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  2. General Grabber ATX Review
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General Grabber ATX Test and 20K Review

Perry Mack here with a,“it’s even better because it’s late” tire review,as we tested the General Grabbers ATX through four seasons and across the continent.,We dropped off the new Grabber ATX at OK Tire in Kelowna,to have them mounted,and it was like carrying around a new baby.,The tires were so new at the time,as soon as we announced what we had,,the staff hovered around like new parents in a maternity ward.,They were noticeably quieter than the all-terrain tires we replaced,and sounded as quiet as the OEM all-seasons,which we chucked right after buying the truck.,The Grabber ATX is a blend of the Grabber X3’s strong sidewall,,and the reliable and consistent tread elements of the GRABBER AT2.,The aggressive all-terrain, all-weather tire,has an M+S rating,and has the advantage in icy conditions over other all terrain tires,as it has the option to add studs.,General Tire says their signature DuraGen Technology,provides long, even wear,with excellent cut and chip resistance,,while Stabilitread Technology features a larger footprint,and optimized pattern stiffness to further promote even wear,and long tread life.,We’ll get into how the tread life test turned out, later in the video.,The sipes are full depth,so you’ll maintain wet and snow traction throughout the life of the tire,and General says their Comfort Balance Technology,is a tread cushioning system,with an acoustic tread pattern,that provides a more comfortable, quiet ride on the road,– and our test with the tires supports this.,One of the benefits of living in British Columbia when you’re doing tire tests,is that snow is often just a few thousand feet away,- in elevation.,A mix of rain and wet, heavy snowflakes dropped through dense fog,as we white knuckled our way up the highway to our favourite spot,- Big White Ski Resort.,On flat ground tires provided plenty of grip in the snow,and acceleration around corners at a good speed,was done without getting the heart rate up.,Close to our final destination,,we found a muddy, mushy, wet, snowy work site.,The handling and traction were great,,so naturally we put more gas into the equation,and the only issue we had was blacking out the lens of the GoPro with flying mud.,We decided to find a committed-outdoorsman-rated snow-covered climb,- the kind of road or trail that leads to a remote, no cell reception,,ice-fishing spot or winter campsite.,Nothing better than a logging road leading into the mountains to really see what ATX could do.,Climbing through roughly 10 inches of fresh snow we didn’t experience any slipping.,Days later we tested the tires in loose rock and gravel.,The only thing that held the ATX back,was the poor approach and breakover angle of the Ram.,The tires pulled and pushed the truck along,until either the rock or gravel scraped and blocked the front bumper like a snow plow,,or the tires left the ground.,Although our home town review was done,,we never turn down an opportunity to test tires,– especially with someone else’s Ford F150s,,Wranglers,,or Lamborghini, drag race, Mustang…,So when the call came from General Tire,our bags were packed and we were on our way to ICAR at the old Mirabel airport in Quebec.,We had tested the tires using our Ram 1500 in winter conditions,but now we could test them again in summer dirt,,mud and wet grass.,Once again the X-AT’s proved to be solid performers.,We were able to test them on three different vehicles,from one coast to almost the other,,and heres the late part,,even though we shot the footage in April and June of 2018,,we never had the chance to produce the video until now,,The upside is we can show you the tires after 20 thousand kilometres of driving,at roughly 90% on-road.,Our journeys for work include a fully loaded truck crossing the coast mountains in winter,,and dozens of early morning, and late night trips to hockey practices and games.,We still stand by the results we got a year ago,Do you run your AT tires through the winter,,do you have snow where you live,,do you already own a set of General tire ATX,,what do you think of them?,Let us know in the comments below.,If you enjoyed this video share it,,smash that like button,,and if youd like to see more please subscribe,and ring the bell so you’re the first to know when a new video comes out.,Until next time, stay safe and well see you on the trails.

