1. Fortnite Battle Royale Review
  2. The Metaverse, Crossovers, and Battle Passes — How Fortnite Changed The Game
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  4. Fortnite CHAPTER 4 – Everything NEW EXPLAINED!
  5. RYAN VS DADDY IN FORTNITE BATTLE! Let’s Play Fortnite with VTubers Ryan from Ryan’s World
  6. RYAN WINNING FORTNITE FRIDAY! Ryan vs Daddy Lets Play Fortnite Battle Royale
  7. Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Every New Change You Need to Know

Fortnite Battle Royale Review

since the genre exploded last year with,the rise of pub G there is no shortage,of 100 player battle royale games but,even in the suddenly crowded genre the,fortnight Battle Royale stands out,thanks to its vivid colors and an,outstanding freeform building system,that is unlike anything else in,competitive multiplayer gaming,for tonight battle rails premise,couldnt sound any more like a standard,Battle Royale game you and 99 other,people skydive onto an island full of,randomly spawning loot in hopes of being,the last player or team standing to keep,things from getting dull a never,contracting circle forces survivors,closer and closer together where,fortnight Battle Royale immediately sets,itself apart is its personality instead,of parachuting out of a bland military,plane here you drop out of a flying,party bus the island itself is quite a,bit different also rather than slate,grey grass and generic patches of brown,dirt this island is a brilliant green,with brightly coloured unique cities,marking the landscape another place that,fortnight Battle Royale stands out from,the competition is in its sheer,simplicity you have just 5 inventory,slots forcing you to be a little more,discriminating with which weapons you,pick up but even if you dont find the,exact weapons youre looking for youre,never left feeling completely powerless,fights are fun chaotic and extremely,fast most battles begin with a volley,from heavy slow firing guns like the,pump shotgun or sniper rifles like it in,the fight in one shot if those miss,people without lighter and more agile,weapons like the tactical shotgun or,assault rifle to finish the fight that,rhythm takes some practice to get down,but it soon becomes almost automatic,49 Battle Royale shining feature is its,outstanding building system which once,you master it gives you the feeling that,you can control any fight everything,that isnt the ground can be mined for,wood stone or steel which can be used to,create walls stairs and floors anywhere,on the map there are so many,possibilities that at first blush it can,be daunting to try to figure out how,people built the massive structures you,see around the island while the three,tile toolset may seem limited its got,everything you really need whether its,building your way up to a hard-to-reach,chest or jumping on the side of a,mountain you always have the correct,tools for the job and a new piece,reliably lands exactly where you think,it will but its in firefights that you,see just how much freedom it gives you,and how much your own personality comes,out in what you build,every encounter becomes about not just,how to outshoot your enemy but how to,out-build them too thats why the,aftermath of a fight in fort 9 battle,royale often looks like a twisted modern,art spire and no two ever look exactly,the same,all this adds up to a system thats,simply a joy to use the only downside do,all these interlocking mechanics is the,learning curve outside of some text on a,loading screen youre pretty much on,your own when it comes to learning how,to play this means that the first,several drops can be pretty painful and,often very short experiences but if you,stick with it you start to see what,makes fort night battle royale tick and,eventually your very own victory Royale,even if that victory screen is a little,underwhelming,but even when you find something that,works you cant get complacent,part of the beauty of 49 Battle Royale,is its constant state of upheaval,ethicist showing a willingness to make,big changes to the weapon hierarchy,overnight so far thats kept it feeling,fresh its also important to mention,that 49 Battle Royale runs fantastically,on every platform thats crucial for the,speed of building that it demands and a,distinctive advantage over its chief,rival in the battle royale genre pub G,you can even play cross platform except,between ps4 and xboxone because Sony,wont play nice even on a device that,fits in your pocket 49 battle royale,still looks fantastic the only real,difference is the controls which for a,mobile game arent terrible everything,you can do on PC or console you can do,here just at about a quarter of the,speed its a great alternative but you,want to play on the go lastly even the,free to play structure feels a step,ahead of the competition every paid item,is strictly cosmetic the biggest,microtransaction available is the battle,pass a one-time $10 purchase that gives,you access to 100 tiers of rewards that,unlock as you play in complete unique,challenges its a neat structure that,keeps you constantly working toward the,next big milestone mastering 49 battle,royale systems is worth every second of,investment as a knee over-the-top style,and a unique blend of shooting and,building almost never offers anything,less than an outstanding time as you,compete for victory it may not be the,first Battle Royale game and it,certainly wont be the last but for,tonights sets itself apart from the,crowd by giving you the freedom and,tools to express your own personal,playstyle,for more on fortnight Battle Royale,check out eight tips from pro streamer,car Nader Jake and a PC versus iOS,graphics comparison and watch us earn,victory royale on the mobile version and,for everything else,stick with us here at IG,[Music]

