1. Is Genshin Impact Worth Playing in 2022? (An Honest F2P Perspective)
  2. Genshin Impact Review | My Money is Gone | Waifu Simulator 老婆
  3. Why AYATO is Still WORTH Pulling (or NOT) Character Analysis | Genshin Impact 3.3
  4. Genshin Impact 2.7 – Is It Too Late To Play in 2022? Gameplay Mechanics, Combat Overview
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Is Genshin Impact Worth Playing in 2022? (An Honest F2P Perspective)

gentian impact is a mind-bogglingly,popular open-world action game that took,the world by storm when it launched in,september 2020. since then the game has,been played by over 85 million people,and earned its creator mihoyo nearly 4,billion dollars in revenue at first,glance i imagine gentian impact was just,an anime-styled breath of the wild clone,with gotcha mechanics but given the,games massive success i decided to dig,a little bit deeper and see what all the,fuss was about in this video ill be,reviewing gentian impact from the,perspective of a free to play player,this review will familiarize you with,the core gameplay systems leveling and,progression the dreaded gotcha mechanics,and most importantly answered the,question is gentian impact actually,worth playing so buckle up grab some,iced coffee and lets dive into this,review of gentian impact whats up,everyone big dan here i make videos,about rpgs and action games so if you,want to see more videos like this be,sure to smash like and hit that,subscribe button without further ado,lets dive right in gentian impacts,game world is one that i want to spend,time in its a welcoming environment,filled with bright colorful landscapes,gorgeous vistas and complemented with a,relaxing soundtrack im not typically,into the cartoonish anime art style but,the aesthetics of this game are,incredibly appealing to borrow a phrase,from never knows best whose long-form,critique of gentian impact prompted me,to play the game in the first place the,world of gentian impact is idyllic from,the moment i dropped into this world i,had a strong desire to explore every,nook uncover every secret and of course,loot absolutely everything and this is,good because exploration and gathering,are a core part of gentians gameplay,loop you increase your characters,powers and adventure rank through,collecting crafting materials experience,tomes artifacts and other useful items,hidden throughout the game world gentian,impact also does an incredible job of,providing you with that sense of,spectacle through verticality and,awe-inspiring landscapes it kind of,reminds me of elden ring in that regard,climbing mountains in the game not only,rewards you with any loot you may,discover but incredible views of scenic,vistas as well,i remember scaling up to a floating,mountain above the clouds and just,pausing for a few moments to take in the,breathtaking views the climbing itself,is engaging because of the stamina,system which forces the player to plan,their routes carefully because if you,run out of stamina you just plummet to,your death once you reach the top dont,worry about climbing down because you,also have a wing glider allah breath of,the wild after playing horizon forbidden,west earlier this year and anthem more,recently my experience in gentian impact,has further solidified my belief that,all open world games should offer some,means of aerial traversal its just so,goddamn fun after a long day in the,office its relaxing to come home boot,up gentian impact and run around the map,in search of loot fun puzzles to,complete and beautiful sights to behold,but the world of gentian impact isnt,all fun and games theres also a fair,amount of danger posed by monsters mini,bosses and roving gangs you encounter on,the map which is an excellent segue to,talk about the combat in gentian impact,okay so this is a bit of a mixed bag for,me there are some parts of genjins,combat that i really love and other,parts that feel incredibly tedious so,lets start with the positives the core,combat system is rock solid you have a,party of four characters but only one of,them can be on the field at a time you,can switch between any party member at,basically any time aside from extremely,brief cooldowns or moments when your,character is knocked down or stunned in,some way most characters have a melee,weapon a bow or a magical caster of some,sort but while the basic weaponry is,certainly useful combat is dominated by,using elemental abilities and combos the,elements are wind fire ice electricity,water and geo each character only has,one core elemental trait so its,important to build a party with,different but complementary elements a,good example is pairing ice and,electrical tax for a massive damage,boost i love this part of gentian,impacts combat its incredibly,satisfying to use these abilities and,perform combos that deal a lot of damage,that being said the combat in gentian,impact starts to become incredibly,tedious and grindy the more you play the,game there are a few major reasons for,this first off there isnt a whole lot,of enemy variety if you thought elden,rings reskinned bosses were bad wait,until you play this game there are only,a small handful of enemy types,hillaturals slimes treasure hunters and,a handful of different mini boss type,enemies like ruin guards the giant,flowers electric cubes etc the only,thing that really changes is the type of,elemental damage they deal for example,youll have the same basic archer hes,just shooting electric arrows instead of,flaming ones youll be fighting the,exact same types of enemies over and,over and over and over and over again,throughout gentian impact and there is a,lot of combat in this game if youre,exploring the open world youll be,running into trash mobs constantly most,of the quests and dungeons are extremely,combat heavy as well another problem is,that most of the enemies have way too,much health which makes each individual,combat encounter more time consuming so,lack of enemy variety plus enemies with,too much health plus lots of combat,equals gentian impact fatigue i want to,reiterate that the core combat system,and abilities are really fun to use i,think if the developers made a few small,adjustments to enemy health bars and,introduced a little bit more variety to,the enemy types it would go a long way,to making the combat more fun and,engaging over a long playthrough i do,really like the boss fights in genchin,impact especially some of the more,bombastic ones in the main story but,these encounters represent a tiny,fraction of the combat in this game so,five percent of your battles will be,unique and engaging while the other 95,percent are repetitive overall i still,really like the combat in genchin impact,but the downsides cannot be ignored if,youre playing this game for dozens or,hundreds of hours but for me the most,satisfying part of gentian impact is the,sense of progression you will always,have