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youre trying to figure out that freshly,is the right fit for your lifestyle in,this video Im going to show you how,each of these meals taste what they look,like and Im going to be straight the,next day and a half,starting with chicken teriyaki so uh,your kitchen is as clean as the,ingredients in this chicken teriyaki is,that true I will be eating nothing else,just drinking water and eating three,meals to refresh the meals a day Im,gonna weigh myself to twenty-four about,a one to two ratio of protein to carbs,so this thing right here this is the,this is a little concerning what are,they adding to this is 11 grams of added,sugar but either way if youre concerned,about added sugar probably shouldnt go,for chicken teriyaki peel back the film,oh looks like dark meat chicken Ill,tell you what the vegetables seem a,little mushy so Im assuming these,vegetables were previously frozen so,lets pop this in the microwave,oh its so much theme here it is in all,its glory looks the same anyways lets,go ahead and bowl this for you any,additional sugar that is is generally,not a good thing oh my god it looks like,such a small portion nothing looks,bigger in the tray than it does in the,bowl I dont make this look a little bit,more pretty Im gonna be real honest,with you guys this is not a whole lot of,food a total price of about sixty some,dollars plus shipping this ends up being,a little over ten dollars but over at,eleven dollars per meal actually and one,other thing this is what it comes,shipped in these are the gel ice packs,that keep it cool you can either reuse,these or cut this dump all the gel out,in the trash and then recycle this bag,this bag right here is recyclable and,inside is,cuz its they call it denim Im pretty,sure just like blue jean trimmings like,look at that like literally denim fabric,chicken gonna be kind of chickeny I know,that sounds ridiculous this one doesnt,have that the chickens got a real good,flavor I just got a bit of ginger in the,flavor profile there teriyaki flavor is,definitely in that rice eleven bucks,every workload that Im shoveling into,my face is about 33 cents so I will,write this teriyaki chicken bowl a solid,8 out of 10 that was really good time,for meal 2 which is my evening meal,cauliflower shell bollock nasty 520,calories this is a good this is a good,portion of a meal here you see this yeah,there is some serious glue egde did,people I have freshly do they just wrap,this with gorilla goo blue goo goo what,the hell is grilling goo no gorilla glue,not girly goo I think thats something,else Im sure microwaving adhesive,probably not good for you so you know,what Im not gonna microwave in this,trade if Im gonna Bowl this anyways and,were gonna microwave it in that instead,this way I have would any of this toxic,stuff here lets get this bowl of nasty,into my bowl,our chefs suggest plating your meal,before enjoying voila it tastes it,tastes honestly tastes better than,regular shells semolina wheat that you,get in the stores its al dente – it has,got a bite to it its not it doesnt,dissolve and melt in your mouth you,still have to chew to get that pasta,lets get this in 9 out of 10 which is,the safe Im very impressed with this,you might be wondering why this is in my,kitchen well its because this is in my,kitchen but however these are my fresh,tasting and that work and well be,eating these for lunch the nutrition for,you here this one has a lot of fat,thats because the cheese sausage I,actually follow the instructions this,time and leave that film on to the vent,this is three minutes its not as salty,as I would like but one of you commented,on my video theres no salt in there,because theyre trying to be healthy,with low sodium okay I get it but as if,they almost forgot to add salt,thats how on salty dust Rises so the,carnitas make up for the lack of salt in,the rice because its for carnitas I,would rate this a solid 7 out of 10 is 6,oclock I work pretty late at the office,on time thats why I brought to these,today and now were gonna have a sausage,bake Penna for dinner here in the office,Ill go 3 rashly microwaved,all that steam yeah I cant wait to eat,this this smells so delicious you guys,want to eat it get in my mouth hmm,pasta has some bite to it so its not,mushy at all the cheese is fresh its,gooey best thing Ive eaten thus far I,would break this a nine out of ten this,is by far the most calorie dense of the,pack so far at six hundred and thirty,calories if youre counting calories,this is probably not the meal you want,to go with not much to say about this,one it has the same exact sausage that,was in the previous meal I had at lunch,sausage baked penne and I believe its,the same sausage sausage baked penne,sausage and of course with pesto sauce,cheese and noodles,Oh what is this okay these look like,giant as beans and just ate that and,confirm it is a bean the aromatics in,here from the pesto and the garlic,this is seasoned perfectly just enough,salt actually I always complain about,these meals know how to have salt this,ones this ones good theres dumping in,nine out of ten more fat in a meal,usually the matter of Jason so this,thing is very delicious thats actually,not bad for the food,a lot of food if you smell it theres a,lot of cumin in here now she doesnt,look that appetizing it just doesnt,look tasty its all mushy easy this,whatever it who does food I love but,this is so much garlic that its spicy,its spicy like that raw have you ever,eaten a raw garlic,yeah its that raw spiciness that you,get from uncooked garlic,thats how much gosh there isnt its,too mushy it tastes like a paste like,texture-wise,way too much cumin does literally taste,like cumin and garlic paste overall I,would rate this a 2 out of 10 I would,never get this again never warning do,not get turkey being turkey chili,I said turkey beat 3 being turkey chili,all right guys its been three days,instead of two on my fresh lead diet,I will admit I didnt I didnt eat,freshly strictly I had to supplement a,little bit of food here and there but,overall I definitely ate less than Im,going Leawood oh and I didnt eat,freshly so lets take a step on the,scale same scale Im wearing clothes so,we dont skew the results like last time,so I was clothed lets take a look how,much I weigh,to 22.8 papa hold dude there it is,to 22.8 I was 224

Freshly Meals Review 2021 (Not Sponsored!)

