a lot of these,books kind of,are geared toward that theyre going to,be books that im reading aloud to the,kids and are going to kind of just go,along with our history we also will be,including our story of the world to you,know more directly tie in with history,but again no history,textbook that were using,and then i have just some odds and in,some books um,i think with,the book outlet i needed to hit a free,shipping minimum and so i just added on,a few books i think for eden and maybe,ezra,so youll see those as well but i just,wanted to come on here and share the,books that we have planned for the,upcoming year so lets go ahead and get,started so the first ones that i have,purchased for myself this year,are um becoming mom strong,by heidi st john if you guys have seen,um i shared some of my favorites back in,i dont know if its the spring or,summer but i have,been loving heidi st johns podcast,highly recommend it if you are a podcast,listener theyre really short really,great um but she has also has this book,and so im really looking forward to,diving into this one,i also saw this one um recommended a lot,so im looking forward to reading this,one mama bear apologetics,and then this one more so just for fun,um its a fiction book um but brave new,world i was recommended this one when i,was talking about,uh 1984 and reading that book so um,someone when i had shared that i had,read that one someones like oh well,then you should read this one so i went,ahead and grabbed it it was actually,pretty cheap on the book outlet so if,you are maybe interested you should,check this one out as well all right,lets get into some of the books that i,have for the kids now i will point out,two of the ones i had already purchased,but i just wanted to include them in,case anyone was looking for ancient um,history,living books you know not textbooks kind,of thing um but i think i may have,shared this when i was sharing what i,was going to be doing in my morning,basket time because these are a couple,of books that i intend to use,i did buy them but just not in these,most current hauls but i still wanted to,share them because theyre good ones we,have delaires book of greek myths so,one of the weeks for history is talking,about the roman and the greek gods so,this will be pointing it out and being,able to talk about them they do have,really good illustrations in them if you,are familiar with the books um the layer,books so,the one of the benefits of these books,you know a lot of people will say well,why are you gonna go over you know greek,myths and the greek gods and things like,that,and i think its important to understand,that different people believe different,things and,point out and be able to recognize the,fallacies in their beliefs and so well,be reading this but obviously looking at,scripture against it and understanding,why maybe these myths and the greek gods,and the roman gods,do not fall into our beliefs because we,believe in the one true god so um always,using a little bit of discretion when,were reading this and making sure that,they understand they are myths so thats,when were adding,and then i have also shared this one if,you,if youd been there in bible times and,its just a super fun,book again were starting back in bible,times and discussing the ten,commandments so they just have a lot of,like fun little you know blurbs about,babylonian gods shadrach meshach and,abednego king nebuchadnezzar like just,lots,of fun little snippets and illustrations,to help,um,bring things to life for,the young kiddos so im looking forward,to kind of using this one as well,lets see,some other books that we have we have,this ones going to be a read-aloud,ferris and his town so he was born an,athenian and taken to sparta by a,relative when his father is lost in war,this one i did have to buy used i,couldnt find a new copy of it so that,one has a little bit of wear on it but,reading that one aloud as well as god,king,this a story in the days of king,hezekiah so again were going back to,ancient history,we have a cry from egypt so im looking,forward to a lot of these we have,actually you know i think i found this,one at walmart we were looking for a,book for one of my boys,and um happened to see this one but its,escape from pompeii,and um one reason why i was again i i,dont know and much about this book i,just happened to see it,but its short chapters but its,obviously um,talking about um,pompeii you know ancient history it has,some tidbits in about volcanoes which,also is going to tie into our science,but it also has at the end of every,little chapter it has like a reality,check and it says like what did romans,do for fun and it answers the question,and another one is talking about,gladiators and so were kind of jumping,back into ancient rome um,reality check like the roman class,divide,so has lots of um bits of like fun,little facts at the um end of the,chapters this one talks about water in,rome so i thought that was intriguing,again i dont know much about this one,just happened to find it and thought i,would give it a shot,and then this one too with two hands two,stories of god at work in ethiopia just,thought this one would be a fun read um,for the kids as well lets see this one,does not pertain to history this one is,the fallacy detective this is one that i,purchased,and i am looking forward to going over,it with gabriel mainly im just learning,how to be able to,detect fallacies and logic when were,making arguments