1. Garmin Instinct Solar Review: 9 New Things to Know!
  2. Garmin Instinct Solar Review – Unlimited Battery Life! Can It Compete With Fenix 6?
  3. Garmin Instinct Solar In-Depth Review // Running, MTB, Skiing, and more!
  4. Still worth it in 2022 – Garmin Instinct Solar
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  6. Garmin Instinct Solar – REVIEW
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Garmin Instinct Solar Review: 9 New Things to Know!

hey folks its ray DC murica calm here,and today Ive got nine new things to,know about the brand new garment,instinct solar now for this video Im,going to focus mainly on the new things,in the instinct solar as opposed to the,older things about the entire garment,instinct lineup but in like one sentence,or less the garment instinct series is,essentially like a garment Phoenix light,its got a lot of the navigation and,kind of hiking and sport functions of a,Garmin Phoenix but not all the advanced,functions like full-on color maps and,music and all that kind of fun stuff,isnt there but a lot of the basics are,here and so it makes still kind of an,overall good outdoor hiking watch as,well as sport watch now diving straight,into the first item on the list and keep,in mind you can use the youtubes chapter,functionality to skip ahead and find,which new thing you want to hear more,about now it starts at 399 bucks and,thats for the baseline version there,all the colors you see on the screen,right now but theres also a camel,version which is 449 same exact,functionality as the base except just,simply a camo look to it in that also at,449 is a tactical and surf options those,have additional features that will dive,into later on in the video now moving on,to number 2 and list is unboxing Im,gonna do some under 60 seconds putting,the timer on the clock right now this is,the garment interesting solar this is,the base Edition I think its,technically the graphite version is the,color that I have right here you can see,on the back the battery stats are were,gonna talk all about the battery in a,second its got now similar in size its,got a compass inside GPS navigation all,the same stuff from the government,instinct in the past is in this one as,well,including my inability to open the box,correctly so here we go on top right,there slide it this way you can see the,watch chilling out right there bring,this out pull out the watch from the,inside there got a foam piece there we,go,and then inside that we have a standard,Garmin charging cable a manual youre,never going to read and then a warranty,type guide safety product information,guide that as usual says that if you,kill yourself using this watch it most,definitely is to your fault,flatten this out of the way this is the,same charging cable as in the past so it,just bring us down there same charging,cable used on the forerunner series on,the Fenix series on most other watches,that garm makes today goes into that,port right there and then you also have,the brand-new operate sensor which we,will talk about in just a sec there we,go in maybe under 60 seconds a complete,boxing of the garment instinct solar oh,and just a quick note before I forget if,you find this review interesting or,useful or something like that,simply whack that like button down below,there it really helps up this video and,the channel quite a bit next up on the,list of course is the biggie which is a,solar panel itself now Im gonna put,this one off the side for now into the,magic of television bring out the line,been using for a couple weeks which is,this camo edition now functionality,speaking these are identical in terms of,what they have in them its only the,tactical and the surf ones that have,additional features so when it comes to,that solar panel theres actually two,parts to it and you gotta turn a bit of,an edge to see where those two parts on,are if I get just right letter light,there you can see the light reflection,so this part here around the outside,edge that reflects that brighter edge,that is it a 100% photovoltaic level,which means that it is tack capturing,100% of the suns energy and sticking,into this watch at again 100% rate there,versus underneath the entire under part,of display is a 10% photovoltaic level,which means its only capturing ten,percent of the suns goodness into the,washing of storing in this battery this,is a substantially bigger solar area,than on the Phoenix six pro solar series,watches so on that one they have a small,one millimeter kind of outside edge,thats solar at 100 verses this is that,entire flashy area when I just kind of,move it just like that that is at 100%,so that theres right into the next item,which is how to see all the solar,information on the wash itself now,keeping a mind Im indoors right now,youre not gonna see a ton of,information so Ill throw some b-roll,here and there but the first thing on,the watch itself is this upper portion,thats that Sun icon right there and,then at the right is a line showing the,last six hours of solar intensity from 0,to 200 percent so its always going to,show you in a percentage range and then,if I click down once here I go down to,the solar intensity graph again inside,not much there but if I show you some,outside video footage you can go ahead,and see that solar intensity graph much,better over the last six hours and in,the upper right hand corner where that,little circle is shows you the,percentage of incoming solar intensity,so thats divided up into ten little,blocks and then the Sun itself will,illuminate once the tenth block fills up,so it shows you kind of that relative,intensity over the course of the day now,in addition to all that you can see this,information on a Garmin Connect,mobile so on your phone app and seeing,the intensity levels for any given day,in history now were going to talk about,the battery life in just a second cuz,thats kind of important but before that,I want to talk about the power manager,feature so one of the next new features,Im gonna dive into so if we go back,here into settings so hold down this,menu button right there for a second and,go down to settings there is a new power,manager option so down the bottom right,there power manager and youre within,that you have two kind of core areas you,can go into one is battery saver and,then two is power modes so within,battery saver this is effectively the,nuclear option this is the one that,basically were Garmin threw down the,gauntlet and said we give you unlimited,power and when you do that when you,select this go ahead and toggle it on,right