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Garden Story Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello everybody zen over here from,nintendo life and today were here to,share with you our review of garden,story on the nintendo switch now this,review was originally written by kate,gray for nintendo life.com but was,reworked into this video by me,[Music],games are often about escapism and,garden story offers yet another way to,lose yourself in the virtual world by,playing as a hero protagonist that is a,grape burdened with great purpose,concord is but a youngling wrenched from,the kindergarten to fulfill the role of,a guardian after their predecessor,decides to skip town a role which will,require them to defeat the insidious rot,that has infested the land the grove,where concord lives is divided into four,seasonal towns spring hamlet summer bar,autumn town and winter glade but the rot,has affected each one of these towns,differently and youll have to visit,each one in turn to fix what damage the,rot has done you see garden story may,lure you in with its harvest moon and,story due valley like aesthetic but this,game about community and saving the,world turns out to be an rpg in farm,sims clothing little concord can unlock,and upgrade different weapons from the,standard sword-like pick to the wide,area of effect hammer and the dowsing,rod which serves as both a fishing rod,and a ranged weapon the potion system is,relatively complex too with different,types of dew that offer various buffs as,well as healing some of your hp and even,different bottles that vary in both the,time it takes to use them and the amount,of dew they can hold the skill tree is,unique too rather than letting concord,gain permanent upgrades or leveling up,through experience concord will instead,unlock memories and slots in which to,keep them the memories are tied to past,guardians and usually are something,along the lines of drink a specific,flavor do 10 times or defeat 25 slimes,and theres a bonus one for discovering,the grave of each guardian too you can,switch these around at any time some,will help you find rare materials used,for upgrading tools and dew bottles and,others will add extra stamina or health,points to your various bars the quest,system is actually quite similar to,stardew valleys help wanted requests,every morning two or three new daily,quests are added to the village notice,board these are pulled from a list of,many and divided into three categories,defeating monsters fixing things and,gathering resources each one of these,has its own experience bar completing,the requests will earn you xp in each,one and leveling them up will unlock new,monsters and new tools in the village,they can get a little repetitive but by,that point youll probably be leveled up,enough not to even bother with them,anyways at the end of each villages,quest youll have to complete a dungeon,crawl and fight the boss at the end each,dungeon is differently themed one towns,dungeon is a sewer with a rotberg,problem another is a bookworm chewing,through a library and although the first,boss is miles harder than the rest they,were all quite fun actually the dungeon,puzzles were consistently hard though or,maybe were just not smart gram nesbit,soundtrack which poodles along in the,background as you explore is ear,warmingly sunny jammy and pleasant,slotting right in alongside stardu as,something wed listen to in the bath or,the shower and the game as you can see,for yourself is lovely as long as youre,partial to its art style theres a lot,of adorable attention to details and the,color palette is pitched exactly right,for the relaxation crowd but garden,storys main issue like a lot of rpgs is,that it runs out of steam a little too,quickly once you reach a certain point,maybe the third or fourth town in youll,likely find that the weapons you use,most are fully leveled up already and,you cant be bothered to do the grinding,necessary to level up the other ones,just in case the enemies never really,get massively harder despite more,interesting and challenging variations,turning up youll probably have enough,hp by that point that you can just tank,your way through things the memories,that you have equipped are also likely,to be locked in its far more helpful to,have two extra hp and faster stamina,recharge than to have a buff that,activates when you drink a specific dew,type so the fun of retooling your,character build is lessened,significantly by the inequality of the,memories and although we loved a lot of,garden story systems we loathed the,inventory of all the things you can,level up why not concords pockets,instead players are limited to 25 slots,in a game with a lot of resource,grinding and items,they dont stack however they stack in,the village inventory a box that can be,found all over the map where concord can,stash their extras they only stack up to,15 though which is a little arbitrary,especially when youre trying to gather,15 of something for an upgrade and eight,of the same thing for something else,this in a nutshell is our second major,grape gripe with garden story it has,some really neat and unique ideas and,then ends up kneecapping them with,little reason the building crafting,system is cool but its limited to very,specific areas on the map and its,mostly decorative likewise the clothing,system is entirely cosmetic