1. A FRONTIER AIRLINES Review – (including Stretch seats! ????)
  2. We gave Frontier Airlines a 2nd chance and this is what happened….
  3. Help me understand why everyone hates Frontier Airlines
  4. 5 Tips For Flying Frontier Airlines (DO NOT MISS THIS)
  5. A Very Bad, No Good Frontier Airlines Review – Nightmare in Las Vegas!
  7. This Is Officially The WORST Airline In The United States | Never Flying Flying With Them Again!

A FRONTIER AIRLINES Review – (including Stretch seats! ????)

[Music],and welcome to another trip report it is,just coming up to 7:00 a.m. here in,Orlando Florida and today Im taking a,new airline never featured on the,channel and Ive never flown it before,Im flying Frontier Airlines from here,in Orlando up to Atlanta enjoy the video,my day starts at the airport hotel and,its a beautiful day for flying,something that I didnt know until I,researched this video is that in fact,Orlando is the busiest airport in,Florida placing it ahead of even Miami,Orlandos an airport Id always wanted,to visit when I was younger because,thats where the Disney resorts are I,have to say that having visited it for,the first time of my 30s I was a little,underwhelmed anyway on to Frontier,Airlines,theyve got a big check-in area here at,all under Airport and they also have,some handy self check-in machines if you,need to drop a bag you will need to see,somebody at the counter on my way to the,gate I noticed this commemorative plaque,for a worker that died during the,airports construction its right next,to the chapel which is unusual most,Airport chapels I see are stuck away,behind closed doors as if its a broom,cupboard but this ones right out in the,open there are actually four separate,Transit trains connecting the central,hub terminal two for satellite terminals,and you will have to ride in one to get,to your gate no matter where it is not,included in the price of your ticket but,something which Im going to be doing,today is visiting the lounge here the,club MCO,MCO by the way is the airport code for,Orlando which used to be called McCoy,Air Force Base back into the mid 70s Im,able to get into the lounge because I,have a Priority Pass card more details,of that can be found in the description,below lounges in America tend to be,nothing much to write home about and the,club at MCO in many ways is no different,its simply a pleasant enough space with,a decent breakfast spread theres,nothing else really worth mentioning it,except maybe this pancake machinable,come on to that in just a moment so this,pancake machine you just press a button,and it will make two pancakes for you it,squirts out the dough rolls it and bakes,it all-in-one and flops it out onto a,plate what a time to be alive I was,really excited to see that pancake,machine Ive never seen one before we,dont really get that kind of stuff here,in Europe,how cool was that pancake machine,flights delayed for about 10 to 15,minutes due to the late arrival of the,inbound aircraft from Atlanta but not,too bad as you can see it is a cracking,day for flying not too humid as well in,Florida which is always a bonus in the,summer Im gonna head to gate 16 now and,just hang out and shoot some b-roll,so a quick catch-up for those of you who,havent been with this series since to,start this is somewhere in the middle of,my 25 leg around the world itinerary and,Im in the middle of reviewing a whole,load of American carriers Ive been,reviewing American now Im on frontier,United Delta Alaska and spirit still to,come and not forgetting some country,Airlines of Minnesota one of the,weirdest niche Airlines have ever flown,with definitely an interesting review,and I recommend subscribing see watch,that review when it comes out,frontier unknown for their animal theme,deliveries and today our Airbus a321,carries cactus the coyote,something I really recommend being,vigilant for is your bag if you carry on,doesnt fit it will cost you 60 US,dollars to check it at the gate,thats pre ste,are you,okay you know the drill its time for me,to tell you about my other social media,profiles you can follow me on Twitter,and Instagram I especially recommend,Instagram because there youll be able,to follow all of my trips as they happen,in real time using a story function,so welcome aboard Frontier Airlines its,an all-economy a layout here on the a,bus a 321 there is no business class at,all on frontier its a budget airline,the first three rows of the aircraft,have stretch seating which has different,padding compared to the rest of the,seats on the aircraft and up to six,additional inches of pitch heres Row 4,for comparison,the pitch on my stretch seat is 35,inches which is extremely generous I can,really stretch out here its well worth,comparing this to the 737 max I flew,with American Airlines in domestic first,class I think theres just about the,same amount of room here,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],were soon airborne and turning north to,head to Atlanta in Georgia from the air,we can actually make out the Magic,Kingdom of Disneyworld lets take a,quick look at the route map for todays,flight todays flight up to Atlanta is,gonna take us just over 17 minutes its,403 miles and well be flying at 31,000,feet so about that stretch seating Im,in one of those stretch seats because it,comes with the perks bundle which is,something that I bought on top of my,ticket with Frontier Airlines the base,fare was pretty cheap but the add-on was,about seventy dollars Ill explore more,about whether I think thats good value,towards the end of the video something,you should know about this stretch seats,is that while they do have fold down,table just like any other airline seat,it doesnt come closer to you so youre,kind of left with a big gap between,yourself and the trade table a few,interesting things about frontiers,in-flight service firstly they dont,take cash at all onboard or prepaid,cards so you must have a credit or debit,card to hand the second thing that I,really liked about them is that,somewhere in their literature they,actually encourage you to open up a tab,which is gonna be really useful on,longer flights Ive never heard of an,airline offering to open a tab for,customers particularly an economy class,before let me know if you know of any,other airlines that do that,frontier now have a really extensive,route map and they cover pretty much all,of the important