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Ghost Recon: Wildlands Review

getting things done by any means,necessary is what Ghost Recon wildlands,is all about,despite its tactical pedigree as a Tom,Clancy universe game your best laid,plans will often go comically awry,thats when it really begins to shine,especially in co-op,[Music],wildlands version of the South American,country of Bolivia is massive it,includes more than 20 provinces and each,has at least one cartel boss hidden,weapons and more you can roam the whole,map from the get-go and it has jungles,mountains deserts and more they all look,great and impact how you play with,varying amounts of cover and vehicles,unfortunately vehicles dont control,well and youre forced to spend a ton of,time using them to cover all the terrain,choppers in particular take a while to,break in also its common for high,priority targets to jump into a vehicle,and flee which gets frustrating,wildlands main issue is poor mission,variety you need to draw the bosses out,through missions which are repetitive,combination of blowing things up,stealing things extracting targets or,killing the same three kinds of enemies,over and over these issues might have,spelled doom if not for wildlands great,sandbox style unpredictability yes you,may be on your 10th extraction mission,but they play out like different action,movie scenes when things dont go as,planned the madness that follows is what,saves wildlands weapons come down to,personal preference though SMGs and,shotguns felt too limited the loot lust,is there but its more to satisfy your,aesthetic goals and not because you need,better guns and most of the upgrades and,wildlands from weapons to skill trees,are incremental your sniper scope will,sway less you can run further and so on,theyre useful but not very alluring,likewise the skill trees are,disappointingly short by the end I had,almost everything thats fine when,youre playing alone and your AI,companions are so hands-off that you,need to compensate however its a shame,to not have to make any choices in,coordinate and co-op,[Music],wildlands is definitely best played in,co-op however co-op is also harder I,died far more when playing with real,people than I ever did alone your AI,squad isnt there to support you,theyre there to enable you theyre,wonderful at handling tasks but have,almost zero initiative they also allow,you to use sync shot to simultaneously,take out multiple targets its quick fun,and super powerful the squad also has,moments of clairvoyance while theyll,spot enemies behind walls plus they can,also take a lot of punishment and they,almost always revive you when youre,down in coop human players are just as,squishy and dumb as you are sync shot,still exists but its manual and trades,effectiveness for skill and fun playing,with friends also allows you to use,multiple vehicles effectively which,opens up new options and works to,alleviate the repetition problem I,mentioned earlier co-op is also drop-in,dropout and it works seamlessly theres,no waiting for someone to spawn in no,loading no red tape about what you can,or cant do if someone in your game has,a fast travel point or an unlocked,mission its available to anyone and,that progress saves when you go back and,forth between solo and co-op its a,slick system that keeps frustration and,timee and menus to a minimum,[Music],it took me 42 hours and seventeen,thousand bullets to see and do,everything and Ghost Recon wildlands,this huge wide-open shooter constantly,shows its flaws in its mission variety,and vehicle physics but its strong,sandbox style gameplay and seamless,co-op kept me coming back for more,madness for everything on Ghost Recon,wildlands keep it right here on IGN

Ghost Recon Wildlands | An Underrated GEM in 2022

its been a while since ive made a,video on ghost recon wildlands in fact i,believe wildlands was like the second or,third review i ever made on my channel,and i wanted to make another video on,this game because well its in the title,this game is really underrated in my,opinion im sure as we all know the,tyranny of ubisoft has started to,consume many of their properties ghost,recon definitely being one of them and,arguably getting the worst end of it i,mean just look at what theyre doing to,this series with ghost recon front line,im so sorry ghost recon you dont,deserve this,[Music],i mean im not gonna pretend im a die,hard ghost recon fan but i did play,future soldier as well and ive seen,plenty of videos on many of the old,ghost recon games and its truly sad to,see how the series identity has been,warped upon recognition nobody wants a,ghost recon battle royale ubisoft okay,even wildlands and breakpoint are quite,different from what ghost recon was with,wildlands being the first game in the,series to be an open world however with,wildlands they did a good job of,bringing the series to the open world,format it kept its roots as a tactical,third person stealth stealth-based,shooter while giving you an open sandbox,to go wild in giving you the freedom to,do whatever you want and investigate and,take out targets at your own pace ghost,recon wildlands is an open world done,right not to mention its paired with an,incredibly immersive world in bolivia,thats brimming with life and activities,the ghost mode easily has to be one of,the best things they added to the game,going for the full realistic hardcore,experience with one primary weapon real,reloading less carry space no hud oh and,permadeath i know a lot of people love,hardcore tactical shooters like this and,wildlands and its ghost mode likely,appeal to a lot of those people of,course theres also co-op so you can,play with your friends and coordinate,with tactical gameplay and if youre,running solo you can play with a trusty,ai squad which you can order and set up,synchronized shots with to take out,multiple enemies at once which just,looks so cool,theyll also revive you when youre down,and spot enemies for you which is,extremely useful the stealth in