1. GARMIN APPROACH R10 Home use a Launch monitor
  3. Garmin R10 – What Needs To Change? FULL 1 Year Review!!
  4. Garmin R10: NO WAY!! I Used The Garmin Golf App On Course And Im In Shock!! ACCURATE OR DISASTER??
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  6. MIND BLOWING… The NEW $600 Garmin R10 Approach Golf Simulator…
  7. Garmin Approach R10 Review: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

GARMIN APPROACH R10 Home use a Launch monitor

look at that matt hmm approach 10. the,launch monitor r10 garmin launch monitor,and were going to test it,portable nice little box it comes in so,this is a home use launch monitor,affordable price ideas obviously we have,that,thats not as affordable no so lots of,people they want this to be like this,im not expecting this to compete with,this at all no so if youre watching the,video now i would say without even,testing this fully i would say if we cut,to the chase,this is like 500 quid this is like,14 000 pounds,um so youre not gonna get that but what,do you get is what were gonna look at,so um this is quite a fun little bit,which ive dropped on the floor so it,just shows the unit its cute thats the,unit wow,very nice so its radari its to give,you an idea of size theres my phone,yeah,its tiny yeah totally in your pocket in,your bag and i do like this look i want,cameras to have this more oh is that,magnetic ah yeah no screwing on and off,all the time obviously its really,lights that way yeah so it mounts on,there,um you got this little clip here,which if i remember correctly yeah,you get a phone holder yeah so your,phone goes in here,this clips on your bag yeah and i think,i will have a play with it that theres,some,yeah you can take video to refer to what,youve done reference to the launch,monitor data and does it put your data,on your phone as well oh lets play i,actually were going to play with all,right im not ive charged ive got ive,got questions yeah well i like these i i,just tend to unbox them and play i,should really i will,read instructions do we no thats why i,make videos yeah myself to remind me how,things work and just the charge cable so,thats what youre getting thats quite,fun,nice little box very easy to put in your,bag yeah absolutely absolutely so lets,go and play and test see what it can,actually do,[Music],so look weve got it on the floor on the,floor and its like six foot behind it,has to be i think six to eight foot it,says in the app so the app gives you the,absolutely clever so,i dont know if youre picking that up,weve got the app ive got a range view,i can look down at the range its like,very fancy yeah i can hello hello us,i can record a swing i can put auto,capture on so if you had this on your,bag like on the clip that i showed you,at the start yeah and then it would,capture a swing as well obviously you,then got the data of that with the video,swing which is all clever especially if,youre like online coaching and you send,it to your coach or whatever selected my,club,driver,um you can have the audio stuff on yeah,so we can call out what i lets not call,out ball speed first shot of the day,head to the end of the video ill turn,that on,um and then youre gonna get in theory,some of you know theres your pages of,data and then youre gonna get,so whats it got all on there everything,you want,all right cool uh i dont know why it,wont go to there it is and then youve,got,just your basic ones yeah and then,thats your club data and then your,range interesting um,yeah and thats for your video,its its very well done and most things,were gone and ive tested so this is,ive stolen this from the golf shop,online,do they know i dont know,oh yeah,um ill take it back next week,um and uh,ive tested a few things with garmin and,its good like the watch is nice quality,and feels good like its good stuff yeah,lets see what it does so first problem,youve got,is youve got to aim it,which isnt the easiest well its a,manual aim which,if you think about it this is where,people get a bit muddled up with these,devices,if that isnt aimed up to that,numbers are going to be different,numbers are going to be different yeah,because theyre going to both have a,zero so were trying to correspond,that to that so im going to try and,measure them but im going to try and,measure them up as close as i can so,theres going to be a tolerance here a,human tolerance where,quad obviously is very,you can aim quad because you can theres,a stick you can get it to 0.0 degree of,a start line yeah,yeah so theres that element if youre,gonna deliver details of uh,you know,a ball being,one degree starting in a direction,should we hit one and see if it actually,picks it up thats,so i presume the wind its a tow but the,wind has moved that isnt it yeah its,got it but,that could be around the corner,doesnt it,so,whats interesting if you look,lets see,it in theory should see the wind but it,hasnt okay so i would say thats pretty,good start direction yeah and if we,compare some numbers,so 3 000 spin 3 000 yeah spin wasnt,there 3 000 spin pretty good,um,face angle 3.8 right yeah,uh,face angle was zero,and i wouldnt expect this to be very,good on facebook club data yeah club,data was 1.7 left half,and you were 2.9 left yeah so when it,comes to thinking that youre going to,be a coach with this like i wouldnt i,wouldnt charge people for lessons if i,was using this its a home use thing,yeah,um 156 balls because i mishit it,have i got my ball speed here uh,trying to find my ball speed bear with,me one five five so thats pretty thats,pretty close pretty good um launching at,10 degrees,spin axis 2.7 left i havent got the,spin oh i have got spin at night launch,angle 7.2 so thats a little out yeah,this is where my money would be as the,standard yeah,um it was it started dead straight yep,and start direction 1.5 degrees right,which could quite easily be,between the human element of lining,these two machines up to each other,carrie two five eight carry two five,eight i had two four five id rather,that one certainly with those spin,numbers as well i thats going to be,very close yeah this gets wrong on low,spin it over exaggerates yeah,um,so and obviously people say well why,dont you just measure it well we cant,measure it because theres slope yeah,and wind yeah and atmospheric changes,which will all add to these numbers so i,wouldnt say either these are exactly,right but thats the one im going to,bet my money on but initial tests are,im going to say thats not bad at all,for a home unit yeah and,the only thing out really is club thats,a little bit wild isnt it but also that,look how far left its i was aimed up to,the middle right of this fairway yeah,and i am what 40 yards left yeah yeah,yeah,yeah,and thats radar iron fist that should,be seeing,this isnt going to see any of that yeah,because the wind must have moved that 20,or 30 yards yeah,so,[Applause],is there a use for that,absolutely,would you hang your hat on it,i wouldnt but if students sent me,enough data with this i reckon youd be,able to decipher some patterns some,outliers and things yeah should we do,another,because i