it even says,cosmetic only on everything including,backpacks,why,plus there are items that you get which,just end up having almost no use as far,as we can tell which feels like a missed,opportunity the quest system which forms,most of the daily activities has to be,accessed from the message board and its,hard to remember from time to time where,they are since the map wont actually,tell you a problem that rears its head,later on with fast travel and other,points of interest as well and the,day-night cycle which seems like an,incentive to get things done and then,leave before the scary night monsters,turn up ends up being a little toothless,when you find out that the night,actually never really ends and therefore,theres no harvest moon like rush to get,home before you pass out but and this is,a major but all of this griping only,really sets in once youve been playing,the game as we have for hours at a time,every night we were totally addicted to,be honest sure its frustrating to be,stuck because of material gathering but,theres so much else to do once things,open up gardening fishing fighting,talking to the villagers garden story,may be a little shallow but it makes up,for it in breadth but sadly we didnt,get to fully finish the game we got all,the way to the last boss fight before a,fatal error crashed us back to the,switch dashboard were pretty certain,that the upcoming patch will fix that,however the fact that we made it that,far and enjoyed roughly 85 percent of,what the game had to offer is still,worth a lot like a comfy old jumper that,has a couple holes we cant help loving,garden story despite the odd blemish,as one of the surprise drops of the,nintendo indie world showcase we,couldnt wait to get our hands on garden,story one of the most hyped wholesome,games of the past few months what we,were expecting was perhaps not what we,received and it certainly has its flaws,but nevertheless we couldnt help being,won over by garden storys charm as well,as its systems,we here at nintendo life give garden,story on the nintendo switch a 7 out of,10.,if youd like to learn more about garden,story you can head over to,nintendolife.com to find more news and,information and as always if you enjoyed,this video and you want to see more,content like this then why dont you go,ahead and protect that subscribe button,from the rot by giving it a good old,click and then ring that notification,bell to be notified whenever we put up a,new video thank you all so much for,watching im zm from nintendo life stay,safe out there and we will see you next,time,[Music],you

???? GRAPENESS AWAITS | Garden Story Gameplay & First Impressions | Kat Plays

hey its kat welcome back to my channel,and to another game preview today were,checking out garden story courtesy of,our lovely friends over at nintendo,thank you so much for letting us try out,this game on the channel this is a game,ive been looking forward to for a while,and you may have heard about it if,youve seen my upcoming cozy games video,they also showcased this in the most,recent indie world presentation along,with so many other incredible games that,i cant wait to share with you on this,channel so if you like games like these,and want to see more game previews be,sure to drop a like down below as it,really does help the channel and,subscribe if you havent already i know,a lot of you are waiting for this game i,took to a poll on instagram and asked,you guys which of the newest indie world,games you want to see me play first and,garden story kind of won by a landslide,so i hope you guys enjoy this enough,rambling for me i think weve waited,long enough for this game already,lets get into it okay lets begin,play and well start a new game,in our beginning there was the grove,timeless supernatural and sentient it is,the foundation of our home and the,source of our existence,a tree so large and overflowing with,mana it spilled over populating its,foundation with our peoples,the time has ended and the grove is now,silent,malevolent oozing rot has seeped in,seeking to separate us from our greatest,protector,many heated the rods challenge rallying,the grove to a time of bravery and,action,each guardian exploring a new horizon of,lifes many possibilities,more stepped up for the community for,the first time we truly grew,to most it was their first time fighting,the meek forged their spirits in combat,when the island grew weaker their,desperation and hubris spelled demise,for all but two,the heroes of our world forever lost,chasing the final horizon beyond our,island,the grove every morning wants for a new,guardian to lead them,in a new age of turmoil fate focuses on,concord the youngest of spring hamlet,a quiet gardener of few words and fewer,aspirations,and that would be us,stretch your legs move around for a bit,before before work that are to roll and,run,my gosh okay check the kindergarten vine,interact with the vine it seemed like,from the opening story that a lot of um,a lot of the guardians were lost,unfortunately because of the rot and,thats why little concord the youngest,grape,on the island was pretty much appointed,to become the new guardian,so kindergarten vine the leaves are a,little wilted they could use some dew,obtain your working tools oh,how do we get back in there we go,inside lice con cords rucksack and an,empty jar,take them yeah,the tool shed is now