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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Review: A New Affordable Samsung Tablet

hey guys this is shane and im back with,another video,to share my full review of the samsung,galaxy tab a7 this is a new affordable,budget oriented tablet from samsung it,is on sale,on their official website ill have,links down in the description,the price is 230 dollars it comes in,color,silver dark gray and this gold color,here it has 32 gigabytes of storage,and three gigabytes of ram you can pay,50,more to get 64 gigabytes of storage but,my personal,recommendation just go on amazon and buy,a micro sd card for around 20,youre gonna get a lot more storage for,a lot less money so lets see what we,get for 230,like i said ive been using this for the,last two weeks i just put it back in the,box for show,see what you get so in this pamphlet,here we just have a little bit of,paperwork,we also have the ejection tool to put,the micro sd card into,its slot and on the other half here we,have a 7.5 watt charger,with a usb type a to type c charging,cable,taking a look at the tablet itself again,this is the gold color,but to be completely honest this is not,really that gold if you compare it to,the mystic bronze color of the galaxy,tab seven there is a lot more,gold going on there this morso looks,like a tan color to me when i saw this,color on the website i thought i,definitely would want to go with this,color but now that i have it in hand i,would probably prefer to get the silver,or,dark gray color so just keep that in,mind when youre looking to purchase,this for yourself now just because this,is a more affordable tablet certainly,doesnt mean samsung skimped out on the,physical form factor,this is a very solid feeling tablet here,feels just like any of their other,tablets regardless of the price,we have an aluminum body construction,here on the side we have a power,and volume buttons and a mic we have a,single camera setup which well check,out later and we have that slot,for our micro sd card we have type c,here in addition to a headphone jack,we have that dual speaker setup two on,the top,and two on the bottom taking a look at,the display we have a 10.4 inch,2000 by 1200 pixel resolution,with some fairly larger bezels on the,sides here compared to other samsung,tablets but honestly with tablets its,perfectly acceptable youre going to be,having your fingers,on the edges of the tablet anyway you,dont want to be hitting that screen by,accident,so the bezels are forgivable here you,can see here i can get a very nice grip,on this tablet with no issues at all now,to get into the tab a7 there is facial,recognition and i got to tell you guys,the facial recognition is amazing on,this tablet,it works from practically any distance,youre sitting from,so in this example here i took out the,tablet very close to me and i gradually,am unlocking the tablet further and,further away,all the way to the point where the tab,a7 is completely across the table and it,is still,unlocking so it doesnt matter what,orientation youre in,it doesnt matter if youre laying in,bed or youre looking at it at an,awkward angle,this is always going to unlock i really,enjoyed the facial recognition,on the tab a7 but back to the display in,terms of the colors,and the pixel resolution itself it is a,great looking display but it is worth,noting that,it is kind of hard to see the display,when you have it turned to its sides,compared to some other tablets you may,be able to perfectly see it from the,side or from another angle so you have,to be looking at the tablet straight on,but thats probably what youre going to,be doing with the tablet anyways its,just worth noting that,and also the brightness it gets kind of,bright i would say its definitely not,as bright as something like my galaxy,tab,s7 but it does get bright enough and,most times i either have the tablet at,about 50,brightness or i have it completely maxed,out but now getting into the meat and,bones of this review,how is actual use with the galaxy tab a7,i am happy to report that my general use,case with this tab a7 for the last two,weeks has been excellent,i have actually been doing most of my,tasks on my tab a7 here,i was surprised at how much this tablet,could do since it is a cheaper tablet,and since it does have an inferior,processor on paper,i was thinking you werent going to be,able to do a whole lot with this tablet,but to my surprise all of your general,tasks that you already do,on a daily basis this tablet is going to,handle it very well,so my one use case of course is watching,youtube and watching youtube content was,great on here,colors looked good fills up most of the,display you dont have,extra black chunks on the side or,anything i saw some people,on other videos and comment sections,worried about,rotating the device because on some of,the older samsung tablets its a,nuisance,trying to