places in the,continental US one thing I didnt,realize until I opened up this route map,is that frontier flight into Canada,theres Calgary so frontier do something,quite cool with their onboard purchases,whenever I ordered my coffee and,stroopwafel I was given this tablet to,make my purchase and sign whats cool,about this tablet is that the flight,attendant doesnt need to be present,while youre signing it they can go away,and make your coffee and that removes a,lot of dead time from the flight,attendants duties its a really,efficient use of time in case youre,wondering this cost four dollars ninety,nine the coffee was really great and,stroopwafels well has anyone ever had a,bad street waffle before too long were,descending into the Atlanta area in its,time for the seatbelt sign to come on I,also get to indulge in my hobby of,spotting airfields from the air there,are quite a few in and around Atlanta,I saw something really exciting on the,way in now not a lot of lot of people,outside the US know of things called,fly-in communities or air parks this is,Millars landing near Atlanta and what,an air park basically is is a community,where you can simply fly around your,aircraft and your home is on the airport,you can taxi your plane your private,plane right up to your door,I think air parks are one of the,greatest inventions ever and Ill leave,a few links to some really good ones in,the description below,so overall I was pretty impressed with,Frontier Airlines let me take you,through what I actually paid for this,ticket the base fare was just $35,one-way but once Id added the perks,bundle which included things like my,stretch seating and my bag that was an,extra $70 its not for it to 105 dollars,or in personally I think thats a,reasonable value on a flight of that,length however Frontier do operate an,awful lot of long flights and I think,the stretch Seton would be absolutely,invaluable on a flight of three hours or,more,in short frontier is pretty much,everything a budget airline should be it,was cheap and genuinely cheap especially,by American standards his sta

We gave Frontier Airlines a 2nd chance and this is what happened….

well,we are trying our luck at frontier,airlines again you are so dumb you are,really dumb for real,we just got off the shuttle so wish us,luck,if you hadnt seen our frontier airlines,video check that out and then this will,all make sense why we were so hesitant,to try to fly with them again also look,at the clear line you guys it was so,many people versus our tsa pre-check,line so if you havent seen our tsa,pre-check video make sure you check that,out as well so we made it to our gate no,delays so far everythings on time,well see if it stays that way,stay tuned,when it came time for our boarding time,nobody was getting on the plane we were,just all standing around so of course,richard and i were both like okay are we,going to be able to even get on this,plane is it going to be delayed again,whats up well we figured it out,everyone was doing zone two through five,which is where you have the free,personal item,zone one was the line that you had to,pay for your luggage so everyone that,was smart,and cheap like us,chose to do the free personal item and,thats what took so long,once we got onto the plane we were,greeted by the airline staff they were,all very nice and friendly and we got to,our seats now if you didnt know your,girl here ronya is a budget,extraordinaire im super frugal so when,i saw that frontier airlines will make,you pay just to choose your seats i was,like,nope not having it so if you were,wondering why richard and i are not,sitting next to each other that would be,the reason luckily we were able to be on,the same row but we just allowed the,airline to pick our seats for us for,free also dont forget to get your,sanitization going and wipe down those,seats before you sit down hey guys im,sitting in my feet,we are sitting in separate seats uh,richard is,somewhere over there,so,yeah were just gonna go ahead and fly,for free for our free trip and see how,this goes,remember if you havent seen our,frontier airlines first video check that,out then itll explain why this trip was,a completely free trip,so yeah basically we got the trip for,free now mind yall i was just sitting,in my seat minding my business and i was,like i know that is not duct tape,covering up mary had a little lamb,thats suspicious,thats weird,once outside the aircraft put on sharply,on the red tap on the front or blow into,the red tube near your shoulder to,inflate the,best child anyway it was time for us to,take off so we went ahead and,let the plane do what they do said our,prayers and was just hopeful but you,best believe i was watching that duct,tape because the first sight of any,straggly pieces of duct tape flying in,the air you could best believe i was,about to go right up to the front and be,like hey mr pilot,we got a problem houston we have a,problem lets land this plane right now,and of course while all the drama is,going on rich is just gone to the world,just in his own little world just sleep,peacefully like a baby so i had to take,it upon myself to be the superhero and,save everybodys life on this plane i,need an award but i mean we did make it,so i mean,everybody was in one piece we you know,avoided,any type of injuries,that landed was a little rough though i,know you saw it was real rocky it was,real rocky okay we just landed we,actually landed about 15 minutes early,so,slightly impressed,slightly impressed but um we still have,to see how it goes on our returning,flight back home,hey guys its the next day,we are at our gate and right now,as of right now it says that our flight,is on time,so we will see how our returning fight,back home goes,i think its gross,now even though our flight said it was,on time we did get the boarding call,announcement about 10 minutes late so we,were a little hesitant about that we,were like oh no are we gonna have some,more flight delays whats going on,should we be worried uh but you know we,got on the plane everything seemed to be,fine until,it wasnt you know that changes thanks,for your patience,[Music],so we are,possibly going to ride late now,dont know,the pilot just made an announcement so,i will say at least he,gave us some type of communication,something about,the,airport in orlando the,i guess there was a flight that was,delayed there or something i dont