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Funimation Review 2022: Stream Anime w/ a Funimation Subscription!

today im going to be talking about all,things anime with funimation stay tuned,[Music],alrighty everyone thank you for tuning,in my name is matt and i am the host of,shall i stream it today im going to be,talking about the anime streaming,service funimation if you like this,video as were going along make sure to,give it a like also subscribe to this,youtube channel for all things streaming,i will have chapter times in the,description down below if you want to,skip ahead to anything but without,further ado lets go ahead and get,started now first off lets go over what,is funimation now funimation has been,around for a super long time they are a,distributor of english dubs of japanese,animation theyve been around since 1994,and theyre based in texas,also happen to offer one of the largest,streaming services specifically,dedicated to anime on funimation youll,find a massive library that has over 10,000 hours of anime show episodes and,movies,uh there is certain content you can,actually watch for free with ads or you,can get a paid subscription to unlock,everything now funimation focuses,specifically on providing dubbed content,or you know content that has english,voice actors dubbing over the original,japanese dialogue as opposed to anime,that just has subtitles with the,original japanese subsequently on their,streaming service there is a big,emphasis on dubbed anime they also have,what they call simul dubs which are,basically dubbed episodes that they,release within weeks of the original,japanese release so if you want to watch,shows like attack on titan you know in,their current season with those dubs,coming out shortly after the japanese,release you can do that with a,funimation subscription now if youre a,fan of anime youve been to anime,conventions youve probably heard of,funimation theyre going to be,a company that has a big presence at,anime conventions they also sell,merchandise through their website like,you know dvds blu-rays as well as,collectibles funko pop figurines,clothing all that stuff now lets get,into what is on funimation now youre,going to find anime both old and new,stuff thats on in the current season,like attack on titan,demon slayer one piece fruits basket how,a realist hero rebuilt the kingdom my,hero academia were also going to find,you know more mainstays of the anime,genre things like cowboy bebop bleach,dragon ball z speed racer afro samurai,black butler mobile suit gundam they,even have some live action shows,those are going to be mostly,adaptations of japanese animation but,some of that includes im a hero mulan,rise of a warrior robo geisha and street,fighter assassins fist ill admit im,just kind of a person whos casually,interested in anime not necessarily an,anime fanatic but this has been a really,great way to introduce myself to the,anime genre ive enjoyed watching shows,like attack on titan,seeing some of the older stuff like,cowboy bebop and marveling at the,weirdness of whatever that show is about,little kittens that live inside banana,peels now a lot of the shows give you,the choice between watching it with the,dub or watching it with subtitles im,complicated so i like to watch it with,the english dub and english subtitles i,was super impressed that a lot of the,dubs have subtitles that actually match,word for word with the english dub,ive noticed on certain shows that ive,watched on netflix for example sometimes,the english subtitles dont match the,english dub,even big shows like squid game that was,like uh you know thats not anime but um,that was a show that i watched where i,was like wait a minute these subtitles,dont match,um so,its uh nice to know that they put that,tlc into their content now lets go over,the different membership types with,funimation,now of course there is that free tier,which i did mention,that lets you watch certain content with,advertising,the free version isnt available on,every version of the app for example on,the apple tv app if,i had to actually have a paid membership,in order to log in,on the fire tv stick uh you know version,of the app that i watched i was able to,get to that free section although once,it went to the ads it was kind of,glitchy and ill also add that a lot of,the content is blocked off um especially,like the currencies and shows there,might be like one or two episodes that,you can watch everything else you have,to be a paid member,so um really that free tier just kind of,gives you a little tiny taste of the app,and the things do go a lot smoother when,you have a paid membership now as far as,their paid membership tiers they have,three different options the first one is,going to be the premium membership that,is either going to be 5.99 per month or,59.99 per year with that you unlock the,full library of content from funimation,including the currencies and shows,without any advertising whatsoever,and this membership allows for two,simultaneous streams per account,the next one is going to be premium plus,that is either 7.99 per month or 79.99,per year,that gives you full access to the,library ad free just as you did with the,premium account but with this you get,five simultaneous streams it allows you,to download content for offline viewing,and you know if youre someone that,likes to go to events they have,member-only events they also have,certain perks for the funimation