this,game is great you get tons of gadgets,and tools at your disposal drones for,marking flashbangs lores mines all that,good stuff youre also equipped with,binoculars and knight and thermal vision,as well the gunplay is satisfying you,get tons of different weapons and,attachments to choose from theres,plenty of customization for your weapons,and clothing and accessories as well you,can even equip an assassins creed,outfit i know right we can even be,assassins and ghost recon wildlands but,not in assassins creed anymore sure the,story itself in this game is nothing,groundbreaking but definitely,serviceable and its really all about,the gameplay and freedom within the open,world ghost recon wildlands was,definitely a new mark for the series and,it actually felt like a fresh new,innovation while still keeping the core,of what made ghost recon ghost recon,then of course breakpoint came out and,it had a messy launch but even i think,that game is much better now so one,would think ubisoft would continue to,try and innovate and improve but nah,instead we get a generic first person,battle royale thats free to play so you,already know thats going to be chock,full of micro transactions but if you,havent tried out ghost recon wildlands,yet and are a fan of tactical shooters,stealth games or even looking for a good,co-op game to play then i would highly,recommend wildlands for you not to,mention you can probably get it,extremely cheap these days as the game,is almost 5 years old and if you have,played the game let me know what you,think of it down in the comments and if,you enjoyed this video id appreciate it,if you considered leaving a like and,subscribing to the channel if youre new,thank you so much everyone and have a,great rest of your day,save ghost recon,[Music]

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Operation Ghost,all right people are making this game,seem way more complex than it needs to,be so Im here to teach you how to Ghost,Recon wildlands so before you ask,Ive been playing Ghost Recon since 2004,long before anybody was saying lit or,free gucci mane,so Im plenty qualified Dormition is,taking down a believing drug cartel,named Santa Blanca and for those of you,that dont know what a cartel is picture,it like a cool kids club that sells a,product that also wants to prevent other,cool kids from either joining their club,or forming their own Club to sell the,same product in this case cocaine thats,where you and your squad come in as,youre tasked with taking down these,cool kids by disrupting their drug,operations and taking out key personnel,in a peaceful and liberating American,manner Ill burn this whole [ __ ],country down to get back at you start at,the bottom taking out all the low-level,pushers before you move on to an,underboss followed by a division head,and ending with the boss of bosses El,sueño the head of the entire cartel that,is obsessed with saying the word product,throughout a product product not that,the character you play known as Nomad is,any better because every second word out,of his mouth happens to be [ __ ] balls,[ __ ] balls [ __ ] balls [ __ ] [ __ ] balls,youre joined by three other operators,that I can only describe as,developmentally disabled your role in,this whole operation is to kill,everything that moves interrogate,whatever survives and extract anybody,thats important to the CIA boss-lady,running the entire show from a safehouse,the one the only Karen yeah thats whos,assigned to take down the legendary El,sueño tats all over his face some woman,named Karen before we can get into the,nitty-gritty of combat and vehicles you,should start by preparing your brain to,learn a dictionary full of Spanish,because its inevitably going to happen,I gotta be honest man you man I do not,speak a single word,and Spanish genius now before you can,start destroying based after base the,bad guys youll have to find yourselves,in transportation to get there its not,like the menu is short you have,helicopters armored personnel carriers,trucks dirt bikes and even Lambos with,questionable contents in the glove,compartment,this car is swanky and theres a bloody,condom in the glove box,make that two please conduct dont worry,about financing your own ride by the way,because you can always take from the,locals free of charge like Hulk Hogan,sorry about this brother sorry about,this brother sorry about this brother,personally I love rolling around and,anything with a minigun so I can shred,everyone and everything in a Swiss,cheese,order you can just fly dont ask me how,dont ask me why just throw physics to,the wind and fly,[Music],when in doubt you can always just take,the 1981 Honda off of a civilian and,make it into a chariot of death speaking,of which this game does not let you kill,civilians which is preposterous how are,you gonna call this game freeform and,similar to Just Cause when you have so,many exceptions tacked on hey man its,reform but you cant kill civilians,hey man three four but you have to self,this mission hey man its reform but,when youre des courting this guy he has,to drive his own car which will,inevitably result in him getting himself,killed instead of oh I dont know just,putting him in your car and driving him,there with zero liability I dont want,my escort experience to be at the mercy,of some borderline blind alcoholic and,PC the drives like he just discovered,with a steering wheel is come on,hey I just interrogated a main,characters wife for key information and,now on a double tap her to the back of,the dome with my shotgun to eliminate,the liability can I do that no because,she has a cutscene later that shows off,her ultra tight dress and you wouldnt,want to rob the user of that experience,now would you and the whole idea that,wildlands is a stealth game just makes,me laugh now dont get me wrong I love,ghosting into a building and savagely,murdering people in their sleep as much,as the next guy I see a second target,[Music],but come on Ubisoft is telling us that,you should try selling