1. Gravity Defyers review
  2. G-defy by Gravity Defyer Super Walk Lace-up Sneakers with Jane Treacy
  3. GDEFY Walking Sneakers with Addl Insoles on QVC
  4. Hoka Running Shoes Review- Rincon, Clifton 6, Bondi 6, Speedgoat 4 | Cowichan Valley Running
  5. GDEFY Lace-Up Running Sneakers – XLR8 on QVC
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Gravity Defyers review

okay I heard all these great things,about these shoes called gravity to fire,some ladies from my work swear by these,shoes theres like two ladies that swear,by these shoes right so my boyfriend got,a pair wore them for a couple of hours,had to take them off with his feet on,break and then suffer through the rest,of his day and I thought thats crazy,I thought these shoes were supposed to,be wonderful so anyway Im gonna hand in,order two pair he ordered a second pair,to try because he thought you know maybe,Ill just try it again so I got the,shoes and I was really impressed with,the packaging and everything that it,came with all these different inserts um,I like the look of them but when I put,them on they did not fiddle like what I,paid for it actually they felt kind of,cheap they didnt feel like heaven like,I thought but I went ahead and I decided,to give him a try,so I actually wore them for three or,four hours maybe at the most,and lets see 5:30 so for hours I wore,these shoes for hours but Im telling,you this is a size seven,I could tell that after a few hours they,were not doing what they said they were,gonna do I was supposed to be able to,last in these shoes all day long so the,look of them is really cute right I was,fine with that the thing is the filling,of the right shoe was different than the,left shoe to begin with there felt like,there was a defect in this shoe so I,thought you know what maybe thatll work,to my advantage I dont know Im still,gonna try they just still kind of cheap,when you put them on,they dont feel like what I paint for I,actually have some Skechers my mom gave,me that felt like heaven when I put them,on compared to these so this is not what,I expected at all,so after a couple of hours,my feet were actually hurting in these,shoes so I actually called my boyfriend,to come up to work to bring me another,pair and as soon as I put the old,Skechers on my mom had actually given me,I felt like my shoe had went into heaven,immediately the filling was totally,different it felt wonderful when I put,on the Skechers so then I went online,and I was like okay I looked at three,views and what I saw from regular normal,people and not the reviews of people,that G defined that paid to give reviews,people were very disappointed with this,shoe they said it was an overpriced,cheap shoe and after wearing it I,totally agreed this feels like an,overpriced cheap shoe it does not feel,like a luxury shoe it doesnt feel like,a medical shoe thats gonna help me with,my problems and you know I dont have,plantar fascitis I dont have anything,major thats going on I just work 10,hours a day on my feet I totally do not,suggest wasting your money on the g25,like I said theres a couple ladies at,my work that swear by these shoes I I,cant say that so Im returning them and,so my boyfriend actually bought a pair,and he was gonna try another pair and,hes gonna return these before he I,dont even know if he opened the box I,think he has to open the box to be able,to get the return label out but hes not,even gonna Eve,try so Im not happy with these shoes,and I also heard that people are having,a very hard time getting their money,back and theres a lot of unhappy people,so obviously the reviews that you have,seen that are on YouTube Im probably,sure gt5 has paid someone to give them,good reviews and make their shoes look,like theyre absolutely wonderful but I,think I probably could have gotten a,shoe at Walmart seriously that would,have been just as good as these for $150,maybe for like 15 so anyway thumbs down,Im not happy with these shoes Im,returning them sorry to the ladies who,told me that they were wonderful I know,that you would have wished they worked,out for me but they did not so anyway,Im gonna have to say I would not waste,my time or money on these g25 shoes,we dont even person okay well thank you,for listening to my review this is,Regina with middle class me

G-defy by Gravity Defyer Super Walk Lace-up Sneakers with Jane Treacy

my Fitbit and you know that means I am,out there and Im walking and I am,walking and Im walking and the one,thing that we have to realize is that,just because we buy a great pair of,sneakers a great pair of walking shoes,in the beginning of the season and then,you know oh I dont know like a year,later were still wearing the exact same,ones you need to go ahead and you need,to get yourself a great new pair of,shoes so Im not even gonna do the whole,lace-up thing Im just gonna put these,on so you can see how cute they are do,you love the purple did you were you,here was just shopping when I could not,tie my shoes it was hilarious I said I,had to go back to kindergarten but this,is not a sneaker like youve ever tried,or worn before this is not a sneaker,where do you see whats on the inside,that you can even imagine because its,called G 2 Phi by gravity to fire and,its the super walk lace-up sneakers if,you walk with your Fitbit like I do if,youre walking for fitness if youre,just on your feet all day long youre,gonna see something that is totally cool,this is brand new today and I have it,for