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FRESH (2022) Movie Review | Hulu

the winter soldiers a little on edge,ive seen the movie fresh and were,going to talk about it what is up flick,fans welcome back to my channel brand,new movie hitting hulu today starring,sebastian stan its fresh i saw it way,back at the sundance film festival let,me tell you it was one of the talks of,the town were gonna get into it right,now spoiler free so fresh follows noah,who meets the alluring steve at a,grocery store and given her frustration,with dating apps takes a chance and,gives him her number after their first,date she is smitten and accepts steves,invitation to a romantic weekend getaway,only to find that her new paramour has,been hiding some unusual appetites lets,start with the rating for this movie and,it is not one to watch with your family,or your kids it is a hard r for sexual,content a couple of drugs here and there,but really were talking blood and body,parts violence but yeah lots of blood so,if youre into that kind of thing yeah,there you go and like i mentioned before,sebastian stan and daisy edgar jones,from normal people fame and these two,their chemistry is one of the things,that one of the many things that keeps,this movie going they are incredible,together and you see her at the,beginning just so sick of the idea of,what dating is right now whether it be,through a dating app or just trying to,find the balance of a relationship the,way that the modern romance works,according to her its just weird man and,she finally finds someone in steve who,kind of agrees with her they meet in,this grocery store its such a sweet and,heartwarming encounter and she says you,know what were going to start a,relationship and its going to be a good,one and it is a good one,at least for a portion of the movie and,then she decides to go on this trip and,thats when the entire movie shifts not,only from a tonal perspective,but really the genre it goes from one,thing to another now its according on,what youre looking for in this film you,may prefer the first i will say the,first act of the movie or the second two,acts because the second two acts is when,it really shifts into horror territory,and i mean pure bloody madness now when,i say bloody this is not me saying it,turns into this action thriller there,are thrills and chills at the end,absolutely but for the most part in the,second act were just getting an idea as,to what shes gotten herself into a lot,of it is carried by sebastian stans,performance but thats only because hes,kind of the alluring figure that she is,following along at the beginning daisy,edgar jones is playing a character in,which we are following along all the way,through so i dont want to look past her,performance either and when they come,together either the tension or the,chemistry between the two thats whats,always selling us on the film now i,personally really enjoyed the first act,i like the idea of looking into her love,life and just getting a peek into kind,of her soul and how she feels about the,entire thing and taking a chance on this,guy who i wont lie i mean sebastian,stan im like yeah that thats a cool,dude and its really hard to talk about,this film without getting into the,details but this is a spoiler free,review all i will say is the intensity,that this movie is able to bring us and,just the very off-putting and,grotesque to a degree moments imagery,scenes that we get its uh yeah its,everything you want if you like this,genre again two drastically different,genres at play here when the movie,shifts its not out of the blue you know,its going to shift its leading in that,direction i also kind of predicted what,was going to happen towards the end,there are some very interesting and,intense moments in the third act but i,will say when it comes to the overall,story i was missing a couple of things,there are some subplots at play and just,when we start getting things revealed to,us there are so many things that they,just kind of briefly hit upon but never,go any deeper and i was thinking to,myself all throughout the second half,the movie thats interesting thats,interesting why arent we exploring that,just a bit more we spent a lot of time,with her best friend character who was,very compelling i really enjoyed her,character but at the same time you could,have given us more of an explanation as,to the why of it all understandably so,they just wanted to skim through that,but i felt there were a couple of missed,opportunities now in the third act,thats when everything picks up and,thats where i sat back and said okay,this is really working except for,certain character decisions people will,go back to places that they shouldnt go,back to and im like why are you doing,that just just make the right call and i,ive had this complaint earlier this,year but its becoming more and more,prominent to me and im starting to get,just more irked by that kind of thing,still really enjoy the third act but,yeah that was a big complaint of mine as,it was going down before i give you my,score what is your favorite sebastian,stan performance absolutely loved him,and pam and tommy and with this movie i,mean he may have given his best two,performances this year and if you like,this video this review be sure to drop,that thumbs up down below fresh is,absolutely wild mimi cave brings us a,stylish and bloody film that isnt,without its inconsistencies that being,said there are numerous effective and,uncomfortable moments that will have,viewers on edge edgar jones and stan are,electric together this movie is wild im,going to 72 percent its enjoyable its,fun a little up and down in the middle,but it picks right back up with that,ending and once you know what the,movies about youre going to make some,comparisons with sebastian stans,performance to some other,roles in very similar movies and i think,he plays it very well i loved him in,this film but do not look past daisy,ecker jones as well alright guys thanks,for watching ill see you soon

The Modern Hell of FRESH | Explained – Sebastian Stan