there it goes from my battery life,lasting 12 days up to 59 days without,any additional solar input and its once,you layer thats solar input in from,these huge solar panels there that,Garmin says you can get to unlimited,battery now the conditions would that,require three hours a day if 50,000 Lux,which is a relatively sunny day and not,like complete Arizona Sun all day long,for 10 hours but its a pretty strong,sunny day now a battery saver does have,a couple of downsides one its gonna,turn off pretty much everything so its,gonna turn off all of your Bluetooth,communications with their phone its,gonna turn off the optical heart rate,sensor on the back its gonna turn off,some of the sleep tracking and its,going to reduce the display up atrophy,frequency so if I go back here right now,this is what it shows in battery saver,mode you see the time the date and how,much battery life you have left if I go,down right here youll still see solar,intensity and when I was outside because,its still gonna take that solar,intensity levels in or sort of solar,energy in the batteries table is just,enabled which means that pulse ox is,disabled myopic heart rates disabled it,does show my day so I can see steps in,walking distance and stuff like that and,then text message disabled calendar,disabled so whether disabled and so on,so all those features that depend on,more connectivity are disabled in order,to save battery life but if we go back,into the settings there into power,manager there we go well turn this off,and then we go down one into power modes,these are the new customizable power,modes these were introduced on the,government Fenix series last year and,what,allow you to do is to basically decide,which features of the watch you want in,order to get the battery life that you,need so if youre halfway through how,you can you realize you never charged,your batte

Garmin Instinct Solar Review – Unlimited Battery Life! Can It Compete With Fenix 6?

this watch has unlimited battery life,seriously,hey everybody welcome back im dave with,chase to summit and today were going to,be taking a close look at the garmin,instinct solar garmin was nice enough to,send this watch out to me for review,but this is not a sponsored video and,im allowed to give you my honest,unbiased opinion the garmin instinct,solar launched a couple of weeks ago,ive been running with it,ever since then ive been wearing it day,in and day out going to sleep with it,working with it living with it on my,wrist just to see what its like in a,day to day capacity ive also had the,opportunity to put it up against my,garmin fenix 6 in terms of feature set,and gps accuracy,so well be going over that a little,later in this video this is going to be,somewhat of a deep dive so hang in there,with me,lets get into it the garmin instinct,solar is an update to the garmin,instinct that launched back in 2018,that was a really popular device and,mainly because of the price point coming,in at just 200 bucks the instinct solar,however doubles that price point but,theres a lot new here its basically an,entirely new,watch but doubling the price is a steep,move by garmin and were gonna find out,if its worth it today before we get,into it if youre into these sorts of,geeky videos about gps watches make sure,you hit that subscribe button down below,it really helps me out and youll stay,up to date with all my upcoming videos,and if you found this video helpful or,at least entertaining please hit that,thumbs up button motivates me to keep,making videos like this in the future,the garmin instinct solar has a very,tactical and rugged appearance just like,its older counterpart with the garmin,instinct some people love this look some,people hate it i dont mind it its,really,not that obtrusive especially in this,dark black color it doesnt stand out,too much when its on your wrist however,it is a fairly large watch this is a 45,millimeter diameter watch and its about,15 millimeters thick,so it is pretty prominent once on your,wrist that said it weighs only 53 grams,so its pretty light watch you really,dont feel it too much when its on your,wrist and i can sleep with it i can run,with it it really doesnt get in my way,but its something to keep in mind if,you have smaller wrists,the case of the garmin instinct solar is,entirely made out of plastic,theres no metal here even the buttons,are plastic some people see this as a,drawback,i really dont mind it it means that if,you scratch the watch for any reason,uh its just going to be black plastic,that shows through rather than a big,scratch through the paint on your garmin,fenix 6 or something like that,so the plastic isnt totally a bad thing,it also lends itself to being a very,lightweight watch,the garmin instinct solar also comes,with a military spec for,shock water resistance and thermal this,is pretty rare i dont know if theres,any other watches in the garment lineup,other than some really unique ones that,have a military spec,and its waterproof to 100 meters which,is great at this price point the display,of the garmin instinct solar is pretty,small its a little under one,inch even though this is a pretty big,watch and theres a reason for that it,means that garmin was able to cram more,solar panels under the glass,and these panels are more efficient than,the glass itself on watches like the,garmin fenix 6 theres a very thin,ring of photovoltaic cell around the,perimeter,on the garmin instinct solar theres a,much more of that material so you get a,more efficient solar feature well get,into that in a little bit ill do some,testing later on in this video the,screen is also,monochromatic so its only black and,white theres no color here and it kind,of reminds me of my,original garmin fenix from like back in,2010 that had a black and white display,and really i dont mind it too much its,very crisp and you can see this display,at multiple angles i think a lot better,than my garmin fenix 6. its really,visible in the sunlight its great in,the dark too with the backlight,however the backlight is very washed out,its very bluish and it looks kind of,dated,i dont know if this is just my unit in,particular but its really not a crisp,backlight like i have on my garmin fenix,6. the garmin instinct solar has a power,glass display,so it is a solar panel the whole thing,is a solar panel but like i said only,the,overlay underneath is the high,efficiency part of that panel,glass itself is like a corning gorilla,glass they dont state that on their,website but im,assuming its something like that so,its scratch resistant