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The Forever Purge Review

the annual purge will conclude in three,two one,the forever purge nicely separates,itself from the metropolis mayhem of the,previous films while also giving us a,possible ending to the franchise,the latest installment unleashes sheer,chaos dropping us into a complete point,of no return that feels both,natural to the series evolution and,exciting for fans who have been,following this dystopian political,horror saga for the past decade,please,no it aint whereas the previous films,and tv show have been set in urban,settings and suburbs the forever purge,takes us into a sun-baked texas border,town for a look at what purge violence,might be like for those not living in,labyrinthine cities,but theres a catch this purge is unlike,the rest,the new founding fathers of america are,back in business after what seemed like,the happy ending of the purge election,year,the forever purge in many ways feels,like a restart after election years,hard-fought new dawn,but once this movies first act is over,its better understood why the story has,been softly rebooted,things get way uglier in the forever,purge and way more reflective of our,current socio-political climate,in a manner that almost feels like the,purge movies are now running neck and,neck with us,and not merely playing the what if game,the purge series has always been about,white supremacy and power but the,forever purge takes the stealth racism,and classism that the nffa hid behind,and reveals it to be nothing more,than pure wretched hate which makes this,the most harrowingly relevant movie of,the franchise,the forever purge takes place at a time,when all the homegrown nazis can own the,streets and violently turn on people of,color,theres a part of the film that tries to,smooth this over slightly by having some,of the ever after purgers,simply turn on the rich but the,prevailing bloodshed is primarily,directed at non-whites in an effort to,purify the nation ana de la reguera and,tenoch huerta,play adela and juan a mexican couple,fleeing cartel violence who came to,america while non-purge policies were in,effect,unfortunately for them because the nffa,was voted back into office theyre,forced to endure their first ever 12,hours of the purge,joining them are the well-to-do tucker,clan who purgers are looking to kill,and steal their ranch these characters,must make their way through the daytime,carnage on a trek that is no longer,about surviving a single night,so much as surviving america the purge,films operate enjoyably as,elevated bee movies with enough action,and intrigue to suck you in while also,not presenting themselves as anything,more than pulpy pleasure,the forever purge offers little in the,way of surprises outside of the actual,premise itself which,is game changing for the series the,story plays out rather broadly and at,times rotely but,everyone gives it their all and fiercely,fulfills their role as unlikely action,heroes and director everardo gut,makes the most of this new mad world,tossing our main characters into,something that more resembles a zombie,movie or disaster flick than what we,normally associate with a purge knight,for a little while because of the shift,in location and no tethering characters,from past films the forever purge feels,like an outlier in a distracting way,once the slaughter starts though and,purge hallmarks begin popping in,the film feels like an outlier in an,invigorating way especially how it,blatantly once and for all calls out the,purge as an overtly racist,entity that dog whistles to nazis not,that this was exactly a subtle fact,previously,in the end this franchise has,triumphantly imploded in on itself,because,well thats what the purge would,inevitably do we gotta find another way,to get out of here,the forever purge is the most different,film of the franchise in terms of themes,setting and overall,look this is the monster finally,achieving its true form,the hateful creature thats always been,right underneath the surface has now,hatched,and for better or worse the series will,never be the same,seeing purge violence in the daylight is,striking and disturbing since its,something close to what were used to,absorbing in real life,the dystopian fantasy elements of the,saga are now at their thinnest,painting a cinematic world that may hit,too close to home for some,ultimately its a solid entry that can,either act as an ending,or a new beginning for more reviews of,the latest movies be sure to like and,subscribe wherever you like to watch,ign thank you for your participation,we survived all police and emergency,services have been,reinstated all crime including murder,is now illegal

Everything Wrong With The Forever Purge In 16 Minutes Or Less

56 seconds of logos also comcast walking,walking walking excitement,this runs ahead with the,explicit goal of immediately doubling,back for this jump scare like the, he is kids the forever sin,and im only going to give this card to,you and none of the other immigrants,because reasons mexicans flee cartel,violence seeking the american dream glad,to see the series has moved away from,the lofty claim that the purpose of the,purge was to solve economic inequality,and now has its sights set on the far,more retrievable goal of dealing with,racial tension brought about by,immigration much better as if to fully,illustrate how far beyond redemption,these people are we are shown this pig,being forced to watch the barbecuing of,its swiney and bovine brethren all the,perfectity of it all white supremacy,rising as disinformation spread and on,your left youll see our new exhibition,which showcases the purge in its much,maligned watercolor phase of,expositional opening credit news,position in case you confused it with,the los feliz valley in maine why does,your brother have to