1. Street Food in South Africa’s Most Dangerous Slum!! Alexandra Township!!
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Street Food in South Africa’s Most Dangerous Slum!! Alexandra Township!!

in this video Im going to,johannesburgs most dangerous,neighborhood do you think Alexs thing,its not safe in search of South,Africas most unique street food a cold,meats of fried Meats french fries a,starch and starch and processed meat I,think we should find that but first,lets back up,South Africa is a complicated country,with a dark past,even though apartheid ended nearly 30,years ago its echoing effects can still,be seen in the underdeveloped once,racially segregated urban areas known as,townships what is a Township and then,well work in the mines or the factories,and that type of things like a,settlement so maybe if you had more,money you live in a different area but,its basically a place you would just,put there its unlike the place you,chose to come to over time townships,became known for innovating unique,Street Foods what people lacked in,resources they made up for with,creativity and skills so we have a base,of toasted bread and then Im not sure I,probably explained it in the voiceover,theres a lot going on here,this morning were starting out in the,township of Alexandra one of the poorest,urban areas in the entire country,[Music],proven proven by the food youll soon,see,this is River Park Cafe located on the,periphery of Alexandra this is how I,usually make my entrance okay no not,really not really joining my companion,for the day Fried Chicken expert and,restaurateur Andrew next to him,restaurant owner Chef zanell they both,grew up in townships she grew up here in,Alexandria is this what you would,normally serve one person I thought you,were doing this for the show this is,ridiculous its huge this is Chef,Janelles signature stewed sheep tripe,and intestines or mohodu,foreign,actually starts with more cleaning than,cooking you have to make sure that you,wash it or wash it wash it you wash it,so that when you eat it you just dont,fill the sand all the little rocks in,the mouth next she boils it for two,hours so my foot it has to be soft very,soft and then the taste you want it to,taste gamey or not because it smells,like it has some power to it thats,desirable right yeah,the ingredients are cut into bite-sized,pieces and tossed back in the pot the,chef adds beef stock and white pepper,after another hour of stewing its ready,to serve,and then you have this on the side you,call it a dumpling,growing up I think my mom would call,this like a pop over,flour yeast sugar salt butter and sliced,carrots come together in a dough Let It,Rise into a bubbly mass and load it into,muffin trays,Steam for 30 minutes to achieve this,fluffy cloud-like dumpling I love the,texture of it its like big steamy and,soft,this is so good so we take that we put,it into the sauce oh yeah super Savory,gravy its interesting it does have kind,of a wild sheepy taste to it but really,good its got personality its not one,of the chicks that holds the suitcase,and dealer no deal its Howie Mandel so,we try the meat now,its definitely tender yeah very nice,soft texture but once you get into it,you forget about the gaming smell and I,dont mean it as an insult its like it,has a gamey smell to it but then when,you eat it its like cheese It might,smell strong but you eat it and it,tastes delicious so how long have you,been cooking this recipe here its been,years and we keep on improving it Jeff,Sanel took over a small Eatery from her,mother in deep Alexandra four years ago,she moved it here I find when people say,deep here it has a certain meaning what,do you mean when you say deep ah hey,its deep because thats where you go,into the call of Alexandra you know its,the camera part of Alexandra,Gamora,the Deep,or the belly the core of the township,where all the social issues erupt amid,people densely packed against one,another,its where zanel grew up sometimes you,dont have water and also electricity,and sometimes I feel like theyve,neglected us so much theres too many,potholes and also many of the youth yeah,theyre not working so when it comes to,employment its very rough and also that,gives Rises to Crime so theres too many,challenges around here do you think Alex,is safe its not safe its not safe more,than 60 percent of Alexandras,households earn less than 2 300 a year,only five clinics cater to almost 180,000 residents having a stable life here,is like standing in quicksand but Sanel,is proof that anything is possible in my,family most of them they didnt finish,school but then I made it a point that I,myself Im just gonna challenge myself,and go even further you know by,acquiring a diploma in civil engineering,but this is what you love and this is,what you want to pursue yeah I always,told God that I want to open my,restaurant one day and I was saving,money saving saving money until it came,to fruition do you think theres a lot,of people here who feel defeated yeah,theres too much theres a lot of people,theres too much too many to better,understand the inner workings of Alex,Andrew and I head deeper into the,densely packed belly of this Township,the population of Alexandra is four,times more than its infrastructure was,designed for its a congested you know a,lot of people from different places,occupy in the same space so its,definitely hot with the area so densely,populated folks here struggle with low,water pressure sewer blockage and,flooding when I see a place like this,Im looking around I see kind of,improvised homes borrowed wood,corrugated steel kind of a patchwork to,make these small spaces where people,live in now but I gotta say the mood,here much lighter than I expected,as people are shooting here theres,people visiting oh its you can walk,through see thats what Im talking,about this woman lives here shes,literally trying to duck through our,shot we came here of course we asked,permission but people are so,accommodating welcoming this is what,they have and theyre open and willing,to share it the way they use Ubuntu like,people coming together and trying to,make the space work so people are,different from different environments,from different places and they just try,to make things work,[Music],[Music],when it comes to the townships do you,think the townships are responsible for,creating their own types of unique food,and Cuisine Township food is basically a,modulation of a lot of things in terms,of culture in terms of where youre from,and in terms of survival a good example,of that would be the slide I think we,should find that I know a couple of,places but Ill take you to one,slide its a guilty pleasure bordering,on Vice an unhealthy heap of delicious,deep-fried processed food,the recipe here kicks off with bologna,and salami on sandwich bread then a,fried egg another slice of bread cheese,and a burger patty smothered with,barbecue sauce,but dont stop there load the boat with,Russian sausage Vienna sausage and,well-seasoned french fries you can find,this calorie bomb exclusively here in,Alexandra the cost for all this one and,a half dollars so how would you approach,eating this because there is so much,food here I dont even know how to put,this in my face so you go into the,middle pots and then you just grab it,where you can and it just bite the,bottle most of the time in the middle oh,youre going directly in the middle Ill,go straight to the middle we have no,tissues you know what,lets go for it,delicious processed Meats so salty I,just got my sodium for the week this is,something what keeps you away from home,for a day because thats what you want,to do on a drink and have more,the Russian starts with the pork sausage,has been smoked no relations to Russians,no and this is very similar its a,Vienna like a hot dog sausage so what,theyve done is I think theyve taken,pretty cheap ingredients and theyve,prepared them the best way possible yes,so if you have a cheap kind of sausage,like this you dont want to just boil it,in some water its going to be limp and,well take the flavor out as well but if,you fry it you crisp it up you give it,some texture and then you just have a

South Africa Street Food in Johannesburg!! Braai, Bread and Beef Head!!

