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  2. Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Full Review! The Best Budget Option in 2022?
  3. Samsung Galaxy A13 Review: All You should KNOW!
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  6. Samsung Galaxy A13 Review
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Samsung Galaxy A13 review

Samsung makes is high-end flagships and  mid-rangers, but they also make phones like the  ,Galaxy A13 designed for people on a tighter budget At this kind of price can it still deliver a  ,solid experience, or is it more  of an exercise in frustration? ,I’m Will for GSMArena and let’s  find out in our Galaxy A13 review. ,The entry level Galaxy A13 is not the cheapest  new Samsung you can get right now, but it’s close. ,Here we have the 4G version- there’s also  a 5G one which has a different chipset. ,The phone has a glossy plastic unibody which  isnt flimsy but feels far from premium. ,I wish it was a bit grippier too. The Galaxy A 13s fingerprint reader  ,is integrated with the power button  on the side It’s fast and responsive ,There’s a timeout between unlocks but  that’s not an issue for regular use. ,The screen of the A13 is a 6.6 inch PLS LCD, with  gorilla glass 5 protection, a 1080p resolution, ,and a standard 60Hz refresh rate.,Because it doesnt have a high refresh rate  movement on this display is less smooth  ,than on more premium phones but even beyond  that the pixel response is pretty sluggish  ,and this results in ghosting and  smearing when youre swiping around,Still, this display is ok for the  budget. You don’t get HDR support,  ,and the colors aren’t very  accurate, nor are they adjustable.,But resolution is higher than many  competitors which have 720p screens. ,And brightness is decent for the class- we  measured 500 nits maximum with the manual slider.,Auto brightness is a different story. The  A13 doesn’t have an ambient light sensor  ,and tries to make adjustments by leveraging  the selfie camera. This doesn’t work well. ,The readings don’t come too often,  so it only changes…once in a while. ,A lot of the time it’s simply unresponsive. The chipset of the Galaxy A13 is nothing  ,impressive- in fact it’s probably the  most disappointing aspect of this device.  ,It’s an Exynos 850, built upon an  8nm process, and performance wise,  ,it sits at the bottom of the charts, even in this budget class.  ,The phone struggles in CPU tests, but is  particularly underpowered in the GPU department. ,Even if you don’t care about  gaming, the Galaxy A13 often  ,lags and stutters when performing basic tasks,  and even when navigating the homescreen.,It seems that the Exynos 850’s GPU can’t  really handle the high res 1080p display,  ,and the whole experience suffers for it.,That’s too bad because one of the main  reasons to go for a Galaxy phone at this price  ,is its Samsung software package.  The A13 runs One ui 4.1 core,  ,which provides most of the features you’d  get on the higher end Samsung devices. ,You are missing a few things, such as smart  widgets, edge panels, samsung pay and Bixby.  ,But the heart of the Samsung experience  is here… just a little on the slow side. ,Also, Samsung hasnt said anything specific  about software support down the line ,so we’ll have to see how long  the A13 receives regular updates. ,For audio, the Galaxy A13 has a headphone jack,  and a single bottom firing loudspeaker. It scored  ,just Average on our loudness test. The quality of  the sound is decent overall, but there’s no bass.,And the Galaxy A13 can come with  either 32, 64 or 128 GB of storage,  ,which is easily expandable through microsd cards.,Battery life is quite good on the  Galaxy A13. With a 5000 mAh battery ,it was able to score a 114 hour  endurance rating in our proprietary test.,Charging is nothing impressive though.  There’s support for up to 15 watt charging,  ,but you don’t get an adapter in the box.,Using a 25 watt Samsung charger we were able to  only take the A13 from 0 to 27% in half an hour.,Now on to the cameras. The  Galaxy A13 has a 50MP main cam,  ,a 5MP ultrawide shooter, a 2MP  macro cam, and a depth sensor.,The main cam’s photos come out  at 12.5MP, and they’re solid,  ,especially for a budget phone.  There’s plenty of resolved detail  ,and good sharpness, true to life  colors, and wide enough dynamic range.,Portrait shots come from the main camera  with the help of the depth sensor,  ,but for some reason have an 8MP resolution.  ,These are good, and subject separation is  decent, with just the occasional mistake.,5MP photos from the ultrawide cam are only  okay. You get the desired wide field of view,  ,but these photos are soft and lacking  in detail, with limited dynamic range.,2MP closeups from the macro cam have about the  detail level you’d expect at this resolution,  ,and the fixed focus means that shooting  takes a lot of trial and error.,In low light shots from  the main camera are decent.  ,There’s a good amount of detail, sharpening  isn’t too aggressive, and noise is minimal. ,The biggest issue is the limited dynamic  range- light sources are often blown out  ,and shadows are underdeveloped. And there’s  no night mode available to help things out.,The ultrawide camera struggles a lot in  low light. Shots look quite soft and noisy.,Selfies from the 8MP front facing cam are good.  ,There’s plenty of detail,  and nicely rendered colors.,Videos can be captured in up to 1080p resolution  at 30fps. Footage from the main camera looks good,  ,with plenty of detail and sharpness, true  to life colors, and decent dynamic range.,Video from the ultrawide camera is surprisingly  usable, with a reasonable level of detail.,Unfortunately there is no video  stabilization on the Galaxy A13 at all,  ,and footage can come out quite shaky as a result.,So that’s the Samsung Galaxy  A13. You get solid battery life,  ,and the cameras do a pretty good job too. But the problem is, this phone is just too slow. ,You have the sluggish pixel response of the  display, and then the stutters and hiccups which  ,come up even when performing basic tasks. And on top of it all, the A13 isn’t even  ,THAT cheap. There are quite  a few alternatives available,  ,and we’d recommend looking into those instead.  Thanks for watching and see you on the next one.

