1. 2021 Genesis G80 Review // $60,000 Mercedes Killing Machine
  2. The 2021 Genesis G80 Is a Mercedes-Fighting Luxury Sport Sedan
  3. Genesis G80 2022 – FULL REVIEW
  4. Erste große Fahrt im NEUEN 2021 Genesis G80 – Review, Fahrbericht, Test
  5. The 2023 Genesis G80 Electrified Is A Very Good Low-Key Electric Luxury Sedan
  6. 2022 Genesis G80 // Is this BETTER than BMW 5-Series and E-Class??
  7. The 2021 Genesis G80 3.5T is a Stand-Out New Luxury Sedan From Korea

2021 Genesis G80 Review // $60,000 Mercedes Killing Machine

oh my god,oh god wheres your jacket oh my god,its minus 13.,i sold it you sold it yes okay well ive,been trying to call you,i sold my phone you sold your phone yes,youre not even wearing any shoes,no i sold them i know you want a g80,this isnt the way to do it its a means,to an end okay can i just use your,computer by all means thank you,that means to an end means to an end,youre watching throttle house im,thomas,and im james,and this is the new genesis g80,[Music],you have to admit flowing curves and,symmetry,do make a good looking thing but thats,superficial the goal is to peel away the,layers,and filter out marketing and internet,opinions,to extract the car beneath the car,and as profound as that sounds the task,itself is much simpler,nowadays the truth is every new car,drives reasonably well so were left,to search for something more,a spark in the mundane,so where does the genesis g80 fit,if youre new to follow us we do car,reviews,track tests and quite a lot of messing,around,so subscribe and hit the bell,[Music],okay in the drivers seat of the 2021,g80 weve been excited about this car,ever since it was announced thomas is,pumped he thinks it can be a five-series,e-class fighter so can,genesis really come through here now,theyve got something that has,i think a lot of identity and take it on,i mean,this one is a 3.5 liter turboed six,you can get it in a four cylinder 2.5,liter turbo which is the same engine as,inside the hyundai sonata inline,it is cheaper but 66 thousand dollars,even still for a four cylinder,might feel like youve been short,changed and this is already such a value,so i think youd go the whole hog and,get the 3.5 liter turbo,375 horsepower 391 pound-feet of torque,all-wheel drive going through this,eight-speed,lots of confidence,finds the perfect mix of executive and,sporty that i would expect from a car,like this,so far im really impressed with this,car the power is perfect i mean its not,going to match like an e53,which is that really cool mild hybrid,electric engine in the mercedes,but then we actually spec that car out,and with similar trim stuff,its like a hundred grand this is 76,or in us money its this,can it be aggressive well if you shove,it into sport,the seat hugs you a little bit it feels,nice havent seen anyone in a while,and it keeps your revs high,i think it makes more sound speaking of,sound,i dont think this car sounds great and,i think thomas and i disagree a bit,there,first of all theres active sound design,going on so most of it if anythings,artificial maybe youll hear me drive,past,it doesnt make much sound out the back,actually it sounds okay in sport mode,but in comfort mode its kind of got,a bit of a four-cylinder vibe however,when i switch it to comfort or even eco,the gauge cluster does a bunch of cool,stuff so thats kind of fun,one thing this does do particularly well,and its weird because weve recently,just got out of an ls 500 which is 150,000 lexus is tech the lane keep assist,in this is brilliant the adaptive crews,i have,full confidence in it whereas some cars,i dont think something they either,suddenly break,or they bounce me between the lines even,down to something like the rear view,camera,its just top notch exactly what youd,expect from top level german cars of,this ilk,and genesis just do it the other thing,it does so well,is the ride and the insulation its,really compliant in comfort mode it even,kind of,wafts this is a car that has its,priorities,in check now,this very dirty luxury car is a luxury,car first but genesis has added quite a,lot of,sporty stuff to it for example bucking,the trend of new cars becoming fatter,with every generation,this new generation of g80 is actually,about 200 pounds,lighter than the previous gen and thats,because theyve added a lot of,aluminum and some stiffer suspension,components that are lighter,theyve also added a steering ratio that,is really fast it would actually make an,alfa romeo julia a little bit nervous,but i think one of the coolest things is,that albert biermann,the german who genesis poached from bmw,to come develop their cars,code named the chassis for this m3,whether or not thats just a happy,coincidence ill let you decide but i,can tell you,sport mode and the traction control all,the way off,and it actually goes all the way off,foot down and launch,biases the rear wheels and the all-wheel,drive system,the shifts are fast in manual mode and,remember what i said about the steering,ratio its fast,its really fast the turn-in on this car,is,brilliant and even with snow tires its,got,front end feel not a lot of like,really like you know pops and bumps in,the road feedback,but it lets you know what those front,wheels are doing,but more importantly the way that,theyve actually tuned the all-wheel,drive system and the chassis of the car,means that and this is a big statement,this is what,old bmws used to drive like the good,ones,turn in and when you keep the throttle,balance the car is perfectly neutral and,then as you apply throttle the rear,steps out,in a very linear and predictable fashion,in line with your right foot,thats just how you tune a,sports sedan predictable and fun,on and on ramp this car genuinely just,feels like an,e39 5 series its just,really really good and theyve done this,right,bmw doesnt seem to do this anymore for,some reason in comfort mode i think,james mentioned that the ride wafts,it kind of floats which is fine but if,you put it in sport mode,it firms up to the point where theres,no unnecessary bumps which means that,they tuned the dampers for the springs,in,sport mode