1. I REGRET using Pay with GasBuddy card…
  2. Pay with GasBuddy Review (2022) – How Does it Work? Is it Worth It?
  3. GasBuddy Review 2022: Does This App Deliver on Cheaper Gas?
  4. Don’t Do What I Did With GAS BUDDY! // Adventures of Miss Peach
  5. Uber Lyft Gas Savings – GetUpside vs GasBuddy
  6. How To Use GasBuddy
  7. GasBuddy GASBACK Rewards Debit Card Review // Save up to 40¢ per gallon!

I REGRET using Pay with GasBuddy card…

pay with gas buddy is a card that links,to your external bank account you use it,to pay at the pump for gasoline and then,you get a discount for using the card,its accepted at most gas stations the,exceptions are the discount gas stations,including costco sams club and walmart,anywhere its accepted youre guaranteed,to get at least a two cent per gallon,discount but if you activate bonuses in,the app youll get a discount of up to,25 cents per gallon so heres what the,process is like to get the card you go,into the gas buddy app and you order the,card and then you have to link it with,your external bank account this is going,to involve doing some test deposits to,make sure the bank account belongs to,you then you wait for your card to come,in the mail it takes about a week when,it comes you can activate your card and,then youre gonna set a driver id which,is just a pin for your card after i got,my pay with gas buddy card set up i,tried to use it the same day and it was,declined at two different gas stations i,wasnt sure what the problem was so i,sent a message to gasbuddy customer,service and i got an automated response,that just gave me the instructions on,how to use the card i knew how to use,the card it was just getting declined i,was ready to give up on this but because,i wanted to do a review for you guys i,kept going and two days later i tried it,at another gas station and it did work,this time so heres how the process,works to use the card before you buy gas,you should be checking the gas buddy app,to look for any bonuses and then youre,going to activate it for the gas station,near you that has the best deal when you,activate your bonus you get four hours,to complete the transaction when you get,to the station youre going to use your,gas buddy card to pay at the pump if you,get asked if you want to use credit or,debit it is considered a credit card,even though its not actually a credit,card and then its going to ask you for,your driver id thats the pin you set up,in the app the app is going to show you,a discounted price for the gas that will,not show up on the pump basically what,the card does is it charges your account,the lower discounted amount even though,your receipt is going to show the full,non-discounted price the best deal near,me was a bp station their posted price,was 3.92 cents a gallon the total cost,of my philip was 46 dollars and 22 cents,but gas buddy only charged my account,44.34 cents so overall i saved a dollar,eighty-eight cents which is about four,percent when i realized it was a four,percent savings i realized thats,exactly the same amount i would have,saved if i would have used my costco,city card which gives me four percent,cashback on all gas stations and i could,have done that with no hassle and not,having to carry around another card but,then to make matters worse i checked the,price of gas at costco that same day it,was only,3.58 cents so if i would have gone to,costco to buy gas and even if id used,my debit card i still would have saved a,dollar 38 over going to bp and using the,gas buddy card but if id gone to costco,and also used my costco credit card with,four percent cash back i would have,saved three dollars and 10 cents over,going to bp and using the gas buddy card,so i realized the gas buddy card was,really a pretty bad deal what it comes,down to is if you dont mind using your,credit card its going to be a better,deal than using the gas buddy card the,gas discounts on credit cards are,consistent theyre always going to be,the same and from what i understand the,gas buddy discounts vary a lot based on,the sort of profit that the gas station,is getting from what i hear back in 2021,the discounts were almost non-existent,on gas buddy a credit card can also be,used at any gas station including those,discount gas stations like costco and,sams club and walmart if youre a,costco member the city costco card is,one of the best deals to save on gas if,youre not a costco member the city,custom cash card can be set to five,percent savings on gas so thats a,really good deal too but im not saying,the gas buddy card is wrong for everyone,theres plenty of people out there that,dont want to have a credit card or,dont qualify for one in that case it,might be worth considering the gas buddy,card but even if you dont want a credit,card if you do have the discount gas,stations near you thats still going to,be your better deal costco gas tends to,be about 30 cents cheaper than anywhere,else around if you do want to try pay,with gas buddy i am going to include my,referral link down below and if you use,that it will give you five dollars off,your first purchase with pay with gas,buddy for my family were gonna stick to,buying costco gas with our costco credit,card when possible but when we cant go,to costco were gonna use the app get,upside which will give you cash back,savings on gas as well and get upside,can be used together with any payment,method including a cash back credit card,or even the pay with gas buddy card im,going to release my full review of get,upside soon and when that videos out,ill include the link right here so you,can check out that video next