and sharing our opinion,making sure that we,are you know have good logic when were,when were standing for something so,i am looking forward to doing this one i,im sure that i have lots to learn with,doing this as well so i thought that was,a fun one all right lets get into,oh heres one more,found another one thats in here um this,one is trial and triumph and the stories,about church history and so,if you look,at the contents here,it has the um kind of broken down by,person,and its like early church where were,facing persecution and fighting heresy,then it goes to the middle ages but its,got you know alfred the great and,charlemagne and constantine and lets,see francis of assisi,and martin luther and john calvin and,charles spurgeon just lots of really,great and theyre really short too so,theyre like maybe four to five,pages where its just talking about,um,church history and the famous people in,our church history so i thought that,would be a fun one to dive into as well,just to kind of add in,all right im looking here too and i,wanted to point out one thing,i did order beyond the desert gate for,history and it was back ordered so i,just wanted to share that in case um,anyone was interested in having some you,know books as well for that tied to,ancient history,lets see i got this one a long walk to,water,and this one is based on a true story,but its following two young people its,kind of two stories that are kind of,coming together and its all from one,country of sudan and so one from 2008,and one from 1985. so i had this,recommended by friend and

LEGO Book Review – LEGO In Focus

hi everybody Adam here today were,taking a look at an awesome new Lego,book called in Focus explore the,miniature world of Lego photography,this impressive book collects the,photographs of over 30 photographers,from around the world,who have captured Lego Minifigures and,Lego builds,from a Minifigures perspective,in situations around nature and the,man-made world I find this particular,type of Photography quite inspiring and,interesting to to look at its quite,impressive to see all the different,sort of everyday situations that you,know we might take for granted that,these photographers have been able to,capture in a very different light you,know with the Lego Minifigures and some,different builds as well that theyve,incorporated into their photographs,you can see on the front cover here an,interesting picture with the Lego,Spaceman minifigure,really nicely done and when youre,taking pictures at this,um,sort of scale you really capture some,different interesting details you can,see some of the,uh,smoke or Mist moving by in the,background there you get to see some of,the the real close-up details on the,plants and other objects that are in the,in the photograph,quite neat to see,now as you would expect the photographs,throughout the book are really high,quality,the book itself mostly focuses on the,photographs with each photograph there,is a little blurb that talks about,what the photographer was trying to,capture or sort of how they went about,setting up the particular shot that is,shown in that photograph,but really by and large this is a book,of pictures and theres not a ton of,Words which I think is nice its,definitely different from,some of the other Lego books that we,have looked at previously,um and you know Im quite happy with it,from that perspective definitely gives,me some ideas and thoughts about how we,might take some of our Minifigures out,and get some some interesting pictures,with them,so now lets take a look inside the book,just to give you a feel for how the,interior is laid out,now as we start to flip into the book,here you can see the very first image in,the entire book before weve even gotten,to the meat of the photography on,display here,is really impressive and drives home a,couple of the points that I was talking,about you can see here,the first off the quality of the,photography and the the images that are,in the book,you know really impressive full page uh,photograph here and in some cases the,photographs span onto a second page,and then the other thing that I really,appreciate about this is the fact that,you know on a day-to-day basis we dont,really appreciate how water droplets,like this look in the real world,and you know its really impressive to,see and how the photographer here has,managed to capture both these these,droplets in a you know really crisp,clear way but then also by staging the,minifigure in the scene here taking a,picture of them gives you a sense of,scale and its just a really interesting,perspective on something that you know,its just an everyday part of the world,but that we dont really,look at on a regular basis like I,mentioned so really excellent picture,here big fan of this one and a great,sort of,um,teaser for all of the great photography,that is ahead in the book,now one thing that is also worth,mentioning they highlight two,communities here brick Central and stuck,in plastic these are two photography,communities on the internet that I,believe all of the photographers in the,book are a member of so the member of,one or the other,really interesting to to learn about,those two communities and definitely,will be looking into them more because,you know as I mentioned this book is,really its really just the tip of the,iceberg its a nice collection of some,pretty amazing photography work and some,images,but you know its really inspiring I,think for me and