this game for the,full experience you watch anytime you,approach an area every single enemy has,a fuzzy icon on their approximate,position meaning that you can track,their movements without any effort so,while youre sneaking around there are,zero surprises even your squad mates,will poke fun at how stupid selling the,game is with their own shatter that,clearly illuminates how run-and-gun is,essentially a requirement ok here we go,once were inside the factory we take,out control systems and cocaine stocks,then we get the hell out not to mention,the fact that its significantly faster,and more fun just to blaze through the,place with a shotgun that a grenade,launcher while kicking every one of the,nuts,[Music],[Music],[Music],as such you cant go wrong with anything,that has a large magazine size when,choosing a weapon and if youre feeling,extra accurate you can always snag,yourself a high caliber sniper rifle,[Music],in terms of character customization I,decided to slap on a flannel shirt a,balaclava accompanied by an eyepatch so,nobody can ever tell if Im winking or,just blinking and topped it all off for,the leather cowboy hat,you also cant forget the right Footwear,because back off bi dead-ass have these,Timbs,gadgets are pretty neato but theyre,definitely run-of-the-mill such as mines,wait,let me play some mind mission [ __ ],frag grenades dragged out east go bad,guys are reactive blast c4 I got the c4,Prime and of course your grenade,launcher now its best that you learn,how to keep yourself alive with all of,this equipment thats available to you,without ever depending on your squad,mates because they have the intelligence,of a grapefruit ready open fire,[Music],for example while trying to destroy a,coke lab I cracked open to take a,propane like Hank Hill short of the fuse,box to ignite said gas essentially,making the entire lab into a gigantic,ticking time bomb and even while,referencing the potential explosion they,still stood inside of it as it blasted,them all away the map is definitely,gigantic and you get to see everything,from bushy jungles so csgo tear salt,flats but by far the most entertaining,part of the whole game is Karen and the,silly nonsense that you get into with,all the cartel members do you not,understand that I will lock you up in,prison where tattooed neo-nazis will use,you as a human pin cushion for their,dicks whoa but I have seen this guy on,the books just who would it be thin Oh,eat a dick Karen people make their own,choices,thats what individual liberty is all,about fair enough take us a [ __ ] outside,and shoot him in the head yeah are you,hurt look at his face man does he look,not hurt to you give us a name Salazar,and we promise this stays between you,and us,if not,dish meats I am going to kill you one,feature that I thought was perfectly,executed is the ability to only watch,background videos if you want to granted,youll always be watching cutscenes once,you capture a main character but there,are also these lengthy background videos,that tell you much more about the story,by holding em after a mission is,completed so its safe to say that,anything regarding the beauty-queen also,known as Midea Flores I definitely,decided to watch all coordinated by the,head of smuggling nidia Flores la reina,de vie esse the beauty queen yeah you,cant spell nutrition with a nut am i,right and anything regarding el gato and,his goofy looking forehead I decided to,pass on top of his head oh yeah and the,glitches cannot forget those,[Music],[ __ ],the most glaring one that I saw is once,you beat the game you receive this Saiga,12-gauge shotgun with a thirty round,drum man called Silencio but after a,couple minutes the weapon glitched and,the suppressor disappeared without being,able to reacquire yeah you a soft has,admitted

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Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands – Before You Buy

game ranks presents another episode of,before you buy the show we give you some,of our straight-up gameplay and our,thoughts on the latest games releasing,as always Im your guy Jake Baldino,and I apologize Im very sick my voice,probably sounds worse than it usually,does but lets talk about Ghost Recon,wildlands this is a difficult game to,play as an old-school fan of the series,but if youre like me you just got to,get that out of the way right now this,does not really feel like it goes recon,game much at all its not really a,reboot or a spiritual successor its,just kind of its own new thing thats,not necessarily a bad thing just,something to get over but was it worth,really ditching the vibe of the classic,Ghost Recon games as well as Advanced,Warfighter in future soldier games yeah,I think thats really up for debate,wildland sets up like this you create,your own custom character with a pretty,limited set of tools and then you drop,behind enemy lines in the country of,Bolivia to systematically take down drug,cartels and the big bad guy who is,actually pretty cool looking else way,know how you tackle all this and the,order in which you dismantle is,completely up to you this is where,wildlands is going to impress the map is,absolutely huge,Id almost argue that its too huge but,for some players you know the bigger the,better its filled with things of you,theres missions to accomplish this,Intel together to get new locations and,items their supplies to tag to aid in,your progression theres really no issue,here about things ever really being,boring theres always something to do in,wild lands thats just how its designed,it also feels more like a Ubisoft map,filled Far Cry style game more than,something like the division which is,honestly what I was expecting it to feel,like this is going to make or break it,right here for some people here,seriously a lot here but at least,thankfully the large size does give way,to plenty of visual variety in the,environment theres a lot of different,biomes that youre going to be dealing,with here theyve basically made an,entire Bolivia with