1. BUY IN BULK…IT JUST MAKES SENSE!! | Freedom Munitions Review
  2. Cheapest 9mm 2021: Freedom Munitions 115gr Velocity/Accuracy Assessment
  3. New PSA 7″ .300 Blackout Upper – Testing Freedom Munitions HUSH and LAX bulk supersonic
  4. Freedom Munitions Unboxing! 1000 rds. Remanufactured 115gr 9mm FMJ!
  5. Freedom Munitions X DEF Test
  6. Freedom Munitions X-DEF Bonded 124gr JHP 9mm +P Ballistics Gel Test
  7. Freedom Munitions 147 GR 9mm Review | Honest Opinion

BUY IN BULK…IT JUST MAKES SENSE!! | Freedom Munitions Review

whats good lady with gang im so,excited,and if youre new to my channel hey and,dont forget to like comment and,[Music],subscribe pet came in yall oh my gosh,im so excited im going to give you,guys a quick review on freedom munitions,ammo which is what you see here they,sell pistol rifle and rimfire ammunition,thats either manufactured or,remanufactured and its all in-house so,its made in the u.s and i believe,specifically idaho if you dont want to,purchase their brand thats totally fine,because they do sell other top brands,such as winchester hornady federal etc,they always have a lot of cool stuff and,they always have a sale going on guys so,go ahead and check them out,i actually have some quantity,ammo here,i keep these in the magazines of my,concealed carry whether thats the,walther pps or the glock 43 if i decide,to conceal carry the glock 43 x that day,but,these guys are pretty expensive,they range around 30 to 40 dollars,depending on what grain you get i have,115 grain,and i didnt purchase these from freedom,munitions i got these from shoot,straight and guys do not shoot these at,the gun range because theyre expensive,and it makes absolutely no sense you,want to make sure you save your critical,defense bullets okay,use bullets use ammo like this for the,the gun range and to have,fun now you do see,here 1200 rounds i have 900 rounds in 9,millimeter and 300 rounds in 7.62 by 39,the 900 rounds cost me 334,and the 300 rounds cost me 181 so in,total i spent 516 on ammo,which which says a lot because if i,thought this ammo was trash i would have,not spent my cash okay,just common sense guys,now let me show you the box,and this is the nine millimeter no you,can see that,124 grain and it is new which means they,are manufactured ammo if they were,remanufactured it will say riemann,right here and dont worry guys this,entire description is,underneath the product on their website,so you will know and see exactly what,youre buying before youre buying it so,dont worry,and theres and please do not be,afraid to purchase remanufactured ammo i,got the new,ammo because they were the ones that,were on sale i have purchased their,remanufactured ammo and nine millimeter,and never had a problem so dont be,afraid guys the only main difference,from remanufacture and manufacture is,going to be the brass casing as long as,the brass casing is good and clean,you are good because most likely the,components within it is going to be new,so the projectile the primer and the,powder most likely will be new guys so,do not be afraid to purchase,re-manufacture ammo,but this is the,9 millimeter,sorry i have big-ass hands,and then,7.62 is the same,150 grain and it says new,now these are a little,bit different,and know this video is not sponsored,guys im just putting yall on game,if yall know what that means im just,giving out a hookup on where you can,find,good high quality ammo for the low or,cheap,but thats how they come,and this is the bullet,and as you can see that is a new brass,casing so i actually got,what i paid for,and i also,have some 5.56 ammo from them,theres some winchester mixed in there,as well that i purchased at the tampa,gun show,never had an issue with the with um,their ammo guys so do not hesitate to,buy,and these are,new rounds,not remanufactured those are new i need,to re-up soon because im getting low as,you can see,but guys i just think it makes so much,sense to buy in bulk especially if,youre a real shooter you know you got,to stay ready,and theres always a shortage with,something so you want to make sure you,always have rounds available,now i highly recommend this manufacturer,guys ive never had an issue with their,ammo and if you have any questions,please dont hesitate to ask thank you,for tuning in dont forget to subscribe,and as always stay safe and stay blessed

