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  2. HIMs Hairloss Review Follow-up (WARNING! Side Effects!!)
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Hims ED Review: Watch This Video Before You Buy ForHims

this is my hems ed subscription review,alright guys in this video i want to,talk to you about the subscription,service hymns and their ed medication,subscription they actually also have a,bunch of other subscriptions but in this,video ill focus on the medication they,have to treat erectile dysfunction ill,go over the sign up process which ed,medication they offer and how those work,i actually ordered them myself so i have,some insights into how the whole process,works and look if at any point while,watching you decide you want to try out,the hem subscription service for,yourself go through the link i put in,the video description below make sure,you sign up and if youre interested in,any of their other services which,include products for hair loss mental,health services or skin care products,you can also check those out by using,the link down below okay so now lets,get started with the review guys so this,actually isnt the first subscription,service for ed medication ive tested,out especially now that going to the,doctor for ed medication is not only,kind of awkward but also an unnecessary,trip outside during a global pandemic,and these subscription services are a,great option to get your ed medication,directly shipped to your doorstep okay,so lets get into how the sign up,process works for hims,all right for the sign up you create a,profile on their website and they have,this questionnaire for you with a couple,of questions its actually pretty quick,and easy they just ask basic questions,about your medical history you know the,stuff they need to know to see if eating,medication is right for you and after,that you can choose which one of their,products you want and put in your,shipping address you can actually have,your ed medication delivered just once,or you can choose a monthly subscription,then theyll show your order summary and,it says that your prescription is,pending approval in the end eating,medication is still a prescription,medication so they need to have a,medical professional check your medical,info in order to approve it and after,about a day theyll email you to tell,you that your order prescription was,approved and soon after that youll get,the email with the tracking info for,your order i think for me shipping took,about five days and by the way they,shipped the ed medication and discreet,packaging so you dont have to worry,about nosy neighbors knowing what you,bought knowing what you got going on and,their packaging is in general pretty,plain so its not immediately obvious,what it is and even if you have it lying,in your house somewhere guests wont be,able to tell that it is easy medication,unless they take a very close look at it,so the medication that i chose was,tadalafil because i used this one before,and i just know how it worked i take it,about what 30 minutes before sex and im,good to go every single time but in case,youre not aware of how exactly ed,medication works to help with your,erections let me quickly go over that so,every one of these medications is a type,of pve 5 inhibitor which means they work,by protecting a certain enzyme that,helps trap blood in your penis when you,get aroused and more blood in your penis,means harder and fully erections its,that simple so the ed medications that,hems offers are sildenafil todalophil,and stendra so then the phil is the,active ingredient in viagra im sure,youve heard of that one before,todalophil is the active ingredient in,cialis which works pretty similarly but,it stays in your system longer than,sildenafil and stendra is a newer ed,medication that just stays in your,system short term but is faster acting,than the other two you can actually take,it about 15 minutes before you plan to,get it on and by the way their customer,service has really really great reviews,i havent needed them so far but i think,its nice to know if a subscription,service is going to be helpful if,theres any trouble with your orders so,overall their products work well at,least the one that i tried so far but,they actually have really really good,reviews for their other stuff too so im,sure its just as good using this,service is not as personal as an actual,in-person doctor visit but a medical,professional will check your,subscription so its still safe and the,way it works its just super convenient,and also its really quick so if youre,looking to get ed medication from the,privacy of your own home and without an,in-person doctor visit the hem,subscription service is a solid choice,and guys if you do decide to get your,own ed medication through their,subscription service dont forget to,click on the link down below and make,sure you sign up so that being said,thats all i got for you today my,friends now look if you enjoyed this,video just make sure you leave your boy,a like and subscribe for more reviews,just like this one and if you have any,questions or comments or concerns make,sure you write them down below and ill,get back to you as soon as i can until,next time guys its your boy devin,peace im out

HIMs Hairloss Review Follow-up (WARNING! Side Effects!!)

