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Here’s Why the 2021 Genesis GV80 Is a Serious Luxury SUV Contender

this is the new 2021,genesis gv80 and it is the first genesis,suv,finally genesis launched a few years ago,as hyundais luxury brand just like,lexuss toyotas and acura is hondas but,they launched with three sedans into a,world of suvs but the first genesis suv,is finally here and today im going to,review it,[Music],before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my new online,enthusiast car auction website with cool,cars from the modern era if youre,looking to buy a cool car from the 1980s,and up cars and bids has the best,selection and variety with auctions,running all the time of cool interesting,cars and if youre looking to sell a,cool car from the modern era cars and,bids is the place you will get the most,views and the most money for your cool,car check out carsandbids.com,so lets talk gv80 this goes on sale,shortly and it has a starting price of,around fifty thousand dollars which,places it right on par with the volvo,xc90 and the lincoln aviator and a,little bit more expensive than the,popular lexus rx and acura mdx two row,seating is standard but the gv80 is,offered with an optional third row if,you want to use it for kid transport,duties under the hood the gv80 offers,two options base models come with only a,four cylinder but its a 2.5 liter turbo,4 with a surprisingly potent 300,horsepower or you can upgrade to a v6,like in this gv80 which has,375 horsepower thats a big number and,it comes with a starting price of just,over 60 thousand dollars also important,is the fact that the gv80 is here at all,like i said genesis launched with three,sedans modeled after lexuss launch when,it first came out about 30 years ago but,obviously the market has changed since,then and it took genesis too long to,create an suv but its finally here and,now genesis can truly start to rival,established luxury brands like volvo,lincoln lexus acura mercedes-benz and,all the others and today were gonna,find out if its a strong challenger,first im gonna take you on a tour of,the gv80 and ill show you all of its,interesting quirks and features then im,gonna get it out on the road and drive,it and then ill give it a dug score,all right im gonna start the quirks and,features of the gv80 with probably its,quirkiest quirk and that would be the,fact that i can move it by remote while,standing outside all right check this,out on the remote theres a little,button with a circle marked hold if you,press and hold that button down the gv80,turns on as you can see then theres a,little button with a car on it and an,arrow and a p,if you push that and hold it then the,gv80 moves forward on its own as you can,see im not in it not sitting in the,drivers seat but i am holding down the,button and the gv80 is moving forward,all,on its own like a remote control car and,it can do it in the other direction as,well press the other p and arrow button,on the key fob and as you can see the,gv80 is now backing up im standing,outside of it no one is in it im just,controlling it with a remote which is,pretty cool now you might be wondering,why would anybody ever actually want,this feature according to genesis the,thinking is if you live in a tight city,and you park in a tight parking garage,or someone has parked too close to you,in a parking lot you can just move the,car out without you having to squeeze in,and figure it out you can just stand,there and move it it only goes forward,or backwards it doesnt turn or avoid,obstacles but you can move the car with,the remote and that is how it works but,anyway i already showed you that remote,control car moving trick in my review of,the genesis g80 sedan now im gonna go,over some quirks and features that are,unique to the gv80 starting with opening,the tailgate where the tailgate popper,is in an odd place you look around back,here you dont really see it thats,because its integrated into the wiper,housing you can see theres a little,picture of an suv with the tailgate up,you push that and then the tailgate,opens just like this now once it is open,you can see,theres a lot of cargo space back there,this model has the third row seat but,its folded down and for a vehicle this,size its a pretty large cargo area at,least while the third row is down but,lets say you want to put the third row,seats up in the back of the gv80 you are,lucky a lot of new luxury suvs have,power folding and raising third row,seats and the gv80 does also but the,cool part is theyre labeled with this,circle button back here you can see 3l,3r 2l 2r and a lot of suvs youre,pressing the button thinking im not,sure if this raises the left seat or the,right seat but here you press 3l and the,third row seat on the left side raises,or lowers whichever you want that is,clever and it makes it a lot easier to,figure out which seat youre actually,putting up or down now like a lot of,luxury suvs with power folding third row,seats you can raise or lower the third,row back here you can put them up or,down which is a nice touch unlike a lot,of suvs with this feature you can also,put the second row seats down you press,the two l button and the second row left,side fold down press two r second row,right folds down pretty simple,unfortunately you cannot re-raise the,second row from the back if you want to,put the second row back up you actually,have to go around to the seat and put it,up manually but probably the coolest,thing when it comes to third row seat,moving is in the third row itself you,have this little button over on the side,split into two one with an arrow in the,backrest pointing up and one pointing,down you press that and it actually,moves the backrest forward or backward,automatically over on the side of the,seat youre sitting on this car has,power operated third row seats at least,the backrest component that is something,i have never seen before in any vehicle,at any price point and it is a pretty,cool feature for third row passengers,who usually get stuck with the cheapest,crappiest materials since theyre not,intended to be back there for very long,trips and theyre usually kids but that,isnt the only cool quirk in the third,row so lets get back there and check,out the rest unfortunately thats easier,said than done now getting access to the,third row is actually pretty easy you,have this little circle button on the,side of the second row when you open the,door you push that and in one motion the,seat moves forward and the backrest,folds forward to provide easier access,to the third row very nice to see just,one press and the third row is,accessible a lot of suvs make you do a,two-step process and its the same deal,if youre sitting in the third row and,youre trying to get out you can see,theres a button on the backrest for the,second row you push that and again one,press the seat rolls forward and folds,forward to make it easier to get out of,the third row this is probably the best,third row entry and exit button system,in the entire car industry and i will,use it now and demonstrate the problem,with getting into the third row which is,its just not all that big back here,even though the seat scoots forward,theres just not all that much space and,when you climb in back oh you can see,just how incredibly tight it is back,here as i get caught on the seat belt,and as i can barely fit in the third row,and it is really really tiny back here,one of the smaller third rows like i,mentioned earlier the gv80 comes,standard with two rows of seats you only,want to get the third row if youre,going to use it for kids or for very,short trips it is not a large full-size,suv with a big third row you can sit in,comfortably its just for kids but if,you have your kids back here you will,see some interesting benefits although,im going to start with a drawback there,are no charge points in the third row a,lot of new third row vehicles have,charge points back here so that,passengers in the way back can plug in,their devices and charge them as they,drive but not in the gv80 a bit of a,demerit and

