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The Gilded Age review: HBO series doesnt quite rival Downton Abbey

know newport well miss russell the,mistress is not a player in the great,game that woman is unsuitable as an,acquaintance,[Music],well look at this,little sneak peek at the new hbo series,the gilded age,the play between the upper and lower,classes think downton abbey,but set,in new york city,oh and eli has seen it already and hes,here with us for a friday morning to,tell us more great to see you today eli,hello heather hello hello a lot of,corsets the corsets are back,dresses,sumptuous as,well what about the setting tell us all,about it,i mean its its its quite uh,surprising we start in central park,theres sheep you know theres sheep,theres a field theres trees theyre,still constructing the fountains i mean,this is new york city,1882 so the city is kind of freshly,scrubbed still being constructed before,your eyes this world of possibilities,there are electric lights but as you can,see there are horses and carriages so,theres a whiff of change in the air but,it hasnt quite coalesced now fellows,julian fellows the creator of downton,abbey in his career has been preoccupied,with dramatizing various last struggles,the fortunes of butlers and barons but,the gilded age it translates mostly to a,war between the new and old money now,the old are represented by ants ada and,agnes played respectably by cynthia,nixon and christine baranski here she is,as agnes as her niece marion arrives,lets take a closer look,im new ive only just arrived you are,my niece and you belong to old new york,george russell is a power in the land,before long youll put money into his,pocket with every train ticket you buy i,think we should know the russell family,we do not move in the same circles mama,you are encourageable i take that as the,highest praise,yep theres baranski a little bit of,that uh withering writ from agnes there,now although their fortunes may have,taken a knock or two they very much,represent essentially what is american,royalty the white ruling class that have,been enjoying their power and privilege,since practically the mayflower landed,but,now there are these new families the,company men the titans of industry,families such as such as a george and,bertha russell who have just happened to,have built a brand new to call it a,house doesnt really do it justice this,edifice this mansion this miniature,castle right across the street from the,van rind and the railway tycoon and his,wife well you know youd be tempted to,say theyre going to struggle to fit in,but theyre going to fit in one way or,another lets take a closer look,mrs van rein and her sad sister were,spying on me today i dont know why you,bother with them,i dont bother with them im afraid new,york can be quite challenging at first,we havent found it so have we joined,there is no challenge you are not equal,to my dear,there you go they got the confidence,they got the money now what were,missing are just like the regular people,that we can actually glom on to this has,marion an orphaned woman who arrives at,her aunts house penniless but with a,plucky attitude but this is new york,city and even at the turn of the century,it was of course a melting pot for new,cultures and immigrants so if you like i,was are wondering just where the,diversity is much of it rests on the,shoulders of peggy a black aspiring,writer who lands a job as agnes,secretary heres her mother asking about,her new vocation,i dont understand why they have taken,me in i have a job in the fresh start,that i need,i want to do something with my life for,a new yorker anything is possible,there you go weve got louisa jacobson,as the undaunted marion and denis benton,as peggy,you use the word sumptuous eli and,theres no doubt for fans of downton,abbey or fans to come of this series i,mean people love to luxuriate in the,lifestyle so,does it deliver on that the gilded age,it does heather and then some if,anything for the first three hours i,watched of the series we are firmly,ensconced in the bubble of privilege,every house a mansion every dinner five,courses the biggest crisis is whether to,move the charity auction from the hall,to the hotel or when to plan the coming,out party for lady berthas daughter,will there be enough guests to eat the,lobster salad spoiler alert no there,isnt so if its before or escapism that,youre after the guilded age will drown,you in fines blocked an amazing decor as,with downton abbey julian bellas,previous series each house has its own,downstairs staff french hook butlers,maids and whatnot they have their own,schemes and lives but frankly seem,secondary for this series i do think,that fellows has picked a fascinating,time period look were just years away,from the introduction of motion pictures,vaudeville is raging theres telephones,and telegraphs new york city was this,bustling messy place to be what ive,seen of the lifestyles of the rich and,richer so far doesnt quite capture,so i was watching the other day an,interview with christine baranski and,how much she was loving playing the part,of agnes,uh for all the things that it is enabled,to do a part that she said shed waited,a lifetime for what about her character,and the others did you find them as,enthralling,love branski i think its a wonderful,vehicle for her and certainly she is a,highlight just that kind of withering,wit and her command her kind of,steely-eyed gay uh glare at her family,and how shes trying to hold on to her,you know perhaps whats starting to kind,of shrink her her empire in this city,now i love her not so much cynthia nixon,who seems you know,cast as this shy and timid but kinder,sister very much in the shadow of agnes,feels like a bit of a stretch for nixon,maybe she was trying to show us,something new but it doesnt quite fit,now marian as the linchpin for our,attention has the kind of spark that you,want in a main character but when it,comes to the experience of peggy again,it feels like a missed opportunity if,shes supposed to give us a window into,the black experience in america it feels,as if the writers were too worried about,ruffling the audiences feathers i mean,peggy is accepted by the ants all rather,easily the biggest challenge she faces,is the few glares or hushed whispers now,there are some hints that just like mary,and peggy is running away from trouble i,hope that theres more to her than her,excellent penmanship and friendly smile,overall it doesnt feel like new york,city is a natural territory to julian,fellows instead of glimpses of the,potential of this city and those who,built it the plot is about this dizzying,battle of the fortunes and families who,lives where whos on the rise all about,the snubs and snobbery but its those,simpler characters not the rich ones,marian and peggy that i think show the,most potential so i cant say that ive,seen enough to really stick with the,series but if youre still hunkering,hankering for a downton abbey fix there,is a new movie coming in march,oh well maybe wait till then so no,rating for the gilded age no we dont,get a rating if you pin me down i would,give it like i dont know,crystal classes out of five something,like that,okay,thank you eli always great to spend time,with you on friday on the gilded age eli,glasner

Gilded Age Ultimate Review – Ace Your Test in 10 Minutes!