The Metaverse, Crossovers, and Battle Passes — How Fortnite Changed The Game

the current state of gaming is all,because of fortnite crossovers and,metaverse experiences in-game movie,trailers and bombastic concerts,battle passes and seasons its all,fortnites fault okay thats a little,bit of hyperbole a lot of these things,already existed in other mediums,including video games but they were more,of a novelty that is until fortnite made,scrooge mcduck-sized fortunes and doing,these things it has raised 1 billion and,the only thing other devs could do was,copy them,so how did we get to the point where,iron man is taking on lara croft and,just how influential has fortnite been,to other games and ultimately is it a,good or bad thing like we said,crossovers in metaverses and battle,passes all were around before fortnite,movie crossovers go all the way back to,1943 when frankenstein meets the wolfman,and still lives on today with modern,schlock like freddy vs jason and alien,vs predator comics had marvel vs dc in,1996 and fighting games have a rich,history of crossovers x-men vs street,fighter snk vs capcom super smash,brothers motor combat versus dc in fact,multiple guest appearances have happened,across mortal kombat and arguably the,most endearing fighting game of all time,marvel vs capcom 2. metaverses in gaming,have also been around for a while in the,simplest of terms the metaverse is,described as a digital social space,where you actually have a presence an,avatar of some kind so you can interact,with others in the space youre,occupying second life from 2003 fits,this bill as does vr chat from early,2017.,and battle passes dota 2 used them as a,way to increase the overall prize pool,for the 2013 international while,allowing players to unlock in-game items,through gameplay and challenges so no,fortnite didnt invent many of the,things it popularized but it was the,first game to realize that the whole was,greater than the sum of those parts and,pushed the gaming industry in a,direction where special events became,the norm so how did we even get here,lets jump back to late 2013 the first,build of day z is released a game where,players survive against zombies and rely,on looting to increase their odds of,survival h1z1 attempted to clone this,formula but ended up falling short,instead it spun off a battle royale mode,in early 2015 and ultimately peaked at,150 000 concurrent players in june of,2017. however a litany of bugs and,cheaters gave rise to player unknowns,battlegrounds which also had its fair,share of issues still it was the best on,offer at the moment so players suffered,through the bugs to get their chicken,dinner three days after launching in,march of 2017 pubg racked up 11 million,dollars in early access sales and sold 5,million copies within the first 3 months,it was clear players wanted a survival,focused last man standing type game but,the studios that were making them just,werent equipped to handle their rapid,rise in popularity,enter fortnite which was originally,developed solely as a pve style game and,revealed back in 2011 but numerous,factors extended development time such,as epic handing over 40 of their company,to 10 cent in 2012 and implementation of,deeper in-game systems for fortnite,years later after pubg was released game,director donald mustard pushed for a,free-to-play battle royale mode in june,of 2017 within the game within two,months the mode was complete and shipped,out to early access since fortnite had,been in development for so long the,assets gameplay and mechanics were all,ready to go when it released it,skyrocketed to 10 million players within,two weeks,i might fall here i might be dead im,dead,because it was largely bug free fun and,innovative with its building mechanics,by march of 2018 the player counts,surpassed 45 million so the player base,that was hungry for a battle royale,experience that wasnt actively fighting,you with bugs and cheaters had finally,arrived it was the right place at the,right time,[Music],since then so many