think that like any,extra information that you can get is,better than none isnt it well you say,that it is and it isnt isnt it thats,like saying well i could give you,information now that your grip needs to,be like this yeah and thats information,is that better than none thats not,helping but like if if say,this launch monitor always gives your,yardage just 10 degrees too long then,surely you can start working that out,and work it into your equation cant you,how are they ever going to find that out,we all know this because weve got,unless theyre doing weird,i hit 20 shots and it averages 160 and,then i get on the course and its all of,a sudden yeah but yeah i i get so you,have to do but the point of that is with,these machines that you dont have to do,all that yeah but i agree if youre good,at using it you can get its like this i,see people using these machines yeah and,getting things wrong yeah,because like i can turn my telly on and,wonder why the footballers are on it and,shout and scream and phone people up and,complain and be really rude well ive,not bought the football package im,using the telly wrong its not the,tellys fault isnt it yeah yeah yeah i,just want to point out first swing there,was a 110 mile an hour as well quad,reading youre welcome,thats a good line thats such a good,drive get over the tree,oh it sn


hello everyone welcome back to the,channel dan hendrickson here we are at,ashbury golf resort im up here with lee,and we are doing a little review today,on a small product now during lockdown i,had so many questions that came to me,with regards to people building home,studios and one of the key things that,you need for a good home studio is a,decent launch monitor now launch,monitors were like gold dust during the,lockdown periods so companies were,really struggling to get them out and,actually running out of product garmin,have launched a new launch monitor and i,thought today lee and i could test it,see how it works and give you some,feedback on it dont forget if you are,new to the channel and you like what,youre seeing from this golf channel,then make sure you subscribe remember,its free leave a comment and give us a,thumbs up lets go and catch up with lee,and see what this new garmin product is,all about,[Music],[Applause],[Music],what have you got in your hands weve,got the garmin approach r10 personal,launch monitor wow wowzers and all of,this product is around the sort of 500,pound mark yep around 500 pounds which,when you compare it to the launch,monitors we use its a massive saving,and theres also a saving compared to,what i used to use with skytrak its a,quarter of the price of skytrax so if,its as good as that,but cheaper then its a big tick in my,book okay so i want you to open up the,box and just show everybody what is in,the box for the initial get-go,okay in the box then uh standard,instructions okay well probably have to,come back but being men to get to those,we shall try first,and then come to the instructions so,inside the box you get like this,leatherette pouch um but its quite firm,so it offers a bit of protection,unzip it looks small enough it just,slide into your golf bag yes i mean its,hand sized smaller than hand size its,just a little square really its,probably about,10 centimeters by 10 centimeters i guess,then inside um charging cable yep,obviously needed,and then these two are together so,inside there is a phone holder and then,you get a little clip where it clips on,there so,obviously the the app can be open and,you can clip it to whatever youre doing,on the driving range or your bag okay so,it can be seen so then inside weve got,uh the stand which has got three legs so,it keeps it nice and sturdy then weve,got the garmin approach but what i like,is how easy,that is to attack yeah we work with lots,of stands dont we with cameras and,things like that and that looks pretty,solid tonight just a magnet but its,quite a yeah solid strong magnet as well,so its its not gonna,come off if you wobble it around okay um,and then weve got the garmin approach,and we need to just peel this lovely,little thing off so sorry but off that,comes lovely lovely and it is tiny yeah,i mean this is,yeah no its not bigger,its tiny which is what you kind of want,and you look at things like skytrak its,quite a cumbersome box yeah to take to,the driving range but this can just slip,in your bag you can even use it for your,warm-ups on anywhere you go really um,thats what i like about it is the,compact first impressions out the box,pretty impressive yeah and its well,made as well this stand although its,plastic it feels solid enough like its,not going to break you and i know some,tripods you can get a little bit flimsy,this is definitely solid and that magnet,is,definitely got some strength to it okay,so once youve taken the r10 out of the,box theres a few little things that you,need to do first and the first thing you,need to do is download the garmin golf,app and what that app is going to do is,going to show you visually what the,garmin is actually producing when it,comes to numbers so once youve opened,up the app youll have to go to devices,and youll see there it says approach,r10 connected once youve clicked on,that and you can see its connected then,you just come out of the device settings,go to,golf sim on the bottom and open up the,driving range and thats what were,going to be concentrating on today you,see at the bottom it says start training,press the button,and the driving range will open up and,then what thats going to do is when you,place shots it will visually show you,what the garmin is picking up so once,weve hit some shots on the range side,of things from the app were actually,going to put it to the test against the,gc quad in the studio now from my point,of view,i was interested in finding a device,that i could take onto the golf course,that i could use in my videos when i do,course vlogs because i wanted to get a,bit more details on ball speed peak,heights how far it carries all that,information that you guys have been,asking for and to take a big gc quad out,onto the golf course with us can be a,little bit cumbersome so something like,this device might work so im really,interested to see,what it can do so were going to set,this up for lee using the actual phone,cradle device and its just a case of,clipping these two bits together so that,sort of that locks in there with an,alarm gives you a little bit of movement,there and then the phone itself just,falls into the cradle,no different than what youd have maybe,in your car,then what were going to do is clip this,to either the golf bag or in this case,were going to use lees den caddy which,is right next to where hes going to be,hitting the shot so its just a case of,popping the clip into that position and,then maneuvering the phone to sit in,your eye line for it for lee so when,hes hitting the shots he can just,literally look down and see where hes,actually hitting the shot from the,driving range so to start off with lees,going to hit a pitching wedge in the,bottom right hand corner here and,clicking on that im