1. Emergency Power: Generark Solar Generator Review
  2. GENERARK Home Power 2 Power Generator Review
  3. Geneverse HomePower One Review – Awesome Solar Generator
  4. Generark HomePower ONE Battery Unboxing + Review
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Emergency Power: Generark Solar Generator Review

are you looking for emergency or,portable power lets talk about an,option here,[Music],hi im jonathan the provident prepper we,field lots of questions from people,wanting to know,how they can run critical equipment,during an emergency,or maybe they just need some portable,power well whether youre trying to run,kitchen equipment,or power or charge electronics or maybe,you have medical equipment that you need,to operate during an emergency,these little portable power stations can,just do a great job,lets talk through this these portable,power stations are basically a big,battery that allows you to store energy,and then that energy can be converted,back into household power through an,inverter,thats built into this or you can charge,things,like through your usb ports or through a,12 volt outlet like you would have in,your car,so this provides you a wide variety of,options as far as being able to run,critical equipment these power banks are,charged using household power when its,available but obviously were talking,about emergencies here,and so you want another source to be,able to charge this,when this battery runs low thats where,the solar panels come in,some of these power stations will come,with solar panels and some will not so,you need to just check that out as you,go,but the first thing youre going to need,to do is decide what are my critical,needs,obviously you dont want to buy,something thats huge and way bigger,than you need,but you also dont want to undersize,this and think that youre going to be,able to run,some important things and then not be,able to do it so sizing that is really,important,an easy way to figure out how much,energy an appliance uses,is by using a little power consumption,meter these are available,online in stores they only run,usually between 15 and 40 dollars,depending on the quality and the brand,you can plug this into the wall and then,plug whatever youre trying to measure,into this and it will tell you how much,its using on a instantaneous basis and,how much it uses over time,so those are great pieces of information,that allow you to figure this out,this particular unit is the generac,solar generator,now this unit is a little bit bigger,than most of them,it has about a thousand watt hours of,energy in,it right now you can hear the fan as,obviously as this,charges and sometimes in the discharging,process theres excess heat thats built,up in there,that fan that you can hear helps to,clear that,heat out and keep the system cool,so each of these uh solar panels just,folds out,its got a magnetic clasp on it and then,on,each one of these there is a little,pocket that holds the cabling,and the combiner cable so that when,youre using two,you can put them both into one and this,is all just very compact,and takes care of everything that you,need right there,so heres the power station and 200,watts of solar and,although i wouldnt want to carry this,several miles i could certainly carry it,several blocks,to help out a neighbor it could also,throw in the car very easily if we were,to evacuate,so lets look at the front panel of this,thing right here youve got the inputs,so this is where youre going to be,charging this unit in this case,were using this charger that is using,household power,if the power down then id be using,solar panels,and i would be charging either through,this same input or,in the anderson power connector spot,here,on the dc side here you can see weve,got the 12 volt outlet,similar to what you have in your car we,also have two usbc,ports weve got a 5 volt 2.4 amp,usb port and also the quick charge usb,port,that are available for charging your,phone and other,small electronics over on this side,youve got your ac,panel and you can see ive got the,blender plugged in here the toaster,plugged in here,and the laptop plugged in here so you,can be running several things at once,again just remembering that you only,have a certain amount of capacity,that you have to use here again you can,hear the fan that comes on that just,helps keep the unit cool and make sure,that we dont overheat something,let me show you just how easy it is to,use this portable power station,were simply going to plug in our cord,were going to hit the ac,and we are ready to provide whatever is,needed to take care of our family,okay for me ive told john that when the,power goes out,there are two things that i dont want,to live without one,is my bread maker and two is my washing,machine,and so he has to prove to me that this,will make sure that i dont have to,knead my bread by hand,okay you ready,that looks like its working great well,see if it can go,the eight minutes that it needs to in,order to,totally need this whole wheat bread that,i have,you can see that the bread mixer is,using somewhere around 180 watts of,energy,at that rate you could use this power,bank for about five hours,without damaging anything and that would,take it down to about twenty percent,okay its been eight minutes and,my red dough is beautiful so it passed,the test yes it did,in fine fashion we started out about 92,capacity on here and i think were right,now at about 90 or 91,so it used a little bit of the energy,out there but,uh and you dont have to put your energy,consumption meter on there,i like to measure everything i am a,total geek,i like to know what things use i learn a,lot from from uh,learning from these things measuring,every measuring,yes so anyway it did a great job,it got the job done and well try some,other things too,cooking normally takes a huge amount of,energy