I in addition to doing,some of my own photography I am,interested to see more of what these,communities are are working on and doing,now the first image in the book is the,image that you saw on the back cover the,back cover has a subset of this this,great image here and as you can see as I,mentioned each photograph comes with a,little blurb talks about the the name of,the image the photographer where theyre,from and a little bit about,you know what led up to the moment where,they took this photograph,and you know some of them are like this,one you know kind of a paragraph some of,them are you know maybe just a sentence,or two uh but its really interesting to,see that window into uh the,photographers mindset when they created,the amazing image uh that youre looking,at and,you know Im a big fan of this,particular image I think its an awesome,little scene here with the the space,minifigure family and you know just the,contrast as well the color contrast in,this particular situation but also the,contrast of seeing the you know the the,plastic,Minifigures here compared to objects in,the the real world whether it be you,know these amazing clouds and nature or,the I believe this is cement uh,underneath them here you know its just,a really neat contrast to to see so an,amazing image and gives you a bit of a,feel for for how the other images in the,book are laid out,and here weve got another awesome,looking image this ones called Yellow,Frame by Robert from Cape Town in South,Africa and what I thought was,interesting in particular about this one,I mean its a great a great scene that,youre looking at but I also like the,fact that he has taken a real world,object because they have these yellow,frames at particularly picturesque,tourist spots in Cape Town for people to,take pictures with and hes created a,micro scale version of it and hes got,the you know the Minifigures using the,micro scale version in front of the,actual object that its based off of in,the real world which you know its its,just a unique and interesting,perspective I mean Im learning about,things here that are uh in Cape Town but,you know its also just learning about,different ways to to set up really,interesting scenes and I think Robert,did an amazing job with this particular,image,now beyond the the images at the back,here theres also a list of all the,photographers that are featured in the,the book so you can see all the ones,that are a member of the stuck in,plastic Community all the ones that are,a member of the the Brick Central,Community,so really great to see that and you they,also give you,um,you know information on how to find each,of these individual,uh photographers so you can see more of,their their work online which I think is,really great,so overall,quite happy with this book as I,mentioned,its a bit of a a bit of a different,book from some of the other Lego books,that we see in the,um see coming out on a regular basis but,I think that is interesting and its,just as inspiring as those other types,of Lego books that we see and Im,definitely going to be looking at doing,some photography like this and you know,if youre interested in photography if,youre interested just in Lego,um,Minifigures and Bricks you know theres,a lot here for for everybody so,definitely a good book to look at,getting I picked this one up up off of,Amazon uh theres a little you know Im,sure youre going to find it in,bookstores as well but definitely worth,looking into Ill include a link below,for Amazon if youre interested in,looking at it there but otherwise like I,mentioned you should be able to search,and find it in bookstores that are near,you as well,so that concludes our look at this,awesome new Lego book in Focus explore,the miniature world of Lego photography,if you have not subscribed to the,Channel please make sure to do so so,that you dont miss out on any of our,upcoming videos,and thank you very much for watching we,will see you again soon take care bye

5 Key lessons from Stolen Focus by Johann Hari | Book Review

Stolen Focus by Johann Hari. Is attention failure  only a road kill on the highway towards economic  ,growth in an attempt to regain his own ability  to focus, Johann Hari the author of the book,  ,sets out on a quest to understand the  current attention crisis that were facing  ,and its courses and by interviewing researchers  all around the world he starts to understand that  ,theres more to the story than just distracting  technology and notifications running amok.  ,Hi and welcome to the BookLab. Im Bjorn and  this is the place where we bring you the best  ,book recommendations when it comes to philosophy  psychology human nature human potential and today  ,were talking about stolen focus why you cant pay  attention and in this review im going to share  ,some of my key takeaways from this book and  reasons why you should pick this one up the attack  ,on our attention cant be blamed on tech alone  ever since the 1880s things has been speeding up  ,and the author traces it back to the idea of  economic growth. Capitalism thrives on sleep  ,deprivation in fact we sleep about 20% less than  we did 100 years ago and this is wonderful news  ,for the economy because when you sleep you cant  consume or produce but its a disaster for our  ,ability to focus because being well rested  is one of the key components to be able to  ,focus 100% and pay attention. The invention of the  Infinite Scroll you know you can scroll and scroll  ,and content never ends you see this on Instagram  and on Facebook this invention it increased  ,the time we spent on social media by 50%.  