1. 2020 Ford Explorer – Review & Road Test
  2. Life With a Ford Explorer SUV | Pros and Cons
  3. 2022 Ford Explorer Timberline AWD Review and Snow Test
  4. 2020 Ford Explorer Review & First Drive – An Exciting New Chapter | Edmunds
  5. 2020 Ford Explorer | Who Is Responsible For This?
  6. The 2020 Ford Explorer ST Is a Fast Family SUV
  7. 2022 Ford Explorer ST // Anything NEW for this 400hp Family Performance SUV??

2020 Ford Explorer – Review & Road Test

this is a completely redesigned midsize,three row Ford Explorer whats new on it,well for starters rear-wheel drive,its bigger inside theres now a hybrid,and a performance ST model theres a lot,more standard safety features okay well,Im not gonna give the whole review just,standing right here while its not as,important to Ford as the f-150 the,Explorer is ubiquitous its everywhere,even if youre speeding there might be,one with lights and sirens on it chasing,you down,still a unibody design only now the,Explorer comes as a rear-wheel drive,vehicle like it used to in the days of,yore with all-wheel drive optional,incidentally that traction on all four,tires will cost you $2,000 lets start,with whats inside so theres a standard,8 inch monitor here again its kind of,tacked on not my favorite but it has a,good touch screen to button ratio not so,bad,Ford has moved to a rotary dial also not,my favorite but hey maybe a rotary is,progress some other things that are new,sliding 2nd row seats for more space for,those 3rd rowers and that third row is,optional with a power situation on the,higher trims and available tech package,gets you this iPad on your dash these,are becoming my nemesis in that I do not,like it when theyre just slapped on,here is it me or is this just crazy,massive looking the top spec platinum,gets leather on the seating surfaces as,well as the dashboard and the door,panels luxury touches befitting its,lofty price and you can keep that,leather on the seats and steering wheel,warm 2 overall this is objectively a,nice interior its simple but it has,solid style it has nice features it has,a lot of storage and its comfortable,well I mean I sell a lot of these to the,police so of course its gonna be,comfortable although the police dont,really usually sit back here this is,generally reserved for other people not,police,I wonder if they have cup holders for,them too the entry-level explorer is,well-equipped though its worth noting,that the standard explorer is available,for sweep purchase only when you go to,configure yours on the website youll,only be able to start with the XLT for,your hard earned cash you get a 2.3,liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine,mated to a 10 speed automatic,transmission thats got 20 more horses,than the previous generations upgraded,model also included our dual zone,climate controls a power liftgate,eight-inch touchscreen Ford copilot 360,safety features sweet 18-inch painted,alloy wheels and apple carplay and,android auto compatibility duels second,row USB ports and push button start wow,thats a lot of demoing for standard,features on an entry-level model the,limited which is also offered as a,hybrid as leather-trimmed seats a 360,degree camera foot operated hands-free,power liftgate wireless charging power,front seats and board copilot 360 assist,plus if youre more into performance,driving than the Explorer ST with its,400 horsepower engine its paddle,shifters its sports suspension and its,snazzy appearance might be the one for,you this is not that one that one will,cost you about fifty four thousand eight,hundred dollars too but if it were it,would have leather covered sport bucket,seats a 12-point three inch digital,instrument panel and a heated sport,style steering wheel the platinum model,gets you a super fancy leather trim seat,panoramic moonroof,wood interior trim adaptive headlights,20 inch alloy wheels and chrome quad,exhaust there are additional packages in,the option sheet such as the class three,towing package comfort package thats,got a windshield de-icer a tech package,that gets you that massive 10.1 vertical,screen I already talked about and a Bang,& Olufsen sound system the sixth,generation Explorer gets a longer,wheelbase and shorter front overhang,personally I have,always liked the way the exterior of,this Explorer looks okay the only way I,dont like it is when its painted black,and white and it has these like blue and,red lights on the top of it and its in,my rear view mirror,the 3.5 liter naturally aspirated v6,that used to be the base model engine is,gone thats been replaced by the 2.3,liter EcoBoost which is excellent its,powerful its energetic its fun a 3,litre EcoBoost v6 with 365 horsepower is,exclusive to the Platinum trim thats,more powerful more energetic and more,fun,Fords terrain management system adjusts,a bunch of driving dynamics including,throttle response suspension firmness,and traction settings,modes include normal the aptly-named,sport which ratchets up the throttle,response and makes the shifts quicker,Eco which does the opposite of all of,that,theres also tow mode theyre slippery,theres snow and theres also sand and,trail Im gonna guess that the police do,not use Eco mode we have had one issue,with this particular tester its an,intermittent issue it happens during,acceleration there is a bit of a juddery,feeling it almost feels like the,transmission is slipping a little bit,not catching the gear that it wants,again its intermittent but its,noticeable enough that we thought we,would call it out probably a software,issue because like I said its not,happening right now,but something you might want to go out,and test drive and see for yourself,other three row SUVs that the police do,not drive include the Honda Pilot Toyota,Highlander new excellent entries from,Korea in the Kia Italia ride and Hyundai,Palisades and the Jeep Grand Cherokee,that are all vying for your Ducketts,while its not breaking any records with,its resale value with its solid styling,and excellent tech and safety features,the Ford Explorer is definitely one to,check out in the midsize SUV segment,[Music],you,[Music]