but its,definitely not scratch proof so you got,to be careful with this thing you could,put a screen protector on it but garmin,doesnt like people doing that because,it can affect,how efficient the solar panel works in,terms of the design of the hardware,theres a five button layout a lot like,what youd see with the garmin fenix 6,or the 945 or any of those watches,and if you come from one of those,watches to the garmin instinct solar,youd be right at home here,uh the top right is your start stop,button youve got your menu button in,the middle here,youve got your backlight button on top,uh and its all the same you know what,im talking about around the back of the,device we have the garmin,elevate heart rate sensor which is new,for this model the original instinct,only had the older heart rate monitor,that didnt have the spo2 meter this,time around we get the oxygen saturation,sensor and we also get the newer heart,rate sensor ill do some testing on this,in a little bit and then next to that,weve got the proprietary uh,charging port the garmin stick solar,comes with a included,silicone strap which i thought was,really permanently attached and you,couldnt change it but it turns out you,can actually use,any 22 millimeter quick fit band like,the ones i have for my garmin fenix 6,here they will actually fit right on,to the bars on the top and bottom of the,instinct solar so thats pretty cool,feature,ill link some of these down in the,description if youre interested im,going to quickly walk through the user,interface so you can get a feel for how,it works,like i said before if you came from a,garmin watch youre going to feel right,at home here,if you hold the middle button here you,go into your settings youve got your,watch face settings so the watch does,come,pre-installed with a whole bunch of,various uh different looking watch faces,from analog to digital,and they all look pretty cool one,important thing to note here,is that the garmin instinct solar is not,compatible with anything from the,connect iq store,so that means watch faces data fields,widgets,applications any of that stuff thats a,pretty big drawback,for me because i really like using the,stride pod when i run,to measure my power and unfortunately,without the connect iq app,i cant use that sensor moving on weve,got a history of all of our activities,if you click into here you see your,activities you see my past runs one from,yesterday,below that we can dive into our settings,uh and then youve got,activities and apps widgets controls,watch face,sensors and accessories so you can pair,an external heart rate sensor but like i,said you cant pair anything like the,stride pod to it,because it doesnt work with connect iq,youve got your phone settings,user profile activity tracking,navigation power manager which is great,to see on this watch,this is the same thing that you get on,the garmin fenix 6 where you can,customize your,power modes basically to optimize how,much power usage you want to have,during an activity this is great for me,i really like using that for ultra,marathons i can turn off the connection,of my phone,i can turn off certain features just to,preserve a little bit more battery life,well talk about battery life in a,little bit you may have noticed a little,circular display up in the corner here,and thats a pretty unique thing uh for,the garmin instinct s

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Garmin Instinct Solar In-Depth Review // Running, MTB, Skiing, and more!

[Music],hows it going folks im dez with,dustbit this is the garmin,instinct solar long term review so,garmin did more than just add solar,charging to the original instinct they,also updated the heart rate sensor,they added blood oxygen saturation,monitoring and they also increased the,battery life significantly even without,the solar charging,and if you add in that solar charging it,basically gets some of the best battery,life that you can currently get out of a,garmin watch,so just like all my other reviews i,tested the instinct solar really,thoroughly and i have a lot of data to,share in terms of the gps accuracy the,heart rate accuracy as well as the,altimeter,i tried to do as many activities as,possible with it just to give you a,really good idea if this device is going,to be right for you so,if this video does help you out at all,dont be shy about hitting that like,button down below as it definitely helps,the channel out a lot,in this video ill be covering the base,level instinct solar but there are three,other versions that you can choose from,so theres going to be a camo version,that has a camo case,theres also going to be a surf edition,that has tie data as well as a surf,specific profile,and theres also going to be a tactical,edition that has night vision,compatibility,a stealth mode as well as a jump master,profile garmin kept with the extremely,well received design of the original,instinct and unless you take a really,close look its kind of hard to tell the,difference,the first thing that you may notice is,that theres now this new little chart,on the watch face that shows the,solar exposure the watch has had over,the last six hours theres also a little,sun,icon which fills up like a nice tasty,apple pie when it has a full sun,exposure,and a sad empty pie when there isnt any,sun and hidden underneath that display,is a solar panel that has a 10,photovoltaic level but the real magic,comes from these reflective bits that,surround the display and these solar,panels get a full 100,photovoltaic level the instinct solar,may only be a black and white display,but let me tell you that this display is,one of the easiest to read displays out,there especially in direct sunlight,it has tons of contrast and the data,layout including that unique little,cutout window makes this very usable for,sports and fitness,and another huge benefit to this type of,display is going to be battery life so,the original instinct had some pretty,decent battery life but the instinct,solar takes this to a whole new level so,in smart watch mode as in if youre not,going to be recording any outdoor,activities,you could potentially get 24 days out of,it and then if you add in solar charging,you could potentially double that,theres also a battery saver watch mode,that disables a lot of the sensors and,makes this you know,just a watch it shows you the time and,the date of course but will still track,your steps but this will disable the,heart rate sensor and it wont be,connected to your phone but in this mode,you could get up to 56 days and thats,without