and the answer is simple hymns broke my,dick I did my first review of this at,the unboxing about two months ago and I,promised that I was going to give you,monthly updates on my journey with hymns,but the truth is I stopped taking hymns,about two weeks after that video was,made why you might be asking and the,answer is simple,hymns broke my dick so as you first off,just Im not Im not saying this,negatively about hymns or any of their,products and I know the medical science,is there behind it and this product is,the real deal these chemicals do exactly,what they say theyre going to and with,that being said the fact that these,chemicals do exactly what they say,theyre going to do means as you are,signing up and youre talking with the,doctor to get hymns they tell you that a,wrecked Ill dysfunction loss of sex,drive things like that are very real,side effects of finasteride which is the,main chemical that they prescribe with,hips so they tell you right out of the,gate this is a possibility and I thought,you know not me I dont have side,effects because I am all that is,fricking man and it turns out about two,weeks later I was no longer anything,that was man and yeah it had me it had,me screwed up man I mean every side,effect that finasteride said it could,bring me it did I felt weak I didnt,want to go to the gym I definitely,didnt want to think about sex or,anything like that it was I felt like I,was being grouchy so for me at that,point I stopped taking it right away I,had looked online yeah it makes sense,says discontinue use immediately and I,probably could have gone about in a,better way if I would have contacted him,so you can talk to their doctors anytime,if I would have called the number that,they give you and said hey this is,whats going on Im sure you would have,told me right there gasps its a side,effect in some men if you discontinue,use theyll be reversed or whatever but,I didnt do that I hit Google and I just,let myself get more and more scared and,about two weeks later after the from the,last time I took this,- that – two weeks later I just I wasnt,right at all and so Im not sure if it,works for hair loss or not I mean the,vitamin gummies that comes in the kit,are the absolute most delicious,delicious gummy vitamins that money,could buy I mean thats a plus the,shampoo smells nice I can tell you that,I did keep using this shampoo but as far,as the kid and of itself does it work,for it does it work for hair loss I,dont know but I will tell you this I,would rather be cute cueball mr. clean,bald tomorrow if that meant I never have,to have that happen to me and my wiener,ever again so thats my opinion maybe,you dont care but thats a big risk and,they tell you have to actually do agree,to a disclaimer when youre purchasing,hims that those are very real side,effects so pay attention be smarter than,I was with these warning labels and so,in my opinion hims hair loss kit it,makes sense why this company also sells,so many boner pills thats all I can say,well I do it what I would I buy hims and,take it again,absolutely not what I recommend hims to,a friend absolutely not and Im sure it,wont happen to everybody because Ive,only seen a couple reviews of people,saying this so maybe it is for specific,men or what-have-you but its not gonna,be me man hims has not taken me down,like that so hims hair loss review a big,limp zero out of ten Oh,so for hims hair loss review zero out of,ten so for hims hair loss review a big a,big limp zero out of ten,[Music]

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Hims Hair Growth Treatment Review – 9 Month Update

uh whats up youtube its darius back,with another video,and today im gonna be giving you guys,my nine month review,on four hymns lets get into it and guys,if you havent already i need you guys,to smash that like button and subscribe,to the channel,i think you guys should show on all your,love and support as always as you guys,already know,we just passed 700 subscribers on this,youtube channel and its all thanks to,you guys showing your love and support,you know the the growth is just so fast,at this point,i dont even know if i should just keep,on announcing these milestones because,every time a video goes up,were past another milestone so it seems,like im gaining 100 subs per week,so i guess next video ill see you guys,at 800 subs,so yeah guys today im finally going to,do,what you guys been preaching me to do,and that is to give my,nine month review on four hymns now if,you guys are not familiar,with forehands it is a hair growth,product if youve seen my previous,videos in the past,you have you would have known that my,hairline,was all the way back like lebron james,it was looking crazy,but i finally had a solution and once i,put out my three month review,it went crazy where over seven thousand,views on that video and if you guys want,to check out that video after this one,i will leave it in the link in the,description box below so you guys can,check that out,but yeah guys today im gonna give you,my nine month review,and this will probably be my last review,on hymns because this is a personal,finance channel,and that video was just there to just,help people because,you know i was in a desperate situation,and there was nobody online,really giving out this information,without any affiliate,behind it or incentive behind it so,thats why i did that,and um you guys have so many questions,id be getting in the comments,you know i think i have over 