you in medium and wide width and,theyre already getting limited how,because you guys found them at QVC com,so we have them in the black purple that,Im wearing and then we also have them,in white with blue but my daughters,used to have to have almost an all-white,sneaker they could have a little bit of,accent for gym and this one has just a,little bit of accent again whole and,half sizes medium and wide width and,John Perkins is joining us and he is a,newbie to shoe shopping with Jane John,come on in,how are you very nice yes are you no of,course good because were mean did you,hear that we are mean no Im just weird,were good girls yeah tell us a little,bit about G defy gravity to fire whats,your brand all about well first and,foremost were a brand that cares about,people and more brands thank you yeah,that makes a difference for people in,their everyday lives so were very,excited to be here for that thank you,and welcome is your premiere yes,absolutely okay so now John brought,show-and-tell which we love and shes,shopping with chain because I told you,our customer knows her shoes you brought,something thats going to prove that,this is,unlike and what just could hold it nice,and steady right there unlike any other,walking shoe youve ever seen because of,whats on the inside yes what we have,inside here is not just what you see is,a regular shoe but we actually have,special Springs in here we have three,Springs we have a special rubber,trampoline heel and as well as theres,air inside of this chamber which makes a,point of difference as well so what does,that do though I mean that looks really,cool and I think that looks awesome but,we actually created an animation so we,could show everybody what does that mean,yes so as you can see the animation this,is really absorbing harmful shocks that,you may run into on a daily basis we,live in a world now that is not you know,sand and dirt its a concrete jungle and,so we have a shoe here that really makes,a point of difference for walking and,standing and absorbing those kinds of,shots and what I love about it is you,dont know its there like its super,comfortable but I dont want you to,think thats gonna make you feel,unsteady or thats gonna make you feel,like you know you need to engage your,core just to take a walk it feels super,cushioning but you dont know the work,that its doing and the other thing I,think we need to talk about is the,weight because I thought well if Im at,home and Im taking a look at this and I,see those springs on the inside is that,gonna be a weighty shoot cuz I dont,want a heavy walking shoe no this is not,this is not gonna be a weight issue this,particular shoe as its called the super,walk is probably not going to be the,item that youre running with but for,everyday walking whether youre at the,mall or whether youre somebody thats,just trying to get and be more active,this may be this year that gets you back,on the road well we are all fit fans,here at QVC and so if youre getting,your 10 or youre 12 or 15 thousand,steps a day simply by you know running,around the parking lot a couple more,times this can take you there and yes I,know this is an investment but weve,said it before and well say it again,your feet are priceless they are worth,it you need to take care of your feet,and especially if youre walking a lot,because if youre now going from maybe,the three to five thousand steps a day,to maybe doubling that every single day,and then days that youre slacking off,then youre getting more in the next day,this is vital for your feet and you can,see Kylene in them theyre also good,looking like they have so much,technology in them but theyre really a,great looking sporty,yeah I mean really it can be worn with,just about anything that you can think,of you can sort of dress it up for every,day you can have it be for your workout,outfits whatever youd like to do with,it,this shoe is ready to go that way and,its not overly technical looking I,agree with you its its fantastic that,wed be able to do that and so how long,has G defi how long have you guys been,around been around for over seven years,Wow yeah yeah and the concept really was,to bring a new way of support and a new,way of cushioning and a new way of,protection keeping you on your feet,right absolutely so again lets take a,look back at this again because I think,this is so neat and then well run the,animation because there really is no,other shoe ever thats been in shoe,shopping that has shown you that kind of,a cutaway so what are we seeing on the,inside John what youre seeing here is,actually three steel springs here as I,mentioned before Id love to show you,sort of this way do you see this,trampoline this is the kind of action,that youre getting makes such a point,of difference and then of course in that,its not so much Boeing Boeing as much,as it is sort of a Shh it wont actually,make a sound no it doesnt make the,sound and like I said you know theyre,super comfortable and super cushioning,but you dont know how theyre working,on your feet because they just feel so,good on your feet now youve noticed the,boxes again heres that animation so you,can see as your way dont we all know,about how we concentrate the weight of,our bodies on our heels,imagine that yeah this is taking the,strike out of heel stretch it is and we,all know that sometimes first thing in,the morning owl thats that heel pain so,we only have 400 remaining and if you,notice what I like to call red light,green light is up if its yellow it,means its limited if its green it,means run for it but theres not a whole,lot of green left on this shoe right now,if its red its sold out but we will,take a waitlist order so look at the,black purple again in the wide widths,Im not surprised you guys have been,asking for more wide widths this is in,medium and wide width that they are all,stay with me for a second honey they are,all getting very limited so look for,more G defi and shes shopping with Jane,online but congratulations on your,premiere it was great having you in the,shop it was good to be