some combination of short and,long-term goals to work towards in the,game from leveling up your character to,reaching a new adventure rank to,upgrading your favorite weapon genting,impact really nails the progression,gameplay loop so lets talk about these,systems in depth shall we for starters,there are two primary leveling systems,in genshin your character level and your,adventure rank as you complete missions,and gather loot in the open world youll,be awarded with experienced tomes that,you can use to level up your characters,i like this system because it gives you,a lot more control over which characters,you are leveling up this is super,helpful if you unlock a new character,because all characters start at level 1,regardless of when you get them in the,story so if youre currently fighting,level 50 enemies that shiny new,character you just unlocked will be,worthless until you level them up in,this case you can use your current a,team to gather experience books and,focus on leveling up that new character,until they are strong enough to bring,into the fold this is a great system,leveling up is not an entirely linear,process there are level caps at various,points which require you to ascend your,character before you can continue,leveling for example when you hit level,40 you cannot level up further until,youve ascended that character to the,next rank so character progression in,genshin looks a bit like this you,upgrade or ascend your character by,using specific crafting materials,gathering the resources to asc

Genshin Impact Review | My Money is Gone | Waifu Simulator 老婆

gunshin impact is a game which has,sucked away my soul,and killed my dog i first began playing,genji impact because of all the cute,women,then experienced a popiosus and a,philosophical enlightenment through the,death of my own ego,i love gentian impact but this game will,have an impact on your social life and,even after you stop playing,you will not recover to this day it has,left me in a perpetual state of,sophisticated maulding and i recommend,it for all the wrong reasons,in this game you play as sean impact an,extra dimensional being whose brother,was eaten,by mega bloks and is forced to navigate,avatar the last airbender for weeaboos,powered by its simple chemistry system,in which characters electrocute,burn and throw rocks at each other one,of those is much less cool but it like,australopithecus was my primary source,of damage,now trapped in the land of gotcha hell,our protagonist must find a way to save,our siblings by fighting geometry the,indigenous inhabitants of twitter,space midgets and the ice kgb as well we,are here to explore,solve puzzles play prop hunt cook get,arrested for looking at zhong ling too,much,get sentenced to 10 years and emerge,from prison a devout buddhist this video,is going to be about my experience,playing this,interesting game and how to objectively,have the most fun with it its a very,bad sign when most people who play the,game,dont recommend it but i do although i,am slightly a dingus so i dont,recommend you take my opinion as,fact but as entertainment so whether,youre new to this strange,otherworldly chinese software or a,genshin pro,please allow me to tell you the tale of,how this left a gangshin impact into my,frontal lobe,heres a fun tip that most gentian,players dont know,the age of consent is 18 years old lets,begin with whats maximally important,not the gameplay not the story nor,anything you would typically associate,with a video game the,single most important thing in this game,is rolling dice to gain attractive,people and then parading them around,like a child,on tlc i do not exaggerate when i say,this is probably what attracted most,people to this game,if you want an example lisa is a,character who continually refers to,herself as,oneesama and sounds like she is at all,times on the verge of sex,i received her after completing a quest,and then decided that i would use lisa,exclusively to do rock climbing,that way i could repeatedly hear her,oddly enthusiastic moaning for the next,10 hours of gameplay,i literally installed this game after,downloading 60 images of gondyu since,the official lore of the game specifies,that she killed a monster after being,eaten by it because her ass was so big,it blocked his trachea and suffocated,him to death however there is a catch,i dont have gonyu and i never will you,have a random chance to get characters,and that chance isnt high,5.1 percent to be exact and thats,getting anyone so if you want a,particular character,get [ __ ] you could have your very,first role be a high level dps character,that carries you through the game with,chimpanzee martial arts or,you could roll three useless small boys,in a row and then desire death,its a [ __ ] guy god damn it and while,im writing about bad things that could,be deal breakers the anti-cheat for this,game is,very strong and has ring zero,permissions on your kernel,this means that it can read and write,memory at any location in your computer,without seg-faulting,i however am not afraid since if xi,jinping does harvest my computers data,all he will find is 50 pages of waluigi,hentai its your loss and yes it does,turn off when the game isnt running so,this review is going to include a guide,on how to have fun,because like real life lusting after,women causes suicidal depression,step one play as optimally as you want,do not try to mim-max [ __ ] because r,jesus will snap your [ __ ] neck do,whatever is fun with whatever you have,in my case i decided that i would,roleplay as a violent mistandrist and,only play as women out of principle,any men that i rolled would be locked at,level 1 and made useful in the coal,mines,it is simply not worth it for me to,engage in combat if i cannot also yank,it,the central point of the characters is,that they are potential wives and i am,absolutely definitely 1 000 secure in my,masculinity playing the game optimally,in this case would mean making the game,boring and staring at man ass,so [ __ ] it if for instance i had wanted,a particular legally questionable female,to be my digital puppet,the chance of me receiving that would be,0.3 which is where this image comes from,take what you can get with the roles,dont be mad exercise patience and,control and you will have a lot more fun,i definitely have not sold my house to,get big titty pirate mommy but maxor i,hear your thoughts,why are you displaying a single image of,a regular crab on my screen and also,what is the world of gentian impact and,why are we here that is a great question,james because before we get into the,exploration and the combat we must first,understand the context with which i run,my beauty pageant,and like every game made by asian people,on my channel the lore is some,hyperborean [ __ ] so lets say rule,number two of enjoying the game is not,caring about this just like 90,of the player