[Music],hey everyone welcome back to my channel,my name is donata white and in this,video,i am reviewing freshly it is a,pre-prepared meal service this video is,not sponsored im actually doing a whole,series,on pre-prepped meal services trying to,figure out,which one i think is the best this is,the third,in a series of at least five i am trying,out metabolic meals,icon meals freshly balanced bites and,factor meals if you have any others that,you want me to try go ahead and leave in,a comment below so i can try out your,favorite,and add it to the list but anyway we are,halfway through,the series and in this video were,reviewing freshly,freshly was so so good every,single thing i tried was out of this,world,delicious which of course is the number,one factor with any meal prep service i,want to make sure that the food is tasty,and boy did freshly deliver my freshly,order just arrived im so excited,it was shipped so quickly today was,the exact day that i chose for my,delivery it arrived,around 1pm which was great it arrived in,a special truck so it wasnt like fedex,or ups or usps,it was some other delivery company so,theyve got their deliveries theyve got,them down,um this box is about the same size as,the one,that the icon meals came in a little bit,smaller than the metabolic meals but,also theres fewer meals in here so that,makes total sense,this comes with an order slip showing,exactly what i ordered,im gonna have to check this against my,order but im sure its right,just like icon you flip open the,insulation,and theres a big old ice pack,you can reuse this and store it in your,freezer or you can defrost it,and discard the gel in the trash and,then recycle the bag so all of this,is recyclable and earth friendly and,sustainable which is great,oh this packaging is so nice this almost,seems like,like packaging you would get in a store,i like that the packaging is,super colorful and professional and very,clearly labeled with whats in,the container as well as really clear,nutrition facts on the back,but let me get these up on the counter,so that we can take a better look at,them,um i am already just really impressed,with how compact the box was,how well uh refrigerated it was on the,inside,and the packaging looks really cute and,really easy to stack and store,ive separated all the meals i ordered i,ordered 12 meals,into the freshly fit line and then the,regular freshly meals,right here the packaging is different on,the freshly fit meals different colors,theyre very clearly labeled from the,fitline i think these just have,higher protein and theyre a little more,carb conscious they may be a little,lower calorie as well,um like ive mentioned with a couple of,these i like to eat three larger meals a,day instead of you know five or six,times a day so i dont mind,if the meals are somewhere in the 450 to,550 calorie range,thats actually about where i want to,sit due to the fact that im going to,eat three meals a day so,this one for example zingy buffalo,chicken with loaded cauliflower is 450,calories,well if i only ate three of this size,meal a day id still have to eat some,snacks just to reach my calorie goals so,i like that some of these meals are a,little bit bigger um,so lets take a look at these i got this,thai ish lemongrass bowl,with chicken and vegetables which i am,dying to eat this is going to be one of,the ones that i store in the fridge,because im going to eat this first,golden oven fried chicken and mash with,roasted sweet corn,pulled pork al pastor are you guys,salivating yet these sound,so good i have nothing bad to say about,it,it was one of the most affordable,services ive looked at,for 12 meals including shipping,was just over 10 a meal which is,about as low as ive seen any of these,services get without,coupon codes so without the shipping,its 8.49 a meal im looking at the,website right now for a 12 meal pack and,then add shipping in it was about 126,dollars total,divide that by 12 obviously its just,over 10 dollars a meal which is,a great great price especially for the,size and quality of the meals,that you get with freshly everything is,gluten-free,and i was just blown away by how tasty,the meals were,okay so ive got these in the freezer,dont judge the frozen pizza we keep,these for when people come over,theyre all stacked i have a couple down,here because again our freezer is so,super small,these are a little bit bigger than the,other meal services that weve tried so,these are thicker they take up a little,bit more space but because theyre so,stackable and so clearly labeled,you have a lot of options for how youre,gonna store these so im just gonna keep,these in here,i ended up adding these two back into,the freezer because i realized were,going into the weekend and im probably,gonna have a meal out with my husband,so just wanted to keep these fresh,keeping them in the freezer,but theyre all stacked in there and,ready to go today was actually so busy i,forgot to get dressed before i started,working,i literally had on underwear a t-shirt,and my robe and i realized,like two hours into working that i had,never gotten dressed after my shower so,that tells you what kind of day im,having so lets go in here,and pull out one of these,freshly meals these look so cute in,there,doesnt this just make you happy i think,these are kind of dinner feeling do i,want the thai,lemongrass bowl or the home style,chicken so im going to go with the,thai-ish lemongrass bowl of chicken and,veggies,get ready for the fresh citrusy stylings,of our thai inspired bowl flash fried,chicken thigh bright veggies and a tangy,sauce of coconut milk lemon grass ginger,and a touch of coconut sap this was,definitely the right choice,and its in for three minutes well see,when its done,so good so so good,all right second freshly meal today,im gonna do the ultra mommy turkey,meatloaf this looks really good,the shape of the meatloaf questionable,the look of this,is not like the most appetizing but it,smells really good,so lets take a taste,it doesnt look great but it tastes,really good so as bad as it looks,it tastes that good that degree of good,and the cauliflower mash is pretty good,too it tastes like cauliflower but,its shaped like mashed potatoes so im,into it,this is going to be a good one you know,its been a day,when ive