Life With a Ford Explorer SUV | Pros and Cons

ive been able to spend a week with this,ford explorer a couple of different,times and ive got some things that i,like and things that i dont like that,im going to share with you lets get,into it real quick before we get started,i want you to know this isnt a full,review i have a couple of full reviews,in the description below and other,videos of the explorer if you want to,see all the details this is just a few,nitpicks and some things that i,personally like but lets jump into it,now to start things off with the things,i dont like the bad,first thing is going to be behind the,wheel and if you want to see a longer,test drive be sure to check the full,review but i would say the biggest thing,that stands out to me about this,explorer compared to other three rows is,that the ride comfort is not as good as,many others its on the stiff side even,with this xlt so we have 20 inch wheels,here if you go up and trim with the 21,inch wheels or just the big wheels on,those upper trims it is really rough i,drove that platinum and i was like wow i,cant believe this is a family vehicle,with how stiff it is,something to really keep in mind im,comparing this to other three rows too,its not as bad here but its pretty,darn rough and bad on those high trim,levels with the big wheels you can get,the xlt with smaller 18-inch wheels,but something to keep in mind ride,comfort is not as good as some others,but test it out for yourself now with,another dislike this is primarily for,those of you that want a naturally,aspirated engine and those of you coming,from a previous generation explorer that,you can get just a straight shooting v6,you cant get that anymore most of you,are going to end up with a turbocharged,4-cylinder engine that does feel kind of,small and sounds like a small engine,but it does still have good power ill,put some specs below and theres more,details in my full review if you really,want to you can still go up and get a,400 horsepower turbocharged v6 but you,got to pay a pretty penny for that but i,wish we had a naturally aspirated option,but we dont,now another dislike is going to be on,the interior so im not a huge fit and,finish guru or,material type of person as far as what,materials are inside,but a quick note is that the fit and,finish on the explorer is not great,there are some gaps in here i think its,even worse on a couple of them that ive,had this screen does not feel super,securely mounted and if you get the big,screen that one feels even a little bit,more flimsy fit and finish is,something some of you wont care about,at all or wont even think about the,materials in here dont feel terrible,but it does feel a little bit second,class compared to some other three row,vehicles,and in a couple of the platinum trims i,was in there were a couple panels like,both of these side panels were coming,loose there was something in the back,that was kind of like popping off on a,brand new vehicle so its a little bit,concerning on fit and finish for the,ford explorer now my next dislike is,gonna bring us behind the wheel again,and you can see some of the roughness,there but this time its the unrefined,sound and feel of the four-cylinder,engine that v6 was really nice,and peppy and powerful and this one is,still fairly powerful but it just sounds,and feels,small,i mean,i gotta say it does have a good amount,of pep its got a really good amount of,torque and horsepower for the size of,engine but the transmission paired with,this four cylinder and the small feeling,of it,let me get on it a little bit,every time you have to get on it and let,go of that accelerator its just got a,hard clunk let me do it again,on it,let off and a hard clunk you can see and,probably feel the jerk so i think my,biggest complaint with the driving,dynamics is that the four-cylinder with,this transmission,is not very smooth,it its its ive had different,experiences in every ford ive driven,some have been very smooth some have,been very clunky and this is one of the,clunky ones so make sure you go out and,test drive and explore for yourself,and see how it feels for you,now starting with my likes in no,particular order one of them is the fact,that this is the xlt trim which is lower,end trim level for ford but it still,gives you a ton of available features,let me just run through a few things,these seats these are synthetic and,heated heated seats are actually,standard on the xlt thats really nice,the steering wheel is also leather,wrapped and heated optional heated on,the xlt you dont have to move up to a,high trim level to get a heated steering,wheel a couple of things we dont have,that are optional though are like an,automatic dimming review mirror you can,optionally get a twin panel panoramic,moon roof in here even on this xlt trim,the second row seats can even be heated,on this xlt trim a lot of this stuff you,have to move up for higher trim levels,and pay a pretty penny to get them but,you can get them optional on the xlt you,even have your own,dedicated climate controls for the back,seat its not just vents you can,actually control your fan speed and your,temperature standard on this xlt and,those obviously arent all the options,available on the xlt but you dont have,to spring for a limited or a platinum,trim level to get some of the features,you might be looking for without all the,extra bells and whistles,now one of my likes im back under the,hood and i know i complained about the,fact you cant get a naturally aspirated,option but i like the fact that you at,least have three different options so,under the hood on the base models youre,gonna get a 300 horsepower turbocharged,four cylinder so you can get that it is,fairly efficient you can get a more,powerful 400 horsepower turbocharged v6,thats pretty darn sporty and peppy,otherwise you can get a hybrid and my,main thing is that you have those three,options available even though you dont,have a naturally aspirated engine the,hybrids not as efficient as like a,toyota highlander hybrid or kia sorento,hybrid but its actually pretty powerful,and can tow pretty well too so the fact,that you have three different options is,nice i wish we still had a naturally,aspirated engine but you can kind of get,what you want with this explorer,powertrain wise now one of the things i,really like about the explorer so it,comes with the smart key system where,you just have keyless touch to lock and,unlock but you also have this touchpad,the keyless keypad on the door so you,can create your own code to get into the,vehicle,where you dont need the key you can,give that to like a family member or,someone that needs to get in there and,you can lock it with this too so you can,lock your keys in the car go do,something come back and get in with the,keypad thats fantastic now those of you,familiar with ford obviously thats not,a new feature thats been around for a,while but its really nice especially if,youre active you go for bike ride to go,swim or if you just want to have access,to the vehicle without using your key,now my next like is going to come into,the back seat and its not what you it,would expect so ive complained in other,vehicles about how captains chairs or,bench seats are determined on trim level,this one is the xlt with these captains,chairs but you can still,get a bench seat that goes for every,trim except the base fleet model so you,have the option to choose captains,chairs or bench theres certainly pros,and cons to both and i would love to,know which one you would pick but i want,you to know you have the option to get,whatever configuration you want on any,trim level which is great for example,some of them i complained about only the,top trim gives you this or only the base,trim gives you that not with the ford,explorer,now my next like is going to be that,its just a comfortable and practical,vehicle its a good combination of,comfort and practicality first of all,ive really enjoyed my time in these,seats even on this xlt trim theyre,really comfo