my hair is doing things today im like a,rich beanie but i dont want to do you,like my,my setup today visiting my parents i,thought that the kitchen just make a,really good,back backdrop for the experience,youll see hey sebastian stan stands and,normal people,people its the movie just for you,maybe i dont know its star sebastian,stan and daisy edgar jones so,yeah fresh is a ride of a movie i caught,it back at sundance it made my top of,the fest and even though our group,watching it had collectively allowed our,imaginations to go even further than the,movie actually did in certain ways i,still had a blast is that a weird way to,describe this experience probably oh,well a blast its a dark horror comedy,concealed inside a rom-com about the,horrors of modern dating and please,dont judge it specifically on that,description im sure a lot of people,would be kind of like turned off by that,but if youre into dark horror comedies,i can assure you this is worth checking,out its on hulu in the states and on,disney plus and most of the places that,dont have access to hulu its always,annoying trying to figure out whats,available on which streaming services,and in which country but with todays,sponsor surf shark that problem is,solved by connecting to one of thousands,of surf shark servers you can make your,internet think youre in a different,location so you can take advantage of,region lock content im currently on a,huge hulu binge because they have a ton,of shows and movies that arent,available on other streaming services,and i absolutely love taking advantage,of it shows like its always sunny in,philadelphia the oc the bachelor what no,i havent started watching the bachelor,youre crazy with the new batman having,just came out you might find yourself,wanting to watch the old ones only to,find that oh no theyre not available on,your netflix just use surfshark to,connect to a server in hungary and boom,batman for days its the only vpn that,allows one account to connect to,unlimited devices so you dont have to,play this game of like uninstalling and,reinstalling the app on different,devices depending on where you want to,watch things its super fast secure,blocks unwanted ads and if you use code,jedi you can save a whopping 83,and get three months free thats right,three months free on top of already,getting 83 off and as if it could get,any better they offer a 30-day,money-back guarantee policy if you are,not completely satisfied so make sure to,click the link in the description below,if you want to check out surf shark for,yourself just know that you might be,someone who has a hard time with this,its not overly gruesome or visually,gory but its gonna end up being a,mental thing for a lot of people this is,also a weird one to talk about because a,lot of people would find a particular,aspect of a movie to be a major spoiler,but if you would read the description,and seen the trailer i think it puts,something very distinct in your mind,basically what im saying is with a dark,horror comedy about the dangers of,dating and how some guys view women it,plays out in a really twisted and,fresh way sounds interesting i might,just this might be the movie for you,those allegories to the meaning the,movie is trying to get to can be pretty,heavy-handed at times but it never takes,away from the face value of whats being,shown on screen the story theyre,telling is being enhanced by the method,of delivery rather than just feeling,like it was shoehorned in the like some,horror movies that ive talked about,recently so if you have no idea what,this is or what its about and really,just kind of want to watch it without,having any spoilers feel free to watch,it first and then come back but before,we dive into the full spoilers ill just,do the setup then ill kind of talk,about what you can tell just having,watched the trailer then ill be very,clear about when im going into like the,full spoiler zone so you can bop off if,you want and ill have timestamps down,below so lets hop in so dating in the,modern age seems tough dating apps seem,like a nightmare trying to meet people,in person seems like a nightmare like,meeting people organically through,social interactions are you joking in,this economy and thats where we start,off with noah a 20 something year old,just trying to find connection in the,modern age on a date and its not a,horrific one its just exhausting weve,got a man in a scarf nothing wrong with,that by the way im just setting the,tone saying that he misses the days when,women were more feminine because she,just looks so good in a dress right now,sir you dont appear to be wearing a,button-up suit jacket or tie so who are,you to be criticizing the sweater,especially when it is clearly chilly out,so not a connection then even though,they each paid for their own meals this,man literally takes her leftovers for,his brother even if you had paid for the,entire date thats weird and its all,capped off with some light racist,behavior towards the waitress sparkling,water,sparkling bubble,before he tries to go in for a kiss and,immediately turns into a massive [ __ ],when she shoots him down i was literally,just being polite youre not even my,type to be honest is it a bit on the,nose for all the stereotypical things,that can go wrong on a date just rolled,into one yup but thats okay because,its here to just set the tone for her,dating life she gets home and starts the,swiping game again and gets a dick pic,in minutes so when she meets steve an,older goofy yet charming and handsome,man in a grocery store she actually ends,up giving him her number because thats,the way youre supposed to meet people,right naturally in the wild who doesnt,want to be fed grapes that taste like,cotton candy but when she finally shares,this encounter with her best friend,molly shes kind of the overly cautious,voice of concern handsome dude in his,mid to late 30s approaching a young girl,in a grocery store probably married he,also hasnt texted yet its one of the,things i love about dating women thats,games more emotional dependence you know,but when he finally does reach out she,figures hey what could possibly hurt,from going on one day to a bar can i get,a manhattan with like,as many cherries as you can spare one,seven and seven with eight