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G Full Review! The Best Budget Option in 2022?

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily so ive been using the,samsung galaxy a13 5g for a little while,now and i think overall this is one of,the best budget phones you can buy right,now if you fall into a very specific,category of people its no doubt the,best budget samsung phone on the market,at the moment its the cheapest 5g,capable samsung device too and a better,value option than say the a03 which is,cheaper but in my opinion has too many,sacrifices especially with performance i,think specifically for us folks the a13,5g is also the best budget option since,for smartphone choices overall were,basically stuck with apple samsung and a,couple motorola devices which you guys,know i have some issues with,internationally there are a handful of,other brands that offer dozens of other,great budget phones that are better than,this but here in the states our options,are few and far between i also think,this a13 5g is the best option if you,specifically want a budget phone that,performs well its faster than expected,very capable can handle everything,gaming even and it doesnt feel like a,slower choppier cheaper device however,what this phone packs in performance it,lacks in some other areas like the,camera so its not perfect by any means,but i hope this introduction here at,least sets the groundwork for this phone,and this review and you have some idea,of where im coming from theres a lot,to talk about with this phone i do,really like it but i want to be honest,with its shortcomings too so lets just,go ahead and get right into it and ill,fill you in on everything you need to,know about the samsung galaxy a13 5g,first things first let me just briefly,explain pricing and availability and,with this its actually pretty simple,this phone is basically available,anywhere and everywhere in the u.s its,sold by nearly all the major carriers,and prepaid networks and because of that,theyre all going to be fighting for,your business with special deals zero,dollars a month buy one get one free,unlocked and at its full retail price,the a13 5g is about a 250 phone,worldwide and even if you dont get a,discount i think thats a solid price,for this device if you want to do some,comparison shopping of your own ill,leave some links down below in the video,description to where you can get this,phone at its cheapest current prices,from all the major retailers so check,down there so you dont miss out any,which way you turn though i think youre,gonna find that this is a reasonably,priced device with plenty of opportunity,to save some money if you do end up,buying it i think the first thing youll,notice is that this a13 5g looks and,feels about the same as any other,samsung a series device from the last,two or three years there hasnt been,much of a design or form factor change,with the lower tier a series phones,really since they were first introduced,aside from the selfie camera changing,positions from time to time but,generally speaking this is a device that,doesnt hide the fact that its a budget,phone thick bezels all around obvious,bottom chin and an all plastic build,though actually that rear housing has,changed a little bit the materials to me,feel thicker and sort of sturdier the,whole phone honestly seems to be built,better than some previous a series,devices and the lack of any camera bulge,with that new minimal camera lens setup,makes this phone at least look a little,more modern in the hand its also a very,thin very flat phone which is good since,its still quite a bit big its six and,a half inches thats the screen size so,its a bit of a stretch with one-handed,use mostly with that tall 20×9 aspect,ratio but in general this is still the,same size shape and general form factor,for most a series and samsung devices,that weve seen theres no waterproof,rating here no super strong updated,gorilla glass no wireless charging,either those are all further indications,of this being a budget smartphone but,the few other physical traits that this,phone has are a welcome sight theres a,dual sim an sd card slot on this phone,which is nice to have this a13 5g comes,with 64 gigs of built-in storage which,is double the starting capacity of the,a12 which is helpful you can see the,android and pre-installed apps take up,quite a bit from the start and a dozen,more of my own apps puts this at more,than 40 filled already so throwing in an,sd card is still a must in my opinion,theres also a headphone jack still at,the bottom next to the usbc port and a,fingerprint sensor on the side as well,samsung has gone back and forth with,offering a fingerprint reader on these,budget phones they didnt at one time,then it was placed around back this,setup though for me has been perfect and,the unlocking speed itself is fast its,accurate too i have no issues no,complaints im super glad its on here,overall there are enough physical traits,on this phone and nothing taken away,which is good but if you were expecting,a noticeable refresh from say the a12 or,something significantly nicer than the,a02 or a03 you just arent going to have,that here one of the first major,upgrades you will experience on this a13,though is with the display now the basic,specs and setup are still the same the,size 6.5 inches is big sure and you get,a lot of value there its quite,immersive but weve had that on the a12,and some other a series phones the,resolution unfortunately is still just,1600×720 and on a screen this size i,think youre going to be able to pick,out those pixels nowadays even for a,budget device 720 resolution is a bit,too cheap in my opinion also the display,is once again samsungs pls tft,technology essentially their own version,of lcd which is generally pretty good,relatively colorful fairly bright too i,actually think this phone looks best at,its high or peak brightness you can see,the white balance is better for example,as less of a dull blue hue and even for,lcd outdoor viewing is pretty decent,youre still going to have some off-axis,dimming and with the viewing experience,the weakest points are the darks and,blacks shadowy things on the screen are,almost not viewable sometimes just a,shame but in general its still a decent,viewing experience for what it is the,upgrade though here is that this is now,a 90 hertz adaptive high refresh rate,panel and with that youre gonna get a,slightly faster snappier experience as,you interact with the phone touches are,quicker your scrolls and swipes are,smoother its noticeable for sure and i,think its one of the things on this,phone in particular that makes it feel,fast no its not as noticeable as a 120,hertz screen i can tell the difference,at least but its a mid-level sort of,bump in spec that i think is something,that increases the value of this phone,for sure and is a nice addition that a,lot of people will notice even if they,maybe dont know fully what the feature,is just make sure if you have this phone,that you enable it in settings so you,can enjoy it one thing that samsung just,refuses to upgrade on these budget,phones though is the speaker setup im,fairly confident that this a13 5g has,the same single speaker as every other a,series phone from the last couple of,years and while its good enough theres,no reason why samsung cant just throw,in a secondary speaker in the earpiece,or at least increase the quality with,something better its definitely time,for that,[Music],now like i alluded to at the start of,this video the single biggest reason to,consider this phone in my opinion is its,performance the internal specs this,phone packs allows it to deliver a,smoother faster and more powerful user,experience than any other low-level,a-series phone and im really happy with,how well this phone performs this is all,mainly due to the mediatek demensity 700,5g chipset inside which is not just 5g,capable for network connectivity but a,very capable processor overall for,everything else 5g chipsets in general,are obviously newer more powerful and,while motorola and even

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Samsung Galaxy A13 Review: All You should KNOW!

