1. DOES CBD REALLY DO ANYTHING? Real Doctor Explains Everything You Need Know About Cannabidiol CBD Oil
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  4. THC vs CBD: Whats In Your Weed?
  5. When You Use CBD Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body
  6. I tried CBD OIL for one year for my ANXIETY – This is what happened.
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DOES CBD REALLY DO ANYTHING? Real Doctor Explains Everything You Need Know About Cannabidiol CBD Oil

CBD – life-changing miracle compound?,Or over-hyped save your money type of product?,I’ll explain.,[music],What is CBD?,Does it get you high?,Are there real health benefits to CBD?,Does it treat cancer?,Chronic pain?,Will it show up on a drug test?,Or is it all just a marketing  gimmick and a waste of money?,Not to worry, today we’re  going to go over all of that.,Hey everyone, I’m Dr. Jordan Wagner.,I’m an emergency room doctor who treats everything  from COVID to gunshot wounds, burns, you name it.,I’ve created this video series to  help answer some of your medical  ,questions and the questions that I get  asked from patients each and every day.,If you find this video helpful,  please do me a favor and subscribe.,CBD, first things first.,What the heck is it?,Shorthand for cannabidiol, CBD is a naturally  ,occurring chemical compound  derived from the cannabis plant.,A safe, non-addictive substance.,CBD is one of more than a  hundred phytocannabinoids,,Unlike its cousin,  delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),  ,which is a major active ingredient in the  cannabis plant, CBD is not psychoactive.,Meaning it won’t get you high.,That’s because CBD and THC act in different ways  ,and on different receptors  in the brain and in our body.,Nowadays CBD is being heavily studied by  ,researchers and scientists for its  significant therapeutic attributes.,So are there health benefits to using CBD?,It seems so.,Contrary to what most people think  ,that CBD is a recent discovery,  CBD, has been around for a while.,First extracted in 1942 by a  Harvard-trained chemist roger Adams,  ,later in 1963 Dr. Raphael Mechoulam,  ,known as the godfather of cannabis research,  first described the chemical structure of CBD.,In the 1980s Dr. Mechoulam and other  researchers found that after a lot of  ,preclinical work in rats and mice, CBD  in fact had anti-epileptic properties.,And around the same time, a small clinical trial  by Brazilian researchers, gave four epileptic  ,patients a daily dose of 200 milligrams  of CBD, while five were given a placebo.,Two of the patients taking CBD showed a remarkable  ,improvement with no convulsions over the  three months they received treatment.,One showed a partial improvement,  and one showed no improvement.,Whereas none of the placebo patients  demonstrated any improvement.,And that was back in the 70s and 80s.,In recent years there have been a ton more studies  ,and anecdotal experiences with  the use of CBD and epilepsy.,So much that recently the FDA approved  the first-ever cannabis-derived  ,medicine for these conditions.,Epidiolex, which does contain CBD.,Beyond epilepsy, CBD is also  commonly used to address anxiety  ,and for patients who suffer  with insomnia, or not sleeping.,One study found that a single  dose of 600 milligrams of CBD  ,decreased anxiety in people  about to give a public speeches.,In addition, people who took  25 milligrams daily of CBD  ,for a month reduced their anxiety and had  a better quality of sleep, and the effect  ,lasted for several months, according to a study  published by The Permanente Journal in 2019.,CBD may also offer an option for  treating different types of chronic pain.,A study from the European Journal of  Pain showed, using an animal model,  ,CBD applied on the skin could help lower  pain and inflammation due to arthritis.,Another study demonstrated the  mechanism by which CBD inhibits  ,inflammatory and neuropathic pain, two of the  most difficult types of chronic pain to treat.,Researchers are also looking at  a receptor located in the brain  ,to learn about the ways that CBD could help  people with neurodegenerative disorders,  ,which are diseases that cause the brain  and nerves to deteriorate over time.,Researchers are studying the  use of CBD oil for treating  ,disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, multiple  sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke.,CBD oil may also reduce the inflammation that  can make neurodegenerative symptoms worse.,More research is needed to fully  understand the effects of CBD oil  ,for neurodegenerative diseases but this is a  major area that scientists are currently studying.,Lastly cancer, some studies have  investigated the role of CBD in preventing  ,cancer cell growth, but research  is still in its early stages.,The National Cancer Institute says that CBD  ,may help alleviate cancer symptoms  and cancer treatment side effects.,However, The National Cancer  Institute doesn’t fully endorse  ,any form of cannabis as a cancer treatment.,The action of CBD that’s promising  for cancer treatment however  ,is its