General Grabber ATX Review

[Music],now if you guys have been around any,type of off-road racing off-roading over,landing,dirt sports or anything else related to,vehicle dirt adventures,then you have definitely seen or heard,of general tires,hey whats up guys josh from trailbuild,and general tires has created,quite an exceptional reputation for,themselves by,having great performing tires that hold,up to just about any kind of abuse,you put them through and today we,highlight our first a general tire,with their popular all-terrain x-series,or atx,so make sure and smash that subscribe,button so that way,you guys can hold on to the ride with us,also keep in mind guys that if you,should decide to,grab yourselves a set of general,grabbers from our website drillbit,offroad.com,and package them with a set of wheels,not only do we mount and balance them,for you for free but if you live in the,lower 48,we also ship them to you at no extra,charge as well and that is a heck of a,savings,all right guys lets go check out these,atxs ready lets go,now we have received a bunch of comments,from all of you for,us to do an overview video of the,grabber atx,and the first thing we wanted to point,out is that the atx could easily,be confused with their previous model,at2 line as they both have almost,identical center tread patterns,but the biggest noticeable change are,the staggered and blocky shoulder lugs,and side biters,as youll notice that they are much more,defined than the at2,the atx which the x means that its,designated from general tire as a hybrid,or crossover tire and was designed to be,a blend of,general x3 mud terrain with a more,robust sidewall and aggressive shoulder,lugs,and generals previous at2 all-terrain,to give it a respectable,on-road handling and a quiet ride plus,lots of great traction characteristics,without sacrificing off-road performance,and thats where,you guys that have daily drivers who,still need their toyota jeep,truck or suv to handle well on the road,last a good amount of miles and still,take you where you need to go,off-road are really gonna like this tire,almost everyone we talked to that had,the atx,gave it a more than acceptable review in,fact,its the tire choice for popular,overlanders like expedition overland for,example,who have been running generals tires,since they started,granted im sure general sponsors their,tires but if you watch their videos they,are genuinely satisfied with the,performance of their tires from,general totally butchered genuinely,hey guys we had to interrupt todays,video to let you guys know that for the,month,of november we have some super awesome,deals,going on all month all you got to do is,click the link above me here,or go to trailbuildoffroad.com from a,distance the tread design,looks to be compactly designed to help,aid in reducing road noise,but at closer inspection the tread voids,and tread depth is,16 30 seconds and look like they will do,a decent job at evacuating mud,as long as you have them spinning at a,faster rate of speed,same with the snow especially the wet,heavy stuff a decent amount of wheel,speed and theyll clear out pretty good,not surprisingly the atx has ample space,between the lugs as these are rated as a,three peak mountain snowflake rated tire,which means they have passed a set,standard as being a high performing tire,in severe winter weather driving,conditions and for more information on,winter tires,make sure and check out our top five,winter tires video by clicking the link,above me,here the atx also has ample amounts of,various,zigzag style siping for extra adhesion,on wet or slippery surfaces and,studdable holes to really help aid in,those situations where you do,a lot of winter driving in areas where,studded tires are legal anyways which,they are not legal here in wisconsin,stud size for the atx is 12 millimeters,or a,tsm number 13. in case you live in a,state where studying the tires,is legal and are looking to stud them,general also states that they have what,is called,comfort balance technology which is a,tread cushioning system built as a,cushioning layer,under the tread and is designed to,provide an extra level of isolation,from road disturbances to help quiet and,smooth out the ride for a bit of extra,road comfort,general has also designed the pattern of,the tread to pitch in a way that gives,it a five roll,tread block pattern for high density,multi-angled tread block edges,to give them an ability to continuously,bite and claw at the terrain below,in multiple directions for that extra,traction in many types of terrain,plus the alternating shoulder scoops,allow a more wide and,open area for additional grip on the,rocks and for more hardcore wheeling,situations,especially while aired down the