shop,that includes early access to shop sales,free shipping on orders over twenty,dollars and other members only offers,now the last type of membership this is,you know kind of the,more a fancy membership that is 99.99,per year they call it premium plus ultra,you get all of the benefits of premium,plus except that all orders from the,funimation shop get free shipping not,just the ones over twenty dollars you,also get an annual anniversary gift now,the most recent gift was a funimation,scarf whether or not you think that,makes the extra 20 a year worth it for,the scarf you know is up to you although,i guess if you do make a lot of orders,through the funimation shop having that,free shipping on every order could end,up saving you some money in the long run,now with all three of those paid,memberships you do get a 14 day free,trial,so they give you a pretty generous time,period if you want to check it out,try it out without the advertising get,full access to all of the shows uh that,14-day trial is very nice now lets talk,about funimation versus crunchyroll for,a long time they were the two rival,companies that had the biggest streaming,services addressing the elephant in the,room funimation did recently purchase,crunchyroll,for now they are separate apps,um so they theyre just not technically,rivals anymore but at least for now if,youre deciding if you want to go with,crunchyroll or if you want to go with,funimation ill go through what some of,those differences are between the apps,now funimation you know does focus on,dubbed anime whereas crunchyroll focuses,on subtitled anime one is not,necessarily better than the other it,just kind of comes down to personal,preference funimations plans start at,5.99 per month while crunchyroll start,at 7.99 per month so you do save a,couple of bucks if you go with,funimation over crunchyroll now even,though the content library with,crunchyroll is technically a little bit,larger than the content library with,funimation there are certain shows that,are on one service but not the other,theres kind of nuances between their,different content libraries for example,some shows like the whole dragon ball z,saga and the different shows that,spanned off from that,are only on funimation meanwhile,crunchyroll actually produces some of,their own original content which is,something that funimation does not do so,if you want to watch those crunchyroll,originals you will need that crunchyroll,membership another big difference is,that crunchyroll offers access to,digital manga and english,while funimation does not,meanwhile funimations you know,membership perks like the free shipping,

Crunchyroll and Funimation are now ONE Streaming Service! (Full Details)

its finally happening we got the huge,announcement just now that crunchyroll,and funimation are officially becoming,one anime streaming service and theres,a lot of little details in this that,youre gonna need to know so were gonna,go over everything today,in this video,okay were gonna go over all the details,for this massive merger that just got,announced guys but if youre new to the,channel please consider subscribing also,drop a like on the video all of that,stuff really does help out with the,crazy youtube algorithm thing you would,be doing me a huge solid so im just,gonna read this article that just came,out by crunchyroll but we just got the,massive announcement that funimation and,crunchyroll are officially merging their,streaming services and theres a few,little details in this that were gonna,go over right now as im reading this,huge news anime just powered up,funimation which serves millions of,anime fans in over 52 countries and 10,languages will be unifying under the,crunchy roll brand so funimation and a,few other ones are going to be going,into crunchyroll so if you do not have a,crunchyroll account pay attention,because were going to go over what,theyre going to talk about here this,move will include funimation subsidiary,wakanim as well as crunchyrolls verve to,create one subscription service for our,anime fans worldwide so everything we,just mentioned including verve,everything funimation is going into,crunchyroll all of the other anime,streaming services will be in the,crunchyroll premium account subscription,what does this mean this means all your,anime all on one platform starting today,tons of shows and movies from funimation,and walking in will be arriving on,crunchyroll so youll get more dubs more,subs more everything that includes,titles available now like my hero,academia tokyo ghoul and you haka show,along favorites like cowboy bebop,mushoka tensei jobless reincarnation all,under one subscription and then they put,a list out of everything thats gonna be,available but crunchyroll funimation,verve and walking him all under,crunchyroll so if you do not have a,crunch you roll a cow theyre about to,go over exactly what you need to do this,also means new series in the upcoming,spring season the biggest on record stay,tuned and beyond will only stream on,crunchyroll moving forward funimation,will only add new episodes of continuing,series which means funimation users will,want to move to a crunchyroll account as,soon as possible so if you guys do not,own a crunchyroll premium account but,just own funimation verve or walking you,are going to want to move over to,crunchyroll asap thats why now as a,welcome to new crunchyroll family,funimation wacom and verve subscribers,get a special deal