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GDEFY Walking Sneakers with Addl Insoles on QVC

built hidden inside the outsole of the,shoe you cannot see it but you will you,will feel it helping to propel you as,you take your steps in a really cool way,not only that but there theyve got that,technology patented so nobody can copy,them,you get three different insoles with,these wow which i love because there are,some that are a little more supportive,and there are some that are a little,more just cushiony and you get to just,customize that yourself once you get,them home,but the 6th of april is national walking,day so we wanted to launch this brand,around national walking day because its,also about when theyre so lightweight,yet they are supportive getting you out,there getting your steps in taking care,of your body and things these are a,specialty brand theyre in high end,retail theyre also in like boutique,level retail so to get them at qvc were,excited medium wides and wide wide,widths,medium wide and wide wide widths we do,not have a lot to go around so im going,to take you through the color choices,but dont you feel it jane like as soon,as you have as you can i mean i you know,invest and from qvc have a lot of really,nice walking shoes because you might not,know this but training for the big first,half marathon,ever but,wow yeah its this spring that kind of,just as you take its like you gotta,feel it i feel like when the villains,are out there saying like youll never,make it its this funny moment that,happens at that most magical place on,earth im going to be like yes i can yes,i can yes i can yes i can i mean it is,an immediate,wow wow it really is so colors are as,follows jane is in the what were,calling gray but you have white and,black if you want the gray on janes,feet we have,300. on the table this is our gray,salmon,250. so you get the pop of coral so its,called gray salmon i love love love that,one in the middle this is the light gray,aqua,270 to go around in the light gray aqua,and then theres that one that jane has,on i like the mountain peaks on the side,its so fun,really really pretty medium-wide and,wide wide widths now um chris fry tag is,here shes a certified health coach,shes a personal trainer for over 25,years shes published five different,books and chris we had we um were so,awesome to get to launch you and shoe,shopping together and now when shoe,shopping with jade and me for the first,time ever and i was looking at janes,face when she put these on because,really its all about your patented,technology you have to like you have to,wear them to understand what this is,doing right,exactly hello to both of you i loved,your reactions it is kind of one of,those aha moments gravity to fire is the,ultimate it company when it comes to,walking shoes and this mighty walk is,our most popular shoe and um courtney,you mentioned some of the things,happening the heel cup the versa shock,patented technology that nobody else has,is really the interesting thing so you,think of memory foam you see a lot of,shoes that have memory foam when your,body heat goes to that memory foam it,kind of stinks down if you will think,about like a memory foam bed,versus shock technology is about shock,absorption and propelling you forward it,literally puts a pep in your step and,then with our rocker technology which,kind of brings you heel to toe and its,going to reduce foot,stress its also going to give you ease,of motion so that reaction we have never,walked this much around yesterday i,dont know if you know this we do not,walk around the set were all addicted,to walking these like you want im just,thinking mile 12 when im like i think i,can i think i can i know i cant i know,i cant oh my goodness,im getting these dane i love that,youre doing a half marathon so listen,to this my favorite saying is motion is,lotion when people are stiff and sore,and if you think its my ankle its my,hip its my knees sometimes its your,feet its what you have on you have over,you have 206 bones in your body and over,a quarter of them are in your feet wow,so you need to take care of those joints,and those bones the roomy toe box you,mentioned the different um widths so,amazing ive got some weird like nerve,stuff going on in my toes i love a roomy,toe box breathable mesh and then the,other thing that you mentioned were,tell me the three,difference three insoles that youre,getting and why you all include three,different options,okay because walking you need to be,comfortable if youre putting in the,steps if youre getting out with the,family if youre doing stuff this summer,you need comfort fit so we give you what,we call the comfort fit thats what,comes in the shoe okay then we also give,you what we call the perfect fit think,of this one as a spacer so lets say you,dont know how what size should i get,you size up a little bit you