1. Astronaut Garrett Reisman Talks About New Series “For All Mankind”
  2. The Best TV Show You Arent Watching – For All Mankind Review – Alternate History Space Race
  3. A Mediocre Recap of Mediocre Alternate History Shows
  4. Movie Review For All Mankind
  5. For All Mankind Season 3 Ending Explained | Episode 10 Recap & Review
  6. For All Mankind Apple TV+ Premiere Review
  7. Revisionist Much? Apollo Historians Review of For All Mankind

Astronaut Garrett Reisman Talks About New Series “For All Mankind”

the Joe Rogan experience yeah its just,to me it seems like if you pay attention,to the track if you track technology,look where its going things constantly,improve they constantly demand constant,innovation and were already wearing,these things on our body and watches now,a lot of people were in the Apple,watches and the Samsung and all the,Google watches and it just seems,inevitable that it somehow or another,advances to a point where theres a chip,or something you wear or some plate that,they put in the back your head and screw,in,yeah but any much like black mirror and,it is the problem in thatd be good I,mean but do you have a sense of history,that you are first of all youre amongst,one of the rare human beings that has,ever been in space and then to youre,working for a company that is at the,very tip of the spear of innovation like,the you are youre at the front of the,line in terms of creating viable methods,of sending people into space and,returning them I feel extremely,fortunate you know it like to have that,experience I had at NASA and had the,visceral experience the incredible,experience of flying in space doing,spacewalks operating robot arms,launching on rockets and all that and,then coming to SpaceX and being there at,in the relatively early days and being,there for seven years I feel like you,know I feel pretty satisfied I got to,see I got incredibly lucky to see these,things and be in the room where it,happens you know its its pretty,remarkable and now so now Im a now Im,still a consultant of SpaceX but Im a,full-time professor at USC so now Im,teaching and also working on TV shows so,now Im like taking that those,incredible experiences I had opened up a,lot of other doors and like I ended up,it was like for example working and,working on this TV show I find myself,like in the writers room with a whole,bunch of really talented creative people,where theres no way in a million years,I would this one,ever happened to me if it werent for,these incredible experiences I was lucky,enough to have you know its like that,gets even that gets really surreal I can,only imagine I mean I can only imagine,especially coming from your childhood,having that image on your wall and now,really being a part of this massive,change in the way human beings are going,to be able to travel in space yeah now,what is tell us about this TV show,because you were talking about it off,air before we started yeah so this this,is for all mankind its on Apple TV and,the way I got involved with this thing I,was a big fan of Battlestar Galactica,dead the reetou reboot was awesome,wasnt it oh its oh so underrated yeah,when the best science fiction shows ever,yeah I mean its like in the early days,a kind of like peak TV I guess and it,was like it was just so good I mean the,writing was so good and the whole,concept and every you know all that all,the things that are exploring and the,science fiction is always as best when,its like an allegory and the way they,explored things that were happening in,society like terrorism and stuff the way,they were able to depict it as in a sign,in an alternate universe I thought was,spectacular yeah its brilliant,brilliant show so Im watching it on the,space station which was like the best,what do you what using an iPad or,something like how do you have things,stored or is there a TV up there,theres no TV but theres we have all,these laptops so they could send up,files and you can you can give them like,four shows that you like how long does,it take for a show to download in space,well they download it for you which is,nice while youre while youre working,then when youre when youre ready to,watch you just pop up the file so is it,like a satellite connection internet,satellite its its kind of its a its,a kayuu band system that goes to,satellites that arent part of it NASA,satellites are called teaser satellites,so the data goes up to teachers and and,down at ground stations to White Sands,and then so were gonna ban with you,getting whats your latency I dont,remember the numbers but we werent,getting when I was there we werent,getting live internet because all that,bandwidth is being used for science to,get there all the data from the,experiments in the video so you cant,tour check your Twitter you can,now you can now can I just missed that,thats terrible,yes probably yeah distraction yeah yeah,just google searching random things are,you supposed to be doing your job at,space yeah,so you you get these shows and youre,watching Battlestar Galactica yeah on,your lap push a bow eclectic Colbert,Report Daily Show and like New York,Yankees game so much wow thats one,watching wow you want youre not,watching the Yankees games in real time,yeah no pretty pre-recorded Wow still,though so its just that was a nice like,like a bit of home that you know I would,play the radio broadcasts while I was,working and just in the background and,so I feel like youre the crack of the,bat and its kind of like youre in,space but youre still kind of connected,to home that seems like something that,would go on in a movie yeah some guy,whos working about a spaceship in the,movie is listening to a baseball game go,just yet three balls two strikes,yeah doesnt that you know it really,does seem very like some classic George,Clooney movie about space yeah thats,real yeah man how weird that feels so,surreal that you were that guy up there,with a laptop yeah I mean you and like,Bowser Im watching Bowser and theyre,like now Im in the final season and,theyre like finding earth Im like its,right there youre youre in a spaceship,how many people have watched Battlestar,Galactica while in a spaceship