welcome to the Brian in this video,youll witness the dynamic why do they,call it chicken dust I dont know what,do you think its daring what Ive had,in the past is nothing like this,delicious street food of Johannesburg,South Africa Im gonna pair that with,pedo,Pito its probably not that,but first lets back up,[Music],[Applause],our first in this cross-country South,African food tour brings us to the city,of johannas Home Salud a city of over 5,million and the second largest in all of,Africa oh welcome to South Africa,here their iconic street food has,influenced countries all over southern,Africa and Im gonna try them all here,you have a bunch of different stuff you,can eat it with five different options,right is that 506. are you asking her,imagine I do believe its your story,from the giant beef head smiling if you,drink this you become a babe do you have,Bears here do you want one to some of,the most epic succulent meat dripping,barbecues youll find anywhere,it all starts here this neighborhood,were in right now its got a lot of,characters sure,tell me about Sundays in Johannesburg,because Im wondering if what Im,witnessing on the streets is something,that happens every day obviously said,today people went out partying and,theyre trying to find babalas cure do,you know what babalas is no its a,hangover it feels like people never stop,partying from Saturday we probably from,Thursday and then when does it end never,okay so I heard this is like the perfect,drinking food this is called the smiley,it all starts with a cow head sliced,down before cooking,now I had this before when I was in,Namibia I think it was a goat head or a,sheephead but when I ate it then it was,actually smiling at me but here its,just you know its cut up its on a,plate the only difference here is cow so,you cant put a cow on how how is it,gonna fit the head is too big thats a,good point theres different types to,make it but the original way to make it,is boiled it salt if you want to add,spices you dont actually you add spices,when its already here chili beef,seasoning best thing in South Africa and,Peri Peri sauce this Smiley usually,pairs with putu the recipe is cheap and,simple start with corn flour and add,just a little bit of water Ive seen,something similar in different parts of,Africa in Tanzania they might call it,ugali except for this looks like a more,like dry version of it this one we cook,with a full cook it up until it becomes,fluffy,finally the dish isnt complete without,a potent Savory cup of hot broth youre,going to pour over your meat just so it,goes down smoothly because youre gonna,youre gonna choke lets do what we have,to do hear that with the potato and then,youre gonna pick the one that you want,and then youre gonna go in oh you,already went for it oh I had to wait no,no dont spit it up definitely dont,spit it out joining me today the funny,Chef level and and shes a chef actress,and a comedian oh wow thank you born and,raised in Pretoria nearby Johannesburg,what I like about eating faces its a,weird way to start what I like about,eating animal heads is that every bites,a little bit different I understand why,you kind of have to pour this stuff back,on its like all the flavor has boiled,out of it so you pour the flavor back on,you pair it with this this is really dry,Im not used to it but but if you eat it,with some really soupy meat it kind of,balances out my question is is,Johannesburg a Street Food City,definitely I come from Pretoria we come,to Johannesburg with street food we have,11 different languages we have different,cultures everybody is just trying to mix,their cultures together to see what,works and thats what you get street,food here in Johannesburg do you know,what I think we should mix together what,some hot sauce wow thats what we call,transition kids theres your beer juice,over here what kind of a seasoning is,that yep do you know whats in there,thats chili beef seasoning what do you,think Vortex is like 100 beef now its,like 110 beef the beef is so much more,beefy its potent very nice how about,that hot sauce lets go,see what I mean very spicy but extra,sour lots of vinegar in there thats,very addictive yeah its juicy its very,very heavy and salty I can see why,people when theyre a little bit wasted,want to come here cheers,how do you feel telling people to Cheers,when youre not offering the meat oh,yeah that is offensive okay hold on give,them a little bit not a lot can I just,end people mean all right,our next stop brings us to the bustling,GHB Market a mix of commercial buildings,and outdoor vendors,peppered throughout the crowd youll,find purveyors of Street Food Magic,frying bread roasting meats and handing,out hearty portions of protein first on,my list a joburg classic chicken dust,why they call it chicken dust because I,think,I dont know what do you think are you,the local expert turns out chicken dust,aint about the chicken its about the,dust or the seasoning they put on it a,blend of dried parsley garlic powder,oregano thyme cayenne pepper and black,pepper dust it on the chicken and Grill,it over charcoal halfway through Slither,on barbecue and finish grilling,when it comes to street food how much do,people here love meat street food,everybody wants me why meat and not just,more carbs or bread or you know,something vegetarian,[Laughter],a bunch of flavor on the outside when,you first bite it the dusting its super,Savory the meat as fatty is Juicy its,dark meat and sweet but you had a little,bit Sweet Chicken of meat were gonna do,something Ive been wanting to do for a,long time Ive seen it in other,countries around South Africa Im,talking about the bride,is an Afrikaans word that literally,means barbecue especially an open,outdoor grill meant for brine pounds and,pounds of animal protein you can eat it,standing up or sitting down day or night,alone or with the groom later today,well be meeting some real Bry Masters,but first a dish only reserved for,Sundays we call it seven colors black,South Africans mostly we know seven,colors every Sunday we go to church we,come back and we cook this and it sits,the whole week traditional seven colors,includes rice as a base and for the,protein chicken or beef then an array of,vibrantly colored sides like this its,actually several colors but because we,are gangster we call it seven colors,right