1. Fossil Gen 6 Review: High Speeds, Hard Specs, Soft Wear
  2. Fossil Gen 6 Review | Two weeks later… | Best WearOS Smartwatch?
  3. Fossil Gen 6 Review|Watch Before You Buy
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Fossil Gen 6 Review: High Speeds, Hard Specs, Soft Wear

in my book the best thing the smartwatch,has inherited from its traditional,ancestors is the choice it gives you in,styles and for years the biggest,contributor to that diversity has been,fossil group,if the relentlessly repetitive,rectangles of the apple watch or the,simplistic circles of samsung just,arent what you want on your wrist,fossil and its partners have been there,to sell you everything from edgy armani,to bedazzled michael kors to pipe flange,manhole cover diesel,for the past two years those watches,have been based on fossils generation,five platform but ive just spent the,last two weeks with an early version of,the sequel upon which the next,generation will be built,im michael fisher lets see what there,is to like and lament about the fossil,generation vi smartwatch,while the retail gen 6 box will arrive,with a fresher design than the one you,see here the watch itself ships with the,no frills approach familiar to fossil,fans accompanied by nothing but product,literature and the newly redesigned,charger that ill come back to in a,second,the one fossil sent me did come with an,interesting change of pace from the,usual strap and you know i i havent,worn a velcro watch band in something,like 25 years so it was a fun throwback,but of course other strap styles and,casing colors are available and in a,bonus thatll only resonate if you,caught my samsung galaxy watch 4 review,the gen 6 uses the same 22 millimeter,lugs as the past couple generations that,means if you have bands from prior,watchers lying around theyre more,likely to fit good stuff,thats for the 44 millimeter model here,by the way the 42 millimeter takes 18,millimeter straps as before,as for the case itself watch design is,subjective so i dont mind saying i,preferred the slider look of the gen 5,but if you like a beefier build the gen,6 brings it with larger lugs that to me,evoke the shoulders of a hulking,linebacker and a crown guard filling the,space between the pushers on the side,thats similar to the one we saw on the,citizen cc smart,theres also some knurling that suggests,a rotating bezel but no just like prior,fossils you scroll lists using the crown,which packs just the right amount of,slightly rubbery resistance i love it,the case is made of stainless steel with,cover glass up front similar to the gen,fives over an identically sized amoled,watch face as before as well,but the first thing i did after unboxing,was to check out the back,surrounding the new heart rate and blood,oxygen sensor are redesigned charging,rings which are now split into twin kind,of dual c-shaped circular tracks,that mirrors the duplication of pins in,the new charging puck with both changes,made to give the gen 6 fast charging,ability,how fast well from zero to about 80,percent in about a half hour now if you,have an earlier puck from a prior fossil,watch yes it will still work but at,about half that charging speed,and best of all if youve followed,fossils years-long problem of charging,rings coming unglued over time,these new rings are insert molded into,the case back instead of glued in which,means they should finally,finally stay put,specs,they still matter in the smartwatch,world and gen 6 packs a doozy its the,first smartwatch powered by qualcomms,top shelf snapdragon 4100 plus,that suffix means the main chip has a,sidekick that co-processor introduced a,couple years back that saves power by,managing things like always on watch,faces and always on sensors without,having to wake up the more powerful main,chip,but that primary processor is important,too it does the same thing for this,watch as it did for last years ticwatch,pro 3. it lets googles wear os software,run with consistent fluidity right out,of the box,with the exception of the occasional,wear os weirdness like this,authentication problem i had with one of,my google accounts for two weeks the gen,6 has served reliably in its intended,role,as a notification depot on my wrist,that tracks my steps and my,pinch will sleep serve as a phone as,long as your real phone is nearby,as for battery life its competitive,with the admittedly watered-down,expectations set by apple and samsung on,my best day i got 35 hours from full to,empty even with conveniences like raise,to wake and the always on display turned,on,it was only by going overboard with,elaborate watch faces from facer and,ramping up my brightness and screen,timeout that i could cut that endurance,in half but its still at least a full,day smartwatch and fossils custom,battery endurance improvements are all,still here as well so if you do,accidentally leave your charger at home,for an extended weekend away you can,muddle through by disabling the more,power hungry features of the watch and,still have a smarter than usual,timepiece come monday,the trouble is,weve seen this all before,the gen 6 runs wear os version 2.3 which,wouldnt be so bad if we hadnt been,hearing for the past six months just how,awesome where os 3 is going to be,and weve now seen that version on the,samsung galaxy watch 4 and indeed it,does bring some compelling conveniences,but on the samsung watch its also,buried under so much manufacturer makeup,that you almost cant tell its wear os,at all,oh itll come to the gen 6. dont worry,but not until sometime in,2022 meanwhile watches running on the,older wear os 2.3 version continue to,see apps and features pulled or broken,by developers some by google itself,after years of perceived neglect and to,make matters worse no one will say,whether thats because of a special,arrangement between google and samsung,or because some element of wear os 3,isnt ready yet google has no comment on,the matter,only one thing is clear to paraphrase,kellan from droid life,it really sucks,this situation essentially gives,consumers a choice that they can spend,about 300 bucks on a fossil gen 6 which,works well but runs on software thatll,be outdated until next year or they can,spend about 50 more for a samsung watch,that runs that new platform today albeit,with compromises and in a kind of,disguise,now toss in the complicating factor of,the ticwatch pro 3 i mentioned before,which offers 3 days between charges can,already be had for cheaper and which,will also get updated to wear os 3.,so the gen 6 is not exactly a slam dunk,for fossil group but im not saying its,unrecommendable,i do prefer its looks to the ticwatch,pro 3. it charges much faster than the,samsung,and if you dont dig this particular,pair or its michael kors cousins,history tells us that itll only be a,matter of time before more variations,from fossil group partners hit the,market,if youre a fossil fan with a gen 4 or,earlier this is a solid upgrade that,youll probably really enjoy,if youre looking for the cutting edge,in wear os though,well,thats not this,not yet anyway,this video was produced following two,weeks with two fossil gen sixes the,first pre-production sample failed to,demonstrate the rapid charging speed,fossil promised so the company sent a,replacement device that did pass that,test,as always the manufacturer had zero,editorial input it had no early preview,and it provided no compensation in,exchange for this videos production,please subscribe to the mr mobile on,youtube if youd like to see more videos,like this,until next time this has been michael,fisher thanks for watching,and stay mobile my friends,[Music]

Fossil Gen 6 Review | Two weeks later… | Best WearOS Smartwatch?