you might,be the only person ever,well my commander is watching it too so,theres at least two of us but so they,ask you like are there any celebrities,youd like to chat with while youre up,there and they will go out and get them,for you the kind of morale-boosting oh,wow as I said I want to talk to Ron,Moore and David Icke oh the creators of,Battlestar mm-hmm so we had this great,Skype session wow its so cool and,thats why before I was gonna mention,this when we were talking about you know,science fiction and science fact and how,does this crazy feedback loop about you,got to think about it first like youd,go back and look at 2001 and you see,these guys using tablets in 1960 was in,1968 that movie came out hmm,and you know Steve Jobs saw that and,said I want to Im gonna make one of,those all right and so theres this,crazy like in,play between fiction in fact and and I,got to talk to round more about all this,and any invited me to come on the set,for the for the final episode of,Battlestar Wow,and youre not supposed to like the,first 30 days youre back from a,long-duration mission youre not,supposed to like go anywhere and Im,like look theyre only gonna shoot this,once you know its two weeks of now Im,going and the last time I checked this,was a free country Im not gonna stop me,so I went and I went all the way up to,Vancouver and I got to go on the set I,met all the cast I got to be a focus,puller on the camera guy I got to do,that that sticks you know oh wow I just,had a blast and then they made me an,extra I was a colonial marine in the,back of a ship that gets blown up Im,sure that show was super complicated to,make but I would love if they brought it,back yeah I dont think people,appreciated enough because it was on Sci,Fi which is not the most popular Network,and its also a reboot of a classic show,so maybe it had like a bit of a stink to,it but that was so much better than the,first version of it its a great [ __ ],show its really intense yes its really,really well made I like everything about,it from the plot to the acting its its,sensational yeah this is my favorite,sci-fi show of all time for yeah me too,its blasphemy for Star Trek fans yeah,but its really good its [ __ ] good I,mean you couldnt have it without Star,Trek you couldnt have it without the,original Battlestar Galacti

The Best TV Show You Arent Watching – For All Mankind Review – Alternate History Space Race

we all know its really fun to dunk on,terrible tv shows the rings of power is,an absolute abomination but i try not to,be a person that hates everything and i,like to give credit where credit is due,and apple tv is killing the game right,now with a show called for all mankind,this show is perfect for me i am a huge,sucker for space and alternate history i,love shows where they go back in history,but instead this thing happens and it,twists history into this weird thing and,i love that im a huge sucker for both,of these things it is the perfect storm,i am not somebody that,generally sits down and watches shows i,just have a hard time sticking with them,long term but i have binge watched this,all three seasons 30 hours of content,blew through it so that is a huge thumbs,up from me this is going to be spoiler,free but i do want to give you some,basic information so the show starts off,with the united states and the soviet,union in the cold war were in the space,race we are racing to see who can get to,space first who can get to the moon,first,all that stuff the twist happens where,the soviet union actually wins they get,a man on the moon first and this drives,the united states crazy and the space,race never ends it now becomes a contest,of who can get a base on the moon first,who can colonize the moon first who can,grow crops on the moon first so we are,just blowing through history with,technology advancing rapidly and,everything is all about space and space,exploration and its really cool how the,show deals with this because you have,all this consumer technology rapidly,advancing you know people have video,chat,and all of that stuff in the 80s but we,still have record players and phones,still have landlines and people are,driving you know the old cars back in,the day but we have,nuclear fusion energy because of the,space race and and how far its very,cool how they mesh the super advanced,technology that we dont have today with,the old stuff back then nasa starts off,the show being a government agency,thats constantly begging for more money,and ends up being an 80 billion dollar,for-profit corporation its pretty cool,how they do it now lets get into the,things that are awesome about this show,first up being the cool astronaut stuff,anytime they are doing anything in space,on the moon anything spaceship related,its very well done the cgi is great the,um the look of the show is just very,well done anytime you see a vista or a,shot of the moon from the moon,of a ship it just looks good apple tv,throw in big wads of cash at the cgi,department on this one if youre a fan,of history youre constantly going to be,pointing at your tv like leonardo,dicaprio because they do a great job of,remixing old history and old culture,into this new space race uh some of the,interesting like things like john mccain,is like a liberal because of the things,that take place in the show and the,political events its very well done,its very clever,they do,they move through history in a way that,is just,excellent this show does a great job of,exploring sensitive areas and sensitive,topics and not painting anybody one,particular color there are a lot of gray,area characters in this show that arent,necessarily completely good or,completely bad and theyre very,interesting um,one one particular one in season one,its just its very well done and i,appreciate any show that doesnt have,one-dimensional characters the pacing of,the show is fantastic by the time you,get sick of the current thing theyre,doing they jump ahead like five ten,years the show starts off in the 60s and,ends up in 2004 as of the latest season,so they do not linger and wait around,the show can be intense at times but,its not too intense i feel like a lot,of these