know,richard and i were sitting in different,rows on this flight but something told,me to get my camera out because i know,my person and when youre with somebody,for so long you just know they have it,as soon as they make the announcements,look,my husband was like thinking the same,thing he was like what is they talking,about are we having another delay so we,sat there at the gate in our seats for a,solid 20 minutes and we were prepared,for the worst we were like oh my gosh,this is our first frontier airlines,flight all over again we just knew we,were going to be there for hours at a,time just sitting on the plane,i dont know if were going to be,sitting on the plane much longer but,this is starting to become a trend that,were noticing with frontier,[Music],and today were gonna were gonna were,trying to give yall some grace period,here but,we have these type of issues with no,other airlines like,the area right now and the ramp has,reclosed we got everything boarded up we,got our fuel and ready to go,were just waiting for the ramp to open,so that they can push us back and uh,should be just another 10 minutes or so,and well be able to be on our way,its a short flight time today so we,should still be able to get in pretty,close to on time,so,anyway thanks for your patience,and ill let you know if any of that,changes,now even though this message was a,little suspect to me because of our past,experience i will commend frontier,airlines for at least communicating with,us whats going on this time around to,keep ourselves occupied rich and i,shared little memes and funny videos and,pictures of each other in our thoughts,so heres some of those that we shared,with each other while sitting on the,plane,well after several more minutes we,finally made it back into the air and,look,no duct tape this time around on the,wing because you know i was on heavy,alert about having that duct tape on the,wing that was stressing me out and we,landed successfully thank the lord,this time around the land was actually,pretty good no humps and bumps and no,humpty dumps,while getting off the plane one of the,flight attendants recognized me from the,flight from the previous day i thought,it was so funny,yesterday,and there he is waiting on me,[Music],well guys we just got off the plane,we actually got in a little earlier,so,whats your final take on frontier babe,its not bad you know,take a chance you take your chances but,uh,more likely than not you will have an,okay flight unless theres really bad,weather or youre flying really really,late,um the staffing issues have pretty much,you know been fixed as right now seems,like they have people,in place most of the time so,i say go for it,yeah,but be prepared to have some delays,yes it does,so i can say i guess they won us over,would you fly on them again ill do it,again,all right,you know its away,thats a review of frontier airlines,guys thanks so much for watching and,until next time

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Help me understand why everyone hates Frontier Airlines

current time 4 48 a.m,location san diego international airport,sponsored video yes thanks surf shark,[Music],hey everyone its scott from,sandspotter.com again,and i do have to say that its pretty,awesome to be standing here,in the middle of the road like this,without the threat of being mowed down,by a speeding rental car shuttle bus,yep the coronavirus pandemic was still,very much a thing here on the day that i,shot this video and apocalyptic,isnt a strong enough word to describe,the vibe im feeling here at terminal 1.,anyway i am here this morning to catch,frontier airlines flight number 552,to denver its been a few years since,ive last flown frontier airlines,and ive been hearing a lot of things on,the internet that would lead me to,believe,that frontier airlines is the worst in,the united states,hopefully everything goes right today,and i can use this video as proof that,this airline aint so bad i dont want,to get too far ahead of myself though as,im still standing here at the baggage,counter ready to begin this flight,by the way i didnt have any bags to,check this morning,i just had my backpack with me which,meant that i was feeling hopeful that,nothing would go wrong speaking of,things going wrong,this flight is departing out of terminal,one here in san diego and,thats never a good way to begin a long,journey,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you want to know whats really stupid,this was my first flight in over four,months,and i should have been really excited to,be here but,in the days leading up to this flight i,was really getting hooked on the prison,break tv series over on netflix,i just started season 2 the night prior,and i was already having withdrawals,here in terminal 1 this morning,surf shark to the rescue the only way to,watch prison break here in the u.s,is with a high quality vpn like surf,shark,because well netflix doesnt make it,available in the u.s market for some,reason,with surfs arc its super easy to,virtually change my location,and im streaming what i want whenever i,want,no issues not only that surfsharks,privacy and security features are top,notch,i have no idea whos in charge of the,wi-fi here in terminal one,and because of that im somewhat,skeptical that there isnt someone doing,malicious things with the data im,transmitting,to and from my device simply put surf,shark,prevents anyone from intercepting my,data not that im ashamed to admit that,im addicted to prison break or anything,but,its the principle of the matter anyway,surf shark is a fantastic deal in normal,times,but its especially good when they are,running offers like the one,going on right now using the link in the,description below,along with the promo code scott you can,get surf shark for,83 off plus an extra three months thrown,in for free,remember you gotta use the promo code,scott to get in on this deal,and now if youll excuse me the brothers,just split up and i have no idea where,this is going,well heres something i wasnt expecting,to see this,aircraft is only 10 years old but its,wearing the old livery,which in and of itself is not,necessarily a bad thing but,it also meant that theres a high,probability that this aircraft still,featured the old seats and those old,seats are not as good as the new ones,oh well ill deal with that later looks,like its still pretty empty here at the,gates,and