so even though this is a,luxury car,they really are prioritizing,fundamentally,good design when it comes to sports,stands the battery is in the trunk down,low in the middle,its actually in a better spot than bmws,the engine is back behind the front axle,genesis is just doing this right theyre,just doing this,right and im really happy about it,i picked this car up and i immediately,called james to tell him how much i like,it,he has to swap with me today for his s4,just for a couple days and i said no,if i was gonna make one change i would,tell them to put a limited sub,differential in the rear unless theyre,planning on doing some sort of a sports,car version of it,the g70 does come with an lsd in the,rear and the top trim and,i think this one should too so to,conclude the sporty aspect of this car,youre not going to believe me when i,say this and youre going to go in the,comments and freak out,this is more fun to drive than an m5,competition i know that that doesnt,make any sense,but it is because its more engaging of,a car its not nearly as fast obviously,or as competent guaranteed to be slow,around a racetrack,but its just more fun to drive,you staying warm you know what im used,to it now are you,not dressed like a canadian yeah i am,now look at this,i you know i eat snow for breakfast yeah,this is my life now,oh my god yeah were stuck here we cant,go to were stuck no we are stuck,in california so why not embrace it this,isnt a its a fantastic car,you love it i look you got snow all over,your face,um this is a this is an absolutely,brilliant car i i,just i love driving it so much james i,know you do,i just i want one this might not be the,color scheme i would go for,this is this has got more of a tasman,blue vibe if i had to give it a name,uh im more of an adriatic blue because,then the adriatic blue gets you a cream,interior,rather than the tan its a bit old manny,yeah yeah yeah,okay anyway the color is teal thats,what im going to call it yeah i tasman,blue,sorry um it looks green actually no it,looks blue though,you think everythings blue no its,literally it looks blue,anyway the color is cool but thats not,the best part about this car its the,styling because,okay so the front is a bit well get to,that in a second but its the its this,its the shape and the flowing part of,it that i like you know what the slogan,is,athletic elegance elevated athletic,elega

The 2021 Genesis G80 Is a Mercedes-Fighting Luxury Sport Sedan

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Genesis G80 2022 – FULL REVIEW

[Music],the genesis g80 is the large luxury,saloon you probably havent considered,in your perusal of models in the class,for cars like bmws 5 series audis a6,and the mercedes e-class,those contenders are difficult to take,on directly but someone seeking,something a little more left-field in,this segment say jaguar xf or lexus es,or volvo s90 ought to consider this g82,it might well surprise you,[Music],just over three decades ago toyotas,lexus brand arrived in the luxury saloon,sector with a car badge the ls-400,and shook things up considerably it,would perhaps be asking too much for,this genesis g80 saloon to have quite as,much of an industry impact as that but,theres no doubt that this car has,enough about it to make customers in the,luxury segment take a second look if,they could be persuaded to try it,getting to that point could be,problematic for genesis hyundais,premium brand but owners seeking,something just that bit different could,well be attracted by this g80s,bentley-esque looks lavish cabin and,superb customer service backup,lets take a closer look,[Music],[Applause],[Music],the g80 launched with the four-cylinder,2.2 liter 210ps diesel were trying here,with the alternative of a 304 ps two and,a half litre four-cylinder turbo petrol,unit if you prefer to fuel from the,green pump both are mated to an,eight-speed automatic gearbox genesis,has developed a 365 horsepower,all-electric version too which gets an,e-all-wheel drive system can go up to,323 miles on a single charge of its 87.2,kilowatt-hour battery and has solar roof,panels to boost range,the ev model is pretty silent but even,if you stick with combustion power as we,have here you can expect exceptional,levels of drive refinement aided by,special noise cancelling technology,along with acoustic muffling side glass,and though this is no sports saloon its,not slow even this four cylinder diesel,managing 62 miles an hour in eight,seconds you can trim two seconds off,that time if you go for the two and a,half liter petrol variant its just 4.9,seconds for the electrified model which,uses a powerful,272 kilowatt drive,motor to replicate those figures youll,need to have selected the most urgent of,the three provided drive modes sport the,other two are eco and comfort the latter,best of course for experiencing the best,that the standard electronic control,suspension system has to offer,its adaptive damping effect is aided by,a camera that monitors the road surface,and adjusts the suspension to suit the,tarmac tears and potholes youre about,to pass over,likely customers will want the latest in,semi-autonomous drive tech which of,course is provided here along with,plenty of gadgets including a,self-parking system that will parallel,park your g80 for you via the remote,while you stand outside the car ideal if,youre trying to get into a really tight,space,you expect this car to be something of a,luxury wafter and sure enough theres,the rather light and woolly steering,that tends to characterize this type of,big saloon once we got this g80 to a few,secondary roads though we found that it,actually handles better than wed,expected though its a pity that you,cant have the elsd electronic limited,slip differential thats available on,the gv80 suv model if you have the,optional ergo motion driver seat,selection of the sport mode tightens the,side bolsters around you which through,the twists and turns presumably as,intended distracts you a little from,noticing the kind of pitch and roll that,afflicts all big saloons of this size,which is not surprising as this one tips,the