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Ghostrunner Review

there is no shortage of great ninja,centric video games out there from ninja,gaiden,to metal gear rising to more recent,games like katana zero,but even among those ghost runners,stands out as being,100 committed to delivering that fantasy,of becoming a super fast and deadly,assassin,this is a game where you run fast slide,fast,kill fast and if you cant do those,things fast enough,you die fast it can be very demanding,and requires pinpoint platforming,precision,and split-second decision making but it,is rarely ever frustrating thanks to,instant respawns,mostly generous checkpointing and most,importantly,open-ended combat encounters that offer,multiple methods of approach,make room at the table ryden and genji,theres a new sword-wielding cyber ninja,badass in town,taking place in a cyberpunk themed,post-apocalypse ghost runner tells the,story of a cybernetically enhanced,swordsman,who awakens after getting thrown out of,a tower with little memory of what,happened to him,who he is or why he feels compelled to,immediately plunge a sword into this,poor soul,waiting below him guided by the,disembodied voice of an old man known as,the architect,the ghost runner gets wrapped up in an,ongoing power struggle between the,supposed rulers of this broken world,the efforts of a dying resistance and,the mystery of who he is,its a predictable tale but the story is,nonetheless well told and respectably,voice acted,whats especially great though is how,the storytelling almost,never slows down the fast pace of the 6,to 8 hour campaign,theres a lot of well-acted dialogue in,ghost runner but it all plays out via,conversations that happen,in the head of the main character that,gives you the choice to either stop and,listen intently on whats being said,or to just push through the various,parkour heavy platforming challenges,that typically accompany any long,exposition dumps,i need more answers and you will get,them,for now trust me,of course the action is what youre,really here for and if youve got a,thing for lightning quick,reflex intensive high risk high reward,combat that gets decided with just a,single strike then ghost runner was made,just for you the only main weapon in,ghost runner is a sword though your,speed,and mobility options are weapons unto,themselves,the ghost runner can run along walls,slide down slopes with great speed,and also utilize a quick dash that can,be held down to slow down time,and alter the direction of his momentum,in midair,chaining all these abilities together,created a wonderful flow of movement and,allowed me to nearly effortlessly,close the distance between me and the,more basic enemies before,satisfyingly slicing them in half those,basic enemies arent your only foes for,long though,and one of the best things about gross,runner is how your adversaries always,rise to meet your growing skills and,abilities,just when i got comfortable dodging and,deflecting the bullets of the single,shot,pistol wielding enemies i had to deal,with machine gun wielding soldiers that,forced me to keep moving,if i wanted to survive long enough to be,able to hit them while they were,reloading,after i got used to dealing with those,then i had to learn how to deal with,shielded enemies that can only be hit,from behind,ghost runner does an amazing job of,always keeping its action fresh,and not just by periodically adding in,new enemy types,pretty much every level introduces,something new into the mix,whether its an environmental mechanic,like grind rails that completely change,up how you navigate through a level a,temporary power up such as a slowdown,that allows you to deal with a group of,enemies that would otherwise be nearly,impossible to take down without dying,or a shield battery that must be,destroyed first in order to deal with,the rest of the enemies in an encounter,ghost runner rarely stays on one theme,for too long,and as a result the combat feels,impeccably paced and never feels like,its running out of ideas,best of all is the amount of flexibility,each combat scenario offers,theres often multiple entry points to,any given encounter,that each come with their own challenges,you might take the right side and have,to deal with a machine gun enemy,and a long path before you can get to,him or you can take the left path,take down a ninja guarding a sure you,can power up and then grind on a rail,sniping enemies as you go,i felt like i was always rewarded for,checking out different routes whenever i,hit a wall,while its platforming portions are much,more linear they still benefit from a,ton of variety in their challenges,sometimes youll have to hack something,to freeze it in place while you navigate,through or around it,other times youll have to quickly throw,shurikens at power plates to open a door,and dash through it before it closes,and youll often find yourself having to,use your dash in creative ways,in order to get through tricky obstacles,the deep well of ideas ghost runner uses,to power its short campaign is not quite,titanfall 2 levels,but its extremely deep nonetheless,however sometimes these ideas do,overreach a bit and dont quite fit with,ghost runners controls,one section for example has you,collecting 13 items scattered all around,a constantly rotating object,its an awkward area with physics that,feel off and frustrating mantling issues,that send you flying towards your death,when all you meant to do was pull,yourself up to a ledge,ghost runner also uses an interesting,albeit slightly gimmicky upgrade system,that allows you to alter and enhance,your abilities you earn upgrades,automatically as you progress,which take the form of tetris-like,blocks that can be rotated and placed,onto a grid,space is limited and the better upgrades,take much more of the grid,so youll have to pick and choose which,upgrades you want to have active at any,time,the upgrades themselves are pretty good,and i found myself largely keeping space,reserved for deflection based options,since i love being able to bounce,bullets back at enemies that said,i found myself not really caring about,rearranging puzzle pieces,in order to try and find an optimal,placement especially since,any unused spaces on the grid will speed,up your regeneration of a resource,called focus,focus can be used to power one of your,four special moves,that each sort of function as a limited,and situationally dependent ace in the,hole,blink for example can cut straight,through shielded and otherwise tough to,bring down enemies,with one strike and keep your