so its been a proper bloody big month,for smart watches weve had new launches,from the likes for maze fate samsung tic,watch even that apple lot and now its,the turn of fossil with its fresh new,generation six watch and the gen six is,just as premium as the rest of them,starts at 279 quid depending on whether,you want a silicon leather or metal,bracelet but is it actually worth that,cash well ive had it slapped on my arm,for the last couple of weeks to bring,you this full in-depth fossil gen 6,review and for more on the lit script,deck please do poke subscribe and,hitting that notifications bell cheers,now you got a choice of just one size,with the gen 6 a 44 millimeter case and,a standard 22 mil strap and i found this,was a good size for my weedy little,school child wrists its certainly not,heavy although its not quite as,refreshingly slim as that fresh new,galaxy watch 4. youve got an impressive,range of designs to choose from with the,fossil gen 6 as usual its definitely,one of the best features of the fossil,smart watches im not just talking about,the color of the case in here im also,talking about the style of the actual,bezel i mean you can even encrust this,thing with tiny crystals if thats if,thats what you want to do youve also,got a very respectable range of straps,and bands to choose from as well,including a full-on metal bracelet if,thats your bag although gotta say this,thing was absolutely freaking enormous,it was dangling off my arm when i tried,it on first i could have actually,probably used it as a belt i did try and,resize it by popping out a couple of,those links managed to get one or two,out but then i really struggled to get,some out on the other side to balance it,out uh probably not helped by the fact,that i wasnt using the proper tools i,was just using one of these little phone,sim tray porky pin things the fossil gen,6 is water resistant to 3 atmospheres,and i really like how the screen glass,seems to be incredibly thin but also,impressively durable that bezel doesnt,really offer any kind of protection at,all to the display so of course ive,tweeted this screen off all kinds of,hard surfaces usually after a couple of,shandys and a couple of times kind of,on purpose just to give it a proper,durability testing and uh so far,touchwood no scratching or scoffs to,speak of at all its still absolutely,pristine and speaking of that colorful,1.2 inch amoled display i am definitely,a fan it may be quite compact and that,black bezel surrounding it is rather,thick but text and visuals are pin sharp,thanks to the 416 by 416 pixel,resolution given 326 pixels per inch,clarity its bright enough for clear,visibility outdoors and as it is an oled,panel you of course get all the usual,always on display shenanigans however,imagine if you will that the fossil gen,6 was actually a guilty looking puppy,sat next to a steam and turd freshly,laid on your best carpet in this,slightly awkward metaphor the pooh in,question would be wear os version 2,which comes pre-installed on the fossil,gen 6 instead of the fresh new wearaos 3,which we also on the samsung galaxy,watch 4 series apparently google has,still been very protective of the latest,where its just the samsung smartwatches,where you can find it for now but,hopefully uh warehouse version 3 will be,coming to other small watches like the,fossil gen 6 in early 2022 although,theres no real strict timeline just yet,to be fair though trusty old wear os is,still perfectly fine here on the fossil,you can fully customize your tiles as,usual so your most valued information is,available with just a quick swipe and,when youre zipping around through all,the menus and all the rest of it that ui,feels smoother than a dollop of lord,thanks to the snapdragon where 4100 plus,chipset which runs the show still one of,the most powerful wearable chips around,which is used by remarkably few other,smartwatches that likes the new tick,watch which just got launched last week,and thats about it fossil has chucked,in a decent variety of watch faces here,with correspondent always on displays,plus theres also a massive selection,also available to download from google,play or the pre-installed faces service,as well if you want to change up the,look and the vibe these often come with,customizable elements as well so you can,fully configure them to get them just,the way you want them and of course as,usual you can fully customize which,notifications you receive a little buzz,on the wrist with the fossil gen 6 with,the ability to respond right there on,that dinky screen for certain apps like,gmail you can actually type out your,response on a tiny little keyboard that,works surprisingly better than it should,do or alternatively you can just use,your voice to reply as well or if its,just a lot of spammy crap you can just,straight up delete it right there on,your wrist that touchscreen has proved,perfectly responsive while the rotating,dial can also be used to scroll up and,down through your menus and apps and,whatnot its not quite as comfortable as,samsungs rotating bezel on the watch 4,classic but it works just fine and yeah,theres certainly no lack of buttons,here on the fossil gen 6 either that,dial can be pushed in to bring up a list,of your installed apps with quite a few,chucked on here to begin with including,the usual fitness tracking efforts,timers alarms and even the handwashing,app if you still need help with that and,as ever you can download more apps via,google play using the watchs built-in,wi-fi support youve got eight gigs of,storage here same as the samsung galaxy,watch for which might not sound a lot,but bear in mind the most wearable apps,are absolutely tiny meanwhile the top,and bottom buttons on the fossil gen 6,can be assigned to anything you like,although i stuck with google pier for,the bottom one and this was definitely,actually one of my favorite aspects of,the fossil watch gen 6 compared with,samsungs galaxy watch 4 efforts the,fact youve actually got google services,running by default rather than samsungs,own alternatives so if you find that you,use the likes of google fit google pair,etc then the fossil gen 6 is definitely,the one for you the gen 6 like most,premium smart watches has a built-in,speaker and mic and you can use these to,make and take calls via your smartphone,as long as you