ability to moderate inflammation  and change how our cells reproduce.,There are ton of anecdotal stories out  there from patients who swear by CBD and  ,other phytocannabinoids helping  with combatting their cancers.,If you’d like me to do a follow-up  video just talking about cannabinoids  ,and cancer please let me know in the comments.,Okay, so another question I get  a lot is will it get you high?,And will it show up on a drug test?,Not at all.,As I said before, CBD is  the non-psychoactive portion  ,of the plant, so what that means is you  wont have any THC-like effects in any way.,CBD will not show up in a drug test because  drug tests are not screening for it usually.,However CBD products sometimes may very  well contain THC, so if you’re not sure  ,what you’re taking you can fail a drug test  after taking CBD products if they contain THC.,Is CBD safe?,Some side effects that people report  are nausea, fatigue, and irritability.,CBD can also increase the level in your  blood of the blood thinner coumadin,  ,and it can even raise levels of  certain other medications in your blood  ,by the exact same mechanism  that grapefruit juice does.,So please talk to your doctor about this.,Another significant safety concern with  CBD is that it is primarily marketed  ,and sold as a supplement, or  nutraceutical, not a medication.,Meaning currently the FDA does not regulate  the safety and purity of dietary supplements.,So keep in mind, you cannot know for sure  ,that the product you buy has active  ingredients at the dose listed on the label.,In addition, the product may  contain other unknown elements.,We also don’t know with certainty yet the  most effective therapeutic dose of CBD  ,for any particular medical condition.,Here’s a little bonus fun fact for you,,Did you know that CBD can actually lessen or  neutralize the psychoactive effects of THC?,Depending on how much of  each compound is consumed?,Many people want the health benefits of cannabis  without the high – or with less of a high.,Yes if you have too much THC, CBD can actually  cancel out some level of the high effects of THC.,Alright, a few final thoughts.,If you decide to try CBD, please ensure that  the product has reliable laboratory testing.,And as always talk to your doctor, for no  other reason than to make sure it won’t affect  ,other medications you are taking or other  health conditions you might be treating.,Be smart and don’t fall victim to  some of the marketing gimmicks.,Know what you are buying.,Alright, that’s been a CBD  breakdown, with me Dr. Wagner.,Do you use CBD in your everyday life?,What’s your experience been like?,Do you want me to make a full video  on the endocannabinoid system?,I’d love to hear from you.,Please make sure you subscribe and turn  your bell notifications on right here.,When you do that and hit that like button you let  ,YouTube know that you’d like to  see more videos like this one.,Thank you so much for watching  and stay healthy, my friends.,[music]

We Tried CBD Gummies To See What Happens | Jezebel

I feel like CBD is for people who do not,have a lead plug and cant afford a,psychiatrist I want to try a CVD because,Im a health food store near my,apartment sells it for so much money and,I dont want to buy it so I pitched a,story on trying it for Jezebel and,filled with hate and I also like to get,wavy and weed makes me paranoid so,hopefully this will be a good remedy for,all of this I was picturing like a,monopoly piece these are like I dont,know the size of like a large thumb like,the tip of a large thumb I really,thought of CBD coming in so something,that rich people who love goop and the,wing are into however it comes in this,sort of fancy cigar box which makes me,think that theyre French,[Music],[Music],its like slime kinda you got that sort,of under taste of weed like when you eat,a regular edible marijuana its more,flavorful flavorful than my,antidepressant which I dont you I feel,pretty much the same as I did before,eating the gummy but I also just say a,lot of grits and pork I think so I feel,a little tired from that I feel like my,normal self my normal self I think is,like everything is fine because it has,to be tell if its late,Oh am I just feeling the effects of,something and feel more relaxed and,having a good time or like maybe Im,just having a good time being around all,of here but it could just be like that,dummy I felt a little white outside got,a bagel before different because I,didnt eat thats worse I think that,this is gonna be a video thats,partially about Jezebel Im,understanding how we react to food,because I think it coincided with the,lunch that we just ate,on a daily basis I usually feel very,anxious constant anxiety every second,today Im not feeling anything I do feel,something that sounds like descriptions,of people like almost like when youre,like coming up or something sometimes,edibles I cant really tell if Im high,either event some of them I feel it like,10 minutes after yeah,and I guess like really tell this is,more like I cant really tell its,subtle I mean I feel like slightly,different maybe but I cant tell thats,just because