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Whiskey Vault Ep 106: Gentleman Jack Whiskey Review and Tasting.

all right welcome to the whisky vaults I,needed that,just why and you needed that I dont,[Music],okay were drinking Oh well get you,last where,show me so I went and bought this from,an Irish glass company hanging these and,then Ive gotten these thats basically,the identical shape no from Rydell Im,not seeing any kind of special notation,or name is just just like a generic,glass you thought look cool I want,online looking for different kinds of,whiskey glasses just to see what that,was Im that much of a nerd I injured,myself too and were drinking gentlemen,Jack cut it out before we move on yeah,because I havent got the whole story,and how did you get hurt Daniel oh I was,uh theres this bear yeah in a bar yeah,it was the bear bottle shaped and yeah,it was shaped like a bottle of avalor 12,yeah what is the very defeated you,either count all of the foil from the,base which is what youre supposed to,say when I turned it I sliced my finger,almost all the way off they was dangling,and we had to put it back for some,whiskey on it and then I bandaged it up,so you realize that immediately drops,you down to level two you want to see,you want to see your own animal – Nicky,way down at the medallion on what the,habits been stripped from me yes from my,injury you want see it youve been,devoted but thats a paper cut,enjoying your more blessed I think okay,read read we have an existential mooch,scenario okay yeah well talk about this,in a second I got something you,gore you guys should do one on gentlemen,Jack it was my first lifti and starting,on the path as the whiskey kind of sewer,mmm I love your opinion Im a butterfly,friend as a last-minute birthday present,on the way to a party mostly on the,strength of how the bottle looked years,later we became roommates and I found,the bottle still in his collection,the philistine bastard apparently my,judgment of him as a whiskey guy was,completely wrong eventually I poured,myself a glass of it straight and was,wowed by the experience to smell the,night the distinct taste it made having,the drink much more of an experience,than it had ever been before anyways if,you read this didnt know that I look,forward to your videos every day Cheers,cilantro or as we say in my mind,Ukrainian side what does that say Zods,throat me yes have a nice guest what you,said that brownie okay second so the boy,went down he went and bought what to,keep her a friend thats not a mooch,well give thats like cardinal rule,number one yeah you couldnt do that I,let you review then he came back and it,was untouched and then he drank it which,is the total mooch move if you hadnt,given in the first place,so is he a moocher is he not a mooch he,is a mooch all right the granda mooch,pooh-bah has spoken,Ill tell you what we have an audience,member by the way we do his that he is,totally Im rich we got a Pinot you,dont ask for a whiskey yet you actually,would like this so heres why you the,mooch the fact that you gave somebody,whiskey horrible dont ever do that,again,youre bad bad much for doing that,but but to drank the whiskey and now,youre kind of like youre even but you,still get the credits you still get the,friendship credits,oh you say Larry Merchant because you,merge the whiskey yet but maintain,friendship credibility yes they are the,best of both worlds you had the cake and,ate it too saying because with that,friendship credibility it can be,leveraged into future moo-moo chinks,yeah well done oh thats impressive,yeah okay I may give you a whiskey ah,that you hate that I like oh well thats,the only way to get away without him,okay so were drinking the Tennessee,whiskey,tennessee whiskey now has a legal,definition unfortunately because of,politicians but it means it has to be,charcoal filtered,now the two biggest companies may,continue to see whiskey our Jack Daniels,and George Stickle we have both Im,getting like a peanut butter with the,caramel weight peanut oil peanut butter,with the car now that you said peanut,butter,I also this showed up yeah and I like,salted peanuts yeah from a cannon not,roasted just salt being a salted little,peanut I mean that man that is an old,thats an old made a weird relatives,its all that peanut something theres a,song called salt peanut and its from,the saltpeter called peanut ok saltpeter,and peanuts are slightly different yeah,yeah yeah surprisingly not sweet Im not,getting a lot of what it compared to,scotch but its not leaking here disgust,yes but Im not getting sugary sweetness,actually I really like this its like,its pretty simple its a one-note pony,but its a snooze one note bunny mm-hmm,okay so 10 you see whiskey from Jack,Daniels they take the whiskey has,theyve made it before they ate it,before you say anything else,so gentlemen Jack yeah how is this,different from standard Jack Im about,to explain it well just faster so as,they make it into clear spirit which we,may even have I have a typical air,spirit called dipplewhite,anyway they pour it through a vat of,their own theres a Jersey