dont mind people giving,you weird sideways glances as you walk,past them down the street chatting at,your own arm of course and you can also,use that speaker and mic to interact,with the google assistant youve got,full google support if you want to wake,the assistant with your voice otherwise,you can just basically swipe to the,right and then tap the little mic there,where is southern football club in the,league one table sunderland are in,fourth place in football league one with,a total of 22 points,i thought we were higher than that the,football was aside at least you can hear,the speaker is nice and loud and clear,something considering the size of the,thing i didnt have any trouble you know,hearing it even on a busy high street or,whatever and the mic again even in quite,a noisy environment does a pretty good,job of picking up your voice and,understanding what youre trying to tell,it to do and also apparently at some,point in the near future fossil will be,bringing amazon alexa support to the gen,6 as well in case you prefer that to the,google assistant now one feature that i,did miss here on the fossil gen 6 was,copying music across to stream to your,bluetooth headphones when you dont have,your phone on you i personally didnt,miss it a massive amount because i dont,exactly spend much time you know down,the gym pounding the weights or whatever,it is you actually do to to weights or,you know doing a bit of jogging or,anything like that so if you are looking,to go out with your fossil watch leave,your phone at home and listen to music,at the same time well you should out of,luck and speaking of exercise type stuff,that

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Fossil Gen 6 Review|Watch Before You Buy

hey everybody hope you folks are doing,well today we have the fossil gen 6,smart watch to take a look at which aims,to be the perfect smart watch for,matching classic watch style with,function offers a stunning amo led,display a powerful processing chip,fitness tracking capabilities into a,very nice classic analog wash style,design so an option worth considering if,youre looking for a quality smart watch,or is there something better out there,on the market for you and if you buy it,what can you look to get out of it for,daily use lets find out the fossil gen,6 is a versatile smart watch thats,compatible with any ios or android,device it comes with an intuitive setup,process that requires you to download,the user-friendly wear os app follow the,on-screen instructions name the watch,pair it by bluetooth to stream audio,answer calls or receive notification it,also has built-in wi-fi connectivity to,quickly download apps content and update,firmware the watch is easy to use and,utilizes the crown button to navigate,the interface and two customizable,buttons to quickly launch your preferred,apps the design isnt much different,from the gen 5 but it does come with a,very high-end quality materials its,made out of a 44 millimeter stainless,steel drive case with a three atm,waterproof rating which makes it,suitable for outdoor activities you get,a 22 millimeter quick release strap that,provides a snug fit i like that it can,easily be swapped out if you want to,change your style its built the,traditional watch look and feel in mind,to pair well with your outfits but the,downside to this is the watch is,somewhat heavy compared to competitors,and might move around with high,intensity workouts but it is comfortable,enough for most general users now if,youre looking for a more fitness,orientated watch the fitbit versa 3 is a,solid option to consider but it does,lack an inferior screen and has way less,other app capabilities the high quality,1.28 inch amo led screen is a standout,feature for me and offers a 416 by 416,resolution and a 326 ppi pixel density,which are among the highest quality,specs available for smart watches it,produces deep black crisp graphics and a,clear picture with plenty of brightness,for better visibility you get several,stylish first and third party watch,faces to choose from and while other,options allow for more in-depth,customization the display has a,convenient always-on function to keep,the time accessible you should know that,it wont support the newer wear os 3,until maybe around 2022 but it still,supports the user-friendly wear os too i,like that it has googles discover feed,that provides snapshot updates and,adjustable widgets so you can easily,check the weather your schedule daily,fitness activity or customize your menu,this comes with several smart features,including google pay support for,contactless payments google assistant,voice commands a built-in microphone to,take phone calls and android users can,respond to messages directly from the,watch although this is absent on ios,devices by the way if youre enjoying,this video and youre even learning,something about the fossil gen 6 want to,give the video a like itll help our,channel grow and if you really want,updated pricing on these listed items,then check the links in the description,because you never know when something,goes on sale right its also important,to know that it utilizes a powerful,snapdragon wire 4100 plus processing,chip which performs 30 faster than its,predecessor along with one gigabyte of,ram and eight gigabytes of storage it,can smoothly switch between apps and,from screen to screen without lagging or,input delays almost instantaneously load,your app list and install apps quickly,unfortunately the claimed 24-hour,battery life is shorter than many,competitors and requires daily charging,but it only takes around an hour to,complete a full charge you can also,extend the runtime by disabling certain,features such as the always on display,if youre looking for an alternative,with way better battery and the samsung,galaxy watch 4 is probably the one,youre looking for as it has two days of,full charge use and it can cost less but,it does have limited connectivity issues,and it doesnt have the most powerful,processing chip either those get a solid,number of fitness tracking features such,as an integrated altimeter compass,gyroscope spo2 sensor for blood oxygen,an improved heart rate tracker and a gps,tracking capabilities although the gps,and location tracking performance can be,somewhat inconsistent it comes with a,wellness companion app that