Pay with GasBuddy Review (2022) – How Does it Work? Is it Worth It?

With gas prices on the rise, are you considering signing up for Pay with GasBuddy and wondering,how the service works?,Well in this video, I’m going to be taking an updated looking at the card, including,my most recent experience.,Hey everyone this is Kyle from [email protected] and on this channel we look at personal finance,from a Millennial perspective,including app and tool reviews like this one.,At the time that I’m recording this video in March 2022, gasoline prices have been surging,in the U.S. Because of this, I figured it was time to revisit Pay with Gasbuddy and,see how it’s changed in the now several years since I reviewed it.,So what does Pay with GasBuddy have to offer these days?,Let’s take a look at a few things to know about the free service.,First, let’s discuss the basic mechanics of how the Pay with GasBuddy card works,If you’re not familiar with GasBuddy, it’s an app that utilizes crowdsourced data to,help you find nearby stations and prices.,As an extension of that, the company introduced their Pay with GasBuddy service, which users,can sign up for in the app or online.,When you do join, you’ll need to link a checking account.,Then, when you use the Pay with GasBuddy card at the pump, your purchases will automatically,be deducted from that checking account, but with discounts applied.,You can view current prices with discounts included as well as which stations don’t,accept Pay with GasBuddy by going to the Find Gas tab in the app.,While Pay with GasBuddy is akin to a debit card, you’ll notice that there’s no Visa,or Mastercard logo as its only good at participating stations and only for gas.,When you find a participating station, you’ll insert your card and enter your Driver ID,code, which is basically a PIN you set.,Although the adjusted price won’t display on the pump or on your physical receipt, you,can check the transaction in the app to view your savings.,By default, you’ll save at least 2¢ per gallon when using your Pay with GasBuddy card,at participating stations.,However, you can view the current discounts in the app along with what they call Deal,Alerts.,With Deal Alerts, you can save up to 25¢ per gallon as a free user.,Note that you will need to activate these Deal Alert offers in order to take advantage.,By the way, you can technically participate in Deal Alerts by submitting an eligible receipt,,but this will be paid out as GasBack, which you’ll need a Pay with GasBuddy card to,redeem.,Speaking of Deal Alerts, I recently had the chance to try this feature out and successfully,found a solid offer,Earlier this week, I decided to give Deal Alerts a try and saw that a nearby Casey’s,had an offer for 25¢ off per gallon.,So, I activated to offer and headed right over.,Sure enough, while my receipt shows a total of $8.54 for my 2.2 gallons, my Pay with GasBuddy,receipt and linked bank account show I only paid $7.98 total.,As noted in the app, this includes the regular 3¢ off offer for this station as well as,the 22¢ per gallon boost as part of the Deal Alert.,Although not every Deal Alert is as high as this one was, it’s encouraging to see that,such top-tier offers really do exist.,Another aspect of Pay with GasBuddy that I haven’t tried out are their gas back offers,Under the Savings tab in the app, you’ll find a number of GasBack offers.,These are somewhat similar to a Rakuten or other shopping portal, allow users to earn,a percentage of their purchase or flat cash back amount when they use a special link to,complete their transaction.,In this case though, your earning will be applied to your balance and can be redeemed,on future gas purchases made using your Pay with GasBuddy card.,Overall, this could be a good idea if you’re looking for a practical use for your online,shopping rebates but I’d personally advise users to compare deal between GasBuddy and,other available options.,Finally, while I only have experience with the free version of Pay with GasBuddy, there,is also a premium offering for a monthly or annual fee,For those seeking more from Pay with GasBuddy, there is also a Premium paid version of the,service that currently costs $9.99 a month of $99 a year paid upfront.,With Premium, users will save a base of 20¢ per gallon on up to 50 gallons per month,,with Premium Deal Alerts going as high as 40¢ per gallon.,Premium also included roadside assistance provided by Allstate on up to 3 events per,year among other benefits, making this a potential option for those who drive and fill up frequently.,Overall, my recent return to Pay with GasBuddy did prove fruitful, although I also saw where,there could be some discrepancies.,Additionally, as many have pointed out, there are considerations to make if a station charges,an extra fee to use cards.,Prior to finding my 25¢ per gallon deal at Casey’s, I had activated a 12¢ deal at,another station.,However, when I refreshed the app, I saw that the deal had fallen to 6¢ instead.,Honestly, I’m not sure which GasBuddy would have honored since I had already activated,the deal, but I’d recommend checking for deals as soon before arriving at the station,as possible to avoid disappointment — while driving safely of course.,Elsewhere, one comment I’ve seen a lot is that the benefits of Pay with GasBuddy are,rendered moot since stations charge a fee to pay with card versus cash.,While that’s likely true for many stations, I have to say that such fees are not common,in my area nor on the road trips I take.,So while it may make sense to pay cash at these types of stations in your area, perhaps,the free Pay with GasBuddy card will make sense for when you travel.,Hopefully this gives you a better idea of how Pay with GasBuddy works in 2022, but for,more on the topic I’ll have a link to my full written review in the description box,down below.,Also if you like this video, please hit the thumbs up button, leave a comment, and be,sure to subscribe because we have new videos every week.,So thanks again for watching and Ill see you next time here on [email protected]