prove himself all,the time oh i dont know maybe its,because you say like i know someone who,can calm that beast right in front of,him little more horse than you expected,huh hey thats exactly what i said to my,college girlfriend the first time we had,sex,no no it was not the horse whisperer too,whisper harder successfully subduing a,substantial stallion by simply singing a,softly spoken spanish serenade thats,cowboy no with anything thats a horse,man god this film isnt going to get,anything right is it get back to work,get back to work did they all stop,working so they could watch dylan fail,at taming a horse either that or its a,scheduled break in which case did they,just choose to spend their break,watching dillon fail to tame a horse,oh yeah because pounds and ounces are,the american dream baby viva voodoo,wait shes lucky she got you to walk her,through this she is and youre lucky you,have me to run this place vanity,fingering a spoon of guacamole and then,returning it back to the serving bowl,thats how you get jormigas we can all,lock down together,oh i hate the damn purge its hard to be,social on that night the man isnt,suggesting you have a hoe down,hes talking about combining your,numbers to give you a better chance of,survival theres a fine line between,observational satire and just making me,feel miserable by pointing out that like,a 40 off all gun sale is a thing that,would absolutely happen if the purge,were ooh free beer youre doing a good,job one my sons a hair rattled because,yesterday,dont take offense this is a nice,gesture but how about you have this,conversation with the in,question we are now just one hour away,from the annual purge i suppose it,wouldnt be a true purge movie unless it,used expositional news updates like,punctuation also three movies a prequel,and a tv show later and these people are,still waiting until the last hour before,the damn purge starts to get themselves,locked out wheres the contingency plan,if you get stuck in traffic one of your,security measures breaks down some,yee-haw decides to purge 30 minutes,early because lets be honest who would,ever know i could understand,local businesses cashing in on all the,build up to the purge with special,offers and themed events but a special,on drinks on purge night itself whose,bright idea was that then again i,suppose if youre dumb enough to keep,your bar open on purge night youre,probably dumb enough to think people,will still be paying for when there are,literally no laws entering a room and,turning the television off without,asking if the people already in the room,were watching hmm you know what im just,not sure if this place is big enough for,the four of them to stay locked down for,12 hours probably for the best that they,sent juan adele and tt away to the janky,building in the middle of town wouldnt,want to run out of recliners now would,we this may look intimidating but if the,idea is to conceal your identity then,putting on the mask before you go out in,public is probably a better idea,trusting anyone on purge night this is,not a test montage of people from,different socioeconomic backgrounds and,varying ethnicities gather around the tv,to listen to the red screen of doom in,the purge movie cliche yes there has now,been enough of these damn things to,constitute it being its own cliche dont,hate the center man,if youre allowed to break any at all,laws during this 12-hour period wouldnt,that mean you are also allowed to break,the law regarding which weapons are,permitted perhaps one day i will stop,attempting to apply any sort of logic to,this ridiculous situation but as our,society seems to be inching closer and,closer to this sort of insanity seeming,less and less far-fetched i think its,important to fully understand the,practicalities you know just in case,if the fire department is not available,then it makes you wonder why anyone even,worries about guns setting fire at every,building house or structure you could,would easily be the most effective way,to spread destruction perch movie,doesnt know how to purge correctly this,man wastes no time in getting his purge,on but i have to ask what kind of,dumbass takes part in the purge with,only a knife i can see carrying one as a,last resort surely you wouldnt put,yourself through this without a gun,especially in texas movie has time for,this,well how does sheriff fitting that a,horse wiffle of a convenience what are,you doing out here,i thought i heard something but somehow,that something wasnt cassidys,footsteps as she clunked over this hard,concrete floor this is our country okay,and we can choose to bring a baby into a,world of love why are you laughing at me,you just kind of turned me on hell yeah,nothing gets me hornier than blind,patriotism and childbirth also is she,just letting go the whole i almost shot,you point blank moment and getting right,to the dry humping i guess she is did,you learn to handle a weapon like that,she raised the gun and looked through,the sight im not saying abdullah isnt,a badass because she most certainly is,but if youve seen more than one action,movie you know the basics of holding a,gun,so the night is already over ah that,wasnt too bad i guess this should be,wrapping up shortly ill just double,check this run time and,[Applause],all right come on lets get to work,being the kind of boss who doesnt let,your employees off the day after purge,night i mean this is his goddamn sister,were supposed to be somewhat rooting,for dylan right the day after the first,should be a holiday,its a holiday how does one not know,what the word holiday refers to hes,been in the states for 10 months if the,purge is in march then hes been in the,country for july 4th halloween,thanksgiving christmas etcetera he would,have heard the word at least a few times,someone needs to inform this dog of the,purge rules again