mountains streams,jungles frozen areas cities small towns,deserts basically everything of course,its exaggerated because its a video,game but theres just a lot going on,here and exploring it could be kind of,fun,youll definitely realize how big it all,is the first time you fly up in a plane,or a helicopter it has 20 ish regions to,conquer and each one can take an hour or,so depending on the difficulty but I,definitely recommend playing on a harder,difficulty mode for like more of a real,ghost,Im feeling experienced at least,something like that even still,mechanically wildlands is more,simplistic than I was hoping thankfully,though it still manages to feel somewhat,tactical compared to your average,shooter of this generation you know,encounters and faces usually favor a,stealthy approach you get it its all,about creeping around using binoculars,and drones to tag your enemies and then,get in a Koppel XI objective and get out,probably pop off some headshots in,between you can rapidly switch between,two weapons at a sidearm and its really,nice that you have a choice of,on-the-fly removing your suppressor and,changing your rate of fire mode you even,have some light squad commands here for,your three other AI control partners,following you like I said it seems,simpler than older school tactical,assault stealth games you know its no,classic reticle based ghost recon or,SOCOM u.s. Navy SEALs but its fun and,rewarding enough thankfully aiming,controls allow you to switch between,over-the-shoulder and first-person this,really makes the shooting controls,pretty solid you feel effective and,smooth pulling off headshots or going in,guns blazing and while that is what it,retains from Ghost Recon is that the,game favors a stealthy approach going in,guns blazing doesnt feel like youre,doing it wrong at all because of,controls so well some people might feel,to be a little clunky but I otherwise,enjoyed it while there are progression,systems here and there which Ill get,you the big one is faction management,and youre standing within working with,rebels,for example thats you more abilities to,call in which all works pretty well and,incentivize me at least to work towards,them but as much as there is to do,scenarios within the narrative often,really take themselves very seriously,despite the rest of the game coming off,kind of as light-hearted and fun dealing,a Lamborghini from a drug dealer in an,early mission should be crazy and fun,silly but the moments kind of fall flat,I think mostly deuces and non-existing,characters theyre just boring with some,mostly lame voice Aguila mom thankfully,though it can mostly be ignored you know,you know what you have to do I did,encounter quite a variety of loves on,ps4 though getting stuck in environments,and clipping through vehicles but really,the biggest offender here is the team AI,while they are a pretty good shot the,majority of times theyre extremely dumb,and I noticed that getting into vehicles,really becomes a chore very quickly but,this is where the good stuff comes in,you should really kick those AI,teammates to the curb on their ass,because drop in drop out co-op works,great here you barely have to even think,about it before being matched up with,friends or random it all works pretty,seamlessly and smartly with minimal lag,or matchmaking,issues at least so far while I noticed,its a four-player squad-based game if,youre only playing with one friend,the game doesnt populate the other two,characters with AI youre just on your,own and its funny because you hear some,of the dialogue from non existing,characters that arent even in a game,sometimes other than that the game takes,a multiplayer approach into account very,well the games enemies repopulate based,on how many friends youre playing with,and then good times are to be had some,people think this is a weakness and,sometimes it is but I truly think Ghost,Recon wildlands is much better with,friends it basically saves the game this,is where the game can get both highly,tactical and incredibly goofy which i,think is a nice balance spotting enemies,with friends is easier and you feel,badass when youre communicating and,dominating through an encounter then in,the next second youre all skydiving out,of a plane free-falling and parachuting,into an enemy base or driving a dirt,bike down a mountain this stuff is where,the game completely kicks a bit of ass,although the driving mechanics are kind,of clunky at best of course you can,always adjust sensitivity but it still,just comes down to poor mechanic except,for steering the dirtbike I think they,nailed that and then it feels really,cool I think this game is for a very,specific type of player the thing that,ultimately turned me off were the,progression systems they werent really,enticing or engaging enough getting new,equipment parts and customizing your gun,to your liking down to individual parts,and components its pretty awesome but,thats really where it stops the other,stuff the light RPG upgrade elements for,gadgets stamina and aim stability dont,really feel like enough to keep me going,alone or really playing through a lot of,this game because I think thats going,to vary for some people because if you,do like a little bit of the sandbox,elements of the world and you do like,exploring you might find a reason to,keep playing through because if youre,looking for an open world filled with,dudes to shoot especially with your,friends wild lands might be your thing,however though I think if youve played,the beta that gives you a pretty good,assessment of what to expect with youre,either gonna love it or feel kind of,underwhelmed because for me it didnt,quite think its hooks in me as deep as I,was hoping its not amazing but theres,still plenty to be had here because if,youre just looking for pure content,here Ghost Recon wildlands you will,probably get your bang for yo

Ghost Recon Wildlands REVIEW 2021 | Worth Buying? |Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands 2021 Review