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2022 Ford Explorer Timberline AWD Review and Snow Test

it has the looks but does it have the,skills this is the 2022 ford explorer,timberline edition and were going to,test it right now on driving sports tv,[Music],just to look at this you would think hey,this thing is ready for off-road,adventure it has orange recovery hooks,the tires all terrains under body,protection yup its got that too so does,this have what you actually need when,going off-road,were gonna find out a little later in,this video one thing i really like is,that all these features are standard you,dont need to add a bunch of options,as you see it here youre looking at 47,425 usd,including destination,under the hood is a four-cylinder,turbocharged engine that puts out 300,horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque,it is connected through a 10-speed,automatic transmission and it powers all,four wheels through an advanced,all-wheel drive system,in the back we get a tow hitch receiver,this is a two inch and you also have,plugs as equipped this can tow up to 5,300 pounds,and easy push button gate,right here we only have 18.2 cubic feet,of total capacity with all the seats,folded flat youre looking at a total,capacity of 87.8 cubic feet,which puts it kind of near the top of,the class,now granted the honda pilot does have,more space but honda is a master of,packaging and i think youll probably,agree this one just looks a lot better,can you nap in it,yeah totally okay lets do,full length,six foot one,yeah,no problem even lengthwise,okay lets see if an adult can fit all,the way in the back,so this is of course a mid-size,suv,and as such the third row is really not,for adults but lets just see how this,looks,you know if this seat is pushed forward,and it is on sliders i have plenty of,room for my knees now the cushion is not,very comfortable but i do have headroom,i get my own cup holder,this this is doable i mean its not,great,but its certainly doable,okay now that i got out of there lets,put the seat,back into its normal position,all right captains chairs are standard,this feels pretty good i get my own cup,holder,i have an arm rest i get a vent i get a,light i even get a hook down here is a,very large bin to basically put multiple,devices and more cups get another cubby,here,both usb a and usb c in addition to a 12,volt,i also get seat warmers and my own air,con,lots of head room lots of leg room,and slide forward back so if the seat is,oh all the way forward its a little,snug on the drivers side,because this is where i would be sitting,im six foot one legs,torso proportionate,and this is actually pretty good and,that leaves a little bit of extra room,for,the sucker that needs to be in the back,okay now lets see what its like up,front,[Music],now the funny thing that i noticed,immediately is that the gate cluster and,the infotainment are straight out of my,maverick i swear thats the same screen,but thats not a bad thing i actually,like this setup and i think it works,really well here although this looks a,little on the small side but im,actually okay with a smaller display if,it has the functionality that i want,right here we have a steering wheel,wrapped in leather you will note that it,has this,orange stitching which is also in the,door panels and in the armrest and of,course its accented on the outside of,the vehicle as well thats kind of the,highlight for this timberline trim the,seat also has a timberline logo right in,the middle of my back and in introducing,the timberline they really wanted to,make something that was a little bit,more aggressive a little bit more,off-roady looking but without giving up,what makes the explorer so popular,because this is a very easy vehicle to,drive every single day it doesnt rely,on a,transfer case to go from two to four you,dont have to think about that all you,need to think about are these drive mode,settings if you really want to think,about anything but as weve seen in the,past sometimes the ford drive modes are,smart enough to kind of figure it out as,you go anyway you dont always have to,mess with that but it does give you an,option if you want,so this design is kind of cool theres,very little piano black i mean its a,little bit around the surround theres a,little bit here but its really really,kept to a minimum and the nice thing,with that is i dont think this is going,to scratch all that badly i think over,time its going to continue to look good,i like these metal accents i love,this metallic trim i dont even mind the,rotary knob for dealing with the,transmission thats all okay,the plastics could be a little bit,higher quality that seems a little cheap,uh this little piece here seems a little,cheap but i think the effect is a good,one plus you have all these little bins,which are really handy,this right here is one of the dumbest,bin design covers ive seen in a car,why do i have a big flap here have they,not heard of roll in or pull out or,something,i mean,i hate that,what if i could just take that out,it doesnt look like it,i would kind of actually prefer just for,this to be open i dont want that there,okay getting past that above it we have,dual aircon i have a heated steering,wheel button as well as three stages of,heat,i have physical dials for tuning and,volume,this includes sync 3 which is actually,the older design because really the,bones of this vehicle are a few years,old so it doesnt get the all-new system,that you see in vehicles like the mock e,you of course have apps,navigation lets see navigation lets,try a voice pilot nav,find,victors coffee,please say the name of the poi youre,looking for again if you would like,directions to a street address say find,an address victors coffee,please say a line number four,there we go,please say a line number or say,when ready press the voice button,id say that works pretty good obey,traffic laws be alert and use voice,commands while driving its not exciting,but it definitely will do the trick it,is a little on the small side actually,running navigation i am now starting to,think that maybe this display is a,little bit too small an extra couple,inches like we ran all the way out to,the edge of the bezel,that would be right there,we have phone integration and of course,audio,xm satellite radio integrated as well as,bluetooth stereo,am fm all that stuff this does support,apple carplay,and then i can run it out of that little,hole right there,anyway apple car play go ahead hit,continue agree,skip this step,unlock allow,and there we have wired carplay,which looks nice again,its starting to look a little bit small,now i think ive been in too many of,those toyotas with a big 14 inch display,which is absurd i mean that is absurdly,big this is a little small,for modern situations but its usable,this honestly being a little on the,small side would not prevent me from,picking one of these vehicles,because we have the rotary knob down,here theres no way to shift gears we,can do it up here on the steering wheel,we also get a variety of drive modes,turn the toggle here we got a tow mode,sport mode,eco,normal,slippery which is like for ice and snow,trail,and deep snow sand we will try these,systems out later and ill explain what,they do at that time,while were looking up here the gauge,cluster is really nice i like that,screen in the back along with the,traditional tac and speedo and then i,can easily pick a whole bunch of,different options i actually have proper,measurements of the psi of my tires this,is an active sensor system not a passive,which means that i know what the exact,psi is on each tire some systems,basically you just reset and it uses abs,to determine that itll just tell you if,its low or not,i can see my mpgs overall nice setup,here i actually really like this theres,no sunroof but i dont care especially,when youre looking at this thing you,know its under 50 grand now this is,loaded with all of the active stuff that,you would expect in a modern vehicle you,have adaptive cruise control with lane,centering i want to point that out so,you can eithe