I want this thing to work,it doesnt compare it like most of the,other drafts that Ive done in any way,shape or form however I would actually,like I do feel very relaxed and I would,I would say that it is akin to my SSRI I,did feel like actually pretty tightly,wound and quite angry I do not feel that,way anymore so maybe it is worth it my,arms feel slightly weird they kind of,feel like just lose ya like and its not,like we dont do this at home kids its,not like when you take like MDMA or,whatever and youre like I have to put,my arms over my head haha,this works more than I thought it would,yeah I think for sure,yeah like I want to take the leftover,yeah yeah yeah Im not sure yeah I might,just like stick to my SSRI but I mean,again like obviously it took – oh sorry,this morning and felt rage of now I,dont,maybe I should maybe you could,supplement your SSRI blitz with CBD yeah,it just seems like a little bit like,its more expensive than my SS all right,it seems like a little pricey and so,perhaps in the CBD industry should think,about making its wares more Galit Aryans,so that more people can use them I think,these might be good for people or like,dont want to go like full-on into me or,like that maybe you dont feel like,vaping or having an edible I mean,something like you know feel something,nice coming I definitely think that it,works and I feel like whereas before I,was very Daenerys Targaryen with my rage,now I feel more Cersei where Im very,like sort of removed from the rage and,then therefore I can use it more as the,weapon which is exciting to me,I think it produced my anxiety in,combination with lunch and friendship,and I think that the pain of being alive,is its a permanent condition I must be,with Katie,[Music]

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Erin reviews CBD Gummies in Australia

hi my name is aaron im from insulin co,and today im going to go through some,gummies that i bought here online in,australia and some of the benefits and,pros and cons from buying these gummies,and what i got out of them and friends,as well,out of all these gummies here one of,them actually had a really beneficial,effect for me,while the other two didnt,didnt really help me that much,okay that was actually similar to my,friends i gave these to multiple friends,and again one of them out of these three,was really beneficial and we and they,really liked them,um,and not so much the other two,so one thing you should know about cbd,gummies as well is theyre definitely,not created equal,they have different ingredients in them,and different things different things in,them that will affect you quite,differently,so for example,these ones here were labeled as hemp,gummies,and,uh out of,the three these ones had the least,effect for me and i didnt enjoy them,the most that was actually similar that,was actually the same for the flavor as,well i didnt like the flavor of these,compared to these two as well,these ones here,um,these ones actually got me a bit high,okay and they actually do contain thc,these ones as well as cbd so i took this,and and important to know im not a,regular cannabis user so my tolerance is,quite low but these ones got me high,just one of them one of these little,gummies here was too much for me,these ones here these are my favorite,these ones had high,cbd like a higher amount of way higher,amount of cbd,they tasted the best,and these ones made me feel relaxed i,took them before bed and,i was could easily wind down and go to,sleep i felt rested i felt nice and,thats actually similar to,my friends experience as well or all my,friends experience i gave these to,they again they felt relaxed they felt,nice um they didnt feel high like i did,for these ones,um and again these are for people that,dont regularly use cannabis i did give,these to one person who regularly used,cannabis and he actually enjoyed these,that he really still enjoyed these even,more and of all the ones like out of all,these gummies these the ones that people,really wanted again and really wanted to,keep taking,okay,another thing that another benefit i,really got from these feeling a bit more,relaxed and again they theyre really,not very strong if you just check in,with yourself after taking them,um,youll feel just well i did anyway yeah,as i said feel calm feel clear-headed,i actually took these during work i work,um for myself and i could i felt like i,got a good amount of work done it made,me feel a little bit less anxious i just,felt really nice and calm on these okay,so if youd like more info about where i,actually bought these so im based up in,queensland um these two are actually,delivered a lot faster they came within,a few days but this one took over over a,week or so to get to me,but if youd like some more info about,how to buy these or whats in them etc,you can visit us at insulincode.com.u,and either just put your email in,to one of the,content opt-in boxes,or you can go to our contact us page and,just send us an email with any questions,you might have and well get back to you,you

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THC vs CBD: Whats In Your Weed?

