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Samsung Galaxy A32 5G review

hey whats up guys will here for gsm,arena this year weve seen a lot of,manufacturers coming out with 5g,versions of mid-range phones,well here is another one the samsung,galaxy a32,5g is this the budget 5g phone to watch,out for,lets find out in our full review,[Music],the galaxy a32 5g is a phone made from,plastic,and the flat back has a reflective,finish just like the chrome colored,rounded frame,it doesnt feel too sturdy almost like,its hollow inside,but at the same time it isnt that light,weighing in at over 200 grams,even though the name looks and price are,quite similar to the regular 4g version,of the galaxy a32,dont get confused samsung has made some,cuts here specs wise,to balance out the 5g chipset the,biggest downgrade is the display,rather than a full hd amoled with a fast,refresh rate the 5g model has a 6.5 inch,lcd with a 720p resolution,and a standard refresh rate the bezels,are on the thicker side,and you have a teardrop shaped notch for,the selfie cam,this display is far from impressive with,a pixel density of 270 ppi,you can notice some graininess here and,there the colors overall,seem a bit dull and desaturated and,theyre far from accurate,trending toward bluish and you dont,have any color settings here to try and,adjust them with,the panels max brightness is also not,great we measured around 420 nits with,the slider,and it can boost up to 500 nits in auto,mode thats not quite enough to be,comfortable if youre out on a sunny day,for audio the a32 5g has a headphone,jack as well as a single speaker,which scored just average on our,loudness charts the speakers sound,quality is nothing impressive,about what youd expect from a budget,device,you can opt for 64 or 128 gigs of,storage on board the a32 5g,and it is expandable via microsd and,waking up and unlocking the phone can be,done with the side mounted fingerprint,reader built into the power button,its fast and responsive the a32 5gs,interface is one ui,3.1 based on android 11. one major,benefit of having samsung software is,their promise of support through three,major os updates,and four years of security patches this,year samsungs interface brings new,features introduced with the new version,of android,for example theres a notification,history log so you can go back later and,double check something,bubbles allows notifications from,incoming messaging apps to appear in a,floating chat head,just like with facebooks messenger and,you get android 11s refined multimedia,controls,a stack of the active audio playback,apps appears below the quick toggles,and swiping to the side switches between,the apps,finally you get some proprietary samsung,features here as well,like the edge panel menu which can store,shortcuts and theres a game launcher,menu which allows you to access your,games,and control do not disturb options for,them,under the hood of the device is a,mediatek demensity 720 5g chipset,built on the seven nanometer process it,provides pretty solid cpu performance,for a mid-ranger comparable to phones,with a snapdragon 720g,it also performs respectably in gpu,tests perhaps in part to its lower res,display,overall its no chart topper but the,galaxy a32 5g is dependable for getting,you through the day smoothly,and playing games at lower graphic,settings,with this large 5 000 milliamp hour,battery the a325g was able to score a,great endurance rating of 123 hours in,our proprietary test routine,charging speed on the other hand is,pretty slow the phone comes with a 15,watt charger in the box,and with it we were able to charge from,a dead battery to just 23,in half an hour moving on to the cameras,the a325g has a 48 megapixel quad bayer,min camera,an 8 megapixel ultra wide cam a 5,megapixel macro cam,and a depth sensor although it is a,downgrade resolution wise from the main,cam of the regular galaxy a32 quality is,very good for this class,theres plenty of detail the photos are,sharp colors are nice and vibrant,and the dynamic range is respectable 8,megapixel shots from the ultrawide cam,have an ok detail level for the class,and the dynamic,range isnt half bad colors dont match,the main cams though for some reason,these are punchier,and you dont get barrel distortion,correction here,5 megapixel close-up shots are pretty,decent compared to those from 2,megapixel macro cams on other budget,devices,but since theres no autofocus getting a,sharp result requires some trial and,error,in low light the main cameras,performance is okay theres plenty of,detail,but shots are generally soft and noisy,and dynamic range is narrow with blown,out highlights and crushed shadows,the effects of night mode are subtle but,beneficial light sources are handled,better,and most highlights are no longer,clipped shadows get a minor boost as,well,the ultra wide cam doesnt do well at,night its photos come out underexposed,and noisy,with narrow dynamic range just like with,the main cam,the effects of night mode are subtle,mostly benefiting the highlights and,light sources,with a small boost in dark shadows,selfies are taken with the 13 megapixel,front facing cam,and these photos are nice for this price,range theres great resolve detail,likable colors and decently wide dynamic,range thanks to hdr,unlike the vanilla a32 the a325g can,record 4k video with its main camera,this footage has plenty of detail and,saturated colors,dynamic range isnt ideal though with,some clipped highlights,the ultrawide camera records at a,maximum of 1080p resolution,and this footage comes out with a darker,exposure than the main cam with not a,lot of detail,theres some general softness throughout,the frame and dynamic range is limited,theres electronic stabilization,available for both cameras and 1080p,resolution,it takes care of a lot of the shakiness,but in the case of the main cam,introduces some focus hunting which can,be just as bad,so thats the samsung galaxy a32 5g,you get a solid chipset that provides,you with 5g connectivity,theres also excellent battery life a,decent camera experience and up-to-date,software support from samsung,compared to the regular galaxy a32 you,do miss out on a few things,the most notable being that high refresh,rate amoled screen,you know if theyre priced the same,somethings got to give in exchange for,the 5g chipset,and 4g phones overall are going to,provide nicer features,compared to the 5g models but if youre,dead set on getting a 5g samsung on a,budget,and the 720p lcd doesnt bother you then,the galaxy a32,5g could be worth considering thanks for,watching guys,stay safe and see you on the next one,you

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G Review | A True Xiaomi Budget Rival?