can add,this one as a spacer so now youre going,to get that perfect fit if you will and,then we also give you a third pair which,are what we call the corrective fit now,this has the true arch support this is,like something you might go to the store,spend money on extra to put in a shoe,i need arch support its all about my,knees and my hips im an ex runner,thats now a walker and having arch,support makes the difference so we give,you all three inserts with each,parachute,you get three options yeah can i just,say we sell inserts from other brands,that are like 30 some dollars a piece,times three look at the price of the,shoe there you go theyre a lot of value,so im gonna ive gotta go for a walk,im gonna take you through as jane,continues to walk um if you want the,gray salmon were limited 150 thats all,weve got the light gray aqua,170 and then that gray,only 200 medium wide and wide wide,widths chris thank you so much for,reading it were so happy g defy is here,i am so excited to be here too get out,and walk everybody its that time of,year it is exactly is it the six right,now,midnight oh at midnight tomorrow,national walking day so get them just in,time but truly when its that spring,tech patented technology that you were,going to go wow and want to walk when,you put them on your feet,i mean you are so right court what a fun,show,um whether youre backtracking to the,famed white mountain shoe that sold what,4 000 in this show,five thousand in the show,oh my gosh inside out of four colors or,youre with us right now

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Hoka Running Shoes Review- Rincon, Clifton 6, Bondi 6, Speedgoat 4 | Cowichan Valley Running

hey guys dusty here my local running,store just brought in hokas i havent,bought a pair myself im probably going,to go with,hoka carbon x and the rincon but i did,meet up with the store owner laura and,she gave us a run-through of hoka and,the shoes that she carries in store so,without any further ado heres laura,okay thanks for having me back on the,channel uh today were going to talk,about hoka one or for short we just call,them hokas and what makes them different,and why they might be the right fit for,you so um all hocas share,a few different qualities im only gonna,call out a few of them right now um,because thats whats relevant for us,but all of them have a very extremely,cushioned midsole and its like,marshmallow super soft,its super lightweight like for a bulky,ish looking shoe youd be surprised at,how light lightweight it is,and what this does is it provides shock,absorption comfort support all in one,nice tidy package and it makes running,easier which who doesnt want that right,also all uh hocas have a meta rocker so,that,helps roll you forward and drives you,forward and it complements your natural,gait cycle all hocus have pro fly,cushioning as well so thats dual,density foam really soft in the heel a,higher density in the forefoot that,helps propel you forward for a nice,explosive takeoff,so now that weve gone over what makes,hoka unique uh well go through the,lineup that we carry in store and,describe a little bit each about each,model and why they might be the right,fit for you,okay so were gonna go through uh each,hoka model that we carry in store so,were going to start with the rincon,this is a relatively new shoe from hoka,its been doing really well,one editors choice by runners world,magazine and um the main thing about it,is its we call it sort of the gateway,drug to hoka its more approachable for,somebody whos been in something a,little bit more minimal,than than the hoka so it gets you sort,of that nice sweet spot in between and,gets you into the brand its 145,canadian so its a fantastic price point,to experience what makes hoka different,and then from there you know you can,decide if you want to move up the line,so its very runnable its nice and fast,if you are doing speed work or drills or,racing um its suitable for all those,things but you can also train in it and,do some some light running,then we move on to the clifton,theyre on their sixth iteration and,this is sort of,again that in between like you get tons,of cushioning like youll see in some of,the other models but again you really,feel that pro fly,feature that we were talking about with,that dual density soft in the heel but,you get that nice um firm forefoot,feeling so that you have a really nice,smooth transition and nice take off,so thats definitely the runners hoka so,youre racing 10k and up um youre gonna,like to train and race in this guy,and that comes in at 170 canadian uh so,another part of the the clifton is that,it does fit a little wider so if you,have a wider foot,this might be the right fit for you it,also comes in a wide so yeah for wider,footed people its a really good fit,and then we move up to the bondi which,this is like,the supreme cushioned model,its sort of like i wear this shop all,day in the store as you can see and its,sort of like having a mattress on my,foot i love it for standing all day id,wear it to walk no problem certainly,its good for running especially if,youre coming back from injury we have a,lot of health practitioners that refer,people to our shop to pick up a model,like this,to help them recover,so yeah another great one it is that,standard width can be a little narrow it,comes in wide as well which we also we,do carry the widths um so,suitable for all types of foot shapes,and all types of runners and again ive,got