empty hey okay,obtain your working tools,got it,equip the jar for use glass jar our,classic jar for dewdrops,obtain some morning dew,and we can get it from the well here,we have to go here there we go,and we got it okay use your dewdrop near,the vine,the music is already giving me lo-fi,with rain sounds vibes and im so into,it,the vine is seen at better days,okay so we have to hold it interact with,the vine one more time,enchanted by dew it doesnt look nearly,as wilted as before yet it still refuses,to grow,concord you busy right now im say hi to,good old plum,um has returned to the kindergarten,thats so cute kindergarten there we go,i put a little bit more dew in im im,not sure if that did anything but,why,not evening concord,looks like youve been working hard you,toil so much for a vine that refuses to,grow,oh geez have you been locked up there,this whole time let me get this gate,open for you im really sorry about that,did they lock us in by accident,nothing here works like it used to not,since we lost alio,my work is good and honest yet even with,all the effort it seems like the grove,is still slipping away oh at least i can,come back here to you for a breath of,fresh air you never ask me for anything,sorry if youre getting here so late got,caught up with some trouble in bell row,im gonna make it up to you though ive,got a gift for you,granny smith just completed it and its,ready for pickup in the hamlet i know,you dont usually travel outside the,kindergarten so take this map,dont want you to get lost,spring hamlet is just southeast right,through the riverways i labeled them on,the map already but you have the,pleasure of charting the rest of the,grove thank you plum,chart the groves locations,okay what are those little flowers that,are on the,hills i wonder if we can grab them,so keep tabs on your location heres the,map,and,okay that should be a little bit better,i hope are we able to,are we charting the map,a little confused because its not,letting us,um put it down,okay i guess well just head over,to the wood porch,like it does say,so does the map just kind of fill in on,its own the more that we travel,[Music],whoa concord board of watering plants,all day never too late to join the rest,of us in the hamlet if you ask me we,have enough green links already i think,we could use more frogs in the grove do,us all some good,good to see you stepping out of the,kindergarten finally in your rebellious,face,dont worry i wont tell guardian plum,youre sneaking out but i want to be,careful i saw him around anyway its,getting late and the rods starting to,pop up you know how they get once the,sun sets,dont want to see a tiny gardener,fighting rot with their bare hands,thatd be pathetic,will teach us how to,fight them stay safe out there,i,wonder,where the wood forge is this is it,oh there he is over here concord i hope,you like it,perfect,[Music],go on,rod is stirring in new ways i can hear,rumbling in the pits of the library,there it goes again will i ever feel,safe again,okay lets grab our gift,from granny smith,these are the cutest names isnt it,sweet little concord come to bless my,little shop,mom told me youd be visiting here paid,me a pretty price to make this for you,everyones talking a lot about the,groves condition and were all worried,about you,ranas been talking about getting you,out of kindergarten youre all alone,there,is rod or spelling dangerous times say,and a tender grape could use the,protection still its a lot regarding,plum to be equipping the youngest of the,hamlet with a weapon,there have been a lot of mix-ups,villagers have moved around everywhere,to accommodate the encroaching rot even,now its hard for any of us to catch,break too much rot everywhere right,if the vine refuses to produce more,green lengths you may very well remain,the youngest of us you should come by,more often we barely see you concord tom,she could use a comforting friend plus a,dedicated gardener like you will have,need for spade later just like plum,and if you ever get tired of gardening,we have no shortage of other work to be,done,pick okay gather items from the,environment by whacking them,oh,no we dont have we dont have any money,yet but,theres a hammer there and it looks like,we just need to get to level three,to see what that other thing is,goodnight concord head back to the,kindergarten,we talk to this guy yet no weber whoa if,it isnt a reclusive gardener,[Music],i guess its not common for concord to,be out and about im sure granny smith,had some choice words they made me pay,extra to make it for you even a,harvesting tool like the pick carries,the connotation of the battle now i,think it worries him to know that a,secluded grape like he was writing for,combat lets head back to the,kindergarten before it gets too late,but try out your new pick just in case,weve run into something,is that equipped now,okay there it is on the side there,i think that means its equipped,it was this way,clear the bath back to the garden,use tulle,all right concord you have your pick but,i want you to use it now,it may be good for gathering but i want,you to be able to defend yourself please,go on card squash these rod ill keep,you from getting too hurt just show me,what you got dont worry,okay,okay,there you go,t