so this bright blue wonder here is,samsungs galaxy a32,5g at 250 quid its a serious chunk of,change,cheaper than those s21 flagships but it,still has a lot to offer if you slap,your sim inside,including that feature packed one ui,launcher and a quad lens rear camera,ive been using the galaxy a32 5g as my,full-time smartphone for about a week,now and while its not perfect by any,means it is a very,respectable budget blower especially for,any samsung fans out there so heres my,full samsung galaxy a32 5g,review and for more on the latest,creators tech please do pop subscribe,and ding that notifications bell,cheers so lets start with the design of,the galaxy a32 and it isnt particularly,crotch,tingling admittedly although i,definitely enjoyed that color choice,which samsung has amusingly called,awesome blue i mean its rather fetching,for sure but it hasnt exactly got me,dropping to my knees mouth gaping,in astonishment and here in the uk you,can also grab the galaxy a325g in,awesome violet awesome black or awesome,white,which ones the most awesome of this,awesome bunch well thats for you to,decide,and like most budget phones this,semi-blower is constructed from plastic,but it is still a rather hefty 205 grams,now after a week of use i have found,that that back end of the galaxy a32 can,be a little bit creaky,in places and speaking of that arse,there is a very light dusting of very,fine scratches,after a good few days of full-on use as,well although thankfully the light,colour option,means that they are kind of hard to pick,out and sadly while a lot of budget,smartphones now come with a protective,condom case bundled in the box you get,no such thing with the galaxy a32,5g samsungs been a bit stingy on that,front although you know at least they,actually put a charger in the box,so thats something and theres no ip,rating for water resistance here either,which to be fair is pretty standard for,budget smartphones under 300 pounds,its absolutely fine if it gets a bit,moist a bit of light rain uh something,like that but yeah,dont go dunking it in water as for the,software experience here on,the galaxy a32 5g its fresh new android,11 os,with samsungs own one ui launcher,version 3.0 smothered,on top so its essentially the same sort,of software experience youll get on,those galaxy s21 flagships in other,words you get,loads of extra features packed in here,courtesy of one ui including the edge,panel for quickly opening two apps in,split screen,and that very useful one-handed mode,your privacy is boosted with samsungs,knox features where youve also got nfc,on board with full support for google,pay,as well as of course samsung pay you,dont get the full complement of one ui,features that youll find on the s21,flagship so for instance the samsung,bixby routines feature which i quite,like has been called,you dont get that dex support for,basically turning your phone into a,makeshift,pc when youre on the move but all the,essentials are on board here so no,worries,as for the storage well here in the uk,you can only pick up the galaxy a32 5g,with 64 gigs of storage which is,proper measly of samsung once again,after a lot of budget rivals offer,double,that amount even the moto g30 which,costs about 100 quid less,offers 128 gigs of storage but to be,fair at least youve got support for,micro sd memory cards up to a terabyte,in size which is a feature you dont,even get on those s21 flagships so,if you need to you can expand that space,for unlocking your phone youve got an,edge mounted fingerprint sensor which is,perfectly reliable and youve also got,face recognition as a backup as well,which works a treat even when its,fighting against the light,so even though its not a definitive one,ui experience and you can have a bit of,a whinge about the weedy amount of,storage space i definitely enjoyed my,time with the galaxy a32 5g its got all,the features in there that you would,expect it to have,now if im gonna wind you about,something else here it might as well be,about the galaxy a32,6.5 inch pls screen which is a bit of a,letdown at this price point,compared with the competition its,basically the same cheapy display found,on the considerably more affordable,galaxy a12,with that basic 720p resolution for 250,quid id certainly expect a full hd,display,but to be fair the standard hd visuals,here are good enough for enjoying,full-length movies,and youve got the requisite wide vinyl,one support for netflix,theres definitely a sense of making do,here though and also many,rival smartphones from the likes of,xiaomi and real me at this sort of price,point offer at least a 90 hertz refresh,for it in some cases even 120 hertz,refresh,here on the galaxy a32 5g its bog,standard 60. so if you want things to,look nice and smooth youre gonna have,to look elsewhere,you may just get a model speaker here,for your media as well but at least it,packs a punch on that top volume its,super loud and you get respectable,clarity as well it doesnt sound,particularly tinny,and another area where the ear32 5g,trumps the s21 flagships is the fact,that you actually get a proper headphone,jack,stuck away down below and if you do,prefer to go wireless we got full,bluetooth 5.0 support so no worries on,that front either,i found that this phone formed a strong,bond with speakers and headphones and,the connections stayed strong even when,i was drifting around between rooms,now the performance side of things,youve got what a mediateks,dimensionally 720 chipsets stuffed away,in here,backed by a not particularly generous,four gigs of ram i gotta say i did see,the occasional little pause or a bit of,jankiness from the galaxy a32 although,nothing horrendous at all and it was,very,occasional just like skipping from one,up to another thered sometimes be a,slight pause occasionally i try and,hurriedly,uh open up the camera app if you know,your kid or your pet or whatevers doing,something cute and itll just take that,little