any solar charging but,heres whats cool is that you could,potentially get unlimited battery life,from the instant solar if you expose the,watch to enough sunlight each day,for gps battery life for recording,outdoor activities it has an advertised,battery life of up to 30 hours so you,could easily do a full 24 hour outdoor,activity and this is with recording,heart rate,however if you add in some sun you can,get an additional eight hours out of it,and if you want even more battery life,you can use some of the power management,modes like the max battery option or the,expedition mode which disables and,enables certain sensors and then in,addition to those built-in battery modes,you can create your own custom battery,mode recipe based on whatever type of,functions you need for your particular,type of activity and then you can name,these whatever you wish,the instinct solar has an updated heart,rate sensor from the original instinct,which now supports wrist-based swimming,heart rate and also includes an spo2,sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels,well get into the heart rate accuracy,here in just a little bit when we go,over all the sports and fitness features,but for the spo2 sensor,you can take on-demand readings if youd,like but the spo2 sensor is going to be,primarily used for more detail with,sleep tracking,as a smartwatch itll provide one-way,notifications on an iphone and you can,also reply to text with pre-defined,responses if you have an android phone,it comes with quite a wide variety of,sport profiles from lots of outdoor,profiles like running biking as well as,open water swimming,adventure sports like skiing,snowboarding and paddle boarding and,then plenty of gym based profiles like,the strength training,full swimming and a generic cardio,profile for anything that may not fall,into one of those buckets,in terms of how well the instinct solder,performs for sports and fitness were,first going to start with outdoor,activities and how accurate it is for,gps,as well as elevation using the,barometric altimeter for gps performance,i pretty much have zero complaints with,the instinct solar and perform,really well for everything that i threw,at it from running to lots and lots of,mountain biking,as well as road biking where the total,distance is pretty much always lined up,and then in terms of the really fine,detail of the gps tracks again it did,really well and its kind of hard to,find a complaint,here so in fact on this ride it was,actually more accurate than the phoenix,6 and some very dense tree cover at some,high speeds going through the forest,i did have one very minor hiccup that i,had on just one mountain bike ride,right here and these were some tight,switchbacks that i was taking at some,higher,speeds it cut in just slightly on this,one corner but this is basically the,only thing that i could even find in,terms of the fault with the gps,the instinct solar also has garmin ski,and snowboard activity profiles where it,can automatically track your runs using,the altimeter,after each run the watch can sense when,youre sending on the chair lift and it,gives you your last run data including,the distance of that run,max speed average speed and the total,elevation loss and youll also be able,to see a cumulative total,of all your runs total distance and,total elevation loss,when youre done skiing you can see all,this data in garmin connect where it,gives you a map of your day and tons,more detail that you can scour over,and then before we get into the,altimeter i also want to go over how,well the instinct solar did,in terms of estimating indoor running,distances while running on a treadmill,and it did quite well on this run where,it was just four one hundredths of a,mile off from what was being recorded on,the treadmill,and then on this run here it was just,seven one hundredths off thats pretty,darn good and for some reason it is off,you can calibrate it when youre done,with,your run and youre ready to save so,thats the gps accuracy but now lets go,over the altimeter,i had some occasions with the instinct,solar where the elevation data that was,being collected was a bit off so i was,really curious if that was going to be,better with the instinct solar and,i do have a lot of data to share in this,department because i really wanted to,test this portion really thoroughly,the screenshot to the left is the,instinct solar the middle screenshot is,from strava and this is the corrected,elevation figure and if youre not,familiar with corrected elevation in,strava its basically a way for you to,use stravas base map to calculate,elevation gain if for some reason your,device data is off,and then the screenshots on the right,are going to be additional devices just,for comparison and you can see on this,ride,everythings perfectly fine including,the maximum elevation figure,then theres this right here where there,was a decent amount of elevation ga

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Still worth it in 2022 – Garmin Instinct Solar

shoots hi,im the moorlander and this is more,london edc now i thought it was about,time i bought you this piece of content,what we are here today to look at,is the,first,gorman instinct solar edition now the,main reason that i put the first on,there is hopefully you some of you may,have seen that recently the uh the soul,sorry the garment instinct 2,has just been released so theres a few,upgrades well actually theres quite a,few upgrades,from the original version to the newer,version,but part of me still thinks well you,know ive ive owned this and there is a,lot of amazing content out there there,definitely is,i definitely recommend once youve,finished this check out dc rainmaker now,the content that hes made on this,is god level content so definitely check,his out and he goes into a lot of detail,so what i thought would do is to bring,you more of a a quick overview of the,original watch,the garmin instinct solar,and also to think is it still relevant,is it still worth it,the answer really is yes theres some,absolutely amazing deals out there at,this current moment in time,for the garmin,instinct solar i keep struggling with,trying to put those two words together,um so what ill do is ill turn the,camera around so that we can have a,quicker look at this whilst im doing,that if any point you do enjoy this,content please feel free to hit the like,subscribe and share it certainly means a,lot to my channel so i can see what type,of content you enjoy watching,and if you do choose to do that i would,definitely like to