1. Trying ALL of the Ghost Energy Drink Flavors
  2. Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store
  3. BANG vs GHOST – Energy Drink Comparison – Which Energy Drink is Better?
  4. Is Ghost Energy Drink Any Good? (Tier List)
  6. Are Energy Drinks Like MONSTER Bad For You or EVEN DEADLY?
  7. Is this the BEST Energy Drink Ever?? (Ghost Energy Drink Review) | Snack Time

Trying ALL of the Ghost Energy Drink Flavors

today were gonna find out which is the,best ghost energy flavor now lets crack,into it were gonna be using a ranking,scale with three categories flavor,uniqueness and frequency also known as,how often could i drink these flavors,and this is all gonna result in a,30-point system it is time to drink some,caffeine starting off with the classic,citrus flavor which is one of three,non-licensed flavors,[Music],oh good crack to start the day,right out of the gate a very strong,citrus flavor were getting some lemon,getting some lime and its very mountain,dew-esque i havent drank mountain dew,in probably 10 years but this is what i,remember it tasting like i wish it had,just a little more of that tang to it i,dont know if this is a flavor that i,would often reach for the overall flavor,is getting a seven citrus is a very,common flavor so uniqueness is only,getting a two and the frequency in which,i would get this maybe a four moving on,now up the red berry sour patch kids,the smell of this one gets you right,away,very bold flavor and its pretty spot on,sweet with a little bit of sourness but,honestly its not overwhelming and just,look at those guys theres just,something about this flavor its its,enjoyable overall flavor were getting a,solid eight and a half here uniqueness,were gonna tie it up at eight and a,half as well and frequency is getting a,six i like this one next up we have one,of my favorite flavors in general mango,but not just any tropical mango i feel,like the color of this can just adds,points to it,yeah,yep,i might finish this one off here again,we have a bold flavor here that mango,comes out strong its sweet not much,sourness to it but it is very refreshing,and it goes down easy flavor for me is,getting a nine and a half out of ten,uniqueness takes a hit though at five,but the frequency i could drink this one,every day its getting a ten this one is,definitely the most controversial flavor,sour watermelon warheads,oh,that was a struggle,thats sour,literally the smell of it is making my,mouth water,this is one of the only energy drinks,that i actually consider sour and it,punches you right away but oddly enough,i just want to keep sipping it is that,weird so right away the uniqueness on,this one is getting a 9. and if it,counted the execution here is 10 out of,10. i dont know how often i could drink,this one but im actually gonna give it,a six here which i know a lot of people,are gonna argue with but the overall,flavor is getting a six i think im,gonna grab a pellet cleanser real quick,i think this is the only water ive,drank all day next up we have swedish,fish which is one of my favorite candies,growing up its like a little waxy red,fish and theres just something about it,it has a similar scent of red berry,flavor is very accurate but the,carbonation is kind of throwing me off i,mean the flavor is there its pretty,close to spot on and its bold and i,like it so immediately this one is,getting a 9 out of 10 on flavor,uniqueness its there 9 out of 10 but,after a few sips i can already tell the,frequency on this one is going to be,pretty low the frequency is getting a 4,out of 10. not bad though its just,polarizing and i wonder maybe the most,refreshing looking orange creamsicle,oh yeah you can tell its creamy,yeah okay this is executed almost,perfectly this thing is orange,creamsicle and theres no denying that,this is an easy 10 out of 10. uniqueness,though you see a lot of oranges you see,some orange creamsicles so its kind of,falling in the middle at a 7.5 but the,big question how often could i drink,this one id say almost every day,9.5 and now onto the all pink can,somewhere exclusive flavor strawberry,bubblicious,just something about that one,i mean,the flavor is spot on uniqueness here,easy 10 out of 10 and i mean easy its a,nice 50 50 split of flavors and what i,thought would be overwhelming is pretty,subtle and as controversial as this one,might be give credit where credits due,and the flavor is a nine this is one of,the flavors though that i see a hyper,fixation and maybe drink this for like,four or five days in a row and then not,again for a month so overall the,frequency of this one im giving it a,five and a half i think this is the most,drink flavor we have sour patch kids in,blue raspberry,man,the first crack was good the last crack,was great,theyre nailing these flavors the blue,raspberry is 100 there and this one is,actually a lot more sour than the red,berry which is good because i think it,adds to the flavor but at the same time,i think it takes away from the frequency,i think this one gets a slight notch on,red berry at nine for flavor and even,though this is a collab with sour patch,kids blue raspberry is a very common,flavor if not the most common flavor but,they do add that sour element to it so,the overall uniqueness its getting a,six typically i could drink blue,raspberry every single day but like i,said the sourness of it does bring that,frequency down just a little bit and,overall this ones getting an eight and,again these are all well above average,formula and flavor for energy drinks but,we have a top three so coming in for,second and third place we actually have,a tie tropical mango which im excited,about and surprisingly strawberry,bubblicious this ones gonna make a lot,of people angry both of these flavors,are coming in at a strong 24 and a half,points and the only right thing to do,here is a tie breaker i need some backup,i need some backup come on so ive,recruited the most average energy drink,consumer that i could find and shes,going to give one of these drinks an,extra point and decide which is second,and third but first up we have mango,what do we got,thats good good quick and simple quick,and easy right into strawberry,bubblicious what do we think here one,word answer amazing amazing so we have,good and amazing i think i know where,this ones going this is the bubblicious,is going up to 25 and a half strong,second place tropical mango strong third,and i think that the overall winner is,very clear here and with the strong 27,points we have the ghost,orange cream and if you made it this far,im extremely over caffeinated but im,gonna finish off this orange cream,hopefully i didnt offend you but let me,know what is your favorite flavor down,below