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Garden Story Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],do you ever get tired of the burdens of,mundane life are you ready to embark on,a journey greater than yourself your,home has just been desecrated by the,mysterious rot and guardian plum has,left your town appointing you the new,guardian of spring hamlet you are,conquered guardian grape and the destiny,of the grove now lies in your tiny,little stems,[Music],garden story the newest game by solo,developer picogram contains strong sense,of harvest moon and my time at porsche,due to its beautifully hand-drawn pixel,art and delicate musical score however,upon closer inspection garden story is,more of a hybrid between a zelda light,and stardew valley with gameplay,elements from an action rpg and a life,simulator the game deliciously weaves,together themes of community,self-discovery and personal identity if,it wasnt clear already you play as an,adorable stumpy round purple grape who,has spent its entire life in the,kindergarten maintaining a single vine,with the life essence of the grove known,as dew all the inhabitants of garden,story live in the grove home to a,massive tree full of mana and,partitioned into four towns based on the,seasons one day guardian plum lets you,out of the kindergarten and informs you,of his upcoming departure he appoints,you to be his successor teaching you the,basics of combat and how to help out,neighboring towns but you soon discover,unfortunately that the very lifeline of,the grove is threatened by a dark force,known as the rot and it is up to you to,help rebuild each of the aforementioned,towns and re-establish their,communication with each other so many,games have you traveling from place to,place without giving you opportunities,to feel a sense of ownership in garden,story however you have a place to call,home in each village that you visit the,main gameplay loop revolves around,talking to main characters to progress,the narrative and interacting with a,bulletin board next to your house that,assigns you daily quests to level up and,rebuild the village of course the higher,your villages level the better items the,shops will sell as well though,straightforward the daily tasks vary,from day to day so they arent too,mundane and tedious there are also side,quests from various characters found in,the world and challenging dungeons to,explore at first glance gardens story,seems to focus heavily on resource,gathering town building and farming,however there is a prominent focus on,combat in the game that is reminiscent,of vanilla dark souls unfortunately the,combat is a bit clunky as it feels slow,and unresponsive hitboxes are also wonky,and minuscule some enemies are weirdly,unbalanced especially the mini ooze rods,that deal on contact damage and are,extremely difficult to hit as you fight,the rot throughout your journey you have,a stamina bar that depletes every time,you swing your weapon or dodge roll you,were also given a shield to use but i,found myself rarely using it if ever,combat is surprisingly challenging,initially and gets progressively lenient,because you start with only three hit,points and two stamina bars every time,you defeat a boss you are rewarded with,a permanent increase to your hit points,and stamina bar furthermore as you,explore achieve weapon mastery and help,out townsfolk you collect memories that,you can equip to further customize your,playstyle alongside the combat there are,also magnificent puzzles to complete,that keep you engaged the puzzles start,off simple but get gradually more,arduous still they are never,unreasonable as you progress further,into the game every new village you,visit will introduce you to a new,gameplay mechanic that keeps tasks fresh,and exciting building structures and,gardening resources also get introduced,later on to scratch that stardew valley,itch though more low-key and not as,emphasized as combat the ability to,actually create structures and cultivate,plants further drives the theme of,belonging and community theres nothing,better to do than relaxing in the,groves inviting atmosphere conversing,with my frog friend reina cultivating,gardens and listening to the cherry,sweet music of the summer bar i cannot,express enough love for the original,soundtrack composed by grom nesbit it,truly immersed me into the plum,forgettable world to the point where i,played the ost in the background as i,wrote this review garden story isnt,necessarily about what you do since you,mostly take on simple and tedious tasks,instead the game is about the people you,meet along the way the lives you touch,the connections you make and ultimately,not forgetting about your roots no plum,intended it has honestly been a while,since ive been emotionally moved by a,game this sweet especially one paired,with a beautiful soundtrack if you are,looking for a cozy world building game,with some combat and a whole lot of,charm and whimsy then the grove welcomes,you like a home away from home conquered,youre truly one in a melon you did a,great job raising me noisy pixel is,giving garden story a 9 out of 10.,thanks for watching please read the full,review at noisypixel.net noisy pixel is,run by a group of gamers who work hard,to provide news reviews previews and,more please subscribe to keep up with,all of our future content,[Music]

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Garden Story – What To Expect! DETAILED First Impressions.