rotate to a different,orientation without having a lot of lag,or anything,so here im going to show you what its,like turning around the device to a,different orientation,and yes you do have to wait a split,second compared to an ipad that pretty,much,instantly transitions when you turn the,tablet but really its not that big of a,deal,it works fine it works every time you,turn the device,all in all no issues there i was also,doing a lot of web browsing and surfing,the web and online shopping,whatever activities you do on the,internet it handles it very well,through the samsung internet app and you,can see here that scrolling through web,pages its perfectly fine im on google,news here weve got a ton of different,thumbnails and images and whatnot,and it scrolls through it like a champ,now i know a big area of concern for a,lot of people here is the three,gigabytes of ram on board with this,tablet,but honestly its not that big of a deal,yes when you do open an older,application,youre just gonna have to wait a split,second like right there i just had to,wait,just a second for that to open back up,but in day to day use thats not a big,deal,i didnt need that to instantly open,back up to be satisfied,with the experience here you just have,to wait a little bit,and then it opens back up i was also,doing a lot more gaming on the tablet 7,than i thought i would have originally,because again i was surprised at how,good the gaming performance was here,one of my favorite games stardew valley,can tend to struggle,on some lower end devices and on some,ipads as well i had difficulties running,a smooth game here but on the galaxy tab,a7,really no issues at all sometimes when i,would scroll out and look at the whole,entire map at once there would be,a little bit of stutter but when youre,actually moving your character around,performing actions doing tasks theres,no lag at all,very smooth 60 frames per second,experience now i truly believe you can,get so much more out of a tablet if you,have accessories to go with it,so thats why i purchased the official,book cover from samsungs website,this is 50 but if you order the tab a7,from samsung.com they give you 50 off so,the book cover here for 25 again ive,been using this for two weeks i just put,it back,in the case for show but this is what,youre going to get it has a matte,rubbery sort of feeling to it its got,some grip to it on the bottom so its,not going to be moving around too much,when you have the tablet inside of it,youll see that its very easy to fit,your tablet inside just a couple clicks,and youre in and ready to go and what i,like the most about this book cover,is that when you lift it up its going,to automatically wake that screen is,going to initiate the facial recognition,so its going to get you in super quick,and then it also just closes right up,and puts the tablet to sleep you dont,have to be,reaching over for the power button,because a lot of times with this tablet,ill reach over,and i cant tell if im hitting the,power button or im hitting the volume,buttons,its so much easier to just open up to,turn it on and close it to turn it off,we actually have some good protection,here for the tab a7 on some of the

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 In 2022! (Still Worth Buying?) (Review)

welcome back everyone lets go ahead and,take a look at the samsung galaxy tab a7,and see how this tablet holds up in 2022,now this tab came out just a few years,ago back in 2020 and i will definitely,tell you i think its still a pretty,interesting tablet i honestly would,probably recommend nobody to buy this,tablet anymore we did get the tab a8,which ive already reviewed and ive,already compared to this thing and to be,honest the tab a8 is a decent upgrade,from this thing its definitely still,not perfect but it is a much better,tablet than this thing and i would,recommend going down that route than,buying something like this i also would,say if you have extra money laying,around or anything going to the tab s7,would be a solid upgrade as well and,that is a very good tablet the tab s7 is,one of my favorite tablets to still,recommend to a lot of people the tab s8s,are such solid tablets i mean samsung,did a really good job this year for,their tablet series so i would,definitely recommend going up to any of,the 2022 tablets for the most part but,lets take a look at the tab a7 now this,thing on the front has a 10.4 inch tft,lcd panel its 1200 by 2000 now the,resolution itself is actually not bad,its a decent resolution but the panel,itself with it being a tft panel it,really doesnt look too good this is,probably one of the biggest,disadvantages of this tablet i think the,performance and everything like that can,be a little bit overlooked i mean its,not a bad thing but i will tell you with,this type of tab i dont like the panel,at all i like how theres a little bit,of bezel around it i mean it doesnt,look too bad but i