Energy Drink Haul! How to Choose a Healthy Energy Drink at the Grocery Store

so today were in Carmel California and,were gonna run into a Safeway which is,just like Avons like a Randalls like a,Tom Thumb depending on where you are in,the country so what were gonna do in,Safeway is were gonna check out energy,drinks okay because you may think the,energy drinks are all bad but the,reality is some of them are actually,pretty clean and simple so we can break,down the simplicity of the best ones,that are there and the nice thing is I,know that Safeway has just a wide,variety of energy drinks so although you,may not have a Safeway in your community,you will probably have the energy drinks,that were gonna look at so lets go,ahead lets jump in and lets have a,little fun and hey if you want to make,sure that you check out fat snacks so I,put a link down below in the description,so you can check them out so they are a,low carb healthy cookie play the,cleanest low carb cookie thats out,there so I put a link down below if you,want to check them out theyre a big,supporter of this channel so huge shout,out to them now lets go ahead look at,some energy drinks alright lets see,where this energy drink section is now,so normally Im not the biggest fan of,energy drinks right its not like I,drink them regularly but theres still a,lot of people to watch my channel and,you might be one of them,that still has an energy drink from time,to time so you might as well know whats,clean and whats not might as well break,down the good ones and the bad ones now,theres a few very simple ingredients,that you need to look for so I can make,this video relatively short and sweet,this isnt to brand Bosch this isnt to,even brands support this is to just,basically give you the breakdown of the,basic ingredients need to look for so,you can see theyve got a good selection,here so it gives us a wide variety to,really teach on so lets start straight,up lets go ahead and take a look at a,low-carb monster Im not even gonna,bother looking at the ones that have,sugar right okay we know I dont need to,just continually say this so lets take,a look at what Monster has first,okay so carbonated water and then in,this case still has glucose this is the,low carb one citric acid natural flavors,taurine so Tory has some interesting,processes within the body it does help,support your energy levels you know its,not made from holes I know people used,to say tourists taurine there is like,this old myth out there its perfectly,simple fine amino acid that you can use,sodium citrate more just a preservative,panax ginseng ex-writer you,they have ginseng thats nice and,ginseng is actually coming before,caffeine so interesting there sucralose,alright we want to avoid sucralose and,benzoic acid is also preservative that,has been shown to have some negative,effects within the body so we want to be,careful there l-carnitine heres thing,carnitine is not really needed in the,body if you are deficient in carnitine,which by the way is pretty rare then yes,you need carnitine but markers out there,will say that contine is going to help,you burn fat because heres what happens,carnitine is an amino acid that allows,energy to transfer into the cell into,the mitochondria specifically fatty,acids so yes its called the carnitine,shuttle pathway and normally fats need,to ride on carnitine but only if youre,deficient in carnitine is this going to,be an issue and chances are I almost can,guarantee youre not deficient in,carnitine so its an overly marketed,product however on the ketogenic diet,you dont even use carnitine ketones,pass through the mitochondrial membrane,without carnitine in the first place so,anyhow the sucralose alone already just,deterred me so lets go ahead put this,back lets not waste a lot of time on,ones that we know are not that good okay,lets take a look at banger because,everyones talking about bang right now,the protein coffee ones I dont really,want to talk about because theres just,a lot of moving pieces there we have way,too many different things going on there,like this is a 140 calorie energy drink,thats not thats a more of a meal more,than anything so lets look at just a,basic one,okay lets look at one of these that,just has like a super creatine for,whatever reason that has creatine in,there okay so weve got in a typical,bang,we have carbonated water citric acid ina,hydras weve got natural flavors so,natural flavors is way high up on the,list,okay natural flavors as I talked about,in many of my other grocery videos okay,there are over 100 different inorganic,non even disclosed compounds that can be,in quote unquote natural flavors so we,have to be really careful with what we,see there because they are just flat out,not even FDA approved because they can,be considered negligible ingredients,because theres such a small amount well,it doesnt take a lot of arsenic to,cause a problem within your body it,doesnt take a lot of poison to cause a,problem within your body right so even,though its non detectable or its,discretionary huh natural flavors still,scare me especially when theyre that,high up on the list caffeine anhydrous,thats fine,thats a very inexpensive form of,caffeine that has a very powerful,diuretic effect so you are gonna drop,some water weight with this sodium,benzoate potassium citrate monohydrate,essential amino acids okay I gotta give,me credit there okay they have leucine,isoleucine valine lysine okay theyve,got the EAS thats pretty nice then we,get into some of this other stuff,sucralose once again okay its,interesting that they use sucralose okay,theyre putting all this effort into,putting essential amino acids in there,which are actually not cheap okay EAA is,you know thats not the cheapest thing,to put in a simple energy drink but,whats wild is that the sucralose is,completely just obliterating your gut,bacteria studies have shown that it,kills off 50 percent your gut bacteria,why wouldnt they use stevia or monk,fruit just kind of frustrating the other,thing that I really have to pick on here,a little bit is you have an energy drink,that has zero calories right okay so,typically would be okay on keto or some,would think that it would be okay during,intermittent fasting but it has the,aminos in it thats the issue with