Back in the day pages were split into  ,different pages and each time you reached the  end of a page you got a moment where you had to  ,make a decision if you wanted to keep consuming  the content or not. That moment of decision is  ,now gone. quote “Imagine i could predict all  your actions in chess before you made them  ,it would be trivial for me to dominate you.”  end quote. This is what most algorithms are  ,designed to do and they get better and better  and better at doing it you might think that  ,algorithms they they wont be able to manipulate  me but if you havent seen a magic show magicians  ,are proof that you can think that you act on your  own will but youre actually being manipulated.  ,AI doesnt have to become conscious before it  annihilates humanity. in Stolen Focus we get two  ,great examples of how algorithms lead billions of  people down a path of hateful and extremist views  ,and this is thanks to our human shortcomings are  cognitive biases especially the Negativity Bias.  ,The Negativity Bias is the notion that even if  of equal intensity things that are of a negative  ,nature has a stronger psychological effect on  us than positive things this means that internet  ,users collectively spend much more time and  attention on off on things that are of a negative  ,nature we click more we review more and this leads  us to hateful and polarizing and extremist content  ,Facebook was accused of promoting  extremist content and they put  ,together a team of insiders two teams actually  to see if that was the case when the teams got  ,back with their data they could confirm that  yes this was the case and they were also  ,providing solutions for how to improve the  situation but facebook decided to do nothing  ,a site monitoring YouTube trend says that the  words you should use if you want your videos to  ,have high performance is “bad”, “attack”,  and “blame”. The formula becomes  ,the more anger the more likes the insane fact  about YouTube is that even if you start by looking  ,at reasonable content the recommendations  will lead you down more and more extreme  ,paths. quote “no matter where you start you  end up crazier” end quote. There was no evil  ,genius that designed things to be this way  its just a combination of the financial  ,incentives on the internet the click economy in  combination with some outdated evolutionary quirks  ,of the human brain that made it end up this way  if you are disturbed while youre in deep focus  ,it takes about 23 minutes to get back to the same  level of attention and in fact in the u.s most  ,office workers report that they dont even get one  hour of undisturbed time during a work day in this  ,book i learned that while i can do a lot of things  on an individual level to improve my attention  ,i still shouldnt blame myself if i fail from time  to time there are huge forces of distraction in  ,our environment and in society these days open  offices expectations of always being online.  ,Theres a lot of forces working against us and  blaming ourselves for failing to focus just adds  ,more stress and further diminish our attention so  be kind to yourself this book is essential if you  ,want to understand the current attention crisis  and its about more than the urge to sneak away  ,during a family dinner to check your phone theres  a lot of factors that play and i couldnt cover  ,them all in this review but it also talks about  nutrition, pollution, time for flow and play,  ,a lot of different factors that all add up to what  we see today in terms of a world of distractions  ,and you need to know about these things  and understand them in order to be able to  ,create an environment for yourself where you can  safeguard your attention and your focus and this  ,book is a great starting point for them. I truly  recommend this book Stolen Focus by Johann Hari,  ,and if you havent already dont forget to  subscribe. Im going to end this video by sharing  ,some of the upcoming reviews and further reading.  If you really like this book then the ones im  ,going to be talking about is right up your alley.  but first click the like button, subscribe,  ,all of that, and i have useful links in the  description below. Another book i want to  ,recommend on the topic of focus is, and this  is a five out of five book, this is one of  ,my favorite books of all time. Its a great  complement to Stolen Focus its a bit older  ,and its The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing  to Our Brains. It talks about how the internet is  ,changing the way we experience content and the way  our brains work. How the medium is the message.  ,This is a really classic book and i Ill put links  to the reviews in the description. I have a review  ,for this one. Another one i truly recommend,  also by Johann Hari is Lost Connections:  ,Why Youre Depressed and How to Find Hope. So  check out that review and i really found this  ,super interesting. I cant decide which one  i like more. But i really like this one,  ,and i really like this one. So if you read one  of them and enjoyed it check out the other one  ,its super interesting. It really puts a finger on  things that are going on in our society. Im back  ,next week with more book reviews and until then  have a good one and see you next week. Bjorn out!

