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Bill Gates: The Last Day At Microsoft | Engadget

it is a day the industry never thought,would come join us all day as we report,on Bill Gates last full day at Microsoft,its been in the planning for the past,two years so still be active as chairman,its hard to believe its really here,yeah I think bills ready for his last,day,hes worked pretty hard saved a little,bit he is comes completely focus,I mean feels been going all out for more,than 30 years so not having a completely,full schedule every day has been a,little interesting never doubt the magic,of software thats right this is Jamaica,you know after all these years hes,finally taking work-life balance,seriously hes even got a personal,trainer all right thats good running,around the 70s,I have no sugar bro thats good for the,set menu and let it go you want to keep,going,well my am I ready to take my shirt off,not yet,give yourself come on my lean a little,forward staying hot a cha to the sky,yeah Mills always been a bit of a ham,but more importantly its the creative,risk you take that really set him apart,Big Pimpin Im Billy,big hitman and you know Sydney got it,kill big Billy JP hey let me let me get,one thing straight with you you can,retire and then unretire exactly got,keep him guessing thanks Jay that was,great,not so much,somebody got telling horrible,mistaken hello bill,youre a little busy here,dude wasnt that the craziest riff you,ever heard,[Applause],we talked about this before,or all positions are filled,I know but I cant just replace edge,because you got a high score on,our heroes Oh,Bills always had a passion for music,and as long as its not my music Im,fine with that,Bills always been a big fan of movies,but hes probably gone a bit too far,with this whole audition reel thing,were you expecting Superman,well what money cant buy,yeah I just want yeah look we all know,its all about casting anyway right I,know Stephen I cant its just I cant,play Bill Gates its up its just not,something Im good at,I want you Russell crowded pass on it,hey I was thinking though the last time,I was on the show I I thought it was,really successful,yeah no youre great on the show man,love it was hello you know you kind of,run off at the end like,[Music],we share those fun thats you know maybe,we can make it sort of a regular thing,like you mean that the news a co-anchor,kind of a situation its thats great,idea I got to tell you its a its a,great idea its the only thing is Im on,my jet right now and they Im worried,the phone will they have to turn it off,or it will throw off the navigations,here this for me its a pretty strange,coincidence that his transition date is,right in the middle of the 2008,presidential I know youre super busy,but I Im sure youre starting to think,about who would be your best running,mate,no I know I havent actually running,Im not sure politics is really for you,hey its bill Bill Shatner of Star Trek,now the other way Bill Clinton oh hey,Bill no its not an inconvenient time,yeah I get it that was a good one of,course well miss him in the daily,brainstorming meetings hes always been,an innovator really inspiring all of us,to think creatively about the future and,well be the first to give credit where,credit is due,oh absolutely Microsoft Bob his idea all,like I said weve been planning for this,but hes still bill and well miss,seeing him in the hallway every day hey,buddy,see you tomorrow at the board meeting,and all tech markets remain steady as,Bill Gates completed his historic last,full day at Microsoft personal note all,of us here at NBC News will miss,reporting every night on this brilliant,powerful lets face it sexy and,good-looking leader of just doesnt,believe in paying more than $7 for a,haircut Im Brian Williams in New York,you

How Microsoft KILLS its Competition Silently?: Business Strategy Case Study

On 18th of May in 1998, the US Department of Justice and the Attorney Generals of 20,US states sued Microsoft for being a monopoly and illegally killing its competition in the,computer market.,And what followed next was one of the most historic cases in tech history, which lasted,for two decades.,And fast forward to 23 years later, even today, Microsoft is still killing its competition,right in front of our eyes, and this could result into yet another historic lawsuit.,The question is, how did Microsoft kill its competition?,What exactly was their business strategy that turned Microsoft into such a powerful company?,And most importantly, what are the lessons that we need to learn from this iconic case,study.,This video is brought to you by Scalar Academy.,But more on this at the end of the,video.,The Justice Department has charged Microsoft with engaging in anti-competitive and exclusionary,practices designed to maintain its monopoly.,Microsoft in secret basically finished up 95 and released it; and then provided no,documentation.,Forcing Microsoft to include Netscapes competing software and our operating system is like,requiring Coca Cola to include three cans of Pepsi in every six pack it sells.,Do you agree that Internet Explorer is defined here correctly as Microsofts web browser?,This is a story that dates back to 1994 America, when the computer revolution was just catching,fire.,This was a time when multinational corporates had accepted that computer was a powerful,tool.,And they already started having hundreds of computers in the offices, which was being,used by the employees.,And these computers had already skyrocketed the productivity of these companies.,So practically, computer has already become an integral part of the American business,ecosystem.,And long story short, here are the most important events that happened in the computer revolution,of America.,On 12th of August 1981, IBM introduced its personal computer with Microsofts 16 bit,operating system, which was MS DOS 1.0, and this made Microsoft a tonne of revenue through,licencing.,By 1985, Microsoft was already clocking in a revenue of 140 million dollars.,Then on 13th Of March 1986, Microsoft Stock goes public breaking all records and turn,Bill Gates into the youngest billionaire ever, by 1987.,Then in August 1989, Microsoft introduces the earliest version of Office suit applications,,which then became the industry standard for businesses all across America.,Followed by that, in May 1990, Microsoft launched windows 3.0, which