bit of extra time that you were,really hoping it wouldnt,and speaking of that camera app i did,see it crash it a couple of times as,well which was pretty bloody annoying,but still,it was only the very occasional bit of,jankiness overall the galaxy a32 did,behave itself and i did find that gaming,was a reliably smooth experience too,call of duty tops off at medium detail,settings but i didnt see any judders or,anything even during,super intense sessions youve also got,samsungs game booster feature which,serves up the nifty priority mode and,that prevents you from being disturbed,by messages and other notifications,definitely a help when youre trying,your best to blast your mates into tiny,wet chunks,as for the battery life thats certainly,not a concern at all the galaxy a32 5g,packs a,5 000 milliamp cell and between that the,fact youve got that power efficient,mediatek chipset the lower,powered 720p display means that youll,easily keep going,all day long without running dry,personally i found that even with about,five to six hours of screen on time lots,of media streaming in the background,lots of intensive use basically at the,end of the day id still tend to have,around 30,battery remaining although yeah,samsungs 15 watt fast charging isnt,exactly going to win any awards anytime,soon now last up,lets have a gander at that quad lens,camera tech headed by a 48 megapixel,sensor that is fine and dandy for,everyday photography,in the auto mode this grabs 12 megapixel,snaps using the four in one pixel,binning to produce bright clean looking,picks,you can also bump up to that maximum 48,megapixel resolution in the camera,settings,if you like but to be honest even at 12,meg i found that there was enough detail,packed into your shots to make them look,good when you blow them up,onto a laptop screen or a monitor or,even a tv the galaxy a32 cops well with,strong light and sharp contrast,certainly handling them better than,previous a series phones like the a51,although indoor shots still look quite,soft and can be f

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Samsung Galaxy A32 4G / A32 5G Review & Comparison! Very Different Phones…

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily so,these are the samsung galaxy a32s,and it sounds weird for me to say it,like that but the a32,isnt really one single phone this year,its actually like a collection of,phones,theres a few different models theyre,all fairly different devices with their,specs and features,and depending on where in the world you,live you might be able to buy,one or all the different versions that,kind of makes reviewing this phone,tough its confusing the phones are,different enough to be talked about,separately but,not so different that they werent,completely separate videos,so for this review im not only going to,talk about my experience with the a32s,over the last couple of months but also,do sort of a comparison and overview of,each of the different a32 models,so that hopefully you have a better,understanding of what makes them all so,different,theres a lot to talk about here so i,wont waste any more time,lets go ahead and get right into it and,to make things a little easier,im gonna first just quickly break down,the different variations of this phone,so that hopefully we have an outline to,work with,now on the surface there seems to be two,different,a32s this year theres the standard a32,which is a 4g,lte device and then theres the a32 5g,both those models are available,worldwide and while it may seem like the,5g capabilities,are the only thing that separates them,thats not the case at all,actually theres a lot more to it than,that furthermore,if youre in the u.s samsung seems to,sell a slightly different,a32 5g than the rest of the world this,strange third variation has some,additional features which ill talk,about in a second,that again make it a different device,entirely so altogether,theres effectively three very different,versions of the a32,or i guess one a32 version and two a32,5g versions however you want to classify,it,its understandably very confusing price,wise all these phones actually retail,at just under 300 bucks theyre usually,between 250,and 280 dollars so theres not a huge,discrepancy here which is kind of nice,you dont have to spend a ton more money,to get the 5g version of the phone for,example but again this,kind of only adds to the confusion i,think if you are interested,in doing some comparison shopping of,your own though ill leave some links,down below in the video description to,the different a32 models and all the,deals and discounts for these devices,physically the a32 4g and a325g actually,differ quite a bit,you might not notice it at first but,when you start to pick things apart here,you can see,that theyre completely different phones,which is just sort of bizarre the a32 4g,is a 6.4 inch phone and the a32 5g,is a 6.5 inch phone those are the screen,sizes,and side by side you can sort of tell,that their dimensions differ just a bit,its not really a deciding factor i,dont think theyre both,big phones either way you look at it and,you arent getting much more screen real,estate with a bigger,a32 5g anyway but i just thought id at,least point that,out and also its important to mention,obviously that,cases and accessories designed for one,phone wont work for the other,so keep that in mind as well the rest of,the housing and materials,are the same so weve got that shiny,plastic rear housing on both that sort,of mimics,glass and to me this is fine i always go,back and forth on whether i like a matte,plastic finish,or this glossy finish but either way,its held up nice,and sort of looks a little more premium,the sides and frame,are color matching polished metal,theyre a bit boxier phones than,previous a series devices but i dont,mind that and overall,these phones look good and i think the,slight refresh and redesign over last,years a31 is a welcome change,definitely