as a fan of stardew valley and zelda,ive been looking forward to garden,story since it was announced in 2020,just the visuals alone and the type of,gameplay in the trailers make it look,like the perfect game for me but now,that i finally got my hands on it what,is garden story really and is it,actually anything like those games well,sit back and relax and tap the subscribe,button because were about to get into,it so you play as concord the new,guardian of this world who needs to,fight off the growing threat called the,rot and help rebuild the communities as,you discover them one by one theres a,day and night cycle but unlike stardo,you dont pass out when the day is over,and you can go into the settings and,slow down the passage of time any time,you want this is good if youre like me,and you tend to take your time playing,the game you can also sit on a bench and,speed time up heres how the gameplay,mainly works each day you have about,three little quests to do on the,bulletin board and these can change,every day you also have main quests here,and there that push the story along and,unlock new areas of the map after,playing for an hour or so i began to,realize how kind of mundane and,repetitive these daily tasks are at,first they seem pretty substantial but,then you realize theyre kind of,recycled take out enemies here push the,buttons there gather some more tree sap,i wasnt too surprised though thats,kind of what bulletin boards are and,this doesnt mean theyre not fun and,relaxing to do the tasks have three main,pillars and progressing these will level,up your villages and unlock new upgrades,at your shops youve got your combat,tasks your repairing and your foraging,these do help push forward the main,story though and im pretty sure you can,get new tools that do new things to,unlock new areas aside from these daily,tasks you can get favors from the,villagers too,while there is some farming in this game,make no mistake garden story is,definitely an rpg and mainly focused on,combat and upgrades thats something,that actually surprised me and despite,the stardew valley appearances it took a,lot longer to unlock farming than i,thought theres even dungeon crawling in,this game its kind of nice though,having such a variety of things to do,and speaking of stardoo every village,has a library that will feel very,familiar to people who have played that,game this is where you donate,collections of materials that youve,gathered in order to progress the story,for example one section might require,one tree branch one pebble one tree sap,and one piece of glass in order to,complete the collection and unlock the,next area this means youll be going,back to destroy tree stumps rocks and,sand castles collecting and making sure,you have the right number of resources,and a cool thing about gathering,materials is theres storage bins,usually nearby so you dont have to,stress too much about your backpack,filling up,one thing i have to mention outside of,the adorable visuals is how awesome the,music and sound effects are in this game,the rain is just the perfect relaxing,cozy sound bite,and they even nailed the way it sounds,indoors,[Music],i think the dialogue sounds are perfect,and the text appearance is very clear,and just the perfect size when youre,going with retro graphics its really,easy to mess that up and yeah just,listen to this music,[Music],[Applause],the day ends when you go to sleep or,concord falls in battle but actually you,can go into options anytime youd like,and turn on parish prevention at night,when the day is over and you go to sleep,you can choose perks to create your,loadout based on your play style and,what objectives youre wanting to,complete i always appreciate that kind,of thing these perks can give you,certain buffs like extra health or,attack power or give you new abilities,as you progress you can start to stack,them up and build out your character and,speaking of your character the pronouns,used for them in this game are they and,them and this actually applies to every,character you meet as well and youll be,meeting a lot of characters in this game,you can further customize concord by,purchasing different hats and backpacks,and heres a pro tip you change your,clothes by going to the coat rack in,your house,yeah it took me way too long to figure,that out sorry conkey if you made it,this far in the video drop a comment,below let me know what you think of this,game and if you think youll be picking,it up also let me know if you got any,questions about it i like garden story,its not exactly what i thought it was,but its cute and relaxing and its fun,ill take it,[Music],getting so excited and smashing things,apart over here the rain is just that,could be my blooper

Garden Story | Review

[Music],8bit is back baby in the adorable new,game garden story,this adventure game tells the story of,concord a little grape fella fresh off,the vine your journey begins as concord,leaves the kindergarten nursery they,grew up in to become a guardian of the,grove why does the grove need a guardian,you ask well thats because its plagued,by rot a gooey grimy foe that seeps in,and threatens the inhabitants its a,huge task for a little grape but whats,a good adventure without a little,courage,the game plays out in days with some,narrative objectives such as talking to,a particular character and daily,requests completing these requests help,rebuild the towns and can be from one of,three categories conflict maintenance or,forage generally speaking conflict,involves battling rot to keep the town,safe,maintenance is things like reactivating,bridges,and forage is your classic fetch quest,while it sounds like these different,types of tasks will