maraschino,cherries sugar on the rim blend it if,you can and hes perfectly charming,still a little goofy but its disarming,hes a reconstructive surgeon so hes,doing well for himself career-wise and,he very quickly gets into the family,questions he says he doesnt really have,any and she commiserates her dad passed,away and she hasnt seen her mom in,years people who like believe in true,love are [ __ ] idiots but even with,that line the day goes super well she,kisses him and she brings him back to,hers and thats the one thing that,everyone should be cautious about on a,first date because now they know where,you live if they do end up being a,weirdo then he actually pulls back from,having sex saying that theyre going too,fast and its not like a wedding,crashers way to make him seem more like,emotionally vulnerable it literally felt,like a oh [ __ ] what am i doing moment,which made me think yeah dudes probably,married might be regretting his actions,can i get you something to like drink or,eat,just you,so they do it its great she takes a,nice little stealth picture of him in,the morning son and shes off to gush to,molly who then rightfully asks for his,social medias to creep but he doesnt,have any and for his age thats not,super unusual like im younger than him,and have a lot of friends that dont,have twitter or instagram and swaths of,people have deleted facebook and because,hes a doctor it kind of makes sense,that he wouldnt have the time or care,to involve himself in social media but,molly sees it as a red flag no social,media at all dudes probably married and,isnt sharing his socials or doesnt,want anything linked back to him now in,a lot of situations shed be,overreacting its ki

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Fresh (2022) Hulu Movie Review

fresh was the first film i watched at,this years sundance festival and now,its coming to hulu daisy edgar jones,and sebastian stan team up for a very,dark look at dating relationships and,whats on the menu for dinner,[Applause],the horrors of modern dating are seen,through one young womans defiant battle,to survive her new boyfriends unusual,appetites ive got to be pretty vague on,a lot of this because this is best,approached from an unknown perspective,this begins with a mild commentary on,the online dating scene and then,transitions into something much darker,where they examine greed desire and even,privilege daisy edgar jones as noah is,relatable and sympathetic because of how,she trusts and longs for connection when,the story transitions and she has to,become resourceful she pulls it off very,convincingly and in a way that makes us,wonder if shes just playing along or,maybe shes genuinely taking part,sebastian stan is doing his best to show,that he can be more than just bucky,barnes from the mcu i mean when you,combine this performance and fresh with,his role as tommy lee and pam and tommy,i mean which that ones also on hulu,this helps him to step out and embrace a,much more complex character named steve,steve is surprising at times and i love,how in a weird way hes also longing for,connection just like noah and hes also,searching for someone who understands,his world view this movie is almost two,separate stories that are then smashed,together the first is the dating journey,of noah as she tries to find somebody,whos normal and a good companion then,after noah and steve meet and then go on,some dates the entire tone of the story,shifts gears and becomes a very,suspenseful and anxiety-filled visceral,horror and the transition isnt out of,the blue in the sense that we can see,something shift i mean even though it,happens very quickly and then we know,were not in kansas anymore now the,second half of the film is twisted and,disturbing i mean not only from the,actions and the imagery but also just,the concept alone its pretty messed up,now there are some parts that are,brought to light in the second half of,the film with some imagery and short,sequences of random people now for these,even though theres a very brief,explanation of them and their role i,felt that there was more in the story,that could have been examined when it,comes to this portion especially as it,could become a very powerful social,commentary the movies just short of two,hours long and there were points that i,felt a little bit of the time now i mean,some of that could have just been from,the discomfort of those situations that,were watching but there are story arcs,that take us on some small tangents,those tangents really are necessary,though to make the story feel whole in,addition to our two leads noah has a,best friend played by jojo gibbs and i,loved what she brought to the story,because in a tale of modern dating where,the main character is maybe a bit too,lazy fair with her actions she needs a,best friend whos going to shout some,wisdom at her plus gibbss character of,molly typically says a lot of what we as,the audience are yelling at noah through,the screen now i mentioned how the,horror in this is visceral and there are,some points in this it could make you,throw up a little bit in your mouth and,there were a couple of movies this year,at sundance this one included where the,horror and the gore ventured into almost,being grotesque i remember watching,these and having to just really put our,plates down and stop eating for a bit,because my mind was making what i saw on,screen just feel way too real i loved,how tense the climax of this got there,were some heart pounding moments and,while i expected some of the situations,that were happening there were then a,few that came out of the blue and were,pretty great surprises the sequences,were able to successfully build good,anxiety because of the urgency that the,story creates for our characters now one,thing i really enjoy about seeing movies,at sundance is that typically before a,film starts theres a brief interview,with the director so we can get into,their mindset and get some background on,the film now for fresh the director is,mimi cave and this is her first,feature-length film that shes directed,and shes got a bunch of shorts but i,really want to see what is next for her,because she came out of the gate with,this one super strong so overall fresh,is a twisted take on dating and,relationships daisy edgar jones and,sebastian stan create some compelling,chemistry that then transforms into,something twisted and dark the suspense,and tension are effective and then when,combined with the visceral imagery they,all work together to make a pretty,messed up horror now i do wish there was,a little more focus on a couple of the,elements if the intention was to include,a social commentary but even without,that this is still a satisfying watch,that also might make you wince theres,sex nudity a ton of profanity and some,brutal violence,i give fresh four out of five couches,has this one have been on your list to,check out let me know what you thought,of it if you get to see it if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for couching with me