The paradox of choice | Barry Schwartz

Translator: Artan Shabani Reviewer: Elona Toska,Unë do të flas per diçka që kam shkruar edhe në librin tim,dhe besoj se do të ngjajë edhe me gjërat tjera që keni dëgjuar deri tani,dhe do provoj të bëj disa ndërlidhje, në rast se nuk mund ti ndiqni ju.,Dua të filloj me me atë që unë quaj “dogma zyrtare”,Dogma zyrtare e kujt?,Dogma zyrtare e të gjitha shoqërive industriale përendimore.,Dhe dogma zyrtare funksionon kështu:,nëse jemi të interesuar për të zmadhuar mirëqenien e qytetarëve tonë,,mënyra për të bërë atë është duke zmadhuar lirinë individuale.,Arsyeja për këtë është e dyanshme sepse liria është vetvetiu e mirë,vlefshme, meritore, thelbësore për qeniet njerëzore.,Dhe sepse, nëse njerëzit kanë liri,,atëherë secili nga ne vepron vetvetiu,për të bërë gjëra që zmadhojnë mirëqenien tonë,,dhe askush ska nevojë të vendos për neve.,Mënyra për të zmadhuar lirinë është duke zmadhuar zgjedhjet në dispozicion.,Sa më shumë zgjedhje që kanë njerëzit, aq më shumë kanë liri,,dhe sa më shumë liri të kenë,,aq më shumë do kenë mirëqenie.,Kjo, mendoj, është shumë e fiksuar në furznizimin me ujë,që askujt sdo i shkonte mendja ta vinte në pyetje.,Dhe poashtu është e ngulitur në jetën tonë.,Do ju jap disa shembuj që progresi modern ka bërë të mundur për ne.,Ky është supermarket-i im. Jo aq i madh.,Desha të them ca fjalë për salcat për sallatë.,175 lloje të tilla në në supermarketin tim,,nëse nuk merr parasysh edhe 10 lloje ekstra të vajrave-virgjin të ullirit,dhe 12 uthulle balsamike që mund ti blenit,për të bërë një numër shumë të madh të salcave tuaja të sallatës,,në rast se asnjë nga 175 llojet që janë në dispozicion nuk ju përshtatet.,I këtillë është supermarketi.,Dhe pastaj shkon në shitoret elektronike për të montuar një stereo-sistem –,altoparlantë, CD player, kasetofon, sintonizues, amplifikator.,Dhe në një pikë shitje të vetme elektronike,,ka aq shumë sisteme stereo-je.,Ne mund të ndërtojmë 6.5 milion stereo sisteme të ndryshme,nga pjesët që ofron një shitore e vetme.,Duhet pranuar që ka shumë zgjidhje.,Në fusha të tjera — botën e komunikimit.,Në një kohë, kur unë isha djalosh,,ju mund të zgjedhnit cilindo nga llojet e shërbimeve telefonike që dëshironit,,përderisa vinte nga Ma Bell.,Ju huazonit telefonin. Nuk e blenit.,Si rrjedhojë e saj, meqë ra fjala, ishte se telefoni nuk prishej kurrë.,Këto ditë kanë kaluar.,Tani ka pothuajse zgjidhje të pafundme të telefonave,,posaçërisht në botën e telefonave celular.,Këta janë celularët e së ardhmes.,Favoriti im është ai i mesit –,MP3 player-i, makinë presa per qime të hundës, dhe mikserat e kremit për ëmbëlsira,Në rast se këto nuk i keni parë në pikat e shitjes përrreth