1. Garmin Instinct Review: Everything you need to know
  2. Garmin Instinct // The Review – The Adventure GPS Sports Watch
  3. Garmin Instinct 2 In-Depth Review: 12 Things You Need To Know!
  4. Still worth it in 2022 – Garmin Instinct Solar
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Garmin Instinct Review: Everything you need to know

hey folks prey from deceive America calm,here today about everything you need to,know over the new garment instinct watch,it just announced today when using it,for the past month or so someone run,through all the nuances of it and kind,of explain how to make sense of this,Casio like looking watch now course with,a particular design style theyve chosen,youre either pretty much gonna love it,or hate it theres not really gonna be a,lot of middle ground there and thats,probably all right if you look at like,people that like Casio watches youre,probably gonna like this if you dont,like the 1980 style youre probably not,gonna like this,again thats alright whats really,interesting though is actually whats,inside of this watch and Im not talking,like the chipsets of stuff though that,is actually interesting too but Im,talking the features this is essentially,a blend of a garmin vivoactive series,watch like the vivoactive three with a,phoenix watch which is theyre super,high-end watches and this comes in at,299 so its definitely not the price of,the phoenix which is like 600 bucks and,its a little more than the price that,vivoactive which sets at 250 normally,for the non-music version and about 300,bucks to a music version but theres a,lot of really interesting kind of,choices that Garmins made when it comes,to how they design this particular watch,so starting off with the external side,of things it is whole other proof to 100,meters which is more than the vivo,octave 3 which is only 50 meters now,this is basically matches the phoenix 5,series which is also 100 meters it also,says it is milspec for basically drop,testing and stuff so I can go ahead and,I can in theory drop this do I drop it,on the rock I dont know maybe oh why,not,hold on good news its totally good so,drop it on the rock that time all good,Im not sure if the camera of you can,see that or not but I drop it it hits,like straight on the face here and its,pretty good maybe a tiny little No maybe,like a barely a dink scratch thing in,the edge of it but thats fine I mean,this is the watcher kind of looking for,a ruggedized sort of watch battery life,is really interesting – so battery f on,this is 16 hours of GPS on mode or 2,weeks of just standby mode and they can,also do ultra track up to 40 hours and,Garmins kind of reduced tracking mode,so thats usually fine for hiking not so,good for like running or cycling and,stuff like that Im also pretty sure if,I had just dropped the Vblock to 3 on,its face on that rock there this the,video would have pretty much edited at,that point in time so also pretty sure,if Id done that with a feet,five the video have also vended so Im,actually kind of impressed with this and,its kind of like a little bit of a,rubbery material in certain portions of,this thats clearly meant to keep it,pretty ruggedized on the back the,charging connector is the same as a,Phoenix 5 and same as a v-vector 3,essentially the exact same charging,connector our government has used over,the past two years for the vast majority,of their watches now Ill have to pull,up my notes to kind of run through all,the differences compared to the,vivoactive 3 and the phoenix 5 because,there is a crap ton of difference here,so if I pull up my handy dandy notepad,here Im gonna run through these or,attempt to run through these starting,off with things that this has that the,vivoactive 3 does not number one courses,thats really the biggest one so with,courses you can go ahead and do,navigation and the courses here also,support the magnetic compass that is,built inside of this so you can go ahead,and basically just hold this like this,and rotate it and see the heading the,bearing that youre on next as part of,that has Galileo support as well so,something that the V vector 3 does not,Galileo support allows you to go ahead,and get different satellite signals that,may be more accurate and may not be more,accurate it kind of just depends on on,the particular scenario this has a,mini-map on it so its something that,the V bhakta 3 does not so you can go,ahead and see kind of where youre going,breadcrumb trail map as it may be known,the key thing there compared to the,phoenix 5 series or any the phoenix 5,plus series is that does not have a full,map so you dont get to see all the,detail of whats around you like lakes,here in mountains and stuff like that,just simply showing you the trail ahead,of time and ill show you that in the,hands-on portion in a moment here it,does have track back which is different,than back to start so back to start,basically just points you back at the,start whereas track back goes ahead and,takes you on the exact same route that,you took getting there to begin with,it has ultra tracks so as i mentioned,earlier if the the higher battery life,it has elevation profiles in it so you,can go ahead and see the elevation,profile of where were going again,something well talk about in just a,moment here distance to destination has,storm alerts things that are not again,in the vivoactive 3 if youre doing,trail running it has auto climb so that,means thatll change the data pages,automatically to to show you climbing,ascent and descent when youre going up,hills so kind of cool stuff if you do a,lot of mountain running and stuff like,that,in a lot of that of course based on the,barometric altimeter thats in this so,with that youre also going to get,things like ascent and descent ascent,rates and and a lot of the kind of stuff,that youd expect from a trail running,or a hiking type of watch it includes,sight,jingo so that allows you to go ahead and,just use this kind of as a simple,compass it also includes the ability to,do coordinate based navigation so you,can put GPS coordinates in this if you,want to as well family has area,calculation which frankly youll never,use in your life and then it has Sun and,Moon sunset times as you saw or youll,see just a second on the hands-on,portion and thats the hiking portion,now lets talking about sports theres,more stuff on this at the V vodka three,does not have that it has from a sport,side 3d distance to speed again,primarily targeted at the hiking side of,stuff a virtual partner and finally one,thing that does not have though is vo2,max so theres no vo2 