1. Garmin Venu SQ GPS Smartwatch In-Depth Review // Running, Weight Training, Cycling, and more!
  2. Garmin Venu SQ Review | Fitness Tech Review
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Garmin Venu SQ GPS Smartwatch In-Depth Review // Running, Weight Training, Cycling, and more!

[Music],hows it going folks im does with,dustfit and this is the brand new garmin,venue sq which expands the garmin venue,lineup of smart watches with a more,budget-friendly option but it still,packs in a lot of fitness features for,the money so,theres going to be two different,versions of the venue sq theres going,to be a version without music as well as,a version with music the version without,music,thats going to start at 200 and then,the version with music which i have,right here is going to start at 250,but i think both watchers are going to,be really good options around that 200,to 250,price range if you want a pretty capable,smart watch that has some really good,fitness capabilities,so in todays video im going to go over,all the new features with the venue sq,as well as how it performed in a fitness,capacity where i used it for running,both outdoors and indoors,cycling both outdoors and indoors as,well some weight training as well,swimming just so you can get a better,idea of how its going to work for you,so,if this video does help you out at all,dont be shy about hitting that like,button down below as it helps the,channel out a lot and i appreciate it,so the venue sq has a rounded off,rectangular design which takes the,departure from the round design thats,found on the original venue,it has a nice bright lcd display which,is going to be different than the,original venue which has an amoled,display but i still found the display on,the venue sq to be nice and vibrant,out of the box the sq uses a raise to,wake gesture to wake up the display but,sq also does have an always on display,mode just like the original venue,that you can enable in the watch,settings i find that the always on,display is nice where you can take a,glance at your watch without having to,raise your wrist to wake it up but,just keep in mind that it will drain the,battery faster using the always on,display,on the back of the device youll find,the charging port along with garmins,elevate heart rate sensor and the venue,sq also does have a blood oxygen sensor,and the venue sq uses industry standard,20 millimeter watch straps so youll be,able to mix things up,if youd like with tons of different,watch straps to choose from for smart,watch features youll get one-way,notifications when you pair the venue sq,up with an iphone but when you pair with,an android device youll be able to,reply to text messages using one-way,responses that youll set up in garmin,connect,and then on either type of phone you can,choose to answer or decline a call but,youll speak on your phone and not the,watch itself,theres also contactless payments using,garmin pay and then youll also be able,to see your calendar events and weather,information on the watch itself,with the music version of the venue sq,youll be able to sync playlists from a,bunch of the popular streaming music,services like spotify pandora,deezer as well as amazon music but you,can also choose to save that 50 bucks by,going with the non-music version,and being that it does have music,storage and playback the venue sq does,pair up with bluetooth headphones and,i paired up the airpods pro as well as,the jaybird vistas with no problems,for daily activity tracking on this my,day widget itll show you what,activities youve done that day,your steps your calories burned as well,as your tracked hydration,youll be able to enter this widget,where it gives details of the activities,including the calories burned and some,other details like distance and time,you can see your intensity minutes which,is basically how much time you spent,doing moderate to vigorous activities,along with your weekly goal as well as a,breakdown of those minutes throughout,the week,youll be able to view your step details,and how it compares with your daily goal,you can be your step history and whether,or not you met your step goals on a,particular day,the distance traveled each day youll,also be able to see your calories for,the day and this is broken down by your,active as well as resting calories,and again you can dive in and see the,history and then youll have a hydration,widget where youll be able to track the,amount of water that youre consuming in,a day which can be a nice reminder to,hydrate which,i am definitely guilty of forgetting to,do throughout the day for health,tracking the sq can track your heart,rate 24 hours a day,your stress level body battery,respiration rate as well as your blood,oxygen level and you can dive into any,of these to view more detail,like with body battery which gives an,indication of your energy levels,throughout the day and this is going to,be based on,your sleep as well as the activities,youve done so it shows you a nice graph,over the last eight hours and how it,compares with your stress levels as well,as your body battery since midnight,youll also be able to see your,respiration rate along with a seven day,average,and then you can also view your blood,oxygen saturations level that uses the,spo2 sensor,the venu sq also has sleep tracking,which i find to be fairly accurate,youll be able to dive into lots of,details about your sleep including the,time spent in different sleep stages you,can see a timeline along with your,movement throughout the night,your blood auction levels as well as,your respiration rate for activity,profiles the venue sq comes with a good,selection where you can use it for,running both outdoors and,indoors cycling both outdoors and,indoors as well,theres some walking profiles pool,swimming golf,winter sports like skiing snowboarding,and cross-country skiing,stand-up paddle boarding strength,training uh kind of catch-all cardio,profile,theres going to be yoga pilates and,breath work as well as the elliptical,stair stepper,rowing both outdoors and indoors and the,navigation function,and then you can also add activity,profiles by copying an activity that may,be similar,to whatever activity that youre,planning on doing for instance something,like,sucker in terms of how the venue sq,performed in a fitness capacity lets,first start off with running so on this,run the venue sq did a great job at,tracking the total distance,really good stuff if we take a closer,look at the actual gps tracks it was,kind of interesting where most of the,run was pretty much spot on and then on,the last half mile or so it veered off,slightly where it,still followed