100,comments on that video so,uh today im gonna be answering the most,popular questions,ive been getting for this product and,give you um the truth because honestly,theres some products that you dont,need to buy for hymns to grow your hair,back,and there are some cheaper solutions so,im gonna break that down for you guys,so first question guys do i still get,headaches from using,for him specifically the minoxidil,and fortunately enough i do not get,headaches from using minoxidil anymore,its actually a pretty simple process,for me i just put the oil in my hair,rub it in and my hair just grows just,like that,its really something i dont even think,about these days remember,two milliliters youre supposed to use i,use it in the afternoon,two milliliters rub it in my hair im,good next question do i have to use the,four hems shampoo every day,and the answer is yes use it every day,um this shampoo is here to maintain,your hair it has what its,i think its focusing on my face more,but heres the product,for him shampoo its actually 15,on for hims website and honestly guys i,use this every single day,and i dont even finish it at the end of,the month i get about a month and a half,to two months out of each bottle,so and so its definitely affordable um,this is here to maintain your hair and,keep your hair nice and thick,so use it every single day it doesnt,dry out your hair,do you need to buy the four hems gummies,to grow your hair,and the answer is no guys do not waste,your money on that,honestly i havent been using the,gummies for,about three to four months now,and honestly i havent really noticed a,difference in my hair growth,i believe in the gummies they promote um,biotin and vitamins youre supposed to,get from it,honestly guys its just a gimmick to me,i havent noticed much ever since i cut,it out,so save yourself for money and put it,towards something else,do you need to buy the four hens,minoxidil,no you do not have to buy the four hems,minoxidil,there is a cheaper solution that i have,found and i have been using it now,for the past month and a half and here,it is guys this is what ive been using,instead of the four hens minoxidil,i have been using the amazon brand,minoxidil and guys its the same thing,as the regular forehands uh its just,this is a generic brand,from amazon as you guys can see five,percent minoxidil,just like four hems now what is the,price difference,well for one of these bottles,all right the four hems brand one of,these bottles,is 15 from four hems okay,so with amazon you get a,six-month supply for 30,all right so youre literally getting,each bottle,for five dollars rather than paying,15 a month every month for one bottle,all right so this is this is huge,savings i highly recommend for you guys,to get the amazon brand minoxidil,i will leave the link to this product in,the description box below,so you guys can pick it up do you need,to take the,four hems finest high pills every day,the short answer is yes take it every,single day,guys theres been times where i have,skipped out on using finesterhide,and i started to lose my hair im,actually in my,recovery mode if you guys see that there,i actually went,one month or yeah i went like a month,to a month and a half without taking the,the finester high pills all right big,mistake,your hair will start going away your,hair will start falling out,all right so be aware of that um take,the pills every single day,do not skip out on it and heres a pro,tip for you guys,all right from four hymns this is ninety,dollars,all right youre paying a dollar a pill,so its supposed to last you three,months all right pro tip i think,you can get this prescribed from your,doctor,so definitely look into that i havent,tried it yet,but im definitely going to talk to my,doctor and see if i can get my doctor to,prescribe me with finesse to hide so,instead of paying ninety dollars,for a nine month supply i just pay my,copay,which will probably be 20 to 30 dollars,huge savings so definitely try that out,did i experience,ed using the for him,product using any of them no i havent,experienced,ed um now i dont know um if this,applies to everybody,but the four hems do put a disclaimer,that,you could have erectile dysfunction so,be aware of that but honestly guys ive,been you know using this for nine months,and my thing is,hard as a rock man its just im laying,it down man,you know its still hard it still gets,up and everything like that,so honestly guys you just have to take,the chance and see what happens and,if you do experience ed just stop using,the product,its as simple as that do i cut my hair,when my hair,is growing out yes i still cut my hair,but i cut it less often okay,and the reason why i do that is you want,to give your hair the chance to grow out,so dont be trying to cut it every,single week let it grow out for,two three weeks then give it a cut all,right um but you do,want to cut it at some point because,your hair will get,uneven that has been something i,experienced with,some parts of your hair will grow back,slower like for instance,the front side will grow back slower,because it was more hair loss there,than the back side so the back side will,grow out,but the front would look shallow,yeah so what i do is just um once i,notice my hair getting a bit high,i would cut it down to like a one so,everything levels out,then ill let my hair grow back again,can i stop taking,four hems after my hair grows back,and the answer is no you cannot stop,taking it trust me guys i have done it i,have,stopped taking it and like i said before,my hair started falling out like a month,or a month and a half later and it was,going,pretty quick i would say so you,definitely have to use it,um for life basically as long as you,want to keep your hair,but honestly its people make it sound,so depressing its not depressing i wake,up in the morning,i take a small little pill swallow that,i put the oil in my hair,and i use the shampoo when i take my,shower every single day,and its a breeze i dont even think,about it and it doesnt cost me that,much do they have four hymns for womens,yes they do have four hymns

