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Gear Anime! Worth it or not!? One month wear and tear review.

whats up youtube,this is an update the review for the,gear anime shoes,as you can tell i got my second and,third pair in,and,lets just get into it so,for the first pair im gonna go over the,zero twos,uh theyre actually,so unlike my zanetsus if you havent,seen that other video,uh ill go ahead and put the link in the,description,right here,you can see these are way,better uh,paint wise quality is way better,everything is full by the way um ive,had these shoes for about,a month now so i wanted to give you guys,an update in regards to me wearing them,after a month uh so this is me wearing,them for a month now,uh quality is still in there uh the,little threading right there that just,started to happen but like i said um,does happen with anything the jordans,that i have everything so,quality is really nice these um as i,said earlier in my last video that,the other pair were just a tad bit too,big the 13s the 13 replicas um my,these are obviously the jordan 1 styles,and,with these i got the,nine and a half,in regular us shoes i am a 10 and a half,so the nine and a half these actually,fit perfect for me now,as you can go through and see the paint,on them is really well its stuck its,been raining here in cali so,its really good,uh over here i have the,re zeros,these ones are dope the ram and rams,uh same thing had these for a month i,wear these if im not wearing these or,those i normally wear,the zenetsus and i wear these almost,daily so these are,after a month paint quality is still,really good a little bit of a crease,that you can actually tell that ive,been wearing them its from the crease,but the paint quality is well its gone,through rain,everything like that um,so for gear anime,um and i ordered these during the,holiday season,so its been pretty nice,um,once again these are a 10 and a half uh,for the ram,everything looks really good here as you,can tell once again my only complaint,but it happens with any other shoe is,the threading uh this is after,ive worn them for at least 20 times now,and the threading right there its no,big deal you can probably just cut that,but like i said i have my adidas,everything like that do the same thing,so right here so if you guys are,thinking about going through here going,to gear anime,i suggested ive had no issues with them,so far,uh these are my third and,second pair of shoes that i got from,them,i have a fourth pair,i ordered the another 13 size of the,zanetsus or i apologize the um,inosukes so,those are also downstairs,uh but i wanted to do another style the,jordan 1 replicas for you guys,like i said i was going to send you guys,another,video so this was it,like i said very comfortable,um very durable everyone always talks,about how,oh i can feel my my toe through the,bottom everything uh like i said i feel,like these are more like converse,theyre more like chucks so if youre,comfortable with chucks thats how these,are,uh im not worried about them falling,apart or anything like that and like i,said,theyre mainly for,the style you know you like them,i got them because im a big anime fan,and you know this is what i like to wear,and,its dope,uh if you guys have anything else any,questions just go ahead and comment down,below,ill go ahead and fill it in i got some,more anime drip coming in as well so,ill go ahead and give you guys updates,on those as well,i got anime clothing im gonna be doing,anime reviews,uh just comment what you guys want me to,go over,um and im going over a lot more anime,figures,um,ive been doing a lot more,video game streaming and whatnot so,yeah let me know and hit me up in the,comment sections and ill make sure to,get back to you alright guys have a good,one

Gear Anime Review gearanime.com

okay guys,so,i ordered some stuff from uh gear anime,and i believe i ordered it on um,september,24th ish and i got this in like,october 7th,uh so it actually came a lot quicker,than i thought and yes i have already,taken a sneak peek,but i did want to make this video just,so in case any of yall are wondering if,gear anime is legit,im very excited to say that it is so um,let me see if i can hold this right uh,while i do this um hang on a second just,bear with me,so i got these as a uh,which i am in in the us so give me just,a second so,um i ordered these,as,uh christmas gifts,and i thought they were going to take a,couple of weeks so i wanted to get them,ahead of time,they came in a lot sooner than i thought,so this is uh,this is the first ones,this is what i ordered this is,for my son hes hes a huge fan,um,so,this is uh,this is what came in for them,for them,uh they look really good,holly they actually are,i dont know,theyre incredible i havent opened them,because you know like i said they are,going to be a christmas gift,so,the detail in them and everything,is uh,incredible,like,i absolutely love,it uh definitely um did not disappoint,so,theres those now i did buy,two pairs so thats the first one,and i bought one right after the other,because they had a,spiff on it like you know if you buy one,you get a 20 gift card so i bought one,and then turned around and bought,another one right after,um but i still got them at the same time,so um,these are the ones that i got for my,hubby,uh,these are really,really nice,so,flip this over,so you can really see them,they look so good they even have that,deal on the top there,but he likes the high top stuff so i got,on the hot tops,but these,im really really impressed with gear,anime now i was you know very leery,very hesitant because there werent many,reviews and i saw a um youtube video,like this you know like this,that actually made me go ahead and,commit,to um,to give this a shot and purchasing them,and im so glad,so so glad that i did,because they came in,i mean,quicker than i expected,um,they came in with the same tracking,number even though they were two,different orders so it worried me,but um i had no worries because they,were it was one order after another and,they came in packaged just like this so,i really hope this helps you,um if youre looking for christmas gifts,from your anime or just want to order,anything at all from gear anime like i,give them big time props,so i hope this helps and you making your,decision,and i hope you enjoyed the video thank,you