this is the galaxy a13 and this is of,course about the most recent addition to,the samsungs a series lineup it is,competitively priced at about 180 or 95,000 era here in nigeria making it,samsungs cheapest device of the year,thus far overall the design and build,quality are pretty plain except that it,reminds me of the a32 and nothing really,about this phones design does really,stand out except for looking like the,interstitial from last year but all that,being said is it worth 180,i know you want to find out you want to,find out and so without taking much of,your time,yo guys lets get started,you should expect to find the typical,paperwork out of the package the,smartphone itself wrapped in the same,manner as other samsung devices a sim,ejector tool a usbc cable for charging,and connectivity and a 15 watt charging,brick as you can see here there is no,earpiece no screen protector and no tpu,case for the smartphone,the a13 looks very simple and basic,nothing out of the ordinary that we,havent seen with samsung of course you,wouldnt expect the amount of thought,put into the a53 design here on this,budget device i really do appreciate how,light the smartphone is and how thin it,is im weighing about 195 grams the,thickness is about 8.8 millimeters and,you have no problem handling this,smartphone but be careful you might,mistakenly drop it with how light it,feels,there is this minimalistic feel to this,device mainly because of the plane,design you find at the rear of the,smartphone and also this body is,constructed out of plastic and lacks any,major quarter feature however it,features glass on the front side here,obviously and has gorilla glass 5,protection there are three card slots in,total from this device two for sim cards,and one for the micro sd card slots we,see three cameras at the rear an,additional sensor and a flashlight at,the top left corner of this device at,the bottom of this back we find the,samsung logo we see a volume rocker and,a conveniently fast power button mounted,fingerprint scanner on the right edge,the bottom brings you a usbc connector,downward firing speaker and a 3.5,millimeter headphone jack now the down,firing speaker is also at the bottom,side of the smartphone and the bass,doesnt sound that good but hey thats,what you get for this price point,overall its loud enough but the quality,is meh generally this design feels cheap,and ironically this device is actually,cheap moving over to the display i dont,have much to talk about here you get a,6.6 inch tft lcd display with an,infinitive v design and a 1080p,resolution here you shouldnt expect a,fluid and high refresh rate because you,get just 60 hertz here with this refresh,rate apparently scrolling on animations,wont happen as smoothly as with 90hz,counterparts now clearly there are,several alternatives that are above this,price point with 90 has refresh rates on,the markets right now but the good news,here is that we get full hd resolution,which is fantastic its bright colorful,and crisp as far as this display goes,performance while might seem slowing,compared to other high-end devices its,actually better than the hl from last,year and you get the exynos 850 chipset,on here which is an eight nanometer,chipset this device comes out of the box,with android 12 and one ui 4.1 and also,it performs well for surfing the web and,other basic mobile computing tasks well,because of the low cost feature here you,might not see all the features of your,i4.1 on this device and i know samsungs,dex isnt something you find on every,samsung device out there but these are,some of the things you wont get from,samsungs budget offerings when it comes,to gaming you will be able to play your,standard games at descent speeds but,playing games such as pop g fortnite,bgmi may not happen smoothly and would,likely cause a little bit hitting issue,with this device the hd resolution is,great for streaming netflix and you have,good quality and the chipset on here,coupled with 5000 milliamp hour battery,produces relatively strong performance,relatively memory configurations include,2 gigs or 4 gigs of ram and 32 to 64,gigs of rom expandable with the memory,card slots which is found on here,surprisingly the picture quality on the,galaxy a13 did not really let me down i,had little expectations i mean were,talking about a budget device on here,not that the quality is terrific but it,is pretty much decent for its price at,the right we have a triple camera set up,with a sensor 50 megapixel five,megapixel and two megapixel lenses on,the front side here we find an 8,megapixel selfie camera now daylight,shots with the rear cameras here retain,good amount of detail without bearing,photographs and noise and other,blemishes now the pictures with the,camera the selfie camera on here are,just descent and nothing special in low,least conditions taking a high quality,shot becomes difficult theres no night,mode on here and no optical image,stabilization the video shots here are,full hd in terms of the resolution which,is 1080p 30fps from both the selfie and,the rear cameras while it has accurate,color reproduction and adequate details,it lacks fluidity i believe this,devices strong point is the battery,owned here it packs a 5000mah battery,which provides adequate power for one,and a half days to two days of use,depending on your usage the battery also,supports rapid charging at 25 watts now,out of the box you get a 15 watt charger,included which charges this device in,about two hours from zero to 100.,meanwhile i got my unit here for about,180 or 95 000 naira the samsung galaxy,a13 is definitely a good budget,smartphone and it has all the basics,with good display and a strong battery,and ill recommend this to individuals,who choose extended battery life good,display resolution and decent camera,over,fast performance and sound design the,battery life here is excellent the,cameras and awful compared to other,phones around the same price point and,if you overlook the night mode feature,on here but you can also check out the,best value from money a series right now,here,cli daddy

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Samsung A13 4G/LTE Full Review! No 5G – Just The Basics