going to click,pitching wedge and then thats sort of,logging in that weve got that club for,these shots that hes going to hit,feel good shot id expect that to be 135,135 carry and direction um probably just,drawing left just drawing left yeah 131,carry,and just turned over a fraction from,right to left pretty good its there,there abouts where id expect it the,short shape is what i,felt when i hit it and its carried 131,which is where i would normally sort of,be 135-ish with a pitching wedge club,change weve moved to 7-iron now for lee,hey,okay how did it feel uh pulled left so,see if it picks it up going left yeah,id expect that to be about one,six eight to 170 carry 168 to 170 carrie,on it isnt he look just slightly left,one six seven on the carry first two,shots then pretty accurately nailed it,absolutely nailed it from a field point,of view to where youre actually hitting,the shots and what youre seeing on the,screen is pretty much what youd expect,to see on a normal driving range yeah,exactly i i thought it got a little bit,further left than that yeah just because,of the start direction but,the yardage is bang on and the direction,is bang on as well the driver for lee,uh got that one pretty well ill go for,276 carry,uh right to left right to left so youve,got a bit of turn from right to left and,you reckon it was it a big turn or was,it just uh,itll probably be a subtle turn probably,around 270 to 275 carry okay so weve,got the turn so weve got the movement,on the shot,weve got 256 in the carry so thats,thats finishing about 26 yards left of,target okay thats what i would expect,if it was a spinny shot so obviously i,know i hit it quite well but i dont,know what the spin is so,if its a spinny shot thats where id,expect it to be but it felt like a,decent hit,so it would be down to spin with the,camera lets look at the spin on it as,well then because if i just slide across,its going to tell us that that spun,at,three so if that was the spin of the,shot thats exactly what id expect yeah,yeah,you spin it normally but you should spin,that one around sort of two two five to,two seven yeah a normal spin for me,would be sort of two four spin 270 to,280 carry if it does come up a li

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Garmin R10 – What Needs To Change? FULL 1 Year Review!!

[Music],all right,everyone and welcome back to another,David Mesa golf video where today I,cant believe it but its actually over,a year since Ive got the Garmin r10 so,Im going to be doing a full year review,of the garminar 10 today what I love,about it what I think that needs to be,changed and also what I hope that Garmin,put into the garminar 10 if they do a,new iteration so Im not sure if theyre,going to actually release a new version,of the garminar 10 I suspect at some,point that they would but heres just my,recommendations to Garmin as to what I,think it needs to be put into the,garminar 10 to make it even better now,for disclosure I am a Garmin Australia,Ambassador so everything that I say is,going to come across from that point of,view however long before that I was,definitely a champion of the Garmin r10,and I have been the whole way through,because I think that it was definitely,the best product to 2021 and I think,that its definitely destructed the golf,world more than potentially any other,product thats ever been brought to,Market so this is a fantastic product,thats my blanket statement but were,going to get into some things that,actually need to be changed and that I,think could be really improved so first,of all I absolutely love the size of the,Garmin r10 the portability of it the,fact that you can just grab it and,thats a magnet there that just Clips on,and off is so easy that you cant really,mess up the setup in terms of just,putting it together so thats a massive,tick it folds down into this little,carry case here which is a hard shell,carry case you can throw that into,pretty much any golf bag you can throw,it into any luggage you know that your,garments going to be protected if you,want to take it with you in terms of the,tripod mount this tripod mount is a,really small little tripod mount and uh,well its pretty basic but it does the,job and I think that it does a really,good job except this is one of the,points that I think actually needs to be,changed and Im going to get into that,in a minute now as I mentioned this,tripod is one of the things that I think,personally needs to be changed and,heres why if you get the Garmin r10 and,youre hitting off a mat or something,like that Ive always the whole way,along highly recommended that you get a,Garmin golf stand or not a gum and gold,stand but a golf stand so glow mobile,tech Solutions is a company that Ive,always used for my garma sensor,absolutely amazing Im going to link,them in the description below however,that being said I think that these feet,could actually be adjustable like a real,tripod where you can adjust them down,even just a little bit it doesnt need,to go down that far you just want to be,able to properly stand up and down and,it would be a lot easier to be able to,do that from here than to be messing,around with buying other stands and,putting them on the ground and then,setting them up and making sure that,theyre level and square and all of that,sort of stuff it just it doesnt take,long but its just time that probably,could be avoided if these little stands,here just had a bit of an extender you,could just extend it out and clamp it on,that would also help with uneven,surfaces on keeping your garment level,which brings me to my next point and Im,going to start with all of the things,that I believe that need to be improved,quickly so that we can get those out of,the way and then Im going to tell you,about the things that I love as well so,the next point when were coming into,the actual Garmin unit itself,pretty much everyone if you have a stand,or wherever youre going to be putting,your garment you have to make sure its,level now a lot of people say oh Ive,got it in my garage its flat on the,concrete its going to be perfectly fine,thats not true I was a bricklayer by,trade I know the foundations of houses,they are not all level no matter how,much you think they are it is much,better to just go and put it on a stand,and actually level it yourself there it,rules out all of the questions about it,and youre going to get better at,readings that being said I feel like,this unit could actually come with and,it probably wouldnt be that hard to add,a little spirit level in the top here,just somewhere even on the left or the,right side or whatever it may be just to,show that when you put the Garmin unit,down it is level theres a little bubble,in the middle I think that wouldnt be,too hard to put on there I mean you,could stick something on but it would be,handy to just have it there anyway the,next thing that a lot of people ask for,and a lot of people really want,especially in an indoor simulator is a,little laser now I feel like again a,little laser could be attached here at,the top kind of like a shoot on a camera,so if you think about a