1. Fuzebug Review and Test Outdoors – How Many Mosquitos will it kill overnight? Is Fuzz Bug a scam?
  2. ???? 2021 Review: FuzeBug / BuzzBugg Camping Mosquito Zapper. SCAM ❌ or Real ✔️?
  3. ???? 2021 Review: Best Mosquito Killer Faceoff. Which one will WIN❓
  4. Is Fuze Bug mosquito repellant lamp legit?
  5. Fuzzbug Mosquito Killer reviews! Dont order FuzeBug insect trap until you watch this review!
  6. ???? 2021 Review: OEM FuzeBug / BuzzBugg VS Wish.com Knockoff? Real LifeTesting!
  7. ???? FuzeBug Review – Does This Mosquito Zapper Really Work?! – Fuze Bug Reviews – Honest Reviews

Fuzebug Review and Test Outdoors – How Many Mosquitos will it kill overnight? Is Fuzz Bug a scam?

hey guys welcome to my youtube channel,im scam advisor and finally im making,this video,uh of this real review of flashback,mosquito lamp because finally this item,actually arrived to my house,its been more than one month and you,all been waiting for this and,im also been waiting for this because,its so interesting to see,whether this item is actually working or,not and in this video you will actually,see the real test of this item,because i left it overnight on the in my,backyard,to see how many mosquitoes fastback,actually will kill,and maybe its a scam or a legit product,so youll find all the answered about,fastback in this video,so watch it till then to see the results,of my test by the way here is how the,package of fuzzback looks its pretty,small its like my hand,so the fastback is pretty small too,as you can see its yellow one because,there werent orange ones,left in the stock but anyways this item,works and i will show you how it works,right now,okay so first of all as always lets,look what it says on the package because,as you all know they pretty often say,something too promising in the ads but,when you actually get in the package,with the product you see that,it says completely different things on,the package,and its not what you are looking for so,as you can see its a multifunctional,mosquito lamp,it says that its a mosquito control,plus lightning,also it says that this lamp has two,light modes its a led zapper,its lightweight and its true also its,usb charging and its also true,its waterproof im not sure if its,true because i didnt test it with water,but,anyway also it says its whisper quiet,and thats also true because its pretty,quiet and on the other side it says,pretty,the same thing so we wont repeat them,lets actually check this item to see,how it works so as you can see,this thing has retractable hook on the,top so you can hand it,whatever you want if you click on the,power button then the lamp will light up,and it has pretty decent light by the,way so at least this fastback can be,used as a flashlight like a bonus,also for some reason it has something,like red disco lights but im not sure,that you will use them in order to turn,on the actual bug zopper you need to,click on the next button which is near,to the power and then youll see uv,lights inside of this device,as you can see from the video this,device actually can hit with electricity,if something will go inside of this,lamp but dont be scared because i,didnt feel anything when i touched it,with the spoon by the way this device,has pretty strong battery inside and if,you want to charge fastback you just,need,to use usb cable that comes with the,package,so after i took a look on this device i,decided that i really need to,leave this item overnight and see how,many mosquitoes,and different biting insects this item,actually will kill,and for that purpose i left it on the,big piece of paper so we can see how,many different mosquitoes will,lie around this lamp on the next morning,but the next day,i was pretty disappointed because i,didnt find,even a single bite and mosquito near,this lamp,all that i found was few different bugs,and not even one black fly also there,were several different mosses,and all of these boxes are not hurting,human they,basically useful so when you use fuzzbug,you just damaging the environment,and you hear the nature and youre not,helping anyone at all you just,playing the god and biting insects they,still will annoy you,so i dont think that fastback is a good,purchase,because its just a waste of your money,you can buy this fastback just because,of a,led light because its pretty good but,not because its bugs upper because it,just doesnt make sense,and items like these ones they just,dont attract real mosquitoes,if you want to get rid of biting,mosquitoes you just need to buy,a mosquito killer that works with carbon,dioxide and if you want an example you,can find the link to one of such,mosquito killers in the comments section,of this video i really hope that this,video was helpful,and that you found some useful,information and that you wont fall for,this product scam,because as for me it looks like a scam,its not helping at all and i do not,recommend you to buy this product so,please smash like button on this video,and subscribe to my channel because i,might help you as well,by reviewing different websites and,products i wish you a great summer,and i hope that all biting insects they,just fly away from your gardens that,they wont bother you,the whole year so goodbye to all