trek,compound is also made with what general,calls a duragen technology,to provide firm adhesion to the road and,rocks plus,excellent resistance against chips and,cuts general tire offers their atx,in 40 different sizes with one of them,being a 14 inch wheel size and the rest,from 15 inch to 20 inch wheel sizes a,few of the sizes mostly in the 15 inch,size are offered in a c,load range rating a few d load range,ratings across,several different wheel size offerings,and except for a couple of,xl load range the rest are offered in,the e,load range rating and guys to find all,the low rating specs different sizes and,all the other specs,including pricing theyll all be listed,under each atx tire on,trail build and again the link is right,here and guys this is really just a,brief overview of the general grabber,atx so we would love to hear from all of,you,that have them how you guys like them,and what you like about them,or dont like about them also make sure,and tell us what vehicle you have them,on,what size you have and what type of,driving you mostly do,is it on-road driving are you hauling,trailers heavy loads,do you do a lot of off-road driving the,more information,the better or even if you guys do have,any questions on the atxs just let us,know,in the comments below alright guys that,is all that we have for you today and,remember,wheels tires suspension and accessories,for your jeep toyota truck or,suv make sure and check us out,trollbuilt offroad.com,dont forget to hit that subscribe,button and the little bell next to it,thumbs up to like the video and guys as,always we appreciate all of you for,watching and for,all of your support im josh from trail,build and well see you guys,out on the trails

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The BEST 3 Peak Snow-flaked All Terrain Tire??! General Grabber ATXs – My 12 Month Review on 33″s

foreign,[Music],[Music],hey guys welcome back to another video,my name is Spencer and if youre new,around here this is my third gen Tacoma,beside me sitting on the beautiful,stealth custom series br6s wrapped in,the General Grabber atxs were at 33,inches right now well this is my second,set of Grabber atxs actually but these,are the 285s I had the 265s for a year,prior to that and I just have to say,that these are one of my absolute most,favorite tires Ive ever had the,experience of of driving on when I had,the WRX I tried different manufacturers,and brands of tires studded and,unstudded and then when I got the Tacoma,the brand that stuck out the most and if,you watch Expedition Overland youll,know the guys at General Tire this tire,really speaks to that that nature of of,an all-season all-terrain kind of,weekend warrior that can take you,anywhere through any weather condition,and youll make it there youll make it,without any problem weve never been let,down or disappointed by these tires,weve done everything from like long,road trips on on pavement and in those,scenarios I just love how comfortable,and quiet they are theyre not that loud,the bigger tire I find to be more,comfortable more smooth more linear,driving feel when you go over bumps you,almost dont feel them as much,everything just feels a little bit more,solid and connected especially going up,to the 285s the 265s were great but but,going up to 33s really made a nice,subtle difference in the overall comfort,and then weve taken them on some really,awesome Wheeling trips off-roading and,weve gone through all sorts of weather,conditions from rain mud snow and ice,and in all of those weather conditions,these have performed so good I mean,youre talking about a Tacoma that can,go into four high and four low really,the capabilities of putting these,Grabbers on a truck like the Tacoma,they go together and its so good weve,never been let down by these tires,absolutely love them after six months on,the 285s I cant recommend them enough,weve also taken these Grabber atxs,through some really extreme snow uh and,ice conditions here where we live its,obviously winter for like six and months,almost out of the year and even last,winter I think I was still on the 265s,then but with the Dobbins and suspension,we were out in Ghost Valley one day when,theres a big winter snowstorm and every,single turn every single Hill every kind,of like obstacle or ice ledge or rock,that we had to either go over or around,in some way shape or form the Grabbers,handled it amazing absolutely love,driving this truck in the winter but,having the tires like the Grabbers on it,just really set it apart nice thing,about the Grabbers is that theyre 10,ply you can lower your tire pressures,and you dont have to worry as much,about running into issues with them,either debating or puncturing from,something like a rock on the trail love,the durability of these tires I have a,really good Peace of Mind knock on wood,we havent had any issues thus far all,right guys Im going to wrap the video,up here now I hope me rambling and my,thoughts about these Grabbers gives you,some some ideas or if youre researching,considering these tires take my my,honest advice and review about them Im,really really happy with them if I,wasnt I wouldnt be wasting my time and,I wouldnt be having them on the Tacoma,and so I hope this video helps you guys,out there and if you have any questions,feel free to leave a comment down below,and Ill Ill respond to it so thanks,for watching and Ill see you in the,next one peace,foreign