the same shape as the,other devices but it thought i was about,20 feet north of where i actually was,and this seemed like an anomaly just,because when we look at the cycling gps,tracks here in a second the venue sq was,nearly perfect for heart rate it was,pretty close to the external heart rate,straps over the course of the run but i,did encounter a handful of spots where,it tracked about six to eight beats per,minute high but,nothing crazy by any means and then for,running indoors the venue sq also does,have that treadmill profile so it is,kind of important to go run a handful of,times outdoors first so the watch can,kind of learn your running dynamics so,itll be able to give a better,estimation of indoor running distance,and the venue sq did a really good job,here coming in quite close to the,distance recorded on the treadmill,and whats also nice is that when you,complete your run youll be able to,fine-tune that distance if for some,reason its off,for cycling the venue sq will collect,your time distance calories burned as,well as more details that you can view,in garmin connect,for the heart rate accuracy the average,and max lined up pretty closely on this,road ride but lets take a look at the,heart rate graph in a little bit more,detail so,over the course of the ride it did,really well there were a few spots where,it veered off a little bit but,overall these are some really good,results in terms of how it did for gps,it did just fine in tracking the total,distance on this ride and then if we,take a closer peak at the gps tracks,it looks really good so if we zoom in on,this portion here

Garmin Venu SQ Review | Fitness Tech Review

[Music],what up what up everybody welcome back,to the channel today on fitness tech,reviews were gonna be checking out the,garmin venue,sq so this is a more middle range,band this has gps built in comes in,around 199,but you can get on sale for about 150,lets go ahead get right into it,lets go ahead and get into the,specifications so this does have a 1.3,inch lcd display,it is touch screen and also have corning,gorilla glass 3 so it will be scratch,resistant,and also have two other menu buttons on,the right side,this does have great battery life as,well around six days but if youre,turning on,all your sensors and everything like,that i got around four to five days,and if youre looking to be in gps mode,its gonna give you about 14 hours of,built-in battery life with that it does,have five atmospheres of water,resistance so you can go swimming with,this and it has pretty decent swimming,tracking as well with its sensors it,does have a heart rate monitor it also,has an spo2 sensor,it also has a gps and an accelerometer,as well,all built into the device this does have,built-in bluetooth 5.0 and also wi-fi,support as well,this also does development in three,different colors it comes in black it,comes in light gold and also comes in,orchid purple,and this 20 millimeter silicone band can,be replaced as well,real quick lets go ahead and get into,the garmin connect app so your home,screen looks like this that has all of,your recent things your heart rate built,right in as you can see its,live right here it has your body battery,built in where your stress is for the,day,your intensity minutes all that built,right in every single thing you need,and even what your last seven days look,like as well so thats my day,you can go into challenges theres a,bunch of things built in and you can get,connections with other people as well,you can get into what your calendar has,been looking like throughout and you,have a news feed,so if you want to share it on social,media all built in right there,and notifications about whats new stuff,like that,on your down screen right here it has,all your activities,your sleep all built in your pulse ox,built in your performance stats,your training you can get your gear here,your groups everything built right in,even a lot of golf stuff with this if,you are a golfer this is built in,and you have other things as well right,here on the app,the other thing you have the garmin iq,apps you are looking to add other faces,you can go to the garmin,iq app and it will allow you to buy,extra watch faces but a lot of these are,free as well,go again into the user interface of this,guy when you swipe up it goes into all,your widgets,how your days been how pretty much all,of your,metrics have been going as well your,history for the day,where your heart rates been your,battery body battery your hydration,levels,and as you can tell it does get a little,sticky here and there,in the actual app and just go back you,do have to swipe,from the left side when you go down,again you can reorder this any way you,would like your weather all that built,right in again swiping from your left,goes home and again not the most you,know,easy way to get around your watch as you,tell them,even having difficulties during this,video and when you do hold the top,button this goes into all your quick,settings,you can get into like your sleep your,brightness your,of course everything built right in you,can lock the screen and to go back hit,swipe,from the left if you hold the bottom,this goes into all your settings you can,go into your watch face your clocks,your history and then settings from,there you can change your widgets right,here your,apps stuff all like that you need to go,all the way down to,system and display if youre looking for,that always on display,which i enjoyed because the gesture,believe me the sensitivity even though,it was on high,it didnt work that well but it has so,many different things its built in but,again,it takes a little bit to get used to how,the watch works and even the battery,percentage it isnt on the home screen,you do have to hold a button and it will,be at the top,and at the back of it is all of your,sensors and,with your usb charging device it has,this little connector you connect right,at the top so its,it connects fairly well no big deal,whatsoever,but thats how everything goes here,[Music],all right lets go ahead and get into,the fitness tracking so with the fitness,tracking lets go ahead and get into,what ive been doing throughout,all my activities lets get into my,cardio so i did an hour long cardio,workout,they dont have many different you know,workouts built,in so i did have to pick cardio it was a,crossfit type workout as you can tell,my whoop right over here it actually,tracked my heart rate fairly well but,bands around your wrist typically on,workouts where youre doing a lot of,wrist flexion youll lose a little heart,rate here and there,and you can kind of see that as well but,it gives you a lot of great