???? 2021 Review: FuzeBug / BuzzBugg Camping Mosquito Zapper. SCAM ❌ or Real ✔️?

hey the gadget man here with another,book gadgets and today,were going to be talking about this,fuse bug,little portable battery-powered bug,zapper so three two one,lets get at it,all right guys so this is not a product,that was sent to me,i saw an ad on youtube for this thing,it was a like a major,ad long all kinds of cool stuff in it,and it was called for the fuse bug okay,and i knew it was a scam but i,let myself get scammed because i just,wanted to do a review i went to youtube,to look for other people that had,reviewed this,and i didnt see anybody that had done a,good review on this product,so for your sake i said im gonna let,myself get scammed i know this isnt,real,but i want to test it out because you,guys deserve to know the truth,about the fuse bug okay guys so heres,what it is,um this right here is not got fuse bug,written,anywhere on it and uh im kind of,embarrassed to say that i got scammed,for,60 bucks for this this thing okay,all right now it is a cool little device,and i dont know if,it works i am going to test it out to,see if it does work,but if you look at this box okay,it doesnt say fuse bug on it anywhere,okay nowhere actually i found this,on wish.com for 14 look at there,okay so its not worth 60 bucks not what,i paid for it,um but uh you know it is,i dont know if it does work were gonna,test this baby out so,im gonna test it and im gonna come,back and show you whether this thing,actually works,or it doesnt work im gonna give you,the lowdown on it,and were gonna see if it works so ill,be right back,all right guys so im back with the fuse,bug results,of my two day testing on this thing and,let me tell you right now,i am going to save you some time if you,dont want to watch the rest of this,video,this is a scam no big surprise there i,knew it was but i went ahead,and let myself get scammed because i,wanted to warn you,about this scam out there and the reason,i wanted to warn you,is because these people have put,together a very good,ad that is quite deceptive and will,attract a lot of people and fool a lot,of people and when i saw that ad i said,i know theres a scam,but i want to warn people so i went,ahead and let myself become a willing,victim of this scam,for your sake and i hope you appreciate,it okay guys,let me tell you right now youre looking,at these bugs on the table,after one full night in the forest next,to a lake,where theres a lot of mosquitoes this,is all this thing caught okay theres,maybe two in here that i couldnt get,out but that is all that i got,and not one of these things is,mosquitoes now on the fuse bug ad,and it doesnt matter if its called,fuse bug theres like three or four,different websites i was able to do,research,that have the same exact device right,here and they call them different things,so but on the fuse bug ad its a very,good ad okay so it starts out this nice,story about a college student,that loved to be on the outdoors but was,allergic to mosquito bites,went to the doctor and got the,disappointing news that doctors give,well just dont get bit by mosquitoes,and he wasnt gonna take that lane down,no no no no he was gonna,solve a thousand-year-old or ten,thousand-year-old problem,with mosquitoes and he did research,scientific research,and he discovered the precise frequency,of light that attracts mosquitoes and he,invented the fuse bug,and heres the deal heres the amazing,too good to be true,thing that they said that will get you,and it was this,that if you turn this thing on that it,will kill,all the mosquitoes in a 300 square foot,area in six minutes,thats the claim thats the claim when i,said okay this is a scam because thats,impossible,youre not going to invent it now i mean,they had this,commercial this ad done up good they had,like,awards i mean im surprised they didnt,claim he got the nobel prize peace prize,prize because it was like he got the,academy of psy,international academy a science award,for innovation,and all these things and millions of,people are using this and,a whole bunch of lies okay complete,total lies,okay and uh but i went ahead and bought,it because i wanted to warn you,okay so it does not catch mosquitoes,that is a scam,so do not buy it for that on the other,hand it does actually have some utility,this part of it right here this little,light doesnt do nothing,um it barely even kills bugs tons of,bugs went on it but didnt even kill,them,um i never saw a mosquito attracted to,it but,outside of that it actually is a pretty,good flashlight,okay you see that spot right there at,night,this is probably one of the brightest,flashlights ive ever seen,i mean i buy a lot of headlights and,stuff because i do a lot of stuff,outdoors and this is probably one of the,brightest most concentrated,focal beams at a distance that ive ever,seen in a flashlight,um and so it was really cool i was like,wow if this were a flashlight i would,buy it for a flashlight,because its got this very focused beam,but its got this overshadow here,that lets you walk but at 100 yards this,thing was like,super bright and a very fine focus on,on the trees at 100 yards even 200 yards,it was still bright,okay so thats actually pretty good and,it also doubles as a camping light,because if you just keep pressing the,button here one,two three youve got this nice little,camp light that you can hang up,from a tree limb and in your tent so it,does have some utility,its just the rest of it is kind of,garbage,now i dont know about the solar panel i,didnt actually try that out but if it,could be charged,itd be a nice little camping light its,no good for bug killing but it is good,for a flashlight and for a camping light,so,its not that its completely useless,but the ad claimed,that it would kill all the mosquitoes in,a 300 square foot area in six minutes,and that is a complete total lie and,fabrication,it doesnt even kill mosquitoes as far,as i can tell it did kill some bugs but,no mosquitoes,alright guys well i hope you enjoyed,this video i hope that for your sake,me falling victim to this scam has been,worth it to you,i appreciate it please like subscribe to,my channel until next time this is the,gadget man saying,ill see you later,[Music],[Music],you