shows nowadays just try to be,so you know shock and awe crazy that,they just become exhausting to watch,this show you can kick back and watch it,and not feel like you got to take a,break after an episode you can you know,watch one episode in the next episode,and theres high points for sure theres,definitely crazy stuff that happens but,its not so crazy all the time,that you just get sick of it the acting,in the show is fantastic no bad,performances from anybody,but the only thing that takes me out of,the show a little bit and this sounds,ridiculous is that the actresses are,like legitimately too hot like they are,actually too hot to the point to where,it almost takes you out of it because,the show moves through time and these,actresses are getting older and they do,these you gotta understand apple tv is,doing everything in their power to tone,these women down theyre not sexualized,at all theyre dressing them up like,grandmas giving them gray hair doing it,in pants suits they are doing everything,they can to try and tone these women,down to reality but it just doesnt work,man the women in this show are super, hot so uh i i dont mind that,but,its its almost hilarious how hard they,try to tone these women back and they,just cant do it now onto the things,that arent so great the middle of,season two gets slow you just gotta,power through it,it when you do trust me theres a payoff,it gets real good once you get past that,bad part but it definitely does get slow,around around the middle of season two,of my memory serves me correct um the,plot gets a little convenient in season,three some people know certain people or,get involved in certain things and its,like wow thats awfully convenient that,that happened that you stumbled into,that um a lot of shows do that its it,you know it just kind of happens with tv,shows because you dont want to have a,million different characters i get it,but,um,you know it is a thing and the last,thing is that season three explores a,couple of plot lines that are kind of,meh in my opinion theyre not the worst,they make sense in the grand you know,scope of the show but not the greatest,but not the worst overall the show gets,a big thumbs up zyback seal of approval,best thing about this show if youve,never heard of it before is you have,three seasons you have 30 hours of,content to watch and its all pretty,damn good so i would go check it out,hope you enjoyed the video and ill see,you next time have a good one hope you,enjoyed the video if you did be sure to,subscribe with notifications on follow,me on instagram and twitter and join the,discord its free

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A Mediocre Recap of Mediocre Alternate History Shows

[Laughter],and this is a show for children,[Music],alternate history at the end of the day,is just a genre of fiction,the same type of sub genre like,steampunk or,grimdark like any sub-genre of science,fiction,its a fancy way of saying look at that,thats certainly not how things turned,out,we while alternate history fiction for,many years mostly consisted of whatever,harry turtledove decided to slap,together,over the last decade or so alternate,history has left the pages,and gone on to the biggest screen of all,streaming services,since theres been such a revolutionary,explosion in alternate history shows,lately,as in like five i wanted to talk about,them,because i wasted a lot of time watching,them and need to have that payoff,somehow,think of this as a recap slash review if,youre super interested in watching,these shows,there will be a lot of spoilers so,youre warned,trust me this is saving you time,remember how neil armstrong landed on,the moon and said,one small step for me one big hop for,thee,well in this tim apple tv original that,didnt happen,and instead the soviets land on the moon,first oh,no spanx while this doesnt seem like,itd be the most,interesting premise which i thought so,too going into it i have to say this,bold take,it was fine the soviets land on the moon,and not only does this act as a wake-up,call for the us and nasa,so before we go back to work its time,to be pissed,[Music],it also leads to the most american thing,of all,pointing fingers and passing blame on,who blew it nixon is furious,and hes going to metaphorically wreck,up the place,your time is going to say that kennedy,started the moon race,johnson ran it and then nixon tripped to,the goal line everyone blames nasa for,being too,cautious this guy the main guy which,ill be calling him because i dont,actually remember his name,but you know who he is he was in the,movie suicide squad,he played will smith main guy blames,himself,and nasa for not landing on the moon a,month earlier,theres also subplots with a bunch of,other people i dont really care about,so lets move on,the general atmosphere at the start of,the season is a,fog of failure hanging over everyones,heads and it spurs nasa to make sure,this isnt the end of the space race,oh no baby this aint the end its just,the start,where do you go after the first man a,moon base,going into this i kind of expected it,involved the us,fighting the soviets on the moon somehow,i dont know why,but the trailer gave it that vibe the,show isnt really about that at all,or even the competition with the soviets,the main antagonist,is just nasa pushing its own limited,1970s technology,and the results go just about how youd,expect,while the soviets just sort of taught in,the background a soviet is not even on,screen,until near the end of the season because,main guy kidnaps him but dont worry,thats not a violation of,international law at all they work,together see theyre theyre good,as for the alternate history elements,the apollo program continues throughout,the 70s,creating a base called jamestown near a,crater on the southern half of the moon,as much as this just sounds fascinating,really most of the season is main guy,being stranded on the moon,because nasa keeps bungling sending more,people to relieve him,now for some of you this might pique,your interest in summation,but trust me after 10 hours of content,this was really the most important stuff,that occurred most of the show,is