for 60 days of,crunchyroll premium free over the next,few days qualified funimation walking,them and verb subscribers will receive,an email with a unique link to redeem so,youre going to get an email if you do,not own a crunchyroll premium account,but rather funimation reverb that is,going to allow you to get 60 free days,for a crunchyroll premium account,because as soon as possible they are,trying to get all this content under,crunchyrolls brand so all of these,other streaming services will no longer,exist very soon so again i will repeat,if you do not own a crunchyroll premium,account get online now and get one and,get all of your stuff all on one because,if you want to continue watching anime,like you do if you do not own a,crunchyroll premium account you are,going to want to get one very soon and,you will get an email and you can redeem,it for 60 free days but everything just,to repeat everything is going on to,crunchyrolls premium account which is a,huge deal and i will link this article,down in the description below guys so if,you want to read it yourself and just,get like a firmer grasp on exactly,whats going on again this article that,im reading the link will be in the,description price wise lets talk about,that for a second there is no news on if,any price changes are happening as of,right now funimation and crunchyroll,have very similar prices for their,premium account but we do not have any,information on price changes we dont,have any like exact date to which this,is happening all we know is that they,are giving you a 60 free day,subscription to crunchyroll in order in,that time for them to get all the,content onto crunchyroll and for you to,make a crunchyroll account this is a,huge deal and if you guys have friends,or family or whatever that have just,funimation reverb let them know about,this send them this video so they know,exactly what to do in order to continue,their anime watching experience with,these streaming services all of it is,going to be on crunchyroll guys this is,a huge deal if you have any further,questions down in the comment section,below just let me know and i will get to,you as soon as possible this is huge and,i its kind of blowing my mind its,crazy okay drop a like on the video that,would really help out im gonna get out,of here peace,you

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Funimation Review 2021

Hello everyone todays video is  going to be a little bit different.  ,If youre into anime youre  going to want to stick around!,Okay folks so today were going to be  taking a look at the Funimation app  ,and this is basically an app all about Japanese  anime so if youre into anime this is going to be  ,an app thats probably going to be interesting to  you. Now according to Wikipedia it is an American  ,company and they specialize in the dubbing and  distribution of east Asian media specifically  ,Japanese anime. So were going to go ahead and  get into the app. Im going to review it like  ,I do all the other video apps that I review  again this is going to be on a Roku device.,Before we get started be sure  you hit the thumbs up button.  ,It helps others find quality content on YouTube.  ,Click on subscribe and then click the bell so  you get notified any time we add new content.,So were going to be reviewing the free version  of the app today and its going to have some  ,limitations. Theres going to be certain content  that you cant access and it is also ad supported.  ,Now here are the plans that are available.  We have a premium plan, a premium plus plan,  ,and a premium plus ultra plan and here you can  see the pricing and you can also see what is  ,included in each one of those plans. You can also  find this information on the website as well.,So here we are on a Roku device weve already  created a free account and weve logged in.  ,As you can see it has a home  screen here its very similar to  ,other video streaming apps. We  have a menu on the left hand side  ,we can see we have different categories here.  ,Next were going to have the my queue section.  ,Currently our queue is empty. Here you can  queue up things that you would like to watch.  ,We also have a recently watched area.,We have recently added shows  ,and we can sort this in various ways.  ,Next we can drill down by genre.,These are going to be simulcast programs.,Thats an interesting area and then  we have the my library section.,Next well get into the search here  Im going to do my typical search  ,as I do with all the other apps  Im going to search for house.  ,Because this is only anime Im not going to  expect to see a whole lot of results here  ,but you can see I do get a few results.,Next were going to look at the settings  section we can set the default language  ,we have four different options here.,We have a setting for closed  captions and subtitles,Auto play,We can restrict mature content but  we can only do that from the website.,We have our account information  ,and we have information about the app.,The next couple of sections  were just going to have  ,the standard stuff. Privacy policy, terms  of use, and then we can log out as well.,So next we want to take a look at  ,playback controls to see what options  we have when we go into a title.,We can see here we have a description, a rating,  ,we have the format (in this case  1080p), and the release year.,We can add this to our queue  or we can start watching.  ,We can also look at all the other episodes  and if we had more than one season we could  ,also select different seasons. Now as  you can see episode 2 is locked out.  ,We have to be subscribed to a  premium plan in order to access that.  ,Youll see this in various different parts  of the app when you have the free plan.,So now were going to play it back and  were going to see an ad first so this  ,is going to be blurred out. We see that it takes  a little bit of time to load, but not too bad.,So Im going to fast forward  through the ad and Ill pick  ,back up with you when the ad is finished.,So here we can see our content is loading.  We really dont have a whole lot of playback  ,controls if I hit the pause button you  can see that I can restart the title,  ,I can go to the shows page, I can go to the next  episode, I can change the playback language,  ,and add it to the queue from here. Not  really too much else that I can do.,The quality does seem to be fairly good.,Here we have another ad.,I actually skipped ahead to the next  episode which is why Im seeing another ad.,When the playback controls appear  ,you can see the little yellow dots and those are  sections where ads are going to be displayed.,When I look at them at least for this title this  particular show I dont see a whole lot it looks  ,like an ad at the beginning and then three  different ads during the course of the title.,Its not horrible.,Again the quality looks to be really good.,It seems to load up reasonably fast.,For this particular type of content I  think the playback controls are adequate.,Overall if youre into anime this is a  really good app I recommend you check it out.,If you like this video please give it a  thumbs up! It helps others find quality  ,content on YouTube and we really appreciate it.  ,Click on subscribe and then click the bell to get  notified whenever new content is added! As always  ,comments questions and suggestions for welcome  below and we thank you very much for watching!

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Funimation (Switch) Review

ever since the ps3 and xbox 360,game consoles have gotten a lot of,streaming apps so you can watch videos,as well as play games,handheld consoles unfortunately have,gotten the short end of the stick,on a stream not too long ago i talked,about the netflix situation with the,playstation vita,you know that app that never got updated,for the playstation tv,even though netflix swore up and down,they were working on it,the nintendo switch is also in a very,strange situation,we have video streaming apps but not,very,many depending on your region switch,owners can watch content creators and,some tv with the nico nico youtube and,hulu apps,anime has now joined that group with the,people over at funimation,debuting their new app redesign with the,switch version,here is my review of funimation for the,nintendo switch,before we dive into the app itself,funimation is a big anime streaming,service not only,for anime fans but for dub fans,funimation really pushes for multiple,language options and has,a literal ton of dubbed anime for people,who dont want to read subtitles,theyve also got a lot of big name anime,franchises for you to watch,from dragon ball super in one piece to,my hero academia and attack on titan,the first thing you need to know about,the funimation app on the nintendo,switch,is the fact that it is currently only,accessible by,premium subscription members those of,you with free accounts for funimation,will not be able to use it on your,switch,now i think this is for a very specific,reason,funimation for the ps4 has had,widespread issues for a very long time,with the app not registering when you go,from free to premium status,not allowing you to watch anything,without ads just,assuming that youre not a premium,member when you actually are,so to me it makes sense for them to just,not even bother with that and make,everybody be premium only to try to get,rid of that problem,now lets get into design and ui which,is a little different than the other,funimation apps,they will all eventually be like the,switch version but this is kind of,funimations little,testing phase for this new design that,takes away the sidebar of the ps4 app,that had all the options for your q,shows genre and etc replacing it with a,top,menu app so you dont have to go out of,the main screen to see those,options but the coolest thing about this,redesign with this top menu that i found,was the fact that you can actually look,at the schedule to see,when new episodes are coming out day by,day and what shows theyre from,next lets get into features when,streaming video the switch app,doesnt have everything the ps4 has,unfortunately,the ability to actually rate the episode,while youre watching,is missing here and the restart episode,next episode option,seems to be missing at first this can be,accessed while watching an episode in,the ps4 app but here you have to,actually hit the b,button to exit the episode to be able to,access those,options speaking of features lets talk,about the subtitle,toggle turning subtitles on and off is,pretty much,anime app 101 but for some reason the,funimation app,constantly re-enables subtitles every,time i go from one episode to the next,or,one show to the next i cant really say,if this is completely widespread across,everyone but it does it to me every time,the app opens,on all three switch models next lets,talk about performance,one really nice feature is the fact