momentum,going tempest on the other hand can be,used to reflect projectiles that are,otherwise extremely tough to avoid,and surge is an anime style sword energy,slash that can take out multiple enemies,from a distance,the last special move is a bit of a,spoiler but also has its own situational,advantages,its also impressive that ghost runners,sights and sounds are no slouch either,this is a gorgeous looking game with an,equally excellent synth wave inspired,soundtrack,that will keep your head bumping all,throughout,with its breakneck speed and skill-heavy,gameplay ghost runner is a speed,runners dream,but even beyond that demographic this is,a great first-person action game,that feels punishing but fair you may,die hundreds of times but,instantaneous respawns and generous,checkpointing ensure that ghost runners,challenging combat and platforming,never becomes a chore more than all that,though ghost runner is jam-packed with a,great variety of enemies,mechanics and special powers that,constantly changed up how i approached,its many unique encounters,that meant it always felt fresh by the,end of its 6 to 8 hour campaign,i was all too eager to jump back in for,seconds,for more ghost runner check out our,gameplay clips and for everything else,keep it here on ign,[Music],you

Ghostrunner Review -The Final Verdict

[Music],theres a voice in your head,a whisper theyre coming for you the,whisper says,he can help you but only if you free him,from his prison,theyll be waiting for you but youre a,ghost runner the last ghost runner,and there arent enough of them to stop,you,so begins ghost runner a collaboration,between one more level,slip gate ironworks and 3d realms you,are the titular ghost runner a,cybernetic assassin,armed with a katana and a nasty case of,amnesia,it seems you were thrown out of a tower,recently and you dont really know who,you are,or whats going on the whisper in your,head,known only as the architect however,knows exactly who you are,and he has big plans for you your goal,is simple,climb to the top of dharma tower the,last refuge of humanity after the end of,the world,and dispose of mara the tyrant who is,usurped rule of the city,but nothing stays simple and before long,the ghost runner finds himself in the,middle of a much larger conflict,one hell have to navigate while,figuring out who he is,ghost runners story isnt anything new,but it is surprisingly well told and,acted,better still the game doesnt force you,to engage with it if you dont want to,almost everything plays out through,radio communications between the ghost,runner,and the rest of the cast how much,attention you want to pay to whats,going on,is up to you but i found it a pretty,engaging tale to listen to while i,worked my way through ghost runners,levels,the action of course is why youre here,ghost runners gimmick is simple,everything including you,dies in one hit the result is an,absurdly fast-paced game where the,difference between life and death is an,eyelash and youve got to be quick to,stay alive,if you stop moving in ghost runner,youre probably dead,thankfully another try is just a button,press away,a ghost runners only weapon is their,sword but it doesnt matter much when,youre this fast and maneuverable,your ghost runner can do it all run,along walls slide down ramps and under,obstacles deflect bullets with a,well-timed sword swing,and use a quick dash to close distances,or if held in the air,slow time and change direction allowing,you to dodge bullets or avoid,otherwise impassable objects,ghostrunners movement feels,incredible and its easy to chain your,tricks together to close the distance,with an enemy before introducing him,to the business end of your katana,at first those enemies will be basic,with single shot pistols that take a,second to charge before firing,once youve found your feet however,ghost runner doesnt waste time throwing,other enemies at you,some carry machine guns and youll have,to keep moving to stay alive long enough,to slice them,while theyre reloading while others,come with shields that youll have to,get behind if you want to have a shot at,them,still more attack you physically,requiring a timed dodge or parry to open,them up before you slice them in two,completing a combat encounter will,require you to take out every enemy in,the area without dying,its not always easy but it feels,incredible when you do make the perfect,run,your enemies arent the only ones,leveling up the ghost runner also gains,several abilities as you play the first,blink cuts straight through any enemies,in front of you so you can cover ground,quickly while taking care of even the,toughest enemies,tempest reflects projectiles and blows,enemies backwards,while surge is an energy slash that can,take out multiple enemies,at once ghost runner combines its,abilities,with a unique upgrade system,upgrades which are earned automatically,take the form of tetris blocks that are,based on a grid,the better the upgrade the bigger and,more awkward the piece that represents,it is getting the most out of,ghostrunners upgrades requires both,prioritization,and experimentation but theyre more,than worth it,one gave me an extra dash while another,gave me two blinks as opposed to one,and yet another helped me find,collectibles the system makes optimizing,your upgrades,fun but dont worry if you dont fill,every slot,unused spaces increased your focus,regeneration,the resource used for abilities like,blink and tempest,which also recharge with every kill,youll spend your time between combat,encounters navigating the environments,which generally involves a lot of,platforming,ghost runners platforming sections are,fairly linear but they make up for it by,forcing you to master your characters,abilities,while running sliding dodging etc and,keeping things fresh with power-ups and,unique challenges,some for instance require you to hack,objects freezing them in place so you,can get around them or climb them,while others nailing targets from a,distance with a shuriken to open a door,and then running through it before it,closes,at its best the game combines its combat,platforming and variety to,make unique encounters that ask you to,do everything,blow up a shield generator protecting,multiple enemies before riding a rail,high enough,to jump on a flying robot and crashing,it into a group of baddies before,chopping up a couple more,with blink when ghost runner is firing,on all cylinders,and youre playing well you feel,unstoppable,each encounter is just as much a puzzle,as it is a battle,requiring you to prioritize targets make,quick