1. FROM (2022) Epix Original Series Review | Season 1 (Spoilers at the end)
  2. FROM Ending Explained! Theories, Mystery, and More!
  3. From Review – Jades Vision EXPLAINED!! || Theories and Recap (EPIX 2022 Series)
  4. From – Season 1 Review & Season Finale Reaction
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FROM (2022) Epix Original Series Review | Season 1 (Spoilers at the end)

all right so for the 23 people that,subscribe to epics there is a show that,just concluded its premiere season that,has a pretty intriguing concept from is,mysterious creepy and very ambitious but,is it worth getting a subscription to,epics to watch,travelers find themselves stranded in a,town where the residents struggle for a,sense of normalcy in a very abnormal,situation the arrival of some new people,reignites the search for a way out but,every day at sundown a terror emerges,from the forest threatening their very,existence this stars harold paranal and,some of the marketing material made,mention that it was also from a producer,of lost now not the producers of lost,just a producer but this is also,produced by the russo brothers so there,is money and creativity working in the,background like i had said in the,synopsis the whole premise of this show,is that there are all of these people,who are stranded or even trapped in this,mysterious town some of them have been,there for a very long time but when a,new group of people becomes trapped,there their antsyness to get out become,sort of contagious and others that had,just kind of resigned themselves to life,in this place are now rethinking that,strategy i love the premise of this,especially because theres this violent,threat that comes from the surrounding,forest when the sun goes down now the,show while it doesnt necessarily show,the actual violence that can occur it,doesnt stray away from showing us the,gory aftermath so we do get a very good,sense of why the townspeople are so,fearful for me this felt very similar to,stephen kings under the dome because,youve got an isolated town where people,cant escape now that one actually,showed the reason why but in from its,much more mysterious and the threats in,this one tend to come more from the,outside rather than from the inside the,show started out very intriguing and,engaging there was this high sense of,urgency and tension that hooked us,almost immediately and made us want to,see and learn more but somewhere along,the way the show kind of loses the plot,i mean it doesnt lose it completely but,the story begins to branch off into,multiple avenues and it really worries,me that theres no game plan for how,this will all play out in the long run,for the lack of a better term we have,the monster story which is the terror,that comes from the forest now there are,elements within this storyline that lead,me down a path of what they are with the,very few key pieces that make sense for,my hypothesis im being very vague to,avoid spoilers but at the end of this,video im going to give a good warning,and then ill give some of my suspicions,that include a ton of spoilers the show,also introduces an element that messes,with time and space now again this is a,cool concept and it does provide some,interesting plot conveniences but,theres a lot of vagueness still,surrounding us and as i go through these,it may sound like im expecting to have,all of the answers sorted out in this,first season now im not i love when,mystery continues but when the season,concludes no answers have been given but,even more questions have been begun,while thats not a bad thing in itself,it does cause me some concern because,ive seen more than my fair share of,shows that really start off with its,great and compelling concept only to,have them fall apart because they either,get too convoluted for their own good,and then they never end up answering,anything before the show is eventually,cancelled which then leaves us as,viewers stranded and annoyed now the,monsters are a pretty large story,influence and theyre also character,motivators for portions of the show but,there also comes points where they seem,completely forgotten and it feels like,theres not an impending threat thats,just outside the door as soon as the sun,goes down that continual pressure can be,wonderful for what it does to a,characters psyche and their behavior,but it seems to fall by the wayside as,the show goes along the story also,introduces visions into the narrative,are these ghosts or maybe theyre,hallucinations i mean im not sure and,again these can be great additions to,the plot but right now theyre one more,element that is being added to the tail,without any seeming progress then,theres a complication within the story,that involves electricity its very,curious and something that adds a whole,nother layer of mystery to how things,work within this town story also,introduces an unseen creature of sorts,even though we can certainly guess what,it is now it made my skin crawl even,though i never actually saw it,so where are we at now there are,monsters theres time and space visions,an unseen creature and the electricity,and thats five different things and,there are still nuances of each of these,that im just not getting into and,finally theres a story element thats a,voice now its audible so its not a,singular hallucination and i think by,itself its a cool element to introduce,because of how it comes about and then,what it says becomes very unsettling,this first season is a 10 episode run,and i was engaged the whole time the way,the shots are framed create this huge,sense of unease and i like that there,are times where it feels like something,bad is about to happen so i become all,uncomfortable and the scene changes then,only to have something freaky happen,later on when my card goes back down the,way the show plays with our emotions i,think its enjoyable i mean im totally,invested in the ride of the mystery but,heres the thing when the finale comes i,have so many more questions than what i,started out with by the end the monsters,that come from the forest seem like,theyre not important more and more,elements are being introduced which make,me feel like the writers dont totally,know where theyre headed so theyre,just gonna keep introducing new,complications that will hopefully,distract us from their lack of direction,now i enjoyed the acting we get the wide,range of characters that youd expect,when you thrust a whole bunch of people,into a location and then dont let them,leave now i love the dynamics that come,about especially with how no nonsense,some of them are which then makes for,some very humorous interactions and i,think its a wise choice to limit the,number of characters that we interact,with because if the show kept,introducing more and more players who,gain focus i mean even if its just for,a while it gets even more convoluted and,busy i do think there are opportunities,here and there though to let some,background people pop in and out but for,the most part maintaining that core that,are essential to the story which then,helps to keep it more concise so overall,im torn with this series i love the,imagery the premise and even the tone of,the story were taking people and,confining them to a location and then,presenting this ominous and violent,threat the acting is good even when,there are slight moments of melodrama,too and the characters begin to get,decent backstory and development on them,as the series goes along there is also,just a great deal of tension and dread,that surrounds the entire narrative the,drawback though is that the series,manages not to answer any of the,questions that it raises and through the,course of the story it actually creates,more questions than it started with now,i dont need all the answers but even,having one would have given me a bit of,reassurance that the writers have a,direction in mind and that they know,where theyre taking us as the audience,the story also sort of loses the plot,and forgets about the monsters that lurk,in the forest for large chunks of story,time the whole narrative feels like the,writers keep pouring more into the story,in an effort to distract from the fact,that they dont have a road map and are,kind of winging it as it goes along im,really hoping that a second season is,coming and then it wraps up certain,portions while intriguing us with others,its hard though

FROM Ending Explained! Theories, Mystery, and More!