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???? 2021 Review: Best Mosquito Killer Faceoff. Which one will WIN❓

hey guys the gadget man here with,nothing but gadgets and today were,gonna have a mosquito killing lamp face,off for you so three two one lets get,at it,[Music],all right guys today i have three,mosquito killing lamps in contention for,place number one for which one works the,best and,in place number one we have the fuse bug,mosquito killer in place number two we,have the electric shock mosquito killing,lamp and in place number three we have,the inhalation mosquito killing trap,all right guys so ive tested all three,of these things put them out in the,field and actually took video of them um,time lapse videos so im going to play,each time lapse video,quickly for you theyre just a few,seconds each so bear with me all right,video number one is the fuse bug,[Music],all right now time for video number two,the electric shock mosquito killing lamp,[Music],all right and now the inhalation,mosquito killing lamp,[Music],okay guys so you saw that each one of,them did attract some bugs but how,effectively did they attract and how,many bugs did they kill all right now i,had them all out at the same place,hanging next to each other so they would,be in the same place and have equal,opportunity well ive already removed,all the bugs from them the fuse bug is,battery powered and the battery in it,lasts six hours so lets see how many,bugs it killed in six hours,boom there we go,um,not counting them but theres about 20,bugs there uh theres some little,beetles some little moths,and uh,thats about it that is all i can see in,there i think theres a couple of ants,there are no mosquitoes in here these,are just random bugs that that were,attracted to the lamp and that is how it,did in six hours in an outdoor,environment where there were ample,uh moths and other things to kill it,killed about 20 bugs okay all right now,how about the electric shock mosquito,killing lamp one two three boom,definitely a significant amount of more,of bugs a lot,bigger moths,and quite a few more bugs here i think,there actually is one mosquito in here,um but thats if there is one thats it,um it the the difference is this only,has a battery that lasts maybe three,hours if its fully charged so in half,the amount of time this caught at least,doubled to triple the amount of bugs so,this one definitely did better but what,about the inhalation device okay guys so,were going to open this up and see,whats in the trap down here,boom,what do we got we got one little black,beetle in there okay,so,clearly in this testing the only one the,one that did the best was this here in,half the amount of time it cost more it,caught more than double the amount of,bugs and in my visual observation this,one actually had a much more power,powerful zap the fuse bug did attract,bugs to it but they did not it did not,kill them as effectively this one here,has a real strong pop to it all right,guys so,no no more wasting time,okay so there is no question that the,this one right here was the number one,most effective at killing bugs the,question is,are any of them valuable to any extent,well the fuse bug claims has,commercial that claims it can clear out,all the mosquitoes in a 600 square foot,area within six minutes it does not kill,any mosquitoes okay the at all,and um this one right here does not have,that claim it actually has an,instruction that says that in a 300,square foot room after running,continuously for three days it will,eliminate all of the bugs in that room,or flying insects okay it actually it is,called a mosquito killing lamp on the,label but the instructions dont say,that so,um theres kind of a deception there,going on it does kill moths and other,bugs that are attracted to light but the,truth is guys as i said in my other,videos mosquitoes are not attracted to,light they are attracted to heat body,heat okay so no mosquito