theres a,joke somewhere in there yeah,but they pour it through a vat of,charcoal maple wood charcoal pieces to,filter it and after they do that they,put it in a barrel thats normal Jack,Daniels right then after they take it,out of the barrel they pour it back,through charcoal a second time thats,what they call double Miller I think I,messed gentleman Jamie missed the,sweetness of his Jack ends and Im not,like theyre super sweet I would any,kinda go Jack Daniels and I forgot to,replace it because this is like genuine,to me is a tuneup whiskey and once you,take out that sugary sweetness and Im,just getting the OneNote which its fine,but its not blowing to mind I get maple,syrup in that maple syrup yeah no yeah,hurts to be so wrong,slather Vasquez rich you are a beautiful,of course you went straight for that one,I included that as a favor to you a,beautiful piece of human that was a real,comment its not it isnt I think hes,buttering up to mooch from the mooch do,people know better than that,do you guys oh my god do you guys,promote your channel at all why do you,have so many videos of great quality but,so little subscribers yeah yeah why,wrecks because I keyed the CEO of,YouTubes car yeah doesnt that like is,not like Walt doesnt make videos ago he,give us more viewers outside but then,make a channel grow on YouTube you need,really good thumbnails really,interesting titles and you need to tag,it meta does ever happen on these video,we really know if this channel is the,redheaded stepchild of this school yeah,but I mean I think I know this channel,actually is more for content than for,YouTube viral growth yeah no I want to,finish by the whisky school whenever you,guys come in over to is a new channel,that were launching then yes that will,be good and I am in charge of that,anytime you guys suggest things like you,should compare all the different regions,to each other thats the kind of video,thats going to happen on that channel,justice I mean not the video it is a,glimpse forward into the new channel,this is one thing I cant promise you,this will happen he will be wearing,stiletto heels oh yeah baby now the fact,I may be tall hold on the fact that you,really didnt fight against that as,compared to me you were all in and,Gomorrha get even more ridiculous the,better fit thats my motto,say Ill show you my collegues you try,something a little bit special I do,because but youre going to have to,endure a story first,I dont just pour me the whiskey so the,legal died if I own whiskey that youre,going to miss out on when I was going to,get you the legal definition in,Tennessee whiskey now is whiskey thats,charcoal fellows like are we obligated,to talk a little bit more about this,because in them,doesnt review weve said nothing really,yeah about this whiskey so what we said,just their double mellowed means they,poured it through charcoal before and,after the barrel does double melamine,boring yeah yeah kind of just think that,now I watched

Gentleman Jack Whiskey Review! Breaking the Seal EP #189

welcome back where im going hes dan,im showing tonight we uh we actually go,back to what dan actually kind of cut,his teeth into bourbon we drank her,grandpas favorite whiskey,gentleman jack old people love gentleman,jack i bet youre tommy that makes sense,loves gentlemen,you love it old spirit,whiskey i almost went mine,[Music],this is a whiskey,its been off a very long time yes this,is a whiskey found on probably damn near,every liquor store shelf in the country,30-ish dollars i would guess 33.99 give,or take probably a fiver in some states,so this is an elevated jack daniels,needless to say they do the thing jack,does two times yeah there you go and i,love it so charcoal weirdly enough,were huge brown farming fans and brown,foreman owns gentleman jack,when i was getting into whiskey,sean liked woodford yep a lot i did and,i liked gentleman jack a lot yeah now if,you dont listen if you dont get into,whiskey on some 80 proofers youre a,liar right yeah everybody or night lets,say or,you know what i had uh wild turkey 101 i,never looked back yeah maybe youre,insane that might be alcoholism that i,dont know you still like my mouth on,fire,at least that used to actually be fire,so finding a nice,like flavorful 80 proofer theres a way,to go this smells like the inside of a,banana peel it smells like banana rubs,were sprinkled on top its like,its like,this brings me back so many memories of,me living in a different city,at home i was paying 40 a bottle at the,time and i was like this is the greatest,[ __ ] in the world this is a peanut,butter and banana sandwich without a,doubt a hundred percent literally,nothing more nothing less,with the crust on maybe you splurge put,a little honey on here you know what,its like the white its wonder bread,though oh yeah not a lot of flavor from,the bread,fantastic texture yeah my lord man it,just smells so sweet it smells like like,you just said its actually peanut,butter banana but jif peanut butter,though like sugar peanut butter its not,the oily [ __ ] i tried well drinks,like water,um is there whiskey in there i dont,know its like sugary