feel like samsung,could have done a little bit of a better,job even though this is their cheapest,tablet they make they have to cut,expenses here and there and i totally,understand that but samsung has been,making solid such amazing panels for the,last several years and i feel like even,with their tab saves they can do a,little bit of a better job but with this,panel i really dont like this panel at,all now we do have you know the bezel,around it which i think looks fine you,know theres really not too much to hate,on it there now we do have also on top,of this we have a micro sd card slot on,this thing which is really cool having,that type of capability of just you know,pretty much expanding your storage,however which way you want to do it its,actually really cool and i think thats,easily one of my favorite things about,the tab a7 for the most part just being,able to go ahead and plug in your micro,sd card slot or plug in the micro sd,card and going down that route is really,cool and im a humongous fan of that now,we have a charging port on this thing we,have a headphone jack as well which is,cool and on the back we have pretty much,this you know build quality which is,pretty much expected for a device like,this again its not going to be the best,failing tablet of all time but i do,think this doesnt look that bad it,doesnt feel that bad again with the a7,or the a8 samsung did a much better job,but with the a7 i think its good you,know i dont think theres really too,much to hate on it here and i feel like,samsung could have done a better job but,its totally understandable why they,didnt you know why they cut corners,here and there now we do have the camera,setup on this tablet as well which ill,go and hit on right now we have an eight,megapixel single camera setup on the,back with a front 5 megapixel camera now,what ill definitely tell you about this,camera is even compared to something,like another ipad that i just reviewed,today the ipad 7 generation a lot of,these cheaper end tablets they end up,kind of reverting back and utilizing,older type of camera setups mostly,because they dont want to go and,cannibalize some of their newest camera,sales so with something like the galaxy,tab a7 this camera really isnt that,good you know its not really that good,of a camera in 2020 especially now in,2022 but back in 2020 when this device,came out it really wasnt even that,great now one thing that is kind of,surprising that ill be honest about is,that the tab a7 does have a lot of,features built into this camera a lot,more than you would actually think now,if samsung were to focus a little bit,more on the quality i think that would,have been way better but this thing does,have a lot of features built into the,camera which is really cool so if you,want to go ahead and if you want to you,know utilize some of those cool features,built in well for the most part you are,still getting a lot of features built,into this type of camera which i think,is really cool now does that change my,opinion on the camera well just a little,bit you know i think with having a,camera like this its actually you know,surprising the amount of features they,were able to put in but its still not,that good of a camera so definitely just,keep that in mind but i will definitely,tell you with something like the you,know samsung galaxy tab 8 i think,samsung did a little bit of a better job,but with this thing i think its good,enough for the most part the front,camera really isnt that good either you,know you can do 1080p on the front and,the back of this camera which i think is,good and everything but as i mentioned,if youre getting something like the,samsung galaxy you know that is going to,have a good camera you probably want to,go for something like the tab s8 even,the tab s7 your samsung phone probably,you know your samsung phone definitely,has a better camera than this thing if,you have a galaxy you know s6 or newer,you definitely have a much better camera,than this thing for sure so in terms of,that that kind of covers it up there now,hitting on the actual software longevity,of this tablet this is another kind of,interesting thing about this tab so when,youre getting something like the tab,you know s7 youre going to be getting a,longer lasting phone in my opinion than,this specific device on top of that the,tab seven software right now it is on,one ui which is cool but like i,mentioned before because this is kind of,like the cheaper end tablet not only is,this thing probably not going to be,lasting as long as other tablets in this,market at this price range but also you,have to keep in mind that the samsung,tabs are sometimes one of the you know,last devices to get these types of you,know softwares and everything so once,one ui comes out its probably going to,be one of those last devices to get this,next version of software so thats kind,of an unfortunate thing as well i also,do think that