THC vs. CBD překlad by Weedo.cz,Všichni mluví o CBD a THC.,Jedná se o dvě z důležitých chemikálií obsažených v marihuaně,S tím jak se šíři legalizace marihuany po celém světě vyvstává otázka:,Jaký je vlastně rozdíl mezi CBD a THC ?,Uvnitř Vás právě teď pracuje biologický mechanismus, který se jmenuje endokanabinoidní systém,,který pomáhá regulovat vaši náladu, apetit, paměť nebo i vnímání bolesti.,THC a CBD přebírají kontrolu nad tímto systémem.,Toto je chemická struktura THC.,Také známý jako Tetrahydrokanabinol, pokud to chcete odborně.,A toto je chemická struktura CBD, také známého jako Kanabidiol.,Možná jste si přitom všimli, že jejich chemická struktura vypadá téměř identicky.,Mají stejný molekulární vzorec, který je C21H30O2.,A oba mají stejnou molární homtnost 314,45 g/mol,Ale je zde jeden extrémně důležitý strukturální rozdíl.,Kde THC obsahuje cyklický prsten,,CBD obsahuje hydroxilovou skupinu.,A tento rozdíl v biochemii kontroluje zda se cítíte zdrogovaní nebo ne.,Abyste zcela mohli pochopit proč,,musíte se nejdřív něco dozvědět o receptoru CB-1.,Ve vašem nezkouřeném střízlivém těle,,je receptor CB-1stimulován neurotransmitterem,,který se nazývá anandamid.,Ten řídí vznik rozkoše, motivace a stravovací vzorce.,Ve vašem střízlivém těle je anandamid vypuštěn po cvičení.,A způsobuje stav, známý jako runners high.,Struktura THC je natolik podobná anandamidu,,že přesně pasuje do receptoru CB-1 a tak způsobuje, že se cítíte zkouření.,CBD na druhou stranu má odlišný tvar díky hydroxilové skupině,a nezapadá proto do receptoru CB-1,a tím pádem z něj nejste zdrogovaní(zkouření).,Ale CBD se váže na jiné receptory ve vašem endokanabinoidním systému,a ovlivňuje Vás tak jinými způsoby.,Velké vzrušení ohledně CBD se rozbouřilo kolem studie z roku 2011,, ve které bylo několik desítek lidí se sociální fóbií požádáno,aby vystoupili a mluvili před početným publikem.,Někteří dostali CBD a někteří dostali placebo.,Ti kteří dostali CBD udávali mnohem menší stupeň úzkosti,Existuje také velké množství studií na zvířatech,které prokazují protiúzkostlivé a protizánětlivé vlastnosti CBD.,Což vysvětluje proč mnoho lidí tvrdí, že jim cbd pomáhá bojovat s úzkostí a chronickou bolestí.,Výzkumy také ukazují, že THC může u lidí psychické problém zhoršovat.,Zatímco CBD na druhé straně se ukazuje jako pomocník při mírnění psychických problém.,Takže co se stane, když je požijete obě naráz?,Pomocí jedné studie bylo zjištěno, že díky biochemickému tvaru CBD,se může v podstatě navázat i na receptor CB-1 a vypnout ho.,Tento proces je v biochemii známý jako alosterická inhibice.,To znamená, že CBD v podstatě zamezuje THC aby se tak dobře vázalo na receptor CB-1.,A tím pádem snižuje pocit intoxikace.,Pokud vaporizujete marihuanu s 25% THC,a 0,1% CBD budete se cítit intoxikovaně.,Protože THC se naváže na receptor CB-1 pouze s minimální tlumícím efektem CBD.,Pokud užijete marihuanu s 25% THC a 12% CBD,tak začne toto množství CBD již omezovat působení THC na receptor CB-1.,Sníží se tak efekt THC a vy budete méně intoxikováni.,V zemích kde se marihuana legálně prodává budou,pravděpodobně uvádět kolik procent THC a CBD produkt obsahuje.,To vám pomůže pochopit efektu, které bude mít daný produkt na vaše tělo.,Závěrem lze říci, že THC je chemická sloučenina obsažená v marihuaně, která vás uvede do stavu high.,CBD je odlišná chemikálie nacházející se v marihuaně,,která vás nepřivede do stavu intoxikace, ale může ovlivnit vaše tělo i mysl,způsoby, které jsou méně vědomé.,Je tu toho ještě mnoho k pochopení ohledně obou sloučenin.,S tím jak stále více států USA a zemí po celém světě,legalizuje marihuanu, můžeme doufat ve zvýšení počtu odborných prací, které odkryjí více detailů o tom, jak nás tyto chemikálie ovlivňují.,Protože marihuana je nyní v Kanadě legální, vytvořili jsme nový seriál Zkouřená věda.,Ve kterém zhulíme komiky, kteří pak vysvětlují komplexní vědecké koncepty.