from the creators of lost which,depending on how you look at it maybe a,good or bad thing comes epics,mystery-filled adventure from with so,many unanswered questions from is the tv,equivalent of blue balls but im here to,provide some relief i cringed saying,that by taking a deep dive into some of,the shows biggest mysteries but before,we begin why not like and subscribe so i,can fly down to la and slap some answers,out of these writers whatd i tell you,frank,it got late and i didnt,ive also left timestamps below so you,can check out all the topics ill be,discussing where are they season one,doesnt even begin to unravel what is,arguably its biggest mystery however,there are some clues that can help us,narrow it down wherever they are does,not seem to be of this world electricity,conjures itself out of nowhere ethans,impalement heals in a matter of days and,residents when they try to escape end up,looping back into town every time,wherever this place is the regular rules,of physics and biology dont seem to,apply in episode 9 we see a collection,of victors drawings drawings which,ethan says tell a story one of these is,of a town in a snow globe is our town,separated from the rest of the world in,which the normal rules of physics and,what we believe are possible can be bent,this would explain many of the shows,supernatural elements like monsters who,only hunt at night and seemingly cant,be killed victors ability to predict,the future trees that transport people,to narnia and lets not forget the boy,and whites ability to use telekinesis i,dont think this place is some sort of,purgatory i mean if thats the case what,did ethan do to deserve being here my,guess is triple homicide i also dont,think its a dream boyds wife abby shot,up the town believing if they die,theyll wake up from the stream but in,episode 9 a voice tells sarah that abby,was wrong in the sheriffs office we see,this map of pinned locations where each,of the townspeople were before their,cars wound up in from town this place,has seemingly transported these people,for a purpose a purpose which is yet,unknown with the introduction of the,lighthouse in episode 10 its also,possible were on an island or perhaps,somewhere near ashore the cave drawings,uncovered underneath jims house show,this lighthouse with what appears to be,people in boats maybe thats how people,got here before cars wherever this,bubble or parallel universe is its been,happening for a very long time at least,1506 if the numbers in tabithas dream,are to be believed thats just 10 years,after columbus discovered america and,yes i know it was actually the vikings,who discovered america several centuries,earlier because someone will undoubtedly,correct me in the comments in episode 7,a drunk guy jokingly exclaims that they,might be in a pocket universe and,honestly he might be right this is a,pocket universe oh my god so we dont,really know what these numbers are but,its totally possible that the latest,number 1978 is the year victor woke up,to find his town brutally murdered,leading me to believe these are the,start dates of some sort of cycle that,repeats over and over again in episode 4,victor says hes been here the longest,and he also carries a very 1970s disco,lunch box could those who fail to escape,one of these cycles become the monsters,for those in the next cycle that would,explain their period clothing and why,you never see a monster wearing any,clothing made after 1978. whoever these,monsters are it seems that it wasnt,their choice to be this way at least,according to the monster jasmine who,talks to kevin so who are they like many,of the big unanswered questions of the,show we dont really know however we,have several clues to help us out we,know that the monsters are bound by a,set of rules they only appear at night,and cant enter a home hanging one of,these talisman without permission we,dont know why these talismans work nor,who planted them in that stone hut where,boyd found them but these objects seem,to be leftovers from previous cycles if,this cycle theory is to be believed the,monsters shouldnt be confused with the,boy in white unlike the monsters he can,be seen during the day and helps our,characters this all points to there,being two large forces of good and evil,using our townspeople like pawns in a,game of chess slight loss spoilers but,the nature of good and evil was a huge,theme explored in that show with the,supernatural characters of jacob and the,man in black using the people on the,island to further their own agendas with,several writers and directors who worked,on lost working on from its totally,possible that this may be the core of,whats going on and that the monsters,are players on one side of this battle,fun fact the symbol on the talisman,looks like two figures stuck together,and the radio antenna itself looks like,one half of it which leads me to the,voice on the radio throughout the last,half of the season jade and jim create a,radio tower with the hopes of,communicating with well anyone this is,culminated in a wild idea to utilize the,towns magic electricity to power the,antenna to create a signal strong enough,to get out an sos of course as soon as,they get it working a wild rainstorm,comes in matching up with nathans,theory that if you push too hard to,leave something will push back jims,able to get a message out but a mans,voice on the other end tells jim that,his wife shouldnt be digging that hole,in the basement the leading theory out,there is that this voice belongs to the,bartender tom who coincidentally enough,knows about the hole in the ground and a,few scenes earlier had a one-on-one,scene with jims wife where he saw her,taking out a pickaxe to dig he also,thinks the antenna is a dumb idea if it,isnt tom lets just say the evidence,for it being someone else is pretty thin,like if its one of the monsters one of,the voices or someone from an alternate,universe we simply dont have enough,information speaking of tabitha and her,whole that sounded weird we have these,cryptic cave paintings she uncovers,after falling through the basement,theres a lot going on here so lets,break it down first we have the,reappearance of victor who has been mia,after the massacre at colony house he,seems to be taking instruction from the,boy in white who apparently predicted,that tabitha would fall through this,house victor had dug graves before the,colony house massacre even happened so,someone is feeding him information about,events before they happen he says that,this underground network of tunnels are,where the monsters sleep its daylight,outside so where are they along the,walls are primitive cave drawings victor,says were made by the monsters and these,drawings seem to be telling a story,lets work our way from left to right,starting with what appears to be the,lighthouse here in red guiding white,stick figures in boats