so is this seven colors though how,many colors do you count how about you,name the colors,green why do I sound like Im in,preschool green red brown light brown,okay white how many colors that was fine,so but you should add the little okay,yeah theres sub Colors Lets round it,up it starts with sliced red green and,yellow bell pepper white onion and red,onion all stir-fried in olive oil add,shredded carrot some seasonings and beef,stock after a few minutes add in boiled,spinach and finally cream of mushrooms,next the protein in lieu of the usual,chicken or beef were going with Ox,liver its stir-fried in a wok along,with peppers and onions hit it with a,little bit of secret seasoning and a,portion of the not so secret Als chili,sauce,the liver and veggies pair with pop the,most commonly eaten softer preparation,of corn flour and water on the side,salsa and cabbage,so you grab the bump and then youre,gonna go wherever you wish Im picking,up the spinach Im guessing they threw,in some tomato and carrots,I like the carrots it gives it a little,bit different texture yes what else,lets go for the Cabbage now Im curious,if these are all going to taste similar,like have some kind of a uniting thread,they wont,oh yeah it tastes a bit fermented it,tastes almost like sauerkraut lets go,for the salsa now the heat is there so,be ready Im looking forward to the heat,because I havent had anything too spicy,yet oh,theres no water at all what do people,drink here really deserves a seat in,hell um is that spicy do you not think,its spicy I think its like a fork I,mean its Pleasant I dont need for it,to be painful so Im not tr

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Today you are about to witness history. Since the beginning of time, mankind has tried to conquer food,,mostly through YouTube challenge videos.,But today I will attempt the challenge so huge it has not been taken on by any woman or man in history.,Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the 30 kilogram seafood boat challenge.,Myself and a small team of four will have 30 minutes to eat,66 pounds of seafood, ranging from lobster to king crab and everything in between. If I am successful, I will win,$1,000. And if I fail, I will be lambasted and ridiculed for eternity through YouTube comments on the internet,The challenge is about to begin, but first Id like to talk about how we got here,Even among all of VietNams delicious seafood:,shrimpy, spiny lobsters and snails. One intrepid restaurant is taking seafood to a whole new level.,Welcome back to sky guarden. Last time,I was here, Andrew, and I took down a mammoth seven pound lobster cooked fiveways.,This is the best moment of my life. Oh my god.,This time, Im coming back for more.,For this challenge, I will assemble an army of eaters, starting with a ferocious deep stomached ally.,Not you.,Thảo,Are you ready? Yeah, Im ready.,Thảo, what is the most, for example, spring rolls you ever eaten at one time?,Five? Five, four or five. How many kilograms do you think that is?,I think its just about,one or two hundred grams.,Yeah. Today, I need you to actually eat, like, five kilograms of meat.,Its 30 kilograms total. Ill eat 10kg and each of the team members eats five.,Between the five of us if we can take down 30 kg or 66 pounds of seafood,,we get $1,000,This is no joke for me. Im gonna buy new eyebrows, because I dont know what happened to mine,but theyre not there anymore. Can you guys see them? Is this male pattern eyebrows baldness?,It doesnt make sense to me.,Have you ever had king crab? No! Not yet,How big is it?,I dont know. Should we go find out? Okay.,We are gonna meet the rest of the team later, but for now lets go meet our meal,We are headed to the aquarium now to pick out our food. Lets go. Lets do this. We have lobsters,,we have a king crab. If we want to enjoy this meal today, we have to kind of earn it by catching our own food.,Have you ever caught a lobtster?,Yeah I… Not really?,But you think you can? Yeah. I like that confidence,Im gonna go first. The king of all… do you see these claws?,Hey quick talk, the lobster has rubber bands around its claws.,The crab does not have rubber bands around his claws. Im not okay. Im gonna grab it by the butt.,Im gonna grab it by the butt.,Oh no it tries to pinch me.,Ah! Sonny the aquarium pro coming at ya. BAM lets put on the scale, lets see.,Haha, just to put it in perspective,Thats two and a half kilograms, after we eat this we still have 27.5 remaining.,Could just do you eat this?,Because I need you to eat five kilograms of food.,I will try my best.,Oh there you go. Bye crab!,Were making the worlds biggest seafood boat. I need you to catch a lobster.,Wait why are you so good at this?,Why was that so easy for you?,Lets check the final number: 1.8 kg. So together this lobster and that crab,,4.3 kg. You would need to eat a whole king crab and a whole lobster. Are you feeling hungry?,Erh… just a little bit.,Perfect,Cooking is underway for our Titanic seafood boat challenge. Todays menu will include:,1 Alaskan king crab, 1 large Canadian lobster, 10 smaller lobsters, snow crab legs,,vietnamese sea crabs, oysters,,mussels, scallops,,octopus, squid and shrimpies. But while thats underway, lets meet the rest of the team.,Im gonna be honest, you all looked a lot bigger in your application photos.,Vy has joined me on many of my eating and escapades throughout Vietnam. Vy, have you ever eaten lobster?,I never.,Really? Thats really special because youre gonna have to eat as much lobster as you can in seven and a half minutes.,Thatll be really enjoyable. I think, yes?,I guess so…?,What is your strategy for today? Maybe one kilogram is three minutes?,I gotta be honest, thats not good enough. I will eat 10kg, and you all eat 5kg each.,Yeah, I can do that!,Okay, perfect. What is the most food youve ever eaten?,Rice?,Rice. Well maybe she had like 2,000 pieces of rice.,You need to have a cool, dangerous name, thats like: The Bottomless Pit,Oh, thats my name. Sonny – The Bottomless Pit.,Go! Bing Bong.,Good. Im gonna be The Grandmother Lobster.,Seafood killer?,All right, Ill just go with YumYum because I can eat anything.,They are still underway preparing all this food,,but well be starting, very shortly. Stay tuned, even if theres a commercial that plays right now.,Watch all of that, and come back to