can track,several types of basic workouts steps,your heart rate and some other sleep,metrics but its limited and cant be,paired with other tracking services you,also get compatibility with google fit,which allows you to monitor day activity,and health metrics sync data with your,phone and more overall the fossil gen 6,is a quality smart watch that offers a,lot of convenient features with its,powerful and responsive processing chip,high-end display durable built and,versatile connectivity its easy to see,why its such a well-regarded smartwatch,despite its flaws the fossil gen 6,offers a solid all-around functionality,and its adequate for anyone that wants,a decent apple watch alternative with a,sleek design but hey thats just my,opinion watch some of your opinions in,the comments down below and if youre,looking for updated pricing on all the,items check the links in the description,and if you like this video or found it,helpful at all why dont you give it a,like and subscribe if youre new to the,channel and you like short informative,tech videos but until then ill see you,guys next time

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NEW Fossil Gen 6 (Fossil Tries to Save the Smartwatch)

what youre looking at right here is the,brand new fossil gen 6 a beautiful smart,watch with a fast smooth experience and,an impressive battery life as well and,so once again fossils trying to save the,smart watch in a time where all but,three smart watches are basically on,death row getting left behind with a new,update fossil swooping in with beautiful,hardware top of the line specs and like,i said some really impressive battery,controls so we love the fossil gen 5. it,was really our top pick for android,watches for the past two years and that,gives the fossil gen 6 some pretty big,shoes to fill but the gen 6 is boasting,major improvements with a new processor,a big update coming soon and some more,improvements to the health sensing as,well but there is just one thing holding,this back from being pretty much the,perfect android smartwatch one thing,thats holding it back and were going,to talk about that throughout this video,of course we will also put this watch to,the test and show you the microphone,quality the speaker quality the accuracy,of the heart rate and the gps and tell,you everything else you need to know,before considering buying the fossil gen,6.,[Music],so ive been wearing the smartwatch for,the past week and there are some things,that i really liked about it but also a,couple things that i didnt like quite,as much but im getting ahead of myself,before we talk about the design or the,accuracy i want to talk a little bit,more about a statement i made in the,beginning of this video and that is that,pretty much every other smartwatch is on,death row what did i really mean by that,well as i mentioned before on this,channel theres a big update coming and,essentially if you look at smart watches,right now if you are going to make a,smartwatch app and you wanted to do it,for android users you had to decide,between fitbit or samsung or wear os or,garmin or all these different operating,systems meant that people would make an,app for one or the other and there,wasnt a uniform platform and,alternatively they would say well i,could just make an apple watch app and,it works for all apple watches which is,most apple users out there so thats why,apple watches generally had more and a,better app selection and this is finally,changing with the new unified platform,which is essentially a partnership,between fitbit and google and samsung,agreeing that theyre all going to use,one operating system meaning that youre,going to get better apps and this new,operating system is wear os 3. warehouse,3 is rolling out to some very very,select devices this is one of them but,other than this device we have two,devices from ticwatch and we have the,samsung galaxy watch 4.,thats it no other devices out there are,getting wareos 3 except anything new,being created in the future so if you,have an android and you dont want to,get left behind without updates you,really want to be looking at one of,these three devices so with that being,said thats why the fossil gen 6 is such,a significant device its really the,first honestly i think its the best,looking out of this group but of course,i will compare this to the other two a,little bit in this video but in a full,in-depth video in the future so if you,want to see that definitely go down and,click that subscribe button so you dont,miss it when that video comes out so,lets look a little closer at this,design you can see on the front we have,a 1.3 inch amoled display it gets really,bright it automatically dims in dimmer,environments its easy to read and it,has an always-on display option as well,so overall i think the front looks,pretty nice we do have a black bezel,around there i dont recommend using a,bright orange watch face like you see,here if you have a black watch face it,really hides it a lot better and you,dont notice that much at all but on the,outside youll see the case itself this,is the 44 millimeter option and i think,it looks fantastic this is the stainless,steel version so you can see it has that,that metal bracelet but of course you,might be saying i dont want to run with,the metal bracelet or maybe you want to,change it every now and then something i,think fossil does really well is make,their designs versatile so if you want,this to look a little more formal you,can put the metal bracelet on there or a,leather strap and if you want to go work,out you can very easily swap these out,with a very common 22 millimeter strap,to put on a silicone band or or whatever,else you want so that youre good for,working out for all different situations,and looking at the outside a little,closer you see that we have a kind of a,ridged bezel on the outside its not a,rotating bezel it looks like one but,its not instead you do have a rotating,crown on the right so a three button,configuration on the right you can,customize the top and bottom buttons and,ill talk more about that later in the,video but the middle button is your back,button your home button your app drawer,and it is a rotating crown as well and,you can see that now we have a little,crown guard on either side so youre not,going to worry about hitting that