along a river or,inlet around them are what i think are,mountains and trees and in the center a,clearly demarcated line as though they,are passing a threshold just like our,characters came to this town via car,maybe this was how people came before,cars and if thats the case it opens up,different possibilities for how people,can actually get there these symbols,that look like trees or a weird letter f,are the same ones found around the,talisman to the right of the boats we,have a much larger black f and below it,some red symbols which we dont quite,know represent however as we move along,youll notice this black symbol that has,been a recurring image throughout the,season we still dont know what this,image is but my best guess is that it,represents the town or a place of safety,it can be found in the cellar where,young victor sought refuge as well as,where julie wound up after going through,one of the far away trees it separates a,group of white stick figures from these,two near the top maybe this is meant to,represent sarah and boyds journey or,two people who tried to make this,journey in

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From Review – Jades Vision EXPLAINED!! || Theories and Recap (EPIX 2022 Series)

whats the deal my people you know it is,don tony teflon and im back at you,another one and this one is,in the show from,we seen jade have some type of vision,when he went in underground bunker in,this video,im going to tell you exactly,what that vision means,what up to my thugs nerds freaks and,geeks are now rocking with the best of,don tony teflon if you can please,subscribe and click that bell so you can,be notified every time i drop a new,video as always 500 is the light gold if,this video hits 500 likes i will give a,subscriber who leaves a comment on this,video one month of epics for free so you,can watch from or binge watch it,whatever you want this is a great show,people i think it has really good,potential so you should be watching it,if you havent already watched it so,lets get right into it now the,character that i like in this show is a,guy named jay now jade he went into this,underground bunker,and he got some type of vision so im,going to tell you exactly in this video,what that vision means and what it means,for the show im going to do a bunch of,videos like this ill also be doing a,call in live stream every week about,this show and if it gets even more,popular maybe well do it twice a week,so make sure youre subscribed so you,can be notified every time we drop this,all right lets take a look at this from,the jump now back when j thought all,this was fake hes riding this bicycle,he finds this underground bunker lets,just call the because i like the,word he goes inside of this crypt,thinking that hey this is all the game,this guy just made this whole thing up,this is just some type of great escape,room thats what hes thinking that this,whole place is some really outlandish,and elegant and just a well put together,escape room so he goes down there and,while hes down there he opens up lets,just call it a cupboard,and inside of this cupboard when he,opens it up he sees a dead person laying,there and while he sees this dead person,laying there this dead person opens his,mouth and screams at him after he does,that he falls down he looks up and he,sees a symbol on the roof that is,basically what it is,next time we see him he has to show,somebody about this so he goes in there,he bags up the deputy sheriff he brings,him down there and he explains to him,exactly what went on now the deputy,sheriff kind of does not believe him and,he says listen ive done a lot of drugs,i know when im hallucinating this was,not a hallucination this was real there,was something going on and i think that,it was suspect that the deputy chef you,know he should believe after living in,this town and seeing all the things that,happen in this town you would think the,deputy sheriff would believe him so to,me its suspect that the way he acted,like this could not have happened,theres no way that this could happen i,dont know exactly,why that goes the way it is or why he,acts that way but i do find the suspect,because listen if youve seen some,creatures that are coming out at night,and eating people you would think that,hey if that could happen anythings,possible maybe he did see this but for,some reason he just tried to push it off,like this could not be so thats suspect,to me before i tell you exactly,what this is people have asked me this,question in the comments section so i,want to answer it and i want you to,leave all the comments especially,questions that you want answered leave,it in the comment section i will do my,best to answer it and if its a really,good topic ill make a whole video on it,and give you a shout out for it so the,question was what happens to these,creatures,when the daytime is going on where are,they at where theyre hiding now weve,seen the thing with a tree that can,teleport people around so people may,think theyre in a tree i think its a,good chance that they could be the crows,we see these crows all the time flocked,around and hanging out now if we look at,them as some form of vampires i know,people said maybe that type of vampire,not exactly but if we do look at him as,some type of vampire we know that,vampires turn into bats right thats a,known vampire thing so it would not be a,stretch that these people turn into,crows weve seen the crows from the jump,of the beginning so there has to be some,significance to it i know that people,just like to put them in movies because,theyre creepy and they make a lot of,noise but yes i do believe theres a,great possibility that these people are,the crows themselves when you see them,in the daytime and at night time they,come into their normal form which is you,know looks like a human until theyre,about to eat you then they turn into,what they turn to,if you have an idea what these people,are or where they go in the daytime,please put it in the comment section i,want to hear about it again were doing,a live stream calling live stream so,youll be able to put your opinions on,that colon live stream so make sure that,you join us on that all right lets get,right into it so we know its not a,hallucination and the fact that they,bring it up again and he brings somebody,there and shows him means that its,significant what happened to him in this,vision means something or they would not,bring it up twice they want us to,understand that something is going on,here thats why they brought it up twice,the vision basically what he sees is a,guy whos crushed to death on some rock,thats what he sees and thats exactly,what it looks like we see some blood,coming out of this persons eyes a,little bit out of his mouth and then the,person starts to scream right so,it looks like the guy is being crushed,by a rock but i dont think