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Hims Changed My Life! | Hims Full Review

whats up youtube its darius back with,another video,and today were going to talk about this,200 hair product,that literally changed my life lets get,into it,and guys if you havent already i need,you guys to smash that like button and,subscribe to the channel,i thank you guys for showing all your,love and support as always i see you,guys smashing that like button,i see you guys down in the comment,section below you guys always know im,in there,and i see you guys subscribing to the,channel because the numbers are going,crazy on this channel,so keep on doing what youre doing guys,and today were going to talk about this,200,hair product that really changed my life,and you know i wish,there was more people out here really,making videos about this because i was,going through some,some rough some rough times in my hair,man i thought i was gonna have to go,bald,but you know im looking out for you,guys um you know im gonna make this,video and explain to you guys,this hair product that was able to grow,my hair back so if you guys are watching,my previous,videos in the past you guys would know,that um you know my hair wasnt in,the the best shape i would say you know,my hairline was starting to look like,lebron and it was getting pretty crazy,hairline started going all the way back,here and you know i was i was looking,crazy now,now since i look back on my old videos,im like man,yo that that hairline was going way too,far back,and yeah but thankfully i was able to,find a product that was able to,save my hair cant believe it and were,going to be breaking it down so guys i,went on for hymns,again for hymns.com,link will be in the description box,below and how i came across,hands was basically i was just on,youtube trying i was getting desperate,and you know i was either going to go,bald or im going to find this new hair,product to grow,back my hair and i always seen keeps and,keeps this,keeps that and you know i i didnt want,to mess with keeps because everybody had,a sponsored video,about it again this is not a sponsored,video this isnt sponsored by four hymns,they didnt give me no affiliate link,theyre not paying me im just helping,you guys out,as always so definitely subscribe to,this channel,so yeah guys like i was saying before um,i just went on youtube and i came across,this product and you know,you know i try to find people you know,that look like me that are black,you know see see if theres like an,actual hair product that can,grow back black peoples hair because,you know black people here,is definitely different from everybody,elses so i want to make sure,um this product would actually work for,me and i was actually able to find,a handful of guys maybe like four or,five guys,and it was from like a few years ago and,i was like uh maybe this doesnt work,went on the website and like you know,what ima just do it,so i got that full package plan which is,about 200,its a three-month supply and yeah im,gonna go through my results with you,guys,showing you day one so right now up on,the screen you can see,day one and you can see that my hair,looks pretty,bad uh very patchy in the front end,as you guys could see you guys could see,that the hairline is just receding like,this thing is going away,so you know i went i went on four hems i,spent the 200,um you do a little survey you fill out,the survey and stuff,and they recommend you what type of,package you gotta you should,get and you know what do you know they,they recommended me,their top of the line package so you,know i spent the 200 bucks you know im,desperate im praying this thing works,and i dont get scammed out of 200 bucks,because thats a lot of money for some,hair products so you guys can see,this is two weeks in and you guys can,see the hair starting to grow back some,um and you know the hair is definitely,im definitely starting to notice some,difference,um within my first two weeks and im,actually pretty happy because im like,wow this things,actually working so i was very surprised,very,happy with the little progress that i,made so quickly,this is a month in now a month in the,hair,is definitely growing back you know i,got a little haircut,got the fade and my hairs starting to,look right now im starting to look,pretty confident,im like okay this this stuff actually,works,you know let me keep this going so two,months later then bam,my hair is fully in i am,in in so im like wow as you guys can,see,my hair is fully in and you guys can,actually see,right now if i you know im gonna take,away the picture and you guys could see,my hair is in,hairline is back to normal before it was,way back it was like here,or you know it was climbing you know my,forehead was looking crazy,um and you see i got the little fade,going and yeah guys my hair