1. RIP JEEP! 2021 Ford Bronco Review
  2. New Ford Bronco review: better than a Land Rover?
  4. 2021 Ford Bronco Brutally Honest Review by Jeep Owners
  5. Is The Ford Bronco a Good Daily Driver?
  6. Here’s What I Love ( And Hate ) About The Ford Bronco After Owning It For One Year!
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RIP JEEP! 2021 Ford Bronco Review

[Music],im jacob im yuri were going for a,[Music],drive,[Applause],[Music],a real 2021 ford bronco wild track,without launch control,brake boost,[Music],not bad at all horsepower and torque 310,horsepower,400 pound-feet of torque from a 2.7,liter ecoboost v6,and this one only comes in automatic,where the smaller motor that is,available,comes in manual as well yeah and this,only comes in 10 speed and i believe,its also shared with the f-150 so why,did i call this a real bronco jacob well,because we already drove the bronco,sport and,everybody that weve ever talked to that,isnt a car person,thinks that the bronco sport is the,bronco thats based off just normal ford,suvs and this,is a full-on jeep wrangler competitor,its a body-on-frame,truck of an suv yeah and its got big,tires a lot of off-road stuff,should we start with the looks yeah we,should because it looks amazing we have,it in wild track spec,which also includes the sasquatch,package which is an off-roady package,and thats how you get,the huge tires and the huge fender,flares yeah so this has the 35-inch,tires you get the wider fender flares,you get lifted bilstein suspension,you also get locking front and rear,axles and this wheel tire combo,is as big as a four raptors wheel tire,combo yeah exactly the same size 35-inch,tires,315 70 17. and what would be the,continental recommended tire for a new,real ford bronco the terrain contact,80. i just want to address some of the,clicking that youre hearing in the,background of the video because,its actually the roof i think ford had,some issues,with some manufacturing of the roof so i,think theyre still working on that,theyre probably going to solve it but,right now if you get one of these you,might hear some clicking from what i,believe is the roof,do you like the look of these wheels i,really like the look of these wheels,they fit,on the raptor as well but whats cool is,there are steely versions in different,models that you can get maybe not all,the sizes,yeah because these are bead lockable,rims yes theyre really,lockable wheels be lockable wheels okay,we should move to the front and then,weve got a very similar grille,and front end to the bronco sport yes,except this is the real real,the cool one that everybody wants,because it has the led headlights and,the white bronco lettering as well,and depending on what trim you get,youre not gonna get like full outline,daytime running lights which could,suck yeah because shout out to kitchener,ford who lent us this vehicle they,actually had another bronco,sitting right on the lot different spec,did not have,led headlights on the outside just the,inner part where the turn signal is yeah,i think,its a must to have this and big shout,out to kitchener ford if you need to get,a ford,youre booking a ford gt oh you want to,get maybe a bronco a bronco use focus rs,maybe a bronco sport mustang mach 1. you,know we love that go there,yeah sure because they hooked us up with,this bronco for review and were keeping,this one on the road at respect to them,because,its a dealership yeah we dont want to,beat up a car that theyre selling to,someone else,exactly thats the press car in which,case well beat those cars up oh yeah,but then theyll get sold for like a,really good deal,yeah thats corporate yeah not a,dealership okay so back to the car uh we,also popped the hood on this one sorry,truck because everybodys gonna get,angry,uh the engine bay looks kind of crazy,just a bunch of stuff everywhere no,plastic cover which is kind of cool,yeah kind of cool but also kind of like,yeah yeah,and then on the hood we also have these,kind of markers for where our fenders,are you can also tie stuff to them tie,them to the roof use it as like an,off-roady thing which will basically,like,keep tree branches and stuff away from,the windscreen and then we got a big,beefy metal bumper up front so im sure,we can hit a bunch of stuff and theres,a whole bunch of bronco bolts there too,yes and then theres also accessories,that you can get onto this one you can,also get like a whole bush bar and stuff,like that,we dont have a front plate on here,thankfully because they dont look very,good with front plates apparently,yeah i saw that the front end looks,really really good absolutely,killed it yeah it looks great i did,drive by a jeep i gave him a wave,he waved back but then secretly under,the door i gave him one of these,yeah yeah give him the middle finger oh,no im just kidding,and then uh from the side view this is a,four door you can also get these in two,door,yeah its really nice that you can get,every single trim level in two or four,door even though there are so many,confusing trim levels,and then roof wise weve got the bronco,version of the freedom tops because,these two things can come off,that can come off and then the whole,back car can come off you can also get,like a soft cloth version that kind of,comes over the top,and its pretty cool because it is like,right in line with how a jeep works,exactly they they saw what jeep was,doing copied it and just made it better,its like you know the thing like youre,copying your homework kind of what was,your theory that there uh fords getting,back at uh,jeep and dodge for the t-rex yeah,because the trx kind of beat,out the raptor at least in this current,form and then on to the rear end,weve got really cool outline tail,lights love them yeah the outline,taillights look really good,they kind of look jeep-ish just like,pretty much like the wrangler,and then we have the spare tire on the,back exactly like wrangler and we got,the camera,in the reverse sticking out of that rear,tire compartment which makes for a very,clear 360 stitching and reverse camera,which is very nice,and we also have a hard button for the,front camera that we can use while were,driving which is great yeah having a,front camera button is like the best,feature for big trucks,so overall the looks of this thing are,stunning uh yeah i would say they killed,it it is a very good,jeep competitor that looks different,enough and,suits the bronco name much better than,the bronco sport but the broncos sport,also looks,really good and will trick a lot of,people who dont realize what a real,bronco is yeah but this has so much road,presence like,it just it looks perfect in the spec,with this color as well,yeah i need to see some in real life,without the sasquatch package and the,big wheels to the side but i think,i saw one without it and you have to get,this if you dont go for this yeah its,like you have to,yeah and this also offers 35-inch tires,from the factory,unlike jeep but they also just started,recently offering that as like an,aftermarket package but anyways im,going to send this into cliche corner,and see what this is like yeah i mean,were on big 35-inch tires it handles,like a truck like,its way better than a wrangler on road,this is actually shockingly good,compared to a wrangler for normal,driving or whatever but when we sent it,in the mojave,and the diesel one i feel like those,sends through cliche,were very good very very good with the,rubicon package through cliche but for,daily driving this is,so much better like this feels like a,regular car much less of a,on frame suv and then this one does not,have lane keep for the highway stuff,it has lane departure assist or whatever,so its not lane centering,nah that kind of sucks but i guess its,kind of understandable but then also,jeeps not going to have that either so,right but this has adaptive cruise which,is really nice yeah,so were cruising at about 50 kilometers,an hour 27 miles an hour i actually,didnt know the conversion,floor for me downshift lag but,that turbo picks up pretty damn good and,thats in sport mode which puts you into,four automatic but you can go to too,high once you enter support mode yes so,when its in too high its in,rear wheel drive just like a truck but,that sound can we talk about that for a,second because,its very rumbly ugh its not very good,its like th

New Ford Bronco review: better than a Land Rover?