decisions,and scan for new threats as you keep,moving there are several different ways,to approach just about every encounter,and the game rewards you for trying new,things,death may be frequent but it is largely,forgiving,especially when you get back into the,action so quickly,its ironic then that the game is often,at its worst when it actually tries to,do puzzles,these happen in cyber void ghost,runners equivalent of an interactive,computer matrix,some require you to rotate blocks while,other tasks you with collecting 13 items,while traversing a rotating object,these parts remove what makes,ghostrunner so engaging,its movement and combat and replace them,with stuff that just isnt interesting,or doesnt feel good,there are plenty of good moments in,cyber void but when i was faced with,sections like these,i often wished that the game would play,to its strengths,as good as ghost runner is its design,can be a weakness,this is especially true during the,games boss fights which require you to,execute at a high level throughout the,encounter,the game does give you checkpoints,between phases but you have to complete,the entire thing in one go,if you decide to take a break youll,lose all of your progress,this is especially annoying if youre,stuck on a particular part,youll have to do the segment between,the tricky bit and the checkpoint over,and over again if you die,and its a bit irritating performing the,same rote actions over and over,to get to the part you want to attempt,only to immediately die,and do it all over again ghostrunner is,pretty generous with its checkpoints in,most levels,but having something you have to play,through in a single sitting if you dont,want to start all over can be,infuriating,especially if youre a ways in and just,want to stop,and that happened to me knowing from,experience that quitting that level and,taking a break would erase my progress,i kept going i played until my hands,hurt and then i played some more,when i finally won it felt incredible,but i was irritated that the game,wouldnt treat my progress the same way,it would any other level,especially since the games boss fights,are so clearly divided into multiple,segments,ghostrunner is an unforgiving game that,requires nothing less than sustained,periods of perfection to succeed,youll have to have quick reflexes and,be able to adapt on the fly to progress,and a single error means youll be doing,whatever you just did,over again its not the hardest game,ive ever played but it can be,exceptionally frustrating,especially if you get stuck which will,turn off a lot of players,and that said theres still a whole lot,to like here,this is a game that plays very very well,and its always introducing some new,wrinkles

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Ghostrunner Review – The Lost Art of Trial & Error

[Music],ghost runner describes itself as a,unique,single player experience with fast-paced,violent combat and an original setting,yeah okay that blends science fiction,with post-apocalyptic themes,because yet weve never had any other,video game that dipped its toes into,science fiction or post-apocalyptic,themes and i cant think of any other,cyberpunk themed video games that are,violent,highly stylized and feature characters,with katanas,and this isnt even the best vision of,the future anyway where swear words and,violence are outlawed,more importantly anyway ignoring that,kind of ludicrously basic synopsis of,the game,how i describe ghost runner is simple,its a game with a focus on melee combat,parkour movement controls and a,punishing difficulty,yeah youre gonna die a lot in this for,every area of,every level for the entirety of the game,and if the premise of replaying short,segments over and over,add nauseam shaving a second or two off,your runtime does not sound like your,cup of tea well then just stop watching,right now,as a result id say that ghost runner is,not a game for everyone,theres actually some pretty toxic,gatekeeping going on around this thing,already,and people are losing their minds at the,mere suggestion of the addition of,difficulty modes,thats not to say its a bad game in,fact the whole thing is actually pretty,awesome,and satisfying as hell once you get the,hang of it just depends on whether or,not youve got the patience personally,to get to that point,if youre hoping for a game like miras,edge with the katana well,im sorry to tell you but youre not,gonna get that youll get the mirrors,edge side of things i guess,in terms of the parkour and the movement,controls but i think thats about where,the similarities end,what i got out of this experience felt,more like a combination of super meat,boy and hotline,miami where i replayed each section of a,level a couple of dozen times until i,finally hit that ideal pathway,and then made it through to the next,section oh back to my question,ghost runner seems to really want to,cash in on the popularity of that whole,trial and error genre of gaming,and thats fine i mean look theres a,market for that and theres a lot of,people out there who like,replaying something over and over until,they really master it,and yeah off the back of that it is so,satisfying when you finally manage to,get past a tough encounter,so yeah look you will have fun with this,thing but its really going to make you,work for it,what else is it that makes ghost runner,so hardcore though well im so glad you,asked,now lets take a look inside,i mean for starters its kind of simple,in the fact that you just die,in a single hit it doesnt matter if you,land on rotating blades fall to your,depth or take a laser blast to the face,you go down faster here than leftover,pizza,however enemies also die in a single hit,too,now this might sound easy enough but,they always find ways to change the,enemies up giving them different attack,patterns and behaviors,even though really its kind of just for,show i mean the ai in this thing is,pretty,damn stupid about the best most of them,can do is just move back and forth or,rotate to take shots at you,theres an upgrade system in the form of,a tetris game where you kind of rotate,blocks and place them on a grid to,improve some of your skills,along with unlocking further abilities,the more you play the game,good but the upgrade system is pretty,limited in what you can utilize and the,benefits are minor at best,about all i used it for was just giving,myself another dash charge,yeah and speaking of which what youll,be doing the most here is running,jumping grappling and dashing often a,combination of all four at the same time,the platforming