[Music],look at my class I am mr. Betts and I,feel like death warmed over thats why,Im drinking tea but it doesnt matter,because you have a gilded age test in,ten minutes and what is the gilded age,if youre asking yourself dont worry I,have you covered in the next ten minutes,were gonna go over fifty terms people,and events that youre gonna need to,know for your gilded age test and I know,I always say its ten minutes it never,is,but were gonna do it this time cuz I,have a green screen lets do it the,Gilded Age is what we call the period,between post Civil War up until the,early 1900s its marked by two main,treats industrialization and,urbanization and it couldnt have been,done without the Transcontinental,Railroad and railroads in general during,this time theres a massive expansion of,railroads in America the most famous of,which being the Transcontinental,Railroad which finally links the,Atlantic to the Pacific,somebody should make a video about that,Cornelius Vanderbilt was probably the,most famous of the railroad barons a,small group that controlled the nations,railroads and he couldnt have done this,without the Bessemer process a new way,of making strong steel that could be,used for the rails George Westinghouse,invented new air brakes for those trains,and George Pullman and his Pullman,Palace cars provided the rich with a,luxurious way to travel when his cars,werent catching on fire and thus,turning into luxurious death traps more,UNPO men later the Grange was a farmers,movement that grew in response to the,overwhelming power of the railroad and,their shipping fees and it led to the,Interstate Commerce Commission passing,Congress in 1887 and required the,railroads to charge and publish,reasonable and just rates this also,increased,power of the federal government over the,states telegrams introduced by Samuel,Morse also connected the nation,thousands of telegraph lines using Morse,code allowed for basic but instantaneous,communication and the transatlantic,cable late in 1886 finally allowed the,new and the old world to communicate in,real time so were more connected its,time to industrialize and in order to do,that were gonna need the three factors,of production the first factor is land,and not just the land but all the,resources that are on and in it next is,labor or the people that do the actual,work and the last factor is capital,whether it be funds or tools or,facilities to actually have industry now,if you have all of these three together,you might just become one of the robber,barons or captains of industry depending,on who you ask,Andrew Carnegie became one of these,through the Carnegie steel company and,vertical integration in which he,acquired companies for every stage of,production I want to say Carnegie its,Carnegie from New York you say Carnegie,all john d rockefeller whose Standard,Oil Company came to dominate the oil,industry he favored horizontal,integration in which you just buy or,push out all of your competition for a,product and if this sounds like monopoly,in which a company owns like the entire,industry well thats because it was how,our company is able to do this,well many became corporations or a,company that sells shares called stocks,to stockholders selling those shares,give companies more capital aka money to,produce and if it does well the,shareholders will earn dividends or,their share of the profits the Sherman,Antitrust Act was passed to try to rein,in some of those monopolistic,corporations but lets just say somebody,should make a video about that still,some good comes out of this the Gospel,of wealth written by old Carnegie,himself becomes a full of philosophy,that says that these self-made men have,a responsibility to redistribute their,wealth through philanthropy and Carnegie,put his money where his mouth was in,todays dollars he gave out 200,billion dot billion dollars,Carnegie can I get a dime the social,gospel was a religiously motivated,movement that tried to improve,industrial society through charity and,settlement houses in labor reforms and,then you have social Darwinism that said,whatever with all of that the rich are,rich and the poor are poor because of,natural selection and the fact that some,races are just biologically superior to,others yeah I know Alexander Graham Bell,invents the telephone and not the graham,cracker you dont want to know how that,was invented George Eastmans Kodak,camera helps spring photography to the,masses Thomas Edison The Wizard of Menlo,Park he invents everything from the,phonograph to the motion picture machine,to the storage battery to the light bulb,kind of still if were gonna talk War of,the currents Im going to take my boy,Nikola Tesla and his alternating current,I soon guy was like a real-life mad,scientist look him up and you have,George Washington Carver who comes up,with like a million different uses for,the peanuts and the reason hes doing,this as he wants to help the south move,away from being a cotton economy which,totally depletes the soil and keeps,people for speaking of poor and tired,and huddled masses you have the new,immigrants theres massive influx of,people coming to America in the 1800s,and a crucial part of the Gilded Age,somebody should make a video about that,Ellis Island and Angel Island were,government processing centers for these,immigrants the new york-based,Ellis Island for those coming from,Southern and Eastern Europe and Angel,Island in California for those coming,from Asia the Statue of Liberty a gift,from Frances unveiled in 1886 and,becomes a symbol of hope and opportunity,to these new immigrants heres an Easter,Egg for you did you know at her feet,there are broken,chains that youre never gonna get to,see cuz theyre at her feet youre,always looking up you kind of seems like,a lot of work for them Emma Lazarus and,her poem the new Colossus are used to,help raise money for the pedestal that,the statue is on yeah for a while were,like friends its really nice but where,are we going to put it the poem by,Lazarus with lines like give me your,poor your tired your huddled masses,yearning to breathe free those lines,ever become as famous as We the People,or do you know the way do you know the,way this is a Main Street you can buy,them on this beautiful refugee towel,from the radical tea towel company link,down in the description little plug in,the middle of review if thats the thing,that prevents me from making 10 minutes,political machines powerful,organizations like Boston West boss,tweed Tammany Hall in New York welcomed,these immigrants or more specifically,theyre easily manipulated votes the,Chinese Exclusion Act is passed as,nativism swells and it shuts down,immigration from China the Immigration,Act of 1917 would later follow targeting,those who dont the speaka de English a,good that still millions of immigrants,came to America many settling in cities,where they could gaze at the