this is the new ford bronco and driving,one of these in the uk is a little bit,like somebody from birmingham,wearing a cowboy hat,here yeah,anyway,in this video im going to tell you all,about this new bronco talk you around,the exterior the interior see how,practical it is test out some of its,tech take it for a drive and of course,im going to launch it to see how quick,it is from north to 60 miles an hour,anyway im at watson and youre watching,cowboy wow,wow buying a new car then head to car,wow and my team will help you find your,next car at a fair price car wow your,one-stop car buying comparison site,lets start this video by talking about,the design of the new ford bronco so,just like the original its all square,and boxing very off-roadery and you have,the bucking bronco little emblem,there weve got a proper full-size spare,wheel chunky rear bumpers as well and,toe points and,tail lights which are like the original,but obviously theyre led because its,all modern so as you can see this is the,convertible version with the soft top,you can get a hard top with removable,roof panels also this is the four-door,you can get a shorter two-door version,but all of them have this really chunky,design like youve got running boards,which i cant run on and this one is,called the outer banks and that means,instead of black,wheel arch covers and door mirror caps,who have body colored personally i would,rather have it with the black because,the contrast looks really good on this,car in terms of wheel sizes the biggest,wheel size is 18 inches which may sound,pretty small but actually youre getting,a lot of tyre yeah because this is an,off-roader in fact you can get huge,off-road tyres for this thing now you,might be wondering what the hell are,these things look at these these there,look what are these for,it says maximum load 150 pounds i think,this is for tying down some dead animal,youve just shot to show it off to all,the other people,thats what they do in america,anyway,you can tell what car this is it says,bronco across the front and the grille,design is reminiscent of the old car as,are the headlights theyve been,modernized obviously here at the front,this ones got,our,solid metal bumper,and theres these points where you can,tie things to maybe a winch as well and,this one has the upgraded,metal,under tray so you can bash off boulders,when youre off-roading,some impressive car apparently this is,the first bronco to arrive in the uk,its been imported by clive sutton now,the starting price if you want a bronco,from clyde sutton 45 000 pounds they go,to 85 000 pounds and that includes,everything thats your tax your shipping,any modifications in order to drive in,the uk it even comes with a three-year,warranty which matches fords warranty,now if you want to see more about the,american cars that clive imports check,out the link in the description in fact,go on his website have a look through,some of his stock and let me know here,in the comments of some of the other,cars hes got youd like me to film here,on the inside the bronx has a very,chunky off-roader feel to it so youve,got a flat-faced dash with bronco,proudly written there and down here this,little plaque that says design and,engineered in dearborn michigan lovely,also all the controls are super chunky,apparently thats so that you can,operate them while wearing gloves now,its quite a warm day today so i dont,have any gloves so im going to have to,illustrate that by using these cups,as makeshift gloves so can i operate the,controls look oh yeah i can use the,climate the stereo you can turn this,knobby here,can i start it with,my cup gloves yes i can and can i put it,in drive,come on i can put it in drive look you,can use it,all while wearing,cup gloves,thats what i call professional motoring,journalism,lets continue so obviously being an,off-roader you might be going over some,rocks so you end up swaying about the,place so look theres a grab handle,there for your passenger theres also,another grab handle here as well to help,you get in and out of the vehicle the,steering wheel is big and chunky youve,got your bucking bronco on it there,also theres various buttons on the,steering wheel so you can control the,digital drivers display so youve got a,normal analog speedo but then theres,lots of information just displayed on,the screen here the only problem with,the screen is that the animations are so,slow,and such low resolution that it sort of,reminds me of teletext,do not tell you text this is a little,clip of it its like pre-internet,internet,yes,other features in here of note,this doll here,the goat modes geo 80 it doesnt stand,for greatest of all time theyre,obviously playing around with that,stands for go over any terrain,hell yeah,well well see about that a bit later on,shall we or at least try to now lets,move on to the infotainment system so,this gets fords latest sync system so,its the same that you get in the mackie,but obviously youve got a slightly,smaller screen its generally pretty,easy to use its a nice system quite,like it as for the driving position yeah,theres lots of adjustment in it which,is good,so even a little brits can get comfy,behind the wheel and see out of the big,bonnet and you get lots of adjustment in,the steering wheel as well obviously the,americans need to push the steering,wheel back because of their big bellies,sorry americans im only joking were,probably fatter than you now here in the,uk to tell you the truth as for storage,look these door bins may look rubbish,but theyre actually pretty good,you can fit big bottles in them theres,some more storage under here with the 12,volt socket there,some more storage there with your usbs,youve got normal usb and usbc,and theyre not as i showed you earlier,look cupholders oh another thing to note,is this,look at that massive rear view mirror,yeah i just realized it looked like an,absolute twist in this hat oh another,think ive noticed this switches for,auxiliaries like if you want to put,lights on the top of the vehicle