controls i think are,easily the best part of the entire game,you can wall run you can grapple up,ledges pack into structures which,somehow makes the move slower and slide,across the ground to maintain momentum,its smooth responsive and generally it,works pretty damn well,yes theres odd instances though when a,jump doesnt reach max height for,no apparent reason and the difficulty,spike for the platforming in the final,level,is the video game equivalent of being,sucker punched in the throat but other,than that i think the parkour and the,platforming is a definite highlight i,mean its not perfect but,its pretty much up there i just wish,the default run speed was a little bit,faster rely on myself,combat fills up the other 50 or so,percent of the whole game and thats,where it starts to get a bit intense,you can run around as much as you want,to during these levels but at some,points youre gonna have to get in there,and introduce these guys to your little,friend the katana,and yeah just like a cyber ninja to,bring a katana to a gunfight,this is where the dash move really comes,in handy now dashing,also has the benefit of slowing down,time and allowing you to strafe left or,right in,mid air mind you to avoid incoming,projectiles,its a simple and commonly used mechanic,thats going to be put to work more than,a,middle-aged single moms going to be on a,stripper pole at the local titty bar,so in other words a lot apart from that,you can also deflect,certain attacks back at enemies but the,timing for this is really precise,annoyingly too if an enemy is moving the,deflected projectile isnt even going to,hit them but again when you get the hang,of this,it does feel pretty badass,its a high risk to high reward mechanic,because like i said you die,in a single hit in this thing,onto the enemies youve got basic guys,that just kind of shoot at you theres,guys with automatic weapons,theres a melee enemy who leaps at you,and slams into the ground theres ninja,enemies who have to be parried,beforehand,then another one with an energy shield,that protects them from the front,so you gotta try to get behind them,where theyre vulnerable yeah its a bit,of a design oversight on whoever came up,with that shield huh,then lets not forget everyones,favorite the emaciated kamikaze type,enemies that run right up to you and,[ __ ] explode because yeah everyone,loves those things dont they,and look whoever at the dev team came up,with these things should just,really take a good hard look at,themselves in the mirror,and probably most annoyingly of all,these metal gear rex looking things that,fire out this,white ass energy beam thankfully youve,got a bit more than just your trusty,katana youve got a bunch of other,abilities and powers to give you a bit,of a robotic leg up,the first one is blink now this is where,you teleport forward in a straight line,killing everything in your path,the idea being that youre supposed to,like line multiple enemies up for,chained kills but the only problem is,that enemies seldom seem to stand in a,straight,line second is tempest which is,basically a one-handed hadouken,and you can upgrade this thing so each,time you kill two or more enemies with a,single blast it instantly recharges,which i think is downright essential for,taking on those little,exploding bastards,thirdly youve got surge letting you,send out this large blade of energy that,can again,target multiple enemies but again like,blink its seldom useful because enemies,arent exactly,lining up to let you kill them,then finally youve got overlord where,you can turn an enemy friendly for a,short period of time and i think i hands,down used this,maybe twice in the entire campaign,annoyingly too these are all bound to,the same button on the keyboard you,cant bind them to individual keys which,you know would have made using them a,lot easier plus they are all linked to,the same meter your focus meter so you,dont even really get to use them that,much,just kind of seems like theyre in there,as more of a last resort rather than,being a frequently used extension to,your basic skills,lets just say youre not going to be,spamming them over and over like the,frost grenade or the flame belch in,something like doom eternal on

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Moist Meter | Ghostrunner

this episode is brought to you by raycon,initiating,moisture,welcome to the moist meter today were,taking a look at ghost runner,this game is great im just gonna,immediately start with that this game is,absolutely outstanding,at no point over the six or eight hours,youll spend just beating through the,game,does it ever get stale it is always,at every single moment just a [ __ ],pedal to the metal experience thatll,make you want to slap your mother,its a game right out of a wet dream i,would have had as a 14 year old boy who,watched raroni kinshin for the first,time,you play as a sword-wielding cyber ninja,in the future landscape,post-apocalyptic cyberpunk universes you,have all of these abilities and tools at,your disposal,to slice [ __ ] in half and just be a,god damn,super ninja hero and that is absolutely,fantastic even just traversing the world,is a joy it reminds me of like titanfall,2s movement to a certain degree,it is so fluid it is so crisp and its,so enjoyable,even when youre not just running around,circumcising the bad guys with your,sword,just getting from area to area is,enjoyable in and of itself,it is just fun while running off a ton,of [ __ ],dashing into a slide to build up extra,momentum and it just,feels [ __ ] fast like it feels like my,hair was blowing back just,moving in this game so even when youre,not engaged in combat,you are still having a good time just,getting around the area,and it does have a pretty strong,narrative i wouldnt say that its,great or bulletproof or anything like,super special,but its its an effective narrative it,makes you interested makes you care,and i think it delivers the narrative in,a fun way where when youre getting a,lot of exposition youre also doing,things at the same time like jumping,around in the cyberspace doing a little,platforming and puzzle solving,occasionally like its its its still,fun even just getting fed exposition,in this game yeah its certainly,predictable at points but it is a good,narrative,and it gets the job done and the,absolute bread and butter of this game,is its combat my [ __ ] god the combat,is glorious its not easy this is not an,easy game by any means youre gonna be,fighting a lot of enemies in a lot of,locations and going up against a lot of,different