and so we dont normally,recommend that you cook while using,electricity on a backup power system,but one way that you could accomplish,that is with an induction plate,and as long as you had it on a lower,setting,normally this plate would draw about,1800 watts,but you can use it on a lower setting,and it will draw,somewhere in the neighborhood of about,900 to 1000 watts which is right at the,maximum of what this should use,but it would work and it would get the,job done nicely and this induction,cooker,cooks really quickly our beans are now,piping hot this took about 20 minutes to,accomplish,and we used about 16 of our battery bank,so,normally like i said this was not,something that we would normally,do but it could be done if you needed to,one thing that i really like about the,generac solar generator is that it does,come with a five year warranty a lot of,appliances on the market these days only,have a six month or one year or maybe a,two year warranty this has a five year,warranty and that gives me,some peace of mind this unit runs about,a thousand dollars for the,for the power bank itself and you can,get packages,around fifteen hundred dollars that,includes the solar panels,to charge it and i would certainly get,the solar panels thats the reason,youre buying this is for backup power,you would want some solar to put into,this so that you have,the complete package and the ability to,operate in an emergency,we will leave a link in the description,if youre interested further,check out the link and that will take,you to general solar generators,theres great peace of mind that comes,from having some backup power,we have a couple of members of our,family that need a nebulizer,occasionally,to help them with breathing the ability,to run that is priceless to us,and we have neighbors and friends who,are also,on some kind of medical equipment and,its so comforting to know that we,can call them up and say hey do you need,the power station,and we can take it to them to help get,through a crisis,we live in a world that is so dependent,upon electricity and we sometimes forget,until its gone so whether its a,long-term outage or a short-term outage,you figure out what your critical needs,are and how youre going to meet those,needs,more power to you and now for the,question of the day,how are you going to power your critical,needs,comment below and thanks for being part,of the solution,you

GENERARK Home Power 2 Power Generator Review

in todays video were going to be,looking at the generoc home power 2,now this has to be one of the coolest,looking designs ive ever seen for a,power station,you can use it to run your computers,major appliances you can even charge it,via solar,but despite all this its not a perfect,device for everyone and in this video,were going to take a look at what makes,it unique and if this might be something,you want to consider for yourself,everything about the gen arc is designed,to be user friendly including the size,its only 10 inches by 10 inches and,just over 25 inches tall,another cool feature is how you can move,this thing around they include this,magnetic base,you just lift the unit up and it kind of,snaps into the bottom,now they can just slide it anywhere in,the house they want or tuck it in a,closet when its not in use,but if you do need to lift it theyve,put a handle right in the center so its,pretty easy to balance and the handle is,even cushioned,theyve also got this kind of night,light in the base of the unit now you,can turn it off or on but the lights,not just for looks,it can actually change color to indicate,what the battery percentage is,so if youre looking at it from across,the room and you see it turning yellow,or red,you know your battery is starting to get,low and this is one of the fastest,charging units on the market and it,plugs right into the wall without any,kind of ac adapter,because it can handle a thousand watts,of input it can charge from zero to a,hundred percent,in two and a half hours the generacs,got all the outlets and plugs you need,for anything youre gonna do at home,this unit really isnt designed for,mobile use and its not something youd,say build into an rv,youve got a cigarette outlet two usbc,ports that are rated for 100 watts each,and two quick charging usb ports all,battery generators need fans to stay,cool now the generacs are very quiet and,i like that it pulls the air in the,bottom and out the top,the generac comes in a standard version,and a plus now the one they sent me for,review is the plus,meaning it can handle up to 800 watts of,solar input,and to test this they included four 200,watt panels that theyre also selling,and keep in mind the theme of this,product is its designed to be easy for,somebody thats not a power expert,so everything just plugs in you cant,connect it wrong and because the panels,have these built-in stands theyre,really quick and easy to set up,and unless of five minutes i now have,800 watts of potential input,just waiting to connect into the generac,there are only two,solar input ports on the home power unit,itself,so the way you connect in four solar,panels is you take two of them and plug,them into this splitter box youre,actually combining two panels into one,and now you can connect each one of,these splitters into one of the ports on,the generac,and even on asphalt you can see that,those small wheels do a really good job,of moving this thing around,this protective door is even magnetic,now this is a nice upgrade considering,most companies will just give you a,rubber flap to protect these ports,even though it looks bright on camera,unfortunately the sun was starting to go,down so i needed to move the panels,with everything connected up i was,getting between about 150 and 180 watts,of input,now that might not look like a lot but,it really is too late in the day to get,much