bang,theres a lot of their products have the,essential amino acids or the branched,chain amino acids which if youre trying,to build muscle and youre not worried,about your metabolism things like that,sure thats great but this is going to,spike your insulin to a point where its,probably going to break a fast and have,a negative effect on your fast so with,that being said I would stay away from a,bang however I know they have some other,flavors I see,looks like they only have the super,creatine version which has creatine and,everything in it not a big fan of that,alright so I will just go ahead and cut,to the chase here all of the monsters,either use sucralose or acesulfame,potassium those are two things you want,to be careful with let me tell you,something to be honest if you are not,super concerned about your gut bacteria,then deal with sucralose you will be,fine its not the best stuff in the,world but youll live but one thing you,really want to look out for is,acesulfame potassium itll also show up,on an ingredient label as acesulfame k,or ace k okay this has been shown to,cause a pretty significant insulin spike,sucralose doesnt cause as much of an,insulin spike so thats whats,interesting,however acesulfame potassium is a very,unhealthy stuff it causes whats called,a cephalic insulin response because it,is so hyper sweet it actually triggers,your pancreas to produce insulin again,is it going to give you energy sure but,its gonna break up fast you just want,to be careful of that,okay so coca-cola has some energy drinks,I think these yet country water 2% of,natural flavors once again caffeine,guarana extract d3 and b6 pyridoxine,hydrochloride top there it is right,there just to show you acesulfame,potassium ahead of super low so a lot of,times Sug

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BANG vs GHOST – Energy Drink Comparison – Which Energy Drink is Better?

yo whats going on guys michael here,from mp fitness thank you for checking,out the newest,video to the channel if you havent done,so please hit the subscribe button hit,that bell that way youll get notified,every time we drop a new video were,going to two to three videos a week,so appreciate any and all support as we,climb towards that 100,000 subscribe marker so comment like and,share this video as it helps the channel,in this,specific video grow so for todays video,we are looking,at two different energy drink companies,and were going to tell you guys which,one,is the best all right guys so for the,two energy drink companies were gonna,be looking at,ghost as well as bang,so in my opinion these are two of the,best and probably some of the most,marketed,energy drink companies out there i mean,ghost absolutely absolutely kills the,social media game,and bang absolutely kills the social,media,influencer game so im very interested,to see how these two are going to play,out against each other,so what were gonna do is throw up these,two graphics right here so we have,nine different categories that were,going to be,rating each one of these companies on so,we got,company reputation we have energy,focus taste caffeine the number of,flavors that each company brings,creativity so how creative does a,company get with collabs flavors this,and that,accessibility and cost all right guys so,lets go ahead and jump right,into it all right so first category is,gonna be,the company reputation so when i think,of ghost,i think of being very its very uh a,close-knit community,right i see a lot of their guys that are,on their takeover team that are,posting a ton theyre always commenting,back on one anothers posts,theyre very engaged with one another,and thats something that i like to see,personally,whereas with with bang,its a little bit more its going to,come off really bad,almost like forced right like you see,like theyre,required to post so many times which is,im sure ghost is but its like,forced to an extent right its not very,organic,as well as once again its a sound kind,of creepy,the owner seems a little sleazy a little,bit of a creeper,right just with how he presents himself,and everything else,not very honest very uh,thats what im looking for kind of you,know,italian mafia la cosa nostra right just,very,i dont know somethings off a little,bit right so with that being said,we got ghost right here were gonna give,them the green light,bang over here its not bad right,its not like they had the fda come in,and be like you cant,take stuff out this that the other were,gonna give them yellow,all right not bad but it could be better,alright guys so the second,category were looking at is going to be,energy right so how much energy does,each one of these cans bring right so,different levels of caffeine were going,to get into that later but how does each,can hit you,theyre both pretty solid right so with,with ghost,you definitely get that that kick of,energy,you get that like you feel like you just,had you know a good amount of caffeine a,good amount of,uh antioxidants b vitamins that and,everything else,with bang its the same thing its a,little bit more potent but,very comparable so for those were gonna,go green light as well,the third category that were gonna be,looking at can be the focus aspect,right but just something that in my,opinion it might be a little bit newer,to the to the energy drink world not,necessarily the pre-workout world,but with ghost you get a little bit of,alpha gpc in that,with bang theres nothing in there,thats for like a focus complex focus,blend so automatically,we got red right here not the diss that,whatsoever,so with ghost we got 150 milligrams of,alpha gpc,which is half of the lowest amount,thats recommended,to actually get you anything but at the,same time they still have that in there,along with,taurine and a couple other additives so,were gonna go with,yellow with ghost all right so the,fourth category,were looking at its gonna be taste,which is a very important category when,it comes to energy drinks,unlike pre-workout where you could just,dry scoop it or throw it in with six,ounces of water,you got 16 ounces to throw down right so,its not like you want it to taste bad,right ghost i feel like they pride,themselves on the taste of,all of their products especially their,pre-workouts and that really translated,well,with their energy drinks so with ghosts,were gonna go green,i havent had one of their energy drinks,that i,absolutely didnt love so with bang,were gonna go with yellow,although they have a lot of really,awesome