1. AFFORDABLE LUXURY! 2021 Mercedes GLB 250 Review
  2. Mercedes GLB 2021 review – its a half-price GLS!
  3. 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 – A Well Priced Luxury Compact SUV
  4. 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 is a great entry into luxury SUV. Review and test drive.
  5. 2021 Mercedes GLB250 Review and Off-Road/Snow Test
  6. 2022 Mercedes Benz GLB 250 – Is It The BEST Luxury Compact SUV?
  7. 2022 Mercedes GLB 250 // A Boxy Benz that Seats 7 for Only $38K (Anything New?)

AFFORDABLE LUXURY! 2021 Mercedes GLB 250 Review

[Music],im harry im jacob were going for a,drive,[Music],2021 mercedes-benz glb,4matic without launch control,[Music],[Music],theres whistling yes we cant avoid,that from a roof rack well talk about,that later horsepower and torque 221,horsepower 258 pound-feet of torque from,a two-liter four-cylinder turbo all,right that horsepower is definitely a,lie feel this,that is very torquey,and very howly okay so we do have an,optional roof rack on here and i feel,like it was installed incorrectly so,its howling so if you do get one of,these just be wary of that yeah i feel,like i want to try to fix that one day,but maybe when its warm because its,too cold to mess with roof racks right,now yeah so the glb is the new suv that,is bigger than a gla,it is bigger than a glc,we assume they didnt call this the gld,because people would think its diesel,and the gle already exists yes so they,had to name it glb and this is a three,row but its like a tiny minuscule third,row thats not for like,adults yeah its its a compact suv that,can seat up to seven people im not,going to say adults and starting off,with the looks this is the new style of,mercedes so weve got the new style,headlights which look way sicker on suvs,than they do on cars yeah all of the new,mercedes cars we just dont like the way,the new design language works for the,headlights especially and then on our,grille we have the sport package so,weve got the pin style if we didnt,have that we would just have two lines,to go across and theres also a 35,coming out that has the pan americana,grill yes and then we also have a bit of,fake vents up at the front and theyre,gonna stay fake vents until theres a 45,edition of this which might not ever,happen i doubt it and in automatic,cruising at a really high gear im gonna,floor it,[Music],a while to downshift but that torque,yeah yeah no it kicks in really nicely,and lets boot into cliche corner and,see how it handles in these wet kind of,wintery conditions on winters so we,cant actually fully turn off traction,because it does turn back on so were,gonna have it on and youre in sport,mode yeah,oh that turnins good,no plowing,it feels like the back actually pulled,me around there yeah but but nothing to,the point where its gonna oversteer so,im watching your gauge and i can see,power being distributed to the back only,when its needed because this is,primarily front-wheel drive and overall,in wet conditions im surprised at how,well its doing yeah so back to the,looks,this actually looks kind of cool it does,look really good i also saw some people,saying this is a mini g wagon its,definitely not a mini g wagon i mean,okay it kind of reminds me of the glk,which was discontinued so this is kind,of the refresh version of that except,bigger its cool that its boxy yes,exactly it looks kind of like a uh old,forester,suv that people lower yeah yeah,i think it was like a forster wagon that,people lowered so side view we do have a,kind of hard body line up at the top,its kind of chisely and then the way,the windows go it kind of gets pointy at,the end yes and because this is a rugged,suv we do have plastic fender liners,these wheels look pretty good simple,five spokes okay and what would be the,continental recommended tire for a glb,the cross contact lx25 there are some,other cool wheel styles that you can,pick out for this car i just i just love,using the mercedes-benz configurator,online yeah the configurator is really,good best if we could give awards to,configurators yeah that would be up to,web designers yeah and then moving on to,the back and we also have really awesome,tail lights because the new generation,mercedes has really sick tail lights on,suvs and moving around to the exhaust,tips we also have very terrible exhaust,tips because we have the new generation,of fake exhaust tips yeah its just a,transitionary period until theres no,exhaust tips at all and then were all,going to be all electric and then its,not even going to be a thing people know,yeah so just so you know both of them,look like exhausts but if you stick your,hands in there you cant actually go,anywhere and the exhaust is only on the,left side underneath and yeah it does,look cool with the roof rack yes,unfortunately for the wood noise but,looks wise it looks great yeah ive,never had like a roof rack in my life,the only ones i had was those sketchy,like uh like cord ones that i put on my,old camaro and thats thats put,snowboards on there and then i realized,that it just created a huge amount of,drag and i might as well just put the,boards in the car instead right i had a,yakima yeah i had a yakima on my subaru,wrx and i had my bicycle up there looked,pretty cool with it actually yeah yeah,yeah tuli would have been nice too but,okay so does this look better than a gla,i think it does,better than a glc no not at all no,because gfc has like got the 63. its,just like a good-looking compact suv,that happens to fit a lot of,people