water is the,finish still tastes like regular jack,jack like old number seven,that has the same finish yeah but all up,front looks so much softer sweeter,easier to drink id say this is it okay,listen if we were going to classify,whiskey smooth somebody ever said what,is support smooth me,gentleman jack is the smoothest whiskey,of all time its up there is this a hat,spot for gentleman jacqueline at this,point it is yeah it bill didnt pay for,that its 33 dollars and in my head i,always think its like 50. yeah and i,was like thats not worth 50.,at 30 bucks its worth it though hey,right there double charcoal mellowed,ultimate smoothness,theyre not lying theyre literally not,lying,you could give this to someone that,doesnt really drink whiskey that much,and theyd be like,not even not ooh,you dont need ice no you dont need,water you dont need doesnt dont i,dont even know why youd put it in the,cocktail i dont know whats going to,provide banana notes i guess its not,going to stand up to cocktail,ingredients its no problem,and cheese louise its not the you know,whats incredible actually really great,about this its not spiky at all,if youre willing to spend 30 bucks on a,bottle of whiskey this might be the and,youre not a huge whiskey person fair,might be the one to have on your shelf,its a safe go-to its so realistically,it doesnt hurt you,you know what its you know how like,okay jack dales boy hill all i can,think of is 1792 small batch yeah but,thats still 90 something yeah 93. 93.7,this being 80 is even easier to drink,its so easy i dont know why weve,always forgotten about this bottle,theres no finish on it dont expect a,lot tastes like japanese you didnt pay,for a lot you know what you paid for a,good time you paid for that double,charcoal filter or mellowing whatever it,is heres what i will say a hundred,percent of the time im paying up from,old number seven to this to this every,time without a doubt because now lets,pretend its,roughly a seven dollar difference im,gonna pay seven more dollars yeah and,well pay ten more dollars for that its,just nicer yeah if jack daniels coy hill,is a the most aggressive bar fight,youve ever been in okay theres blood,everywhere yeah a guy in the woods being,100 a guy in the back actually grabbed,the chair and broke it over the,bartenders back i like it,ambulances showed up fire ems is here,firefighters got out of the truck,theyre now involved in the fight thats,play hill,yeah,this is if you went to,the the boogiest bar,of all time and and then a nice woman,just came over and just gave you a,gentle hug and said i hope youre having,a great night,and then she walked away doesnt happen,hashtag me too bro i know no no she,hugged you,she you accepted it this is all kind of,oh all consensus say that,a person walks over your table,and they look so kind and gentle okay,and they look at you and go would you,just would you just allow me to just,give you a gentle warm hug and you say i,would love that can it be matt quarter,thats a good hugger gives great hugs,a good hugger except yep and you know,what he says while hes hugging you,youre beautiful,and then just walks away thats,gentleman jack oh god its just a great,experience overall nice velvety hug,you know what youre saying but with no,finish,im pretty sure i could drink half the,bottle and not be intoxicated which is,the one problem with it yeah um,otherwise a plus 30 bucks hey honestly,for for a for a whiskey drinker who,constantly wants barrel proofs and,constantly wants crazy experiences not,not not its intention its also nice to,step back though like as a summer im,enjoying drinking this right now and im,one of those people that you like a,little higher proof but i i just dont,have a problem its just nice and if you,[ __ ] on gentlemen jack,youre a hater,because its just fine its just good,all right arent you out of this cheers,everybody were the birthday parties,if you come over and look at our patron,theres uh nudes,[Music],oh,[Music],oh,[Music],me,[Music],so,[Music],bye

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Whiskey Review/Tasting: Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

welcome to whisky.com were fine spirits,mates,my name is luening horst luening and Im,the master taster of whisky.com and,yesterday I had the Jack Daniels old,number 7 which was limited and tastes,but got the honour of being the most,often sold American whisky worldwide and,today we have a a less-popular Tennessee,whiskey from the Jack Daniels,distillery and its called Gentleman,Jack it has a very special bottle gonna,look at the amber color and as all,American whiskeys or burms and Tennessee,whiskeys its not colored by law 40% abv,Gentleman Jack rare Tennessee whiskey,it was rare several a decade ago but it,became more and more popular and sales,sales figures rise sharply introduced by,the Jack Daniel distillery in 1988,gentlemen Jack is carefully crafted,using only the finest grains iron free,water from our own cave spring and a,time-honored process that dates back,more than 140 years this rare Tennessee,whiskey furthers the Jack Daniel by,making special use of the