thank you at this,point and say thank you for liking this,and sharing and subscribing it certainly,means a lot to me as well but for now,lets turn the camera around and take a,closer look at the,garmin instinct solar i got it yeah kind,of got it right that time,so here we have the instinct solar now,there are a few different versions of,this there is the um the instinct which,doesnt have any solar there is the,instinct solar which has solar,recharging on there there is also some,specialist versions as well theres a,tactical version,and theres a the wave kind of surfing,version which has some additional,features on there,the difference between the solar edition,and the non-solar edition,is literally just solar theres no other,features on there that differentiate the,two,now,initially from the looks hopefully you,can see that it has a very kind of,g-shock,aesthetic to it,um and a lot of the features on here or,at least a lot of the materials they,really do resemble some of those g-shock,kind of looks to it,as far as the construction here,the the the vast majority of the case is,made from a fiber reinforced polymer,and the strap is made from a really nice,silicon strap which will we will have a,look at the moment as far as colours,this is available in,god theres probably 20 or 30 different,variants of different colours this is,the carbon version there is an all black,version the carbon version here so,around the outside um,its its kind of a,gray sort of color hopefully youll be,able to see it here in the sun,but the the the inlay i suppose you,could call it in in the bezel is is a,black color,you tend to find with a lot of them,black,seems to be the almost the highlight or,the subdued light version,thats in there i think even the one,that is is ora is yellow,all of the all of the bits and the cases,around here is yellow but all of the the,buttons and then the inlay,is black on there as well the screen on,this is incredibly easy to see so,if i turn this so that we go in and out,of the light ill even see if i can poke,it at the sun,its still very easy to read during the,day,the screen itself comes in at two point,three millimeter sorry 23 millimeters by,23 millimeters,and the resolution of the screen or at,least um the the pixels on there its,128 pixels by 128 pixels,the bump on the newer version goes up to,178 by 178 so you know okay its got a,little bit more fidelity on there,however when i look at this i certainly,dont look at this and think wow i,really wish id got some more pixels to,to make it a little bit crisper it,certainly is a very handsome and easy to,read watch,you can completely customize this as,well so as far as the screen is,concerned its almost cut up into a few,different um,planes or phases or certainly different,sections so there is this section up,here that is spherical its actually all,part of the same display,theyve just been able to cut this,section off uh and use this part here to,be able to differentiate the different,sections but theres data that can be,showed here this data that can be shown,in this section theres data across here,and then this data across here if you,wanted to you completely completely turn,this so that it looks more like an,analog watch as well which we can we,cant have a look quickly as well,now i have mentioned so this is the the,solar edition if i can get this in the,light just right lets see if i can,hopefully youll be able to see that,there is a ring,around here which goes through there so,this is where the,how do they put how do they the the,photovoltaic,membrane thats within this in the,inside so all of the light that hits,this 100 of the light that hits this is,then converted into electricity to,recharge the battery,then what they also have is they also,have a second membrane and thats behind,the actual watch face itself so where,its darker in here there is a there is,a faulty volcanic um,membrane behind that,and what that does is that transfers,ten percent of the light that hits the,watch face and and is able to uh to to,turn that into electricity,now the main difference between this,version and the old and the end and the,newer version mainly is how that,membrane works and also the membrane,behind this one as well to to be able to,use more of that light,but,um,garmin say that in its smart watch,function you can get up to 14 days of,battery out of this which is still,exceptionally good when you compare it,to some other smart watches that are out,there considering you can only get one,or two days out of this,a lot of the smartwatch features on here,i i generally i mean i generally i have,actually turned off,i use this mainly for telling the time,and a little bit more of a fitness,tracker rather than you know i want it,to tell me that ive got a new email or,a new text message or somebody is,calling i like a watch generally to be a,watch now as far as the watch,works so there is uh theres three,buttons down this side theres two,buttons down this side,um these two when youre on the main,face here these two switch between the,widgets that you have and you can add,more widgets or you can take widgets off,so at the moment,if i use this bottom button ive got an,abc abc stands for altimeter barometer,and compass so on here i can see,all of those three different metrics i,also have um the altimeter on as well,which i could probably turn this off,considering i i have it on the on the,previous screen,you can also go into uh into these a,little bit more so by pressing this,button here you can then go into,additional information if you choose to,this button gives you more information,about each of the widgets and then the,button down here in the bottom right,allows you to go back to to the main,widget face uh so they have the,altimeter,uh here i have my heart rate,and then i have sunset and sunrise which,i i find is quite useful and then and,then twilight hours if i if i want to,then,be able to you know do some filming,while im out as im going through these,you can see how nice and crisp this,screen is,is this still a great watch to use in,2022 im probably going to keep saying,this a lot mainly because this is what,this contents about and it definitely,shows that its still a great watch,footsteps i got up and came straight,here,theres no data as far as previous jobs,thats been going on,here is my day again you can press this,button and go into further information,thats on there but ive took 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GARMIN INSTINCT SOLAR REVIEW // Is the Instinct Solar the best GPS watch for hikers?