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hey guys so i am going to make it my,lifes mission to review more new,original horror movies because i go on,rants all the time about remakes reboots,and sequels yeah i never really talk,individually about new original horror,being released i usually talk about in a,monthly recap or at the end of the year,or something so i want to call attention,to new original horde thats coming out,more so you know look forward to that i,know everyones been recommending no,exit to me i did watch it so look,forward to that review early next week,and i want it to be in addition to my,regular content so im not going to take,away any of my top 10 lists or tier,lists or anything like that but i just,want to add in some original horror you,know sprinkle in some original horror,reviews every now and again not just the,mainstream ones that everyones talking,about especially if i liked them so i,was lucky enough to get early access to,watch the new movie fresh that is,streaming on hulu today its released,today its not sponsored or anything but,i was sent a screening link for this,movie a couple days ago so i watched it,and wanted to take advantage of the fact,that i got to see it early to post a,review on the day its released so fresh,follows a young woman named noah who is,sick of modern dating and meets steve in,a grocery store and decides to give him,a chance what she doesnt know is that,she must do anything and everything to,survive his unusual appetites this is,actually a directorial debut so its,first film of mimi cave and i just want,to start off by saying i think she did,an incredible job here now this movie is,more described as a dark comedy or a,comedy thriller however i think it leans,way more towards,horror with light comedy throughout,which is actually my preference if im,gonna watch a dark comedy id prefer the,comedy to be on the lighter end and the,horror to be on the heavy end you know,its kind of similar to american psycho,in tone theres certain scenes that are,very reminiscent of that movie to me and,although the concept to me when i first,heard it sounded a little bit cheesy a,little cliche i feel like it does a,really good job at not making it too,silly especially in the dating scenes,they are a little goofy you know its a,commentary on modern dating and,especially online dating you know dating,on apps and things like that so there is,that commentary so it is a little bit,silly at times but i feel like with the,atmosphere and the writing and the,editing and the score and acting,everything really,makes it so its not super cheesy,because i feel like it could really lean,that way because the first 30 minutes or,so is basically plays out more of a like,rom-com,type movie or like a romantic type movie,there really isnt horror in the,beginning as ive stated in the past i,preferred there to be no romance at all,in anything any media or anything that i,read or,consume or watch or anything im just,not a romantic kind of girl in real life,i am but not in my media obviously this,movie is a little bit more on the,anti-romance side because of what it,turns into so for me its a perfect,balance of those two things its not too,much romance not too cliche or anything,and a lot of horror we get a lot of,horror in this im also very picky as,you know if youve watched my channel,for a while that im very picky in,particular when it comes to comedy im,not a huge fan of comedy and horror,movies dark comedies are not my favorite,subgenre of horror i like some i like a,handful but typically theyre not my,favorite i just dont find them to be as,effective so all that being said i was,actually pleasantly surprised with how,much i liked this movie and actually,enjoyed both of those aspects in this,movie i feel like the comedy is on the,lighter end so it wasnt too goofy or,silly or making light of certain things,and the romance wasnt too heavy-handed,once the movie really got going so i,really didnt mind those aspects even,though two those two things are pretty,much my least favorite things in a,horror movie it actually works so well,in a movie like this especially this,movie and fresh because its so,juxtaposed with what actually comes,after,their encounter once they actually get,going in the romance it completely,switches all of a sudden like a 180 and,i loved that juxtaposition it really,made the turn that we took,that much more effective because and,more disturbing because it went from,such a light-hearted kind of comedy,romantic setting to,disturbing horror and you dont actually,get the title screen until like 40,minutes into the movie when it really,picks up and i loved that oh yeah i will,talk about spoilers by the way later in,this video so i probably already put up,a title card somewhere where it shows,where i started talking about spoilers,but there are both reviews in this video,so although you kind of know already,what to expect to a certain extent when,you read the description of this movie,or you watch a trailer or even part of,the trailer you know it revolves around,cannibalism i mean the name of the movie,is very on the nose some of the,marketing for it,is cannibalism right so you kind of know,what to expect with this movie to a,certain point however my jaw dropped so,many times in this movie