watch it this show too.,Cooking continues in the kitchen, where itll take over two hours to prepare this mountain of seafood.,Steaming is a primary method of preparation, and these mouth-watering,creatures of the sea will be paired with salt pepper lime sauce, a (??) green pepper sauce and my personal: favorite a huge bowl of,straight-up melted butter.,Since the owner of sky garden has allowed me a support team. Hes also implemented an anti support team: The Food Bro.,When I see a poser like Sonny come out here and think hes got 66 pounds of seafood. Hes wasting it.,There are better people for this job.,Discovery Channel, whats up?,You might remember my food reviewing arch-nemesis:,The Food Bro, from our numerous run-ins on my channel.,Youre doing a point of view for food that doesnt even belong to this restaurant.,Youre just in a random restaurant!,That makes a lot of sense.,And today, hes here to discourage me from completing this challenge.,Also, hes a d*ck.,Sonny cannot do this. Anyone who tries to coordinate their shirt and headband colors, their heads not in the game though,He does not have the stomach for this. Hes gonna have a lot of leftovers, its what hes gonna have.,Finally, with everything steamed and ready to eat, its piled onto a boat and carried into the dining room for a weight-in.,The moment of truth is here, our food is prepared, but we need to know officially if it is actually enough weight.,We cant break World Records, just saying it looks like 30kg. Do you know what Im saying?,Just the boat alone right now,It is coming in, 8kg.,We have our full seafood boat now, and theyre gonna swing around and theyre gonna put it on the scale. Careful.,Uh Oh,What if its not 30kg?,Its only 22 kg! Put more seafood? Do you want to come over here?,Yeah, what should we do? What sea food do you want to put it here?,Lobster? We can do crab? We can do another couple of crabs?,Okay! Well, no problem.,Even more seafood, including another king crab is piled on, ensuring we hit our world record breaking number,of 66 pounds.,We have added even more seafood to our boat. Were gonna weigh it again, right now.,Lets see what its clocking in at. It is… Oh!,38 baby. 38 minus 8 pounds for the boat, and weve got 30 kg of seafood. Thats a ridiculous amount of food!,Im gonna eat 10kg myself, and heres the trick, you guys are probably thinking “This is impossible”,I dont have to eat the shells. I only need to eat like a pound of food!,This is gonna be impossible isnt it?,The time has finally arrived. When the timer begins we will have 30 minutes to take down this seafood feast.,Bing Bong, Grandma Lobster, Seafood Killer and YumYum will have 7.5 mins each then switch off.,I will be here the entire 30 minutes. Its time for this history making event to begin.,Frickin hate that guy.,We have the remaining team members right here. We are all ready to kick some butt.,Were gonna begin!,3, 2, 1. Lets go!,Go, go go go! Scissors, thank you. I dont know, I think I got a squid?,Guys! Lets go! Lets go!,That squid was delicious, in this giant bowl of melted butter here.,See, hes getting buttery and salty just like when he gets nervous.,Theres a lot of food left, Im gonna be honest.,Were not even close !,Sonny hasnt seen this many crabs since spring break, am I right?,You said you never had a king cr

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McDonalds Pizza – Food Review

تحية للجميع.,هذا هو تشغيل على مراجعة الأغذية الفارغة.,و مساء الخير أيها السيدات والسادة.,بعد الظهر هو. 12:22 مساء. إنه 22 دقيقة بعد الظهر.,ومرحبا بكم في هذا الاستعراض لعنصر مثير للاهتمام هنا.,منحت الآن لا … سأقول ذلك على حق.,لا أريد أن أعطي الافتراض في الانطباع,أن هذا متاح في كل ماكدونالدز.,لأنه ليس كذلك. إنه عنصر خاص,وأنا شخصيا اعتقدت أنها ستعمل على فيديو مثير للاهتمام.,ولهذا السبب فعلت ذلك.,بالطبع ، سياستي هي في الواقع ، أريد مراجعة عناصر جديدة تمامًا من المؤسسات الرئيسية ،,ولكن عندما يلفت انتباهي حقاً هو شيء فريد ومثير للاهتمام للغاية ، من مؤسسة معروفة ،,سأقول لماذا هيك لا ، سأقوم بمراجعته.,لأنه لا يضر أبدًا.,هذه هي البيتزا من ماكدونالدز.,هاتين الكلمتين لا تسيران معًا كثيرًا,لكن ماكدونالدز في أماكن قليلة جداً مختارة جداً لديها البيتزا.,هناك ثلاثة مواقع في المجموع.,هناك موقع واحد في ولاية أوهايو.,هناك موقع واحد في ولاية فرجينيا الغربية ،,ثم هناك موقع واحد في أورلاندو بولاية فلوريدا.,وأنا هنا في الموقع الثالث ، موقع أورلاندو.,وهو في الواقع منزل أكبر ماكدونالدز في العالم صدقوا أو لا تصدقوا.,ويخدمون البيتزا هناك من كل الأشياء.,لا بيتزا على وجه الحصر ، لكنها تخدم البيتزا من بين أمور أخرى.,الآن هذه البيتزا التي حصلت عليها هي بيتزا شخصية ، قطرها 10 بوصات.,ويمكنك الحصول عليه مع مجموعة متنوعة من الطبقة.,حصلت عليه مع بيبروني ،,ويأتي في صندوق البيتزا الخاص به.,الآن مرة أخرى ، هذا هو بند خاص جدا متاح فقط وعدد قليل من ماكدونالدز ،,لكنه يجعل مراجعة مثيرة للاهتمام الحق.,لذا ها هي البيتزا اللذيذة.,هناك يمكنك رؤيتها.,منظر جميل طويل على الكاميرا.,يمكنك رؤيتها تأتي في الشرائح الثمانية القياسية ،,والبيبروني الذي يستخدمونه ليس بالقليل الصغير ، كما تعلمون ، قطع بيبروني صغيرة جدًا.,هذا أمر عظيم ، كما تعلمون ، اللحم القاتل Pepperoni الذي يكسره لهذا.,كما تعلمون ، إنها قشرة رقيقة.,إليك عرضًا أفضل لشريحة هنا ،,أنت تعرف أنه يمكنك رؤيتها هناك.,وبالطبع مرة أخرى ، ببساطة تحتوي على البيبروني والجبن والصلصة والقشرة ،,حتى البيتزا القياسية ، جميلة القياسية.,لكن هيك ، إنها من ماكدونالدز. وهذا يجعلها خاصة على الأقل.,لذلك أنا ذاهب فقط لدغة في ذلك.,سأأكلها ، وسأخبرك كيف طعمها,حتى البيتزا ماكدونالد في الذهاب.,رائع.,حصلت على منديل هنا.,أتعلم؟