got my pajamas and skincare,and glasses on,so this is the home style chicken with,masterful mac and cheese so this is a,brown rice pasta still gluten free so,lets do green beans,i always get the messiest bites of green,beans,theyre green beans but the cool thing,is,they dont taste like canned so they,taste like fresh sauteed green beans,which is kind of cool for a microwave,meal,thats some good chicken i dont even,like chicken breast because normally,its dry,but this chicken breast is pretty good,probably because its sitting on a bed,of mac and cheese,so,im gonna try it because im so excited,oh tonights gonna be a good night,okay were still doing these freshly,meals and the next one,on top is the rutabaga alla vodka so,that sounds like a nice comforting lunch,so lets try it out,the instruction oh turkey mushroom,meatballs and kale saute delish,microwave for three minutes lets stand,for two well i guess daisy thinks it,smells good and it does,it smells really good so we have,the turkey meatballs and rutabaga vodka,with the kale,and looks like white bean saute,my familys italian and i can tell you,that this looks,just like something we would just eat at,dinner,on a random thursday,so lets try the kale first,that is delicious so you know how,sometimes your mom makes vegetables and,you just eat them because,youre supposed to and not because,theyre good these are freaking good,i would have a second helping of these,im enjoying this so much that youre,definitely not going to want to watch me,eat the rest because its not going to,be cute so,two thumbs up freshly is crushing it,with these meals guys theyre so good,this is just the cap to an,already wonderful day ive ha

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Fresh N Lean Review | My HONEST thoughts…(which items you should avoid) | Fresh and Lean Review

so ive tried a lot of meal delivery,services over the years but one that i,have never tried out hey gordon is fresh,and lean fresh and lean is a,pre-packaged meal delivery service that,focuses on as you can guess fresh and,kind of like healthier lower calorie,meals so i actually reached out to fresh,and lean ask them if they could send me,some meals to review so in this video,im gonna talk about what i like what i,dont like and hopefully help you make a,decision of if this service is right for,you if it is i do have a discount,affiliate link down in the description,box but there definitely are some,negatives so youre going to want to,think about if this is not the right,service for you i recommend checking out,my playlist of other food delivery,services that may have something that is,a better fit for,what youre looking for,so they have a bunch of different meal,plans to pick from and i think it should,work for most people i think so they,have protein plus keto paleo standard,vegan as well as low carb vegan so i,like that theres two different vegan,options they also have the mediterranean,diet and bulk which basically seems like,its meant for kind of meal prep or you,can buy bulk,prepackaged items however there,definitely are some cons when it comes,to the selection so even though they do,have a good amount of meal options they,dont really have like a standard meal,option like if youre not trying to,follow any specific diet it doesnt seem,that easy to mix and match between the,different meal meal plans that they have,available so that could be a potential,problem also you cant pick the specific,meals that you are ordering so when you,order the meals you can put in if you,have any allergies or food aversions but,you cant select the specific meals that,are going to be delivered to you unless,you go with the a la carte option,but the problem with a la carte is the,selection of the meals that are,available is more limited and theres,also an 85 order minimum if you select a,card so keep that in mind,[Music],the price of service depends on which,meal plan you get with the vegan options,being the lowest and the more kind of,high protein options being more,expensive so the cheapest plan that you,can get is the vegan option which has,meals for as low as 7.83,and then the most expensive meal plans,were whole30 and paleo and that also,seems to be with the seven day meal plan,so if you choose seven days worth of,meals per delivery its a little bit,cheaper than if you choose the five day,option however it seems like shipping at,least for now is free so i think the,prices of these meals are really pretty,reasonable as i usually say in these,videos about ten dollars per meal is,like the normal price that youre going,to see with these prepackaged meal,delivery services its pretty,competitive with whats out there,in terms of the nutrition,to be honest i was a little bit confused,on some of the terminology that they,were using so they say that their food,is organically sourced its not clear to,me if that means that everything is,organic or theyre trying to like,prioritize organic ingredients or i,dont know it was a little bit confusing,i didnt really understand what,that meant,but one thing that i learned when i was,researching this company is that they,actually have their own farms in,california i think this is super unique,compared to other meal delivery services,so i think that really lends itself to,the fresh in the name that they do have,the capabilities to be a little bit more,fresh with their ingredients because,they are sourcing it all themselves they,say that everything is non-gmo so keep,that in mind in terms of like the,nutritional profile i would say the,calories tend to be on the lower side,nothing i tried was over 500 calories,most were under 400 but i do think for,the calories i thought they were pretty,filling for the amount of calories that,they had i feel like they bulked up a,lot on the veggies and stuff like that,to make them a little bit more filling,than what i would have expected with the,calorie counts that i was seeing,[Music],fresh and lean ships to all 50 states,and they ship everything refrigerated,and its all in these vacuum sealed,plastic trays and when i first saw the,packaging i honestly was a little taken,aback because it was uncannily similar,to trifecta which is another meal,delivery service i tried a few months,ago because the packaging is literally,the same i was like