games have created,battle royales with varying degrees of,success call of duty black ops 4 had,blackout in october of 2018 which paved,the way for war zone later on,apex legends kicked off in 2019 within,the titanfall universe and put a spin on,things by giving players smooth movement,and unique characters with abilities but,these games had to make money somehow,after all most of them were free to play,introducing the industry-wide adoption,of the battle pass the must-have,inclusion of a battle pass arrived with,fortnite initially kicking off in,december of 2017 the battle pass is a,must if your free-to-play game is going,to survive but what a lot of people saw,was money hand over fist epic games was,swimming in revenue due to fortnites,popularity shortly after launch the,analysis firm super data estimated the,battle royale had made 126 million in,just the month of february 2018. until,by july it had surpassed 1 billion in,total revenue and because epic was a aaa,studio it was able to quickly scale with,the demand allowing the money pipes,never really shut off,so the arms race to create a battle,royale to own a piece of the pie was on,though not every br was good looking at,you battlefield firestorm,after a month of its release apex,legends made 92 million dollars in,revenue and warzone well it just makes,buckets and buckets of money garina free,fire a mobile br thats extremely,popular in asia but has also found its,footing in the west was the fourth,highest grossing game in 2020 raking in,just north of 2 billion and so now we,have dozens of brs to choose from with,battle passes and seasons that generate,the revenue needed for the games to,survive but it doesnt stop there these,games tapped into a lot more than just a,new revenue stream crossovers over here,crossovers over there everywhere you,look now theres a new gaming crossover,happening and its not just in battle,royales dead by daylight has actually,been bringing in popular characters for,a while starting with halloweens,michael myers back in 2016 naraka,bladepoint was able to resurrect bruce,lee with special skins and even,introduced his iconic nunchucks as,in-game weapons even rambo and snoop,dogg have come alive in war zone and,call of duty but the sheer amount and,unrelenting pace of crossovers was,caused by fortnite and their first one,was a doozy avengers infinity war came,to the game with a limited time mode,where you could use the infinity,gauntlet and from there the floodgates,really opened up the matrix john wick,the nfl star wars the predator and the,terminator and the alien jinx and vibe,from league of legends but the arcane,versions no property was off limits,everyone could come to fortnite and,everyone played fortnite too including,athletes and celebrities in march of,2018 former esports pro turned full-time,streamer ninja played fortnite on stream,with drake and travis scott,shortly after epic brought out all the,top streamers and all the biggest,celebrities they could find for the,fortnite pro am at 2018s e3 streamers,were paired with celebs singers and,athletes and competed for charity ninja,ended up winning with the edm star,marshmallow but the list of talent was,deep,pokemane tim the tapman dylan francis,paul george summit 1g valkyrie and so,many more this led to a huge push into,the esports scene in 2019 where epic,made kids millionaires because hes just,won nearly a million pounds playing the,online video game fortnite there was a,30 million dollar prize pool across,multiple competitions and on the solo,side of things 16 year old booga took,home 3 million dollars for first place,while epic whale also 16 at the time,snagged 1.2 million for a third place,effort,for some placing in the top 10 was,life-changing money,king from argentina was 13 when he,played in the fortnite world cup and,took fifth winning him nine hundred,thousand dollars which he used to,purchase a house for his family,while timely crossovers and superstar,events were drawing in more and more,players epics in-game enterta