in here does it fit a lot of,boxes lets find out what the box test,one,two,three,four,five,six,seven,eight,nine,ten,all right we couldnt fit these guys,but,ten and eleven,get your own box on patreon.com,like you had a surprising amount of room,back there with that fake third row all,the way down yes should we address that,fake third row now all right lets do it,okay so it does not fit adults theres,actually a sticker on the side okay i,shouldnt say adults there is a height,restriction that mercedes recommends i,believe its five foot six so if youre,under that you theoretically will fit,however you still dont have any leg,room like nothing i can get in there and,my feet will just sit barely enough room,if you sit in front of me when you move,the seat back it presses against the top,of my feet but,for kids its pretty balling back there,like you got nice cup holders usb cs,yeah and that third row is actually,optional so if you 100 percent know you,will be using that then option it if you,100 know that you will never use that,just just dont option it save the money,because i think its like around 2 000,and just use it for the extra cargo,space yeah but if it was a non-corona,world and like you had to pick up kids,for soccer practice or something that,would come in super handy yeah and then,you can actually use the seats as a,divider and not have kids back there and,then you can have all your soccer balls,back there not flying around,remember when we did the soccer ball,thing with the key was it the forte,people put soccer balls in the bag yeah,i guess so so the rest of the interior,well talk with you behind the wheel so,i guess you should probably do some,launch controls right now really the,really slow ones without launch control,hit me with it traction off not that,its really going to make a difference,i think it did make a difference,okay that launch felt a lot better than,my launch that is such a satisfying,amount of torque like the perfect amount,in a car like this and we do have an,eight-speed dual clutch in here and it,responds pretty quickly i noticed that,responds a lot faster on downshifts than,it does on upshift so now im just going,to up shift a little bit slow but,totally fine for a car like this like,its not an amg and im not expecting an,amg out of this and traction turned back,on after that launch so lets go through,cliche corner in sport with it on and,turning is wow thats the first thing i,noticed is how well it turns in for a,car like this on winter tires in the,winter slippery conditions and the,steerings great too man this,you you could have a little bit of fun,with your kids in this like its pretty,good like that ram t-rex that we drove,on just wet with like the second u-turn,it was plow out this just stays on on,the road i almost think theres no,reason to get the 35 in a car like this,unless you want some crackles and pops,and like track just like its just,americana grill pretty much yeah if you,want the looks and stuff like yeah i,dont know i i feel like this is

Mercedes GLB 2021 review – its a half-price GLS!

this is the new mercedes glb and its a,little bit like the british governments,response to the coronavirus pandemic,in the way that its all rather,confusing you see it sits below the glc,in the mercedes range but its arguably,a,bigger more practical car for families,so what im going to explain why though,in this video and find out if its any,good but before we do any of that,please guys stay alert control the virus,save lives what does that even mean,lets start off this video by talking,about the price so the new glb,starts from 34 and a half thousand,pounds which interestingly is about a,grand and a half more than the gla which,is quite a bit smaller,yet its still six grand less than a glc,which really isnt any more practical so,it seems like good value and its,especially good value when you look at,this right through carwa you can save an,average,of 4 000 pounds off the glb now if you,want to see how much you can save on one,of these cars or any car for that matter,click on the pop-out banner up there to,go to car wow,or if youre not thinking about buying a,new car but you know someone who is just,get them to google car wow,because when they go to our site me and,my team will be there to help them,decide which car to buy and make sure,they get it for a fair price,right in lets talk about this cars,design unlike the gla which is,sort of like a hatchback but on stilts,this looks like a proper,suv i mean its actually taller than the,glc which is,kind of mad and the front end is very,very aggressive looking now it does look,slightly differently depending on if you,have the sport model or this amg line,because then you get this grille,which is slightly different and a bit,more shiny trim down there theres also,the,glb 35 amg version which looks even,sportier its got plenty of presence and,looks fairly mean with these large,i was going to say air intakes but,theyre not are they its a mercedes so,theyre fake,and theyre fake over here as well yes,mercedes like a little eyes,from the side this car really does look,like a proper suv doesnt it,its out by the fact that its got these,roof bars as well which just make it,even taller,now as standard the range kicks off with,18 inch alloy wheels,these are the 19 inches which you get on,the amg line version though the,amg 35 model gets 20-inch alloy wheels,one thing that i do notice when i look,at this car especially this portion of,it here,kind of reminds me of the new