runners like marathon people that,they train in this they do their long,runs but then they might race in,something like the clifton or the rincon,or something else entirely um but yeah,long runs also super suitable for,the bondi,and then another flagship shoe by hoka,in a really,um one of their,sort of home run shoes we could say is,the speed goat so theyre on their,fourth generation of the speed goat so,you get your nice this is a trail model,sorry so still get that higher stack,height that hook is known for and that,great cushioning but you get a super,wide platform to provide that stability,which of course you need on the trails,super rugged durable outsole with the,vibram and nice durable upper two,theyve got some reinforcement welding,on there to make it really durable,tons of ultra marathoners are in this,shoe winning races,um yeah theres a reason its so popular,its its a really great comfy shoe and,um,that retails for 190 canadian so does,the bondi so when you get those supreme,cushion shoes thats youre hitting that,price point there,um and yeah thats the overview of what,we carry in store make sure to check the,description weve got a link for you to,our whole collection and a discount code,for 10 off your purchase so yeah thanks,so much for watching and well see you,next time,[Music],[Music],and

GDEFY Lace-Up Running Sneakers – XLR8 on QVC

if youve heard about the brand they,have their own patented proprietary,technology that helps to spring you up,and lift you up and pivot and help you,walk and pivot as you are getting your,steps in so a really incredibly high,level of support,in something like this and their footbed,is also removable so we love that,because you could put it on other shoes,but it is its actually going to be,national walking day on the 6th and we,are thinking about with the weather,getting nicer getting outdoors so im,going to take you through and show you,your color choices and get into these,now but really excited about this brand,being here at qvc brand new today,a dollar a day on easy pay,we have two black options um with that,what looks a little bit like you know,the the gray and the white were calling,that one black silver,so that kind of brightens up the black,shoe,if you want to wear these in a workspace,or you need that,for professional reasons all black,sneaker we do have the black black next,door,followed by the powder blue a really,really pretty one for spring,and then finally,the white gray is nice because its,again a grounded white so as you are,like truly getting your steps in and,everything you dont have to worry about,dirtying that one up as much medium and,wide widths whole and half sizes i want,to bring in our guests for the brand,chris freytag is a certified health,coach shes a personal trainer,for over 25 years and a published author,of five books so um chris welcome in,were so excited that g defy is here and,obviously with what you do for a living,outside of this company working with,people and wellness in their feet,it says a lot about you know why you,would choose to be an ambassador for,this brand so were so excited to have,this shoe in shoe shopping,hey thank you its so good to be here,with you,so you can,you can feel the difference like,immediately chris when you put these on,your feet like id love for you to,explain,theyre not just like its a supportive,shoe theres patented technology behind,that statement right,yes so the gravity to fire brand has,been around for over 12 years and there,is patented technology so first of all,we call it the versa cloud technology,thats in the heel area its like a,spring cell technology it absorbs your,its a shock absorber basically um if,you think about memory foam when your,body heats up memory foam you kind of,sink into it a little bit that wont,happen with our versa cloud it literally,propels you forward and the best way i,can describe it is ease of motion it,makes it easier for you to move also a,very supportive ankle back uh ankle area,which for me you know as i get older a,supportive ankle as im walking youre,outside youre taking steps is really,really important,um roomy toe box again if any of you are,in my age group,your toes your nerves i just like a big,open roomy toe box breathable mesh and,then the other technology is the front,rolling design so it literally reduces,your foot stress it kind of rolls like a,rocker technology thats going to,relieve pressure on the toes and the,joints,and then last courtney we cut it comes,with three different inserts to make it,very customizable,wow i mean and again even from the,outsole i love that about the inserts,but,walking in this alone like feeling sort,of what it feels like to just stand,there and kind of go back and forth like,it does propel you forward um and,anytime something is patented you know,that that technology was so special that,it it that the the brand and the company,wanted to protect it and you do feel,that gravity-defying difference,immediately it almost gives your whole,body like this lighter weight feeling,you know almost like a weight was lifted,as you use it so i just,you know i i love that kind of concept,as we are going into hey this might not,be were not saying you have to like run,a marathon or walk a marathon but just,like the everyday you know taylor,getting your errands in and getting,those steps in,well yeah and i mean thats been my,passion for like you said you know 25 30,years trying to get people to move more,and