2022 Genesis GV80 Prestige Signature: Is The GV80 Worth The Money?

[Music],thats quick hey everyone its ben hardy,here and in todays video well be going,over a genesis gv80 in the prestige,package and with all that being said,lets just hop right into the video,so under the hood we have a turbocharged,3.5 liter v6 it goes for an eight-speed,automatic transmission now pyro puts,with this engine of 375 horsepower and,then 391,pound-feet of torque and i love how they,have this on display how its all,symmetrical similar to what you get with,like ferrari or maserati for example,its just a really beautiful,[Music],now lets go over the front end of the,gv80 so first off you guys notice the,genesis logo here in the center i love,how this part of the hood is kind of,lower because kind of accents the logo,just even more so than normal now coming,down below youve got the giant genesis,front grille and notice i have the,camera there in the center and we have a,sensor just down below led accent lights,here for the lighting youve got the,projector bulbs with parking sensors,integrated here to the front and then,also the chrome trim and then the,venting here off to the side and uh,funny enough the same person that,actually does the styling for bentley,was uh stolen by genesis and theyre the,person who has basically done the,styling for all the new genesis is well,pretend like thats a word and thats,why this looks very similar to the,bentega from a stylistic perspective,now come around the side here weve got,two 65-millimeter tires wrapped on,22-inch wheels in the front and over in,the rear as well and then you guys can,see the design here on the wheels i,think it looks absolutely fantastic you,have the genesis script here on the,brake caliper and you guys can see here,with the turn signal indicator on the,side how thats kind of integrated and,then with the chrome trim and then,theres more chrome trim here at the,bottom and then you guys can see the,two-tone design with the mirrors where,youve got the black in the bottom,white there on the top notice the chrome,here on the door handles and so im,going to mention is the doors are soft,closed actually,which is another nice feature to have,and something else is when you walk up,to the car when its locked itll,actually automatically unlock and itll,fold,out the mirrors and then when you lock,it theyll automatically,fold in so you guys can see,and then that whole fun stuff so yeah i,dont know pretty cool feature so here,is our key fob thats in this beautiful,genesis key case which i think is pretty,cool we have our lock unlock we have,these two functions right here to make,the vehicle go forwards or backwards,automatically without you inside of it,remote start opening for the hatch,youve got the light control and then,also for the horn and well hold this,down,so it pops open the rear hatch,and you guys will notice that there is a,ton of storage space here on the back,of the gv80 and we have these to raise,or lower,the second row the second row is fully,power you guys will see in the moment,got 12 volt right here nice carpeting,and notice,the cargo cover here,storage space down below really nice,then you guys will see some speakers,here for the sound system,and other than that thats all for the,back so lower it back down,now finishing things up here with the,rear you guys will notice with the,taillights definitely a cool design uh,with those uh super unique and then,notice weve got all of our regular,badges here on the back parking sensors,on the rear and you guys can see the,coverings over the exhaust tips at the,very,bottom and yeah theres the rear,now heres the door panel in the back,notice weve got beautiful leather trim,here with the wood trim down below and,then more leather down below that and,then weve got more leather down below,that was some stitching and by the way,this sound system is just phenomenal,super nice clarity you can see tons of,speakers as well got the genesis pack,right there and then you guys can see,the rear seats here with the really nice,perforations all down the center and,again power adjustable for rear seats,which is crazy you never see that guys,these are really nice padding on them,and then look here weve got climate,controls here for the rear heated cooled,seats like,literally everything you could ever want,in a car,and then you guys can see youve got,some charging ports in there so yeah if,youre in the back you live in the life,of luxury especially this seat because,you can move the passenger seat to your,whim,which is uh awesome and also you get,your own sunroof back here as well and,then notice the premium headliner,definitely a nice feature and well,thats all for the rear,now heres the door panel at the front,again you guys can see with the leather,padding and then the wood trim down,below and then more leather down below,that and you guys can see here with the,leather on the side all the window,controls look really nice got the memory,seats the mirrors do have a blind spot,monitoring and yeah overall just really,nice setup there with a door panel now,you guys can see here with the front,seat you guys can see the piping here,and then look at the perforations with,the quilted design looks fantastic all,of your power adjustments here on the,side,pedal layout just down below got a,parking brake right here with our auto,stop start lane keep assist stability,control,the steering wheel is automatically,adjustable and theres our look for you,pop in,so here is the steering wheel which is,uh beautiful and unique right youve got,the brown leather on the center and then,youve got the black leather here on the,outside which kind of has like almost a,bluish hue to its very unique looking,paddle shifters here on the back,obviously two spoke design with our,controls for the center stack cruise,control as well voice command controls,all the normal car stuff we have our,turn signal light stock windshield wiper,stock and notice the end of the stock is,very nice material wise and anyways,theres the steering wheel now here is,the center gauge cluster this is,probably not going to pop on the camera,very well but this is the 3d gauge,cluster maybe if i go to the side here a,little bit you guys can kind of see,definitely a unique look and yeah i,dont know i think its pretty cool and,futuristic looking it kind of reminds me,of going to those 3d movies back in the,day anyways you guys can notice that,weve got some different drive modes,comfort sport which actually tightens,the bolsters around you custom and then,on the other side we have eco snow,and yeah pretty cool with the drive mode,select and yeah overall the center gauge,cluster is just super unique weve