to,startle your prey at night you can,control them with these i like the way,that theyre not blanked out if you,havent got them fitted you can still,play with them although they do sound a,bit cheap,stop playing with the mat stop playing,here in the back seats of the bronco,there is plenty of knee room theres,also lots of foot room as well because,the front seats are jacked up quite high,so you can really stretch out,more importantly though there is plenty,of,hat room yes its designed for people in,a stetson and if youre american and,youre commenting again actually matt,thats not a stetson,stop here all right just stop it in,terms of quality well youve got some,softy bits here on the doors which is,nice but then the rest of the plastics,are a bit cheap feeling same situation,in the front really and these handles,feel nasty and theyre quite wobbly do,you know what the quality in here isnt,as good as a mercedes g wagon now a,g-wagon is more expensive but a top end,one of these in the uk is getting on for,g wagon money yeah now down here youve,got some usb ports there look usb there,and youve got a plug socket so you can,plug in your laptop if youve got an,american adapter theres also the window,switches there why are they there,and not on the door,its because you can remove the doors,and then if you remove the doors how you,going to operate the windows,actually you wont need to because the,doors are,anyway i want to show you this lets,move on,the rear windows do go all the way down,now for those of you who spotted,cameraman guys reflection in the window,give yourself a pat on the back youre,clearly very observant and guy,say hello to the viewers,guys really cringing now behind the,camera guy if ive got to wear a stupid,hat you can do a silly wave its just,part of car wow right lets talk about,the boot so,its a nice big size easily enough room,for two fine young men,[Music],also,its very square so its easy to pack,there

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Halo assalamualaikum teman-teman,jadi hari ini adalah salah satu hari,yang gua nanti di mana akhirnya glamour,auto butik telah menghadirkan ke,Indonesia sebuah Ford bronko ya jadi,kayak janji gua waktu itu pas kita lagi,nge-review Ford Brown cos sport,berikutnya akan masuk the real bronko,atau bronko yang sebenarnya dan akhirnya,gue bisa ngelihat langsung setelah,kemarin lihat brongkos sport yang,ukurannya seperti kebanyakan Crossover,SUV lainnya begitu yang real bronko,datang baru berasa nih gagah dan,kekernya teman-teman Oke jadi kita di,hari ini akan ngebahas tentang mobil,spesial dari Ford ini kira-kira seperti,gimana detailnya Ikutin terus videonya,[Musik],Oke pertama kita akan ngebahas dulu,untuk sejarah jadi fork bronko itu sudah,ada sejak tahun 1966 hingga tahun 1996,Jadi sepanjang waktu itu telah ada 5,generasi dari bronko nah di tahun 96,Kenapa dia akhirnya stop produksi udah,gak jualan lagi karena pada saat itu,teman-teman yang lebih laku di pasaran,Amerika adalah full size SUV yang 4,pintu ataupun medium size SUV Jadi kalau,bronko ini karena dulunya dia merupakan,full size SUV tapi hanya tersedia 2,pintu akhirnya mulai banyak yang,berpindah ya nyari lain yang pakainya 4,pintu itu dia akhirnya dia stop dan,mengalami vacuum selama 25 tahun sampai,akhirnya di tahun 2021 mereka terlahir,kembali dan seperti inilah bentuknya,Nah yang kedua teman-teman kita akan,ngebahas yaitu target market jadi Ford,bronko ini karena dia sekarang adalah,medium size SUV jadi dia kompetitor,utamanya adalah Jeep Wrangler lebih,tepatnya yang satu garasi adalah Jeep,Wrangler Jl dan mereka keduanya,sama-sama mempunyai yang versi 2 pintu,dan ada juga versi yang 4 pintu Nah,kalau kita ngomongin untuk setirnya,teman-teman karena kita tahu ini kan,sekarang fork bronko kan hanya hadir,yang live hand drive ya versinya atau,yang setir kiri itu dia makanya for,brongko dia ini selain di Amerika,Serikat dijualnya di negara-negara yang,memang menggunakan mobil dengan stir,kiri tapi yang ada di samping gua ini,adalah versi red hand drive ya Ini udah,di convert begitu dimasukkan oleh glamor,atau butik dan kita juga sempat melihat,waktu itu yang brongkos sport juga dari,convert ya ke setir kanan dan Ini juga,sama-sama udah di convert jadi setir,kanan ya Jadi boleh dibilang ini adalah,Ford burung kol pertama di Indonesia,yang pakai setir kanan atau bisa jadi,juga di dunia teman-teman Wah itu,menarik banget ya Nah selanjutnya kalau,kita ngomongin variannya yang ada di,sebelah gua ini adalah varian white,track jadi kita tahu ya kalau misalnya,di Ford misalnya kayak di Ford Ranger,walltrack ini adalah salah satu varian,atas varian mewahnya yang mana mungkin,ini menjadi salah satu varian yang,favorit juga digunakan oleh orang-orang,Tapi sementara kalau kita ngomongin,tentang atau variasi dari variannya itu,tersedia berbagai macam dari mulai base,yang paling bawah sampai yang paling,atasnya ada yang varian raptor ya kalau,yang raptor teman-teman udah tahu itu,lebih ke gennya untuk hyperformance ya,high speed offroad yang mana ada di F150,di Ranger juga ada dan kini bronko juga,masuk ke keluarga raptor Dengan hadirnya,vari yang Brown corrector tapi,teman-teman yang uniknya kalau di Ford,bronko ini kalau kita bandingkan dengan,Jeep kalau di Ford bronko ini dia untuk,varian itu sebenarnya nggak bisa,dibilang juga yang paling sakti,offroadnya adalah varian yang paling,atas kalau DJ pranger kita tahu varian,yang paling atasnya adalah Rubicon jadi,itu fitur overload yang paling lengkap,tapi kalau di Ford bronko ini atau di,banyak port yang lainnya dia variannya,itu sebenarnya masih bisa di customize,lagi jadi belum tentu untuk paket yang,fitur overload lengkap itu ada di yang,varian atas jadi kita juga bisa pilih,misalnya varian yang bawah tapi,kelengkapan offroadnya itu Ada semua ya,jadi kayak ambil contoh kalau,diforbronco ini dia buat varian yang,offroadnya itu dinamakan saswatch,package dan itu bisa diaplikasi di Wild,track atau mau di aplikasi ke yang,varian lain misalnya deadline atau yang,lainnya itu bisa jadi