was a big leap into graphical,user interface.,And this is what made computers accessible to the common man, which was back then used,only by the techies through code.,And as soon as this happened, the usage of computers exploded in the United States of,America.,And this is what made Microsoft the most powerful and the most dominating force in the computer,world, with Windows 3.0, selling at the rate of 1 million copies per month in 1993.,And nearly 90% of all PCs in the world ran on Microsoft operating system.,And this is when another dimension of the computer industry opened up and that was the,internet.,Therefore, in the early 1990s, we saw the rise of internet browser market.,And one of the most revolutionary browsers at that time was a browser called Netscape,Navigator, which was launched in 1994.,Netscape at that time was loaded with features which were far ahead of its competition, they,had the future of documents streaming, which allowed users to view the documents while,it was being downloaded.,They have the feature of multiple downloads simultaneously.,And they also supported JPEG image format.,And this product was so revolutionary that even with a $49 subscription cost, they were,able to capture up to 80% of the browser market share.,Now the point to be noted over here is that, just like today, without the internet, your,computer is mostly useless.,Back then in 1995, people started using computer just to use web browsers to connect to the,internet.,And the operating system was just a bridge that connected the users to the web browsers.,So practically, browsers were becoming more important than the operating system itself.,And building upon this phenomenal success.,Netscape went public on December 5th, 1995.,And within a day, the company had hit a market cap of $2.2 billion.,And just when they thought of becoming another legendary internet company, something happened,in the exact same year that marked the beginning of Netscapes wall and within the next six,years, the same billion dollar company was almost reduced to nothing.,The question is, how is it even possible that such a big and innovative company went down,so quickly?,Well, the answer to this question lies in an accurate phrase coming from the Department,of Justice itself, which summarises how Microsoft kills its competition.,And it says, embrace, extend and exterminate.,To tell you about it.,In 1994, Microsoft realised that they were too late to the internet boom, and the browsers,are becoming more important than the operating system.,So in August 1995, when Microsoft launched windows 95, they also included their own web,browser called the Internet Explorer, and they made it the default browser for every,PC sold.,So when you start your computer, you could see the Internet Explorer right on your home,screen.,On top of that, Microsoft directly attack the most important features of Netscape by,launching something called ActiveX controls.,And this update made it impossible to easily download files on the internet, especially,the Microsoft Office files.,And this was a direct attack on Netscape prime features.,And because 90% of the computers used MS Office, it became more and more difficult for them,to use Netscape and other browsers.,And then, Microsoft also removed the Internet Explorer from the add and remove tab, because,of which neither the consumers nor the manufacturers could delete the Internet Explorer from the,computers, and cherry on the cake, they made it available for free of cost.,So this is how they first embraced the concept of internet browsers.,Then they extended their products with features that do not support the competing products.,And lastly, Microsoft used their dominance over the platform to promote their own product,over its competition, eventually, to exterminate the need to use rival products.,And not so surprisingly, this led to the downfall of Netscape Navigator.,And by 2000, Internet Explorer had 95% market share, making it the most dominating web browser,in the market.,And this is how Microsoft established an industry standard, which meant that if you wanted to,make a living from software development, you had to make sure that your product worked,in Internet Explorer.,But if Microsoft things were making a lot of money, maybe the story could be over for,you.,Similarly, Microsofts instant messaging platform, MSN Messenger, also tried to kill one of the,most popular instant messaging platforms during that time, that was AIM, which was made by,a company called America Online.,And the way they did that was that the first embrace the concept of instant messaging by,launching MSN Messenger.,And this was obviously installed in your PC by default.,And then they extended the standard with proprietary Microsoft add ons, which added new features,,but broke the compatibility with AOL software.,And then they gained dominance by providing MSN Messenger for free.,And now the same thing is happening with zoom.,And this is the reason why I asked you yesterday, how many of you installed Microsoft Teams,deliberately?,Or did it just get installed in your PC with the updates, and as usual, most of you said,that it automatically got installed with the updates, and the rest of you either did not,use teams, or youre using a Mac.,Now, heres the catch, guys.,Microsoft Teams has seen an exponential growth since 2020 by 456%, and I couldnt find zooms,monthly active users since the last April 20

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How Does Microsoft Make Money? (Not Bill Gates’s Microsoft Anymore)