got,the infotainment system here you guys,can see response time is fantastic and,notice we got all these different menus,which we can scroll through go to the,seats for example and you guys have all,the different seat controls and,everything which is uh pretty cool nice,you can even do the rear seats which is,uh unique you usually dont see that in,a car,and yeah other than that uh its easy to,use i guess well also go over the,camera system right while were at it,you guys can see youve got a backup,camera with trajectory lines that turn,the steering wheel birds eye view,because this has a full 360 camera,system resolution on the camera is,fantastic as well uh and i like how you,felt like this whole split screen setup,i think thats definitely unique and,there you go you guys will notice,beautiful materials here on the dash and,then down below and then we have our,climate control so you guys can see the,duals on for the front heated cooled,seats heated steering wheel all that fun,stuff and then notice how weve got this,little like wireless phone charger area,right here tons of wood trim which is uh,really nice oops i clicked on the wrong,place you guys see the cup holders got,our drive mode select here this is for,the camera to pop that on,basically and then you guys got the hill,design control the locker parking,sensors

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Genesis GV80 | No Longer a Copycat

[Music],the brand new genesis gv80,much like the g80 sedan we did a video,on,this is all new and unlike the previous,products in their portfolio,this was designed from the ground up to,be a luxury car,not shared with any other hyundai and,kia product,so this is truly the launch of a new,generation vehicle,from the outside to the inside theres,far less copying and pasting from other,pre-premium brands,more so on the interior space and im,going to get right into that,when you look at the door panel for,example this is always a great,entry into the car you see the leathers,the cross stitching on the leather how,they have these smooth flowing geometric,lines,theres use of alloys matte wood trim,thats real wood,soft leather on the upper door and the,bottom,plastics dont look like theyre out of,a 20 000,car and this is something you see in the,mid-level luxury cars thats a difficult,pill to swallow,this does not look cheap at all and this,isnt even the highest trim level,im looking at the 3.5 t twin turbo,motor,that is the advanced plus trim for 65,thousand now the,base price starts at forty nine thousand,for the four popper turbo,and rear wheel drive lets start with,the driver area,seats feel good the leather feels soft,and supple,and one of their engineers decided on a,long road trip that he was no longer,going to have fatigue in his drivers,seat,so he created the ergo motion design,which is not a massager,it follows the function of more of a,medical bed,that has air bladders if someone is,bedridden for quite a while the,bed adjusts itself to prevent pressure,or bed sores,and thats what this seed is also trying,to emulate moving your shifting your,pelvis or your hips,moving your back around just a little,bit so those pressure points dont,settle in and create fatigue,so this will turn on based on a preset,time to make sure that,its moving you around on longer trips,certain things like the steering wheel,heater the seat heaters and the seat,coolers are all right in front of you,easy to turn on and off the physical,controls,in here are some of the best that,hyundai has or genesis has ever done,its easy to interact with theres a,good solid clicky feel theres just,enough physical controls without you,having to constantly interact with the,touch screen,now this does have the same rotary dial,that we found in the g80,and while i understand what they were,trying to do,they wanted it to be something for,everybody to avoid all the complaints,people want touch screens they want a,touch pad they want a rotary dial they,want a d-pad,it has all of it and while genesis says,that they did design,all of these inputs for the ui theres,still a disconnect there between,trying to get from one menu to the other,sometimes you have to use the d-pad,sometimes you have to use the rotary,knob and it takes a while for your brain,to get adjusted to which input am i,going to use,next were going to look at the gauge,cluster on the lower trim levels,you have physical a physical speedometer,that has a bezel around it and then for,the tachometer and multi-information,screen,you can see a screen and kind of,configure however you want when you get,to the upper trim levels you get to the,3d auto stereoscopic display,which has three layers to it when you,turn on the 3d layer,it switches itself to give you more,depth of field,so it can bring up to the forefront,certain parts of the gauge cluster that,are important to see,and then background other things its,not trying to be gimmicky its trying to,be more usable but one of the side,effects of this technology is,you have to combine an ultra high,resolution screen which this,kind of is and you have to have your,head in one place so they use eye,tracking sensors infrared eye tracking,sensors to make sure,that its trying to keep everything in,focus based on where your eyes are at,but you do lose brightness you do lose,luminosity when its on,so and you also lose resolution and,thats a byproduct of this type of,display technology so its one of those,if you dont like the blurry effect that,the 3d gives you you can turn it off but,it is an interesting implementation,again this car doesnt have it but you,can opt for that,everything else in here is much like the,g80 the dashboards a little bit,different but its ultra high quality,everything feels so well screwed,together the textures are great,the infotainment screen is amazing the,black levels contrast,everything is quick feels good the space,and the back is very usable great for,two adults and the hatch space,is also excellent for an enlarged sedan,if you want more than what the g80 has,this is more americanized and were,going to talk about that more in the,shop so lets head in there,oh boy mark heres a little taste of,soul this is the,gv80 and we just got done doing the g80,as well,however since then we spent a lot of,time with our north american genesis rep,jared whos helped fill in some of the,gaps that we,didnt have covered prior so lets talk,about the business first,genesis as a brand so most people have,this concept with the korean,cars is that they are cheaper because,they can,use inferior products however the,reality is the way they save you money,is that they are vertically integrated,because of the korean government and the,way that they own every