unique,charcoal mellowing process unique any,other whiskey in the world Gentleman,Jack is charcoal mellowed twice once,before it goes in the barrel and again,after it has fully matured the result is,an exceptionally smooth whiskey with a,rich rewarding taste this is the real,difference as I said in the video of the,old number 7 um Jack Daniel photos is,whiskey through a cha coat made from,sugar maple and this filtering through,three meters thick charcoal thats uh,reduces the sharp aromas the charcoal,has a high in a surface where these,sharp aromas can adopt and are turn off,out of the liquid and the gentleman Jack,is then after the maturation again,charcoal mellowed filtered um so that,there are any other belongings chopped,residues in the whiskey is filtered out,a second time or with a second time own,if this that unique no I know of the lab,row and Graham distillery which produces,the Woodford Reserve and this distillery,is owned by Jack Daniels and they use a,huge mixing vessel in which they have,charcoal dusts for removing the residues,after the maturation just before filling,into the bottle so this is not that,unique but when they repeat it with the,Woodford Reserve then it should work,distilled and bottled project Daniels,distillery lamb Motlow this proprietary,Lynchburg population of 361 Tennessee,USA brown-forman beverages this is the,new preparator so have a miniature of,this government warning enjoy,responsibly dont rush dont drink too,much,a very strong solvent paint thinner,aroma in its but smoother weaker more,mellow than the old number 7 not that,sweet no but sweet caramel appealing,appearing,smooth and re-listen association of a,grilled corn cup butter melting butter,on it and a sweetness grouped strong,sweetness and nearly no oak hmm a slight,spiciness in the back and the aftertaste,is sweet its quite one-dimensional and,easy theres this aromatic note again,from my personal point of view twice or,three times as good as the old number,seven we have to pay two times,Yamata one enough times as much as for,the odd number seven yeah thank you for,watching whisky.com stay tuned theres,more to come this Jack Daniels silly,peril tomorrow and,if you liked this video give me your,thumbs up and share it with your friends

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Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack

[Music],hello and welcome to a skill of calm,were fine spirits meet today I have,another Jack Daniels on the Cask for,those of you who like Jack Daniels,probably know the gentleman jack for,everybody who judge just knows Jack,Daniels from I dont know the club or,from some parties with with coke then,then the Jack Daniels gentleman jack is,not well known gentleman jack is a bit,more of the premium whiskey from Jack,Daniels and it actually is a very,strange whiskey because you have to have,you have to abide the laws of the,Tennessee whiskey so you have to have,the charcoal mellowing and what they,thought okay the charcoal mellowing is,one of also our greatest assets and I,thought about why dont we charcoal,mellow think twice they thought about it,and what they came up with was the,charcoal mellowing process before and,after the maturation it doesnt say,anywhere in the Texas state law when you,have the charcoal Mel so usually you do,it after the distillation because mouth,makes most sense but they here do it,after the maturation as well so you just,do it charcoal mellowing maturation,within within the cask for three years,or a bit more between our four years and,then you charcoal mellow it again and,what it comes out is an even smoother,whiskey yeah,it also makes the whiskey a bit lighter,if you have it in your glass and youve,compared to the lets say old number,seven which is basically the same,whiskey except for this one step then,you realize it takes a bit out then it,takes out the color but it makes it a,bit lighter but most of the changes come,in the taste yeah its still when you,when you smell it you still have pretty,much the same smell its very light,smooth or you know theres a bit of a,difference you can stick your nose in,even deeper and you get even less of,that alcoholic note so its it really,feels like like smelling a strong syrup,there may be no quite as sweet as a see,robots it gets there it sits in the,region,hmm so its even smoother I just have a,new mouth and you just realize all its,sweet its caramel oh its its really,even makes it a bit oily so so smooth,then its even bit silky smooth a little,bit of oiliness and there is a story,going on that back in the days I think,it was friendly India Rouge the world,now I was even before that Im not quite,sure some when I think at the turn of,the the 19th century so 18 to 19,no not 1900s somewhere around then and I,think one of the presidents not quite,sure which President was wanted to,declare bourbon as the national drink of,the United States of America so he,wanted to pass law that all the whiskeys,out there have to declare themselves,bourbon and Jack Daniels was really not,happy with that because he was,distinctively not a bourbon he said no,were not