1. 2022 Ford Maverick Full Review: an Affordable, Practical Pickup Truck
  2. 2022 Ford Maverick review: Ultimate nerd machine
  3. We drive the BASE Ford Maverick! | 2022 Ford Maverick Review
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2022 Ford Maverick Full Review: an Affordable, Practical Pickup Truck

this is a 2022 ford maverick and its a,new type of pickup truck while most,trucks are getting bigger and more,capable and more luxurious and more,expensive this one,is affordable and small the maverick,starts around twenty thousand dollars it,really is a new kind of pickup truck and,today im going to review it,[Music],before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era now with free listings,you can list your car for free and,auction it on cars and bids and weve,had some great sales recently including,this 90s ford f-250 which brought 21 500,this ford raptor which sold for just,over 54 000 and this 2012 cadillac cts-v,sold for just over 34 000. if youre,looking to buy or sell a cool enthusiast,car from the modern era the 1980s and up,cars and bids is the place to do it,check it out with daily auctions and,great selection at carsandbids.com,ive borrowed this maverick from el,cajon ford which is my local ford,dealership here in the san diego area el,cajon ford has all of the latest ford,models and theyre especially focused on,ford trucks and they have a few of the,new mavericks which are just starting to,come out you can check out el cajon ford,by clicking the link in the description,below so lets talk maverick just a few,years ago the f series was the only,truck in fords lineup the full-size big,ol f series then in 2019 ford revived,the mid-size ranger but now for 22 ford,is blazing a totally new trail with the,maverick its the return of the,affordable compact pickup truck the,maverick offers two engine options base,models come with a 190 horsepower hybrid,four-cylinder which is only offered with,front-wheel drive or you can upgrade to,a turbo 4-cylinder with 250 horsepower,and with that you can get front or,all-wheel drive now base level maverick,models start around 21 000 with shipping,and 30 grand will buy you a pretty well,equipped top trim lariat version so this,is a new affordable truck and today im,going to review it first ill take you,on a thorough tour of the maverick and,show you all of its interesting quirks,and features then ill get it out on the,road and drive it and then ill give it,a dug score,all right time for the quirks and,features of the maverick now ive,already made a video where i went,through a thorough tour of the maverick,but that was a pre-production model this,is a production car and i couldnt drive,that one or frankly spend a lot of time,with it this time im able to drive it,and really get a feel for it and spend,more time and so this video will be a,little bit more thorough in its coverage,of the maverick and also when i made,that video with the pre-production,maverick pricing hadnt yet been,announced it was just being speculated,on now that i know official pricing it,gives me a lot more context for the,truck the interior the power trains the,market position that sort of thing and,to that end i gotta say this thing seems,like a pretty good deal at least on,paper this one is equipped to around,twenty nine thousand dollars with,all-wheel drive in the bigger engine and,for a truck at with truck capabilities,in a truck bed and four doors that seems,like a pretty reasonable number given,how expensive most trucks have gotten,but lets go through the maverick now,and see if that number really stands up,so anyway starting in the interior and i,have to say for a relatively affordable,vehicle ford has done a fantastic job in,this interior of making this truck not,look cheap now they have used cheap,materials but theyve done so in kind of,a cool quirky interesting way which,doesnt make it feel cheap or crappy in,here take a look at the door panel you,can see this like white composite,plastic material probably not that,expensive but its kind of interesting,and quirky and at the top part theyve,molded it into these weird triangles and,shapes which adds some coolness and,funkiness there on the door panel you,move inside and you can see the seats,instead of crappy normal cloth you have,sort of an interesting pattern almost,looks like tweed two different colors,and its kind of cool you also have,orange stitching around the seats which,again adds a little coolness in this,interior and it matches some of the,other interesting stuff specifically all,of the orange accents in here you have,orange accents on the climate vents as,you can see you have orange accents in,the center console storage compartment,there as you can see and in this further,back center console storage compartment,and thats tied together with the orange,stitching on the seats again not,something that added cost or makes the,truck more expensive but it does add,kind of an interesting appeal in this,interior and its the same deal on the,dashboard where you have again this,white like plastic looking material with,gray flecks probably not very expensive,to make but it does look cool and kind,of interesting and funky in here and,thats what they were going for you can,see also on the dashboard again more of,these weird geometric shapes the,triangles over on the passenger side,just makes it a little bit more unusual,and a little cooler i know its not some,high class high quality f-150 king ranch,luxury interior but,its a lot better than just another,crappy generic gray plastic interior,that most affordable cars have at least,they kind of thought outside the box and,made it more interesting in this,interior even though they didnt really,spend any more money to do that and next,up still in the interior we move on to,storage which is a big theme in here,ford thought through a lot of different,places where you can stick stuff some,interesting cubbies one is back to the,door panel you can see theres a little,slot thats molded to fit a water bottle,you can stick the water bottle here and,then theres a piece that actually comes,out of the door panel that kind of keeps,it in place and thats for water bottles,also in this area you can see the door,panel kind of extends behind the trim,you can get more stuff back here if you,want kind of a weird spot but it is some,extra storage in here next up move on to,the center console for more storage and,you can see a lot of different places,where you can put stuff i count five,different little center console cubbies,in this interior where you can stick,items if you want to including this one,thats sort of upright so that you could,put a phone here if you want to like,look at it for directions while youre,driving you can leave it there so you,dont have to pick it up and look at it,and distract you its just sitting in,place but when it comes to storage,probably the quirkiest and most unusual,storage items are on the dashboard,directly above the center screen you can,see this one an odd storage copy mounted,on the top of the dashboard but