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GasBuddy Review 2022: Does This App Deliver on Cheaper Gas?

hey whats up everybody allison here,with another cashback app review and,tutorial but this time its cash back,for gas gas buddy is one of the most,popular cashback apps for gas out there,and it claims to save its users tons of,money just by using this app at the pump,so were here to put this claim to the,test this review will cover everything,there is to know about gas buddy from,how to download and navigate the app as,well as how to use it in person and to,give a sneak peek for car fanatics or,frequent drivers just in general youre,going to love a ton of features from,this app so stay tuned to see which ones,you would really benefit from we had one,of our writers vianna help us review,this app and later on in this video,youll actually get to see how viana,used this app in real life well also,list gas buddies pros and cons later on,in the video as well as who this app,might be good for or who this app might,not be good for at the end of this video,if you happen to think that gas buddy is,for you then wed appreciate it if you,signed up using our link in the,description below doing so supports our,channel so we can keep creating honest,and in-depth review content just like,this video with that said lets get,started if you want to download gas,buddy weve made the signup link easy to,access at the table of contents below,once you download it youll see that you,can sign up using your apple facebook or,google account or through gas buddy,separately hang on here this isnt,actually to access the app this is for,pay with gas buddies program which,provides you with a card that claims to,save you up to 25 cents per gallon so,this is how it works gas buddy sends you,the card which functions like a typical,bank card and you link it to your debit,card you can then use this card to pay,at the pump not in person at,participating gas stations on the app,youll be able to see which gas stations,near you have offers with gas buddy so,thats pretty convenient once youre at,the gas station you wont be able to see,the discount price at the pump but the,discount will come up in your bank,statements,if you tap get the free card now itll,take you to a screen where you can see,the sign up process to get the card to,get that card theyll need some personal,information from you but lets first,check out the app to see if getting the,card would actually be worth it so yes,you can check out what gasbuddy has to,offer without actually committing to,registering for an account once you,enter the app youll see that there are,five tabs the for you tab the find gas,tab the win tab the savings tab and the,r card tab the for you tab is basically,an overview of what you can do in the,app youll have the option of getting,the pay with gas buddy card and if you,scroll down you have the option to get,gas back like we mentioned previously,gas back is cash back but for gas and if,you tap get gas back itll redirect you,to the savings tab where youll see a,ton of online cash back offers so this,page is where youll need to shop in,order to earn gas back which will then,be applied to your gas buddy card if you,sign up for it note that you do not pay,with your gas buddy card you simply just,have to shop through the gas buddy app,with your regular credit or debit card,in order to earn gas back for your gas,buddy card so as you can see you can get,three percent gas back on expedia up to,ten percent gas back on sams club two,percent gas back at walmart and two,percent gas bag on walgreens,if you tap on one of these offers youll,see more details so for example the two,percent gas back you earn for shopping,at walgreens is only available if you,shop online additionally gas back that,you earn from shopping at walgreens,could be pending up to 60 days in order,to claim your gas back youll need to,shop from the gas buddy app which means,youll need to tap this orange shop now,button to activate that offer now we,must admit that this