[Music],we are now,20 years since bill gates stepped down,as ceo of microsoft,when he stepped down microsoft was a,much simpler company,making nearly 50 of its revenue or 10,billion,from microsoft office at the time the,office package included,clipit the cartoon paperclip powerpoint,and excel,the other part of the company was the,ubiquitous windows operating system,that made over nine billion that was it,the xbox had not yet even been released,fast forward to 2020 and things have,changed,its new ceo satya nadella describes,microsoft as,so microsoft in that sense is a much,more diversified,portfolio with linkages between them,thats i think,how were going to keep going bill gates,still has a voice in microsoft but his,role is severely diminished,well usually when you get a weekend mail,from bill you kind of wait and see,whether do i really want to open it now,or um,and i opened it and you know ive been,working with bill for a long time and it,started by saying,wow ive never seen those words from him,and never heard those words and he was,really thrilled,to see us make progress of course he had,a long list of other things we need to,be working on as well,however what is consistent is,microsofts success and under nadella,it has greatly increased its value,making nearly 53 billion in pre-tax,profit in 2020,up from 11 billion in 2000 in late,2020 microsoft fights with other tech,titans including amazon and apple for,supremacy,however unlike these two giants,microsoft is in so many different,businesses that many may not know what,it does anymore,this video will go through how microsoft,makes money today,welcome to the market is open please hit,the like button at any time during the,video if you,are enjoying our content we make,financial documentary and educational,videos such as this,one also check out our second channel,tmio,tesla,satya nadella mentioned that microsoft,is now a digital conglomerate with a,diverse,set of businesses that are seemingly,linked together,so what are these businesses lets start,with the most familiar,microsoft office office has continued to,grow,and it now has over 1.2 billion users,and it made over 35 billion of revenue,in 2020.,surprisingly it is still microsofts,biggest segment in terms of revenue,however in 2000 office was 46,of revenue while in 2020 it is only 25,microsoft has continued to improve the,software over the years,adding new applications like onenote,which makes it easier to take notes for,students and onedrive,which helps store files on the internet,it also launched teams in 2017,which is an application for business,employees to communicate more easily,the idea is that group emails can get,messy so this is a way to have organized,messages among employees,teams has had incredible growth and in,april 2020 microsoft announced that it,had more than 75 million,active users which surpassed many rivals,teams also has advanced video calling,features such as allowing up to 1 000,people,in a call at a time so it also competes,with zoom,unfortunately it is only available for,businesses,another difference is that microsoft,office now makes 80,of its revenue from a yearly,subscription fee compared to 0,in 2000 this subscription model has been,lucrative and revenue has grown,dramatically,but office is not microsofts only,productivity software,it also has microsoft dynamics which is,designed to help businesses grow,the goal of dynamics and products like,dynamics are to increase business,efficiency in two main ways,the first is with customer relationship,management software or crm,lets explain what a crm is customer,relationship management software was,originally built to help a company sales,people,better interact with customers such as,tracking customer contact information,tracking price quotes and invoices but,crm has evolved from this basic idea,and now has more features that include,chat bots which handle customer concerns,and other services including marketing,products where software identifies when,is the best time to contact clients by,email to increase sales so essentially,crm is software,that helps increase a businesss,relationship with its customer,the other way dynamics makes revenue is,through erp software,erp stands for enterprise resource,planning and this type of software is,generally used by a companys financial,analysts and operational teams,for example analysts can record and,analyze accounting entries and then view,financials,also they can better analyze inventory,to improve efficiency and costs,dynamics is growing rapidly and it now,has over 3 billion in revenue but it is,not nearly as big as the leaders in the,industry,in crm the leader is salesforce and an,erp,the leader is the mighty german company,sap however dynamics,should not be overlooked because,microsoft has ways to bundle dynamics,with its other products,as we saw with a recent onboarding of,coca-cola,also dynamics links well with another,microsoft platform that helps businesses,connect with customers,linkedin linkedin is microsofts biggest,acquisition,ever and it was acquired in 2016 for,over 26 billion,it has grown substantially since it was,acquired and now makes over 8 billion in,revenue,up from 3 billion pre-acquisition,linkedin is a rare tech company,it is large profitable and for some,reason it does not have any competitors,linkedin makes money in several ways,including charging a company to post,jobs,offering advertising services and many,users actually pay for,premium services premium services can,help users find jobs more quickly,both linkedin and dynamics link well,together but what people are most,excited about in late 2020,is a different product microsofts cloud,platform called azure,but be careful microsoft cloud,aficionados will get upset,unless you call it azure and this,segment has a lot of fans,this is because azure is growing rapidly,in 2020 it had 20 billion of revenue up,from essentially nothing,in 2015. its growth is so rapid that,microsoft is catching up with amazon web,services,who is the leader in the cloud space,azure now has 18,market share compared to 33 of amazon,which perhaps may not sound close,but azure had only nine percent in 2016,compared to 50 percent of amazon,with its success such an adela has made,bold claims about the future,saying the question is in order to,support all of this,we are building the worlds computer in,azure,with azure we have more regions in than,any other public cloud but what does,this worlds computer even mean,and what is azure many rightly credit,amazon as being well ahead of the curve,by launching the first cloud platform,amazon web services in 2006,but microsoft was actually secretly,working on azure at the same time,under the code name red dog so,windows azure,it wasnt actually originally called,that was it that they had whats called,red dog red dog no,i like red dog i thought that was a,great name why,age where i dont know why why are you,changing,red dog was being architected by ray,ozzy who is a noted legendary programmer,and we discuss his importance to the,tech industry in our decline of ibm,video,aussie joined microsoft in 2006 and he,noticed something very unsettling,anyways there were there was a lot of pc,thinking,the pc was still the center of most of,how most people,thought about things and it was a little,scary because,i had by that time i had you know a,perspective that said there is this,transformation happening,aussie began architecting azure which,was launched in 2009,his vision was that azure would be i,mean what it what it really means,to me what differentiates it is,its a self-service on-demand um,way of accessing computational resources,storage resources uh things like that um,you know with a with a virtualized,abstraction,so that that is relatively homogeneous,in case aussies definition of the cloud,is unclear,lets explain first a self-service,on-demand way to access computational,resources,just means you are using microsofts,computer instead of your own to run,s