max on this which,is a very peculiar like omission given a,lot of Garmin super cheap wearables,actually have it down to like well below,$200 so I dont really understand that,so lets get right into the caveats and,there are some big caveats on this,number one there is no Kinect IQ on this,so Garmins Kinect IQ platform in fact I,just came from a conference that talked,a ton about connected cue and had tons,of presentations on it and somehow this,300 or watch has no Kinect I what the,how does it know how to take you come on,Garmin thats like your whole thing you,you screw this one up Im not Im not,joking like you should have Kinect IQ in,this I get well watch faces are,different because the different screen,but come on data fields Kinect IQ thats,thats your thing you missed it so that,assigned at no Garmin pay support so you,know like contactless payments like you,have on the V vac two three and a lot of,the higher-end watches now from Garmin,no music supports so no storage of music,like youve seen on again summer,garments higher and washes no pulse ox,support so thats a spo2 reading,something they introduced on the,vivosmart,four back about a month ago and on the,phoenix 5x plus as well and no golfing,so again weve walked a three has,golfing mode this does not last but not,least on the phoenix side a couple of,changes theres a couple differences,compared to the phoenix series that are,worthwhile noting also no advanced,sensor support so no power meters,noveria lights no radar or no none of,that kind of stuff it does support some,of the basic sensors so you can go ahead,and do heart rate speed cadence you can,also do some of their hunting sensors,and things like that for archery they,have one there in reach support

Garmin Instinct // The Review – The Adventure GPS Sports Watch

[Music],[Music],[Music],whats going on folks Im Desmond,Desmond and this is the garment instinct,one of the more interesting devices that,garments are least in recent times so,carbon makes a lot of different types of,watches from the more smart watch like,vivoactive 3 the more sports oriented,for our 6:45 and 935 and then if you,were more of an outdoor adventure type,youd have to take out a second mortgage,to get into the Phoenix town of watches,but there wasnt anything necessarily in,between and thats where the garment,instinct comes into play and its kind,of a blend of all these different types,of watches with a completely different,design that you wouldnt necessarily,expect on a garment so Ive been testing,the garment instinct over the last,couple months using it for everything,from trail running and hiking to,mountain biking and road biking running,both outdoors and indoors but also did,make sure to take it inside to test it,for stuff like weight training and high,intensity animal training rowing as well,as swimming just so you can get a better,idea of how its gonna work for you so,if this video does help you out at all,dont be shy about hitting that like,button down below its a small little,thing that you can do that helps a,channel out a lot and I definitely,appreciate it so with that all the way,lets talk about the Garmin instinct so,at first glance you could argue that,Garmins just taking heavy inspiration,from some watches from Casio or theyre,just trying to cash in on that retro,look but after using it for the last,couple months I actually have to say,that they put a lot of thought in the,design of the instinct and this isnt,just all for looks before the instinct,if you wanted to buy a Garmin for,durability you had to pony up for the,Phoenix line which can sometimes be,overkill and although the instinct is,only made out of a plastic it is claimed,to be built to 810g,US military standards for thermal shock,and water resistance down to 100 meters,and because it is made out of plastic it,is gonna be quite spell only weighing 52,grams so for comparison the standard,Phoenix 5 Plus weighs 86 grams and then,76 grams we have the titanium version so,its gonna be a nice lightweight watch,it comes in just one size but the strap,is extremely long with notches all the,way along the entire strap so should fit,a variety of wrist sizes I also quite,like how the buttons are nearly flush,with the case which should prevent,actual presses and the buttons also do,have a nice texture on them now the,display itself is also what sets it,apart from other garments at first I was,a little bit disappointed that it was,not a color display but after using it,outside a lot I really warmed up to it,because although it is only a monochrome,display it has an incredible amount of,contrast which makes it very readable in,direct sunlight,and then going back to its durability,youll also notice that the display is,gonna be recessed to protect it even,further since its made out of,chemically strengthened glass and it,does not have a sapphire glass screen,option but the other really unique thing,about this display is this little cutout,window so at first I thought it was,maybe a little bit gimmicky and they,were just doing it just to be different,what chip very well is but I came to,quite liked it as it provides an extra,little space for a highlight piece of,information because it really does stand,out for instance for swimming it shows,your last lap time when you press the,lap key thats pretty cool and then,another cool thing is that they really,put a lot of thought into the watch,faces the stock watch face is pretty,unique with a graph in the upper left,hand corner that can show your heart,rate graph over the last four hours,steps or other bits of information and,then you also have two additional,complications on the bottom along with,the time of course so there are twelve,watch faces to choose from however there,are actually only six different actual,layouts and bear with me as I hope I can,explain this correctly,so you have six different layouts and,then each layout has an inverted version,a white background version and then a,black background version but you can,customize the data fields on each one,individually its not that the black,version just mirrors the same data,fields at the white version so I hope,that makes sense but as much as I do,like the contrast as a display as well,as that little cutout window I do wish,that the display was a little bit larger,theres a pretty noticeable black bezel,or border of sorts around the display,I do wish that it wasnt quite there and,Im guessing that this has something to,do with the military-grade durability,but thats just merely a guess though,but the big advantage of being a,monochrome display