with one ui samsung has,been improving quite a bit and getting,every single newest update that comes,out is actually really really important,so i think thats another big thing to,keep in mind as well now when it comes,down to the whole entire you know,performance and everything ill talk,about that in a second but i will tell,you if youre trying to get the like the,best performing tablet or the best,software of a tablet even the tab seven,is going to be giving away much but even,the tab s6 may be a better tablet than,this thing in my opinion so that kind of,covers it up there now in terms of the,performance this thing has a qualcomm,snapdragon 662 chipset inside of it with,three gigabytes of ram on the base,models but there isnt a model with a,four gigabyte of ram option which i find,it very interesting so in terms of the,overall performance of this tablet its,more or less exactly what you would,expect in my opinion so when youre,getting a tablet like that you know the,tap seven this type of tablet for the,most part i think it gets the job done,for the price tag and for kind of the,age of this device but there are many,tablets that came out even in 2019 that,can give you a better performance than,this thing so i think thats kind of,another thing to kind of take a look at,it there i think if youre trying to get,a device that has you know the best type,of performance or anything like that,well

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DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! iPad Mini 6 vs Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

– هل يستطيع Tab A7 Plus منافسة,جهاز iPad Mini 6 الأغلى ثمناً,أم أنك تهدر المال فقط؟,بعبارة أخرى ، كنت تتوقع أن يأتي iPad إلى الأمام ،,ولكن هل هو قريب بما يكفي حيث يمكنك توفير 300 دولار,مع الاستمرار في الحصول على معظم ما تحتاجه؟,بالنسبة للحجم ، فإن هذين الجهازين متشابهان تمامًا.,يعد A7 Lite أطول وأضيق قليلاً,من iPad Mini 6 ،,لكن كلاهما صغير وخفيف ومريح للغاية,للحمل والاستخدام واللعب.,فيما يتعلق بقابلية النقل ،,فهي قريبة بدرجة كافية من حيث لا يمكنني إعطاء أحدهما,أفضلية نهائية على الآخر.,لكن قبل أن أصل إلى الشاشة ،,دعنا نتحدث عن التصميم.,لذا فإن جهاز iPad Mini 6 له زوايا مستديرة ، ومربع من الحواف ،,وحتى حواف على طول الطريق.,يتميز Tab A7 Lite بزوايا,مستديرة وحافة مستديرة في الخلف.,يحتوي على حواف أرق على الجانب,ثم أكبر في الجزء العلوي والسفلي ،,تمامًا مثل iPad Mini 5 أو iPad 9.,ولكن بالنظر حول الحواف ،,فإن iPad Mini 6 لديه أدوات تحكم في الطاقة ورفع مستوى الصوت وخفضه ،,ثم منفذ USB-C للشحن والملحقات.,يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على عناصر التحكم على اليمين.,يحتوي على منفذ USB-C في الأسفل.,ثم لدينا مقبس سماعة رأس مقاس 3.5 ملم,وفتحة بطاقة micro SD يمكن استخدامها,لتوسيع التخزين الداخلي بما يصل إلى واحد تيرابايت.,الشيء الوحيد الذي يزعجني بشأن Tab A7 Lite,هو أن مقبس سماعة الرأس ومنافذ USB-C,لا تتمركز عموديًا على جانب الجهاز اللوحي.,الآن ، أنا متأكد من أنه مقصود ،,لكن يبدو أنه شيء قد يكون,نتيجة لعيب في التصنيع.,سأصل إلى مكبرات الصوت والصوت لاحقًا.,ولكن فيما يتعلق بالتصميم ،,يتمتع iPad Mini 6 بمظهر ومظهر أكثر تميزًا ،,بينما يتمتع Tab A7 Lite بالميزة,إذا كنت تبحث عن توسيع مساحة التخزين الداخلية,أو استخدام سماعات الرأس التقليدية بدون محول.,وفيما يتعلق بالمصادقة البيومترية ،,يحتوي iPad Mini 6 على Touch ID,مدمج في زر الطاقة ،,بينما يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على خاصية التعرف على الوجه,باستخدام الكاميرا الأمامية.,لقد نجح كلاهما جيدًا بالنسبة لي ،,لذا في النهاية سيتعلق الأمر,بكيفية استخدامك للجهاز اللوحي وما تفضله.,وعندما ننظر إلى الشاشات ،,نبدأ في رؤية بعض الاختلافات المهمة.,لذا اسمحوا لي أن أتحدث عن المواصفات,ثم أشرح سبب أهميتها.,يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على شاشة مقاس 8.7 بوصة,بدقة 1340 × 800 ،,ونسبة عرض إلى ارتفاع تبلغ 5: 3 ، وكثافة بكسل تبلغ 179 نقطة في البوصة.,يحتوي iPad Mini 6 على شاشة مقاس 8.3 بوصة,بدقة أعلى بكثير تبلغ 2266 × 1488 ،,ونسبة عرض إلى ارتفاع تبلغ 3: 2 ،,وكثافة بكسل أعلى بكثير تبلغ 327.,الآن ، الدقة العالية لجهاز iPad Mini 6,تعني أنه يمكننا شاهد المزيد من المحتوى دون الحاجة إلى التمرير.,وهي مناسبة بشكل أفضل لتعدد المهام,مع فتح تطبيقين جنبًا إلى جنب. تعني,نسبة العرض إلى الارتفاع في Tab A7 Lite,إلى جانب التصميم الأطول,أنك تحصل على صورة أكبر قليلاً,عندما تشاهد مقاطع فيديو مثل هذه ،,بينما توفر كثافة البكسل الأعلى بشكل كبير,لجهاز iPad Mini 6 صورة أكثر وضوحًا.,وفيما يتعلق بدقة الألوان ،,سأقوم أيضًا بإعطاء الحافة,لشاشة iPad Mini 6 P3.,نحصل أيضًا على شاشة أكثر سطوعًا عند 500 شمعة,مقابل 360 على جهاز Tab A7 Lite ،,لذلك يعمل iPad Mini 6 بشكل أفضل في ظروف أكثر إشراقًا.,الآن ، كلاهما جيد جدًا لمشاهدة المحتوى ،,ولكن إذا كان لديكهما جنبًا إلى جنب,وكنت تشاهد نفس الشيء ،,فإن صورة iPad Mini 6 تبدو أفضل.,هناك شيء آخر لاحظته على الفور,وهو أنه على عكس iPad Mini 6 ، فإن Tab A7 Lite,لا يحتوي على طبقة مقاومة لبصمات الأصابع ،,لذا فهو بحاجة إلى التنظيف على الفور.,الآن ، كلتا الشاشتين عبارة عن شاشتين 60 هرتز ،,لذلك لا يوجد فرق هناك.,ولكن بالطرق التي تهمني حقًا ،,فإن شاشة iPad Mini 6 هي الفائز الواضح.,بالانتقال إلى أنظمة الكاميرا ،,يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على كاميرا خلفية بدقة 8 ميجابكسل,مقابل 12 ميجابكسل على iPad Mini 6 ،,والتي يمكنها أيضًا تسجيل الفيديو بدقة,أعلى ومعدل إطار أعلى للحركة البطيئة.,الآن ، بالنظر إلى الكاميرا الأمامية ،,فإن جهاز iPad Mini 6 ، مرة أخرى ، يحتوي على كاميرا بدقة 12 ميجابكسل ،,مقابل كاميرا 2 ميجابكسل مخيفة للغاية,على Tab A7 Lite.,الآن ، يحتوي iPad Mini 6 أيضًا على ميزة,تسمى Center Stage تستخدم الكاميرا فائقة الاتساع,لتتبع الهدف أثناء تحركه عبر الإطار ،,ثم تكبيره وتصغيره لجعله يبدو,كما لو كان يتبعه.,في حين أن الدقة العالية ليست كل شيء,عندما يتعلق الأمر بالتصوير الفوتوغرافي والفيديو ،,فإن كاميرات iPad هي ببساطة أفضل.,لديهم نطاق ديناميكي أفضل ،,وهم أكثر حدة ، وأكثر دقة في الألوان.,الآن ، شخصيًا ، نادرًا ما أستخدم الكاميرات الموجودة على أجهزتي اللوحية,لأن الكاميرات الموجودة على هاتفي عادة ما تكون أفضل ،,ولكن إذا كنت تخطط لاستخدام الكاميرات الموجودة على جهازك اللوحي ،,فإن جهاز iPad Mini 6 يفوز بهذا بمسافة ميل.,وعندما يتعلق الأمر بالصوت ،,فإن جهاز iPad Mini 6 يحتوي على أربع مكبرات صوت,مقابل اثنين في Tab A7 Lite ،,لكن كلا الجهازين يحتويان على مكبرين فقط ، واحد على كل جانب.,بالنسبة لحجمهما ، يبدو كلاهما جيدًا حقًا ،,لكنني سأعطي ميزة طفيفة لجهاز iPad Mini 6,الذي يتمتع بصوت أكثر كثافة قليلًا,مع جودة أقل من تلك,التي تحصل عليها أحيانًا من الأجهزة الأصغر.,من ناحية أخرى ،,يحتوي Tab A7 Lite على مقبس سماعة رأس ،,والذي يعمل جيدًا لسماعات الرأس,أو لسماعة الألعاب ،,والتي سأصل إليها في قسم الألعاب.,الآن ، فيما يتعلق بلوحات المفاتيح ،,كلا الجهازين أصغر من أن يكون لهما غطاء لوحة مفاتيح,مريح للكتابة عليه ،,لذلك سأختار لوحة مفاتيح Bluetooth,إذا كنت مهتمًا بتجربة كتابة أفضل.,بقدر ما هو القلم ، فإن iPad Mini 6,متوافق مع الجيل الثاني من Apple Pencil ،,في حين أن Tab A7 Lite غير متوافق,مع Samsung S Pen.,لذا ، إذا كنت تريد تدوين ملاحظات مكتوبة بخط اليد ، أو إذا كنت تريد الرسم ، أو,إذا كنت تريد تسجيل المستندات وترميزها ،,أو استخدام القلم في أي شيء آخر ،,فإن iPad Mini 6 هو السبيل للذهاب.,الآن ، دعنا نتحدث عن الأداء ،,حيث توقعت أن يأتي iPad Mini 6 في المقدمة.,للحصول على أداء أحادي النواة,، فإننا ننظر إلى 1594 مقابل 158 على Tab A7 Lite.,وبالنسبة للأداء متعدد النواة ،,فإننا ننظر إلى 4604 مقابل 861.,الآن ، في بعض الأحيان ، عندما أقارن بين الأجهزة ، تكون الدلتا ،,أو الاختلاف في الأداء ،,صغيرًا بما يكفي إلى حيث تتحول المحادثة,إلى ما إذا كنت بحاجة إلى هذا الأداء الإضافي,، لاحظ الفرق؟,الآن ، في كثير من الأحيان يكون الجواب لا.,ونتائج الاختبارات المعيارية,لا تعكس حقًا اختلافًا ذا مغزى ،,ولكنك ستلاحظ اختلافًا,في كل ما تفعله تقريبًا من فتح التطبيقات ،,واستخدام علامات تبويب المتصفح المتعددة,، ثم التبديل ذهابًا وإيابًا ،,وتغيير الإعدادات ، والتنقل فقط. واجهة المستخدم.,إن جهاز Mediatek MT8768 الموجود على Tab A7 Lite,غير مدعوم بما يحتاجه معظم المستخدمين اليوم.,وإذا كنت قادمًا حتى من هاتف لائق,، فستلاحظ التأخر.,هذا مجال,يجعلك تدفع أكثر بكثير مقابل iPad Mini 6 في الواقع أكثر بكثير ،,مثل فتح التطبيقات بشكل أسرع ، والتبديل بين التطبيقات سريع الاستجابة ،,والاستيقاظ من النوم فوريًا ،,ثم تشغيل تطبيقات متعددة في نفس الوقت,. ر على الفور إبطاء جهازك.,الآن ، بالنظر إلى ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي ، يأتي Tab A7 Lite بسعة 3 جيجا بايت إذا حصلت,على 32 جيجا بايت من التخزين الداخلي ،,أو 4 جيجا بايت إذا حصلت على 64 جيجا كما فعلت.,وبغض النظر عما إذا كنت تحصل على 64 أو 256 جيجا بايت من,التخزين الداخلي على iPad Mini 6 ،,فإنك تحصل على 4 جيجابايت من ذاكرة الوصول العشوائي.,الآن ، تحدثت قليلاً عن تعدد المهام,خلال الفيديو.,لذا ، في حين أن أياً من هذين الخيارين لن يكون خياري الأول,بسبب صغر حجمهما ،,فإن iPad Mini 6 هو الخيار الأفضل,بدقة أعلى,وقوة معالجة إضافية.,يمكنني أيضًا استخدامه كشاشة إضافية لجهاز MacBook أو,Mac Mini أو iMac مع Sidecar ،,مما يعني أنه يمكنني الحصول على إعداد شاشة مزدوجة. تحتوي,بعض أجهزة Samsung اللوحية المتطورة ،,مثل Tab S7 و S7 Plus و S7 FE ، على سبيل المثال لا الحصر ،,على ميزة مشابهة تسمى Second Screen ،,لكنني لم أتمكن من العثور على هذه الميزة على جهاز Tab A7 Lite.,الآن ، فيما يتعلق بعمر البطارية ،,يتمتع كلا الجهازين بعمر بطارية لائق,حيث يمكنني قضاء يوم كامل,دون الحاجة إلى الشحن.,الآن ، بالطبع ، إذا جلست,وبدأت في اللعب لساعات من “PUBG”,فلن يدوم أي منهما وسيحتاج,كلاهما إلى شحن ،,ولكن إذا كنت أتصفح الويب فقط ، وأشاهد بعض مقاطع الفيديو ،,ثم عند الانتقال إلى بعض مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي ،,سيعمل كلاهما بشكل جيد.,الآن ، سأبدأ اللعب في دقيقة واحدة فقط ،,لكنني أعتقد أنه من المهم حقًا,إلقاء نظرة على التطبيقات المتاحة,ودعم نظام التشغيل.,يحتوي متجر Google Play Store و Apple App Store,على الكثير من الخيارات ،,لذلك يجب أن تكون قادرًا على العثور على التطبيقات,التي تعمل مع كلاهما لكل,ما تحتاجه إلى حد كبير.,لكن ضع في اعتبارك أن جهاز iPad Mini 6,أقوى بكثير.,لذلك إذا كنت تخطط للقيام بمزيد من المهام كثيفة الموارد ،,فهذا هو الخيار الأفضل ،,أو يمكنك اختيار جهاز لوحي أكثر قوة من Samsung,إذا كنت على ما يرام مع عامل الشكل الأكبر.,الآن ، تتوفر بعض التطبيقات الإبداعية مثل Affinity Photo,و Procreate و LumaFusion لأجهزة iPad فقط ،,على الأقل في الوقت الحالي ،,لذلك إذا كانت

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 in 2022 – Still Worth It?