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Bill Gates would start this kind of company today

the largest companies in the world in,the united states today are technology,companies,apple facebook google microsoft,and so forth do you worry that theres,too much power,and too much data in the hands of these,technology companies and are you,surprised the government hasnt done,something,more than theyve done today about this,well technologys become so central that,government has to think okay what does,that mean about,elections what does it mean about,bullying what does it mean about,wiretapping authorities that let you,find out,uh whats going on financially or,uh you know drug money laundering things,like that,so yes the government needs to get,involved i for,the earliers of microsoft prayed to,people that i didnt have an office in,washington dc,and eventually i came to regret uh,that statement because it was kind of,almost like taunting washington dc,and so now the technology companies,partly because of the lesson of,microsoft,uh of course you know they could have,seen that lesson through att or ibm,or kodak or a lot of innovators as well,theyre very engaged,there will be more regulation of the,tech sector,things like privacy im sure theyll and,there should be at some point federal,regulation that relates to that,the fact that now this is the way people,consume media,uh you know has really brought it into a,realm that,uh you know we need to shape it so that,the benefits,outweigh outweigh the negatives um,all right so uh its said that that when,facebook was coming along you tried to,buy facebook,um did you you regret not paying a,higher price to buy it then because you,could have bought it,maybe for a billion or two billion uh no,i mean uh we bought a small part,of facebook and that uh was a a super,successful investment,they what what mark did wasnt within,our ambit um you know,unlike mobile operating system that,absolutely was because of our,engineering culture doing the social,networking thing we werent destined to,be,the leader in that now we through an,acquisition we have linkedin,which for professional communication and,networking,is in a very strong position and has,lots of uh of growth opportunity now,there was a company that was started in,seattle,uh near you um a company called the,amazon,and uh they were supposed to be selling,books over the internet and then later,other things but then they started uh,web services cloud business,how did microsoft miss that business of,cloud and youre now number two in it,but,were you surprised that you were kind of,beaten to that game by,a company that wasnt really a software,company well the natural,companies to do the cloud would have,been your classic enterprise vendors,ibm oracle sap,who really in terms of the true,horizontal cloud,arent arent there at all it is a,surprise and its a huge credit to,jeff bezos and his team that they got,out in front and with aws,did the best cloud product today,the microsoft is a strong number two,and a huge distance to number three uh,and so its it is a source of strength,for microsoft but yes,uh there are many companies including,microsoft who should feel bad,that they didnt they didnt get ahead,of amazon and doing that work,so if you were uh 20 years old today,and you wanted to start a new company,drop out of harvard what,company or what area would you want to,start it in well this is a,great time to be doing innovation,because the tools of innovation are so,much better,there are lots of things in biology that,are very interesting,uh there are lots of things in energy,that are interesting given my,background i would start an ai company,that,whose goal would be to,teach computers how to read so that they,can absorb and understand,all the written knowledge of the world,thats an area where ai,has yet to make progress and it will be,quite profound when we achieve that goal,so are you worried about the power of ai,to disrupt our civilization and put,people out of work,those kind of things the increased,productivity that will come from ai,will create dilemmas uh about,what should people do with that extra,time and,youve got to consider that a good thing,even though it will be,an interesting set of adjustments that,have to take place,so most people over the last 200 years,or so whoever the,the wealthiest person in the world was,didnt usually work that hard when they,got to be,60 or so they kind of took life easy you,seem to be working pretty hard what,motivates you to still work so hard,well i love my work the work of the,foundation is super interesting i get to,meet with the scientists i get to go out,in the field i do think your habits are,sort of set in your 20s and 30s,and by my standards of the 20s you know,i didnt believe in weekends back then,uh not to mention vacations so im you,know fairly,lazy compared to myself in my 20s where,i was a true,uh fanatic uh you know all i believed in,was working on software,night and day and and for my 20s that,was perfect i didnt have,a wife or family uh at all,and my rule was very hands-on role,you know i im very lucky that my,foundation work,the part-time work i do for microsoft i,see that extending,you know for decades into the future and,having an understanding of innovation uh,you know i think shaping innovation in,many of these areas,uh there is a unique role that i can i,can help play,okay so but being bill gates is pretty,famous over the last,quarter century so can you go to a,restaurant and people dont bother you,people are pretty nice about that uh,particularly if im,im with my family people are reasonably,discreet so its not a problem youre,driving a car,people ever stare