Cheapest 9mm 2021: Freedom Munitions 115gr Velocity/Accuracy Assessment

all right boys and girls were gonna do,an update on the cheapest nine,millimeter 2021 finally able to get,stuff for half the price,that we did uh the previous video which,was,man it was a long time ago buffalo boar,cartridge and american something or,another so were gonna start with this,freedom munitions,115 grain uh round noses actually new,they sell some reman stuff for a little,bit less but,just for the,the sake of,consistency we want to get the new stuff,to see if the chronograph registered a,good standard deviation,its a copper jacketed round nose,its uh,extreme brass yep lets see if we can,get that in focus,i think the extreme bullet company went,out of business or bankrupt and then,finally came back this year,but uh that is a brand new piece of,extreme brass,115 grains probably going to go,11 50 1200 out of the canik,and were shooting at the target 10,yards away little uspsa target im gonna,pick out a point on it and try and make,a nice little group,man this gun is super light compared to,that rock island i just shot holy crap,this thing feels like a toy,got 10 rounds loaded up im going to aim,at the bottom left-hand corner of the,a-zone,and hopefully this chronograph did not,mind getting rained on all morning here,we go,11.89 yeah its gonna be spicy,looks like its averaging about 11.70,last shot 1183 lets go look at that,this is some spicy ammo i just shot a,30 something ounce aluminum glock and,now im shooting a 23 ounce,plastic gun,that is,that is different,try and keep you guys recording here,and do that string,review,those look pretty freaking consistent,out of this five and a quarter inch gun,average could be about 11.85,1187 look at that methyl math,i am rain man,extreme spread of 38 and a standard,deviation of 10.,thats some good [ __ ] maynard,nice little group of course i have a,sympathetic,gripping hand so most of shots went to,the right,i was aimed right about there i,didnt realize the corner was that low,so,thats a nice little group,thats what happens when your gripping,hand takes over thats what happens in,your gripping hand kind takes over this,is what i was looking for,pretty good little group from freedom,munitions,stay tuned for the next video thanks for,watching

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New PSA 7″ .300 Blackout Upper – Testing Freedom Munitions HUSH and LAX bulk supersonic

hey guys so this video is just going to,be kind of like a tandem review,um went ahead and picked up a 300,Blackout upper been meaning to pick uh,build one for a little while there so um,what I did I went ahead and just got a,cheapo 200 Upper from PSA and I slapped,on a Midwest Industries suppressor,series handguard,and a uh just an extra EOTech I had,laying around and under the handguard is,an eight inch form one 30 cal suppressor,and,um yeah it seems to be running pretty,good I just wanted to shoot a little bit,in this video,um and also I wanted to do a review on,the ammo that you see here,um on the right you have the LAX,ammunition 147 grain supersonic 300,Blackout and on the left you have some,Freedom Munitions hush 220 grain,subsonic 300 Blackout and were just,going to shoot a little bit out of it,well see how it runs,foreign,foreign,were going to do a little bit of,velocity testing now,um were gonna do five rounds of the,Supersonic and five rounds of the,subsonic after that and I dont know if,I said in the first clip but this is,going to be a seven inch barrel and,still with the eight inch four in one,suppressor,foreign,I think that does it for todays range,trip uh the supersonic ammo ran pretty,good uh it pretty much ran flawlessly,um the subsonic however,um I ran a few rounds before the video,and it ran fine but uh when I tried to,do the chronograph testing it was,malfunctioning a little bit not sure,what that was I think the gun may just,be a little dirty,all right its a different day,um I thought since the subsonics werent,running during that chronograph test,that I figured the gun may be pretty,dirty,um opened it up and it definitely was uh,this is the same lure I run on my 556,and I pretty much run that only,suppressed so,I went ahead and cleaned it up and I,also threw in a standard weight buffer I,normally have an H2 buffer in there for,my 556 so that may have also been,contributing so Im gonna shoot a couple,rounds of subsonic and were gonna see,if its reliable now,foreign,but other than that it ran Great And for,those wondering that little device on,the side its a little brass Sketcher I,made up I had my mom sew the bag thanks,Mom so uh yeah everythings running good,Ill keep you all updated,and just one last little thing for those,who found my channel because of my 3D,printed Glock video I just want to give,an update uh still running strong,probably have about 300 rounds through,it and uh yeah hasnt really hiccups,since so lets give it a few shots here,pretty good

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Freedom Munitions Unboxing! 1000 rds. Remanufactured 115gr 9mm FMJ!