is pretty cool,weve never seen cashback offers like,this for gas however it is kind of a,bummer because most of these offers are,only available through online shopping,and you have to sign up for the pay with,gas buddy card in order to redeem your,gas bag so for example to earn two,percent in gas back at walgreens youll,need to order something online have it,delivered to your house because the fine,print explicitly says that this offer is,not available for in-store pickup offers,and then afterwards the gas back will,appear in your pay with gas buddy card,moving on to another gas back offer,sams club where you can earn up to 10,percent in gas back this 10 gas back is,only valid if youre signing up for a,new sams club membership but current,members do get two percent gas back,which is still pretty sweet you can also,see different levels of cash back you,would get if you were to shop at sams,club through gas buddy which is pretty,convenient in our opinion another gas,back opportunity is two percent back at,walmart however this is only through,shopping online and again you have to,shop through the gas buddy app by,tapping the orange shop now button,overall theres a lot of cashback,opportunities through the gasbuddy app,and most of them have a high cash back,rate you can also view these offers,through certain categories which is,convenient if youre looking to shop for,something specific at the top of the,savings page you can also search for,offers or check out some of the featured,offers so for example you could earn 75,in gas back after signing up to drive,with uber and completing your first trip,seventy five dollars in gas back is,quite a bit of money however wed argue,that its quite the commitment to drive,with uber for 75 especially if youve,never done it before,back on the for you page if you keep,scrolling down youll see an orange get,started button if you tap that itll,take you to the hour car tab where,youll have the opportunity to join,drives gas buddy drives is a feature,that tracks your driving patterns in,order to give you recommendations on how,you can save fuel according to gas buddy,drives detects whenever you accelerate,or stop using a combination of geo,coordinates and other information that,your phone already uses and if you get a,good driving score then you can use that,information to get a cheaper auto,insurance quote a good driving score,consists of gentle braking slower turns,and other safe driving tactics like that,you can also use this data to keep track,of your mileage so its great if you,need that information for your tax,purposes you can turn this feature on or,off anytime you want you can even delete,a drive whenever you want to now if you,want to take part in this program just,tap join drives and from here youll,have the chance to enable your motion,and location so drives can determine and,understand your driving activity also,under the hour car tab is where you can,find parking opportunities for gas back,rewards to find parking just type in,your current region and select a time,frame for how long you want to park,we think this would be really convenient,if you need to find airport parking,because not only do you get an overview,of the prices but you also get gas back,so for example if you need to find,parking in los angeles from 2 30 pm to 3,30 p.m gas buddy will show you a map,where you can park your car for that,area during that time frame if you tap,on a potential parking spot youll see,the location as well as the price and,the gas back amount that you would earn,if you were to purchase a parking spot,at that location if you tap more details,you can see that this place costs eight,dollars to park for one hour but youd,earn,and forty cents in gas back,here you can also see more information,about the facility as well as your gas,back summary if you were to purchase,this parking spot you would earn five,percent in gas back for your purchase,and a hefty 10 bonus for purchasing,parking through gas buddy for the first,time so without the bonus youd only,earn 40

