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  2. Foundation Review – Nice looking City builder
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Foundation Episodes 1-2 Review: Beautiful and Epic but Flawed… (Spoilers)

[Music],hi guys its quinn here and as always if,you enjoy my content please hit the like,button its the only way the youtube,algorithm really notices my videos,so i just watched the first two episodes,of the apple adaptation of isaac,asimovs foundation show and ive got a,few things to say about it now the,foundation book series is of course one,of the most influential book series of,all time its influenced dune,star wars pretty much every science,fiction,series thing pretty much every science,fiction thing that involves any kind of,galactic empire now there are seven,books in asimovs foundation series,prelude to foundation forward the,foundation then theres foundation which,was the first book released the third,book chronologically foundation and,empire,and the second foundation foundations,edge and foundation and earth the,foundation series tells the story of the,rise and fall of a galactic society,mainly the rise of one not really the,fall which i think seems to be the key,difference between,the series and the show which ill get,into now now i just want to say that,visually this show really really,impressed me it looks really really good,the cgi is really good its very very,high budget it was very very pleasing on,the eyes it was like easy to look at,nothing was like ugly because sometimes,like you see something thats like,overdone with cgi and its kind of like,hard to look at like i find star trek,discovery for instance very difficult to,look at everythings just like too shiny,all the time which to me doesnt feel,very much like star trek at all but this,is just the right amount of cgi which is,a lot because it is you know sci-fi,about a galactic empire but its done,really really well its not like jarring,and it doesnt hurt my eyes i thought,the sets on the show were pretty,believable but some of them were pretty,generic and in fact i think that a big,problem with the show is that everything,seems a bit generic and derivative which,is weird to say because,asimovs books influence so much science,fiction but the show itself,has definitely been influenced by the,sci-fi material that has come out since,asimovs books for instance a lot of the,shots and a lot of the scenery kind of,look like star wars it looks really,similar to star wars theres a few star,wars things that happen theres a few,star wars things that happen over the,course of these few episodes like you,know like some death star action,basically um theres some theres a,sigil that looks pretty much like a star,wars imperial sigil thing and then,theres also some dune influence all,over this theres a character in this,that when you first meet her shes with,a little boy and its very much,like a scene between,paul and jessica from dune its like,shes definitely giving him like the,benny jesuit teachings theres something,that works similarly to the hollow deck,from star trek theres lots of things in,this that ive seen,in other places but that i havent seen,in asimovs,books,so i will say,the first episode,seems to pretty much follow the course,of the book,um so its its you got gail dornick,going,down to trantor it gets on the space,elevator by the way the space elevator,looked super cool in this,meeting harry selden they get arrested,they,convince the emperor to let them build,on terminus its pretty similar but with,a few liberties taken like theres this,terrorist attack that happens thats,not in the book and im pretty sure they,just put that in so they could have,their like big giant explosion moment it,looked cool but it wasnt from the book,it seems to be a part of this deeper,mystery involving the planets anachron,and thespis which are from later in the,book they have they have dealings with,terminus later in the book well anacrion,is involved later on thespis im pretty,sure they made up for the show so it,seems like this show is like,tying those two worlds into a mystery,involving this terrorist attack on,trantor and we really dont know what,the deal is with it yet so it seems like,what the show is doing is familiarizing,us with these worlds,before it actually gets to the point,where they become important later on in,the story,and speaking of later on in the story,there appeared to be time jumps,in,this show so it starts off,35 years in the future already on,terminus and then it jumps back,and then right at the end it jumps,forward again in the first episode and,you see thats 35 years in the future um,where theyve already colonized terminus,and theres children there but then in,the next episode it jumped back to the,trantor days so this is when it started,taking the most liberties this is when,it really diverged from the book in the,second episode so the second episode is,all about the emperor,um who is sometimes referred to as the,empire so the empire is three guys its,a boy,um a man and an old man so its like,this guy whose emperor decided one day,that like he didnt want to die so he,just kept like they would keep cloning,him its another thing in this show that,strikes me as like very like doonish you,know they even call it like a genetic,dynasty for some reason they never used,the phrase genetic dynasty in the dune,books but for some reason,that phrase sounds strikingly doomish to,me somehow but the second episode deals,with what hes doing in all of his three,incarnations we see more of the,character de mezriel whos got some,secrets you know and there are some,secrets hinted,in the second episode but if you havent,read the books you dont know exactly,what secret but i know what the secret,is because ive read the books but you,see her interacting with mainly the,younger version of the empire the,emperor whatever he is you see her,interacting mainly with the younger one,um shes like kind of a teacher figure,shes hit shes shes the jessica to his,paul essentially and then we also see,how the older two are reacting to the,terrorist attack that happened on,trantor the,older,emperor seems to want peace he doesnt,want anybody to be executed he seems to,be like over hes past that stage in his,life but the younger one is all like,fire and blood he doesnt just want to,execute he wants to like ruin entire,planets theres like a huge,genocidal event in the second episode,where these two planets just get effed,up and its not quite like in star wars,i mentioned the death star but its not,quite like the death star where it just,like explodes its more like,theres all these like little like nukes,it looked like that were firing on the,planet so its like,a lot of death on each of these worlds,and he just did it to make a,statement i guess so these worlds will,definitely become significant later on,because theyre significant in the book,and i feel like,they wouldnt have introduced them in,these first two episodes if they werent,going to keep using them later on and,also another curious dune thing thats,randomly here is these,people have blue eyes thats like so,like its not blue within blue but its,like blue eyes its like come on is it,also are they also gonna live on a,desert planet i dont know,the other part of episode two just,involved gail dornick harry selden and,some other new characters interacting,on the ship on their way to terminus and,like i said theyve got the hollow deck,going theyre like training we see that,gail dornick whos a female in the show,is like building a relationship and,thats going and now the important thing,here is in the book after gail dornick,and harry selden,decide theyre going to go to terminus,and create the foundation,we dont see gail dornick again,like but it appears that in the show,theyre finding a way to keep gail,dornick around as a character so in the,show harry selden is assassinated it,looks like and its not clear exactly,why im not sure if its like a snape,dumbledore thing where its like harry,set this up so that he would be,assassinated because it seems like hes,the psycho history guy so he would have,known maybe that this was coming,but the result of it is gail dorni