just the melodrama about dealing with,being an astronaut,and really could be any other historical,space show,youve ever saw,your brain perceives first a duck a,rabbit and a duck again,it always comes back to the duck,wait all right hear me out fringe is,indeed not a pure,alternate history show its not typical,alternate history fiction since,it takes place in our world unacceptable,but let me explain fringe was a network,show from the mid 2000s created by,jj abrams and alex kirkman who would,never go on to make,anything horrible ever season one begins,like any typical network cop show youve,ever,seen a thousand times but it has a bit,of a twist,the crimes are weird the main cast is a,part of the fringe division,who investigates fringe cases uh,clearly its brilliant,its amazing all you have to know is it,revolves around three main characters,olivia dunham a typical fbi agent whos,cold on the outside but shows emotion,from time to time,peter bishop whos introduced as this,swarmy,roguelike who does deals in war zones,which they never really talk about again,and dr walter bishop,a crazy scientist who is best suited to,dealing with these fringe crimes,this man is dead like mind reading,devices,a futuristic dildo peoples brain,melting,man bear pig all fun hijinks that more,often than not,turns out walter created back in the 80s,walter bishop the personified essence of,the reagan doctrine,fringe is overseen by lance reddick,and theres also a bunch of other,characters i dont want to get into,theres also these bald guys and fedoras,who are,basically the g-man from half-life,nobody really knows where they came from,and throughout the whole series they,basically are just,watching peter bishop doesnt really,like his father,hes had a weird history with him since,walter always went off to commit his,crimes against nature in a lab,peter this is me your father bishop,thank you walter i know who you are and,walter doesnt really remember,any of the things hes done which is,eventually revealed because he took a,part of his brain out,he has his cow and licorice and does a,lot of,lsd love lsd,so why is this cop show about sci-fi,crimes and an acid-dropping scientist,even in this video get it out of here,well,we get to the last two episodes of,season one,olivia starts having visions of an,unknown place,she finds out from walter that she was a,part of a program,as a child ran by him and his partner,william bell,to make child super soldiers olivia just,vanishes where she goes into an office,and meets the long dead william bell im,leonard anymore,but how could this be the season ends,with a pan,revealing the world trade center what,what the frick olivia through psychic do,transported universes and landed in an,alternate timeline,where 911 didnt destroy the towers,in the span of one episode the entire,show goes from a police drama with a,thin veil of science fiction to a show,where alternate universes exist,and psychers 2 and its one that walter,knew,very clearly existed this entire time,because hes been well hes been doing,some shenanigans ill tell you what,this universe is just a hodgepodge of,every,minor alternate history fun fact stuff,that wouldnt dramatically,change the world but it adds a nice,flavor so you can tell its different,walter indeed did know that other,alternate universes,existed not only inventing a mirror that,can view into the other world,but eventually a portal that can travel,to it now why would he travel to a,different world,because in our world his son died,when he was a kid the peter us the,audience now,is actually from the alternate universe,we just learned existed,because walter created a portal to,kidnap the,alternate peter and bring him back to,our timeline,so that he could be cured of his disease,all without beater,even knowing about it and by doing this,one act,walter has tore a hole in the fabric of,the multiverse itself,peter merely existing in our universe,has horrific ramifications,that soon start ripping apart reality,itself,people out of the blue phase in and out,of existence,into objects into each other or just,entire buildings,disappear its like the server of the,universe constantly is lagging,this quirky science man accidentally,caused the universe,to begin destroying itself project,singing,corpses,[Music],and the other universe knows this full,well as theyve been dealing with these,cosmic rifts,for years and theres alternate timeline,versions of everyone,olivia has red hair in this universe and,the whole division is much more,militant walter nev

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Movie Review For All Mankind

Anh ở trên mặt trăng khi bắn xong một,phát tốt nhất nên đổi địa điểm khác,trong môi trường chân không cao chỉ cần,đạn đủ nhanh có khả năng đi một vòng,quanh mặt trăng và trở lại vị trí ban,đầu Hoa Kỳ vi phạm các hiệp ước Không,gian Quốc tế đưa vũ khí lên mặt trăng,cũng một phải bất lực Mấy ngày trước cơ,quan vũ trụ NASA phát hiện Quảng li ti,được tìm thấy trên mặt trăng các phi,hành gia đang chuẩn bị đến khai thác khi,nhìn thấy thiết bị vừa được chuyển đến,địa điểm khai thác ngày hôm qua đã bị,đưa ra khỏi mô hơn nữa điểm khai thác có,Mỹ Liên Xô chiếm việc này rất bí mật mọi,người không hiểu làm sao Liên Xô lại,nhận được tin tức buổi tối Những người,phi hành gia Báo cáo lại với bộ chỉ huy,thực ra Toàn bộ căn cứ đang phát tín,hiệu quả nhiên có mấy người láng thì ra,từ chính năm trước từng nhất cử nhất,động của Hoa Kỳ đều bị Liên Xô nghe thấy,chẳng trách mọi hành động của Liên Xô,lại luôn rất đúng lúc cục trưởng Nga sơ,quyết định chiếm lại các địa điểm khai,thác Nếu không nên xấu sẽ tiếp tục làm,càn dưới Sự thuyết phục của quân đội,Ness Quyết định điều thêm nhân viên vũ,trang lên mặt trăng và gửi cả vũ khí lên,căn cứ ở đó ở nơi khác tổng thống vì để,làm giữ mối liên hệ Liên Xô và Hoa Kỳ,cho những nhân viên hàng không của đôi,bên bắt tay nhau trên trạm vũ trụ bên,Liên Xô cử đại biểu đến cơ quan vũ trụ,NASA nghe Kế hoạch của Hoa Kỳ hiển nhiên,bọn họ không hài lòng bởi vì con Hoa Kỳ,đã lấy tàu Apollo là máy chủ động còn,Liên Xô thì như một bến đỗ thụ động họ,cho rằng thiết lập này chứa đầy sự chủ,nghĩa kiêu ngạo thư bản lẽ ra phải được,Liên