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Don’t Do What I Did With GAS BUDDY! // Adventures of Miss Peach

[Music],[Applause],hey you guys if you havent already,click to subscribe hit the notification,bell,throw a like on there and add a comment,i would appreciate it thanks so much,all right ive heard this gas buddy app,is really good,um so im going to activate this,gotta activate it first im gonna go on,the app and do that,and then im im not sure why i have to,have this,card attached to my bank account to save,the money it says save up to 25 cents,per gallon because when i use get upside,certain affiliate gas stations,would um you could save like up to nine,cents like one to nine cents,and then it saved that money into their,account then you could transfer that,account like one time i transferred 17,over to my personal account,sorry ive got the blinkers on i just,forgot i needed to get,gas and so i pulled over to check all,right so,as you can see i need to get gas i,pulled up the gas buddy app,and it showed that the marathon near me,was two dollars and 50 cents,which is the lowest ive seen in you,know a week or two,so well see if its really that on the,sign,or if its just that for gas buddy users,i dont know i gotta figure this out,all right so as you can see ive got the,card,i just um had to enter a driver id that,i made up,and then um as soon as you do that you,thats the id that youre gonna use,every time you go to the gas station,you can hit find gas to find the best,deals,this is what i was missing when i did it,this time i didnt realize i had to,activate a deal,but then i did pay the pump with my card,um but i didnt realize i had to press,activate,for a special savings above and beyond,i just had the good deal based off of,what it found,uh on the find gas app,all right so lets see,make sure your miners are on you can get,cash back for certain things,um depending on where you buy things im,still not sure how all this,works but i did want to show you what,was coming up in the app,um to kind of advertise,it is hooked to your account so its,automatically going to take money out of,your account,thats okay so on the app it says 250,i dont know if they meant gas cash,on the app that said 250. im not sure,if they get cash,which is the 246 price for 251,or something to update it,and removed,oh were crying out loud this is what,happens i dont pay attention,dirt right instead of me just paying,attention to video and maybe i need to,pay attention,to the fact that i can get guests here,i need 87 above,all right lets see,[Music],were here tonight,[Music],i guess i need to go on gas betty app,and see what the scoop is,let me see okay this is annoying i was,wondering why it,stopped at 45 even and it was,less than the 19 uh,gallons that i know i at least have i,really have more than that,but anyway um i guess they only allow,you to have 45 dollars,at a time here,i dont know or is that a gas buddy,thing because i dont,im not full plus i got on the app and,realized that had i continued going on,the app,that i would have had activated a,5 cent savings per gallon,but i looked at the app after so dont,do what i did,i just lost a dollar almost,oh live and learn thanks again for,joining adventures with miss peach,live intentionally and be blessed have a,great day bye