Foundation Review – Nice looking City builder

foundation is it worth the bye lets,read the words the words,of the developer foundation is a,gridless laid-back medieval city,building game with a focus on organic,development monument construction and,resource management,so this is a pretty much a game like,your settlers your your frost punks your,city builders your animals all of that,kind of stuff obviously it has a,different take on everything they are,theyre all a bit different in their own,little quirky ways um this is,different to all of them completely um,in fact theyre not kidding when they,see a lead back medieval city building,game this is easily the most laid back,city builder ive ever ever played um,there is literally nothing to worry,about when youre playing this game uh,you aint gonna get attacked you aint,gonna have severe winters the worst case,scenario youre gonna get is a little,bit of rain that makes your crops at,your yield 50 less than it would,normally be that lasts for a few months,and then youre back to um bosoming,crops um there literally is no danger,this is just a case of set out your city,do it properly do it logically,expand into the right areas where,theres minerals,and just keep going and going and going,and going yeah you do you build up a,little bit of an army um but all theyre,used for is youll get an envoy coming,into your city from a king that you,never get to see from a land that you,never get to see and hell say something,like hey were being attacked we need,your help will you send us some troops,do you you decide how many troops to,send your troops jog off onto the into,the distance um and they vanish off map,and then a few turns later a few,weeks later itll come back and youll,get a reward,thats pretty much it,so the emphasis on this game is is about,the building its about the actual fun,of building up your very own medieval,settlement and it does that excellently,it really does a good job of that the,graphics are fantastic the the little,gadgets that you got running around all,cute theyve got its a lovely depth of,field shot when you zoom in as well its,really really nice well done you even,see them at work they dont have as much,detail as the early settlers games which,is crazy isnt it when you think about,here we are in 2022 and we still dont,have,games with as much detail as they had in,the 90s its its just mind-boggling,really but um they are pretty detailed,in this uh you can see them all at work,you know they saw the seeds of the wheat,and theyll get the scythe out and,theyll start harvesting it all and,theyll send that to the windmill who,turns it into flowers who then sends it,to the bakery who turns it into bread,and you know its that kind of game and,if youre looking for a really laid back,uh city builder game then look no,further than foundation because um it,has all of that its not going to,frustrate you in the way that you know,youre getting attacked if an army and,all your hard works just got up in,flames now for me id much rather play a,game where you get attacked um i do love,me city builders but i like,more depth i like to have that option,where im fighting against other,kingdoms who i can see them on me map i,can see how far they are progressing,like settlers three and four were,absolute gems when it came to,actual,city building warfare if you like and,they were laid back as as much as there,were with creating your your little,uh village in your town and upgrading it,to like city status in size but they,also have the tension of of armies and,you dont get that have i mentioned that,already i think i have so as a city,builder it works absolutely works its,really good fun game and theres a,couple of things that i dont really,like about the city building that,i dont like the residential thing you,you cant actually place residential,houses you just allocate land to be for,residents and they build their own homes,there and if they dont like the land,theyll just not build and so youve got,to kind of decorate your buildings plant,decorations and put the right kind of,buildings down to get that kind of land,desirable so theyll actually build in,it uh i also found it frustrating that,um people are very lazy they just,theyll kind of go to work and then,after about a couple of minutes ago yeah,im sick of work now ill just go back,and stand around doing nothing its its,crazy um why dont they work when,theyre happy its just this should just,work um but they dont they just they,just keep stopping you can have a,building set to build and itll take,forever to build it even if you have a,good few uh builders because every time,they get to the job theyll just bang,the hammer two or three times then piss,off its its kind of frustrating its,its im not used to stuff being as slow,as this its the easily the slowest,gamer youve got to kind of play it on,maximum uh speed of,three times speed um just to get,anywhere in the game i tried to just,play it on normal level because i like,the immersion of it all but it is,ridiculously slow that you cant,realistically play it on um,on normal speed its just its just,crazily slow,now i am thumbing this up it is its 26,pound its not a cheap game um its not,as good as frostpunk in my opinion which,is a couple of pounds cheaper its a,different type of game even though it is,the same genre but its it,see the thing is with city builders,theyre so different on there theres so,many different ways you can have after,the apocalypse ones you can have the,birth of time ones and they all kind of,play out,differently so you know the fact that,theyre all the same kind of city,builder genre,they can be completely different types,of games so its really unfair to,compare them but um,im im quite shocked that this is the,price that it is when it lacks a lot of,the features that a lot of other city,builders have but i guess this is the,stall that theyve set out with this,this is what they wanted to build just a,very laid back and there is a room in,the market for that because nearly all,the others arent laid back um so this,kind of does fit a little hole in the,market if you want a completely laid,back city builder where you aint gonna,get attacked you aint going to get,freezing winters thats going to,decimate everything its just going to,be a little bit of rain and everything,else is just nice and,if you want that foundation is,definitely the game for you i must,mention before goal that its still in,early access but one of the great things,about this game is it has mod support,and theres a lot of mods that make the,game quite different to how the,developers have made it so that is a,huge huge plus for foundation,[Music],you

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*NEW* Revlon Illuminance Skin Caring Foundation // Wear Test & Review