skyscrapers,designed by architects like Louis,Sullivan,Chicagos home insurance building is,generally thought to be the first,skyscraper within ten floors ten floors,man has not been to be that high,frederick law olmsted designed,incredible recreational spaces like New,Yorks Central Park or Chicagos World,Fair Fairgrounds but chances are if you,lived in the city you lived in a,tenement or super run-down apartment,buildings with incredible features like,multiple family just crammed into every,space and maybe a working bathroom on,every floor still not all was bad you,had the whole house created by reformer,Jane Addams that taught immigrants,English provided care for working,mothers and generally helped newcomers,adjust to life in American cities public,schools multiplied at least at the,primary levels with reformers like John,Dewey advocating,learning should be done through,discovery and interest and not rote,memorization whatever Booker T,Washington talked about education and,advancement for african-americans later,he would clash with w e b2 boys somebody,should make a

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The Gilded Age: The ‘High’ Point in America’s History

this video is brought to you by,captivating history,the gilded age is often seen as a high,point in americas history,characterized by the rise of the,industrialized economy,after the civil war it was a time when,american business,took off on a grand scale making several,notable business people,extremely wealthy however although the,gilded age is remembered as a time of,great affluence,it was also a time of great inequality,and corruption even the phrase the,gilded age,was taken from a satirical novel by mark,twain published in 1873,it is supposed to imply that something,that appears golden on the surface,may be corrupt underneath shortly after,the end of the american civil war in,1865,the u.s underwent an enormous burst of,economic activity,brought about by a wave of,industrialization during the renewed,peace,the gilded age normally refers to this,prosperous period,between 1870 and 1900 which overlaps,with the latter part of the,reconstruction,while the civil war had some devastating,effects on the us,it also inaugurated important changes,including the spread of the telegraph,and a major expansion of the railways,within a few years of the end of the war,america,also began to experience a period of,major economic growth,while the industrial period had begun in,great britain in the 18th century,america experienced its most intense,period of industrial development,during the late 19th century in many,ways,america had been long destined for the,spectacular spurt of economic growth,blessed with a continent of valuable,resources including,coal and oil and many useful,agricultural products,in fact after the war many european,investors saw the us,as a good bed for business and soon a,wave of money poured in from abroad,as well as attracting investors america,also went through one of its biggest,ever waves of migration,which more than doubled the u.s,population,up to this point most americans had,roots in england,scotland and wales but the late 19th,century saw many more,immigrants arrive from the rest of the,world producing a much more diverse,nation,as more visitors arrived and more,industries expanded,the us became much more urban and many,more towns and cities,sprawled across the nation this was the,era of the worlds first skyscrapers,when skylines began to climb higher and,higher,in particular the east coast blossomed,due to its many trading ports,and the great lakes region became the,beating heart of the industrial boom,chicago was one of the great cities of,the age becoming both a major railroad,hub,and a truly international city that,attracted visitors worldwide,cities grew off the back of new,industries and the gilded age is often,remembered for some of its most,important businessmen,many of whom became extremely wealthy at,this time,the late 19th century was the age of,capital,a time when private corporations rose to,prominence,as wealthy men invested in large-scale,industries,and reaped great dividends the american,colonies themselves had been partially,founded by private enterprises,who raised capital from their investors,giving the u.s a strong capitalist,instinct,quite early in its history the american,government continued to push a,pro-business stance in the 19th century,allowing private companies to develop,the major infrastructure projects the,nation needed,the gilded age presidents are often said,to be remarkably,unmemorable as they by and large took a,hands-off approach to governance,as industrialization produced many more,opportunities for these kinds of private,businesses,america ballooned into the worlds,foremost capitalist power,the downside of this economic boom was,that the few people who had enough money,to invest in large-scale business,enterprises,tended to buy up most of their,competition,soon multiple large monopolies had,formed undermining the spirit of healthy,competition,the most well-remembered and notorious,of these large monopolies,with a rockefeller oil monopoly the,vanderbilt railroad monopoly,and the carnegie steel monopoly carnegie,steel,later became the jp morgan steel,monopoly after the well-known banker,which bought carnegie out for 480,million dollars,jp morgan in particular was also one of,the gilded ages most famous money men,one of the wealthy bankers who made new,york exceedingly rich,by investing in businesses across the us,while these grand businessmen are often,still remembered as great american,heroes or,captains of industry others describe,these business moguls in less flattering,terms,dubbing them the robber barons of the,gilded age,while some of these tycoons such as,andrew carnegie,spent millions on philanthropic projects,most robber barons were infamously,ruthless and corrupt for example the,wall street and railroad mogul james,fisk,was famously involved in several shady,practices,from extortion to bribery to risky,market manipulation,although by 1890 the sherman anti-trust,act was passed,in an attempt to make the dangerous,monopolies these men accrued,illegal the act would have little effect,on the monopolies that already existed,it wasnt until the election of teddy,roosevelt at the end of the gilded age,in 1901,that at least some of the robber barons,power was broken,among the most famous of the great,tycoons was cornelius vanderbilt,a man widely disliked in his lifetime,for his cunning business practices,vanderbilt is important because he was,one of the major figures behind the,enormous expansion of the railroads in,the u.s,the gilded age was the golden age of the,railway as trains remained the fastest,way to move goods across large areas,in the u.s the transcontinental railroad,was revolutionary,as it linked the atlantic to the pacific,for the first time,when vanderbilt