thats,exactly what happened i think we were,giving the answer of exactly what,happened to him in the next episode and,we were given that answer by victor that,is right victor victors the key to this,whole damn show he has the most,information because hes been there the,longest everything will always tie back,to him but when he was out in the woods,and he was talking about the trees i,think he told us exactly what happened,to this person and this is what it is,[Music],guess what,you never know where you went,i apologize for the audio right there i,know its a little messed up a little,wonky but i think you can hear exactly,what he says when he puts the stone,inside the tree we see the stone drop,out of the sky and then he says how does,that happen he says that it works on,people also but you never know where,youre gonna end up you could end up,here you could end up far away or you,could end up stuck inside of a mountain,or something and i think thats exactly,what happened to this guy hes not stuck,inside of a mountain but hes stuck,inside of a boulder or maybe thats a,piece of a mountain but i think thats,exactly what happened to this person,they went inside of a tree hoping to get,somewhere else maybe just to find their,way out of there and instead they wound,up inside of a boulder and died and that,is what that is thats to me what the,vision is maybe you have a different,idea of what the vision is if you think,its something else please put it in the,comment section in my next video im,going to tell you exactly what that,symbol means above him i know exactly,what it means,so i will tell you that in my next video,and again make sure you join us for the,live stream so you can call in and give,all your thoughts and your opinions on,everything thats going to happen in,this show and ill answer all the,questions you got so if you like the way,i do this please thumbs up this spread,this across the realm and as always,subscribe and until next time you know,who it is peace and stay sexy,[Music]

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From – Season 1 Review & Season Finale Reaction

what is going on everybody james hancock,here im back to review the season one,finale of from on epics i guess it,officially plays tonight around nine but,its already available on amazon so im,gonna go ahead and do my review and im,gonna do it in two parts,first part is going to be totally,spoiler free more of like a season one,review to try to invite more people into,watching the show and then and then in,the latter part of the video ill talk,about some of the spoilers from the,season finale and you know feelings,overall going into season two but first,and foremost i need to apologize for my,absence from this channel as of late,its not because i havent been cranking,out content but ive been working on a,couple projects that are going to take,just a lot longer to post because they,involve a lot more editing last weekend,shot hours of conversations with my,friend bill scurry which hes editing,now and im busy prepping for an,upcoming shoot in ireland and a week and,a half which should be very exciting so,once again ive not been idle but over,the next week and a half or so before i,go to ireland im looking forward to,cranking out a lot more reviews so lets,get into from like i said im going to,open with some spoiler free comments for,those who have not yet seen it if youre,unfamiliar with the concept from was,created by writer john griffin who,actually has a screenwriting credit on,every single episode either as a writer,or as a co-writer and it was produced by,a bunch of people including the russo,brothers who obviously gave us for the,best marvel movies and speaking of,producers all the posters and trailers,talk about how some of the producers,involved with the show were involved,with the show lost about 15 years ago,and using that as a selling point can be,a bit of a double-edged sword because,while lost was this like runaway,sensation initially the latter few,seasons divided fans some people like,myself got really frustrated and slowly,but surely drifted away from the show,and other people regarded as one of the,best shows of all time but the reason i,say its a bit of a double-edged sword,is because from and lost share a lot of,dna in that its a mix of science,fiction horror a little bit of fantasy,and deals with a group of people who are,trapped in a situation that defies all,logic without giving anything away you,can see this in the trailer you,basically have the small town in the,middle of nowhere and everybody ends up,there the same way by getting stuck on,these roads that just keep bringing you,back to the same small town over and,over and over again and this small town,is suffering from this horrible,affliction where once the sun goes down,these horrible monstrosities basically,start to feed upon people unless you are,safely tucked away indoors protected by,one of these talismans that basically,allows the community to continue to,survive so while the nights are,absolutely horrifying for the characters,during the day all the characters try to,go about living their lives some of them,are always looking for ways to escape,some of them are always looking for ways,to better understand the situation,theyre in and some people just spend,their days drinking and screwing and so,on and so forth but the parallels to,lost dont end there because they chose,to cast harold parano as the star of the,show and he does an incredible job in,the show however anytime you use one of,the stars of lost in a show that feels,vaguely kind of sort of familiar or,similar to lost inevitably people are,going to be doing side by side,comparisons about what works what,doesnt and more importantly whether or,not this show might be falling into the,same trap that i feel like lost,eventually fell into where for every,mystery introduced instead of ever,solving them instead you just kind of,like snap and distract the audience they,look over here and introduce four new,mysteries and for some people thats a,they dont mind being kind of led by the,nose that way because when we watch,shows and movies obviously to one degree,or another were always signing up to be,manipulated or hoping to be manipulated,in a satisfying way the question always,is though do you have full trust in the,writers to take you to some place that,you want to go and i would say as far as,from is concerned the jury is still out,on the front but what frum has to offer,something that very few shows do and,that is,white knuckle terror at least for the,first few episodes i was very late to,the game on the show a lot of people,have been recommending it on twitter and,when i saw that the season finale was,gonna be released today i was like you,know what im gonna get caught up on,this sucker and i basically binged the,first nine episodes in just a