,أنا لن أكذب عليك أيها السيدات والسادة.,اعتقدت أنه سيكون هناك الكثير من الأسوأ لنكون صادقين.,على ما هو عليه ، بالنسبة لبعض بيتزا ماكدونالدز ،,نظرا لطبيعة الدورة ، من كل شيء آخر لماكدونالدز ،,هذا ليس سيئاً,ويأخذني حقا على حين غرة.,أنت تعرف ، أنا لن أكذب.,ماكدونالدز تعطى نوعية ما هو عليه.,بالنظر إلى حقيقة أنه قد ذهب بالفعل إلى أسفل التل إلى الأبد.,اعتقدت أن هذا سيكون بعض البيتزا المجمدة بالقمامة.,فريدة من نوعها ، نعم ، لكني أعتقد أنها لن تكون جيدة على الإطلاق من حيث طعمها ،,لكنني الآن لا أقول أن هذا هو البيتزا الحرفية لأنها ليست كذلك على الإطلاق.,لكن أنا معجب بنوعية هذا.,أنا حقا حقا أنا. أنا لن أكذب,البيتزا لديها حقا الكمية المناسبة من خبز عليها ،,لذلك الجزء السفلي من البيتزا ، والقاعدة لديها القليل من أزمة.,ربما كان هذا الأمر متدليًا بعض الشيء ، لكنه ليس شيئًا فظيعًا.,انها ليست نوعا من المخالفة على الاطلاق.,الآن البيتزا نفسها هي المالحة …,الآن ، نعم ، نعم ، نعم ، ReviewBrah تقول كل شيء ملعون هو المالح ،,لكن هذا اتجاه شائع وشائع من حيث مطاعم الوجبات السريعة.,كل شيء عادة ما يكون في الواقع مالحًا إلى حد ما في الطبيعة في الوقت الحاضر ،,ولكنك تلدغ وتخبرك الحقيقة,الجبن ، لديه القليل من الملوحة إليه ؛,الببروني أكثر على الجانب المالح ،,بدلًا من التوابل وقد تفكر في نفسك ، كما تعلمون ، لهذه البيتزا ،,يبدو مع الجبن والبيربروني مالحة لن تبدو مالحة جدا في طبيعتها.,لكن صدقوا أو لا تصدقوا الصلصة هنا,ومرة أخرى ، يبدو الأمر سخيفًا جدًا لوصف شيء ما من ماكدونالدز ،,لكن الصلصة غنية جداً وقوية جداً ولذيذ جداً.,والصلصة تضيف حلاً لطيفًا للغاية,إلى الملوحة الموجود في الجبن والبيبروني.,وبهذا تضيف إلى مجموعة رائعة جدًا ،,ويضيف إلى شريحة بيتزا حقيقية خاصة.,الآن زيتي ، إنه دهني ،,لكنني أتخيل أن هذا هو أحد العوامل الرئيسية التي تساهم في نكهته.,القشرة نفسها هي دهنية جدا. لذلك لدي بعض المناديل جاهزة.,انها لا تقدم أزمة صغيرة لطيفة لتحقيق التوازن بين كل شيء.,ولكن في الواقع ، هذه البيتزا في الواقع أفضل بكثير مما كنت أعتقد أنه سيكون.,أعني أن هذا مثل الكرز الصغير في الأعلى ، كما تعلمون ،,انها فريدة من نوعها وأنها في الواقع لها طعم جيد.,هذا ، كما تعلمون ، هذه مكافأة إضافية رائعة هناك.,لذلك أنا معجب جدا.,أعني المكان في الداخل. لقد كانت مجرد مجموعة ، كما تعلم.,كانت مليئة بالكثير من الناس.,ثم حصلت على بعض أجهزة Mac الكبيرة ، أيضًا.,فقط في حالة لم تنجح هذه البيتزا.,وأول مرة يعطونك Big Macs أولاً ،,ثم وضعوها حيث يتم تقديم البيتزا,ويتركونه يجلسون هناك لمدة 20 دقيقة,بينما صنعوا البيتزا لذلك كانت مجرد فوضى غير منظمة للغاية ،,وأنا سعيد على الأقل لم يكن الانتظار من أجل لا شيء,لأن البيتزا في الواقع جيدة للغاية على حقيقتها.,أود أن أقول أن نوعية هذه البيتزا هو معيار ، كما تعلمون ، جودة البيتزا.,انها فوق الكثير من البيتزا المجمدة في الطبيعة ،,لذلك أنا معجب جدا جدا بهذا جدا.,لذا قاموا بعمل رائع في هذا ،,وقد أخذوا شيئًا لم يكن لدي توقعات متواضعة به,وحوله حقا حولها وفعلت 180 درجة كاملة,وفاجأني حقا لأنني معجب به.,السعر الحكيم لهذه البيتزا التي هي بيتزا شخصية ،,ولكنك تحصل على كمية جيدة من البيتزا.,انها حوالي 8.99 دولار.,ثمانية وتسعة دولارات والتغيير.,وكما قلت على ما هو عليه ، كنت تحصل على بيتزا جيدة المذاق ومثل هذا البند الفريد.,أعتقد أنه يستحق الانتظار ويستحق السعر على الإطلاق.,لذلك يقال ،,من أصل عشرة ماذا سأصنف البيتزا من ماكدونالدز من أصل عشرة؟,أنا ، أنت تعرف ماذا ، يجب أن أعطيها,تسع نقاط قياسية من أصل عشرة لأنني معجب جدا بها.,بادئ ذي بدء ، نظرا للطبيعة الفريدة لذلك ؛,ثانيا ، على الرغم من ذلك ، والأهم من ذلك ، نظرا للطعم في الواقع لأن نوع المكان الذي ينتج هذا ماكدونالدز.,كما تعلمون ، عادة ما يكون بيت البطاطس المقلية,وتذوق البرغر اللذيذ الذي كان يجلس لمدة 20 دقيقة.,معجب جدا به. لذا قاموا بعمل رائع هنا.,أعلم أن هناك عددًا قليلًا جدًا من المواقع التي بها هذا مرة أخرى ، أوهايو ، والغرب ، وفيرجينيا ، وفلوريدا.,ولكن إذا وجدت نفسك بالقرب من أحد ، إذا وجدت نفسك بالقرب من واحدة ،,اعطوه فرصة ، اعطه طلقة ، عنصر فريد للحصول عليه ،,وأنت لن تخيبه.,لذلك مع هذا يقال ، أيها السيدات والسادة ، هذا كل ما لدي من أجلك.,هذا هو تشغيل على مراجعة الأغذية الفارغة.,أنا مضيفك ، تقرير الأسبوع. شكرا على المشاهدة والحرص.

Exotic THAI FOOD Tour in Bangkok with Mark Wiens! Freaky Thai Food + Yummy Face Challenge

guys we have our giant water bugs here,this is the official yummy face,challenge with mark wiens you ready,ready lets do this,[Music],every year over 20 million foreign,travelers visit bangkok more than london,more than new york and thai food is what,many people are after,dynamic flavors endless street food,cooked with skill and precision and some,street side virtuosos even boasting,their own michelin star this place has,just opened and already we are in the,eye of the tornado but today were,moving past the pad thais and toward the,often overlooked more intimidating eats,of bangkok thailand with legendary food,and travel youtuber mark wiens it was,pretty spicy bro this one is not that,spicy no yeah not for me he is the most,prolific and viewed traveling food,youtuber on this platform with over 700,videos exploring thousands of foods from,california to kenya and punctuating most,with his iconic yummy face,together were hitting the streets of,bangkok these wheels are greased really,well it moves pretty easy exploring the,unknown this one even scares me a little,bit its a horseshoe crab but tell me,which part of this is a crab braving the,blood what they would normally do is,they take a little bit of raw blood they,put it at the bottom of your bowl and,getting to the bottom of bugs oh,really juicy its like a little water,balloon so strap in tight because were,heading to the crossroads of weird and,delicious,[Music],[Music],good morning everybody im with my dude,mark wiens thank you so much its been a,long time coming for sure were crossing,the river now this is literally a one,minute boat ride its like a shuttle,just across the river to get to the,market on the other side right now were,headed to the house of a local bug,vendor pun and the only way to get there,from bangkoks chinatown is by crossing,the river on a ferry to the west side,im really pumped because ive seen,plenty of people selling bugs in,thailand today were going to see how,they actually get to the market thats,going to be awesome,right now were doing something ive,never done before ive had bugs in many,countries but we are here in this small,local neighborhood going to this ladys,house where shes actually cooking the,bugs before taking them to market,charcoal lit oil heating up assorted,baskets of bugs strewn about weve made,it to the right house,im so pumped to be here i think most,tourists coming to bangkok have seen,these lit up bug carts it can feel a,little touristy but the locals are,really eating this stuff oh yeah and,they have been for a long time most big,markets ive been to in thailand have a,bug section like most cuisine that,starts out as survival food they figured,out how to make it tasty and thus it,sticks around still today weve gathered,just a few uh bits of what shes cooking,here here we have an ordinary cricket,right and then here cricket on steroids,thats what ive typically called it,because theyre so mega theyre massive,these are grasshoppers here ive never,touched these in their raw form theyre,all kind of soft and leathery right now,heres just a basket of frogs have you,had the frogs yeah shes gonna fry all,this yeah completely deep fried and then,right here the giant water bottle i,think this is the one that creeps people,out the most they look kind of,intimidating but then once you taste,them theres like nothing not to like,about