data,built right in and what its all about,and going from cardio lets go into my,run so this is where really does benefit,so when you are going to run and using,the built-in gps you do have to wait a,little bit for it to connect with the,gps so it did a lose a little bit of my,run so it goes in you can kind of check,out where your run is,i did switch from side to side but it,really,wasnt that accurate like i didnt go,all the way off to somebodys yard over,here i was i stayed on the actual,road itself but in general it did fairly,well,especially for a gps right in and it,cracked my mile,really well too going into my pace again,i did a little sprinting here and there,thats where you can see my heart rate,again,checking it out with my whoop over here,heart rate did really well,i cant really complain whatsoever it,really tracked my heart rate throughout,the only thing that i didnt know about,is i kept on flicking and i couldnt,find it,it took forever but there isnt always,on display on the actual band,so i learned about that later and that,makes it much better if you want to,check your pace,overall especially for running this is a,great band and you can see this in,bright light believe me it was bright,outside i had no problem seeing the band,but i did have problems kind of,activating the watch but with the always,on display,you dont have to worry about that what,about its sleep tracking so going in,your health stats going into sleep,tracking,you can see what happened today it said,i got about five hours of sleep,its fairly accurate as you can tell my,whoop is over here thats what i use for,sleep,one thing i didnt really get was my,awake time so,i am a new dad i am awake a little bit,more during the night i was definitely,awake,more than a minute as you could tell,over there but in general it checked my,deep my,uh my rem and my life sleep pretty well,and you can check my seven day and then,go on to sunday as well again i mean it,got me 15 minutes of awake time but it,kind of overshot my sleep time,by a bit but as far as a sleep tracker,is concerned,it really did great you could check out,what your respiration was throughout the,night which is,awesome as well and you can even check,how it does from day to day your pole,socks,and your stages all built right in so it,is a great sleep tracker,all right so what are my recommendations,with this guy it is pretty good 199,dollars maybe a little bit more on the,expensive side for what you get,the fitbit charge 4 is around 150,and it gives you pretty much everything,that this does but it doesnt have the,bright vibrant display,that the garmin does but the garment,does have coaching built into the,app so that is great if you are a runner,and youre looking to jump,into the garmin ecosystem and youre,looking for something thats a little,bit more,fancy with a smartwatch feature you,really cant get much better at this,price range because this screen is very,vibrant you can go with the garmin,forerunn

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Garmin Venu Sq 2 In-Depth Review: Double The Specs?!?

hey folks today get your full in-depth,review of the new venue 2 square the,venue square 2 whatever you want to call,it it essentially doubles a lot of the,core or major specs of the original,venue square that came out about two,years ago basically bring it in line,with the venue 2 venue 2 plus that you,see right there but there are some key,differences between these two thatll,dive in throughout this review now the,review is divided up into basically like,three and a half major chunks the first,chunk is all the newness between the,venue two square and the venue square,the original one then i dive into kind,of the health and fitness features from,there into the sports features after,that well talk about music and to,contact us payments and then finally,into the accuracy so the very first,thing is the price the price for the,venue 2 square is 249 dollars for the,base edition or 299 dollars for the,music edition the music edition just as,well music the ability to download music,onto the watch and listen to it via,bluetooth headphones that includes from,sites like spotify and amazon music and,deezer without having your phone with,you theres a couple different color,options you have for each of those up,that you see on the screen right now,theres no differences in size in fact,the venues 2 square and the venue square,are identical from an exterior case,standpoint technically though the venue,2 square is like 1 millimeter thinner,but well talk about that a little later,on versus the venue 2 the round watch,that you have right there has different,sizes the venue 2 and the venue 2s just,basically different sizes between them,now lets start comparing the original,and the new secondary edition now first,up on the list is garmin went ahead and,changed from an lcd screen to an amoled,screen thats the same screen technology,used on the venue 2 series and its,plenty bright its great its in,sunlight and adds more clarity and then,with that the display size itself the,display interior there is quite a bit,bigger so its gone from 1.3 to 1.41,inches which doesnt sound like much but,its about 14 percent bigger between the,two of them the way they did that was,just simply reducing the bezel that you,see around the outside edge there more,important though is they double the,resolution so it went from roughly 57,600 pixels to 115 200 pixels and you can,see the resolution again on the sides,right here in terms of what you see and,notice day to day you dont notice this,a ton you notice more of the larger,screen size but behind that that allows,them to pretty much mirror the entire,user interface of the venue 2 watches,into the venue 2 square so it gives it,more flexibility there lots of more,nuanced things that youll see in the ui,but again day to day youre not really,going to notice that resolution and hey,just a quick note if you find this video,internally useful it is super helpful if,you whack that like button down at the,bottom there it really does help out,this video and the channel quite a bit,speaking of that doubling theyve,increased the battery life from six days,in smart watch mode to 11 days in smart,watch mode and then from a gps,standpoint theyve gone from 14 hours to,26 hours and then with that they added a,new battery saver mode so that gets you,even beyond those specs for both the,watch side and the gps side by shutting,off a bunch of different options things,like bluetooth or the sensor or doing,the display et cetera so if youre tight,on battery life and not near a charger,you can enable that to kind of eek out,another