at you saying what is,he sure driving a car,sure but thats okay and uh when you,your sport now is tennis right thats,right so youve played with some of the,best players roger federer and others,um you get a lot of points off of those,players or,not not if theyre playing full out no,not a chance,uh and youve given up golf that was in,one of your other sports so you dont,play well ive largely given it up i,i still play a little bit and what about,bridge are you still a big bridge player,i i love playing bridge its a,a game that the players are aging uh,quite a bit it hasnt caught on,uh was that good or bad because no its,unfortunate,uh because its a great game but right,so when you want to go buy something can,you go,like in a department store and buy,anything or how do you shop you shop,online or you just go buy anything and,you have to use a credit card or,cash or what do you do yeah i,you know for a while i i didnt do that,much but its something one of my,daughters,enjoys doing is helping pick clothes for,me so we go out,uh and go shopping together and you know,shes got good taste so,its its a a neat father-daughter,activity,one time uh your wife told me that when,you drop your daughter off in college,the first day,at uh stanford shes graduated for now,um the,roommate didnt know that she was going,to be the roommate and then you needed,things to fix up,the room and you went to lowes to buy,things in lowes uh was it unusual for,you to go in the lows did people stare,at you do you go into lowes or,walmart very much or things like that no,it was actually kind of hard to assemble,uh,some of that stuff uh you know i wanted,augmented reality to help show me how to,put the pieces together properly,but you know people are very nice uh,you know overall so when youre super,nice when youre relaxing today,is it to go on a trip with your family,go someplace youve never been before,go on a boat play tennis what is the,best way that you relax,uh you know traveling and then i,i get to do quite a bit of reading uh in,that case,you read how many books a year you try,to read,50 50 books a year okay and do you,um comment on those books and you,recommend those books and,probably 15 a year i do serious reviews,of,um you know i mentioned at lunch im,reading this jill the poor of these,truths which is this great,uh history of the united states but,theres,so many fantasti

The Dark Secret of Bill Gates | Becoming the Worlds Richest Man | Dhruv Rathee

When people tell you the inspirational story of Bill Gates,,when they tell you how talented and hardworking Bill Gates is,,you really cant doubt his talent or hard work.,But a part of his story is never told to the people.,Had you been in Bill Gates place,,and even if you were equally talented and hardworking as Bill Gates,,you still would not have achieved what he has.,Why am I saying this?,Come, lets find out.,”So, youre the wealthiest man in the world for 20 years in a row…”,”Microsoft hit a new record high on Wall Street…”,”Hell do whatever he can to capture more of the market.”,”You were the youngest person to become a billionaire, is that right?,Yeah, in terms of earning it on my own.”,Hello, friends!,Seattle, Washington: 1967.,An eighth-grader, Bill, gets a hold of a computer.,This wasnt a computer like the ones were familiar with.,It was the Teletype Model 33 ASR of the time,,connected through phone lines to the computers of the General Electric Company. ,But this surprised young Bill.,The possibilities of the computer.,Bills started spending hours trying to figure out the computer.,He developed his first program on the computer.,Fast-forwarding to some years later,,Bill Gates became the richest man in the world.,He remained the richest person for about 20 years.,Today, hes the fourth richest with a wealth of $124 billion.,Lets start at the beginning. ,At 12-years-old, Bill Gates was studying at Lakeside School.,A private school in Seattle.,At school, he had some friends who were equally passionate about computers.,Kent Evans, Bill Gates first best friend.,Paul Allen, a tenth-grader.,And Rick Weiland.,The four of them started the Lakeside Programmers Group.,He tried to come up with ways to use the computer outside school too.,In Seattle, there was a small company called Computer Center Corporation.,They rented out computers by the hour.,A year later, in 1968,,Bill and his friends started visiting this store to use the computers.,But the cost to do this was quite high.,This store charged $40 to use a computer for an hour.,So Bill and his friends started looking for bugs in the operating system of CCC.,They found the loopholes in the computer system,,and tried to exploit those for more computer time.,When they were caught,,they were banned by the store.,But next summer,,this small company thought,of using these kids to look for bugs in the system.,They said that they could use the computers for free,,if they kept on identifying the problems in the system.,Here, Bill Gates learnt several programming languages.,Fortran, Lisp…,But soon this small store went out of business.,Again, these kids were left with no means to access computers.,Then they found a company in Portland.,Called Information Sciences Inc.,This company allowed them to use their computers for free too,,as long as they wrote a programme for the company.,It was a payroll programme,,it helped them learn more about taxes and payrolls.,By then, their school had recognised their talents,,and so in 1971, Bill Gates and his best friend, Kent Evans were told,to write a programme for the school.,They had to make class schedules on the programme.,They worked hard on the programme,,but on a weekend, Kent Evans went on a holiday to the hills,,and unfortunately, he died after falling off of a cliff.,This accident shocked Bill.,But he didnt stop working.,He continued working with his other friend, Paul Allen.,He was in college by then.,In 1972, Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded their first company, Traf-o-Data.,They were interested in technology and business both.,They wanted to develop a program,that could process the traffic on the roads.,So that they could sell it to the traffic department.,Though they worked hard on it, it didnt turn out very successful. ,The next year, in 1973,,Bill Gates graduated from high school.,He takes the SAT and scores exceedingly well.,1590 out of 1600.,With this, he gets admission to