few,sittings and what kept me on the hook,was the fact that in the first few,episodes there are a few scenes where i,just screamed out loud like a little kid,where i was completely freaked out,getting goosebumps down my arms not only,did the show give me some fantastic,suspenseful sequences it also gave us,some legit gore and i feel like yeah as,far as tv is concerned this is about as,good and strong as horror tends to get,and ill say this for the rest of my,life anytime i hear any whispering or,tapping outside a window im going to,[ __ ] my pants because those scenes are,incredibly effective and one of the,things that i love about the horror,genre is that like comedy its a very,honest genre,you can listen to a crowd like you can,stand outside of a comedy club or you,can stand outside of a movie a movie,theater where again a comedy or a horror,movie is playing,and if youre hearing a vocal,spontaneous reaction from the audience,somethings happening if youre,screaming or laughing with pleasure well,then that kind of defies all,critical analysis i feel like a lot of,times people doing movie commentary or,tv commentary they can kind of get lost,up their own ass being overly analytical,and what they lose sight of is,are we having an engaging emotional,experience are the writers basically,picking us up and taking us on a journey,one that we want to keep coming back for,and so no matter what reservations i,might have about how the first season,has evolved or where the story might be,headed,i dont i dont take it i dont take it,lightly that this show on many occasions,had me feeling legit heebie-jeebies up,and down my spine and ive seen a hell,of a lot of really disturbing horror,movies in my day i mean ive got a lot,of emotional scar tissue on that front,so when something cuts through and i,still get that like really vocal,response thats when i sit up and take,notice and im impressed so for all of,you out there who are massive fans of,from and have been banging the drum for,it for the last 10 weeks i get it the,show delivers but where i might part,ways with the more vocal fan base i do,have some legit critiques or criticisms,of the structure of the show and how the,genre of the show seems to be shifting,as the story progresses because the,first few episodes were definitely,dominated by that feeling of like doom,and gloom and terror and now its,starting to feel more like,mystery box storytelling science fiction,its just its going for a very,different vibe and so while im very,impressed by writer john griffin and i,have a lot of faith in them my,confidence has been shaken a little bit,because i felt like by the time we got,to the season finale,weve weve basically left the horror,genre behind and were starting to feel,more and more like were back in lost,territory and i shouldnt be judging,this show,based on my frustrations with another,show but it does have a lot of parallels,and a lot of things in common and one of,the tropes that i absolutely cant stand,in the show is just how often characters,will walk up to another character and,say hey i really need to talk to you can,i have the room blah blah blah has a,good scene ever in the history of,television followed the line,i really need to

From Review Who Is The Boy In White ? || Epix From Season 1 Trailer Theories And Recap

out of all the questions that i am asked,constantly about this show,the one that comes up the most is who is,the boy in white so in this video im,going to tell you exactly,who this boy and white truly is,what up to my thugs nerds freaks and,geeks and now rocking with the best of,dawn tony teflon and as i said i get,asked a bunch of questions like why are,the people getting trapped into town,where is this town are we on an island,did the lighthouse move was that light,really from the lighthouse what was that,horn from whats jades vision out of,all those questions that i get the one,that i get asked the most without a,shadow of a doubt is,who or what is the boy in white in this,video were going to go through with all,the clues and im going to tell you,exactly what i think is going on with,the boy in white and most likely im,going to be right the thing that makes,the boy in white so suspicious to me is,that he seems to be unaffected by all,the stuff that we see going around the,town doesnt seem like the talismans,affects him doesnt seem like these,monsters can get him thats what it,seems like doesnt mean thats exactly,the case but it just seems like hes,just walking around hes not worried,about anything,and that is whats going on those things,may not be true though so lets go,through it,we look back at this town we know that,there was another massacre a long time,ago and the only one who truly survived,that massacre that we know of that weve,seen is victor he survived it as a child,and the reason why he survived it was,the boy in white now he did not believe,that the boy in white truly was real he,wasnt sure about it until ethan came to,town and ethan was able to see the boy,in white also which gave victor,confirmation that the boying right is,not just a figment of his imagination,also weve seen another person speak to,the boy in white and that is sarah so,out of all the people,in the town thats come and gone only,three people have spoken to the boy in,white two spoke,all three seem and that is victor,sarah and ethan now as i said a little,bit earlier in this video it seems like,the boy in white cannot be killed it,seems like the boy in white is not,affected by what goes on in this town,but i do not think thats the case i,think something can happen to the boy,and white now early we see that sarah is,told by these creatures that are inside,of her head to kill the boy and thats,exactly what she tries to do she tries,to kill ethan she brings him out there,and they tell her hey everyone can go,free,if you kill this boy,that is exactly what is told to her now,i think that that is sarah just making a,mistake i think the boy they truly,wanted sarah to kill was the boy in,white and she got confused with the boy,in white and ethan,the fact that its these three,individuals that have something going on,with this place means that they must,have something in common that all the,other people dont have and the thing,that i see that they have is seizures,weve seen ethan have a seizure weve,seen sarah have a seizure and weve seen,victor when he heard the dogs barking,almost going to one but it seems like he,was able to fight it off,so you might say why do you think the,boy in white can be killed we have not,seen him affected by anything that goes,on inside of this town it seems like he,doesnt have any fear of these creatures,or anything else but i dont know if,that is particularly true because we can,see,when sarah first talks to him in the,last episode when he tells her to go,into the far away tree we can clearly,see that the