akoma,mund të jeni të sigurt se shpejt do i shihni.,Dhe ajo që bën kjo është,që i bën njerëzit të hyjnë në dyqanet përrreth duke bërë pyetje.,Dhe e dini se cila është përgjigja në këtë pyetje tani?,Përgjigja është “Jo”,Nuk është e mundur të blesh një celular që nuk bën shumë veprime.,Në aspekte të tjera të jetës, ka shumë gjëra signifikante përveç blerjes së gjërave,,Përsëri një eksplozion zgjedhjesh është i vërtetë.,Kujdesi shëndetësorë — nuk ndodh më në SHBA,që të shkoni te mjeku, dhe ai tiu tregoj çka të bëni.,Përkundrazi, ju shkoni te mjeku,,dhe ai ju thotë, mirë, do mund të bënim A, ose do mund të bënim B.,A ka këto përfitimie dhe këto rreziqe.,B ka këto përfitime dhe këto rreziqe. Çfarë dëshironi të bëni?,Dhe ju thoni, ” Doktor, çfarë duhet të bëj?”,Dhe doktori thotë, A ka këto rreziqe dhe benefite, dhe B ka këto rreziqe dhe benefite.,Çfarë dëshironi ju të bëni?,Dhe ju thoni, “Nëse do ishit në vendin tim Doktor, çfarë do të bënit?”,Dhe doktori thotë, “Por unë nuk jam ju.”,Dhe rezultati është — ajo që e quajmë “pavarësia e pacientit,”,që duket si një gjë e mirë.,Por në të vertetë është shkarkim i ngarkesës dhe përgjegjësisë,për vendim-marrje nga dikush që di diçka –,doktori në këtë rast –,tek dikush që nuk di asgjë dhe sipas të gjitha gjasave i sëmurë,dhe nuk është në formën më të mirë për të marr vendime –,pacienti në këtë rast.,Ka një marketing marramendës në përshkrimin e barërave.,për njerëzit si ti dhe unë,,i cili, nëse mendoni, nuk ka kurrfarë kuptimi,,derisa nuk mund ti blejmë ato.,Pse i reklamojnë për ne nëse smund ti blejmë ato?,Përgjigja është se ata presin që ne të thërrasim mjekun tonë të nesërmen,dhe të kërkojmë të na ndërrojnë recetën.,Diçka aq dramatike si identiteti ynë,tashmë është bërë çështje e zgjedhjes,siç tregon slajdi në vijim.,Ne nuk trashëgojmë identitetin, ne e shpikim atë.,Dhe ri-shpikim veten tonë sa herë që duam.,Dhe kjo do të thotë se sa herë që zgjohemi në mëngjes,,duhet të vendosim se çfarë personi dëshirojmë të jemi.,Në lidhje me martesën dhe familjen,,kishte një kohë kur mendohej që ishte synimi i përgjithshëm që pothuajse të gjithë e kishin,që të martoheshin sa më parë që ishte e mundur,dhe pastaj te kishin fëmijë sa më shpejtë që ishte e mundur.,E vetmja zgjedhje reale ishte kush,,jo kur, dhe jo çfarë do bënin më vonë.,Në ditët e sotme, çdogjë është pothuaj për tu rrëmbyer.,U jap mësim studentëve shumë të mirë dhe inteligjent,,dhe u jap detyra 20% më pak se sa u jepja dikur.,Jo sepse ata janë më pak të mençur,,dhe jo sepse janë më pak të zellshëm.,Por sepse janë të preokupuar, duke pyetur veten,,”A duhet të martohem apo jo? A duhet të martohem tani?,A duhet të martohem më vonë? A duhet më parë të kam fëmijë, apo