Harvard.,One of the best universities in America.,By then, Paul was quite bored of attending classes at the university.,So he moved to Boston and started working with Honeywell Corporation.,He advised Bill to start working with him at Honeywell.,So in 1974, both were working for Honeywell Corporation.,One day, while Paul was going somewhere,,he came across a magazine stall.,Which carried the magazine Popular Electronics.,The picture on the front page of the magazine,was of Altair 8800.,The first personal computer in the world.,It had the Intel 8080 processor.,Paul bought the magazine and ran to show it to Bill Gates.,Paul was trying to tell Bill Gates for quite some time,that the size of the computer chips was getting exponentially smaller.,While their speed and power were exponentially increasing.,And it was only a matter of time,before a computer was built that was so small that,it could be used as a personal computer.,There was a live example on the front page of the magazine.,Someone had built the computer before Bill Gates and Paul.,The company that made this computer was Mits.,Paul and Bill called up the company,and told them that the two of them would like to write software for them.,The most popular programming language at the time was Basic.,So they wanted to write software for the computer in Basic.,Paul had to relocate to another city,,while Bill dropped out from Harvard.,They built a Basic version and sold it to Altair.,The company was so pleased with the work that they offered a job to Paul,,But by then, Paul was running his consultancy.,Micro-Soft.,It was later renamed to one word; Microsoft.,They had several contracts from Texas Instruments,,a Japanese company;,But Microsoft got its first big break,when they provided DOS operating system for IBM Computers.,In the meanwhile, the team of Microsoft was working on a new operating system. ,In November 1983,,they announced their new operating system.,Windows 1.0,Though it was officially launched later in 1985.,Before we move ahead since were talking about computers,,Ill take a small ad break to tell you,about NordVPN.,A VPN keeps you secure on the internet,,and gives you privacy.,It spoofs your location too.,If theres any movie or TV show on Netflix or some other app,,that isnt available at your location,,or any website that doesnt work in India,,You can access all of them by using a VPN.,In my opinion, NordVPN is one of the best VPN apps.,I use it too.,NordVPN gives you double protection,,You can change your IP address twice,,they provide 24*7 support,,you can talk to their service team for any query,,they dont keep logs,,they dont collect data or track you,,you get full privacy.,One account can be connected to up to 6 devices.,So you can use 1 account for the devices of your family members too.,Theyve launched a new feature, Threat Protection.,It keeps your device secure from cyber attacks.,If youre visiting a harmful device,,or if malware is trying to attack your device,,or if theres a tracker on a website,,Youll be safe from 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Effortless English DVD1 LEVEL 3 | LESSON 10 Microsoft’s Cyber Censorship |LEARN ENGLISH EVERYDAY

in December 2005 Microsoft cooperated,with Chinese authorities to shut down,the controversial blog of jal Jing,Michael ante a Beijing based research,researcher for the New York Times and an,active critic of censorship in China the,blog which was hosted on servers located,in the United States was removed and was,therefore censored not only in China but,globally reacting to criticism microsoft,claims to have implemented a new set of,standards to ensure that they will only,remove blogs when they receive formal,legal notice from the chinese government,and that access will only be denied to,users in China Microsofts search engine,MSN China filters the results of,searches for politically sensitive terms,displaying a message in Chinese which,states certain content was removed from,the results of this search searches,undertaken in June 2006 by Amnesty,International produced this message for,the words Falun Gong Tibetan,independence and June for the date of,the Tiananmen Square massacre,furthermore Microsoft has admitted that,it responds to directions from the,Chinese government by respect,restricting users of msn spaces from,using certain terms in their account,name space name space subtitle or in,photo captions at the same time the,company asserts that msn spaces do not,filter blog content in any way Amnesty,International considers this to be at,odds with the facts when Microsoft,launched MSN spaces in China in 2005,attempts to create blogs with words,including democracy human rights and,freedom of expression were blocked,producing the following error message in,Chinese you must enter a title for your,space the title must not contain,prohibited language such as profanity,please type a different title test by,Amnesty International carried out in,2006 demonstrated continued blocking of,certain terms including,Hahnemann incident in the title of blogs,as a result of such actions Microsoft,users in China are denied the ability to,access the full range of information,available internationally on human,rights topics including websites and web,pages of Amnesty International and other,human rights organizations to learn more,go to MSC international wwm the ste dot,organ,hello effortless English members and,welcome to the vocabulary lesson for the,cyber censorship article lets get,started,first of all the title Microsofts cyber,censorship Im sure you all know,Microsoft its the big software company,that makes Windows among other things,Bill Gates etc a cyber cyber means,related to computers or to machines so,it means about computers or about,machines about the internet for all,these things we use the word cyber in,this case it means internet so,Microsofts internet censorship,censorship means to ban a piece of,information,it means you prevent you stop the,information from being published,so usually governments do this the,government does not want people to read,something or to hear something or to see,something so they stop they stop it from,being published that is called,censorship when the government does that,its called censorship some companies,also do it in this case its its a,government and a company working,together,okay so Microsoft cyber censorship and,this is an article from Amnesty,International