hey guys whats going on I want to,welcome you back to the channel this is,Travis p11 today were going to do a,quick unboxing of some freedom munitions,115 grain nine-millimeter remanufactured,ammunition were going to see how,freedom packages this were going to see,how the ammo looks when it gets here,were going to take a look at the ammo,itself this I think it took maybe about,I have to go back and look at the,original posting one of the nine days,ago maybe that I posted the video and I,got nothing its at the ammo head,shipped just a couple days after it,place the order I know some people had,talked about maybe some excessive delays,on their ammo but mine did not have that,problem I got plenty of notices telling,me that it was common so I think what,well do is go and open up the box and,see how it looks what was nice about,this is I didnt have to sign for so,its definitely a bonus and I dont have,to be around to get it because Im not,always here when UPS stops by so thats,kind of tough enough to watch out for,alright looks like we do have a so its,twenty eight point seven zero pounds and,well go ahead and get my invoice out of,there not that I really worry about this,but again I think I said I paid 101,seventy eight dollars and ninety cents,for it or something like that so not a,problem,okay quick we got a couple boxes now yes,it is remanufactured and Im going to be,running this through some fairly,inexpensive firearms so I mean if,something would happen god forbid it,does but if it does its not going to be,the end of the world for me right its,like we have two cases of 500 great,because of the fact that Im going to be,doing quite a bit of shooting this,summer coming up at the range that make,locus for you there we go alright so,9-millimeter Luger 115 grain round those,remanufactured you know very impressed,by their prices I mean theres a lot of,other good places out there but I wanted,to try these guys first so alright and,again so far Ive been very pleased with,the service the prices are unbelievable,it would cost me if I was to get new,ammo it was going to cost me almost $100,more with tax to get the same quantity,in ammo and its pretty hard to get a,thousand rounds a nine-millimeter for,for under 250 you know 260 so okay they,really do have a securely packed,definitely a good thing you get the,boxes going on here,just grab two boxes and go to the range,Ive got an ammo box I could put this in,that very nice nice packing good to go,this ended up coming out to being about,seventeen dollars a box roughly is what,I paid 17 bucks for every hundred so,17.5 850 for every two boxes $50 $8.50 a,box so Maine Idaho in the USA alright,lets go and open the box up here so,youre looking at,okay the brass looks decent go so we,have mixed cases here you know obviously,youre going to have different brands,and stuff because theyre going to get,the brass from whoever click heres like,an example at the Winchester white box,keep that in focus for you kind of doing,this upside down so there we go alright,my bag looks good too primers on there,looks looks decent you know its going,to be you know mass-produced quickly and,stuff so Im not expecting you know just,100% pristine ammo out of the box but,looks good lets see that might be what,Fiocchi possibly I dont know here some,ppu so theyre going again theyre just,using a bunch of different cases cases,look nice I mean it gots a little bit of,tarnishing on them and stuff but nothing,too excessive well you know,no major dings or dents the rounds look,nice okay so again I cant complain,about that well we will get this stuff,to the range as soon as we can and well,see how it performs and so on and you,know I really should maybe consider,getting into reloading in the future,that might be something that might come,in kind of handy to save you a little,bit of money down the road I may be,thinking about going at that kind of a,setup so a little bit yeah yeah lots of,possibilities a lot of options so there,you go guys all right so Ive got,thousand rounds of this ready to go my,range strips now maybe you can spend a,little more time and hopefully not run,out when Im taking about thistles out I,never know exactly how much to take with,me sometimes take a hundred rounds,sometimes well take a you know 200,rounds and so on so there we go alright,hey guys so thats my quick little,unboxing of freedom you nisshins,ammunition and again Ill be bringing,some information to you this weekend,about that hero fly dachshund County,firing range long-distance competition,thats coming up I did a little video on,that recently and okay were going to,bring all kinds of different range tests,and so on I got to get that Colt Mustang,out to the range too so there you have,it guys all right I want to thank you,for joining me today I want to thank you,for checking out the channel again you,can check me out over on Twitter and,Instagram and also over on Facebook you,can also find me on gun channels comm,with the ordinary ordinary average guy,gun channel I guess like I said I think,I paid roughly $1.50 per box for 50,rounds which is about a buck 50 less,than I paid for some aluminum case ammo,and again is remanufactured so well see,what happens Im not worried about it I,have some faith and confidence in the,company that theres not going to be,problems and you know youre always,going to hear stories about somebody,that knew somebody that had you know,maybe a bad shell that that ruptured or,maybe somebody that had problems with,weak cycling on their firearm and Im,not saying that could happen with your,manufactured animal I have very little,experience with it,like everything else on my channel but,Im going to take a chance to just try,it see what happens so if I like it,order more of it Ill also have a look,into some other suppliers too so there,you go alright guys so thanks for,joining me today again check me out on,line please like or subscribe and as,always I want you guys to have fun and,be safe and as you know we will talk to,you soon have a great rest of the week,guys okay bye-bye