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Reacting to 1 STAR Fortnite Reviews…

very inappropriate skins and dances now,were talking today were reacting to,fortnite reviews from parents around the,world prepare yourselves unless you or,your kid wants to break something dont,tell a fortnight there are too many,tryhards who just sit on their butt all,day and play the game its so annoying,because you cant even have fun without,getting,they think theyre goof theyre good but,they havent showered in days damn,rangers getting roasted dying game slash,greedy business practices equals half,widths in charge jeez who wrote this,competitive fortnite player they make,millions of dollars a year but rather,keep paying,james his cut to put work into their,garbage servers what does lebron have to,do with anything the halfways are too,stupid to read the writing on the wall,maybe you should fork out a few million,more to your woke overlords this guys,just racist doesnt like lebron way too,many updates were complaining about way,too many updates,bad game this game is very bad for kids,should be changed to rated 18.,very sad face very disappointed in the,craters got so much violence should have,changed the guns to unicorn chocolate,egg gun,aint no way this game used to be fun,seasons one through five then the sweaty,timmy came out the mouse slipping out of,their hands like a wet fish oh this,guys right in bars they put powerade,out of business,because of all the gatorade they drink,while playing this one is good what 86,of the lobby is bots and the other 14 is,sweaty 12 year olds who are homeschooled,and never get off the game horrible game,if your child never wants to feel,happiness i recommend that you force,them to play this game this game is a,nightmare its very addictive im now,having to deal with a son who has,toileting issues because of this game he,forgets to go to the bathroom no way bro,you spent over 300 pounds on four night,for skins ive now removed his ps4 have,i known how addictive this game is i,would have never bought him the game the,game is free i forget to eat but the,bathroom thats crazy bro this game is,rotting our childrens minds thats the,wrong r and no child younger than 10,should be playing this game it is just a,plain bad game i think the game is,rotten this guys mine already its too,little too late sucky sucky for tonight,whats your drama i dont even think,its for kids theres guns and blood and,theres a lot of though you know what,im saying,disgusting graphics,i dont think the 3d graphics,necessarily justify the use of such,repulsive figures and effects,shes gotta be on the switch you say oh,no my kids learn profanities and bad,behavior habits from playing this game,they will hit me and say box you like a,fish or youre so free the slurp juice,that is obviously a reference to alcohol,ive had my credit card stolen numerous,times to pay for those skins look up,fortnite rule 34 for more info about the,dangers of this this is a troll,this is a troll do not look up fortnite,rule 34,good for the little ones by teaching,them self defense oh you know i dont,want my son hes only three be using a,real gun yet but i get to watch him,shoot some guns in fortnite and once,hes old enough i let him,take a couple shots with my pistol you,mean self-defense theyre playing,fortnite bro ive now been waiting for a,total of four hours for two updates that,probably wont change anything in the,game want to waste your money on wi-fi,download fortnite wait wait who are we,paying for wi-fi like is there not is it,not just a monthly charge five updates,this season thank god were getting,content right very buggy and glitchy,first not insane review worst iq in,history really in history to release,update on a sunday and not being able to,run a game smoothly with the income they,make im just gonna be honest with you,man not being able to run the game,smoothly doesnt have to do with the,income of the game it has to do with the,income of what youre willing to spend,on your setup the whole game isnt,playable at all you have to wait 40,minutes to get in other menu then lose a,game in 30 seconds and then lose,connection somehow and have to wait now,four hours well your internet is fried,sure like thats frustrating but thats,not their fault im totally disgusted,right now after completing page 10 of,the battle pass in seven days,i wake up to this,i feel bad for the he completed page 10,in seven days that means hes been,sitting there playing one game every,four hours grinding his ass off very,inappropriate skins and dances now were,talking i would love to ask him which,skin theyre talking about like because,theres a list that comes to mind but,you know,not start,this game is highly addictive and you,will fight with your child every day,every weekend over game time wait wait,youre fighting with your child over,whos playing the nature of this,gameplay is highly addictive never let,your kids play this game do not even,start right now we are in the process of,banning this game and i sincerely hope,that we will be successful,for night is goofy goober i hate,fortnite each update they make the game,worse im the best at four 1v1 me my,user is mikey moes 240,oh mikey what are you doing man it sucks,people swear and never get off,never play this game the primal shotgun,is broken yo thank god someone made a,review about the primal shotgun this is,the only valid review the primal shotgun,was a horrible gun caution,this app is violence dont let kids or,teens install this isnt acceptable to,my household,people bully on there and there is voice,chat,no child is trusted not good not for,kids at all all right lets hear it i,cant get him to stop playing the game,and he even interacts with strangers,online sometimes even adults i am scared,and i took away his playstation until he,was 18 years old oh my god i would have,king lost it hes seven youre taking,away his playstation 2018 by the time,hes 18 that playstation is gonna be,rotting theres no fortnite is very bad,it is also very addicting kids get mad,after you make them do chores bad game,kids get mad if you make them do chores,regardless all right it has nothing to,do with the game trust me fortnite is a,disgrace for night is an absolutely,disgusting game that should be banned my,brother goes psycho when he gets killed,and uses what he learns about violence,in real life i would definitely not,recommend this disgrace for anyone of,any age it should be blocked everywhere,including consoles i like your brother,has a problem trash games absolutely dog,epic games do better like you,this with gta this title has too much,consumerism whoa this is actually woke,though theres a lot of consumers before,a lot of v bucks being spent its all,about the cosmetics were onto something,here speaking of consumerism by the way,when you guys are indulging in the,consumerism that fortnite has to offer,remember to use creator code cipher,pique in the item shop that way i can,also partake in the consumerism with you,now all of a sudden no one misses a shot,people play as anonymous because they,are cheating literally have to shoot,someone five times before they die,whats wrong with that and they shoot me,once and im dead too much swearing rage,im a player i sometimes get angry,thats all from me what a legend you,know as a gamer he sometimes gets angry,its all on him three stars okay money,scam it doesnt give it an option for,are you sure you want to purchase so if,you accidentally press purchase boom,thats your real money wasted on,something you dont even want gameplay,itself is very enjoyable just really,disappointed as the day i write this i,made the mistake for the second time,second time,brother first of all theres a refund,option you already purchased the v bucks,okay your real moneys already gone you,have the v bucks now this game is,horrible youve probably heard the,stories like this game teaches,coordination and life skills but does it,really the one major game that i really,like played 80 of my childhood was,runescape you know like there was l