scales at over 2400 kilos but likely,buyers arent people who are going to,want to throw this car about,[Music],[Applause],[Music],like its gv80 suv stablemate this g80,saloon certainly has plenty of road,presence primarily due to its huge,g-matrix front grille and bisected led,headlamps the all-electric version gets,its own more aerodynamic version of this,grille this appendage has prompted some,to see in this g80 shades have bent the,flying spur encouraged perhaps by the,rather similar winged genesis bonnet,badge though to us it looks more,chrysler-esque,size-wise this car competes against full,executive models like bmws 5 series,audis a6 and the mercedes e-class the,wheels are 19 or as in this case 20,inches in size depending on the spec you,choose,the rear has shades of mercedes cls,four-door coupe and looks almost,hatch-like the split led tail lamps are,separated by spaced genesis lettering,theres a subtle roof antenna and lower,down a silver framed exhaust on each,side,but its the cabin that genesis thinks,will,really sell you this car,sure enough take a seat up front and,theres a very high quality feel and an,almost bentley-like knurled finish to,some items of switch gear,one of the first things you notice is,this simply enormous 14 and a half inch,central screen then you take in the wide,center console with its curious ivory,coloured central rotary infotainment,controller and the horizontal vent that,stretches from the instrument binnacle,to the passenger door,lots of efforts been made to push this,cabin up market the soft touch dash with,its white double stitching the brushed,metal finish around the rotary gear,selector and door cards with delicately,fashioned speaker vents genesis also,includes standard double glazing for the,front side windows textured two-tone,indicator tips and arcing door panels,complete the high-end ambience,quite a lot that youd really want,though requires top spec trim and or,costs extra this quilted leather,upholstery the real wood interior trim,and the ventilated ergo motion driver,seat for instance youll also pay more,for this 12.3 inch instrument binnacle,screen with its smart 3d graphics,without that you get an 8-inch display,the screen changes in color according to,your selected drive mode turquoise and,eco bronzing comfort and grey in sport,we mentioned the center screen it has,two styles of home page either a picture,with a temperature readout fading into,navigation mapping or you can swipe,across to a screen full of icons as well,as the usual mapping media audio and,phone sections theres one for connected,services weather calendar etc and,another for a suite of genesis live,features info on traffic filling,stations and parking along your route,useful touches include a voice memo,feature a quiet mode which shuts off the,speakers in the back and a passenger,torque function that amplifies the,drivers voice through the speakers so,that they can more easily talk to those,in the back,theres plenty of space to store things,a big glove box with a pen clip a deep,twin lidded bin between the seats and a,sliding panel of the base of the center,stack which eases back to reveal space,for a wireless charging mat and a couple,of usb-a ports the door bins are quite,small but you get an overhead sunglasses,compartment twin cup holders by the gear,selector and ticket clips in the sun,visors,[Music],lets take a look in the rear noting the,classical piano like jingle that,accompanies entry and exit dont worry,you can turn it off,[Music],theres very comfortable space for two,adults here in the second row where you,can really stretch out though headroom,isnt especially generous the top luxury,line spec model also adds rear climate,controls and if you want more an,executive pack adds dual rear monitors,heat for the rear bench side window,blinds an electric rear glass curtain,and a center arm rest with a control box,out back theres a,424 liter boot,and if thats not large enough the rear,seats fold almost flat electrically if,youve a luxury line model specified,with the optional executive pack,[Music],[Applause],[Music],prices start at just under 38 000 pounds,for this 210 ps 2.2 litre diesel model,you can also talk to genesis about a 304,ps two and a half liter petrol variant,priced from around forty three thousand,pounds both of these figures are for,base premium spec you can upgrade to,plusher luxury trim in eith

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Erste große Fahrt im NEUEN 2021 Genesis G80 – Review, Fahrbericht, Test

nach dem genesis gv 80 dem suv bruder,von dem hier vorgestellten fahrzeuge,haben euch vor einer woche vorgestellt,könnte auch gerne mal vorbeischauen,falls ihr mehr der typ sein wenn euch,aber mehr die limousine interessiert,dann seid ihr natürlich jetzt hier genau,richtig wir werden euch den natürlich so,gut wie es geht außen innen fachstellen,befahrene kleine runde werden euch was,über die motoren erzählen was es jetzt,gibt und was noch kommen wird sehr bald,sogar und ja ich war sehr gespannt bin,ich schon ein bisschen gefahren und kann,euch somit einiges zeigen und somit,begrüße ich zu einer neuen folge der,kurs heißt hier aus dem schwarzwald mit,dem genesis geraten,[Musik],[Musik],wenn ihr keine videos mehr von uns,verpassen wollt könnt ihr uns natürlich,gerne abonnieren aber auch gerne den,knopf drücken wenn ihr dann,benachrichtigt werden wenn wir ein neues,video hochladen wie über den channel ski,80 der derzeit bei 46 1900 euro startet,dreht zeitpunkt natürlich immer hier,gerade im mai 2021 dann startet das,ganze in der premium line obendrüber mit,natürlich mehr ausstattung wäre dann die,luxury line die jetzt auch hier vorn,steht wir beginnen aber jetzt natürlich,wie immer hier an der front 5 einige die,das suv video gesehen haben wird sich,natürlich jetzt einiges wiederholen weil,klar es ist die limousine vom scw das,heißt vieles ist ähnlich aber natürlich,eine ganz andere karosserie und wir,gehen einfach mal davon aus dass wir das,noch nicht gesehen habt und füllen somit,mit allen informationen das video,wir starten hier man beim kühlergrill,crest kühlergrill