is that it will offer,a pretty good battery life with up to 14,days in SmartWatch mode in 16 hours in,GPS mode and I was getting about 12 days,in SmartWatch mode with plenty of,notifications and then I think it was,about 12 14 hours in GPS mode so that I,think thats pretty darn respectable now,in regards to this feature set like I,said its kind of like a blend between a,vivoactive 3 and a 4 or 645 but they did,put a lot more emphasis into the outdoor,adventure features like a three axis,compass a barometric altimeter as well,as GPS navigation using courses along,with a breadcrumb style map but it does,not have full-blown mapping like you get,on the phoenix 5x or,Phoenix five-plus line of watches it,does also have trackback which basically,allows you to follow your track back to,where you came from as well as distance,to your destination you can also put in,specific coordinates using its site and,go function and then it also does have,sunrise and sunset times in terms of,customization using the trail run,activity as an example you can customize,the data screens to have up to five,fields which is up to four fields on the,main display with one additional field,in the cutout window then you have tons,of alerts for different things like,heart rate pace distance and elevation a,metronome auto lap auto pause how to,climb 3d speed 3d distance whether you,want to enable the lap key automatic,scrolling of data pages the GPS modes,including plain old GPS GPS plus clone,as and then GPS plus Galileo as well as,the ultra track mode just so you can get,up to 40 hours of battery life so this,is gonna be really good for people like,ultra runners and then it also has a,power save timeout and then changing the,background color so it does come with a,pretty broad feature set but there are,two things that are missing in my,opinion and the first things gonna be,the lack of vo2 Max so I know a lot of,runner friends that really liked the,look of this watch but they still want,vo2 max oh Id love to see that in there,but the other thing missing is the lack,of Garmin Connect IQ for stuff like data,pages and thats kind of a big bummer,now although the instinct is aimed at,the outdoor market they didnt forget,about SmartWatch features and it does,have some basic stuff like notifications,calendar of events weather information,thats pulled for your film but it does,not come with Garmin Paden or music,storage and playback however does still,come with music controls to control the,music playing back on your phone it does,also come with a long list of activity,profiles with all the standard ones you,would expect but it does also come with,both pool swimming as well as open water,swimming winter sports profiles like,skiing snowboarding cross-country skiing,and then water sports like kayak,stand-up paddleboarding and rowing and,the gym based activities like indoor,rowing strength training a generic,cardio profile yoga elliptical stare,metal and floor climb and then we have,tactical as well as bone but in regards,to this performance is a fitness device,lets first go through GPS and spoiler,alert theres really no issues that I,had here for running we see some pretty,solid tracks

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Garmin Instinct 2 In-Depth Review: 12 Things You Need To Know!

hey folks this is ray dcreammaker.com,and today ive got 12 things to know,about the new garmin instinct 2 series,now never before has garmin added as,many new features from version of,version as they have with the instinct 2,series it is absolutely bonkers how many,new features there are on this watch now,i would encourage you to stay at the end,of the video because its not been the,smoothest testing experience for me ive,had these watches for almost two months,now testing them and this is in all,sorts of conditions everything from like,jungles like this to volcanoes and,oceanside cliffs the whole bit trying to,put these through their paces and figure,out where they work well and where they,need a little bit of love so before we,get into all that first we got to talk,about all the newness and the very first,thing to know is there are two different,versions of the instinct 2 series,theres the instinct 2 and then the,smaller instinct 2s the instinct 2 is 45,millimeters the 2s is 40 millimeters and,then on top of that there are solar,editions of both of those and then,beyond that theres also the specialty,editions theres like 20 plus editions,of the instinct 2 family in total in,terms of what ive been testing ive,been using both the instinct 2 the,instinct 2 solar as well as the instinct,2s solar right there that my wife has,also been testing now from a pricing,standpoint the units are 349 for the,base editions or 100 bucks more at 449,for the solar variants and if you want,one of the surf or tactical editions,its 3.99 for the base and a 499 for the,solar variants finally its worth noting,that the solar edition has garmin pay on,it thats the contactless payments where,you can go ahead and just simply tap the,watch and pay for things that is not on,the base edition but that is the only,software feature difference aside from,solar of course uh between the base,editions and the solar editions and of,course from a design standpoint youll,either love or hate the instinct series,looks its got a little bit of that,casio flare to it or rather a lot of,that casio flare to it meaning it has a,full ruggedized exterior but has the,smarts of any other normal garment watch,okay the next big item is massive it is,a huge increased number of sport,profiles and theres some big ticket,ones on this the first one is it now,supports a full triathlon or multi-sport,mode in the past the instinct 2 series,never did that it also adds a bunch of,new cycling profiles for example around,gravel bikes and mountain bike and all,the kind of stuff you can now do as a,profile on the watch itself it has the,entire sport of golf including golf,course downloads now you may be looking,at that list going hmm that looks,awfully similar to the phoenix 7 list,and youre right it does the sport,profile list between the instinct and,the phoenix 7 are almost identical but,there are of course way more features,beyond that and for that ive got you,covered tomorrow ive got a video coming,up that details the differences between,the instinct 2 series and the phoenix 7,series so if that interests you check,out that video its probably somewhere,on the screen or if youre watching this,before tomorrow then just hit subscribe,instead next up is a biggie this is one,that probably sounds a