flavors like this right here we,got radical skedaddle,they have a lot of flavors that are they,sound really neat,but when you actually like pop them open,to drink it youre like,what like no like strikeout right,are all the flavors like that no its,kind of split down the middle,so we got a split down the middle review,with it yellow,all right next category we got caffeine,which next to taste is probably to be,the second,most popular category that were going,to be ranking,all right so with ghost were looking at,200 milligrams of caffeine,which is a decent amount for an energy,drink i think zoe had like 180 some have,150 some have 80 milligrams 100 and,everything in between,bang were looking at a solid 300,milligrams of caffeine guys,300 milligrams thats almost pre-workout,level,so with all that being said,with bang were gonna go with green,ghost were going to go at yellow so,once again,theyre very its very close very,competitive but 100 milligrams different,thats almost a cup and a half of coffee,difference between each one so lets,move on,the number of flavors so with ghost,their energy drinks are,pretty new right so they only have,six seven eight flavors maybe maybe six,or seven flavors,with bang theyve been around for a,while and i feel like theyre coming out,with new flavors,almost every week right i mean some of,the flavors what is it like miami cola,we got radical skedaddle,you have the rainbow unicorn stuff like,its its pretty pretty crazy right,so with that number of flavors youre,gonna have more options,with bang than you are with ghost so,were gonna go,green and yellow all right creativity,for me this was a big one that i want to,look at and i feel like,theyre both creative in their own,special ways,so ghost does a really good job with,collabing with,a number of different from companies,like sour patch kids,sonic with chips ahoy and a number of,other different companies i think,jelly is like grape jelly as well which,is like like crazy,right so with that they definitely get,a little bit of a jump when it comes to,creativity,with bang even though they dont do any,collabs the creativity of their flavors,are really interesting,like i said we have miami cola you have,a bunch of different ones,froze rose radical skedaddle,key lime pie and the list goes on and on,but for me like this was close but just,because you have a lot of flavors,doesnt necessarily make it creative,right so green were gonna go,with ghost bang were gonna go yellow,right creative in their own different,ways but for me as this is very,subjective i think that ghost is just a,little bit more creative than bang,so accessibility how easy is it to get,your hands on,on their products right with bang you,get them literally,everywhere harris teeter target walmart,gnc online amazon their website,everything else with ghost really its,on their website its at gncs and a,couple of other different,small supplement stores like here in,raleigh you could also get it at all,nutrition,and a couple places like that there is,no shortage,whatsoever when it comes to getting,these so like,like zoa right very hard to get very i,feel like,quote-unquote exclusive for some reason,and,yeah its just different right but but,these,you can always find them and you always,find the flavors that you want,so were gonna go two green lights on,this guy right here all right and last,but not le

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Is Ghost Energy Drink Any Good? (Tier List)

hey guys hows it going were back again,with some ghost energy drinks yeah im,lucas im damn so these are some zero,sugar zero calorie 200 milligram,caffeine energy drinks maybe a little,healthier i dont know theyre supposed,to taste like different candies yes so,we picked up every flavor that we could,at our local gas station and were going,to try them out now we want to go sweet,to sour or sour to sweet well i want to,get sour out of the ways we want to get,sour out of the way so we start with,warheads yes all right so we decided to,go from sour to sweet starting with,warheads sour watermelon yeah all right,lets do it here we go were a little,fancier this time yeah sure,oh no,well,a fine vintage,what is this 2022 hmm,yes a fine vintage indeed cheers whats,it smell of,holy [ __ ] thats watermelon sour it,smells like those sour like tube candies,that you just squeeze and its just pure,liquid sugar yeah that makes sense,[Music],ah yes its got a good mouth feel,interesting,it tastes like candy,kind of its got that kind of,kind of a little bit of that aftertaste,of not real sugar,so thats a little disappointing but,yeah thats a aside from that i noticed,that with the one i tried is that,if you can get past the yes this is,definitely uh the equivalent of a diet,drink i will say its definitely better,than a diet drink and it doesnt taste,as badly as any of those,correct yeah this isnt bad i dont mind,it theres something about sour plus,drink that like makes me like i dont,know about that cheap yeah um it really,tastes like,if youre just sucking on warheads and,they theyre not like at their most sour,point but,theyve theyve,got,theyve given up a little bit of their,edge and theyre a little bit smoother,its not bad not bad not bad,uh as far as a tier list go were going,to place this uh,i like watermelon drinks a lot,sour not so much,so like if it,if it would have been a high b id say,it gets dropped to a high c so if its,if its in c its my first and c yeah so,far i would say so far without trying,the other ones this ones a c for me as,well so not bad not bad its just,but it burns a pallet cleanser where,will you be,the answer is in the glass you see oh,yeah thats sure swish wish,especially because mine smells and,tastes faintly soap because i,didnt do it properly,whoops,all right so next up weve got sour,patch kids red berry,so that should be interesting also i,want to note that all of these cans have,a really cool texture on them yeah,theres something like that,all of the uh the lettering is bumped,out its kind of cool,all right lets try this one out,i expected these to have color none of,them so far have color in them whenever,i was drinking that one i was,immediately like its red right like it,kind of has to be red its like an off,yellow yeah so this is the only one,youve had so far right yes cheers yes,[Music],thats way better so the way that i,described it whenever i first tasted it,and how i feel now is imagine if you,just had a [ __ ] ton of red and you just,squeezed it into a