nennt sich das ganze,ist natürlich hier alles mit chrome 3,versehen wir das ganz gut erkennen könnt,es gibt noch nicht vielleicht kommt,erstmal noch man weiß es nicht noch,nicht,black paket oder wo man das eben schwarz,gestalten können das haben wir schon,viele drunter geschrieben gibt es,aktuell noch nicht ich meine g80 mgv 80,sollte auch mehr in die luxuriöse,richtung die 70 er wolle die ist noch,kommen werden sollen ja dann mehr den,sportlichen touch mit sich bringen die,haben meiner meinung nach hause,schwarzen kühlergrill deswegen weiß ich,nicht ob das überhaupt kommen wird aber,vielleicht ändert sich da auch gerne,noch was dann eigentlich ganz gut,untergebracht weil hier auch die sehr,lockere weiterhin drin zu sehen ist ist,die platte für die sensoren für die,ganzen assistenzsysteme klar man sieht,immer noch aber gut untergebracht jetzt,nicht so ein riesen koffer irgendwie,noch da unten wie bmw und audi und so,weiter also ich finde das ganz gut,untergebracht gleich darunter verbirgt,sich dann die frontkamera die natürlich,eine von vier kameras ist die dann die,360 grad kamera abbildet dann brach ihr,das genesis logo hier oben auf der,motorhaube drauf und hier weiter unten,haben wir dann noch ein paar,lufteinlässe auch noch mal ein bisschen,chrom und dann hier noch mal so eine,ganz kleine chromspange vorne finde ich,auch noch mal ein,und dann kommen wir auch schon zum,wichtigsten punkt quad lahms heißt es,bei genesis und zwar heißt es im prinzip,einfach nur dass die zweigeteilte das,werdet ihr im ganzen fahrzeug merken,wenn man natürlich durch und durch geht,er euch zeigen und was sie jetzt hier,sehen ist natürlich das tagfahrlicht das,wären auch die blinker,was versteckt sich hier darunter das,sind serienmäßig schon led-scheinwerfer,optional mit inkludiert zum beispiel,auch in den das innovationspaket dass,ich euch ans herz legen würde ist dann,aber matrix led-licht das heißt,vorausfahren deswegen gegen kommende,fahrzeuge werden ausgeblendet und ihr,habt trotzdem falls das fernlicht,funktioniert auch wirklich wirklich,super kann also mit daimler und co,mithalten nur das laserlicht von bmw,finde ich noch mal einen tick besser,aber ansonsten kann das wirklich sich,sehen lassen und funktioniert wirklich,richtig gut,nochmal zurück zum innovationspaket,warum ich euch das ans herz legen weil,für mich zumindest das bringt natürlich,auch immer im auge des betrachters,die wichtigsten dinge an bord sind eben,matrix led-licht das head up display was,direkt an die scheibe produziert wird,und auch der 3ds ist nicht ganz so,wichtig aber ist ein nettes detail aber,die zwei zusatz dinge die noch dazu,sehen wie wir eben des matrix und,head-up-display finde ich doch eine sehr,wichtiger ein sehr wichtiger punkt und,jetzt seid aber auch schon ihr dran und,zwar geht es darum was ihr zum design,des g80 sagt bin ich sehr gespannt,19 der fahrzeugkarosserie besteht aus,alu wollte ich euch einfach mal als,information in den raum schmeißen,ich erzähle euch gleich noch was und,zwar wurde auch in europa sehr viel,getestet das fahrzeug auf den,europäischen straßen nicht zuletzt auch,auf dem nürburgring,und es ist auch wie beim bv 80 eine,kooperation mit südkorea und auch,deutschland rüsselsheim um genau zu sein,aber hier war auch amerika noch im spiel,also die drei haben das zusammen,entwickelt und dann gleich auch noch was,zum fahrwerk bezüglich allgemein auch,dem fahren alles auf komfort ausgelegt,dh wir haben ja auch ein luftfahrwerk,und allrad erst mal vielleicht was zum,allrad und dann gehen wir das comfort,stück für stück durch heirat ist erstmal,theoretisch 100 heck wenn aber es sein,soll ist maximal 50 bis 50 drin also 50,an die vorderachse und 50 prozent eine,hinterachse nicht wie beim gv 80,zumindest hab ichs herausgelesen dass,es an ein rad gehen kann machte aber,auch hier bei dem gar nicht so viel sinn,wenn man mit dem ja nicht ins gelände,geht dann sind wir schon beim thema,komfort eben nochmal luftfahrwerk wir,haben hier vorne eine kamera drin wie,quasi die fahrbahnbeschaffenheit sich,anschaut und sodann das fahrwerk pendelt,das heißt wenn es erkennt aha bekommt,eine größere bodenwelle oder eine,unebenheit dann gleich dass das schon,mal aus damit wir wenig oder so wenig,wie möglich im innenraum davon,mitbekommen,zusätzlich haben wir vorne in der,windschutzscheibe und auch an den,vorderen scheiben an der seite eine,akustik verglasung verbaut das heißt es,ist ja noch mal ein bisschen ruhiger im,innenraum und auch die felgen haben,hohlräume drin wo das ganze auch noch,mal leiser machen soll genau,also es ist ja relativ viel wie auch,beim bv 80 für den komfort gemacht und,ich muss auch wirklich sagen weil der ob,ein feiner herr natürlich sehen oder,hören besser gesagt dass es hier,wirklich sehr ruhigem innenraum ist an,der seite sage ich noch was wir,zusätzlich ein panorama-schiebedach dazu,buchen könnt da sind eine der wenigen,sachen wir uns tatsächlich noch fehlt,bei 19 zoll startet das wir haben uns,hier aber die optionalen 20 zoll mit,dazu bekommen und ja dann haben wir noch,eine bremsbacken das erstmal so nichts,besonderes bei dem fahrzeug ab und das,steht noch mal genesis drauf finde ich,nettes detail vw hat beim golf 8 g/t ezb,ist nicht mehr hinbekommen gd darauf zu,schreiben klar beim clubsport anschauen,aber beim normalen erst mal nicht und,wir haben das hier bei ihrer limousine,einfach mal noch gemacht finde ich auch,noch mal ein nettes detail es gab auch,im internet schon welche die das an,gemerkt haben dass die auf rot cool,aussehen würde finde ich jetzt bei dem,modell um passen muss ich sagen weil das,her doch wirklich so eine e-klasse,vergleich es ist ja kein amg oder so was,also eine sportliche version sondern,einfach für luxus und komfort gemacht da,würde jetzt eine rote bremsbacken nicht,passen bei den g siebziger modell,da könnte es schon eher passen das sind,die sportlichen modelle noch ein punkt,hier an der seite elf farben gibt es für,den g80 der zeit und wir haben jetzt das,tasman blau,leider aber auch wieder gut dass,schüssel ich jetzt noch mal kurz ein,bisschen auf warum gut weil es eine sehr,schöne farbe ist es ein bisschen geht in,dem blau ton rhein auch ein bisschen,grüner es ist einfach nicht sehr schöne,farbe ist auch die kommunikations farbe,für dieses fahrzeug deswegen gut weil es,auch eine schöne farbe ist warum also,schlecht wenn ursprünglich hätten wir,denn eigentli