even,stranger is the cubby next to the center,screen which you can see here again kind,of odd and it has a little lower lip so,if you do put something in this cubby it,wont come flying out under hard,acceleration but it is kind of a strange,place to put stuff but ford really,wanted to maximize storage in this,interior so there are some traditional,storage spots and then there are some,weird kind of funky ones and next up,other interesting quirks and features in,this interior one you notice when you,open the door on the side of the,dashboard built for tough just in case,anybody says you dont have a real ford,truck you open up your door and show,them that and prove that you do,also interesting in this interior is the,gear selector ford is using this on most,cars but if youre not familiar with,ford you might find it kind of strange,its a circle as you can see you twist,it around to go through the different,gears and if you want to go into low,range you press the button in the center,marked l and then it puts you in low but,that is your odd gear selector in this,car also unusual in the center console,you can see theres a little button with,a

2022 Ford Maverick review: Ultimate nerd machine

the average amount paid for a new,vehicle is over forty seven thousand,dollars let me say that again forty,seven,thousand dollars thats insane,especially if you cant afford forty,seven thousand dollars,but theres something thats available,for far less and its built for the,nerds of the world like me and probably,you,this is the ford maverick the base model,starts at 20 000,but its not just that it also has a,hybrid system that offers mileage up to,42 miles per gallon now the epa rating,for city and highway combined is 37,miles per gallon so with this vehicle,youre saving money on both ends both,when you buy it and while youre driving,around town but thats not what makes it,nerdy if all we cared about was saving,cash wed all be sporting chromebooks,and using android phones we bought from,the supermarket no theres something,else about it,the maverick is perfect for nerds from,3d printed add-ons to a bed thats built,for customization ford has put forth a,vehicle thats built for,individualization and people are,responding,for example these fits or ford,integrated tether system slots they have,one right here and with it you can buy,accessories from four so you can get,like cup holders or bag holders or,whatever or you can do what maker robert,trap did and design your own thing you,could 3d print stuff as long as you have,the dimensions for the adapter,boom you can make your own cup holder or,you can make a water bowl for your dog,or something to hold a bag now in,addition to this slot right here,in the rear seat storage there are,additional slots,there are two right here and two right,here and they can be used to create,barriers between things or you know if,youre really crazy you could put cup,holders in there or have a little box to,hold your gopros if youre a,videographer or maybe hooks to wrangle,cables if you travel with a lot of,cables really anything you can think of,thatll fit in this area you can 3d,print and place under here the byproduct,of encouraging makers to 3d print parts,for the vehicle is that some of them are,3d printing parts that ford never,intended like this little cubby hole,next to the touchscreen somebody has,created a design for this cubbyhole in,fact you can buy,little editions that go into this,cubbyhole on etsy and ebay or you can,just go to thingiverse and find the file,and print your own stuff but its not,just in here where ford is making it,easy to customize the vehicle back here,you get a four and a half foot bed now,its not huge but it is likely large,enough for most of your needs,whats fun is that it has these slots,here here here and here and what you can,do is you can cut down two by fours and,two by sixes to actually fit in these,slots and,create sections,so you can block off certain sections so,you dont have things moving around but,more importantly you can actually mount,things to these pieces of wood in fact,ford has a how-to video on how to take a,bicycle axle and create a bike rack in,the back of the ford maverick if you,want to get really crafty you can mount,hooks to some of these boards and use,them to keep well cases like im trying,to keep my pelican case from sliding,around in the back of this truck,the automaker didnt stop with finding,new and exciting uses for lumber here in,the walls of the bed are screw holes so,you can mount items including an,available side rail or you can build,your own side rail,plus you also get storage boxes one on,either side that you can open up and,they have a little false bottom so you,can,store all of these type of things,and you also have these 12 volt setups,on either side of the bed you can pull,it out you can use it to diy yourself,some lights maybe put in some usb,chargers,and there is the option from ford of,putting a 120 volt outlet you know just,like the one you have in your house of,course none of this matters if the,maverick is horrible to drive well its,not in fact its actually quite nice,behind the wheel thats helped in part,by the fact that it is based on the same,platform as the ford escape and the ford,broncos sport so it has an suv,underpinning which means that its a bit,more tame on the road in fact were,driving on a really rough road right now,and it feels pretty good but because it,is using the same platform as the ford,escape,you can only get a hybrid with,front-wheel drive now front-wheel drive,on a truck is weird because,traditionally,trucks are rear wheel drive,ive been driving around the maverick,with front wheel drive for over a week,and i actually really like it in fact,i prefer it to the traditional rear,wheel drive because its been raining,and traditional rear wheel drive trucks,when it rains well you get rear wheel,spin,and thats not fun this vehicle taking,off in the rain no wheel spin,there is an all wheel drive version but,its not available as a hybrid so,instead of the 2.5 liter four-cylinder,hybrid engine it ships with a two liter,turbocharged ecoboost four-cylinder,the hybrid has 191 horsepower and 155,pound-feet of torque the more powerful,ecoboost engine thats eleven hundred,dollars more,has 250 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of,torque but you do lose about 12 miles,per gallon of efficiency i threw 800,pounds of rock into the back of the,maverick in fact i did it twice and to,be honest it wasnt really that big of a,deal now i did it once in regular mode,where the car drove fine and i did a,second time with tow haul mode where it,gave me a little extra low end torque,again,not a big deal,driving on city and highway roads is a,bit smoother than i anticipated a lot of,that has to do with the suv platform i,will say that these seats are also,a bit more comfortable than i expected,there is plenty of headroom plenty of,leg room in the front you will be,cramped in the back if youre sitting,behind a tall person though so be,prepared for that no matter