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Fortnite CHAPTER 4 – Everything NEW EXPLAINED!

fortnite chapter 4 is officially here,with a new map loop pools secret,features and a whole lot more so lets,break down everything new when you,arrive on the island you quickly realize,the game looks entirely different and,that is thanks to the brand new graphics,Unreal Engine 5 lighting makes it,possible and honestly it looks photo,realistic at times from a new Sky clouds,the actual physics when you break walls,even fire got an update and its more,destructive but if you want to explore,this insane new map youll need a,vehicle and fortnite has added the best,one yet dirt bikes are now all over the,island and you can do special tricks,with them to get over small obstacles,you could jump and if you have enough,Air Time move in different directions to,pull off some incredible stunts just,like the drift boards itll give you,points but you have to see the,incredible pois on the chapter 4 map by,far the largest is the Citadel which is,a huge medieval castle with stone walls,statues and a ridiculous amount of,Secrets and inside is the main character,of the Season Geno you can find him in,the center building and not only does he,have intimidating music but a powerful,new weapon this is the Excalibur rifle a,semi-automatic that literally shoots,words at people to make things even more,ridiculous the sword is explosive and so,if you really want to do damage,eliminate Geno for a Mythic version this,is the Ageless Champions Excalibur rifle,and time will tell if this would be,super overpowered or not but after a,little bit of playing it is op trust me,its scattered around the island you,could also find chest themed around his,armor they give you some amazing loot,right now Im calling them Geno chess,but maybe someone will come up with a,better name theres a chance you could,open one and find the Shockwave Hammer,fortnites latest melee weapon this,thing is absolutely insane you can use,it to launch yourself across the map and,if you land a direct hit it does way too,much damage luckily theres a 15 second,cooldown but I guarantee these are gonna,be a problem one of the most exciting,features of chapter 4 is shock to,everybody with each storm phase a,notification will pop up and allow you,to choose between two perks this is a,system called reality augments and its,game changing there are some ridiculous,variants you could find whether theyll,give you extra damage a marking ability,or free bows over time you can unlock,new perks like this one that gives you a,tactical AR and combat shotgun speaking,of the attack it has been updated with a,red dot sight and let me tell you this,thing is amazing theres 22 abilities,out there in total and even more will be,added over time well theres so many,incredible locations on the map chapter,4 is also completely changed the starter,Island for the first time ever its now,in space you can actually see the map in,the distance as the battle buses charge,up and prepare to launch once the timer,hits zero you get propelled to the,island and the bus switches to a hot air,balloon and so once you drop make sure,to check out the shattered slabs this is,a quarry POI with an incredible secret,whoever owns this place has been digging,out a ton of mysterious rocks and,theyre called kinetic ore if you hit,them with your pickaxe theyll charge up,and show you a trajectory and once you,stop swinging itll launch you that,would it be a new chapter without some,fresh movement because epic has fixed,the number one problem with sprinting in,the past you had to jump over the,tiniest of walls and it used way too,much stamina well in chapter 4 you could,just run at them and now your character,will automatically hurdle youll need to,remember this if youre gonna take,enemies by surprise and with the new,Thunder shotgun close range is,everything this has a huge spread and,slow fire rate so if you like the pump,shotgun youll love this now the maven,auto shotgun feels exactly like the