entered the railroad,industry he was already very wealthy,but he sold his previous businesses to,buy up as much rail track as he could,the railroads were particularly,vulnerable to being taken over by,monopolies,because there was a very limited amount,of train tracks in any given region,soon vanderbilt could charge his,customers extortionate rates,confident that they had no choice but to,use his businesses to transport their,goods,in response to the eye-watering high,fees charged by many railway companies,a collective of farmers known as the,granger movement,campaign for fairer prices the granger,union would go on to have a surprisingly,important afterlife,as they would inspire both the peoples,party and the greenback party,important progressive political,movements which campaign for fairer,economic conditions,and more economic equality economic,equality was a hot topic in the gilded,age,the late 19th century saw progressive,workers movements spread across the,industrialized world,in a bid to give ordinary people fairer,hours,better pay and safer working conditions,in factories that often use dangerous,equipment,unfortunately many wealthy americans,increasingly believed in the theory,of social darwinism an ideology that,argues poor,people deserve to be poor because they,are naturally inferior,tycoons did little to help their workers,often demanding that they work harder,for longer to increase output and turn,more profit,in response to worsening conditions many,american workers unionized,and the american federation of labor,that organized these unions was founded,in 1886,other workers took a more radical path,joining more socialist groups,and even turning towards anarchism the,u.s government did little to help the,situation,repeatedly halting legislation meant to,improve working conditions,tensions between workers and bosses led,to several major disasters in the gilded,age,in 1886 the haymarket riot in chicago,led to a series of deaths when workers,peaceful protest,turned violent an unidentified assailant,threw a stick of dynamite into the crowd,during the gathering,in an attempt to hit a police officer,shooting broke out,resulting in the deaths of many police,officers and civilians,a few years later a similar incident,occurred in p

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Top 10 Things The Gilded Age Gets Factually Right & Wrong

nobody talks about anything else but,enjoying themselves isnt that what,were here for not me welcome to ms mojo,and today were counting down our picks,for the top 10 things the gilded age,gets factually right and wrong this is a,turning point in history mrs russell,but are we headed in the right direction,we dont have a choice in the matter mr,mcallister we must go where history,takes us for this list well be looking,at events and plot points from this hbo,period drama that are historically,accurate as well as the creative,liberties taken by creator and writer,julian fellowes as well be discussing,plot details a spoiler alert is now in,effect what do you find the most,impressive about the gilded age let us,know in the comments,number 10 the real life figures right,while the gilded age is a historical,drama most of the lead characters in its,first season are largely fictional,however the show still grounds its,storytelling and authenticity by,including a number of real-life,socialites and does its best to remain,faithful to their actual lives well here,we are,all of us together,what could be nice characters like mrs,astor ward mcallister and mamie fish,were historical figures who dominated,the upper echelons of new york society,and initially turned their noses up at,new money families shes tenacious,smile and take it as a compliment it is,a compliment if you knew the number of,times shes pretended i didnt exist the,show includes among others t thomas,fortune the highly influential editor of,the new york age then the globe where,peggy scott is hired to write and clara,barton who was the founder of the,american red cross may i ask you some,questions for my article of course,will the red cross extend its health to,all who suffer despite race we will turn,no one away who is in need miscot number,nine the black press right one of the,shows lead characters peggy scott is a,promising black writer who dreams of,becoming a published author short,stories articles,and i hope one day to write a novel,how ambitious peggy submits her stories,to the christian advocate but turns down,their offer after shes asked to conceal,her race and also changed that of her,storys protagonist this leads to peggy,taking up a writing job with the black,newspaper the new york globe which was,helmed by the great t thomas fortune im,publishing a story you submitted next,week,and i want you to write something about,that too,about what what you just said political,affiliation without voting rights 200,words,good to meet you miss scott the gilded,age sets itself apart from other period,dramas by accurately representing,prominent black families of that era it,also highlights how important the new,york age paper was for black writers,whose voices had largely been silenced,due to racism well get the,subscriptions but not by cow towing to,the republican party a lot of colored,people still believe in them remember,lincoln was a republican which is why we,must expose their shortcomings and,demand more number eight agnes van,reines employment of peggy scott wrong,when we first meet peggy scott she,offers a helping hand to marion brooke,lending her the train fare after her,purse is stolen and the two strike up a,friendship im sorry its not first,class,nonsense youve been very kind,especially when i tore your skirt in,return marion persuades her aunt to let,peggy stay with them because of the,weather after discovering her excellent,penmanship skills agnes makes peggy an,offer of employment clearly im in need,of help with my correspondence,i dont know what your plans are but if,youre interested i would like to hire,you as my secretary now while,friendships between black and white,women were not necessarily rare at the,time it would have been highly unlikely,for a woman of agnes van rein status to,hire a black woman as her secretary even,the shows historical consultant,professor erica armstrong dunbar noted,in a vanity fair interview that its an,atypical offer and would most likely,never have happened youre a new yorker,now,we both are,and for a new yorker anything is,possible number seven the statue of,libertys hand right in the third,episode of the show marion is invited to,see the statue of libertys hand at,madison square park by her late fathers,lawyer tom rakes who has his sight set,on marrying her what,the hand from the proposed statue of,liberty,it was sent over here six years ago to,raise funds but soon its going back to,france that sounds like something i,would like to see she arrives at the,park