is pretty,much,back its back um its still,you know its still growing in a little,bit like in the front end,its shorter than the hair up top here,but you know most people cant tell,anyway,um unless you look very hard um but yeah,pretty much my hairs back and um im,gonna tell you guys about the um,the side effects and stuff like that and,what was the process,what are things that i went through what,are the things i do like and dont like,but before i tell you guys about the,side effects let me show you guys the,products i actually didnt show you guys,so make sure my address isnt on here,okay well this is finesse finesteride,i dont see my address on here so i,should be good,so this is finester hide finesse,terhide whatever,lets see if i can get that to zoom in,on camera,there we go for nestor hide,and you only take one pill a day you get,90 pills so that covers you for three,months,and this is pretty easy i just take it,right before i go to bed,and yeah thats pretty simple next you,get the,multivitamin so this is basically your,little,your little gummies you got here four,hems,multivitamin gummy so you just take one,of these a day,um it has like biotin and all that other,stuff um,its whatever to me i just take it right,before i go to bed,now this is the controversial one,this im telling you right now this is,the controversial one,this is minoxidil now if you guys dont,know what minoxidil is its,basically a hair growth oil,and um im going to tell you that this,is the one that comes with all the side,effects,so one side effect that i went through,is my it dries out your scalp,like it really dries it out and you,dont want to get it on your forehead i,got it on my forehead,and i think the skin is recovering but,you dont want this oil to get on your,forehead it really dries out your skin,really bad and itll dry out your scalp,too youre going to get a lot of,dandruff,so to come back that to stop it,um i usually use a another oil i use um,black castor oil,jamaican oil and i use that in my hair,and that stops the,my scalp from getting so dry so you know,you use,two of these a day two drops what is it,one milliliter,so i use one milliliter in the daytime,and one at night thats what i did at,first,then i changed it up i started using it,like once a day,because um i started to get headaches as,well thats another side effect,you start to get headaches with this,product um,at first at first so for the first month,i was definitely getting headaches like,these it was some pretty bad headaches,then um i looked online and he said well,if you start getting headaches its,because youre using it too much,but on the bottle they recommend you to,use uh one millim,one milliliter in the daytime then one,at night so i just started to just use,one milliliter,in the afternoon and that was it for the,rest of the day then i just did it like,that,now i do it more i do it twice a day now,or,no i still do it one time every day in,the afternoon,but i do two milliliters and thats,pretty much it,and i use my oil to keep my scalp from,not going dry,another thing that i went through with,the minoxidil,is um itchy scalp so your head would get,start getting very itchy because your,scalp will start to get dry,so like i sai

I’ve used hims for 2 years | Non-Prescription Hair Kit

whats going on you guys its George and,welcome back to my channel or welcome to,my channel if you enjoyed mens skincare,grooming lifestyle self-care tips please,subscribe hit the notification bell I,would love your company today marks two,years since him using the hims,non-prescription hair kits I have a lot,to say guys Im using it now for years,and I actually never did a follow-up,video sent my last video which by the,way guys thank you so much for watching,the video it actually hit over 60 I know,hims was a up-and-coming brand two years,ago and since hims came out a lot of,companies are now making a mark in the,mens beauty industry and its actually,a beautiful thing I appreciate it guys,self-care self respect and self love is,highly important not just for women but,us guys too and thats something that I,really strive to promote on my channel,as you can see theres a lot of products,behind me guys of course I didnt say,the entire Qs worth of product but I,have a nice amount here that I wanted to,just visually show you guys how much,Ive been using from hims,we have the minoxidil we have gummies,via the shampoo basically everything,from the non prescription hair kid,because thats the only thing that Ive,actually tried from hims today though,Im share with you my experience over,the two years like I said this marks a,time in my life where I finally reached,an age where a lot of guys my age,dont have hair theyre naturally,released so Im kind of proud of the,guys it takes maintenance it takes law,it takes work and it just takes time so,if youre interested my opinion my,experience my review on the D,non-prescription,hair kids by hims from using Google to,use then keep on watching,todays video is not sponsored there is,no pay promotion Im not an affiliate by,hims this is just solely my experience,guys and I honestly dont know why I,didnt do this much earlier because two,years went by guys two years thats kind,of crazy but with that being said as you,can see I still here I still have my,natural hair this is me this is my hair,I am my hair Im kidding,its a gaga reference oh by the way your,hair doesnt define you as a person but,what it does is help give you confidence,I