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Gear Anime Custom Sneakers

yo,whats up guys,today,im back with another video and today,im going to be doing a review on,something that i have not done,um or that ive done,um on some of my previous videos,but if you guys coming from a different,channel of mine this is going to be,something new to you guys and if you,guys have been know me from my main,channel,this is going to be something that you,guys are used to so today,were going to be doing a review on a,website that i have not purchased from,uh by far with you know um,by myself but im kind of new to this,website and,this website that i purchased from,its called gear anime i dont know if,you guys can see it in the camera it,might be backwards um because my camera,is facing to a different direction so,sorry about that,but yes i purchased from this website,called gear anime and they make,um custom anime shoes,now,if you guys know or havent know naruto,is arguably probably my favorite anime,and um,as soon as i found these if youve seen,this i found this website and they had,some naruto custom shoes i was like man,i gotta purchase them so lets get into,it guys,bam,here they go,check these out check these out,naruto and sasuke customs man um i,picked these up from gear anime uh im,gonna put their information in the,description below if you guys want to,check them out but lets get into the,materials of this shoe,all right where do we begin man so first,im gonna start with naruto so this is,the left shoe,and,this is what this shoe looks like if you,guys need a close-up,im gonna switch the lighting for you,guys,there you go so yes,these are,the nighttail fox,naruto customs gear anime i just want to,say a,huge huge thank you,for allowing me to purchase this shoe,this shoe,looks really,nice man look at the detailing,so you can see,all of the details,of don rutos nighttime fox suit you can,see naruto in the middle there,you can see,the leather,now the material of this shoe is pretty,good,um i did try this on feet um so stay,tuned for our on feed tomorrow um im,gonna be,um posting a picture with me wearing,these on my instagram so if you guys uh,want to check out my instagram page ill,put that in the description below as,well so you guys can check it out um and,my instagram is irvay821 so y r,e v a 821 so go check it out um,ill do a lot of posting of me wearing a,lot of shoes and um yeah you guys should,check it out um but yeah back to the,shoes,your anime came through gear anime came,through man this is a nice shoe,um,and i think this is probably arguably,probably,the best shoe i have like ever picked up,um in my collection so yeah the back,there you can see the orange there,you can see,the bottom there so thats the sole,i went with my true decide so i,recommend going true to sizing these um,but yeah lets get on to the shot skates,man,so here are,the shots,tell me what you guys think,naruto,or sasuke,naruto,or shots gate let me know in the,comments below,which shoe you like better man the right,or the left personally man i think you,really cant go wrong with one without,the other you need one to complete the,other man um so yeah,both dope,um,yeah these these are flames,now lets go into the shovsky did,something so with the chassis something,you can see his asuno flames right there,on the background you can see shots get,in the middle you can see the shiha logo,oh my gosh man and im a huge sasuke fan,so yeah i had to get the mix match from,the final from the uh the boss fight,that they had in shippuden if you guys,are hip to the anime industry um but i,recommend watching naruto shippuden if,you have not seen naruto um,but yeah,its so good man the bottom is the same,like the naruto ones um,yeah man for and i only paid 150 bucks,for these so,just be aware that these are gonna have,shipping added and um,theyre gonna probably come up like on,the website they only go for 99 bucks,but when you go well when you complete,your order youre going to have shipping,added and its going to come up to i say,about 150 depending on your size,so,for these to be 150,they came through they came through man,and its not a fake site i checked,theyre legit as you can see the shoes,came,im im happy with this purchase so if,you guys are interested with these make,sure,to check them out so yeah shots gays man,really dope you can see the back there,these are narutos,oh my gosh these are sick man but yes,thank you guys for watching stay tuned,for more videos from your boy and um,and it comes below um tell me um whats,some of your favorite animes and maybe,you know,if you guys want to see some more anime,shoes let me know in the comments below,bendy ah sorry but yes if you guys know,if you guys that subscribe for more,impact what action check out bj engine,if you for those who subscribe to the,bgi ngo check out pacquiao um support,the love on the other channel and on uh,and on the video angel channel so thank,you guys for watching your boys out stay,tuned for more im gonna give you guys,one more close up,[Music],thats the shots case,thats the narutos so yep,peace out guys stay safe