he or she had an,entire 12 hours to eat all the people,they wanted to god all over the state,violence incidents ended hours ago,the news production crew who definitely,would have seen this gunman coming and,decided to carry on filming instead of,warning the reporter why would you put,this trap in what is essentially a,deserted alley other than the company,adela is working for there is not much,around here maybe the forever purgers,have these set up in multiple places but,we never see that if its the case and,that still doesnt answer the question,of why you would waste a trap of this,design in this alley maybe a simple bear,trap or something but this would take a,decent amount of time and effort to set,up ah sudden coco even if you didnt,think this was a trap setup from the,previous night why is adela trying to,free the goat she has no idea why its,there and it doesnt appear to be,hurting or malnourished make sure its,got some water and maybe some snacks but,thats not your goat to free adela no,one will be seated during the,ridiculously

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How To Beat The PURGE UPRISING In “The Forever Purge”

[Music],if you were stuck in a country where,blood thirsty revolutionaries have,toppled the government and are hunting,down anyone that gets in their way what,would you do america is a complete,anarchy and if you dont escape the,country youll never make it out alive,im going to break down the mistakes,made what you should do and how to beat,the perchers in forever purge america is,about to be destroyed juan and his wife,adela are riding a bus to a group,shelter where the weight of the,countrys most violent day of the year,for 12 hours all crimes are legalized,and if anyone is caught outside while it,happens theyre guaranteed to get,murdered the couple and their friend,arrived the shelter to find a bunker,full of some of the poorest people in,the area walking inside the couple here,notice an emergency broadcast has,started playing on the tv and the others,gather around to listen as theyre told,that the purge is about to start during,this time all emergency services will,not be available and with that an alarm,rings out signaling that the purge has,officially begun throughout the city,people start to celebrate as they,brutally slaughter each other leaving,bodies all over town its absolute,carnage and the couple weigh nervously,in the shelter but after 12 long hours,an alarm starts blaring to signal the,end of the purge the shutters open and,everyone inside starts cheering they,think theyre all safe but they have no,idea that this purge will be unlike any,theyve ever seen later that day adella,here arrives at her workplace but,notices several of her co-workers are,missing curious she goes outside hoping,to find them but discovers a cage in the,middle of the alley with a goat inside,trying to free the animal she reaches in,and manages to pull the release lever,but its a trap suddenly these bars,shoot up locking her in place and she,slipped over on top of the cage two,purgers wearing rabbit costumes come out,of a dumpster and she begs them for help,but one of the men tells her that this,is the forever perch no one can stop it,and its just getting started,okay of course this was a trap this is,an urban environment and people dont,just leave their goats inside 300 pound,cages in the middle of the city its,completely outside of its natural,environment and thats why setting this,goat free is the stupidest thing she,could possibly do as soon as its,released its going to wander around and,eventually cross a busy street where it,will be run over by a car this woman is,also right in the middle of her work,shift only two hours after the purge has,ended that means even if she managed to,save this goat she had no plan on what,to do next this woman spent plenty of,time inspecting the cage but looking at,this chain on the side its not hard to,figure out how this thing is designed,the lever pulls on the chain which,rotates the gear and swings the door,forward she should have realized that,standing right in front of the gate,while you try to open it is a pretty bad,idea and with that kind of brain,activity its no wonder she fell for,this trap now you might be thinking that,adela here should have no reason to,suspect this would happen the purge is,over and nobodys allowed to murder,anyone after 7am but she really should,have known better if you look here at,the tv screen youll see that one of the,headlines is about a man who was,arrested for celebrating the purge too,early when you let 330 million people,kill each other every year there must be,thousands of cases where people dont,follow the rules as you can see in the,background there are no policemen or,military out in the streets and all,services are concentrated on cleaning up,the bodies of the city so it wouldnt be,hard for a bunch of drunk perchers to,keep killing the next day now as for,this trap whats disappointing here is,that the woman didnt even try to escape,if you look here along the steel poles,there arent any holes along the sides,that would tell us theres a locking,mechanism thats keeping her pin down if,she had just tried pushing up on the,middle bar here she might have been able,to get out and roll off of the opposite,side of the cage and since she didnt,close the shutters to her workplace she,could easily run back inside to find,help but there was one way she could,have used her downtime which would have,been much more satisfying mythic heroes,is a multi-civilization idol rpg game,and its perfect for those who want to,play strategically but dont have the,time and with afk mode your heroes will,level up and grow stronger even when,youre busy doing other things you can,use the auto ultimate feature to clear,campaigns at a high speed and the auto,assault function to automatically