hello everyone this is going to be a,full day wear test with application and,finally a review of the newest,Foundation from Revlon this is called,The illuminance Skin caring foundation,and Ill go over all the claims the,ingredients youll see how it applies in,real time and then I will do a full,days where and give you my thoughts at,the end of the video thank you so much,for subscribing and also Following over,on Instagram I will link in the upper,right hand corner of the latest video,for you to go watch if you havent,already checked it out lately anytime I,try to film a video it doesnt matter,which day it doesnt matter what time of,the day there are gardeners outside,working so I apologize if you hear that,in the background I will do my best to,get through this and hopefully it wont,be too distracting you can purchase this,product I would assume at any of your,local drug stores it is new so it may,take a little while for you to see it,widely available in physical stores,online you can can currently purchase it,at places like CVS or Amazon I always in,the description box link the product to,where you can find it online to purchase,it if you want to and I always try to,link the most affordable price that I,can find now usually drugstore items,will vary just depending on where you,purchase it the price at Walmart will be,different from the price at Target or,CVS the places online that Ive found,this so far they all have it at 17.99,which for our drugstore foundation is,pretty freaking expensive I think so let,me know what your thoughts are on that,but that is the current price I see for,this product now it comes in a glass,bottle with a pump dispenser which is,really nice and convenient there are 28,Shades in this range so I feel like,thats a decently large range theres,only one truly more Deeper Shade I think,with the rest of the deep Shades being,more of a medium deep depth that makes,sense so I do wish that there were at,least maybe two more truly deeper Shades,in the range for the price you get a,total of a fluid ounce which is pretty,standard or 30 milliliters lets go,ahead and look at the claims about what,this foundation will do now the formula,has five percent squalling and,hyaluronic acid so thats going to give,you some skin care benefits and,hopefully some plump looking finish to,the skin the formula is supposed to,reduce appearance of fine lines and,wrinkles over time wont be able to test,that over time with you in this video,but we do know that squalane hyaluronic,acid do help the appearance of the skin,not only looking a little more even but,also hydrated its going to have a,medium coverage and radiant finish its,supposed to blur in Perfections too here,are the ingredients in the formula you,can see that squalling shows up as the,fourth ingredient you have some other,later on in the list nice ingredients,for the skin like Camellia sinensis leaf,extract product and the licorice root,extract and thankfully I dont see any,fragrance thats been added to the,formula all right lets go ahead go back,in time and Ill show you how this,applies with a couple of different,methods of application Ive applied my,skincare and also my sunscreen so Im,going to take a flat Kabuki style brush,with synthetic bristles,and again this is shade,see,209 buff beige Im surprised,I I dont know well see it looks a,little late to me but,can never truly tell until youve,applied it,and yes the handle has come off on here,but I like having,a handle close to the base of the brush,or being able to,hold it close to the base,okay so this shade is maybe a touch too,late but,think its going to work perfectly fine,so this is more of a very light layer,and just applying to this half so that,you can see the difference if there is,much of one lets go ahead and do,another half pump,I feel like a full pump for the whole,face,might be,plenty,okay you can probably see how this is a,little lighter than my natural skin tone,or maybe its just not yellow toned,enough than my natural skin tone but,heres the applied half,and just bare skin,with skincare on it I will say that in,application a little bit of streakiness,that I am kind of padding away to make,sure it looks a little more smooth,overall I think it looks nice I dont,know if I have,anything super fantastic to say but on,the other hand nothing that I feel like,is,super negative on this half Im gonna,use my fingers,just to see if theres any significant,difference in the way it applies or the,way it sits on the skin,so maybe its partly the brush on this,side because I do feel like especially,in the forehead area where it was,streaky with the brush I dont see the,same streakiness,on this side where Im using my fingers,let me go ahead and add a little more,product,also with the fingers I feel like you,dont have to apply as much product,because,the,product is not sinking into the and,getting lost in the bristles are soaked,up in any,bristles,and of course if you use a sponge,normally with your foundation you can do,it that way too,I only have two halves of my face so I,can only do so many application,techniques yeah I do like it applied,with my fingers more,than the brush side,I feel like the Finish is very natural,like absolutely middle of the road its,not adding shininess but its also not,mattifying at all its just a completely,naturally,um your skin the way it would be after,skin care kind of finish its a,relatively smooth finish I would say,this is more medium coverage and Im,curious to see if the Finish becomes,more or stays radiant and luminous since,the name of the foundation is,illuminance but I dont Im Im happy to,see that theyre not achieving this,luminance with any sort of micro Shimmer,in there because that I feel like is,unflattering on most skin unless youre,a supermodel and in a photo shoot,trying to make something luminous by,putting in that really fine Shimmer is,usually not the way to go sorry for if,you can hear the gardener person out in,the neighborhood,um Im gonna go ahead and lets apply,some,Foundation translucent powder and Ill,show you what it looks like so the,translucent powder I have applied does,not give any sort of long wear,mattifying effect its literally just a,translucent powder to set so this is,what the skin looks like obviously,inherently it being a powder even if,its not actively mattifying or,long-term mattifying itll give a very,temporary mattifying effect but well,see throughout the day how this,transforms and you may not be able to,see it its a subtle difference on,camera but the side that I applied with,a brush it placed overall the foundation,plays well with the setting powder but,its still just a little more uneven,near the hairline on this side where I,use the brush and then its uh smoother,on this side with using the finger so I,would definitely in the future when Im,applying foundation just apply it with,my fingers or you can try it with a,beauty blender,over a brush if you apply with a brush,theres no ones going to be able to,tell youd have to get up really close,to someone and look for any unevenness,in order to tell that theyre a little,slight unevenness with the brush but,you know just to make things simple so,Im going to go ahead and do the rest of,my makeup and see what it looks like of,course Supply concealer also to these,spots and under the eye all right here,is the finished look kept the makeup,pretty simple so that we can focus,mostly on what the foundation looks like,here you can see what the Finish is up,close,yeah I feel like it looks very smooth on,the skin has a fairly natural finish to,it also with again that more medium,coverage lets go ahead and see what it,looks like in natural light okay its,pretty overcast today but heres what,the foundation,looks like,in more natural light,all right I will check back in with you,either later today if theres any,significant changes or at the end of the,day to see how this has worn throughout,a full days where see you later so fun,fact,th

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TOP 5 MOST USED LOCAL FOUNDATION, rekomendasi untuk dry – oily skin, TERBAIK!!!!!