couple of days or even many more,hours of gps usage now keep in mind the,venue series has both an always-on,display as well as a gesture-based,display meaning the screen goes off,until you raise your wrist in the always,on display mode it claims about three,days im getting a touch bit under that,but with gps activities so that seems to,make sense next theyve added the sleep,score you can see that right there my,sleep score of 76 from yesterday uh with,six hours and seven minutes and then,down below here you can see my sleep,phases sleep stages and then again the,same thing kind of represented there as,well as some sort of like,recommendations if you will of how the,night went in terms of accuracy of the,sleep data i see my sleep times is,pretty much spot on correct this was,exactly the case for last night the,sleep phase is much harder to kind of,like judge because even the comparative,technology that you have in that area is,only about 80 accurate so youre kind of,like comparing apples to pairs except,both of them are probably inaccurate so,i dont really worry about sleep stages,too much i worry more about am i getting,the sleep am i getting you know x amount,of sleep each night and kind of focus on,that now there are a couple new sport,profiles in here in particular the new,high intensity interval training,activity that you see right there you,can choose different options within this,a free one hit timers for example you,can see some of those there i can also,do some workouts that are built into,this a couple of them there and you can,download a bunch from garmin connect as,well now garmin says the way theyve,been able to add these new hit,activities is because of the new optical,heart rate sensor on the bottom this is,garmins gen 4 optical heart rate sensor,i put my finger over for a second and,then take it off youll see the green,light show up there then it brightens up,to add more power to it versus the older,watch had the gen 3. the gen 4 is used,on most of garmins watches over the,last year you can see that here on the,venue 2 plus this does not have ecg in,it at least it doesnt officially have,ecg in it we dont know for certain uh,garmin has been testing ecg ive got a,whole video on it up there in the corner,they have been going through the fda,approval process but they cant talk,about that so we have no idea like when,they might announce it and for what,models uh and so youre kind of buying,this with the assumption that does not,have ecg and then maybe down the road,youd be surprised if they enabled it,thats because ecg is a function at,least in the us as well as an eu is,highly regulated so companies cant talk,about it until they get approval,otherwise they get a whole crap ton of,trouble speaking of new sensory things,uh inside of this is a new gps sensor,its the same sensor a chipset provider,used in the 400 255 955 phoenix 7 epics,most of garmins new 2022 watches and,with that youve got a new all system,satellite mode that increases the gps,accuracy it is not however multi-band or,dual frequency so its not quite as,accurate as those but to kind of spoil,some of my gps accuracy section its,pretty darn good now last but not least,as i mentioned earlier on is a tiny bit,thinner than the original venue square,however if youve been watching some of,my videos lately you know ive dug down,the rabbit hole of whether or not watch,companies give the specs correctly that,started with the samsung launch 5 pro,where i found it was 50 thicker than,what they claimed in the case of garmin,they are not quite accurate there either,they are ignoring that little sensor,bump that you see at the bottom its,about a millimeter and a half or so from,their specs look i dont really care,what the thickness is i just want all,these companies garmin apple samsung to,just simply declare what the actual,depth of the watch is its really that,simple like every other spec out there,they want to have an asterisk and say,its not including the sensor thats,cool too but at least have that asterisk,now with that all said lets talk about,some of the hardware and how this works,first up is that this is a touch screen,device uh its also got buttons i just,hit the wrong button there to start that,workout so these two buttons right here,allowed to confirm things escape from,things so in this case i can stop this,workout that i just accidentally hit and,then use that tou

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Garmin Venu SQ Music Review – Worth It In 2022?

hi everyone Abby here and welcome  back to my channel for tech tuesday or  ,welcome if youre new today im going to be  reviewing the garmin venu sq music but before i  ,get started make sure to hit that subscribe button  if youre not already subscribed so you can stay  ,tuned to all my new videos dropping weekly and  so you can help the channel grow so i have done a  ,full unboxing on this watch so if youve missed  it and you want to see that you can find that  ,on the top right or in the description below so i  have this watch in the color light sand rose gold  ,and it did come out in some other great  colors which you could see on screen  ,so the prices as of recording are 249.99 Canadian  and 199.99 American and this watch has been out  ,for a while now guys it did come out in 2020  and because of that we do see it go on sale  ,quite frequently which is fantastic because  you can definitely grab it at a great price,all right guys so this is what it looks  like on me and i do have a seven inch wrist  ,and ive gone ahead and placed all of the  sizes this can fit on screen for you guys  ,if youre interested in that information  venue sq here does come with a silicone band  ,and i personally find this band very comfortable  to wear all right guys now im going to go into  ,the major highlights about this watch  so the venue sq here has a lcd display  ,touch screen operation a 20 millimeter quick  release watch band it has a quoted battery life  ,up to six days it has built-in gps glonass wi-fi  bluetooth the version here the music edition has  ,music storage ability and its compatible with  spotify deezer amazon music water rating up to 5  ,atm so you can wear this thing in the pool if you  want to swim with it in the shower in the rain  ,has built in pulse ox so you can get your  blood oxygen saturation it has 24 hour heart  ,rate tracking womens health monitoring  alarms timers stop watches stress tracking  ,it tracks a variety of activities such as running  yoga walks swimming it also tracks your daily  ,metrics like your steps calories burned your  distance walked past the weather and more now  ,these are not all the