which trim,level you get you get this eight inch,touchscreen now its not huge but it is,adequate and more importantly it,supports both apple carplay and android,auto,now this is where i tell you how ford,can offer up this vehicle starting price,with twenty thousand dollars doesnt,have a lot of accoutrements for example,uh cruise control you cant get anything,above regular cruise control with the,maverick in fact you dont even get,cruise control on the base level trim if,you buy the base level twenty thousand,dollar vehicle no cruise control not at,all now im going to level with you,about that i hate regular cruise control,im totally fine with adaptive cruise,control i really like it especially in,traffic but regular cruise control i,dont have time for that im always,afraid its going to hit the car in,front of me for some reason,if you use regular cruise control youre,going to want to upgrade from the 20 000,xl model to the xlt or to the lariat,that im driving right now,the base level does not come with all,the ford copilot 360 safety items it,does have pre-collision warning with,emergency braking for an extra 650 you,can add crash traffic alert and a lane,keeping aid,i will say that if you are concerned,when youre putting all this wood in and,out about things in the bed of the truck,the 500 spray and liner might be a good,option for you that said if youre,looking for a pickup that is smaller,than a studio apartment gets great gas,mileage and is easy to park the maverick,especially when youre thinking about,price is probably better off with fewer,options added,in a world where pickup trucks are,getting larger and larger and new,vehicle prices are skyrocketing the,maverick stands apart now youre,probably best getting the base model,with a spray-in liner and all the money,you save from buying this vehicle you,can put towards buying a new 3d printer,and some lumber for more automotive,coverage next to the largest pile of,dirt in northern california be sure to,subscribe to engadget,you

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We drive the BASE Ford Maverick! | 2022 Ford Maverick Review

we love pickup trucks here in america the  best-selling trucks they hugely outsell the  ,most popular crossovers and sedans its not  even close but today were driving a truck  ,from a storied american automaker that looks  feels and drives more like a crossover than  ,it does a pickup this is the 2022 ford maverick  specifically the base xl trim for folks who want  ,basic utility out of a pickup this is the  maverick theyre likely going to purchase  ,it has an incredibly interesting value  proposition but does that make it a good buy  ,well before we find out please dont forget  to subscribe to the cargurus youtube channel  ,and head over to cargurus.com where you can  now sell your vehicle 100 online just enter  ,a few details to receive the best instant  cash offer sourced from our network of  ,thousands of dealerships its so simple get  an offer have your car picked up get paid  ,now there are two mini trucks on the market  compare this maverick to the equally petite  ,hyundai santa cruz though and it at least looks  more trucky the vertical grille is crossed by this  ,horizontal bar hosting the ford logo front and  center and then theres the interlocking headlight  ,design its all more upright and pragmatic looking  than the santa cruzs stylish front end moving  ,down the side youve got this squared up c pillar  the short bed these black plastic door handles  ,this looks like a truck were driving the lowest  cost trim level a point thats really driven home  ,by the 17-inch steel wheels these look like  something youd pull out of a salvage yard to  ,mount your snow tires on and yet so many people  love them theyre like the mavericks way of  ,hanging a sign around its neck that just says im  here to work at the back ford has stamped the name  ,maverick in big letters and the license plate  is mounted to the side of our optional trailer  ,hitch receiver this really is a great looking  vehicle it looks the part and despite its size  ,it really does look like a work truck but  its one thing to look like a hard worker  ,another thing to be a hard worker the mavericks  4.5 foot bed is small but its not as small as the  ,santa cruzs bed we also have this flip out bed  extender which helps increase the usable length  ,even without the bed extender ford has built in  some tricks to help you get the most out of the  ,maverick for instance you can reposition the angle  of the tailgate by changing the attachment points  ,from here to here that means that you can lay in a  sheet of plywood over the wheel wells and have it  ,sit flush across the tailgates lip then theres  fords flex bed system essentially were talking  ,about engineered in slots in the bed designed to  hold two by fours you can build all sorts of rigs  ,with this setup many of which ford offers plans  for you also have pre-wired 12-volt power sources  ,behind these plates and then there is the ford  integrated tether system or fits fits is a series  ,of slots designed to secure 3d printed items like  a trash bin or a cup holder all sorts of stuff  ,ford has released cad files for a bunch of  different integrations but it seems like the  ,possibilities are pretty much endless assuming  you have a 3d printer and an engineers mind  ,now sitting in the back seat well the maverick is  small and i guess we knew that the drivers seat  ,is currently set for my height and back here  i have space but not ample space particularly  ,down at my feet if i were any taller i dont  think i could really get comfortable back here,theres a lot of plastic in here the good news  is that it looks genuinely cool and it can look  ,even cooler with a two-tone design  thats available on other trims  ,the bad news is that it is still  plastic it still feels like plastic and  ,driving over crappy roads on a cold day well  it still sounds like plastic there are a lot  ,of squeaks but for petes sake the plastic is  part of the mavericks ethos this truck is all  ,about providing what you need and not much of  what you dont the best part of that ethos is  ,the price tag even after options and delivery  our test truck only ran about 23 maybe 24 grand  ,but the worst part is well its everything you  have to give up to get that price no leather no  ,sunroof no keyless entry i know matt i dont  want those things anyways well trust me this  ,feels more spartan than you think theres no  lights for the vanity mirrors the manual sliding  ,rear window thats an option and this is how you  turn the car on thats right a physical key you  ,can get remote start but youre still gonna turn a  key not push a button to get your maverick started,under the hood we have the base two and a half  liter four-cylinder engine its a hybrid with  ,front-wheel drive all-wheel drive is not available  with the hybrid powertrain and it uses a cvt it  ,makes 191 horsepower 155 pound-feet of torque  so yeah i mean this has a truck bed but in every  ,other regard this is a