Xô đứng ra dẫn đầu nhưng điều này,chỉ có thể được thiết kế lại vì để biểu,đại hành lý bên phía Hoa Kỳ chỉ đánh,chấp nhận buổi tối đại diện cả hai phía,đã gặp gỡ tại quán rượu gần cơ quan vũ,trụ vô tình thấy có chung tiếng nói thì,ra họ đều cảm thấy vật được chất lần,hành động này không ngờ đến ly lại khiến,cho đại diện Liên Xô có linh cảm,soi Earth,appollo AW,ừ ừ,khi,họ lập tức bị văn phòng lấy ra bản thiết,kế vừa vẽ trên giấy ra sau 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Đây là một chiếc,máy bay dân dụng nhưng sau đó họ đã huy,động Hạm đội Thái Bình Dương chặn các,quốc gia khác tìm kiếm mảnh vỡ của,chuyến bay 7 quân Hoa Kỳ cũng phải hạm,đội 7 đến mắt Thái Bình Dương cuộc chiến,lại sắp xảy ra ở bên này quân Hoa Kỳ ở,Căn cứ trên mặt trăng Những người phi,hành gia đang chuẩn bị đồ đi khai thác,Họ hỏi hàng trên một khúc gỗ Mặt Trăng,xuyên qua thung lũng đến nơi đang bị,Liên Xô chiếm đóng để khai thác sau khi,xuất hiện nó giống như một nữ thần từ,trên trời giáng xuống quân Nguyên xô,thấy họ hoàn toàn vũ trang nên sợ hãi bỏ,chạy xem ra lời đề nghị của quân đội là,đúng cho dù là mặt đất hai mặt trăng khi,đều phải dựa vào thực lực để nói chuyện,tin tức chuyển về trái đất tổng thống,thần dẫn ra ban lãnh đạo Na Sơn biểu,dương hành động lần này của họ và cái,mắt tay không gian giữa hai nước Aron,người quản trị Vinasun cho rằng chuyến,bay bay của hàng không Hàn Quốc bị bắn,rơi chúng ta là người thống trị toàn thế,giới biểu thì chúng ta mở rộng vòng tay,của mình 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For All Mankind Season 3 Ending Explained | Episode 10 Recap & Review

yeah,[Music],home,home,yeah,yes,yes,hey guys pete here today ill be talking,about the ending of for all mankind,season 3 and this video will contain,spoilers if you havent seen episode 10,yet back in episode 6 mars mission,commander danielle poole is talking,about her experience for people back on,earth she says i think its a primal,urge in all of us the need the drive to,explore it doesnt matter how old you,get human beings are always going to,want to see whats over that next hill,and that is a big part of what this,shows about theres a moment in the for,all mankind season 3 finale where,president of the united states ellen,wilson invokes jfk when she tells her,vice president we didnt do these things,because they are easy but because they,are hard shes defending nasa and space,exploration in general while hes,defending the republican party from,things like gay astronauts and a,russian-american love child the bp is,there because her closeted gay husband,convinced her that having him on the,ticket would help her gain vital,political influence and he wants her to,resign because when faced with a scandal,over an affair by that same husband she,came out publicly as gay its all rather,complicated and difficult and its just,one of the many things that happened to,jeopardize future space exploration in,season 3. one thing that for all mankind,has always shown us is that for as,difficult as it is to go to space its,worth it its given us a cast of,complicated characters willing to put,themselves on the line to make that,happen and a timeline thats changed,enough to make it believable that these,projects could still exist by the end of,this season we have three space programs,working together in the middle of a,disaster on mars and it feels like it,all might be coming to an end the,sacrifices the problem solving the,setbacks the highs of people being their,best for something bigger than their own,survival all the things that make a show,like this so engrossing its all hard,and if there isnt the right people and,the will to keep it going then it all,could be cast into the dustbin of,history by the time we get to episode 10,that will is starting to deteriorate and,just like it is in ellens presidency,the future is uncertain the other thing,the show tries to show us is that when,you put aside the personal beliefs the,politics the prejudices and the natural,competition of things people do,generally come together to triumph in,the face of adversity the early part of,season three was about the three-way,race to mars between state agencies nasa,and ross cosmos and the upstart private,firm helios the accelerated timetable,and the effort to get there first leads,to several problems once they get there,and in the end none of them even have,the distinction of getting there first,instead the lone survivor of a secretly,manned north korea mission lee jong-gil,became the first man to step foot on the,red planet the finale opens with a,montage of his arrival and his lonely,existence trying to make contact with,home i wasnt sure about the feasibility,of him being there or what it would lead,to but regardless watching these few,minutes helped to remind us of how,difficult this all is and for what its,worth i think they made a case that it,is in fact possible even if it was,unlikely that hed be able to survive,hes unable to make contact with earth,and he eventually makes peace with the,fact that this is a one-way trip and,hes about to take his own life when,rover one shows up his hardware turns,out to be more essential than he is but,this does have the potential to,complicate things if mars does become,colonized,the fact that hes there doesnt become,a priority because the astronauts on,mars already have one kellys condition,has gotten worse and the doctor says,they have a 24-hour window to get her to,the phoenix to deliver the baby or they,could both die everyone at the base and,everyone on earth is working on the,problem because they have too much,weight and not enough fuel the solution,for the weight problem is that everyone,besides kelly will stay behind she,objects to this but one by one all the,crew members volunteer in the first of,many uplifting moments peppered,throughout the finale itll be rough but,if they implement strict rations and,their crops continue to produce they,should be able to survive the year and a,half that itll take for sojourner 2 to,get there and bring them home the fuel,problem is more complicated because they,still only have enough to get 95 percent,of the weight of the phoenix the