that,the app has touch controls in handheld,mode,but the ui in general feels very laggy,theres a bit of a delay when going from,one option to the next,twice as much lag as you would find on,the ps4 app,thankfully all of this lag disappears,the moment you start streaming a video,which,actually is pretty good quality while,all of the shows have different quality,of animation,unless of course youre watching dragon,ball super and that kind of fluctuates,from episode to episode,the actual video quality is right on par,with the other console apps,so thats not to say it doesnt have any,performance issues or,error messages i do get a little unable,to load video message from time to time,mostly when i let the app idle for a,really long time or go back to the home,menu for a few minutes before going,back into funimation thats all ive got,to say about performance so now lets go,into,battery life on the original model,funimation has a battery range of 4,hours and 26 minutes,up to 5 hours and 33 minutes,on the nintendo switch light it has a,range of 4 hours and,30 minutes up to 5 hours and 38 minutes,and on the redboxer v2 2019 model it has,a range of 5 hours and,56 minutes up to 7 hours and 10 minutes,in conclusion funimation brings anime to,the nintendo switch with a pretty decent,streaming app,now on the downside the app has a few,less features than on other consoles,seems to auto-enable subtitles after,each episode watched and has a ui thats,a little bit,laggy but if youre okay re-disabling,subtitles when swapping episodes,the streaming looks great and gives,switch owners more to stream,past youtube and hulu reviews to go,rates funimation,for the nintendo switch a 7.5 out of 10.,if you have any comments or questions,feel free to leave them below,thanks for watching and have a great day,you

Funimation Premium Account (Should you get it?)

hey whats up weebs today we are going,to discuss if you should purchase a,FUNimation premium account now in the,past we have talked about Verve and,Crunchyroll Premium Accounts if you are,interested in one of those I will leave,the link to that video in the,description below so lets get into if,you should purchase a FUNimation premium,account,this is weed control,okay real quick if you are not yet,please consider subscribing Id really,appreciate it also real quick I have not,made a video in about a week that is,because I have another Channel that I do,called nerd net on that channel we,collect retro video games toys nerdy,things for as cheap as possible we have,live thrifting videos we also do videos,of opening Pokemon cards so if youre,interested in thrifting and garage sales,collecting in general of nerdy cool,things then please consider subscribing,to that channel and if you like anime,and manga,hit that subscribe channel for this one,too I said subscribe Channel I meant,subscribe button you get the point,so to the main point of this video,should you purchase a FUNimation premium,account well I myself recently have,purchased a FUNimation premium account,there are three options for FUNimation,the cheapest one being six dollars a,month and you can stream FUNimation ad,free on two different devices the second,option is eight dollars a month and with,this one you get five different devices,to stream on you get everything that I,mentioned with the first one and you get,exclusive benefits in funimations eShop,so you can purchase all of those Funko,Pops t-shirts pins figures whatever,youre into for a little bit cheaper,so if you are interested in buying cool,we related things then that might be a,good option for you the third option is,a hundred dollars a month and you get,like VIP access at FUNimation events,which are not happening right now so in,my opinion that is not the best option,paying a hundred dollars up front for,the whole year if you got a lot of money,laying around and youre interested in,that sort of thing in the future that,might be an option for you but for me I,chose the eight dollars a month just in,case theres something cool that I,wanted to use for their online shop they,give you a little e-card that you can,actually add to your wallet if you have,an iPhone and when youre checking out,in the FUNimation online store you can,use that to get discounts earlier access,to certain items and things of that,nature so that is pretty cool so like I,said I just recently have myself gotten,a FUNimation account that main reason,being I wanted to watch Wonder egg,priority there are a few exclusives to,FUNimation that might be beneficial if,that is what youre interested in Wonder,egg priority being an exclusive you can,get all of Dragon Ball Z if that is,something that you want to watch which I,know a lot of people do you can also get,the new season of Megalo box Nomad that,is exclusive right now I believe dont,quote me on that two FUNimation but out,of the three services that I use Verve,Crunchyroll and FUNimation toolbox Nomad,is only available on FUNimation if it is,available on other streaming services,feel free to let me know down in the,comment section I would really,appreciate it so the big ticket item and,the main reason a lot of people use,FUNimation is for dubbed anime so if you,are a type of person who likes to watch,anime in English voice acting then,FUNimation is definitely the best option,for you they have simulcasts of specific,new series like my hero Academia a few,others in dub that come out every week,because FUNimation is to