shoot on a,camera that kind of sits up you could,just sit up a little laser there where,you just push a button it just lasers a,beam down to show you where the middle,of this line is so it would actually,have to be in the middle just to show,you where the middle of this line is,straight into the simulator it would be,able to do that pretty easy and then you,just turn it off and then you use the,unit I dont think that should be too,hard and I think that would help a whole,lot of people with their alignment in,their in their pushes and drawers and,all that sort of stuff when theyre,actually setting the unit up last thing,that I want to mention about things that,I believe that the Garmin guys could add,into this unit to make it even better so,all these things are not to say that,its not good right now but this is the,very first model that they ever released,and to be this successful and this good,and the very first generation I think is,an absolute massive win for Garmin but,these things are just things that I,think could benefit this unit and,benefit the people using them the next,thing is a Wi-Fi so,if you go to the range and say for,example youre an iPad User like myself,and it doesnt have its own built-in,Wi-Fi you dont have a 5G card in it or,something like that for the unit to have,its own built-in Wi-Fi we could connect,to it with the app that would be a,massive bonus because then you can go,down to the range you dont have to,worry about connectivity you dont have,to worry about So currently Ive got to,go and tether it to my phone and then it,drains battery on my phone it also,drains a battery on my iPad so for me,going and taking the Garmin r10 down to,the range actually kind of proves quite,cumbersome because Ive got a Bluetooth,a whole lot of stuff and its just I,dont really want to do that so inbuilt,Wi-Fi would really help with that and I,think that would you know appeal to a,lot more people to be able to connect to,it without their own 5G or Wi-Fi all,right so into the things that I,absolutely love about the Garmin r10 and,there is a whole list of them but Im,going to get into the top four or five,priorities that for me basically now,that I cant do without in terms of golf,so,the thing that I love most about the,Garmin r10 is that they havent just,isolated themselves to their own app now,their own app is good and its getting,better all of the time but there are,also other apps that are compatible,um that Garmin has opened the floor to,and approved by the way there are some,absolute user government r10 that are,actually not approved garment apps and,please be careful about that I know that,a lot of people are using those apps and,a lot of people actually ask me to do a,review on those apps I I dont want to,for one but I cant also on another,level because theyre not an approved,Garmin app and if theyre not an,improved garment app Im using the,Garmin r10 even though the API works and,it works very well for a lot of people,Im not going to be reviewing those apps,until theyre approved but there are a,number of other good apps such as E6 and,awesome golf that are approved apps and,I think that when you look at the full,Garmin suite a

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Garmin R10: NO WAY!! I Used The Garmin Golf App On Course And Im In Shock!! ACCURATE OR DISASTER??

[Music],well get everyone and welcome back to,another david maxwell golf video where,today were going to be taking the,garmin r10 on course and were going to,be seeing is the garmin golf app,actually accurate,so ive done a number of tests in this,but all the tests that i have done have,been in the simulator not necessarily on,course now i know that a lot of you just,like me have found that the garmin golf,app or at least we think is to be,shorter than awesome golf in an e6 in,and in terms of what we actually think,we hit in distances,most people would say that they believe,that its around 10,to 12 yards short or you know around,about that 10 to 12 meters short of,their actual on-course distances but how,do we actually know,see ive actually never taken this on,course with the garmin golf averages and,then tried to hit those numbers to see,whether its accurate or not ive used,the garmin golf app algorithm with the,weather conditions which is just im,just going to put them up here im going,to hit three clubs im going to hit the,a wedge im going to hit,the 99 im also going to hit the 7 iron,which is my main three clubs that im,going to be heading into greens im,going to be seeing what the garmin golf,app actually gives me as an average and,then im going to be trying to hit those,exact numbers on course with those clubs,and see if i fly over the back basically,lets get some numbers then were going,to head on course and were going to see,whether its accurate or whether its,not accurate its really the only way to,actually test it,in real life so fun fact ive actually,switched up the balls to the callaway,chromesoft x,with the with the new ions a little bit,more spin i tried these balls just on,course the other day absolutely love,them more to come on this but yeah oh,and by the way quite a few people have,commented on my glove in the comments,about maybe i should get a new glove let,me tell you this glove slap a like for,this glove this glove has gone through,everything and its still with me thats,loyalty all right guys so were going to,hit,probably four or five shots,get a decent average with each club uh,this says gap wedge its actually my a,wedge my 48 degree a wedge i use this a,lot into greens so were going to be,getting the numbers from this and then,were going to take it on the course and,see exactly,how close or far away it is i think that,gum is lined up if you see some wildly,inaccurate,its not actually lined,up carry distance there 111,doesnt generally go that far left,though,typical garmin app though it is,ive said it before the lateral,dispersion on this garment golf app is,not,good,[Music],im honestly not feeling very confident,right now,i hit that pretty good,this is going off the planet i cant,stand this app im sorry,theres no way that a wedge goes 21,meters left,smoke that,and now its going right okay,all right so,theres the gateway its done i hit six,shots ill probably delete one of them,lets jump into the nine line and see,how we go with that,carry distance 132,130,127 were getting shorter by the swing,129,it is consistent at least,134 and ill just do one more because i,might have one in there that i might,delete the shortest one,134,okay happy days,into the seven iron,160,its right though,159,id say thats actually pretty spot on,to be honest,157,just cant it just doesnt read the draw,at all i hit a draw,its saying 13 yards right thats the,danger i think of this app like the real,danger of this app for me is not,necessarily the distance even though if,its not giving you the right numbers,thats going to cause problems,its a lateral dispersion like im,pretty confident i hit a draw there its,telling me 13 yards right its,thats a real downside,161,and 160. so,all right theres six shots hit with,three