button,by accident if youre trying to reach,for one of the others so and then if you,flip it over the back you can see we,have some differences here as well one,of them being the charging is not the,concentric rings instead the rings are,split into kind of concentric seas on,either side because you do have double,charging here essentially giving you a,much faster charging than the previous,fossil gen 5. and in the middle we have,our array of health sensors which now,include spo2 tracking which should give,you more in-depth sleep tracking and,then on the crown guard on the right i,think this is cool its really sneaky i,believe thats the microphone they,actually put right there and on the left,side we have our speaker so well get,into a speaker test in a second to see,how loud this is b could use that for,phone calls for voice assistant for all,types of things like that of course it,also has haptic feedback and it is water,resistant up to three atmospheres so,swimming or washing your hands or,showering should not be a problem at all,for this device okay so with that being,said lets actually get into that,speaker test now so for a quick test of,the speed and the speaker lets check,out google assistant,tell me a joke,heres a joke for halloween,whats an optimistic vampires favorite,drink,be positive,so this is a sample recording with the,fossil gen 6 to see how the audio sounds,from the onboard microphone there is one,microphone right next to the crown and,so if i was on a phone call it would,probably sound something like this so,thats a summary of the physical design,personally i think thats the main,reason people will be buying this device,because its a beautiful looking watch,has a fantastic physical design it feels,premium but its not too bulky i think,its overall just a really well designed,smart watch but lets talk a little bit,more about the health tracking side,because of course smart watches are,becoming more and more meant for health,tracking people want ecgs and heart rate,and things of that nature and so right,off the bat i want to say that while,this does have plenty of health tracking,accessories or capabilities on here it,doesnt its not necessarily the main,focus of this so we dont have ecg we,dont have really advanced stress,tracking we do have sleep tracking we do,have blood oxygen of course pedometer,gps heart rate and of course you can,track all types of different workouts on,here but keep in mind thats not the,main focus of this device not like,garmin not like polar not like even,samsung this ones really meant to be an,accessory like a peripheral device for,your phone so with that being said lets,look at the accuracy tracking anyway i,took this on several different runs,obviously i swapped out the band for a,silicon one and personally i really,liked it on the runs it was really easy,to see the info

6-Months Review Fossil Gen 6 | The Good and The Bad | Smartwatch Review

hey folks how are you doing right here,weve got the fossil gen 6 once again,so over the last couple of months we,compared this smartwatch to numerous,other ones like the galaxy watch for the,apple watch 7 the garmin venue 2 and the,garmin venue 2 plus,and after all these months there are a,few things that i noticed that i like,and some things that i dont like and,today i will share with you my,experience with the fossil gen 6. now,before we head into the video hit the,like and subscribe button right now if,you like that kind of content and click,the notification bell to never miss out,on any new uploads,as a point number one lets talk about,the building gps and see how good this,one is or should i rather say how bad it,is so over the last couple of months,ive been doing a whole bunch of,workouts if its a bike tour a running,workout a walking workout or whatever,and i can say for sure that the built-in,gps is not great by any means i know it,sounds a bit harsh but i want to be,honest with you guys,and thats just the truth so if i pull,up some of my gps workouts you can see,that other gps lines are all over the,place even if im walking straight lines,the bidding gps doesnt seem to get it,it is more like once i do a sharp turn,and change direction this watch notices,this point and connects it to the next,point of the sharp turn and thats,basically the gps i mean even for people,who dont care about the built-in gps,and the accuracy of it you will still,get the wrong mileage and the wrong step,count now just to let you know i,compared this watch mainly to my garmin,venue 2 and the garmin venue 2 plus,which are both exceptionally good in,keeping track of your stats so if youre,mainly looking for a smartwatch with,good activity tracking i would suggest,one of these two products that i just,mentioned or if youre looking for,something right in between the guys,watch for is also a good option i think,lets jump into a positive feature of,the smartwatch since we started so,negative and one of them is the sleep,tracking so during my testing time there,was never a night in which it didnt,track my sleep the gen 6 tracks your,light and deep sleep anytime you are,awake it also gives you the daily stats,for the last 7 days and tells you your,average bedtime and time to wake up and,it even goes further and tells you your,weekly and monthly average great feature,for all of the people who are looking,for getting a better sleep so theres,one extra feature this watch has to,offer which is the snoring detection so,you can actually detect if you are,snoring during the night or not and,listen to it the next day if you happen,to be one of those snorers,if snorls is the right word do you say,snarls,and the last feature is that you can set,a goal so you can see if you hit your,minimum steep score during the night or,night now as for the price i think we,are in a good place now if you look it,up on the official store it will still,cost you 300 euros but over the last six,months this watch got a bit cheaper if,its on amazon or some other online,platforms just the other day i found a,price for 250 euros and i think thats a,good deal,so dont forget that this watch has a,whole bunch of features to offer you,have on-road cars you can download apps,you have a customizable watch faces you,have a lot of half metrics that keep,track of your half stats of course and a,bunch of other shenanigans