is the garmin instinct solar the best,watch on the market for hikers in this,video im going to give you 10 reasons,why i think so,[Music],im mike and this is outside chronicles,i love everything outside and if you do,too youre going to want to click that,subscribe button and if you find value,in this video it costs you nothing to,click that like button and it helps my,video and channel grow,garmin instinct and the garmin fenix 6,pro are probably the two best gps,watches geared towards hikers on the,market i cant tell you which ones the,best for you but i can tell you that,after using the garmin instinct for,several months im pretty sure this is,the right watch for me the garmin,instinct solar actually replaces two,watches for me the first is the sunto,ambit 3 which was my go-to gps watch i,really loved this watch it had a great,battery life its got a sapphire glass,was super rugged super reliable but,sunto actually changed their direction,in their software and it pretty much,made this watch obsolete it was pretty,disappointing,and,my wife ended up buying me the instinct,solar for our anniversary,and i love it because it also replaces,my everyday watch which is the casio,g-shock and you can see the instinct,looks much like a g-shock which is in my,opinion pretty cool looking,theres a lot of videos comparing the,instinct solar to the fenix pro,and they have a lot of features in,common the phoenix does have a color,screen it has built-in topo maps which,is pretty cool,you can load music right on the phone,and it also has some workout specific,features now for the screen i actually,prefer the monochromatic screen in,bright sunlight its super sharp and,easy to read,and all of those features in the phoenix,come at a price which leads me to the,first reason,i think the garmin is one of the best,watches on the market theres about a,200 difference between the instinct,solar and the garmin fenix pro its,right around the holidays and garmins,running some killer deals both on the,instinct solar and the phoenix the,instinct solar is on sale for 249 and,the garmin fenix is on sale for 4.49 for,me those extra features arent really,worth the extra 200,reason number two is its appearance,i love the looks and the size of the,instinct my wife bought the tactical,version which comes in this really cool,moss color and when you compare it to,the casio g-shock theyre very much the,same in size,and it they both have the same military,specs so theyre very rugged,and compared to the ambit 3 which is,very much the same size as the phoenix,its just clunky and,not very comfortable to wear the,instinct solar is incredibly light and,incredibly comfortable and has become my,everyday watch which leads me into,reason number three,is its smart watch capabilities i never,thought i would like a smart watch but,it is kind of nice to get a vibration,alert for phone calls and text messages,and calendar reminders i turn off a lot,of the other notifications because,honestly its gets a little bit in the,way of enjoying a hike and enjoying life,in general reason number four is battery,life and the power settings in this,watch,i highly recommend upgrading to the,solar version of the instinct rather,than the standard version of the,instinct not only do you get the solar,panel which works really well,you also get an upgraded gps chipset,which is much more efficient and you,also get a upgraded heart rate monitor,that gives you pulse ox plus its more,efficient solar panel on this watch,works exceptionally well if you look at,it theres actually two solar panels,theres one that goes around the outside,of the bezel which is supposed to be a,hundred percent photovoltaic and then a,ten percent photovoltaic on the rest of,the watch face and in my experience its,worked really well,if youre just using it as a smart watch,you almost never have to plug it in and,then on hikes you get 30 hours of gps,life plus a little bit more based on the,solar input they say you could get up to,eight more hours and then you got the,ultra track mode which gives you 70,hours of tracking plus a little bit more,for the solar and what i really love,about this watch is if youre in a hike,and recording an activity you can,actually change the battery mode if,youre running low and you still want to,keep tracking on you can go from the,normal tracking to ultratrack on the fly,and save some battery life which i think,is a pretty cool feature reason number,five abc altitude barometer and compass,any high quality gps watch is going to,have all three of those but what i,really like about the garmin instinct is,they give you a button to access those,quickly anytime whether youre in the,watch face or tracking an activity and,then you can just flip through the,different screens,of barometer and altitude and you get a,historic graph i think thats a great,feature reason number six is navigation,a must-have feature for any gps hiking,watch,the navigation features on the watch are,great you can navigate pre-loaded tracks,i typically plan my trip in a tool like,cal caltoppo,and then export the gpx file and load it,onto my watch,either with the garmin connect website,or i found its even easier with the,garmin explorer app unlike the garmin,fenix pro the map doesnt show,topographic features its more like a,breadcrumb line you can follow,but i still find this super useful and,its very easy to understand when youre,off the trail and what direction you,need to go when you reach a trail,junction whats nice it also alerts you,when youre off course,the phoenix pros color screen and topo,maps would be nice but for me i always,have my phone with me and i prefer using,an app like avenza maps to get my,offline maps i just feel i have more,control it has a bigger screen even than,the phoenix 6 and its much easier to,use,and since im doing all the tracking on,my watch,i dont usually chew up my phones,battery by tracking there for that,reason i dont think that extra 200 is,worth it i also like that it has a track,back feature,and you can choose between the course,that you just came from or a straight,line course back