base,the world of tavot is ruled collectively,by seven gods who govern the seven,elements,except the nature god hes special this,came about because,800 years ago there were like 80 gods or,something then everything changed with,the fire nation attendo but actually,seven seals opened up in heaven so,literally every god fought over their,power to the death the result was the,seven gods of each element we see today,each ruling over their own nation in,their own [ __ ] up ways,every once in a while these delusional,bastards will just give random people,superpowers like how the electricity god,just gave a girl with a mental disorder,a talking bird this also includes small,children who could very possibly kill,themselves for some reason now the world,you see in game takes place in two,nations or three if youre from the,future,the first is monstat a lawless,anarcho-capitalist commune in new,hampshire which has no formal governance,of any kind,they instead rely institutionally on,vigilante justice including a hot batman,as a result,an entire territory of their nation is,completely overrun with wolves no one,has the systemic authority to stop,people from exercising their rights and,liberties to feed the wolves babies oh,also theres the [ __ ] dragon problem,did i not mention the murderous dragon,next we have the nation of liue an,extremely rich and powerful country to,the east they have recently come into,conflict with monstad due to the luhua,pool massacre of 69,as well as an aggressive foreign policy,involving a nine-dashed line in the sea,of clouds,headed by the tian schwann ninguang of,the liue qi,shing those are all real names leeway,exhibits an unprecedented level of,prosperity and control living happily,under the watchful eye of the rock god,who periodically disguises himself to,ensure that the populace is behaving,well,and upholding their state contracts just,in case,now china i know youre new to making,video games,yet in my country we have a long history,of shooting people,but who lives in leeway and who lives,and where is in,the answer is unfortunate populating,this extensive world will be several,factions of enemies with subgroups,elemental specializations and,[ __ ] [ __ ] the enemy variety of,this game paints a picture of a,post-apocalyptic,nightmare world where raving bands of,savages constantly destroy,everything locking humanity in a,perpetual state of warfare with armies,of bandits and the [ __ ] people,one of these groups is the hillatures an,intelligent race capable of empathy and,complex thoughts which is why they must,be destroyed these guys make the gombe,chimpanzee war look like a [ __ ] joke,and at no point does anyone in the,entire g

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Why AYATO is Still WORTH Pulling (or NOT) Character Analysis | Genshin Impact 3.3

hey everyone its Savi ayato is finally,getting his first rerun banner and its,a chance for long time ayato wanders to,get him there are probably newer players,too who are curious about the value,ayato can add to their account so Im,making this video to give you a quick,rundown of what to expect before pulling,for ayato to help you determine if hes,worth your Primos Ill be discussing his,value as a unit list down some important,considerations and hopefully answer some,burning questions you might have I do,have a review of him from his release,where you can learn more detailed info,well its a good place to understand,more of his kit and see some showcases,it was released before dendro since then,there have been a couple of new teams,and synergies hes pretty good with,which Ill touch on in this video of,course if you already have personal or,subjective reasons to pull for him then,I would say go for it and know that,youre getting a good character anyway,now lets discuss what makes ayato worth,pulling when it comes to talking about,how strong ayato is I have a lot of good,things to say,ayatos main role is a hydro DPS and,applicator who can make easy work of,your enemies with his raw Hydro damage,or by helping set up hydro-related,reactions he has on-field and off-field,utilities that can be adapted depending,on the team hes in as an on-field unit,he can deal very fast and solid AOE,damage while also continuously applying,Hydro for reactions in this role the,first thing youll notice is how hes,very easy to play unlike other dpss,that have specific optimal attack,strings or who require you to spam the,attack button ayato is simply a matter,of activating his skill and holding to,Schwing Schwing sure it sounds lazy for,some but for me seeing those rapid,strikes while just holding the button is,satisfying and easy damage it helps that,he has an innate means of increasing his,Interruption resistance its not a,guaranteed immunity though since strong,enough attacks can still stagger him if,you dont Dodge but it does make him a,bit more forgiving to play on field,especially For Less mechanically skilled,players then thanks to his burst which,periodically deals Hydro damage in an,area for a long 18 second duration he,also has a source of off-field Hydra,application and damage aside from that,it also Buffs normal attacks so you want,that ability available as much as,possible it does have an 80 burst cost,which means having to build ample ER,usually around 140 to 160 percent but at,least theres this A4 passive that,regenerates flat energy when hes off,field which can help you manage his ER,needs while hes very easy to use and,understand hes also very free to play,friendly to build although primarily,attack scaling ayatos normal attacks,partially scale from HP as well making,sub stat farming a bit more forgiving,than when looking at your artifact set,options the ever reliable Gladiators,finale is a top accessible option you,will passively Farm it from bosses and,you can strong box it as well making it,very efficient to Target the heart of,depths is another Top Choice for ayato,it used to be only accessible via the,dragon spine domain but its thankfully,been added to the strong box too between,these two sets they have very close,power levels with some marginal,advantages depending on different,scenarios ultimately their subset,quality matters more you may also be,wondering about the Echoes of an,offering set which is supposedly his,signature set released at the same time,as him however there are notable caveats,to this artifact the biggest issue is,that its buggy if you have high ping,since its four piece effect doesnt,trigger as often as it should compared,to having low ping moreover farming the,artifact domain is somewhat inefficient,as its shared with a Vermilion set,which is only really viable on shell and,its also very very close in terms of,strengths with the Gladiators finale and,heart of depth sets so ultimately I,personally recommend just avoiding this,if youre starting from scratch then for,his weapon