solid looking devices theres,no real camera bump around back either,which is kind of nice too a little,unique,theyre very sleek and modern looking,devices taking a closer look at,everything else,though this is where you can pick apart,some differences the camera notch,up top is different weve got an,infinity u,versus infinity v i guess or rounded,versus teardrop,whatever you want to call it theyre,different here for some reason i think,the larger,a32 5g also has slightly thicker black,borders all around the display with the,larger bottom,chin as well which collectively,alongside the larger screen size,makes this phone just feel a little,larger still with maybe slightly lower,screen to body ratio on the left side,both phones,have similar sim and sd card support,just with slightly different style trays,on the right though is where we see a,really strange difference the a32,4gs power button is just that a power,button,while the a32 5g has a dual power button,fingerprint sensor combo,the a32 4g fingerprint sensor is under,the display,which might seem like the nicer more,premium option but side by side you can,see that for speed and accuracy,you cant beat a physical button sensor,and in using these phones,thats what i prefer the side mounted,fingerprint sensor its fast its,accurate,its easy to feel for and find its the,better choice,face unlock is also an option on both,phones as well and with this you can see,the a325g is usually quicker to wake,and quicker to unlock so to me this is,another point,in favor of that device now fortunately,most of the other physical aspects of,these two phones are the same they both,have headphone jacks down below they,have the same usbc,charging port they have the same single,downward speaker too which is a decent,out loud listening experience but its a,little disappointing when you compare,the dual stereo sound on some higher end,a series phones this year,so up to this point its the price the,size of the phones and the fingerprint,setups that youll need to consider but,when we dive a little deeper here,with the display the internal specs and,the camera setups all of this stuff,differs drastically and suddenly you can,understand why these a32s are so,different,lets first talk about the display and,with this theres an extra element we,need to discuss,now the 6.4 inch screen on the a32,4g is a super amoled panel with a,resolution of 2400 by 1080,and its a high refresh rate 90 hertz,screen all in all a fantastic,combination of specs,the a32 5g on the other hand is,strangely just a 720 resolution tft lcd,display,basically a bottom tier budget spec,screen but if you live in the us,the us version of the 832 5g has this,weird combo screen,an lcd panel but with a 90 hertz refresh,rate it really makes no sense,but im just gonna try and keep things,simple here though and say that the a32,4g,obviously has the much better display in,every regard and,both variations of the a32 5g have,disappointingly low spec,displays in comparison the super amoled,90 hertz screen,on the a32 4g is exactly what this phone,deserves and its this high-end display,that samsungs a series phones have been,known for for years now,its a phenomenal viewing experience for,the money and furthermore having 90,hertz is great too,it makes the phone feel fast fluid ultra,responsive,and its a surprising add-on for a,device priced well under 300,on the other hand getting a 720p lcd,screen,on a 5g phone like the 832 5g feels a,little disappointing to say the least,i guess us customers getting 90 hertz is,a half step,up but a brand new 5g capable device,like this i think should be well-rounded,not sacrificing certain areas and the,displays on the 5g a32s do feel like a,sacrifice,all in all in a weird turn of events,its the 4g phone that might be the,better option for those of you who care,most about screen quality and the 5g,phone offers,kind of a low spec option for a phone,like this inside,the a32 4g and a32 5g also have,very different components powering them,and this i think makes sense out of,everything,we get the mediatek helio g80 processor,on the a32,4g and the mediatek demensity 720g,on the 5g what isnt different though is,the ram configuratio

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Samsung Galaxy A32 full review

hey whats up guys will here for gsm,arena,this year samsung has packed its,a-series mid-rangers with more value,than,ever before at least in the higher tier,models,but can the same be said about the,galaxy a32,lets find out in our full review,[Music],so first off we have the regular 4g,version of the phone here,despite the name is quite a different,device from the galaxy a32,5g and its hard to say which one is,better,like many phones in this price category,the galaxy a32,is made from plastic ours is in the,awesome black finish,and is quite minimal and conservative,the a32 is rather compact for a phone,these days too,one unique accent youll find on the,back are the camera bumps,plural rather than hanging out on an,island together three cameras each get,their own little hump,probably the most attractive feature of,the a32 is its display,6.4 inches in diagonal is a proper,samsung super amoled,with a 1080p resolution and a fast 90,hertz refresh rate,this is opposed to the 720p lcd with a,standard refresh rate that youd get on,the a32 5g,even though the bezels are a bit thick,here and you have a u-shaped notch cut,out eating a bit of screen space,we are definitely happy with the a32,screen,content is nice and contrasty thanks to,the old technology and plenty sharp too,brightness is excellent here we measured,400 nits maximum with the slider,and up to around 815 nits in auto mode,when in bright sun,and colors can be tuned to be quite,accurate in settings too,one thing you dont get on this panel is,official support for hdr video though,of course thanks to the high refresh,rate motion on the screen like when,youre scrolling or swiping the