enter,the next level with minimal clicks that,way you can progress quickly and collect,rewards even when youre busy escaping a,death trap so you can enjoy the game no,matter what kind of playstyle you have,it has so many great features you can,choose heroes from various civilizations,around the globe played in nine mythical,worlds you can even collect ssr and you,are heroes including zeus the greek god,of the sky and thunder and tamamo the,legendary japanese fox spirit each hero,has exclusive skills and weapons and by,enhancing their abilities and combining,those with powerful artifacts and,divinities you can outsmart your enemies,in epic battles finding the most,strategic ways to arrange your teams,factions and formations will be the key,to winning even the toughest fight,mythic heroes is also a great platform,to play with your friends you can not,only team up with or challenge them but,also hire their strongest heroes and use,them in your battle its time to,experience a next-gen aaa game from your,mobile phone click the link in the,description box to download the app and,automatically receive a 200 mythic,heroes gift pack after downloading the,game and dont forget to choose your,favorite ssr hero to start your journey,thank you mythic heroes for sponsoring,this video adella here is completely,helpless but thats when someone sneaks,up and attacks the purgers from behind,its her boss and the man fights one of,them with a metal pipe before he,brutally caves his head running up to,save her he lifts the bars off her neck,and frees her from the cage but hes,suddenly attacked by the second purger,who throws him against the wall adella,here grabs the man from behind dragging,his head directly beneath the spike trap,and her boss activates it killing the,purger on the spot theyve managed to,survive but their day is about to get a,lot worse the police arrive at the scene,with their guns drawn thinking that they,just killed two innocent people,arresting them theyre taken into police,custody while their co-worker watches,nervously in the background meanwhile,her husband juan and his friend tt,arrive at the branch where they work but,when they see the horses running free,they realize something is wrong getting,out of the car the men head to the house,where they can hear someone talking,looking around the corner juan here sees,a group of perchers and realizes theyre,about to execute his employer along with,his entire family the leader here takes,off his mask and tells them that theres,going to be a revolution the purge will,never end and the rich must now pay for,their crimes its a hell of a speech but,he never notices that behind them the,immigrants have their guns drawn and are,getting into position noticing the,workers the old man creates a,distraction and accuses the leader of,being a hypocrite pointing out that by,continuing the purge theyre just,supporting a system designed to,eliminate people just like him losing,his temper the leader has heard enough,and shoots the old man on the head but,thats when juan and his friend come out,to attack rushing forward they take the,purgers completely by surprise killing,their leader as the rest of them retreat,into the house the worker here unties,the rest of the family to set them free,but theyre

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The Forever Purge is… (REVIEW)

yes tomorrow is purge night,they all laughed pointed fingers,humiliated me,but tomorrow they wont be laughing,anymore,so with the powers vested in me on purge,night i now pronounce you man,and funko pop hey guys thanks for,clicking on this video my name is chris,i just got done watching the forever,purge,and this time around its the fifth,installment in the purge franchise where,in the previous movie we got to look at,the first ever purge we now go back to a,current state,in the world of the purge where they,have reinstated it and now people have,decided,to continue purging past the one day,theyre allowed to purge,thats all pretty much i give any,spoilers to you guys this is a spoiler,free review now as far as how i feel on,the perch franchise in general,ive always been kind of hit or miss on,it because i think the premise of the,movies is just always so cool,one night a year where crime is,completely legal you could do whatever,you want i think that has always held,the door wide open for such endless,crazy cool possibilities but now with,five movies in this franchise,im 50 50 with some of these being good,and some of these being ones i really,wouldnt want to watch again,specifically now having seen the forever,purge,imma put it on the side that it would be,one id watch again and even with me,saying that that i believe the forever,purge belongs on the side of some of the,better purge movies thats not saying a,whole lot speaking on what i did really,like about this movie it might even be,for personal reasons because,every purge movie has a political,message and thats always a part of the,purge movies that just get me so,uninterested,so bored so like i just want to see,people go,crazy and interesting crazy scenarios on,purge,night why are we talking about founding,fathers and,this rich guy making this so the poor,die every movie we gotta have a damn,speech about they made this just to get,rid of us they dont want us here this,is a trap yeah okay so what kill,somebody with a chainsaw now were you,going to some movies expecting a little,bit of deep storytelling nice metaphors,in there for the purge,i always went in just to see some crazy,disaster in an entertaining fashion but,with the forever purge it was a,political message that i kind of,understand and have lived my whole life,through because the main theme in here,is with immigration and how in this,purge the people who,organized to have the purge going on,forever past the given day,were wanting