tack,some people think these are awesome and,others are calling them super weak we,will definitely test these over the next,few days but Im guessing theyll feel,like rubber bullets compared to the pump,even though thats not in the game,chapter 4 has finally given us the,return of fortnites most famous weapon,after a whole year the scar is back and,of the Rarities which is gonna take some,getting used to but after trying them,out Im sure this thing is gonna be,nerfed quick one of the most underrated,few wise this season is sloppy Shores,this is a massive factory that,introduces fortnites next big company,every chapter weve had a new business,like Evolution energy or Lil whips ice,cream parlor and this time slap juice,has taken over and they are here to stay,not only is this place huge but you,cannot find the trucks around the map,dont worry slurp juice trucks could,also be found even if their Factory has,been downgraded a little bit but what,actually is this new product well I am,not surprised that theyre so successful,because you cannot find slab 2s energy,drinks which doesnt just give out,Health but you also get unlimited,stamina for 20 seconds this also happens,after consuming a slap Berry which grows,on bushes around the map the only,difference is that you can walk around,while drinking the bottle version it is,probably the most useful consumable,weve had in years and so make sure to,look up every now and then because,drones have returned to fortnite every,match a handful of locations will turn,gold on the mini map and this means,theyve been taken over by Supply drones,did they shoot them down and enjoy some,incredible loot especially if you get,the Tactical Pistol or twin mag SMG,these might turn out to be seriously,underrated weapons especially with,augments you can combine them with a,light fingers perk to reload faster or,the pistol lamp to hold more ammo just,uh make sure you keep a safe distance,when using them on Sky jellies these,guys fly around in groups which is,pretty adorable well if youre a psycho,in your first instinct think theres a,shoot em doing that will have every,single jellyfish explode instead if you,just walk into them youll get Shields,and a bounce effect it is way more,rewarding and so when youre exploring,the new island make sure to stop at,faulty splits because this place is full,of unique buildings its an abandoned,town with a bowling alley and a hot dog,restaurant I mean whats not the love I,also gotta say it is way less,intimidating than brutal Bastion this,feel wise in the snowy mountains and has,a ton of mystery behind it according to,the patch notes its the headquarters of,the reality Warriors which could mean,this belongs to the seven if you landed,any of the main few wise there is now an,option to claim the territory look,around for a capture point and once its,been claimed everyone in your team gets,their Banner on display if you control a,POI it reveals the location of every,single chest and enemy in the area trust,me this is ridiculous youll find it,even easier to claim a POI with the new,red eye AR it is just like the mk7 and,Striker burst but this does even more,damage the downside is that its a lot,slower at firing but with careful aim,this will shred people theres also a,brand new medieval poi called animal,square right in the middle of the map,its surrounded by Rivers trees even has,an Old Town Square in the middle youll,also be able to find docks old Towers,even a small Castle I mean the whole,town is perfect for The Witcher collab,thats not the only thing that feels old,because the rocket launcher has finally,returned to the game we havent seen it,since the end of chapter 2 and it only,appeared once as the pumpkin launcher,thankfully it is back and you could,finally annihilate peoples boxes again,just all I could say is good luck to the,zero build players with this thing,around so if youve already blown up the,other locations dont worry because,theres a whole lot more frenzy Fields,is here and chapter 2 fans will,definitely recogniz