having a Behrman were having,a Tennessee whiskey and our whiskey is,different and it said that he actually,sent the barrel of his stuff to the,White House and they tried it and they,realized okay yeah that stuff is,different due to the charcoal mellowing,process and then they said okay,everything is bourbon but you can have,your own state laws about you know,Tennessee whiskey and you still have a,House bill not quite sure 1820 something,under the Tennessee law that you have to,abide by certain rules to be able to do,Tennessee whiskey one of them is you,have to be in Tennessee the other one is,have to do charcoal mellowing and a lot,of other stuff that is very very very,similar to burglar,so got carried away with yeah smooth,light and the after taters tasteless,quite uncomplicated and a bit short so,this is really a little bit of a step up,from the from the old number seven,because its just the old number seven,bit more smoothness and from bottle a,little bit more style but the design of,Jack Daniels is also very iconic because,the Jack Daniels it form follows,function year so Jack Daniels was a very,very greedy person said to be a very,greedy person so what he did was he,actually ordered square bottles because,you could fit in inside boxes or I dont,know how they transport back in the days,you could fit in more bottles when they,were square then you when you were round,you had more airspace in there so he,could fit them in tighter and ship more,and save more money with that and thats,why Jack Daniels has that iconic square,bottle everybody else has a round bottle,Jack Daniels has a square bottle because,you can save transportation space and,therefore money on transportation,because you can have more Jack Daniels,on every truck or back in the days it,was the railway and yeah the gentlemen,Jack I think it came in later,but its still its its flatter but,its still a square bottle yeah,they follow the old tradition of,stacking in new bottles very tightly and,if Ive worked a bit inside the,warehouse when I was younger,and yes they are actually a bit smaller,the boxes from Jack Daniels are a bit,smaller because they are just a bit,tight more tightly packed theres less,Aaron but theyre still kind of heavy,yeah thats a bit of an anecdote of why,I checked handles bottles of square its,because of greed yeah thank you for,watching if you found this video,interesting then please feel free to,share it with your friends and see you,next time,[Music],[Music]

Jack Daniels Single Barrel vs. Gentleman Jack vs. Old No. 7

hey guys welcome to whiskey central my,name is shayla,and today im doing a review of these,three whiskies,[Music],all right so we have uh jack daniels old,number seven,the gentleman jack and the single barrel,now a single barrel is a single barrel,so,your barrel is not going to be the same,as mine most likely,um so each are a little bit different,but for the most part youre going to,get kind of the same flavor,profile and characteristics generally so,yeah im just going to tell you which,one i like the best,kind of the flavors on on all of them so,were going to start with old number,seven,i just get a ton of banana i know,everybody says,it but yeah its like a deep,caramel like an,artificially an artificial banana,flavor like not a unripened banana but,like a,yeah i dont know just like almost like,laffy taffy banana laffy taffy,get some vanilla all right lets go on,the taste,i dont know if its just because ive,already had a couple of drams but,this feels pretty smooth actually,usually i say that theres like,quite a bit of alcohol on the palette,which i dont like,but its actually pretty smooth this go,around,so all right lets move on to the,gentleman jack,so this one,so what they do with gentleman jack is,they they filter it through the lincoln,county process old number seven is,filtered through the lincoln county,process,and then its aged this is filtered,through the lincoln county process,aged and then filtered again through,charcoal,so what i get on this is,pretty much everything in old number,seven but,toned way down like its hard to get,notes on it,yeah you get a little bit of banana and,it seems less artificial,like a like a fresh banana maybe,[Music],yeah and you get that caramel and,vanilla but its just,super subdued so lets see what its,like on the palette,yeah its super smooth you definitely,could drink this straight,no ice no coke,[Music],but it just almost tastes like nothing,youre happy because you got,nothing you got nothing in court you,dont got the bookkeeper you got nothing,like theres a little essence of this in,it but,the charcoal filtering on the after its,been aged,just kind of strips it strips the,sharpness off of it but it also strips,all of a lot of the flavor so,i dont like this one as much so far all,right lets go to the single barrel,so its a lot darker this is aged in,the upper levels of the rick house so,theres more,kind of wood and alcohol kind of,interaction its seeping more out of the,out of the wood,so on this one i get quite a bit of oak,um,and some cherry a little bit of cherry,and kind of like um like these two i