ui,looks quite smooth but unlike what youd,see on more expensive phones,the a32 doesnt adapt the refresh rate,to whats on screen to save energy,even so i wouldnt be worried about the,battery life here the galaxy a32,has a large five thousand million power,power pack and even with the screen at,90 hertz,it posted excellent results in our,proprietary tests,scoring an endurance rating of 119 hours,charging speed isnt too fast though the,a32s bundled 15 watt charger was able,to take the phone from zero to just 25,percent in half an hour,and you dont get support for faster,charging,the a32s great battery life is also,partly due to its rather modest chipset,its a mediatek helio g80 and,unfortunately it isnt very competitive,for the class,in cpu and gpu benchmarks scores are,toward the bottom of the charts,the phone isnt exactly slow but weve,seen better performance in the,competition,and even though the 90 hertz refresh,rate does add some smoothness to the ui,you may encounter a hiccup from time to,time the interface itself is samsungs,one ui 3.1 based on android 11.,its quite a familiar interface if,youve used a recent samsung phone,some features that were introduced with,the new android version are bubbles for,your messaging apps,and updates to how the phone handles,permissions and you get notification,history,which you can use if you think youve,missed something or just want to go back,and double check,waking up and unlocking the phone is,done with an under display fingerprint,scanner,it works fine though its not the,fastest one weve seen,and according to samsung its new devices,will get software support for quite a,long time,three major os updates and four years of,security patches,for audio the galaxy a32 has a single,bottom firing speaker,it scores below average on our loudness,charts quieter than nearly all of the,competition,the sound quality isnt too bad though,[Music],you can also plug into the 3.5,millimeter jack with traditional,headphones if you want to,and the phone has options for 64 or 128,gigs of on-board storage,either of which are expandable through a,dedicated card slot,now lets go over the cameras the a32,has four cameras on the back,a 64 megapixel quad bay or main cam with,face detection autofocus,an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle cam a 5,megapixel macro camera,and a depth sensor 16 megapixel daylight,photos from the main cam are good,overall theres plenty of detail though,fine details arent the sharpest,theres also little to no noise,respectable dynamic range,and colors that are more restrained than,what were used to from samsung,portrait shots look okay for the most,part though the subject detection can,sometimes get tripped up by messy hair,the more problematic part is the lack of,hdr in portrait mode,so you may end up with a blown out,background,the ultra wide cam delivers decent 8,megapixel images with an okay level of,detail,and not half bad dynamic range the,colors are less saturated than the main,cams,and you dont get distortion correction,here so straight lines will appear,curved toward the edges of the frame,close-up shots from the macro camera are,pretty good for this class,at 5 megapixels they have a resolution,advantage over much of the competition,which are using 2 megapixel sensors but,without autofocus it will take trial and,error to get a sharp result,light photos from the main camera are,unimpressive they are generally soft and,noisy,while the dynamic range is relatively,narrow and youll end up with dark,shadows missing detail,the a32 supports night mode on the main,cam but for some reason for us it was,quite buggy,quite often the camera app would freeze,or crash after taking a night mode shot,and images that would get captured this,way came out with some clearly messed up,processing,hopefully samsung will address this,problem with a software update,nighttime shots from the ultra wide cam,are barely usable,theyre quite noisy and dark and dynamic,range is narrow,with clipped highlights luckily night,mode works on this camera without,problems,the results are likable with lifted,shadows and recovered highlights,and extra detail in the dark selfies are,taken with a 20 megapixel front facing,cam,but they come out at 12 megapixels these,are okay,with good enough detail and natural,looking colors dynamic range is wide too,thanks to hdr theres no support for 4k,video on the galaxy a32,and we werent too impressed with the,quality of 1080p video either,footage from the main cam has below,average detail and some heavy-handed,sharpening,at least noise is low and dynamic range,is reasonably wide,video from the ultra wide has a heavily,processed sort of look that isnt very,appealing,weve seen much better video quality,from competitors at this price,so thats the 4g galaxy a32 you get a,great high refresh rate,amoled display excellent battery life,and solid software support from samsung,however there are quite a few features,that just dont hold up to what the,competition is doing,at a similar or even a lower price the,chipset performance and speaker quality,here,arent great and while the camera stills,could be decent,assuming that samsung fixes the night,mode the video recording is lackluster,so overall unless you specifically want,a samsung phone at this price,there are other options that can offer,nicer features and value for money,thanks for watching guys stay safe and,see you on the next one,[Music],you

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G | Unboxing 2021 Galaxy A32 Full Review | Philippines