menurut jauh lebih,bisa nge-customize jauh lebih fleksibel,walaupun di satu sisi kalau orang,mungkin pertama kali mau beli kayak,misalnya Ford bronko atau port yang,lainnya mereka bingung karena semuanya,tuh serba bervariatif ya untuk pilihan,trim atau variannya yang ketiga,teman-teman kita akan ngebahas untuk,eksterior ya Jadi kalau kita ngomongin,untuk desain ya teman-teman jadi di,bronko yang baru ini juga mengacu ke,bronko yang zaman dulu Kayak misalnya,kalau gua lihat desain untuk head,light-nya atau lampu depannya lalu juga,untuk desain grillnya ini bener-bener,masih mencirikan sebuah bronkus sejati,ya atau bronko yang kita kenal dari,zaman dulu nah tapi ada satu hal yang,menurut gua sangat unik yang berada di,ujung kap mesin ini namanya adalah trail,side sekilas kalau misalnya gua lihat,ini seperti kayak pegangan Entah ini,untuk pegangan orang untuk mungkin naik,ke atas atau gimana Tapi sebenarnya Ford,membuat real site ini gunanya saat kita,berada dalam dan nyetir kita bisa tahu,patokan ujung kanan dan ujung kiri dari,bronko ini jadi kalau misalnya kita,offroad kita bisa tahu ya kita bisa,ngukur supaya Istilahnya ya mungkin dia,nggak terlalu gampang terkena di bagian,ujungnya tapi kayaknya emang harus,dicoba langsung ya karena kayaknya kalau,menurut gua ini bisa jadi lebih ke arah,variasi aja Atau emang bener-bener,efektif bisa ngebantu kita untuk,mengukur jalanan offroad yang biasanya,suka ketemu jalanan yang sempit tapi,selain itu dia sebenarnya juga ada,manfaat kedua yaitu tempat pegangan yang,kita kira untuk tangan ini sebenarnya,ini untuk mengalungkan atau mengaitkan,strap jadi untuk kebutuhan ngiket bawa,barang sesuatu ini bisa dicantolin atau,dikalungin ke bagian ujung ini,berikutnya kita geser ke bagian samping,teman-teman jadi kayak gua bilang kalau,misalnya mobil ini kompetitornya adalah,Jl ada yang dua pintu ada yang 4 pintu,juga tapi satu hal lagi yang menjadi,kesamaan mereka berdua bagian atasnya,ini sifatnya modular atau bisa dibongkar,pasang sendiri jadi kayak misalnya untuk,atap bagian depannya itu bisa dibuka,untuk bagian yang belakangnya juga bisa,dibuka sampai akhirnya mobilnya,berbentuk seperti mobil naked ya atau,telanjang terus buat pintunya juga,sama-sama bisa dibuka teman-teman tapi,yang ngebedain dengan pintu Jl dia,pintunya ini frameless alias nggak ada,frame pintunya ini yang paling,membedakan dengan Jeep Wrangler Jl,Selain itu satu hal yang ngebedain,adalah untuk spionnya teman-teman Jadi,kalau misalnya Jl dia spionnya itu,ngikut ke pintu tapi kalau misal di,bronko ini dia spionnya justru ngikut ke,bagian body itu dia makanya kalau,misalnya kita buka hati-hati ya takutnya,mentok walaupun Sebenarnya ya udah,dihitung tapi bisanya kalau kita,ngebukanya agak kaget agak kelempar gitu,takutnya dia istilahnya tekukannya masih,agak sedikit mentok ke bagian spion dan,kenapa port bikin spionnya ini nempel ke,body karena supaya saat offroad tanpa,pintu itu tetap kita bisa punya spion,teman-teman dan Kalau di luar negeri,misalnya di Amerika itu cukup normal,orang-orang pada offroad pakai 4×4,mereka dengan keadaan telanjang bukan,drivernya ya atau penumpangnya panjang,tapi mobilnya telanjang tanpa pintu,tanpa atap ya jadi naked istilahnya,Selain itu teman-teman di Brown gua,sekarang ini yang Gua suka dia ada,beberapa titik yang Mereka bilangnya,aksesoris ready ambil contoh misalnya di,bagian samping dari spion Ini dia ada,bautan yang sifatnya ini udah siap kalau,misalnya kita mau nambah aksesoris,Seperti contohnya lampu sorot dan,lain-lain atau di bagian atas ini di,ujung atapnya dia juga aksesoris ready,covernya tinggal dibuka itu udah siap,untuk kita ngebaut misalnya kita mau,masang live bar ataupun aksesoris,lainnya jadi emang mobil ini kurang,lebih 4 bronko pikirin tuh udah untuk ke,arah orang dandanin dan ternyata bener,akhirnya banyak yang ngebuat after,market atau aksesorisnya karena Emang si,Brown gue sendiri itu kepengen supaya,brand-brand yang b

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2021 Ford Bronco Brutally Honest Review by Jeep Owners


today were going to take a walkthrough,of this brand new,jeep bronco oh wait its not jeep is it,this is my first chance that ive had to,go hands-on with a brand new ford bronco,i want to go through ive got a list of,stuff that i want to check out,personally and give you guys my opinion,on on the brand new ford bronco and why,i think its the most innovative,off-road vehicle,so far,[Music],so theres lots of technology and,interesting new features on here which i,want to go through and youve kind of,been discovering some of them yeah now,that youve owned it for what a day,i think less than 24 hours,but i mean my favorite is the donut mode,[Music],okay so the first thing that weve been,looking at is the 360 degree cameras,yeah like that is what a useful feature,for off-roading right like thats,to see whats around you everything,thats around you thats unheard of,so where is the carpet in this thing uh,it doesnt have any which is awesome it,comes with these nice rubber floor mats,which are removable it did come with,carpet floor mats in case you want them,but they came in the back in a plastic,bag which is where they will stay in my,garage this is the whole,interior is rubber so you get mud in,there,snow uh whatever,easy to wipe out rinse out does it have,drain plugs oh i dont know i dont know,lets take a look yeah it does theres a,theres one right there and you dont,see unlike the jeep you dont have to,worry about the um,you dont have to worry about removing,the carpets there i can im touching,snow and it locks in place not pressure,fit how about that thats pretty much,thats uh jeep take notes how about,those seats,man these are actually theyre not,leather theyre uh theyre like this,marine grade vinyl but good for,off-roading my the first thing i noticed,when i drove one of these,was that these seats are about 10 times,more comfortable than the rubicon seats,and this is the arbitrary number that i,just throw out there to sound impressive,im going to hop in the