got,caramel this one i get caramel also but,its like um,like brown sugar and mapley kind of,sweetness as well,and theres theres also some banana in,there its,faint and its less artificial,than the old number seven,all right lets go for a taste cheers,guys,[Music],its pretty smooth as well um,you get a little i wouldnt say its as,smooth actually its not as smooth,as this you get a little bit of alcohol,spikiness,this is higher proof its 90 proof,for me but the one thing i dont like,you get some cherry,get a little bit of caramel on the,palette but the one thing i dont like,is you get a lot of like bitter oak,tannin,which um im kind of a little bit,sensitive to bitter,things so as soon as the bitterness uh,shows up in a whiskey it really kind of,puts me off of it um,so i dont like this one as much as,probably these two i would say,yeah just some bitter oak tannin um,its pretty good but for fifty dollars,theres,a ton of other whiskeys that i would try,uh other than this,this i dont really like because its,old number seven,but just stripped of a lot of flavor so,i would say if you like jack daniels and,you want,a sipping whiskey i would go for the,single barrel or the single barrel,barrel proof,um but if youre just wanting to have a,sipping whiskey you dont necessarily,love jack daniels or hate it whatever,i would get like a knob creek you know,store pick or,anything like that itll run you about,the same price and its,way better in my opinion um if youre,just gonna mix it,i would go for old number seven its the,cheapest of the three options,and it has a lot more flavor than this,if you like the flavor of this and you,really do want to just drink it neat,have it a little bit smoother,dont necessarily care too much about,the flavor you can get the gentleman,jack,so that was my review of these three,whiskies,next week im gonna be doing glenfiddich,12. so if you dont want to miss out,make sure to hit the subscribe button,and turn on notifications i hope you,enjoyed this video,if you did leave it a like thanks for,watching and ill see you next week,to the moment nope not gonna do that

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey Old #7 and Gentleman Jack | The Whiskey Dictionary

hello everybody and welcome to the,whisky dictionary my goal with this,channel is to introduce you to some new,whiskies that you may never have tried,or in todays example one that we all,know and love now today were going to,be talking about the highest selling,American whisky in the world a drink,that weve all been on the wrong side of,Jack Daniels,now Jack Daniels is considered to be a,straight bourbon now in order to be a,straight bourbon you have to be aged for,at least two years Jack Daniels is also,considered a Tennessee whiskey which,means that have to be made in Tennessee,but also that you need to be filtered,through a charcoal filtering system now,Jack Daniels does it through about 10,feet of charcoal but its about this,its pretty much the same thing thats,going on in your fridge in your water,filter or attached to your sink for,whatever water filter youre dealing,with anything that uses carbon to get,rid of impurities or bad tastes now Jack,Daniels offers three main products,theyve got the old number seven theyve,got the Gentleman Jack and then they,also have another one called single,barrel,I didnt bother buying the single barrel,because big for about 40 50 bucks or so,theres other whiskies I prefer single,barrel tends to is made out of a single,barrel thats exactly as it sounds,single barrel makes about 250 bottles,each one of those barrels and bottles,ends up tasting slightly different than,the next barrel so it kind of didnt,seem to make much sense Im going to be,trying these in a second here and if you,had a different bottle than me they,might taste different its kind of kind,of silly about to talk about it so,anyway speaking of which if you have,either one of these pause the video go,grab it and get a couple of glasses if,youve got both of them make sure to get,some water too because you know it helps,to cleanse a palate and whatnot you want,to make sure you get like a bottled,water instead of tap water if youre,really going to be tasting whisky for,all the flavors because tap water can,sometimes have impurities in it that can,also throw off your taste buds so why,dont we go ahead and pour some some of,this Jack and talked a little bit about,it so obviously you see its got an,iconic bottle everybody knows this,bottle is square its a little bit,different now Id love to say that there,was like a cool reason why this is,square but frankly Jack Daniels ships so,much of the stuff that a square bottle,is just more efficient for shipping and,and packaging so one cool thing is the,label actually being black didnt used,to always be black when Jack Daniels,died,they changed the label from more of an,etching like they used to etch into the,bottle and then they had like some green,labels and a couple of other different,things but they changed it to black when,he died is kind of an homage to them so,I think thats kind of neat but anyway,why dont we go ahead and pour