[Music],whats up guys welcome back to my,channel its me your girl beya and for,todays video guys a gagawan mata yo,nampanibagong video so before i um start,dont forget to like comment share and,subscribe to my channel,subscribe so guys this year a lot of,phone manufacturers and other brands,5g phones so today guys,is this samsung galaxy a32 5g so its,literally a video in atomic because,honest review,samsung galaxy a32 5g so without any,further ado lets get started so in my,channel it is my first time the mag,unboxing is on samsung phone or samsung,unit phone,[Music],samsung galaxy a32 awesome white and,awesome black light so this is,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],hd display which is,[Music],is 720p by 1600,so yes 720p so,[Music],[Music],is eight gigabytes of ram and 128,gigabytes internal storage so young,super powerful,storage,online games,[Music],samsung galaxy a32 5g up to one thousand,gigabytes so sobrangle,samsung galaxy a32 5g is you can wake up,or turn on or unlock your phone through,the fingerprint sensor so you can pin a,fingerprint,city 725 g kunsan electrification and,pretty solid cpu performance,snapdragon 720,interference or performance,1ui 3.1 uh based on android 11. so its,a fast amount of samsung phones is,battery capacity samsung galaxy a32 5g i,might on five thousand milliamps battery,capacity in a power,1080p at 30 frames to 120 fps,front camera,and 1080p at 30 frames per second,image quality,photos and video quality photos,is very sharp,very detailed,details,and also young dynamic range is a,respectable demand and your colors is,super vibrant,samsung galaxy a32 5g so to sum up,samsung galaxy a32 5g has a solid,chipset so negation,um 5g connectivity which is good like,biblicating massive battery life,[Music],so thats all guys dont forget to click,the subscribe button and a click into,the new notification bell paramedic,on tech reviews unboxing,vlogs,so thank you guys for watching and bye,bye,[Music],i got the power to perform your,negativity,[Music],i sing up,[Music],[Music],you

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G in 2022 – (Still Worth It?)

is the samsung galaxy a32 5g worth,buying in 2022 well in this video were,gonna find out,hi everyone this is kevin here and this,is the samsung galaxy a32 5g now this,device was launched in february of 2021,and since then this phone has been a,major success for samsung i know,especially in the us this phone has been,extremely popular on the various prepaid,carriers like metro by t-mobile and,qriket wireless for example and one of,the reasons for that is because theyve,been offering some really incredible,promotions and deals for this device now,of course at the time youre watching,this video that might be a bit different,so definitely take a look at the various,links in the video description to see,the most up-to-date pricing and,availability for this phone now in,addition to being popular in the us this,phone is also sold all around the world,and there are some differences between,the international model of the phone and,the us model but essentially the biggest,differences include the ram and storage,so for the us model of this device were,getting 64 gigabytes of internal storage,and four gigabytes of ram versus for the,international model of the phone were,getting 128 gigabytes of internal,storage and six gigabytes of ram and in,addition to that there are some,differences with the refresh rate for,the display as well this phone has a 90,hertz refresh rate in the us and at,least for most international models of,the device were getting 60 hertz for,the display so i just wanted to point,that out that there are some differences,based on which region you get this phone,in so hopefully now that ive cleared,that up there wont be any confusion,hopefully in the future samsung will do,a better job naming their devices with,different names to reflect the different,features that youre getting but this is,how it is now with the galaxy a32 5g,were getting a 6.5 inch display so a,very large display here with the phone,it does feature tft display technology,which isnt anything too impressive but,it does get the job done were getting,720p as the resolution with the ppi of,270. were getting a 20×9 aspect ratio,say more narrow of a taller form factor,and were getting an 81.6 percent screen,to body ratio so this phone does have a,little bit of a thicker bottom bezel as,well as a water drop notch up top so i,do wish that there was a hole punch,instead for the front camera and we had,a smaller bezel on the bottom of the,phone but i suppose considering that,this is a very affordable phone from,samsung you cant always have the most,innovative designs now as far as the,display being 720p it definitely doesnt,look like its 1080p but at the same,time it doesnt look too bad either so i,would say for most people out there as,long as you keep your expectations in,line with the cost of the phone then i,think youre gonna be pretty satisfied,with the display again since it is 6.5,inches it is nice having such a large,canvas to view content on whether thats,video content articles ebooks really for,any task that youre doing here on the,phone having a larger display like this,is going to make it a lot easier to see,whats actually on the display now the,front-facing camera with the device is,13 megapixels and a little bit later on,in the video ill show you all the,various cameras and the various features,that youre getting with them now again,as far as internal storage goes if,youre getting this phone in the us,youre getting 64 gigs of internal,storage and if youre getting this phone,in other countries outside of the us,then youre most likely getting 128 gigs,now with the galaxy a32 5g there is no,wireless charging which is a bit,unfortunate but we do have a fingerprint,sensor here on the power button so well,give that a try right now very quick one,more time,very fast so i do appreciate that that,is very fast and accurate and i also,like that it is on the power button that,does make it very convenient in addition,to that we also have face unlock here,with the phone so i do appreciate that,there are multiple methods for getting,into it now taking a look at the camera,module on the back of the device we do,have a quad camera setup were getting a,48 megapixel main camera an 8 megapixel,ultra