facet,of their car business they own the ships,theyre being shipped on they own the,the robotics the manufacturing processes,and the actual raw material hyundai is,one of the largest manufacturers of,steel in the world,thats how theyre saving you money yeah,and that that does have a huge,trickle-down effect they can keep things,in-house,and that also should also help them in,terms of quality and integration of,other products,so when you look at this things like,gearbox engine,most of the suspension parts braking,systems usually are all,made by hyundai including all the things,that you mentioned,which helps save the end user money the,next thing to talk about is unlike the,g80,the gv80 was designed for the north,american market,the g80 is a car that they designed for,korea in fact its one of the best,selling cars in korea,so a lot of the suspension tuning which,does differ slightly for north america,and some of the design objectives were,tailored for a korean buyer where the,gv80 because,the suv craze here in north america is,tailored for us,yes and thats where the big,differentiator is here from genesis from,where they were to where they are now,this one is definitely thought about us,and like,canada so what that does is it makes,some fundamental differences in exterior,design and overall setup of suspension,and how the car feels or suv feels,so when we look at this we know that the,gv80 and the g80 are now,on the m3 architecture which is their,code name or their code for,their body structure the m2 is the,previous generation and how its evolved,is this has gotten stiffer,its gotten lighter the gv80,uses five different types of high,strength steels where the g80 only uses,four they use high strength steels and,hot stampings in the ring area and the,back which is on the body and white it,reinforces the moon roof or panoramic,roof area in the back glass,which also helps with nvh reduction they,in the m2 architecture of the previous,generation they had to use a lot of,stiffeners and,reinforcement braces that they no longer,have to use because theres so much high,strength steel,theres also more aluminum here in terms,of the hang on panels hood,door panels things like that to save,weight and then,at least in the g80 theres way more,aluminum in the suspension,something that im very surprised to see,disappear in the gv80,and to me when you look at it its,probably due to cost cutting,and you know although they share the,same architecture they dont share the,same suspension architecture,subframe in front is stamped steel all,your suspension components in the front,are now stamped steel or cast steel the,only thing thats aluminum here thats a,carryover is

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2022 Infiniti QX60 vs Genesis GV80 – Worth the $15k Difference?

im yuri im jacob and were going for a,drive,[Music],this is episode two of car review court,where im going to defend the 2022 qx60,autograph to the death and im gonna,defend the genesis gv80 prestige to the,death these are both cheater three rows,this qx60 is brand new and the genesis,has been out for a couple years now but,it has earned many accolades and theyre,both not north american yes both west of,the pacific were not talking about no,traverses in this episode so id like to,start off with the fact that mine is,called the autograph and i have,autograph embossed into my seats do you,have prestige in the gv80 unfortunately,i do not theres nothing in here that,actually says prestige however autograph,sounds a lot like a copyright claim with,range rover autobiography no comment id,like to see you prove that in court,but for now autograph is awesome and,these seats these are the space seats,the zero gravity comfort i am so,comfortable in them i do have quilting,and unlike the gv80 which i sat in just,to confirm my suspicions about this case,those gv80 seats are not comfortable,against my spine theres like a little,ridge in the center hate them objection,motion to overrule these seats are so,comfortable so luxurious for my body,type so your subjective nature should be,discredited fully overruled by me i,would like the jury in the comments,below to comment if you sat in a gv80 or,any genesis with the quilted seats are,they comfortable or not or do you get,that pressure point in the center of,your spine and speaking about my clients,lovely seats they look very good the,quilting is high quality and they have,this ergo motion function which will,actually reduce stress and make you very,comfortable on long drives and you have,this thing called a massage apparently,however if a jury decided that that was,called a massage i think that would be,again fully discredited im going to,turn on my massage,with this hard button its just just,lovely pushing into my back it is a,massage thats what it says on the spec,sheet you cant deny that this car was,sold with a massage feature i can fully,deny that because its just a pressure,point thats just stabbing into the,middle of your spine,it is a massage feature that its sold,with,continuing with the theme of seats i,have a seven seater in here so i have,one more seat than you have do you have,captains chairs in the middle row i,dont need those i need more people in,here i think a little bit more luxury,with these caps and chairs is nicer and,if you put a child seat on there you can,click a button to have it all angle,forward with the base so you wouldnt,need to remove the base to get to the,back seats theres also a center console,thats removable so you can use that to,get around to the back seats as well,i did sit in the third row of your qx60,and while it was quite uncomfortable i,did hit my feet on some plastics and,stuff like that i then sat in the third,row of my vehicle the gv80 and if i,craned my neck in a very comfortable,fashion i had slightly less room,lets just say the third row is for,children only and leave it at that so,lets get to the focus of the second row,where i have automatic peasant blockers,and you just have these peasant-y manual,peasant blockers i think that is a,fair thing to have in this infinity,considering the price difference which,well get to later but,can you explain with this price,difference how i have more room in the,trunk with all the seats up in the,infinity,for carry-ons than you do in the genesis,yuri that just adds to the sporty shape,of my vehicle and the sportiness which,im going to show you with flooring it,right now,oh thats fast,so its come to my attention that you,brought your clients cheater engine the,larger engine where you do have a,smaller engine i guess you wanted the,top trim of both for this car court,review which brings me to the next point,horsepower and torque