there are two solid free to,play choices the best free weapon is,kazahas sword the kagutsurube ishim,which is acquired by simply playing his,story Quest alternatively you can use,the aminoma kagiuchi for the very nice,Aesthetics which performs only very,slightly lower than the ishin if you are,a low spender that gets the battle pass,on R1 black sword will end up being his,generally best 4 star weapon its got a,good crit rate second stat an N A damage,bonus that synergizes with him and a,healing mechanic that helps a bit in,keeping his HP up especially in teams,that dont have a dedicated healer,additionally ayato cant save you,resources you dont have to level his,normal attack Talent at all since his,damage scalings come mainly from his,skill and burst talents and finally he,really does not need constellations his,first two are simply damage bumps and,theyre not huge enough to Warrant,aiming for compared to early,constellations of some other 5 Stars so,you dont have to feel like youre,missing anything c0 ayato is already,very very capable another one of ayatos,biggest advantages is how versatile he,is with Team comps as mentioned before,he has various on-field and off-field,Hydro utilities adapting them makes him,quite flexible to fit in team templates,that need a hydro unit from his early,release he has already starred in many,strong team templates a hyper carry comp,vaporize taser freeze and soup teams to,name a few and thanks to the reworked,Hydra resonance ayato gets a bit more,value from the added HP when accompanied,by a hydro teammate with the arrival of,denjo and Bloom reactions ayados theme,templates have expanded to bloom-based,teams which he performs very well in in,particular he acts as a hydro applicator,that can set up blooms for hyperbloom,and virgin Triggers on top of dealing,his own raw damage his different sources,of hydro also work to his favor since,the burst is a slower way to apply Hydro,this can be beneficial in a quick Bloom,team where you dont want to disrupt the,Quicken Aura too much in order to,combine Quicken aggravate and hyperbloom,reactions but if you need faster,application then you add in his skill,normal attacks which helps with,generating denture cores or even cleanse,enemies of pyro or burning all this,shows that ayata was already a pretty,versatile unit to start with and even,now hes still finding new teams to be,great in it shouldnt be a surprise as,Hydro units are quite valuable to,ganshins reaction system and Im fairly,confident ayato will be future-proofed,for teams down the line so those are the,general expectations surrounding ayato,if you do pull for him however you may,have more specific questions regarding,him and other 5 Stars you might be,considering one question I often,encounter is who should you choose,between ayato and child they are often,compared to each other because they have,many similarities they both excel in AOE,Hydro damage and can therefore enable,many types of reaction teams they do,have some differences though first of,all child has a higher learning curve to,his gameplay because of his skill,cooldown mechanics you have to learn how,to time his on-field duration so that,you dont over extend its cooldown that,would also mean optimizing attack,strings to make the best of that field,time exploiting his Riptide mechanics,learning proper rotations and timing and,more that being said learning the ins,and outs of his gameplay certainly pays,off and its a very engaging combat,experience but compare all of that to,playing ayato where you just press his,skill and hold the auto attack button,and there isnt even any need to learn,attack combos ayato has a finite amount,of on-field time and therefore has no,danger of overextending his cooldown or,rotations so if you favor ease of,gameplay and simplicity more ayado would,be the better pick another key,difference is that child has front,loaded damage from his bu

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Genshin Impact 2.7 – Is It Too Late To Play in 2022? Gameplay Mechanics, Combat Overview

since the launch of the free-to-play,online action rpg gentian impact the,game has gained a number of updates not,only adding new characters to the game,but new regions activities player,housing story and much more in this,video we are going to go over whether,the game is worth your time in 2022 big,thanks to epic games for sponsoring this,video be sure to use our creator code,vecturelife at checkout if you decide to,pick up this game for free in the epic,game store as it helps support the,channel the link is in the description,of this video a lot has happened since,the launch of genji impact back in,september 2020 adding some new features,and more since the game was first,released the free-to-play title has had,a slew of content updates plus a number,of interesting characters added to its,forever growing roster the online action,rpg doesnt seem to be slowing down,anytime soon but you may be wondering if,its worth playing the game in 2022 we,go over what this game has to offer,including gameplay dungeons co-op open,world and more players will follow the,story other brother and sister who had,been torn apart with one sibling getting,sucked into another dimension depending,on whether you choose the brother or,sister you will see the story play out,from their perspective but other than,that there wont be any differences in,how the narrative progresses you then,find yourself in an unfamiliar world,trying to get back to your sibling you,then meet your companion sidekick for,the game pyramid a small fairy type,character who will accompany you,throughout your journey with some,comical input here and there if you,enjoy questing and story genjuno back,has a lot to throw at you new archon,quests or main chapters are these,frequently plus a number of story quests,for each character the voice acting is,done really well having the main story,voiced by each of these characters and,there are a few options for different,languages the cut scenes will have your,chosen traveler appear in each scene,making for an immersive experience,together with its fun and cheerful,casted characters well some are a bit,more gloomy than others but it fits,their background its hard not to get,sucked into the world of genji and,impact,one of genji impacts key draws is its,open world it is truly impressive,offering a number of ways to get around,including exploring by glider fast,travel climbing and also using the,waverider your own personal boat to get,to and from areas that arent easily,reached this means you can enjoy tavat,in a number of different ways not just,on foot but from above and even on the,water fast travel also doesnt cost you,anything to travel meaning once you,unlock a point youre free to revisit,without limitation,special areas like inazuma also have,unique mechanics such as the electro,granum