wide angle camera that can take,images at 123 degrees were getting a 2,megapixel depth sensing camera for,portrait mode which is supported by the,way for the rear and front cameras on,the device and were getting a 5,megapixel macro camera for close-up,images now heres the camera app on the,device this is with the standard camera,right now so you can take pretty good,looking images with that then from there,you can switch over to the ultra wide,angle camera to fit a lot more content,into the frame this is especially useful,in outdoor environments because like i,mentioned a minute ago with the ultra,wide camera you can fit a lot more,content into the frame this especially,comes in handy if youre on vacation for,example maybe taking some pictures,outdoors if theres like a large,building and you want to get the whole,building in one photo the ultra wide,camera is great for that and if you want,to change things up a bit using the,ultra wide camera can definitely make,things look a bit more interesting then,from here we can go over to the more tab,where you can access macro,and with the macro camera you can get,very close up here again keeping things,in very good detail you can also go over,to portrait,so you can get those nice blurred out,backgrounds and again this is for both,the rear and front camera as well so,theres me through the front facing,camera we can also go over to this wider,group selfie mode which is pretty cool,and of course you can take standard,selfies if you want to as well we can,also head over to the video tab and from,there we can see some of the various,resolutions that we can take video in so,for the front-facing camera it does max,out at 1080p at 30fps and then flipping,around to the rear camera it does,support uhd 4k video at 30fps so it is,nice that we can record in a variety of,different resolutions here with the,phone now moving on to the processor and,ram so again if you do get this phone in,the us and especially from a prepaid,carrier youre most likely going to be,getting four gigabytes of ram but in,other parts of the world you might be,getting more ram with the phone but i,did run a geekbench 5 benchmarking test,here with the device and ill show you,the score from that test right now but,essentially i got a single core score of,504 and a multi-core score of 1670,so what i recommend doing is running,this test on your current phone and then,compare your scores to these scores to,get a better idea of whether or not the,galaxy a32 5g is gonna be a performance,upgrade for you but in general ive been,pretty happy with the performance of the,phone things do run decently smooth here,considering that it is a very budget,entry-level device and while the,performance that youre getting with the,phone is nowhere near a higher end,smartphone whether its from samsung or,apple or any of those other companies,youre pretty much getting here what,youre paying for so youre not paying,for a very high-end phone so youre not,gonna get a high-end phone in return so,for what it is it does work pretty well,so again if youre a power user maybe,youre someone thats always on your,phone for example then i would say get,something better but if you want a phone,just use for texting occasionally phone,calls emails from time to time and,occasional web browsing and social media,then the galaxy a32 5g should be,adequate for you now i almost forgot,when i was talking about the ram and,processor to mention the processor so,the processor here with the phone is the,mediatek demensity 720 5g processor,so with that of course and hence the,name of the phone you do have 5g,connectivity here as well so it is,pretty cool that lower end phones such,as this one do have 5g support im sure,someday that will pretty much

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G | Unboxing, Full Tour, Camera & Gaming

so if you want to jump on that 5g,bandwagon the great news is you no,longer have to spaff your entire life,savings on one of those shiny flagship,smartphones in 2021 there are plenty of,budget-friendly options including,this fresh new effort from samsung right,here the galaxy a32,5g just 250 quid here in the uk bags you,a fully fledged one ui,device with a quad lens rear camera but,is it a worthy rival to the likes of,xiaomis me 10 t,like the oppo reno 4z etc etc well gonna,do a full,unboxing and tour of the galaxy a32 5g,including testing out the gaming,performance the camera tech all of that,good stuff and for more on the latest,greatest tech please do plug subscribe,and ding that notifications bell,cheers oh the glue they use on these,stickers is just the worst,like actually shredding the box here so,what youre getting here,is one smartphone of course quick start,guide,usb type-c cable still get an adapter,thankfully with uh hilarious pop-up,action and a porcupine device to get,your sim in there and suddenly thats it,no condom case bundled in there to help,protect your ear 32 5g so you have to,spunk up a little bit of extra cash for,cover,if thats what you want anywho thats,the box now lets actually check out the,phone itself,and first impressions are i actually,quite like samsungs design here on the,galaxy a32,5g it is just a plastic backing so,nothing particularly,special or sexy but its got an almost,sort of glass vibe to it with that,glossy,finish this here is the blue model but,you can also grab the ear 32 in violet,black or white as well or actually,rather its a awesome blue,awesome violet awesome black or awesome,white is it awesome,well its definitely nice but i guess,that nice blue doesnt have quite a sexy,ring to it,and also while a lot of smartphones,these days have a separate sort of,camera array to house all the lenses,here the lenses,just actually poked straight out of that,back end uh so it certainly gives the,a32 quite a distinctive look,thankfully the lenses dont poke too far,out of the surface,so you shouldnt have any problem using,the