car its a front-wheel  drive unibody car with great fuel economy the epa  ,rates the hybrid maverick at 42 miles per gallon  in the city 42 33 on the highway 37 combined weve  ,been getting great fuel economy averaging about 38  miles per gallon in combined driving now you can  ,also get a maverick with a more powerful and more  expensive 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder makes  ,250 horsepower 277 pound-feet of torque and it  pairs with an eight-speed automatic transmission  ,maybe most notably that one you can get with  either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive  ,it also doubles the towing capacity from 2000  pounds to 4 000 pounds but it keeps payload at  ,1500 pounds it also doesnt get nearly as good  fuel economy at 23 city 30 highway 26 combined  ,the hybrid makes a bit of that hybrid car  noise particularly under braking and our  ,tester is predictably slow off the line but once  youre moving the maverick really scoots its  ,a terrific powertrain although as a northerner i  deeply deeply want all-wheel drive with the hybrid  ,it doesnt weigh much as equipped ours is a little  under 3 700 pounds so its a little bouncy which  ,is added to by the suspension theres a mcpherson  front but in the back its just a torsion beam  ,overall it it definitely feels more like a truck  than the hyundai santa cruz but it feels less like  ,a truck than well you know every other truck on  the market fords fitted this with a few driving  ,modes including normal eco and sport plus slippery  and tow and haul modes buy a maverick with the fx4  ,off-road package and eco and sport get  replaced by mud and ruts and sand modes  ,overall the maverick drives well enough  for its intended purpose i mean this is  ,this is not a sports car but all of  the little plastic bits on the interior  ,they did make a fair bit of noise particularly  when i was driving over some crummy pavement  ,the tech offering in this truck leaves a bit to be  desired you dont get front-running infotainment  ,software and what you do get runs on a relatively  small 8-inch screen this cubby next to the  ,screen is frankly sort of useless but its mere  existence has me thinking that maybe its just  ,ford pre-engineering a way to swap in a larger  screen down the road maybe in the 2023 maverick  ,i certainly hope thats the case sync 3 not to  be confused with sync 4 which is fords latest  ,infotainment software sync 3 is only optional  and its only optional on the lariat trim you  ,cant even get it on the xl or the xlt you get two  standard usb ports two more are optional wireless  ,phone charging is available but apple carplay and  android auto both still require a wired connection  ,and if you want satellite radio well you have to  get the lariat trim and throw in some extra cash  ,because it requires sync 3. if you want satellite  radio and you just have an xl trim tough  ,the driver information display in our tester  is super small too which limits the amount you  ,can see you can upgrade to a larger six  and a half inch display on th

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Brutally Honest Ford Maverick 2022 Review | Test Drive

welcome to cab driven this is the,all-new ford maverick,right now were in the back out in the,back roads of paul valley which id like,to say thank you to,seth wadley ford of pauls valley for,supporting us and giving us a vehicle,for the day to use,youre right now sitting in the all new,ford maverick now with that being said,this ford maverick is a 22 ford xlt two,liter turbo 250 horsepower this ones,actually a front-wheel drive you can get,them in all-wheel drive and you can also,get the hybrid system hybrid system of,being told is a little harder to get,now i bet youre wondering you can,probably go through the internet and,find a bunch of these videos on why,the ford maverick is the truck for you,now my goal is to give you an honest,review about this vehicle because what i,hate is more than anything is going on,these damn youtube channels trying to,find,a review,on a truck and then when i get to it and,buy it and love it,for three days and then i absolutely,hate the thing,i just got into this truck and i will be,quite honest its a little,different what i mean by different its,not different in bad i mean how could,you possibly judge right now im looking,at the window sticker and this truck is,twenty six thousand four hundred and,twenty five dollars twenty six thousand,000,30 000,it is is huge even after taxes it even,has a damn sunroof too that you can open,it does not have a back sliding back,window which unfortunately who cares,its such a small truck im not looking,forward to entertaining the people in,the back seat,though there is quite a few problems,with this truck though it is not a,hundred percent,amazing it its it could be a hell of a,lot better,let me show you,its not the prettiest thing ever,but nor is it ugly its kind of that in,between which im okay with,im not in it for look especially with,just under 30 000,i do not care,yes there is,no solid axle on this truck it is a,full-on independence even with the,all-wheel drive system,theres just a pumpkin in the middle and,two arms on each side,the ride on this thing is quite sublime,im actually quite happy that it has a,full independent suspension on it this,truck could have been way bouncier but,it really takes on the bumps oklahoma,roads are notorious for just being the,worlds worst,bumpiest just pothole driven roads out,there,and this truck actually takes the bumps,really really well,um there is quite a bit of engine noise,its not a bad noise nor is it a great,noise i mean its just a four cylinder,turbo when you get one of these trucks,youre getting it,basically to work youre not getting it,for any kind of fashion,and when i say work i mean you can take,this to school and still be on a budget,you can take this grocery shopping and,still have that capabilities of a truck,in the back you can still take this to,home depot lowes and still be just fine,i am quite happy the fact that i didnt,spend,40 to 50 even 60 70 80 in these trucks,and these uh half ton trucks are,starting to become 90 to 100 000 im,quite happy with the fact that i spent,less than 30 000 on a truck i could,crash this thing and still get,another one and still be better off i,like that its a little different when,you drive a mid-sized truck,nor are you youre not up here up tall,youre down here on the lower ground,youre almost like a regular suv,and thats okay im okay with it,im okay with the fact that it only does,have a four and a half foot bed it does,tow,not the greatest amount your payload if,you have just one person in the vehicle,you know thats not too heavy you know,you could get about 1500 pounds give or,take towing you do have pretty good,towing on this truck without the tow,package which is an optional extra i,think its about four to five hundred,bucks optional it is an option you go,from two thousand about a four thousand,pound towing which honestly in a truck,like this thats plenty we dont