this has to be the,same exact meal delivery service thats,just being branded by two different,brands but the food is probably exactly,the same was honestly my initial,reaction but the food is not the same,spoiler alert the food is not the same i,definitely think they are very different,in terms of the taste but well talk,more about that in a minute but,basically they both have these vacuum,sealed packages and i dont love the,vacuum seal because i think number one i,think its just very unappetizing,looking number two i dont like all the,plastic especially all the plastic like,crushed up next to the food im a little,bit conspiracy theorist on that in terms,of like the plastic i dont love that,but the benefit is that it ships a lot,more in a condensed fashion where you,can fit more into a smaller box and then,also the shelf life tends to be longer,so the only other thing i did not like,about the packaging is i felt like the,printing could have definitely been,better like the fonts were small and,very smudged all of the packaging had,stuff printed on it that i literally,could not read because it was too,smudged so especially if you have an,allergy or something and you need to be,able to read every single ingredient,this could be a little bit annoying so,you know keep that in mind,[Music],so now for the most important part,the flavor and the taste of these meals,and this is where i feel like things,actually really get good because,honestly i feel like this is one of the,best tasting meal delivery services that,i have tried in a while so the first,item that i tried was the chipotle,veggies with black beans which was 400,calories this one i cooked on the stove,and this one i like because it was sweet,but still a little bit spicy and i dont,have that much of a spice tolerance so i,really like this one i gave it a seven,and a half out of ten i think it was,really solid next i tried the tofu with,coconut curry and brown rice this one,was 390 calories again i cooked it on,the stove this one was a little weird,because the tofu was just not cut at all,it was like a giant block which again,makes me feel like this company is,connected to trifecta because trifecta,also didnt cut their tofu which was,weird but i really liked it it had a,really nice coconut flavor that was,subtle but still packed some good flavor,punch so i really liked it i gave this,one a 8 out of 10. i think it was really,really good probably my favorite thing i,tried from them the next one i tried was,the harissa haris i never know how to,pronounce this word harissa chickpeas,with sumac carrots and broccoli which,was 410 calories i cooked it on the,stove and this one i gave a seven out of,ten so another really solid option um it,tasted really really fresh which i know,sometimes with some of these services,they taste a little bit like a little,overcooked a little bit old you know but,this i feel like was really fresh,tasting it was really nice mix of,flavors with the chickpeas it was also,not too overcooked which i think could,be a problem with the beans and the,chickpeas so i really liked that next i,had the beyond beef crumbles with,southwest chili and roasted cauliflower,this one again was just really solid a,seven and a half out of ten it was nice,and creamy despite being completely,vegan it was a little bit spicy a little,bit but not too much i dont think and,it just didnt taste vegan like,especially it tasted like there was just,some meat and dairy in this like it had,a really nice chewy texture from the,bey

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Fresh N Lean Review: NOT What I Expected…

today were doing a review of fresh and,lean were gonna find out whether these,meals are worth the money if they taste,good and if theyre too expensive so,lets jump into the review but before we,do you should know,not what i expected okay allow me to,explain i was browsing the interwebs and,as you know everything you read on the,internet is absolutely true to a t so,what i did was i went on reddit and i,tried to look up some reviews of fresh,and lean just to see what i was getting,myself into and as i went on here there,was this giant thread it was from a,little while ago and a lot of the,comments were pretty negative like this,comment right here said ive tried it in,the past and was not a fan of the flavor,or the texture of the majority of the,meals there were only one or two that,feel like were in a chore to eat id,rank you the second worst meal,subscription next to freshly,so this guy went off about it um he went,kind of berserk and he got me thinking,like do i really want to order this this,kind of seems like it wouldnt be good,but as you know i was a little bit,skeptical and i decided to order my,meals for myself and find out if they,were actually good or not so let me,explain how freshen lean works and how,you can pretty much order your meal all,you have to do is go to their website,and then click on view meal plans youre,going to see that theres tons of,options here you have protein plus you,have keto paleo vegan whole 30 low carb,vegan mediterranean diet for all you,greek people out there or all you people,who want to eat greek and then bulk for,the bodybuilding or fitness family so if,you scroll down youre going to see that,these are all the highlights of each of,every single one of the plans me,personally what i did was i chose the,keto plan and it was very easy to sign,up all i did was i just clicked on lunch,and i selected five days because i,didnt want to go all out and get tons,of meals when i havent even tried the,service yet and if you look at this you,can exclude different types of,ingredients that you might have an,allergy to and you can also put in your,dietary preferences now if youre,somebody who likes variety or likes,control and wants to be able to pick,their meals what you can do is you just,click on the start button here and then,you can click on a la carte and in this,section theres going to be three tabs,your breakfast snacks your entrees your,bulk and sides you can just add each and,every single one of these that you want,to your cart and as long as you have a,85 dollar minimum youre good to go once,youre signed up with fresh and lean you,have the option to select meals from the,dashboard as well they make