things with,unlimited ways of getting through them i,can only imagine how [ __ ] great the,speed runs for this game are going to be,there are so many tools at your disposal,and so many options for approaching a,fight,its going to get absolutely wild i,imagine when it comes to speed running,this game,you can jump around on walls you can,freeze time and dodge a bullet you can,deflect the bullet,theres just so much to do when,approaching a fight and it is always so,satisfying,after getting your cheeks clapped your,[ __ ] spread open,20 30 times in a single section against,the enemies to just get that one,beautiful perfect run where you go,through six different enemies with all,kinds of different approaches to it,where youre not just gonna like bee,line and just start hammering left click,you have to really think things through,like youre gonna jump in the air youre,gonna,freeze time dodge a bullet then slide,slice their legs off go to the next guy,theres just its so good its so good,imagine,do maternal made a wish upon the seven,dragon balls,to be genji from overwatch you you have,this incredible blend of do maternal,and this cyber ninja fantasy it is,oh so good its just so fun,i really cant suck this games cyber,[ __ ] enough about its gameplay they,absolutely crushed it at no,point was i ever you know mad about a,death or anything sometimes you know you,get that brief burst of [ __ ],but then you realize yeah thats my,fault the game is extremely fair,its its always your fault when youre,getting slapped around,and then you get to overcome that,challenge and pull through with,something beautiful and it is always so,rewarding and the game visually i think,is great i love the visuals in this game,im a huge fan as the,of the aesthetic and now on to just a,couple minor complaints like theres,nothing huge,since the game is so fast i felt,sometimes,some movements and some inputs didnt,fully register for example id,accidentally cancel something and get,[ __ ] for it,and also when it came to platforming id,feel like sometimes i wasnt wall,running when i thought i should be,like i have this incredible plan in my,head and the second i go to execute it i,for some reason dont get a wall run off,and then i just,plummet and die or maybe i made a big,jump and,for some reason i didnt grab up onto,the ledge even though,i landed like right on the ledge he,didnt pull himself up for some reason,he just dropped like a [ __ ] rock on,the ledge,and id be like well why the [ __ ] didnt,he pull himself up ive done this a,million times and i pulled myself up,every other time,why is this one different and i think,its just occasionally,some of those things would happen which,is a little frustrating but its not,the biggest deal in the world because,youre going to die a million times,anyway,and respawning is instant you just press,r and its immediately right back in the,action,if theres loading screens some things,like that would be a lot more,frustrating but since its so quick its,not that big of a deal,and it didnt happen super often anyway,and that was also the case when i was,going to like right click to like lasso,myself up to something,it would be blue and id right click and,it just wouldnt go off sometimes so,just occasionally things like that would,happen but anyway plugging ghost runner,into the moist meter i think this is an,easy 90 game,i think this game is absolutely,wonderful everything about it i think is,great,i think all of the elements it blended,together in here work very well together,and yeah i definitely think this is a,game that anyone who likes like,fast-paced action games would really,appreciate,its just a lot of fun top to bottom for,sure thats it,take a little seat down by the fireplace,and let me tell you about raycon,wireless earbuds ive talked numerous,times about the importance of having a,quality pair of earbuds that are,wireless when it comes to being,physically active in the world,because you dont want that wire getting,in the way of things for example,i have been able to get my bench up,pretty pretty substantially over the,last few months,im up to repping out 30 reps of 155,pretty easily and i attribute that,entirely,to switching to raycon wireless earbuds,for my pump sessions because i dont,have to worry about,getting the wire in the way and holding,me back from the gains that i was meant,to achieve,raycon earbuds sound just as amazing as,the other premium audio brands but come,in at half the price the everyday e25,is their best model six hours of play,time seamless bluetooth pairing,compact design comfortable it just has,all the belts and whistles you want,so if youre interested in trying raycon,earbuds for yourself you can click the,link in the description below for 15,off your order and if you just want to,type it in its by raycon dot com slash,moist for 15,off your order thats it see ya

Ghostrunner – Easy Allies Review

Coming at you from developer One More Level, Ghostrunner is a first-person platformer,thats all about cutting down your foes with efficiency.,Its a challenging title, filled with fast-paced combat and platforming sections,that demand your full attention.,It may require a lot of focus, but each encounter you overcome,feels incredibly satisfying.,Set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world,,you play as a katana-wielding robot known as a Ghostrunner.,The game opens with you coming back online after a massive fall.,With no memory of who you are or what happened to you,,youre guided by a mysterious voice known as Architect,,directing you to take down the ruler of the city and bring an end to her tyranny.,The story itself is fairly predictable and not that exciting.,It attempts to get you invested, but most of it is explained through codex calls,while youre on the move.,This isnt necessarily a bad idea, but its easy to miss what a character is saying,when youre concentrating on getting through a section.,So if you really want to hear everything, you may want to stop and listen.,Ghostrunner is a fast and focused game about traversing environments and slicing through foes.,Combat is similar to games like Hotline Miami where death is dealt in a single hit,,and if you die, you need to restart the encounter.,Death is a common occurrence, so be ready to repeat some sections over and over.,Thankfully, near-instant respawns get you right back to the action.,As a Ghostrunner, your design makes you an excellent candidate for dealing death.,Youre incredibly nimble and can easily traverse the environments,with abilities like a wall run, a