need to,go six ten,twelve thousand pounds on a little truck,like this i didnt get this truck to do,that i got this truck to do light to,medium work and thats exactly what this,does i rather have this,than the fort ranger and i hate to say,it this is what the ford ranger should,have been,this actually pisses me off a bit,because when i actually bought the ford,ranger,and i absolutely,hated the thing about two weeks in i was,like this thing is a pile of trash,that feels good i feel better about that,decision it has now been fixed i have,changed the name of this truck to a ford,ranger now i feel better about this,purchase im no longer driving a ford,maverick i am driving the all-new 2022,ford ranger its pretty remarkable,theres a few things i would say that i,would definitely not want on this truck,and its the orange the orange is pretty,distracting it grabs my eyes im not a,big fan of why certain things are orange,in this truck you know lets put your,phone right here thats thats all well,and good its just,its its a little its a little much,obviously we have the nice,nice beautiful seats right here,i love these seats the nice orange,stitching to go with our crazy orange,uh calipol not even cupholders but a,phone holder and then we have the vents,with orange on thats cute and,everything a couple of things that,really kind of irritated me right when,you first get in is,theyre trying to give you that optimal,space for storage i totally get im okay,with all of that,but theres certain areas where i,wouldnt put even,i wouldnt put anything in there even,change or even i wouldnt put any its,kind of a useless space they could have,done something different i,do,appreciate a few things on this truck,one i am a six foot three guy 270 pounds,i dont feel cramped i actually have,loads of room and i like that i dont i,mean for a twenty six thousand dollar,truck i mean twenty four thousand dollar,track less than thirty thousand period,it is actually quite roomy in here the,door are quite funky not a big fan of,the door handles im used to having an,actual handle here so its this is,missing i i dont,i get that but i like it its weird and,then,to top it all off weve got cubby holes,i know saying we want to see this thing,on the outside and look at it its way,too windy i really dont want to deal,with trying to fight the wind today this,is oklahoma if you know what i mean,if you live here you just you understand,theres not a 100 perfect day in,oklahoma and when they do come around,its so short of a time span before a,tornado comes through now they have,these cup holder pockets which is great,you could put your bottle right here,okay thats all well and good but what,in the hell is i mean thats thats deep,thats a deep cubby hole i dont get,that,why why they could have just opened this,thing up just a little bit more and made,it towards a little bit more useful that,is,thats somewhere you can lose stuff you,can hide your stash your pot in there,and hopefully the detector or whoevers,pulled you over because youre looking,like a lunatic in a lunar tickle vehicle,now,storage wise on the inside of the truck,thats one of i mean we got pretty good,storage here,obviously we got pretty good storage,here we got areas to put our phones we,got areas there for water bottles,obviously what i like about everything,being so low down here is youre not,gonna bump into it which is great i love,that i am going to,move this dial around and now its,locked,i i still i dont get that i dont like,this when you turn it on to go from park,reverse neutral or even drive there is,no stop in it it will continuously turn,continuously look at that i can just,keep,turning it,i dont know if im in drive or where i,am at but obviously theres an indicator,up here where it tells you what gear,youre in but still this this would be,great for i dont i dont want to have,to i want to keep my eyes on the road i,dont have to keep looking down i dont,want to keep looking over here i want to,keep my eyes on the road and know,exactly what im doing,now at the end of the day,is that dial going to affect an

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid: 10000 Mile Test Drive Update

foreign,[Music],[Applause],with test driven TV our long-term test,2022 Ford Maverick XL hybrid well its,finally reached the 10 000 mile Mark and,so were going to do a complete test,drive review all over again and tell you,what its really been like to live with,[Music],foreign,my friends so here we have an Excel,hybrid back when we ordered it in June,of 2021 its base MSRP was 1995 and we,added one option that being the 100,trailer hitch receiver for a full as,tested price of twenty one thousand five,hundred ninety dollars now since then,the price has gone up one thousand,dollars and with the 2023 models due to,be announced in September I expect were,going to see another price bump there,probably to about twenty two thousand,dollars for the base model and on up the,line when we ordered this and received,it obviously didnt look like this weve,done quite a few mods to this vehicle,since January of this year when we,finally did receive it and obviously,thats the graphics package here now,weve got a full video on this,freewheeling retro type graphic and down,in our playlist link below and at the,end you can see all of our Maverick,content talking about all the different,things here that you see that are not,Factory the wheels that were painted the,white stripe in the grill a lot of,little things that I did to the vehicle,that I happen to like I know a lot of,you people out there dont weve seen,the comments on our videos but thats,fine to each his own and also at the,back you can see added to the Maverick,here were a number of things including,an x-tang folding tonneau cover and,inside a factory drop-in bed liner a,do-it-yourself cleat and rail system,additionally some power outlets at the,back and again videos on how to and how,that was all done linked Down Below in,our playlist this is a vehicle that is,about the size of a Honda Accord and,footprint and it is based on the C2,architecture from Ford which means it,doesnt have a fully box frame like,other trucks out there its really more,akin to the construction you see in the,Honda Ridgeline and the Hyundai Santa,Cruz this being in the marketplace,really sort of a unicorn by itself,because it is the smallest it is the,least expensive and the most basic and,thats really the formula thats made,this a successful vehicle for Ford,the interior of the Ford Maverick is,basic and while this shares its,architecture with the Bronco sport the,interior certainly is not they created a,built to a price interior here and it,comes in any color backdrop you want so,long as its navy blue all three trim,grades of the Ford Maverick be it the XL,XLT or the lariat come with the Navy,Pier plastic theme and while changing,those trim grades does get you different,colored seats and accent pieces,throughout navy blue is the color theme,so if you dont like it sorry and,because this truck was designed to sell,for a low price regardless