sometimes people say to me well you,know its my hips its my knee its my,this its my dad ive got discomfort and,ill often say hey lets talk about your,shoes lets talk about your feet because,of the 206 bones in your body a quarter,of the bones in your body are in your,feet your feet are like a big deal,um so the other thing about these,inserts too courtney which is so,important to me i love a really good fit,a customizable fit and if you ever order,a shoe and its the wrong size when you,get it home so we starts with what we,call our comfort fit which is just your,basic insert,we then also provide you with what we,call the perfect fit,which is a spacer i like to call it a,spacer so if the shoe comes in and you,want it to be a little more snug you add,the spacer okay if youre someone like,me who really needs an arch support i,really need that arch support for,alignment it makes me feel better it,makes my bones my muscles my joints all,feel better we have a pair of corrective,fit we call it that has huge arch,support so youre getting three,different inserts with each shoe to,really customize the fit for you and,make it work you know my favorite saying,courtney is motion is lotion when people,tell me oh my joints are stiff and sore,or i have discomfort i always say okay,the best thing for that is to move your,body and if youre thinking about,getting outside this spring and summer,and you want to put in more steps what,you have on your feet really matter well,were so excited g defy is here im,going to take everybody through the,colors remember the customizable,removable insoles their patented,difference that sort of springs you,along yet its super lightweight just in,time to get our stepson and get outdoors,and just protect yourself in the,everyday in the black silver,the black black,most popular,six doesnt remain if you do have to,wear a black black all black for work go,get that one the powder blue,and your spring summer perfect white,gray chris thank you so much were so,excited youre here and excited to see,more from the brand thank you so much,its been fun get out and walk,[Music],all right time for a first look,from bionic,an orthotic brand we love them because,they bring us the best of like design

Best Shoes For Walking? FitVille Rebound Core Review

when a sneaker company slogan is how to,love your feet you know theyre doing,something right perfect,[Music],hello there broskis irkin back here and,its been about a week or so now since,my last video but this one is something,very special on todays review we are,looking at the fitbill rebound core in,this army green colorway,[Music],now lets get this disclaimer out of the,way yes this is indeed a sponsored video,by fitbill but just like always you are,going to get that honest review from,your favorite broski and also i want to,say thank you to fitbill for sorting,this out and reaching out to me and ive,got to say you have done something very,special with this silhouette ive,screamed this so many times comfort is,king with sneakers and this companys,idea is right in line with what i,believe yes you can get sneakers that,arent as comfortable as others just,because they look better but could you,really wear them all day without any,foot pain and this is exactly what the,rebound course stands for but before we,go any further lets have a look at this,care package and the box that they sent,me it does come in your black and yellow,box which is very unique to say the,least but on the product sticker it does,read fitfill rebound core and the color,is of course army green but one thing,that was really outstanding for me,anyway was the booklet that was included,on the front it says how to love your,feet now there is a lot of information,in this booklet so im not going to read,all of it but lets just say its such a,nice thing to see with the sneakers in a,nutshell it goes on to say how you can,avoid foot pain and foot injuries and,also why this sneaker is so unique in,helping you do that such as the wide toe,box this heel ring at the back which,does actually surround the shock,absorbing pads and we have the dual,density sole alongside this anti-skid,rubber now another thing that comes with,the sneakers inside the box its got the,care instructions at the back on how to,look after these sneakers which i,havent really seen from a company in so,long now these do come in dust bags,individually as well to keep them free,from dust and dirt when youre packaging,them up or putting them away but that,pretty much sums up this care package,and how they came to me it is nice to,see from a company these care to the,details now this being a fairly new,sneaker to a lot of you i bet youre,thinking about how these fit and what,they feel like now i actually went true,to size with these and to be fair they,fit pretty nicely you can definitely see,these have catered to people with wider,feet and i do believe on the website,there is an extra wide option as well so,theyve really thought about these now i,hope you are still with me because there,is a nice cheeky discount code for you,guys if you want to get anything on,their website for 20 off then use my,discount code,fitbill22 i will leave it somewhere,around here and of course in the,description box their instagram their,facebook their website if you do want to,have a browse on their website and see,what theyre all about trust me you,wont be disappointed but lets have an,even closer look at these beauties now,these retail