so overall,250 euros is a good deal if some of you,guys find a page where you get a cheap,deal you can leave that in the comments,below just in case someone is looking,for this watch and wants to buy it next,up i would like to talk about,customizable buttons and i know its a,common thing nowadays to have,customizable buttons just like on the,apple watch on a samsung watch on a,garmin watch but these buttons really,come in handy its just so much faster,to open up your workouts and start one,of them right quick get to google pay,open up google maps or any of your other,apps on your watch but those are just,the ones i would use the most in case,you dont know how to do that head over,to your settings and find,personalization and over here click on,customized hardware buttons and from,over here you can connect different apps,to your upper and lower button the,middle button is not customizable and,only takes you to your google voice,assistant,but you can just swipe to the right and,click on the little mic icon on the,screen or if you scroll down and,activate the voice command you can,activate the google voices system by,saying ok google one more negative thing,about the fossil gen 6 is the battery,life and i guess we can see it in two,different ways on one hand im glad that,we have four different battery modes,its either the daily mode that drains,your battery life in about 24 hours the,watch only mode that turns this,smartwatch into an analog watch which is,not the reason why we buy smartwatches,weve got an extended mode that turns,off a few key features but i guess i can,live with that and we only have to,charge it like this every few days and,the last one is the custom mode in which,we can choose which features we need in,which we do not need and i definitely,like this one the most but on the other,hand those are no features that i,wouldnt find myself in the settings and,i dont need an exit battery mode just,to turn off the always display mode and,the c or the okay google detection,and if we are honest most of us will,never even touch one of those battery,modes and we all stick to the daily mode,which is set by default,and if you little timmy now write in the,comments yeah i change my battery mode,every day to match my lifestyle youre,probably one in a million and alex,berson and jennifer probably not even,heard about battery modes and they all,stick to the daily mode which also means,we all only have like one day of battery,life which is not great but theres,actually one good thing about the,battery life which is the charging time,i think it is the fastest smartwatch to,go from 0 to 100,i mean it goes from 0 to 80 in just 30,minutes which is super quick and i think,it kind of mitigates the bad battery,life and it makes it a little bit better,after next lets talk about the accuracy,of the heart rate and during the day i,didnt see any big spikes but when it,comes to some workouts it is always a,little bit on the lower side of things,just for reference i compared this watch,to the garment menu 2 and the garmin,menu 2 plus just in case you want to,know and i didnt plan to say so many,bad things about the fossil gen 6 since,its actually a good watch overall now,besides the heart rate all the health,metrics are very good you can talk to,your friends and families right from,your watch with the bit and speaker and,mic and they even understand you very,well you also have more than enough,storage for music tracks playlists and,podcasts that you can download right,from spotify to your watch as long as,youre connected to the wi-fi and thats,a feature not too many smart watches,have you can receive and answer all of,the notifications that you would,normally get on your smartphone like,instagram whatsapp facebook and that,stuff and the cool thing right here is,that you can even choose how you want to,answer to those messages you can speak,to the watch and let it dictate for you,send emojis use one of the many quick,reply options or type your own message,on the keyboard even though its a,little hard for me sometimes with my fat,fingers also what i really use a lot on,this watch is the rotatable button i,really got used to turning the button,instead of swiping through my tires apps,and workout modes first off it works,better if the screen is wet by sweat or,by rain and second i guess there is no,second i just like not swiping on my,screen left and right and use the,rotatable button and get not so many,fingerprints on the screen so i guess,technically there is a second so there,are a bunch of positive things about t

The Smartwatch Ive always wanted! – Fossil Gen 6

hi guys this is byt and ive reviewed a,lot of smart watches on this channel,some good some not so good but,ultimately none have been able to,satisfy my craving for fusing a more,traditional looking dress watch with all,of the smart functionality that now aids,me until now this is the brand new,fossil gen 6 and its a beaut fossil,reached out to sponsor this overview,video but as always on the channel ill,tell you what i like and things that i,think potentially could be improved in a,future product because theres certain,things that im not so keen on but well,get to all of that,[Music],so starting with design this thing is,built really well available in two sizes,either 42 or 44 millimeters and it has a,lovely bright vibrant amoled display the,buttons on the right hand side could be,slightly firmer on the click but outside,of that with its metal and glass,construction its just really solid the,watch face and strap can be customized,to suit your preference as can the top,and bottom buttons which are currently,set online to google pay and health and,well-being more on that shortly the,middle button with its rotating crown,takes you with one click through to all,of your important apps and youll notice,amongst many others the likes of all the,google fit options and the google play,store as this fossil gen 6 is running on,googles wear os which is in my opinion,the most complete smartwatch operating,system for android smartphones going,right now for most things but not all,well get to that and you can also pair,this watch with iphones if the apple,watch is simply not your thing a swipe,down from the top gives you access to,your quick settings menu with amongst,others includes sound battery