boy in white is wet now if,its not in her head the boy and white,if he truly is a physical being,then we have to say that the water did,affect him that means if he can be,touched by water he can be touched by,other things,which is the reason why every time we,see the boy in white,we see,dogs accompany him because these dogs,are there to protect him we know the,dogs are physical things because weve,seen victor shoot them and scare them,away when he put the shot up in the air,all right so we know that they are,definitely in the physical realm the,dogs are there to protect the boy in,white because the boy in white can be,harmed and theyre his protection,theyre his pets thats whats going on,there one thing we know for sure about,the boy in white is that he has a,mastery,of the far away trees he knows exactly,whats going on with these far away,trees he tells victor after he escaped,in one to chill where he was at and wait,for tabitha to get there he knew that,tabitha would eventually get there and,that they could escape together away,from these creatures lair we also seen,him do the same thing as we talked about,before with sarah and boy he told them,to go into the far away tree which they,did and they were safe and they were,protected from these monsters if these,far away trees are random as victor has,said like you never know where youre,gonna go or where youre gonna end up it,seems like the boy in white knows,exactly where anyone who goes in the one,he tells him to is going to end up which,means that these far away trees may not,be as random as people think there may,be a pattern to where you end up in,these faraway trees,now although he does look very innocent,this boy in white the fact that he is,depicted in all white makes me believe,that there is a possibility that he,could be,bad because,why show this guy in all white it just,seems too clean cut two on the nose that,your savior happens to be this person,dressed in all white when i look at,things like that it makes me have to be,suspect of the boy in white,speaking of his clothes he seems to have,the same old school getup that all of,these creatures have all of these aliens,that are hunting these people it seems,they all have this old school,getup so whatever happened it seems that,they are stuck,in this one spot wherever they are taken,from or whatever happens to them and,theyre stuck in this wardrobe for some,reason they cannot update their clothes,we all see them all in these old school,type uniforms so he must be from that,generation all the way back then and,thats way before victor,got there because victor got there in,the 70s so its even before that time,period that these creatures have started,doing what theyve been doing to all,these people that are in this town,because it seems like theyre the ones,stuck in this wardrobe so what is,exactly going on with the boy in white,this is what i believe is going down,with him i think the boy in white was a,regular boy on this planet he was a,human being he was captured,by these creatures,and experimented on,and that is why he has the ability to,teleport around its the same technology,that was used in the far away tree he,has a mastery of this thats why hes,able to disappear and get out of sight,without going into the far away tree,itself he can just vanish somehow when,he did their experiments on him hes,picked up this technique that is why he,has such advanced knowledge of these far,away trees also i think that he escaped,from them and theyve been trying to,track him down ever since because he is,the key for these people getting out of,this place he knows how to communicate,with the people just like these aliens,know how to communicate with these,people,fact that he has the mastery of this,teleportation,they just cannot catch up with him,thats why theyre trying to have sarah,and everybody else kill him now there is,a connection with him and ethan and ill,talk about that in a later video but i,will say that the boy in white is an,experiment an escaped experiment by,these creatures that theyre trying to,track down and capture or kill thats,what i think is going on with the boy in,white but i want to know what you think,so make sure you put it in the comment,section who do you think the boy in,white is what do you think the boy in,white is up to and why is he important,to this show if you like the way i do,this please thumbs up this 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PROOF What They ARE!! From Review || Epix From Season 1 Trailer

whats the deal my people you know what,its don 20 teflon and im back at you,another one and this one is,100,proof,of what these creatures are,and whats going on in from after six,episodes i am 100,sure,that i know exactly what these creatures,are and whats going on and im gonna,tell you in this video,what up to my thugs nerves freaks and,geeks are now rocking with the best the,don tony teflon if you can please,subscribe and click that bell so you can,be notified every time i drop a new,video as always 500 is the light goal,for this video if this video reaches 500,likes i will give a subscriber who,leaves a comment on this video,one month of epics for free so you can,watch this great show from in this video,im going to tell you what these,creatures are,and what the hell is going on with this,show i do believe i have enough evidence,and i do believe i know,what it is im going to give you,100 proof of this even though you may,think you know what im going to say,i advise you to watch the whole video,because it just might shock you in order,for us to be clear on whats going on,and for me to tell you exactly whats,going on here we must be crystal clear,on what this story is,so we have people who have come from all,over the united states,who have driven,and wound up in this town and when they,wind up in this town,they cannot escape from this town,while theyre,at night time creatures come from the,forest,and hunt the people in the town,now they have no idea where they are in,this town they have no idea how the,animals got here in this town,they have no idea how to escape from,this town,thats what we know that is the story,these creatures that come out only at,night,that hunt these human beings,in this town,seem to have the ability,to do some type of shape-shifting,they seem to be able to change from,human looking,to some crazy creature that they are all,right,and the only thing that stops them,is a,talisman that is hung by a door or,inside of a rv that for some reason they,cannot get in when this talisman is hung,so let me debunk a couple of theories,that were out there i heard that they,were vampires these creatures are not,vampires i heard that they are somehow,dead or stuck in some type of purgatory,well the fact that they brought that up,in the show itself and also said in the,show that they were not the first,persons to come up