horsepower and,torque this gv80 has 375 horsepower and,390 pound-feet of torque from a,twin-turbo 3.5 liter v6 and your piggly,qx60 in the top trim with the best,engine you can get has 295 horsepower,and 270 pound-feet of torque from a,naturally aspirated 3.5 liter v6 and for,the jury i would like to bring you to,exhibit a flooring three two one go,you cheated and,catching up and,see you later yuri,[Laughter],yeah the extra 100 horsepower definitely,makes a really big difference there is a,lower trim of this vehicle with actually,still more horsepower and a even better,match price as well though but do you,know whats amazing about my clients,infinity,no cvt automatic transmission,while that would normally be a point you,do have a nine speed i do have an eight,speed lets floor it in three two one,and thats why thats not a point,because that is such a laggy,transmission i mean its better than a,cvt though,yeah anythings better than a cvt,did you know that according to the press,material this infiniti qx60 their most,revolutionary product has had over 1.5,million man hours put into it i didnt,but thank you for bringing that to my,attention which is a great useless fact,for this i dont know if that helps my,case or hurts my case but that is a fact,about the case so lets get to some,extremely subjective things about the,exterior which may end up with the jury,in the comments let us know what you,think if you agree with us but i think,the gv80 is by far better looking like,not even in the same league completely,disagree from the front end this newly,redesigned qx60 looks so much better,this gigantic grille makes it look so,aggressive the daytime running lights,look wonderful and this dark burgundy,paint is so nice its such a great,metallicy color and ive got two-tone,like a my bach i dont think that gv80,has two-tone no no thats just one color,with a bunch of chrome there is no,two-tone for the gv80 its not even,offered it doesnt need to be offered,because i heard unsubstantiated rumors,that the bentley bentayga was actually,modeled after this car and even the,rolls-royce cullinan i i did see a video,that it said budget bentley or something,like that and it was showed a gv80 so,that is that is kind of cool for you and,im glad you brought that video up as,evidence because i believe in that video,you said this has the best headlights of,the year maybe something along those,lines yeah i mean that would have been a,very 2021 thing to say but we are,unfortunately in 2022 and when you throw,a front license plate on two of these,cars the front license plates gonna,look a lot better on this infinity than,it will smack dab in the middle of that,genesis but thankfully both of these,dont have them so shout out to the,manufacturers for cheating their way,into manufacturer plates for both of,these,loopholes,the court allows it technicalities are,the best types of things to get off on,and then talking about the side of the,cars the body lines the infiniti does,have plastic cladding around the wheels,which is great because if you do some,off-roading you dont want to ruin your,paint and thats why plastic cladding is,the best everybody loves plastic,cladding on suvs i know it you know it,everybody knows it objection every,luxury car in the history of luxury cars,has not had plastic cladding so this,gv80 is a true icon of luxury with no,plastic cladding how about the porsche,tycan cross turismo thats an electric,car it doesnt count,okay how about wheels im going to fully,admit im gonna im gonna throw my,client in the ditch the genesis has,nicer wheels but this infinity is,equipped with the straight pipes,recommended continental tire yes you,would actually be correct that would be,the ice contact extremes or the extreme,contact dws-06 however getting back to,those wheels i have 22s they are,beautiful 22 is a bigger number than 20,which you have by default 22s win but,that goes along with the increased price,of the gv80 and if you dont want to,wait till the end of the video to find,out what the prices are you 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Genesis GV80 vs. BMW X5 vs. Mercedes GLE 450 | Full-Size Luxury SUV Comparison

RYAN ZUMMALLEN: Luxury sales are booming right now.,It seems like everybody wants to get their hands on an SUV,from Lexus or Audi or Land Rover.,And then of course, theres BMW and Mercedes.,Two true benchmarks when it comes to luxury crossovers.,Today were matching their X5 and GLE,against a promising rookie.,,The Genesis GV80.,It has space, it has power, it has style.,The big question is, does any of that,mean luxury buyers will like it?,MARK TAKAHASHI: Thats adorable.,I dont like it.,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: OK.,Do you want to check it out first?,MARK TAKAHASHI: Im a man of style and distinction,with more culture than yogurt so no, I dont think I need to.,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: OK this might be harder than I thought.,Before we dive in click that Like button very luxuriously.,And dont forget to hit subscribe,so you can see all of our organic, grass-fed videos.,To get a cash offer on the car in your driveway,,yeah that one, go to edmunds.com/sellmycar.,We want to buy your car, yeah that one.,Can we take a moment to appreciate,what Genesis is offering from an aesthetic standpoint?,In a class that can often feel stale,the GV80 is definitely not.,It has a bold face, flashy accents, and a duck-tail rear.,And best of all, these long lines accentuate its length,and that makes it look graceful on the road.,Under the skin you get a standard turbocharged four,cylinder engine or an optional twin turbo V6 like this one.,You also get two rows of seats standard.,And if you opt for the very top trim, it comes with three rows.,This is a seriously impressive debut,but heres an important note, value,is still a core component of the Genesis strategy.,So for that reason well be viewing the GV80,through more of a value focused lens than we,do with the X5 and the GLE.,In our estimation, Genesis needs to prove,it can deliver on that front before we consider,this a true competitor to these members of luxury SUV royalty.,MARK TAKAHASHI: Number one baby!,We named the GLE the Edmunds Top Luxury SUV in 2020, 2021,,and as were shooting this remains,the best mid-sized luxury SUV you can get today.,And we didnt need to use some imaginary curve like value,to make that happen.,From base models, to fully loaded,,the GLEs sturdy construction and attention to detail,are unparalleled in the class.,You also get a ton of tech features,,including the MBUX infotainment system,,which remains our favorite.,The base engine is a turbo 4 cylinder,,but this one gets the turbo 