london,taxi,at least the door opens that way rather,than that way otherwise it would be just,like the london taxi,though i suppose i could say it also,looks like a rolls-royce cullinan i,think mercedes would probably prefer,that comparison,for me the best angle of this car is the,rear end i love the way it just looks,kind of flat bluff and like,sporty and aggressive they put roof,spoiler on it,and get this the amg line as a diffuser,like a racing car that diffuses nothing,little tweak lit of truth proves that,these exhaust pipes,arent real exhaust pipes the actual,exhaust is underneath what a load of,nonsense but it does look good,there is one thing though while i like,these shiny bits of chrome,you have to watch it because if the,suns in a certain position you look,down its just going to reflect and burn,out your retinas,its a real mean looking suv from the,back and to think its actually one of,mercedes smallest suvs,lets talk about the engine choices,first things first though look oh yes a,gas strut to hold at the bonnet,mercedes poshner engine range dead,simple theres two petrols the,level petrol is a 1.3 liter which sounds,like,kind of not enough literacy does it for,this car but it does have 163 horsepower,because its got a turbo charger you,might want to upgrade to the glb,35 because thats the high performance,one with a two liter,petrol engine that pumps out 306,horsepower no really the best bet is,give me the diesels you can have a 200d,which has a 2 litre diesel with 150,horsepower,or this one which is the 220d which is a,two liter diesel yet again but with 190,horsepower,all versions get an automatic gearbox,and depending on which engine you go for,itll either be front-wheel drive or,all-wheel drive,mercedes says this glb 220d with four,wheel drive should be able to do 960,in 7.6 seconds but will it well im,going to find out using my specialist,timing gear here yeah,im going to launch it it is rather wet,lots of standing water,no launch control like oh im going to,hold on the brake launcher and see what,happens lets do it,oh easy does it off we go quite punchy,once its going doesnt seem to care,about the standing water,just getting on with it got a time,7.51 seconds despite no launch control,and despite the fact i was launching,through puddles,its quite good doesnt actually feel,that quick it just gets on with the,business,impressive the interior of this jlb,follows on from the interior of the,a-class and the gla but with a slight,twist things that are the same,the general layout that that just did,that by accident,the general layout of the dash and the,infotainment screens which look great,when you have the larger displays,but can look a little bit gash when you,have the entry-level smaller displays i,do like the design of this if you have,the bigger displays it looks a bit,different a bit more chunky than the gla,theres this extra panel here this,silver trim here and here which does,look kind of nice,also the shapes in the door are slightly,different as well just a bit more kind,of,upright and suv like quality wise softy,softy comfy,comfy but then scratchy scratchy,scratchy which is fine that feels solid,though,this bit like on the a-class and the gla,all wobbly and flimsy so,its a bit kind of hit-and-miss in place,but overall the quality is good and the,design is really cool,as with the a-class i love the turbine,style air vents really nice the big,thing about this car though,is the driving positions loads of,headroom here in the front which means,you can jack up the seat quite a way,and so youre seeing them really really,high its great view ahead now if you,want to you can adjust the steering,wheel as well to get yourself nice and,comfy and theres enough adjustment in,that that you are going to be fine no,matter,whether youre big or small in this car,because you can lower the seat all the,way down if youre,very very tall and youre still sitting,up pretty high as well,you can extend the lower seat base as,well for,a bit of under thigh support it is an,easy car to get comfy in,really is and like i said it feels like,an suv,for me the biggest selling point of the,glb is just how good it is for carrying,passengers,i mean look how much room i have here,loads of knee room,loads of foot space i can stretch out,because the cherry in front is raised up,its brilliant and i can slide the seats,and they,do recline as well which is also good,now theres a bit of a hump in the floor,here but its not particularly big so if,you do need to carry three at once,its perfectly doable plenty of foot,space for everybody this seat is a,little bit on the firm side but its not,uncomfortable and the cars body is,quite wide so you can,fit three adults across the back another,thing i like is this look youve got a,huge rear window,and the window ledge is low so kids will,be able to get a decent view out,plus will it come on will it will ya,come on will it yes,the window goes all the way down which,means that your big labrador can stick,its head out and,drive along you know like,theyre trying to bite the air one thing,that is really good about this car in,this middle road is this look,there is loads absolutely loads of,headrooms even if youre dead taught,youre going to be fine,but then theres this element if i pull,this down like that,you will see we have a third row of,seats im going to put this,chair in a position that id be happy,with and then well see,if i can fit behind this seating,position so,lets give it a go here we are just pop,this up come on,come on the