dash, a slide,,and a grappling hook that lets you zip to specific points.,You can also slow time for a short duration by dashing in mid-air,,making it easier to dodge some attacks.,On the offensive front, your katana is your main tool.,Its an extremely deadly weapon capable of cutting down targets with a single swing,and it can also be used defensively to destroy enemy projectiles,or reflect them with the right enhancements.,There are a few additional abilities you unlock throughout the story,like Blink, which acts as a dash attack,,and Tempest, which is like a force push.,These abilities are powerful and can get you out of a pinch.,Since theyre on a cooldown, you cant simply spam them whenever you want.,However, this cooldown can be reduced by killing enemies,,creating a nice back and forth between maneuvers.,The levels themselves offer a variety of challenging platforming and combat sections,to keep you on your toes.,Things start small with simple obstacles,,but scenarios gradually get more complex as you go on.,Theres an impressive number of ideas here, and the game mixes them together well.,At one point you have to wall run while hacking signs to make a path,,and another section has you throwing shurikens at power points to open a door,and get through before it closes.,There are also a few puzzle sections that help mix up the gameplay,,but while these interactions are decent, they dont really stand out.,One aspect that keeps Ghostrunner feeling fresh is its enemy variety.,Theres a healthy number of enemy types to take on,,from standard thugs with guns and shields,to more complex ninjas that require you to block attacks,before they become vulnerable.,Theyre all fun to fight, and each type changes how you approach an encounter.,While things can be tough at times, rarely does it feel like youre thrown into a situation,without the knowledge or experience to overcome it.,Gracefully flowing through an area and cutting down your victims feels great,,and the sense of accomplishment you get after a desperate struggle is immensely satisfying.,Character progression is fairly linear,as you acquire most of your abilities at scripted moments.,However, there are Tetris-esque upgrade chips you can install,for passive abilities like being able to reflect bullets,or a tactical overlay that outlines your enemies for better visibility.,However, you can only equip so many at a time,and need to properly slot them into available spaces.,Theyre decent upgrades, but it’s easy to find yourself settling for a few that you’re comfortable with,,rather than spending the time to experiment and get more mileage out of them.,Additionally, there are some collectibles to look out for,like new sword skins and codex items.,They’re nothing really special, but,they give some incentive to replay older levels,,which is appreciated since Ghostrunner is a fairly short game,with a first playthrough that clocks in around 6 hours.,The shorter length isnt a negative though, and feels appropriate for the game’s structure.,In terms of presentation, Dharma Tower is a beautiful yet depressing dystopia,with all the signs of life youd want from a cyberpunk setting,like bright neon lights and dark rainy skies.,Meanwhile, the games entrancing soundtrack by Daniel Deluxe,does an excellent job of keeping the energy up,and capturing the worlds dark and futuristic atmosphere.,Ghostrunner is a challenging, yet fair adrenaline-fueled escapade of violence and speed.,Running through the streets, jumping off walls, and cutting through enemies is a lot of fun,,and there’s a rush of satisfaction when you finally overcome a challenge.,Some parts like its story could be better,,but what it offers in terms of gameplay is nothing short of greatness.,It may take a bit to settle in, but when everything clicks,,youll feel like a badass in no time.,Easy Allies Reviews are made possible by generous viewers just like you.,If you like what you see, check out patreon.com/easyallies to see our other videos,and consider becoming a patron to help us make more.

Ghostrunner – 15 Things You NEED To Know Before You Purchase

[Music],with a barrage of major upcoming games,and,three new consoles the final quarter of,2020,is looking absolutely packed but even,outside of that,aaa bubble theres plenty else to look,forward to one game that weve been,quite curious about for a while,is ghost runner a first person cyberpunk,action title,and with its launch less than a month,away in this feature were going to go,over the key pieces of information,that you should know about it,setting cyberpunk settings are often,some of the richest across,all entertainment media and ghost runner,is looking promising as well,the game is set in the distant future,where a cataclysmic event wiped out,earth,and much of its population the remnants,of humanity now live in dharma tower,a sprawling city built into a large,structure that serves as the last,bastion of the human race,things however are dire in the city as,well,premise dharma tower is ruled by mara,the key master,a tyrannical ruler who rules over the,city with an iron grip,as is often the case in cyberpunk,settings the people of the city are,divided and in the midst of a rebellion,you play as a hero who can fight not,only in the real world,but also in cyber space and it falls to,you to ascend the tower and kill the key,master to restore order,in dharma tower inspirations the,developers of ghost runner have drawn,inspiration from plenty of stories from,across media,one look at ghost runners fast and,kinetic action makes it clear that its,taking cues from mirrors edge,outside of video games theyve also,cited classic cyberpunk stories,such as blade runner as stories that,have influenced them,targeting hardcore players ghost runner,developers one more level have a pretty,solid idea of what sort of an audience,theyre targeting with their upcoming,game,pleasing to the masses isnt something,theyre concerned about,ghost runner is very much targeted at,the hardcore crowd,for instance they dont see fellow,upcoming cyberpunk title cyberpunk 2077,as competition speaking in an interview,with games,lead designer and producer radoslaw,ratuznik said,were players ourselves and we cant,wait to get our hands on the game,we dont really perceive cyberpunk 2077,as competition,its a gigantic aaa production while,were targeting hardcore players,melee focused combat combat and ghost,runner is going to be almost entirely,focused on melee attacks,you play as a cyber ninja armed with a,katana and your goal as you might,imagine,is to cut through all the