more,and all these solar panels are weather,resistant you can leave them out in the,rain,but in real use if you had a disaster,you could keep this inside the house,use an extension cord and then run all,the solar panels outside,and keep this thing charged while youre,using power inside the house,in here im going to test out that,theory and ive connected up a 1200 watt,electric heater,while the solar panels are still,connected and you can see on the left,im getting about 30 watts of input,while im drawing 1200 watts of power,this is really simple to set up and,break down in fact you can connect or,disconnect,all of the panels put everything away in,just about five minutes,air conditioners can be really tough to,run on any type of battery generator,because theyve got a huge startup load,now each of those four ac outlets is,rated for 20 amps and it should have no,problems being able to run an air,conditioner like this now when an ac,first turns on its often going to just,have the fan,thats why you can see its only using,around 50 watts of power,that is nowhere near what one of these,can use so once i lower the temperature,the compressor finally kicks in and,thats where you get the big draw and,its using about 413 watts,the battery is at 78 and its computing,that i can run the air conditioner for,about 3.1 hours,now that might not sound like a long,time but you need to remember air,conditioners turn on and off,so in reality ill probably be able to,run that for about six to seven,hours and thats assuming that i dont,have the solar panels connected which,could keep it charged while im using,that power,i also connected up to my power analyzer,to make sure this was putting out pure,sine wave power,and i passed this test and all of my,vulture tests as well,overall i love this product i like the,design it puts out a lot of power and it,is super easy to use,many people forget that there are a lot,of folks out there that dont understand,these they just want to plug something,in and have backup power when they need,it,so thats exactly who this is perfect,for what i didnt like about the unit is,its really not designed for a mobile,user,youre not going to bring this in the,car carry it around you can only get,this product by buying it through,kickstarter which means you have to put,up some money early for a pretty,substantial discount and then you have,to wait to get the product delivered,and only you can make that decision if,thats right for you or you could wait,to see if this gets released on amazon,in the future and hope you enjoyed this,video if you did please give me a thumbs,up,and subscribe to my channel if youre,not already for more videos coming up

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Geneverse HomePower One Review – Awesome Solar Generator

hey its brock here with rock hill farms,and today i want to show you what im,planning to use as a power source for,the quonset hut,so weve got our main shop up on the,hill and just down from that is the,equipment shed,after we bought the property i redid,power inside the shop i trenched,a line underground to supply power to,the equipment shed,and i could trench in,another line and run power out to the,quonset hut,but,im not sure if i really want to do that,were already putting a lot of draw on,the main service,so ive been looking at other options,and another consideration is,this isnt like our shop where were,running power tools and all kinds of,equipment all the time,the kwanzaa hut is mainly a storage,building,so,all i really need is a few lights,and the ability to plug in a couple,things,and thats why i decided to go with a,solar generator what i have here is the,generac,home power one,and ive looked at a lot of these solar,charging or battery backup type systems,and did some comparisons and i think the,generac is going to really fit my needs,so,first thing is i havent opened this yet,but im assuming it doesnt come fully,charged so heres the main system over,here in this box is my solar panels,right now im going to get this out take,a quick look at it,and get the panel set up and get it,charging,then ill go run some errands and come,back and well see how well it works,okay looks like its nicely packaged,with this heavy,foam protectant,weve got,a little pouch here when you first open,it up,its like this is a power supply,for charging the,main unit,if you dont want to charge it with,solar,i think you can charge it with this 12,volt,or a standard household plug,one thing i like about this unit is its,small,and not super heavy for the amount of,power youre getting off of it and,its got it a convenient carry handle,youve got three plugins here,two usbs a usbc,12 volt,and im actually not sure what these,inputs right here are ill have to look,into that and find out,okay,lets open up the solar panels,you have the ability to link up more,solar panels ive started with two of,these panels right here it says output,100 watt,and,the panel i have on my winch charger is,7 watt,and thats tiny but 100 watts,should charge this up pretty well,well get into all that once were,trying to actually use it and ive been,through the manual,its got a nice sleek design,you got a kickstand here it would,appear a zip up pouch,with your power cord in it,unfold it here and theres your solar,panels,well i havent used it yet but i can say,the design is really nice,my initial thought,is that i will mount these solar panels,on the quanza hut,and have them charging it all the time,obviously its going to have a safety,shut off on your charging so it wont,overcharge,and ill just have these charging all,the time,and always have power when i need it,and,the unit can set in the quanza hut and,have lights plugged into it,and you know i can still rig up a switch,for that if i want,but,the idea is that this will be set up as,if,i have power to the shop,but