with that theory the,pre said,that he had time to come up with that,thats how many people actually thought,that situation so that is not the case,whatsoever they are not in purgatory,they are not dead in fact they were,stuck before,the accident so theres no way that,family could have been considered dead,since they were stuck on that road,before they actually crashed,now another popular theory i have heard,is that they are iris sloths and thats,a good theory i do like the general idea,of it now if youre not familiar with,that is the lore of these creatures go,like this the slower or fairy hosts,spirits of the unforgiving or restless,dead who saw the skies at night,searching for humans to pick off some,believe them to be fallen angels others,thought them to be spirits of unbaptized,children who have returned to seek their,vengeance now it sounds similar and i,could also understand why people would,think,that this is the case and maybe,the creators of this show use that to,kind of generalize,what these creatures are but for a one,on one account,they are not these creatures they may,have used some things its a good chance,they borrowed a few elements,from these creatures,to make their design of what they put,out here but again as for a one-on-one,account they are not these creatures so,now that we have gone through,popular theories im going to tell you,exactly what they are so lets look at,some of the clues that we have gotten so,far in the last episode we seen them say,that all the electrical wires in there,have,no,wiring inside of them but yet the lights,still do turn on and all the electricity,works we also heard about a tree a,special tree that if you put something,in the trunk of this tree,you could be teleported anywhere but you,have no idea where youre going to be,teleported those are two very important,things that weve seen we also heard,victor say that the trees are moving,right theyre moving and he was judging,exactly how much these trees happen to,be moving we then have sarah whos,getting voices,from what is apparently these creatures,and they told her that they wanted her,to kill the boy that was the number one,thing they said if you kill the boy,you can all go home now the other boy we,see is the boy in white,and when this boy in white met victor,when victor first got there two cars,arrived at the same time and when the,two cars arrived at the same time thats,when they said that the slaughter took,place and are saying that this slaughter,is going to take place again,now we have to assume,that the reason why victor can see this,boy in white is because hes seen him,when he was a child,and thats exactly the same age that,ethan appears to be and that is the,reason why ethan can also see this boy,in white and those are the only two,people,that can see this boy in white and that,is very important so lets get right,into it sarah knows ethans name,no doubt about it she knows this childs,name,the thing that came across her arm is,kill the boy,did not say specifically ethan,it said kill the boy,and if you kill the boy,you all get to go home,now is it a possibility and i think it,is a great possibility,that the boy theyre talking about is,the boy in white and not ethan,now this boy is always depicted in white,clean clothes,and when we look at what that means,white clothing symbolizes purity,and peace and that is what theyre,trying to do throw you off make you,think that thats what this boy is but,what this boy truly is is evil now the,most important clue we got was when,sarah told the pastor that they watched,him and watched what he buried buried,the wine buried the buried his bloody,clothes and buried his chocolates and,thats the final thing that we need to,see to know exactly whats going on here,so let me break this down for you 100,all these people who went missing,all have one thing in common and i think,that maybe after i showed these the,first time you guys caught it but if you,didnt i will tell you right now,every one of these people,were driving,or in the car with somebody,when they went missing,and no these people did not go missing,in that sense,what happened was,these people,were abducted,the houses do not have any true,electricity going through the wires yet,theres electricity lighting up the,lights why is that well if they were,abducted,they would be in a place where there is,such technology where wires do not,matter i mean tesla created a coil that,allows wireless transfer of electricity,so if these creatures have even beyond,that capability there would be no reason,to have,actual electrical wires thats just to,put up a front to make people,comfortable in their environment and we,look at these trees and you put a rock,inside of it and it falls somewhere else,obviously if we look at that that is,nothing but,teleportation right trees do not,teleport trees do not move therefore,they are not actual trees,when the pastor dug up his items they,focused on a lot of things they did not,focus on the wine bottle they did not,focus on the bloody clothes,but they did focus on the box of candies,why would you focus on a box of candy,well if you look at the picture of the,box of candies its clear,cosmo,chocolates,with an alien riding on a spaceship,not a coincidence that they focused on,that its not a coincidence thats what,those creatures drew because thats,exactly,what these creatures are,they are aliens and these people are,abducted lets take a look at these,creatures and now that you know that,look at what they actually look like,when this lady comes through the window,we can clearly see when we freeze it,right here that shes

FromLand: Episode 10 Analysis | Finale Explained (FROM Epix 2022 Series) | #FromEpix #FromFinale

theres a lot to analyze from the season,1 finale of the show from but lets,start with some easter eggs that we,havent explored before the registry it,appears that the people of the town may,have actually kept a record of the times,that people entered the town as well as,their point of origin interestingly the,entrances of new people appear to have,been listed based on the season in which,they arrived we can read some familiar,names such as trudy who arrived in,spring as well as frank and his family,arriving in the winter which connects to,franks mention of the last christmas he,had with the family during the chosen,ceremony that last christmas,we got megan her first doll house we can,also see what looks like a record of the,people who chose to live in colony house,versus the town in my preliminary,analysis i was not able to identify any,consistent pattern in the number of,people who entered the town each season,and it appears that the names of those,who have died have been crossed out from,the list given that it may be difficult,for the people of the town to,traditionally track time as the town,seems to be subject to temporal,anomalies it would