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Gear anime shoes scam or not? Also going over sizing!

whats up youtube alright so,if youre like me youre a big weeb im,over here uh got the gear anime shoes i,wanted to take a risk,everyone told me to try them so i was,the first one out of my group to go and,get them,lets see how they came out im also,going to be doing the um sizing of them,as well,im a size 10 and a half,in u.s shoes adults,so,yeah lets go ahead and get these bad,boys open and see how they came out,[Applause],so,its actually pretty cool,i know before they used to come in,nothing but a bag,this time they actually came in a box,um,pretty cool so far a nice little shoe,box here you go,you guys can take a look at that,pretty cool little shoe shoebox they,taped it up,i might have to get a knife to open that,up,all right guys so these are the,zenitsus,im a size 10 and a half,i ordered a size 10. um im an idiot and,i didnt read,the sizing on it uh the sizing chart so,ill let you know how these are if,theyre too big too small how they are,like i said im a size 10 and us,mens so well go ahead and,lace these up and see how they come out,ill tell you this right now,quality of them,theyre actually,pretty nice,um,so far i like them,um,i mean you can,smell the paint on them,pretty strong paint smell so far,but other than that theyre pretty dope,uh,the front of them,uh not as,now these yellow as i was hoping,actually kind of faded,um,as you could tell a little bit faded,throughout,uh the black is really dope,the xeno2 is dope a little bit of,discoloration right here,you can,see right here,but all in all i mean,so far so good besides that for what i,paid for them i guess,uh so ill try putting them on and,lets see how the sizing goes,yeah the paints actually really strong,on these,so,all right,so like i said i got the size 10,and my toe is like right here,uh im a 10 and a half,so,these arent too,too big,maybe a nine and a half for me would,have been perfect like i said i am a,size 10 and a half in the us adults,uh these are just a tad bit too big,uh but if i were to wear thicker socks,maybe some nike elite socks or something,like that those will feel perfect but uh,yeah like i said as of right now,its a tad bit too big um,contrary to what everyone says,theyre actually,built pretty strong i know some people,said that they were coming out pretty,weak but theyre actually pretty strong,they feel a little bit durable but like,i said only complete right now is uh the,paint,is a little faded,so its not as bright as i would want it,to be but hey,what can you do you know and like i said,the little marks,on this shoe right here,those are a little imperfection but,overall everything else,pretty nice you know like i said sizing,wise,if youre a 10 and a half like i am i,would definitely get a nine and a half,so i would say,these are most likely,uh like converse like chucks,where they run one size big so obviously,if youre ten and a half then get a nine,and a half and if youre not in half get,eight and a half,uh but yeah man if you guys got anything,just follow me for more i got three more,pairs of shoes coming in and well go,ahead and keep you guys posted on that,all right but other than that theyre,pretty good shoes,ill give you another update in a week,or so to see how they come out after a,week of wearing them,all right

Review Anime – Crush Gear Turbo

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I Bought Tanjiro Shoes So YOU DONT HAVE TOO | ANIME DRIP