its just charging off the solar but,then,if i need portable power for going on a,trip were going to one of my sons ball,games,or im working on the back corner of the,property and i want to be able to plug,in some tools you just unplug this from,the solar panels and take it with you it,should last quite a while to do whatever,you need done so this should be as,simple as just setting these in the sun,plugging them into here but just to be,safe im gonna read the manual,it says it takes eight hours for this to,charge from zero,so,from forty percent we ought to be able,to charge it in four to six hours,and get to play with it today this is,honestly so simple that i didnt even,need to read the manual you can just,take it out of the box and immediately,know how to use it when you open up the,little pack on the solar panel it has a,charging cord plugged into the panel,and each one comes with this splitter,and i plugged this splitter,into that port i didnt recognize,on the unit it should have been obvious,because it says input right there,then,i plugged both panels into this and it,shows its charging we are currently 40,charged and when i plug these two panels,in it said it was charging at 140 watts,at the moment,now,three minutes later when i look at it,were charging at 74 watts and thats,just because the sun went behind the,clouds,okay it just the sun or the clouds just,moved and were now getting 127 watts of,charging,very handy to be able to see how much,youre charging how quickly youre,charging,and itll be even handier to be able to,see how much were drawing so im gonna,go run my errands and be right back and,well put this to use a few hours ago i,plugged this into the solar panels and,went and ran some errands its now at 85,percent charged,as far as charging it i did plug this in,to the outlet in the shop it charges at,about 140 watts,so that takes seven hours to get it to a,full charge but before we go up there,and test this out i want to talk real,quick about,my thoughts on sponsored product reviews,because,i didnt pay for this unit if you didnt,see it at the beginning of the video,there should have been a little strip in,the corner that says sponsored product,and,when you grow a youtube channel like,this youre going to get offered a lot,of free products in exchange for a video,and,i get those offers all the time and i,turn the majority of them down because,they arent the type of products that,this channel is about,so,my rules for accepting a sponsored,product number one it has to be a,product that i would buy myself,and ive been looking at these,for the last year and a half since we,moved out here i had a smaller one,thats mainly meant as a jump starter,but you could you can also power some,other things off of it and,just not sufficient for what im wanting,to do,this,i really want for that that quonset hut,and im gonna use the heck out of it so,it definitely fits that criteria number,two if i bought this product would i,talk about it on the youtube channel and,i dont want to go into detail but you,get offered things that just dont make,sense for your channel,the next thing is they cant tell you,what to say,and generic did not tell me what this,video had to be about they said they,wanted one video with the name generic,in the title and they wanted me to give,offer you guys a discount code,so if you go to generac.com and therell,be a link in the description go to,generac.com put code rockhill,in at checkout youll get a hundred,dollars off this unit,and i dont get anything from that,thats just,value for you guys so,this fits all my criteria,initial thoughts on this is the designs,phenomenal its got the magnetic tabs,right here,that fit into the other side so these,units stay closed without the solar,panels touching each other,the way that all of the cordage wraps up,into a pouch on the back they have,built-in kickstands so you can lay them,flat you can use the handle to hang them,from something,or you can use the kickstands,the shape of this box how lightweight it,is with the built-in carry handle,the variety of different ways you can,hook into the power,its a fantastic design but thats only,50,of a product review the other fifty,percent is you have to actually use it,and use it a lot and then see how well,it holds up and thats what i intend to,do so youll see this when we get the,end walls on the quanza hut youll see,us running lights,and,setting it up to where those lights are,plugged into this,and ill probably have a switch in there,so that when you come in you can just,flip a switch and turn on those lights,but theyll be run off this,and then if i go down to the back end of,the property and i need electric with me,ill just unplug this from the solar,panels and take it with me well take,this to ball games,well take it to the lake well use it a,lot and then ill tell you what i think,about it after that,it just really matters how well it hol

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Generark HomePower ONE Battery Unboxing + Review