bit boring but is,super important which is that garmin has,added connect iq support to the instinct,2 series this means that you not only,get connect iq watch faces like the one,you see right there but you also get,connect iq data fields supporting a wide,number of different third-party,platforms and apps and sensors and,devices as well as third-party widgets,via widget glances and one of the,reasons they were able to add connected,q support is because of the increased,screen resolution so its gone from 126,by 126 up to 176 by 176 pixels which if,youre using most of the garmin portions,of the device youll never notice it at,all like you just simply wont but when,you start adding connect iq watch faces,and connect iq apps that may do more,intensive things thats when youll see,that difference further its with this,kinect iq support that garmins been,able to add other features like fimbo,health tracking with menstrual cycle as,well as pregnancy tracking via connect,iq apps they can load onto the watch,next up garmin has increased both the,battery and the solar capacity and solar,like efficiency levels of the instinct 2,series now for those that arent,familiar with the garmin solar,technology heres like a 15 second,primer on the outer edge of the instinct,series is a portion of the solar panel,that gets all the suns rays this is,simplified a bit but it has a hundred,percent of what hits that portion of the,panel but in addition to the outer edge,theres also the portion that covers the,entire display itself thats invisible,to you but its actually catching the,suns rays and converting that to energy,but it does that at a lesser capacity,than the outer edges now in day-to-day,use you can go ahead and use the solar,widgets to see how much solar energy,youre getting on the watch at any one,point in time based on whether under,tree cover like this or out in bright,sun and you can see based on this little,kind of sun dial each section that fills,up indicates more and more sun all of,garmins battery estimates for the solar,editions are based on 50 000 lux at 3,hours a day and based on that for the,new solar instinct 2 series theyll give,you one day of battery life or one hour,of gps life so its kind of really,simple to understand there but the thing,to keep in mind is that in the summer 50,000 lux is actually pretty low uh for me,for example in the summer if im at the,beach ill be clearing 100 120 000 lux,and ill be there the entire day not,just three hours for example the point,of that whole thing though is to note,that garmin has added more categories,for forever power meaning if youre,spending more than three hours a day,outside and 50 000 lux conditions and,youre not doing gps all day long then,you can pretty much never have to plug,it back in again of course like all good,things eventually the summer ends and,youre back to plugging it back in again,and if you find this kind of stuff,interesting or useful go ahead and walk,that like button the bottom there it,really does help with this channel and,the video quite a bit the next feature,is addition of training status at,training load training recovery vo2 max,training effect all of the training,things are now added to the instinct 2,series when you finish your workout,youll see the training load displayed,thats based on heart rate data as well,as for cycling power meter data if you,have that youll also see your training,status as well as the training effect,and then further youll see the recovery,times in addition youll get some plain,english guidance on whether or not that,workout was good for you or bad for you,in addition to that if your workout was,intense enough youll also get a vo2 max,estimate as well now all of that data,combined with the sleep data will go,ahead and give you your daily suggested,workouts these are both for run and bike,and its a new workout every single day,thats designed to kind of keep on,increasing your fitness now if youve,been doing too much lately or if youre,too fatigued or if youre not recovering,well or not sleeping well itll even,tell you some days just to chill out and,do nothing at all next theres been a,massive expansion of sensor support so,much so that im going to pull up my,handy dandy cheat sheet here because,there are so many new sensor types that,i want to forget them all the very first,one is theres now support for power,meters which ive been using myself over,the last while now,two theres support for smart trainers,theres support for the rd pod which is,used for running dynamics theres also,support for bluetooth smart sensors,which was not supported on the original,instinct series theres support for,running dynamics in general that,incl

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Still worth it in 2022 – Garmin Instinct Solar

shoots hi,im the moorlander and this is more,london edc now i thought it was about,time i bought you this piece of content,what we are here today to look at,is the,first,gorman instinct solar edition now the,main reason that i put the first on,there is hopefully you some of you may,have seen that recently the uh the soul,sorry the garment instinct 2,has just been released so theres a few,upgrades well actually theres quite a,few upgrades,from the original version to the newer,version,but part of me still thinks well you,know ive ive owned this and there is a,lot of amazing content out there there,definitely is,i definitely recommend once youve,finished this check out dc rainmaker now,the content that hes made on this,is god level content so definitely check,his out and he goes into a lot of detail,so what i thought would do is to bring,you more of a a quick overview of the,original watch,the garmin instinct solar,and also to think is it still relevant,is it still worth it,the answer really is yes theres some,absolutely amazing deals out there at,this current moment in time,for the garmin,instinct solar i keep struggling with,trying to put those two words together,um so what ill do is ill turn the,camera around so that we can have a,quicker look at this whilst im doing,that if any point you do enjoy this,content please feel free to hit the like,subscribe and share it certainly means a,lot to my channel so i can see what type,of content you enjoy watching,and if you do choose to do that i would,definitely like to thank you at this,point and say thank you for liking this,and sharing and subscribing it certainly,means a lot to me as well but for now,lets turn the camera around and take a,closer look at the,garmin instinct solar i got it yeah kind,of got it right that