dont know about you guys but just,imagining myself without hair as a bald,man it is not a cute image I dont think,Im gonna be an attractive Baldy it is,just not for me,so what do I do to avoid that a tragedy,disaster scary image I use stuff like,this guys some vitamins nutrients,special shampoos minoxidil a little,pick-me-ups to just boost hair follicle,and clean the scalp all that all that,kind of stuff guys and that is exactly,what hims promotes a lot of the comments,in my previous video were like you,already have here why are you using this,like this isnt for somebody like you,that already has a head full of hair and,thats totally not true guys I am lucky,enough to yes have hair but your hair,goes away so what do you got to do we,got to take care of it you got to,maintain it you got to feed it you got,to just you know do the all the steps to,avoid hair loss and with that comes the,right shampoo and all these type of,amenities like this so leave those,comments outside of this I know you,might be thinking this right now like,buddy you have hair what are you talking,about it isnt because of hims that I,have here its because Ive just taken,care of my scalp and my skin and my hair,since like I cant can you remember what,ever forever thats forever,todays video is not about the science,or breaking down the ingredients or,anything like that about these products,this is simply just my experience using,the non-prescription hair kit by hands,so first off I do want to talk about the,minoxidil this is a solution that a lot,of people are iffy about using I know if,its sceptical in peoples minds that,once you to start using this you cant,stop using it because,youre gonna lose your hair and all the,hair growth that generated and with my,experience that is totally not true this,product in my opinion is probably my,favorites I know a lot of people are,saying like oh god if you stop using,that youre gonna lose all hair do you,grow its gonna mess up like the whole,regrowth system and thats particular,parts but honestly Ive not experienced,anything like that it was actually even,a time where my schedule changed and I,just kind of forgot to use this for,almost two months and I have to say,didnt experience any type of negative,side effects now one thing that I do,want to say though after researching,minoxidil which I want to make a,complete separate video on it does say,before using this to speak to your,doctor and that really depends on the,percentage of minoxidil its and the,product this only f has 5% so I dont,think its that much of like an intense,dosage but there are side effects that,cant come along with this if you do,have conditions like heart disease and,whatnot so just be a little careful or,maybe you know if you do want to use,this speak to a doctor I know him still,say its a non prescription product but,again to be on the safe side,never hurts to speak to your doctor,right my experience though is pretty,good I have not really experienced too,much growth on my scalp because again,Im not losing hair but Im using this,in spots like my hairline because guys I,have a rather large forehead ma my hair,lines kind of always been receding Im,just gonna be honestly right right now,lets take a look here yeah so its not,like too bad but let me tell you most of,the guys in my family that are actually,Im like the oldest male cousin and all,the ones below me they dont have finger,so its like instilled in me to be,feared that one day I will lose my hair,and having that type of like widows,peak whatever you call that hair line,thats where I mainly apply this product,I also use it on like a patchy spot of,my beard right here this I used to not,be able to grow hair in this tech area,at all but I have a strong feeling,minoxidil that what actually caused me,to grow here there so for this purpose I,have used this maybe like once a week in,that spot I dont feel I really dont,feel like this is the product,you need to use all the time every,single day twice a day at all buts,thats thats just my opinion so thats,the thoughts on the minoxidil guys take,her to leave it comes in the hair kit,might as well use it and yeah hims has,vitamins guys not just any vitamins they,have they have gummies these gummies I,have to say tastes beautiful the taste,is great theyre easy to go down and,sound like one of those vitamins theres,like oh I have to take my vitamins today,its packed with vitamins obviously,nutrients and just ingredients that are,very helpful to your immune system as,well as your skin your nails your hair,your follicles your pores your life your,your everything okay Im not trying to,exaggerate but honestly this has very,nice ingredients and after using this,for a while I have noticed that my skin,has looked healthier softer,I havent obviously noticed any,additional hair growth but just knowing,that youre putting something helpful,into your body vitamin wise is a great,feeling you can get all these products,at for hims calm of course Ill leave a,link in the description down below,should I mention that earlier but three,of you guys are already aware of him as,if youre checking out this video,this goes for $28 for the entire month,supply also the non prescription hair,kit goes for 30 so my opinion might as,well just get the hair kit I mean it,comes with this shampoo it comes with,the minoxidil comes with the gummies I,mean its two dollars more why not so,good experience of these guys thats,pretty much all I have to say about the,gummies theyre vitamins theyre nice,the last product we have is the shampoo,and I have to say guys since my previous,video my experience has not changed this,gives a great refreshing feeling to the,scalp it has a nice consistency of,lathers a lot and if you dont abuse,this product this could last you li