whats going on guys welcome back to the,channel im joe from joezailly.com thank,you for being here,i know i took a little bit of a break,and my videos have had a little bit of a,gap,but fear not i have been creating,content on instagram twitter,facebook and even the youtube shorts or,whatever its called,so as you can see im back with another,review or unboxing or whatever you want,to call its kind of be a,hodgepodge of things but basically ive,wanted to review this product for quite,some time,since moving to the midwest now i know,some of you have been following my,channel for quite some time and,are familiar with my los angeles content,because ive lived there for 17 years,well now im in the midwest and i,didnt realize the types of products i,would need in the midwest compared to a,city like los angeles so,now im kind of accumulating all this,new product for things that are relevant,to my,new life in illinois one of those,products is actually what im reviewing,today,is from generac and its a portable,battery solution,living in los angeles we had blackouts,but they were few and far between,you know usually it was you know the,internet was down for a few hours the,power to go out just,flip the switch and its back on it,wasnt really a big deal matter of fact,i think the,longest time we had without power in los,angeles was about,three to four hours it wasnt a big deal,at all for some people thats dramatic,but when you live in a place like in the,midwest where losing your power is,probably,pretty common thats why you have,generators and whatnot i didnt realize,how important stuff like that was,until actually living here as an adult,so as you can tell from the title i will,be reviewing a product from generac,let me get that right now so this,is the home power one from generac i was,originally gonna unbox this outside but,it is,thundering and lightning out which as,you can imagine,is just poetic for this video because,the whole point of me,wanting to review a product like this is,the fact that this is the type of,weather that you will lose power and in,fact i wouldnt be surprised while,recording this video,the power just goes out fingers crossed,thats not the case,lets just get into the unboxing so i,know this is the most ideal solution as,i said i wanted to film this outside,but im just going to throw the box up,on my chair here and hopefully be able,to unbox it for you guys in the camera i,know this isnt the fanciest setup but i,dont have my extra cameraman here to,help me out so,just work with me here all right first,things first,open the box,so at first glance looks like a little,carrying pouch for cables,im assuming im right and yes,we got some power cables by the way as i,unboxes im going to tell you some facts,about the generic home power one,you know battery life and stuff like,that so at least youre educating,yourself why ive seen whats inside the,package,so before receiving this package the one,thing that really interested me the most,about,this product is that its battery link i,think one of the things that i always,look for when it comes to a portable,battery is,how long is this going to last me so,could i go on a road trip for i dont,know a few days and not worry about,having to recharge it,all the time it does last an entire,seven days,so even if you dont have a place to,charge it maybe youre out camping,its gonna last a long time here it is,heavy but for good reason the one thing,i love about this,is ive actually had other portable,batteries that ive tested i wont name,any brands because i want to throw them,under the bus,but specifically generics design is,is really its just really nice it feels,solid feels really comfortable,feels like all the parts are just where,theyre supposed to be doesnt feel,janky at all,thats what i really loved about the,first impression by the way i already,unboxed this before this is for you guys,for the effect ive already seen the,product ive already tested the product,i just wanted you guys to see,whats inside so as you can see the,generac logo and then of course weve,got all of the inputs and outputs,one thing i love is that theyre you,know theyve went ahead and did the usbc,which i think is such a big deal because,theres not a product i own now that,doesnt come with a usbc,uh plug-in you know also you know of,course they got the quick charge usb,theyve got multiple sorry two us two,usbcs i should have mentioned that,theyve got the quick charge usb another,usb port,theyve got the 12 volt direct plug-in,you know theyve got the the typical,you know outlets here and then what i,love too,is that they have the display so you see,i turn that on and right out of the box,even though i use it a little bit,its got three bars i believe this goes,up to five bars and it even says 45,percent,but as i press the display itll say,input output and how much wattage is,being used,its nice to see whats going on here,you just press the display button and,thats it,so i know that wasnt the most exciting,unboxing right because it wasnt like i,was pulling out all these,these doodads and gadgets and whatsapp,because literally pretty straightforward,its a portable battery,here it is this is what you carry with,you its really not that heavy i know i,look like i lugged it out of the box but,to be honest with you im a little tired,which is why i was saying like its,heavy but its really not that heavy now,what i wanted to do though is i wanted,to give you some more details,im just actually going to read off the,generac website just rather than me,holding a pamphlet i didnt memorize,everything im not reading a script or,anything like that,a couple things i wanted to note that i,think is important for you that maybe,you googled and,you wanted to see someone review this,product uh one of the things i wanted to,point out is that the,every unit specifically what general arc,mentions on their website,is every unit goes through a 52,reliability and safety tests so thats,really nice to know i think thats,important to know that they,stress test their products even better,though it comes with a five year,warranty which is pretty,would you say its unheard of i think,its unheard of i feel like,traditionally you get like you know the,traditional year sometimes two years,five years though i think thats pretty,solid you know i think one thing to note,that i think this,is very cool to know um especially if,youre going out camping i think people,want to know this,is their powerful how powerful the,output is and as i showed you before,they had three ac outlets you can see,right here and,they support a thousand watts rated,power and 2000 watts surge power at 110,volts,so i think thats good