enemies that,fall in your path your enemies will not,be restricted to melee attacks though,which should provide a nice,layer of challenge to the combat,one hit kills the most fundamental,mechanic that ghost runner is built on,and the one that seems the most,interesting is the fact that every,single attack in the game is,essentially a killing blow if it finds,its target,all enemies will die with one slash of,your katana by that same token,you too will die as soon as you take,even a single hit,mobility then is going to be crucial and,dodging incoming attacks and moving,around while slashing at the enemy,will be the key to surviving combat,encounters,cyberspace the bulk of ghost runner will,be spent ascending dharma tower as weve,discussed earlier,and while youll be spending a lot of,time in the towers dilapidated,cyberpunk environments,a lot of your time will also be spent in,the digital world of cyberspace,these environments will provide some,welcome changes of scenery,and bring out more outlandish designs,and sights to the table,complete with their own combat and,platforming challenges,parkour ghost runners gameplay is built,on two pillars,the first is the one-hit kill melee,combat that weve spoken about,the second is platforming ghost runner,will be putting a lot of emphasis on the,kinetic first-person platforming that,games such as mirrors edge have,popularized in recent years,you can look forward to plenty of wall,running grappling jumping across chasms,and more,abilities your traversal abilities and,melee attacks will serve as the,foundation of the core gameplay in ghost,runner,but there will be plenty more abilities,in both platforming and combat to make,use of as well,several of which will be unlocked as you,play more were going to have to play,the game to discover the extent of the,progression of course,but already weve seen abilities such as,a force push style attack,and a shield shattering blink ability,difficulty given its one hit kill,mechanic its no surprise that ghost,runner isnt going to be an easy game,one more level have said that theyre,targeting the hardcore crowd with their,game,and that will apply to difficulty as,well the core loop seems to be centered,around a trial and error approach,so expect to die a lot learning the,movement and attack patterns of enemies,and using that knowledge to your,advantage,will be a crucial part of the experience,checkpoints dont be too daunted by the,prospect of repeated deaths and grueling,difficulty though,ghost runner is still going to,accommodate players with some important,accessibility features,for instance the developers have said,that there are going to be plenty of,checkpoints in the game,which means you wont be punished too,badly every time you die,and jumping back into the action will be,quick and seamless,enemy variety youll be coming across,various different kinds of enemies in,ghost runner,all of whom will challenge you and,demand skills in unique ways,some enemies will be equipped with,shields bipedal robots will shoot energy,beams at you from a distance,drones will remain aerial as they look,to take you down,and so on learning the weaknesses and,patterns of different enemy types,will be crucial as you attempt to climb,to the top of dharma tower,bosses there will of course be boss,encounters as well,given ghost runners central one hit,kill mechanic it goes without saying,that these wont be,traditional boss fights but you can,expect set piece fights against tougher,enemies,speaking about boss fights in an,interview with respawn first,the games writer jan gasior said yes,there are bosses in ghost runner theyre,not your usual bullet sponges though,these encounters put some caveats on the,core mechanics,but they dont change the rules of the,game on you i cant go into much detail,at this point,but i think players craving for,memorable fights will not be,disappointed,length most developers in the industry,tend to make their games as long as,possible which is great of course,its more bang for our buck but shorter,games with tight pacing,and a concise run time have their own,undeniable appeal,thats what ghost runner seems to be,going for its developers have said that,the game is going to be between 5 to 10,hours long which seems like a good,length for a 30,game especially if it has good replay,value,ray tracing and pc requirements,ghostrunners developers have confirmed,that the game will launch with rtx,support,and from what weve seen of the game,with rtx enabled its slick environments,are looking even slicker,what exactly will your pc need to run,the game though well,so far only its minimum requirements,have been officially unveiled,and theyre rather modest at minimum you,will need 8 gigabytes ram,with either a gtx 630 or a radeon hd,6570 alongside either an intel,i3 2100 or an amd a8,5600k and that about does it for this,video,if you enjoyed what you watched and want,to see more from gamingbolt you can,always hit that subscribe button and,turn on the bell icon next to it,that way you will never miss any of our,videos

Ghostrunner Review (No Spoilers) | Is it Worth Your Money?

welkom bij fox mijn naam is les normal,and today were going to review ghost,rider een nieuwe single player first,person from space title,met spoed show you to the absolutely,nuts wanneer comes to reaction time in,flicking zullen stal gebaren,nou denk in het zelf is developed by one,more level 3 duels en sleep great island,or small de publishing is dan bij phi,phi james en de al in games,al zorginstellingen studie dance for,providing geven wielkie but i can keep,in mind iphone hebt u suggeren kodis,review this will be my vol anne stad,gebouwd,de game zelf is set in the de stoep in,pewter mekka building cold arm het zou,er nou die om rol power is insane wieg,you can provide shelter voor de people,after the world and the gap te klussen,now you take a role of ego stranden,cybernetic wie in hen soldier hoe is een,charger protecting dit zou er wel knows,you but all op de goal strangers,dat er mee voor de spot something,happened and while you had to find out,worden dit zal een historie van de game,is oké ja nee hij was een expert team,kan niet in crazy de characters arm,oké het beste my opinion nothing to a,memorable put some die overal story bos,van predictable bad van nou wat ze,bouwden gameplay gameplay is de,strongest aspect of this came back as a,whole point of view is to become the old,met queen afwikkeling machine,meaning you have to find the best way to,kill enemies in front of you bikkels,one hit from them and you ardent en de,game only