Freedom Munitions X DEF Test

hello and welcome back to tinker talks,guns,today were going to be looking at,defensive ammo,from,freedom munitions,uh they call it their extreme defensive,carry,and um i wasnt able to find much in the,way of tests of this ammunition online,now freedom magnitions has a bit of a,checkered reputation um,a number of people have commented,negatively on their uh remanufactured,ammo i wouldnt know because i spent the,extra buck and got the new stuff,and for target range ammo its been fine,but um i wanted to try out the x stuff,now this is a bonded jacket hollow point,and uh,it comes in 115 grain,135 grain,and 147 grain,all of them are rated plus p,i dont particularly notice that when,im firing them but you know i havent,chronographed them so i dont know i,thought the gel tests were going to be,more telling so i ran an fbi spec,um,test,this is sort of i use clear ballistics,gel instead of actual animal gel because,its just so much easier to deal with,the,gun were testing in is the sig sauer p6,which has a three and three quarter inch,barrel,so thats going to be very like a lot of,your carry guns like the glock 19 and,things its in the same range,and i have to say,you cannot tell,these apart,aside from reading the label on the box,a profile of all three bullets,and the configuration appears to be,identical on all three hollow points,which i have to say does not inspire a,great deal of confidence,um because typically with bullets of,different weights and different,velocities youre going to want to,change things up,and it does not appear that they have at,least two uh,exterior examination im not going to,cut bullets in half to examine the,hollow point gravity instead were just,going to test them and see what we get,so penetration of the 115 grain plus p,appears to be total penetration of 15,and a half inches,and the bullet appears to have not,expanded at all well have a look at,that when we pull it out,with the 135 grain overall expansion,appears to be,well,it doesnt look like it expanded well,find out when we dig it up,and that penetrated overall depth of 18,inches,this is not looking particularly hopeful,and the 147 grain,27 inches of penetration with a tumble,at the end no apparent expansion,again this is not good,and were back so as you saw the um,the gel results were not inspiring i did,try to film the bullet impacts but,between the,unspectacular performance of the bullets,and,the cloudiness of the gel it just didnt,look like anything so im not going to,waste your time with it,now to look over the bullets fired we,have the 115 grain actually did exhibit,some expansion,its weird expansion and,it almost looks like it hit something,but,the gel was a clean block i dont know,what it could possibly have hit theres,also some sort of foreign substance,embedded deep into the hollow point,that is not,denim,i,i cant account for that because theres,nothing in the block there was nothing,between,me and the block except denim so,i dont know whats going on there so um,im not gonna say thats good expansion,because its,its pretty superficial and only on one,side and,not good,however,it shines compared to the 135 grain,where the hollow point,stuffed up with denim and only opened up,very very slightly,not even after count as expansion,and then last but not least or last but,least,we have the 147 grain which stuffed up,with denim and over penetrated,so um,well damn it i mean,despite my high hopes and unbridled,optimism,none of these bullets really performed,acceptably,and while,tests vary,conditions vary,people get different results,and,im going to have to go with no on these,maybe theyd perform out of a carbine i,dont know,but uh yeah if youre considering these,for defensive carry in your handgun,i would say dont,and on that sad note i hope youre all,doing well stay safe and take care and,well talk to you next time,you