When You Use CBD Every Day, This Is What Happens To Your Body

If you use CBD every day, youll definitely see some changes, but they may not be exactly,what youd expect. Yes, CBD is responsible for a few health benefits, but that doesnt,mean its going to cure all your ailments. This is everything that happens to your body,when you use CBD regularly.,One of the most common reasons people start to use CBD is to manage pain. According to,a 2017 study,,”[The] utilization of cannabis for pain can be traced back to ancient Chinese texts, dating,to 2900 B.C.”,”CBD comes from Cannabis Sativa, which is the plant from which we get marijuana.”,Thanks to the bodys endocannabinoid system, CBD is able to relieve pain by attaching to,the cannabinoid receptors in your body and reducing inflammation.,Of course, that isnt to say that ingesting CBD in oil, gummies, or even muscle rubs will,immediately take your pain away. Users and physicians often report that pain is reduced,generally and gradually, not in a burst as one might expect from opiate drugs.,If you use CBD every day, its fairly likely that your chronic pain will be reduced, which,makes CBD a viable natural alternative to pain relievers for many people.,CBD products are often used to treat anxiety. According to a 2015 study, CBD was able to,effectively reduce behaviors related to generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic,stress disorder, and obsessive–compulsive disorder, among others.,As Junella Chin, an osteopathic physician and medical cannabis expert told Health,,”[CBD] tells your body to calm down and reminds you that youre safe. It mellows out the nervous,system so youre not in a heightened fight or flight response.”,If you use CBD every day, youll likely find that you are less anxious, a potential boon,for the forty million adults who struggle with anxiety in the United States. Although,you shouldnt look to CBD to get rid of your anxiety, it may help manage it.,Depression is “the single largest contributor to global disability” according to the World,Health Organization. In 2015, it was estimated that 300 million people were suffering from,depression.,All hope is not lost, though. Many people have found therapy, medication, and lifestyle,adjustments to be helpful in treating their depression. Others have turned to natural,remedies, such as Saint Johns Wort or Sam E supplements.,According to Healthline, using CBD every day could also be potentially effective in helping,people who are struggling with depression, due to,,”CBDs ability to act on the brains receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates,mood and social behavior.”,While CBD shouldnt be taken in place of antidepressants prescribed by a doctor, using it on a daily,basis could help improve depression symptoms.,CBD is also sometimes used to treat epilepsy. In fact, according to the United States Food,and Drug Administration, the government approved a CBD drug called Epidiolex as treatment for,people with two kinds of epileptic seizure disorders: Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut,syndrome.,Research has also shown that CBD may be effective in treating Angelman syndrome, a congenital,disorder that is particularly resistant to traditional epilepsy medication. Ben Philpot,,a cell biology and physiology professor and associate director of UNC Chapel Hills Neuroscience,Center explained to ScienceDaily,,”There is an unmet need for better treatments for kids with Angelman syndrome to help them,live fuller lives and to aid their families and caregivers. Our results show CBD could,help the medical community safely meet this need.”,Although useful in treating cancer, chemotherapy tends to make people feel awful and causes,certain stomach problems. Fortunately, according to Healthline, CBD,,”[May] help reduce chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, which are among the most common,chemotherapy-related side effects for those with cancer.”,In fact, a 2010 study discovered that “orally administered synthetic cannabinoids” were,actually better than “dopamine receptor antagonists” in fighting and inhibiting chemotherapy-induced,nausea and vomiting. Thats a huge discovery for cancer patients.,Even if you arent undergoing chemotherapy, daily CBD could help keep nausea at bay.,While there is still no known cure for cancer, there are many scientific advances being made,in the field. Its an urgent need. In just 2020, it is estimated that there will be one,point eight million new cases of cancer and more than six hundred thousand deaths in the,United States alone.,That makes any cancer prevention tactic seriously important. And, as it turns out, using CBD,every day may just help reduce your risk for certain cancers. According to a study from,the California Pacific Medical Center, CBD is the first nontoxic substance that has the,ability to,,”…decrease Id-1 expression in metastatic breast cancer cells.”,Basically, CBD caused breast cancer cells to die during scientific observation. This,doesnt mean that CBD will stop people from getting cancer, but it may just reduce the,risk of certain cancers.,One of the most common yet frustrating conditions that many adults struggle with is acne. What,might start out as teenage pimples can quickly turn into hormonal or cystic acne with no,apparent cure.,While there are a lot of topical and oral treatments for adult acne, everyone is different.,Some people desiring a more natural approach to treating acne may find that using CBD every,day is the way to go.,One 2014 study uncovered that, due to CBDs “lipostatic, antiproliferative, and anti-inflammatory,effects,” it has the potential to be used as a treatment for acne. According to the,International Dermal Institute,,”Between 40 and 55 percent of the adult population age 20 to 40 are diagnosed with low grade,,persistent acne and oily skin.”,Now, that isnt to say that using CBD orally or topically will always heal acne breakouts,,but it has been proven to help because of its anti-inflammatory properties.,Its not uncommon for adults to feel stomach pain or discomfort in their daily lives. But,,according to Fox News,,”74 percent of Americans are living with digestive symptoms like diarrhea, gas, bloating and,abdominal pain.”,That means there are a lot of people who currently struggle with digestive issues, and using,CBD products every day may actually be able to help with that. Often, digestive issues,could be a sign that something more serious is going on within your body, so youll definitely,want to consult your doctor. Still, CBD may help with the symptoms.,In fact, a 2017 study stated the positive impact CBD had on, quote, “gastrointestinal,motility inflammation and immunity,” as well as “intestinal and gastric acid secretion,”,and even “appetite control.”,CBD can help with a whole host of digestive problems so if you, like 74 percent of Americans,,are struggling with stomach issues, you may want to consider using CBD daily.,Not getting enough sleep, or having poor sleep quality can be damaging to your health. In,fact, a lack of sleep can actually hurt your immune system and, if youre already sick,,it can make it harder to get better.,Obviously, sleep is important, but a lot of adults arent getting enough. According to,a report by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, quote, “one in four Americans,develop insomnia each year.” But, could using CBD every day really help you sleep better?,Well, it depends on how much you take.,Ethan Russo, neurologist, scientist, and the director of research and development at the,International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, told HuffPost that while CBD may make you,sleepy, its usually because of other compounds in the product. He explained,,”At extreme doses, CBD may be sleep-inducing, but its a misconception that it does that,at low or moderate doses. Some preparations of CBD are often associated with high levels,of another compound called myrcene and that is sedating, but this creates a misconception,that CBD is sedating.”,Having high blood pressure may be c

I tried CBD OIL for one year for my ANXIETY – This is what happened.