[Musik],mp3skull me to my channel Balik lagi,dengan aku jellyka hari ini najwa of,life local business product dan kali ini,adalah faundation izure adalah yang,paling sulit ya Karena untuk bilang,kalau ini most used Aku berharap pakai,dulu kelimanya dan ini kayak udah dari,mungkin 23 tahun lalu kaya kumpulin mana,Yang Aku paling suka gitu sofly,rekomendasi kali ini Bener ya bisa,membantu kalian yang lagi cari,foundation sesuai windrunner bisa tebak,karena kayaknya ini yang paling sering,banget aku pakai dan diapit sendiri,adalah salah satu brand yang menurut aku,complexion nya tuh patut diacungi jempol,kayak keren banget gitu ya Nah ini,adalah face bisnya by alpy aku pakai cat,siang,w10 warnanya dia ada 12 warna dan,harganya itu,189000 untuk 30 tiga milih Inget aku,warnanya juga cukup luas Carens ya,karena biotin salah satu yang menurut,aku tuh ton kolornya Aku suka gitu loh,nggak of kayak di kulit tuh enggak yang,tinggi sebagai gitu tapi enggak orange,juga jadi kayak tolong itu bagus gitu,loh tersembunyi Aku suka sama packaging,nya yang super simple dan langsung,kelihatan warna kayak gini teksturnya,sendiri di adalah tipe kalau mission,yang teksturnya udah beres cair makannya,perlu banget buat kita cocok dan kalau,Andi cocok untuk kedengeran suara air,gitu loh jadi benar-benar cair banget,teksturnya itu juga yang bikin dia,bener-bener kerasa white with banget,tapi karena teksturnya itu cair banget,ya kbc sendiri itu bisa dibilang up to,medium voltage bisa benar-benar full,coverage banget tapi kalau misal kalian,punya bekas jerawat yang benar-benar,hitam gitu dia nggak meng-cover sampai,pulkam Rich Tapi menurut aku ini cukup,banget gitu loh karena besok kita,meningkatkan kita juga tambahin,concealer dan lain-lainnya masih bisa,untuk kemerahan anak terbelah bises,meratakan warna kulit ia Cantik banget,kalau satu yang juara juga adalah Steve,inisiasi ini bener-bener finished tuh,kayak kulit mature all skin like finish,gitu enggak sampai yang Juwi glowing,becek enggak sampai yang macet banget,bener-bener natural kayak kulit aja itu,yang menurut aku dia special jadi kayak,lebih bisa dibilang PKS seemed gitu kali,ya oke Kulit deh ini Ini salah satu yang,menurut aku bisa banget kalian pakai,sehari-hari buat skin type c-nya aku,bisa bilang dia masuk ke semua skytap,sih ke Sims dia ini sih di tengah-tengah,dan dipakai seharian Om dia juga oke,banget gitu ya kayak old kontrol enggak,sampai yang kebun Wow gimana banget,enggak tapi ada of kontrolnya juga ada,SPF nya dan kalau misalnya ditanyain,sekarang ini tars pakai masker gitu ya,dia emang transfer tapi itu minimal,kayak aku teh pakai tisu Itu setelah,Kenapa saat aku biarin dulu pastinya,supaya free aja dengan habis kita pakai,pasti kita ada waktu untuk Biarin dia,enggak 12 nah habis aku teh pakai tisu,diam ada transfer tapi tuh sangat,minimal kayak masih tolerable lah masih,oke kalian bisa set dengan bedak bedak,tabur kalau mau lebih ringan bedak,compact kalau mau lebih full coverage,dan lebih tahan lama lagi supaya dia,lebih enggak transfer untuk waterproof,sendiri dia juga waterproof tapi dia,juga minimalkan transfer ya bukan yang,sampai hilang terus spicy bolong dia tuh,nggak masih cantik banget ya Nova,Greenhouse ekstrak kafein ada allantoin,berasa nyaman lah dipakai seharian gitu,di kulit lanjut yang kedua ini menurut,aku adalah foundation yang paling aku,rekomen buat temen-temen yang punya,kulit cenderung kering karena dia tuh,hasilnya lebih glovinus gitu tuh dari,sih jakel blur effect Young Desa jengkel,ini aku pakai cat Jungle teh itu ada,tujuh warna lengkapnya sekarang awalnya,kelopak mata baru langsung rapat Suspect,Langsa ginada color ke-7 warna harga,sendiri 179.000 tapi setiap kali kalian,beli foundation itu bakal franchise,menurut aku itu sangat-sangat butgil,kayak spongecake tuh juga salah satu,sponsor Aku suka jadi ke pakailah,ditemukan kayak free barang jelek gitu,loh dari segi packaging dia tuh,bener-bener ringan kecil gitu loh nih,tiga puluh mili kalau bisa dibandingin,dengan korespondensi mainin 30 juga itu,biasanya sekali gede dan jauh lebih,berat yaitu dingin banget itu salah satu,plus point ya sih satu pump aja itu udah,cukup banget buat dapetin full karet,setengah wajah dia sebenarnya lebih,clean kalau misalnya satin gitu,tingginya tapi Presley menurut aku dia,arahnya lebih ke glowing kayak,kelihatannya tuh bener-bener kulitnya,tuh kayak heltiskin yang blowing gitu,loh tapi aku suka banget ih gendut,glowing Gitu full coverage kayak,biasanya kalau saya flash cenderung,lebih map kering gitu kan buat dempul,gitu nah ini tuh dia vulgaris tapi itu,enggak dempul sama sekali kelihatan,kayak healthy skin Glow juga ada Skin,Care benefitnya kayak supersign aisenai,allantoin kafein ada Yupi protection,kayak vemmy tinted moisturizer bilangnya,karena itu ya mungkin xinglou healthy,skin Glow yaitu karena dia finishing,dulu tadi itu menurut aku kayaknya,kalian yang punya kulit kombinasi sampai,ke djoyskin bakal lebih suka mungkin,engkau iskin bakal Berasa kayak oily,dari glowingnya pressure itu bukan olisi,tapi kayaknya besok oleh-oleh skin tuh,lebih suka mah makanya aku lebih rekomen,untuk kalian yang punya Combi ke dress,Kids Nah karena dia hasilnya glowing itu,dia juga nggak transferproof jadi dia,emang ada transfer transfer sedikit,lebih banyak daripada yang di LP karena,sih givency tadi menurut aku ya Dan,kalau misalnya kena air b juga sama ada,yang transfer kan bisa lihat mirip jadi,cara aku akal itunya itu adalah aku,selalu step seluruh wajah revoke,foundation ini terpakai lalu saudara,ataupun pakai compact powder kalau emang,mau lebih long-wear gitu ya tapi yang,bikin aku suka banget pesawat pertama,aku pakai itu diatur menurut aku mirip,banget sama sesuai murahnya lightbox,yang berasal moisture glownya dapat,banget Tapi tuh dapat vulgar Bridge gitu,loh makanya aku suka banget sih sama si,foundation yang ketiga ini adalah,foundation yang aku coba pakai buat,berendam kalau kalian ngikutin Instagram,aku samping badai guide 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The Foundation????️ (Pilot Review)