6.,Unlike that GV80, you can also get some high performance AMG,versions with some big stonking V8s.,I mean, if youre looking for excellence you start here,and you end here.,What we have here is the BMW X5, but not just any BMW X5–,no, no, no, no, this is the Edmunds long-term test X5.,Over the course of the year, weve,logged over 10,000 miles and the verdict,,its an impressive luxury SUV that sometimes gets bogged,down by its own expectations.,The X5 currently sits in fourth place in our midsize luxury SUV,rankings.,Like the GV80 and GLE, the X5 has an optional third row.,Unlike those two, theres no four cylinder option.,The standard engine is a 6 cylinder,with snorting V8s available too.,,Lets talk about interior quality and comfort,starting with the two German standard bearers for the class.,The Mercedes GLE has a wonderfully modern interior.,Yes, its suave and extremely plush leather,and this wonderful, open pore wood,that looks more like teak than brown walnut.,Best of all, its all wrapped together,in such a thoughtful design.,These large screens make a statement,without being overpowering.,And also, the interior looks very futuristic,without looking gauche or gaudy.,Overall, it just kind of makes you feel special.,We talk a lot about value and the Genesis,but believe it or not, the GLE feels fully worth its price,based on the interior alone.,The X5 takes a slightly different approach.,Theres lots of leather and metal,but the design is much more traditional.,Its pretty reserved and pretty safe.,But you do have the option for a Swarovski crystal shifter knob,next to all this, I dont know I guess,it looks like a Macassar ebony.,But Im not a fan of the super, hyper glossy lacquer,that they used.,So you got to go with your own there.,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: Now its the GV80s turn,and right off the bat there is a nice presentation in here.,Genesis did not skimp on the materials,as evidenced by all of this leather,and lots of soft touch points and interesting materials.,Now its true that you will find a little bit more plastic,in here than the BMW and Mercedes,,but in general this is a really refined interior for the class.,But more than that, it feels unique.,The GV80 has a design language thats all its own.,So its not trying to be a German.,Its trying to be the best Genesis.,MARK TAKAHASHI: I dont like it.,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: Woah!,Dude.,MARK TAKAHASHI: I noticed that when you got in.,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: How long have you been back there?,MARK TAKAHASHI: Well I noticed you had to duck your head down,to get in and youre not getting as much headroom up there.,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: OK you do give up a little bit of head space,if youre six feet or taller in the GV80, thats true.,MARK TAKAHASHI: And the controls, they,look like a cheap plastic toy.,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: We are generally down on the piano,black in interiors and this does have a lot of it,on the touch parts, youre right.,MARK TAKAHASHI: And is that an iPhone 3 on the dash?,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: OK I was getting to that,,its a little bit out of the way compared to the others,but for the money–,MARK TAKAHASHI: Its kind of a deal breaker for me Ryan.,RYAN ZUMMALLEN: Im not trying to sell you a car, man.,Do you know what I do here?,MARK TAKAHASHI: Do you have any idea who I think I am?,,These SUVs are packed with technology,,with some of those features being pretty innovative.,Lets check them out.,Were in the GLEs sweet spot, heated seats and a sunroof,for standard but the piece de resistance,is this dual screen setup.,Each one measuring over 12 inches,and providing excellent clarity.,Navigation included, Apple Car play and Android Auto, check.,Its easy to use, fun to look at,,and theres also an optional augmented reality,turn by turn overlay that shows you exactly where you,should be turning in real time.,You can literally feel the stress,leaving your body and little stress demons,exiting this earthly plane.,Safe passage you little stress demons you.,We also like the standard suite of advanced safety features.,And the driver assistance package,plus includes adaptive cruise control,so you can keep an established gap between you,and the car in front.,An evasive steering assist automatically,swerves you away from impending accidents, if necessary.,Now lets test out the stereo system with some blatantly,familiar, royalty free music.,,From the drivers seat, the high is really nice and clear,and you get some powerful punch from the bass coming right,through the floorboards.,As far as staging goes, its this nice surround,but you still have the focus up front.,Overall, I give this Burmester two thumbs up.,Now for the X5, different car, same story.,You get twin 12.3 and screens and the picture again,is fantastic.,We really like the most recent version,of BMWs iDrive infotainment system.,It can be a little confusing to grasp at first,,but if youre sophisticated like me it wont be any trouble.,Some key differences in the X5, you,get adaptive headlights, a panoramic sunroof,,and new for 2021 wireless versions of Apple CarPlay,and Android Auto.,None of those come standard with the GLE.,We also like the way the voice commands,work with the navigation system but not,the silly juvenile gesture controls,,which are more for new money plebs and Doge investors.,Adaptive cruise control is standard this time,and works like a charm, but we found both the lane departure,warning and the hands-free assisted driving,are a little half baked.,Use them as a safety net, not as a crutch.,Well it appears as the only thing left to do,is test th

2021 Genesis GV80 | Review & Road Test