a32 just lying flat on the desk,other than that its fairly business as,usual youve got your type c usb port,down below a headphone jack great to see,quite common on budget friendly,smartphones of course,uh youve got an edge-mounted,fingerprint sensor right there with the,built-in power button,and symmetry and everything around the,other side so lets see if weve got any,gas in the tank can we get the a32 5g,all set up and when you come to stick,your sim inside of the a32 5g youll see,youve got,uh two sim slots in there although the,second one does also double up as a,micro sd memory card slot i like that,the symmetry is actually blue as well,just like the rest of the phone thats a,nice geeky,little detail and its also worth,pointing out that theres no water or,dust resistance here on the galaxy,a32 5g sadly youll have to bump up your,budget a bit if youre on proper ip,rate and dust and water resistance,though apparently leaks have it that the,new galaxy,a52 when that launches will have an ip,rating,so the galaxy a32 5g all set up and,ready,to rock and the good news is that its,actually the latest version of android,android 11,plus a nice bit of one ui version 3.1 as,well so youre all fresh and up to date,just like you would be,if you grab the s21 flagships anyone,whos had a,samsung phone before will know how one,ui works it adds quite a lot of bonus,features in,on top of android so for one youve got,much greater customization than you,would with just with a stock android,smartphone uh including like some,custom themes that you can set up and,just to completely change the look and,the feel of your desktops,youve got lots of gesture control,thrown in there including the very very,useful,one-handed mode which is great if youve,got tiny little stubby fingers and,thumbs like i do,all you need to do is just swipe down,the bottom edge of the display like so,as you can see everything gets,miniaturized which just makes it so much,easier,to use apps one-handed hello youre,gonna open up there we go,and you still get some of samsungs,excellent knox security features slapped,here on the galaxy a32 5g as well just,to help keep your private,super private unfortunately as with,those s21 flagship smartphones you also,get a buttload of duplication here on,the a32 5g,as well including two web browsers,youve got samsung pay on top of google,pay you got the likes of smart things,for controlling all of your smart home,goodies as well and its absolutely fine,if you know youre fully on board with,the samsung e-core system but if you use,the android alternatives and its just,extra clutter,all of the other features you would hope,and expect to find on a smartphone,around the 250-pound price point are,present and correct likes of nfc,for your contactless payments and all,that good stuff as for the storage well,samsungs been a little bit stingy on,that phone because you only get 64 gigs,here in this uk model theres no option,to upgrade that at all on the samsung,website,but at least you do have that microsd,memory card support if you only have a,single sim slapped inside of the galaxy,a32 5g,so you can slap in a memory card of up,to one terabyte in size thats giving,you plenty of expandability something,that you dont even get on those billy,big bollocks s21 flagship phones now i,already briefly mentioned the fact that,you get those knock security features,here on the a32 5g you also get an edge,mounted fingerprint sensor,for actually unlocking your device which,is always great to see touchwood so far,seems reasonably responsive,uh here on the a32 you dont actually,need to push in the power button or,anything literally just gently,tap your finger against the sensor and,as you can see youre straight in,and another alternative unlocking option,here on the year 32,is that the fierce unlock as well just,using that selfie cam which as you can,see is nice and swift as well as long as,the light is right that seems to,do the job nicely its actually kind of,almost nostalgic to see a nipple notch,in 2021 obviously more smartphones they,have a little cutout orifice thing for,their selfie cams instead on the intros,ever so slightly on that 6.5 inch pls,display which as you can see is,surrounded by fairly thick bezels,especially down below here,so this is similar to ips technology so,you can expect sort of,slightly poppy colors nothing too eye,gougingly vibrant or vivid like you,would get from an oled display the top,brightness levels arent exactly,eye searing either hopefully should be,all right for a fairly sunny day,viewing angles again fine if not great,but my main beef with the samsung galaxy,a32s,display is the fact that its a 720p hd,panel not,full hd so you dont get the finer,detail levels when youre you know,browsing your photo collection or just,enjoying their netflix or whatever,although at least you do get a widevine,l1 support so that does mean you can,stream hd,quality content on the likes of netflix,but considering that a lot of budget,rivals even those that are 50 to 100,pounds cheaper now come with full hd,visuals its a real shame that samsung,has stuck with 720p,and sadly theres no 90 hertz refresh,rate option here on the ear32 either,again,a fairly common feature on budget,smartphones now,on the audio front its a single bottom,mounted speaker here on the year 32,on top volume though reasonable clarity,and a good bit of wall up to it as well,so lets just bump that volume,that you can get yourself in early 2021,but of course im expecting an absolute,flood,of new budget handsets to hit the market,very very shortly so yeah absolutely,fine ill put certainly on those top,volume levels be absolutely fine for,enjoying again but youtube bit netflix,whatever of course if you are going to,be listening to some music youll want,to slap a headphone,a headphone some headphones into uh the,bottom,of the ear32 there otherwise youve got,

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