The 2023 Genesis G80 Electrified Is A Very Good Low-Key Electric Luxury Sedan

when it comes to luxury Vehicles Genesis,may be one of the youngest brands in the,U.S however the company is already on a,mission to completely Electrify all of,their vehicles in the states by the year,2030. now I already had a chance to,drive the new genesis gv60 the Brands,first ever electric vehicle here in,America however this week the company,has loaned me a car that doesnt even,really look electric this is the 2023,Genesis G80 electrified it slots above,the G80 sport in the lineup and what the,company essentially does is they pluck,out the internal combustion engine and,replaces it with two electric motors,giving this vehicle all-wheel drive and,an 87.2 kilowatt hour battery pack so if,you guys have always had your eye on the,new G80 the redesign model but you,wanted to go electric does this new G80,electrified fit that bill stay tuned to,find out,now before we go into the walk around,because this is an EV I want to show you,guys whats underneath the hood a lot of,you are probably expecting a frunk but,sadly the G80 electrified does not have,one because this vehicle was also,designed to accommodate an internal,combustion engine now you can see under,the hood of the G80 electrified it,almost looks like we have a conventional,engine underneath here there is no,additional storage but what youre,looking at essentially is the motor for,the front the inverters the cables and,whatnot you have twin electric motors on,this vehicle one in the front one in the,back giving you a total of 365,horsepower which is actually 10 less,versus the twin turbo V60 you find in,the G80 sport but you get 516 pound-feet,of torque thats 125 more pound feet of,torque versus the V6 and it makes it one,of the most torque-rich engines that,youll find or powertrains that youll,find in this segment it all goes out,through a one speed reduction Gear,transmission and like I said earlier,this vehicle uses an 80 37.2 kilowatt,hour battery pack now that battery pack,is going to allow this vehicle Genesis,says to go a maximum of 282 miles on a,full charge weve got the vehicle for a,week so were going to test out that,range claim in our real world testing,and Genesis claims you should get to 60,in under five seconds we also have our,0-60 equipment so well go ahead and,well test it out well see what we can,actually get now in terms of the top,speed Genesis actually says this will,reach a top speed of 150 miles an hour,and because its all electric you have,that big battery pack it weighs in at,around 600 pounds more versus the V6,this one here clock checks in at around,5000 pounds just over five thousand,pounds let me go ahead and shut the hood,because I want to show you guys The,Styling of this vehicle now there isnt,really too much new to report here on,the styling because this new generation,the second generation came out in 2021,and its really hard to tell that this,is the electrified model really your,only indication is the front fascia uh,here at the front because you have this,the usual Genesis Crest Grille here,however the grill itself is actually,closed off and you have a couple of,painted elements here on the lower front,face you guys are probably also,wondering how do I charge this vehicle,well the charge port is so cleverly,hidden right here if you push that in,that actually opens up the charge port,door and this vehicle runs on the 800,volt architecture I actually already had,a chance to DC fast charge this vehicle,at Electrify America station so lets go,over and cue over to that footage and I,show you guys where I show you guys just,how quickly this vehicle charges,so one of the things that makes the G80,electrified so special is the fact that,this vehicle runs on the 800 volt,architecture so I have pulled up to a,350 kilowatt Electrify America station,its about 30 minutes away from my house,we are at about 11 charge now this,vehicle has the ability to charge DC,fast charge from 10 to 80 in 22 minutes,so lets go ahead and test that out now,usually Electrify America allows you to,kind of just plug in and itll,automatically start charging your,account but because Genesis doesnt have,that setup,were gonna have to pay with a card,that was quick enough,processing payment,authorized,usually these dont work at all so Im,really happy to see that the credit card,machine is actually working,now most of you will probably have an,account that you have set up through,your app your app I heard the car just,start saying charging started,initial initiating charge,all right so this station charges you 32,cents per minute,so were also going to see how much its,going to cost us to charge this vehicle,wow this is very very slow,all right so,so far its not saying its costing us,anything but we are accepting up to 168,kilowatts right now which I believe this,vehicle will accept a maximum of 350 so,its only accepting about half,it says 21 minutes until we get to 80,which is bang on with what Genesis,claims uh its they say you can go from,10 to 80 in about 22 minutes so lets go,ahead and see how long it actually takes,foreign,and then here inside the car its,telling us we are accepting almost 170,kilowatts right now and it says about 20,minutes still to get to 80 percent,which uh,in the time the four minutes that Ive,been recording this video weve gone,from 11 to 17 so thats already very,very quick,so just a quick update in between the,charge while I was waiting for this,thing to get to 80 percent the station,here decided it wanted to just stop all,of a sudden so I had to unplug the car,re-plug it in insert my credit card,again it seems to be a common problem,with these Electrify America stations,where they are sort of working but then,theyll just stop randomly altogether,but now we are plugged in again and you,can see Im at