features about this watch  but these are some of the most important i think,all right guys so now im going  to talk about the display so  ,we have an lcd display on this watch and with  that we do see some nice bold colors on here so  ,this is what the display looks like indoors under  some light ink and now im going to go outside so  ,you can see what it looks like there all right  guys so this is what it looks like outdoors in  ,natural lighting under the sunlight and i  definitely do find it pretty easy to read  ,one thing to note about the lcd display here  though is that it is quite reflective so you  ,definitely do need to pump up the brightness  a bit when you are outside in sunlight,all right guys now im going to show you the watch  faces i currently have on here im just going to  ,kind of swipe along so you guys can see what they  look like so it did come with a variety of options  ,there are only a few that are kind of like you  know bright bold colors a lot of them are very  ,plain this one i did download from the app if you  do want to know the name of this watch face you  ,can just you know drop that in the comments below  and ill let you know and theres an example of  ,this one more of an analog watch face all right  guys i have the garmin connect iq app open and  ,im just showing you guys some of the watch faces  that are compatible with the venue sq music and sq,and as this watch has been out for a  while there are a lot of options on here  ,typically the older smart watches have  more watch faces than the new ones,so now im going to go into how to use this watch  the basics here so the first thing im going to  ,show you guys is how to wake up the screen so you  have three different options one you can press  ,either of these buttons to wake up the screen  two you can tap on the display just double tap it  ,and three if you have the raise to wake function  on you can just basically turn it towards your  ,face and the screen will wake up so once you  have the display open you can choose to swipe  ,up or down and doing so is going to show you  your daily metrics like your steps your heart  ,rate your calories burned and then you can just  swipe through and see everything and here is the  ,hydration tracking widget where you can go ahead  and track your amount of water that you drink  ,another thing you can do is hold the  top button to open up your control panel  ,and here we have a bunch of shortcuts for  things another thing you can do is press  ,the bottom button here to go back if you press  the top button once youre going to open up your  ,activity menu once you get to your activities you  can go ahead and start an activity so these are  ,all of my activities like my most used ones anyway  but you can go ahead click here and see the rest,i believe theres about 20 activities currently on  here and to start an activity its very simple all  ,you do is just press the button and then you press  this to start so if you swipe right from the home  ,screen you can see your shortcut for me thats  alarms and then if you hold the bottom button here  ,youre going to open up your settings so here we  can change our watch faces we can look at history,and thats the basics of how to use this watch,so im going to show you guys an example  of what a text message looks like on here  ,so it just pops up basically on whatever screen  youre at and then you can go ahead and scroll  ,through it if its longer and read it and you  can call the person back its going to call  ,them on your phone you can reply you can block  or you can dismiss so if you hit reply you can  ,choose one of these pre-made responses and  you can edit them in the garmin connect app,and then when youre ready you can just send  it and it will send it to your phone so this  ,is the music version watch and you can add music  depending on your wi-fi connection and the size of  ,your music files or your podcast whatever youre  downloading it can take a varying amount of time  ,and it definitely uses a good amount of battery  to get music on here when you are putting music  ,on i would definitely recommend plugging it in so  your battery doesnt die you know part way through,so it has a quoted battery life of up  to six days as a smart watch so with  ,my uses which i have on screen things like gps  walks and runs daily alarms timers and more  ,ive gotten on average four days of battery  life from this watch now for me thats okay  ,i definitely do like when watches have more  battery life i think this could fit well into  ,a lot of peoples lifestyles i think most people  would be okay with charging a watch like once or  ,twice a week instead of charging it daily  which we find from some other smart watches  ,and keep in mind guys you know what i get for  battery life can be different from what you  ,get battery life is something that definitely  varies depending on the person and their usage,all right guys so the next thing im  going to go into is womens health  ,so if you are a male or someone else  who doesnt want to see this section  ,you can definitely go ahead and use my  time stamps and skip to the next section  ,where im going to be talking about sleep tracking  all right so for womens health we do have a built  ,in womens health widget so when youre  actually on your period you can go ahead and  ,track your flow intensity so theres light  medium heavy so here are physical symptoms,and any time if you are feeling any of  these you could just go ahead for example  ,and you can click one and then you go to the  bottom and you click on done and thats going  ,to show up kind of on your main page now we can  also track your mood i say this you know a lot  ,but i love that garmin really gives you a bunch  of different mood options because you know our  ,moods are complex wer

10 Secrets of Garmin Venu SQ – Review and Deep Dive | Flagship Frills on a Budget