the foundation by isaac asimov is one of,the most important books ever written,for the sci-fi genre by one of the,greatest authors the genre ever saw,isaac asimov really put forth something,that has gone forth to be looked at as a,pillar for the genre as a whole,respected in literary circles in and,outside of the sci-fi fantasy lens now,this book did not win over its audience,to the ways you might be thinking,especially if you are not familiar with,hard science fiction it lacks in the,beautiful writing you might see in other,sci-fi contemporaries like ray bradbury,and it doesnt exactly immerse you in,the human experience of a book like,hyperion instead foundation is about the,concept at the core of it which makes it,extremely hard to adapt because this is,not something our asimov was trying to,whisk you away in a wonderful galactic,empire in terms of its immersion instead,he wanted to just explore the idea of,what if through math we were able to,prove,the empire would fall there would be a,time of great war and the utopia that,was lived in,wouldnt last apple has decided to,tackle this in what through the episode,1 has struck me far more as a remix than,an adaptation this is maybe the most,mixed bag i have ever reviewed because,there are elements i love,in this pilot and there are things that,i really hate but they still kind of,line up with the book because as i spoke,on isaac asimov wasnt exactly the,greatest,writer in terms of his technical ability,there are countless other sci-fi fantasy,authors who write far more beautifully,and in a way thatll draw on the reader,deeper than he ever did and so seeing,the apple tv show deliver its own,exposition often in a remarkably clunky,way feels somehow right but is still,something worth criticizing i found one,characters early introduction to almost,exclusively serve the purpose of im,going to tell you things now to the,point where the character actually,delivers a line of dialogue to our main,character,hey um,im gonna stop telling you things,because i know you better now and the,audience is caught up the last part he,didnt put in there but the first party,did and wow this character is then later,introduced again to try and justify,their existence but even then it feels a,bit forced this is symptomatic of a,larger issue which is where i think the,writing for the foundation show is about,on par with asimovs writing as a whole,the only bigger challenge is when you,have the medium of television people are,going to be less forgiving and it would,be easy to brush off the show from here,but the problem is it has many redeeming,elements first and foremost i was in,love with the performances with not,having that strong vision of the,characters that asimov put to the page i,wasnt really expecting to care about,the characters here much at all because,its not like im seeing kaladin brought,forth from the stormlight archive,im im seeing some people who after you,put down the book youre probably gonna,remember that well because,asimov wasnt about making really,lovable characters if you want that i,recommend james a corey or dan simmons,but i dont remember any character,asimov ever wrote that i really love,here though harry and gail yeah im in,and the representation of the three,generation emperors well it bugged me at,first by the end of the episode i was,like actually,this is good and i like what they are,doing eh they are they have moments,where their writing isnt awesome but,conceptually its landing and thats,another really big strength of this,remix slash adaptation of the foundation,i do feel the actual,premises ideas that drove isaac asimovs,series actually simmering to the surface,and coming to life this is only a first,episode,and im already like okay there was a,lot of exposition dumping and just,putting a trash bag full of heres the,situation whap on the viewer but at the,end i felt very well set up for what is,to come it wasnt a smooth journey to,get there but you got me there for an,example of like how this writing is not,the most nuanced thing on the planet,whereas a thing at the beginning where,this is a clear setup for the morals of,one of the emperors and what they do is,they find an artist who read a book they,dont like them reading and so theres,this kind of over-the-top mustache,twirling im sorry the idea is in your,head and so they suddenly shoot this,person and kill them and its like okay,theres a thing called subtlety and i,dont think you you did it there but it,gets the idea across and thats what,were getting here and then the,shallowest praise of all but damn it i,gotta say it aside from a few wonky,shots here and there this did,look,impressive especially with some huge,incident that happens in the very end,acting as a catalyst for characters,moving to the way they need to get to by,the end of the episode it looked,downright stunning i watched this on a,4k oled and by god am i glad i did it,was awesome now my theory on how this,show could be done better is to remove a,couple hard sci-fi fans from the,writers room and allow a couple other,more typical tv writers for high concept,stuff to come in im purely going on,conjecture i dont know what the writing,situation room is like but it feels that,way to me so that way a lot of the,dialogue and exposition could be,smoothed out and on top of that the most,obvious ask a fan can ask for but damn,it i gotta say it yeah episode 1 felt,very rushed like they had to get through,a lot of things because they have an,episode limit and a budget limit and,those two factors made this episode have,to carry far,too,much so im excited for where the shows,going to go from here its a bumpy start,that makes me optimistic i can see it,improve while still having a reserve,yeah i see the problems here at the,beginning and it could be a lot worse,also,im not one over,i see a pathway to success and a pathway,to failure