which is a human rights,group an international human rights,group you may know it Amnesty means,forgiveness its the act of forgiving,someone it can also mean pardoned,sometimes it means mercy even has an,idea of peace but I think forgiveness,maybe is the best word so their name,means forgiveness international,basically alright moving on in the next,paragraph in the first paragraph of the,article we see the word authorities you,see this many times in newspapers,authorities usually means,government agents government officials,often it means police in fact I would,say maybe usually it means police when,you see Chinese authorities it means the,Chinese police or the Chinese government,agents shut down means they stopped or,they closed the controversial blog of,Jiao ding I cant pronounce Chinese,sorry controversial controversial means,something that causes an argument,something people do not agree on,something that people disagree about in,this case the Chinese government,disagrees with the blog writer and a,blog most of you know a blog is a weblog,or basically its an Internet diary for,an Internet journal so this guy had an,Internet journal a blog and the,government shut it down they closed it,because they thought it was,controversial,it caused argument it caused,disagreement basically because he was,criticizing the Chinese government okay,and this was a form of censorship again,we had the word censorship already its,a government stopping something from,being published stopping some,information censorship all right moving,on and the verb is to censor to censor,so we say the Chinese government,censored the bloggers the Chinese,government censors the Internet they,prevent information from being read from,reaching Chinese citizens and other,people too we see the word globally here,most of you may be may know globally,globally means worldwide all over the,world and then we see the word,implemented microsoft claims to have,implemented a new set of standards so,Microsoft is helping the Chinese,government censor,and after they got a lot of criticism,many people disapproved did not approve,many people argued with Microsoft many,people attacked Microsoft because they,are they are helping the Chinese,government so Microsoft claims to have,implemented a new set of standards a new,group of rules to implement means to,start using or to start doing so they,claim they say they are start they have,started to use they are starting to use,a different set of rules different rules,to ensure they only remove blogs the,from China okay to ensure means to,guarantee or to promise to ensure to,guarantee or to promise we see the word,access here they if Microsoft gets a,notice gets a command gets an order from,the Chinese government they will deny,access to Chinese readers to Chinese,internet readers access means entry or,admission so in this case it means if,you deny access it means you say no you,cannot read this no you cannot come here,so they might block a website for,example if they block a website they,deny access to Chinese Internet users,they do not let them enter alright a,Microsoft search engine MSN China,filters the results of searches okay to,filter means to separate to separate out,so it means you have a lot of in this,case you have a lot of information and,you separate you take you put some of it,on one side you put some of it on,another side what this means is that,Microsoft filters these searches,anything the Chinese government does not,like they wont let people read they,filter that they separate that out of,the searches they take it out so they,filter to filter means to take,take something out two separate and then,remove that means thats filter so,microsoft ms in china filters searches,for politically sensitive terms,politically sensitive terms is a nice,way to say things the Chinese government,does not like for example information,about Tibet information about Tiananmen,Square information about the following,Gong the following Gong which we see,later in the paragraph there a kind of a,religious spiritual group I dont know a,lot about them I think they do a lot of,like meditation but the Chinese,government does not like them they,torture them they arrest them they kill,them,etc so thats thats what following gong,means all right moving on to the next,paragraph it says furthermore Microsoft,has admitted that it responds to,directions from the Chinese government,to admit something means to confess it,it means you agree with some information,someone says something to you someone,criticizes you maybe and you agree you,say yes I admit it yes its true right,you confess you say something is true,when we use admit as a verb to admit it,has other meanings also but in this case,it means t

Why Windows Phone Failed – And How They Couldve Saved It

ويندوز فون: منتج مع الكثير من التحفيز والذي كان كل شيء يجري إليه، ومع ذلك,فهو منتج قد فشل فشلًا ذريعاً,على الرغم من بلايين الدولارات والترابطات التي لا تقدر بثمن مع مايكروسوفت، لم يصعد,ويندوز فون أبدًا وكتب في التاريخ كأكثر الخسارات الباهظة لشركة مايكروسوفت,في هذا الفيديو، سنرى الأسباب التي كانت خلف هذا الانهيار والأشياء التي,كانت تستطيع مايكروسوفت عملها لتجنب حدوث هذا الأمر,هذا الفيديو برعاية داشلين (Dashlane),أبق كلماتك السرية آمنة وقوية عبر كل أجهزتك بزيارة الرابط,الذي في الوصف.,عندما اعلن ستيف جوبز عن الأيفون في عام 2007 قصف عالم الهواتف الذكية بصاعكة كهربائية,ستيف: كيف أستطيع ان امرر من خلال قائمتي التي هي للرسامين,كيف أستطيع فعل ذلك؟,فقط أضع إصبعي وأمرر,حتى ذلك الوقت، كان لدى الهواتف الذكية مشكلة كبيرة: كان لديهم شاشات صغيرة مع واجهات النظام التي,كانت صعبة للتحكم بها، لأن نصف الهاتف كان عبارة عن,لوحة مفاتيح بأزرار صغيرة يصعب الضغط عليها,الشيء الذي أراه ستيف لمستمعيه كان شيئًا ثوريًا، ولكن,لم يكن جمهور آبل هم الوحيدون المستمعون,اضطر المهندسون في شركة غوغل Google الذين كانوا في السنتين الماضيتين يصنعون هاتفهم الخاص,لشطب كامل مشروعهم والبدء من الصفر على أساس فكرة الشاشة اللمسية,وصل منتجهم النهائي أندرويد بعد أكثر من عام كامل والذي سمح,للأيفون بسرقة تاج الهواتف الذكية,بني الأيفون على الفردية: كان مصنع بشكل كامل من آبل Apple,للوصول إلى أقصى حد من التحكم على تجربة المستخدم وجودة منتجهم، والتي سمحت لآبل,لرفع ثمن أجهزتهم بشكل كبير,للنجاح يجب على أندرويد أن يذهب إلى استراتيجية مختلفة: بدلًا من أن يكون مقيدًا,حاولت غوغل بأن تكون صديقة للكل بالتعاون مع أكثر عدد من صناع الهواتف على قدر المستطاع,بأن فكرة بيعهم لهواتفهم هي أن يكونوا رخيصي الثمن ولكن عمليين,لوقت من الزمن، كان عالم الهواتف في توازن، مع