it pretty,simple theres entrees and breakfast,items you can go in and you can select,whatever it is you want and you add it,to the particular week that youre going,to order and if i had to say overall,this process was so easy and intuitive,if at any point you decide hey i want to,try fresh and lean well ive got a link,in the description below ill update,that with any kind of discounts if you,use the link itll help me keep my,lights on as well and i thought id,mention that im giving away one free,box of fresh and lean to you if you,continue to watch the video youll find,out how you can enter heres what you,can expect when you get your first box,so as you open it up youre gonna notice,that theres a temper pack inside this,helps keep the food nice and cool when,it got here they were all very chilled,nicely and then youre gonna see that,there are some ice packs and when i say,some ice packs i mean like all the ice,packs like there was like 20 in there so,uh the reason why they put all those is,because all these meals are not frozen,theyre actually fresh and theyre,delivered so as soon as you get them you,have to refrigerate them and this is,just me kind of unboxing and going,through all the different options that,they sent me for the keto box and i have,to say that a lot of these meals they,did not look that appetizing because of,the plastic thats vacuum sucked into,this thing but with that said its not,really about how they look its about,how they taste and whats in them fresh,and lean uses only organic ingredients,so its one of the better meal delivery,services in regards to ingredient,quality,here they are we got the meals so this,is what they look like in a nutshell you,got this bpa free plastic packaging and,then its almost like vacuum sealed on,the front youll notice that they have,the clean fat nutrient dense never,frozen gluten free icons on there you,have the amount of protein that each one,of these has so this is 22 grams and,then if you take a look at the back they,show you,when you should enjoy the meal by,because as the days go by youre gonna,notice that its not gonna be as fresh,and also they kind of have the,instructions on the back here so for an,air fryer youre gonna transfer from,heat to tray with 350 degrees for eight,to ten minutes conventional oven youre,gonna transfer it from a meal to an oven,safe dish for seven minutes at 355,degrees fahrenheit and then the,microwave probably the most easiest way,to prepare this meal you just put it in,there for two to three minutes and you,want to make sure that you poke holes in,the top or you cut a hole in the top so,that it can properly vent so lets go,ahead and pop these into the microwave,and see how they come out how loud here,we go about to microwave the beef sloppy,joes like i said before it does not look,that appetizing but we are not going to,judge a book by its cover instead lets,pop it in the microwave and see how it,does,[Music],[Music],all right so its done and the tray is,piping hot and go ahead and shut the,microwave i have to say that it does,smell pretty good and if you can see it,theres its a little bit like soupy the,plastic has kind of like expanded and,bubbled a little bit but uh lets go try,it out see how we do first what were,going to do is were just going to,remove this plastic on the outside and,the way you do that without really,burning yourself is just use a pair of,scissors and just kind of cut along the,edge after you cut along the edge you,can kind of peel this back,and transfer it over,to your plate so im gonna grab my plate,here and im gonna go ahead and im,gonna just slide this on so i will say,that i was a little bit concerned at,first with this plastic here like,microwaving plastic doesnt really seem,like a good idea but this is actually,built for its bpa free so i think its,relatively safe especially because we,use bpa free plastic and a lot of,different things like if youve ever had,a blender bottle that you take to the,gym with you youre drinking out of that,all day every day and thats bpa free,plastic as well so uh just gonna dispose,of this all of the materials in fresh,and lean are recyclable so ill just,toss this in the recycling bin and then,well test out the meal this is it my,friends the moment of truth how does,fresh and lean taste is it actually good,i took the,least appetizing looking meal and im,deciding to shovel it in my pie hole,right now to see how it is here we go,first bite,its actually pretty good and this was,not what i expected at all like the um,theres,celery in here and then theres also,mushrooms and it feels like theyre,somewhat soft a little bit like almost,like theyre sauteed and then the sauce,that they use in the sloppy joes its a,little bit salty but its not over the,top and overall it just yeah i it tastes,good like i dont know its not what i,was expecting after reading that,review so im gonna give this one i,would say like an eight out of ten,pretty good and uh its completely keto,theres not a lot of carbs in this which,is good for you know if youre somebody,whos trying to lose some weight or,youre somebody whos trying to cut this,actually gets the job done its time we,have a little chat about the pros and,cons to fresh and lean so some of the,things that i liked was that i tried the,other meals an

I Tried Out Factor Meals for One Week

[Music],hey everybody jeremy here so in this,video im going to be trying out six,meals that are all inside of this box,now this is from a company called factor,and they specialize in delivering ready,to eat meals directly to your door i,decided to try this out because i saw a,special promo code for it and i got,interested so i took advantage of that,so if you want to take advantage of it,im going to leave a link in the,description where you can go to their,website you can select your meal plan,and before you check out make sure that,you look around the internet look for a,promo code unfortunately i dont have,one with me but check out the promo code,so that you can save yourself some money,i chose six meals in this box and ended,up costing me about 48 dollars now they,have a rotating menu and you get to pick,whatever six meals that you want for,that week and then they just ship it,right to your door so every day im,going to be trying out