in at just under a hundred,dollars what are you actually getting,for your money now as you can see on the,underlays there is this airy mesh and on,the overlays there is this smooth suede,finish now again the tongue it is of,this mesh with the fitbill branding,stamped on top of the tongue with again,the fitbill branding on the insole now,weve got the fitbill branding on top of,the hill counter and just on the lateral,side we have the fitfill logo as well,now this cushioning to this midsole ive,got to say it is very unique and so,cushioned it has such a premium feel,when it comes to the cushioning and its,got a nice contrast of colors with green,white and orange as well and then on the,outsole it is as they call it the,anti-skid rubber and i can vouch this,has a lot of traction so what are we,thinking so far broskis comment down,below but like on every single review,that i do on this channel i still have,to decide whether these are a buy or a,buyer now when it comes to working with,brands and companies im very very picky,so for me to even get these on the,channel it just says a lot this is a,sort of everyday sneaker you can wear,for hours on end for me personally i do,suffer with somewhat flat feet there is,a slight arch but not the biggest and,ive always told i need arch supports i,need this i need that and when i try and,insert them into sneakers it just ruins,the experience of them but when youve,got the support built into the shoes,youre wearing it just makes life so,much easier and you can definitely see,that fitfill have made such an effort,with this rebound core sneaker and yes,you might not be used to this style,sneaker but for me i do love a good dad,shoe there are a lot of other companies,out there that do something very similar,but nowhere near on this level the,comfort and cushioning and for me these,do actually look good i do like the,chunky look to it and the ruggedness as,well these wont fall apart as soon as,you put them on wearing them down the,park trust me broskis ive done it i,wore these all day for the b-roll,because they wanted some outdoor shots,and i was all for it because this,silhouette makes the outdoors a lot more,pleasurable are there any downsides to,this sneaker i cant really pick a few,maybe the looks you might have to get,used to it and also theyre mainly made,for people with wider feet so if you do,have a narrower fort just like me that,might also need some getting used to but,honestly in my opinion this is one of,the best sneakers you can get for the,price and with that cheeky 20 off code,youre getting yourself a nice little,bargain this sneaker looks like it could,hold up for quite a few years so overall,i am indeed going to give this,a buy but broskis comment down below,what you think are you looking for great,outdoor silhouettes or are you looking,for something completely different leave,it all down below because i will be,pinning the best comments anyways,broskies thank you for watching all of,fitbills information will be down below,alongside that discount code check out,their website theyve got a ton of stuff,to choose from different colors,different models even sandals so if,youre like me and you love slopping,around at home in your sliders or,sandals then that might be a good pick,up and if you havent already dont,forget to like subscribe comment and,share,and of course until the next episode,take care,[Music],oh,[Music],you

Type of Shoes You Should Wear With Plantar Fasciitis

bob and brad,the two most famous,physical therapists,on the internet,[Music],hi folks im bob schrupp physical,therapist brad heineck physical,therapist we are the most famous,physical therapist on the internet in,our opinion of course bob this video is,a part of a series of videos on plantar,fasciitis go to bob and brad.com for the,entire series and youll,youll have an enlightenment uh today,were gonna talk about types of shoes,you should wear with plantar fasciitis,basically with plantar fascia remember,the plantar fascia helps form the arch,of your foot right,and,generally youre going to want to have a,shoe with good arch support,so you may be even if youre not a,runner,or even if you havent been a walker you,may want to get a shoe,that is a walking shoe or a running shoe,sure because they have great arch,supports in a lot of these now that,doesnt mean that,you should have a high arch if youre a,flat-footed person youre not going to,get a high arch and force it,so,you need support that matches your foot,right and so were going to show you a,test right now that you can do to help,determine kind of what foot you have so,basically you can take a,you could take a bag a paper bag or you,could take a vanilla folder or a vanilla,uh envelope here right a lot of times,youre like a,a grocery bag one of those brown bags,you get the grocery store work really,work really well so im just gonna go,ahead and put my foot in some water here,and im gonna go ahead and put it on top,of the,the envelope and then im gonna put some,weight on it,and,after its all said and done you can,actually see the imprint now we,mines really crude brad did a lot,better job on his but um,this is my arch and you can see my arch,is so high it doesnt even connect on,the outside of the the foot even at some,point the arch is i mean i really do,have a high arch so this is his heel his,toes are up here,um,and that that connect thats uh,put your foot up there once,up where right up so they can see it oh,yeah