with peggy and both women are taken,aback by the sheer size of the sculpture,if thats her hand what size will the,statue of liberty be,big,tom notes its being displayed in new,york to raise funds for the statues,pedestal although the sculpture only,serves as a backdrop in marion and toms,courtship its presence is historically,accurate the real statue of libertys,hand and torch called madison square,park its home from 1876 to 1882 the,latter year being when the gilded age,begins so when it goes to france and,gets stuck onto the statues arm then it,will come back here thats the idea,number six thomas edison lights up new,york city right taming electricity is,probably the most important innovation,of our lifetime and is that something to,celebrate i think so i wish i was there,in his retelling of the societal tussle,between old and new money families in,1880s new york julian fellowes expertly,weaves real historical events into his,fictional world one of such events was,thomas edison lighting up the new york,times building on september 4th 1882.,hes invited me to attend im to meet,him for a terribly grand dinner in time,for the evening illuminations why didnt,you say this before i didnt think it,would interest you of course it does,all i want to know is how long do we,have to wait before we install it at,home although fallows pretty much airs,on the side of accuracy he takes some,creative license with it by pushing the,event from 3pm in real life to when its,much darker out on the show for a more,dramatic effect also while the show has,edison flipped the switch in front of,the new york times building in real life,the famed inventor turned it on at his,pearl street station which then,illuminated the news organization,[Applause],number five segregation and racial,animosity in the north right going into,the writing process for the gilded age,series creator julian fellowes intended,to make a distinctively american show,that was truly reflective of the 1880s,climb to achieve this he sought to,include multiple well-rounded black,characters and an accurate portrayal of,their experience in a post-civil war new,york why would you change an integral,part of the story,because it would cost us most of our,readership in the south,i dont approve of the system i can say,that but once gone those people would,not be back while a lot of the atrocious,crimes associated with segregation and,racism frequently occurred in the south,there was still palpable animosity,towards black people in the north these,racial tensions are mostly depicted,through the eyes of peggy scott i dont,understand,youve just discovered injustice ive,lived with it my whole life if i spent,every day fighting with bigots id never,get anything done we witnessed her,realistic experiences dealing with,racism from newspaper editors carriage,drivers and even from the white servants,at the van ryne household shes on the,same floor as us,is there some difficulty,ah,there you are then number four rapid,economic growth and influx of immigrants,right the historical era from 1870 to,1900 referred to as the gilded age was a,period of rapid industrialization that,brought with it the fastest economic,growth rate in u.s history this is a,great city in a great country,had a great time in our history,i want to be part of my father this,caused an unprecedented increase in,wages that pulled in millions of,immigrants from europe and asia the most,prominent sector in th

Top 10 Reasons to Watch The Gilded Age

do you think we should kneel,whats that mrs morris was admiring your,house were still trying to get,organized please come into the drawing,room welcome to ms mojo and today were,counting down our picks for the top 10,reasons you need to be watching the,gilded age,it is a treat to be saved,for this list well be looking at why,you need to drop everything and start,watching this hbo series if you havent,already are you watching the gilded age,let us know in the comments,number 10 its creator is julian fellowes,julian fellowes won an oscar for writing,the dark comedy gosford park but he is,best known for creating the pop culture,phenomenon downton abbey what do you,think,nothing succeeds like it says,the gilded age brings fellows back to,television as the creator and primary,writer fellows follow up to downton,offers a similar blend of high society,culture clash and upstairs downstairs,dynamics the late 19th century new york,setting provides a fresh layer,distinguishing the gilded age from,fellows previous works at the shows,core is the american dream which means,different things to different,generations and classes fellows explores,the american dream through the lenses of,people who come from old money new money,and no money they develop a new american,way of being rich of living a different,kind of american life and having this,these sort of renaissance princes but,but really reinvented and i was,fascinated by that while the location,and time period are unique viewers will,recognize fellows signature witty,writing mama you are encourageable i,take that as the highest praise,number nine the production values being,a julian fellowes period piece the sets,and costumes practically take on,identities of their own im pleased with,the size big enough to be splendid,without being oppressively so i agree,one needs to be able to breathe costume,designer kasia valicika maimona and her,team of almost 65 worked on nearly 5 000,costumes to convey the overarching theme,of old money versus new money for,example new money characters adopt,parisian and european fashion making an,impression with brighter colors and,accessories it might be better without,the brooch its too much,yes its too much,meanwhile old money characters stick to,traditional outfits clinging to the past,while the glamorous production design,captures the eras economic boom the,series also unearths this periods,gritty underbelly behind all the,luxurious mansions hotels and parties,poverty crime and corruption were on the,rise theres a reason why it was called,the gilded age and not the golden age,peter who else was there pickpocket,newly released criminals what was aurora,thinking number eight a breakthrough,role for louisa jacobson studying at the,british american drama academy and the,yale school of drama louisa jacobson,makes her television debut as marion,brooke youre making your debut in,society you are young and pretty and,need to be shown to advantage when her,father leaves her broke marion seeks out,her wealthy aunts although marions,aunts come from old money her views are,more progressive it must seem hard to,miss the party,but agnes feels so very strong she cant,make me dislike them,nor would she want to yes she would,smack dab in the middle of a changing,landscape marion tries to figure out who,she is while carving out a unique path,for herself as the audience is,introduced to the society so is