Uber Lyft Gas Savings – GetUpside vs GasBuddy

hey how you doing out there today fellow,rides for drivers and geekycon hustlers,today I want to tell you about a really,two really awesome apps that I use and,they save me a lot of gas money and I,know if youre doing ride share your a,lot of you are probably putting gas in,the tank every single day and I add up a,lot so without further ado you know to,them the first ones get up side the next,one is Gas Buddy if youre not already,using them,higher higher the higher you recommend,you do it I will put my referral link of,course in the description of the video,you can check it out there but first of,all check out get up side alright thats,when I first I started used that almost,two months ago fellow driver told me,about it over at the Richmond Airport,keel and what I was able to do is start,seeing gas right away and I was able to,buy this fine piece of equipment right,here when I redeemed a Amazon gift card,what you dont have to redeem an Amazon,gift card theres lots of ways to do it,but if you do Im not gonna go into,detail about this a portable vacuum,right here thats a really good vacuum,was only thirty bucks,but if you want to learn more about this,I will put a link in the video,description also at the end of this,video you will find a link right up here,in your screen,thats called an info card you could tap,at it in the video and itll bring you,right to that but the get up side app,alright the way it works is you download,it you go to my link in the description,youre done to this video you download,it signup and at the pump its super,easy you go on there and the app and you,find a nearby gas station of course you,want to go to the cheapest gas station,the ones they have on there arent,always the cheapest but a lot of times,theyre typically I mean I see some,where it only saved three cents a gallon,at the pump but more often than not,theyre anywhere from 9 to 15 cents a,gallon at the pump,of course my referral link youre gonna,get an additional 15 cents off per,gallon in your first years on top of the,other savings theyre already getting at,the pump first time I use it I saved 25,cents per gallon okay and now Ive,earned by 84 bucks so I have you know I,already redeemed xxx so I have 54 on,there right now but I could,I could either have them send it to any,of the gift cards on there I could have,them mail me a check in the mail or I,could have them sent it right to my,PayPal account so you have three ways to,cash out on that and its I dont know,why you wouldnt use it and you can,combine it with your other feel rewards,theyre already doing at the pump for,instance I go to a 7-eleven close to the,airport and theres additional savings,in there I go in there and it says oh I,could get an extra 20% off in the store,for in-store purchases so Ill check the,box on that Ill claim the usually its,11 12 cents a gallon typically and then,Ill go out the pump put in my phone,number four you know its my alternate,ID that gives me five cents at the pump,they prorate it you know if youre using,another car on both apps if youre using,another like a rewards program theyll,take three cents off the gas but either,take off three and a half cents but,youre still getting extra savings still,another two cents at the pump,immediately and then later you know all,you have to do is take a picture of your,receipt when youre done and you got,like three to five hours or whatever to,do it because like three hours so,theres no rush and that idea is going,side use my 7-eleven app to get stuff or,and other free stuff and then I upload,that receipt as well very simple first,time you do it it is a few more steps on,it because they want to train you how to,use it but after that its super easy,with the Gas Buddy app I started using,that more recently a little different,you they will send you a card in the,mail that you link to your checking,account so you could pay right at the,pump immediately you get the savings,right away that is fine but you also you,know that you dont also have to get it,that way you can also get your savings,by uploading a photo of the receipt as,well all right so Gas Buddy and get up,side you could do the receipt and Ill,see if that so with Gas Buddy its a,little different theres a lot of like,you could enter a contest you know you,earn points so they incentivize you,going and reporting gas prices around,your city not all the ones reporting,there,gas stations that you will have savings,but Ill let you know on there if thats,one that you could have claimed savings,at the pump but you will get points for,reporting other gas prices and then you,could submit a several times a day until,drawing random drawings they do every,day,to earn free gas on top of your savings,so that is it again rather than this,video go and click the link to see about,the vacuum and you could get a free like,I did by using this app make sure you,download all right and remember of,course like I always like to say drive,harder Id really mess it up drive,smarter not harder and you have a good,weekend take care