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily so this year there are,two budget samsung devices with similar,names the samsung galaxy a13 5g and this,guy the a13 4g lte or plain old a13 as,its shown on the box now having one 5g,version of a phone and one non-5g,version isnt unusual samsung did this,with some phones last year like the a32,their differences go beyond just the,network capabilities actually and they,also tend to release 5g devices in,certain regions like the us for example,and 4g devices in other regions they,dont usually compete but samsung is,selling both the a13 5g and this a13 4g,in the us market this year which is kind,of confusing this whole lineup actually,on the website is atrocious the a12 is,still listed here the a20 which makes no,sense last years a32 someone really,needs to update this sales page but if,youre in the market for a budget,samsung smartphone and 5g isnt a,concern for you i actually think opting,for the regular a13 this 4g lte model is,a good move its the kind of phone i,describe as having just the essentials,youll be saving a good chunk of money,especially if youre buying the phone,unlocked the price difference is,surprisingly wide and youll also wind,up with a device thats still comparable,to its slightly more capable 5g,counterpart if you want just a,side-by-side spec and technical,comparison i already have a dedicated,video on the channel for that and also a,separate review for the a13 5g but for,this video were gonna focus solely on,the a13 4g and im gonna fill you in on,everything you need to know as if this,phone sort of existed by itself in,general i think its a pretty decent,device but like all lower tier samsung a,series phones youll have to have some,realistic expectations with,performancing capabilities for well,under 200 though i still think theres,plenty to like physically this a13 looks,about the same as every other a series,phone though at 6.6 inches its i guess,technically bigger than some of the,others in the lineup but were talking,about a tenth of an inch if youre,wanting some size variety samsung,doesnt really offer that right now but,the big screen on this phone is still a,big perk like most budget phones the,display is surrounded by some noticeable,black bezels the 83 screen to body ratio,isnt awful but youve still got a thick,border surrounding you in the hand this,phone to me feels lighter and slimmer,than its size suggests its a little,more curvy which makes it easier to,handle like i said its still a big,device though youre gonna have to,stretch and maneuver your hand all,around it but it doesnt feel like,youre playing with a brick around back,whats sort of interesting here is,samsung just straight up went with a,totally different material finish and,build compared to the other a series,phones the a13 is a glossy plastic,thats entirely one piece no metal or,aluminum frame and you can see the,difference there with the other a series,phones to me this does make the phone,feel a little cheaper the glossy plastic,gets fingerprints it scratches easily,mine definitely has marks from normal,use already and even though i havent,dropped my phone yet i suspect an,especially unlucky drop might also just,crack the plastic completely you can see,along the sides and edges how the back,cover curves over to meet the edge of,the display like i said no metal frame,and while its curvy and shiny and,appears nice at first glance altogether,this build is just not great and out of,everything to my eyes this is the,cheapest thing about the phone by far,fortunately though samsung didnt cheap,out when it comes to all the extra,physical features so theres dual sim,support and an sd card slot for,expandable storage which is definitely,essential on this phone because most,places will likely be selling the 32 or,64 gig version like i have here and i,think youll need an sd card slot for at,least some of your stored stuff at the,bottom the og headphone jack is still,there if you prefer it and on the side,of the phone a combo power button,fingerprint sensor setup that to be,honest feels a little slow even for this,kind of budget device but i think my,expectations are just a little high it,takes a second to wake and unlock but,its not finicky it doesnt fail or,prompt me to retry ever it just requires,an extra fraction of a second before you,get into the phone as far as the display,the regular a13 in my opinion offers a,pretty good viewing experience for what,it is but depending on your preferences,you may think otherwise the 6.6 inch,screen is a pls lcd panel coming in at,the full hd 2408 by 1080 resolution,cramming in some 400 pixels per inch and,its covered by gorilla glass 5. whats,great about this display first off is,the resolution it doesnt sound like,1080p should even be a talking point but,the a13 5g for example has a 720,resolution screen which at this size,just doesnt look very sharp and some of,motorolas phones also ship with 720p,displays when you have a massive display,like this you need a 1080 resolution,display and this phone checks that box,the pls lcd panel to me is also pretty,good its colorful its bright enough,its no oled though like we used to get,on some of the older cheaper a series,phones i do think samsungs lcd panels,though are built better or maybe,calibrated better than some other budget,devices again motorola comes to mind as,a less bright less colorful looking,display by comparison what you dont get,here though is any high refresh rate but,i also dont think were gonna see that,widespread on sub 200 devices anytime,soon so thats okay that is something,you do get on the a13 5g though to me,all in all the simple screen setup is,more than sufficient and i dont have,any big complaints with the out loud,listening experience this phone has what,i suspect is about the same single,speaker setup thats been inside most,budget samsung phones for likely the,last three or four years now can you use,it to listen to music or watch a video,sure but its not very loud and to me,improving the out loud setup here is a,cheap and easy way to get some added,value on a phone like this so i hope,samsung makes some improvements for the,next a series,[Music],[Music],when it comes to the specs and,performance this is where you need to,sort of evaluate your daily smartphone,needs and also have some realistic,expectations about a device at this,price point now inside this phone is,powered by samsungs own exynos 850,which is kind of an older processor now,it came out in the fall of 2019 and here,are the updated geekbench scores if you,want to do some comparisons obviously,its just a super low level chipset and,paired with either three or four gigs of,ram processing power as a whole is,fairly limited also this is a samsung,device that does run on one ui core but,especially on android 12 i dont really,see that being a net negative you dont,miss out on a whole lot of features and,i doubt most people would know the,difference as far as what this phone can,do jumping from android app to android,app the usual core stuff is perfectly,fine youre gonna see a load screen its,gonna take a fraction of a second to,pull something up but this is a 2022,smartphone from samsung its not,incapable of doing anything sure its,going to lag a bit when you start to,push it some apps do run better than,others on this phone and while four gigs,of ram used to kind of be okay on a,smartphone i found myself closing out of,everything more often just to be safe,though honestly even with dozens of apps,open the phone was able to keep a number,of them current is a device like this,gonna hold up during a very busy work,day i mean maybe it can but this is more,for just folks who need something easy,and simple to talk text and communicate,with friends and family you can look,something up on the web use google maps,watch a youtube video you can game on,this thing too actually once you get,past the initial longer than average,launch screens i would say

Samsung Galaxy A13 Review | One Month Later!