and im im fence sitting in,the middle okay something i forgot to,say last night when i recorded this,review and i do want to reiterate and,its a genuinely impressive feat of the,show this does feel galactic the vistas,are extremely well realized the location,traveling and the feeling you get from,the main character as they are getting,on their first journey to go throughout,this galactic empire is absolutely,landing and the fact that they were able,to make me feel that in this pilot,episode is tremendous praise this,actually did manage to feel on a,galactic scale justifying the foundation,so despite all the criticisms i do want,to put that very positive praise in here,i dont know if its a good idea or not,to give a number rating to a pilot,episode but im going to give this a 6,out of 10. it had clear problems that i,think are going to bug people especially,if theyre not used to the way that hard,sci-fi often does handle its exposition,and dialogue and its also going to have,problems for isaac asimov fans who are,going to be surprised by what they are,getting that being said,its accomplishing being something,different this does not feel like,anything else on tv and im definitely,going to watch the second episode so,kudos on that front let me know what you,think in the comments down below though,do you you love this adaptation of the,foundation are you still in the camp of,its unadaptable theres no way theyll,get it right and what would they have to,do to get it right if thats the case in,your mind let me know all that in the,comments down below thats a big ask,anyway like and subscribe if youre not,already the patreon from support what i,do here and pre-order my book rebels,greed available now on u.s amazon have a,good one yall peace,[Music],[Music],you

Apple TV’s Foundation || season one final thoughts (spoilers)

hi everyone this is daryl and welcome,back to book odyssey,now that weve seen the season one,finale of apple tvs foundation series i,wanted to discuss some of my final,thoughts now that we can look back at,the season as a whole,this video follows on from my first,thoughts video and my mid season,breakdown which ill link to here and,ill be using these as the jumping off,points for this video,so now that weve seen season one in its,entirety what do we think,personally ive thoroughly enjoyed each,episode immensely and overall i think,theyve really got it cracked but,looking back i have a couple of things,on my wish list for season two that,would increase my enjoyment of the show,even more,ill get to this in a bit but for now i,want to touch on some of the potential,issues i outlined back in a video about,whether foundation would work for tv,audiences to see if these have been,fully resolved as ive already spoken,about previously the foundation books,arent very actiony,i know theres a better word for that,but,what i mean to say is that they are,driven by concept and plot over action,and characters tv audiences today,however want and expect the whole,package,on action there was an issue here,because to simply say right lets just,add some action would go against one of,the major themes in the original trilogy,that being violence is the last refuge,of the incompetent the selden crises,that arise are solved not through,violence or action but through calm,rational logic,but to give tv audiences those,adrenaline thumping action scenes they,had to get around this this would have,been made even more difficult by the,fact that salvo had in in the books had,this theme ingrained into his very,character,so it appeared throughout the season,that tv salvo was going to be vastly,different from the books over because,she was in fact the warden in charge of,protecting terminus and was happy to do,so using force when needed,while tv salvo might be ready to use her,gun perhaps she will ultimately come to,think like her father and learn this,lesson in a really good character arc,this seems more likely now when we,discover at the end of the final episode,that salvo is on track to become the,mayor of terminus which is the position,bug salvo held in the story,we discover other stuff too which ill,get to,its in the final two episodes that we,can really see how well the writers,managed to successfully embed a good,level of action throughout the story,while maintaining this key theme,in the final episode after all the,action was it violence that ultimately,resolved the issue between terminus the,anacrians and the thespins no it wasnt,they came to a rational resolution that,is mostly in line with the book and for,me this did not feel like an anti-climax,which i guess could have been a risk,the other potential issue i thought the,show might face was in the characters,because like i said the original,foundation trilogy was driven by,concepts and plot over action and,characters,something that was common during the,golden age of sci-fi any concerns over,the characters being paper-thin were,quickly put to rest when it was clear,the writers had spent a substantial,amount of time carving out backstories,and rational motivations which is great,however looking back at the season as a,whole i think i need more character,development in season two to keep me,involved and up my emotional investment,in the characters,throughout the whole season we didnt,even know if wed see any of these,characters in season 2 but now we know,at least gail and salvo will be hanging,around i think the writers need to pay a,little more attention to these to really,make the two characters come to life the,problem with a lot of tv shows having,only 10 episodes per season these days,these days yeah i just hurt myself the,problem is that writers have to get all,of that story and plot in there which,leaves little time to breathe and,explore the characters in more depth,i think back to tv shows like buffy the,vampire slayer and star trek the s9,specifically,which had roughly 22 episodes per season,and they often devoted entire episodes,or