problem,is going to require some out of the,thinking to solve and as theyre working,it margot notices elena is distracted,she pulls her aside for what will be,their last one-on-one conversation she,explains that she already knows about,the fbi investigation and when asked she,promises that shell explain why she,helped the soviets later because right,now they need to focus on the problem at,hand because theres lives to save what,elena doesnt know is that her mentor,found out about this when the head of,ross cosmos miss catish came to offer,her a way out because of the way things,work out in the end its not entirely,clear if margot intended to explain what,happened or not but the promise of that,is enough to get elenas focus where she,needs it to be when they return she,comes up with the idea to make kelly the,second stage and to have her propel,herself the rest of the way to phoenix,theyll strap whats called a pmu to her,which is essentially a jet pack with all,the extra fuel tanks and everything else,that they have on hand to give her the,extra push she needs to make orbit,theres a great moment after she,introduces the idea where she gets asked,the question im sorry are you,suggesting we light kelly baldwin up,like a rocket and she just gives the,deadpan answer basically ed lays out the,plan to kelly and in doing so does a,great job to explain things to us as,were watching the other part of it is,that shell have to be on top of the,ship so hell have to pilot it and that,means hell have to try to land with,almost no fuel the way this conversation,plays out it makes you fear that ed may,be signing up for his last mission of,course he would never let anyone else do,this he wants to give his daughter an,unborn grandchild the best chance they,could have and you do get the sense that,hed be okay with making the ultimate,sacrifice if it came to that he puts the,best face he can on it and assures her,that hes got the best pilot he knows to,help them out hes talking about molly,cobb who hasnt played a large role in,the season i assume this is due to the,actor having scheduling conflicts and,while i would have liked to see more of,her the absence really added to the,impact of her walking into mission,control she gets a standing ovation,which she quickly quiets down before,asking to speak to the queen of darkness,its a great full circle moment when,margot greets her there is history here,molly tried to pull a power move when,margot was out of town she came back and,fired her but after the tensions been,established they quickly get to work,its nice to see things fall back into,place for everyone to be where theyre,needed and doing what they do and they,even address their initial argument when,molly says ed wanted someone there whod,had their ass on the line because this,was such a big dispute throughout the,season there was this question of who,was the better choice for commander and,to this point danielle had shined in,that role but in the end when its all,hands on deck ed skills also proved to,be indispensable and he even got to show,off the language skills he picked up,during the war when hes the only one,who can talk to the north korean and the,acting and everything i just mentioned,was absolutely top shelf mollys,entrance and her attitude margos,reaction and the little smile that ed,had on his face before he revealed that,he could speak korean,while the press is assembling to

For All Mankind Apple TV+ Premiere Review

no way oh did we,[Music],what does up flick fans welcome back to,my channel and oh my goodness Apple Plus,has been dropping everything this,weekend this is the fourth Apple plus,review on this channel and this is the,first three episodes for all mankind,were gonna talk about it I need your,comments below lets do this so for all,mankind this series explores what would,have happened if the global space race,had never ended now like I said only,three episodes were talking about today,Im not gonna give it a score just yet I,need to see the entire season need to,see how this shakes out plays out making,sure it keeps its level of quality and,thats what Ill say starting this,review out I do think this is a quality,show I enjoy this concept what if,America did not land on the moon first,thats gonna take a lot of people back I,said its about Dickinson I want to say,it again this is not clearly this is not,historically accurate some may find this,offensive I say that because Ive,already read some reviews of people that,said well this is not fair to Neil,Armstrong to Buzz Aldrin to those who,actually did this and accomplish this in,the first place heres what I say to,that its just a work of fiction man,its a spin on a story weve seen shows,like this weve seen movies like this,its kind of what Dickinson is just in a,completely different direction this,takes itself way more seriously what if,the Soviets landed on the moon before,the Americans did in 1969 and this was,the beginning of an alternate history,and thats what plays out thats what,shakes out through these next couple of,episodes the first episode is devoted,entirely to that but then you have,things involving President Nixon sending,a new team into space and a lot of these,plot points start revealing themselves,and you understand where theyre going,for the rest of the season I find that,fascinating,I find this concept really cool now is,there an injection of wolken as,wellness yeah into the show a little bit,you can tell there are some things and,themes in there as long as its not,heavy-handed which I dont think it is I,think some other shows on Apple Plus are,a bit more heavy-handed than this one,was and I get it trust me I saw it in my,first two reviews for Apple plus a lot,of people are not,going to like the injection of themes,into these shows but thats just,something we have to deal with now,theyre going to do it its according on,how much they play it up how often they,do it and if it takes away from the show,but I dont actually think it did,especially in that first episode when,theyre building up this intensity and,youre just realizing or coming to,realize what the heck is actually going,on oh my goodness theyre