them,[Music],these are the silkworms oh you can eat,those wrong,oh nice,they actually kind of have like a honey,sweetness to them its really juicy its,like a little water balloon im getting,a little full man i ate a lot of bugs,for breakfast so those are the silk,worms and these are the bamboo worms,he likes them,to be fair were here to document the,cooking process theres no way that,hey man this is the healthier version of,it,thats a good point no oil,every morning before heading to the,market pond spends about two hours total,frying up all types of crawly creatures,starting with these bamboo worms you can,see as they immediately float to the top,as they get crispy how long does that,take he said for half an hour it takes,that long for them to get really crispy,sometimes when you deep fry things they,get really brown fast these are still,stay white for a long time but when,theyre served theyre like completely,golden bam what do you know about insane,food show antics,theyre so light theyre very light,lets do it,to me thats yummy it just has that,fried toastiness to it kind of like a,french fry or like a cheeto but even,more airy everything must fry before,heading out giant water bugs red,grasshoppers silkworms crickets even,frogs we gotta try these man i dont,think ive tried just a straight up,fried frog in thai because of the when,they deep fry their legs and arms get,spread they say,its like celebration,so thats what they say its kind of,celebrating,right,got that jerky texture to it thats,awesome that tastes really good the,bones just crunch and then you taste a,little bit of like gooeyness maybe from,the gut section of it they are gutted,most of the guts i mean its a pretty,rough cutting as tempting as it would be,to hang around all day eating ponds,insect inventory,it is time to pack up and head to the,market,we are on our way to the market right,now can you ask her if i can help maam,can i push this for you youve been,working hard cooking bugs,i got this thats good good okay shes,loving it she crosses the river in the,same ferry we arrived in then treks,about another mile to her spot,[Music],once her beautiful array of bugs is on,display the customers come pouring in,and now shes ready for action ready to,sell to the public,how long does it take for people to come,were going to jump into the water bugs,in a second i want to ask you some,deeper questions though mark you were,known for your iconic yummy face what,was the origin of the yummy face it was,a,natural progression,of eating incredibly delicious things so,its like a movement that just feels,right your mouth just its a mouth,overdose it has to be something thats,like overly juicy that just like how,about water bugs i think water bugs,might do the job oh this guy here is a,big one its been a while im gonna take,it off the skewer take off the wings,because they are deep fried you can,actually eat the head and everything,spray it with the soy sauce seasoning,and then what kind of seasoning is this,pepper she says you can just eat the,whole thing in one biter,guys we have our giant water bugs here,this is the official yummy face,challenge with mark wiens you ready,ready lets do this,whoa a lot of sharp textures in there,its like eating construction paper why,is she laughing i swear this is a,practical joke oh dude as you keep on,chewing you get that anise flavor,theres a little bit of that sweet,appley sourness in there from deep,inside the guts and thats the best part,thats the flavor that theyre known for,oh she just seasoned us a grasshopper oh,i got it,that is the first one ive successfully,eaten this is dessert,on to the next one lets go exit no no,dont follow us were gonna walk out of,the frame,no what are you doing,our next food spot has been going strong,for over 50 years and patrons still,crave the secret ingredient found in,these noodles so its called,which is it means boat noodles so the,history is that this type of noodle was,often served from a boat they serve it,in really small bowls which is also key,because they would serve just a few,bites in the bowl so that as youre,splashing around in the canal it,wouldnt all fall out of your bowl you,need my cup oh why is she making four oh,i ordered 10. because you got to order a,bunch you ordered ten theyre literally,like two bite bowls shes putting the,sauce already what sauce is that its,like a chili,dressing sort of ingos the blanched,noodles and thats water morning glory,and then pork meatballs youre right,these are super tiny bowls okay here,comes the blood shes dumping in this,raw pigs blood its paste one right,yeah

The BEST Chicken Sandwich of 2022?

مرحبًا بالجميع ، يتم تشغيل هذا على مراجعة طعام فارغة ، مرحبًا أيها السادة والجميع,يشاهدون مرحبًا بكم جميعًا في هذا الإصدار الجديد من,سلسلة مراجعة The Running on Empty Food ، أنا مضيفك تقرير الأسبوع ، شكرًا على التحقق من أنه كان قليلاً بينما أعلم أنني,أقوم بإجراء المراجعات عندما أقوم بها وأنت تعلم أنه عادة ما يكون هناك مسافة صغيرة بين كل,عملية تحميل ولكن في هذه الحالة كانت هناك بضعة أيام إضافية وأود فعلاً الوصول إلى هذا أه,لماذا يوجد ذلك استراحة قصيرة في التحميلات على الفور وبعد ذلك سندخل في المراجعة ،,لذا أعتقد أنه في الأسبوع الماضي مر أكثر من أسبوع بقليل في هذه المرحلة ، لقد كنت,مريضًا جدًا وليس مع ليس مع حالة نموذجية تعرفها بالبرد أو الأنفلونزا أو أنك تعرف,الطمع أو أي شيء من ذلك ، لكن في هذه الحالة ما جعلني أشعر بالتسمم الغذائي,وأعتقد أنك تعرف إلى أين أذهب مع هذا العنصر الذي جربته في المراجعة الأخيرة,تلك الشطيرة الإيطالية من Wendys هذا ما فعلته لذا أنت بعد ذلك ، عليك أن تشاهد,التسمم الغذائي الذي كان موجودًا هناك أمام الكاميرا من أجل متعة المشاهدة ، لكن,تلك الشطيرة التي جربتها تلك الشطيرة الإيطالية,، العنوان لم يكن مبالغة كانت بسهولة إلى حد بعيد أه أسوأ عنصر من Wendys,I من أي وقت مضى ، وبصراحة تامة ، أعني التفكير في أنك تعرف الآثار اللاحقة,وماذا فعلت بالنسبة لي ما فعلته لي وصدقني عندما أقول ذلك ،,لم أكن في حالة جيدة لفترة من الوقت ، حسنًا كان ذلك من أسوأ الأشياء على الإطلاق ،,مع الأخذ في الاعتبار أن الساندويتش كان فاسدًا بكل الطرق الممكنة التي تعرفها ، فقط سأتجنبها,بصراحة تامة ، وأنا أعلم أنه لن يواجه كل من تعرفهم ويندي مثل هذه المشكلات ، لكن ليس لدي,أي شيء جيد لأقوله حول هذا الموضوع في هذه المرحلة ، فإن أي صفات تعويضية كانت قد,خرجت للتو من الباب هذا الشيء قد ماتت بالنسبة لي ، لكن على أي حال ، كنت أعرف أنني أشعر,بتحسن قليلاً في الأيام القليلة الماضية وأنا أردت العودة إلى الأشياء التي