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General Grabber AT3 on Volvo XC 90, 100.000KM review

[Music],thank you,[Applause],[Music],almost,100 000 kilometers,well,thats a pretty beat up tire,but it still works,hello youtubers,this is my,almost 100 000 kilometers review of the,general grabber 83. no im not sponsored,or paid by them its just my opinion of,these tires,i have them in the dimensions 235,60 18,and they are pretty beat up now,yeah thats a bit left,two two and a half three millimeters,um but were planning a,trip to the north cape,and uh,its about four thousand kilometers i,think these tires,wont make it,but its almost 100 000 case since i,installed them,and i drove them on sand,i drove them on gravel,i had them on ice and snow,in the mud,on dirt roads,on mostly,roads,in the last few months i got the feeling,that my fuel consumption increased,not much,normally i get about 760 ks per,per tank,but it went down to 720,slowly,and i thought maybe somethings wrong,with the engine but then i recognized,something,im missing about five to six,millimeters of profile,in diameter thats about 10 to 12,millimeters,thats over a centimeter,i could calculate that by p uh,how much less meters im doing,per kilometer,i will calculate that,so i came to the conclusion,time for something new,and here they are,some brand new general grabber 83,235,is 65 and now 17 in diameter,it gives me a bit more sidewall,and,there,is my rubber,thats a difference,[Music],so there they are,first new one,and whats my conclusion,i can recommend these tires,the fuel consumption increases a little,bit versus standard tires just a little,bit,until 120 kilometers an hour theyre not,noisy,theyre quiet,or i can only hear the engine,the tire pressure,makes them,work horses deluxe,as you might have seen in my videos,i would say the perfect tire for this,car,only downside,they are a bit slippery on wet roads,so if theres hard rain,try not to play formula one racer,its not the car for that and that are,not the tires for that,a little pro tip,change tires from front to rear twice a,year,or you may get this,wear mark,i got a bit lazy the last year,and you can definitely see,these ones are the rear ones on the,inside,the front ones,on the outside,ah,twice a year from front to er to rear,and you wont get this,this wear marks,because this is bad,sawtooth,so this is it,brand new genera grabber 83 in 235 65 17,and,the next video you will see,will be somewhere from sweden norway,maybe finland,ah you know the crawler trailer,well,we grade it up,theres something new and its wicked,and cool,its the offroad troll,its an area,530 gt,lift it 150 millimeters,and this will be our new,traveler,have a nice holiday and summer,see you next videos from sweden or from,the north cape,[Music]

General Grabber ATX 50k Miles Of Abuse – Tire Review

whats happening this wheel aka sir,william and today im going to be,reviewing the general grabber atx,all-terrain tires what i like about them,what i dislike about them and what i,recommend them for you lets get started,i want to start off by telling you this,is probably going to be a little bit of,a different type of tire review than,what youre likely used to seeing on,youtube first and foremost i have zero,affiliation with general tire and i,dont sell tires they didnt give me,this set of tires i had to buy the set,of tires and heres the receipt to prove,it secondly this is not an initial tire,review a lot of folks will put a new set,of tires on their truck and then theyll,go and do a video on their first,impressions or maybe three months or six,months afterwards ive had these tires,for well over a year now and ive put,over 50 000 extremely hard miles if,youre new to the channel i invite you,to go check out some of the other videos,of the adventures that ive taken my,4runner on and the abuse that these,tires have seen but i assure you they,have seen some absolute abuse maybe even,torture theyve seen every type of,terrain imaginable from mud sand rocks,you name it these tires have done it now,i started overlanding all