Hi everyone welcome to wesknows tech news and  reviews! the stigma in the market today is that  ,if you want a decent sport watch or multi-sport  watch you have to splash out a lot of dosh  ,when you think sport watch you usually think the  polar vantage polar grit maybe the sunto 7? what  ,about the garmin fenix series or maybe the garmin  venu but what if I told you that you could get a  ,garmin multi-sport watch for half the usual price  for a sport watch please meet the garmin the new  ,sq and today i will be sharing the 10 secret  weapons of this monster! if you are new to  ,wesknows tech news and reviews we talk about the  latest tech news, we do brutally honest reviews  ,and share hacks and tricks along the way! the  venue sq was released by garmin in september 2020  ,and it came in with a bang because it costs just  180 pounds or 200 bucks it came into a very busy  ,space where we have very sporty smart watches as  well as budget sport watches but it brings along  ,the flagship frills of the garment venu but with  slight shortcuts being made and well cover some  ,of them just now to ensure that the garmin venu  stays the flagship of the venu and the venu sq  ,some cut corners had to be made for the sq. such  as the sq actually features a 1.3 inch lcd screen,  ,so bye bye amoled! because on the venu you do  get a 1.2 inch amoled display, we also lost the  ,barometric altimeter now a gps one is used, garmin  also removed the gyro sensors as well as the live  ,watch faces! but i can say that unless you are a  pro athlete you will be very unlikely to notice  ,any of the difference between the venu and the  venu sq. well, except for the amoled screen and  ,the live watch faces of course and now lets kick  off and cover the 10 secret weapons of the garmin,  ,the new sq the garmin venu SQ combines the comfort  and convenience of a fully touch activated display  ,with two buttons on the right hand side  for additional efficiency it has a simple  ,but ergonomic design its square in essence  going back to the garmin vivo series roots.  ,dimensions are 37 by 40 millimeters and its only  11 millimeters thick. it weighs just 39 grams  ,and thats feather light for a full-fledged  multi-sport watch. sleeping in it and wearing  ,non-stop for long periods of time is just  too easy its mega comfortable on your wrist.  ,the display is a double edged sword but  i actually see it as a positive because  ,shortcuts have to be made so its not amoled but  you still get a full color 1.3 inch lcd screen.  ,there are three brightness levels lets be  fair the colors do look more washed out than  ,amoled screens but the viewing angles are still  excellent theres more than enough space for  ,the menus and check it out when using garmin pay  entering your four digit code is as easy as pie  ,on this large screen for health metrics its  got an optical hr sensor for continuous heart  ,rate monitoring with pulse ox aka sp02 or blood  oxygen saturation tracking on the back. mind you  ,the pulse ox function on the garmin Venu SQ is  not as simplistic as just on-demand measurements,  ,oh no, it can actually track your continuous pulse  ox during the night, during the day or on demand  ,if you do need it just at a point in time. having  your spo2 metrics continuously measured overnight  ,provides much more insight into your breathing  patterns and respiratory health and can even  ,forewarn of medical and lung conditions such as  bronchitis asthma and sleep apnea. you also get  ,dual gps on the garmin venu SQ with galileo and  glonass the lock-on is quick and the signal holds  ,steady for the length of your workout with onboard  gps you dont require having your phone with you  ,while cycling running or trail hiking and even  open water swimming is possible because the watch  ,is waterproof up to 50 meters. sleep monitoring is  important as ever and the garmin Venu SQ takes us  ,to a whole new level not only does it monitor  light deep and rem sleep the garmin connect  ,app shows a sleep stage timeline with overlays  available for movement pulse ox aka sp02 and your  ,breathing rate for a deep down analysis of your  sleep patterns. the garmin Venu SQ also brings  ,about a very advanced feature called body battery  and if you recall we saw that on the polar ignite  ,this body battery is smart tech that tracks  the exercise you perform during the day  ,looks at your heart rate measurements spo2 and  prior nights sleep data to give you a score  ,that represents how much charge you have for  the new day ahead. the great thing about this  ,is that its not a screen that shows your day in  retrospective, its a live reading and at any time  ,during the day you can see how much charge has  drained and is remaining. what we usually dont  ,see on a full-on sport watch is smart features  such as nfc well with the venu sq you do get  ,garmin pay contactless payments. with garmin pay  is a joy to use register in the garmin connect app  ,tapping the code on the watch face and off you go  tapping away i find this way more convenient than  ,pulling out my bank card when i buy lunch jump on  the tube or pay for any other item under 40 quid.  ,the venu sq in front of us here today does  not have music storage just music controls to  ,control music from your smartphone so it saves  you pulling the smartphone out of your pocket  ,but if you do spend 50 bucks more and get garmin  venue music sq you will get 4gb allocated storage  ,for music. notification management is something  sport watchers are usually not very good at well  ,the venue skew has a surprise its actually very  good at it unlike the budget smart watches and  ,sport watches you get to see a list of your text  and emails in the notification screen these are  ,color coded for different sources the texts dont  disappear once you read them only if you clear  ,the particular message or the full list another  major plus is that you get more rows of the text  ,than the usual three to five rows seen on other  brands. im sure youve heard of dedicated sport  ,and coaching apps from other brands well garmin  being the multi-sports champion offers a much  ,more personalized approach helping you reach your  running goals using garmin coach you choose your  ,running target b to run faster or longer or both  or whatever you actually get to choose your coach  ,there are videos introducing the coach and  their training methodology tons of experience  ,qualifications and a practice routine in place  join the program and enjoy the downloadable  ,structured workout support with garmin coach! so  you also get female health tracking you also get  ,access to one of the most complete wearable  ecosystems in the world, you get access  ,to garmin connect iq youve got a myriad of watch  faces there, apps, widgets that you can download  ,to your watch. the venu SQ can also connect to  ant+ and bluetooth sensors for your treadmills and  ,gym workouts. just an fyi we have actually done a  full review of the venu sq as it was released in  ,September 2020 so if you do want to check it out  i will leave a link in the description below the  ,video. i hope you did find the video interesting  and useful, if you have please click on the red  ,subscribe button below the video to make sure you  dont miss any of our future content coming out!

Garmin Venu SQ vs Apple Watch SE – Which Is the Better Activity Tracker?