juice,thats what it feels like aside from,like the no sugar aftertaste it just,tastes like you just grabbed a bunch of,reds and squeezed them into a drink you,want to try it side by side with an,actual sour patch kid all right trying,the rares,yes these ones are meant to be more sour,thats really good this one i like a lot,same i like sour patch kids a lot so,this is like yeah thats a word thats a,lot of sour patch kids right there yeah,i would say,i would rate this probably at an eight,year honestly yeah at the very least,ill say low a for the time being but,very good a little bit more a little bit,more swishy squishy,all right and for the one im excited,for next up we have our other sour patch,kids themed soda sour patch kids blue,raspberry yeah i am also very excited,for this one yes yes quite fine quite,fine quite fine smelled it,ah interesting smells of raspberry it,doesnt smell as good it does the other,one it doesnt smell of blue as much but,its not yeah,lets,[Music],see its pretty good its not bad its,not bad i think i like the red one a,little more yeah the red one tastes more,like,exactly what i expected this one tastes,like,i guess it tastes a blue raspberry but,its like its a little off for me yeah,lets see how it compares to the actual,sour patch kids,[Music],yeah i definitely prefer the real deal,go figure yeah i think i prefer the,actual sour patch kid to the drink still,not bad yeah not bad its just not quite,in the same realm they didnt quite hit,the nail on the head,yeah they took them two or three tries,but they got they they got the they got,the premise down so for this one i still,like it a little bit more than the uh,warheads yeah i drink it a b yeah low b,yeah,not bad not bad at all this one is,swedish fish flavored and its got like,a scaly texture oh i havent felt that,yeah i feel that one thats pretty cool,look at that texture hey look at it you,can feel every one of those scales ive,never been a huge fan of swedish fish so,well see how this goes i love swedish,fish theyre the lamborghini of the,gummies i see if you get that reference,comment below,[Music],this smells better than the last one,this one tastes very sweet weve jumped,out of sour territory in one in one yeah,jump i like it every time i think of,swedish fish im like oh thats probably,tastes weird and fishy,its just its just yeah no its just,sweet gummy yeah its on the verge of,being too sweet maybe maybe a little bit,but its not quite there yeah we have,swedish fish yes we have swedish fish we,always,we didnt grab any creamsicles or,anything yeah we just kind of ran in,grabbed a few got out before they,noticed after we paid the fish oh these,are good ones too sometimes they dry out,and theyre not as good,but these ones,these ones are a little wiggly and,thats what you want its a swedish on,the fish for some reason it says,definitely my least favorite candy so,far i love swedish fresh thankfully the,drink doesnt taste that much like them,tastes kind of sweet and generic not bad,yeah they dont,its not the same its much farther,removed from the candy,than the sour patch kids were then again,i think the warheads one probably was as,well foreheads are meant to hurt you,yeah thats their only purpose in life,[Music],i like that i like it ill say i like it,more than the blue raspberry so ill,give it a high beat thats what i was,going to do as well god damn it,well have to differ on one of these,eventually maybe maybe well see all,right so next up we have tropical mango,now this might be where we differ a,little because i like mango and im,not the worst thing ive ever tasted but,its definitely not the first thing i,grabbed youre a bit indifferent yes,cheers cheers,oh thats pretty that is strong,it smells of strong fruit almost like a,fruit cleaner dont dont,dont dont ruin it in my mind im just,kidding its just mango sure its just,mango,[Music],i like it,its its very sweet,very sweet green it might be like one,notch higher sweetness than the swedish,fish,your face is saying a lot right now,and im parsing my thoughts as we go i,like this its still got a little bit,more of that like diet taste the like,fake sugar yeah sort of taste afterwards,it differentiates so harshly from fruit,right its that fake sugar taste that,makes it less fruity and thats what i,does not appeal to me,i would definitely prefer fruit smoothie,over this like a mango smoothie thats,fair but,this is fine,yeah it was okay i would say for me,low b tier id give it a high c if im,being honest i see,i like i like it more than the where,they put the watermelon i think was yeah,the watermelon was seafood i like it,more than the watermelon but maybe not,as much as a blue raspberry right okay,so not bad not bad not not great yeah on,the main nothings hit d or f yet so,yeah theyre all pretty decent yeah all,right so last and hopefully not least,the one im most excited for is the,orange creamsicle one i just as orange,cream,technically orange


whats going on guys welcome back to the,channel welcome back to matild vlogs,as you guys can see from the title the,thumbnail whats in front of me right,here i got a very unique,exclusive didnt think id be doing this,review um but a review for you guys,today,on as you guys can see ghost lifestyle,also known as ghost supplements,you guys have seen them pop up in the,fitness industry,uh really broke out in the last three to,four years now,and as you guys can see i have a ton of,their products in front of me so im,gonna be going through,an overall honest opinion feedback,review,uh on these products here but also every,single one of their products,uh from their website if i dont have it,in front of me here i will also be,reviewing it,and giving you guys my opinion there are,a few that i have not reviewed but we,will touch on those,at the very end so sit back relax and,enjoy this video,going down the list on their website,guys and if i have it in front of me i,will show you guys the ghost legend,pre-workout ive done a review on that,they are awesome it is this bad boy,right here they retail for about 44.99,by the way all prices will be in u.s,dollar,okay its 30 servings they have tons of,different flavors you can go with their,fruit punch or blue raspberry,the original flavors okay theyve also,branched off their pre-workouts into,sour watermelon by warheads they have a,sour green apple,theyve done collabs with christian,guzman max tuning with different flavor,profiles robbed lip sets,um whiskey sour so those are all,different