clubs lets take a look at the,numbers then were going to take it on,course all right guys so if we take a,look at these numbers weve got the gap,wedge which is at my a wedge 9979 so,one of the things that im im probably,the most concerned with is going to be,the gap wedge at 108 meters there i,think thats around about 112 to 115 but,anyway also i think the 99 as well im,giving you my my thoughts on this so you,can see my thoughts as to how far short,i think they are versus on course and,then were actually going to take it on,course and see,the 7 iron carry 159 i actually think,thats pretty close so i think that that,159 metres of carry 160 meters of carry,is pretty much bang on so were going to,leave that one there well were going to,leave them all there but i think well,find that that is actually correct,and these two are short,lets take it on course and see all,right guys so we are here now ive gone,and ive found exactly 107 meters now my,thing was 108 meters average carry for,the approach which right so ive got my,approach wedge in my hand were 107,meters there to that pin so if the,garment numbers were accurate in the,simulator we are a little bit into the,wind here so i should expect that this,is going to be a touch short so,lets see how we go we should be still,on the green because ive got the pin at,the back where ive got my jacket on an,alignment stick there for a flag,but lets see how we go ive tried to,line it up as best as i can,and i think were all right so if 108,meters was the right number for the,approach wedge,we should see,it come maybe about two or three meters,short i would think because we are,slightly into the wind okay,so lets go,and well see how this goes,okay so i hit that one pretty good,i think were about pin high,and it says 102. so we are pin high,which is 107 into the wind it definitely,got the right flight path there going,left,but it says 102 meters okay,lets go again,well i got that one thin and,right that was actually a pretty,ordinary shot,that was a horrible shot so thats gone,right and that said 111 meters in a draw,so,lets pick that flight path up wrong,that actually went right,okay thats good,oh,quite a bit short 101 so i reckon that,was actually spot on,okay that ones pretty good too,i reckon thats just short of the pin,96 so thats that 96 meters,i reckon thats gone at least 103.,that ones written straight up in the,wind,so thats going to look short but i,actually hit that one pretty good,and that said 103.,one more im actually not getting,past the pin so thats thats quite,surprising right now like im not,getting it past the pin i know that,were into the wind but i did say that i,think this wedge is about 112 meter,wedge so,its interesting,there we go i finally actually thats,the best one that ive hit,and,we are a touch short so this is saying,96,meters which is definitely longer than,that so thats actually quite a bad,reading still,but from the simulator numbers to here i,expected that we would be a couple of,meters short lets go take a look,all right guys i am uh,i gotta say im actually eating a little,bit of humble pie right at this second,because,all three of my good shot balls are,quite a bit short of that pin which was,106 meters 107 meters give or take,i had one there that actually got to the,number which i believe the garmin red,anyway correctly,and then the three that we have short,are quite a bit short and then theres,one just here as well which is also,on the same length now the garmin golf,app the weather app does take in your,local weather in accordance to your,exact position,into account so one of the reasons why i,might have been seeing 96 meters instead,of 108 meters like we did in the,simulator is because its actually,factoring in the wind,could it be that accurate i dont know,im not saying it is but from this test,right now,thats actually pretty spot-on i mean,weve got 107 here so lets go to the,back one right so im going to count,this backwards,107,106 105 104 103 102 101,99 98 97 96 which is where these are,95 94,93 and i believe that there was a,reading for 93.,i mean we got one,two a couple of meters further thats 95,and 96.,uh and i think the other one was 103,right 106.,98 9,2,could

One Blows Away the Competition! … Garmin R10 vs Flightscope Mevo Plus

– Here, I have two of the most popular,launch monitors around, the Garmin R10 and the Mevo Plus.,Now, the Garmin R10 comes in at $599,,while the Mevo Plus comes in at $1,999.,And in todays video,,were gonna put these two head-to-head,up against this $50,000 indoor golf simulator,to see which one is just more accurate.,So lets get to it.,Let me tell you how its going to work.,We have two competitors.,First up is the Garmin R10, coming in at $599.,Before we do the test,,theres four steps we need to do,to help ensure that the Garmin R10,is the most accurate that we can make it.,Now, the first thing you have to do is make sure,that the Garmin R10 is up-to-date.,One is through the Garmin Golf app.,The Apple update software updates automatically,behind the scenes when the Garmin R10,is connected to your mobile device.,Now, the second way you can do this is using,the Garmin Express program through your computer.,Now, all you have to do is download it,from the Garmin website, and then,,connect your Garmin R10 to the software,,and itll automatically update the software,inside the Garmin R10 each time you connect to it.,So once the Garmin R10 has been updated,,the next thing youre gonna want to do,is to make sure that the unit is calibrated.,Now, a lot of people dont calibrate the unit,before each and time they use it,,and its really easy to do.,So all youre gonna do is go into the Garmin Golf app.,Go to Device Calibration, and then,,calibrate the Garmin R10.,This usually takes anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute.,And then, once calibrated,,you know the Garmin R10 is internally ready to go.,Once you have the Garmin R10 updated,and the unit has been calibrated,,youre gonna wanna make sure that the Garmin R10,is set up in the right location.,For indoor use,,youre gonna need to have the ball,at least eight feet away from the net or screen.,Now, 10 to 12 feet is usually recommended,,which that means that the unit would be,another six to eight feet from behind the ball.,Garmin recommends that its usually around seven feet,to get the best information.,And next up, we have the Mevo Plus, coming at $1,999.,The FlightScope Mevo Plus is,both a launch monitor and a simulator,,and it uses FlightScopes patented,Fusion Tracking technology.,So with Future Tracking technology,,what it is is an innovative combination,of both 3D Doppler tracking radar,and its synchronized high-speed image processing,that provides the most accurate,and consistent data for every shot.,So what the Mevo Plus gives you straight outta the box,is distance, club speed, ball speed,,shot apex, smash factor,,which is the calculation of swing speed and ball speed,,launch angle.,And it can be used in an indoor simulator,,and maybe outdoor too, if you have a net.,Now, all this information,,whether you get the Plus Pro