one of these is an apple watch can you,tell which one how about now what about,now,[Music],hey everybody welcome back to my channel,im dave from chase summit and today,were going to compare,two square watches weve got the,relatively new garmin venue sq,along with the apple watch se from a,high level these watches seem so similar,but once you dig into it a little bit,theyre definitely designed for,different people before we dig into this,if you find this video helpful or,entertaining please give me a thumbs up,down below,and consider hitting that subscribe,button so you dont miss more videos,from me in the future as a full,disclosure neither of these watches were,given to me i purchased both with my own,money,so i have no incentive to give them a,good review however if you do decide you,want to pick one of these watches up,please use the links down description as,it does support my channel,okay so i thought id compare these two,watches because theyre so similar,looking,and theyre at a very similar price,point the garmin venue sq music that i,have here retails for 250 dollars,in the apple watch se retails for 279,there is a version of the garmin venue,sq that doesnt have music for just 200,bucks,but i thought having that music feature,was a bit more comparable to the apple,watch and actually in terms of music the,garmin venue sq,does a lot more thats kind of a spoiler,well talk about that in a little bit,garmin took a pretty big departure with,the venue sq,they do offer the venue which is a bit,more expensive than the venue sq,has a few more features and a brighter,amoled screen but the venue sq is kind,of its own unique thing,as you can see here the venus q has a,really vibrant lcd display this is not,oled,but its still really nice and when you,compare the displays between the venue,sq and the apple watch,yes the apple watch does have a much,brighter display but theres nothing,wrong with the venus,q display its still really nice looking,at the hardware of the two watches,theyre,pretty similar looking of course but,they are made of different materials the,apple watch sc,is basically entirely aluminum its got,this aluminum side along with the glass,front and back whereas the garmin venue,sq has glass on the front with an,aluminum bezel,along with uh plastic sides and back,around the back of the device you can,see that the garmin venue sq has,uh garmins proprietary charger its the,same as like a garmin fenix 6 or a,4runner and of course the elevate heart,rate sensor that also has an spo2 sensor,built into it thats a pretty big,advantage because the apple watch se,only has a heart rate sensor no spo2,sensor,unless you step up to the more expensive,apple watch series 6. and it seems like,everyones paying attention to sp02,nowadays where it didnt seem to matter,just a few months ago the garmin venue,sq has quick release bands,you can basically pop these off with,your fingernail theres a whole variety,of colors and types of these available,on amazon,its a pretty generic size its a 20,millimeter quick release strap ill link,some down the description if you want to,go check those out the apple watch se on,the other hand has apples proprietary,band that you can also pop off pretty,easily and there are a ton of these,available from amazon or direct from,apple im not a fan of this style band,in particular,i hate this like press through uh rivet,design where you have to kind of,pop it on through the holes its just,really difficult for me and i find,myself struggling with it a little bit,the garmin venue sq has the standard,watch band with the clasp at the top,and i just prefer this design but thats,just me you know as far as the interface,goes on the apple watch se,uh its apple watch os and this is super,fluid super responsive,and its tightly integrated with the,apple iphone so this is basically not an,option if you have an android phone,which kind of stinks but the great thing,is if you do have an iphone you can,actually find the iphone from your watch,you can,read your emails for instance you can do,all kinds of stuff that are directly,tied to the iphone itself there are so,many smart features built into the apple,watch se that i cant really list them,all in this video its like an,unlimited amount you can download an app,for basically everything you can view,your photos in the emails and text,messages you can actually take calls,from the device itself and talk on your,wrist it does all kinds of things and,thats really the standout feature of,the apple watch sc when you look at the,garmin venue sq its a much simpler,interface but its still really,uh responsive and fluid this is,basically the same interface you get on,basically every garmin watch like a,phoenix model or,4runner but they prettied it up a little,bit to be featured on a color touch,display,like this the watch face on the garment,venue sq can be fully customized to show,you all kinds of data right now i have,it set up to have my battery life,my steps for the day the date and the,sunset and out of the box you get a,bunch of widgets pre-installed by,default youve got a widget for my day,thats like a summary of your steps and,calories burned for the day you have,your health stats like your heart rate,stress body battery and respiration rate,youve got your activity history for all,of your previous runs and rides,youve got your current heart rate with,your max and min youve got your body,battery which is like a,way of measuring how much energy you,have remaining in your day youve got,your hydration widget that lets you log,how much water youve been drinking for,the day youve got a calendar widget,that integrates with google or ios to,show you whats going on for the rest of,your day of course youve got your,weather widget which is actually really,nice looking on the venue sq because of,that color touch display this also gives,you a forecast for the day by hour and,also for the following days youve got,your notifications widget which shows,you your notifications from your phone,like text messages or facebook comments,and then youve got the music widget and,this can be used to control the music on,your phone,from spotify or from other platforms,that are supported by garmin now the,thing about the apple watch sc is you,cant actually use,offline music unless you use the apple,music service so if you use like spotify,for instance you cant store spotify,music on the apple watch sc to play it,without,your phone you can control your phone,from the apple watch sc,but you cant actually store any music,on the device itself,and thats where the garmin venue sq,comes in it can store spotify music,without needing your phone thats pretty,cool but if you are an apple music,subscriber,the apple watch se is really seamless,with that service another big difference,between these devices is actually,tracking activities so garmin is pretty,straightforward with this where apple is,a little bit fog,heres a list of activities i can do,between the two devices im not going to,read all of them,but theres enough here to cover all,your bases between running biking,yoga whatever the thing is the,activities are a lot more customizable,on the garmin,you can actually go through and choose,what you want to see on each data page,and theres a lot more to choose from,you can,customize the activities on the apple,watch se as well but you actually have,to do it from your phone you cant do it,from the watch itself,and the list of data fields is actually,pretty limited something to keep in mind,though is if you dont love the activity,tracker thats built into the apple,watch sc with apple health,you can actually download third-party,applications like,work outdoors this is actually my,favorite app on the apple watch sc to,track activities this app actually,solves all the problems i have with the,apple watch se in terms of being an,activity tracker in work outdoors,theres a whole bunch of activities to,choose from,and theres also a way to customize e

Garmin Venu SQ | Full Review | What I like, and what I don’t.