pre-workouts guys you can also,go,the sour patch options with red berry,you can go,sonic the cherry lemade okay then you,can also,do the welchs grape as you guys can see,right here so they have a ton of,different pre-workouts i would say,theyve released at least,20 plus pre-workouts guys it is a great,pre-workout for,a beginner uh intermediate or an,advanced ive been working out for the,last,close to eight years now and i still,believe this product is one of the best,ones in the industry guys the flavor,like i said is unbelievable the,packaging is great,going on to the nutrition guys or sorry,the supplement facts,now the caffeine is about 222 so if you,want to double scoop youre going to be,getting 400 plus,milligrams which if you are tolerable to,caffeine,then two scoops is going to be fine for,you okay,the taurine uh great for energy we have,citrulline and beta alanine for that,pump now the citrulline is about four,thousand id like to have seen this at,about six thousand,um i just believe if you are taking one,scoop four thousand milligrams,probably not going to be enough for you,okay and the better i need about two,thousand id like to have seen,6 000 citrulline about 3 200,um beta alanine i think thatd be,perfect in regards to the workout guys,pretty good pump great energy great,focus definitely sweat,great overall pre-workout guys you guys,cannot go wrong all right guys lets now,get into their proteins their proteins,are probably one of the best proteins in,the market just,due to the taste guys you guys know,theyre all weight theyre always,isolated they do have,some have about higher fats than others,some have lower carbs higher fats,but theyre all around the same ballpark,guys okay they all have about 25 grams,uh per uh sorry 25 grams of protein per,serving and theres roughly about,25 to 30 servings so on to their flavors,guys they have so many the ones theyve,collaborated with as you guys can see,right here we got nutter butter okay,its pr it is unbelievable,if you like peanut butter if you like,nutter butters in general it is awesome,if you guys like chips ahoy they have,collaborated with chips ahoy right here,it is they got little um milk chocolate,chunks a little bit of piece,of cookie crumbs in there as well and,dont let me forget theres a little bit,of uh crumbs of the,uh nutter butter as well guys lets get,into their gamer now gamer is something,you would take,i think they came with the inspiration,when youre gaming with call of duty,during this whole covet thing,you want something thats going to make,you focus i dont know too much about,this ive never tried gamer,something i definitely want to try but,from what i hear lets take a look at,the,uh nutrition facts and then maybe we can,get a better idea what it is,um they say it delivers an epic combo,brain boosting,nootropics and natural energy to ensure,youre dialed in,for the afternoon on the sticks or at,the office so its pretty much,coffee flavored energy like,you can get them in different flavors,guys so you got swedish fish um they,also have,ghost gamer in peach and i,think thats all as of right now and,those go for 39.99,another product they just came out with,which i have not taken is the,greens guys so from what i can see 44.99,okay its got about 30 servings in this,container right here,their flavors they got the original,which probably tastes like greens,they got lime and they got guava berry i,probably recommend a lime or a guava,berry,you definitely dont want to be tasting,celery going down your throat,or any sort of uh kale now on to the,next product i,really do want to try is the ghost glow,this,is something you dont see in the,fitness industry when do you ever see,optimum nutrition,uh i dont know believe supplements,or evojin or muscle far,any of these all macs come out with a,product for,health and beauty guys so ghost glow,definitely want to try it they have,uh 49.99 by the way a little bit more on,the higher end price there,okay 30 servings passion fruit peach or,blueberry acai especially its,i hear its supposed to help with hair,skin nails,things like that now lets get into the,bcaas guys so for bcas,in front of me i have the sour patch,kids,red berry right here guys this stuff,tastes amazing this one right here,goes for about 27.99 a little bit,cheaper just bcaas,okay um also vegan friendly as well,and this one tastes just like the candy,guys okay they dont have to put in a,tons of different ingredients,which is why they can make the flavor,profile pop a little bit more,and actually taste like the candy they,have an amino and it looks like they,also have the bcaas,these are the bcaas in regards to the,aminos okay,40 servings so youre getting more,servings there for 39.99,but they have a ton of different flavors,guys the original blue raspberry mango,warhead sour green apple welchs grape,iced tea lemonade,sonic and cherry lemade i just ran out,of this but ghost,burn im going to put it up on the on,the screen right now guys,40 servings 44.99 okay,they did have a ghost black burn which,is an exclusive one thats not on the,website anymore,the fat burner thermogenic the so well,known around the fitness industry,my highly viewed uh ghost product review,video on this channel,ghostburn guys it is a phenomenal,product you get sweaty,you get the caffeine you get that energy,um,you just feel so much better especially,after the cardio session,after the workout its just such an,overall great product if you guys want,to watch that video that will be down in,the description box thats a video on,itself,tons of different ingredients but it is,so good ghost pump just ran out of this,one as well,i love it its a great uh pump product,you can add to go,size to the pre-workout you want to get,more pump just like i said at the,beginning of this video guys i wish,there was like six thousand eight,thousand milligrams of citrulline,you can definitely get that if you guys,uh add ghost pump for 36.99,its about 20 servings okay um they have,sour watermelon lemon lime and pineapple,just a pump product thats unbelievable,all right guys lets get on to their go,size,as you guys can see in front of me i,have the sour green apple,okay this is 30 servings and they go for,39.99,i also have the sour watermelon so both,sour products right here,um actually the first time uh i,purchased,and have been taking it but taking it,for the last week or so what i like,about it its got,half of the crea

Are Energy Drinks Like MONSTER Bad For You or EVEN DEADLY?