كنت أرغب,في الحصول عليها من أجل الحصول على المراجعات مرة أخرى وكنت أنظر حولي ، كنت أحاول اكتشاف,كل ما هو جيد للوقوف على قدمي ، ما هو أه ما تم إصداره في هذه الأثناء,وماذا يجب أن أجربه وأنت لا تستطيع صدق حماسي عندما اكتشفت أن برجر كينج,كان يطلق شطيرة تبدو تمامًا مثل ما جربته من ويندي,ومعرفة ما فعلته بي كل ما يمكنني فعله هو أنني كنت جالسًا هنا أفكر بنفسي أعتقد أن,برجر كنج هو سننهي ما بدأه ويندي ، وأعني أنه من الواضح أنه يمكنك معرفة مدى,التحفيز الذي دفعني إلى الرغبة في تجربة ذلك ، ثم بدأت في البحث,لأنه بصراحة تامة كان الدافع أكثر من اللازم وأعتقد أنني لا أفعل أريد المبالغة في ذلك ، لذلك,كنت أنظر حولي أكثر ، ثم اكتشفت أخيرًا أن Wingstop قد أطلق نكهة جناح جديدة,وفكرت في ما هو هيك على الأقل آمل ألا يقتلني هذا أو يقتلني أي شيء ، وعلى الأقل,يمكنني ذلك أعط نفسي القليل فترة استراحة قصيرة من التسمم ، لذلك هذا ما أحاول تجربته,اليوم أصدرت Wingstop وقد أطلقوا هذا منذ حوالي أسبوع ، أود أن أقول إنهم أطلقوا,صلصة الشواء الذهبية الجديدة من Carolina ، الآن يمكنك الحصول على صلصة الشواء هذه متنوعة حتى تتمكن,من الحصول عليها على مجموعة متنوعة من العناصر الخاصة بهم يمكنك الحصول عليها على أجنحتهم بالطبع يمكن أن تحتوي عليها كصلصة,وينجر يمكنك تناولها في مناقصات الدجاج أو يمكنك تناولها على ساندويتش دجاج,ولديهم لقد تم الترويج حقًا في الإعلانات للصلصة التي يتم وضعها على شطيرة دجاج ، لذا فإن هذا هو,النهج الذي سأتبعه أثناء مراجعة هذا ، فإليك ما يقولونه عن صلصة كارولينا الذهبية للشواء,وإليك ما يستلزمه يقولون إنه من المفترض أن تحتوي على أنواع مختلفة ملاحظات من خل الخردل,والسكر البني ، لذلك من المفترض أن تحتوي على القليل من الحدة القوية ، ربما قليلاً,من اللدغة مع لمسة من الحلاوة ، كما سيكون الأمر ممتعًا ، لذا حصلت عليه على شطيرة الدجاج,مرة أخرى. حصلت على الشطيرة هنا الأنيقة شطيرة كين في معظمها بسيطة جدًا,لقد جربتها من قبل ولديك شريحة دجاج مع بعض المخللات في كعكة,ثم يتم وضع الصلصة التي تختارها فوق سعر الدجاج مقابل ستة دولارات و,40 سنتًا مقابل شطيرة الدجاج مع صوص باربيكيو الذهبي الجديد من كارولينا مرة أخرى,بعد أن قمت بالفعل بمراجعة شطيرة الدجاج نفسها بالطبع ، ما زلت سأقوم,بتقييم جودتها والتأكد من أنها ستلتقي بالاجتماع أو,آمل تجاوز المعايير ولكن في الغالب أريد تجربة تلك الصلصة ومعرفة كيف تكمل,أو تنتقص من ساندويتش الدجاج ، لذلك على أي حال يأتي في الوعاء الصغير هناك,ويفتح الوعاء لأعلى يمكنك رؤيته هناك ، دعنا نلقي نظرة جيدة عليه,إذا نظرت إلى صورة,الإعلان ، فأنت تعلم أنك تعرف هذه الأماكن دائمًا ما,يبالغون نوعًا ما في شكل المنتج ولكن,يجب عليك التحقق من الصورة التي استخدموها للإعلان لأنهم تعلمون أنني من الواضح أن,الصور تم تعديلها وتعديلها كما هي جميعًا ، لكنهم أضافوا مثل هذا المرشح إليها الذي,يجعل الساندويتش يبدو وكأنه ذهبي اللون ، ومن الواضح أنه كما ترون ، يبدو,وكأنه شطيرة دجاج عادية ولكن ليس سيئًا لا أه لا تميز,أي نوع من الملاحظات البارزة التي تبدو وكأنها شرائح دجاج جيدة يمكنك رؤيتها,مغلفة تمامًا في الصلصة هناك قليلًا من الهش ، الشيء الوحيد الذي أقوله هذا بطريقة تقريبًا,لتذكير نفسي هو ذلك يبدو أنهم نسوا المخللات ، أوه لا ،,لقد فعلوا ذلك على الرغم من أنهم حسنًا ، هذا ما,تعرفه تمامًا أنها تجربة وجبات سريعة قياسية ، نعم لا يمكنك أن ترى أي,مخلل يمكن رؤيته وليس هناك أي الكعكة السفلية أيضًا ، حسنًا ، هي ما هي عليه,على أي حال ، الشيء الوحيد الذي يجب أن أذكر نفسي به هو فقط لأن التجربة التي مررت بها,الأسبوع الماضي كانت سيئة للغاية وأنا أعلم أنني أخرجها على ويندي الآن لكن لا,يسعني أن أه فقط يجب أن أذكر نفسي بأن توقعاتي هي فقط حتى Rock Bottom في هذه المرحلة,، وآمل فقط ألا يجعلني هذا الأمر مريضًا لأنني قلت إن توقعاتي,منخفضة جدًا في هذه المرحلة ويجب أن أذكر نفسي ربما تعلم فقط حاول أن تجعلهم,أعلى قليلاً من ذلك ربما على أي حال لذلك لا مخللات ولكن هذا ما هو عليه دعونا نرى فقط كيف أن,الصلصة هي دعونا نرى كيف أن الساندويتش مرة أخرى هو ستة دولارات و 40 سنتًا للعنصر ، لذلك,دعونا نجربها شطيرة دجاج كارولينا الذهبية الجديدة من WingStop ستقع في,حب,الأجانب,، دعنا نبدأ العمل مباشرة ، إنها واحدة من تلك العناصر التي لا يوجد فيها الكثير لنقوله ،,لذلك,لن يكون أكبر تقييم في العالم على الإطلاق,أنا بخير مع ذلك وهذا جيد وليس كما قلت إنني نوعًا ما ذكّرت نفسي بألا,أقول أشياء جيدة عنها فقط لأنها أفضل من تلك الكومة التي كنت أعرفها الأسبوع الماضي,فقط حاول أن أحاول الحصول عليها مشاهدك أعلى بقليل من ذلك الرقم واحد,أ على الأقل إنه صالح للأكل وهذا ما كنت أتمناه على الأقل أنت تعرف,مذاق الدجاج مثل الدجاج وهو ما تأمل ألا يكون طعمه مثل بعض الفقاعة المالحة,وهذا جيد إنه طري إنه طري وأعتقد أن جودة الدجاج فيليه الدجاج هو,في الواقع أفضل مما تناولته في المرة الأخيرة التي جربت فيها ساندويتش الدجاج وهو أمر جيد,من الواضح أنه يفتقد للمخللات وهذا أمر مخيب للآمال قليلاً ، فالمخللات دائمًا,ما تكون ملاحظة لطيفة على شطيرة الدجاج لذا سأفعل احصل على ذلك في دقيقة واحدة ولكن من حيث الجودة ،,فإن الدجاج لذيذ الطعم لا يتذوق طعمه بشكل صريح أو أي شيء جيد,هش إلى الخارج من الواضح أنه مقلي بالبقسماط وما إلى ذلك ، لذا فهو يحتوي على القليل من تلك الهشاشة,. الآن من خلال الصلصة ، أحب الصلصة ، في الواقع ، هناك خصائص معينة لها,ولكن بالتأكيد هناك الكثير من الأشياء التي أظن أنها تم التأكيد عليها بقوة أكثر من غيرها ،,هناك شيء واحد يجب ملاحظته مع Wingstop هو أن هذه الأماكن بها أنواع مختلفة من auces or Not,Just Wing Stop أي مؤسسة Wing هي ما أحاول قوله ، وتشتهر Wingstop بامتلاكها,صلصة زيتية جدًا ، لذا في كثير من الوقت رأينا الناس قد يفكرون في الأمر على أنه نوع من السيلان نتيجة لذلك,” كل ما عليك هو تغطية العناصر ولكن قد لا تحصل على الكثير من الصلصة عليها لأن,بعض الناس مرة أخرى يرون أن الصلصة الخاصة بهم مائي وسيلان إلخ ، لذا فإليك الشيء المثير للاهتمام,الذي لديهم على أه الساندويتش هنا مرة أخرى كارولينا صلصة الشواء الذهبية,لا تتناسب مع هذا الملف الشخصي ، فهي لا تتناسب مع مواصفات صلصة الجناح القياسية من Wingstop ، إنها,صلصة أكثر سمكًا بكثير بالتأكيد لا تحتوي على قوام,العسل تمامًا ولكنها تشبه ذلك بطريقة ما حيث يكون أكثر,سمكًا وليس زيتًا وليس سائلًا ولكنه لزج وأثخن مرة أخرى ، ونتيجة لذلك ، على الرغم من أنك,ستحصل على المزيد من الصلصة التي تلتصق بسطح,الساندويتش أثناء قضمها أكثر من الانزلاق. منه وهو خير لأنه يسمح لكي يكون هناك,المزيد من النكهة ، نكهة أكثر تركيزًا على الشطيرة ، لذلك أحب أن هذه الصلصة,ليست دهنية أو سائلة مثل بعض صلصات Wing الأخرى ، وبالمثل من حيث تناولها,فهي لا تحصل على يديك بقدر ما هو جيد ، والآن بعد أن علمنا أن من تعرفهم ، فهذه,هي الطريقة التي يتم بها إعداد الصلصة ، هذا هو ما تحتويه الساندويتش في ملاحظة أخيرة ، دعني أحصل على رشفة من الماء هنا ،,ما يمكن قوله عن الصلصة نفسها مذكور أنه كان هناك القليل من الملاحظات التي كانت أقوى,من غيرها ، وفي الواقع أول شيء يمكنني تذوقه بالتأكيد هو الخردل الذي,تعتقد أنه بالتأكيد إذا كنت تأكل هذا ، فستفكر تقريبًا إذا كنت لا تعرف الاسم,دعني فقط اضبط شيئًا ما

NEW luxury BEER battered ONION RINGS Review at ICELAND