make sense to record,the entrances based on seasons however,this almost seems like an illusion that,the people who end up in the town are,somehow being harvested for some purpose,i also believe this record may contain,clues regarding potential relatives of,the new residents of the town who may,have gotten trapped in the town,previously the coordinates the most,interesting easter egg seems to be a,series of coordinates that can be found,pinned to the board of the police,station whats even more interesting is,that parts of each full set of,coordinates appear to have been,deliberately obscured in a way that,makes it hard to obtain a precise,absolute location however we can tell,based on the latitudinal and,longitudinal ranges that the first,coordinates fall very close to france,and when put into google earth the last,one falls very close to iceland i wonder,if these coordinates are a clue that the,town is somehow moving across space even,if the town isnt necessarily occupying,the same dimension or plane as the rest,of the world also i find it an,interesting coincidence that in the,season 1 finale we heard kenny mentioned,iceland iceland and jade disclosing that,he grew up in france i grew up in france,with my grandma i suspect that this is,all part of a larger phenomenon we are,seeing in the show like ethan telling a,made-up story that paralleled sarah and,boyds journey into the forest lets go,to the tower we have to get towards the,light beyond the,tower,as well as christy reminiscent about the,fiance she left back in grand rapids,michigan and abbas from that same,location arriving in the town the same,day christy was talking about it,connecting this back to my previous line,of analysis all of this fits a concept,that karjun referred to as synchronicity,to describe events that seem to be,meaningfully related but lack an evident,causal relationship a relatable example,of synchronicity is when you start,thinking of somebody and the phone,suddenly starts ringing and is the same,person you were thinking about to you,there seems to be a meaningful,connection between those two events,thinking about the person and that,person calling you but a third party may,more easily dismiss that as a mere,coincidence this brief analysis further,supports the idea that the town is some,sort of psychic environment a place,where people can manifest the contents,of their minds and even attract or,trigger certain events this idea that,the town is a collective mental,landscape seems to be more evident after,the season finale of the show even,though this doesnt necessarily explain,the genesis and purpose of this place,however it makes for the perfect,environment to tell a story about human,nature and psychology which one of the,executive producers of the show,expressed is the main goal beyond the,shows mythology at the same time i,believe that the mythology-based,narrative that the producers are weaving,together alone is incredibly elaborate,and catching here are some new theories,based on the season 1 finale the family,trees in my analysis of episode number 9,i mentioned how one of the dates that,caught my attention was the basque witch,trials of 1609 when the largest recorded,witch hunt in world history took place,the french basque country already had a,long-standing history of people being,accused and suspected of witchcraft,people were easily accused of witchcraft,if they exhibited any behavior or,ability that seemed to be out of the,ordinary given jades recent and very,specific implication that his,grandmother was french i wonder if hes,part of a family tree of witches or,rather a family tree of people gifted,with the ability to perceive beyond the,physical realm,this possibility would add more,interesting pagan elements to the show,and could explain jades visions the,same would apply to people like sarah,victor and ethan who also seemed to be,gifted additionally a very interesting,clue that jade gave us this season,finale was his comment about how when,his grandmother died in france he didnt,want to move to the united states and,leave her behind then somebody at the,airport told them that when you go they,come with you,she said to me,they come with you,when you go,i suspect this is foreshadowing of,revelations we will have about the town,in future seasons this sentence can be,interpreted in different ways as in when,you die the spirits of your loved ones,go with you or the spirits of your loved,ones always follow you which i find a,little bit creepy but i think that might,ultimately have to do with how getting,trapped in the town works and the nature,of at least some of the voices that,people like sarah can hear,which may actually be the spirits of the,dead and not monsters it could be that,the people of the town were somehow,pulled into it by someone elses mental,longing or desire maybe the same way,christis emotional longing and conflict,may have attracted her fiance into the,town at the end of the season 1 finale,where the monsters sleep in the season 1,finale we found out that the hole that,tabitha was digging in an attempt to,trace the source of the electricity,actually led to an underground chamber,or system of tunnels where the monsters,sleep during the day we also discovered,that victory had apparently been,teleported to this place from one of the,faraway trees and the boy in white had,told him that tabitha will come for him,in the words of ethan victors quest may,have been to wait for tabitha to guide,her to safety after she falls into this,underground chamber with the revelation,that the monsters sleep underground the,theory that the monsters may be crossed,during the day seems less likely and the,theory that they may be the equivalent,of druggers or shape-shifting zombies in,norse mythology appears more plausible,however considering the creative,freedoms that the show is taking,regarding the underlying mythology it is,possible that these creatures are,something else or new in this episode we,also learned that the creatures make,their own drawings in the form of cave,paintings that seem to tell a story,about what they are and where they came,from the most notorious drawing we see,is the gerund identified symbol jade,keeps seeing in his visions and what,seemed like an answers rune with an,extra line upon doing research i,discovered that the symbols the,creatures are using may actually come,from the old all-hungarian runic script,and the barely legible symbols we see in,one of the sections of the wall may have,been written in the numeric system for,this all-hungarian script the creators,of the show seem to be evidently using,elements from different mythologies and,cultures this is further evidenced by,the symbol at the center of the wall,which looks like an upside down hamsa,hand which origin is connected to middle,eastern

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