device that is,based on light attraction will work on,mosquitoes regardless of what frequency,it is do not listen to those commercials,but this one here actually did kill a,lot more bugs and if it was powered all,night long it probably would have been,three times that amount of bugs and in,my visual observation it did seem more,powerful and more effective at killing,the bugs that landed on it this one,right here guys this one here is a piece,of junk dont waste your money it,doesnt work at all so just forget it,alright guys i hope you enjoyed this,video if you have please like subscribe,and comment until next time this is the,gadget man saying ill see you later,[Music]

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Is Fuze Bug mosquito repellant lamp legit?

our hot muggy summer means were in the,thick of mosquito season yeah there are,dozens of repellents that you can buy to,protect yourself from the,disease-carrying pests but one product,popping up on facebook feeds claims to,do the trick with no chemicals amy davis,our investigators here checked it out,yeah you know so it looks like it has a,little lamp on the bottom it can be a,lantern but it also repels mosquitoes,the device is called the fuse bug the,small portable lamp claims to attract,the insects and then zap them like a bug,zapper infused bug claims to work,eliminating pests in a 375 square foot,area,summer is for bare feet,jumping on a trampoline and doing,whatever you can to ward off our,unofficial state bird you get mosquito,bites if you go outside without spray,but not everyone likes mosquito sprays,loaded with chemicals including the,person who sent me this email with the,fuse bug product if it really works,game changer online i found positive,fuse bug reviews from reputable papers,in major cities denvers westward and,seattle weekly but below several,paragraphs of praise is fine print these,reviews are actually paid ads designed,to look like news articles strike one we,ordered the product anyway at a 50,percent discount for 39.99,and we took it to harris countys public,health director for mosquito and vector,control we are in the middle of,of our period of high risk for west nile,virus transmission and while chris,frederick makes a living making,mosquitoes disappear he says he wouldnt,use the fuse bug to do it personally i,would save my money and i would stick,with something thats been vetted by a,trusted agency such as the epa,you can also go to the american mosquito,control association website and they,have a lot of good tips as well,something like products with deet or,lemon eucalyptus strike two,[Music],the fuse bug charges with a usb and,claims to offer 20 hours of protection,from a one-hour charge but we charged it,for several hours and when we tried to,turn it on later the same evening it was,dead strike three we plugged it into a,portable battery to see the fuse bug in,action and while it did appear to,attract some bugs the uv light also,attracts beneficial insects like moths,and butterflies,and finally the product has no fuse bug,branding or markings on it not even on,the box it came in and on the wish app,we found what appears to be the same,device but called a camping lantern,mosquito killer for just 15 bucks,that is why this product is out,so the marketing agency responsible for,the facebook ads and all those paid ads,made to look like unbiased reviews,didnt return my call or my email but,late yesterday i did get a response from,fusebug customer support id reached out,to them they said the unit we received,must be faulty and they offered to send,me a refund of 75 of what i paid because,we had purchased three so i was,surprised at that response if you,ordered one go try for the refund,couldnt hurt that was a hard out amy,you gave that a hard out well same exact,product for 15 bucks on wish that we,paid 40 bucks for and they said that it,was 50 off yeah yeah not gonna get away,from you amy,amy thanks