add variety and,spice to your game in reality they are,very repetitive,i just fixed this bridge why do i need,to fix it again honestly i feel like i,fixed this particular bridge every other,day,there is a lot of backtracking which can,start to feel a bit tedious especially,when you have to check the notice boards,to remind yourself of what the quests,were however the tasks do give a nice,bit of purpose to push things along,although they did distract me a bit from,the main objectives and also encouraged,me to just move on to the next day once,they were done my jobs are finished why,shouldnt i go back to bed but since the,game didnt allow me to sleep until,evening i had to find other ways to busy,myself and there are a few options on,hand you can talk to a number of cute,and friendly citizens some of which may,ask favors from you then there are,resources to collect and the ever,threatening rot to fight while defeating,the rot will only give you coins and,theres no leveling up per se there is a,pretty cool stat adjustment system as,you experience more things you have a,chance of forming a memory these,memories can be equipped to give you,different stat adjustments its a pretty,cute system and i liked it a lot it,added to the cozy vibe of the game,however for all its charm i was,expecting more farming and building,elements they are there but theyre,introduced late enough in the game that,they dont feel like a main feature,[Music],this is definitely a combat heavy game,which was kind of disappointing to me,because of how clunky the fighting is,concorde is just a soft little grape so,it stands to reason that their stamina,is pretty low but only having a handful,of swings at your disposal is all the,more punishing when enemies can move,unpredictably or be visually obstructed,by their own clouds of rot,or when you pick up an item that you,dont mean to,theres a significant delay between,swinging a weapon and being able to move,making it quite difficult to dodge you,also dont have a lot of health on hand,this wasnt so bad when i was fighting,regular rot out in the mean streets but,when it came to boss fights i found it,difficult to the point of frustrating no,matter how patient i tried to be no,matter how conservative with my swings i,always seem to eat a few more hits than,i meant to,the different weapons do add a bit of,pizzazz but i found myself avoiding,combat rather than enjoying it its a,bit of a shame because the story and the,vibe are absolutely charming and it made,me want to spend more time here,i wouldnt say this was a great game but,it was a bunch of fun and it was enough,to keep me on the vine im giving garden,story three out of five rubber chickens,[Music],you

If You LOVE Indie Games, Play This! | Garden Story

Garden Story is a new RPG that stealthily  dropped on the PC and Nintendo Switch this month.  ,It mixes a fun story, vibrant world, and charming  characters, bringing us an interesting gem to add  ,to our library. The question is though: “Is it  gonna be a sweet or a sour experience for you?”  ,Here are five things you need to know  before you buy Garden Story! Hi friend,  ,Im Stephanie, aka Miss Bubbles and I  create weekly videos covering reviews,  ,sales, before you buys, and so much more. Consider  squishing the like and subscribe button so you  ,never miss a bubbly video again! So, Garden  Story is a, lets say, light action RPG game.,You start off by receiving a pick to help you in  combat and its relatively weak, but so are you.  ,In addition to that, you have your health as  well as dew which is the games name for a  ,health potion. As I said you are pretty weak at  first with minimal health and minimal stamina.  ,Stamina is pretty important because you need it  to hit the enemy, dodge, run and forage items.  ,As you progress through the story, you unlock  something called memories. These are your skills  ,or abilities that you can add but in this game  they go by the name of memories. They are unlocked  ,by pretty much playing the game and completing  missions. They also designate how Concord,  ,as a newly graduate, is getting accustomed to  the new role and responsibilities and learning  ,to become a hero on his own. For instance, the  first memory you unlock is related to Plum,  ,the former guardian which you are replacing. Her  memory gives you two health points and one stamina  ,recharge at the cost of losing two luck. This  applies to pretty much all memories. They all  ,come with costs and benefits. Its just like life  to be honest, you know our memories do have their  ,own costs and benefit. Were getting philosophical  with Miss Bubbles today. In the beginning,  ,you can only have one memory activated at a time,  but eventually you can activate several which  ,will make you drastically more powerful. You can  also have a variety of weapons and tools to use,  ,and what I like the most is that tools are  usually used for gathering items, in other games,  ,but here they serve a purpose in battle as well.  For instance, your pick is good for cutting down  ,stumps but also killing enemies. So is the hammer.  