so its been about two years now since,the galaxy tab a7 was officially,released and i figure its time we look,at this tablet to see if its worth it,in 2022. especially now that we know,more about the galaxy tab a8 that should,be released in the united states any,time now the tab a7 has a 10.4 inch,screen 2 000 by 1200 resolution comes in,either 32 gigabytes or 64 gigabytes of,storage three gigabytes of ram,snapdragon 662 processor,7040 milliamp hour battery and this,tablet actually has a headphone jack,which youre starting to see less and,less these days the one i have is,currently on android 11 one ui 3.1 but,is scheduled to get android 12 later,this year besides having a nice and,vibrant screen especially for a budget,device probably one reason this tablet,has been so popular is because you get,some of the features you normally see on,a more expensive tablet but in a cheaper,form factor this one has pretty good,build quality its also got dolby atmos,which makes these speakers sound a lot,better in my opinion its pretty tough,to beat this tablet on how good the,speakers sound heres a quick sound test,just to give you an idea of what to,expect,in this video were going to look at the,x sound mega by tri bit its a 30 watt,bluetooth speaker,with stereo sound with the 8 000,milliamp hour battery gonna give you up,to 20 hours play time its got three,different eq sound modes,[Music],[Applause],now if you like tablets phones and other,tech consider hitting that subscribe,button i try to cover as much on the,channel as possible and ill be posting,more videos this year than ever before,and while the screen on this is not,amoled it still looks really good when,watching movies playing games you get,1080p resolution on youtube full hd,playback on netflix i just did another,geekbench score recently to see how it,did and it was just okay i mean it was,316 on single core scores 1409 on,multi-core scores it could always be,faster in my opinion but not bad for a,tablet in this price range games like,pubg mobile asphalt 9 play pretty good,on here as well with graphics loading,fairly quickly sure its not going to be,the best out there as far as gaming goes,but its still fun to play games on in,my opinion youre not going to get,samsung decks on this tablet but you can,still connect to keyboard and mouse be a,little bit more productive that way you,can also use split screen to get stuff,done faster you also get above average,battery life on this tablet it lasted,over seven and a half hours my battery,drain test which is pretty good compared,to other tablets ive tested on the,channel even better than some that are,more expensive it should last most,people throughout the day without any,issues as far as gestures go its pretty,basic you get double tap to turn on the,screen double tap to turn off now the,cameras on here are not going to be the,best out there but if you need to get by,in a zoom meeting or some other video,conference call this will get the job,done its a pretty simple camera app,youve got live focus photo video youve,also got food panorama pro and,hyperlapse heres a few samples of,photos and video just to give you an,idea of what to expect,hey,[Music],now if youre wanting a tablet with an s,pen then youre probably going to want,to go with something like the galaxy tab,s6 light or the more expensive tab s7fe,now you can use a capacitive stylus on,this tablet but its not going to be,nearly as nice as a tablet that comes,with an s pen especially if youre going,to want to use this tablet for drawing,anything where the pen needs to be like,really accurate and hypersensitive then,yeah youre going to want a tablet that,comes with an s pen but to me if you can,get this tablet on sale its still a,pretty solid option in 2022 for watching,videos browsing online reading its,definitely one of the best that you can,get as far as a budget tablet goes,overall the tablet feels thin pretty,lightweight nice build quality the,screen looks good has decent viewing,angles to me it sounds like the galaxy,tab a8 is just a slight upgrade so i,feel like its going to depend on the,price of that new tablet versus this one,on which one i would personally buy but,either way youre going to have a pretty,similar experience regardless if you buy,the galaxy tab a7 or if you wait and get,the galaxy tab a8,so if youve made it this far into the,video you may want to say thanks by,subscribing and dont forget to give a,thumbs up if this video was helpful this,is brian from fishbee productions thanks,for watching and ill see you on the,next one,you

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – 7 Months Later | Long Term Review

okay so long-term review video or,update video on my good old galaxy tab,a7 here seven months later lets see how,its been holding up,[Music],so the good thing about this review,video is that this tablet actually has,been through a couple of hands right so,i bought it,sometime last year when it was released,so beginning of october i dont remember,used it for a little while then i had a,family member borrow it and use it,and then i came back into my possession,and then ive been using again,for at least the past two months so i,kind of have a good idea of what its,been through,and im well placed to tell you how its,doing so far so lets go ahead and start,off,with how its been holding up physically,or cosmetically first,now as you may know already this is a,budget tablet but it doesnt feel,particularly cheap or anything,its actually pretty well built its,been well taken care of so its been,holding up,very very well in that aspect especially,because,you know its been in a case i still,like the new and improved design that,samsung brought to the a7 lineup here,so mostly metallic on the back pretty,smooth to the touch loaded with a,headphone jack here,a usb type-c and a quad speaker setup,that just get crazy loud now believe it,or not its still,one of my favorite things about this,tablet its just how loud,it can get now granted these were not,tuned by akg but they,really are loud and they sound pretty,good its also been nice using this,tablet to watch youtube videos,movies and things like that and the fact,that you have that headphone jack,available for a quick plug-in,of some wired headphones or anything,like that really make it even more,functional and the wide display that you,see