not watching,Neil Armstrong Buzz Aldrin land on the,moon theyre watching the Soviets land,on the moon which leads to something,else entirely,yeah man I thought it was cool I did and,one thing I loved about this show is,showcasing how distraught everyone who,worked on it was not knowing that the,Soviets were that close I think they,said there was like an 80% chance that,it was an unmanned spacecraft but it,ended up being a manned spacecraft they,landed first they beat us so now were,kind of down in the dumps we dont know,what to do we end up sending people up,anyway the same team things may or may,not end up going differently than they,did in our history not just oh well we,were second there are some things that,happen that get very entertaining I,dont want to spoil any major plot,points for you but it really showcases,what one really good film making now I,did have a few issues with some of the,transitions from scene to scene I feel,like at points theyre actually kind of,cutting off the dialogue and moving into,another scene I dont know whos to,blame for that necessarily but the look,of the show is really cool I think the,visual effects are great showcasing the,actual moon landing scene for whoever,lands on the moon is really cool and,then we get an episode three and episode,three is called Nixons women and some,are gonna see that theyre gonna go but,just I encourage you give it a chance to,see how it plays out because even though,Im with you Im like theyre trying to,do the thing but now theyre really not,I I do think this storyline,was interesting and it progresses,naturally on the alternate side of,history bringing in the technical,elements like I just mentioned that are,really good I think the score is another,thing that is cool Joel Kinnaman is in,this show Joel Kinnaman is an actor that,I really like hes just never had the,role hes had some TV roles here and,there that Ive really liked him him,hes just never had the,to allow him to flex all of the acting,chops that I personally know that he has,he is very good in this show you are,with him a lot of the time you know you,have other characters that are at the,forefront of course but Joel Kinnaman is,great,I think the directing is really solid,all the way around its a cool show some,issues like I mentioned that I do have,there are a few things that are a bit,too prominent some plot points that I,just need to see progress before I can,give my opinions on them there is a,chance that they could go in a direction,that maybe I do not like it felt like,maybe we were heading there in episode 3,and it has me a bit worried for the show,maybe even more worried than some of the,other shows on Apple Plus but as of,right now this batch of news shows,dropping these 3 episodes for every,individual show out of the 3 episode,series that I watched so far I do,believe this is my favorite oversee over,the morning show even though Im,probably more fearful for this than the,other two but I still say its a,recommendation on not Netflix I was,about to say Netflix on Apple Plus if,you guys want to give it a chance Ive,been mentioning this in all my videos,there is a 7 day free trial you can do,that check it out give this one all,three episodes thats what Im going to,say because it does take its time but,once it starts to get super interesting,I think a lot of people are going to get,on board I do think some will be turned,off by certain elements of the show but,thats okay man thats what the,streaming platform is all about dropping,different shows to see what appeals to,you or you just dont have to get it I,wont lie to you there are some bugs,with Apple Plus that Im trying to work,through and they get really frustrating,its a brand new platform I understand,that but you need to fix it regardless,thank you guys so much for watching this,video those were the four shows that Im,talking about on Apple Plus if you guys,would like to see me talk about anything,else let me know if you want to see my,other reviews there on this channel,right now foresee the morning show and,Dickinson you guys are truly the best,you make all of this binging worth it I,love yall if you enjoyed this video hit,that thumbs up button it helps out this,channel Ill see you soon

Revisionist Much? Apollo Historians Review of For All Mankind

for all mankind is a new series on Apple,Plus thats an alternate history of the,space race that sees women among some of,the early lunar landing crews obviously,I had to watch it and here are my,thoughts,[Music],okay so at the time of this recording,Ive watched the first five episodes and,I think oh hi Pete,it makes the most sense to actually,break it down sort of by theme so today,were gonna be looking at the first two,by Pete the first two episodes because,these get into themes of alternate,history versus revisionist history which,as a historian is a really big sticking,point for me now fair warning this will,include spoilers so if you havent seen,the show yet and definitely want to wait,until youve had a chance to actually,watch the show before you watch this,video now is your time to bookmark it so,that you can come back later Ill give,you a second here alright lets move on,so when I watch shows like this I,actually do take notes which is what,this is theres always things that jump,out that I know Im gonna forget about,when I try to recall the episode and I,do the video so I wanted to just make,sure I had everything top of mind and,yeah my notes on this one are a little,long so lets get started were gonna,discuss the first few episodes episode,by episode this time so if case you,havent seen it or you need a refresher,episode one the sort of brief,description is NASA is in crisis as the,Soviets land the first man on the moon,in 1969 cosmonaut Alexei Leonov which,begins the alternate history Apollo 11,near crash lands on the moon but all the,astronauts returned safely so first up,you guys know that I am all about Apollo,there are 15 Apollo astronaut autographs,on this wall behind me and like another,seven non Apollo astronaut autographs my,cats whom you briefly saw is named Pete,Conrad after the Apollo 12 commander and,whats really fun