around the,united states and apple my toyota,4runner back in 2015,and since then ive had three sets of,tires i started out with a nitto terra,grappler all terrain went to a bf,goodwrench ko2 all terrain and now i,have the general grabber atx all terrain,so youll hear me compare this tire to,those other sets of tires all of which,have experienced similar abuse and,conditions if you dont feel like,watching the entire video and youre,only here to see if i would recommend,the general grabber atx all-terrain tire,the answer is yes i would absolutely,recommend this tire to anybody and,everybody thats looking for an,all-terrain tire with that said i want,to show you guys how theyve worn over,the past 50 000 miles of abuse as well,as give you the goods and the bads of,the tire itself first lets start off by,looking at the tread as you can see,theres some wear on these treads and,you can see some significant chunking,and different things like that this is,the uh front left this is the front,right,some chunking right there,the rear,and last but not least the left rear as,you can see theyve all got a pretty,even amount of chunking on them and,pretty even amount of tread on them,unfortunately i dont have any coins to,show you the depth but,if i uh if i had to guess i probably,still have abe lincolns head in there,im almost positive of it but as you can,see there is some pretty significant,chunking and the reason that that,happens is as the tire wears down the,lugs just cant bend anymore so what,they do is they end up breaking off and,this typically happens as you get more,and more miles on a tire since i go,off-road so much im often running these,tires well below the recommended 32 psi,at somewhere around 20 and sometimes,even 15 psi whenever you run on pavement,with low psi in your tire you build up,heat and heat is bad for anything and,tires are no exception the more excess,heat you have the more problems youre,going to have with wear and different,things like that that said the general,grabbers have done fantastic at handling,this abuse surprisingly theyve worn,pretty evenly all the way around now one,thing i have done in order to preserve,the tires as much as possible is i keep,the tires rotated every five thousand,miles i ensure that i get these tires,rotated so that way i can get the,maximum performance out of them and as,you can see you can tell within the,tread pattern now lets move to the,outside of the tire starting with this,front left here you can see some,significant spots here where theyve,been cut into and this is from rocks and,different things like that to be honest,with you i dont know how i havent,punctured the side of this tire now this,is an e-rated tire which i highly,recommend an e-rated tire a 10-ply tire,if you will those are a whole lot,stronger and theyre going to be able to,handle the abuse a whole lot better,but yeah you can see here that this,thing is pretty cut up but its still,performing and its still doing well,over here on the front right you can see,the same thing you see a lot of cuts in,the sidewalls there a lot of scuffing,and a lot of chipping and different,things like that and thats all from,hitting rocks and going through,extremely rough terrain moving on to the,right rear its a similar story over,here again its chunked up chipped up,cut up and everything you can imagine,but its still holding in there and,performing,this ones even got,a piece missing out the back here,left rear similar story but you see here,this has got a significant hole looks,like in there but its not leaking from,there again its scuffed up cut up,skimmed up and all the above but its,still running good so as you can see,these tires are pretty well beat up with,that said though i still have confidence,enough in these tires that i dont,hesitate to hop on the interstate and do,80 miles an hour or go on an over,landing trip as a matter of fact,currently right now where im filming,im in the middle of a trip through,colorado on the colorado back country,discovery route that is a solid mix of,around 70 to 30 percent off road to,pavement over landing across the,northern portion of colorado all the way,down to the southern portion and ill,experience every type of terrain,imaginable on this trip and i have all,the confidence that the general grabber,will bring me through it just fine now,each of these tires have at least one,patch or plug in them and as a matter of,fact i think this is the only tire that,still consistently holds a steady air,pressure,now none of the punctures have come from,any rocks or anything like that its,mostly been road debris or nails,different things of that nature as,opposed to my nittos that i had where i,punctured them five times on one trip,just off the little rocks