Hims Hair Loss Review: Everything You Need To Know

this one im getting personal with you,guys thats right the reason why i wear,a hat and most of the videos i make is,because my hair has been thinning for uh,quite a while and in video with the,lighting and everything it really stands,out so gonna put this back on all right,ive been researching for a long time to,see whats out there as far as like hair,loss treatments um and hell ive even,considered a hair transplant but,ultimately i really didnt want to did i,want to go that route so after quite a,bit of searching i decided to put a,hymns hair loss treatment to the test so,the company hymns uh offers different,hair loss treatment options and im,going to cover in this review what those,options are what my experience was like,signing up all that good stuff and guys,if at any point watching this review you,decide you want to sign up for any of,him services yourself you can do so,through the link that i placed in the,video description below i made it nice,and easy for you and hims offers a bunch,of products not just hair loss,treatments now ive been looking for a,solution for my thinning hair for some,time now and what i liked uh what i,liked about what i saw when i was,researching hymns was that they offer,products that actually have really good,research behind them like for example uh,finasteride and minoxidil so anyway when,i signed up i created a profile on their,website and i had to answer some,questions about my my medical history,just super standard stuff,straightforward and then after that i,had to actually upload a few pictures of,my hair like where its thinning now i,gotta say something i really liked about,the sign up process itself is that it,was actually really educational uh they,explained a lot about hair loss itself,uh what caused it you know the multiple,causes how the medications they offer,actually work and it was really thorough,i had researched uh causes for hair loss,and you know stuff like that anyway but,i still learned um quite quite a bit,from their website after all the,questions and me uploading pics of my,hair the final page of the process said,something to the effect of like your,order will now be sent to a medical,professional for approval or something,like that so i did have to do a little,messaging back and forth with that,medical professional but whats nice is,it was like texting i could just respond,whenever i wanted it was super,convenient and then i got an email a,couple day a couple days later saying my,prescription was approved and bam now,they offer different things but i,personally got a finasteride combined,with minoxidil and i basically take one,finasteride tablet a day and apply the,minoxidil uh to my head with a dropper,the minoxidil i actually have to apply,twice a day and im feeling confident,that im going to experience some,results just based off the positive,research behind both of these products,its definitely a solid combo and guys,what ill do is im going to log my,progress every few weeks or so to show,you how im doing and how my hair is,growing um i know it takes time for,these products to really kick in and,start working so im not gonna be like,glancing on my head looking for progress,every day like a psycho or at least im,gonna try not to do that anyway i have,to say the sign up process was really,easy hems has a great website with a,bunch of different products they offer,uh they must be doing something right,too because they grew so freaking fast,in fact i think the first time i ever,heard of hymns was some random instagram,ad a while back and next thing i knew i,was seeing them everywhere and now i,have several friends who who use like,quite a bit of their products anyway,guys to check in and see my progress,using this product subscribe to my,channel so you get notified when my next,video comes out and if you want to try,out any of his products for yourself you,can check out all the ones they offer,and even sign up for them through that,link that i placed in the description,below its right below this video anyway,friends that is it for this review i,hope you like this video if you did show,some below by clicking that like button,until the next one dan out

“For Hims” Review (Hairloss Treatment) 2018

hello YouTube so you guys clicked on,this video because youre interested in,maybe purchasing the for hims products,maybe we seen the ha on twitter facebook,Instagram YouTube whatever the case may,be youve probably seen the added,because it interests to you because you,either losing hair in the process of,losing hair or maybe we notice that you,dont have the same hair that you used,to before and its maybe concerning you,so you decided to hey maybe I should you,know try this product out which you know,Im gonna give my honest review about it,and in the end near the end of the video,Im gonna do my before-and-after photos,so you guys can somehow get a glimpse,into how it works and how the results,are okay look I started every month you,will receive a box like this okay its,just your standard small box alright Im,too much to it I live in the apartment,complex so they usually just you know,chop