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2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 – A Well Priced Luxury Compact SUV

today were going to take a look at the,2022 mercedes-benz glb 250. this is the,entry level suv for mercedes-benz its a,luxury compact suv,this particular model has a secret price,of 45,330. the exterior color is polar white,and this model isnt as specked out as,it could be but when you start adding,options obviously the price goes up,pretty fast but,the pros of this model is that it has a,good comfortable ride its very nimble,and easy to get around with and it does,have a lot of nice features for the,price point of this particular model but,there are some things that are missing,as well,and for 2022 you will find that there,are some changes to available features,just the way things are packaged and,there is a new amg night package that,you will find as well hopefully we can,feature one of those in the near future,well just take a quick look here you,have everything you would expect here on,the front end and maybe something you,wouldnt expect were gonna have fog,lights on the lower portion of the,bumper right there sensors around the,vehicle and quite a few cameras lets,talk about whats under the hood and,what motivates this glb 250 to get down,the road under the hood is the,turbocharged four-cylinder its a,two-liter engine it puts out 221,horsepower and 258,pounds feet of torque its made into an,eight-speed automatic transmission and,heres the big advantage especially,right now with gas prices being as,ridiculous as they are,what youll find is the mpgs 24 miles,per gallon city 32 on the highway a,combined total of 27,and 3.7 gallons of gas should be used,for every 100 miles you drive so there,is a big advantage to that lower,horsepower at least for the time being,and in the long term it will save you,some gas money here is a quick look at,the remote you do have the mercedes me,app that will allow this model to start,remotely thats not on the remote itself,one thing you wont find here a couple,of things that you wont find here well,get to them as we can but you wont find,a power rear liftgate obviously thats,available if you need it but lets talk,about cargo capacity,22 cubic feet all the way up to 62 cubic,feet there is a little bit more space,located here under the floor if needed,and you can use this cargo cover if,desired the retractable cargo cover to,hide things away when youre out,shopping ladies and whatever youre,doing during the week,that is removable by the way if you want,to now how do you maximize to those 62,cubic feet of cargo space well in this,particular case its just a release,right here well release that and that,also shows that not only can you fold,down these split rear seats back here,all three fold down but you also have a,pass-through right here that is a bit of,an advantage and well hop on inside,here and take a look at what we have,here is the size of your doorbend lets,see if we get the camera down there,there we go,you can put a pretty good size bottle in,there maybe a couple of snacks behind,that i will close the door to kind of,help muffle some of the sound map nets,on the back of the seats its not a map,pocket its a map net right thats what,it looks like at least its net material,and you have the air conditioning vents,back here and also some connectivity,with two usb ports and right here is a,power outlet im going to take a quick,look here at the passenger side door a,little bit larger door bend than what,you have in the rear what are those,things i talked about that are missing,well you might notice right here you do,have heated seats but they are not power,adjustable although they are adjustable,fully adjustable first time i think ive,seen a mercedes-benz model since we,started making these videos that were,not powered so just so you know they are,heated seats,and you do have a large glove box right,here,show you how deep that is and maybe i,dont know how well you can see it on,the screen i know i can see it but its,a little bright out here there is some,of the ambient lighting that is,throughout the interior a little bit,more right down here there is quite a,bit thats one of the features that is,very prominent in this model and i most,certainly cant forget the fact that you,do have the split sunroof somewhat of a,panoramic but id call it more of a,split than anything else with the larger,portion here in the front and a smaller,portion in the rear,fair time to the drivers side door not,much more here than what we saw on the,passenger side you do have the child,locks and the adjustments for the power,side view mirrors those are folding side,view mirrors so when you hit the remote,which ill demonstrate that might as,well since were here right let me grab,the remote out of my pocket and well,hit the lock button just so that you can,see those mirrors fold in the turn,signal indicators built in there just so,you know what is there and then well,hop back into the interior here there is,quite a bit here considering the price,point of the vehicle i think it does,very well well hit the push button,start which is right there i like the,fact that the auto stop start feature is,right underneath you can turn that off,thats always nice and as you can see,there is our instrument cluster you can,go through quite a few features here and,change a lot of things,ill tell you what even being the,entry-level model that is not the,highest end with all the options you,still