yeah so this section right here,har doesnt even,contact right ive got such a high arch,right um,and youve got about a medium right,right so you got about a normal argument,much more contact to the paper here um,and if you got a flat foot youre going,to have a wet spot and its going to,look like,yeah that spots going to get fit the,arch is going to get filled in if you if,you have a flat foot thats right its,going to be wet all the way through here,yeah and then you know youre definitely,flat footed if it feels all the way,across like that so brad if you you want,to show ours compared to oh sure right,right,so i do have more of an arch than and,brad does now this means i have a rigid,foot this is not necessarily good um and,but its going to determine what kind of,shoe i want to wear yeah,and he has a normal arch now with a,a flat foot you actually have a more of,a flexible foot there may be some laxity,in the ligaments there right and um it,it absorbs,stress better to some extent right,because it spreads the force too much,but sometimes too much right so you can,see i can get this a marker way under,bobs arch and mine i can just just get,it in and if someone was flat foot you,know you wouldnt even be able to get,your little finger in there right so,lets go over some of the types of shoes,brad the problem with shoes,is theres not a standard standard today,standardization among the shoes is their,brand,i mean um right well you know theres,motion control stability and then,cushion shoes is kind of there but kind,of to get the detail uh with the,exception of this store that we went,here with the rogans they have 31 stores,in the midwest and theyre actually,developing their own system across the,brands but from one to five right but,its not its not worldwide or in the,united states a standard so you have to,learn how to do this so this is just a,generality here okay now if you have a,ridge foot like i do with a high arch,youre generally gonna go with what we,call a cushioned shoe now a cushion shoe,it actually has you know what just what,it says its very cushioned right so one,test you can do on a cushioned shoe you,can often take it now this ones not a,complete cushion shoe but its a pretty,good one right you can grab the heel and,the forefoot you can actually twist it,and ring it almost like a rag right,the other test you can do is you grab,the heel and the forefoot and you bend,like this and it actually bends,right in the arch right,so theres not a lot of support here,its just a lot of cushioning right so,go to the second shoe in the list here,this is the one i actually do wear this,ones for someone who,has has would have either a a normal,arch or maybe a little bit of a pronator,for whatever reason i it works for me i,mean i probably could should go with,more of a cushion shoe,now with this one,it actually does have a plastic portion,in here that,maintains the arch,if i push it on here like this you can,see it doesnt bend in the arch at all,right so its stable right here its,stable here on both sides they actually,even have a little plastic there too,but it does get forgiving and and flex,is in the forefoot right which youll,see on the motion control is not the,case right um and you cant twist this,one i mean it just isnt going to happen,you can take your fingers and you can,point it push in here its a little bit,softer here but its its hard plastic,there right all right,now were going to the motion control,now this is a heavier shoe first off,its kind of like a herman munster shoe,here yeah but if i try to bend this i,mean i can hardly bend this at all its,very stiff,this is for you know a severe pronator i,would say in other words if youre,really flat-footed,and,things are starting to collapse and when,you put weight on and this falls in and,your ankle bone here is starting to,drift towards the floor you want some,good support there so you dont have,severe problems down the road right so,again now you can feel this is really,tough material in here the and with all,these youre gonna wanna it should feel,good right away uh when the shoe you,shouldnt have to break into it i mean,you you want to be able to find a shoe,that it feels good the day you put it on,right so um and,just because you are a severe pronator,doesnt mean youre gonna need uh motion,control right i mean you might get by,with the stability um youve got to,experiment around with it right,but at least you know and there are some,sales people that really know their,shoes and some that dont right so i,mean the idea is the point of this whole,video is we want to show you there are,different shoes right so you want to,make sure that you try different ones to,see which one works best for you,so plan on trying a number of shoes on,yeah and actually get up and walk,walking around dont just try them on,and stand on them you need to walk i,even run in the store if youre a runner,i i can just see,back and forth i think some places have,treadmills uh dont yeah well you know,there was one in lacrosse and then they,went out of business for some reason,but i always say that you should have a,treadmill in here and they never put one,in it thats where i go to all right go,ahead and watch keep watching this,program uh this series of programs,because uh these series of videos i,should say because itll give you the,answers to all your needs for plantar,fasciitis,thanks for watching enjoy,you

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