Ive had about 10 years or more actually,worth of anxiety and it sucks it really,sucks on my channel I talk a lot about,different strategies that Ive utilized,and that they utilize with my clients on,how to naturally reduce and get rid of,your anxiety one of them I want to talk,about today is simple or CBD and its,something that Ive been using for about,a year today Im gonna be sharing my,whole experience with CBD / hemp oil,over the past year so you know what to,expect and you can decide if you want to,use it for your anxiety – my name is,autumn and Im a certified clinical,nutritionist with a very extensive,history of anxiety I say it in a,laughing matter right now like Im,smiling while talking about it but its,actually been pretty debilitating over,the past more than ten years at this,point now and honestly I think Ive,always suffered from some sort of,anxiety and I dont like to say Im an,anxious person because as Ive known now,Im able to successfully reduce it and,even some days totally get rid of it but,rather I have experienced anxiety from a,really young age and unfortunately I,think its something that were dealing,with more and more often now which Im,going to be coming out with a video seen,on that perfect storm on how its not,just one thing that causes anxiety and,how we arent just born anxious but,there are ways to actually reduce it and,there are things that are causing it but,for right now Im sharing my whole,experience for the past year with just,CBD oil period okay so basically what,CVD / hemp oil does is it works on,decreasing your sympathetic response so,in our body we have these two responses,its either parasympathetic which is,that rest and restore type of mode and,then theres sympathetic and thats like,fight-or-flight mode and something that,I think people dont realize about,fight-or-flight mode is that you dont,necessarily have to be emotionally,stressed in order to be in that,fight-or-flight mode like most people,would be like I dont know like Im good,Im not stressed or Im not experiencing,stress okay but theres still chemical,and physical stressors though what about,too much exercise or too little sleep or,maybe pollution or toxins in your,environment theres a lot of things that,cause our body to be in a stress State,even eating too often which I talked,about with this video and most people do,- our environment our food choices all,of these factors tend to be stuck in the,sympathetic state which means up youre,in fight or flight mode so what happens,when youre in this sympathetic state it,makes it so that your body actually,shuts off blood flow to your GI tract,and your fertility organs and instead,shuttles it to your muscles and your,brain in your heart because those are,what your body thinks it means to get,out of like that fast quick scary,situation and thats what results in us,feeling anxious so in order to truly,heal you need to switch your body from,that sympathetic mode and get it into,parasympathetic rest and restore mode,thatll help to shuttle that blood flow,back to your GI tract back to your,fertility organs in fact if you do,suffer from any issues with your GI,tract or even your fertility organs and,this is something you definitely need to,be listening to so thats why I tried,him well I did a lot of things in the,past year to really help with decreasing,my anxiety not saying this is a cure-all,but I do want to share my experience,with hemp oil for the past year and if,youre interested in the other things I,did in addition to hemp oil to help heal,my anxiety just let me know in the,comments below and Ill make a video,about that so I said I made a lot of,changes progressively over time one of,them being switching from walking to,running which talked about in this video,and this was just one of the changes I,made so first thing you need to know CBD,oil or hemp oil is not going to get you,high unless youre using one with a THC,base youre not going to get high with,hemp oil I know thats a concern for a,lot of people but dont worry about it,with it just make sure that youre,getting it from a reputable source this,is the brand I use and there are a lot,of bad products out there it is a,booming industry I believe I just read a,stat but its a billion-dollar industry,right now and its projected to be like a,twenty five billion dollar industry by,2022 that just shows you how many of us,are stressed out the way that you use,hemp oil or at least this specific one,because there are different types you,can use its a pump so its like a spray,bottle though the serving size is four,pumps now I about actually Ive been,using it yeah for about a year uh no,longer than that and about a year and a,half actually anyway so about a youre,gonna have maybe even two years ago,cant really quite remember my anxiety,was so bad I was in a bad place I was in,a very stressful work environment I was,not sleeping I was working out too much,theres so many factors going on that,just made me an anxious rep my,self-esteem was really low my confidence,was really low I always was feeling,bloated from that lack of blood flow,that was going to my GI tract I just,wasnt feeling good it was terrible it,was awful I needed you something about,it thats when I was making all those,other changes as well and thats also,when I introduced hemp oil so at that,time I was using a lot more than