tom clancys ghost recon wildlands isnt,the most recent game in the series,it does however have a pretty good,reputation and due to the somewhat,negative reception of its successor,ghost recon breakpoint many may be,wondering if this 2017 game is worth a,shot,in this video well go over all aspects,of the title to find out whether its,worth your time and money in 2021,if you have any questions about the game,i will be keeping an eye on the comment,section so,just drop them down there but lets get,on with the review,ghost recon wildlands is set in a,beautiful depiction of bolivia,youre there to dismantle the drug,cartel working your way through all,aspects of their operation,with the final target being the drug,lord el suenia,i wont say any more to avoid spoilers,but its an intriguing and well,presented story concept that keeps you,playing,in terms of gameplay its overall very,solid the gunplay is nothing special but,it is strong and fluid,with the ample variety and customization,of weapons complementing this nicely,you really can make your weapons your,own with loads of options to change up,their performance and visual appearance,now having options doesnt just apply to,your guns and this is one of the things,that wildlands does just so well,because as a player you really feel like,you can choose how you want to play the,game,theres drones night vision even,high-tech camo suits all at your,disposal,and the abundance of vehicles as to the,freedom too,the gadgets were also a highlight for me,theres everything from c4 to flash,grades,which once again gives you the options,and adds the depth of the general,gameplay,now i do find the movement to be a bit,clunky at times although its only,really apparent in indoor spaces which,you wont be in too often,somehow this has sort of carried over to,the vehicle handling because thats also,pretty awful,helicopters are fine but the cars can be,a bit annoying to control,having said that i do have to praise the,variety of vehicles as youll find,everything from trucks to supercars,attack helicopters with a casual plane,and tank thrown in there,another element of wildlands which,really adds to the gameplay experience,of their ai teammate,you get three ai controlled buddies to,help you through missions,they act on your command via a basic set,of orders and they can be pretty useful,you can sync up with them to take out a,group of enemies they carry out their,own recon,and can even revive you theyre,definitely a positive addition to the,game although,nothing is perfect for instance they,have occasionally broken my cover,and i wish theyre a bit more intuitive,if you do need some more intuitive,teammates though or maybe less intuitive,depending on who your friends are,this game can be played in online co-op,which is a load of fun,at least until your friend realizes that,theres friendly fire from explosives,there is also a pvp multiplayer mode,called ghost war,its a pretty standard 4v4 format over,relatively small sections of the map,it is a fun mode however really nothing,special and youve seen it all after a,good few games,now lets take a look at the open world,because the map in this game is pretty,amazing,theres a great amount of diversity,within the landscapes with everything,from snow top mountains to deserts,npcs also make the map feel bustling,alive which paired with the highly,detailed towns of villages,makes for a great atmosphere the,developers of the game actually went on,a business trip to bolivia and brought,back thousands of pictures and videos to,use for inspiration,and i think it really shows in terms of,size the map is,absolutely massive many games with a map,of this size would have,problems such as it taking too long to,get between missions although,luckily wildlands has a solution for it,the map is split into provinces,each of which has a major target from,the cartel,this keeps the missions grouped in a,similar area meaning theyre really more,than a few kilometers away from each,other,another problem some maps of this size,can have is the map feeling barren and,empty,somehow though the developers have,avoided this too there are small towns,dotted all over the place and the,abundance of roads helps too,the only negative point on the map are,the graphics due to the maps size and,also the games age,dont forget this is a 2017 game the,graphics are,really not too great by todays,standards especially with next-gen,consoles now out,speaking of action consoles if you do,intend to play this game on a ps5 or,xbox series x or s,then you will sadly be getting exactly,the same experience as if youre on a,ps4 or xbox one,now having said all this i have heard,that on pc and max settings the visuals,are pretty good,so keep that in mind,now the missions in these types of games,are incredibly important to the,experience,and this games successor ghost recon,breakpoint is an exact example of how,not to do it,even though this game came out before,that though the developers have really,hit the nail on the head,the missions are diverse and bring all,the elements of the game together,in one mission for instance youll fail,if you get detected and in the next,youll need all the firepower you have,in one of my favorite missions you have,to steal a truck for a base,and replace it with an identical one,full of c4 all without being detected,while also under a time limit side,missions were also a pretty big,highlight for me,all the side missions you complete are,part of an effort to help the rebel,forces,who are also fighting the cartel in,return for completing the missions you,unlock commands such as being able to,call in a group of rebels to fight with,you,or requesting a vehicle drop off these,scale up as you progress so by end game,you can call in helicopters,request huge amounts of mortar fire and,have large groups of rebels fighting,alongside you,the side missions themselves are also,pretty good they range from small base,clearing missions to stealing,helicopters and planes,which can be a hell of a lot of fun,especially in co-op,the