here standing at 10.4 inches,has a resolution of 1200 by 2000 and it,truly makes,entertainment very very enjoyable for,both gaming,and movies you know as long as the,movies that youre watching of,being streamed you know the streaming,service is streaming,very good quality movies youll be able,to enjoy them here or,the quality of the movie that you have,on your sd card the quality of the,movies that you have,on your micro sd card a good quality,youll be able to,enjoy that on here and speaking of that,micro sd card,still have that same problem which just,it really irks me right so you,still cannot move your apps from your,tablet,to the micro sd card you know samsung,really messed up with that,because youre able to do that with the,s6 lite right,when the s6 light was on one you are 2.5,i think it was you were able to do that,on 3.1 youre still able to do that i,dont understand,why they did it here but then again i,guess it kind of makes sense theyre,just trying to make sure that,you up and buy you know the next tier,of tablet but anyways i digress here i,dont want to turn this into a rant now,lets go ahead and talk specs and,performance or,has been performing over the past you,know seven months here and before we do,so if this is your first time,visiting the channel of course welcome,here if you do like the content so far,i truly appreciate that now please do me,a huge favor and help both the like and,the subscribe button thats a,huge boost to this channel again i truly,appreciate that now lets go ahead and,jump back,to specs here and i know some of you may,be familiar with these specs already but,for those of you,not familiar with the specs heres just,a very quick,rundown of what we are looking at here,this is the base unit so,obviously we are still looking for the,rollout of the new android to hit this,tablet meaning that,right now it is still loaded with the,original,android 10 software with one ui 2.5,sitting on it its running a snapdragon,662,and is also loaded with three gigs of,ram and so far its been good at,handling,light multitasking at an actual decent,speed i encountered,some lags or some stutters every now and,then when doing heavy work but then,again,overall it still has decent speed and,can accomplish a good bit of things,it hasnt really slowed down in a very,noticeable way or in a very significant,way or anything again even though i,mentioned that every now and then you,get those you know little stutters or a,little bit of,lag thats simply because ive been,paying a lot more attention to it,because i went,i was planning on making this video its,still you know despite all of that it,still,cruises through you know tasks without,any issues,and of course as i mentioned base model,here 32 gigs but it is expandable at up,to,one terabyte through that micro sd card,i mentioned earlier that gaming is,pretty great here especially for light,to medium intense graphic games,or like to medium games ive been able,to enjoy games like,asphalt 9 call of duty and high graphic,and these are the games that i usually,use to test my tablets because,they kind of fall right in the middle,there of somewhat demanding games and,with all that the a7 still handled them,very well battery has been good probably,because i dont use this as a,productivity tablet meaning im not,sitting on it,all day doing just heavy work so light,to medium tasks,you do that you know you use the you use,this for light to medium task youll be,just,fine you end up the day with still a ton,of battery left like ive been ending,the day,with a lot of battery left now with all,this being said its also going to,depend,like i would say or anyone would say,its gonna depend on the type of tasks,that,youre working on that being said,according to samsung you can get up to,10 hours of video playback i personally,havent done that or havent tried to do,it but,battery life is pretty good in a way way,i have no doubt that you can do it,if you tried another question that has,come up on this tablet in some of my,other videos,is does this tablet support a samsung s,pen and the answer is simply,no it does not it will however support a,capacitive,pen or pencil just you know since it,pretty much acts as a,as your finger but it will not,unlock you know any of the s pen extra,features that you normally,would unless of course you get one of,those very sophisticated capacitive,pencil that may unlock,you know a couple or a few features but,you would never really get,the full-blown experience of a samsung s,pen,on this tablet because it simply does,not support that as well as additional,features though we,do have available on this tablet face,unlock which has been working okay i,guess but i tend to unlock the tablet,using my pin number most of the time,it just seems faster that way we do of,course have cameras on this tablet one,on the back and,one in the front here this is a five,megapixel,camera on the front here and its,actually not bad at all for you know,zoom calls and things like that if you,want to connect with family and friends,youll be able to you know see people,pretty clear,dont expect it to be a super high-end,you know,camera but its pretty much the same,thing you would expect from the type of,six like so youre able to do like,your video calls without any issues on,the back here you have an 8 megapixel,camera again it does take some pretty,decent pictures,and pretty decent video so in summary,heres my take,after seven months of using this tablet,here i think its been following kind of,the normal course of things as you would,expect its a well-built tablet made by,samsung,so you would expect some level of,standard right its been pretty well,maintained as i mentioned so mostly used,for light,to medium stuff so and its handled that,very very well and i anticipate that,its going to last,a little while now if you are in the,market for a tablet like this one a,budget tablet,this is definitely a nice pickup but you,should make sure to evaluate the other,choices that you currently have,theres a new wave of tablets coming out,soon in the galaxy tab s7,xl lite of course as i made a video on,that already,and also the lighter version of this,same particular tablet the galaxy tab,a7 lite so you do have the choice to,pick up this tablet now,or you

Đánh giá Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – Nó dành cho ai?