they,like recommended dosage or hemp oil,because I was so stressed I needed,something to help bring myself back to,that parasite heresy but that I state,right then but also know this is not to,be used as a crutch,in a cure-all is there something thats,helpful but any I was using four pumps,in the morning and either two or three,pumps at night depending on how stressed,I was that I which is a lot and then I,would even sometimes hes at the middle,of the day if I was just like freaking,out and it did help and heres heres,the thing that I want people to know,its not that its like xanax or,something although Ive ever actually,taken him so I dont really know what it,feels like but from what I understand,medications for anxiety make it so that,it dulls your responses this doesnt,dull your response youre still very,sharp mentally what it does is it helps,to bring you basically from up here on,your sympathetic mode so just a little,lower and that makes it so that your,body is able to actually handle,stressors better instead of like you,know you come across something that your,boss yells at you about some project,that you did wrong or something I dont,know and instead of just reacting and,responding and freaking out youre able,to handle that stress a lot better and,thats really beneficial for anxiety so,thats what is doing and in the,beginning I was using a lot more and it,was helping for that time being but I,was also working on a lot of other,factors helped me to heal my anxiety,like I said walking not over exercising,changing up my diet all these things,that really helped all together to heal,my anxiety because there isnt just one,thing that heals anxiety you need all of,these factors but this really helps the,process showed you like the back part,they see really helps me process so then,as I was working on myself after I had,quit running cold turkey for like six,months and was doing a lot of walking,instead after I made a lot of changes in,my life that just made me happier in,general my anxiety eventually got a lot,lower now a year or a year and a half,later Im only using this at night and,Im only using two pumps at night so my,sympathetic state is a lot lower now,from all these changes Ive made and,this is actually something that I worked,with a lot of my clients on is having,these steps to actually heal your,anxiety and you can check out one of my,client stories right here about that but,its awesome because now Im just down,to two I feel a lot better I dont have,to rely on this really to feel good and,I just use it for the positive benefits,now that come with CBD oil and there are,a lot o

Not Pot CBD Gummies – NEW FLAVORS Review 2020 ????????

are you feeling stressed out and tired,from the way of the world like perhaps,your cat is acting weird whatever lifes,throwing your way I got the solution,its gonna chill you out and make you,feel so much better I know because Ive,already tried it and its completely,legal its not pot the vegan CBD gummy,brand that took the internet by storm,last year still to this day theres a,huge cult following but theyve been out,of stop for a long time and now theyre,back from outer space and theyve got a,bunch of funky new flavors to try out,Ive got three of them here lets take a,test while I tell you all about the CBD,experience and give you a review of,these cool flavors do you hate feeling,anxious and sad then stay tuned because,weve got a show each week that will,help hello television viewers my name is,Nick thank you so much for joining me,once again on my channel for another,review of not pot CBD gummies this time,its the new flavor addition baby plus,new shapes plus other things to talk,about you dont even know whats up Im,juggling like a professional circus,clown before we get started make sure,you give this video a big thumbs up if,you want to see even more installment of,trying Instagram products this is the,playlist where we take home the things,you see heavily advertised on your,Instagram feed and see if they really,work but most importantly if youre new,to my channel I would love to have you,click that subscribe button right down,there that way you never miss new videos,from me I upload at least two new ones,every week weve been getting some new,subscribers joining the Nick Dee crew,and it makes me so happy and excited I,would love to get to 10k like 10,000,subscribers before like the end of the,year if that could happen it would be,great,anyway Im home on a Thursday right now,because thanks coronavirus my office,closed down everybody was sent home,were working remote for like the first,seeable future so thats crazy,this is wild times but Ive got my touch,land hand sanitizer anyway weve got,three flavors of gummies to try here but,maybe Ill just give you the high level,of what is up with not vodka me like I,said theyre vegan they come in this,cute packaging with like these stickers,all around and they talk about how,theyre all-natural they dont have any,bad ingredients in there theyre lab,tested made in the USA and,do not get you high they just work by,supporting your endo can avoid system I,think Im saying that right which helps,control things like stress levels oh and,other bodily things like CVD is good for,supposedly a lot of different health,benefits that are still kind of being,tested and discovered in the research,right now these