about the idea of an,alternate history of Apollo is that this,allows you to actually explore some of,the things that NASA or people within,NASA had been thinking about in the late,1960s for Apollo or Apollo applications,and those are missions like the manned,missions to Venus Mars or Venus and Mars,which was a very cool proposal that,surfaced in about 1967 to add an,environmental module onto the Apollo,stack so that you could go to Venus and,Mars not landing just to flyby mission,living in the command module would be,the sort of nucleus the the workhorse,again the service module would power it,and then youd have this massive lab,effectively think like like taking,Skylab to Venus and tomorrow theres,also a plan to land on the far side of,the Moon which would have been really,interesting because of course on the far,side you dont have any communications,with earth the idea being it could have,been a really interesting way to prove,that the technology and the training was,up for landing places where you didnt,have real-time or near real-time relays,with the ground place is like going to,Mars where you dont have real-time,communications with Houston so theres,all kinds of really interesting nuggets,in the Apollo era that can be kind of,spun out and really teased out for these,alternate histories which is why I was,super excited about this show so the,premise of the show is that June 20th,1969 this air beep land on the moon and,this creates the alternate timeline this,is where if we have history that we know,this is the point at which it branches,off and goes elsewhere,so which sidebar I really like that they,gave it to Lana because Im a big Lana,family the the initial premise the,initial date of this is what caused a,big problem for me and like Im well,aware that Im being massively finicky,and pedantic right now but isnt that,why you guys come to me for reviews like,this so if we are to assume that our,linear timeline is exactly the same up,until the date of June 20th 1969 and,that that moment creates this fork in,the timeline that creates the alternate,history that we follow for the rest of,the show that doesnt work because,theres no way in hell the Soviets could,have landed on the moon in June of 1969,the historian of me is like cringing and,my teeth are hurting a little bit,because the alternate history is based,on like a weird revisionist history that,ignores the fact that the Soviets did,not have the technology to do what the,show is purporting it could have done so,I would argue and Ive said this before,that the space the space race is won in,air quotes in 1966 when Sergei Korolev,died now Korolev is sort of the easiest,way to kind of think about him so,he was the Soviet chief designer kind of,the acquit the the Soviet equivalent to,run our front Brown he was the one who,started who did a lot of the early,missile development and rocket,development in the Soviet Union and who,fought to have the missile program be,one with the space program so basically,you take your r7 missile thats a good,functioning thing and you add a capsule,on it you just modify a tatty capsule,which incidentally is what America did,by modifying the Titan 2 to launch a,Gemini so he was he was one of the big,drivers behind getting the Soviet space,program off the ground he knew the value,of propaganda victories and he was,really good at pushing for these,propaganda victories so the Soviet space,program is not organized the way NASA is,there arent centers that are doing,specific things it has design bureaus,and Korolev was the head of one of these,design bureaus and he didnt necessarily,get along with the other people who are,heads of other design bureaus which is,how you end up with things like the n1,rocket which Ive talked about in other,videos the n1 rocket had 30 engines on,it not because that was the most,efficient but because Korolev couldnt,get more powerful engines from another,design bureau to put on his rocket the,30 engines introduced a bunch of failure,points and the n1 exploded spectacularly,on the launch pad multiple times now in,this show they talk about how the n1,rocket had another successful launch so,if were taking June 20th 1969 as the,point where our timeline deviates to the,ultra history its already based on,revisionist history because the n1,rocket never had a successful launch,so that really bothers me and ok so it,bothers me for two reasons,it bothers me as the nerdy historian who,loves fact and who doesnt think you,really need to embellish on things as,insane as the history of space,exploration because its already bonkers,and awesome in itself but with a show,like this youre gonna get people who,dont know the history and theyre gonna,come to this and theyre going to assume,that whatever youre saying pre that,deviation in your timeline pre that,moment where youre saying the Alta,history starts its true so in this,weird,as someone whos passionate about,education and stuff it bothers me that,its putting false information that,people are gonna assume is true yeah so,that was like kind of my main sticking,point behind all this,all that said I actually really like,that this is where it is I like that it,starts with this like massive American,failure because were so easy seeing,pictures of Apollo 11 and it looks like,this its the big celebration its,waving the flags its the ticker tape,parades and all of those images have,been replaced in the show with this,these shots of just really sad really,serious somber faces ghosts like,illuminated by glowing television,screens in the dark I mean its really,its quite a powerful image the problem,for me and that was that I didnt feel,it because it starts so quickly with,heres the failure so I didnt feel the,tension going in and I really wanted to,thats what I kind of thought was,missing off the bat like there could,have very easily been a space race,montage and it could have included some,of the revisionist history and just like,acknowledged it somehow I dont know how,but I know show me show me that the u.s.,didnt pull ahead in 1966 show me that,car left did that show me the successful

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