Wanna know more? Well your fishing rod lets you  ,gather things deep in the ocean but also helps you  take the shells off of enemies making them easier  ,to defeat. Of course, these can all be upgraded  in shops by paying money as well as gathering the  ,necessary items. One thing Im gonna say is that  combat is a little bit clunky and it will take  ,you a little bit of time to get used to it. This  was especially frustrating during boss battles,  ,specifically the first one. I had to re-do the  battle over 10 times because I could not get  ,the hang of the damn controls. However, once you  get used to it. it just clicks. If you are stuck  ,fighting an enemy, use the damn shield that you  get and dont be a bubble butt like I was, and  ,use the items that they give you. They all serve a  purpose I promise. They are pretty hard but if you  ,use the damn tools youll be fine. Oh and you can  buy backpacks and hats to customize Concord in the  ,cutest ways possible. Finally, you have a house in  which you can rest to save your game and progress  ,to the next day, a village donation box, a  wardrobe, and a few more things in every village.,You play as Concord, the newly appointed  guardian of the grove after Plum,  ,the current but also now previous guardian decides  to move on to another village in order to fulfill  ,her duties over there. As such, you graduate from  being a kindergarten Grape, to a grapeness who has  ,different responsibilities on your shoulder. As  the guardian, you wake up to daily tasks found on  ,the quest boards as well as having to follow the  main quest line and contributing to the community  ,and helping defeat the “”rot”. These are the  enemies that are trying to take over the world.  ,The daily tasks help you level up the village/town  you are in regarding three categories which are:  ,conflict, maintenance, and forage. Conflict  usually has you going around defeating X amount of  ,enemies in a certain area, maintenance requires  you to repair things like bridges and fences,  ,whereas forage will have NPCs asking  you for materials which you can drop  ,in the forage box. Despite the fact that you  cannot access these easily through your journal,  ,you can find quest boards pretty much everywhere  so you can always remember your daily chores.  ,Once you complete these and go to bed, you  will level up the town and get some money in  ,your mailbox. Tasks can get repetitive, but  for me it was in a fun way. To be honest,  ,I was easily addicted to the loop that the  developers were trying to bring here so its  ,safe to say that Miss Bubbles was pretty engaged  in this title. You can also accept favors to  ,complete and these are assigned to you by NPCs.  You can find them with an exclamation point above  ,their head. To add to the contribution system,  you have several village storage boxes in which  ,you can donate stone and wood, though Im not  completely sure how this benefits you as a player,  ,but I do remember unlocking an achievement  badge on Steam for it. Another thing that  ,lets you contribute to the community is that  every village has some sort of collection  ,that needs to be fulfilled. This is kind of like  Stardew Valleys community center. For instance,  ,in the first village, you unlock a library and  to bring back all the lost books, you need to  ,donate certain items like stone, pebbles, sticks  and such to magically let the books reappear.,I really dislike puzzles in games and thats  probably why I dont like games like Zelda.  ,I can hear you keyboard ninjas trying to write  all of your hate comments right now, but hey  ,Im honest. I just dont like puzzles in games.  When I play a game I want to have fun rather  ,than be stuck trying to figure out how to unlock a  certain door or align different elements together,  ,*breath of the wild*. However, in Garden  Story, the puzzles are not difficult at all.  ,They were pretty simple, so really all you have  to do is turn on or off certain lights at the same  ,time or step on different tiles to activate them,  things like that. If youre like me and not too  ,keen on puzzles, theres nothing to worry about.  If I was able to solve them, its probably going  ,to be a piece of cake for you. And really, I think  these were included just to add a little bit more  ,intrigue to the game and a little bit of fun,  rather than frustrate you as a gamer, which  ,is always a welcome feature for me. Before we  continue, lets announce our bubbly of the week,  ,and this goes to FlowerAngelRave. Thank you  for all the engagement and support that you  ,offer this channel, Im delighted to have you  as part of my bubbly community. If you want to  ,be the star in our next video, all you have to  do is pretty much just engage in the comments,  ,and let me get to know you a little bit  more. Now lets get back to our video.,I cannot begin to explain how amazing the music  was. If you know me by now, music sets the mood  ,for me. In Garden Story, I couldnt help but  put on my headphones to enjoy the vibe that the  ,developers were trying to create. What was amazing  though, is that after I stopped playing, I would  ,find myself humming the tunes as I was going about  my day. Just listen to how great this sounds.,And this ties to the fact that the game does  not only rely on the music to create a charming  ,vibe but it also highlights this in the graphics  that it represents. The characters are cute and  ,bubbly looking, the world is not too big, but it  allows you to experience different vibes through  ,different looking towns, and the color  palette that is used is just gorgeou

Garden Story (Switch) Review