it had so many,effective scenes that were so shocking,to me so surprising and id say thats,the best word for this movie is shocking,daisy edgar jones and sebastian stan i,think did an amazing both did amazing,jobs in this movie the performances were,great i do feel like some of the,side characters not directly her like,best friend molly or anything i really,liked her but some of the other side,characters i feel like were a little bit,lackluster and really didnt have too,much of a purpose but i think generally,this movie was perfectly cast i really,liked everyone in this and their acting,and everything i think that really,helped this movie i did anticipate some,of the scenes to have a little bit more,substance i feel like they would lead,you up to believe somethings gonna,happen and then nothing would really,happen which works in the tone of this,movie like theres a reason why were,kind of following noah and her,experience and whats in her head and,everything like that which i really,appreciated so the scenes had purpose,like each scene had a purpose but i feel,like they could have explored it a lot,more and push things a little bit,farther for me personally as someone,whos not a huge fan of extreme horror i,found this movie to be pretty disturbing,its not extreme by any means if youre,a fan of extreme horror and you watch,extreme stuff this is not going to,bother you but to me there were certain,scenes that i felt so uncomfortable and,were genuinely disturbing so i would say,that the horror elements in this were,really really good now my threshold is,very low obviously so not everyones,going to be super appalled by this or,shocked or disturbed by this movie i,just want to say that but i was shocked,and disturbed many many times so if,youre you have a similar taste in,movies to me i think this one will,disturb you and get to you but in a good,way it never pushes it too much in fact,could have pushed it even more if if im,being honest i will say if you decide to,watch this,you wont be bored theres nothing,boring or slow about this movie i feel,like the pacing is really really good,even though like i said some scenes,lacked a little bit of substance i feel,like the pacing is just right to where,you always want to know whats going on,i will say that the ending leaves me a,little bit wanting more because i found,it to be very predictable because of how,the movie starts i kind of have an idea,of how the movies going to end and i,wasnt a huge fan of that and you know i,was right so it is a little bit,predictable going in the ending not the,best or strongest parts of the movie but,i was still satisfied with where it,ended and how it ended i didnt really,know how else they would have ende

Fresh movie review — Breakfast All Day

sebastian stans entire career is built,on playing guys who you want to have sex,with and then you will regret it,christine alonso were talking about the,new movie fresh on hulu alonso whats it,about so theres a horror movie that,premiered at sundance it stars daisy,edgar jones as noah she is a single lady,trying to date,you do not need a man okay,so dont play the games just be you,straight out the gate,do you live around here,because i live on aisle six,and dating sucks as everyone knows but,then one night magically in the produce,section she meets sebastian stan who as,somebody i saw recently said sebastian,stans entire career is built on playing,guys who you want to have sex with and,then you will regret it um,not bucky bucky eventually becomes a,good guy yeah i know but i still think,youd regret it just you know,does anyone know what the arm can do,i think i think you regret it when you,turn 100 and he still looks 25 but you,know thats neither here nor there uh,anyway so yeah so she does have sex with,steve who is a doctor uh and everything,seems rosy but then they go off for a,weekend together and,things do not go as planned and uh,noahs friend molly starts wondering,just what is going on and im being,super vague about this movie because,some of the funnest parts of it have to,do,with the twists that it take and i have,to say,the whole,opening,bit before we get to like the first,reveal i thought was great,and i love the ending,and im kind of,on the middle what are your thoughts,i dug it it is hugely stylish it is the,feature debut from director mimi cave,and,its constantly surprising including the,fact that you dont even have the titles,until a half an hour in yeah its very,drive my car that way,i love that im like oh right theres a,movie with a name and there it is,um so i enjoyed the surprises of it i,did not ever know where it was going um,it it has really cool production design,that reminded me,tonally and visually of ex machina,oh sure yeah i think where the house,where a lot of it takes place is really,funky like streamlined mid-century,modern there is a dance sequence,that is amusing but also unsettling that,reminded me a lot of vex machina in that,regard um,they have a lot of chemistry it was just,cool to see sebastian stan in a,different kind of role because,i dont know that,he has done this he has played some,characters that were,villainous at times and he has played,some characters that were maybe,untrustworthy but this feels like a,whole different level of what hes doing,and the way he plays with,how extremely handsome he is and how,extremely charming this character is and,how he was seen to have it all like hes,a doctor and hes single and he thinks,shes lovely,in the produce section you can also see,why shed be so,willing,to go along for this because her dating,history which we established from the,very very the opening scene with that,date is just horrifying oh yeah,did we review monday did you see that,one ive seen monday did we review,monday i cant remember if we did but,like this felt to me like a continuation,of that character although obviously in,a much more extreme kind of way no i,mean yeah i like what everybodys doing,here i like the performances i just kind,of felt like once the movie establishes,whats happening,it,i didnt find anything all that,all that fascinating again until we get,to the end when theyre resolving it all,it was