to know because i,think a lot of people would take this,maybe to,uh you know lets say theyre tailgating,or theyre camping or,maybe even using in their backyard when,they have their friends over and theyre,going to spend an all day out with,their you know stereo systems and stuff,they want to make sure it stays charged,and running,you know on your pool days whatever,however youre going to use this or,like i said thunder and lightning days,when you might lose power and you want,to be able to,make sure things are taken care of and,you can you know run your fridge and,stuff like that i think its important,to know that,this is going to back you up this is,going to be taken care of and,your family is going to be taken care of,is what im trying to say now i already,did show you guys this but im gonna,read off the website in case someone,missed,uh obviously you can find this on the,website but there are two usbc outputs i,already said that for with pd,18 watt one usb a i didnt mention that,and one usb with qualcomm quick charge,so i wanted to specify that in case you,were wondering about the two different,usb ports uh one car outlet,which i already said so i guess i didnt,have to re repeat that but,uh and lastly the easy charge now this,is this is important this is the part i,wante

Generark HomePower ONE – Camping + Solar Review

so right now i uh this is day two of our,camping trip we are,getting our morning fire ready so we got,our morning fire going um we got our,generac generator currently charging up,our,generac power station so the home power,one is still in use were using it for,the second day right now were up to,about 50 if i put my solar panels more,out there then its going to have a,faster charge i just want to keep them,close to my home so this is day number,two were using the generac and thats,all the power i need to power up,everything that i brought with me which,is including a television and were,going to use it to give myself a foot,massage because my feet are killing me,so let me explain why i took this,camping with me and why i also use it,for emergency power at home it comes,with 1000 watt rated power and 2000,watch surge power and search power is,important because starting watts applies,to most of your large appliances your,refrigerator probably has a thousand,starting watts and its going to be only,using about five to seven hundred watts,normally so im using that fast charging,ability to set this up for solar power,so i can use it for watching tv and,connect so these are where the solar,panels are going to be generating their,energy your wires are going to be stored,right here,so lets take out the wire and this,setup is going to allow me to watch,television and also do things that you,traditionally couldnt do camping or if,case of emergencies things that you,would want to use in terms of a blackout,so watch me watch my tv here it happened,so right now were watching television,in outside because we got it with our,generac so the generac is feeding us the,power to power up our computer and our,tv and i have enough juice thats going,to be lasting me until tomorrow until,tomorrow so were going to have enough,to watch a movie maybe two maybe three,movies just from the outdoors which is,kind of crazy thinking about it we are,outdoors and im about to watch,television,if you opt for the solar panels it takes,about seven hours to fully charge your,generac 1000 i tried it camping and i,can attest to that so by placing it on,the floor,as the light goes lower and lower as the,sun gets lower and lower this is going,to give us more light so we can continue,charging,because we have not actually lost any,power since we turned it on,that has increased our input all the way,to about 75 percent now so as promised,im giving myself a foot massage camping,using degenerac and as promised im also,going to explain to you why i think you,might want to check it out the top is,flat so you can stack it up and you can,lay it flat somewhere it comes with a,easy to use handle it gives you 2000,surge watt power which is going to be,enough to power a refrigerator or even a,ac unit just not together sometimes and,finally it comes with pass-through,charging so i can charge it and use it,at the same time so this is just me,taking it back into my tent and im,gonna be using it for the next night,thanks for watching everyone ill catch,you next time this is david with the,french clothes signing off bye bye


hello everyone im super excited to be,sharing with you guys the generac home,power 2 a backup battery power station,for todays video,this has quickly become an essential,for my home and im really excited to be,sharing it with you guys for todays,video so basically if you havent,noticed and im sure we all have weve,all seen the recent impacts of fires,floods and other natural disasters,occurring all across the country and,its definitely becoming more important,to have your own backup generator to,keep your house up and running during a,power outage and this is where general,art comes in they are the makers of the,most reliable emergency power supply,products for your home and this home,power 2 is definitely a game changer in,terms of affordability power,sustainability and the overall design of,the product the home power 2 is the,first emergency backup power solution,designed to fit perfectly within your,modern home,and it serves as an affordable solution,its actually one tenth of the cost of a,whole house battery backup system so,basically its going to keep you,protected during any power outage this,generator can be charged from a variety,of different sources including generacs,new solar power 2.,portable solar panels which rank 50,percent higher in efficiency than your,traditional solar panels and offer a 30,second setup the solar panels were such,a breeze for me to set up all by