charge points to reach new,heights and even solve puzzles this is,something that genji impact does really,well with providing an amazing,experience when it comes to traveling,around it just seems to get better with,each new region added the world is,expansive with certain areas gaining,their own unique mechanics such as,dragon spy having a cold meter mechanic,which means you will need to avoid being,in the cold for too long or you begin to,take damage or an inner zoomer which has,electro damage in some areas which can,result in terrible thunderstorms that,can strike your character this makes,discovering different regions more like,an adventure you can even drop into,another players world to take on some,world bosses or simply farm some items,the fact that players can join each,others worlds makes teaming up much,easier this is really genshins selling,point as the world is just really,stunning,the gameplay ingention event uses a,party system meaning youll have four,characters in a group switching between,them to create elemental reactions to,group further damage,enemies in the world will also have,their own elements meaning using another,emblem can weaken them or make them more,susceptible the elements in the game,include fire which is pyro water hydro,electricity electro frost cryo nature,dendro and wind animo each player starts,with a traveler who wields animo which,can be combined with other elements with,swirl making for some great combinations,the action rpg combat is very fluid,swapping characters may take some,practice at first but become second,nature the more you play there is quite,a bit of challenging content as you,level your characters and it will depend,on gaining further artifacts enhancing,weapons and making your character,stronger to prepare for more difficult,content such as the abyss floor by floor,levels and higher level domains each,character has their own set of unique,skills depending on their vision or,element for example official is armed,with a bow and has an electro vision she,can cast a bird that deals electro,damage using her bow to hit enemies,together with this electra ability,different characters can play different,roles some can heal as well as inflict,damage while you cannot change their,weapon type you can use a mix of,characters that will different weapons,to add both ranged aoe and close range,attacks combat is fast paced hack and,slash with elemental effects making,force some really fun gameplay this is,where the fun comes in as players can,mix and match different teams of,characters depending on the activity you,can also team up with other players in,such activities such as domains this,also means picking characters to main,and that can be a bit tricky especially,when new characters are released this,means planning which characters to use,resources on as it makes more sense to,grow a few characters at a time rather,than spreading them across too many,characters,as new characters get released quite,regularly sticking to those plans well,can sometimes be a lot harder than first,thought some characters are only,available for a limited time only so,itll be up to you whether you want to,use your wishes for that character while,you spend a lot of your time leveling,your own characters and doing some solo,quests there is co-op available,cross-platform meaning you can team up,with a friend no matter what theyre,playing on just as long as youre on the,same server this is great for taking on,domains or even oceanids which can be a,great help especially if youre new or,simply prefer playing with some friends,as loot is all personal as long as you,have resin to claim loot you and other,players in co-op can gain some useful,materials together resin does have a cap,but this was increased a while back to,160 which is a bit more generous than,when gentian impact was first released,player housing comes in the form of an,interdimensional serenity pot your own,land that is split into a few different,floating islands where you can customize,and even craft furniture leveling up,this special area will also let you,unlock growing things placing your own,characters there will even help to,increase their friendship levels whats,also fun is that you can visit your,friends teapots as well and it provides,a sort of game within a game experience,which genji impact is no stranger to as,there is also fishing now gathering,materials such as flowers as well as,other materials and chopping tree wood,now too as well as your usual cooking,and crafting these added world,interactions just make skenzin a much,more solid experience than ever before,when it comes to monetization genji back,uses a free to play model with micro,transactions while the game does rely on,using prima gems to wish or some new,characters or upgrades there is also a,lot of in-game content that provides,ways to earn premium gems such as,through quests events and more there are,also ways to gain free characters,through the main story as well as using,other forms of currency in piemans,bargains when a character is up for,grabs hoivers has also in the past given,away three characters including the,crossover wit

Duel & Review Pagi | Genshin Impact Indonesia

[Musik],[Musik],Selamat pagi,Wah jadi first nih dia nih Kemana aja,kamu baru mampir lagi,ke mana aja Om Bang please review,barusan ku katanya siasazel,berarti kamu,suka pertama kenapa kemarin kamu kalah,pertama,asal ikan hiu makan tomat ikan paus,makan donat ya udah,kamu,udah berapa Om,nggak bagus sih barusannya,[Musik],Oh tidak bagus ya guys tidak sesuai,dengan fungsi Fauzan,kurang bagus Bill showcase ini,itu hanya Bill showcase dan tidak,realistis di ini di apa namanya di,spiral soalnya mungkin karaktermu C6,semua ya mungkin bisa tapi kalau tidak,C6 semua itu tidak realistis build itu,Bill buat Oke sih buat flexing,Selamat pagi selamat pagi woi bukan,malam,istrimu Astaga,get some help guys,GWS ya GWS,barusan adalah istrinya,Ayo bahagiakan istrimu anak muda Jangan,kasih dia,OTW 500,bukan di sini ternyata ternyata di atas,aku salah,tangga digen sangat-sangat sangat-sangat,bagus ini terbuat dari kayu,apa bambu nih,pada terbuat dari bambu Buset nih,bambunya nggak ada itunya,kayaknya itu terbuat dari kayu,oke,mampus,pagi-pagi sih ini udah menghalus,[Musik],lihat-lihat lari lihat,sehat kan otak healing seperti Alpha,supaya kalian jadi 999,Astaga ternyata tujuan healing buat,naikin HP,-nya tidak ya kebagian suaraku nih masih,suara-suara baru bangun,masih kayak ke sumbat hidungnya,fungsi tangga camp buat apa Bang Tidak,tahu mungkin untuk ini ya membangun,rumah tangga rumah tangga Tapi selama,aku main gameshin aku belum pernah lihat,di likur jenis kelamin cewek guys kalian,pernah tidak,Apakah helicord itu berkembang biak,dengan cara membelah diri,[Musik],nggak pernah lihat helikopter naik,tangga iya juga ya,bener juga sih bener juga selanjutnya,mau Gacha apa mau