has won the faculty,koos troon een dikke en doen be,bothered by title of de game hen zijn,eyes free span system designed for you,teveel multiple times zodat front it is,not frustrating de vld game boy take you,far away from where you live stine zo,ontbijt en is challenging but she,doesnt come and possible,wanneer pleegde beetje hij we zullen je,vrede ophaalt niks levels op de schermen,look like bikkels,wie god is te wit before but seizoen is,de labos from de beter en dit en de,game big and properly,dit open dat zo many possibilities to,take down enemies and ons ami variety,grace like i wish you people met machine,gun soort normaal mars which are,protected by de barrier you hebt deze,story which you so before the nieuwe,netwerk en to all of that you hem,enemies shooting get you botvorming is,also viewed,important part of the game generally the,sides fighting enemies de game will give,you labels after navigate through by,avoiding,obstacles and get a woont show your game,play and from en de levels week al zei,de montespan dat experience for you but,most of all levels usa art from the,beginning but i s de difficulty gets,gradually je no big bigger and bigger,and stronger and stronger zo lang die m,level platforming kempi extreme the,challenging and asset doos en mens kan,die van wat onze frustrating week als,wangen steek voor user jullie zal op in,that but it was rewarding you felt good,afternoon or de roos en winstgroei fast,also this game is perfect voor,speedrunner speak als techniek wie het,was design tiglia dat aspect of koning,faster and faster tussen de highscores,bij doing that you will learn to become,much more efficient,since you dont want this pendelde times,jumping around pickles animation cq down,there be right the overall level design,op de game which it simply amazing they,manage to capture the cyberpunk mybrand,hoewel de lights ruilde mijn part an,amazing,zo van die barmecide de geen discreet,van de levels tempo in de game zal zo,wel vooral picos in games die wind of,room and the number of links de us de,take down en emmys,some times and felt like the level can,be je bidt paulus ik kan wel liegen you,know where to go but those moments apen,voor secans en denk ik hem piti machine,learning sexy barry heftig als er was,een feeling was en julian is er is een,ai variety tiki de game in rustiek en,chill die hen doe het je ze bouwen een,time our zesde wel op recept dame met,een shirt in eight hours but still life,with kan de going slowly het rode label,sinds hij had de technologie en design,combat levels het centrum sorrys combat,van jou,de specials in china leave your enemies,heft het team fast and heavily de game,als een games you enough to play,wedgelike grapple daar s liter andere,bilitis voor dherblay wat overal in om,feeling to heaven of ssd blewett against,your enemy zon dat front its also did,not a bad thing which i notice me nou,spleetje also other people reported,adsense wel was moment some time wanneer,jumping 5 glitching kanaal en tryin to,navigate your way to all styles,things can get out of hand en wat haar,noticed is that mijn karakter sometimes,i just too high or death on beer het,menu weer which makes milos controle op,de karakter ja das een heb een oude time,but it happens and sometimes it be calm,frustrating je nou je jumps om weer in,de kerk sterren lapjes not going te,registerren wat uw preston then i wont,you something different and mean its,not to the point worden jones de game,but i know it can help en de from time,to time which can be al het moeras,treaty wat wordt er in nood is is dat,doel strings can be dealt quiete ziel,playbook os after voor 5 hours uw pretty,much de henk op de karakter en de,morfologie de moren find your monument,become so there is a slight learning,curve dan onemorething de game has some,books that can occur in obese iced is t,is aan,in alle sometimes de gids registration,is nog de beste tamelijk hijsen de bal,sometimes character death anti made so,it can be a bit body but not to the,point where it becomes an het label en,iets om 10 het cambio just eet of,patched en die tinka so much this,morning zoo emmi-dent sar working hard,to fix en reesink aan dit samen is nood,fix get in de game but overall rosings,arno popping up like crazy day a very,small next up de soundtrack true de game,in the background i hebben meezing,soundtrack bij danny op de lat het,absoluut linnaeus de waaier de story en,in hersens de kwam buiten experience him,or tambo through the hp we dit zo,congrats on 1 juli coating,de guarding optimization and polishing,oud was running this kemon andere,setting sun rise 777 zero zero en ten,zevende frame en video met 16 griekse,from intentie resolution and you play on,one for the four,arts monitor en de frame rates en god,was in af en item experience and easy,camp for general drops in zon level,yogis om levels wil spike arm en the,right to many objects for ashes,arie den hebben hier een iets imported,because of a fast-paced nature of the,game die gelden voor de game te,stotteren,wanneer tryin to check out enemies in,this case although im not using cartier,exploiteert hier sam reports that archie,ex is not op de maïs de beste speur,spierwit sam the lessons to,zo ziet duitse mind aanbevolen you by,if you were playing an art jessamines,antine het can be passed wat olie aan de,framerate manier using artie ex wasnt,optima is best en in de publieke people,the best results,de size of the overall game is about,wind kicks en julian is dit is better,than expected verstaan playdoh beslag,yeah koel bad zij was een wrede het leed,er levels,wilde ik gaan boring horen passes heeft,wat je dit zijn ik heb mijn my chair,duits import en gardingen replayability,dat subtiel,arjo speedrunner or not the one to go,through the game ons of the winter,perfector skills and stay come back this,kid n joy finish it because you can,select a label in al heb symfonie net,en dat is de mooiste poorten tegen,doesnt get boring en loopt de game is,dan voor om de hard you can say its en,and most importantly ghost runner het,nodig wordt het is dead and try to make,this can be something which doesnt know,i duizend zon soul and they really neo,die esthetiek en ons cameras knieval,boss fights amina kennel jointed mw dat,spoeling but youre a boss fights,aan wanneer van gimme that you many bos,is wat de onesie plugins can be,extremely extreme the challenging,agent we dat spoilers wind theorie die,zero 7 free en but that will push you to,the absoluut breaking point wat is van,lok emily heb je dus gee

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