sort of like for me the middle,just kind of felt like okay well,were here now what you know and yeah,i will say that part is where the style,really kicks in that house is one of the,most sort of like,architecturally attractive and yet also,nefarious id say since parasite you,know its like oh yeah its at that same,level of like oh i love it oh no i dont,want to live there you know um,so yeah i mean i and it definitely it,commits to the bit absolutely like once,it says where its going it goes there,in all the ways that that you think that,it might not um,and i you know i love a female gays,horror movie obviously its a woman,woman writer and a woman director um but,i just i dont know i just kind of i,wish the the the the the connective,tissue if you will had kept me more,engaged because because at the end i was,like very into it again and very like oh,wheres this gonna go and uh but you,know i i could feel like i that that,reminded me how sort of listless i had,gotten during other parts of the film,yeah the mood was always there for me,and and the like the small reveals of,exactly whats happening kind of lead,you down this path of just being like,ugh and so i i was always surprised and,always it was gripped by i want to,mention jojo t gibbs as her best friend,who very much could have been like the,token black best friend and is not she,gets a whole lot more to do and theres,a lot more to her um andrea bang as,theres another woman in this um de,akini as the bartender who has an,increasingly crucial role,in this um yeah i thought it was and,charlotte lebron is the wife i thought,was really good yes its shes its uh,its cast interestingly and its just,its ambitious in a way that a lot of,first features are right youve got to,put the big big ideas out there and just,go for it because when are you going to,have this chance again and so i love,that mimi cave went for it and um i was,surprised the whole way through and just,thought i was cool so im saying 7.9 all,right i said six and a half didnt,utterly love it but i think people,should absolutely check it out it is on,hulu and uh yeah im very fascinated to,see what maybe cave does next and and,the performances are great and theres,you know it will give you the willies so,thats what a horror movie supposed to,do so hooray for that all right thanks,you guys for watching check out our,other stuff more breakfast for you,you

FRESH Ending Explained!

well if you thought your dating life was,bad wait till you check out sebastian,stan in fresh and thank god the role,didnt go to army hammer oh boy army,hammer 12 oclock i dont know about you,guys but up here in canada this movie,about love and cannibalism released on,disney plus and it brings a whole new,meaning to the phrase family meal in,this video well be taking a look at,fresh its hidden meaning and some of,the cool details you may have missed,along the way and stay tuned near the,end of the video where ill be going,over some crazy theories on who steves,wife really is but im getting a bit,ahead of myself so grab your favorite,snack and make sure to like and,subscribe because were about to sink,our teeth into this fresh new horror,meet noah a 20 somethings woman who has,about as much luck finding love as i do,stephanie please take me back not only,does chad here not pay for the meal hes,rude to the waitress takes noahs,leftovers and her scarf is dipping into,the noodles not to mention he criticizes,her for not wearing a dress and when he,asks her out for a second date and she,declines he morphs into a total,douchebag good luck finding a guy you,stuck up [ __ ] thats noahs problem she,cant seem to find a nice guy and thats,one of the things i liked about the,first quarter of this movie instead of,telling us how bad her love life is we,actually get to see it then when she,eventually meets mr too good to be true,steve over here theres something to,compare it to and the two meet,ironically enough in the fresh vegetable,section of the local supermarket its an,awkward but funny and kinda charming,meat cube where steves able to get her,number she tells her friend molly that,she didnt believe people actually met,in real life anymore dating nowadays,seems to be relocated to superficial,online apps the one in this movie is,called puzzle piece since noah is,missing that one piece of her life that,she thinks will make her complete you,could also argue that this whole film is,an allegory for modern dating today one,in which we are simply pieces of meat to,be tossed aside steve and noahs first,date goes remarkably well hes a plastic,surgeon and the two have a lot in common,we have something in common i guess dead,parents thats actually an important,point as well find out later steve only,collects women with little to no friends,or family it decreases the chance,someone will come looking for the girls,he captures and things take off rather,fast with the two they flirt dance order,take out and yes have sex get that deep,but there are also a few red flags steve,doesnt have any social media hes,pretty much impossible to find online,and his name is steve but he wants to,surprise her with a mini vacation to a,secluded place in cottage grove oregon,what could go wrong he ends up bill,cosby her drink and it isnt until 33,minutes into the movie that we actually,get the introductory credits i actually,like this it was different and felt,right like this is where the movie,really starts noah wakes up chained in a,basement understandably freaked the [ __ ],out but steve isnt here to have his way,with her he just wants her for her,delicious meat im not gonna kill you,right away,because the fresher the meat the better,yes steve is a sadistic psychopath who,captures women and sells their meat,piece by piece to affluent customers,across the globe throughout the film,well see as he takes multiple victims,removes pieces of their body stores them,in a meat locker cuts those pieces and,prepares vacuum sealed delicacies for,his clients they even get a goodie bag,filled with their personal effects and,photos its a pretty lucrative business,and as noah is soon to find out shes,not the only one there in a cell beside,her is a