Gacha ala hutan,hal hitam Oke hitam tapi Primo tipis Om,gimana nih solusinya,matahari gue banget,gila gimana kalau 30 kan aku TF lewat,ini aja sih lewat pulsa aja Om Susah,ngirimnya gagal terus ngirim di virtual,Virtual account,tiba-tiba nostalgia Beberapa bulan yang,lalu pagi-pagi main,Wow kamu Kak kamu penyukambing,mau di review hari MMR hari,yang dikit-dikit ngedas sedikit-sedikit,Halo Elin Selamat pagi Elin gimana mau,startnya mana-mana aja kan,sepertinya mana-mana aja,[Musik],baru hadiah ekspedisi ada pemain baru,dapat di tantang oke,[Musik],disini juga main Tantan aplikasi kencan,Wow ya udah kalau beliin aku mau nulis,Bang katanya Nanti ikut virtual akun lu,kurangnya katanya,64 Kalau nggak salah itu,64 jadi tinggal tf-in 34.000,mana nih,kemarin nih pagi-pagi suka buta map kamu,butamat Kamu buta butamat,kamu nanya rambut kah model apa,Rambutku rambut,capek ke cepat,menyakitimu boleh gitu aja katanya PM,ini aku nomor virtual akunmu Bang Biar,aku transfer,Gimana cara ngeliat virtual akun ya,pakainya link aja soalnya Tau nggak,caranya,nanti habis,streamingnya harus memanjat-manjat,tinggi ngejar ubur-ubur segala macam aku,bosan,Aku malas aku,malas,lari-lari aku malas,manjat-manja jadi,suka bingung daily Semeru di mustard,simple sih kayak gitu,Aku kangen mau stuck sih Sudah lama kita,tidur ke sini,cor apa gue tadi ngebak di layar gue lu,enstrim ah masa sih,Oh bentar,akhir-akhir buruan,Eh gak boleh kasar nggak boleh kasar dua,akun gua udah level 10 semua,belum belum,Belum masih level 3 kalau nggak salah,gara-gara Sering nonton mobile Legends,sih Makanya ikut,ngikutin istilah mobile Legends Anjir,Terus apa lagi ya,cok cok cok cok,rata-rata tuh streamer mobile Legends,jadi aku ikut-ikutan jadi jangan,salahkan aku salahkan dia,sudah selesai,kita kembali ke sini,lagi kan,Hari ini aku mau duel Hari ini aku mau,keliling Duel Duel yang ada di ini tapi,tadi malam susah ya kalau main PC dua,kali dong,buat sekali mpv-nya nanti nanti artinya,aku,Kalau kemarin itu party sakit sih,damage-nya cuman lama ready-nya,gak enak mending kita pakai yang,bagus-bagus aja yang udah tertesting,ingat dan ingat Bang cita-cita lu dulu,menjadi streamer baik dan tidak ibu-ibu,Bocil sedang menonton tidak khawatir,menonton,jangan Toxic ya,wah salah nih kayaknya harusnya jangan,pakai ya,ini bisa di freeze nggak sih Nggak sih,kayaknya ya,wah salah belum nyelup,jarang banget criticalnya soalnya,[Musik],Mati deh,Wah itu itu ada ada Kuis baru,teman-teman Quiz baru atau,oh bukan oh bukan bukan bukan bukan,berapa hari lagi sih,itu masih lama kita skip dulu,Ini bentar lagi ya Hai juga Selamat,bergabung selamat datang selamat pagi,selamat pagi,menurut gue ya menurutku menurutku,Wonderland nggak enak Meskipun aku punya,wanderella kemarin juga udah coba kan di,spiral pakai akunnya Siapa itu pakai,akunnya Bang di Kalau nggak salah ya,menurutku tidak enak sih kurang enak,game play-nya kalau aku pribadi,pertama,apa ya nggak enaknya tuh kalau lawan,musuh-musuh yang knock ya buat lawan,musuh yang banyak kayaknya enak-enak aja,tapi kalau lawan bos yang bisa nge knock,itu ribet sekali mental-mental kita,juga minum dan aku pengen duel tapi aku,cupu nggak apa-apa cupu pun nggak,apa-apa sih aku juga cukup aku kalah,main PC Om,kalau takut sama aja sih bisa main,Sprite atau enggak main reaksi intro,yang lain,tapi kayaknya Sprite sih ya dari,model-modelnya,karena dia aspd guys,gak tau nanti kalau ada perubahan ya,karena itu masih cbt,bisa ada perubahan,bisa jadi beda animation-nya mungkin,diganti atau efeknya diubah,Maksudnya,tamu-tamu yang ada di barnya itu,mingguan,yang 4 tuh 4 orang sih kalau nggak salah,bukan 2,tapi belum tuh belum belum final rilis,kan masih jauh ini masih jauh masih bisa,berubah si,barusan aja berubahnya tuh di,akhir-akhir itu,akhir,udah belum ya itu,baru dua hari sekali Kan itunya,Benarkah aku tahu Iran bareng ya Lan,senjatanya win-win banget nih Katanya,katanya ya riran Ada sejauh ada Waduh,ini jadi Lik lah ya Ada ada show terus,ada hitam di pertama terus kedua katanya,ada hutan,Aku tidak tahu pasti apakah itu confirm,atau tidak Tapi ya beredar begitu,beredar satu bulan lagi,rumornya seperti itu dan light banner,biasanya jarang meleset ya,jarang meleset Biasanya kalau banner,Jadi kemungkinan ya mau ngambil hutang,silakan yang mau ngambil di helan,silakan yang mengambil Alkitab silakan,kalau aku pribadi Aku bakal ngambil,khitan,pengen punya karakter di PS dendro,meskipun akhirnya juga sebenarnya bisa,jadi DPS on field ya bukan divisinya sih,tapi on field karakter,[Musik],ya Jadi kalau kalian mau Gacha silakan,Kamu,jarang sekali rate of eh apa Red On,jarang rileks tapi belum konfirmasial,selama belum konfirm masih ada,kemungkinan chance-nya guys tapi,biasanya Lika banner itu jarang meleset,Jadi kemungkinan yang bisa Jadi intinya,nabung aja dulu,nabung aja dulu,nabung dari sekarang buat borong senjata,rugi apa enggak,kalau udah punya yanan lebih mantap lagi,senjata Aqua cuma kekurangannya kecil ya,Jadi buat dipakai ke karakter-karakter,dengan scaling attack itu kurang bagus,eh salah alamat nih,oh salah alamat guys,Iya karena bisa terbang,bisa terbang kan bisa nge-dance stamina,ininya beda sama stamina terbangnya Jadi,enak bisa di combo bisa terbang pula kan,jadi enak,ini gak perlu manjat kita udah bisa,terbang kalau dulu pakai anginnya Panti,pake telenya keking pake bunganya albino,sekarang kita nggak perlu pakai apa-apa,kita bisa terbang cuy,apa,ada sirkat HP tambahan buat kalian kalau,weapon ganti Aqua,makin sakit,eh kecuali mungkin kamu mau combo sama,cangling ya,menurut gue aja nggak usah itu nggak,usah dikasih Im,eh Ir Oh iya kalau pakai full set emblem,harusnya udah oke sih biar dengan full,set yang belum itu bisa 160 ke atas Iya,kan enggak bisa C1 ini sih,emblem tuh Ir bisa nembus 7 170 malah,nih 179 Kamu,pakai HP cuma kebetulan sub statusnya,punya Ir ter ada yang 16,ir10ir 18,yr14 ini nggak ada ya kalau aku mau,tambah bayarnya lagi Aku pakai yang ada,ya cuman,nggak ada,nggak ada yang punya R lagi kecuali,kalau aku nyari emblem lagi nggak ada,yang mungkin bisa-bisa aja sih,tadi malam,barusan R250 kalau bawa Raiden udah,cukup belum harusnya udah cukup sih tapi,kenapa dia kembali barusan itu enaknya,combo sama karakter anime,Ya ampun Dave menghantui hidupku,Kenapa bawa Raiden di party Itu buat apa,dia buat mengisi soft,Oh ini,T

Genshin Impact First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