this video was made possible by our,generous supporters on patreon check out,patreon.com nwr for all the details,[Music],like a flower sprouting out of the,ground in the dead of night garden story,was one of a handful of eshop titles,shadow dropped during a recent indie,world presentation,one of the benefits in terms of sales is,that many players might pick up the game,based on its brief launch trailer and a,smattering of screenshots both of which,work in the favor of this game,2d top-down perspective basic,action-adventure style charming villages,set amongst trees and flowers and light,pastel colors are no doubt enticing but,unfortunately the minute-to-minute,gameplay quickly wilts on the vine,as anthropomorphic grape concord you,emerge from your humble home in the,grove at the behest of your friend plum,eventually appointed as a guardian to,protect the inhabitants of their home,concord sets out to cleanse four,separate seasonal themed lands of the,destructive rot that has seeped into the,grove,the narrative plays out in a familiar,way with concord assisting with the,development of the spring hamlet,eliminating the major rot threat there,and then moving on to summers end,the fairly contained world displayed on,your map grows as you explore but each,area isnt much more than six or seven,screens in size,given that it stands to reason that,across garden stories 15 to 20 hours,repetition would eventually set in,this just happens to come to fruition,sooner rather than later,during a loose day night cycle youre,assigned two or three daily tasks in the,morning upon waking up,completion of each task works to raise,one of three parameters for each of the,games four towns,increasing the level of the conflict,stat might make resources in the,environment more plentiful allowing,concord to gather more of the sticks,stones and other resources needed to,advance the main story or complete other,daily tasks such as repairing fences,the tasks end up repeating themselves,and become monotonous very quickly,whether its killing six or seven of the,basic ooze enemies scattered about the,world raising the same bridge multiple,times or throwing four pieces of glass,in the town collection box,nothing is hard to do,until you realize that there just arent,enough of a given resource to finish,every task youre assigned then its,just frustrating epitomizing its,repetitive nature is a lost woods lake,area late in the game that had me ready,to flip my water table,concorde starts off with a small life,meter and an even smaller stamina meter,with sprinting rolling and attacking all,requiring stamina,in true zelda fashion completing the,main dungeon with accompanying boss in,each town advances the story and adds to,both meters the dungeons themselves,contribute a bit of variety but each,level within still involves slaying all,the photos on screen or pushing boxes,onto specific tiles,a primary issue with the games,progression is that early on while your,health and stamina are low combat is,much more dangerous boss fights in,particular,you have a refillable jar of dew that,can heal you some but its still very,possible to fail a few times on the,first two bosses,after you toughen up though much of the,action of the game becomes a chore even,after powering up your selection of,weapons,speaking of concords arsenal and,toolkit none of the weapons outside of,maybe the sickle field all that,satisfying to use,you generally get one or more new,weapons or tools in each town to allow,you to overcome obstacles specific to,that setting but they lack range speed,damage or a combination of the three,when youre not fighting the same,enemies ad nauseum you can eventually,plant seeds in the ground that yield new,resources some of which youll need to,advance the plot you can also build,structures around town that appease some,of the fruit and vegetable themed npcs,but these construction efforts seem,entirely cosmetic outside of one,particular project that you need to,build a few times,while you can also use your hard-earned,cash to purchase hats and backpacks from,the stores in each town these dont,serve any purpose either other than,changing concords appearance,the music and art style of the game are,clear strengths with the visuals being,reminiscent of earthbound or even more,appropriately turnip boy commits tax,evasion,a pleasant soundtrack that plays as your,roam throughout the grove makes for,chill travelling music,one presentation element that doesnt,land as well is the use of symbols and,pictures to indicate key information,about required resources or weapons,npcs also tend to repeat dialogue,verbatim when spoken to a second or,third time trapping you in a,conversation if you accidentally or,purposely try speaking with them again,while the map screen always displays the,next main objective you need to visit a,job posting board in town to see your,daily tasks so maybe use the switch to,take a few photos when you first learn,what you need to do for the day,garden story is another title that makes,a good first impression but fails to,build on the early momentum it,establishes,rather than adding new mechanics or,interesting twists concord basically,goes through the motions each day in the,grove until a new area becomes available,the story and combat arent compelling,enough to make up for the uninspired,gameplay loop and starts to repeat,itself far too soon its a title that,would have been better had its length,been pruned back to 8 to 10 hours,anyone looking for a particularly chill,experience that isnt very demanding may,drive more pleasure out of concords,adventure than i did but its hard to,overlook how so much of your in-game,work just doesnt really matter the,downward sloping difficulty curve boring,daily tasks and lackluster enemies make,garden story a crop thats not worth,rushing to harvest,this video was made possible by our,generous supporters on patreon did you,know that nintendo world report is,funded directly by fans like you when,you support nintendo world report on,patreon you get immediate access to,multiple exclusive podcasts every month,exclusive discord channels an early look,at select content and more all for as,little as a dollar a month check out,patreon.com nwr for all the details,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

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