aeroplane,mode find your phone and a full settings,option as well a swipe up from the,bottom provides you with all of your,notifications which again because its,wear os you can respond to these,directly from your watch by either,typing or using voice assistant which,can also be enabled with a press and,hold on the central button to organize,daily tasks plan your day or simply find,out something like the weather et cetera,and a prolonged gives you power off and,restart options swiping right on the,home screen also takes you to voice,assistant and left shows workout modes,weather blood oxygen level and sleep,tracking alexa voice and quick dial and,i have used this watch to receive calls,and the speaker is really nice and clear,and ive apparently sounded likewise the,other end which is nice there is also a,google fit option in this section which,provides heart rate monitoring amongst,many other fitness tracking features,which can all be monitored within the,google fit app on your phone you also,have a built-in wellness app that can,track your activities if you prefer and,the improved heart rate sensor now,apparently works even better in more,situations and if youre exercising like,i should be doing much more of it but,its winter its dark its fine uh,youll be pleased to know that you do,have spotify and youtube music offline,listening available now the warehouse,app has a few other setting features,that you may find useful like watch,faces tiles notifications and a tilt to,wake and always on screen toggles as,well always on displays on multiple,different tech products now are all the,raging rightly so it allows you to take,a quick glance on this device of the,time without actually fully waking the,watch so you can conserve battery and,speaking of battery this brings us on to,one of a possible two potential problems,with googles wear os that ive,experienced in the past the first being,it can be pretty draining on the watchs,batteries and,draining on the hardware addressing the,battery one first the fossil gen 6 does,okay its not going to give you a week,before the need to charge where os,simply doesnt allow for that in this,small form factor and ive been charging,this,once every sort of one to two days this,is fairly standard for wear os watches,its not great its not ideal its its,just like i said okay and you will have,to be,slightly more battery conscious if you,are looking to use sleep tracking for,example which this watch does have i,personally wouldnt want to wear this,type of dressy sort of watch to bed um,but if you did go for a more sleep,friendly comfort customization strap,face etc of this gen 6 then it does have,two times faster charging about 80 in 30,minutes so potentially you could charge,it sort of prior to going to bed then,you can wear it overnight and into the,next day no problem,its just i suppose about,adjusting your routine in terms of the,second potential problem of wear os the,uh you know the draining nature of the,the draining nature of i dont know,where im going with this sentence,of how draining it can be on the,hardware of the watch we have no real,problems here because the fossil gen 6,is running with qualcomms snapdragon,4100 chip which offers a 30 increase in,performance so navigating around the ui,is really nice and smooth i wouldnt say,the latest watch chips have created a,night and day difference for the end,user just yet from previous generations,like perhaps smartphones or computer,chips have but theyre heading in the,right direction and this is definitely a,high performer in this category of,whats currently available the gen 6 has,a 3 atm water rating so youre safe to,splash water on it and get caught in the,rain but swimming for example is,probably not recommended although again,due to design i probably wouldnt want,to with this watch anyway all in all i,think the fossil gen 6 is a fantastic,option if youre looking for all your,main smarts but want something thats a,little bit more traditional looking and,has that touch of elegance and class,that make it suitable to rock with a,nice suit for example ill be doing that,when i attend a wedding in the next,couple of weeks for a very good friend,of mine and ill let you know over on my,other socials how i get on wearing this,watch to that event i will leave a link,to the fossil gen 6 smart watch in the,video description below if you want more,information you can go and check that,out drop a like on the video if you,enjoyed it and found it helpful,subscribe if youre new to the channel,and love everything tech i love you levy,ill see you next,[Music],youre the time

Fossil Gen 6 Long Term Review

what is going on guys and welcome back,to the channel Im Chris this is 4K,motoring and today were going to talk,about a technology subject,with the pixel watch coming out soon,this has been rumored for a long time,were finally going to see it I have,mine pre-ordered it should be in they,said October 13th or 14th so in about a,week super excited about that I want to,talk about my fossil Gen 6 Smartwatch,that Ive had for about a year now,Junior,so the Gen 6 Smartwatch from fossil is,still their latest iteration they,havent really come up with the new one,since this of smart watches from the,fossil group this has been one of the,most pure Android Wear devices that you,could buy for the last couple years,theyve gone through a couple iterations,this one features just about everything,youd expect in a modern watch it does,have Google pay features it has the,ability to take and receive phone calls,text messages has all the GPS stuff,built into it the heart rate monitoring,the blood oxygen monitoring a lot of the,things that everybody wants in a watch,and come to expect in a watch,its been about a year so I wanted to,make kind of an update video to tell you,how its held up and what my experience,has been with it over this time period,overall I have to say its pretty,positive now I came to this watch from,the fossil sport Smart Watch which was,their first smart watch to receive the,3100 processor the Gen 6 has the,Snapdragon 4100 plus processor so this,is the latest Snapdragon processor,thats come out for a smart watch and a,huge step forward from anything that,Android Wear has had before really,this is still running Android Wear,2.1 I believe 2.2 something like that,its a second