i kind of wanted to like test the waters,but this is something that i truly care,about you guys really know that im into,i cant really say fashion because i,dont consider myself,the most fashionable person but i,definitely like certain,types of clothes especially when its,anime inspired now this is not anime,inspired obviously,this land before time its like uh some,of my childhood engraved inside of me,this is from dumbgood they hooked it up,um i might do some more lookbook videos,in regards to like,weeb nerd and geek apparel i definitely,plan on doing more street wear anime,type of videos like this now i dont,know if you guys have been seeing,especially if youre an anime fan like,myself,there has been circulating around,instagram facebook or wherever you guys,go,twitter anime shoes and particularly the,demon slayer shoes especially since the,demon slayer movie,uh mugen train was released in theaters,and a lot of people are hyped about it,no i have not watched it yet [ __ ],sony refunded me and,took the movie back from me man i didnt,get to save it i know,people are saying you can watch it on,this website guys i need to watch it,legally,shueisha is watching me right now like,right now so im waiting till,it comes out officially on streaming,services so i can properly review it if,you guys have been circulating the demon,slayer shoes theres the tundra shoes,and there is also the zanetsu shoes i,call them the,demon slayer ones or the air force,tanjiro so i did purchase myself one of,them so you guys dont have to do it,yourself,this right here is holding the air force,tanjiros and were going to open it,unbox it and ill review it for you guys,as someone who owns a lot of apparel,from sponsors from anime brands,i dont necessarily buy a lot of clothes,but if anything if i spend the most,money on anything,its my shoes shoes are extremely,important to me,on top of what i wear up here i just,wear shorts in general if you hang out,with me already know,were gonna open it looks like it came,from china but it says its from vernon,california but this [ __ ] took,so [ __ ] long so were gonna see it,now when it comes to unboxing shoes like,nike vans adidas usually the box,stands out im hoping that the box looks,kind of cool and its not just some,plain,like white or gray brown box thats why,im unboxing it completely from,from scratch because i dont know what,its going to look like if the box is,cool,thats big points but i have a feeling,its not im looking at the camera,because i dont want to see,what it looks like yup see look at this,plane,wow it comes in a yellow fashion casual,shoes already big sag and this is,actually proof right here that,its not from here it was imported so,kind of nervous because i feel like im,going to be oddly disappointed the shoes,look,really cool the air force tanjiros looks,solid,as [ __ ] but at the same time im like,super nervous that its going to be,trash,my favorite shoes are air max 90s from,nike those are,my favorite shoe of all time like as a,breakdancer that was the shoe that i,always went for,and here they are oh and of course nike,dunks and here it is,damn its smell fake do you know how,shoes have a certain smell especially,nike shoes these,dont smell like that so here are the,air force tanjiros,as i call them theyre pretty cool,like you can see uh the water breathing,technique right here,uh theres the significance of tonjiros,scar on his head,dude this smells this smells like,[ __ ] paint slight defects here and,there i dont know if ill be able to,point it out on camera,but if you guys look there some of the,paint on,the lettering is kind of gone good,the paint makes me want to cough and it,looks a little bit faded here so i dont,know how long the paint would last would,i wear these shoes in actuality,i have no idea its kind of cool to see,the shading on everything,how they added details to like the,stitching and stuff there is the,uh hana is it hanafuda earrings,tangeros earrings right there,and then um i dont know what thats,supposed to say at the top its like uh,kw shoes i think its supposed to be,like air jordan but it says something,else,and then the standout thing is the check,mark is actually the,the water breathing technique slice,sword thing,build quality alone i can tell you guys,that,its not bad it does feel a little,flimsy,like if if anything ill show the soul,it smells like [ __ ] pink im,definitely gonna change out i know you,could buy some different,souls like you can get ones very,similar to the boosts uh these soles,look like theyre gonna break,immediately laces are just regular laces,obviously thats,fine i always change my laces because,im really bad with,tying my shoes but yeah so far it looks,super cool,but you can tell like some of the paint,job,in the shoe is not fully done well,and it still smells like [ __ ] paint,like maybe they painted it and then they,didnt,like let it dry out properly im not,gonna lie these shoes,look super super cool i think these,shoes look really really cool,would i wear them out i have no idea i,dont know if id wear these shoes out,but for right now i feel like i should,try them on and we can wear them outside,and see how we feel about it,but i could tell you the box was,disappointing,um its i feel like the souls are not,very good,were gonna find out when i try them on,maybe ill match it i dont have the,tanjiro,coyote but i have the giu hyori,or i have nezuko but i feel like i have,to wear at least giul,so yeah lets uh lets put these on and,lets try it,all right guys in time im gonna figure,out how im going to,do the clothing layout obviously,burgundy on burgundy wont work on a,burgundy,blanket okay so first of all were going,to be wearing these joggers,uh this is what i decided to choose to,wear with it i guess,i dont have too many bottoms oh my god,the back is so dirty i dont have too,many bottoms unfortunately so,i know the series is going to be really,expensive in terms of me buying,like pants and shorts then of course,since i dont have the tanjiro,top i have the guillotine so were going,im going to wear that,with a it used to be maroon but now more,of a brown,hoodie underneath so this is what were,going to wear these are the three,main pieces that im going to put,together its supposed to be tanjiro,inspired but i guess were just going to,roll with giu,so im going to go ahead and put it on,you barely see me,okay so this is the outfit that we,conjured up together it actually looks,pretty solid i think,um i kind of like it uh though you can,tell right off the bat,that the shoes uh theyre a little,flimsy,i already got a mark on the name the,shoes are a little bit flimsy especially,with the tongue since it doesnt have,that thing that holds it up theres like,usually like the center piece and shoes,that you put the shoelace through so it,doesnt move around so much also its,high tops and i didnt tie it up all the,way because i dont like to tie it up,all the way,as a piece itself it looks really really,cool,and please excuse me i dont have a tall,tripod anymore,all in all i think the shoe is super,cool even though this is a little flimsy,even though the tongue is really flimsy,i think its a super dope shoe,especially for the weeds if they want to,look,cool in a way especially if they want to,be a weeb in their own right,and rock out that theyre a weeb i think,these shoes are,a pretty cool uh substitute for nike,dunks,high tops that is but i will say every,time i take a step i feel like im,breaking the shoe little by little along,with the fit i think these shoe,i think these shoes can fit with,different types of clothing,but for if youre trying to go straight,weeb,like i did kind of it could work out but,i recommend you guys to buy the shoe,why not i think these shoes are really,dope just in general if youre not,worried about breaking them even me just,doing this i feel like ima break them,yeah dope i like them,yeah this is the end check it for sub,because i really need to get that