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2020 Ford Explorer Review & First Drive – An Exciting New Chapter | Edmunds

,SPEAKER: The Ford Explorer is an important SUV,,not just for Ford, but for SUV shoppers in general.,Thats because when it debuted in 1991,,it redefined what a family vehicle could be.,Were here in Washington state on the banks,of the Columbia River.,And the big news is the Ford Explorer,has changed from front-wheel drive to rear-wheel drive.,Weve got several versions to drive,,and well be able to see why that matters.,But before we get into that, remember,to click Subscribe and visit Edmunds for all your car,and SUV shopping needs.,,Even though its all new, it still looks like an Explorer,,because some of the key design elements are still here.,For one, the windshield pillar–,blacked out.,Always done that.,Also, the middle pillar– blacked out.,We get to the C pillar, and its prominent,and its body colored.,And then back here at the rear, the rear pillar,is also blacked out so that the side window and the rear window,blend together.,Explorers have always had these elements,,and this one does, too.,Perhaps the biggest difference is here in the front.,Last time around, it was front-wheel drive.,The engine sat that way.,There was a lot of radiator and stuff like that up here.,It gave it a lot of bulk in the front end of the car.,Now when youve got the engine turned this way–,push the engine back, shorten the nose a little bit–,it tightens up the front end, makes it look more aggressive.,And it also has a good approach angle.,The switch to rear drive results in a wheel base,thats over six inches longer between the front,and rear tires.,And that improves weight distribution,from a dynamic standpoint, but it also,improves passenger and cargo space inside.,The switch to rear drive also helps with towing.,Ideally, you want your trailers tongue weight,to be pressing down on the axle that is propelling the vehicle.,And you get that here.,But you also get extra stability because of the longer wheelbase,when towing.,And the tow rating, as a result, is up slightly.,It was 5,000 pounds last year.,Its as much as 5,600 pounds this year.,,The first thing you notice about the new Explorer,inside is that its spacious.,Its comfortable.,Its really easy to live with.,These seats, for example–,theyre really nicely shaped.,They have great padding.,Theyre really comfortable.,These are the Platinums, but I was in a Limited yesterday–,same thing there.,The steering wheel is nice and chunky, too.,You know, it feels real good.,The tactile feel is really nice, and its comfortable over time.,The controls– theyre really easy to figure out.,Here are the audio controls.,Here are the HVAC controls.,The touch screen is easy to reach.,There are two touch screens.,This one has the bigger portrait one thats about 10 inches.,There is an eight inch landscape-oriented one,,really nice as well.,Both of those are great.,Really easy to use this cabin.,And theres a lot of storage, too.,The glove box is big.,You can hook up a phone through the access ports here.,This is pretty big, the center console.,You can see I have my phone here,,but I could also put it here on this wireless charge pad.,The door pockets are big.,Theres place for your stuff alongside.,So youre not going to have a problem of where,to put your stuff.,One of things Im not terribly sure about,is the interior quality.,Its good.,Theres nice soft touch material here and here,and some other places.,A few of these other ones look a little bit hard.,But the main thing for me is a couple,of these seams, this one in particular.,Theyre really prominent and they,stand out and catch your eye– at least they catch my eye.,Recently, I was in a Kia Telluride.,In that one, materials quality just felt a step above.,Here I am in the middle row of the Ford Explorer,,and right off the bat, I can tell,this has got plenty of room.,Im 62.,Ive got extra headroom even with this panoramic sunroof.,Leg room.,I got a little extra to give the person in the back seat,if I need to.,It