boom,boom whats up everyone mark lobiner c,e o fts nutrition chief marketing,officer tigerfitness.com,creator of that red bar as well as,partner and the ambrosia collective and,015 nutrition,are energy drinks dangerous you see all,these things,oh my goodness this person died from,drinking energy drinks,this energy drink destroyed my heart,well energy drinks kill me before i get,into this i actually have an energy,drink we sell at tigerfitness.com,um ghost crack this thing open,ah so,my main concern with energy drinks,before,was that they were full of sugar empty,calories,a bunch of stuff the original monsters,were sugar bombs,terrible the ingredients not bad,not bad at all when they came out with,the calorie free versions okay,now looking at the ingredients,lets go into whats in them and thats,lets say,why theyre not bad for you in,moderation of course im talking about,drinking one can,im talking about drinking one can if,you can tolerate caffeine,im not talking about drinking a case at,one time,so lets look into the ingredients,thats delicious of this ghost,energy drink its got some vitamins,vitamin c,thats always good right vitamin b6,vitamin b3 a little bit of niacin,vitamin b12,not bad now lets go into the actual,ingredients the active ingredients that,make your heart explode right,carnipure l-carnitine l-tartrate,amazing ingredient 1000 milligrams,not only is it great for um,just overall well-being its a very,healthy amino acid,but also it helps if youre a male to,release free testosterone,l-carnitine is great has some mental,acuity effects its great,i cant say enough about all carnitine i,use it in a lot of my own supplements,tori tauri not only has a slight,cognitive of benefit but it also helps,to volumize your muscles,it helps to prevent cramping and,dehydration,taurine is great alpha gpc,that is a phenomenal ingredient for,brain health,cognitive performance all that good,stuff,good dose in here too natural caffeine,from coffee bean 200 milligrams theres,only 200 megs of caffeine from that,thats great neuro factor i love this,ingredient i use it in some of my,products,very safe and effective estrogen,again this helps with absorption a lot,of different things,nothing hidden in here thats bad for,you,so the bad rap comes from people,overdoing it people drinking five to six,cans unhealthy people with comorbidities,or other issues,of course if you have a 400-pound male,um,going and exercising in heat and,drinking an energy drink that guys,gonna die anyway,hes on the verge and its correlative,theres no definitive study that shows,that any,of these energy drinks are bad for you,let me give you a little a little kind,of comparison right,so you have starbucks,you can get a venti with espresso shots,300 to 700 milligrams of caffeine,theres only 200 milligrams of caffeine,in here,200 milligrams so if energy drinks are,killing people,then people should be laying on that we,should have we should be piling people,in mass graves,from starbucks murders but theyre not,the main ingredient the main stimulant,is caffeine and,in at least this energy drink is 200,some are 300,and most people tolerate that just fine,so at the end of the day,energy drinks are fine drink them if you,enjoy them,get the sugar-free ones do not get the,regular ones look at the back,make sure its something like bang or,ghost or something like that,where it says zero sugar,okay zero sugar this is five calories,anyway there you have it um this is,ghost,available tigerfitness.com um,its a great drink i love it we also,carry many other,energy drinks theres boom theres bang,a lot of names going on but um 3d energy,is great,but again pick your um pick your,favorite but theyre fine,enjoy it in moderation and be sure to,buy everything you buy from,tigerfitness.com and thats not a game,whoever you are whatever you do theres,an outright bar thats perfect for you,and for these bars these are really,special because theyre truly unique and,different,and i wanted my lovely wife katie to,talk about,this what is this amazing bar so this is,the sunflower seed butter bar,and actually this was my idea because we,have three kids that go to school,and very its very common for kids that,are in you know elementary school middle,school age to have peanut allergies,and theyll post the teachers will post,a sign outside the door that says,no nuts no tree nuts no peanuts no tree,nuts,sometimes no dairy allowed in a,classroom,so with that in mind we came out with,sunflower seed,butter outright bars this is a vegan bar,because it is using a vegan protein,as opposed to the whey protein that is,used in the,traditional outright bar um it has the,sunflower seed,butter base so that means theres no,peanuts and theres no tree nuts,now this product is still manufactured,in a facility that,has that so if you have a very severe,peanut or tree nut allergy,um it is in the same facility,but it is you know,[Music],meant for kids with allergies and to be,brought to school,where theres other kids around that,could potentially have allergies,weve thought of everything you know who,else we thought about we thought about,people want a delicious,breakfast tasting like their favorite,mochaccino they could buy from their,favorite coffee,shop with delicious white chocolate,chips and we also thought about people,want to maximize their gains,now when you take in this product called,velocitol this ingredient,it doubles the power of your protein so,by putting the most delicious delicious,mochaccino white chocolate flavor,outright,we have the outright breakfast bar,look at that i havent had this one in a,really long time and its actually,one of those favorites so if you have,never,had sunflower seed butter it has a,different taste,and i havent had this in a very long,time actually really liked it when we,first came out with it,never remembered so its got really big,um again those are,chocolate chips these do not right have,dairy in them because this is a vegan,bar and its also gluten free,grab that one thats really good,the outright bar weve thought of,everything all you need to do is think,about going to your favorite retailer,if they dont have it tell them to get,it if they do have it buy at least one,to 30 bucks of these things there you go