marion,making her the most identifiable,character unlike my dear mother im not,a big believer in forcing change then i,suspect she and i have more in common,than we do bringing charm and empathy to,the role jacobson continues her familys,trajectory of gifted performers her,older sisters mamie and grace gummer,have starred in various shows films and,plays you also might know their mother,meryl streep,number seven a cast of broadway vets in,addition to up-and-comers like jacobson,danae benton and taissa farmiga the,gilded age brings together an ensemble,of stage legends when the pandemic put,broadway on hold it opened the door for,numerous theatrically trained stars to,join fellow show are you starting to,feel at home,i think so but im open to advice if you,have any oh you look as if you know the,ropes pretty well mrs bruce of course,main cast members like christine,baranski and cynthia nixon have theater,ties but even the recurring stars are,huge names in the broadway world,baranski re-teams with her good fight,co-star audra mcdonald whos won six,tonys just remember,we are all held fast frozen in time,until you finally allow us to move,forward caroline skirmerhorn astor a,real-life socialite is played by,two-time tony winner donna murphy who,disney fans know best as mother gothel,look in that mirror you know what i see,i see a strong confident beautiful young,lady,oh look youre here too,the list just goes on from kelly ohara,to katie finneran expect even more,familiar faces as season one airs,including nathan lane youre looking at,the man,who used to be the king,the king of all broadway,number six themes beneath the surface,the gilded age is all about keeping up,appearances hiding whats going on,underneath whether its new money trying,to join high society or old money trying,to preserve their inner circle nothing,is as idealistic as it seems we need,everything to be as pure as the driven,snow and so you mean to tangle with the,man who own most of the railroads in,this country,money isnt everything,it is when you havent got it mark twain,and charles dudley warner co-authored,the gilded age a tale of today which,interpreted the era as one wrapped in,gold gilding to disguise the larger,social dilemmas while fellowes approach,is a little less cynical the series gets,the root of twain and warner satire its,all about appearance putting on a good,show looking great and whether you can,actually afford the appearance is of,less importance than putting it on these,themes are also reflected through oscar,van reine who hides his sexuality from,everybody except his secret lover john,adams although oscar lives a wealthy,life hell never be able to live as,openly as he wants i wasnt invited you,will be next time,what was the attraction,never mind about that now number five,the exploration of generational gaps and,change,in the series no character epitomizes,old money more than agnes van reine,while bertha russell is the epitome of,new money,christmases chamberlain and know them,why dont we just go outside and roll in,the gutter that will save time when,marion comes to live with her aunts,shes essentially a blank slate who can,be swayed either way agnes aspires to,shield marion from new new york managing,her wardrobe and social circle id ask,oscar petit its time he met you,hell have a friend with him john adams,thats nice,this john is quincy adams great,grandson he will call him mr adams and,wear one of your new dresses with few,options marion tries to appease agnes,but still feels tempted to branch out,being older than marion but younger than,agnes aunt aydah provides a middle,ground living up to the standards of old,new york while encouraging her modern,niece to stay true to herself i only ask,that you never break your own moral code,but that is the soundest guide any of us,can have whatever the future holds,change is inevitable as this era would,bring calls for womens suffrage civil,service reform and more im enjoying,myself its not every day you watch,sherman marching to the sea,number four the friendship moment,when we first meet marion she only has,30 dollars to her name she soon has even,less as her purse and train ticket are,stolen you havent seen a purse by any,chance,im afraid not,ive had my train and ferry tickets and,my money i dont know what im going to,do although marion is at her lowest,point a beautiful friendship stems from,it she meets peggy who sympathizes with,marion and offers her a spot on the,train marion returns the favor when,peggy needs a temporary residence ms,scott traveled with me but they

The Gilded Age HBO Review – 2022 – American Downton Abbey!

personally i have felt that the trailers,for hbos the gilded age,have been awful like super cringe so,much so that i dragged my feet watching,the screeners and i only clicked play on,monday night for two reasons one i,needed stuff to cover this week and two,the moon night trailer was taking a long,time to drop during the football game so,i was like all right ill try this the,gilded age and i was enchanted im so,glad i watched it those trailers are so,misrepresentative of the show i hope,that people discover it,so the gilded age is from julian,fellowes and is meant to be the american,version of downton abbey the incredibly,popular uk show which has spawned six,seasons and now two movies i love,downton abbey im a big downton abbey,fan but thankfully the gilded age is,unique and dare i say very american i,think it really represents the american,spirit im very happy with it,instead of a strong upstairs downstairs,division one of the things that makes,the gilded age very american is that it,highlights the mobility within american,society the poor can become rich very,rich and anyone can make something of,themselves from the recent college,graduate who dreams of becoming a,published published writer to the,pennsylvania lawyer who was able to,quickly climb the society ladder thanks,to his cleverness and dashing good looks,yes i do believe that hbo is hoping that,this is their answer to not only downton,abbey but netflixs juggernaut,bridgerton uh this show also has a very,sexy cast particularly the guys but its,chased enough that it can still be kind,of family viewing i would say its most,of the time pg-13 the gilded age didnt,have any swear words at least that we,know of so that helps,i mean at a few points it is a soft r,because it is hbo after all and they,have to they have to to meet that that,expectation as well but i think its,very very good i dont think that anyone,who likes downton abbey would be too,shocked by anything that happens here,oh how i wish the gilded age had that,coveted sunday night spot on hbo uh hbo,uh and its gonna air on hbo max as well,thats when downton abbey used to air in,the usa on pbs and thats of course the,night that hbo owns its appointment,television but now what instead because,they already have shows very