drivers seat,and check these seats out for myself,oh wow that is uh so you notice it,doesnt like press up on on above your,knees like the jeep seats do which kind,of cuts off the circulation and long,drives at least i mean i havent taken,this on a long drive yet but it just,feels more comfortable it feels softer,too the headrest is a little bit more,forward so it actually,like it feels ergonomic the headrest in,the wranglers is so far forward that it,hurts my neck when were driving i dont,know it just doesnt go high enough and,im six foot two its always hitting me,in the back of the head where where this,one is its softer and its not as,pointy and its a little bit more,vertical this i immediately noticed is,way more comfortable,close the door here,warm this is a cosmetic thing but i,really like that the roof is black,instead of white yeah it just feels more,its got kind of more of a premium feel,i feel like really weird talking about a,vehicle i feel like im on jay lenos,garage or something you can pay more,money in the wranglers to get like,carpet on the right i have that yeah but,its only like not as good it would be,like in this section for example whereas,this is just this feels nice,youre right the black top uh definitely,makes a difference on the inside and,its not bright and glare the other,thing i noticed is it isnt really,echoey in here the wranglers and the,gladiators when you dont have a lot of,stuff in them get really echoey with the,hard top without the lining or anything,like that i never thought of that and,this isnt echoey at all which is going,to make a big difference for shooting,video im not going to show you guys all,the same things that every other channel,showed you im just trying to give you,guys some of my personal feedback as a,wrangler owner a jeep owner theres lots,of little things that im really liking,so far so heres the 360,camera yeah so why do we hit this and we,okay wow there we go yes you get the,full 12-inch uh rear view full view and,then weve got the forward cam,oh is that a forward cam what is that i,think so thats so yeah theres your,bumper so you can see where your wheels,are lining up yeah if youre going,through an obstacle or something like,that yeah and then whats this but what,is going what is that what does that,mean youre showing tires that is like a,is that a top is that the front or the,rear oh you know what that is thats the,cameras on your mirrors showing you,where each tire is going,what oh thats actually really useful,because if youre on on like a tight,trail or youre rock crawling or,something you can see where your tires,are you know what i would use this all,the time if youre going and trying to,get really close to a rock or lets say,like a cliff edge i feel like this is,cheating,this is a chico okay enough about the,camera system weve got auxiliary,buttons up top but look theres six of,them which would be really handy to have,a couple extra you know whats really,cool i was looking at this handle,and this is removable which gives you,mount points i bet you companies are,going to come out with uh accessories,that you can mount here like imagine,like some kind of tablet or laptop,holder you could,you could screw onto here thats cool,i remember because this handle is kind,of useless i remember them talking about,lots of stuff as un like you can unbolt,it i think if theres a bronco screw on,it if the if theres a logo,a bronco logo on this scroll its an,accessory yeah you can unbolt it you can,see it says all over the place uh,accessory ready,theres a little bronco written on the,bolt which means its a removable,accessory,yeah so i mean again youve got mounting,points here because these handles,like yeah i guess if youre a passenger,these are kind of nice but for the,drivers side,im never going to touch that ive got a,steering wheel i dont like that the,handle is down below i like that the,jeeps put the handles up above to grab,it makes more sense and pull you into,the jeep so i think this im not a big,fan of but like its got nice rubber,grips on it obviously you can remove it,because its got the bronco logos on it,that was the first thing i noticed when,i went to jump in here i went to go grab,right up top well you could put your own,handles on oh no you cant theres no,space on the side of the roll bar here i,just realized this you cant wrap a hand,like you know those handles you can get,on amazon,you cant do that here because the door,sits flush against it,thats right yeah so im sure someone,will theres actually therell be,another,so i bet someone will come out with,something that bolts onto here are they,bronco bolts,well i just watched light brights video,and they have the soft top did you see,how the soft top was flapping up and you,could put your hand right that was,brutal that was uh i dont think the,soft top is,a great option on these broncos,i really like the look of the hard top,on them i think it just looks,so much cleaner and i would definitely,get a hard top if youre getting a,bronco im not a fan of the soft top but,lots of people are getting them with,soft tops because they had a lot of,issues with these hard tops starting out,hello and then hello im out here,how easy was that ton dude um,its the same as the jeep ones,there we go if shawn and i can figure,the roof out anybody can,so weve got all the regular stuff here,weve got sway bar disconnects weve got,lockers front and back what is this,thing here donut mode oh thats the,donut mode that was the donut mode,i think im going to get a label thing,and im just going to label this donut,mode yeah well get some stickers made,up yeah i like that they put the windows,down here so thats something else,instead of up here yeah its very very,hit the windows right here,much more accessible,um and youre not trying to,you know mix it up with everything else,and it leaves room for this giant screen,did you tell them about the cool little,wireless charging thing here no so sean,just figured it out

Is The Ford Bronco a Good Daily Driver?