Freedom Munitions X-DEF Bonded 124gr JHP 9mm +P Ballistics Gel Test

[Music],welcome back everybody,today were doing a gel test of this,ammo right here from freedom you,nisshins this is theyre relatively new,anyway as Im filming this video theyre,extreme defensive carry or exdeath as,its marketed just one hundred twenty,four grain nine-millimeter bullet loaded,two plus p standards and I what were,gonna do here is get some final results,from it using this FN 509 so I believe,this is a four inch barrel were going,to do that for about ten feet Im never,gonna put it in some gel bear gel first,and then after that were gonna use some,denim and see how it performs and thats,pretty much whats on deck today were,gonna see how it does I think this is,freedom additions first at least that I,know of anyway,internally produced blind for defensive,use so well see how it does,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],the wound track thats up top and,closest to me that is the one without,the denim and you guys can see their,leading edge is right at 11 inches the,one below it that one there was through,the four layers of denim and that one,there the leading edge is just a touch,over 12 inches just looking at them the,bullets look like they expanded,uniformly were about to check that out,but in terms of wound pattern its,pretty much typical 9-millimeter stuff,not a ton of permanent wound cavity now,one thing about this clear ballistics,gel is that it doesnt show wound,cavities quite as well as natural gel,would but of course this is reusable and,much easier to use in the field so,thats why were using it but there you,go so 11 and 12 inches respectively with,each of those will pull the rounds out,here and see how they look yeah pretty,much exactly as youd expect from a,bonded bullet uniform expansion kind of,what theyre known for and then here,this one over and yep theres definitely,some denim on that bullet and as you,guys can see theres a little bit of,denim there inside the what rounds,themselves but uniform expansion overall,looks like its a little bit less in,terms of width here on the one that went,through the denim again thats sort of,as expected and also while we probably,saw another inch of penetration just,some quick thoughts to wrap the video up,here now that weve actually seen how it,did in a gel and in the chronograph test,a couple things so with the plus p,designation I would say its generally,speaking not that hot 424 green ammo me,personally I like Im not a huge fan of,plus P for defense abuse but that is a,video for another day it shoots,relatively soft it feels like your,standard loading of 124 grain which is,good again in my opinion some of you,guys may differ with that now the,penetration that we saw in both the,Bayer and denim test rather some of you,guys are going to be underwhelmed with,the penetration thats fine,again thats for you guys to choose some,of you guys are really going to like it,because I know a lot of people really,have a fear of over penetration and,seeing the 11 and,twelve inch marks there its gonna give,you guys some solace that the risk of,our penetration is minimized of course,the FBIs test calls for with this type,of testing between 12 to 18 inches of,penetration so with the Behr test we,were short of that but again thats for,you guys out there who carry guns and,use them to defend your family and,yourself to decide on so thats pretty,much gonna wrap it up we will put in,some photos of these here up close and,personal with the weights and expanded,dimensions here right after I stop,talking and thatll pretty much be it if,you guys are looking for this ammo you,can go down below in the video,description take that up through,munitions does offer a discount to all,my viewers so you guys can take,advantage of that as well should you,choose to do so if you guys have any,questions you can always post down below,in the comment section you can also post,over at my facebook page as always,thanks for watching guys thanks for,subscribing and helps the I love you in,the next video,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music]