[Music],[Applause],[Music],the genesis gv80 is a mid-sized luxury,suv,made to compete with established players,like the bmw x5,mercedes-benz gle acura mdx and such,there are many ways to define luxury but,to me this one is particularly,compelling,a cornerstone of luxuriousness is,desirability,and a quick way to achieve that is with,distinct style,as the luxury arm of hyundai genesis has,done a commendable job forging a clear,visual identity the gv80 checks all of,genesiss,style boxes diamond pattern grille a,twin light bar motif for headlights side,markers and taillights,the hood is long and the bodywork looks,taut and graceful,ive said it before about other genesis,the gv80,has presence luxury also demands,elevated quality,explore the gv80s interior and youll,experience,quality touch points and countless,knurled surfaces for tantalizing tactile,enjoyment,theres a richness to the materials and,how theyre arranged authentic open for,wood,and metal reinforce the sense that this,is a special place to hang out,thankfully all those premium elements,are attached to a fundamentally,practical cabin,outward visibility is good and rear,passenger space is abundant as expressed,by my 5 foot 10 inch body,sitting behind my ideal front seat,position the rear seats recline to a,generous degree,and split in a 40 20 40 arrangement,allowing long items to pass through the,center with passengers aboard,further rearward there is a respectably,roomy cargo hold with available,electronic seat releases but i wish the,cargo floor were lower,for easier loading fyi genesis offers a,power folding third row seat,but only on the 3.5 advanced plus trim,and from what i hear itd be awfully,tight for anybody but a child,returning to this region when you first,glance it looks like theres a few too,many futuristic circles,for easy usability but all that,functionality quickly becomes very,usable,honestly id rather have a volume knob,than this roller,but the rotary transmission selector is,eye-catching and works with that issue,as does this rotating clickable,controller featuring a center pad,where you can draw numbers and letters,with your finger you use all this to,manage the standard wide format 14.5,inch infotainment screen atop the dash,i really like that screen for two,reasons one the wide arrangement puts a,lot of screen real estate,right below the road where the driver,should be looking anyways,and two its a touch screen even though,its a long reach for the driver,its nice to be able to poke the icon,that needs poking,all right lets talk drivability the,gv80 is based on a rear-wheel drive,architecture though all-wheel drive is,optional for those who need it,for power theres a standard 2.5 liter,turbocharged four-cylinder engine,or an optional 3.5 liter twin,turbocharged v6,that comes exclusively with all-wheel,drive each engine is paired with an,8-speed automatic transmission,and can tow 6 000 pounds im driving the,3.5 liter lets see what shes got,yeah there we go,[Music],got fast enough that i made the car,concerned at,max desperation the 3.5 liter can zip,from still,to 60 miles per hour in a touch more,than five seconds following a slight bit,of lag when you first take off,realistically either engine can move you,with commendable haste but theres a,good reason to spring for the 3.5 liter,it comes paired with an adaptive,suspension featuring,road preview road preview uses a camera,to read the road ahead then adjust the,adaptive dampers,for maximum ride comfort,true enough our gv80 drives with a,sophistication,that speaks to its luxurious intentions,theres also a sporting side for those,who drive with gusto,honestly for an suv this thing hustles,corners reveal another interesting,detail the gv80s standard steering rack,offers both variable effort and variable,ratio,meaning at low speeds it takes fewer,turns to reach maximum steering angle,while on the freeway the ratio is slower,for enhanced stability,technical details aside the gv80 either,feels appropriately planted,or lively depending on how fast youre,driving,you can further explore that variable,nature via a range of drive modes,overall i really like driving the gv80,though i will quickly lodge a complaint,the brake pedal has kind of a spongy,feeling that you have to press through,before any real braking action happens,that could be better in the pantheon of,mica complaints,that brake thing wasnt so bad ill also,note that steering efforts can feel a,little bit heavy at higher speeds but,again,these are manageable concerns as youd,expect the genesis gv80 includes a,standard array of active driver assists,including automatic emergency braking,with pedestrian detection,dynamic cruise control and lane keeping,assist which operates without the,twitchy steering action,found in some similar systems rounding,out this videos premise,weve got indulgence a hallmark of the,luxury experience,to that end the gb80 option sheet can,add niceties like nappa leather 16-way,front seats,heated second row seats remote parking,abilities controlled via the fob,a very cool 360 degree camera system,this gauge cluster blind spot camera and,a 21 speaker lexicon,audio system that sounds brilliant,whats cool is that you dont have to,buy the fanciest trim to drive a,luxurious gv80,even in base roughly 49 thousand dollar,guys these standard equipment roster,includes smart key access,a hands-free power liftgate 10 airbags,heated front seats and a 10-year 100 000,mile powertrain warranty,in fact ventilated front seats come,standard on all but the base trim,its that value story that i think makes,the gv80 such a compelling buy,the gv80 looks and feels like genuine,luxury but throw price into the equation,and something wonderful happens,a base gv80 is about ten thousand,dollars cheaper,than a base bmw x5 and it also undercuts,the audi q7 and mercedes-benz gle,by thousands of dollars the volvo xc90,and acura mdx align better,price-wise but the gv80 occupies a,uniquely compelling intersection of,value,and desirability and its that,intersection that makes me like it so,darn much the gv80,provides all the trappings of luxury,without anchoring so much of your cash,to a depreciating asset,to me that is a smarter way to be,luxurious,[Music],here i go again,[Music],you

Bentley Bentayga on a Budget – 2021 Genesis GV80 Review

[Music],[Music],so,[Music],im yuri im jacob go for a drive,[Music],2021 genesis gv80 3.5 t,prestige all-wheel drive without launch,control,[Music],horsepower and torque 375 horsepower,391 feet of torque from a three and a,half liter twin turbo v6,and before we keep going if you like our,videos consider subscribing because,hitting the subscribe button in 2020,is kind of like hitting a like button in,2015. yeah it has the same impact,you dont get notifications unless you,hit the bell and it just shows that the,channel is good,hit the bell too though or at least,likable so whats the deal with the gv80,why is everyone so excited about it well,its genesiss,first suv and this is like a full-on,competition for bmw and mercedes and,audi,spoiler alert theyre exactly competing,with them now,100 yeah 100 theres so much technology,packed in here i think its also,stunningly good looking theres a lot to,talk about with this okay we got to,start with the technology youre already,seeing some rolling shots so its a very,open,concept kind of feel and every material,is very nice to the touch,yeah this beige on blue looks really,nice,theres a lot of detail with like,knurling and like crystal elements and,stuff like that,yeah like weve got this shifter that,looks crazy apparently this is like one,solid plastic piece yeah