some now,the first thing youll see is obviously,colored it is 100% color that you think,of when you think of whiskey or at least,I do next if you want to go ahead and,smell it youll notice a couple of,things so go ahead and smell it because,I dont want to taint your your,experience but alright so I personally I,smell oak obviously its aged in oak,barrel but I also get some hints of,vanilla and a little bit of caramel this,is not a super complex whiskey when you,hear people start talking about random,things that they smell in whiskey its,usually more the connection between,their note you know the sense of smell,and some memory that they have so if I,was like mmm sounds like birthday cake,like I dont know where you where the,heck people are getting that I totally,use that example because I just read it,the other day not in this particular,whiskey but if youre smelling birthday,cake in a whiskey I dont know what the,heck youre smelling but anyway all,right youve probably had this whiskey a,few times probably a lot of times,usually probably with coke or some other,type of : probably Pepsi if youve never,tried it straight I encourage you to go,ahead and join me for first sip and,well talk about in a sec so Cheers,all right so its a its pretty mellow I,mean its not great for a sipping,whiskey this this particular old number,seven but it is awesome as a mixer me,personally its my go-to mixer if Im,actually especially if Im planning on,staying up late and drinking I go Jack,and Coke all the way you get the,caffeine and the alcohol so um one thing,that people wonder is why do they call,it old number seven now theres no,official answer but theres a couple of,different stories one of which seems,probably the most plausible but Jack,Daniels in the 1850s he owned a giant,distillery I was sorry he was born in,1850 in the Latin whatever lets call it,1870 he owned a giant distillery had,tons of money and he had a lot of,girlfriends people say he had seven,girlfriends and named the whisky after,that I think thats a little silly but I,think its an awesome story less,interesting one is it was just the,seventh version of the mash that he came,up with and thats why he called it,number seven seventh recipe the more,believed story I guess or the more,likely story is that they interject they,entered Jack Daniels in the st. Louis,World Fair I think it was sorry I have,it right here,whatever I dont have the year so he,entered it in the st. Louis World Fair,years and years and years ago he sent,seven barrels on a train which then got,lost totally disappeared and ended up,having to send another seven barrels so,along the way the railroad people ended,up finding those seven barrels and,stamped them with old number seven,because they didnt want to confuse it,with the new seven barrels that were,coming through and personally I think,thats probably the most likely story,but either way its kind of neat so why,dont we have another sip just because,its a she,to waste any whiskey I also tend to find,that you taste a lot more the second,time that you take a sip that first sip,usually depending on the whiskey can be,kind of like a shock to the mouth so,like this usually hits you a lot in,throat you probably feel that thats,kind of an oaky taste and you kind of,taste it obviously a lot on your tongue,but its just a very even flavor all the,way back all right lets put this one,aside for now were going to go over to,the gentleman jack so Gentleman Jack was,introduced in 1988 so quite a ways away,from first introduction of old number,seven now the difference I was,mentioning about this is that it is,distilled through that charcoal twice so,they distill it they aged it and then,they distill it again youre going to,notice that this one has a considerably,different taste than this before I have,this Im going to have a sip of water,though because I want to just cleanse,the palate all right so go ahead and,give it a smell its going to be about,the same as far as smell goes except,much more mild pretty much running it,through that charcoal just totally,smooths this one out I actually dont,mind this one as a sipping whiskey,alright go ahead and give it a shot,its much better and actually I find,that it kind of gives like all around,the mouthfeel its a poor taste I guess,its a just way smoother this is a great,whiskey to start off with if youve,never really had whiskey and you want to,try something a little bit more refined,than this if you order this you know you,could have that at a bar you could have,it neat and its not going to make it,coffer make it make it look kind of,whatever youre not going to want to,dump some coke in it after a couple of,sips so anyway I highly suggest you,start off with this one so now lets,talk about the the other whiskey band,really talked too much about the single,barrel as I mentioned it all comes from,the same barrel but a kind of a neat,thing so the single barrels are stored,up in the the highest like rafters of,the warehouses and they call it the,angels roost now youve probably heard,of the term A

Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack Review!