to specifically target,foreigners eradicate them from the us,because they think theyre a plague on,the country so this whole notion of our,main characters now having to race to,the border to escape the u.s so that,they can be free,i thought was an interesting take on the,franchise and me myself being hispanic i,heavily related with some of the themes,in here,of that i definitely know if the purge,was real youd have people on that side,who would do nothing on purge night but,to kill,other people of different races is just,a fact i thought they even did something,brilliant with the main characters,involved in this movie i,like these two leads i thought they were,very fun to watch and you wanted to see,them get through the purge night but,attached to that they had an american,couple that i,absolutely hated at the beginning of the,movie and i thought the film was setting,up for something to happen with their,characters and i was like oh i cant,wait for her to go down to show me that,scene already because,i cant stand this man and as the film,progressed i found myself now caring for,this character i hated a minute ago,wanting to see them succeed in their,mission and thats something ive never,had happen before in a purge franchise i,also thought this installment of the,purge did a lot better job with the,suspense because they have a main goal,they have a time frame where they need,to go to mexico,or else theyre trapped in the u.s,forever where its an apocalyptic purge,and the movie just constantly reminding,you how much time they have left an,obstacle that gets in their way oh,theyre not gonna be able to make it or,are they,whos gonna survive whos not gonna,survive i was actually invested in that,and on the edge of my seat of like oh,come on make it out i hope theyre okay,but at the end of the day that same,political message that i found kind of,intriguing and,attached to a lot of people will think,of it as really,too heavy-handed is pushing an agenda,that i could see the movie trying to put,up a mirror to society and people,rolling their eyes like,oh my god i came to the theater to,escape this world not be reminded of the,horrors,and speaking of horror i dont even know,if you could categorize the purge movies,as a horror movie because i feel like,theyve delved into the world of being,action movies now also thought the movie,did a horrible job with setting,up a main bad guy in this film because,like i said the ultimate goal of these,characters are to get across the border,so theyre safe from the us,and along the way they meet a couple of,people that tried to stop them and i,felt like the movie would have been a,lot stronger if they had,one main center bad guy follow them,throughout instead they just,randomly throw in oh this guy hates him,now and hes gonna follow him to the,death oh wait now its gonna be this guy,now its this guy so ill stand by,saying i enjoy this movie but it has,still not changed my overall enjoyment,of the entire purge franchise i still,just kind of feel meh on it and now with,five movies in,i dont really know if theres something,else you could do to really elevate,things,the writer of this movie went ahead and,said he has an idea for a sixth movie,that jason blum and universal likes it,so if by the end of this weekend it,makes a lot of money you can bet theyre,gonna make another perch so with the,forever purge im gonna give action two,and a half stars here like i said these,have delved into becoming,action movies more than horror films but,its really up close shaky cam that its,not the most pleasurable action to watch,comedy in the movie ima give it one and,a half stars theres not really a lot of,funny moments in here,of course theres some funny stuff that,happens to certain characters or as far,as the movie purposely throwing out a,joke to get a chuckle out of you theres,not very many of those drama in the,movie ima give it two and a half stars,and thats a little more than i was,expecting to get for a purge movie,like i said they always boggle it down,with the same political message of the,rich versus the poor and the purge was,just created to kill the poor but they,kind of turn things around here and,address more immigration problems i,thought it was pretty unique or in the,movie im gonna give it two stars thats,mainly allowed for the blood gore and,violence in this film theres not a lot,of bodies actually being dropped of,course you get the occasional cut scene,where you see what other people are,doing on purge night but i doubt anybody,will really be frightened by watching,this movie suspense of film i am gonna,give it three stars though cause i,thought they did a great job with,building up some suspense,you are worried about some of these,characters making it out plus you add in,that they only have a certain amount of,time to get out,i think the majority will be on the edge,of their seat so for casual fans of,purge movies im gonna give this a b,minus uh for cinephiles im gonna give,it a b,minus and critically im going to give,it a c,minus only if youre a fan of the purge,franchise,i think this is one worth watching in,theaters,like i said only if youre a fan of the,purge franchise will you actually find,some enjoyment out of this this isnt,gonna be the one rare occasion purge,movie thatll flip your mind and go whoa,this whole franchise is not what i,expected its about more or less the,same but they take some creative,turns let me know what you guys thought,if you guys see the purge movi

The Forever Purge – Movie Review