and then our,infotainment scroll wheel also looks,really nice,our volume control is also the same with,this knurling and then our climate,control has it,and then its kind of just like spread,out throughout the rest of this interior,including on the turn and the wiper,stocks okay but the most important thing,is we have a,3d gauge cluster which sounds like a,gimmick,i hate 3d movies when i go see avengers,i go see it in 2d,this doesnt hurt my eyes at all its,just impressive and while looking at it,i just feel,rich it kind of hurts my eyes but you,can turn it down and then you can also,turn it off which is really nice,and its actually really bad for the,passenger to look at it but its not,meant for the passenger and then when we,change our drive modes every single,drive mode has an,awesome transition and every single,drive mode has an awesome looking gauge,so weve got eco which looks kind of,like some iron man stuff,comfort looks like almost steampunk,which,i dont really like steampunk stuff and,then if we go to sport we get straight,up,lightsabers that have a glowing effect,with the lightsaber glowing the whole,time if you look really close,it does look really really cool and then,canada exclusive america sorry you dont,get this stuff,we also have terrain modes snow mud and,sand now we dont get any different,graphics for that,no and then we also have the little car,in the middle which means we have,highway driving assist in this,which is a better lane keep system than,tesla bmw,mercedes and audi as far as im,concerned as far as im concerned as,well and this is highway driving assist,2 which now can change lanes for you yes,and to do that you need to turn the,signal halfway down,but you need to keep your hands on the,wheel the whole time and then itll move,so its not like,click it and let the wheel do everything,itself which makes sense and just like,bmw it does have a sensor that looks at,your eyes so it does notice when you,look away and it will notify you,which is also the sensor that runs the,3d stuff yeah and if were comparing,this to bmw audio mercedes,bmw still has the rotary wheel mercedes,got rid of it and they put in a touchpad,and a touchscreen bmw also has a,touchscreen and then audi went full,touch screens,this has a rotary wheel that also has a,touch pad,in the middle and a touch screen its,pretty easy to use,its a tiny bit confusing a little bit,of a learning curve pretty much as much,of a learning curve as bmw and mercedes,now yeah if you imagine the regular,rotary wheel if it was lifted its a,little bit different because it kind of,feels like an ipod touch of the previous,generation but i find my finger slips,off of it a lot so i dont really like,it but i like using the touchscreen,yeah and they let you click up down left,and right on this outer ring that spins,around,and it controls this amazing super wide,infotainment screen,yeah its super wide like ultra wide,okay when youre in the home screen with,nothing on it it just shows you the,weather thats going on outside,and a really nice picture of the road,that youre on without any like names on,the roads so we do have android auto we,do have apple carplay they are both,wired but apparently in the future they,may be wireless,and apple carplay is as widescreen as,you can get,yes takes up the whole screen and,android auto is so standard for the,widest screen weve had ever yeah it,looks pretty bad but thats android,autos fault not genesiss fault,yeah well everythings android autos,fault it is okay and then this wide,screen compared to how ford has,tall screens this is so much better it,really is like i dont want a tablet,like an ipad stuck to the screen because,this just,is more functional okay and then,reaching for stuff isnt the most,difficult for me even at five foot eight,and a half like i complain a lot about,reaching for stuff as most of the things,you need,are on the left side yeah but if you had,to reach to the right thats kind of far,for you,yeah and just like all hyundai kia,genesis products we do have an awesome,360 camera so let me show you that real,quick,damn thats good its pretty good but,the stitching is not fantastic like when,you get closer stuff it kind of gets,warped but what do we have in this one,we have the same thing that audi and bmw,has its the 360,augmented reality thing and its pretty,smooth but you cant really zoom in or,anything and you cant change the color,of the car,but it is a nice step for a luxury thing,its really nice to have and then do we,have rewinding serious xm satellite,radio of course we do but we only have,10 channels that let you rewind and then,we still have that same issue that we,had in the k5,where if you add a favorite itll push,other favorites out so you cant get,like the perfect 10 favorites,to rewind i actually had to delete two,of your favorites so i can get my one,channel to rewind,and then to move over you can either,touch to get the rewinding but what i,like is that if i go,up to one of the favorites then i click,right right,and then click to rewind its very easy,but thats a lot of steps,for a rotary wheel not really because,you dont have to look down to do those,but i can also just click at any point,yeah i would definitely just touch the,screen,and another amazing thing that this does,that most of the luxury companies screw,up,we have a star button which lets you go,to your iphone projection and then i,have like a hard button for radio,theres no weird things where you got to,click through menus because in bmws you,cant actually set up a button that goes,right to your iphone projection,and i have a nice little bonus feature,for you theres another star favorite on,your steering wheel in the bottom left,corner so press that right now yep,now you can do passenger talk which,were talking to the passengers in the,back i did see that but there was,nothing to do with projection in there,so im like forget it ill leave it,blank,thats why i did that so you can yell at,your children back there which is kind,of nice because honda had that as well,all right lets briefly mention that,this is a,three row suv yeah its like a cheater,three row but its nice to have the,extra seats if you need them,i definitely dont fit comfortably at,six foot one and a half but i didnt,expect to yeah i dont fit comfortably,either five foot eight and a half but,for kids its probably great and,all the stuff back there is very,luxurious like we actually have like,nice buttons to click,to open everything back there and the,speaker covers and everything are great,yeah its really impressive back there,and can we talk about the second row,lets just keep talking about all the,c

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