one of these,meals and im going to tell you exactly,how they are,all right so first lets open up this,box and see how everything is presented,i thought this would be really useful,especially,if you find yourself not being able to,prepare meals on your own and you find,yourself always getting takeout and,getting your food delivered to you,because lets face it the food is,getting more expensive these days and,the quality is dropping so this might be,a worthwhile alternative for you if you,find yourself spending a lot of money on,food each week anyway thats already,prepared so inside the box theres a few,things first they have some special,offers here this is for 36 bottles,of their,hint,infused water so,there you go right here,and then they also include in here,a 100 dollar wine voucher from,nakedwines.com a little wine to go along,with your food and then heres my order,sheet and then finally free box of,factor 60 value on us it comes with a,little qr code that you can scan and,give to a friend or family member im,probably going to do that if they are,interested it comes insulated in this,aluminum packaging and then its kept,cold by these ice blocks here these are,actually pretty useful ive gotten these,in the past and i keep them in my,freezer its really good if youre going,to go on a road trip and you want to,keep things cold,you can just re-freeze those and keep it,moving,all right so,here,are the meals and this is what they look,like it looks like something that you,would get out of your grocers freezer,just because of the whole trade like,presentation that they have here but,dont think that its going to be like a,regular tv dinner supposed to be a lot,more refined than that so lets see the,meals that i got here its listed on the,side so this is going to be mango salsa,salmon and then it also has all the,nutrition factors on the back as well as,instructions for how to prepare this in,this case we can put it in the microwave,on high for two minutes or we can put in,the oven for 300 and set at 375 degrees,for five minutes so thats the first,meal,the second meal that i got here is,apple cinnamon pancakes so thats going,to be good for breakfast same,instructions pretty much,just with different times for the oven,and for the microwave,third meal is,apple mustard pork chops,the next one is smoky maple barbecue,ground beef,that sounds good,next one is going to be a peruvian,shrimp bowl,and then the last one that we are going,to try out is the shredded chicken taco,bowl,all right so they have these sleeves,here so let me just take off the sleeve,and get a sense,of what these meals,look like,its got the three positioning,um,openings there,for your entree and your sides and like,a sauce if yours comes with one and,lets just do one more,look at that green beans and we got our,beef,and we got looks like a corn salsa right,over there first one im gonna try is,the mango salsa salmon so we got our,salmon and mango salsa on the left and,just some rice and beans on the right,first lets mix this up a little bit,give these rice and beans a try,well to me the rice and beans could use,a little bit more flavor,its a little bit bland the rice is a,little bit crunchy its not terrible,but ive definitely had better rice and,beans before,now perhaps this will taste a lot better,once you get a combination of all the,things together,so first lets try out this mango salsa,here looks like we already have some,rice that sort of fell in so lets give,this a shot,oh yeah thats definitely a lot better,when you combine the rice and the beans,with the mango salsa it becomes a lot,more substantial and it also has a,little bit of a kick to it as well,now lets try out,this salmon by itself maybe not such a,big piece maybe just a,smaller piece like this,it has a little bit of spice to it not,too much of a kick but a little bit,the fish itself,again i feel like you can just use a,little bit more seasoning its a little,bit bland to me,let me combine,everything together,got some of the salmon,some salsa,and some rice i think thats definitely,the way to go with this,on its own the rice and the beans and,the fish,a little bit bland feel like you could,use some more seasoning combine,everything together and it becomes a lot,better the salsa is the saving grace of,this,but i do wish that everything was more,flavorful on its own but one thing that,i will tell you it does taste pretty,healthy this tastes like its good for,you and thats one of the things that,factor does with its meals they strive,to make it um a healthy way for you to,fill your stomach so,i am going to finish this up and then,were going to come back with the next,meal its the next day its the morning,so,naturally im going to have some of,these apple cinnamon pancakes nothing,like some pancakes and sausage in the,morning so i got some of that apple,compote,and i just put a little bit on top here,so lets just,get some of this butter on there as well,that little circle thing over there was,like some type of like apple butter or,apple cinnamon butter or something like,that,hey,thats actually pretty good,its actually really good all right so,the pancakes are pretty good,lets try this sausage now,i really dont care for sausage in,general,like this type of breakfast sausage,but ill give it a shot,thats good sausage as well,sauce is short it sort of tastes um the,way that you would expect for it to,taste,if you are like mcdonalds or something,to get some sausage it still has that,kind of a flavor to it,and like i said im not a huge fan of,sausage but,i know whats good and whats not and,this is pretty good,so the breakfast portion of these,factory meals,good i like it,todays meal is the smoky maple barbecue,ground beef all right so as you can see,piping hot and the smell is actually,pretty good,so first,lets try this now this is ground beef,so it breaks apart really easily,okay,guys this is good,this is good,lets try some of these beans ive been,eating a lot of beans lately,so im a little bit worried to eat more,beans,probably know why,but lets give these a shot,so the green beans are pretty bland they,dont taste like theyve been seasoned,with anything i know theyre vegetables,but that doesnt mean that you dont,season them,season your vegetables people i mean,theyre good green beans,even though theyre packaged like this,they still have a freshness to them they,could just use a little bit more,seasoning,now lets try the corn,im not too sure,whats in this corn,its sort of it sort of tastes cheesy,in a way,i think that it can use again,more seasoning,i feel like its lacking some salt,its not bad im not a huge fan though,um like i said i think this might be,cheese in here im not a really big fan,of melted cheese like that anyway,so i dont think that i would have been,a fan of that otherwise but,this this is money with the dishes named,after,maple barbecue,ground beef,very very good see this is seasoned well,its just these,not so much next up is the shredded,chicken taco bowl,all right so here we go first up im