ones have ten milligrams,of hemp extract per gummy and a hundred,milligrams of l-theanine l-theanine is,another supplement that ive taken in,the past which actually also helps,promote a calming effect so theyve got,a couple ingredients in here that are,supposed to make you feel whos so happy,its so happy so come I feel like Im,such an ancient person that like even,when someones like this will calm you,down they really mean this will bring,you still above average get over it,thats what they say to me everyone even,doctors I also love not pot because as,like a philanthropic venture they try to,D stigmatize hemp and fight against,criminal injustice like nonviolent drug,offenders getting long sentences so,thats why the brand really stuck with,me the original not pot you can see the,video Ill put it there but all of the,gummies were these bear shapes like,little white creamy colored bears and,they only have one flavor strawberry and,then not pop they went out of stock for,like several months and they they sent,an email explaining why it was because,of supply chain problems they couldnt,get a distributor or manufacturer I mean,to get them like a reliable source so,they finally scaled up and found like a,really great manufacturer who was able,to give them a new custom shape and all,these fun funky flavors such as,watermelon ripe and juicy blue raspberry,nostalgic slushy pineapple tropical,vacation dudu green apple crisp and,sweet tart great grown-up grape jelly,people snap this stuff up really fast I,had to sign up for their text message,alerts to get notified when these came,in and went and bought them right away,they are $39.99 per bottle USD so not,inexpensive,however Ive had some sold out flavors,you guys I picked up the blue raspberry,first because I was like ooh nostalgic,slushy I want that and then Im like a,few minutes went by I was like oh,theyre all gonna sell out I should,few more flavors to try of you guys so I,went back on and I got the watermelon,which is another sold-out flavor hi and,then pineapple I love pineapple and I,love tropical flavored things so this,was right up my alley,this was the one thats not sold out,these two are right now but go ahead,Ill put a link to all of it in the,description below ok I think Im gonna,try to flavors now and then give it a,few hours and come back and try it the,third one with you just because I feel,like if I take 3 of cvd gummies Ill get,drowsy but Im definitely in the zone to,feel some relief from my anxiety because,my first round of meetings today via,teleconferencing I always get nervous,before meetings I dont know why so,lets start I feel like I want to start,with a blue slushie I would normally,save my accept most excited one for last,but in this case Im gonna try it for,first just because I want to so I wonder,how the texture and the overall quality,of the product will feel compared to the,previous formula lets open her up push,down to twist woo they look really big,and dark in the bottle ah they smell so,good uh its like a blue slushie like an,icy you would get it the corner store,when youre kid so good I love the smell,suggested use take one gummy per day and,give yourself a hug I never listen to,things so I always do like these are,really delicious gummy so I I remember,my last bottle I would have like two or,three a day sorry like in the morning,and before bed,alrighty heres the gummy itself this,version has a much smoother texture than,the previous one which had almost like a,sugary texture to it these are so cute,theyre like little coin shapes and they,have the not pot logo right on the front,I will say that these are much earlier,to the touch than the previous version,the gummy bears were also oiled like a,lot of gummies are you either stand them,with sugar or you oil them so that they,dont stick together in the jar maybe,these just dont absorb as much oil as,the other ones its like a vegetable oil,usually lets see sunflower oil thats,cute,healthy squeeze squeeze squeeze alright,lets try it out there you go,thats a delicious gummy to me it tastes,like the blue dum-dums you would get at,the bank and its really a nice,delicious candy flavor you do get that,hemp taste out of the tail end of it but,theyve really flavored this in a way,because some hemp like our CBD products,you eat them and it tastes like hemp it,tastes like leaves earthy but what I,love is that they make the initial like,chewing and so on experience so sweet,and satisfying that you really dont,mind it at all yes definitely I give a,thumbs up to the blue raspberry these,are great now I think we should go to,watermelon which is supposed to taste,ripe and juicy right and juicy why cant,I open anything my teeth I really have,to stop doing that with my teeth because,its starting to hurt as I get closer to,30 my teeth are like maybe dont use us,as a socket wrench just because you feel,like it respect us were bones anyway,lets open her up this is the juicy,watermelon flavor mmm that smells good,its familiar to me mmm oh it kind of,smells like strawberry now and later do,you know what now and laters are are,they in every country please let me know,in the comments I love now and laters,Im speaking of hurting your teeth,theyre so hard to chew not like these,though lets look at them in the,container oo

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