have a lot of great features here,that you can use and take advantage of,theres just no shortage i really like,that steering wheel mounted controls,paddle shifters here as there is a sport,mode well look at the mode shortly and,you have the mini trackpad you can go,home you can do whatever you need to do,i call that the mini trackpad at least,as you can see its on both sides this,one corresponds with the screen here in,the middle of the dashboard lets go,ahead and get out of that and we can go,home,and take a look at whats your apple,carplay android auto you can pair your,smartphone all that good stuff is here,youve got your comfort and ambient,lighting we can go in here and change,that there it is the 64 different colors,that are available you can make quite a,few changes there including going to the,brightness settings theres your,mercedes me app you can use that like i,said thats where youre going to find,remote start is in that app when you put,it on your smartphone and then settings,for the vehicle there is a lot here,youve got your assistants features if,i can get that to come up not as much as,you can have but it is available youve,got vehicle as far as different settings,you can change there we looked at,lighting,and here is the dual zone climate,control you can change everything there,obviously some connectivity here if it,had wireless charging which it does not,on this model it would be located right,here there is a 12 volt power outlet,right there cup holders and if you dont,want to use the touch screen the mbux,system well you can use the track pad,right here to work your way through,things and go home go back whatever you,want to do you can do right there its,pretty easy that way if you dont want,fingerprints on the screen well theres,your option and heres how you select,your driving modes lets take a look at,exactly what those are just like i,promised so youre going to start down,here on eco comfort sport and then,individual and if youre wondering what,this is its kind of a wrist rest so you,can use the track pad more comfortably,several one touch buttons for active,park assist you can go into the vehicle,right here everything here easy to use,theres your volume control you can push,that down to mute the volume if you need,to and the bombay door is revealing what,really turns out to be quite a deep,console,very impressed with that because it,didnt look like it was going to be that,deep when i first hopped into the,vehicle,all right,the big test here im in sport mode,were going to see how well this glb 250,accelerates and im going to tell you,what not even

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2023 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 is a great entry into luxury SUV. Review and test drive.

2023 Mercedes-Benz glb 250 is one of the,smallest SUVs in Mercedes lineup the,smallest ones the CLA then this one is,the closed second now this is the only,small SUV in Mercedes lineup thats also,available in a third row seat in case,you didnt know that now I found this,vehicle at Mercedes-Benz of Bonita,Springs and their new car inventory so,huge shout out to big thank you for,those guys for allowing me to film it,and take you on the complete tour of,this vehicle which were going to do,today check it out from the exterior,interior play with some of the amazing,technology on this vehicle at the end of,this video Im going to take you guys,for a spin in it so if you like videos,like this and Automotive content is your,thing my name is Matt here on Matt the,car guy I post two car reviews every,single week so if you want to check out,the rest of my channel consider,subscribing give me the like if you like,this video really means a lot to me now,lets get back to this,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],if you just looked at the picture of,this vehicle and I wasnt standing right,next to it youd probably think that,its much bigger than this it does have,this presence about it when you look at,the photo of It kind of reminds me of,the much bigger Mercedes-Benz GLS of,course it is much smaller Im six feet,tall you know you can see that,definitely this is a compact SUV lets,start with the front of this vehicle but,before we get to it lets talk about the,color they call it denim blue really,really nice youve seen a lot of,different Mercedes models and then lets,go to the hood the hood is nice and long,for the size of the engine the size of,this vehicle and it does have very,distinct Body Lines right in the middle,two of them creating this brace in the,middle of it as well as two on the sides,to make it more muscular and more sporty,look for this little SUV Mercedes Star,right here as well as the big star right,in the middle of this Grille which is,quite large for the size of this now,behind this is where a lot of the,technology for the safety Heights on,this Mercedes-Benz in addition to that,it does have the front view camera and,right behind it you have this matte,black mesh Grille thats open on the,bottom closed on the top its also open,right in the bottom portion of this,bumper and then in that front fascia,right here is covered in Chrome moving,from the bottom to the top you have the,fog lights and then you have this fully,LED high performance Mercedes Benz,lights very nice very visible at night,you also have this very pronounced LED,daytime running lights that are also,serving as a turn signal well lets pop,the hood lets see what powers up this,little thing so lets check this out,guys right