i was starting to think also that i,just might be the only person on this,flight today,how cool would that be and of course,my anxiety kicked in the more i had a,look around and i realized that i truly,was the only one here this morning,was there something going on that i,didnt know about other than the whole,coronavirus pandemic,or even worse is frontier airlines,really as bad as everyone has been,saying over the past couple years,im usually pretty stubborn about things,and theres no way i was gonna run out,of the airport now without giving,frontier airlines a proper chance,i was committed to making this video,thankfully,a lot more people showed up the closer,we got to flight time and by the time,the boarding process started,it was just like a normal flight,terminal one was as busy as ever,and it was starting to look like i had,nothing to worry about,of course im not even on the airplane,yet but yeah,for those that dont know frontier,airlines,names each of their aircraft after a,different animal and the name of this,aircraft,grizz named after that guy personally,im a flo the flamingo kind of guy but,thats a topic for a different trip,report thankfully,despite the old livery on this aircraft,these are indeed the new seats,which are fantastic by the way for an,ultra low cost carrier such as frontier,i actually quite like these no theyre,not exactly what i would call,spacious or comfortable but they look,great,and theyre decent enough for short one,to two hour flights,ive got nothing to complain about,especially with the fares that frontier,airlines offers,i think i paid 120 for this flight to,denver this morning and,you know what you cant beat that,especially with what delta and united,charge for flight on this exact,same route of course youll get real,armrests on both united and delta but,it is what it is,okay so for everyone keeping score so,far,the only legitimate thing to ding,frontier airlines so far on this flight,is the seats maybe i mean theyre not,that great,they look good but theyre not all that,comfortable so maybe thats one thing,otherwise were getting out of here on,time the cabin crew seems great,and believe it or not the plane isnt,even on fire yet,which according to all the social media,ive been reading,made it seem like it was bound to happen,even before we pushed off the gate,all stupid jokes aside this morning has,been absolutely perfect so far,as ive said earlier ive never had,anything bad to say about frontier,airlines,theyve always been professional and,just as good as any other airline in my,opinion,and i think the important thing to,remember is to keep your expectations,low,as long as you go into your next,frontier airlines flight knowing that,its just going to be a bare bones,experience,youre going to be fine dont expect,really comfortable seats,dont expect great service heck dont,expect any service at all,just remember that theyre a safe and,dependable airline that will get you,where you need to go,usually far cheaper than the other guys,of course,except spirit,im not really sure but i think its the,cabin service that gets everybody riled,up about frontier airlines,basically there is no cabin service,especially during times of covid which,was when i took this flight,there was nothing if i wanted to eat i,had to bring my own snacks,got my water ive got my nuts,and because i promised to stop making,nut jokes in my videos a long time ago,all im gonna say is that it was a far,better snack than anything that frontier,airlines could have possibly given me,and i will say as im trying to think of,things to say for this voice over,i love nuts would be perfect narration,for these video clips,but im not going gonna say that instead,all im gonna say is that,im quite enjoying this flight on,frontier airlines,quick shout out to my sister here for,gifting me these awesome socks at,christmas,several years ago i never fly without,them,turning my attention back to the flight,now things are going really well,the scenery on the san diego to denver,segment is always really interesting,especially in the winter time and today,was no exception,no the seats arent very comfortable but,if i turn my head and look out the,window every now and then,it keeps my spirits up and speaking of,spirit,its probably a good time to mention,that the frontier airlines experience,is very much like you would get on,spirit airlines,im a bigger fan of frontier airlines,more than i am of spirit airlines but,a lot of times im going to choose,spirit only because theyre a larger,airline,and if anything goes wrong like a flight,cancellation or anything like that,theres a pretty good chance that youre,

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5 Tips For Flying Frontier Airlines (DO NOT MISS THIS)

welcome back to zakis im so glad you,join me for another video this is gonna,be so cool,five things,you dont wanna know about frontier,trust me you dont wanna know this but,you do wanna know it okay so if youre,flying frontier im gonna give you five,tips you gotta know to help your trip go,better,five things you dont wanna know here we,go,[Music],just like all my airline,videos,im going to start out with,tip number one this is gonna be a really,quick video to show five tips about,things you dont wanna know about,frontier so you can have a good flight,up frontier if youve already booked,your flight or maybe you decide to go,with a different airline after this,video so tip number one is all about,booking now just like with any budget,airline with spirit allegiant and,frontier and all the other ones,its kind of a little,slick sly,tricky to do the booking because you go,on google and youre like oh i want to,fly to vegas to,atlanta or something oh theres a 39,ticket,no its a lie,because theyre gonna ding you for every,little thing you cant pick your seat,you cant do a carry-on you cant do,this you cant do that by the time you,get done with everything youre going to,be paying about the same as you would in,american united delta any of the,southwest you might find something a,little cheaper maybe youre on a budget,maybe you dont care youre just,backpacking across the country,and you dont care if you sit in the,middle seat in the very back,then it might be great for you but for,most of us that are flying,we want to know where were sitting we,want to basically take at least a,carry-on,and so when that comes into account,your booking