successful,shows that are already taking up sunday,night theyve given the gilded age the,monday night spot and that aint bad,because chernobyl was able to find real,success there so i can only hope that,the gilded age does as well,so before we dig into the cast of,characters no major spoilers by the way,the gilded age is a soap opera so there,are plenty of juicy reveals,but first i want to help get you,prepared for this show because i think,that before i saw the show i did watch,captivating histories i was showing the,trailer to someone and in the,recommendations for the gilded age you,know when i watched the trailer,in the recommendations on youtube i saw,captivating historys 12-minute video on,the gilded age link down below and just,as learning about um,uh,oh my oh my god the the name escapes me,at the moment but that uh giallo the,italian horror genre helps me better,appreciate malignant and last night in,soho you really need to understand the,history of the gilded age to really,appreciate the show and its only 12,minutes,because this is a real period in history,and this show unlike downton abbey is,very much steeped in history political,business and social and while none of,the main characters are real people some,of the supporting characters are and,real people and events are name-checked,for instance do you know who the solomon,brothers are i think it would really,benefit you to know to have a a,a crash course in this period the gilded,age and this the video link down below,will provide that,its particularly also fun to watch as a,new yorker right highlighting the giant,mansions built on fifth avenue many when,fifth avenue was considered very high,uptown and was you know not you know,barely populated,many of those mansions in fact still,exist today but have turned into museums,and other landmarks they have central,park a lot of areas in central park on,display,bloomingdales the earlier the you know,the original version bloomingdale,brothers and brooklyn the highlight,brooklyn as well,i watched the first five of the nine,episodes for season one yes unlike,downton abbey one of our main characters,is a woman of color peggy scott played,by broadways danae benton great,character fabulous performance danae,benton has just like this inner light to,her that just really shines,i remember when i went to see the first,downton abbey movie you know usually you,want you know you watch tv yourself but,i went to see downton abbey with a group,being at the theater here in new york,city there were a number of fans of,color in the audience in fact saw it,twice and that was the case both times,and i think its wonderful and important,that fans of color will be able to see,themselves and their history showcased,here on in the gilded age now of course,the show depicts peggys struggles as a,black woman in the late 1800s but it,also shows the progress that peggy and,her generation are making for instance,peggy gets a job as a reporter shes so,spunky i love her for the new york globe,which would eventually become the new,york age a real publication which was a,prominent black newspaper at the time,and of course the editor is quite,handsome,uh so yes while peggys story is,historically accurate the good and the,bad its done in a way that she is a,main part of this fantasy world you know,thats why people loved and loved,downton abbey its an its just its an,escape and so shes not stuck being the,cinderella figure you know shes not a,cook or a maid but shes christine,baranskis secretary she does have to,live upstairs but,its revealed that she comes from in,fact a very well-to-do family in,brooklyn that has their own staff now,im giving away these few details to,reassure some of you who might be,reluctant to check this show out because,you feel its not going to represent,fully you know of the time period and,who was there and you might stand or you,might try it and stop watching because i,think some of these details take a,little too long to be revealed but as i,said i saw the first five episodes so,all this stuff is revealed over the,course of five episodes in delightful,fashion very good,now the yang to peggys yang their meat,cutest friends is fantastic,is louisa jacobsons marion brook who is,actually the weakest character on the,show saved by her fabulous clothes she,has some great fashions and hurt the,most by jacobsons performance in fact,while watching the five episodes i,wondered how she won the role,considering shes the least charismatic,member of the cast by far but then i,discovered when i tried to i was like,whered she come from shes meryl,streeps daughter she doesnt have the,government maybe you know the gummer,last name like maybe gummer but shes,streeps daughter but shes not,unfortunately not as good an actress to,stream,marion is supposed to be a pollyanna,figure but she has none of haley mills,energy and radiance which by the way,denae betten does have,speaking of pollyanna this show reminds,me also a lot of the american girl,collection but for adults uh and,interestingly for decades the most,popular historical doll that they had,was samantha parkington uh who comes,from a similar time period in fact the,gilded age happens to take place right,in between the samantha parkington and,addie walker doll time periods,in addition to focusing on these two,young women new to new york city and,trying to find their way in life in,society the other main focus is on the,russells,george russell is a fictional railroad,magnate like many real ones at the time,and who has more money than god it said,which was true of the time because there,was no regulation but anyway he and his,wife whove made their fortune instead,of a fortune instead of inher

Fashion Historian Fact Checks HBOs The Gilded Age | Glamour

this is Agnes van rein this is Bertha,Russell you know them from the Gilded,Age you may remember this elegant,Ensemble and who could forget this,iconic look but are they accurate we,asked this fashion historian hi Im rice,Britannia and Im a fashion historian to,walk us through what the Gilded Age God,writes and what they got mostly right,about these looks the Gilded Age is an,HBO original series that Chronicles the,drama that follows New York Society at,the end of the 19th century you may have,heard of the famous time period coined,by Mark Twain in 1873 but what exactly,is the Gilded Age the Gilded Age refers,to a period in American history that,stretched from the end of the Civil War,to the turn of the 20th century this era,was defined by rapid urbanization,technological advancement and economic,growth but it was also marked by,incredible wealth disparity the opening,title card places Us in the year 1882.,the show is set in New York City on the,show the fictional van rein and Russell,families live across the street from,each other on the corner of Fifth Avenue,and East 61st Street,welcome to East 61st Street Miss