or just a regular Mevo Plus,,is displayed on your iOS for Android device.,And it can even automatically record video.,And what is really cool is it allows you to play,virtual golf courses with E6 Connect compatibility.,So now that we know more,about these two amazing launch monitors,,lets do a little test.,Were gonna put these two head-to-head,up against this $50,000 professional indoor golf simulator.,Now, Im gonna do a practice session.,Im gonna hit two clubs, my seven iron and my driver.,And were gonna see which launch motor is more accurate,,and whether you should get the Mevo Plus at $1,999,,or save some money and go to R10 for 599.,So lets do it.,On this first shot with the seven iron,,the Garmin R10 was showing a carry of 154 yards,,while the SIM showed a carry of 154.2 yards.,So a difference of, what, 0.2?,I mean, thats just crazy that its off,by just a little of a yard.,And Im amazed what this unit can do.,On the second shot with a seven iron,,the Garmin R10 was showing a carry of 136 yards,,while the simulator showed a carry of 132.3 yards.,So a difference of about 3.7 yards.,For me, its still within tolerance,and its pretty impressive so far.,On this third and final shot with the seven iron,,the Garmin R10 was showing a carry of 143 yards,,and the simulator is showing a carry of 140.7 yards.,So a difference of about 2.3 yards.,So on average,,it looks like the Garmin R10 is,about less than four yards off of this $50,000 simulator.,On to the driver.,On this first shot with the driver,,the Garmin R10 was showing a carry of 222 yards,,while the simulator was showing a carry of 223.3 yards.,So a difference of 1.3 yards.,Now, to me, thats just crazy,,thats only off by less than two yards.,On the second shot with the driver,,the Garmin R10 was showing a carry of 225 yards,,while this $50,000 simulator was showing a carry of 232.1.,So this ones about 7.1 yards off,,and its a little bit above the tolerance that I like,,but lets move on to the third and final shot.,On this third and final shot with the driver,,the Garmin R10 was showing a carry of 220 yards,,while the simulator was showing a carry of 225 yards.,So a difference of about five yards.,And to me, for a $599 unit,,being off by five yards or less is a big win.,Now, lets move on to the Mevo Plus.,On this first shot with a seven iron,,the Mevo Plus was showing a carry of 163.6 yards,,while the simulator was showing a carry of 163.7 yards.,So a difference of 0.1 yards.,Now, that to me is just insane that its that close.,On the second shot with the seven iron,,the Mevo Plus was showing a carry of 163.2 yards,,while the simulator is showing a carry of 162.6 yards,,for a difference of 0.6 yards.,Now, that is insane, its less than a yard, and again,,it blows my mind how accurate the Mevo Plus is.,On this third and final shot with the seven iron,,the Mevo Plus was showing a carry of 169.5 yards,,while the simulator is showing a carry of 172.6 yards,,for a difference of about 3.1 yards.,Now, to me, its still way within tolerance.,Anything within less than five yards is good to go,,but just to see those first two within less yard,,just seriously blows my mind how accurate this thing is.,On this first shot of the driver,,the Mevo Plus was showing a carry of 229.4 yards,,while the simulator was showing a carry of 230 yards,,for a difference of 0.6 yards.,So less than a yard accuracy with the driver.,And with drivers,,its super hard to get these things accurate,,especially indoors,,and just to see a Mevo Plus straight outta the box,to show this much accuracy is amazing.,On the second shot with the driver,,the Mevo Plus was showing a carry of 209.7 yards,,while the simulator showed a carry of 208.5 yards.,So a difference of 1.2 yards.,Now, again, thats well within tolerance,,and Im just really impressed with this unit.,This third and final shot with the driver,,the Mevo Plus was showing a carry of 224 yards,,while the simulator was showing a carry of 227.3 yards,,for a difference of 3.3 yards.,So all in all,,the Mevo Plus was within less than five yards on the driver,,which is just amazing how what this little unit can do.,So to recap, with the seven iron,,the Garmin R10 was on average, less than four yards off.,One was within 0.2 yards, we had one at 3.7 yards,,and one at 2.3.,So all in all, it was about four yards off the simulator.,While the Mevo Plus, on the other hand,,was all less than three yards off in accuracy.,We have a 0.1, a 0.6, and a 3.1.,So I would say that the Mevo Plus is,more accurate than the R10, especially with the seven iron.,However, you gotta take into consideration,that the Mevo Plus is about three times the price,as the Garmin R10.,So its kind of like that weird balance,,like does that three-yard difference make,that much of a difference for you to practice,at your house or in your garage?,And to me, it doesnt really matter,,because theyre both super accurate.,Now, when it comes to the driver,,it looks as though that the Mevo Plus,is more accurate than the Garmin R10.,We had one shot at 1.3 yards off,and another shot at five yards off.,And then, finally, one was about 7.1 yards.,So lets say like everythings less tha

MIND BLOWING… The NEW $600 Garmin R10 Approach Golf Simulator…

do you want to see something really cool,this is a launch monitor for just over,500 pounds,lets do it,and lets do it now,[Music],hi everyone james johnson here guys,first things first id like to warmly,welcome you all to this youtube channel,and today we are testing the brand new,garmin r10 launch monitor now,500 pound for your own personal launch,monitor that you can fit in your pocket,you can put in your golf bag and you can,take pretty much anywhere you would like,spoiler alert were giving this away as,well in fact were gonna get straight to,that guys ive teamed up with the guys,at golfbays on instagram to give you,this very garmin approach r10 launch,modes all you have to do guys you have,to be a subscriber to this channel so,subscribe if you havent done already,leave a like on this video comment below,r10 and go and follow the guys at,golfbays on instagram because thats,where the draw will be made for this,very device now im going to test this,for you now im going to see just how,good it is,for just north of 500 pound i keep,saying the price and i know that im not,always price driven with stuff but,i dont need to say it again do alice,lets have a look whats in the box,right in this box you may imagine we do,have the garmin,i have some paperwork which i dont,necessarily need but ill leave that in,there for you guys or whoever wins we do,have the garmin r10 approach,launch monitor and it looks to be honest,as you can imagine,quite remarkable thats um,thats not very big at all in fact if we,put it the side of a golf ball its,actually,quite tiny that can be very very handy,that will come in very useful for a lot,of people what else is in here so we,have a little tripod which fits on,incredibly easily via a magnet,so that now,stands up,just like that i think youll all agree,that this,does look like quite the settlement else,do we have in here ive