is going to go,because they charge you for ding you for,every little thing im serious if you,walk up to the counter and ask for a,ticket they charge you,or a boarding pass they charge you if,you go to the airport and you want to do,a check bag suddenly its like double,the rate they they punish you and try to,get your money for every little thing i,just dont like these budget airlines,by and large for this reason because i,just think its a sly way,an unethical way in some ways to operate,a business but you know its their,decision and its working for them so,whatever,but i just want you to know that when i,booked with them for the first time we,flew with them,um i did the bundle just like i do on,spirit you can watch that video all my,links are always down below in the,description right beside the subscribe,button hit that subscribe button if,youre not a subscriber you want to,become part of the zakis nation and the,like button but if you look right down,below my videos all of them have the,description,so you,can get the details and so,with that i always do the bundle because,it ensures that i get a check on it,ensures i get a carry-on and ensures,that i get a premium seat and it ensures,that i get on the plane,first so i have a space for my,carry-on and it usually includes a,security uh,upgrade so that i can get through tsa,faster it depends on what airport it is,if they offer that or not its a super,nice perk if you get it and it offers it,so once youre through booking and you,picked your seats you picked up your,luggage by the way you had to pay for,your luggage going and coming so they,ding you both ways,it ends up being around like i think 42,dollars on average for a carry-on,and uh and way more than that for check,on one thing i do like about frontier,that the other budget airlines dont do,ill get that into that on the luggage,on the number two but for booking,you definitely want to know ahead of,time if you dont do the bundle,be sure that you know what youre taking,with you because after you purchase that,ticket,any add-ons,are skyrocket high i mean way high if,you want to just you decide oh you know,what i need to take that check on,youre going to pay,you know around a hundred dollars or,more for that check on,where you could have got it for like,fifty dollars or if you did the bundle,even less so just i just wanted to be,really quick about this but on the,booking go through the whole flow to the,checkout page and at the very top right,um or somewhere on the page i cant,remember exactly where it is but youll,see the total youll see your total,breakdown then go over to google and do,it again and see what some major,airlines are offering you that already,include all that like southwest gives,you two check ons and a carry-on and all,that stuff you do have to pay a little,extra to get bumped up to the front of,the line but overall youre getting the,same experience,just a better airline better customer,service better options they serve free,drinks and stuff ill get into that,later in a minute but all that kind of,stuff so just you want to compare them,and make sure youre really getting a,deal and its really worth flying the,budget airline because if youre not,getting a deal its not great and youll,see why as i go through each steps the,five things you dont want to know about,frontier number two number two is,luggage,luggage is crazy in frontier so like i,said you have to pay for a carry-on you,have to pay for a checked bag you have,to pay for the second check bag one,thing that they do thats thats cool,thats more like the major airlines that,spirit and allegiance some of the other,budget airlines dont do,is you do get 50 pounds on your checked,bags before you pay any extra,if you go to spirit most major airlines,like american delta united southwest all,do 50 pounds you got to be 50 pounds or,under youre good to go,but some of the budget airlines like,spirit do 42 pounds and then you show up,to the airport and you think youre good,and then you hit that 50 mark and,theyre like you got to pay like another,75,its crazy its just crazy trickery,thats why i dont like about it but,frontier doesnt do that so 50 pounds on,your luggage but again like i said in,the step number one be sure be sure be,sure that you know what youre taking,with you when you book your flight,because after you book it,everything goes up if you want to add a,check on you want to add a carry on,youre going to be paying double triple,so you just want to make sure that you,pick all that stuff out you know what,youre going with on that trip and,the cool thing is on frontier when you,get a carry-on you get immediately,bumped to priority so you get on the,plane first to get luggage um been,spaced up above so youre not having to,like check your carry-on and stuff which,happens with some airlines so thats a,thats a cool thing you immediately get,that perk,i just do the bundle that way im safe,ive i go ahead and say im bringing a,check on im bringing the carry-on and,bringing everything,and it gives me all the perks and stuff,like the priority boarding just be sure,that you do that and youll be good,youll be good to go all right guys i,gotta just step in here i forgot to do,another bonus so theres a bonus at the,end of the video but i gotta do a bonus,right here in the middle of the video,because ive gotta tell you guys about,stuff that i travel with,on all of my travel,videos i want to tell you about stuff,thats going to make your life easier i,mean thats the point of this video is,to make your life your flight amazing,whether youre flying for the first time,or the thousandth time,maybe you havent thought about some of,these tips and then theres some gear,that i want you to take with you,to help you so the first thing that most,people dont know about,especially on flights like frontier,where you have to bring your device you,have to watch anything or listen to,anything and youre kind of like sitting,it down the tray your necks all bent up,and stuff or youre like holding it up,in the air and youre tired of holding,it its the flight flap i found it after,flying for so long now it doesnt always,work but 99 of the time it works it just,easily fits,right in front of you and it holds your,phone,or they have one to hold your ipad if,you prefer a bigger device,the flight flat pr

A Very Bad, No Good Frontier Airlines Review – Nightmare in Las Vegas!