hey everybody in this video were gonna,find out is the new Ford Bronco a good,daily driver is this a vehicle you could,live with on a daily basis in your,commute stuck in traffic on the highway,were going to do all of it in this,really fun episode so lets talk about,the Ford Bronco obviously brand new for,the 2021 model year,and,there are tons of different trims and,configurations ranging everywhere from,the base model at like 30 grand to the,Bronco Raptor touching 85 plus a,thousand dollars now this one well this,one is the Outer Banks so this one,should be the most comfortable of the,bunch the most daily drivable and well,talk about why here in a minute now,overall the Bronco is of course designed,to do many things its designed to,compete with vehicles like the Jeep,Wrangler so its got to have big ground,clearance big tires locking diffs but,lets be honest a very few people,actually take their brand new Ford,Broncos off-road because theyre,expensive this model as you see it,equipped 55 56 000 and its a little,hard to justify slamming that into some,trees slam it into some trails and of,course people dont work in trees and,trails for the most part they work here,in the urban jungle in this case were,out here in Dearborn so the car the SUV,whatever you want to call it has to work,as a comfortable vehicle for most folks,with families for most folks on a daily,commute now this Bronco the Outer Banks,has some things going for it lets talk,about the wheel and the tire package so,what were looking at here is a,Bridgestone Dueler AT tire but its the,size that really matters so the most,often capable of the factory Broncos are,models that have what they call the,Sasquatch package so that gives you the,suspension lift it gives you those,ginormous tires and it really makes it,stand out as being a purpose built,off-roader but of course big tires means,worse fuel economy it means worse,handling Dynamics right you raise the,center of gravity youve got a lot of,unsprung Weights that have to compensate,for all of that whereas when you go to a,smaller Tire its much easier to meet,kind of you know a higher quality of,road holding ability so this is instead,of like a 35 like a 32 or a 33. the nice,thing about this though this dualer,Bridgestone is yes its in all season,but its kind of like,a rugged all season so you got a slight,slight tread blocks here right you got a,little bit of sidewall protection so,itll still tackle what you need out on,the urban Trails now coming along the,front of this vehicle this one as you,can see it has the plastic front bumper,so you can inspect these with this big,steel metal thing this ones just got,standard plastic front bumper full LED,headlights with the little LED fogs down,there and then this one of course Outer,Banks its got the Luxe package not only,do we have parking sensors but adaptive,cruise control which will be great for,those log commutes stuck in Annoying,traffic now the Bronco lineup has two,primary engine options a 2.3,four-cylinder and this the 2.7 liter,twin turbo V6 this engine pumps out 330,horsepower and its mated to a 10-speed,automatic I really still think they need,to cover some of that up,it doesnt look very good when you pop,the hood luckily most folks arent,popping the hood very often but when you,want to show your friends youre like,look at this mess of wires and cabling,and vacuum lines and,hide that stuff or lets keep that,hidden underneath the hatch but three,and a half plus horsepower I think well,finally get on the road is going to be,more than enough now lets talk about,what this little sticker means right so,Outer Banks is kind of equivalent to the,Sahara and the Jeep lineup so this is,the bougie Bronco this is the one thats,got the leather seats and the power,seats and some of the cool two-tone,contrasting materials on the inside we,also see a set of side steps which would,be poor for off-roading because they are,not designed to be a rock rail but I,know a lot of viewers out there are,going to be short right so Im fairly,tall Im like six feet maybe six one so,I can just slide onto the seat easily,but if you are like under five nine five,eight having this to kind of prop,yourself up would be really really,helpful now another thing that makes,this Bronco stand up stand out as being,more usable on a daily basis is the,hardtop so of course the Bronco,Community know that these were kind of a,point of contention for a while because,they were holding up a lot of Bronco,orders with quality issues this is the,latest and the greatest in the hard top,and its pretty good so its certainly,much better than the original molden,color tops but well still talk about,some of the compromises on the inside,using this top coming up back you do,have an extremely large swing gate so if,you are a person that has to park on the,streets has to you know Park parallel,getting stuff in and out can be a little,bit tricky now you can see were out,here for the North American,International Auto shows we got all of,our stuff loaded up and it all fits very,very nicely this has got a huge trunk,this Outer Banks model does have a,carpet you can get it with a vinyl which,is even more durable but yeah its,definitely worth considering the fact,that smaller areas tighter spots its,going to be hard to get stuff in and out,and unfortunately just like the Wrangler,you cant pop the glass separately you,got to open up the whole thing as it is,if youre looking to tow probably dont,buy a Bronco because even though this,does have the tow package its only,rated at 3 500 pounds of Max Towing,although you do get both seven and four,pin connectability there all right Zach,I think we should hop on the inside and,show some of the features Within,now,start in the glove box Ill pull out the,sticker and we can see,some of the fuel economy and some of the,pricing options so first of all fuel,economy 19 combined 19 City 20 Highway,not fantastic but certainly you do save,a couple MPGs by going with the small,tires over the Sasquatch package but we,can see total MSRP 55 565 and this is of,course an Area 51 colored Bronco and,then if we look at the options you can,see Outer Banks equipment group 314a 3,500 bucks its gonna be the 12 inch,touchscreen 360 degree camera Luxe,package the good speakers its got these,1800 Wheels,um we do see the hard top there some,headlining stuff which well talk about,towing capability the keyless pad which,is a great feature and then these seats,2200 bucks for the leather trimmed roast,and black seats and I love this design I,think its really really cool feels,quite nice one thing I dont like though,are all those little blue accents this,is such a classy interior and then we,got like little bits of bright blue it,just doesnt seem to fit the live on the,interior but some other things worth,noting this copper colored Dash is quite,snazzy I think it looks really good,especially against the brown on the,seats,um still quite a bit of hard plastics,especially down here in the middle all,of this is you know,a little bit scratchy a little bit firm,of course power window controls there in,the middle and then we got the big touch,screen in this model if you want to hop,in Zach we can get the get the vehicle,fired up and well turn it out of the,Sun,all right that sounds good to me,so,forward sync system very effective I,think one of my favorites in the,industry overall its a quick easy to,use and its got Apple carplay Android,auto all of that built in plus I love,that Ford still has a fair number of,hard buttons and features for you know,climate controls and the volume and the,tune knob and the parking sensors right,these are all hard buttons I just said,it was uh quick to load and finally,loaded the map so maybe I was being a,little optimistic there but youve got,your audio panel here youve got your,phone all the shortcuts at the bottom,here you can go to apps or your car Play,features some settings and then if you,go to the features tab w

Here’s What I Love ( And Hate ) About The Ford Bronco After Owning It For One Year!