نظام الأندرويد والأيفون الذان كانا يغطيان كل,قطعة بارزة من السوق,ومع ذلك، سيصبح هذا التوازن آجلًا مضغوطًا من شركة كبرى، مايكروسوفت,خارج هذه الشركات الثلاثة، كانت مايكروسوف هي في الواقع أكثرهم خبرة مع,الهواتف النقالة.,في عام 1996 كشف بيل غيتس النقاب عن ما يسمونه بالحاسوب المحمول باليد، والذي كان عبارة عن,لابتوب صغير,بيل غتس: لقد سألت توم ميغيل من مجموعة الCE ليشاركني المسرح وإعطائنا,لمحة سريعة عن بعض الأشياء الجميلة التي في هذا الحاسب,توم: للذين لم يرو واحدًا من قبل، لقد تكلم بيل قليلًا عن,هذا الحاسوب وهذه هي وحدة الكاسيو Casio,إنها عبارة عن نموذج للحاسب المحمول باليد، لديها كيبورد فيزيائي والشاشة التي هي,480×240 بيكسل، وحساس حراري، وكرت حاسوب، ورام تسصلح للترقية وبطاريتين AA,لذا فهذا هو نموذج رائع للحوسيب المحمولة باليد.,كان النظام التشغيلي هو ويندوز سي Windows CE، والذي كان عبارة عن ويندوز 3 مصمم,ليشتغل على أضعف القطع,في العقد التالي، أضافت مايكروسوفت ميزات وتطويرات لهذا المنتج بشكل واسع,لتستطيع الإعلان عن 6 أجهزرة أخرى,بين عامي 2006 و2008 استطاعت هواتف ميكروسوفت أن تحتل 15% من الحصة السوقية، أكبر,من كل منافسيهم ما عدا سيمبيان من نوكيا,ولكن هذا النجاح هو الشيء الذي أعمى مايكروسوفت عن تهديد الأيفون,عندما سُأِل ستيف بولمر (المدير التنفيذي لمايكروسوف) عن الأيفون، كانت إجابته هي,ولنقل أنها ماتت بسرعة,المذيع: لنسألك يا ستيف عن الأيفون والزون Zune إذا استطعت,كان الزون لديه بعضًا من الانتباه وبعدها أعلن ستيف جوبز عن الأيفون.,ما كان انفعالك عندما رأيت الأيفون؟,بسعر 500$ ومدعوم بشكل كامل!,هذا هو أغلى هاتف في العالم وأيضًا لا يغري رجال الأعمال,لأنه ليس لديه لوحة مفاتيح، والذي يجلعه آلة إيميل سيئة,ولكن الشيء الأسوء هي الصراحة في السؤال التالي,المذيع: كيف تستطيع منافستة هذا المنتج؟,لقد سحب الكثير من الأضواء في الأسابيع الأخيرة,بسبب ما حدث في عالم الماك وليس فقط مع الأيفون بل أيضًا مع الأيبود الجديد,فكيف تستطيع أن تنافس ذلك باستخدام الزون؟,ستيف: لنأخذ الهاوتف أولًا,حتى الآن نحن نبيع الملايين والملايين من الهواتف كل سنة,وآبل تبيع الآن صفرًا من هواتفها كل سنة,لاحظ الفرق الواضح بين الرجلين: المذيع يرى إختراعات الأيفون,كتهديد للهواتف الذكية، ولكن المدري التنفيذي لمايكروسوفت بالكاد يستطيع,أن يرى أي شيء يعتدى عدد المبيعات,وإذا ظننت أنه استثناء، المدراء التنفيذيون لبلاكبيري وبالم,كانا مرتابين الإثنين عن الأيفون,لقد تطلب هذا الأمر سنة كاملة لمايكروسوفت من انخفاضات في المبيعات لفهم أنه يجب أن,يحدث حد لهذا الأمر.,على عكس مايكروسوفت، مبيعات بلاكبيري كانت تستمر في تصاعدها والتي أعطتهم,ثقةً بالنفس التي لم يشرعوا بها بعد ذلك.,كما يقولون الآن، كانت أفضل أن تكون متأخرة على أن لا تكون موجودة، وعندما استطاعت مايكروسوف أخذ زمام الأمور,كانت تطوراتهم سريعة جدًا.,بدأت مايكروسوفت بتطوير شاشة لمس لهواتفهم في أواخر عام 2008 واستغرق معهم ذلك,سنتين فقط لكي يكونوا مستعدين للسوق,لقد كان الشيء الذي أعلن عنه ستيف في ذلك الوقت منتجًا فريدًا من نوعه والتي كانت تصميماته المتقدمة,للهواتف غير منتشرة كثيرة ولكنها يجب أن تكون الآن,في وقت كانا الأيفون والأندرويد ملتصقين بأيقونات ثابتة، أعطاك الويندوز فون,أيقونات مع معلومات تتحدث بين الحين والآخر,إجماليًا، كان لدى النقاد الكثير للمدح: من جهة التصميم كانت تجربة المستخدم للويندوز فون,تنافس آبل بشدة، ولأن المتطلبات كانت صارمة قطع قوية,لتشغيل الجهاز، كانت كل هواتف الويندوز فون,أقوى بكثير من الأجهزة الأخرى في وقتها,ومع ذلك، وقعت مايكروسوفت في مشكلة كبيرة في وقت مبكرٍ جداً,كانت مايكروسوفت تحاول أن تصنع شيءًا صعبًا جدًا: كانت تحاكي آبل في,محاولة الوصول إلى التحكم الكلي لتجربة المستخدم وأيضًا لقطع الجهاز، ولكن عكس آبل,لم تكن تصنع هواتفها الخاصة.,هذا الشيء جعل الويندوز فون جهازًا قويًا جدًا، ولكن التحكم الذي,كانت تريده مايكروسوفت جعل العمل معهم صعبًا جدًا لصناع الهواتف,بالمقارنة مع الأندرويد.,بشكل غير مفاجئ، قررت أكثر شركات الهواتف بالوقوف مع غوغل,والتي وضعت مايكروسوفت في موقف محرج، كان لديها نظامٌ قوي ولكن بدون مصنعين.,ولقد كانت المنقذ الوحيد لمايكروسوف هي علاقة جيدة: عندما استبدلت نوكيا,مدريهم التنفيذي في سبتمبر 2010، كان المدير الجديد هو سيفين إلوب الذي كان عميلًا سابقًا لدى مايكروسوفت,وكان أول أهدافه هي إعادة إحياء نوكيا,بإزالة سيمبيان والاتجاه نحو الويندوز فون,تستطيع أن تقول الآن أن هذه هي خطة يعتمد عليها بسبب الانتقال الضخم,لنوكيا عندما غيرت كل منتجاتهم، والذي حدث,في سنة واحدة فقط,بدأت نوكيا ببيع أول هاتف ويندوز فون لهم في نوفمبر 2011 وأستطيع أن أقول لك,أن هذا الشيء كان ممكنًا بسبب الأموال الطائلة التي سكبت,على نوكيا كمدفوعاتٍ لدعم النظام الأساسي,كان من المفترض أن تكون نوكيا قد دفعت لمايكروسوفت رخصة النظام ولكنها في الواقع كانت تأخذ,250$ مليون دولار كل ربع سنة، والتي سددت أكثر من نفقاتهم العادية,وطبعًا، كانت لدى الشركات الأخرى علمٌ بهذا الأمر مما جعلهم,يبعتدون أكثر عن مايكروسوفت,بعد كل هذا، لماذا يجب عليهم دفع رخصة النظام,إذا كانت نوكيا تأخذه بالمجان؟,على نحو قوي، اتجهت مايكروسوفت إلى نوكيا، ولم يكن هناك طريقٌ للرجعة,ولكن للأسف الشديد، كان ذلك متأخرًا جدًا لمايكروسوفت,بعد أن انتهت مايكروسوفت من حل هذه المشكلة، أي بعد أربع سنواتٍ من إطلاق أول أيفون,وقت مايكروسوفت إلى 2% من الحصة السوقية,لم يكن هناك أحد ليطور برامج لتشتغل على الويندوز فون ولماذا يجب عليهم فعل ذلك طالما,أن مستخدمي الأيوس والأندرويد كانا بكل وضوح المنتصران هنا,للسنين الثلاث الأولى لهذا النظام، كان متجر التطبيقات لديهم فارغًا، لم يكن لديه إنستغرام،,أو حتى يوتيوب YouTube، بالكاد كان لديه أي نوع من التطبيقات,في عام 2013 هبط سعر شركة نوكيا بنسبة 75% لدرجة أن غضب المساهمين,أصبح يهدد بنزع ستيفن إيلوب والابتعاد عن مايكروسوفت في نفس الوقت,في النهاية، لم يحدث ذلك: بدلًا من ذلك قامت مايكروسوفت بشراء قطاع نوكيا للهواتف,بمقدار 7.2$ بليون دولار في عام 2014,وهنا الشيء المضحك: في السنة التالية مباشرة شطبت مايكروسوفت على هذا الاستثمار,بمقدار 7.6$ بليون دولار، ولوضع اللمسة الأخرية، طردوا 8,000 موظف تقريبًا,أبقت مايكروسوفت دعمها للويندوز فون حتى شهر أوكتوبر عام 2017، ولكنه كان في الأصل,ميتًا منذ زمن بعيد قبل ذلك,ومع ذلكن كان من السهل تخيل المسار المختلف التي كانت تستطيع مايكروسوفت إتخاذه,فقط بعدم طونهم كطماعين على حسب فلسفتهم,إذا كانت مايكروسوفت تنوي أن تلين حكمها على منتجاتها,لكانت الآن بكل سهولة من أكبر الشركات التي تستعمل ويندوز فون بدلًا من الأندرويد,في ذك الوقت، لم يكن لغوغل أي نظام بيئي ليتكلموا عليه، عندما كانت مايكروسوفت,من أقوى شركات البرامج لعقود,هناك درس يجب أن نتعلمه عن أهمية تليين الأعمال مع الآخرين,ولكن هناك دائرة واحدة لا يجب التليين فيها وهي,أن تبقي لك كلماتك السرية آمنة,لحسن حظك، مع Dashlane تصبح إدارة كلماتك السرية كالنسيم,يستطيع Dahslane أن يصنع كلمات سر قوية والتي تستطيع أن تحفظهم بشكل آمن على كل أجهزتك الإلكترونية,ويعبئهم لك بشكل تلقائي عندما تكون بحاجة لهم,إن Dashlane متوفر على أغلب الحواسب والهواتف,وربما كان سيكون موجودًا أيضًا على الويندوز فون إذا لم تخربه مايكروسوفت,مع كل هذه ميزات التي لديك، لدى Dashlane أيضًا ميزة الVPN على كل جهاز من أجهزتك الإلكترونية,وأيضًا تراقب لك الإنترنت المظلم لكي تك

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