generation Android Wear,device it was slated to have Android 3.0,and is said to still be getting Android,3.0 but it is now October of 2022 and we,still havent seen it so Ill take that,how you will,overall this has been an all-day watch,really its not been one that you can,leave on to do sleep tracking and use,during the day at least in my experience,the battery life Ive had this on since,about eight this morning it is obviously,about eight at night so 12 hours and Im,down to 50,thereabouts the battery modes that,fossil has created make this Android,Wear platform actually usable with,the ability to basically custom set what,features you want on,at any given time and these are all,battery usage features I turn the Wi-Fi,off but usually leave everything else on,and thats how I run from day to day and,I turn the Google,keywords off because my phone does that,everything else in my house does that I,dont need my watch doing it too Ive,been a smart watch user now since the,original Moto 360 came out when that,first came out I was looking at the,pebble watch Pebble had a color,Smartwatch theyve just come out with,and thats when I saw that the Moto 360,the first generation was announced I,purchased that watch right when it was,released and Ive been sticking with the,smart watches ever since I had the Moto,360 the Moto 360 2. Ive had the fossil,sport Smart Watch had a second one,because my experiences with their,battery life it seems like fossil at,least in the sport one because that was,a cheaper model maybe they cheaped out,on the battery production or the quality,controls because the first one I had the,battery within a year had evidently a,couple dead cells because it would go,down to about 40 and then just die and,that was pretty frequent and it kept,getting worse I was really not even able,to get a full 12 hours out of it by the,end of it so they had a sale I bought,the second one for I think 99 bucks or,something like that and for 99 that,fossil sport smart watch is actually a,pretty good deal it gives you pretty,much all the features you could want at,a really affordable price it does have,that 3100 processor which is not very,Speedy especially as the operating,system tends to advance but its been,pretty good this 4100 processor has been,actually quite good on this Gen 6,Smartwatch its been fast enough for,everything I need to do on this smart,watch really I use it for text messages,I use it to basically answer or reject,phone calls sometimes from my phone I,dont really take calls on it I think,thats a weird thing to do the quality,is not really great so I dont do that a,whole lot I use it as a flashlight a lot,and for Google pay a lot thats kind of,the basis of what I use my smart watch,for and what I need out of it other than,that its really just to keep time and,to use the stopwatch and timer features,which I expect pretty much any watch,even a non-smart watch should be able to,handle the set of features Ive come to,love most on this Fossil watch are the,three buttons located on the side youve,got your customizable top and bottom,buttons and your rotating crown,Center bezel,that gets through all your apps,so with mine the way Ive always set it,up I have my top one for Google pay,and I have my bottom one,as a flashlight you wouldnt believe how,often I use this flashlight mode in a,very dark environment it provides a lot,of just ambient light and makes,visibility very possible Im still using,the original band that came with the,watch the silicone band that fossil,basically produced with this is actually,been kind of the perfect,termination of durability and comfort it,is a very soft silicone very flexible,but has been pretty robust I havent,broken this one I did break one of the,sport smart watches where the pin goes,through,on,kind of the joint of the watch thats,basically sliced in half and that hasnt,happened on this watch yet this Gen 6,has been pretty durable here you can see,the upgraded,heart rate sensor and pulse ox system as,well as the fast charging Rings this has,not wireless charging on the Fossil,watch it uses actual contacts and a,magnetic charger that has two pins on it,to have,basically a connected or wired sort of,charging it is 360 Degrees doesnt,matter how you mount it but it has to be,a unique fossil charger it cant be any,Qi charger like some others could,this has a quick charging is what they,basically advertise for it for me I,dont really care about quick charging I,charge at night overnight and then in,the morning its ready and it lasts all,day so it seems kind of like a moot,point to me but at least the watch does,come with it it does have its speaker on,the side it has a knurled crown and this,watch gets a lot of abuse and Ill see,if I can wipe it off to get rid of some,of the marks for you,if you can see the screen there are no,chips on it anywhere and even the,aluminum bezel has very few marks,anywhere on it and this gets pretty,heavily worked,so Im pretty impressed with it its,gone swimming its done a whole lot,and it still looks great so overall Im,a big fan of this Gen 6 Smartwatch I,think its a great buy and still in 2022,I think its still very competitive,especially if its still slated to get,the Android 3.0 so itll be keeping up,with the latest that there is to offer,Im excited to see the pixel watch and,see how that compares when I get it,should be only about a week now so well,stay tuned to see what Im able to do,with that if Im able to recreate kind,of my favorite features of the Fossil,watch or at least my daily usage and see,how they compare,the two things I really come to complain,about or struggle with on this watch,its really only been about two one is,when wearing the watch whenever I bend,my wrist it hits that Crown button and,can sometimes go into a different mode,and Im not really a big fan of that,the other thing is when using the,Android pay when using the Google pay,it,sometimes takes a few times a few tries,to tap on something to pay Ive noticed,the Apple watch those around me that use,the Apple watch has a much easier time,with the basically the NFC pay,this Fossil watch and my last Fossil,watch and my last Fossil watch have all,struggled a little bit being in the,exact right place sometimes having a,couple misreads before it finall

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