1. Ghani Movie Frustration | Cinemapicha Frustrations | Ghani Movie It’s Not A Review
  2. Ghani Movie Review By Hriday Ranjan | Kiran Korrapati | Varun Tej | Saiee Manjrekar | Jagapathi Babu
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  5. Ghani Movie Review | Telugu | Varun Tej | RatpacCheck !
  6. Ghani Movie Review By Revanth | Varun Tej, Upendra | Saiee Manjrekar | Kiran Korapati | Allu Bobby
  7. Ghani Movie Review | Varun Tej | Saiee Manjrekar | Upendra | Suniel Shetty | Nadiya | Kutty Review

Ghani Movie Frustration | Cinemapicha Frustrations | Ghani Movie It’s Not A Review

first of all i have a basic question,first look religion,they call him ghani they call him ghani,they call him,background scholar,first of all who called him ghani who,are they,foreign,[Music],[Music],so,foreign,lightweight,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music]

Ghani Movie Review By Hriday Ranjan | Kiran Korrapati | Varun Tej | Saiee Manjrekar | Jagapathi Babu

hello and welcome to film companion,south youre watching another toy review,my name is videranjan this weeks movie,is ghani starring varuntage,saya manjrekar upendra sunail shetty and,jagupati babu the film is directed by,kiran koropathi varantej is the son of a,boxer who was disgraced in front of the,whole nation for taking drugs in the,finals of a national boxing tournament,the little kid who was also the little,kid in jersey is like a specialist child,actor for sports movies this kid,promises his mother that he will never,take to the sport of boxing but he,secretly competes in amateur tournaments,in vizag sports movies in general and,boxing movies in particular need an,overhaul the beats of this movie are,pretty much similar to every single,boxing movie you have ever watched like,rocky revenge redemption family these,are themes that we have watched a number,of times and that makes the beats of,this movie very predictable,nana,you from some of the embarrassment by,racing through the first half of course,there is a love story because even in,the word glove there is love syed,manjarekar whose role is as interesting,as the commentary of sanjay manjurekar,is made to stand next to the hero and,encourage him all through his journey to,be completely honest the film had my,attention till its midpoint writer,director kiran puts a few twists and,turns to keep your interest in the first,half but it is when the meat of the film,really begins that it begins to dip we,are given an extended flashback where we,get to see two old men fighting each,other like hey life insurance back pain,and your interest is gone before you can,say,the details related to the sport are,well placed and overall the film is well,intended but it is held back,by its overall generic nature in the,story take for example jaguar babu who,again plays a coach in the last few,months we have seen him be the coach for,archery for shooting and now in boxing,in a way jagupathi babu is the national,coach in indian films the,characterization of the film is also all,one note everybody is either piously,good or soul crushingly evil the story,has some surprises in the first half but,fails to land any punches later honestly,ghani isnt a bad movie it is just,painfully generic in every sense of the,term when an item number featuring,tamanna comes on you are already knocked,out with boredom credit though to taman,who returns as yes yes taman whipping up,a thumping soundtrack for this movie,sayer manchurica is just there in the,movie sometimes you see her and youre,like oh shes there thats nice so neil,shetty looks cool in the movie but there,isnt much else happening warrantage,looks the part and transforms into a,boxer however the emotions in the film,or his acting they just fail to pack a,punch and by the end you begin to crave,for some knockout strong beer i wanted,to bite off somebodys ear in,frustration ghani is an earnest film but,has nothing going for it in terms of,newness it is basically amma nana or,telamai thank you so much for watching,our review of the movie ghani please,remember the summers are getting harsher,and harsher so stay at home and drink,buttermilk thank you um,foreign,[Music],you

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[Music],they call him,review

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Ghani Premier Show Cancelled | No Ghani USA Premier Show Review | Cinemapicha

[Music],[Music],[Music],and ill tell,my response on this movie so anthony,you guys go to the theater but before,going to the theater just find out if,the drive is okay or it is corrupted or,not both,yesterday,so we will see you tomorrow guys if the,movie plays in our theater so otherwise,so adam adsanti so one time guys well,again talk about some other video soon,bye

Ghani Movie Review | Telugu | Varun Tej | RatpacCheck !

[Music],welcome welcome rowdy boys and girls,welcome back to another video well,atlanta you know infesting the and,fasting content called topogrammer,channel subscribe,it is purely family watchable and ticket,will be hundred percent worthy of,the best recommendations,save your money and have a good biryani,you can give it right absolutely one,time watchable in the country it is,absolutely a normal story on mata and,last but not least coming to the,performances,of,that was an absolutely and disappointing,movie,in front of the box office,so yeah and if thats it subscribe if,you enjoy it and ill catch you in the,next one,you

Ghani Movie Review By Revanth | Varun Tej, Upendra | Saiee Manjrekar | Kiran Korapati | Allu Bobby