myself,as well i just wanted to make sure i,noted that you can totally do this setup,yourself and the home power 2 is a more,enhanced aesthetically pleasing version,of their flagship product which was the,home power one and the enhancements,include the ultra fast recharge,and the high power and i will put all of,those specs here on the screen right now,so you can check them out another,feature is the long lasting power a,single charge actually provides up to,seven days of power to your essential,devices and electricity can be stored in,this unit for at least one year which is,huge it also has unmatched reliability,you dont have to worry because every,generic unit undergoes 52 reliability,and safety tests and is covered by a,five-year warranty,and now i just wanted to talk about my,personal experience with the generac,home power 2.,i personally think that the quality of,this generator is absolutely amazing i,was completely blown away with how easy,it was to set up it is very user,friendly and i could set it up by myself,its super easy to transport it by,myself its not super bulky and i love,just like the sleek design of it,i live in an area that has definitely,been experiencing a lot more fires and a,lot more power outages so to have,something like this that just fits,so well within my decor to solve such a,big problem when we do have those power,outages has been amazing another thing,that i like using the generic home power,2 for is my electricity bill is always,through the roof it is a couple of,hundred dollars a month,just because my place,is all electric so what i like using,this for is during the day,most of my essential things that im,using power for can actually be run on,the generac so i am not only saving,money but its a more sustainable way to,go about working from home for myself,during the day and as i mentioned i just,love the sleek design of it it fits in,with my home decor i keep it here in the,living room and you cant even tell that,this isnt just like a piece of decor,that fits right in so im just showing,you guys here an example of during the,day if i need a little bit of extra,lighting ill just plug in one of my,table lamps here and i love that the,screen gives you all the information,that you need to know right now were,sitting at a 96,charge which is awesome because i,actually reached this charge level using,one solar panel i love that theres,actually other ports on the front so you,can pretty much just plug things,directly in here if i want to charge my,phone and if i want to charge my laptop,its actually equipped to do that,without plugging it in so thats just a,bonus feature its super easy to turn on,and as i mentioned here it just has like,such a nice sleek design to it i know i,keep talking about that but i just cant,get over like how beautiful,this piece is and its a generator like,who would know im like walking into,someones home and i see this i would,not think that it was a generator that,could actually help back up the entire,home in a power outage all in all i,would rate the generac home power 2 a 10,out of 10. i dont have anything,negative to say about it even the,functionality to the back piece panel,sliding down and up the attention to,detail on this product was just amazing,and they definitely didnt sacrifice,any sort of quality when making this,generator so definitely check it out i,will have the generac home power 2,linked in the description box down below,for you guys to check out i would highly,recommend purchasing this and getting,one for yourself thank you guys so much,for watching and a huge thank you to,generac for sponsoring todays video

My Generark Home Power One Bundle Review

were out here in the desert,in a schooly,whether its a schooly,school bus van life,or just camping with your vehicle,whatever it may be in the desert,where i am,or anywhere,[Music],the generic home power one will give you,the job of a thousand watts,and lets unpack this and see where we,go,foam out of here,and there,carrying case,well find out whats inside of that a,little bit,you got your manual,a little bit of paperwork there well,set that aside,get the main unit,theres a nice little handle,so lets get this out of the box,nice color,[Applause],and there it is very handy,we got the,pure sine wave 110 volt 1000 watt,generac home power one here,right out of the box and uh well i only,see one button here and it says display,lets hit that,boom,there the,readout comes on,says 46,lets turn this ac is this a button,oh,fan just popped on let me plug in the,coffee pot maybe itll work,lets check that out,oh there it goes,yeah okay oh there it is it says output,theres 560 watts 5556,at 46 right out of the box from the,factory,input zero watts because i dont have no,solar panels going to it or,no ac charging and there goes the coffee,pot,okay theres a fan back here,i really i can barely feel air coming,out of the back,in the back of it theres nothing there,okay real nice hard plastic,really sturdy,handle,with a little bit of rubber going on in,the bottom feels really nice to the hand,light weight,snaps down,across this rubber making it,boom kind of snap like that,and it looks like theres ventilation,here in this end also,and its down one percent from what it,was,yes siree its going good 44,okay,looks like a drop two percent from a,couple car for my coffee maker,yes sir,and it does have a fan going on right,now its uh,i dont know how many decibels that,might be,i dont know i know my decibels pretty,well so lets say if i come back here,and stand about,uh,maybe about 10 feet im guessing thats,probably 30 decibels,yeah probably 30 35 decibels,dont just sit this out in the arizona,sun or any sun for that matter that gets,this black surface really hot,because these uh lithium batteries,dont like heat,and pretty soon this coffee makers,gonna shut down because its