time,so here we have the instinct solar now,there are a few different versions of,this there is the um the instinct which,doesnt have any solar there is the,instinct solar which has solar,recharging on there there is also some,specialist versions as well theres a,tactical version,and theres a the wave kind of surfing,version which has some additional,features on there,the difference between the solar edition,and the non-solar edition,is literally just solar theres no other,features on there that differentiate the,two,now,initially from the looks hopefully you,can see that it has a very kind of,g-shock,aesthetic to it,um and a lot of the features on here or,at least a lot of the materials they,really do resemble some of those g-shock,kind of looks to it,as far as the construction here,the the the vast majority of the case is,made from a fiber reinforced polymer,and the strap is made from a really nice,silicon strap which will we will have a,look at the moment as far as colours,this is available in,god theres probably 20 or 30 different,variants of different colours this is,the carbon version there is an all black,version the carbon version here so,around the outside um,its its kind of a,gray sort of color hopefully youll be,able to see it here in the sun,but the the the inlay i suppose you,could call it in in the bezel is is a,black color,you tend to find with a lot of them,black,seems to be the almost the highlight or,the subdued light version,thats in there i think even the one,that is is ora is yellow,all of the all of the bits and the cases,around here is yellow but all of the the,buttons and then the inlay,is black on there as well the screen on,this is incredibly easy to see so,if i turn this so that we go in and out,of the light ill even see if i can poke,it at the sun,its still very easy to read during the,day,the screen itself comes in at two point,three millimeter sorry 23 millimeters by,23 millimeters,and the resolution of the screen or at,least um the the pixels on there its,128 pixels by 128 pixels,the bump on the newer version goes up to,178 by 178 so you know okay its got a,little bit more fidelity on there,however when i look at this i certainly,dont look at this and think wow i,really wish id got some more pixels to,to make it a little bit crisper it,certainly is a very handsome and easy to,read watch,you can completely customize this as,well so as far as the screen is,concerned its almost cut up into a few,different um,planes or phases or certainly different,sections so there is this section up,here that is spherical its actually all,part of the same display,theyve just been able to cut this,section off uh and use this part here to,be able to differentiate the different,sections but theres data that can be,showed here this data that can be shown,in this section theres data across here,and then this data across here if you,wanted to you completely completely turn,this so that it looks more like an,analog watch as well which we can we,cant have a look quickly as well,now i have mentioned so this is the the,solar edition if i can get this in the,light just right lets see if i can,hopefully youll be able to see that,there is a ring,around here which goes through there so,this is where the,how do they put how do they the the,photovoltaic,membrane thats within this in the,inside so all of the light that hits,this 100 of the light that hits this is,then converted into electricity to,recharge the battery,then what they also have is they also,have a second membrane and thats behind,the actual watch face itself so where,its darker in here there is a there is,a faulty volcanic um,membrane behind that,and what that does is that transfers,ten percent of the light that hits the,watch face and and is able to uh to to,turn that into electricity,now the main difference between this,version and the old and the end and the,newer version mainly is how that,membrane works and also the membrane,behind this one as well to to be able to,use more of that light,but,um,garmin say that in its smart watch,function you can get up to 14 days of,battery out of this which is still,exceptionally good when you compare it,to some other smart watches that are out,there considering you can only get one,or two days out of this,a lot of the smartwatch features on here,i i generally i mean i generally i have,actually turned off,i use this mainly for telling the time,and a little bit more of a fitness,tracker rather than you know i want it,to tell me that ive got a new email or,a new text message or somebody is,calling i like a watch generally to be a,watch now as far as the watch,works so there is uh theres three,buttons down this side theres two,buttons down this side,um these two when youre on the main,face here these two switch between the,widgets that you have and you can add,more widgets or you can take widgets off,so at the moment,if i use this bottom button ive got an,abc abc stands for altimeter barometer,and compass so on here i can see,all of those three different metrics i,also have um the altimeter on as well,which i could probably turn this off,considering i i have it on the on the,previous screen,you can also go into uh into these a,little bit more so by pressing this,button here you can then go into,additional information if you choose to,this button gives you more information,about each of the widgets and then the,button down here in the bottom right,allows you to go back to to the main,widget face uh so they have the,altimeter,uh here i have my heart rate,and then i have sunset and sunrise which,i i find is quite useful and then and,then twilight hours if i if i want to,then,be able to you know do some filming,while im out as im going through these,you can see how nice and crisp this,screen is,is this still a great watch to use in,2022 im probably going to keep saying,this a lot mainly because this is what,this contents about and it definitely,shows that its still a great watch,footsteps i got up and came straight,here,theres no data as far as previous jobs,thats been going on,here is my day again you can press this,button and go into further information,thats on there but ive took a lot of,the i

How to use Garmin Instinct (User Guide 101)