almost 50 percent its,accepting almost 180 kilowatts it says,another 11 minutes so hopefully it,doesnt stop so another quick update we,are now accepting 185 kilowatts Which is,higher versus when I initially started,we have about six minutes left its,still only 33 minutes to get to 100,however I am seeing one fault with this,station you notice that the car says 65,but over there on the screen in front of,me it only says 59 so theres a little,bit of a lag a delay from that screen,over there to the screen that the car is,showing me,all right so Ive been sitting here for,about 25 minutes or so I had to add a,couple minutes because I had to restart,the charging session when it decided to,just quit working but we have as you can,see reached 80 percent actually were at,82 and Im actually shocked because the,car is still accepting 122 kilowatts,even though weve already surpassed 80,that is very very quick which is why,this vehicle will allow you to go to 100,in about 30 minutes thats literally,twice the speed of something like the,Ford Mustang Mach e uh and uh if you,guys can see over there on the screen,its cost about the cost to charge has,been a roughly four dollars now my first,session was about five dollars and when,we started out this charging session we,had about 28 miles of range now we are,showing 236 so in about 25 minutes this,car added about 200 a little over 200,miles of range to the cost of six,dollars which is very very inexpensive,uh usually something like gas if you,guys wanted to fill this up with gas it,would easily cost you something like 70,dollars for vehicle like this so the,prices definitely come down the charging,speed is definitely quick its just the,reliability uh I really would have loved,it if this machine kept going without,having to stop and re-plug and re-entry,in my information but other than that,the charging session has been pretty,nice and if you really want to you could,sit here and get to 100 in about 30,minutes which is pretty sweet,now if you guys plan to just level two,charge this vehicle at home Genesis says,you should be able to fully charge the,depleted battery on a level 2 charger,and a little over seven hours which is,definitely still f

2022 Genesis G80 // Is this BETTER than BMW 5-Series and E-Class??

whats going on youtube so even though,suvs are all the rage nowadays some,people still prefer the sleek styling,and agile handling of a sedan,which is exactly why genesis offers this,g80 this of course shares many aspects,with the related gv80 and even though it,was just fully redesigned last year,genesis is making some refinements so is,this the best mid-sized luxury sedan out,there lets go ahead and find out,[Music],[Music],all right so lets get started here with,the exterior design now before we kind,of talk about this i do want to mention,one of the 2022 changes and thats the,fact that theres now a sport appearance,package which will soon be available,with the 3.5 turbo models,youve probably seen some pictures of it,just add some different elements to the,front end to make it look more,aggressive as well as the interior and,we look forward to hopefully sampling,this early next year but as far as this,model this is definitely the more luxury,looking model we have the 2.5,advanced and weve got that signature,crest grill up here in the front it is,very large goes down real deep into the,lower fascia and then you have kind of,this mesh pattern that runs across the,bottom really makes this look super,fancy and prestigious just like the g90,now as we come over here to the,headlights again we have those signature,genesis elements these are your quad,beam full led headlights with that split,design you have the double daytime,running lights as well as turn signal,indicators that go through here but,youre not going to find any fog lamps,but now lets go ahead and talk about,these wheels these of course are very,eye-catching because you rarely see,vehicles that have wheels that look like,this its kind of a controversial,element but,you can of course get a large variety of,different wheels if its not your style,but this is a newly available option for,2022,which looks very familiar with that,fully loaded flagship g90 these are,going to be measuring in at 19 inches,you do have a standard 18 inch alloy and,if you go up to the 3.5 turbo models you,can even go all the way up to a 22 inch,alloy,of course as we pull back here you will,see those,quad beam elements carry on to the turn,signals on the side,and then genesis nicely loads out the,mirrors on every single version so you,have heating blind spot monitoring power,folding and auto dimming,lets go ahead and talk about the side,of the g80 now of course you can tell,here at the side this is a pretty long,vehicle you know it is in the mid-size,segment but its coming in at 197 inches,in length which is about an inch longer,than some of its competition it is going,to be riding on a dedicated rear drive,platform which gives you those really,nice rear drive proportions at the side,and lets talk about the rear design i,am a huge fan of the way this looks this,is a beautiful sedan so it takes a lot,of the elements that youve seen out of,something like a gv80 and the gv70 and,kind of puts into a sedan body style so,up here at the top we have this chrome,piece that gives it a really nice,element or accent here on this black,model and then we have genesis spelled,out across the back for a nice classy,touch then the tail lights these are,going to be pretty much the same tail,lights youre used to seeing on genesis,products these are the quad led tail,lights every element in here is led then,if we drop down below that you will find,your reverse lights here in the middle,in between the dual trapezoidal exhaust,outlets,now for your safety systems genesis,doesnt mess around they give you every,single one of them as standard equipment,which is particularly worth noting,because a lot of the germans will,separate those features out and make you,pay extra for them so thats going to be,ford emergency braking with pedestrian,detection auto high beams adaptive,cruise