here you can see this big,Hood strut over here holding this Hood,nice and tall and underneath it you have,the same engine that is shared between,so many different Mercedes-Benz model,now it is 2.0 liter turbocharged engine,producing 221 horsepower 258 pound-feet,of torque this particular one is mated,to an eight-speed dual clutch automatic,transmission and it does actually give,you a pretty good gas mileage 24 in the,city 32 on the expressway combined 27,miles per gallon now just like the front,the side of it is also very similar,shape wise to the GLS of course it is,much smaller that in Blue Collar really,like it I like these wheels now those,are optional 19 inch wheels as far as,the size of the tires in this particular,one 235 50 of course r19 for the size of,the rim and then you have this matte,black cladding that starts over the,wheel wells continues at the bottom of,this vehicle and to break it up and make,it more luxurious Mercedes than this,chrome trim piece thats over here also,the top of the door handles are covered,in Chrome and while I did that you can,see that the mirrors folded in that,means that it does have this keyless go,smart entry system all I have to do is,stick my hand underneath beneath this as,long as the case somewhere on me the,vehicle will unlock the mirrors will,unfold and the mirrors also have the,turn signals Incorporated in it and this,is more of a satin Chrome setup right,around the windows and since it is,available with the third row seat as an,optional equipment theres also this,larger window to allow those in the,third row seat to have a little bit more,of a view right and one thing that it,jumps out at you when you look at this,particular vehicle you see those roof,rails now those are standard on every,glb now theyre non-functional unless,you put the crossbars on it and then you,can put stuff on top of it to carry,since this is still a compact SUV so you,might need something bigger than that,this particular one also has this huge,panoramic sunroof that basically covers,up a good two-thirds of this entire roof,of this vehicle were going to check it,out while on the interior so lets move,to the background and see what it looks,like from there so the squareness,continues right in the back over here,see they needed to extend this portion,to accommodate for that optional third,row seat if you choose to get one and,this portion basically is very much,straight down now it does have a pretty,Colgate spoiler incorporates the third,brake light rear wiper thats exposed,over here on one side you have the glb,250 now this is a front-wheel drive,version but if you were to get a 4matic,which is an all-wheel drive youd have,the 4matic badge on the other side and,again you have the fully LED Mercedes,lights and this is the full setup thats,got the turn signals its got the backup,lights its got the regular tail lights,now the reflector lights are right at,the bottom you have this chrome piece on,top of the rear bumper and some of the,matte black and then the Chrome right,underneath here now you have this fake,exhaust on both sides theres nothing,real about it the real exhaust is,actually right underneath this vehicle,and it does have a power gate so lets,open it up Ill see how much room we,have in the small SUV,well its walk up to it and see what we,have first of all you can see this light,over here right its a red on the side,and white at the bottom to kind of to,illuminate the space space underneath,here you have the lock and close two,buttons this one will basically close,the gate and and this one will close it,and lock it now you have this two huge,struts power struts over here that help,you to operate this gate and look at the,space over here now this is without the,third row seat we dont have a third row,seat in this particular one it is an 850,option if you wanted to go for one now,we have this double floor so lets see,whats underneath here and theres quite,a bit of space and more storage now it,doesnt have a spare tire it only has,um some well it doesnt even have the,tools to help you inflate the tire maybe,they just store it in another place but,quite a bit of room if you dont have,the third row seat now you can only,imagine how much smaller it would get if,he had this third row seat now the third,row seats are only designed for people,that are shorter than about five foot,seven so essentially for kids or people,have much smaller posture than myself,cargo cover thats retractable thats,completely removable as well as the,seeds are folding down so if you need it,to fall them out you can all three of,them so theres a 40 20 40 setup over,here I cant actually fold it on from,here Id have to do it from inside of,the vehicle so maybe well do it when I,talk to you about the interior sitting,in this compact SUV I dont feel as,cramped as one would expect from the,small vehicle like this I do have plenty,of Headroom even though this is like I,said the compact SUV but I think thats,because its square and its got the,straight roof line over here I do have,enough room in front of my knees by the,way I am six feet tall for the point of,reference so no shortage of neuro now I,if I needed to I could move this seat,forward a little bit if I needed

2021 Mercedes GLB250 Review and Off-Road/Snow Test