there is a lot of things you can do with,the garmin instinct but,in this video i will stick to the basic,of how to use your garmin instinct watch,and if you want to know more about it,after you watch,that video you will be more comfortable,to,discover more about this watch by your,own,but if you want more tutorials you can,see that playlist just right here,so uh how it works uh basically,you have a selection button just right,here,and you have a back button just right,here and to navigate into the watch,you can use the up and down button,as you can see this is the menu button,but there is also a sub,function that is uh written,into it so we see up and we see down,and we see back and we see light,so yes if i hit that button uh actually,theres a lot of light so we dont see,it but this,just had come uh up the,the backlight uh so basically uh you,got your watch here with the watch face,and you got the time altitude your heart,rate,and those kind of things and you can,navigate with,up and down through some widget,so if we go down here i can see my,hearth rate for the last four hours,my day so i can see that ive done a,walk,of 37 minutes ive done,12 minutes of intensity activity,and ive climbed 13 floors,this is the music tab this is the,notification,tab and weather,or so when you navigate from the watch,face,the main page with up and down you go,through,widget and as soon as you are,onto a page you can always press and,hold the menu button,to modify something so youve got,hearthrate option,and as i said when i go up and down,those are widget so if you want to,reorder the widget move this one,the hearth rate over or lower another,one,i can do it here if i come back to the,menu i can also,add widget or remove this widget if i,dont want it,so as you can see if i go on add widget,i can add something to see my,last run right swims taps,floor climbs my stress level a tag,tracker,duct tracker is another device from,garmin so if you put a,dog tracker on your dog you can,basically see where your,dog is those are third-party stuff,if i want to add something about the,moon phase i can add it just like,that so next time i navigate,here instead of having at first this,hearth rate im gonna have the moon,the moon phase which is all actually,almost,full and will rise at 18,16 and well set at 4 11.,so thats some stuff you can do with the,up and down so thats navigate to widget,you have another kind of widget by going,into the control button and holding it,like that you see those are about the,same widget but,display differently so you want,a timer alarm clock,you want to set some stuff you can do it,here and again we are on a different,page if you want to access the menu,of this page you can press and hold the,menu button,and access this page,so if i want to remove control or,add other controls there is other stuff,you can add from here so again im,gonna go back and of course its a gps,watch so if you want to do some,activity uh the fun button is just right,here the gps so you press it,once and you can start uh run walk,hike climb and those are activities i,predefine and if i go down theres the,navigate,theres a navigate tab track me,or all those things or i can add,other stuff so i if i wanted to trail,run tread miles indoor track,black biking door mountain bike full,screen bottom water,there is all the sports,possible um so if i want to im sorry,ive been fast so i,ive been back and come back to the gps,mode,so if i want to go for a walk so i will,select,walk and actually it will,uh try to get the gps and if i go up i,can go into some,option so i can set a course from the,phone,those are the kind of things we will see,in the most advanced,uh tutorials in the playlist ive shown,in the upper right corner at the,beginning,uh you can change your walk settings,because actually,ive been back as you can see theres a,distance the dimer,the accent the altimeter,uh my hurt zone and i can modify it,again if i press on the menu button,i can go on walk settings and,change the data screens and if i press,here i can adjust the layout what i,see on the field and,yeah so you see at every page you are,you can press and hold to modify it by,going into the menu and modify,everything,so if i want to change uh yeah its a,five layout,thats fine but if i want something else,that,then the heart rate on that tools,up here i can come here and,choose something into timer field,distance field paste speed,hearth rate cadence temperature,elevation,whatever and theres a lot of other,options inside of this,so go back go back go back go back,back and back and,yes and of course there is the uh main,menu of the screen that you can access,from,uh the watch face you press and hold the,menu button,and you go down onto settings and from,here youve got,all other settings and,most of them will be also into system,so yeah basically what you have to,remember selection,back up and down and navigate into your,watch,and have some fun so this is it,thank you for watching i hope it helps,if yes please,smash the like button if you are,planning to buy this watch you can see,my link in the description,and dont forget to subscribe to my,channel so you can find me back easily,next time you need help,if you want to see my other tutorial,about this watch you can see my playlist,just right here,and you can also find me on my main,channel just right there,thank you for watching take care and see,ya

Garmin Instinct Crossover In-Depth Review – Why do I like this thing so much?

all right just look at this thing its,got hands I I kind of love that,[Applause],well hey there welcome back to my,channel Im Dave from Chases Summit and,this is the brand new Garmin Instinct,crossover this is a pretty interesting,watch so the Garmin Instinct crossover,is built to be a rugged outdoor hiking,kind of watch it is however very similar,to the older Garmin Instinct 2 that came,out a while ago these two watches have a,lot in common and because of that this,is going to be a different kind of video,in most of my videos I do really,in-depth reviews and go through every,little setting of The Watch but I think,that would bore you in this video about,the Instinct crossover because its so,similar to the Instinct 2. instead in,this video Im going to focus in on,whats new and exciting about this watch,and why it might be worth the extra high,price tag as compared to the Garmin,Instinct 2. before we get to all that,good stuff though I do want to remind,you that if you find this video fun or,entertaining or helpful please consider,giving me a thumbs up and subscribing to,the Channel Down Below because that,really helps me out and if youre,planning on picking up an instant,crossover or Instinct 2 or even the,Garmin Phoenix 7 or any watch I show in,this video check out the links in the,description down below because those do,help support this Channel and they cost,nothing extra to you so you might as,well use it the first topic I want