to the trailhead reason,number seven is site go this is a,feature not a lot of people talk about,in this watch and i think its a really,cool and powerful feature for,bushwhacking what it allows you to do is,shoot an azimuth to your destination,then,if you get off course either by accident,or on purpose like youre avoiding a,large obstruction,and you want to go around it this will,actually redirect you back to,the azimuth that you shot so you can get,to the destination properly,reason number eight is activity tracking,i use the instinct solar to track all of,my workouts its got a lot of pre-built,activities in it and if you dont see,one that fits you you can create your,own and customize it its really really,flexible for example i liked a few,different data screens for when im,climbing high peaks in the adirondacks,so i created this mountaineering,activity with a custom gps settings and,data screens i like to see distance the,time of day,the,elapsed time of the hike our pace,ascent and descent and i always enjoy,seeing the elevation profile,the built-in activity that blows my mind,is strength it has the ability to detect,the different exercises that youre,doing and count your reps so if youre,doing a curl or a squat its going to,detect that,and record your reps its not perfect,but its pretty darn good and then at,the end it has this really great summary,of your workout where it will show all,of your exercises and you can fill in,the ones that it didnt detect quite,right also fill in the weight that you,used for those exercises and then it,gives you this chart that shows the,different body parts that were worked,out during that particular workout,number nine,is sleep and rest tracking,now that this is my everyday watch i,love that it tracks everything that i do,including my sleep and rest cycles it,has this thing called a battery battery,which mo

Garmin Instinct Solar – REVIEW

[Music],whats up guys and welcome back to the,adventure gear channel,if youd follow the channel for some,time then youll know how strongly i,feel about the garmin instinct,i consider it to be the best budget,adventure watch in the market,especially at the current sale price of,150 dollars but recently garmin released,the garmin instinct solar,and being that i was such a huge fan of,the first iteration i knew i had to have,the latest and greatest garmin has,touted some impressive features,most notably battery life new heart rate,sensor and an upgraded gps,at a price of 399 dollars so lets take,a look at the watch,at first sight it seems near identical,to the first version,but once the light hits it in the right,angle you instantly see the new solar,cells that have been added to the face,of the watch,besides the solar cells there isnt much,else thats new on the outside,to get an idea of what the extra cost of,the new instinct provides,we need to focus on the internals of the,watch the biggest upgrade came in the,form of a much longer battery life,this is accomplished with a new power,management system as well as the,infusion of some solar juice,the result is double the efficiency this,translates to 24 days of battery life in,a smart watch mode,and up to 54 days if you expose it to,the sun for 3 hours a day,in gps mode youre getting a significant,upgrade of up to 38 hours of solar,versus 16 hours in the previous version,this instant solar also features new,power management modes,my favorite being expedition mode which,gives you up to 68 days of gps activity,tracking battery life,and the most impressive being the,battery saver mode which can technically,extend the battery life,infinitely with enough solar exposure,also new to the instinct,is a sony gps chipset its supposed to,be more accurate and much more power,efficient,hence why the gps modes got such a,significant upgrade in battery duration,another fantastic upgrade is the new,optical heart rate sensor,which also adds host oxygen readings and,is fully functional underwater,this is a huge selling point for me,being that most of my training is based,on heart rate,and having an accurate reading is,crucial also the pulse ox rating gives,me critical information of how my body,is acclimatizing while climbing at high,altitudes,all in all garmin made sure to pack a,lot of upgrades into the new solar,instinct,and ultimately making the best budget,adventure watch a whole lot better,i would say that most of the upgrades,are right up my alley and make well,worth additional costs for the use i,give it,battery life was an issue for me when,running long ultra marathon and i would,typically find heart rate,inconsistencies with the previous,version,both of these issues have now been,answered in a big way but the real,question becomes,is the upgrade worth it for you and you,want to find out then make sure to,subscribe to the channel,and hit the notification bell so you can,find out when we put up the next video,comparing the old garmin instinct to the,brand new solar instinct,well guys if you have any questions or,concerns put them in the comments,section below,and you found this video totally awesome,then make sure to hit the like button,well see you next time,[Applause],[Music]

RUGGED & GOOD VALUE WATCH // Garmin Instinct Solar Review