control with a highway drive,assist as well as lane keeping assist,we really appreciate you watching please,hit that subscribe button if you havent,already i promise you wont regret it,now lets go ahead and check out the,inside,of course as you would expect for a,luxury sedan you do have a standard,smart entry system with the genesis key,fob of course you got the nice real,metal buttons you also have remote start,built into the fob and if you went for,the prestige model that would also get,you the smart park system so you can,pull into and out of parking spots with,the fog,now as you walk up to the vehicle you,will see the mirror electrically fold,out as it senses your approach and then,to get inside you can describe behind,the handle,now as nice as the exterior is its the,interior thats the real story with this,g80 since thats the most important part,for a luxury sedan now go ahead and,start off with different interior color,and material choices,so you have a standard leatherette seat,for both the base model as well as this,advanced trim level and your choice of,black beige or maroon,if you go for the prestige model 2.5,thats going to give you real leather,and then napa leather is available only,on the 3.5 t model so keep that in mind,when youre choosing between the two,different engines,now turning over here to your door trim,it is very nicely done youll notice,leather over pretty much all the,surfaces including all the way up,through here we have the beautiful real,metal speaker grilles it is soft touch,even down here on the extreme lower,portions as well as along the top,beautiful open pore wood trim and,nice metal switch gear all four of the,windows are of course fully automatic,and then you do have standard,three-person memory seating,coming down here to the seats these are,the standard 12-way power adjusting,seats you can get 16-way power adjusting,seats with massaging abilities if you,get the prestige,and then like i was mentioning this is a,leatherette seat however it has a very,realistic feel its still nice too nice,and soft to set in and i do like the,perforation,like i was saying the real important,part of any luxury sedan is the cabin,and this g80 absolutely nails this,aspect,so you notice fine materials from top to,bottom so we have a nice leather,material that runs across the entire,upper dashboard with the stitching,details,as we move down we have generous use of,this open pour wood,looks absolutely lovely going across,here in one seamless piece,we have more of that wood across all,this center area here of course you have,the leather padding along the tunnel for,your knee to rest against and everything,in here just fits together absolutely,perfectly,and just really oozes high quality,luxury,now start it up it should finally break,and press the button located right up,there,[Music],and after you fire up the vehicle you,will be greeted with this gauge cluster,on the vast majority of models so this,is a half digital half analog,as you can see this side is digital the,full digital 3d gauges though are,actually just reserved for the 3.5 t,prestige thats only the very top model,all the rest of them will get this setup,you see here today additionally uh the,blind view camera system thats going to,be on the 2.5 t prestige model,we dont have that on this example,because it is the advanced trim level,and then you can get an optional head up,display if you choose one of the 3.5 t,trim levels now pulling back to the,steering wheel of course we have that,signature and unique genesis design,nicely leather wrapped it will be heated,on any of the models that have all-wheel,drive,and as you can see it is also power,adjusting,lets go ahead and jump into interior,storage,so opening up this center console as you,can see it does have the split design,which is,uh you know typical of german vehicles,usually,and looking inside of here we do have a,nice felt landing on the sides as well,as the bottom and a 12-volt outlet,but lets put it to the test lets get,out the coupons,here we go,stick these in here kind of turn them a,little to the side looks like theyre,going to fit in ther

The 2021 Genesis G80 3.5T is a Stand-Out New Luxury Sedan From Korea

[Music],hyundais luxury division may only be,four years old but in that short time,frame the company has already been,making,bold claims to make their brand stand,out amongst european american,and japanese competitors back in 2017,when hyundai first launched genesis they,launched the brand with two models the,flagship g90 and of course the rebadged,second generation,g80 for 2021 there are big changes over,at genesis with the company launching,their first ever,suv the gv80 and of course this all new,second generation,g80 based off of the same platform as,its suv stablemate,now as a new midsize luxury sedan the,g80 already has an uphill battle for it,and a world full of consumers that love,suvs however,with this all-new g80 genesis is,promising this is the most impressive,luxury sedan ever,its riding on a completely new platform,its got very distinctive styling,inside and out and in typical genesis,fashion its packed full of luxury,technology and one of the best,warranties in the business,for a price that undercuts its european,competitors by thousands of dollars,so if you guys are actually in the,market for a new mid-sized luxury sedan,youre tired of all the japanese,european and american offerings,has this new g80 stack up thats were,here to find out,[Music],hey guys before we move forward with the,genesis g80 review i want to tell you,about this amazing opportunity to win a,vehicle that could be described as an,american icon,kind of like that ford mustang right,behind me now the stang has always been,a legend but the car that im talking,about is one of the rarest cars ever,produced in the modern era,a 550 horsepower 2005,ford gt supercar and 20 000,in cash,now in all my years of reviewing cars i,still havent had the chance to drive,one of these legendary supercars,you know the one that plays homage to,the original ford gt race car from the,1960s,which also helped forward beat ferrari,at