hey im adam jusko from probably.com i,just had a frontier airlines nightmare,and im going to tell you about it and,maybe some lessons learned but first im,going to ask you to please subscribe to,this youtube channel if you have not,already and if you have already i thank,you for doing so so im a little,discontented with frontier airlines,right now and i would love to get your,thoughts after i tell you the story as,to whether i should be angry how angry,how much of it was my fault,all that kind of thing so anyway i took,a trip with my son who is college age,and this matters to the story a little,bit later we went out to,las vegas flew into las vegas spent a,day there then rented a car went out to,the hoover dam spent a couple days at,the grand canyon went out to zion,national park a very excellent trip and,getting out there on frontier no problem,so i chose frontier because theyre one,of the few non-stops from cleveland to,las vegas and las vegas back to,cleveland obviously last day of our,vacation was a monday we were going to,take the red eye 11 45 p.m to 6 30 a.m,back to cleveland so obviously were,gonna have a long day and then we are,going to be catching the flight very,late hoping that we could do some,sleeping on the flight so we did have a,long day we checked out of our hotel,like at 11 oclock or whatever drove two,hours to antelope canyon which you,definitely should check out if you were,in that area then drove four hours back,to the las vegas airport to catch that,red eye and throughout the day im,thinking to myself oh i should probably,check in online for that frontier flight,but somehow i just kept getting,distracted so its kind of in my mind,but i wasnt doing it and then finally,as we were driving i was like well at,this point it probably doesnt matter,much were going to be way in the back,of the plane not good but we can deal,with it so we get to the airport and we,check our bags you have to pay extra for,your bags on frontier no matter what you,do so we decided to check them instead,of bringing them on the plane and they,get us a boarding pass and i didnt even,really look at it at first but then my,son looks at his as were sort of,walking away and he says well this is,kind of weird what does this mean and on,the boarding pass it says something like,boarding group 99 and theres no seat,assigned and so as were walking hes,like do you think we should get this,checked out and im like yeah probably,so we go to the gated gate agent and we,say what is up with this im thinking,were gonna get like re-ticketed it was,just like you know some kind of stop gap,thing or whatever so she says well they,should have told you when you were,checking your bags this flight is,oversold and what that could mean and,shes dancing all around the fact that,what it does mean is we might not be,getting on that plane now you might know,that oversold means there are too many,people for the number of seats on the,plane so what the airlines do is they,try to incentivize people to voluntarily,leave so that they can fit everyone on,and everyone is relatively happy the way,they do that is they offer travel,vouchers so frontier offers a 700,voucher for future frontier travel if,people will voluntarily leave then they,up it to one thousand dollars while,theyre doing this people are going on,to the plane as far as i can tell no one,is really biting on this offer probably,because were talking about a red-eye,flight people are tired and the next,time you could get home was going to be,two,days if you took it so its not like,this was just a minor inconvenience of,you know eight to ten hours or whatever,and you were gonna get this big travel,voucher so im standing there getting,more and more agitated so then the gate,agent supervisor comes over to us and,she talks in that nice calm voice that,they try to use to keep you under,control and she says i understand that,you might be a little confused as to,what is happening i said im not,confused at all im upset about what is,happening and she basically says well,were not sure yet sometimes people,dont make the flight we dont know what,exactly is going to happen and then she,kind of walks away and im,getting a little shaky with my anger and,finally she comes back and theres only,three of us left at this point theres,me my son one other guy who it looks,like are not going to get on the plane,and she says to us well it looks like we,might have room and im thinking you,better have room because telling me that,you might have room is really going to,make me mad when i found find out that,you dont have room so they go away for,a little bit they come back and they say,well we only have room for one and its,me my son and this other guy so were,like well you go it makes no sense for,me and my son to split up while youre,going to be left here so he goes my son,and i are the only two that dont make,the flight and not only does frontier,not let us on the flight you have to,remember that we now have two days,before were going to be able to get on,that same flight again and get home now,while we were waiting my son got on his,phone and he found out that if you are,bumped from a flight involuntarily they,have to give you at least four times the,amount that the ticket costs the one-way,ticket and this is what frontier does,they actually write us a check while,were in the airport they go off,somewhere and they write each one of us,a check for 550 so between the two of us,thats eleven hundred dollars now the,initial cost of that one-way part of the,flight would have been around 275 but,still over 800 dollars theyre giving us,which might sound pretty good and you,get a couple extra days in vegas thats,probably how some people would look at,it but the way that i looked at it is we,cant go home for two days weve already,been on vacation for a week im tired,and ready to go home i have checked my,bags which did make the flight to,cleveland and that money that they gave,us first of all its in a check so we,cant really get that money and access,it immediately we also have to pay for,our hotels and we have to pay for any,food that we eat anything we do within,those next two days in las vegas so we,are tired and were unhappy and even,though they gave us all this money we,know we are going to have to spend at,least some piece of it and by the time,they do all of this its like 1 30,almost two in the morning before it all,gets straightened out but then i get a,little lucky and find out that southwest,has a flight that leaves at 12 30 p.m it,would go through chicago wed have a,little layover and then we would get,home around 11 30 p.m that night again,its 1 30 in the morning or two at this,point