my knowledge,the biggest company in America that dubs,anime so for them to have their own,streaming services,and release anime weekly is beneficial,to you,if you like dubbed anime so that would,be a good option for you,to get the FUNimation premium account,another point for FUNimation in my,opinion is their interfaces on both a,phone usage of the app and just on a,home laptop or computer it is,streamlined well its set up and,organized its easy to find exactly what,youre looking for there are certain,things you have to do on your computer,that you cannot do on the app like if,you wanted to watch Wonder egg priority,like I wanted to you have to disable or,enable mature content only on the,computer I was trying to watch it on my,phone and it wouldnt let me I had to,disable the block on mature content for,some reason and it would only allow me,to do it on a computer a little strange,but that was really the only annoyance,that I really saw on their interfaces,themselves so in my opinion,my strong weeb opinion overall,FUNimation is definitely worth it if you,are into any of the things that I,mentioned today now quick recap six,dollars a month for the basic eight,dollars a month for the middle of the,road premium where you get quicker,access and earlier access to things in,their eShop and you can stream it on,more devices or a hundred dollars a,month and you give all of that more,device options and early and VIP access,to FUNimation events overall I think,FUNimation is worth it,in my opinion let me know if you have,used FUNimation for a long time or if,youre thinking about it what your,thoughts are on it Id really appreciate,it,thanks for watching,[Music]

Funimation Yearly Subscription UPDATE! (Crunchyroll)

okay so if you remember last week we,made a couple of videos discussing the,whole funimation merging into,crunchyrolls brand content to sum it,all up in a nutshell the entirety of the,funimation library is transferring and,going to be branded under crunchyroll,meaning crunchyroll is going to be the,number one anime streaming service going,into the future weve talked about it to,death now in two separate videos and i,noticed the number one comment that i am,getting in both videos is about yearly,subscriptions and today in this video i,wanted to talk about that and go over a,few other little more details in this,funimation and crunchyroll situation,that even after a week we have not got,any answers to so,lets get into it,okay so were going to talk more about,the funimation and crunchyroll situation,but guys if this is your first time in,the channel or youve been back a few,times and you have not yet please,consider subscribing to the channel you,would be doing me a huge solid and i,would thank you so very much also drop a,like on the video that really does help,out too okay guys im gonna link both,the other videos that i made on this,situation down in the description below,ones basically an overview of the,entire situation we read an article by,crunchyroll the second one is more,talking about the funimation side of it,and some of the bad,situations that these funimation yearly,subscription buyers have found,themselves in speaking of that i wanted,to kind of touch base on that one more,time i have in my comment sections and,on some other threads on the internet,seeing that if you do email funimation,they will honor your yearly subscription,annual subscription on your new,crunchyroll account how and logistically,long this will take i do not know all i,know is that im seeing comments of,people saying that this is something,that is happening and just like online,people talking about i am seeing that if,you do email the funimation support,email whatever that may be tell them the,situation you bought a yearly,subscription to funimation and you want,to transfer that to crunchyroll as of,right now from what im seeing they are,going to be honoring the yearly,subscription payments over to a brand,new crunchyroll account which you will,have to make you will have to go in,yourself unfortunately make the new,account and you yourself email,funimation in order for them to transfer,everything into this new account are,making this extremely difficult for,people that just recently got funimation,accounts so i understand the frustration,completely luckily there is some light,at the end of the tunnel but,unfortunately with that its going to,take a lot of effort on your part to get,it right when it isnt in fact something,that you did i think they could have,gone about this way,better im not going to sugarcoat it,theyre making you do all the work,because theyre now transferring their,entire library onto another platform,which i think they should have just,allowed logins to be able to be logged,in on onto crunchyroll if they are,completely rebranding and merging with,crunchyroll but that is not,unfortunately how it works you will have,to email them tell them the situation,and they will make it right so a few,other little details that i didnt even,think of funimation has a store where,you can purchase like merchandise funko,pops toys figures dvds blu-rays all,sorts of stuff and as im looking on the,funimation support site one of the,questions is can i use my funimation,gift card to purchase things on the,crunchyroll gift shop you cant use,funimation gift cards on crunchyroll,right now but dont discard them keep,your eyes peeled for future updates at,some point you will be able to use a,funimation gift