hey guys im up here in the mountains of,colorado,about to do a one-year review of this,yep our long-term,bronco not just any bronco but the first,edition can you believe its been a year,since we bought this off-roader and in,this video im going to tell you,everything that has gone right,or wrong with our bronco but lets start,with why,this is the it car,i would say of the decade forget the,rivian,forget the maverick even forget the,lightning,this is probably,the most,lustworthy sought-after,cool kid on the block,vehicle of this decade,and the reason for that i think is,more complicated than it may seem first,and foremost it has to do with the,styling what ford did was they got the,perfect combination of retro and modern,and they took that kind of big-eyed,happy-go-lucky,family dog look and made it cool and by,the way those big round headlights,they stole those from the international,harvester scout but thats another story,that we dont need to talk about right,now,but what they did was they also,benchmark,the wrangler and they looked at,the wrangler and,they did a deep dive on not just the,model lineup but on the approach angle,departure angle break over angle all the,all-wheel drive goodies or four-wheel,drive the convertible and they basically,took it to 11. so if jeep was a 10 they,said okay this is where youre at were,gonna go one step and not just in terms,of off-road capability but also,in terms of the model lineup so you know,theres a bronco out there,for everybody whether youre kind of a,city slicker,and you just want,something,to take to work or whether youre like,me and youre going to actually off-road,this truck,youve got,really,the perfect combination of on-road and,off-road,usability now ours of course is,did i say it the coveted first edition,sasquatch package which means it comes,from the factory with 35s but more,importantly about every other feature,that is available on the bronco uh and,uh we got this bronco because,a friend of the channels who works at,mcdonalds said hey ill give you,our reservation if you do a shout out,for the ronald mcdonald house,and thats what we did so if youre uh,looking for a great charity,i think thats a good one to,invest in if thats a word that i guess,you dont invest in it i guess thats a,good one to support anyway um,i think this is probably our last shout,out to the ronald mcdonald house because,like i said this is kind of the one-year,long-term update,now the other thing that i think that,ford did right on this bronco is they,got the size right,um and they copy jeep,the wrangler in length but they made it,a little bit wider and i think that is,smart,sometimes that can be a little difficult,on the trail if youve been following,tfl you know that i just had the,bronco raptor out here with those giant,fenders,and that was a little oversized but you,know what for,most uses,this is kind of the perfect size of,vehicle,and the other thing that they did was,they made it a little bit more on-road,worthy so for instance these seats,are so much more comfortable than the,jeeps the jeep styling of course is you,sit with your nose up against the,windshield here at 6-2 i can actually,sit back,and i can fit in this vehicle and i can,fit relatively comfortably,for a long road trip now doesnt mean i,dont like the wrangler i just think,once again that,what they did was they copied it and,then made it just a little bit more,on road worthy a little bit less,i would say,maybe a good word for that would be,defined by its off-road worthiness so,the compromises,while theyre still here arent as great,as those in the jeep now of course one,of the compromises is that youre,putting this big heavy tire on the rear,tailgate and this,tends to create,issues especially in the jeep where,these,hinges tend to break but i think that,ford thought of that and actually,made it a little bit more sturdy,you of course also have this issue where,you happen to open up the tailgate,before you can open up the glass but,look at the amount of room back here get,all of our recovery gear i mean this is,uh,a lot of room so whether you know,youre,going on a family vacation or youre,going off-roading,or youre just hauling your dogs around,lots of room in the back of the bronco,and then,same holds true for the backseat so you,know i often kind of joke that im a big,guy and i have a hard time fitting,in the back of many cars so let me sit,back here,and kind of show you how i fit,so now im staying behind myself,as you can tell,with these scallop seats i have room,for my knees and we have this,interesting uh bestop,sunrider that we put in the front and,this is kind of,a little cover that is here for the sun,so my head hits that but it doesnt hit,the roof if youre wondering what this,is for is you can take the top off,and then this gives you shade so i mean,look at this plenty of room back here,these seats arent exactly,straight up which i love,and actually theres even a little bit,of a uh seating position,stadium style that lets me kind of see,over the front of the driver so that i,can enjoy the great american outdoors,now you may be wondering,what have we done with this over the,course of a year we have taken it pretty,much,on many hard colorado off-roads and,weve paid the price as you can see,right there these beadlock capable,wheels,i think every one of them,has significant uh,off-road road rash,uh and that is uh,just a testament to how much weve,actually,used this off-road yep theres one right,there too lets use the rear wheel weve,done that one too,and thats not easy to do because these,uh figures stick out a ways actually is,there one that we havent nope same,thing right there,and right there theyve all been damaged,but you know what if youre going to use,a vehicle thats whats gonna happen,uh if youre wondering why im a little,bit out of breath its because according,to my watch,i am at uh 11 000 feet above sea level,and were going to drive this thing up,to about 13 000 feet,and about 30 less oxygen up here,and speaking of this oxygen lets look,under the hood,the sasquatch,first edition,comes with the bigger of the two engine,choices,this is the 2.7 liter,twin turbo,that puts out 315 horsepower,uh and uh you know,plenty for this truck,i think its just about right,i recently had a chance to,drive the uh smaller engine one and you,may be wondering where is the car cover,for the engine,and its beautifully exposed so,sometimes you guys complain,that you cant see the uh,sausage of the engine well there it is,look at that look at those snakes and,pipes,and actually weve had zero issues with,this powertrain,um,the fact that this thing needs an oil,change but otherwise uh no problems,i know there were some issues early on,we also did have an issue with,our roof of course we had the first,edition roof which sounded like there,were a bunch of little uh dwarves mining,above my head but ford has replaced that,and of course we did do the sunrider,which,flips back so if you want to expose your,self to the glorious outdoors you can,without having to store the panels,otherwise um you know the truck has been,relatively trouble free and i see say,relatively because we did,doing some pretty hard off-roading blow,out this uh front shock but it was,replaced under warranty,i cant tell you that was because were,tfl uh because they didnt know where,tfl so maybe if you had done that,uh you know doing it out here you may,have not had the same experience so,lets jump in uh and lets see how many,miles weve put on this,over the course of a year and its not,as many as you think because of course,we have a lot of different vehicles that,we test drive,i love this uh opening graphic i think,its actually really cool with the,bucking bronco and then of course the,moonlit scene here and you can see weve,got about six thousand miles five,hundred,eight five thousand eight hundred and,three now some of the things i do love,about this,are its got regular buttons for the,volume and tuning kno

2021 Ford Bronco | Review & Road Test