After Gaddalakonda Ganesh the next movie of Varun Tej is Ghani. It took nearly 4 years to release this movie.,Actually the boxing role in this movie is very apt for Varun Tej.,He did 100 percent justification to his role.,And whenever we see Saiyee Manjrekar in this movie we feel like we are watching a dubbing movie.,Because of her lip sync.,May be I think they tried to make Ghani as a pan India movie.,After I came out of the theatre a doubt came into mind. I have a doubt that really Taman is the music director of the movie or not.,Because Taman has hand full of movies we couldnt find Tamans mark in BGM or songs other than the title song.,You can find very common slow motion entry for heroine , a very typical commercial entry for hero,and just because of one incident they fall in love.,This movie is typical commercial template movie and they added sports to it.,The audience can feel the flavors of four other movies while watching this movie.,Visually this movie is very nice.,They used lighting in every shot very beautifully.,Technical aspects like cinematography editing in this movie are up to the mark.,Director Kiran even though he set up a goal to the hero in the start of the story he took very long time to enter into the crux of the story.,The dialogues in this movie are essay answers for short questions.,In fact I remembered the dialogues of Srinivasa Kalyanam movie dialogues.,And the item song of Tamanna in the second half will make us feel like it is unnecessary in this situation.,In fact even though this movie is a commercial movie these elements will effect the sports element in the movie.,Makeover of Varun Tej is the major highlight of this movie.,And the production values of this movie are very high and beautiful.,And every actor in this movie did perfect justification to their characters.,Especially Upendra, Sunil Shetty, Nadiya, Jagapathi babu and Naveen Chandra are the one of the major highlights of the movie.,First half is all about presenting the heros goal and fight between Varun Tej and Naveen Chandra.,Second half is very interesting because it is full of crux of the story.,We can predict the twists in the movie. Finally this movie is a one time watch movie.,Lets meet in the next video with another interesting review.,Until then I am your Revanth. TomTom Films signing off.

Ghani Movie Review | Varun Tej | Saiee Manjrekar | Upendra | Suniel Shetty | Nadiya | Kutty Review

hello and welcome to cinema express my,name is ram venkatshrika and in this,episode of kuti review well be talking,about gunny,[Music],do you know that movie theaters are,equipped with sound systems behind the,screen uh this is to make sure that the,direction of the sound and the image for,the viewer they come from the same,direction i assume the distance between,this audio system and the screen where i,watched ghani uh it wasnt optimal,enough i guess and due to this flaw,every time tamans score used heavy,drums and trust me there are a lot of,drums used in this film,i could see ripples uh on the left side,of the screen and to be honest seeing,these ripples is how ill remember,gunny by because the film by itself,hardly has anything memorable be it an,emotional moment where the title of,character played by varanthej,learns something heartbreaking about his,life or during the numerous boxing,sequences these looking at these,irregular ripples on the screen was,far more intriguing,and,interesting to be honest our difference,to these characters their plights the,films conflicts and the characters,motivation they emerge from the,cinematicness they are treated with when,we are aware of the fact that the story,thats playing in front of us is nothing,but a fictional tale that staged,performed and shot in a way that mimics,a dozen other films we have seen in the,past it drops us off the surprise and,hinders us from investing in these,characters the writing too hardly tries,to draw our attention or emotional,investment right from its story and how,its structured gunny radiates,predictability at hazardous levels after,his father vikramadityas,act of consuming steroids at a national,level boxing championship tames his and,his familys image ganees mother played,by,nadia asks her son to make her a promise,that hell never enter a,ring in his life had gunny kept his,promise this film wouldnt have existed,but sadly he pursues the sport behind,his mothers back,will he intends to you know clean that,black mark that his fathers act has,left uh,to be honest uh with a protagonist who,whos raging with anger and pain and,passion,gunny could have,been a an emotional rollercoaster ride,but it chooses to stick to the basics by,basics i mean really basic every line in,this film is generic and sounds like,there could be a much refined iteration,of it take for instance how naveen,chandras character is introduced his,name is adi and we see his father just,walk up to him and tell and ask him why,hes so obsessed with the sport to which,adi replies that,i know that you you are very rich but i,want identity i am chasing the spotlight,and not exactly monetary benefits,another example is psy manches maya,whose existence results in nothing but,perhaps the most juvenile life love,story in recent times,even by telugu masala film standards it,is silly and boring uh being a sports,film are the action sequences any fun i,wish but not really usage of multiple,camera angles and the fast paced editing,is so clumsy that its hard to follow a,fight shots keep cutting between one,angle to another in a span of,milliseconds when gunnys hands move,towards the opponents face we see it,from one angle and when the punch lands,on the target we see it from a different,angle but the film does benefit from,covering presence of upendra the kannada,actor who brings so much depth to the to,the scene hes perhaps the best thing in,ghani but the writing tries to deceive,you with our perception of his character,expecting us to believe that there is a,huge twist but if you have seen the,trailer you know uh whats in it sunil,shettys presence which gives a creed,like touch to the plot is also one of,the better things in this lackluster,film also on a completely different note,do filmmakers still believe that when,they portray jagapathi babu as a good,man and then reveal that hes a bad guy,are we supposed to be surprised to,filmmakers still believe that in all i,would like to close this review with a,punch line that gunny fails to pack a,punch,i know that its,its a line that you have heard a,million times its predictable but so is,the film thats it from this weeks,scooter review see you next week with,another film thank you,[Music]

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