card on the crunchyroll,store i dont know how many people that,actually affects i dont know how much,shopping was being happened on one side,and its going to the other either the,numbers on that i dont know but right,now you will not be able to use the,funimation gift card on the crunchyroll,store but at some point theyre going to,make updates to where everything if you,had anything funimation related is going,to be able to be used and utilized in,store or streaming service or whatever,it may be just another topic i wanted to,touch on with this another comment im,seeing a lot is is everything going to,be on crunchyroll at some point i have,kind of had like a blanket statement,comment that ive commented back on,everybody saying yes at some point all,of funimation is going to be on,crunchyroll there is no confirmed date,as to when that is officially going to,happen im sure with licensing issues,and just the logistics of like,transferring a massive library of shows,on funimation to crunchyroll server is,not an easy task so theyre going to be,doing this in waves to make it smoother,and a better experience and they dont,crash the site but at some point all,everything that you enjoy on funimation,is going to be on crunchyroll that is,what they are saying right now if,anything changes i have no clue but,thats what theyre saying as of right,now at some point no date confirmed,everything on funimation will be on,crunchyroll again guys i know some of,these things in this situation suck,right now i can totally understand and,feel and see where youre coming from,theyre not giving enough information on,this it is a big deal for people that,are spending their hard-earned money,enjoy their services and having almost a,lack of information and conversation,about it it stinks for the people that,its affecting the most but right now,everything weve talked about in all,three videos now with this is everything,i know and thank you guys so much for,the comments if you did comment saying,had a yearly subscription to funimation,and theyre now honoring it over on,crunchyroll that was really helpful guys,thank you so much and any other further,information if you are just a funimation,user and you get any more info,from the funimation support make sure,down in the comments section below guys,let me know down there and well keep,the conversation going on this i want to,use these videos as a way for people to,get more information about it and the,more conversation that we can have you,know in this comment section on twitter,or wherever is extremely helpful so,again thank you guys so much for all the,comments and all the help with this and,helping other people down in the comment,sections that is greatly appreciated im,going to get out of here drop a like on,the video if any of this was helpful at,all guys okay im gonna get out of here,peace,[Music]

Funimation Review

gday mates hows it going now,Funimation is the dubbing company over,in America for english dubbed anime,however they also have an anime,streaming service available so theres,check it out and see if its worth it,and on the home page right here if you,click on the start your free trial you,will be youll go to another page which,shows you what exactly youre getting so,the free trial is 30 days but if you,scroll down here you can actually see,like a comparison or the different plans,available so theres a free plan or a,premium plan which is six dollars and 59,cents Australian because Im an,Australian so this will be based on the,Australian version of the site so you,can pay per month or you can pay per,year for $65.99 so like all the other,services if you pay per year you are,getting a discount on the on the service,yeah so what is the free version gave,you well the free version gets you the,well the lets you watch the anime on the,service but its a limited selection of,the anime with video ads on the on the,videos you also get HD viewing features,and only one simultaneous stream what a,similar taenia stream is is safe youre,sharing the account with someone if you,have to simultaneous streams going it,means you both have access to the,account at the same time if you only,have one going it means,if someone wants to use the service but,someone else is using it they cant they,have to wait until late that other,person has logged out so yeah thats the,thing now were at the premium version,you get access to the entire range of,anime no ads on the videos you access to,seasonal similar dubbed shows as theyre,coming out and access to the HOH and,early access their home video dubs that,come out the the reason why theres a,distinction with the home video dubs is,because sometimes you know say if,theres an anime like well theres an,anime weve you know nudity or anything,on us sometimes it might be censored in,Japan when it comes out and in the home,video release its not censored so,thats not one of the things also,sometimes they might have to rerecord,lines or something or anything like that,so theres theres thats the reason why,theres a distinction on the premium,version you also get two simultaneous,streams now where can you actually use,the Funimation service where you can use,it in to the US and Canada in the UK in,Ireland in Australia ends in New Zealand,so thats pretty good for if you live in,one of those areas yeah now thats so,thats the I guess the raw content,youre getting with it but lets just,check out what it all looks like so,over here