RYAN VS DADDY IN FORTNITE BATTLE! Let’s Play Fortnite with VTubers Ryan from Ryan’s World

go inside a door go inside the doorway,[Music],hey whats up guys welcome back to be,tubers todays videos gonna be a little,bit different from the regular video so,today we are going to follow each other,on 4/9 usually played together but today,with enemies no no screen looking what,do you guys think do you think Ryans,gonna win what that is going so whoever,gets what thank you,so the ground rule is no spawn kill is,it okay to steal each others loot after,you kill that person,okay thats allowed all right no you,cannot use the bots right,and no no no screen looking okay but,your screen is so big do not look at it,in your eyes guys check you have a,camera so we have a proof oh you already,scale up scale again,oh yeah blame it on the controller daddy,okay so I mean they have something else,right now,wait were you landing I dont know Im,gonna steal land of a different area you,have any lunch yet oh my gosh how are,you still alive oh my gosh can we,restart theres something wrong with,this game I mean game why okay we gonna,rejoin because its keep glitches so do,I still have three kills joy right I,have three killed I have one kill go to,frenzy bomb okay,all right oh my gosh again I dont see,you good great,Oh a hobby the fishing rod good dont,kill you just go right right no like,youre lying here Im coming I cant,even deal damage with the fishing rod,show you something come on lets lets,settle this at the agency,the Ryan got a whole kill technically,Im the owner,wait dont think I dont think the,enemies are here,oh this is perfect I can get you its,you all right guys Im so ready to take,Ryan down wait youre like right on top,of me what you and hear you youre on,top of me nobody else s oh boy,no no no no stop,scream I know try to find me though go,inside the door go inside the door this,door,I guess did you yeah so I got two kills,around a full kill lets see probably,you could,all ranked got five kills whats that,I heard Ill lift you just coming in,[Music],[Music],this is not looking good,Bryans got seven kills Ill let you,take the loot back I have already good,oh my gosh its super glitchy,its so glitchy the man show me dead,its plunging me as well you got a kill,alright lets change up the place lets,meet up at the oh my god whether youre,facing are you even close to present,wait youve been there before,[Music],well you want a pic actually a little,small grab rice shooting at me whenever,youre ready Im ready yeah lets just,do that,[Music],[Music],I know nothing birthing can scar – I,know I just I just know about using it,so I just keep dismissing it pickaxe for,loot okay so this is the last point for,I am okay hes got nine points I got one,Ive got three kills so for when Ryans,quiet thats when hes planning,something bad this is farming isnt,there like a food that I can consume to,heal,yeah like vomiting this point here the,red barn Im debating me Im just,throwing boxes,[Music],if I Ryan wolf in square Im not sure if,it was fair he keep looking at my screen,but try and it with wow I think thats,it for today guys thank you for watching,this video I hope you like this video,[Music],[Music],screen look

RYAN WINNING FORTNITE FRIDAY! Ryan vs Daddy Lets Play Fortnite Battle Royale

hey whats up guys welcome back to be to,birth today were playing for night,again so the difference is Ryan was off,from school for a few weeks and weve,been practicing for night every day so,hopefully we gotten better,oh and by the way Iranian God means your,skin here we go might be shooting I mean,job not really youre taking everything,[Music],yeah us no I dont know how we always,want to thank driver thanks bus driver,thanks bus driver oh come on buddy,doesnt cost any be bucks to say thank,you,[Music],hes up there oh no you probably have a,fishing rod no I literally dont I know,where he is giving incentives so easily,lets get a bunt a savage brother scar,help me dont live the king,they get a lot okay good so we wait to,battle just waiting on people,oh yeah thats how I won last time,[Music],make it good thing is were still inside,the circle,Oh ATM machine can I get some cash,[Music],yes Im very poor for me oh theyre very,foreign,oh oh I see anything oh is it just a,tree just looks like its moving day oh,it is tree just oh you gotta go oh hes,good there listen you where are you damn,you left me behind,no I was going the right way you were,going to the society that was going,straight only 30 people left,the next people fun oh oh right upgrade,upgrade machine well I cant really,upgrade I need to break this place to,get its boy what is water that gives you,a lot of wood trees definitely trees I,know I just upgrade to that great way to,my upgrade Ill take that blue shot Oh,[Music],somebodys my pain wait daddy can you,make this weapon legendary oh yeah then,you try and come find me Im in the,ultimate hiding spot alright quickly why,are you breaking happen Oh,okay guys yes I gave you purple shotgun,when you like seven more people good job,Ryan is doing this way at home,oh yeah there was actually somebody,sniping Im gonna put a door,Im coming daddy I guess oh youre just,Belvin chinos person,oh theyre fighting over there well,theyre trying to print the mess up to,you the storms right here I know right,behind us we do this,respect the guy laying in the ground,oh but its the first time ever be,recorded and making it number one,victory royal the best team mate no I,dont think so Wow thank you guys for,watching this video,Im so glad you guys have so its making,it number one victory royale yeah yeah,were gonna do it again some more okay,bye bye subscribe