Fuzzbug Mosquito Killer reviews! Dont order FuzeBug insect trap until you watch this review!

hey guys welcome to my youtube channel,this video is very important for those,people who hating mosquitoes and,different insects,because this video will reveal you the,truth how you can get rid of all those,mosquitoes and biting insects,just by one purchase from amazon so,watch this video till the end and youll,find the truth but first of all i want,to talk about,the device called fastback it is very,trendy scene right now,because there are so many ads of this,item,on the internet right now on social,media on google,and different websites and people cant,figure out whether this item is really,working or its another scam,so i ordered this item myself as well,but i didnt order this item from the,official fastback,website which is get fastback.com or,direct fastback.com or something like,that because on that website,the price of this item is something like,40 dollars and i think that on these,websites,this item is overpriced because i,ordered,the same item but from chinese store,zoom and it cost me something like 16,and its a fair price but the real price,is even lower because if you check,alibaba youll see that the real price,of this item is something from five,to six dollars this item will arrive to,my house in three to four weeks so id,recommend you to wait this time,in order to make sure that this item,really worth it or its,some kind of a scam because i will,reveal the real review of fastback,but for now i will reveal some very,important facts about fast bugs that you,really,should know before purchasing this item,first of all you should understand that,this item,is really small and the only way how,this item is trapping,mosquitoes and different insects is by,attracting them with blue light but the,scene is that they already found some,scientific facts about such bugs uppers,and according to what it says in such,studies,out of 13 000 mosquitoes that were,killed with such bug zappers,only 31 will bite in insects,it means that this item basically,doesnt work because,its not the way how you attracting,biting mosquitoes,into the trap because the only way how,you really can attract mosquitoes,is to emit carbon dioxide and,of course these items that cost only,five dollars it cant emit carbon,dioxide so basically the items that i,ordered,i already know that it doesnt work and,it will kill only harmless mosquitoes,unfortunately,so i really do not recommend you to buy,fastback because this item actually,doesnt work i almost sure of it,and i will prove it when this item will,arrive to my house,but for now id recommend you to buy,another item from amazon it works,very similar to fastback but the only,difference is that its attracting,mosquitoes not with light but with,carbon dioxide,so this item will work properly you will,find the link to the amazon page with,this,device that i recommend you to buy in,the comment section of this video please,write in the comments what do you think,about fastback whether you think its a,working item or you think that its some,kind of a scam,and please wait for like three four,weeks until i received this item because,it is very important and maybe i will,save you some money who knows anyways,thanks a lot for watching this video,till then i hope that you found it,helpful,and that you will wait for like three,four weeks until ill receive this item,in order to,see the real i wish you a great day i,hope that mosquitoes wont bother you,this summer,and goodbye to all

???? 2021 Review: OEM FuzeBug / BuzzBugg VS Wish.com Knockoff? Real LifeTesting!