on this episode we take the new,mercedes-benz,glb 250 into the woods to see if boxier,really is better,[Music],if youre a fan of boxy crossovers but,still want that luxury experience the,new mercedes-benz glb,might be the small crossover youve been,waiting for,you can get the new glb in two distinct,flavors,the high strung 302 horsepower amg,edition,or this the 2021 glb 250.,the model were testing today is loaded,with more than 9 000,in factory options for a total price of,49,725 us dollars including destination,and delivery under the hood of the glb,250 is a single powertrain,option this is a two liter inline four,cylinder,thats been turbocharged for up to 221,horsepower,and 258 pound-feet of torque its,connected to an 8-speed automatic dual,clutch transmission,and it powers all four wheels through,mercedes 4matic all-wheel drive,epa rates this setup at up to 30 miles,to the gallon on the highway,and 23 around town,walking to the back and the boxy,proportions really stand out,this is a quite different look from all,the coop styled crossovers that have,been coming out of germany,using the motion sensor i can open the,rear gate with a wave of my,foot in the back it has up to 22 cubic,feet behind the second row,the glb is available with a third row,which is unique for this class,but our tester didnt come with it fold,the seat down for up to 62 cubic feet of,total storage,that is a significant increase over the,glas 50.5 cubic feet of total capacity,the cargo floor includes a strap for,easy access to tools and accessories,it even includes some flexible holders,for small items,now the second row of these little,crossovers can sometimes be a challenge,for a grown adult,oh yeah this isnt bad thanks to the,boxy design i have just,buckets of headroom up here i also get,my own armrest and overly complicated,cup holders that pop out,down here 5 volt usbc and,ac power the only thing im really,missing is,my own aircon control but at this price,point in a mercedes,usually youre just not going to get,that got to move up to the next in the,class,[Music],moving up front and yeah its a mercedes,you have that,trademark design language which really i,think,is quite extraordinary just the design,of these,vents and this steering wheel now the,steering wheel,is an optional amg unit this isnt what,comes with the base car,the glb starts at about 40 grand this,one,has 10 000 in options,so if you go down to the store and you,say i just want to see a basic glb,its not going to look like this its,powered on,oh yeah this has the dual 10 and a,quarter inch display system that i,absolutely love now this isnt the,easiest system to learn how to use,but if you kind of soak in it for a,couple weeks,you start to get pretty good at it on,the left is,the main gauge cluster and it is of,course all digital,we have lots of configuration options,here we have this really cool,touch sensitive track pad where i can,adjust the display to my liking and if i,want to go a little bit deeper i hit the,home button,and it brings up an even deeper menu of,options,and this is also where i can change the,overall design,and unlike some vehicles where when you,change the gauge cluster thats all that,changes,this one also changes the design in the,center display,like the gauge cluster there is a left,to right master menu,and you can control it with the haptic,feedback touchpad down here or,you can also just touch it on the screen,now i prefer to use the touchpad when,convenient although sometimes i do just,want to jab the screen,because i really just dont like,fingerprints on my display and this way,we can avoid doing that,lets just work left to right because,theres a lot to cover here,first off theres a phone you can do,mobile device integration there is,bluetooth for hands-free,going over to navigation this one has of,course yet another upgrade and that is,augmented reality turn-by-turn,instructions itll,actually take a camera view from the,safety system,and impose it with arrows its really,cool ill show that to you later,but lets go ahead and do a quick search,just to see how well this works,now this is where touching the screen is,really useful yes i can stroke out,letters here but,i much rather just poke up here lets do,cafe,vita yet another cafe,okay lets try a voice search,find cafe laudro,nothing,starbucks,oh well it can find starbucks obviously,the man is again,siding with big corporate coffee oh well,lets go ahead and,navigate there and boom very easy gives,you lots of information and the display,is,crystal sharp and looks amazing you can,also switch between two-dimensional and,three-dimensional views,oh we can find parking in the vicinity,lots of good options here,so moving across the menu structure next,we have radio,here i can pick terrestrial and then it,also of course supports,siriusxm and all the channels i do like,how i can just,quickly flick left to right between the,channels i dont have to have presets,so if im not really sure what i want to,listen to its very easy,to just kind of browse moving along we,have media integration and this is where,we can plug,in the iphone yes certain mercedes do,support wireless carplay,this is not one of them this is a cabled,only connection and it does support usbc,obviously it also supports android auto,now,there is a couple funny things first off,i gotta unlock my device for the first,use,great im not sure why theres such big,black bars it hasnt been reformatted to,the wide display like you get in the,audi q3,this one it just kind of feels like they,shoehorned it in there because literally,it is shoehorned into a box,but it does have all the functionality,and it is set up for either,touchpad or screen i find the screen,actually works way better its not as,responsive