all crime will be legal and this,franchise will never end,even if it takes forever,forever forever,forever what is the quick fans welcome,back to my channel i,finally saw the forever purge the final,sure,movie in the franchise were gonna talk,about it spoiler free,lets get into it so all the rules are,broken as a sect of lawless martyrs,decides that the annual purge,does not stop at daybreak and instead,should never end so following up the,purge election year this is a film that,i was very hesitant about but at the,same time im like all right well youre,gonna keep doing it lets see,what you got now i will say i did not,see the television show,so i didnt really know what the basis,of that was and how it ties into the,franchise but i will,say that the forever purge does start,out,on an interesting note at the same time,kind of an awkward note some of the,dialogue was a little bit like,okay lets just get into the action and,they kept going and im like all right,lets just,do what you normally do and this,franchise is slowly turning into more of,this battle royale style of,uh well it almost felt like we were,following video game characters,going through this city while its being,attacked by these looters and,uh this group known as the ever after,and i will admit once we started getting,into that,even though its chaotic and theyre,trying to balance this serious tone,uh with this more over-the-top tone and,well talk about that in just a second,theres some fun to be had here,absolutely uh im not gonna sit back and,say its the worst in the franchise,i dont think thats the case im,definitely not gonna say its the best,in the franchise i still think the purge,number two,is the best i liked the first one for,what it did trying to lean into the,horror genre,but i wasnt a huge fan of the story,itself the second film,really leaned into the action it had an,interesting and competent lead and i,liked a lot of the characters,within this film there are characters,alike but there are also characters that,just arent given enough to do,or enough personality to where its,really hard to get behind them and their,motivations,and of course theres the conflict,theres the,internal struggle and when i say,conflict yeah theres the big,action-packed conflict,and thats whats fun about this,franchise but were also dealing with a,group of people where each individual,has a different perspective,on things you have josh lucas is dylan,who kind of butt heads with the,character of one and at the beginning of,the film,will pattons character mr tucker um he,is,very much on one side even though he,understands that his son just,isnt really seeing eye to eye and when,i say eye to eye,just kind of being a jerk so,automatically theres this distance that,you feel from his character but,inevitably it all hits the fan after the,purge ends,see the first 10 minutes of this movie,were kind of going through,the motions of the purge and then once,the purge is over,everyones going outside oh good we,think were safe,and then chaos resumes but everyones,trying to figure out all right whats,going on because,the purge is over why are you still,attacking this house and killing all of,these people,turns out it is a group trying to,overthrow,not just the individuals but really the,concept of america,as a whole and from there we do start to,hit on some topics that feel a bit,more heavy and they dont necessarily,mix with the wacky tone that we get at,times,i liked the inclusion of that because,obviously it does make it feel more real,i dont know if it was handled very well,in a movie like election year but this,movie does a better job at least but,then we get into,you know these side characters and these,people they meet along the way,where they are so over the top and,completely ridiculous where,youre trying to send a message that you,believe is serious,were on the other side of it but at the,same time youre just this crazy,bombastic individual to where no ones,going to take you serious and they dont,really hash,their idea or their perspective of,things out very well and then we get,this like villainous boss character at a,point,where you kind of see the tragedy happen,that sets him,off but again we dont really know much,of what that characters purpose,is so they just dont really give a lot,for anyone to do and then when the film,settles down and you have to latch onto,these characters,its just tough to do that because of,the writing all of that being said,the action and one series of scenes in,particular when they get to el paso,which is where theyre going to try to,escape,this forever purge uh the city turns,chaotic,and it kind of feels like a video game,and i know a lot of people are going to,have issues with that since it is a,movie and its not supposed to feel like,a video game,but i actually found that to be some of,the most fun,of the entire movie and the action,scenes were actually filmed extremely,competently,and this movie is not put together on,the level of some of the bad films in,this franchise theres a lot of,enjoyment to be had here,a lot of it is just silly and kind of,ridiculous over the top,other moments theyre trying to be,really serious and hit on important,topics and then,those things kind of start to clash and,i didnt know if the combination of,those two things work extremely well for,this movie its almost like you gotta,pick a route,a similar complaint that i had to,another movie that just came out,but very different circumstances and,because of that i dont know if the,forever purge is going to bring in any,new fans,of this franchise but for those who just,enjoy this franchise for what it is,i think you may actually have a,reasonable time with this movie,my final point is just talking about,when movies attempt to,go the cheap jump scare route meaning,you know someones just kind of standing,there or someone pops up behind you and,its just a normal person,and its fine you know at the beginning,of the film when they do it once but,they kept doing it,over and over and at this point,just kind of stick to the action genre,quit trying to incorporate horror i know,theres,horrifying imagery when you look at the,masks and