of your trim,grade all of this blue plastic is hard,plastic its a very basic interior not,only in its construction and in the,materials but in the features that are,offered here youre not going to find,leather seats offered youre not going,to find a lot of power and high-tech,stuff that youre going to find even in,the ranger or the F-150 and for the XL,thats just fine if you look around you,can see this has sort of a gray and,black trim combination with the blue the,seats themselves are black onyx what I,have found in my time living with it is,that it wears pretty well there are a,few places here and there where youre,going to find some scuffs and some,scratches where there are wear surfaces,but its been more robust than Ive,expected if you look at the steering,wheel very basic theres no buttons here,for cruise control theres a lot of,grousing out there on the internet about,how the XL doesnt come with cruise,control and I dont care I dont use it,so Im not missing it at all a lot of,people are there boy they are angry you,have to step up into the XLT or the,lariat in order to get cruise control at,least for the 2022 model year these,seats uh the cloth has been very good it,wears very well I think Im not showing,very much in the way of signs of wear,the Comfort level here not my favorite,seats when I review a Ford with these,seats I tend to complain because they,lack adjustment range and it doesnt,matter what trim grade you get the way,these seats adjust you dont have a full,height adjustment they hinge off the,front rather than adjust up and down and,so it takes a while to get used to the,seating position here that said over,eight months and Ten Thousand Miles Ive,come to a point where Im okay with them,the controls and the switch gear here,are actually pretty good in the level of,quality better than you might expect for,its price a lot of this is the same,exact Hardware youre going to find in,every other Ford even some Lincoln,models Ive got climate control a manual,climate control but climate control,nonetheless even in the XL and down here,on the center console lots of storage,Cubbies the front has a nice place for,your phone of course in the middle is,the dial shift selector not my favorite,I always prefer a lever and living with,this truck for almost a year hasnt,changed my opinion on that electric,parking brake behind that buttons for,the drive modes and traction control,behind that a little cubby here and,inside the center console a pretty good,space a little bit larger than a square,tissue box for storage as you look,around the interior there are a few,things that Ive added I put the,all-weather floor mats in the tray style,rubber mats I absolutely love them,because I get in and out of here with,dirty boots all the time and that keeps,the carpet from getting old and worn out,fast and in the back Ive got the little,Trash Can there that came with the fits,kit the back seat of the Ford Maverick,as you can see is a pretty compact place,youre not going to mistake this for,sitting in the back of an F-150 though,even though Im 58 Ive got a pretty,decent level of room these seats are set,for my height and Ive got about two,inches of legroom here and if I were to,put them in the center theres three,because theres an indentation on the,seat the seating position is not too low,its not too high I would call it,average right in the middle it is a,pretty flat firm seat though I wouldnt,say the most comfortable in the world if,youre putting two adults back here,probably going to be okay three kids,probably okay there is is a seat belt,for the center passenger there are no,vents back here when it comes to,amenities we are on the low side again,given the price tag I think thats okay,there is a 12 volt Port back here for,plugging in Chargers accessories and,things like that now for versatility the,seat does fold upward giving you access,to storage underneath now on the hybrid,its a little bit truncated because the,battery sits over here underneath the,passenger side of it the 12 volt battery,so it takes up a little bit of space,that the EcoBoost doesnt lose but to be,honest with you Ive only sat in this,back seat two maybe three times and,every single time Ive had that camera,staring at me right there I just dont I,dont sit back here I draw it so um yeah,I guess its okay for people,for the most part this is a very well,done interior people are generally happy,with it regardless of the trim grade yes,when you step up into the 30 32 000,Lariat it starts to feel cheap but here,in the XL its good this interior gets,four out of five stars,when it comes to the infotainment system,Ford gave us a very stripped down touch,screen audio system AM FM it does have,Bluetooth connectivity and it does have,Android auto and apple carplay,connectivity plugging it in now when it,comes to audio quality it is sufficient,for the XL when you get up into the,lariat and you option the extra audio,system package you can get sync 3 but,this is not sync 3 it doesnt even come,standard in this its a sort of stripped,down version of that and

2022 Ford Maverick | Family Pickup Review

[Music],were driving a 2022 ford maverick,coming up were going to discuss whether,or not a little pickup truck like this,can be family friendly but first,information explosion,[Music],lets start with interior,sweetie what do you think about the,interior of the ford maverick i really,like it it feels like theyve taken a,lot of risks here and it pays off like,this bold orange color this very um odd,diamond pattern here theyve taken what,are,objectively cheap materials and made,them super interesting and compelling if,you cant be expensive at least be,interesting as far as space is concerned,so its a compact pickup truck but i can,sit behind myself just fine theres,enough knee clearance not a ton of knee,clearance but plenty but head room is,great which is a little surprising too,because one of my complaints is that the,rear seat back is pretty darn vertical i,like to sit upright so just put me in,the back oh okay if you have excellent,posture in the back you go what about,getting our kid in and out the ride,height of this is low enough that she,can step in fairly easily and im also,able to reach over her easily yeah,getting the seatbelt on like was really,simple because you can just step a foot,in and i think if you were willing to,slide the front seat forward just a,little bit you could put a rear-facing,uh child seat in the the back there,without too much issue i think its very,accommodating for parents we got to talk,about the bed though,im suddenly getting rained on that was,weird,i think a tree peed on us,what you didnt know trees peed,they dont pee,the bed its a four and a half foot bed,you can uh put up to 1500 pounds of,payload um total in the bed,youve got d-rings and tie-downs theres,a little storage nook on the right side,of the bed theres available uh power in,the back so if you have like an e-bike,you can charge it up back there they,have the standard e-d-i-y electrical,connector set up on either side