is the homepage of the of the,service when youre logged in the the,big square here is the like the most,recent episode which youve watched over,here is a link to your queue and then,these are the top free shows on the,queue and you can rearrange the enemy on,your queue so its not like sitting,stone or anything you can just put the,top free shows of which you want to,always be like seeing on that on your,homepage up here I should actually,rearrange those around I havent done,that ages the X squares here is there,watching this is just a link to all,shows discovery is like if you want to,find shows that just action shows drama,romance shows you can based on genre and,that sort of thing,down here is all stuff related to,similar shows that are coming out of,this season yeah like here you can just,scroll through them all like that next,up is my Ill show you like I was,talking about my queue before this is,what it looks like yeah pretty much what,you expect you can move them around by,just moving this little thing here like,just move it down the remove button here,obviously removes it from the queue,these zero videos here I dont actually,know what that means because it doesnt,its not its not saying how many,episodes youve watched I know that for,certain,it just I dont know either way it,doesnt affect anything but yeah just,like it says no videos available here as,well but I know thats wrong unknowns,fix that up Funimation yeah,preferences over here is really really,it is really good definitely want to,check that out you can do you can select,if you want all your anime to be to,default to you English or Japanese you,can still change it in the episode but,itll give you the option here you can,select the video quality if you wanted,to always be you know to a high quality,or something toys be set to that you can,click autoplay on or off or restrict me,a mature content subtitle and captioning,settings which is great and glad that,they have this here so you can check you,can click if you wonder your font size,small medium or large if you won there,if you want the subtitles be transparent,or have a border behind it and then and,then the font color thats all thats,really good so its good to have that,there,next up my library now unfortunately,because Im in Australia I cant,actually show you what this is because,its not available in Australia yet but,what I do know what it is and that is,that its over in America or the US if,youre buying a dually that or a blu-ray,from thats licensed by Funimation then,it will come with the code in it and if,you input the code youre all youll,have a digital copy of the anime,available even if youre all if you need,even if you stop paying for the service,which is great,unfortunately I cant actually test that,out because its not available here yet,dont know why but what I can show you,that I do have access to sorry I just,knocked the microphone there but I can,show you what yeah where is it sorry I,can show you how to download episodes to,your phone because they have that as an,option and its great because if you run,youre going camping or something in,your dont have access to Wi-Fi or,mobile signal this is good to have so on,the so you just on the Funimation app,here which Ive got here Ill just start,recording the screen so you can actually,have a good look at it while Im doing,while Im talking so just click on any,show really and Ill just use you know,just go over income theres a slime as,an example just because sorry here we go,okay so when youre on here youll see,that theres these little like arrows,pointing down symbols that means you can,click on it and down it will start,downloading the episode to your device,and when its finished itll have a,little green checkmark here and so shows,that its done now just go back to the,home page and then just click on my,library and then just go on my device,and then Ill shows the seriess which,youve got the shows which youve got,downloaded for episodes click on it and,then Ill show you all the other sides,that yeah youve got downloaded for that,particular show and so thats really,good so Im glad they have that feature,there its a you know might be an,overlooked feature if youre just like,checking the site out I really think,they should actually have it on the,about page of the no back on here they,should have it right there,oh maybe they do do they have it up here,yeah it just says string doesnt say,download yes they said they should have,it theyre saying you know you can,download to your device but yeah anyway,so some featured shows that I think are,worthwhile talking about you know,Funimation has he know my resume Oh,theyve got got and come away,theyve got blood blockade Battlefront,and be on season one and two theyve got,D Grayman all seasons theyve got my,hero academia theyve got assassination,classroom,theyve got you hakusho theyve got,highschool DxD all great shows theyve,got a bunch of more shows as well I,think in total is about 300 plus shows,all around that mark which is a lot of,shows right theres plenty of shows and,they all theyll get theyll continue to,get shows seasonally as more as each,anime season comes out they you know,licensed the shows and stuff so you can,always be guaranteed that theyre going,to get more shows with the service and I,think thats about it for like just the,content of the site in terms of,negatives or things I think it lacks

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