all of that stuff,but it kind of cheapens the scares when,you go that route and you dont put a,lot of,effort into it so thats probably my my,biggest,nitpick with the horror aspect of this,movie but i want to say before i give,you guys my score thanks so much for,watching if you like these reviews be,sure to drop your thumbs up down below,the forever purge does feature a handful,of entertaining action scenes but there,is too much inconsistency within the,story,to recommend to newcomers even though i,am curious to see how fans of this,franchise,respond to this movie definitely not the,worst im going right down the middle a,50,a 5 out of 10 for the forever purge um i,would love to know,which movie in this franchise is your,favorite is your least favorite and,is the show worth watching,uh thank you guys again i have to go,with the second perch as my favorite,worst,i dont know maybe election year thats,probably the worst all right you guys,the best,thanks again ill see you soon

The Forever Purge reviewed by Mark Kermode

so lets do the forever purge which is,the new purge movie purge movies,go back to 2013 started out as a kind of,very very low budget,endeavor you know the general thing is,that uh,over one night 12 hours uh lawlessness,is allowed,once a year as a kind of you know valve,for,uh society to let off its tensions,apparently but obviously the whole thing,is that,over the course of sequels and indeed a,prequel its taken a much more,political uh edge so now we have,the forever purge which is a fifth,installment,and the story is this is uh directed by,uh alvarado uh goat uh whos a mexican,filmmaker,and its written by james the monaco who,made the original,purge so the story is two mexicans come,across the u.s border,into texas where theyre trying to find,a life away from the,murderous drug cartels and when the,night of the purge comes which has now,been reinstated if youve been following,the series it was in it was back again,um the new founding fathers of america,and they know that being mexicans they,will be targeted so they take,shelter with a group of uh of migrants,and the purge they survive but then when,the purge,finishes the killing continues with,these white supremacist,redneck nut balls running around,continuing to uh you know continuing to,purge continuing to,roam the streets in search of violence,basically you know overthrowing the rule,of law worshiping,in guns uh and being generally,generally lawless i mean i have no idea,where this idea came from,heres a clip come on the same thing is,that the the,the chickadee the towers yeah the towers,the cell towers they are cutting them,hey,we just watched that a lot of cities,have gone dark miami is gone,austin is under siege first responders,are overwhelmed,were in a state of emergency its all,over the country the violence is,spreading and not stopping,due to the waves of violence currently,sweeping the u.s,mexican president leon garcia solaire,and canadian prime minister sophie,puesch,are opening their borders for the next,six hours mexico and canada,will take in anyone from america unarmed,and give them sanctuary,until order is reestablished in the us,we gotta go to mexico after six hours,both borders,will be closing indefinitely,so there is obviously a strong element,of political satire in the idea that the,borders are being opened,because lawlessness has broken out in,america and now people,try to flood across the borders into,mexico,and into canada and the borders are just,going to be open for six hours so that,america can escape,the lawlessness thats engulfing the,country um,each i should say that the films opened,in america it hasnt done very well and,and,many of the reviews have been fairly,sniffy um which is unfortunate,because i actually i liked it i liked it,for two reasons,uh anna de la guerra who is the sort of,central character is really terrific in,in the lead role,very sort of you know forceful screen,presence and uh,punchy performance and it really carries,it through its also a good cause its,got people,you know will patton and josh lucas but,um,also i like the fact that it is,a blunt exploitation movie with a fairly,bold political subtext it is impossible,to watch,the images of uh you know of whats,happening during the present with,literally you know white supremacist nut,cases,taking back their country taking back,their country for themselves because,its not the country that it was and,they want to make it great again,and bearing in mind that in the last you,know within the last year weve seen,things like the news footage of uh,crazed uh violent uh you know uh,protesters,breaking into the capital violently,breaking into the capital despite what,some people say about it violently,breaking into the capital you know,assaulting police officers attempting to,overthrow democracy attempting to take,the country back for themselves because,theyve,they all think that thats their right,this this is the world in which this,film exists i mean as with all disturbed,uh stories its really talking about,today and i think its,wry and satirical i mean i said its not,subtle,it is a blunt tool but i think its a,blunt tool that worked,rather well and i think that that,central gag about america,is now on fire and mexico is going to,open its borders because people are,fleeing because these,insurrectionist crazies are literally,running in the streets waving their guns,around,you know its an exploitation dystopian,fantasy and like all the best,exploitation dystopian fantasies,its kind of close to home,you

The Forever Purge: Racist Exploitation