of the,bed so you can,kind of do your own electrical wiring to,add whatever you want to power what,would you power in the back of your,maverick tell us in the comments,and then theyve got these slat um holes,i guess that uh you can put two by fours,or uh you know two by sixes and you can,create like a false floor or you can,create uh dividers in the bed um theres,a ton of flexibility and ford has like a,qr code back there that you can scan and,thatll take you to a page where they,give you all this detail on like things,you can make like oh you can make your,own bike rack,and its like you know 40 bucks worth of,parts or something like that and a hunk,of wood oh and then the tailgate is,definitely not damp but you can do it in,a two position setup so you can like,keep stuff from sliding out by kind of,angling up the back a little bit theres,so much functionality back there i it,feels like ive been talking forever,like that to me too because because its,me it feels twice as long as it actually,has been and now just to give people a,break from all the micah talking tell me,sometimes bed sides are so high,that you cant really,get over that any issues oh it was great,i used it when i was shooting the,maverick to store all my stuff as long,as what im putting in there isnt flat,like a backpack super easy but i might,have trouble getting a phone im gonna,have playing in there yeah,and because you guys are gonna ask in,the comments how tall are you im five,two five two actually im five one and a,half but i round up i dont know,oh yeah one more bed thing um if you,want a drink and then a friend also,wants a drink at the exact same time,there are two bottle openers,supplementing all the cargo space in the,bed the interior has a ton of cargo,space so theres a an under,seat storage area in the back some of,that space is taken up with the hybrids,battery so you get a little bit more,space if you go with the non-hybrid,ecoboost version but you noticed,something with the that access you can,flip the seat up and access that area,which is fantastic but if you have a car,seat installed they are not split,folding so you have to remove the car,seat and the kid probably in order to,access that space that said elsewhere,throughout the interior theres all,sorts of little storage spots theres a,spot right up here on the dash where my,sunglass case would go if it wasnt such,a foggy day theres this spot here that,evie doesnt think anything should go,into but i bet you can figure out,something yes tell me what i should put,there theres this little slot right,here like if you have a parking ticket,or something like that so were a little,bit split here on door functionality,they kind of,made it this pass-through space so if,you have a really big bottle you can put,put that in the door and theres just,some it kind of goes back far i feel,like i havent fully grasped the ways i,can use the door you had an issue there,so its great because you are always,carrying a large water and i am always,carrying a large cup of coffee the water,fits fantastic but my coffee mug i had,set it in the back one and driven a,little bit and it flopped right out and,if the lid hadnt been locked it would,have gotten coffee everywhere,youve been worn yes,cup holders here cup holders in the rear,uh armrest which is something that our,bronco doesnt have theres all sorts of,little spots that if you have stuff you,can put your stuff in here,and then as far as safety seven airbags,come standard including a drivers side,knee airbag along with automatic,emergency braking so family overall what,do we think is the ford maverick despite,its compact designation family friendly,family friendly yeah i think its family,friendly rear window test,[Music],no not that rear window test other rear,window test,[Music],yeah thats the stuff arm rest test so,driving in a comfortable eight and four,the outboard armrest is very squishy so,thats an accommodating place inboard,though youve got stitching which is,very very lightly abrasive but the real,problem is that underneath it theres,this,hard plastic bit that makes that an,uncomfortable perch for my inboard im,going to go three quarters up on the,outboard but only a quarter up on the,inboard hey have you subscribed to our,channel if you havent please do at 100,000 subs were going to review a,windowless white van style,i bet you have thoughts what do you,think of the style of ford maverick baby,its so cute its a small size and the,fact that theres that black plastic,along the bed it makes it almost look,like a cartoon character i really like,it it is super adorable especially if,you add cartoon eyes in your instagram,feed that really enhances its cuteness,its a fairly,minimalist approach if you compare it to,lets say the hyundai santa cruz youre,getting a lot of style for your dollar,there whereas this is a simpler design,that i think will probably have a little,bit greater longevity,what do you guys think do you like the,look of the ford maverick if so tell us,in the comment section and if youre,curious what were doing between youtube,videos you can give us a follow over on,instagram shes mostly humans and cats,im mostly cars and helicopters,its true,moving on in motion,[Music],this feels very much like driving an suv,you would not know,that youre driving a pickup truck,unless you look out back and you see,that little slidy slide window ride,quality and interior quiet for a vehicle,with the starting price under 20 000.,forget the pickup truck stuff this feels,really nice,yeah it does,as for steering um i think the steering,feels just fine,its almost unremarkable oh how,convenient were coming to a stop and,then from the stop im going to floor it,as i floor it we yeah,oh got a little bit of tire spin as i,went over that little section of,pavement on the right there yeah i think,its approaching zippy territory which,is great for the standard powertrain,this is the hybrid but you get that,instant torque and i think it feels,great and the other thing i really like,too is that

I Finally Got a New Ford Maverick and Heres What I Really Think of It