FRESHLY Meal Delivery Kit Review 2022 Pre-Made Meals

[Music],have you guys heard of freshly yet its,a pre-made meal delivery kit service,thats delivered directly to your door,look at these meals they look fantastic,everythings ready to go and all you do,is heat it in the microwave,so we have tried several other meal kit,delivery services on our channel,and the only one that we can find thats,close to freshly is home chef those,meals actually come prepared as well all,of the other kits are the food that you,need and the recipes in order to prepare,your dinner,which does save you the time of grocery,shopping and planning your meals but you,still have to make it in the kitchen for,around 30 minutes per meal even misfit,markets is wonderful but that just sends,you the food you start to figure out,what youre going to make for dinner,each meal that comes from freshly is a,single person meal portion,so we received our first box from,freshly last night we are really excited,we want to show you what comes inside,freezer packs and then each individual,meal,is inside with pictures and all of the,ingredients its pretty cool,so its really great because each,individual meal is like your own,personal little special tv dinner that,you throw right in the microwave and,each meal takes right around five,minutes to cook so dinner is on the,table really really fast so when you go,on the freshly site the first thing that,youll do is pick the number of meals,that you would like and theyre pretty,flexible with the different number they,send you they do want you to choose,between 4 and 12 meals for each box that,they send you and they send these boxes,out weekly so we noticed that the more,you purchase the cheaper they become see,how six meals is actually cheaper than,five meals thats the one that we chose,so the next thing that youll do is,youll choose a delivery date that works,best for you,and they even show you how many spots,are left in case theres quite a few,deliveries on that day you want to make,sure you get the day that you want,before they fill up,freshly is a little bit different than,other meal kit delivery services because,instead of just picking one meal and,making it for the entire family you,actually get to choose an individual,meal for each different person which is,really kind of cool,freshly is so great because they have,vegetarian meals and even plant-based,protein meals they also have sides that,you can add that feed three to four,people,we tried the macaroni and cheese this,week were pretty excited about that one,they also show you all the ingredients,that are used so you always know exactly,what you are eating,if you have any specific guidelines that,you need to follow its really easy to,do that,the meals that we chose for this week,were chicken cordon bleu,middle eastern falafel ive never had,falafel something ive always wanted to,try and im really excited,this makes it really nice and easy to,try different foods,we also got chicken tikka masala,this one looks really good too we really,like the spices that are in indian food,so im sure this ones gonna be great,and then we decided to try the cheesy,vegetable groton this looked pretty good,lots of yummy vegetables gotta love the,cheese on there,and the last one is the creamy mushroom,risotto,look at those round baby carrots arent,they cute,and like i said before we decided this,week to try some mac and cheese as a,side,we really like mac and cheese in our,house and this one is made with,butternut squash so that sounds really,fun,and healthy,so if you guys are interested in trying,freshly for yourself then please check,in the description for a referral code,that will save you guys 90 dollars which,is a really great deal see you later,[Music],oh

We Tried Freshly Meals So You Can Decide If Its Right For You

we tried freshly meals yes we did,we tried freshly meals so you can decide,if its right for you were going to be,going over,ordering process the delivery process us,trying the meals,and then the qpc,comparison and the grocery store,alternatives hey,im matt from mat lane fitness and im,his wife jenna,so ive talked about on this channel,many times meal prepping and then the,alternative of having a meal prep,service,and it wasnt that i started taking that,seriously and looking into companies,until we talked to casey and reagan some,good friends of ours are you gonna,are you gonna bring the height back up,no no great now im dwarfed,so we got this idea because our friends,casey and reagan had some pretty,significant damage to their,kitchen during hurricane sally last year,since theyve been without a fully,functioning kitchen,they started using freshly meals they,used them for about six months,and casey lost about 10 pounds they,talked about how convenient it is and,how good the meals were,so thats why we decided to try freshly,a little side note casey wasnt doing,any sort of training or cardio or,anything like that he he lost 10 pounds,just from eating these meals its just,its the only thing he changed i,definitely believe,in these pre-prepared meals i think that,its a good thing,we want to sort of tackle is it right,for you freshly has a very convenient,process to order the food you can do it,all from your phone they have their app,thats for ios or android,what you need to do is download the app,and then you need to go to youtube,forward slash mat lane fitness hit the,like button,on the fresh hot videos that were,putting out every friday there,then you want to move on to start your,account once youve created your