progression has also been handled,very well the way the story is set out,through targets leading up to the final,boss gives you a good incentive to play,as its satisfying as you get ever,closer to the end game,the fact that you can upgrade all your,gear is also a great way to keep people,playing,your drone for instance can be heavily,modified to increase its range battery,life,and you can even get it to be able to,revive teammates,you can increase the amount of frags you,can hold get better night vision and,increase your stamina,now this just goes on and on and im,once again going to bring this back to,options,because you have freedom over what areas,you upgrade and therefore which areas to,specialize in,if you love the stealth upgrade your,night vision and if you like going in,guns blazing,equip your drone with a remote explosive,yes that is a feature,overall ghost recon wildlands is a must,for anyone who likes a good old third,person shooter,dont be scared off by its stealth,elements as this is by no means a,hardcore stealth game,although you can make it more like one,if you so choose,and thats really a big part of why this,game is so good because youre presented,with so many different,options and ways to play the game it,doesnt feel wrong to take an lmg and,just light up a base but,neither does it feel wrong to,meticulously plan out your attack and,make full use of the stealth mechanics,wildlands has a great map great missions,and great gameplay all of which are,being driven by a compelling story,i wouldnt say that any one thing about,this game stands out as being utterly,amazing,because really when i think about it it,doesnt what is amazing though is how,all the little elements mechanics and,features this game brings to the table,work together,to make a very solid package all round,the graphics are the only area where it,shows its age which makes this 2017 game,a well worth buy,especially due to it

Should You Buy Ghost Recon Wildlands In 2022? (Review)

should you buy Ghost Recon wildlands in,2022 Ghost Recon wildlands is a game I,played last year about 11 months ago or,something like that and I saw it was on,sale for Black Friday Im sorry if this,review comes out a little later than,Black Friday the week anyway the Steam,Sale stuff like that I had a few family,issues or family members in the hospital,blah blah blah blah anyway is it worth,playing in 2022 its interesting because,I played it last year and I really,didnt enjoy that much I got a lot of,comments on the old review saying I was,wrong blah blah blah I was biased I,didnt enjoy the game because of this,and that and that so I replayed it at,least the bits I could replay because I,dont know I dont know I dont know,well get well get into it lets start,with the story so basically the story of,Ghost Recon wildlands its supposed to,be this like um,sicario-esque type story where youre,going through different members of this,guarantee you need to get to this one,Big Boss El sueno I think hes called el,sueno hes in like two scenes of the,entire game yeah two scenes okay well,get to that so the whole story is about,bringing this guy down and its not,really about your character youre just,the squad that goes around kills people,and then the characters in between,called Bowman specifically basically,gets scenes to take down the cartel and,outsmart them and you know theyre the,main story Focus not you thank God,because the voice actor for my character,for whatever reason sucks anyway so yeah,thats thats basically the story its,not particularly in depth its not,nothing interesting nothing unique,particularly so Ive got to cut the,spawn shorts like a minute long its,okay its a its another Ubisoft game,its another another basic ass story to,put you in an open world so you can do,stuff for [ __ ] 20 hours and then you,move on thats what the story is now I,know a lot of people like it so,definitely check out other reviews other,than mine like I said my last Ghost,Recon wildlands review because obviously,Im just one guy as Ive been very vocal,about the fact that Im getting very,tired of the old Ubisoft style gameplay,as well as how they tell their stories,but with that being said its actually,pretty good for Ubisoft standards I,didnt enjoy it but I can definitely,tell when a game has focused very,specifically on its stories presentation,and its actually pretty good its,pretty good for Ubisoft standards I,think the voice acting a lot of the time,is very over the top and doesnt,particularly offer any subtlety the,script itself is just your very generic,military type-esque script you can tell,people arent in the military wrote it,it kind kind of deal thats kind of what,separates these military Shooters in,terms of stories when theyre written,with specific care to make it as,realistic as possible versus when it,wants to be some sort of Michael Bay,action Fest Ghost Recon wildlands is,basically a Michael Bay film okay,its very over the top but it gets stuff,done and you know you can enjoy it if,you dont really care too much about,story maybe its quite important but,yeah,Im coffin but let me point out Im,feeling very under the weather this week,when I replayed Ghost Recon obviously I,just mentioned my Hospital family issues,and stuff like that and I also started,streaming Im not good Im tired Im not,particularly feeling well that could,affect my view on it so remember check,out other reviews other than mine but,the most important part is gameplay and,Ive got a lot to say I think the,biggest reason as to why I dont enjoy,Ghost Recon wildlands and this this,Ghost Recon this new direction for is,how repetitive the gameplay is Im not,gonna say anything particularly unique,here Ive seen a few other reviews,mention this just to make sure I could,make sure Im not insane and Im not an,idiot but yeah its definitely one of,the most repetitive games Ive ever,played and its probably one of the most,repetitive Ubisoft games Ive ever,played so basically what happens is you,get launched into this open