How To Use GasBuddy

whats up youtube im back with another,video today i will be talking about a,video,ive been wanting to make for a really,long time its a company called gas,buddy,ive been using it for a few days now um,and today,i actually um pumped at the gas and,saved some money,and i was super impressed at how easy,it is to use it gas buddy is a tech,company,uh founded in boston,the app provides you with real-time fuel,updates on,140 000 gas stations across the country,not only in the united states but in,canada and australia,um they claim to save an average of,about 340,per year and uh the savings vary from,seven cents a gallon up to 25 and even,more cents a gallon depending on your,membership but the majority of it is,free,or the majority of the accounts are free,the one that i have is free,i as you guys know im a delivery driver,with grubhub,which i do as a side job and so for me,it made sense to sign up right,[Music],i was looking at the site and they,talked about,the um the basic requirements to become,a member,are you know being 18 years of age or,older,have a valid license and a checking,account a personal checking account,right so if you have a personal checking,account which they partnered up with,i think its 700 banks if i remember,correctly,um i mean it,really is super simple signing up you,know you um,you register with them you know they,send you,um you know the information that youre,gonna need,your link your bank account information,and then,um you set up a driver id number which,is a four digit pin,right um once you get the,card in the mail what you do is you,log back onto the app you click activate,and then its going to ask you for um,for the actual um,account information or account number,and your um i think its your driver id,see if i can pull mine out without,showing you guys my information so,anyway super easy to sign up you bet you,put your basic information in this,is what the card that you receive in the,mail is going to look like,right so once you receive the card and,once you have it activated you go back,to the app,you find the um the gas station that you,want,and then you um start saving money so,what you do is you,as you guys will see in the next video,um,you swipe your card like you would a,debit card and,it wont show you the savings on the,receipt,but a couple of days later wanted threes,what gas buddy,um claims uh dont charge your bank,account,now if you want additional,anywhere from five to twenty dollar,credit on your account when you sign up,you have to use my code right my code is,wgs x,44 d w,g s x 44 d,youre only gonna get this if you use,this code,im gonna comment it down in the,description,so that you guys can use it even if you,know youre doing it at a later date,um what i really like about this company,in addition obviously to save the money,is that its,super easy to use anyway enough of my,rambling my code is wgs,x44d heres how easy it is to use it,were gonna use uh,gas buddy lets do it,so first thing we want to do is we want,to pull out,the gas buddy card if i can just find it,okay so now that we have the card,insert card so what are we gonna do,were gonna,insert the card just like that one,moment,you can enter in your driver id,all right,there you go so remove nozzle and push,button,below so now you want to get your,selection of gases,im going to go with regular so thats,activated,you go ahead and start filling up,there you go and it is,really as simple as that,once you register with your account,you know you want to make sure that you,have your outdate your updated,address and what ends up happening is,they mail it to you,once you receive it you activate your,card,on the app and you select um,your id number so its basically similar,to a pin and a debit card,once you have that all set up um,youre all youre all good to go you uh,youre able to use the app to find the,nearest location the nearest,one that works for you it lets you know,the prices,and then you trade it really as a debit,card,and whats going to happen is theres,itll show,on the receipt a full price but its,important to remember that,afterwards youll get a transaction on,your bank account,with a discounted amount and you should,see it also on the gas buddy app,simple as that nothing else for you to,do,but save money it takes a couple of days,depending on your bank to show up,on there but as you can see im pumping,guests,just as i was i would with my debit card,uh the only thing is that of course you,dont have the,pay to uh or tap to pay function but,um everything else stays the same,um if you guys have any other tips or,maybe people that are more advanced this,is actually my first time using it,but if you have any other tips please,comment down below,to help people out,i hope you guys find this useful and,well see you with the next video

GasBuddy GASBACK Rewards Debit Card Review // Save up to 40¢ per gallon!