more to stories that solely focused,on character development and sub stories,away from the main plot this gave us as,viewers the opportunity to experience,the calm before the storm so to speak in,order to really feel the punch of action,when it comes and also to get to know,the characters to feel like we know them,personally,i can imagine this is hard to do with,just 10 episodes,but then again game of thrones managed,to largely put it off,but also they had great character stuff,ready in the source material,so thats what i want from season two as,im talking about characters i also want,to address the issues that many have,with gail dornick,i know that many consider this character,to be a bit of a mary sue which is,basically a character who is portrayed,as being too perfect with no flaws,making them come off as unrealistic and,flat i had a long think about this one,because i hadnt really considered it,until i read some of your comments in my,earlier videos and i think i might agree,gail doesnt appear to have many if any,flaws at least none that have been,revealed theyve given her a really,great backstory which i love,but i get it,shes amazing at mathematics she wins,harry seldens prize seldom wants to,teach her reish falls in love with her,then we learn she has precog side powers,i mean they needed to make her addicted,to crack or something you know grit her,up a bit,but then now i think about it they could,probably stand to do the same with salvo,whos starting to look a little merry,sewish at this point too so theres,another for my season 2 wish list where,the tv show went beyond my expectations,in terms of character was in the cleons,which as a concept is fantastic,i also loved that we got a cleon that,was different from the others even if it,was all part of a trap set by the rebels,on transfer it was great to see a,multifaceted approach to the,personalities of the cleons because in,the beginning with the original brother,day blasting people to blood vapor for,simply reading a banned book i feared we,would be getting a paper-thin 2d villain,but i dont think thats what we have,and i really hope this is explored more,in season 2.,another on the wish list for season 2 is,that i want to see more of demazel who,is a captivating part of the show,in the second half of the season we,really get a true sense of demazels age,the mystery around her and how far she,is willing to go or programmed to in,order to help maintain the dominance of,the empire,we also see fantastic internal conflict,in her ironically demisel the air,appears to be more fully developed than,some of the human characters i also want,to take a moment to appreciate some of,the fantastic additions to the story,that had little to do with the,foundation source material some of the,societal cultural and religion aspects,to the show only elevated the world,building and were so entertaining to,watch,but they were also used as tools to,further develop some of the themes of,the books which i really appreciated,seeing,we can see this mostly in the theme of,change versus stagnation where the show,uses luminism the galaxys seminal,religion as a great vehicle for this,luminists worship three goddesses who,used to be one entity the maid the,mother and the crone millennia ago the,mother gave the faithful the gift of,reincarnation a constant process of,death and rebirth with no end point,since they teach the potential growth of,a souls knowledge is infinite,this concept contrasts greatly with the,very existence of the cleons which have,become the personification of the,stagnant empire,this entire story arc was fantastic and,felt very authentic to the original,ideas in the foundation books despite,being a tv show edition,also i know this will be divisive but i,also really liked that they brought in,the concept of psi powers at this stage,with

Isaac Asimov Fan Reviews Apple TVs Foundation Show

welcome to sound and fury i am eric,wilford watson,and im hugh frank,and im eric wilford watson,uh say again,today were going to talk about an apple,tv show that is based on,the foundation novels by isaac asimov,yes oh chris isaac asimov,[Music],so i believe you watched about the first,30 seconds of this uh,of this show am i correct,i watched,i think i made it almost through the,first,whole episode of the first i fell asleep,not not as i mean its kind of slow,moving i i i can appreciate it,um,i,didnt really know what was going i i,knew what was going on we did a whole,show on the foundation and what that was,about so i knew the the premise of it,and then of course the,um you know they explain a lot of it in,there uh but i i just,yeah it just didnt,blow away,yeah yeah,i can appreciate it for what it is but,it didnt it didnt they didnt pull me,in,okay so as a die-hard fan of the books i,will say that there are some things,about this show that are fantastic,some things that are okay and some,things that made me want to throw my,shoe through my television war its,fantastic,war,its fantastic,well first of all the basic premise is,almost correct um harry selden is a,scientist mathematician who,comes up with the concept of science,that can project the future predicts,that the empire is going to fall the,empire is not at all happy to hear this,they put him on trial,how long do you claim it will last,30 000 years advocate,i submit to the court that dr seldens,predictions,are actually intended to destroy public,confidence um they exile him to the,foundation where he goes and creates his,thousand-year plan to mitigate the,damage of the dying empire so that,the empire can be reborn better than,ever,and human freedom can flourish and,society can be society,we should be in the dark,for a thousand years advocate,and if that is all,we should thank the gods for it,and the ten thousand years of darkness,he predicts are condensed into a single,thousand years which is supposed to be,the span of the novels thats all,established in the first episode,right what they