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Ví dụ như hệ,thống ca mà củ

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 Review

there are very few companies that make,android tablets and the number is a lot,less when you look for the budget,options,however samsung has recently launched,the samsung galaxy tab,a7 10.4 that goes around for some 200,the price is a little bit higher in our,vision but thats not just the case with,this one actually its the same with,every other tablet including ipad so,thats there,anyways is the galaxy tab a7 10.4 worth,it and,is it the best budget tablet that you,can buy right now,i will talk about all of this in this,review after this short message from our,sponsor g2 deal,we know how most of us ignore the,activate windows part on our pcs because,window keys are just so very expensive,but with g2 deal you wont have to worry,about that this site,offers cd key of windows 10 at amazingly,cheap prices,and all you have to do is go to the site,create your account,search for windows 10 pro pay for it and,you have your activation key right there,after that activating windows is also,really easy,you just need to copy and paste the,activation code you just purchased in,the activate windows portion of your,system settings,good news is that you can use this,special promo code q18,to further get 18 discount on the,already cheap price,for further information you can check,the link given in the description,okay now lets get on with the review,its not every day that you see about,your tablet with a metallic build,and the tab a7s metallic build gives,you a very premium feel,but considering some of the compromises,that samsung has made in some areas,which i will talk about later in this,video,it would have been better if samsung had,considered a plastic bag instead,as a part of the cost cutting process,anyways whats done is done i guess,you still get a premium looking device,with a solid aluminium build,i have with me the silver colored one,but you can also get,one in gold or dark grey on the back,theres an eight megapixel camera module,on the top left hand corner and the,samsung logo along with the imei number,is stamped right,in the middle the front is also no,different thick bezels around the,display and the front camera is on the,right hand side bezel,there are two speaker grilles on each,end with a usb type-c port and a 3.5 mm,headphone jack the extra additions on,one end,on the left you will find the volume and,the lock buttons similarly on the right,side towards the bottom you will find,the sim plus microsd tray,as for the size it is in the same league,as that of the ipad 10.2,up front youre greeted with a 10.4 inch,screen which is a tft display with 2000,by 1200 pixels,i found these bezels on the display to,come in handy as it decreases the,chances for accidental touches,about the display quality it might not,be mind-blowing but it is not a,push-over either,the pictures come out sufficiently sharp,the color definition is decent enough,however the brightness and viewing,angles is just average,at 329 peak brightness it is not the,brightest display out there,even with full brightness you will have,a hard time while viewing darker scenes,or while viewing something on a bright,sunny day,but apart from that you will find the,videos to be fairly vibrant with popping,colors,furthermore the screen responded,perfectly to all my gestures,and felt smooth except for the,occasional lag in some animations,overall barring the issue with the,brightness this display to me feels good,enough for everyday web surfing and,media consumption,the quad speaker setup on the a7 also,delivers some punchy loud and clear,sound,of course theyre not flagship level but,for a small to medium sized room the,audio quality is quite good,even at the highest volumes the audio,does not get distorted and theres also,dolby atmos support for high quality,stereo outputs,as for software out of the box the tab,a7 comes with one ui 2.5 based on,android 10 and we can expect android 11,with one ui 3,anytime soon like with other samsung,tablets it also offers you features like,split screen,and pop-up view they all work smoothly,and you wont experience a hint of lag,in performance,however with the modded snapdragon 662,soc and 3gb of ram you will notice some,delay while launching apps and,in general i felt that there was a hint,of lag in the animation,however thats about it once the app,launches everything works smoothly,it can keep up with your day-to-day,tasks such as surfing the web watching,videos or attending online classes or,meetings quite easily,i had opened several tabs on google,chrome facebook,instagram and a few other apps and the,tab was able to handle the pressure,pretty well,but as mentioned earlier i did face some,dla while switching from one app to,another,as for gaming you can play heavy duty,games pretty well although you have to,tweak the settings a little bit,in pubg it maxes out at balance graphics,and medium frame rates but the gameplay,is not smooth,so for the best result you should opt,for the smooth graphics with high frame,rates for playable experience,in other games like call of duty and,mobile legends i did not notice any,frame drops or jittery gameplay,even at the highest of settings on,asphalt 9 which is a relatively much,demanding game among the ones i,mentioned,i experienced lags while performing,roles and overall,not the smoothest of the experience but,still playable,all in all you will not get that high,end tablet smoothness while using the,tap a7,but then again it is not a high-end,tablet for performing everyday tasks and,playing light to medium games this,device should be more than sufficient,now lets talk about the battery and,similar to the tab s6 light that we,reviewed a while ago the tab a7 also,equips a 7040 milliamp hour battery i,managed to get around 13 hours while,browsing through the web and watching,videos on netflix and youtube at around,40,brightness throwing in some games in,between regular tasks does decrease the,battery life,by an hour or so but its still great so,no complaints on the battery department,as for charging it supports 15 watt fast,charging which takes around three and a,half hours to get fully charged,however samsung has only included a 7.5,watt charger inside the box so you will,need to buy an,extra 15 watt charger if you wish to,enable fast charging,like with every other butcher tablet the,camera aspect of this tab,is not its strongest feature lets put,it this way you will not get instagram,ready pictures but the images are,passable for capturing notes and such,the 8 megapixel rear camera takes decent,photographs in a well-lit condition,however thats about it so you probably,wont be taking this tablet around on,your vacations to click photographs,talking about the front camera it is a 5,megapixel shooter placed on the center,of the right hand side of the bezel,this forces you to place the tablet in a,landscape mode while youre on a video,call,thats probably a good thing as it,increases your display angle,however it is not suited for taking high,quality selfies because the images,lack sharpness and details however for,online classes and meetings it works,just fine,[Music],so whats my stand on the tab a7 well,for me this budget android tablet,provides goods in just the right areas,without any significant drawbacks,surely this tablet would have been a lot,better if they had provided a better,chipset or at least 4gb of ram,but looking at the battery life and a,fit for media consumption configuration,i would rate this tablet as the go to,budget tablet,so that was all for our review of the,samsung galaxy tab e7 10.4 what do you,think about this device to let us know,in the comments below,till then im pratimadikati and thank,you so much for watching

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