world where,theres a bunch of different targets,theres under bosses and then theres,bosses below them so you have to kill,the bosses below them to get to the big,boss and those mini bosses are basically,mini missions this the world is,separated into multiple districts,basically thats how I could put a,districts and each district has a,specific boss Im pretty sure theres,like uh like 15 bosses or 50 to 20,bosses in each section has five or six,missions so do the maths that youve got,like at least a hundred missions here,that you have to do to get it like a 100,completion and that sounds cool except,its Ubisoft which means those 100,Missions about six theres about six,total missions okay and each district,youre going to be doing the same thing,over and over again now some of you may,say well theres nothing really wrong,with that if you enjoy the gameplay,group and thats true I can definitely,see people enjoying this game I can but,for me it is just brain dead I did not,enjoy it so you go to each district and,you do six missions like a hundred times,or whatever so youve got your Basics so,you go in you blow up a specific area,you go in you take a base you go in you,Nick a car uh you go in you Nick a,helicopter those types of things theyre,basically side missions forced as main,missions and I dont like that so yeah,the mission design and the the way how,repetitive it is its just not very fun,guys I didnt enjoy it at all thats a,lie I enjoyed it for about two hours,until I realized oh [ __ ] yeah I forgot,this this is it this is the game this is,all were gonna be doing this tactical,Espionage [ __ ] military shooter where,you only do six objectives Is Not Gonna,Keep Me for long and it didnt that,being said there is actually side,content but the side content youll be,doing is the same stuff as the the main,mission stuff except they move around,the world and you have to Nick,ambulances and you know military stuff,and collect skill points and all sorts,of things that are very ubisoft-esque,youll get into the game youll know,exactly what youre playing because its,a Ubisoft game now where the fun does,come from for me was the customization,you have a lot of customization here so,its you and a squad you could play in,Co-op if you like I didnt play in Co-op,I wanted to test this as a single player,experience so its you and three other,Squad members and you can customize your,squad members with skill points to make,them more uh more to make them more,effective in combat and things like that,as well as customizing yourself so you,have uh Stronger drones you have a,easier recoil to control things like,that and thats pretty fun to mess,around with when you can you know mess,around with different combinations of,skills bring it all together so you can,put off a really cool stealth Mission or,something like that every weapon in the,game is customizable you can have,different sides Scopes uh Power changes,Barrel adjustments things of that nature,and its pretty fun for a while its,pretty fun for a while but at the end of,the day youre going to be doing the,same thing over and over again and in my,personal opinion and my own,recommendation to you is to just try and,turn your brain off when you play it,because youre going to quickly realize,how repetitive it is well Im pretty,sure youre already finding this review,repetitive because its going to be,repetitive because Im talking about,repetitive game its the same thing over,and over and over again now where this,this review is difficult for me to make,especially since Im not using a script,right now because I like I said my my,life has gone to hell right now but,basically its gonna be different for,everyone,and it all depends on how how many,Ubisoft games youve played if youre,getting tired of the formula if youre,even interested in tactical Espionage,like games because the whole gimmick I,guess you could say of Ghost Recon right,now unfortunately its a

The Truth About Ghost Recon Wildlands – An Underrated Game Review

warning finally presentation contains,cold hard truths that might change the,way you think your discretion wont do,you any good now did I tell you to stop,keep going my heart thats the point,now clean your plate Jesus Christ this,chick isnt even badass,shes just an ass its been over a year,since the 10th game and the Ghost Recon,franchise was released and it is quite,the far cry from the first Ghost Recon,but this is a series that has always,been centered around politically-charged,action storylines where you play as the,ghosts a four-player us elite Special,Operations tactical unit usually tasked,with taking down ultra-nationalist drug,cartels or renegade rebel forces so,basically its Tom Clancy now when,looking at the history of Ghost Recon,titles released between 2001 and now one,could say that their reception has been,very up and down and Ubisoft took a big,risk on this one because to put it,bluntly it doesnt actually feel that,much like a Ghost Recon game that is,mainly due to the fact that this is the,first title in the series to feature,open-world gameplay mountains forests,salt flats deserts farms you get drones,motorcycles helicopters and trucks,planes and boats and just so many things,to do at all times that all reward you,with useful [ __ ] new weapons skill,points resource points clothing Intel to,reveal more stuff it will take you a,while to do all of this but lets cut,right through the cheese although not,perfect Ghost Recon wildlands is,underrated as [ __ ] not only is it a,great stealth game that often demands,patience and strategy but its also,packed with an insane,mount of ridiculous action although,wildlands went on to win various Game,Informer awards and has received plenty,of acclaim from a handful of critics a,bigger handful of critics just found the,game to be boring and repetitive and a,small handful of critics just plain,hated the game Destructoids Mike cosas,mano called it a bad [ __ ] game,although if you read this guys entire,review its filled with some