hey the gadget man here with nothing but,gadgets and today were gonna do a fuse,bug mosquito killer face off so three,two one lets get at it,[Music],all right guys well here we go now i did,a review of the fuse bug mosquito killer,a couple of months ago and people really,have enjoyed it but ive had a problem,is that a lot of people claimed that i,did not buy,the device that i tested in that review,from the manufacturer from the fuse bug,website okay a lot of people have tried,to claim that i,bought a knockoff item and thats why it,failed in the testing okay,so before you i have two boxes,one was bought directly from fusebug off,of their website by clicking on the ad,that i saw that took me to their website,and i paid 60 for one of these the other,was bought on wish.com and i paid ten,dollars for it okay guys,okay can you tell which one it is which,one,was bought from the fuse bug,manufacturers website and which one was,bought from wish.com is it this one is,it this one okay all right well lets,look at the devices themselves,okay here we have the devices in front,of you,all right,can you tell which one is which,they look the same they weigh the same,all right which one is the sixty dollar,item okay lets look at the boxes here,i know which one it is because ive,marked them all right but the boxes,lets turn them,okay,which one was sixty dollars which one,was ten dollars,all right i will tell you that,the one on the right is the one that was,purchased directly from fusebug this one,was 10 on wish.com how do we know this,if you look down here you can see some,bugs that are dead inside there okay,also this one has a solar panel and this,one i bought without the solar panel,okay,all right lets look at how they work,this ones got the flashlight here,okay lets look at these two flashlights,okay the lamp,them,dim,flash flash,and the lamps,camping lamps okay,identical operation,okay lets turn them on,all right,and they look the same and when we turn,them on okay so everything on these,things are identical one i paid this one,i paid sixty dollars for this one i paid,ten dollars for the only difference,being this one has a little solar panel,on top and this one doesnt i decided,that that i wasnt going to test that,anyway so i didnt,want to use it because the device the,fuse bug did not do what it claimed to,do all right guys so which one is better,which one is worse do they both work the,same they look the same um but you know,what lets go ahead and test them im,going to put them side by side out in,the field about a meter apart so well,see if they kill any mosquitoes or any,bugs at all so just wait and ill come,back and ill show you how they did,all right guys so im back and ive been,testing these things for a few days here,uh trying to get you some really solid,results on them to tell you which one is,better remember this one here without,the solar panel is the one i bought off,of wish.com and this is the one that i,bought directly from the fuse bug,website from the advertisement that i,clicked on okay,um so,i had a little trouble in testing,actually its kind of a funny thing i,had them out set out for testing and,ill throw a little video up in the,corner here you can see,and the first day that i tested them,this bug came and started eating all the,bugs and it i couldnt tell what it was,but eventually determined it was a katy,dead that was actually eating all the,bugs between them traveling and it,stayed literally all night even into the,morning and it cleaned all the bugs off,after i had um,you know after the batteries died it,cleaned all the bugs off of them and so,um that was not a good test and so the,next night i put it out in the same,location and the same thing happened so,the third night i actually hung them up,from very thin threads uh actually um,spider wire fishing line from a uh,a cord that i extended across the gap,and i hung them up and,there was no nothing that got