hey whats going on everyone my name is,donovan and in todays video i want to,talk about the garmin venue sq,ive been using it for about four weeks,now so i think im pretty ready to share,with you my full review of this watch,and uh,basically what i want to tell you in,this video is what i like what i dislike,and some of the things that im a little,more neutral on,with this watch after using it for the,past four weeks,[Applause],[Music],so first thing i want to mention is the,price so one nice thing,about the garmin venue sq is it is one,of,garmins more budget-friendly offering,so when i say budget friendly it comes,in,at 200 for the non-music version you can,see i do have the music version i paid,250 for this one,um and honestly its its not a great,price but its also not a bad price for,all the features that you get in this,watch so,um i do like the price so thats the,first thing i do like that garmins,offering a nice budget friendly watch,unlike some of their more expensive,offerings out there,all right so thats number one number,two is really important to me and that,is the accuracy of the heart rate sensor,and the gps on the watch and i found the,both of those to be phenomenal,ive been using it next to my apple,watch on my left wrist and,the garmin venue sq on my right wrist,and pretty much every day,its been spot on and in addition to,that so i should mention here that i am,pretty much a runner i might really do,any cycling or any other kind of,physical activity or at least much of,any of those other things but,ive found that its very accurate it,also does a great job,of giving you a lot of different metrics,here so,you can see we have our average pace for,the run the speed the time,the heart rate and uh this was just the,workout i did today,go in here we could break down all the,different laps it does have the ability,to do,laps which is really nice so when youre,in a workout so if i go here,go into a run were just going to,pretend that were ready,and i can hit this button right here and,this is my lap button and this is my,stop button so,really great the vibration you could,probably hear that in the motor the,vibration motor is pretty strong,so no issues with that at all and were,going to go ahead and end that one,discard it,now i will talk about something i,dislike about that which,i just showed but well get to that in,just a little bit because were not,talking about what we dislike,quite yet but accuracy of the gps and,the heart rate for me has been,absolutely spot on with my apple watch,and ive also compared it up to some of,my other watches,its been great i do wear my watches,very tight so you can see that,it even makes an indent you can see,obviously where uh,watches a lot because i got that little,tan line there,um so i do wear them very tight and as a,result thats what i found,in order to get the heart rate to be,accurate for me i mean you can see right,in here these were i did a four by one,mile on one mile,off so this would be the mile on mile,off my lawn,mile off i actually had to stop and go,the bathroom and then mile on mile off,mylon,and you can see that it tracks the heart,rate you can see as its as im getting,uh,further into the workout that my heart,rate is kind of spiking and thats,exactly what youd expect same thing,over here with the pace,you can see my mile on apparently didnt,pace that one out very well,um then mile off mile on and mile off,my line so anyways lots of good,information,that you get as a runner obviously,youre not going to get,all of the fitness features that you,would get on some other,garmin watches so some of the more,expensive watches you dont get some of,the things that you get with those,watches for instance,i dont get my training effect so it,doesnt tell me if im over training,under training things like that you do,get your vo2 max,so if i go in here well go,over here and you can see in the,performance stats thats where it would,tell your training status so,here youll probably see that its not,going to tell me anything because this,is the watch ive been using whereas,if i were using my garmin 400 245 music,slightly more expensive i believe this,ones like 100,more uh maybe 200 more something like,150,more im not really sure but that one,would actually tell me my training,status it would let me know if im,you know working too hard i would also,get a training load letting me know if,im,where im at in terms of my training,schedule,here you see that there is no status but,it does however have vo2 max so you can,see it does continue to track my vo2 max,over uh the last i dont know how many,i think ive been using it like i said,for about a month um and before that i,was using the 4runner,45 and also the 245 kind of off and on,there,but if we go in here to my vo2 max,youll see that that does,track uh with the,uh what is this called the venue sq yes,the venue,sq um so that is the second thing the,accuracy has been phenomenal,the third thing i really like is the,fact that i can,because i have the music version i am,able to put podcasts on here also music,so while im out running,ive had no issues ive been primarily,using them,with a couple different pairs of true,wireless earbuds so ive been using them,with a pair of amaze fit power buds,fantastic true wireless earbuds by the,way and,whats the other one ive been using,them with oh the mpow m30s these are a,little bit more budget friendly but ive,been using with those,as well no issues with the bluetooth,connection so thats really nice and,like i said i can listen to podcasts i,can also listen to music,that ive downloaded and it does have,wi-fi it does have bluetooth,but its going to download that on wi-fi,so nice it has that included,so thats great so those are the things,i like now i want to go ahead and talk,about the things i dislike and the first,thing i want to talk about,is this watch actually caused me to make,a second purchase so let me just show,you real quick were going to go into,uh were going to go into just the main,screen so ive got to get out of here,get out of here and were going to go,into some health stats so you can see,you do get your body battery,and so its going to let you know you,know whether youre ready for,another run typically you want your body,battery to be kind of high so that,youre ready for a workout,you can see thats where i did my,workout so obviously the body battery,dropped quite a bit,well go over here and you can see like,you want to get it to 100 so that youre,starting the day refreshed,um so thats really nice to have we have,our stress levels and theres been a,couple times where i was a little bit,stressed over the last four weeks and it,kind of,it indicated that on the watch thats,nice to see i get your intensity minutes,your stops your calories kind of typical,things there,sleep and ive been sleeping a lot over,the last four weeks,so thats been great lets see lets go,ahead and take a look at my seven day,so average of nine hours and 19 minutes,of sleep ive been doing phenomenal with,that,great job for me but pulsox thats the,one that,this watch actually caused me to go get,um,another purchase and the reason why i,say that is because my pulse ox on this,watch has pretty much always been,pretty low so if you watch the news uh,when,president trump got uh kovit he was,below 94 and they actually put him on,oxygen so like i was looking at this,thinking oh my gosh,my oxygen level is kind of low,if someone who has covet is usually,under 95. so i actually went and bought,this other one just to kind of check and,make sure this is a,you know an actual pulse oximeter um,you know not wrist based here and you,can see obviously,this is always showing like 92-93,sometimes as low as like 90,and then i got this and its like oh,good like,im not feeling out of breath so why,dont why is my pulse ox always so low,so,i i definitely dont trust the pulse ox,on this watch,um so if you get it and youre you see,your pulse ox being low,i wouldnt wor

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