technically todays card is not a debit,card but it does link up to a debit card,and also has cash back or should i say,gas back its called the pay with gas,buddy car and i got it not just because,i want to review it but because i drive,more than 100 miles on a normal workday,thats way too much gas that i have to,purchase so im up to save money any way,that i can and in this inflation-fueled,economy fueled i want to share ways that,you can save some cash for other,budgetary necessities like groceries and,chocolate milk gas buddy card coming up,[Music],hello there im caleb if this is your,first time here and you want to learn,more about tips and tricks for saving,money then start now by hitting the,subscribe button so you dont miss out,on anything and hit the like button for,hazelnut coffee people who are familiar,with driving are probably familiar with,gas buddy an app that uses the power of,a network of drivers and puts them to,work reporting fuel prices at gas,stations across the country maybe across,the world i dont actually know its a,great app because you can easily look at,your area and find the cheapest fuel,prices well they stepped it up a notch,with a pay with gas buddy card its not,actually a debit card but it operates,the same way when you sign up you,actually connect it to your checking,account and then when you hit the gas,station hit the gas station sounds like,youre robbing them then when you go to,the gas station all you have to do is,swipe your gas buddy card and fill up,later you get an email with a statement,showing how much gas you got how much it,cost and how much you saved using the,gas body card then about two to four,days later the funds are withdrawn from,your checking account speaking of,savings that the whole point of using,this card is for the savings itll,provide there are two major memberships,offered through guest buddy one is free,another one is paid well look at the,free one first the free membership,provides a discount of up to 25 cents,per gallon depending on the gas station,in my case i filled up the other night,using the gas buddy card and saved 15,cents per gallon that was before i,upgraded to the paid membership and that,discount is on top of the three cent per,gallon discount that i normally get at,speedway gas buddy also has deal alerts,within their app when you open it up and,look at a map you can see all the nearby,gas stations that offer a deal on their,fuel as an example theres a marathon,near me thats showing a 10 cent per,gallon discount when you use the gas,buddy card the only caveat is that you,have to activate the deal and the app,before you go to the gas station and it,has to be used within four hours of,activating the deal in the app now when,it comes to the premium subscription let,me lay that out for you the premium,membership costs 9.99 per month and,itll get you all the way up to 40 cents,off per gallon with deal alerts the nice,thing is youll at a minimum receive 20,cents off per gallon for the first 50,gallons that you pump during the month,which will straight up cover your,membership because 50 gallons times 20,cents per gallon equals ten dollars,after the first 50 gallons youll earn,at least five cents off per gallon but,it comes with one extra benefit roadside,assistance now you can get roadside,assistance with almost anything nowadays,it used to be only aaa but now you can,get it with gas buddy your insurance a,tire purchase i got roadside assistance,with the purchase of a taco the other,day thats a lie but seriously triple a,isnt the only place to get the service,nowadays and this service is nice,because the savings on the fuel,literally pays for the membership itself,heres the thing unless you plan to get,it for the purpose of roadside,assistance this membership really is,only good for people who drive a lot,like me ill probably put 75 gallons in,my car this month thats a minimum total,discount of 10 on the first 50 gallons,of fuel and then at least a dollar 25 on,the next 25 gallons thats if you arent,going to gas stations that are offering,deals well if you arent driving enough,to use 50 gallons in a month then maybe,it doesnt make as much sense its,definitely worth considering though now,before we get into the last few details,about this card we got to thank our,sponsor tires i put 83 000 miles on my,60 000 mile tires so i just got them,replaced and whoo check out that tread,beautiful and the nice thing is new,tires should help with fuel economy so i,dont have to fill up as much so the,question is where is the pay with gas,buddy card accepted and the answer is,almost everywhere like 95 of gas,stations in the united,it it will be for me it already paid for,itself this month anything we can do to,save some money in this inflation-driven,economy is a plus i just did a video on,inflation where i showed that in the,united states fuel prices are up an,average of more than a dollar per gallon,now over last year so is the paid,membership worth it for you no idea,depends on how much you drive and if you,need roadside assistance the free,version is for sure worth it at a,minimum so tell me down below what,youre doing to save money on gas right,now id love to hear from you because i,will take any tips that i can get and,hit the like button because thats the,best way to let me know that you found,this video helpful oh and hit the,subscribe button and notification bell,and remember money doesnt have to be,confusing you can control if youd like,to see more ways to save money on,everyday expenses check out this video,right here and if youd like to see a,playlist all about rewards debit cards,then check out this playlist down here

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