reclines.,Thats nice.,One thing thats different about the Explorer,compared to the competition is most versions,are going to have captains chairs as standard.,And these are really nice.,So back here, Ive got a couple of USBs,under this hatch– just one USB and one USB-C, though.,Id like more of those, but theyre not here.,Ive got controls for the air conditioning.,And the vent is up here, which is interesting, not here.,It looks to be really easy to put,child seats in the Explorer.,The latch anchors are right here where you can see them.,Theyre really easy to get to.,As for storage, there seems to be a lot of that.,There is a juice box holder right up high here,where a child can reach it.,And further down, theres a place,for a water bottle and other items.,And here in the middle, theres more storage and a couple more,cup holders.,You may have noticed theres no console here.,Thats because Ford says they want to keep,this open for third row access.,So this is really low, and its actually made to be stepped on.,As you can see, there isnt a lot of room for someone,my height, which is 62, to sit back here in the third row.,Im a little taller than what they had in mind, Im sure.,But even so, Ive got lots of headroom,,and theres an AC vent back here.,That part is covered, its just this knee here.,The one on the side where I can get between the captains,chair, actually no problem.,But this is pretty flat, so I dont,know how that would be over a long distance.,It feels pretty good so far.,Back here though, theres no USB ports to plug into,,and the cup holder is kind of hard to get to on the side,here.,Another thing worth noting is that the child seat,anchors are really easy to get to here in the third row.,And that means that four child seats can fit in this vehicle.,The other thing is that the Explorer– this third row,can only hold two people.,Its not equipped to hold three like the competition can do.,So what that means is that Explorers,can seat seven with a bench seat, six,with captains chairs.,The competition is one better.,If that matters to you, I dont know.,It depends on the size of your family or your soccer team.,Getting out of the third row is really easy,,because theres two ways your child can do it.,Theres a loop at the base of the seat,,or they can press this button.,,Behind the third row, the Explorer,starts out with a competitive amount of cargo space.,It slots in between the Telluride and the Pilot.,This piece here, you can flip it over,and you got a dirty side if youve,got something muddy you want to put in here.,Or you can drop it here for a little extra stability,if you dont want groceries to slide around.,And you can just pull this lever to fold the headrest down.,And then this button here will fold the seats down.,You could do both together or the left and right,individually.,Once you do this, the amount of cargo space,that you end up with is right in there,with the others in the segment.,Its a virtual tie.,And then of course, if you fold down the middle row,seats on both sides, the amount of cargo space,is over 85 cubic feet, which is another competitive number.,Because this has captains chairs,,youll have a little void in the middle.,Its not a completely flat floor,,but thats true of any vehicle with captains chairs.,,Now were on the road, and Im driving the hybrid.,And thats whats interesting about this new Explorer.,There are four powertrain choices, including the hybrid,,which theyve never had before.,The base and the XLT come with a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine.,Near the top of the range, the Platinum,has a 3 liter V6 EcoBoost engine.,And the ST, which is new this year–,its got a high output version of the 3 liter EcoBoost engine.,And then that leaves the hybrid as the fourth choice.,This one has a 3.3 liter V6.,Not turbo charged, but it does have a hybrid element,in its transmission.,And thats the unique part here, is all four,of these powertrains have a 10 speed automatic transmission.,And the hybrid version has an electric motor,built into the case.