woman named penny were not,sure how long penny has been here but as,well find out later shes already had,her leg removed steve likes to take,pieces of these women in chunks keeping,them alive to preserve the freshness,next to penny is a woman we never see,except in this photo here melissa its,likely shes been here longer than penny,shes gone mad and spends most of the,film blabbering nonsense meanwhile,mollys concern for her friend finding,out that a picture sent from noahs,phone could easily be reverse image,searched this takes her on a quest to,find out more about the mysterious man,noah has fallen for asking her bartender,friend paul for the name of the man who,took noah out to his bar a few nights,earlier she makes a shocking discovery,when its found out steve is married,with kids back at the meat dungeon noah,asks steve if she can take a shower but,really this is a sly opportunity to,check the surroundings outside her cell,this is something well see her do,throughout the movie shes always,looking for ways to escape shell scout,out the windows clock the knives and,even discover the dumbwaiter which will,be used later noah tries to escape but,is easily subdued by her captor and when,she awakes she finds out steve has,removed the first part of her body her,ass im not entirely sure how that works,and frankly im a bit too afraid to,google it as she recovers noah finds out,that none of the other girls have slept,with steve at least none that we know of,and in one of the magazines shes given,one of the former captives has left a,message if youre reading this it means,he likes you use it keep fighting well,later find the woman who wrote this,message as part of steves trophy wall,where he keeps mementos of all his kills,through her friend paul molly gets the,name of the guy who went out with noah,and is able to find his wifes facebook,profile so molly does what any good,friend would do and show up at her,doorstep to expose him as a cheater,remember at this point molly doesnt,know noahs been kidnapped or that steve,is an insane cannibal but when steve or,should i say his real name brendan says,he has no idea who noah is it looks like,mollys reached a dead end that is until,she calls noahs number and steve,conveniently has her phone on him but,the big shocker here is that the wife is,in on the whole thing too and she ends,up knocking molly out and becoming one,of his captives noah starts to change,her tactics in order to get on steves,good side she takes interest in steves,profession when he started how he,prepares the meals this newfound,interest spurs steve to take her on a,romantic dinner complete with human,meatball a meal which shell throw up as,soon as she gets back to her cell a meal,which steve said would normally cost 30,thousand dollars we also get more,insight into his character he started,eating human flesh at the age of 19 and,couldnt stop thinking about it he liked,how it made him feel and soon found a,small community of people who felt the,same way he did for steve theres,nothing more beautiful in the world than,someone surrendering themselves to,another giving yourself over to become,one with another noah finds that this,tactic pays off and soon steve has,invited her to a special dinner and even,gets her a pink dress of course its,pink in a movie about flesh this is a,full course meal including liver pate,and breast we know the liver comes from,melissa the other captive woman who went,crazy but its hinted that the breast is,actually mollys the night before steve,performs surgery on her he tells noah,that it might quote taste familiar and,there are a few moments we see molly,clutch her chest in pain you saved the,breast till last but its not all fun,and games for noah shes here to,manipulate steve in order to survive,breaking down and telling him that she,feels awful because eating another,person doesnt make her feel awful she,should be feeling bad but she doesnt,its a sly tactic to make steve,empathize with her and it works,youre just different,and i knew it from the moment i met you,this compliments his line earlier in,which he says you know how i knew you,were special,because youre [ __ ] up too at the end,of the dinner when theyve had such a,great

Fresh (2022) NEW HORROR Movie Come Chill with me Review | Spoiler free + Spoiler Section

hi my names emma and lets talk spooky,stuff,[Music],welcome back to my channel and welcome,to a come chill with me video if you,havent seen one of these before were,gonna watch this movie together today,its fresh or really tonight its fresh,im gonna go check out fresh and then go,through all of my thoughts like i would,with a review but kind of in real time,as a reaction review um and then i will,have a spoiler section at the end ill,give you full warning the spoiler,section will start at this time but ill,also put a warning up on the screen for,like 10 seconds so i promise youll have,full notice the reason im doing that,for this film is because i know by the,time youre watching this a lot of,people would have seen the film and,theyll want to get into the,nitty-gritty so im very excited about,this one uh the reason im so excited is,because when fresh was announced or when,it first premiered at sundance film,festival a lot of people were talking,about it a lot of people said it was,near perfect and it is just a roller,coaster you dont see whats coming next,and that is very exciting,but im going to adjust my expectations,and go in completely blind i do know,that the film is directed by mimi caves,and this is actually her first feature,film shes done a lot of shorts in the,past the film is a horror comedy,thriller and it stars daisy edgar jones,and sebastian stan and jojo t gibbs the,film follows the horrors of modern,dating seen through one womans defined,battle to survive her new boyfriends,unusual appetites i mean if youve seen,the cover,its going to be a body horror right and,i definitely scrubbed through the,trailer when i did my video about whats,coming to horror this month i did want,to go in as blind as possible but i feel,like theres some trippy stuff going on,im just really excited to check this,one out and excited to talk