done making,the coffee,and that 550,watts or so,should pull down to zero,when the coffee pot clicks off,and there it is now its 5 watts,and the fan shuts off,and were nice and quiet,thats real coffee,so,im,making a desert shower,its kind of mickey mouse out here in,the desert,but its an outdoor shower as im,building my house,you can use it,so ive got it my old trusty dewalt,drill that ive had for many years,okay 15 years maybe never failed,its not worn out yet i use it all the,time,im going to use it,drill a few holes,screw in a few screws,and lets see okay nice,hit the display button,display comes on shows 41,i havent charged it or touched it ever,since i opened it up out of the box,last night lets turn on the ac here,oh there goes the ac a little fan noise,and then it shuts off,lets plug in the drill,get this here drill plugged in,drill is plugged in,and,do a few holes here,all right i hit the trigger and the fan,came on,its at 41,let me go ahead and do this here,well theres no problem,got a couple more holes to do with some,screws but,that works fine its still at 41,so yeah,a nice beautiful dewalt drill that home,power one,kicks out plenty of energy to do a job,here outdoors,now the desert suns beating on this,so its just one thing you dont want to,do is keep these things out in the,you know the 90 100 degree,so sun beating out im just not good for,these batteries here whats inside of,this,so lets uh finish the job,and get this back covered with a blanket,or something to protect it under the sun,and then get it back in its cool spot,okay we got the panel set up,and ive got my meter,put inside of the jacks and were,getting 20.5,about 21,volts right now,and that means each panel is producing,about 10 and a half volts,so a little above the halfway point,right now,the sun is very high in the sky,and if i lay them flat,maybe itd be better lets check it out,okay very little bit half a volt better,so it doesnt really make much of a,difference in this,aspect,lets plug it in and see what happens,were charging the generic home power,one,with 200 watts worth of solar panels,each panel is 100 watts,and its a little bit cloudy here and,there but for the most part todays,sunny,im gonna time this we got 25,with 112 watts,going back and forth going in and well,see how long it takes maybe to get to,about 50,and lets start the clock and well see,okay were charging up the home power,one,generoc,solar generator out here in the desert,and the skys been about half cloudy,all day,and it basically took three hours for it,to get from 24 or 25,to about 50,let me lift up the little fiber box that,i got over top of it so dont get too,hot from the sun beating down on it,and lets see what its doing,okay yeah 110 111 watts coming in from,both panels 200 watts worth of panels,the sun is shining pretty much high noon,actually its three oclock in the,daytime over here,in the middle of the month of august,and yeah so its 112 watts coming in 51,it took about 25 increase in about three,hours,so what would that be eight maybe eight,hours on a really nice sunny day,with the panels in the right position to,fully charge it from,you know 25 close to 100. now heres a,pretty cool feature about the solar,power one,generac,solar panels,[Music],and that is that they have a usb port,inside of them,that you dont need to hook up to,anything but it so the solar panel alone,can charge the phone,so heres the back of it,and as you can see inside of there there,it is,you got to be kind of careful plugging,that in,put some pressure behind it with a,finger like this,and then push your cable in,takes two different kinds of cables,there regular usb in that kind,and it says right there,usb dash c,and the usb dash a 5 volt 2.4 amp,and a little led light,and so ive got it in a little battery,pack here and lets see if this thing,works,yeah ill set my phone in there,[Music],and,oh there it is,yep its charging its already at 98 but,it does show charging and turned it on,so yeah its another cool feature about,the solar panels,being able to,charge things with usb alone,very cool,[Music],each panel is 100 watts,theyre both plugged in to each other by,way of a y cable here,as you can see,one plugs there and these,go into there it goes into there now,each solar panel comes with one of these,y cables,so,since i have two of them i have an extra,one,ive been using this generic home power,one like crazy,if you charge it to 100,and uh use it for,making coffee with my little coffee,maker,my little coffee makers over here,out here in the desert,that little coffee maker right there,just a little mr coffee maker,it would do about 33 pots of coffee very,portable very lightweight ive been,using it like crazy i mean daily for oh,a couple weeks now using it all the time,very lightweight,and right now its very,low in wattage going in to charging it,54 it shows,thats because the sun just popped up in,the morning and im standing here in the,shade covering some of the panels,but what i wanted to do is just let it,go to zero percent i ran all the juice,out of it,and so im going to see how long it,takes to uh,charge it up,so ill get back with you when it gets,to 25,or 50 percent,but like i say,this is the best that ive seen so far,the generic home power one,reason being is very portable got a,thousand watts,and with a thousand watts,there are many things you can run,that dont go over a thousand watts ive,ran my drill on it coffee pots you know,saws,lights all kinds of stuff,just really like it this thing is really,doing me great,so this video particularly is about,charging it up with the two solar panels,here we are and,its been,six hours,of charging the generac,home power one with the solar power one,100 watt output panels each,been six hours and its,up to 53 i believe ive got coverage of,t

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