to,tackle with the instant crossover is,going to be pricing and options there,are three main flavors of this watch,theres the base model that comes in at,499 theres the instant crossover solar,model that comes with a solar panel on,the front of the watch that comes in at,549 dollars and then theres the most,expensive Instinct crossover Solar,Tactical its a very long name it comes,in at 599 that comes with a few extra,features that are made for tactical,purposes like stealth mode and that is,the most expensive option and on top of,the three main flavors theres also a,few different options in colors they can,choose from when youre picking up this,watch in terms of pricing the Garmin,Instinct crossover is a pretty expensive,watch especially when we go back in time,and compare it to something like the,original Garmin instinct when that came,out that was more of an entry-level,watch it was more of a bunch budget,option where this watch is definitely,not a budget option and if we compare it,to something like the Garmin Instinct 2,its about a hundred dollars more for,the instant crossover and these two,watches are very similar in terms of,features and specs okay now that weve,talked about options and pricing with,the new Instinct crossover I want to,briefly go over whats the same between,the instant crossover and the older,Instinct 2 both the Instinct crossover,and Instinct 2 have the same menu system,the same design save your same user,interface all of that is the same,between these two watches both also have,the same navigation features with,breadcrumb mapping and navigation that,means theres no built-in base map or,topo map built into these watches but,you can use them with turn-by-turn,directions if you create a course in,Garmin Connect and sync it over to your,watch which is pretty powerful both of,these watches also collect the same,Wellness data with step counting stairs,climbed body battery your sleep tracking,and the new HRV status function is on,both of these watches and of course both,of these watches do have the same,excellent integration with Garmin,Connect which is the clouds the platform,where both watches will sync your,Wellness data your sleep tracking your,activities and everything like that its,the same between both of these all right,now its time to take a closer look at,the hardware of the Instinct crossover,and as you can see here when I hold up,the Instinct 2 on the right side of the,screen and the instant crossover they,look very similar both of these watches,are a 45 millimeter form factor in,diameter and theyre a little bit,different in thickness the instant,crossover comes in at 16 millimeters,thick whereas the original Instinct 2 is,a little bit thinner at 14 millimeters,thick and that thickness difference I,think is due to the hands within the,instant crossover because they do add a,little bit of thickness another,difference between the instant crossover,and Instinct 2 is going to be the weight,the instant crossover comes in at 65,grams where the Instinct 2 is a little,bit lighter at 52 grams not a huge,difference probably not something youll,notice but I thought it was worth,mentioning other than that though these,two are basically identical in terms of,build quality theyre both mainly made,out of plastic they both have this kind,of contoured band that wraps around your,wrist nicely it is replaceable by the,way and they both do have the same,Optical heart rate sensor on the back of,the watch which is garmins newer,Elevate 4.0 heart rate sensor if I can,show that to the camera properly thats,what it looks like there and its the,exact same heart rate sensor when it,comes to the display on the instant,crossover versus the Instinct 2 theres,a pretty big difference on the Instinct,2 they had this like little window in,the corner here you can see theres a,little circle and in my case I have the,date in there but you can actually,customize that little window to show,various bits of information within your,activities or as a smart watch on the,instant crossover theyve actually,eliminated that little window and,theyve actually made the entirety of,the screen just one single segment so,you can choose what information you want,to have in there youre not kind of,shoehorned into using the little window,as you did on the Instinct 2 which I,personally like the little window on the,Instinct 2 was kind of interesting when,it first launched but it kind of got old,after that and I much prefer just having,a larger single display on the Instinct,crossover even though the displays are,basically the same size at around one,inch keep in mind these displays are,very low power so theyre monochrome,theres no colors theyre pretty low,resolution and theyre pretty small so,comparing this to something like an,apple watch or something is not fair at,all because this is designed to conserve,power and youll understand that when we,get to the battery life segment of this,video Even though these displays are,pretty dull and muted and not really,vibrant or anything like that they are,very usable especially out in direct,sunlight pretty easy to see I have zero,issues going for a run running in the,dark anything like that because both,these watches both also do have,backlights as well now lets talk about,the elephant in the room when it comes,to the Instinct crossover and thats,going to be the mechanical hands on top,of the display obviously just like any,old watch out there these hands are used,to tell the time of day but they do a,lot more than that so first off there is,an hour hand and a minute hand on here,and whats interesting about this is the,numbers around the perimeter of the,watch and the Hand the little white,segments on the hands are actually glow,in the dark so if you have this watch,out in direct sunlight or even under,artificial light like I do now these,numbers and tick marks and everything,will actually charge up and when the,lights go down theyll actually glow,with that sort of like iridescent green,color is that the right word Im using,there this is a pretty cool feature it,does help you tell the time of day in,the dark however this glow-in-the-dark,function only works for a couple of,hours before the charge wears off and,youll have to charge it back up again,by putting it back out direct sunlight,or using your phone flashlight or,something like that now whats really,interesting about the mechanical hands,on the instant crossover is that when,you cycle through the menu they actively,move out of the way as not to obst

Garmin Instinct Crossover In-Depth Review: More Than Just Hands!