to them so,that i was able to keep the bugs on them,because every morning i was waking up,and id go out there and test it all the,bugs would be gone and i could watch the,video and see bugs get on them but they,would be gone because itd be picked off,by the katydids so thats kind of,something i did not know about katy did,so hey watch the gadget man learn,something about nature all right so,lets say which one did the best okay so,this im going to show you the video,from the final testing that i did last,night and here is the time lapse video,go,[Music],so,[Music],okay guys so you see there,all right now in that video,the,the fuse bug,light is on the left and the,wish.com,lamp is on the right in the video okay,and so you see that the fuse bug one,that i bought from fuse bug it died,a lot,earlier than the one that i bought,bought off wish.com so im i actually,had a clock running there on that time,lapse and so this one lasted about six,hours and this one lasted about eight,hours give or take a few minutes for,each okay so it did last a couple hours,longer now lets look at the bugs that,they got you can see that they did catch,bugs and you can see on the time lapse,video that they are catching bugs um,try to get some out here,okay so there we go these are the bugs,that the wish.com one killed and this is,the bug that the fuse bugs killed,um theres a couple a little bit larger,moths here but,its almost an equal spread um between,both of them as far as the number of,bugs killed,thats about,now they killed about the same amount of,bugs a couple of theres one larger one,right here,but um thats thats about it not a,whole lot of bugs for a whole lot night,i do live in the country and theres a,lot of bugs here um one thing that you,do not see on here is a mosquito um,theres just none of these are,mosquitoes theyre little mats or,something like that so,neither one of them caught a mosquito uh,they did kill some little moths and some,little tiny black beetles and some,little gnats and things but not one,single mosquito between the two of them,okay guys so um,you know youre what youre seeing is,the live evidence after three days of,testing and,um theres just really no difference,between the,the fuse bug,one as we saw in the unboxing fuse bug,is simply buying,their products off of wish.com or,theyre ordering them directly from,china from the same place that you get,them from wish.com and repackaging them,with a fancy commercial and reselling,them as some kind of awesome product,that was custom and its not it is a,complete total fabrication and a lie,guys this is the wish.com one that i,bought for ten dollars this is the,fusebug.com one that i bought for 60,bucks and there is no detectable,difference between them in function uh,except that the one off of wish.com,lasts for two more hours than the one,off that i bought off of fusebug.com,with the solar panel okay guys so as far,as the flashlight you know if that even,matters to you which it doesnt matter,to me but as far as i mean they have,flashlights and lamps those things work,the same um,guys dont waste your money on the fuse,bug it is is nothing but a scam it does,catch bugs but i would not say enough,bugs to make a difference in any outdoor,environment maybe indoors in a closed,room where theres only a limited amount,of bugs it might help,but in the outdoors environment this is,not enough bugs to change anything okay,so its not going to help outdoors at,all and it is,promoted as a camping light which would,be in the outdoors environment okay guys,so there you go thats the results from,the fusebug versus the wish.com knockoff,face-off winner is,you guys because you watch this video,and youre not gonna get suckered in to,buy any sixty dollar item thats only,worth ten bucks okay guys i hope you,enjoyed this video if you have please,like subscribe and comment until next,time this is the gadget man saying ill,see you later,[Music],you