the garmin instinct watch has been out,for a while now but its still one of,the best options and best values for a,outdoors oriented watch but there are,some things about it that may turn you,off of it as well as some good things,that you may not have realized that this,watch was capable of were going to be,talking about the solar version today,but almost everything we talked about,today is also going to apply to the,non-solar version starting what may be,obvious with the design of this watch it,is super rugged this thing meets,military specs its specked to the 810g,standard if that means anything to you i,put this thing through the ringer,dragging it up mountains dropping it i,have not baby this watch at all and it,still looks like its brand new so very,durable watch and something that i like,about it that just kind of adds to the,durability especially because it doesnt,have sapphire crystal on it is that the,bevels,and around the edge are raised up a,little bit so if you do rub it up,against something then you do have that,extra little bit of protection and,youre probably not going to scratch the,screen the instinct also has a lot of,battery life without solar it gets 24,days in smart watch mode which is,phenomenal and then if you use it the,solar capabilities of the solar version,and are out for about three hours every,single day in light then youre going to,get 54 days of battery life with this,watch in smart watch mode so thats,phenomenal thats a lot of battery life,and then that translates into how much,battery life it gets with gps as well it,also being a lot the watch is very light,as well its made mostly with rubber and,because of that it weighs 53 grams and,why that is a benefit is because it is,very comfortable on the wrist for that,reason i wear the watch all day im,typing im using a mouse and i dont,feel the watch on my wrist at all some,heavier watches especially smart watches,that are made more with metal materials,they just feel a little bit heavier and,you kind of know theyre on their on,your wrist its hard to forget that,theyre there thats not the case with,the instinct i forget its there all the,time something i was a little bit,worried about with the instinct is that,it doesnt have on device topo maps i,utilize that feature on my phoenix 6 pro,watch all the time i love having on,device topo maps but with the instinct,you can load courses onto the map and,then follow that breadcrumb you dont,you wont be seeing any other tracks or,trails on there just the course that you,upload so its still a great feature,ive used that to navigate with the,instinct quite a bit a little tip with,the watch in order to get courses onto,it i like using gaia gps on my phone i,export the gpx file from gaia gps for a,route that ive created on there and,then as soon as i export it i can then,import it to the garmin explore app and,then with the garmin explorer app you,can sync it to your watch i like to,create a separate,folder for my different watches so i,have a instinct watch folder i put a,route into there and then i sync the,explore app to the garmin instinct and,my routes show up right on here i can,pull them up for a hike or any sort of,trip that im doing the instinct also,has a lot of sensors it has full abc,capabilities so you have altitude,barometer and compass as well as three,different satellite constellations for,gps you have a gps galileo and glonass,so it does pretty well with gps and,tracking i found that the accuracy on,the instinct is is pretty good,especially for a watch on the back side,you have all the sensors you have heart,rate monitor and then on the solar,version you also have the ox blood,oxygen monitor as well and the heart,rate monitor is very accurate the only,time you may lose it is if your heart,rate is spiking or dropping very quickly,like if youre doing interval training,and with that the watch has a lot of,sport options on there i use it for the,gym going for runs you can also use it,for mountain biking and swimming a whole,bunch of different sports that you can,use to track on the watch and a really,nice thing about the instinct is that,you can have five different fields for,information pulled up while youre doing,activities you can have your pace if,youre running the time of day your,heart rate calories burn elevation whole,bunch of different features and its,awesome having five different items that,you can just take a really quick look at,when youre doing activity the final,good thing about the instinct before we,get into whats bad about it is the,price for the solar version it costs 400,but if youre okay with dropping a,couple features then you can get the,non-solar version often on sale for 200,or less so very good deals for both the,solar version and the non-solar version,at this point in time ill post links to,both the watches in the video,description so you guys can go check,that out if youre interested in picking,them up moving on to whats bad about,the watch first of all is the design so,it is chunky for some people youre,gonna love the,rugged look of it and how chunky the,watch is it kind of has that retro casio,feel to it but for other people,it makes it so you may not be able to,wear it in a more professional,environment so i probably wouldnt wear,this watch with a suit,you may you may but if i was going into,a work environment in office then i,probably wouldnt be able to use the,instinct in that kind of scenario as,well the watch doesnt have all the,features that some people may want i,dont think it has backcountry skiing as,an activity on it runners will be,missing some of the running specific,features that more running focused,watches would have like vo2 max as well,as some other training data and then the,other thing that is kind of unfortunate,about it is that it doesnt have the,topple maps on it thats something like,i said that ive used a lot it does have,the breadcrumb capability but but maybe,in the future well be able to get topo,maps onto the instinct models the last,thing and this is actually a pretty big,deal for me because i use this feature,on my phoenix a lot and thats that it,doesnt have,on-device music capabilities so with my,phoenix i can just click connect some,bluetooth earbuds,and listen to podcasts or music while,im working out or going for a run you,cant do that with the instinct and its,something i wish you could it means if,you are using the instinct and you want,to listen to music or podcast youre,going to be having to bring your phone,or some sort of music player with you,get the garmin instinct if you want to,watch that has cutting-edge smartwatch,technology a rugged design and a price,tag thats relatively easy to swallow,but is this watch as good as the garmin,fenix watch the other garmin outdoors,oriented watch for that information go,check out a video post right up in the,corner there where i can pair both of,those watches to see which one stands,out

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