[Music],and welcome to Kentucky burgoo Im,Special K and Im radar today we have,Gentleman Jack its for tigress alcohol,by volume its only for gentlemen and/or,ladies because really youre gonna do it,a bottle soon youre not gonna be,drinking neither youre neither one of,those mmm you might be a lady Ill kick,your ass you try I paid for this Im,gonna have somebody stay here tonight,all right Im gonna Saturday we dont do,videos and Saturday very often most of,us have things to do the next day,usually yeah all right so 40% alcohol by,volume or 80 proof how much booze Jim,inject 30 bucks I got it I got it in a,gift pack during the holidays so its,the same price for the gift packages so,guys have you smelled Jeff Daniels,before yes it smells like a smoother,Jack Daniels that makes sense does smell,like a gentleman version of Jack Daniels,how about gentlemen no this doesnt,smell like maybe your five women say,what nothing color its kind of a,caramel,its whiskey color it does it just it,does smell like Jack Daniels but,smoother mmm it smells like a more,expensive Jack Daniels because you know,what thats what it is we have some,tangles up the jack diagonals maybe,well do a comparison thats not a bad,idea we should probably do that,Im gonna have some of this because Im,curious geek Oh how youre drinking out,of a Jim Beam glass well be in Kentucky,Im very anti Jack Daniels but its fine,I prefer bourbon over Jack but you know,its fine I mean they can make whiskey,almost as good almost mmm this is almost,too sweet with not enough bite to select,rescue you from the sweetness its very,smooth nice woody notes I mean it is,pretty sweet but Jack Daniels is kind of,sweet yeah I just wasnt expecting that,initial like I mean its a lot less its,its its substantially less hot oh it,does then regular jack is it does get,kind of hot a little bit after youve,had it like like once you swallow it,its a little bit hotter,its very caramel a nutty calmly I said,its just really a smoother Jack Daniels,if you had that theyre not price tags,not bad either,yeah I mean its its a nice its a nice,a nice thing to put on your shelf and,what is that ginger okay a little how,high your ginger rope a little bit of,limit so okay for the folks at home,because I have to explain this every,time when we do this video because you,know this may or may not get a lot of,views we we know that some people like,to drink this straight way to art,included but some people also like to,mix it thats why we do both so we track,straight we give it a rating we try to,mix when you put a rating so straight,its definitely for me its good quality,its their $30 this is reasonable for a,decent quality whiskey you know Im,gonna give it a Ill give it at seven,and a half its simply good going to,push for a Grammy $30 not terrible I,suppose more than I usually spend on on,a bottle of whiskey but yeah I think,Ill give it a seven and a half just,price prices while we get back just a,little bit so anyway this is Canada Dry,ginger ale with eliminated mixed its,good stuff if you ever had it its a,great mixer for whiskeys and bourbon,what did you did you put it in there yep,a little in there so I did the one two,three on mine so one part,Jack Daniels and then three parts my,Canada driver so Im the notes on my a,lot more barrel characteristics come out,on mine,yeah its Im gonna area way more its a,theres still some carbonation bubbles,in there mmm yeah there was even with,the tiny amount that I pour it in its,still set there and bubbled a little bit,so its excellent this mixer thats,hmm thats done it right there its just,just just enough to sort of shave a,little bit of a hotness off at sticking,a little carbonation by which is not,very common so it tastes like I took,some of this right here and I took a,stick of old wood and I mix it around in,there its good I like of a barrel or a,barrel stay or something its great its,a mixer I dont say this very often but,it isnt an exceptional mixer its all,right this is good I think this is a,good choice I mean this is actually a,drink ginger ale,with lemon and and whiskey is an actual,thing that people that people pay for,but this with this gentleman Jack heres,its great not bad at all,well you can write it I think its still,Im gonna give it a seven and a half as,a mixer I think its I think its,equally good to sip on and mix with I,think its slightly better as a mixer I,think its good either way I think this,would be benefited by one or two stones,straight it is a little warm a little,bit cold I wouldnt having this a little,bit cold I would chill it but I think,this would be good for you so much or,maybe like one ice cube I think this,would benefit a little bit it doesnt,happen so dont think an ice cube would,be a bad idea and then yes because it is,fairly alcoholic yeah all right I deal,with it as a mixer except its an 8 I,give it a nice mix I think its a little,bit better but yeah I mean I would,definitely go out and try this if you,like Jack Daniels or your noodle skis,and everybody always goes to Jack,Daniels when they get a new movie I,would go to Gentleman Jack if youre new,to it its a little bit easier a little,bit slightly more palatable than the,regular expensive and thats usually why,people go with Jack spot but in the same,price range [ __ ] three to four dollars,more you can get Woodford and Woodford,is substantially better but there are,two different beasts,oh yeah speaking of Woodford I have,something you for you from the Bourbon,Festival do you I do yes,all right well that has been our episode,if you like to see anything else on the,channel you can leave a comment down,there dont forget to hit that like,button or write our well get locked,back in the closet,Im stretch okay I dont want to get,locked in the closet again life hit the,like button thanks for watching

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