well are we doing out there were all,spot on thanks for watching the video,now Ive been shopping Ive been to,Iceland come and have a look where Ive,got a little walk around as you do well,come across these new,luxury beer battered onion rings,whole onion rings in a brown ale beer,batter,400 grams and there is the serving,suggestion now I am actually,oven at two and a half months off the,booze,the last drink was on Saturday,its been four days or five days now,does this count Im gonna have to have a,look at the ingredients but Im not,counting it,because Im not physically drinking any,beer or booze,so lets have a look at the packaging,these were two pounds,so there is the nutritional information,if you want to pause that and have a,look at that by all means go ahead,they are the ingredients at the top look,onions 48 allergens are wheat and barley,where does it say the booze in there,calcium carbonate iron,rapeseed oil its just got beer,beer,so Im not counting that Im not,counting that as having a drink,lets have a look at the ways to cook,you do them in the oven fan 200 gas 7 14,18 minutes you can deep fry them as well,Ive just got rid of my oil as well from,a deep fat fryer Ive had it in the,fridge but Ive had it for a long time,Ive got rid of it now or I would have,stuck them in the old deep fat fryer,I can do them in the airfryer luckily,Ive got an air fryer as well so that is,where Im gonna put them,I will um set the temperature,accordingly to your sort of whatever,wattage of airfryer you have you have,dont get me words out so lets get,these open,have a look see theres a fancy tub,system to open them up there is lets,see if I can open them up without it not,really no the best thing is to do is get,the old scissors on the Old Situation,we will have a look,at these,whole onions as well wed expect that,the two pounds whole onions in the beer,batter actually lets be honest now you,get these dont you when you go for a,meal,or the use two years ago they all beard,battered onion rings,cant go wrong can you oh especially,with fish and chips,lets see if I can get a whiff a nif of,any beer,absolutely and none whatsoever,so Ill be interested to see what its,like when Ive when Ive cooked them to,see if I can actually get in any of that,beer through,because whats the point youre not,getting the the flavor of the beer,through theres no point advertising it,as being battered onion rings is there,we will see we will see I will get them,in the airfryer,and Ill show you what Im gonna do mine,are going in the old F right yeah so put,them in for 10 minutes 200 degrees on,air crisp and well go from there,but youve got to set them accordingly,to your whatever wattage your air fryer,is if youve got one if not you can put,them in the oven or you can deep fry,them I have got to deep fryer look,there it is,but,Ive got rid of the oil because its,very old and Ive used it a few times,you have to replace it every now and,again dont often use the old deep fat,fryer to be honest it hasnt been used,in a while,I just wish I could have thrown the oil,that was typical isnt it,so if you like the video please give it,a thumbs up and if youve not subscribed,to the channel and maybe push the ball,out and give it a subscribe go on its,uh it does help the channel,and let me know your thoughts on the old,deep fat fryer its great for chips,isnt it chips,fried fish,cant go wrong its a nice to have a,treat but it does Sting the house out,gonna have the extractors on them full,whack and the door open,its pouring down out there as well,I cant wait for these Ill bring you,back in about seven minutes,the dawn,look at that only took about nine,minutes at 200 degrees,I didnt want to do them any longer,because I didnt want to overdo him I,mean,do look good on the front of that packet,though I dont they I bet theyve been,deep fried then once,well lets have a look at these ones,lets get into these see what these are,like,I will show you first,have a look at that,nice and crisp as well,theyve gone nice well that ones gone,nice and crisp,because theyre all different sizes you,know I sort of give them a shake as well,halfway through,not getting any of the old the old um,beer smell coming off him well lets,just try them first anyway lets lets,give it a whirl I suppose if youre deep,frying,youre gonna maybe lose the old beer,batters sort of taste and its going to,pick up the sort of the the taste of,your oil or whatever you you did you,know you youre dripping or whatever you,want to deep fry them in so this is a,fair effect a fair um review I think,hmm,they are onion as well look you can see,inside it is a whole onion,hmm,Im gonna get some more Im not getting,any beer through Ill be honest but I am,getting sort of the,not the taste of beer thats wrong,how can I put it let me try another one,the smaller ones I would imagine are,using the top of the onion look,does that make sense,but if theyre all cut down like that,theyre going to be bigger and bigger,and smaller and smaller Rings arent,they,Yeah you sort of you are getting,okay Im not gonna lie Im not gonna say,you are getting a beer,sort of batter flavor coming through,but I have done food in beer batter,before and it has a sort of distinct,flavor and that is what these are,its its different from normal butter,lets just put it like that but it aint,like any beer youve drunk,if you know if that makes any sense,please let me know,and its gone out of that one Ive just,well you did see it didnt you sorry I,couldnt help that,obviously you need,you dont just eat a lot of onion rings,on their own or you might do you you,might be like that you might like that,so were all different arent we you do,what you like,you know what excuse me,Im getting carried away youre talking,with a mouthful Im sorry,my mums watching Ill get a clip around,here,yes,give them a whirl see what you think,I I Im struggling to convey and get it,across here out there,and in the simplest way I can,yeah tasty it should be as well I mean,the two quid,so thanks for watching do appreciate it,would I buy them again no I wouldnt buy,them again probably a seven out of ten,but theyre all right theyre all right,see what you think would be interested,to know if at all you do buy them,right Im gonna get off,Manta grid,so take care,all the best and Ill catch on the next,one

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