to you all,about it so if youve seen fresh dont,spoil anything,were about to check it out and if you,want to watch along with me you can,press play when i press play in just a,couple of seconds lets go upstairs and,get cozy,[Music],i guess someone stole my spot,ill let you have it,okay lets get into the movie if youre,gonna watch along with us press play now,[Music],i love that movie so much that was,awesome,um i can guarantee like i mean it is,only march but i can guarantee this is,going to be my top 10 of the year like,for sure what a great movie,i really i really wish you know when you,see like an amazing movie on like a,streaming platform and i just wish that,they had the option to see this at the,cinema it would have been amazing um so,where do i start okay were gonna do,spoiler free and well get into spoilers,in a minute but there will be a big,warning so dont worry ill give you my,score on the film before that so the,movie follows noah who i love um,and uh her kind of escapades with dating,which i mean from the jump its really,kind of its like that realistic humor,where its you know its funny because,its true,um and she goes on like this nightmare,date i tell you that,its dangerous out there and from there,she meets a guy in a place that she,never thought she would and a romance,blossoms um but there are some warning,signs and i do want to say before,i mean i felt like i kind of knew it was,going to happen,and before you worry about that because,obviously the poster and the whole blurb,it seemed quite obvious to me but,i promise you theres a lot of fun,twists and turns along the way and even,if you think you understand the,direction its going its not completely,there theres definitely more to enjoy,and thats what i absolutely loved about,this film it was just a steady roller,coaster of up and down up and down um,and just jerking you every which way but,you know what it was so addictive the,way they did it and i think its due to,not only the whole storyline but the,stylization of this film really had me,wanting more because it has this amazing,balance of comedy and horror um,and the way they pair the two is really,interesting they have these like fun,montages which have this like really,upbeat music to something quite,disturbing and its its so interesting,and strange and like groovy i dont know,if i would use the term groovy but i,dont know like you really its really,fun and slick but its also really,[ __ ] up and its just this weird thing,of like watching something really awful,happen but wanting to see more its it,makes you feel sick watching it in a,very strange way about yourself which,kind of like ties into the storyline if,youve seen it youll know what i mean,um,but the stylization,is amazing because,of the camera movement the camera,movement really sold me in this film um,from the start well talk about uh,colorization so um its very like amber,tones twilight very romantical,especially in like the lust scenes well,call them that um,and then also its kind of like you know,its stationary the cameras stationary,at the start and then when it gets into,the more romance aspects it you know,when its this amber beautiful like glow,and light uh,theres more of a handycam kind of,situation going on and its more organic,and free-flowing um and it feels like,theyre almost like losing control when,theyre around each other and it was,really interesting how they did that um,but it carries on throughout the whole,film so uh,there is some really cool,movement that goes on with different,aspects that you know kind of tracking,shots and they utilize,objects in the film which is really cool,and then also theres like,when the horror kind of aspect danger,kind of starts creeping in,theres this amazing jib shot that kind,of,tilts up and reveals this roof and its,not even scary but for some reason its,just unnerving and like foreboding i,dont know its just the way,the camera is telling the story is,really interesting but yeah the montage,is definitely something to look out for,um but also the music as i said they use,upbeat music,and it keeps the tone really light which,is again so disturbed like this film is,quite disturbing but um the way that,they,they try not to make it too deep in a,weird way um its just fun and addictive,and it doesnt feel like its hard to,watch even though its pretty disgusting,and this even follows through to theres,like a dinner scene and during this,dinner scene theres a classic cover of,a radiohead song i believe off the top,of my head its exit music its just,like inquisitive like the whole film is,just this curious journey that you feel,like youre watching,like a fly on the wall not because of,where the cameras placed but because,its very um,you know,intimate when you watch someone go on,their a date with someone the,awkwardness at the start the awful date,and you feel like youre like being part,of something that you shouldnt be,watching and the whole film kind of,feels like that in a way its very like,curious because theres so many,unanswered questions as you go along and,youre really learning about these,people learning about each other and,thats how theyre revealing their,characters to you so you know everything,they tell each other is what you learn,as the audience member its kind of,genius when you think about it the,performances were great um and i just,had an amazing time i thought this film,was fantastic and if you i havent,convinced you now i dont know i dont,know what else to do to say because i,havent had a film like this that ive,watched at home for a very long time,that i really enjoyed um and this one is,on hulu but its also on disney if,youre in australia its so crazy the,stuff i put on disney but i just thought,it was an amazing twisty ride and the,stylization its just slick and smooth,and just a lot of fun to watch it was,just really gripping and i do think that,this is like in a new kind of classic in,this kind of genre i dont really want,to go too far into that until people,have seen it we can talk about it you,know in a couple of years time when we,can wrap them up on certain lists that,

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