[Music],whats up youtube its your boy jay to,the wolf and thank you for stopping,by bruh,these past too much,ah some in my eye oh my god somethings,in my eye hold on hold on im done,im done im done hold on all right jump,over,all right so for these past two,months i dont know your boy has been,slammed slam so thank you for stopping,by man big,update um update on what you might ask,i actually have no idea,however no big update um im about to,start coming back out with more about,star coming back out the video,what do you mean my video stop playing,come on now go pro lets not lets not,do this in front of the fans now i know,we,we aint been here in a minute but come,on man,come on cut me some slack,um so,i dont know if you guys noticed my room,isnt red anymore,okay my room isnt red anymore,um so,the last time we spoke i did the,avengers,beta yeah avengers beta that was the,last video i dropped,tried to drop more videos but your boy,wasnt feeling it your boy was hit with,a whole bunch of life,obstacles that you know brick walls,trying to go through and cant go,through and try to go over get knocked,back down you know stuff like that,um all in all your boy,was blocked off from a lot of stuff with,job and,work and trying well driving workers but,trying to move and,yeah your boy got his own place now you,know you know you know,my lighting has been horrible my,lighting is horrible im about to fix,that um,um but your boy got his own spot,um this by all means is not the bedroom,i might actually give yall a tour man,actually yall tour,however your boy walls is not red,anymore i want you guys to notice that,the walls are not red anymore,so i want you guys to i want to,officially welcome you guys,to the new setup to the new me,[Music],bruh my gopro keep going,out on me bruh you are supposed to last,long you probably dont have a memory,yeah dang i didnt check that,all right um this is completely,off the top of the head everything that,goes on this is just,the this is me to you guys all right,this is me to you guys,so before we start before we start,before we before i give you guys a grand,tour everything i want to show you guys,something,something that i myself saw on facebook,did not know if i was gonna get it did,not know if i was gonna get it and what,i meant,my thing what i mean is when i,bought it i didnt know if i was going,to get it i was skeptical i really was i,mean,[Music],i mean it was hundred dollars so you,know,i dont know you boys you got a hundred,dollars throw away like that really,because i couldnt i really,i dont know i dont know no i dont,just let you guys know i i am,but um yeah man i got something to show,you guys,um so your boy,saw an ad on facebook and im pretty,sure you guys seen them by now,and just in case youre skeptical about,whether or not you should buy a pair,or if its fake or its a scam or,theyre trying to steal your money your,boy went on ahead and threw it out there,and we,you know we wanted to see right so,check out whats your boy ball,and im not going to try i dont i i,dont even want to wear them,check this out check it out,check them out and no,im not taking them out the plastic okay,come on the boy got big plans for these,and many others there will be others,but check them out bruh,check them out,check them out bro these are the five,shoes ive probably ever bought in my,life,aint gonna lie to you those are the,fast custom-made shoes i ever bought in,my,whole life because your boy dont,normally buy custom-made shoes so this,is actually the first pair that ive,ever bought,but needless to say,all right you know what honestly i think,its a cool i think with a cool 100,a cool 100 spent you know um,it was one of those do something for,yourself and see,how it looks you know trying to get it,to where,you know just be happy with what you do,and reward yourself so these babies,right here,i actually look yall just understand,look at this man the goku black,super saiyan rose nike slash jordan,custom made shoot look im gonna be,honest with you