genshin impact is a brand new,free-to-play cross-platform anime gacha,rpg that released on september 28,2020 already seeing a massive worldwide,success,in this game you can explore a massive,open world collect different characters,defeat bosses solve puzzles play through,a fully voice acted story and,fight enemies using different elemental,abilities each of which,interact with each other in different,ways but before we get into it a quick,word from todays sponsor,nowadays with ever increasing tech,censorship privacy issues,and your every detail being stored,online somewhere,its never been more important to,protect your data than now,and what better way to do that than with,the most highly rated vpn out there,expressvpn for those of you that dont,know what a vpn is,its basically a piece of software that,creates a secure tunnel between your,device and the internet,and masks your ip address so it looks,like youre browsing from a different,location,so your data cant be intercepted by,hackers third parties or your isp,expressvpn is super easy to use just,open the application,select the country you want your ip,address changed to click,connect and youre all set unlike other,vpn providers,expressvpn only invests in the most,premium servers,and youll be able to see from running,speed tests that the impact on your,internet speed is negligible,on top of that theres also 24 7,customer support with live chat,and expressvpn doesnt store logs from,any of its customers,aside from just protecting myself when,browsing the internet i personally use,expressvpn to gain access to websites,that are blocked outside of my country,such as funimation for anime,southpark.cc,bbci player and different netflix,libraries from other countries,additionally due to my location in,thailand its sometimes necessary for me,to use expressvpn to play certain games,that are region locked,so if youre interested in making the,smart move to join expressvpn and have,peace of mind when it comes to your data,browsing the web,then go to expressvpn the lazypeon,or click the link in the description,below to find out how you can,get three months of expressvpn for free,straight away as soon as you open the,game beautiful soundtrack playing,really nice relaxing intro screen intro,cut scene has voice acting,really nice art style i like it a lot,let your name be known as,peon,wait dont go give my sister back,so this is my little companion is it,this little fairy thing this thing next,to my character is the stamina bar it,goes down when i use the,dash there was something i could collect,here blue horned lizard so theres,gathering in this game as well,run through the bushes the bushes,actually move the grass moves as you,walk through that as well,nice attention to detail climb you can,climb oh you just,walk up to a wall and climb okay thats,pretty cool,okay thats a cool picture theres a,little dog here can i kill it,oh i can raw meat swimming feels pretty,decent,oh wait im drowning oh,okay a little blob things popped out oh,i wanted me to do my elemental skill,okay ive also got a q skill elemental,burst,nice giant sky monster its a really,cool start to the game,big damage cut them up common chest,got some loot lots of cut scenes early,on i wonder if its going to continue to,be this story driven,obtained amber okay wait so,i can press two and now i can play as,amber thats cool,she can move whilst firing arrows as,well switch weapons,and i can enhance it as well so weve,taken the sword straight to level five,i can understand why people were calling,this the asian breath of the wild now,she has an e ability throw a grenade,wait what we threw some kind of cute,little chibi,explosive ourselves an exquisite chest,equip this i guess shes going to teach,me about cooking so its a good thing,ive been gathering all of this stuff,because a lot of it is used in cooking,oh stop got myself some food now were,heading into the main city,this is the town is it typical anime,town i like that you can just climb,everything in this game its really cool,am i gonna fall and die,know probably would have been easier,just to take the stairs but you know,more games need to have climbing it,definitely adds an additional feeling of,freedom to the game,so apparently i can glide now yes,well shits starting to hit the fan,oh wait what im actually going to be,fighting this thing now oh,what im bloody zapping it so now im,following the dragon and im just,shooting [ __ ] light beams at it,im im so high im almost in space,okay game thats that weve saved for,the day three,million pre-registration milestone,reward,oh i can use these books to level up is,this thing just boosting the crap out of,me,so now ive got a level 12 character and,level 13 character,30 minutes into the game i think thats,just because of the,login rewards another cut scene another,waifu,and possibly another character i can,already tell that to end game this is,just going to be another waifu simulator,isnt it,collect all the waifus its a business,model thats been successful in asia for,a very long time now,so ive got a bunch of choices for,things i can wish,for another book so i got the equipment,pack essentially,oh wait we get a character as well amber,i already have her though,why has it given me a character that i,already have,and that the game gives me by default,thats kind of annoying,test run games giving me some kind of,character,trial thing whats my q ability its,like an,ultimate oh big damage,thats what it does switch to this,character use my cue,shes strong something i like a lot,already is how the damage numbers pop up,on the screen in this game,its really smooth and the animation of,it is quite satisfying to look at,kill this boss there is challenge,completed,looks like were gonna head into a,dungeon soon so before you go into,dungeons you get to select your party,members i only have two,im gonna jump off it oh i can so i need,to use fire on these things to burn away,the thorns,big damage ah theres a pillar here its,got a flame icon so i guess i need to,shoot it,precious chest and thats my first,domain finished,i made the ice melt with my fire arrows,thats so cool the only other game ive,seen with elemental interactions like,this,is spell break but thats a completely,different genre of games for this,so i like this character the bow and,arrow feels really impactful,i like all of these little treasure,chests out in the world use my windmill,and thats made a fire tornado because,the wind,took the fire monsters thats a nice,photo im actually having a lot of fun,just taking screenshots in this game at,the moment,temple of the wolf theres water around,opponents may become wet lets,do this and it freezes them and it,actually changes the terrain thats,so cool disable the flame throw with the,ice,now im flying ice monster so now i,should switch to,fire girl vaporize,i like all of this character switching,theres spikes underneath the water,so what i need to do is press my e and,make an ice path over it,oh okay ive actually fully obtained,this guy as a character,nice man look at that sunset the whole,skies turned orange,i like the day night cycle in this game,the different lighting,really makes the world feel alive,what was that well thats cool so,sometimes youre randomly gathering,plants,and then creatures can spawn the chest,here is something going to spawn if i,was to guess,maybe i need to light this torch like,this torch as well,so far im definitely enjoying the,feeling of exploration playing this game,theres a lot of little things you just,find out and about in the open world,so if i shoot this torch its not gonna,unlock the chest it does,like that that was just a random puzzle,out in the world,not even a quest objective its just,there now the combats actually,starting to grow on me at first i,thought it was really simple,it kind of is but it flows together,really well,like theres no animation lock for,example when switching characters,everything is really fluid at s