???? FuzeBug Review – Does This Mosquito Zapper Really Work?! – Fuze Bug Reviews – Honest Reviews

hello and welcome to our fuse bug video,review,fuse bug is not available on amazon,walmart or any other retail stores it,can only be found on the sellers,official website,the link for fuse bugs official seller,website is in the description below,you are not the only one wondering if,fuse bug sap is a scam,you can find all the information you,need in this fuse bug zap review,this is important information for anyone,who hates mosquitoes,fused bug insect zapper has been a,lifesaver to me and many customers who,have used it,did you know that mosquitoes are the,most dangerous animal on earth for,humans,we are more sickened and suffered from,mosquitoes than any other animal,they can transmit the zika virus west,nile virus and other diseases,even though the risk is lower in north,america than elsewhere mosquitoes pose a,significant threat to our health,ask anyone with skeeter syndrome,fuse bug sap is a great option,it is the next generation mosquito,zapper that kills mosquitoes naturally,and effectively without harmful,chemicals,its easy to use and set up anywhere you,need mosquito relief,this device is a summer saver its no,surprise,fuse bugs app is a popular and,rechargeable bug zapper it can be set up,upright or hung from almost anywhere,you can use the micro usb to charge the,battery and zap mosquitoes and bugs,wherever you are,fuse bug zap reviews show that this,device is effective in killing insects,this insect and bug zapper is great for,camping the parks or simply lounging on,your deck on those lovely summer,evenings,you should not cut short these moments,because mosquitoes can invade the fuse,bugs app is a convenient and effective,way to get your summer back,click the link in the description below,to get yours at a discount,fuse bugs app specifications,size 87 by 87 by 125 millimeters power,1.2 watts grid voltage 600 volts battery,capacity 1 200 milliamp hours charging,time four hours battery life three to,six hours,it is portable and rechargeable so you,can hang it anywhere,fuse bug zap doesnt rely on poisonous,chemicals,instead it uses purple leds to attract,bugs and zap them,simply charge the device using micro usb,the led indicator will glow solid red,when the device is charged,charge time four hours,when fully charged the led indicator,will glow solid green,to turn on the device simply turn the,top rotary button,you will hear a click and purple leds,will be on,fuse bug should be placed in the area,you are interested in and left to,operate for at least two hours this will,eliminate any flying insects and,mosquitoes from the area,the device uses purple leds to attract,insects so it is important to reduce,ambient light,too many lights can be distracting,before cleaning make sure that the,device is not in use,to clean the electric coil of mosquitoes,or other debris use the provided brush,wash your hands well after emptying the,bottom shell,avoid using liquid cleaners or metal,objects to clean your device,to avoid shock and injury avoid contact,with liquids,the packaging includes fuse bug zap a,micro usb charging cable a cleaning,brush and an instruction manual to use,bugs app features,fuse bugs next-gen model has many,improvements over the old model,we reviewed all fuse bug sap reviews,they took consumer feedback into,consideration and created a more,efficient product,here are the fuse bug zap features,fuse bug attracts and zaps with purple,leds that attract insects and an,electric coil that powerfully zaps them,you can rest assured that your summer,nights will be bug free,fuse bug zap is 100 safe and contains no,harmful chemicals,it uses purple leds with an electric,coil,dont worry,there is no need to spray toxic,chemicals with pesticides,this device is completely safe,fused bugs app is portable and,rechargeable,the fuse bugs app charges via micro usb,and is small enough to be taken anywhere,enjoy cordless convenience while youre,enjoying buck-free enjoyment on your,deck at the park the beach or campground,stand it or hang it,this device is designed with a loop that,allows it to be set up on any surface,such as a lamp or can be hung from,almost anything,how does it work,fuse bugs app is easy to use,here are the steps to keep your,environment mosquito free,step 1 simply plug fuse bug sap into a,usb power bank or outlet,step 2 place fuse bug where mosquitoes,are likely to gather such as in your,backyard or deck,step three allow fuse bug to do its,magic,fuse bug will immediately trap,mosquitoes and allow you to enjoy a safe,bite-free night step 4 its easy to,clean up,you just need to empty them from the,container and rinse it off,the fuse bug zap is very efficient and,effective,the device emits a purple light which,attracts insects to its center,they are then electrocuted between two,metal grids,fuse bug is very effective in killing,bugs because of its irresistible light,many fuse bugs app reviewers have,positive fuse bug zap testimonials,they are worth a try pros a fuse bug,zap,fuse bug uses premium materials and its,manufacturing to ensure superior,craftsmanship and long-lasting,durability,no hassle refunds you can return your,fused bug product within 30 days of,purchasing it for a full refund,fast delivery have the fuse bug zap,delivered right to your door,it is easy to use and requires almost no,setup,attracts and kills nuisance insects,lasting rechargeable battery,portable compact and easily,transportable,safe and secure with no harmful,chemicals,it is easy to use and clean,kansa fuse bug sap,fuse bugs apps are limited in quantity,fused bugs app cannot be purchased in,retail shops it can only be purchased,online,link in the description below to where,you can get your fuse bug zap at the 50,discount,this is the perfect insect zapper for,modern people,you dont want insects to ruin your mood,you have limited quantities so order,quickly,if your fuse bug zap is not to your,satisfaction the manufacturer offers a,30-day warranty on all purchases,for a full refund or replacement of the,item contact their customer support on,their official website,fuse bug sap is non-toxic and does not,contain any harmful chemicals,it is safe to use around pets and,children,it uses a rechargeable battery and a usb,connection to charge,this means you can plug it into your,phone power bank car or laptop,if you would like to get a fused bugs,app click the link in the description,below it will take you to their official,website with a 50 discount,thanks for watching and have a good day

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