hey folks today with a brand new Garmin,Instinct crossover now this watch has,got hands but its got more than just,hands its actually got a number of,other changes internally that are super,interesting and some of them are really,important now the instant crossover is,basically based on the Garmin Instinct 2,Series this one you see over here on the,left now in the middle here I have the,Garmin instant crossover solar thats,the one that well has solar panels on it,so you can charge it for theoretically,forever or basically run it forever and,on the right hand side Ive got the base,Edition here without the solar panels,now in this review Im going to walk,through all the newness on the watch,first and I want to show you the hands,on how they work because its really,really fascinating its one of those,things thats like geeky kind of cool,then from there Ill talk about sport,modes and widgets and eventually GPS,accuracy and heart rate accuracy and,finally all that kind of recommendations,and thoughts on where this all fits in,now the very first thing to know is the,price the price of the instant crossover,the base model this one right here is,499 dollars the instant crossover solar,is 549 and then theres also a tactical,Edition thats above that thats 5.99,this is more pricey than the Instinct 2,in Instinct 2 solar editions now lets,just go straight into whats unique and,different about this uh the first one,obviously is it has hands you can see,these hands right there theyre analog,hands they do move around uh the watch,as you expect but they also move out of,the way Im gonna show you that in just,a second here the next thing you,probably cant see right now because the,lights are on is there is a glow coating,basically this little dots all the way,around here and this is on both units,and thats technically its called super,luminova its actually like a branded,thing uh its something that other watch,manufacturers use as well and its,whats shown here heres what it looks,like at night just recording my phone so,nothing super fancy basically you charge,this up just like any other glowing,thing with light it could be like your,phone flashlight it could be sunlight,Etc and then it glows for it seems like,a couple hours it you know kind of a,decaying intensity it is not Radioactive,by the way it used to be this technology,not this exact one but very similar,Technologies used in other watches was,radioactive if you want to go down an,entire fun internet rabble hole you can,do that starting with Wikipedia and then,about five hours later youll probably,be finished now heres a still picture,what this looks like which by the way,came out way better than what my eyes,actually see that like the phone camera,is incredible sometimes but uh this is a,still picture what this looks like at,night uh two in the morning and then,heres what it looks like when you turn,the back light on just so the backlight,is still there its super visible uh so,that doesnt go away at all here okay,just a quick note if youre finding this,video interesting or useful just simply,whack that like button the bottom there,it really does help out this video in,the channel quite a bit the next thing,you might have noticed is the little,circle is gone on these watches right,this is the typical Instinct Circle,scene up there different data fields,going there uh now its basically just a,square uh its kind of behind the screen,you can see as I tip this way in that,way so that gives you actually more kind,of real estate to work with from a,display standpoint but some people would,have liked that from like a stylistic,standpoint to each their own the next,change you probably didnt notice in,this upper camera but once I tilt it you,will is that the glass is a little bit,higher up now so on the Instinct 2,Series the glass basically the screen,was down for further like down in a in a,bit of a I dont know you call it like,it was just down further and then here,its raised up a little bit more its,still well protected with this bezel,around it but I just think the higher,glass looks nicer it feels nicer theyve,gotten rid of this fabric grabbing,material that was like in the Instinct 2,right there uh and its just a much,cleaner look across the board here so,the next item is a bit of a big one but,its not one that you probably would,have noticed at first which is that,theyve changed the GPS chipset inside,of this its now the same chips that,theyre using on the Phoenix 7 Series,the epics Etc uh its not the Sony,chipset in the past but its also not,multi-band its like the next best thing,and in some cases its beating,multi-band watches from other companies,now following that as I mentioned,earlier garment pay is on all of the uh,instant crossover Series so you have,that there if your bank supports that,and then last but not least theyve,changed the battery specs a bit in some,cases the battery goes down slightly but,in other cases it goes a lot higher the,thing to keep in mind though is that the,battery specs from the Instinct 2 Series,to the crossover series change in terms,of the definition of the GPS modes so,with the Instinct 2 Series the GPS,definition there was GPS plus gloss but,in the case of the instant crossover,its all systems which means you have,five different gnss systems so youve,got way better accuracy even if some of,those numbers are going down a little,bit however other numbers for example,the longer battery life modes go way up,because that chipset is just simply more,efficient so with that let me just show,you all the cool stuff on this watch,starting with the hands so watch this as,I go down right there youll see that it,changes the hand position so back up to,the watch face its showing the current,time it is currently blocking my,intensity minutes or calories over the,left hand side but I havent found out,that big a deal I think for the first,couple of hours I was wearing I was like,yeah Im not so sure about this but,after like again in like two minutes I,can see that or I can simply tap down,and I go see that same information in,the widgets and youll see that hands,are always like sweeping to get out of,the way but it varies depending on which,thing youre in so for example if I go,down here to weather I tap this open,watch this now still horizontal but as I,go down again as I look at the weather,for the next few hours it goes vertical,kind of cool right and if I go down,again still vertical and then now heres,the 12 hours Trend and a horizontal now,I go back here to the widgets and well,go down to find my steps its still,early in the morning so there we go,Ill tap this and this becomes a gauge,that goes around if you look at a little,bit of a video or picture or something,from yesterday you can see here at the,end of the day it goes towards the right,hand side because its using those hands,as a gauge on this entire kind of,progress bar around the screen in fact,the same is true in workout mode if,youre using as a heart rate gauge itll,actually show you as a little Gauger and,as you can see its virtually instant I,mean its basically like one second to,go ahead and move wherever it needs to,now you may be wondering what happens if,these get out of alignment and dont,worry theres actually a solution for,that too we go into the settings menu,right here we go all the way down to,hands well find it eventually down here,system and hands and theres a misstep,calibration and theres set alignment so,set alignment you can go ahead and,basically do the calibration of the,hands it does this little loopy loop and,you can manually do this if you need to,to fix it all up or if we went back to,this misstep calibration right there,this is something that garment has,actually named from a marketing,standpoint its called Revo Drive which,sounds like a blend between something,Ill put like to clean my toilets out,and like some sort of car oil or,something I dont really know but,basically what it does is it,automati

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