welcome back everyone my name is kevin,and ive been using the samsung galaxy,a13 smartphone for over a month long,enough to confidently bring you my full,review this device brings the 90 hertz,refresh rate feature to samsungs budget,lineup it has kept all of the fan,favorite features and it has a fantastic,5 000 milliamp hour battery everything,from the display quality to the speakers,gaming performance battery life and more,will be addressed and explained now to,start with the galaxy a13 we get revised,aesthetics on the back of the phone,making it a uniform matte finish the,camera modules are now separated and,there are three lenses one less lens,than its predecessor the a12 the lens,that was removed was not the macro lens,it was actually really useful say,goodbye to the ultra wide lens some of,the changes that samsung has made to,this iteration will make it even more,appealing to a wider demographic,including people who are using their,phone for gaming now in the battery life,and in the gaming section of this video,youll see what im talking about as for,the other important features that we,could want on a phone the a13 has you,covered with a dual sim tray that also,has a spot for a micro sd card slot and,the headphone jack is still here taking,a look at the packaging youll see the,a13 box is a lot smaller and this is,because samsung has removed the most,important accessory inclusion the wall,adapter we get the paperwork sim tool,and a usb c to c cable but im really,not happy with samsung for removing the,basics of whats required to charge your,phone now that weve got the worst parts,out of the way lets talk about that,90hz display samsung is using tft,display technology not amoled and that,explains how they got a high refresh,rate on a budget phone that is starting,at this low of a price adaptiveness of,the 90 hertz feature is something that,is very appropriate here in my opinion,because it is a budget phone after all,and itll switch down to 60 hertz to,prevent significant frame drops i have,only good things to say about this,display the colors are really nice the,viewing angles are impressive for a tft,display and the panel is housed really,tightly underneath that glass so there,is no light coming through from the,corners of the phone six and a half,inches at a resolution of,1600×720 gives the galaxy a13 a pixel,density of 270 pixels per inch its,sharp enough to satisfy my requirement,in the price bracket the display has an,aspect ratio of 20×9 which i really like,for watching movies and youtube videos,we have two biometric unlocking methods,here in addition to the regular pin,pattern and passcode the fingerprint,scanner is placed under the power button,and you can scan up to three fingers no,more than three you can see how fast the,scanner is when i actually place my,finger correctly it works best when you,cover the entire sensor and sometimes it,does require a slight lift of the finger,and readjustment to get that scan,perfect so it is not a perfect scanner,and the sensor itself isnt placed in,the ideal spot in my opinion but when,you get used to it its fast the face,registered unlock is straightforward if,you do go with this option i think,youll be very pleased with the speed of,the face unlocking on a whole other note,the carrier compatibility with gsm,networks that i tested was phenomenal,voice quality for calling was good on,both ends and the phone has 5g,capability the data speeds are quite,fast the samsung galaxy a13 was,initially released as a carrier,exclusive in america now of course were,going to see it roll out globally to,countries all over asia africa north,america and europe when i see the device,coming out in countries that i have a,lot of viewers in ill be linking it in,the description of this video alongside,where to buy that samsung fast charger,if you do go for the a13 if youre still,watching my a13 review and youre,following along leave a like on the,video and if you really want to see more,content on this phone let me know in the,comments onto battery life this is,another area where the new a13 is,impressive with my typical daily,smartphone use i end each day with,between 35 to 50 charge left you can,safely expect over 8 hours of screen on,time and im getting even beyond that,with my use im spending more time,playing games on this phone than i,usually do on budget phones because of,that awesome refresh rate i also watch,youtube check emails and social media,and play music aloud on the speakers,often this says a lot about how good the,battery life is considering ive always,kept on the adaptive display mode and i,raised the brightness almost all the way,with no dark mode turned on i do not use,bluetooth very often however mobile data,and wi-fi are always turned on with my,typical day-to-day smartphone use i can,make it through a day and a half with a,single charge now making it to the two,day mark is possible if you dont find,yourself watching a lot of youtube,videos and you dont do a lot of gaming,when it comes to battery life what more,could you ask for the loudspeaker by the,way has seen a minor improvement it now,sounds clearer at full volume and it,gets really loud the exact model that i,have has 64 gigabytes of storage and,four gigs of ram this is the a13 5g that,i purchased from america and had,imported here to canada of course with,my money in the near future we might be,seeing a 4g version that could be aimed,at the asian market particularly india,and if we do see that it would have all,different specifications and it would be,more affordable however the 5g version,of this phone says a lot about the trend,that samsung is following and carrying,on in the future with the a series,devices the budget oriented a13,smartphone has a bigger battery life,than the new s22 and s22 plus instead of,drawing any more comparisons between,this and other galaxy devices i have,decided to make a full dedicated a12,versus a13 head-to-head comparison video,im looking for recommendations from you,as to which phones