Genshin Impact PS5 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],the sky,the impact of nintendos seminal 2017,title the legend of zelda breath of the,wild is now felt pretty resoundingly on,open world games,with multiple titles borrowing liberally,from it but the first game to really,deliver,an all-new experience in the same vein,was gentian,impact chinese developer mihoyo is free,to play open world action rpg which,delivered a shockingly high quality,experience,that would have passed muster as a full,priced premium game,and as a free to play one ended up,delivering an experience far beyond what,most of its peers were offering,before we begin please consider,subscribing and enable all notifications,by clicking the bell icon,with that out of the way lets get,started gentian impact was praised for a,lot of things,how beautiful it looked with a striking,anime inspired art style,backed up by some rather impressive tech,its high production values,including the soundtrack and voice,acting how well it emulated breath of,the wilds formula,while adding its own spin to it to,deliver a compelling entry into the open,world canon,and for an impressive combat system that,actually put it towards the top of the,genre,on that front on the ps5 this is more or,less the same exact game as it was on,the ps4,its still a shockingly sprawling and,full-featured content-rich open-world,game,that can give you many hours of,entertainment without you needing to,spend a single dime on it,its still got great world design,beautiful graphics extremely,entertaining combat mechanics,and some of breath of the wilds best,qualities including the whole go,anywhere style of open world progression,as well as gliding but simultaneously it,also retains a lot of the same problems,the original game had as well,including a glut of systems necessary to,maintain a free to play economy,and extremely confusing and,claustrophobic ui late-game grind that,seems designed to induce the player to,spend money,to be able to progress the baffling,absence of gyro controls,and some extremely annoying characters,most notably the mascot character pymon,basically if you want to learn more,about genji and impact as a game,you should check out our original review,for the game that accompanied its ps4,release,almost all of our complaints and praises,from back then apply an equal measure to,the game right now,there is one area however where gentian,impact on ps5 is a market improvement,over the ps4 version,one area where it is notably different,and addresses some flaws the original,game had,you see this game did not run well on,ps4 ps4 pro users had it a little better,but the original ps4 version of the game,had stuttering lag,pop in missed inputs and abnormally long,loading times,that made even the prospect of quick,travel something that is integral to an,open world game,and which gen impact actually highlights,in any case,very unappealing the core design of the,game is great in many ways of course,which is why it became so popular in,spite of all those trebles,plus as mentioned the ps4 pro version,ran far better,but those technical problems existed,nonetheless and marred what was,otherwise a shockingly high quality and,refined experience,on ps5 those problems have been fixed,the game is much better optimized for,the system,and other than minor pop-in which comes,with the territory of an open world game,this scale to be fair,none of those problems are present here,no stuttering responsive controls,and powered by the ssd the loading times,can be measured in mere seconds now,fast travel is actually fast imagine,that,in and of itself this makes a ps5,version a substantially better,proposition for playstation players,than the original version was happily,enough the game also supports cross save,and cross progression with the ps4,version,but not the mobile pc versions nor,presumably the upcoming switch version,thanks to sonys cross-play shenanigans,so have you started on your ps4 and want,to move to the ps5,you can without losing any progress that,said the ps5 version also brings a few,improvements of its own to the mix,the most important of this is the,graphical upgrades the title is now,running at 4k,and 60fps which is massive improvement,over the original,as i mentioned previously it was an,arrestingly beautiful game to begin with,but its even prettier now which makes,exploring its breathtaking world that,much better,that apart the game also supports the,dual census haptics but very minimally,the vibrations in general are subtle and,rarely used much,i dont remember them ever being used in,the middle of combat which led to my,attacks feeling curiously light,so even the usage of haptics doesnt,really feel too impressive or special,no other ps5 feature is really used here,that ive been able to tell,the adaptive triggers or activity cards,arent used and you dont even get,different graphical options or modes to,choose from the update to the visuals,is as is and for reasons that elude me,there is still no gyro,aiming of course as ive mentioned,before the existence of these problems,doesnt detract from the games merits,its gorgeous its got shockingly high,production values,the combat and exploration gameplay loop,is extremely entertaining,and its systemically very dense as well,if youve never played ginseng impact,before,you should check it out its free after,all and its really good,but i would heavily encourage you to,forego the ps4 version,and check it out on the ps5 to the,extent possible assuming youre not,trying one of the other versions of,course,if you have already played this breakout,hit before youll be pleased to know,that on ps5,in spite of some missed opportunities to,address a lot of the games issues,or to improve on it in several,meaningful ways the improvements that,are brought to the table are just enough,to make this the definitive way to play,the game on console,get ready adventurers teva to waits so,what are your thoughts on this go ahead,and share them in the comments below,and if you like this video please,subscribe to the channel and enable all,notifications,by clicking the bell icon to get new,video updates we upload every day and we,would really appreciate your support,thanks for watching

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