that are in,the forest service roads all right how,do they handle thats what everybody,wants to know so lets break that down,into a couple different categories,starting with on-road performance,on-road this is the smoothest quietest,and most balanced all-terrain tire ive,ever put on a vehicle,period hands down they dont make too,much noise in cab and theyve stayed,that way from the time that theyre,brand new all the way up until now with,50 plus thousand miles on them generally,youll find that all terrain tires start,to get louder or any tire starts to get,louder the more miles you get on them,and i havent found that to be the case,with the generals as far as wet weather,performance go the general do pretty,well i think that the bfgs do better i,did have one particular time with the,generals that i was going down a steep,hill and it had a sharp turn at it and,the back end kind of came out from,underneath it is quite scary luckily,apple has traction control and all that,good stuff so wet weather id say that,it does pretty well if i had to do a one,to ten i would say probably a seven as,far as overall on-road performance,though i would give these a nine out of,ten off-road performance is going to be,broke down into a couple different,categories as well so first lets start,off with sand in loose sand such as the,beach or sand dunes different things,like that when you properly air these,down this is a phenomenal tire this,thing got me all throughout the sand,dunes of oklahoma its gotten me all,throughout the beaches of outer banks so,its definitely a good tire in the sand,as with the bfg now the nitto i got,stuck in the sand twice i got stuck once,out in the beach of oregon and then i,got stuck in the sand one other place,too i cant remember but i think that,might have been from not properly airing,down so i wont necessarily compare it,compared to the bfg though these two are,both neck and neck the general grabber,atx is a fantastic tire in the sand so,long as

General Grabber ATX, Long term tire review

today im going to tell you,why i think the general grabber atx is,one of the best all-around all-terrain,tires available on the market today,[Music],hey guys welcome back to forgotten,waypoints where were going to do,another tire review for my gx470 i,decided to test out the general grabber,atx after hearing some good things about,it plus the price was really good it was,right in the range of the cooper atp,maybe,a little bit more expensive but not much,what i like about the general grabber,atx is that it seems like you are,getting all of the performance benefits,of a higher-end premium all-terrain tire,at the price point of a lets say a,mid-tier lower upper all-terrain tire so,i bought these tires in 2019 for the,gx470 and i liked them so much that when,the coopers wore out on the land rover,discovery 2 i put the same tires on the,disco 2. so im in the middle of a tire,rotation right now on the gx and i would,say ive got just under 41 000 miles on,these tires right now and the warranty,for the light truck tire from general,grabber on the atx the ltes is 50 000,im going to easily hit the 50 000 mile,mark,even with a slight negative camber,alignment it sees seems like im facing,where i am wearing on the inside faster,than the rest of the tire but im still,going to get that 50 000 miles out of it,if i could correct that this would be a,70,60 70 000 mile mile tire maybe even an,80 000 mile tire im probably going to,get 50 or 60 out of it because im just,going to wear off that inside edge,faster than the outside these um on the,discovery 2 i have just under 10 000,miles on them and to me they look brand,new i was surprised im im close to 9,200 9 500 miles on these a little hair,on the end is still there theres good,definition on the siping and it looks,like theyre wearing very well on my,discovery too,so one thing that drew me to these tires,is the gx470 was not our,main off-road vehicle it had to pretty,much be the family car most of the time,and then we would do some off-road,adventures with it some of the time now,where we live in the desert we cant use,a p-rated or a sl rated,tire it just wont work the rocks and,the ground around here are so,strong and pointy that youre just,asking for flat repairs you would easily,get one or two flats,per year if not up to two flats per,outing in the west desert of utah so,getting a load range e tire,or at least a load range d but theyre,hard to find and these general grabber,atx only come in ltes that im aware,of its a requirement now i know these,tires are super heavy compared to the,other ratings although i was looking on,general grabbers website and youre,only talking about a 10 pound difference,per tire so really,youre only,saving about 40 