not noticed this,a little cradle for your phone,because once youve downloaded the,garmin golf app which you do need to use,the r10 approach there is a feature in,there where you can record your own,swing and use the data that the garmin,approach does give you,which is quite handy right how do i set,this up so we want the approach r10 this,is the first time ive used this so,hopefully i always think that things,like this have to be seamless and easy,to start with,i think this is pretty much as seamless,as it gets were going to pair now it,works via bluetooth so make sure your,bluetooths on,i think dont tell me thats it if,thats it thats quite remarkable ill,let it send push notifications finish,were connected wow that is so easy so,you see on the side of the screen there,we have home t hero we have a driving,range we have a weekly tournament we,also have true golf e6 connect now the,e6 connect the true golf we do need a,separate subscription to that um so,were not going to test that today,because im not buying a subscription,for something which um,yeah,were testing it today and then were,giving it to you so,lets go driving range to start with,then well play a little bit of golf,with it is this as easy as,its making out,oh first things first,im sorry for whoever wins this but i do,i have to do this ill maybe put it back,on after,oh delightful so well have a quick tidy,up i shall place this,at the required distance behind the ball,now ive got the projector on just to,make the room look a little bit brighter,ive turned off the flight scope or i,will turn off the flight scope because,we dont just want to be hitting into a,blank screen and i will show you just,how easy it is to start using this,garmin r10 so aligning your approach r10,place it six to eight feet behind the t,location on a flat level surface,check adjust the approach r10 so the red,alignment line is aligned with the t,location and the target of the shot,well do that in a second the ball and,club angles are measured parallel to,this line so it has to be lined up,correctly otherwise its going to give,you some proper random numbers i will,speak to you about numbers in just a,second for what it does tell you because,the list of what it tells you,for the price is quite remarkable so im,going to place,my little screen down there well start,with a gap wedge because its so,important that this does work throughout,the bag for all your different clubs if,it just purely works with say a driver,or a long iron it doesnt matter how,much it costs its not really that,useful lets make sure that that is,banging line and i think with a tweak,that way,we are,just about perfect and you can we can,play in it surely not this will be quite,incredible if you can no,no way thats the exact replica of our,golf course in a cartoon format i had no,idea you could do that im going to put,this little section at the start of the,video because thats incredible now it,probably goes without saying that this,is only going to be as accurate as you,set it up,so lets go remember youre not looking,at the screen youre looking over there,if ive edited this correctly,oh thats remarkable that is so i was,trying to play 100 yard shot,97 carry,500 pound,so also as you can imagine if you get,this app on your ipad and you have it on,a nice stand in front of you that would,be very pleasing and very handy to maybe,take to the driving range or use up on,your practice area at the golf course to,look at your numbers to look at distance,that was a little bit right was it,it was as well thats picked it up,absolutely perfectly so looking at so,look at the graphics that gives you on,screen its actually i mean its very,very basic but what do you want how much,do you want for a little im not gonna,call it a toy but a little piece of,technology for a pretty good price and,as you scroll along here you can see,that it gives you a lot of information,so backspin there 8031,sidespin at 973 face-to-path 11.2 right,i did feel like i left that open a,little bit launch direction 1.1 degree,this is so much information,attack angle 7.3 down probably about,right because it was a wedge carry,distance 1.3 total distance 1.6 it all,ties in,to be pretty good numbers,im astounded how accurate that probably,is handily as well ive just flicked off,the app to check a message you can get,straight back on the app thats a big,deal if you got a message or a phone,call or something at the driving range,and you had to set the entire thing up,again,that would be quite annoying wow ive,literally just seen that you can do that,and you can change,from a birds eye view to a players,point of view thats helpful thats good,i like that all these little things im,going to keep it in the birds eye for,now and oh the pyramids broken and,were going to move up to,a six iron which is over here im going,to make sure im on the same spot so im,still in line the device hasnt moved so,thats not a problem,and a six iron for me this should go,around 1,70ish maybe 175,with the six iron that were using,that was a great strike,never,its a little bit short but,my initial thought was looking at the,line and that felt like it went just a,little bit right,thats exactly what happened,can we get that distance,that was up so ball speed should be down,this uh,this is very interesting,now obviously the whole idea behind the,garmin r10 is to help you improve your,game by knowing your numbers what,numbers does it give you um,yeah theres,i mean well go through them theres a,lot of information here it gives you,club head speed club face angle club,path attack angle of attack ball speed,launch angle launch direction spin axis,spin rate apex height smash factor carry,distance total distance,deviation distance,thats a lot of information it also,claims to be accurate within three miles,an hour of your club head speed one mile,an hour ball speed one degree launch,angle one degree launch direction and,between five yards of carry distance,accuracy all that whilst providing,around a 10 hour battery now ive only,charged this for a few minutes and were,about 64 percent of battery i

Garmin Approach R10 Review: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