im not 100 sure when ford snuck into my,brain inspect the almost perfect bronco,that i would pick myself but they did,and now i get to talk about it,but im not going to in the way that you,might expect or frankly what i really,want because this review is going to be,predominantly a road test,every ford bronco owner whether its two,or four doored are going to be driving,on the road yes even for a storied,off-roader that is a very important part,of a vehicles dynamics,lets start with the basics the bronco,only comes as a four-wheel drive vehicle,and there are two engine options,available,standard and the one that im driving,now is a 2.3 liter four-cylinder,ecoboost engine,which gives you decent power numbers,if you put in premium gas those numbers,increase,so how that translates on the road id,say,decent the turbo takes a little bit of,time to spool up but once you get going,it really does cruise very nicely,that torque number helps you get up to,speed quickly enough and of course when,you are off-roading that will really,help you propel over some rough terrain,in the low part of the rev range,the second engine a 2.7 liter turbo v6,is actually my engine of choice here,thats the only thing i would have,changed in this tester,so yes the bigger engine definitely,makes the bronco heavier,perhaps a little bit less agile but i,think most people are not going to,notice that you know when i drove them,back to back i definitely felt a,difference in not just the bigger power,but that torque number so for me,you know thats a place where i really,would not be willing to compromise and i,would 100,opt for the v6,but getting that engine you will have to,compromise your fuel economy performance,will take a hit and probably a bigger,hit especially for those trucking,off-road the manual transmission is only,available with the smaller,engine so i think that was a really,interesting choice on fords part but,when i asked them about it they said,that they didnt expect the take rate to,be really huge with the v6 and the,manual theyre not ruling it out if,enough people want it they will make it,so i think that means that you have to,just keep asking them,lets talk about that transmission for a,second so its a seven speed,transmission thats six regular gears,and then a crawl gear now that crawl,gear is really for doing off-roading and,honestly has,a crazy crawl ratio,94.77 to 1 which basically means the,broncos pretty much driving itself,on the road of course youre not going,to be using that crawl gear no not even,in rush hour traffic though,but the manual gearbox on the bronco is,solid the throws are a bit long but its,smooth and easy to operate,i am stunningly surprised at how much i,like how the bronco drives on the road,now the first thing that i notice is the,steering it is one for the wind column,you know i love the weight of it theres,not a whole lot of play in the center,when im driving for long periods of,time i dont feel like i need to babysit,it and now that doesnt mean that im,not paying attention but what it means,is im not making a ton of corrections,if im driving especially at highway,speeds and as a result by the end of the,commute youre not going to be,absolutely exhausted because youre,constantly having to pay attention to,exactly where you are on the road,for such an off-road capable vehicle the,bronco displays good on-road composure,its got a comfortable ride no not suv,like there is some body roll around,turns which id expect but its not,overly worrisome,ford absolutely nailed both the standard,and more advanced haas off-road,suspension to me the bronco is a very,livable daily driving experience,so the different drive modes on the goes,overall terrain,system the goat modes a lot of those are,going to be used for off-road driving,but you can use eco,normal sport mode even a slippery when,it gets to be a little inclement weather,and now what those will do is adjust,things like throttle mapping the gear,ratios when youre using the automatic,as well as the steering weight but i,think for normal mode or sport mode,which is where you kind of may be during,your commute i really think ford has,struck an excellent balance between,those three,so in spite of how sweet it smells there,are a couple of thorns on this rose,so im having a hard time finding a ton,of fault with the take my money now,bronco but one of them is cabin noise,when youre at speed im going 60 miles,an hour now it is incredibly loud in,here i can literally hear whistles,coming through cracks in the roof so if,a serene cabin is something that is,really important to you,then perhaps look at maybe the broncos,sport that doesnt have a removable roof,see i kind of feel like im yelling at,you guys right now,and im really not,i mean,i can hear whistle i hear whistling,i cant whistle,but the trunk can,the trim availability for the bronco is,like ordering off the cheesecake factory,menu there are six available starting,with the base model to the big bend and,then heading past the black diamond the,outer banks is the one that you get if,youre looking for interior luxury,comforts the badlands is the off-roading,specialty version and then theres the,wild track which ford calls their baja,bronco,so all of those trim levels can come,with a bunch of different packages one,of those being the sasquatch package,which is really for the hardcore,off-roader you get 17-inch wheels that,are bead lock capable 35-inch tires,front and rear lockers and also that,haas off-road suspension system which in,my opinion is absolutely the crown jewel,of the bronco,however i think the sweet spot truly is,the black diamond i think it has plenty,of stuff for you to be,really successful and capable off-road,while still being an excellent on-road,driver and its gonna cost you about 40,grand,and i didnt even mention the awesome,steel wheels you guys theres so much to,talk about this video could easily be an,hour,lets switch gears for a second and come,inside during this transitional,interlude you could be subscribing to,the kbb youtube channel,when it comes to the interior i really,appreciate,fords design here its very utilitarian,its very simple but in a really modern,way i think everything really works in a,functional sense take these auxiliary,switches here there are six of them this,is going to be great if you want to,upgrade with some aftermarket parts you,know i think ford has really taken into,consideration a huge group of buyers who,are really going to want to customize,when you spend some time in it and look,more closely but the minimal starts to,look a bit flimsy yes another thorn,folks,so there is a lot of plastic in here,which you know thats understandable to,me but i think theres also some,construction issues that may be a little,more concerning,this is a little bit loose,the dash doesnt feel like its really,kind of secured in here now when you,start banging this around off-road stuff,is just going to loosen up even more and,then start rattling and contributing to,that noise inside the cabin so lets say,kind of an economy of,construction and materials on the,interior,i understand that this is an expensive,vehicle and yes i can see that ford,needed to save money somewhere as,theyve put so much other great stuff,into this truck,and im not saying its a huge problem,but i am saying be aware of what you get,in great off-roading tech and capability,you might sacrifice a little bit in,interior quality,standard on all broncos youll get an,8-inch touchscreen with apple carplay,and android auto technology there are,some good safety features as well,including automatic emergency braking,and a pre-collision warning,you also get a tilting and telescoping,steering wheel standard the higher up,you go on the bronco food chain the more,bells and whistles youre gonna get,including body armor for all that,off-roading that im not doing brush,guards different graphics for different,trim levels tow hooks dual zone climate,controls a larger 12 in

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