pounds of unspurring,weight but still the sl and the p-rated,tires theyre going to give you a,slightly better highway ride they should,give you better gas mileage and so if,youre asking do i really need lte tires,then you probably dont,but if you have dealt with flats in the,wild flats in the west desert on the,rocks and you need that sidewall,strength you know you need an lte and it,doesnt matter how heavy these tires are,these are the tires youre gonna get so,anyway that was what one of the main,reasons we were looking for and i didnt,want a super expensive super aggressive,tire because the gx470 was gonna take a,lot of miles and there were gonna be a,lot of highway miles so it didnt make a,lot of sense for me to pay for a premium,all-terrain or a huge premium mud,terrain like the general grabber x3 for,a tire that was going to spend most of,its time on the highway now lets talk,about road noise for a second because,this is what blows my mind on the,general grabber atx the lug design on,the general grabber atx is is fairly,aggressive it looks like a small,miniaturized ko2 pattern to me not not,quite as aggressive as the ko2s but,definitely a more aggressive rugged,tread pattern especially on the side,lugs than the cooper atps,so you would think the cooper atps would,be the quietest as they were well in my,experience thats not the case these,general grabber atx they blow me away,with how quiet they are,and looking at the wear pattern it,doesnt look like i have three years on,these and especially not 40 000 miles i,would have said i only put 20 000 miles,on these tires i had to verify with my,records how many miles i got because,compared to other all-terrains ive had,these are quiet they are really quiet,the,the coopers they get kind of a worrying,boom,as they get older which is typical of a,all-terrain the bfg ko2s they got more,of a growl to them as they wear and they,get kind of noisy that way these have,not,made,much noise at all in fact before this,video i drove the gx470 around town to,kind of hear it,and i couldnt,up to you know i didnt get up to,highway speed i got up to about 45-50,miles an hour and and i just i just,didnt hear it these are quiet even with,the un,even wear on that inside edge i just,these are quiet and thats a huge,advantage i give them an excellent,rating for how quiet they are,another thing that i really liked and,sold me on these atxs is theyre,studdable you can see that in the,pattern they got the holes for the snow,studs and they are three mountain peak,snow rated and you know were in a,drought out here in the west but,sometimes we get really heavy snow,snowstorms and i was hoping in the three,years i would get some really good snow,storms that set you know two three four,even six inches of powder on the ground,before the snow plows got out and i had,to drive to work,that unfortunately didnt happen we had,some mild winters these past years in,the snowstorms we did get with potential,of black ice these tires behave very,well i,did not slide i didnt lose handling,that i could remember,and they just gave inspired a lot of,confidence,its hard again its hard for me to say,because i havent had any major powder,storms but from what ive seen so far,these are in the running to be some of,the best,all-season all-terrain snow tires that,you can get which is amazing youve got,so far,class-leading snow performance,class leading,sound performance and youre all at a,mid-tier price point we talk about water,in the rain,we dont get huge rain downpours but we,we have driven these on the highway on,wet surfaces and again youve got plenty,of confidence they work well,theyre great they just are great,in the rocks now,the discovery 2 i havent really had,off-roaded since i got it in daily,driver status we took it out into the,west desert which pretty much we just,had some high speed,four high roads some loose gravel and a,little bit of mud nothing major,in the gx470 same thing i i had them out,exploring in the oapa plateau which was,you know some loose sandy and gravelly,we took them weve taken them to moab,weve never done anything major in these,we we went out to tower arch in this,vehicle,and it performed very well on the mixed,sand and slick rock,dead man point i believe we took that on,this trip we took this on that trail,weve mainly the best off-road,performance test that weve done with,the gx470 with these is up imagine pass,which again is not hugely technical but,yes you want to air down you want to get,some conformity we went during the,monsoon season where we had some wet in,the rain and you worry about the mud you,worry about getting this patch slick,where a mud terrain can expel the dirt,or the mud very easily,with the all season with the lugs close,together can it expel well and yes the,mud ive had in the west desert of utah,in this and in here is definitely not,near any of you guys with some of your,mud bogging,but out here in,in the western u.s the mud performance,the rock performance even the limited,sand i havent i havent taken this,vehicle,with the atxs out sand hollow on some,of that infamous sand,but you know in the moab sand the small,stretches of moab sand,its been fine its been really well i,im not i think you could get some good,flotation out