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Every New Change You Need to Know

fortnite broke the internet and itself,as it makes its way into a new chapter,during the fracture event we watched the,zero point literally rebuild itself with,the help of the Paradigm in what was,called zero Fusion,now powered by Unreal Engine 5 we head,into chapter 4 season 1 of fortnite,this new era of fortnite introduces a,ton of new things starting off with a,whole new map and points of interest,like the New Castle at the Citadel,peaceful looking town in the forest,known as Anvil Square an abandoned,Farmland known as frenzy Fields a Mining,facility known as shattered slabs and,the snowy mountains of brutal Bastion,where you can ride in giant snowballs to,crush your enemies,this new chapter introduces big changes,to the Battle Royale as time goes by,during your match youll be given a,randomized choice of two reality,augments the longer youre in the match,the more augments you can collect until,the match ends now these augments will,act like perks that will give you an,advantage so lets go over a few of them,theres augments like light fingers,thatll give you faster reload speed,with weapons that use light ammo,mechanical Archer will give you an,explosive and a Shockwave bow aerialist,will grant you a glider redeploy for the,rest of the match supercharged will give,your vehicle increased health and wont,consume Fuel and soaring Sprints will,give you the ability to jump higher and,jump with lower gravity while sprinting,keep in mind you can re-roll these,augments to get ones that you like or,get the ones that will help you get your,dubs,this chapter also introduces the ability,to hurtle over obstacles in your way so,now you can look sick chasing down,enemies or even running away like an,action hero doing parkour you also can,finally ride motorcycles in the game so,there are plenty of ways to style on,your opponents,now we gotta get into the new weapons,and items introduced into this chapter,like this strong semi-automatic rifle,that fires blades and detonates after a,couple seconds known as the Excalibur,rifle a pump action shotgun that fires,two rounds at the same time called,Thunder shotgun and an automatic shotgun,known as the maven auto shotgun the red,eye assault rifle with the Red Dot sight,a twin mag SMG and a tactical pistol and,a sick looking Shockwave Hammer that,lets you launch yourself away or towards,enemies it also launches teammates so,have fun with this one theres also,plenty of unvaulted weapons in fortnite,like the returning scar assault rifle,and more,theres also new Provisions like the,slap berries that will give you some,health and a short-term unlimited energy,to Sprint longer slap juice will do the,same but both effects will be greater,theres also Sky jellies that will give,you some health but be careful it,bounces you back now one major thing to,take note this season is if you and your,team stay in a POI long enough you can,claim that territory and your teams,Banner will be put on display marking,your teams control and it will also,Mark nearby chest and opponents now we,gotta talk about this new battle pass,because this pass is stacked the battle,pass has a new UI with plenty of,characters that are awesome like Celine,and her other variant Moonlight Celine,theres Maasai and his airwalker variant,and theres even the Doom Slayer guy,himself with his awesome new glider,theres Dusty and an animated character,known as nezumi it was healthy and a,snapshot of General known as the Ageless,this battle pass will feature mid-season,drops of alternate colors of the skins,and it also includes geralt of Rivia,from The Witcher series,what do you think of the new chapter of,fortnite so far,let us know in the comments and for all,things gaming keep it here at IGN

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