i should compare the,a13 to after that as well samsung has,shipped this phone with android 11 and,core one ui version 3.1 not to be,confused with the regular full version,of one ui and ill tell you the,differences between what the core,version brings with the a13 in just a,bit i was expecting this to come with,android 12 already but that update is,coming soon and for those curious last,years a12 is also set to get the,android 12 update sometime around june,of this year for the tech enthusiasts,and the mobile gamers this next part is,for you i said earlier some of the,internal changes that samsung made to,this years main budget phone is to make,it have a more enjoyable gaming,experience not only through high refresh,rates but also allowing us to bump up,settings on graphics intensive games,like call of duty mobile pubg and,asphalt 9. asphalt 9 plays smoothly on,high quality visual settings this is the,only app in which i experienced an app,crash and i really believe this is an,isolated incident due to the poor,optimization for the mediatek chipset in,cod mobile we can play medium settings,on high frame rates the game plays nice,there is no overheating and i did not,feel like the device was hindering my,competitiveness in this game the same,can be said about pubg where we can,currently play high frame rates on hd,settings and higher graphics options,will be available in the near future if,developers work on optimization in games,that actually take use of the high,refresh rate mode that the phone has,like old school runescape theres no,problem there either in the gameplay,overall im very happy with the,performance that samsung has brought to,the gaming experience of this phone,considering the price before i get into,the benchmarks and talk more about my,experiences in the day-to-day use when,it comes to the a13s performance i want,to talk about storage expansion now i,mentioned that the a13 has a micro sd,card slot if you want to

Samsung Galaxy A13 Review

The Samsung Galaxy A13 looks  like a great upgrade from the  ,Galaxy A12 in pretty much every way  but there’s just one tiny problem. ,The name’s Izzi and welcome to the  channel. Now let’s get started! ,Samsung is firing on all cylinders this year  with the recent launch of the A series devices,  ,pretty much releasing the entire A series in one  go. I’ve reviewed a few of them and the latest  ,I got my hands on is the Samsung Galaxy A13  which looks really nice as far as design goes. ,Actually this design reminds me more of  the Galaxy A32 from last year thanks to  ,its camera arrangement which we could also say is  similar to the S22 Ultra, but I’m giving credits  ,to the A32 for this design inspiration.  But we’re not talking about design just yet. ,The Samsung Galaxy A13 actually is an upgrade from  the A12 in every way as far as I can tell. I’m  ,talking improvements in not just design but also  display and performance thanks to the Exynos 850  ,which is actually not a new processor. It’s the  same processor on the Galaxy A21s from 2020,  ,and for the A13 this is a good upgrade from the  Helio P35 on its predecessor. We’ll talk more on  ,the processor and performance later. This is actually the A13 4G,  ,different from the A13 5G which packs the  more powerful Dimensity 700. I actually  ,wish we got that one but it is what it is. The Samsung Galaxy A13 comes at the price  ,of 95,000 Naira for the 64GB option, that’s just  about $170 if I’ve done the conversion correctly.  ,There’s also a 128GB option which  costs more, but both have 4GB of RAM. ,Now to the box content we have the  essential accessories except earphones.  ,Thankfully we get a charger, actually a 15 watts  charger, so it gets fast charging. There’s no  ,screen protector nor protective casing here. We still have the headphone jack on the Galaxy A13  ,and all ports and buttons are in the conventional  position. The fingerprint scanner is side mounted  ,as we’ve become accustomed for budget devices. It  works well to unlock the device without issues.  ,There’s just a bottom firing mono  speaker which actually sounds good  ,and doesn’t get distorted at high volumes. Time to take a look at that interesting design  ,on the Samsung Galaxy A13. While it comes in  the same color options as its bigger siblings,  ,its design is more inspired by the older A32  with its individual camera bump. In my opinion  ,this is a much welcome design improvement coming  from the A12 which had a square camera bump. ,It’s a glossy finish on the rear so smudges  should be expected. The Galaxy A13 takes a  ,more rounded design approach on the edges. The  A12 was a more boxy and I’d say slimmer phone ,The design on the A13 is more unibody, there’s  no frame separating the rear from the display. ,Speaking of display we also see a major  upgrade here. The Samsung Galaxy A13’s  ,display is protected with Gorilla Glass 5. I  don’t think there’s any device at this price  ,point with this level of gorilla glass protection,  correct me if I’m wrong. But that’s not all on the  ,display upgrades, it is also a 1080p display, an  upgrade from the 720p display on its predecessor.  ,It is a 6.6 inches PLS TFT display with the  infinity-v design, actually the same display  ,quality as the higher A23. Got to give credits  to Samsung for this one. While it’s not AMOLED,  ,it’s a much desired upgrade from what we had  on the A12, and I don’t think any manufacturer  ,provides AMOLED at this price point. Of all the display upgrades there’s  ,one lacking which would’ve probably  sealed this as the best value offering.  ,It’s sadly a 60hz display, which is actually not  bad if you’re coming from a 60hz device, but we  ,have the likes of the Tecno Spark 8C, Infinix Hot  10T which costs less and has 90hz refresh rates. ,But we could also say those do  not offer the FullHD display and  ,Gorilla glass 5 protection or even software  reliability the Samsung Galaxy A13 provides  ,so I think we can overlook that… Can we? The software on the A13 is Android 12 and  ,Samsung’s latest One UI 4.1 core version. As  of now I think only Samsung has a device at  ,this price point on Android 12. You’ll get  the essential One UI experience on the A13  ,with the exception of some features like  Smart View, Secure Folder, and edge panel.  ,These are features reserved for the higher  devices with the full version of One UI. ,We do get RAM Plus here with the option to  choose between 2 or 4GB for RAM extension.  ,RAM plus is basically the device using from  the available internal memory to support the  ,base RAM. So that’s 4GB of base RAM and 4GB  of virtual RAM for the Samsung Galaxy A13.  ,That should make for improved multi tasking  experience without putting too much strain  ,on the RAM. You’ll need to have enough internal  storage space available for it to work though,  ,so best use an SD card if you’re  getting the 64GB option of the A13. ,The Exynos 850 powering the Samsung Galaxy A13  like I mentioned earlier is a pretty good upgrade  ,from the Helio P35 in pretty much every way. It’s  a more efficient 8nm processor with much better  ,performance. While not as powerful as what the  competition is offering at similar price point,  ,the Snapdragon 680 powered Redmi 10c for  reference, it is still a solid one especially  ,considering that it is powering a very budget  device. The A21s which had the Exynos 850 was  ,actually the best selling Android phone of 2020  so only time will tell if the A13 will be as good. ,Performance wise I’ve had no complaints  whatsoever. For this price point you might  ,want to keep your expectations low when it comes  to gaming. The Galaxy A13 will be able to run some  ,high graphics games like Call of duty at medium  settings and run fine for the most part, but  ,still keep your expectations low, you definitely  can’t expect the best gaming experience at this  ,price point. It has the Mali G52 for its GPU . Battery life on the A13 is actually impressive  ,and you can expect at least a day of use as  its 5000mAh battery is optimised pretty well.  ,It supports 15 watts charging and thankfully  it comes with the 15 watts charger in the box. ,In the camera department not much has changed  except for it main sensor which is now 50MP.  ,It remains a quad rear combination of a 5mp  Ultra-wide, 2MP macro and depth sensors. The  ,selfie camera remains unchanged at 8mp. It takes good pictures for its price and  ,I’d say compared to its predecessor it looks to  have improved in quality. Photos are good looking  ,for its price and as long as you have the right  lighting conditions you will get great results.  ,It doesn’t have night mode so I won’t  recommend using this in low light. ,Selfies look great, not the sharpest but  I’ll say quite good for an 8mp selfie camera. ,On video it is able to shoot up  to 1080p 30 frames per second  ,from both selfie an rear cameras.  No OIS like its higher siblings. ,okay so this is a video on the selfie camera  of the Samsung Galaxy A13, its an 8 megapixel  ,selfie camera and Im currently filming in 1080p  30 frames per second. Let me know what the video  ,is like, and then the microphone quality as  well… looks good from viewfinder though. ,The Samsung Galaxy A13 is a really good upgrade  from the A12 of last year and I can recommend this  ,as a solid device with lovely design, great  build quality, great display for its price  ,and also great software support as this should  easily get 2 to 3 years of major OS upgrades. ,However, for its price, it has to contend with  the Redmi 10C which costs less and is powered  ,by the more powerful Snapdragon 680. Or even  the A22 which is likely to drop in price in the  ,coming weeks since we already have the A23. What are your thoughts on this device? Will  ,you be getting one? Or do you have any questions  about it? Let’s discuss in the comments. ,Don’t forget to give this video a like if it  was helpful and also consider subscribing to  ,the c

Galaxy A13 4G, EXCELENTE custo-benefício ou FALTOU? [Análise/Review]

o Samsung Galaxy a 13 o baratinho,cheirosinho bonitinho ou só um telefone,muito simples lá embaixo na linha A1,[Música],E aí,o,corpinho de plástico tela de 6.2,polegadas,50 Megapixels na câmera e 5.000,miliamperes hora de bateria ouvindo isso,tudo dá para ter várias ótimas,impressões dele logo de cara vou dizer,para vocês sim só que vale a pena não,sim se tiver barato indiscutivelmente,antes de ouvir essa análise um celular,de 600 reais que na verdade custou r$,800 Inclusive tem vários desses que você,acha a venda esses de entrada eles ainda,saem com 3.000 amperes hora de bateria e,alguns com dois e oitocentos de bateria,esse aqui tem 5.000 me avisar de bateria,isso já é um ótimo sinal a câmera de 50,Megapixels não quer dizer absolutamente,nada sobre qualidade de foto mas quero,dizer que o senhor consegue processar um,pouco mais detalhes um pouco mais de luz,então aquela foto simples já vai sair um,pouco menos simples Isso é ótimo EA tela,de 6.6 polegadas quer dizer que apesar,de ser um selo em baixo na linha Ah é um,celular com aquela Ampla e com um,designer moderno Ou seja é um telefone,simples de respeito olhando,superficialmente esses dados então eu te,disse alguma coisa nesse vídeo agora que,ele é lerdo ou que ele é rápido que ele,é bom que ele ruim você pode ignorar e,adaptar essas frases de acordo com o,preço isso aqui como batatinho por si só,pelo que eu falei Nessa entrada se torna,incrível estou aqui por um preço alto,vamos ser justos no dia que tá vendo,esse vídeo e se ela pode tá muito barato,ou muito caro porque ele sabe o,compromisso com seus no Brasil vamos,combinar Olha o preço aí agora que você,tá vendo vídeo e me disse baixou ou se,aumentou combinado e aqui no canal até,que ofertas.com.br nós temos por mil,duzentos mil sem 1079 as ofertas que,apareceram nos últimos dias então assim,as próximas ofertas que vieram devem,seguir desse preço para baixo é a lógica,normal então vou ficar de olho porque,esse aparelho pelo preço certo é,interessante inclusive esse site