Freedom Munitions 147 GR 9mm Review | Honest Opinion

hey everyone welcome back to the channel,my name is riley and today im going to,be talking about freedom munitions 147,grain 9 millimeter ammo,so lets go ahead and get started um,this ammo is as you can see made in,idaho in the usa,which is pretty cool,and i just wanted to talk about this,ammo because its ive started using it,recently as i got a suppressor,and ive had good experiences with it so,i kind of wanted to give it a shout out,and just talk about it a little bit,and even though ammo is really expensive,right now you can find this for fairly,cheap,so lets go ahead and talk about it and,as you can see right there it says nine,millimeter luger 147 grain,um ammo,and lets take a little sneak peek at it,real quick,open up the box,and it just looks like your regular nine,millimeter brass ammo,um doesnt look too much different from,a regular uh bullet nine millimeter,bullet,honestly,if i showed you this and a 115 grain you,probably couldnt tell the difference,but,there definitely is a,quite a bit difference so lets talk,about it,so,i bought this ammo because and if you,dont already know 147 grain is kind of,a heavier bullet obviously for nine,millimeter,and its something you want to run in a,bigger handgun or a pistol caliber,carbine,for example i would not run i would not,use,147 grain in my concealed carry pistol,unless its like a full-size pistol,um the kind of rule of thumb ive heard,is its best to use 147 grain in,full-size handguns or pistol caliber,carvings,uh you know for my concealed carry,pistol i just use regular 115 grain,hollow points so,um,so yeah like i said this is for full,size handguns or pistol caliber carbines,um it runs better in those,so um this,um obviously is slower because the,mass of the bullet is bigger,and so 115 grain is the most common i,would say nine millimeter bullet you,know its traveling quite a bit faster,these on the other hand 147,grain these are shooting around 900 feet,per second which is below the speed of,sound,which means they are they are subsonic,they are not supersonic um,which basically means its easier to put,a silencer or a suppressor on them,so,this is what you would want,if you have a silencer or a suppressor,and um i was able to shoot quite a bit,of these and had no issues cycling no,malfunctions,so,obviously its brass so i never usually,have issues with brass or steel but,um yeah these are really,good to go in my opinion,so,lets talk about a couple things real,quick,so when choosing a bullet,and you want it to be subsonic you have,a couple different options,you can choose 147 grain,158 grain or 165 grain those are the,top three,options that you would have for nine,millimeter suppressed,some people can get away with,suppressing a 124 grain but i,i,dont i would never choose that because,you always have the,chance its gonna go supersonic and i,dont really want that so,in my opinion i would never go anything,i would not go with anything below 147,grain if i want to shoot subsonic,so,like i said i was able to shoot this out,out of two different guns,the cz scorpion carbine which is a 16,inch barrel and it did stay subsonic,and a grand power,uh street bog sp9 a1 which is obviously,with subsonic 8 inch barrel,so the crazy thing about this is,if you dont know already the longer the,barrel of a rifle the more velocity the,bullet has so,a 16 inch barrel obviously would make a,bullet go faster than an eight inch,barrel,and even with my cz scorpion carbine 16,inch barrel these bullets still stayed,subsonic so i know thats an issue some,people worry about theyre like hey,i just bought my pistol caliber carbine,its got a 16 inch barrel,and i got a suppressor as its still,going to say subsonic,well,with my findings,and testing these bullets the freedom,munitions,147 grain bullets do stay subsonic out,of a 16 inch barrel,so,16.2 for the,cz scorpionite carbine i think so,thats really good to know,and it is super quiet,um,its hard to tell which one was more,quiet the scorpion carbine or the street,bog they were really similar,um,i think,to the shooter the scorpion might be,quiet quite more quiet because the,barrel is longer and so obviously the,muzzle blast is further away from your,face,but like if you were actually to measure,the decibels i think the street bog was,more quiet because it has a shorter,barrel,and overall less velocity,and,it was just more of a quiet setup,so,yeah i like these bullets a lot i,wouldnt buy um so at when i bought,these and obviously were in july 21st,2021,ammo is still really hard to find and,expensive,but these were only 19 a box which is,pretty inexpensive for nice,brass,so i know a lot of gun stores are you,know jacking the prices up to 30 to 40,dollars a box of nine millimeter but i,got,freedom munitions they still have them,for 19,box so,i have,had pretty good experience with freedom,munitions,um,you know they always have stuff in stock,so,sometimes theyre not the the cheapest,but,every time ive ordered anything through,them ive got it in like four to five,days after i place the order so,some people have had issues with them,and ive heard some different things,about them but ive had a good,experience with freedom munitions,honestly sometimes its easier just to,order through them versus,you know going into a store and,trying to find ammo you know and on,honestly a lot of the local places like,sportsmans warehouse and cabelas,theyre all,picked clean so you usually ordering,online is the best bet,and yeah you have to pay shipping and,handling but also you dont have to go,drive to a store and you know,nine times out of ten nowadays get the,stores picked to clean so you dont have,to worry about dealing with any of that,so,yeah i dont want to make this review,too long but just know that these,bullets do run good i only tested them,in pistol caliber carbines i think,theyre,excellent if you want to suppress them,a lot of people,i mean in my opinion nine millimeter is,a great round to suppress in,pistol caliber carbines,even in handguns,its a lot cheaper than 45 acp or 300,blackout so,you know,yeah 300 black apps more made for,suppression,and obviously more powerful but,in my opinion its so expensive and its,so hard to find that,nine millimeter subsonic is better in my,opinion,and,obviously you know carry having one of,these in your home defense setup um 30,rounds of 147 grain 9 millimeters,suppressed,i think thats perfectly,you know,reasonable to have so,um,you know i i have a nine millimeter,suppressor and i wouldnt,trade it for anything i i can shoot 300,blackout through it but,like i said with the prices and the,availability i just dont think ill,ever go towards 300 blackout and i dont,honestly think i need it so ill ill,just stick with the,nine millimeter subsonic so,this is my small review of freedom,munitions,millimeter 147 grain brass,and i hope you guys have a good week and,please,give this video a thumbs up and,subscribe if you havent already

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