Marion,this sets the scene for the,long-standing feud between old and new,money we only receive the old people in,this house,nothing new,never the new costume designer Kasia,velitska maimon heightened this social,divide by creating a dramatic visual,contrast between these two groups the,designer took advantage of the rich,visual culture from the period and Drew,inspiration from this variety of primary,sources like paintings photographs,fashion plates and surviving garments,what are fashion plates fashion plates,were the illustrations that were,included in fashion magazines during the,19th century its very clear that Kasha,researched fashion plates from the,period because there are many costumes,throughout the series that look like,exact duplicates of styles that appeared,in magazines if youre a fashion,Enthusiast like me you might have also,recognized some of the costumes as,replicas of existing garments from,Museum collections old money style was,all about refinement and respectability,so how well did the show showcase these,differences lets get into the looks,first up Mrs Van reynes afternoon look,this look appears in episode 1 and would,be considered an afternoon Ensemble,Christine baransky plays Agnes van reyne,who is an imposing matriarch that,represents the values of old New York,you belong to Old New York my dear and,dont let anyone tell you different,Agnes along with her sister Ada and,their niece Marion is descended from the,highly regarded Livingston line but she,does marry into the van rein family for,Financial Security you were allowed the,pure and tranquil life of a spinster I,was not Im very grateful as a member of,the highest Echelon of society she would,have adhered to a strict code of dress,that governed a woman of her position,this included changing up to five times,a day hardly you need four outfits a day,at the minimum decent jewels and a full,dance card throughout the series shes,seen wearing a variety of ensembles,whether in the home or out for social,Gatherings lets get into the layers,shall we,first up the undergarments,women were required to wear several,layers of undergarments during this,period we get a glimpse of Agness,undergarments when she goes to visit her,dressmaker for a fitting the first layer,would be the chemise and this was the,layer that was worn closest to the skin,underneath she would be wearing drawers,or pantolettes which were bloomer-like,undergarments that were worn on the,lower half of the body as they had for,centuries women in this era were,required to wear stockings up next the,corset,corsets were structured Foundation,garments that sculpted the Torso into,the fashionable silhouette of the period,Im going up to change I want to get out,of this courses up next its all about,the bustle,when it came to Fashion in the 1870s and,1880s it was all about the bustle the,bustle was a steel Foundation garment,that gave skirts of this period their,unique shape during this period it was,very fashionable to have a narrow,waistline and a voluminous posterior the,bustle defined fashion during the 1870s,and 1880s but there was a brief period,in the very late 70s and early 80s where,it diminished in favor of a more,streamlined silhouette we see Agnes,debating the evolution of bustle size,with her dressmaker in her fitting I,should point out that bustles are,getting smaller for most people I am not,most people talk about iconic next up,petticoat,yup were still on underwear the,Petticoat was a cotton skirt-like,undergarment that provided an additional,layer for warmth volume and modesty,which was a priority for ladies during,this era and now afternoon dress,there were certain design features that,would make a dress appropriate for,morning afternoon or evening such as,neckline or sleeve length for the,afternoon the sleeves could be shortened,to reveal the forearm but the chest had,to remain covered which would make this,open neckline inaccurate,this is a rule not often adhered to in,Period costuming and we see many,characters throughout the series with,exposed chests during the day this would,not have been acceptable especially at,this Echelon of society dresses in the,fashionable silhouette featured a,sculpted bodice that dipped low in front,and was fitted over the hips the skirt,would have fullness to accommodate the,protruding bustle and additional,decorations to emphasize the backside,fashionable dress of the late 19th,century is notable for its heavy,ornamentation in 1882 skirts for indoor,wear tended to have a bit of a train and,we see Agnes drag hers through the dirt,as she dramatically storms across the,street to barge into the Russells house,thank you,dressing well was such an important part,of society life that as soon as Marion,arrives in New York Agnes sends her,straight to her dressmaker to get new,clothes made first we must attend to,your clothes my dear you will go,tomorrow with Ada to my dressmaker at,this rate I shall have more clothes than,the Princess of Wales but if Mrs Van,Ryan insists who am I to object that,brings us to hair and makeup,Agnes wears her hair in a braided updo,which is totally accurate but comes,across as a little more severe,especially in comparison with the softer,Styles we see on the other characters an,upper class woman was expected to wear,her hair up every time she was seen in,public after being formally presented to,society Gladys Russell is the only,character we see have her hair regularly,down throughout the season but thats,because she has not yet formally out in,society otherwise the only time we see,characters with her hair down or in a,loose braid is when theyre in their,private quarters and what about makeup,Agnes would not likely be wearing any,visible makeup because there were,negative moral connotations linked to,women who did a woman of Agness,character and social standing did not,welcome those associations that is no,excuse for risking the reputation of,every lady in the room coming up we have,jewelry,Mrs Van rein wears a pair of dangling,earrings which would have been very,fashionable for the period in other,scenes she also wears a brooch many of,the characters wear neck brooches with,their daytime attire there was a range,of styles that featured carved cameos,seed pearls inlaid enamel and even human,hair you heard me human hair morning,jewelry was a common way to commemorate,the dearly departed often a lock of hair,would be encased in a piece of jewelry,like approach and worn as an act of,remembrance such a piece of jewelry,would be appropriate for a widow like,Agnes if she had any affection for her,late husband,ouch me,with the van rein money which was not,achieved at no cost to myself on to our,next layer boots High button leather,boots were the standard for daytime wear,the style prevailed throughout the late,19th and early 20th centuries as the,every

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