pretty,questionable statements like the section,where he attempts to throw a jab at the,co-op mode but admits that his mic,wasnt working at the time and that the,coop actually works perfectly on a,technical level then he explains that he,actually hated the coop because he kept,on instantly failing at a stealth,tailing mission it sounds like you and,your friends just really suck at the,game I had absolutely no problem with,those tailing missions and Im really,not that good come to think of it those,are actually some of the easiest,missions in the game Im not even,kidding its curious to see a game,released in 2017 implements an objective,that is irredeemably terrible and not,enjoyed by a single human being on,planet earth man you must really suck at,this game either that or it was a bug,and this guy should have just relaunched,the game wildlands is a bad [ __ ] game,its a bad co-op game its a bad shooter,its a bad open-world game and the,writing is terrible every word of what,you just said now we do have to address,the unfortunate elephant in the room,some people have pointed out that Ghost,Recon wildlands sort of works as pro US,intervention propaganda this game,received some serious flak in general,just for depicting the country of,Bolivia as some rampant narco-state war,zone wild lands is repugnant for the way,it blindly celebrates the many evils,wrought on the innocent in these places,you know I cant really argue with that,statement the US was accused of some,horrible human rights violations in the,Chaparro region during the 1980s and a,study done by the Harvard Review of,Latin America found that the u.s.,eradication of coca and Bolivia had,virtually no effect on drug presence in,the US and what makes this game look,even,more stupid is the fact that Bolivia had,even better luck in counter-narcotics,efforts by having a president who loves,cocaine but not in the evil drug lord,kind of way in more of an indigenous,spiritual way their current President,Evo Morales is a true cocaleros activist,which is a union of coca growers who,resisted the u.s. eradication of coca so,is Ghost Recon wildlands just one giant,propaganda piece against him in his,efforts hey this is a video game its,supposed to be a wacky fantasy world and,come on its not that bad they hurt her,Ill burn this whole [ __ ] country,down to get back into right there with,you man alright I probably wouldnt have,gone with that line doesnt matter what,country were talking about but on the,other hand this is Tom Clancy most of,the stuff this guy wrote was just,dripping with pro-military Republican,nationalism Oh Tom you silly old goat a,surprising amount of people complained,that the game didnt spend enough time,participating in the culture of Bolivia,you know this isnt Anthony Bourdains,parts unknown its a game about shooting,thats it but I will admit I wouldnt,mind a little more traditional bolivian,music thrown into the mix,[Music],now lets be honest,video game critics have absolutely no,right to complain about the violence and,bad moral values that may or may not,exist in this game now you guys decide,to have a moral compass what about when,Grand Theft Auto 5 was released you know,the game that lets you mass murder,citizens hijack airplanes pick up,hookers murder hookers murder strippers,smoke meth how did all the critics feel,about that game oh not a single negative,review not even a single mixed review,nobody even had a mixed feeling about it,I find that interesting I mean I get it,GTA 5 is a masterpiece and were allowed,to make fun of our country just not,other countries thats fair I guess if,anyone asks this is just a nice,patriotic fairy tale about some good old,American soldiers stumping out the drug,lords and liberating the nice foreign,country folk sure the story might feel,like something out of Bush seniors wet,dream diary but that doesnt change the,fact that this is an amazing game that,is so damn fun to play theres also a,disclaimer that says the game has,nothing to do with the actual real-life,Bolivia although this was probably added,in after they got all the complaints and,really when you take in the amount of,[ __ ] the game offers that statement,could not be more true now lets finally,get to the game itself first of all for,the amount of people complaining about,the long load times in this game look,what its loading this gigantic world,that the entire game takes place in,theres just one enormous map that makes,GTA 5 look like the inside of a bathtub,I really got to stop comparing this to,GTA 5 the two games are nothing alike,those are kind of more fun but here we,have gameplay that is essentially the,phantom pain on crack and with co-op,youve roamed the open-world being as,stealth as possible or just guns blazing,as you complete various story missions,and side quests while interrogating and,abusing lots of people to get intel on,the Santa Blanca cartel when you come,upon enemies you do recon on,take them out and loot their entire,outpost you liberate and employ more and,more rebel fighters who help you take,over each outpost and they do help you,upgrade skills upgrade weapons and do,this over and over and over again and so,far after about eight months of playing,it has not gotten old I sure have but it,hasnt although the main focus is to,knock out each head of the cartel you,are given a lot of mission variety you,can hijack bank trucks intimidate,sicarios locate hidden supplies tag,supply trucks destroy factories and,cocaine stocks destroy coca farms steal,Intel kidnap drug lords destroy a casino,rescue rebels that will fight on your,side defend outposts fight predator,steal helicopters steal planes oh my god,oh man and I embarrass myself in front,of these cows too yeah thats right you,didnt see nothing you can steal boats,protect important public figures hack,computers locate hidden underground,tunnels locate dead people and my,personal favorite,the off-road motorcycle mechanics in,this game are pr

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