General Grabber ATX vs BF Goodrich KO2

both the General Grabber ATX and the BF,Goodrich ko2 look quite similar but only,from the central area of the thread as,on shoulders the ko2 gets to be very,wild these shoulder blocks help the tire,a lot in all sorts of rugged trains on,mud although the interlocking Central,ribs of both tires are not good at,self-cleaning the BF Goodrich ko2 offers,full depth notches and bigger traction,Scoops which rip through more,efficiently its thread also offers,bigger sidewall lugs in comparison which,provide better forward momentum even,when its either down deep in mud in,comparison the General Grabber ATX,provides a very minimalistic shoulder,design with smaller notches and skinnier,grooves so this tire gets packed more,easily both tires feature three rib,design in the middle wrapped with each,other and were at least ko2 offers,wider shoulder gaps to pass that month,out the General Grabber gets stuck for,this very easily and this is little odd,as this star is marketed to have taken,shoulders of General Grabber X3 which is,the mud variant of the Grabber family,following the same Trend the Grabber ATX,also lacks on Rocky trains its less,aggressive sidewall lugs dont offer as,much traction when the tire is pressured,down and its simplistic shoulders are,not capable of providing good enough,lateral Aid so the tire is more prone to,slip on sides durability is also one of,the key factors on rocks and here the BF,Goodrich provides you with one of the,toughest tires that you can get it,features three-ply polyester sidewalls,reinforced with two more layers of nylon,where the Grabber ATX only comes with,just two so with Superior durability you,move on rough for tracks with better,confidence and with bulkier sidewall,looks and stronger Rim locks Q2 grafts,more efficiently even when air down to,extremely lower BSI value nonetheless,the General Grabber makes up for all of,this with its significantly better,winter performance despite both of them,branded with three big mountain,snowflake rating with less stiff,internal construction and a softer,thread on top comparatively the Grabber,ATX provides you with a more resistant,thermal adaptive polymer which stays,soft even with extreme freezing,temperatures so with that its Sipes and,small biting notches get to have more,flexibility to grab and trap the snow,particles in its grooves this is,significant because on this terrain snow,to snow contact provides better friction,as snowflakes have an interlocking,design which sticks better with each,other furthermore although both Tire,players are not so great on icy roads at,least the General Grabber ATX gives you,stud able locks which improves its,capability the BF Goodrich ko2 is,although good enough on snow it lacks,slightly due to its stiffer side walls,with a greater number of layers in its,internal construction with these layers,the tire also weighs more in comparison,and with larger weight the onward,performance is also naturally,compromised the General Grabber ATX with,its closed up thread blocks improves,on-road grip and by weighing less it,also does great in terms of wear in fact,its one of the most long lasting,all-terrain tires that you can get,however in wet conditions this tire is,not able to perform satisfactorily where,it lacks a lot in lateral traction which,limits its handling abilities though,its still better compared to Q2 this is,because the B EF Goodrich ko2 again,suffers by not giving its threat the,needed flexibility so the siping on its,thread Although our full depth they are,not able to stretch enough to clear,water off as efficiently nonetheless in,case of hydroplaning which is also a,crucial part of the attraction the tire,has no issues and this also goes for,Grabber ATX,lastly if we talk about tire sizes the,BF Goodrich ko2 comes in total of 90,sizes ranging from 15 to 22 inches while,the Grabber ATX comes in 40 sizes going,from 14 to 20 inches you can check out,the rest of the information by pausing,this video thanks for watching and guys,please subscribe if you like this video,we really could use your help its going,to cost you nothing and its our main,source of motivation till next time,foreign

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