2020 Ford Explorer | Who Is Responsible For This?

[Music],the interior of the new Ford Explorer,and Ive explored it plenty with my,birthday cake Oreos and luckily for me,it was my birthday about seven months,ago so Im still enjoying these the,space that Ive looked at is a mixed bag,and much of the entire car I feel like,this was a half-finished project I dont,know if it was because the junior,engineers that helped to design it or,the senior engineers said we want to do,this and Ford said no but theres,certain parts of it I am really,impressed with theres more geometry the,stitching the leathers the plastics look,much better in some spots than in,previous generation Ford products and,thats something I always knock them on,it in some cases this is a way better,space seats are comfortable the upper,dash is leather and it doesnt feel like,a total show the center console,even though the plastics look much more,generic here the knobs buttons and,switches have some texture to them they,dont look budget basement even the HVAC,controls are a lot better than they used,to be and some of their previous,generation cars but then they go and,completely and this is what Im talking,about it feels unfinished they put this,fake wood you know thats not that its,fake wood its not that it even you know,you could might some people might think,it passes for a real real wood but,though its the way that the fit and,finish is of these plastics they dont,butt up together properly its like,rubbing off the texture on the corners,of it it looks like it doesnt fit right,it you know to me it seems like this was,designed to be a rental car or a fleet,car first the modularity is here to,where they know okay we can switch it,out for like 30 cents if were selling,these you know a couple hundred thousand,units of it and its more focused on,that than being a real finished product,and the best example is when you get out,of the new Kia telluride or Hyundai,palisade youre gonna look at the,attention to detail on the interior,there this does not have that and I feel,like thats where you see the difference,in mindset of what their goal was this,seems to me made for somebody that is,just a complete Ford fanatic thats,always had Fords thats Haddix,or other products they dont go and shop,around and Ford knew that people are not,going to nitpick this type of stuff and,they said you know what our Ford,customers are gonna buy it,our fleet customers are gonna buy it and,we can we dont have to go and,incomplete every little piece and every,corner of that in here and thats where,its disappointing to me all right,next thing to talk about theyve updated,the technology in this car and thats a,big thing with their PR marketing their,new center gauge cluster here is all,screen theres no physical tachometer,and speedometer anymore and I complained,about this on the Ranger how it was like,parts been stuffed from 15 years ago,they have a new screen it looks pretty,good here the contrast levels the,legibility all that the configurability,is pretty good and that leads me right,into the center screen for the,infotainment everybody that Ive gotten,in this car,they asked is that how this car comes,from the factory and I saw this in,pictures and I couldnt believe that,they did it this is got to be one of the,most half-baked most horrible looking,poorly designed placements of a screen,ever to put it in portrait mode like,this not only that is there is a,definite color and brightness shift off,axis which means when you look dead,center in the screen its bright uniform,but as you move your head over to the,driver position the brightness goes down,the clarity goes down and thats exactly,why you wouldnt use a display like this,in a vehicle youd want to either put it,in landscape widescreen or use a,different display technology that,doesnt have much that much of a shift,the second thing is well I understand,what they were trying to do here things,like the backup camera its hilarious,you put the backup camera on and it,fills this much of the screen and you,cant fullscreen it and its not they,dont understand how to use the,technology that theyre implementing in,here so I guess I could make an excuse,for it if everything worked but it,doesnt again attention to detail,alright so theres got to be something,good here aside from these Oreos and,there is its comfortable it really is,these seats are great the massaging,function somewhat works the steering,wheel has electronic control so you can,telescope move the wheel in and out the,pedal placement is good the storage is,great the cargo capacity and room in,terms of driver room passenger room,backseat room and the third row is where,this thing really shines,that is why you would buy this as a,hauler and I made a joke that this is,kind of like that glorified u-haul,rental truck that you would buy because,if you only care about utility you dont,care about all the little details on all,the other stuff you will haul a lot of,people in here comfortably theres no,doubt but when you get past ok theres,good placement of cargo area the,cupholders all of that the functionality,stuff the leather seats theres these,seats look like the foam is already,caving in on the drivers seat theres a,wrinkle in the leather that is,absolutely a defect in workmanship or,materials it feels blown out in the,bolsters and not even in a good way its,not just a give thats in the padding,its literally blown out in this thing,only has 4,000 miles on it the,discoloration of the seats and then the,last thing to talk about before I move,on to the shop the audio system Bang &,Olufsen is the name that theyre putting,on which is a high-end brand that,theyve just sold the name off to its,just a stamp with the name and the base,audio system is I dont even know how,much it is but this is a thousand dollar,option in this platinum you have to pay,a thousand dollars more and you get an,extra couple speakers and this is one of,the absolute worst cars weve ever,tested in terms of audio quality you can,hear it whether its Android auto apple,carplay Bluetooth audio there is a,horrible vibration at any louder volume,the basis booming the mid-range is just,searing and all the graphs support this,this is a very buzzy cavernous vibration,prone interior and the audio system,spending $1,000 youd be better off,spending $1,000 on getting my back waxed,for like six months that would be a,better use of your money than,spending the money on the audio system,in here but lets head into the shop and,see whats underneath the new Ford,Explorer Wow well you know I havent,been that excited about too many Ford,products I gotta be honest and then you,know I heard a lot of bad press about,this so I was curious to see what the,architecture was how it was built,underneath how it drives in all of it,and this is an important car for us this,is a car from Chicago yes its made and,manufactured and Fords updated and,refreshed and retooled plant where this,is coming out of and then being fixed in,Michigan right yeah so theres some,issues with that but well talk about,that later the new architecture theyve,gone away from a front-wheel drive all,wheel drive platform of the old Explorer,to a rear-wheel drive architecture with,all-wheel drive added on yeah this is,Fords new cd6 architecture its,currently used in the Lincoln aviator,and soon to be the new Ford Mustang and,before we get excited the reason why,its rear-wheel drive has nothing to do,with dynamics its packaging according to,the chief engineer the primary reason,they want to rear-wheel drive,architecture was supposedly towing and,the cargo capacity for both passengers,and things and a third row yeah so,thats an interesting approach and,theres certain things obviously you can,do with rear-wheel drive architectures,that you cant do with front and one of,the big reasons is definitely towing but,on paper but with the v6 this only tows,a marginal amount more but where it,picks up a ton of cargo capacity,compared to oil generation is the for,popper it