Is this the BEST Energy Drink Ever?? (Ghost Energy Drink Review) | Snack Time

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls with,a heavy heart it tells me that this is,nuts last snack time so we had to go big,thats why big mikes here,big mike nut and myself on behalf of not,in honor of nuts memory here,its like a dead,this is also not to eulogy yeah,apparently,were gonna try the ghost energy drinks,all right thanks for bringing them down,now on the record not as the only you,havent had this yet right okay,on the record hes the only one thats,had these big mike and myself and not,had them only had two flavors these two,flavors okay we have any originals here,we got sour patch rat red berry citrus,blue raspberry tropical mango warhead,sour watermelon and orange cream not,its your last day,your last snack time excuse me your last,snack time i want you to tell us what,were trying first theres no originals,lets go just go down the line all right,down the line i just want to let you all,know theres not a serious note i,wouldnt ask for two other people,right now thats why we had to get it,done threes the three amigos cheers,cheers cheers cheers,so this was the uh,again viewers tropical mango,i like that one,that was really good,there we go excuse me lets just say it,starts now all right,yeah what are the specs on these we got,200 milligrams thats all it matters,all right cool sounds good theres not,anything under 100 its just bush league,yeah so it just tastes like a ginger ale,im going to give that a eight yes this,is im gonna give it a nine weird,aftertaste um its always so hard to do,the first one because i like to base,it off the other ones ill go seven for,now all right now were gonna go with,this sour patch blue raspberry,it looks painful yeah because i cant,get my nail under there all right here,we go oh no,it smells like sour pasta,oh thats delicious oh boy mmm give me a,little more the first taste was a little,off then as i got used i think you have,to get that sour thing out of your way,im gonna give it an eight im going,nine im gonna go seven all right now we,got the red berry,sour patch,natural caffeine were you the guy that,always put the other oh [ __ ] like,theres only a couple min yeah that was,an awful poor first oh my goodness,all right are you a red sour patch kid,guy i like that,and then you put like the yellow on the,green on the side no i dont think i,ever like,put them to the side or anything,sorry excuse me i had to get that one,out wow that tastes exactly like a red,carpet,you you know you got that burping [ __ ],here and it wants to just come out i,think yeah i think thats going to burp,i think im going to go eat i think the,blue sour patch wants to smidge better,but thats still really good im gonna,go eat as well,theres a good chance i puke if that,happens again,im gonna go seven on this one chance,im puking were there for lunch,beef stew,beef stew and energy drink,peanut butter and jelly,all right speaking of peanut butter and,jelly we got citrus,[Music],[ __ ] we got a brain on here just,supposed to make me smarter epic focus,mike ooh,tell me more about it lets see we got,legendary energy epic focus zero sugars,and no artificial colors sign me up here,you go you got napkins this things,creeping towards me oh it smells like,sprite no no no no mountain dew no,this is really good man they smell like,mountain dew it smells like the unfrozen,uh you know the the freeze pops long,ones but when theyre unfrozen thats a,nine for me tastes just like mountain,dew,i think these two are the best so far in,my opinion citrus and tropical mango im,gonna go eat with that too thats really,good ill match this this is literally,nothing,yeah,i dont know why anything it looks like,its spreading more yeah were gonna,give this a nade also all right so we,got watermelon sour watermelon warheads,baby my favorite candy oh my gosh that,was amazing,oh,it smells like a watermelon italian ice,wow yeah slushy yeah,holy [ __ ] thats good yeah,oh [ __ ],you baby dont you keep fighting,how is it my fault that youre farting,and you just leaned that way and farted,thats it im giving that 10.,before that starts to smell lets,[ __ ] go michael we dont agree on,much but that is a 10 as well jesus,christ this is disgusting here,oh,nick oh my god,it smells like a cat dog,im giving that a 10-2 that was great,that was fantastic,im really sorry guys no youre not,right,its a combination,its the combination its the,combination to make a combination we got,orange cream oh cream i thought it was,creamsicle got it you got some new cups,for this one yeah,wow thats good,oh yeah oh is that good oh my god thats,amazing,im gonna give that one to 10 as well,ghost youre doing something right man,holy smokes id like to see these more,often these are that was yes this is,through so maybe the best battery drink,flavors of fat those are unbelievable,all right theyre really good man im,going 10 on that too that [ __ ] was,unbelievable unbelievable so what do you,think was your best flavor i i im,fleeing,[Laughter],just put a hole in the light,and on that note im out,thank you so much,[Laughter],is,[Laughter],[Laughter],[Music],youre the first person,[Music],wow,so,cut that off about 10 minutes at least,you

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