account,you can put your payment information and,all that,then you get into all the goodies and,finding out all of the different variety,that freshly had they had like,they had these like fit options they had,low carb options keto,they had all sorts of options i was very,very impressed and,we tend to habitually eat we eat the,same thing over and over and over and,honestly,i was overwhelmed with how much variety,there was i was pretty excited,i know you were the only con we,immediately saw was that we had to wait,two weeks for our meals to be delivered,but i think thats going to be for the,initial delivery you can set it up on,auto which,by the way they do automatic auto,delivery when you sign up the first time,you are signed up automatically for a,recurring payment,i didnt realize that emailed the,company and theyre like hey no big deal,well cancel it they actually,gave us a refund on our next order i,thought that was a class,class move by them the two week delivery,thing i think thats really gonna work,itself out once you get your first,delivery,the cool thing is that freshly does a,great job at bringing you back,on the first three or four orders,theyre giving you a pretty good,discount and i think it has something to,do with shipping i could be wrong but,basically,its enticing all right this is us,unboxing the meals and then trying them,which one are you most excited to try,this one the thai-ish lemongrass bowl,all right so this is the one you wanted,the zoodles and the meatballs okay i,want to try it a little bit got extra,protein,six six veggies zero added sugar and,quality carbs,well lets look at whats actually in it,550 calories,21 grams of carbs 7 grams of fiber,37 grams of protein that is what we want,we like that pro how long does it go on,the money,its a post workout feast yeah,i like that theyre really speaking to,fitness people here which,freshly fit makes total sense but i like,that it is more appetizing that way,it looks rough through the plastic right,now but you dont judge,cover by its book right so how long,three minutes,all right here we go here we go so this,is mine,yes flip it upside down excuse me,excuse me what do you think buddy roman,gets first taste,and uh hes lapping it up everywhere not,a bad,look at all to the noodles first,surprisingly crunchy turkey ball,not over seasoned i like it whatever,that thing is,it was cool all right and then this is,my thai-ish lemongrass bowl,wow thats fire i agree okay its the,following day i just got done lifting,weights,and im coming in here for some food,[Music],the chickens tender uh its pretty good,a little squash action here,squash has a little crunch to it its,pretty good good my good friend casey,crabtree wanted me to try,the steak peppercorn because theres a,lot of room for air with this steak,i am going to cut into the steak and see,if it is like a brick or if it is like,butter,oh that cuts look at that,get a little side piece yes its uh,its not butter thats for sure but,lets see here,im really impressed right now that,chews really well,good job freshly on the steak i did not,see that coming tastes pretty good,i want to show you what the pork chop,looks like,how it cuts,pretty good i think what a normal pork,chop would be,im not a huge fan of pork chop but its,pretty good the veggies are,a little lackluster like did you like,most of the meals,yes yeah all of them i liked every one,that i tried pork chop,salt boca uh you had that one i did,we ordered a total of 12 meals i think i,ate 10 of them,i remember no im actually i remember,the pork chop like,immediately where my head goes is a pork,chop is so easy to screw up and you know,these are going to be frozen and then,reheated and all that i remember,the pork chop texture and whatnot it was,it was good i was really surprised with,that,i had the way the chicken tikka masala i,thought it was good,matt hates pepper so of course i ate the,beef and veggie,stuffed peppers i thought they were,really fantastic how was the consistency,of the peppers being frozen and then,reheated they were good,they were good i grew up eating the the,frozen,stuffed peppers like the healthy choice,ones these were much better,you had the steak peppercorn which was,our friend caseys favorite yeah,tried that what did you think about it i,thought it was good the again the,texture the consistency of a steak,being frozen reheated it was fantastic,the next one was the tangy tumeric,turkey bowl,i had that one i tried that yeah it was,good,yeah i thought it was great i had the,cauliflower shell,beef bolognese that was the one that i,anticipated the most i was really,excited about that when we ordered it,that was the first meal that i tried it,was,fantastic i would order 12 of those just,those,jenna jenna this is pretty much now your,reviews you want to take over,you had the zoodles and turkey meatballs,i liked it it was it was,it was it was fair and then the last one,was matts favorite,oh dude the chicken pesto bowl this was,the only meal,that made me feel like crap i dont know,if i got a bad batch or something like,that,and i was actually quite paranoid so,when i tried the chicken pesto i think,thats actually why,you started eating more of the meals,because i was a little paranoid because,i think that was your second meal,and then the next day you ate the,chicken pesto yeah i remember thinking,in the moment like,it probably wasnt a bad meal just so,much and i eat very very basic plain,yeah like as in we eat plain frozen,vegetables with nothing on it,i think the common person would really,like the variety yeah,while we were trying the meals one of,the things i said over and over again,was,i was curious how they would compare to,healthy choice meals,that i used to eat before we started,meal prepping so lets go over the q,p c i saved a box from the freshly meal,so i could compare,this with a healthy choice meal the,freshly meal had 510,calories the healthy choice meal that,was comparable has,280 calories the freshly meal was about,nine dollars about with our discount i,think it came out to be 8.50,the positive with the freshly meal is,that its,411 grams versus the healthy choice meal,was 269 grams,so the freshly meal i did not get hungry,later,that satiated my appe

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