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST Is a Fast Family SUV

this is the 2020 ford explorer st,and its the sporty version of the all,new ford explorer which is just coming,out for the 2020 model year now the last,ford explorer came out back in 2013,so its been seven years since weve had,a new explorer but,the new one is finally here and today,im going to review it,[Applause],[Music],ive borrowed this new explorer from,north county ford here in vista,california north of san diego where the,2020 explorer is just starting to reach,the showroom now north county ford is my,local ford dealership and it is also the,dealership where ive taken my ford gt,in for service you can check them out by,clicking the link in the description,below so lets talk explorer now the,explorer came out almost 30 years ago,thats hard to believe and its been a,popular midsize family suv or crossover,ever since ford considers this to be the,sixth generation of the explorer and,prices start around thirty seven,thousand dollars which places it in line,with mid-level versions of the honda,pilot and the toyota highlander in terms,of pricing and equipment but this,explorer is the king of the hill now the,entry level explorer comes with a turbo,4 cylinder that makes 300 horsepower or,you can upgrade to a turbo v6 with 365,horsepower or,you can upgrade to this the explorer st,the st starts around 55 000 and it uses,that same turbo v6 tuned for 400,horsepower thats over a hundred,horsepower more than you can get in any,pilot or highlander this thing does zero,to 60 in five and a half seconds so,today im going to show you around the,new explorer and im going to show you,all of its interesting quirks and,features then im going to get it out on,the road and drive it and then im going,to give it a dug score and for more of,my thoughts on the new explorer click,the link below to visit autotrader.com,oversteer where ive also rounded up a,list of the coolest old-school ford,models currently listed for sale on,autotrader,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the new explorer with,something you notice the moment you,climb inside and that would be,the gear lever or rather the absence of,the gear lever instead it is a gear dial,and you twist it to get it into gear,this is borrowed from the new ford gt,now its worth noting other ford models,also have this gear dial but if youre,an explorer owner you can go around,telling people that you share the gear,dial from the ford gt now there is one,drawback to this gear dial and thats,the fact that if its in direct sunlight,like it is now its really difficult to,see exactly what gear youre in but,obviously in the gauge cluster screen it,gives you a backup letting you know what,gear youre in in case you cant see on,your gear dial now next up another,interesting item in the vicinity of the,gear dial below it you see the parking,brake and then theres a button with a,little hand thats like waving inside a,circle so what exactly is that that,would be the auto hold feature and what,that does is you activate it and then,you come up to a stop light and the car,will automatically hold itself in place,with the brake lights on and you dont,have to keep your foot on the brake,because that is oh so difficult and then,you just press the accelerator and you,drive away many new cars have that,feature but ive never seen the little,hand wavy circle button before and next,up another interesting item worth noting,in the center console area is the sheer,amount of smartphone storage this is,2019 smartphones are everywhere and ford,has thought of everywhere you could put,them directly in front of the cup,holders you can see theres a little,cavern where you can stick your,smartphone if you press this little,silver thing it pops open a lid and then,in there you can stick your smartphone,behind all the center controls there is,a wireless charging pad where you put,your smartphone and it will charge,itself and then if you open up the,center console storage lid theres a,little tray hanging from the top and,once again another place where you can,put your smartphone in other words there,are four different specific smartphone,storage places just in this center,console ford really wanted this vehicle,to be practical and next up another,little interesting item in the center,console this little silver lid at the,top where you push the silver button and,it pops open you can see theres also a,little thumb slot where you can insert,your thumb and open it up except you,cant because you push the silver button,and it pops open that thumb slot does,nothing except this little compartment,contains the usb port and so if you have,your phone hooked up to a usb cord you,can stick the cord through that little,slot and you can still close this lid,thats a pretty good idea now next up,moving on to the steering wheel and i,have to say i love this steering wheel,like i mentioned this is the st version,the performance model of the new,explorer and this is the steering wheel,youd expect from a performance car its,this nice thick meaty steering wheel,very grippable it has little grips on,the side for when your hands get sweaty,on the racetrack i really really like,this wheel it would look right at home,in the focus rs now you will also notice,that this sporty steering wheel has the,st logo at the bottom there are several,different changes and upgrades made to,the explore st to distinguish it from,the regular version and ill go over,those in a few minutes one other,interesting item about the steering,wheel is the stitching you can see it,has this nice white cross stitching in,the middle i really like that and,frankly i really like the quality of,this interior in general there is a lot,of plastic but thats pretty standard,for this segment but theres also a lot,of materials that feel good very nice to,touch and they look really good,especially in the center control stack,which is an area that youre looking in,pretty often plus that white stitching,from the steering wheel is carried over,to the seats where it looks really good,and where it helps to ensure that this,new explorer has kind of a more,luxurious atmosphere than most,traditional midsize family suvs and next,up we move on to the infotainment screen,in the new explorer and you will see,that its vertical which is an,interesting decision a few automakers,are doing vertical screens now you have,tesla volvo the new ram and now this,explorer and there are some benefits and,drawbacks with the vertical screen the,main benefit is that you can put a lot,of information on the screen without,having to really screw up the placement,of everything you can see the climate,vents are still right in the middle on,either side of the screen and yet you,still have all the info youd have in a,horizontal screen but there are some,drawbacks and the biggest of which is,the cameras this car has a very advanced,camera system and when you shift into,reverse you can see,very high resolution but because of the,orientation of the screen the cameras,are kind of stuck at the top and you,cant really see them all that well its,a bad use of space in a horizontal,screen youd be able to spread those,cameras out a little bit more and youd,be able to see them better which of,course is helpful when youre backing up,or moving around in a small space and,next up moving on to some interesting,features of the screen one of which is,in satellite radio settings if you go in,here theres a setting you can go to,called,skip channels and then you can choose,which channels it skips when youre like,scrolling through the channel dial so if,you really hate 60s on 6 you can make,sure that your thing goes straight from,50s on 5 to 70s on 7. if for some reason,you decide to do that never seen that,before as a configurable setting in any,other car with satellite radio in,another interesting setting this,infotainment screen gives you it allows,you to change the background of the,screen the home screen but you can see,if you do that all the colors are,basical