and if you look to my right here youll,see this uh,whatever you want to call this thing,look at this you guys see this someone,actually,unironically did this they put this,together its an actual movie poster,what is up everyone its the anti-critic,here and i gotta tell you about this,movie i just saw,the forever purge you all know what it,is the first,final installment in the perch franchise,wherein a dystopian american future,gives people one night per year,to purge their souls as they say and all,crime including,murder you can hear it right now cant,you well be legal,yeah its pretty dumb and i plan to in,the near future,do a video covering the politics and all,the purge films and so im not gonna,talk about that in this review but the,forever purge,definitely has the same problem that all,the purge sequels,have had now the first purge film was,like it was trying something new and it,didnt work but thats okay but weve,just been making a bunch of them with,the same,uh concept and the same content,like these movies have become so,exploitative to the point where,its basically just a barbaric carnage,fest,with no real genuine context i mean yeah,they all have the same premise,but that doesnt really cut it for a,justification for any of these movies,and the forever purge is no exception,now i will say,i think this is one of the most well,made purge films i think the production,quality,is actually not too bad like its it,at least it is entertaining but then,like theres also a bunch of problems,that make it really hard to watch,and i dont mean violence wise i mean,the exploitation is either going to,bother you or its not,but this film introduces a new type of,exploitation that is particularly,disgusting and that is,it exploits racism,just so that it can have something new,to bring to the purge table,the other films maybe occasionally,referenced racism or whatever as a,persons motive for going out and,purging,but it is an integral part of the,premise for the forever purge that there,are white supremacist,groups that are using it to advance,their agenda and kill minorities,and the premise description on google is,a little bit misleading because it says,they are continuing to purge after its,been outlawed and so we all saw that and,thought oh,cool this is finally the movie where,they tell us how the purge ends and how,it is finally done away with thats not,what happens at all,the regular purge happens as usual and,then it ends and then people just dont,stop and so,its not like the purge is outlawed its,just the purge,ends and people keep purging anyway,despite the fact that they know there,will be consequences if theyre caught,and so its a movie about a,movement and its a white supremacist,movement to purge america,as they say of minorities and so im,sure,the filmmakers had good intentions with,this and they wanted to,you know make a commentary on racism in,america it doesnt work okay,it just comes off incredibly distasteful,and insensitive,and it feels like the movie,already has all these problems that it,could be dealing with but no,instead it adds racism to the mix it is,so,stupid theres nothing of substance in,this film and thats a better recurring,problem with the purge movies because we,never really see anything happen,think about it at what point in time do,we ever see,anything of substance happen its always,just a bunch of,exposition sandwiched in between all,this graphic,fighting and people turning on each,other,i mean this is literally nothing more,than that with just,racism in the mix thats not the,proper way to address racism okay,and then like theres one or two moments,where its like almost,like we get a little spark of maybe some,potential for some good conversation,theres this one character that i think,is doing a george w bush impression,and like hes talking with this poor guy,whos,basically making it his purge mission to,avenge rich people,and between the two of them they almost,start to have a good conversation like a,few thought-provoking lines are said,about american politics,and economics and then and then it just,ends with the one guy saying,so for me to you you can go if yourself,and then guns go off and its like oh,well that fell flat then theres this,other scene with a dude in a,truck being arrested because hes,purging after the purge and he hears,guns going off outside and hes like oh,thats an ar-15 and thats a glock and,thats this and that and its like okay,movie we get it you think all gun owners,are imperialist,weapon fetishizers who just like to act,like machos and strut around with their,machine,guns and parade them and intimidate,people this movie is just a bunch of,stereotypes,every single character in this movie is,some kind of stereotype whether its,conservative liberal,redneck minority i mean this movie is,very counter-intuitive to the,progressive message that it is,attempting to convey,all the characters are like,cookie-cutter stereotypes and that,does not do the film any favors thats,just it just makes things more divisive,this is,not a film that will unite america at,all,it just feels like that movie last year,the hunt yall remember when that movie,the hunt thought that it was going to be,the most controversial thing about 2020,uh but that movie was okay because it,was a tongue-in-cheek comedy and it was,very self-aware this film,the forever purge takes itself very,seriously and,that works to the films detriment quite,a bit and then lastly,the ending unintentionally but very,noticeably,almost conveys that the purge is like a,good thing and that it is gonna finally,be what,brings america together it it tries to,end on a redemptive note but theres no,redemption and it just it just comes off,all wrong its delusional this,is a completely implausible film avoid,the forever purge folks thank you so,much for checking out this video please,check out my other movie content on the,channel if you would like me to talk,about anything else old or new,or talk about movie stuff with me just,let me know in the comments along with a,sub,and stay cinematic

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