the racetrack all you have to do to,enter for a chance to win is to click on,the link in the description below itll,direct you over to our friends over at,omaze.com forward,slash rr where youll enter for a chance,to win this amazing car,plus the cash and support a great cause,now i mentioned earlier that this is the,second generation g80 but in reality,this is technically the third generation,of the hyundai genesis sedan remember,the hyundai genesis was the one that,started the genesis brand back in 2008,and this all new g80 as you can see is a,vehicle that is,very much for me a turning point for,genesis because if you remember when,genesis first came out,they were struggling to find their brand,identity as you can see now,with this all-new g80 midsize luxury,sedan we see a very distinctive styling,trend thats going to be applied to,every genesis model in fact genesis says,theres six all new models coming,by the year 2023 and this is one of the,first ones now as you can see the,styling of the g80 this particular one,here is the 3.5,twin turbo prestige model with all-wheel,drive its the most fully decked out one,you can get,and its got some really impressive,styling details that make this thing,very bold the genesis crest grille you,can see,is right front and center this thing is,dominating the front end its got a very,large radar sensor there,for the adaptive cruise control that,comes standard on every genesis model,unlike a lot of its european competitors,you can see,that crest grille is flanked by these,quad beam full led headlights,which have two signature light design,elements with led daytime,running lights led low and high beams no,fog lights as you can see here,but you can see theres a lot of chrome,a lot of bling in this front end its,very,bently like almost aston martin-like,especially when you look at the genesis,winged emblem,and this thing is riding on a completely,new platform thats exactly why,youre noticing that the g80 looks a lot,lower and wider in fact this is about,an inch lower versus the previous,generation and a half an inch wider but,its overall dimensions havent changed,too much,this g80 is still riding on a wheelbase,that stretches 118.5 inches long,its around 196.7 inches long so this is,on the longer end of the segment,remember this car competes with cars,like the bmw 5 series the mercedes-benz,e-class and of course the audi,a6 now my tester here is the prestige,model so it does include,these nicely designed five-spoke 20-inch,alloy wheels with staggered wheels so,you have a 2,55 setup in the front and 275 at the,rear,i really like the way these wheels look,especially on this himalayan gray model,you can see,this v6 model also has these nice set of,brakes with two piston,uh calipers at the front with the,genesis logo stamped in the actual,caliper its a really nice looking,designed car although i wish that,genesis would offer the calipers to be,painted thatd be a nice option you can,see the dual line,theme continues here on the front fender,where you have these led turn signals,right here as opposed to on the mirror,and then my tester has a nice panoramic,sunroof which is pretty common,options in this class you can tell,really from this angle that this car is,rear-wheel drive remember this is a rear,drive car,with available all-wheel drive like my,tester so this is already,better versus some of the japanese,competitors which are still kind of,front drive based vehicles now looking,at the rear of the car,you can see the styling trend continues,here with those quad,quad beam design continued onto the led,tail light design you can see genesis is,spelled down at the back,i dont particularly love the all-wheel,drive badge on this thing it looks like,it says,four wheel drive instead but i do like,how restrained it is the genesis,you know font is also very classy very,elegant,the grille is kind of echoed into the,dual exhaust tip which,this one here has that new 3.5 liter,twin turbo v6 so let me start it up and,you can hear how it sounds,all right rob fire it up and lets hear,how that new engine sounds,[Music],yeah about what i expected this is not a,high performance model its a luxury,sedan,that was terrible,its a luxury sedan hey did you feel how,you hanged yeah,i was like is this pedal stuck,now remember this is a luxury sedan so,its not going to be super loud and,obnoxious like youd expect from like an,amg,or like a bmw m model hopefully genesis,has a high performance version coming,now opening up the trunk capacity i,dont have,full specs of the vehicle just yet as of,this filming ill include that,and in a little annotation but you can,see here the cargo area is pretty large,this is just a midsize sedan the old,g80 had right around 15.5 cubic feet of,space this looks roughly the same,the seats also dont look like they fold,but there is a center pass-through for,longer items and then underneath here,theres a temporary spare tire so you,dont have to deal with a fix-a-flat kit,so once youre finally done drooling,over the brand new exterior of the 2021,g80 the interior is really where where a,lot of luxury buyers,spend their time so this is where,genesis spent extra time designing an,interior that could go head to head with,the european models and i have to say,my tester with the himalayan gray,exterior with this havana brown,interior its kind of like a two-tone,really has that luxury car,feel this particular one also has the,prestige package so it includes some,nice upgrades that youll really notice,on the inside,and as you can see even the door panels,of this thing remind me a lot of lexus,with the kind of like ribbon-like design,of the real,leather youve got the metal speaker,covers for the premium 17 speaker,lexicon sound system which sounds,incredible,theres some genuine wood grain the,steering wheel you can see has like a,two-tone look a lot of people didnt,like the way,this steering wheel looked on the gv80,the g80 has a slightly different look to,it i actually think it looks good its,very,ergonomically comfortable as well to,kind of rest

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