karrierën?”,Dhe këto janë pyetje konsumuese.,Dhe ata duhet tu përgjigjen këtyre pyetjeve,,pavarësisht nëse do i bëjnë detyrat që ua kam dhënë unë,apo të marrin notë të mirë në kurset e mia.,Dhe në të vërtetë ata duhet. Ato janë pyetje të rëndësishme për tu përgjigjur.,Puna — ne jemi të bekuar, siç tha Carl,,me teknologjinë që na mundëson,të punojmë çdo minutë, çdo ditë nga çfarëdo vendi në planet –,përveç Randolpth Hotelit.,(Të qeshura),Meqë ra fjala, është një kënd,,për të cilin nuk do i tregoj askujt, aty punon WiFi.,Sdo ia them askujt sepse dua ta përdor atë.,Pra, çka do të thotë kjë, kjo liri e jashtëzakonshme e zgjedhjes,për sa i përket punës, është se ne duhet të marrin një vendim,,prapë, dhe prapë edhe prapë,rreth asaj se nëse duhet të punojmë ose jo.,Mund të shkojmë të shohim fëmijët që luajnë futboll,,dhe kemi celularin në njërën ije,,dhe Blackberrin në tjetrën,,dhe Laptop-in, siç pritet në prehër.,Dhe edhe nëse të gjitha janë të fikura,,çdo minutë që përcjellim fëmijët tanë duke luajtur futboll,,ne pyetemi me veten,,”A thua ti përgjigjem kësaj thirrje telefoni?,A duhet ti përgjigjem këtij e-mail-i. A ta filloj këtë letër?”,Dhe edhe nëse përgjigja për këto pyetje është “jo,”,me siguri që eksperiencën e lojës së futbollit të fëmijës suaj do ta bëj,shumë më të ndryshme se sa do të ishte.,Pra, kudo që shikojmë,,gjëra të mëdha dhe të vogla, gjëra materiale dhe të stilit të jetës,,jeta është çështje e zgjedhjes.,Dhe bota në të cilën jetonim dikur ishte kështu.,Të themi, i kishim disa zgjedhje,,por jo gjithçka ishtë çështje e zgjedhjes.,Dhe bota në të cilën jetojmë duket kështu.,Dhe pyetja është, a është ky lajm i mirë apo i keq?,Dhe përgjigja është po.,(Të qeshura),Të gjithë e dijmë se çka është e mirë për këtë,,prandaj unë do flas për atë se çka është e keqe rreth kësaj.,Të gjitha këto zgjedhje kanë dy efekte,,dy efekte negative tek njerëzit.,Një efekt, në mënyrë paradoksale,,është se prodhon paralizë, dhe jo çlirim.,Kur ka kaq shumë opsione për të zgjedhur nga to,,njerëzit e kanë të vështirë të zgjedhin.,Du ju jap një shembull shumë dramatik në lidhje me këtë,,një studim që është bërë për investimet në planet vullnetare të pensionit.,Një kolegë imi kishte qasje në të dhënat e investimeve nga Vanguard,,në këtë kompani gjigante të fondeve të ndërsjella,të rreth një milion punëtorëve dhe rreth 2.000 vende pune të ndryshme.,Dhe ajo zbuloi që,për çdo 10 fonde të ndërsjella që punëdhënësi ofronte,shkalla e pjesëmarrjes binte për dy përqind.,Ti ofron 50 fonde — 10 përqind më pak punëtorë marrin pjesë,se sa po të ofroje pesë. Pse?,Sepse të keshë 50 fonde për të zgjedhur,,është shumë e vështi

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