i jump on the tickets they cost,almost 800,so at this point its only about 11 or,12 hours until that next flight takes,off and so were thinking to ourselves,again its 1 30 or 2 in the morning,should we even bother going and getting,a hotel that im gonna have to pay for,to only be there for you know five or,six hours before we then have to get,back in a car come back to the airport,go through security and then of course,it would take time to get to the hotel,to begin with and we decide its not,worth that we decide that we are just,going to stay at the airport and we are,just going to snooze wherever we can at,the airport now remember my son is,college age hes bigger than me its not,like i was forcing a seven-year-old to,sleep in the airport so this is the,decision we make so we get very little,sleep maybe two hours in the airport for,my son maybe 15 minutes for me i really,could not get myself unagitated at that,point and so we have to wait for the,flight and were just dying by the time,it finally gets there but southwest,actually lets us on the plane i sleep a,little bit between las vegas and chicago,we finally get home at 11 30 p.m that,night actually closer to midnight now i,will say there was someone at the,frontier baggage office when we got,there and our bags that had


hey you guys welcome welcome so i am,going to vegas tonight and im going to,be flying with frontier,yeah ive never flown with them before,ive always won with delta southwest and,jetblue so tonights my first night,doing that so im gonna let you guys,know how my experience went,is it worth the money is it not worth,the money stay tuned,well i will say you guys so far front,here has been,very rude,um,to me we dont know if this tampa,airport yeah 10 oclock thats being,rude or if its frontier tampa airport,okay,yeah theyve been very kind of rude so,so far not having a good experience but,hopefully the flight attendant,im better,right,well see catch you when we get up there,okay i got pillows blanket everything i,am ready so,ill catch you guys when i get on the,plane all right raise your finger up,high one finger pointer finger,we cant leave until everybody does it,im just kidding but no okay now if,youll please touch your nose touch your,nose if you are touching skin right now,you are not wearing your mask correctly,please lift that mask above your nose um,if youre sleeping uh we will have to,wake you up so if everybody wants to see,me please wear that mask thank you,[Music],so theres a couple things that i forgot,to mention in this video including the,pros and the cons so lets talk about,the pros,number one pro it would have to be the,cost later on the video i will tell you,guys how much i spent for this um trip,versus other airlines the second pro,would be the departure time for me since,i work an eight to five job and i left,it like ten oclock at night so that was,a plus for me and the third pro would,have to be,the reclining seats on rows one two and,three like i mentioned several times in,this video so you guys stay tuned and,the next time i take off i will be,talking about the cons of this airline,stay tuned,so,we just landed,welcome to,waiting on my girl scene to get off the,flight now,as you can see the airport is very empty,which is great,if you guys want to check out my vegas,vlogs just click on the video underneath,this one or go to the description box,and click on the link in the meantime,its time to head back home all right so,im here,at the airport,gonna go get,her tickets,check in the bag,im telling you like i was i was,expecting everything to be still packed,but i guess not so let me see where,i say you guys i am flying frontier and,i will be letting you guys know,how my experience was and was it worth,it and i still have to tell you guys why,i am flying frontier,so bags are checked in i will say that,was pretty pretty darn fast i mean it,took me less than five minutes to get,checked in,to frontier great better customer,service than tampa airport most,definitely hands down,so now i just gotta um go through the,gate to get on the plane,and then once i land i will give you,guys an update on why i chose this,airline the fight was delayed about 30,minutes but were here now so,as you can see all right,one two three,[Music],all right i said it before i was going,to come back to you guys with the cons,of this airline,so i dont have that many actually i,mean i know i stated that they had rude,staff and then our flight got delayed 30,minutes which im not even gonna hold,that against them so my first con would,have to be theres no entertainment for,us on that flight so you know how like,delta and jetblue they have tvs on the,back of the headrest none of that is on,frontier so i would definitely recommend,downloading a bunch of games and,um music for you to keep yourself,occupied unless youre going to sleep,the whole time like i did the second con,would have to be the uncomfortable seats,but i mean which airline has the,comfortable seats you let me know in the,comments,that is about it thats the only i only,have two cons other than that i think i,would definitely fly frontier again,check them out,all right,i just landed,it is currently i think like 5 30 right,now,in tampa,you guys im so ready to get to my,apartment to go to bed,but um lets get into my food frontier,i flew frontier because like i said i,used to fly delta southwest or either,jetblue but at that time when i was,looking at the prices it was like 700,just for the basic or you know,regular class,and i was just like well i will pay it,and then one of my friend girls was like,well look everywhere so okay im gonna,look everywhere,so i checked frontier and i think my,flight was 350.,i said okay do the,math 350 for 700.,lets go with the better buy,then my first time flying front to,yourself i was like let me just try it,out and i have to say my experience with,frontier it was really good it wasnt a,bad experience,other than like you know the real staff,when i first started out other than that,everybody everything else was good,like i said i do recommend getting rows,one two or three,and um,thats it,so,i would recommend flying frontier,if you have that option,um,itll get you,to wherever you need to go,so from now on,will i five months here ever again yeah,i will i will but im going to look for,delta southwestern shampoo first,im on the way to get my baggage,and uh as i get my baggage probably pick,up something to eat for some breakfast,and then wait on my man you know to get,here and then go get breakfast and then,thatll be it for me thatll be a wrap,peace

This Is Officially The WORST Airline In The United States | Never Flying Flying With Them Again!