aqui,acabei de mostrar para vocês é,exatamente a gente fala também se QR,Code aparecendo que ela tem ofertas,Então é isso daqui que você acabou de,ver eu tá aqui é do canaltech oficial,enfim né aplicativo baixo aí link aqui,embaixo de tudo isso vamos para os,pontos de cada parte da análise,[Música],e quando você olha para o Galaxy é 13 A,impressão que dá é que ele é muito,plástico todo de plástico e é isso mesmo,é plástico bem plástico na verdade mas,como o gosto é subjetivo Na minha,opinião Ele parece mais aquela época dos,iPhones 5C exemplo o iPhone 5C é isso,aqui para mim é essa carinha que o a 13,tem que aquele acabamento bem feito,aquele plástico bem acabado logo é,interessante mas apesar de ser plástico,não é um aparelho leve ele tem quase 200,gramas quase da 195 mais ou menos e faz,sentido porque quanto mais bateria mais,pesado mais denso é o que tem aqui,dentro então é faz todo sentido aparelho,básico sensor de impressão digital tem,aqui é aquela pegada que muita gente,odeia ou ama sim mas tudo bem né Melhor,do que colocar um sensor ruim na tela,melhor colocar um certo é bom atrás ou,eu prefiro atrás porque na lateral já o,suficiente funcionando tá ótimo mas na,frente é vidro naturalmente com Gorilla,Glass então a matéria mais resistente e,aqui na minha opinião tem um acerto não,é porque você vai pegar um telefone mais,básico que ele tem que ser uma porcaria,isso aqui é uma tela Amoled não é uma,pls LCD ela é mais simples mas olhando,para ela você não sente raiva você não,sente vacilo você falar cara é uma tela,mais simples honesta Sabe aquela,sensação xiaomi que tem alguns não são,todos que a última vez com aquelas,Horrorosas mas em geral ainda mais a,linha pouco você pega um charme você,olha que ele fala Caraca não lembrava,que LCD tem umas imagens boas de 0 a 10,Que nota você daria daria nota texto,honesto curso é uma tela LCD quando você,olha para ela de frente dá para ver um,pouquinho daquele,vazamento que o deck light tem aquela,dificuldade que a tela a distribuição de,luz exatamente como deveria mas,perfeitamente de boa você vai notar que,LCD mas não vai passar raiva não sendo,bem sincero e essa tela tem um aspecto,8:40 EA resolução não é hd é full HD,um aparelho simples costuma ter a tela,de de menor resolução aqui é o aparelho,mais simples com uma tela ok,interessante com a solução Ok com,Android 12 com o newey 4.1 com 4GB de,Ram e se tem 4GB de Ram quer dizer que,ele tem nesse caso 64 GB de,armazenamento interno para mim não é,exatamente o que eu espero um problema,da faixa de preço dele,128 de armazenamento é o que Eu,esperaria então alguma crítica tem que,ter né mas porque o aparelho mais,simples que ai que lindo Ele é simples,mas ele é bom ele é simples mas não é,ruim tudo isso é verdade só que 4GB de,Ram mínimo porque não 128 já é o ideal,LED armazenamento hoje do jeito que ele,tá já tá com trinta por cento usado aqui,não tem absolutamente nada além do,mínimo para configurar ele um pouquinho,de foto Oi no WhatsApp já sabe o que eu,quero dizer né Então para mim 128 ser,ideal Mas tudo bem 64 4 de Ram mínimo em,mim amor não é ruim mas podia ser melhor,né ou seja até agora é um aparelho,interessante uma nota importante Se você,olhar aqui no gerenciador tem um negócio,chamado hamplus que eu vou mostrar para,vocês está bem aqui ó Ramblas eu vou,olhar pera aí pera aí pera aí tocar,ambulância selecione a quantidade de,relacionamento para melhorar o,desempenho do aplicativo,4giga mais de hum Caraca estourei no,norte sou muito Gamer meu irmão procurem,aí no Google e aqui no YouTube o termo,paginação exatamente onde escrito aqui,paginação como se fosse página de um,livro esse tema de paginação ao recurso,que foi,desativado do Windows isso vinha mais,ativada por padrão por algumas,fabricantes e já faz uns anos que o,Windows não tem essa opção ativada por,padrão é um recurso o PCC merda e com,recurso ativado a erosao HD exatamente,uma coisa lenta para completar a memória,RAM do computador que é 1000 2000 cinco,mil,vezes mais rápido do que uma HD do que,um armazenamento de um computador daí,você imagina que gostoso né o computador,ficar sem memória ele começa a usar HD,é mais ou menos essa lógica não tão,drástico mas ao custo de ficar lerdo,Então esse hamplus não se engane a,paginação só que no Android curiosidade,para você que importa coisas e tudo mais,Inclusive a gente já falou de wes closer,aqui mais uma vez no canal withrow Zen,tem linha na descrição tudo mais já,falou é como a gente importa para quem,vai atrás desse aparelho em outras,regiões cuidado tem versão dele com 3gb,de Ram e 32 de armazenamento interno tem,essa versão aqui que tá na minha mão que,tem 64 a 104 de memória da hora tem uma,versão com 4 de Ram só que com,128 de armazenamento o que na minha,opinião é uma versão muito melhor e tem,a versão que eu mais gostei que não é,essa mas que eu vi que dá para achar por,aí que tem 128 GB de armazenamento e 6gb,de memória é aí é legal aí ele tá bem,tudo bem mas ela só uma vamos falar das,câmeras,aqui atrás nós temos uma câmera,principal com 50 mega pixels O que quer,dizer absolutamente nada essa é uma,câmera sem estabilização Ótica,naturalmente o tamanho 50 Megapixels,Nossa que louco é só um sensor que,trabalha usando uma imagem muito grande,para tirar uma foto normal nesse momento,uma foto com a câmera principal do nosso,Galaxy a 13,bom e como vocês viram a foto é o tipo,assim vi também e isso é muito bom o,nível mínimo das câmeras subiu muito e,tá aqui a resposta não é um celular para,tirar foto noturna super incrível não há,mas eu consigo mas porque você consegue,que é o melhor pega um Galaxy 22 Ultra,na mão que tem mais ó graves e vai falar,Eita danado e na câmera secundária nós,já temos um despenco em relação a,principal você tem 50 Megapixels para,trabalhar processar 50 Megapixels de,dados e transformar uma foto normal de 7,10 Megapixels enfim depois do,processamento não ultra-wide para fotos,amplas são só cinco o que precisam ser,falar interessante

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