okay of all the products i have reviewed,over the last 10 years at breaking 80 i,am not sure there is a product that i,have been more impressed by for the,price,than this,the garmin approach r10 launch monitor,this thing is,unreal and today im going to tell you,why were going to talk about the pros,to cons and whether or not its the,right fit for you and if you should buy,it so stay tuned all right so whats the,big deal with the garmin r10 why is,everybody talking about this product,because its only 600 bucks and this,launch monitor it does things that,products that are,three four five six ten times more,expensive it does the same thing as,those products it might not be quite as,accurate it might not be quite as,professional feeling,but it does a pretty darn good job and,thats what were going to talk about in,this video all right so lets talk first,impressions for the r10 it comes in this,nice little pleather case thats a nice,step up from kind of the canvas cases,you get with your typical rangefinder or,whatever uh and you open it up and,youre just like,oh,this is,this is sleek this looks good the all,black thing its got going on here it it,looks really nice and to take it a step,further its not like this stuff is all,just kind of willy-nilly tossed in here,its kind of like a pelican case where,its you know carved out of i dont know,whatever this material is this like kind,of hard styrofoam type material but its,all carved out and so each thing has,a spot in it and it just feels very,high-end,and normally with a launch monitor you,pretty much you get the device and its,got like a little kickstand or whatever,and you put it there and thats all you,get but garmin went a step further and,they include a few things that really,make this kind of a game changer in this,price point so first off youve got the,magnetic tripod stand,so this things super convenient it,clips on just like so and you set it,behind you on the range and away you go,but not only that this might be one of,my favorite features of the device,is it comes with a smartphone clip,you basically stick your phone in here,you clip it to whatever you want include,your bag a box of range balls whatever,it is and youve got easy access to all,the data on your phone so you can both,see whats happening when youre hitting,balls and you can go in and adjust as,necessary whereas if im using like the,flight scope mevo or the rap soto which,actually has to have your phone in place,youre not really sure where to put it,or how to use your phone on an easy,basis youre kind of having to,constantly go and duck down and get it,off the floor or whatever but this you,can clip it to your bag set it right by,where youre hitting balls and you can,see it eye level and it works super well,so we talked about first impressions how,impressive this thing looks uh from a,size perspective its uh its very small,its very sleek uh the only issue is,youve got this great looking case but,its not super thin so if youre the,kind of person where youre like cool i,just want to like toss this in my bag,and leave it in there all the time its,a little bulky for that and that kind of,surprised me you know for instance,comparing this to the flight scope mevo,plus,this is a much smaller device but as far,as portability goes its not quite as,portable because of this you know bulky,uh case so the r10 pairs with the garmin,golf app so if youre using any other,garmin device you may be familiar with,it if youre using like the s42 or 62,golf watch if youre using the ct10,sensors if youre using the z82,rangefinder they have some really weird,names for all their products dont they,look kind of a little confusing,but if youre using any of those its,all going to use the garmin golf app and,i got to say i really like what theyve,built with their ecosystem um if you,start using all of these products in,tandem youre getting all of your data,from your rounds all of your data from,your practice youre getting a ton of,information all in one spot and i think,thats fantastic and its really making,a strong case for why you should pick up,garmin products over some of their,competitors because youre getting so,much data about your golf game all in,one spot,pairing the r10 with the app it,literally took two minutes or less it is,super sleek super fast uh the user,experience is great and compared to all,of the launch monitors ive used this,one is probably the fastest,for,setting it up and getting accurate,results as quickly as possible uh so i,talked about how the mevo plus which is,over three times the price of this one,uh i talked about how its easy to set,up but if you really want to make sure,its accurate youve got to spend a,little bit of time dialing in some of,the settings you got to adjust the lie,angle and the loft and it can give you,inaccurate readings if you dont spend,time doing that,whereas every time ive used the r10 i,literally i take the tripod i pick it up,i set it down seven eight feet behind me,and im getting accurate results pretty,much right away and when i say accurate,its all relative well talk performance,statistics in just a minute but overall,setting this thing up super easy to use,so for as easy as the garmin golf app is,to set up you will find some pros and,cons when youre using it for instance,one of the cons is you can only use it,in vertical mode,so if you want to use it on an ipad it,doesnt necessarily do a great job of,leveraging the full real estate and the,full screen um and personally i had some,issues setting it up on my ipad so ive,been sticking with using it on my iphone,ive generally found the distances to be,pretty good where youll find issues is,if youre hitting driver uh youre gonna,start to get a little bit of variance uh,with the distances you know it would,probably be within three to five yards,typically of what you would get on like,a trackman and it usually seemed like it,would be within like three yards or so,when i was comparing it to distances i,got with the rangefinder uh also if,youre hitting like a sand wedge or gap,wedge and youre hitting some really,really high balls uh often you might run,into a couple issues with that but for,the most part with standard shots it was,great with trajectory and it would dial,in your existences too within a yard or,two again a little bit more of a,variance with the driver but with most,clubs its going to be pretty freaking,accurate for a 600 device uh when youre,using the app on the range theres a few,different views you can have,so theres one where you can select,basically what are the metrics you want,to see the most do you want to see uh,you know carry distance actual distance,and spin rate then you can set that up,so those are the three metrics you can,see and very big print uh do you want to,see the shot tracer and you want to see,the trajectory of your ball you can set,that up it does a really good job of,allowing you to overlay all of your,practice sessions so if you want to see,kind of the disparity between heres my,driver heres my 3-wood heres my 7-iron,my 5-iron whatever it might be you can,look that on a range and its going to,show you different colors,so you can see every shot that you hit,so garmin is adopted kind of a you know,cartoony consumer friendly,motif when it comes to the design of,using it whether youre looking at the,range or youre using some of the cool,built-in games and features of the,device whereas if youre comparing it to,say the mevo plus or you know something,from foresight or a trackman those all,feel like professional launch monitors,and like youve got professional tools,to really dial in the information,whereas you can still get and you will,still get a ton of information within,the garmin app it doesnt feel quite as,professional level for instance if you,went to a club fitter and they were,using this youd probably be like all,right like this doesnt quite feel like,im getting kind of a professional deal,but if youre someone who doesnt wa

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