so I never thought Id say this in a,million years but,Im never flying with this Airline ever,again so you know whats funny,they say that Spirit here in the United,States is the worst Airline theres all,kinds of memes and jokes about it but,honestly I dont think Frontier gets,enough credit not at all so let me give,all of you the rundown from start to,finish so I came here to San Juan Puerto,Rico three days ago because hurricane,Ian unfortunately knocked down a couple,trees and my power was out in my house,my flight to La got canceled due to,Hurricane Ian as well and I got the,refund back and decided why not go to,Puerto Rico I have some friends over,here I was going to come over here,anyway until my plans for La came up and,it was business of course so I had to,put that as a priority but when I got,over here I had a great time,I booked a flight with Frontier because,it was the only flight that was,available for under six hundred dollars,and I booked that round trip and I got,it for the total for both ways round,trip was like uh 300 so not too bad,including bags,but,this time around coming home,horrible so just like my flight over to,San Juan I ended up having a delay my,flight was originally slated for 11 A.M,and upon my arrival there was a 45,minute delay not a big deal I get,checked in go to TSA security and we end,up boarding the plane an hour after we,were supposed to have already Departed,which I mean it is what it is oh my God,whatever well get there late we board,the plane and we sit there for about an,hour they said there was something wrong,with one of the tires on the plane,made everybody feel a little uneasy but,then they told us originally that it was,going to be a quick fix will be done in,a jiffy we can get on our way,and then they tell us 10 minutes after,that announcement that the damage is too,bad and we have to disembark the plane,and theyre going to find us another,flight today to get home so after we,disembark the plane as you can imagine,there is a massive line people trying to,re-book and thankfully I was first,because I went to another gate where,nobody was at,but unfortunately they told me that the,only flights that I had available was,one for tomorrow,at 6 a.m it leaves and I have uh two,stops one in Philly and then I think,Boston and each one has like a three or,four hour layover so I would leave San,Juan,at 6 a.m past Florida go to Philly then,go to Boston and I wouldnt get home,until 11 30 p.m I told him what are the,other options or I asked them rather and,they said well we have Wednesday,so basically I would be stuck here for,another two days and theyre not trying,to pay for the hotel theyre not trying,to compensate in any kind of way and Im,not somebody that really asked for that,kind of stuff but the fact that I would,have to pay more money,to book an Airbnb or a hotel obviously,its unplanned and nobody likes to spend,more money than they actually planned on,spending its just all around A real,pain so they ended up booking me on that,Wednesday flight I told them what can I,do as far as refund options they said I,would have to go downstairs to the,little kiosk and talk to them at the,main desk I get there and nobody is,there as you saw at the beginning of the,video so after that I had no idea what,my bag is either I had to go scrounging,around for it I eventually found my bag,over at lost and found and I decided to,go look for other flight options here at,the airport that will get me on a plane,today to get home so I ended up buying a,Jet Blue flight that would get me out of,here at 7 30 p.m so Ill be here for a,couple hours not a huge deal but its an,extra,237 dollars that Im losing now and,honestly Im just kind of irritated Im,frustrated I understand things happen,but I just felt like Frontier theyre,all over the place theyre a mess and,Im telling you right now thats the,last time I fly with Frontier their,customer service is horrible and yes I,did call customer service and they kept,hanging up because I guess they said the,call exceeded more than 30 minutes of,the wait time exceeded more than 30,minutes so they automatically hung up,the phone if they are busy with too many,callers that would exceed a 30 minute,wait time so thats my situation guys,but Im just Im trying to hold back my,anger Im also extremely tired its,probably why Ive seen like kind of out,of it guys a lot of partying over in San,Juan okay so Im back home and I know it,was very abrupt for me to go from,talking at the airport to here but my,mic ended up dying while I was in the,middle of the conversation with you guys,and I realized now that this mic here is,having some technical malfunctions Im,gonna have to go back and get another,set because its a pretty expensive mic,but its yeah its been doing this a lot,lately but anyway I just want to let you,guys know that I will no longer be,flying with Frontier I am getting my,money refunded at some point I guess,because when I told them I wanted a,refund they sent me downstairs theres,nobody down there Ive been calling them,I called them what six times today still,nothing so I guess worst case scenario,Ill have to file a dispute until I can,get in touch with them Ill follow the,student bank and just kind of go from,there but uh yeah guys thats my,situation but I am back home and,thankfully I have electricity I was,worried about that I was worried about,coming home and having no power still,all my stuff is frozen I got a ton of,ice I forgot my ice maker was on so I,opened my my uh freezer here and a bunch,of ice just came pouring out it was,absolutely insane all over the floor,last night at like two in the morning,when I got back home but either way guys,this is my story so uh I got so much,stuff coming up I do have a theme park,Im going to I have another Cruise which,Ill be uploading my Vlog videos on this,channel so stay tuned for that anyway,guys thanks for listening I appreciate,love all you guys Ill see you later,take it easy

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