2022 Ford Explorer ST // Anything NEW for this 400hp Family Performance SUV??

whats going on youtube so the ford,explorer has of course long been one of,americas best-selling three-row,crossovers and for 2022 the lineup,continues to get larger and larger,there are now even more options for,absolutely everyone to find their ideal,combo including an important change to,this st trim so without wasting any time,lets go ahead and see whats new for,2022 and if this is the ideal,performance family suv for you,[Music],[Music],all right so lets kick things off by,taking a look at the exterior design,now like i was mentioning the lineup has,expanded even further this year so we,now have a new trim level called st,line and just like with the edge which,already has an st line thats going to,get you the looks of,this full-blooded st but its going to,package it with the smaller,four-cylinder under the hood for those,of you who dont need all that extra,power or the extra expense associated,with that,so keep that in mind as i talk about the,st exterior because youre going to get,that same experience with the new st,line now taking a look at the st,exterior here we do have the explorer,branding across the top finished in the,black you get the full gloss black,grille basically every single trim level,of the explorer has a totally different,grille finish and there are eight trim,levels at this point,and then as we come over here to the,headlights this being an up upper end,product is going to get the full led,headlights as standard equipment with,the led turn signal across the top and,in addition to that you will also find,the led fog lamps below it,so for the st trim level you will have a,standard 20 inch contrast alloy wheel,however youll notice we have a,different look these are the 21 inch,gloss black alloys these are included on,the high performance package which is,offered on the st trim level in addition,to these wheels that well also be,throwing in the larger,and better brakes which are finished in,the red calipers i really like the way,all this comes together especially with,the silver exterior,and then coming up here to your mirrors,with this top end st product youre,going to have all the features so you,have the gloss black finish on the,mirror itself youre going to have power,folding auto dimming and blind spot,monitoring will be included on all of,the trim levels,in terms of the link the ford explorer,is coming in just a shy under 200 inches,at,198.8 inches in length and i do want to,point out that of course this is a rear,drive proportion vehicle so youre going,to have that signature design here at,the side and nothings really going to,change for 2022 the st will have the,black accents as well as the roof rails,now,lets talk about the rear design once,again nothing really changes this year,in terms of the design but thats,probably a good thing because the st has,always had a really cool design,especially here in the back so we have,this black piece right here in the,middle it looks great with the silver,exterior color explorer is branded in,there and then off to the side were,going to have the same explorer tail,lights that youre used to seeing these,are partially led the brake light,portion is a really nice led design,however the turn signal and incandescent,uh or reverse light are both,incandescent which i would like to maybe,see upgraded we have our st badge over,there on the right side and then,dropping down this is a big point for,the st we have quad exhaust outlets,these are actually really really nice,looking exhaust outlets they have the,chrome tips and were also going to have,a blacked out diffuser area around it as,far as the towing were going to have a,little bit over 5000 pounds depending on,what engine you choose,fords co-pilot package is going to be,standard equipment on the explorer which,does include ford mercy braking lane,keeping assist and auto high beam,headlamps however you will have to go to,at least the limited trim and above to,get the adaptive cruise control system,well guys the st is a pretty bad looking,family three row on the outside now,lets go ahead and check out the inside,and then well take it out in a test,drive but before we do that we would,truly appreciate if you hit that,subscribe button down below and also,followed us on our other social medias,like tick tock and instagram,so walking up to the explorer of course,as youd expect the majority of the trim,levels the xlt and above will come with,the smart entry system and if you want,remote start you can get that on the xlt,202a or the above trim levels as you can,see on this st weve got the specific st,branding on the fob,and then of course getting inside the,vehicle is as simple as grabbing behind,the door handle,[Music],now glancing inside the cabin this is,still a pretty fresh model so as youd,expect youre not going to see any,substantial interior design,changes,and in terms of our material and color,options theres going to be a ton of,them because at this point were up to,eight different trim levels,im not going to rattle through all,those because that would take a really,long amount of time but i will focus on,you know talking about the st of course,this model is going to come standard,with real leather as you can see,ebony is actually your only color choice,of course theres a ton of other color,options depending on other trim levels,you choose like the platinum having,different leather colors as well as the,king ranch which are also positioned at,the top end of the trim lineup,now turning over here to your door trim,youre going to see very nice materials,up here as well so we have basically,leather covering the majority of the,trim level with the double color,contrast stitching detail we do have,real metal speaker grilles through here,which look nice,it is going to be padded along the top,and then we got three person memory,seating standard on the limited trim or,above,as far as the windows,appears the driver and passenger window,are one touch automatic,turning over here to the seats these are,going to be 10-way power adjusting seats,on the majority of the trim levels,and new for 2022 with the st model as,well as the platinum model,youre going to have a the standard,premium technology package now one of,the things that was included in the,premium tech package was massaging z so,thats now standard on the st,and then like i was mentioning before,this is a real leather seat i like the,design lots of color contrast stitching,weve got the st embroidering up here,and then the perforated leather that,runs through the middle,when you close the doors the power,floating mirrors will come out,and like i was mentioning theres no,substantial changes to the interior,design,if you remember last year ford did,enhance the interior to be a little bit,more premium on your upper end trim,levels including this st that does carry,on this year so across the upper dash we,have a soft touch plastic as we move,down on the st model we have a faux,carbon fiber trim through the middle,areas and then the enhanced materials,for 2021,with the piano black accents that run,through the middle down on the side as,well as on the door trims just to give,it a more premium vibe than the other,trim levels,now start the explorer put your foot on,the brake and press the standard button,[Music],now taking a look at our gauge cluster,the st continues to come with the 12.3,inch full reconfigurable gauge cluster,really nice graphics on this unit nice,clean clear and crisp look to it as you,change through different drive modes as,well you continue to have those,really cool looking animations which i,think,look very nice you have a lot of drive,modes as well as you can tell right now,now coming back here to the steering,wheel with the st model weve got the,really nice flat bottom thick rim,steering wheel big fan of this,uh like i said very thick rim on the,side so it has a nice meaty feel when,you grab a hold of it and i like the,flat bottom look of it st branding of,course the wheel itse

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