rev up your engines,all right today im going to talk about,the ford maverick not the car the pickup,truck theyre just starting to roll them,out and as per usual im going to tell,you the truth this isnt some dealer,demo they sent and paid me money to say,all kinds of great stuff about them this,is an actual guy in virginia who bought,it and were gonna get the truth about,it not lies from some company but the,truth about me analyzing it and him,telling his experience so far if you get,the base model its cheaper than a model,t ford when you add inflation today a,model t ford will be about 25 grand and,they start at 20. theyre definitely,lower price they are made in mexico,theyre not a full frame theyre a,unibody construction like a lot of the,smaller vehicles are these days almost,all suvs these days are unibody theyre,not body on frame now i gotta say,theyre a nice looking truck this is an,xlt this is a higher end one this is an,all-wheel drive version which most,people are gonna like for one reason,its a permanent all-wheel drive system,just itself with computers so youre,gonna get the best handling now,interestingly enough the cheaper,mavericks theyre only front-wheel drive,and you might think front-wheel drive,pickup truck pickup trucks are all,rear-wheel drive no their theory is,completely different a lot better gas,mods with front-wheel drive than wheel,drive its more efficient theres less,power loss between the transmission and,the wheels and two they handle a whole,lot better you get an average rear wheel,drive pickup truck they spin all over,the place especially in the snow and wet,roads front wheel drive is better these,things actually handle a lot better with,just the front wheel drive and of course,this is all-wheel drive so it handles,even better now that choice is up to you,do you want to spend extra for all-wheel,drive are you happy with front-wheel,drive if youre one of those guys thats,going out in the woods in the country on,dirt roads mud maybe you live where it,snows and sleets a lot the all-wheel,drive is going to be more for you,all-wheel drive front-wheel drive it,doesnt matter in the snow the more,important thing is your tires if youre,really going in snows you have to ditch,these tires and put more aggressive no,tires on these are all seasoned tires,the continental tires theyre good tires,but realize another thing lets say you,brought the front wheel drive only,version you can get away with just,buying front wheel drive snow tires and,drive it perfectly fine if you got an,all-wheel drive system all four wheels,have to have the same exact tires on,them because of the design of the,all-wheel drive system or will wear,things out faster if youre thinking,all-wheel drive think you also gotta buy,four snow tires in the winter all the,same where you could get away with just,snow tires on the front if you go for,front wheel drive the long run its,gonna be a lot cheaper with a front,wheel drive now these things come with a,bunch of different engines but this is,the xlt so some strange reason you gotta,pull it twice,i know maybe they think that clientele,is dumb and theyre going to pull it,driving down the road so they got to do,it twice well whatever its a,four-cylinder engine and as you can see,heres a high-pressure pump its an,ecoboost engine its got gasoline direct,injection it puts out some decent,horsepower now it doesnt put out the,191 combined horsepower if you had,bought the hybrid version because thats,got a gasoline and an electric motor,that one puts out 191 horsepower engine,puts out 250 horsepower you get a lot,more horsepower now thats where you got,to decide what do you want to buy do you,want to get a conventional four-cylinder,engine with 250 horsepower or do you,want to get a hybrid one that has an,atkinson cycle engine thats more,complex nobody knows how to work on them,and an electric motor which is much more,complex to get a total of 191 horsepower,truthfully id probably go for this,engine youre going to get better gas,mileage out of the hybrid of course,average over 30 miles a gallon this,particular one on his trip he said he,got about 25 miles a gallon not bad for,a pickup truck thats got 250 horsepower,you know theres nothing wrong with that,at all but if youre the person who,wears more gas mileage,then youd want to go with the hybrid,version because youre going to get,better gas mods with the hybrid theres,no arguing that now as it stands today,at least with the list price youd pay 2,000 2500 bucks more for the hybrid than,you would for this but lets face it,its a pickup truck americans want a,little bit of power in their pickup,trucks most people will probably be a,lot happier having a 250 horsepower and,losing a little bit of the gas mileage,because theyre going to be able to pull,more realistically in the real world you,know the ratings dont mean anything you,can rate things all kinds of ways with,250 horsepower youre going to be able,to carry more and pull more thats just,the way that it is in the real world,its pretty well laid out,easy to work on theres the spark plugs,theres the fuel pump theres a lot of,working room if you need to do anything,in the future and as you can see when we,go underneath we really cant see,anything because its got all this,plastic wrap but it is all-wheel drive,theres the driveshaft for the front and,when we go to the back theres the,differential and you can see theres a,lot of ford technology in this we got a,lot of aluminum parts for less weight,got a decent suspension system in the,back too its modernized its not just a,plain old solid axle theyre independent,suspension and a cv shaft coming out of,both sides its not rough and tumble,like an old solid axle just going,straight to the wheels where they dont,ride all that well and you can see like,i said,its unibody construction,its all one piece welded together sort,of like a frame here you know but its,all connected and welded together it,doesnt on both and yes your truck,lovers everywhere it still has a spare,tire,a real spare tire,not some baby spare tire something you,can actually use in an emergency its a,low-priced truck but its still got,discs in the back and discs in the front,got a reasonable amount of room with,four doors hes a smart man hes got a,fire extinguisher here quite a bit of,room now it is an economy car so it,doesnt have the old ford sliding window,you know youd have to add that extra,yourself that started up its a bit,shorter than me so now theyre autonomy,cars so you got a hand slide what the,heck it works as good as anything else,and it wont break either so,check it out its actually got a key i,like keys keys are harder to steal,easier to work on sure its got a,smaller screen but its an economy,vehicle and theres still crazy a lot of,stuff on it none of these electronic,transmissions but what can you do thats,how they make them these days well first,we got to turn the parking brake off,because its electronic parking brakes,im not a fan of it either but the first,thing i notice is i put it in gear its,not shaking at all got a pretty good,backup camera look its going to keep me,from running into the neighbors mailbox,again put it back in drive and take off,now the first thing you notice its a,little pickup truck but its reasonably,high up in the air and yes they are made,in mexico but on this particular one,i gotta say im pretty impressed by the,quality because as we take a corner here,i dont hear any creaking or rattling,and it actually rides quite smooth now,ive read all about these but its the,first one ive driven and i do have to,say it handles much better than any,little bitty pickup truck ive ever been,in branded this is an all-wheel drive,version thats set up to handle quite,well but from what i read about the,front wheel drive ones they also handle,quite well anybody out there got a,front-wheel drive one hey id like to,compare it this is the four-cylinder,two-liter fords been making it for,quite s

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