it off my mailbox oh they just chop,it off in front of my door so pretty,much your standard box now when you buy,hims,theres diff you can buy individual,products but you can buy like the whole,package,me personally I bought the whole package,so Im just a review with what usually,comes in the box okay so heres the,shampoo that will come with the package,at I pay $50 a month your first month is,around like $40 because thats the,promotional price so heres the first,thing shampoo Nelly shampoo is designed,to stop the formation of deep DHT in,your scalp which meaning it slows down,the process of a hair loss or just,completely eliminates it okay another,thing too is this actually gives you,like a lot of volume on your hair so,once like you get off the shower and you,dry your hair your hair looks super,thick like it looks like youre not even,balmy but you know it kind of like fades,away throughout the day but you know it,actually does like improve your scalp,cleans up your scalp revitalizes it and,make sure you know when you put put the,next product Im about to eat the Minox,adil is pretty much your Rogaine it,comes with a dripper so you dont use,the phone so basically you just like,this,you put it all around your scalp you,gotta do it twice a day then you start,rubbing it with your hands and make sure,you know you get every spider scalp,typically youll see results like in two,or three months this is actually the,first projects to see like good results,in your scalp if youre gonna put this,on a big mech I recommend you use gloves,because it does stain your hands for a,while and if you like to eat finger food,you can lead taste it on your food is,disgusting this is the prescription only,medication and give you see when you,sign up for hims youre given a doctor,and a doctor doesnt ask you a bunch of,questions about your hair loss maybe for,once in the family or else all of a,sudden or what kind of health problems,you got associated with it so basically,hes just gonna prescribe you this uh,prescription drug its called finish,tried is generic for propecia this drug,is given to older men in their 40s who,have prostate cancer okay but one of the,main side effects against is hair,especially speaking in the crown area,and the middle area on the back not so,much the hairline and the front area,thats the word the minoxidil Rogaine,kicks in finally it just comes with,these gummies worms its pretty much,like your multivitamin gummy worms you,see like the storm like a sanitarium or,those Flintstones you know and we stick,little kids,it comes with thirty of them you take,them twice I take them twice a day,youre supposed to take them once a day,but and theyre really lasts,you always have like some leftover,throughout the month maybe just doing,one stain I did twice a day this is,stainless safe side so almost show you,guys might be for and after photos and,maybe you guys can kind of see what my,results are like I said Ive only been,doing it for maybe five six months I,believe I started around like late June,early July so I dont have the photo of,myself with me on my bad hair in July by,do have one from early August so Im,gonna show you guys those photos and,then,you know because youre interested in,the parts you know Im just gonna give,you my honest review about it and see,you guys think about okay so its August,first I have been using the product for,about roughly about a month using them,twice a day its with the exception of,the shampoo as you can see I have a,really bad hair line my crown on my,scalp is really bad overall my top of my,scalp is has had dramatic hair loss over,the years it just looks really bad this,is me November first my hairline growing,back a little bit a little thicker my,crown is working in as well the top of,my scalp has been showing overall,improvement my hair looks thicker looks,blacker it looks pretty good okay so,this is the back of my head as you can,see have a big round spot you could tell,definitely tell where its you know hair,loss is definitely being shown here the,crown just looks really bad this is me,hoping I can the propecia will kick in,and kind of just fill in that still,spots because it was really bad,[Music],okay so this is November 1st and back in,my head definitely has Kate has filled,in quite a bit it still needs some work,the top of my crown needs to be filled,in a little bit more but overall I saw,some great progress now keep in mind I,did not fill in my hair this is all,natural I was wearing a hat though but,other than that I had no other its all,natural okay guys thank you for watching,my video,maybe you got like some information and,a little insight on the for hints,products and how its used and how you,know consistence is kiwis kind of things,youre not consistent with it youre not,taking it down at your party not going,to see great results okay another thing,I want to touch base on is I actually do,a couple other things to my scalp to,kind of help with the UH the regrowth,process and kind of speed it up Ill,kind of touch base on that on my next,couple of videos but I also want to do,like a progress report on my scalp,because I know I need to eat some more,work and Im still you know taking these,medications every day and I want to see,like a yearly progress report like,before and after okay,like I said thank you for watching just,hit like and subscribe and Ill do a,couple more videos in the future thank,you

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