do different is,in the foundation book um which i have,right,uh,here,the tv show is about this much of the,book maybe,that much of the book,now im not counting all the other books,but the tv show is this this is not an,entire season of television,so they needed to pad the running time a,little bit yeah so they add a lot of,palace intrigue that was not in the book,which is not a bad thing to do they did,a very interesting thing where they have,a,genetic dynasty,dawn,day,dusk,the genetic dynasty empire,[Music],the delegations from tespis and anacron,are arriving,welcome to traffic so they have like,young,middle-aged old clones of the emperor,cleon,and thats interesting they didnt do,that in the books but its an,interesting way where you can have these,same characters continue on through the,generations,and i thought that was clever and,theres a lot of really good palace,intrigue theres a lot of fun stuff,going on with those three emperors and,the conflicts that are there we are,empire,history binge to us,im not going to get into spoilers in,this but they do some interesting stuff,with that and they establish them as,really interesting villains,which a good villain is kind of missing,from the foundation story its more of a,science fiction story about ideas its,hard sci-fi its not action adventure so,they shoe horn action adventure into,this sometimes it works sometimes it,doesnt they go a little bit too far in,trying to make it a game of thrones they,have,executions,[Applause],[Music],and,killing off characters unexpectedly i,think theyre trying too hard to make it,game of thronesy gotcha and,when they do too much of that,when they go way off and doing these,side stories that are taking you away,from the core idea of the show,it really sags in the middle the first,two episodes i think are great,then the third episode just,shits the bed,i hate when that happens,i i mean ive heard,and it takes quite a few episodes to,recover and it just doesnt quite get up,to par again for another few episodes,and then the palace throwing your shoe,at the tv episodes,yes okay um the palace intrigue stuff,with the emperor the emperors the three,empires are thats very interesting and,they do a good job with that,um but the actual foundation story,almost gets lost,they have the side characters that are,off on their side quests,i used to be an adventurer like you then,i took an arrow in the knee,but they kind of ignore the establishing,of the foundation for a good long chunk,of the show,which is irritating,and,doesnt do it for me,but then they bring it back home,they get back to oh yeah were supposed,to be adapting the foundation book lets,get back to that and then it gets really,good again for the last couple episodes,gotcha okay so they actually kind of get,off of the foundation like like a house,thats,mudslide right kind of yeah yeah oh i,could go for one of those,but,but it was really good to see uh the,planet that is not coruscant,welcome to trenton,the eye of the empire,[Music],please respect and enjoy,the planet uh the capital planet of,uh oh trantor thats what its called,transfer,yes yes,[Laughter],sorry go ahead,but its fun um,just to give you an example without im,going to im not going to give you the,context of this because i dont want to,spoil,the story but i want to give you an,example of why,one thing that really shows,in star wars they have to have darth,vader killing people to show you that,hes the bad guy he chokes the out,of everybody an empire strikes back so,they needed to demonstrate to you that,the emperors are not nice,i wont tell you how or why,they watch this watch the story to find,out but,somebody pisses off uh one of the,emperors,the emperor sits this person down and,says,ive looked at your,family history went back multiple,generations we were able to find a great,great great great grandparent and all of,their sons daughters aunts uncles,cousins we were able to track down about,900 people that are related to you,theyve all been rounded up,everybody you went to school with,everybody youve worked with passed by,on the street had casual conversations,with ordered food from at a restaurant,were able to come up with another 2 000,people,all of them have now been killed so that,you have been erased from existence,the people who would remember you after,youre gone,were not going to kill you were going,to feed you intravenously,and deprive you of all senses so that,you will never hear smell,or feel anything ever again but youll,be aware,but you will be aware,and you will remember,and thats the last time you see that,character wow,the emperors kind of a dick,a little bit so basically nobodys going,to have any memory of him,and,hes not hes going to live the rest of,his life not really knowing and he,basically is going to be,like the the main character from johnny,got his gun,yes as punishment but knowing that,everybody youve ever been related to,whoever met is dead because of you,dang,that wasnt in the book asimov didnt,write that,no no thats like something peter steele,would write everyone i love is,dead but anyway yeah,but no like i said theyre trying to,game of thrones that theyre trying to,bring in a dark element theyre trying,to,you know bring the emotional punch that,is just kind of missing from this,sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt,um what i really like when they bring it,home um when,the,anybody whos read the foundation book,knows that there are these crises that,will occur,where,uh harry seldo the main character,predicted whats going to happen and,then his predictions come true and oh my,god this guy really didnt know how to,predict the future,they kind of do that at the end but not,really they didnt do it as well and,thats my biggest criticism is not what,they add its what that should have been,there that wasnt,they didnt do as good of a job of,having the aha moments a good azimuth,story sets things u

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