man i,i know these aint real nikes of jordan,i know where they came i mean these came,from china look,at the end of the day day five,day five okay it aint about the brand,no more,they are five i like these man i really,do,they um its called its called,gearanimate.com,gearanimate.com its gonna be in the,description below,im not getting paid to advertise these,people but hey if you guys want some,if you guys want some uh some uh,custom-made,anime shoes or whatever have you man hey,go go check them out man they got a,whole,lineup they got dragon ball they got,attack on titans um demon slayer,bleach one piece fairy tale,sword art online the list goes on and on,and for the,for the ladies out there sailor moon,thats kind of i hope i dont get a lot,of flank today,but um pokemon they got a lot,they they have a lot man and they got,hoodies and everything else,man honestly i think,im looking at it im looking at them i,think um,they got a few they got a few categories,dragon ball z being b1,i think the main one thats probably,their biggest,selection ever super saiyan blue goku,super saiyan goku,vegito super saiyan blue vegito um,well vegeta and vegito shinron yeah,the dragon that grants three wishes yeah,him um,its a lot they got a lot trunks gohan,frieza boo kid boo like,its a whole bunch man its really a,whole bunch i think they got a pair of,gerunds in there too,naruto narutos another big selection,they have um,itachi naruto sasuke,kakashi avatar aang avatar,actually they just came out with that,one but demon slayers got a pretty nifty,um,selection too so guys,gearanime.com check them out man because,these shoes right here bro,like i said im not getting paid to,advertise these guys,im trying to still build the pack up so,who paying your boy,so go check them out man because your,boy is going to buy,some more okay your boys can buy some,more shoes now that that soap,lets take you guys on tour,i dont know who is notifying me,on my teleophone my cellular phone i,do not want to be notified i dont dont,notify me im busy,dont care all right so first thing,first man i want,i want to welcome you guys to the office,i know its not finished yet but,heres the makeup man here,is hey hey eyes on me,eyes on me i know im looking at yall,but eyes on me okay,okay good all right cool,now the setup is not finished ouch,hit the door um but here we go,heres the office man heres the office,its not done,dont dont dont look my pictures aint,my all my pictures arent put up yet but,they will be,look man yall like this brother look at,this,your boy got the seven dragon balls man,i dont know if yall can see it cuz my,lighting is horrible,but look man look look at all that,yeah your boy got the old consoles too,your boy got the game killed but i dont,know if i could see it,oh crap oh crap,[Music],playstation 2 with a playstation 1,sitting on top of it and you know what,actually actually um i dont know if,this light is healthy,um i got something two days ago,you know and ive been chasing for a,very long time cuz i lost my whole life,you guys check this out,what is that yes the boy has a sailor,dreamcast,with no games but your boy has,[Music],i for whatever reason i dont know,why but the sega dreamcast has always,been one of my favorite,consoles thats ever come out before and,i actually was trying to get my hands on,a black one but you know,because the black 73 passes off super,rare,or whatever the case may be but you know,im happy,with this,[Music],then the retro,i think yall,[Music],all right,yall know yall know your boy guy,the character oh yall dont know,yall dont know okay let me lay it out,for you,let me lay it out for you because yall,dont know so,see this is a personal beard right,this is a personal me actually my,lighting is horrible,lets see if we can fix that um all,right,lighting horrible yeah got it all right,so ouch keep keeping myself,all right so yeah all right,[Music],and for those of you who do know me,personally sword o

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