with the touch pad as i would,like,so theres that if i want to do a,carplay search i can just hold the,button up here,find cafe lotro,one possibility i see is cafe ladro on,urban closet in kirkland,and it finds it no problem boom there we,go next we have,comfort theres not a lot to adjust in,here but it is significant there is seat,kinetics,which isnt seat massagers just so you,dont make that mistake,what it does is it slightly adjusts the,seat while youre driving so that your,body,doesnt stay too static for too long,which kind of helps on long drives,um i dont know its its there,but the bigger thing here is the ambient,lighting and this is equipped with the,optional ambient lighting package,and you can do a lot of stuff with this,in terms of lighting you can go from a,multi-color,display to a multi-color animation i can,pick,pre-designed templates like ocean blue,and what it does is it changes the,colorized highlight pieces,in the vehicle and its actually pretty,cool because,they dont just have one or two strips,here no this entire vehicle,is equipped with these color accents,even inside the vents its just kind of,a fun thing,yeah its kind of useless but i think,its cool you know and you can adjust it,if you want it brighter or darker,and right now i have it set to animate,so its going between purples,and blues next we have the info screen,here on the info screen we have lots of,stuff to look at we can look at vehicle,data,engine data this basically gives us,extended gauges,in a very kind of cool way fuel,consumption,graphs all that kind of stuff moving,along we have mercedes apps if you want,to do,restaurants cafe lists if you want to,open up a web browser for some reason i,do kind of like the weather app in here,its pretty complete and even gives you,ski information if thats what youre,into which is good because this vehicle,is actually equipped with winter tires,they rarely equip,press cars with winter tires so were,going to use those a little bit later,and then finally we have settings this,is where you can enable and disable,things like traction control,hill descent control those are also,shortcuted with a button down below,but this also gives the full list of all,of the active safety

2022 Mercedes Benz GLB 250 – Is It The BEST Luxury Compact SUV?

hi everybody its tom from vehicle,visionary today were at mercedes-benz,of shreveport and this is the,entry-level suv for mercedes-benz its,their luxury compact model the glb-250,this obviously is a 2022 model and if,youre looking for an entry level,compact luxury suv well this is,definitely a good one to consider,it has a very spacious interior not only,for passengers but also for cargo well,get to all of that in just a little bit,it is a nice vehicle to drive around in,it handles well it has a good ride and,has a reasonable amount of power under,the hood based on what you will find,there and one thing that will be,interesting to show here a lot of people,always ask about the turn signal,indicators being built in the side view,mirrors yes you do have that here and,this is not going to be the highest trim,level that you can get,there is your remote what thats going,to look like youll notice remote start,is not there but you can get that,through the mercedes me app but heres,the cool thing is that you can hit the,lock button those are power folding side,view mirrors so thats always good to,know i know thats a popular feature,among many people youre going to find a,very bold look on the front end very,nice look with the way the turn signal,indicators surround the headlight,housing as they do also fog lights down,there on the lower portion of the bumper,but you might wonder what exactly is,under the hood lets pop that up and,take a look,here under the hood is the 2-liter,single turbo charged 4-cylinder its,made into an 8-speed automatic,transmission it puts out 221 horsepower,and,258 foot pounds of torque,and a lot of people are probably going,to say ah thats underpowered well well,find out on the test drive if that is,really true but heres the big advantage,especially right now at the time that,im making this video with gas prices,being really high 24 miles per gallon,city 32 out on the highway a combined,total of 27 and according to,mercedes-benz for every 100 miles you,drive this glb 250 you should use 3.7,gallons of gas thats not too bad,and for what this is being a base model,its not the highest end doesnt have as,many options as some have i like the,fact that it does have the hydraulic,strut right here to open the hood that,way if you do open the hood you dont,have to go hunting around for any of,those rods to put up and manually put it,in place its just a lot simpler process,if youre wondering whats new with the,2022 glb 250 there are minor changes to,feature availability and basically the,way those are packaged and there is a,new amg night package thats coming i,cant wait to get my hands on one of,those well definitely show it to you,here on the vehicle visionary youtube,channel when that happens i mentioned,earlier that there is a large amount of,cargo space within the interior,well lets talk about exactly what that,is 22 cubic feet on the minimum end all,the way up to 62 cubic feet and lets,just see if i can do this one-handed,there we go theres your cargo cover,which is removable by the way thats not,permanently permanently if i can get,that out of my mouth permanently affixed,in place and heres how youre going to,maximize your cargo space on this model,youre going to find a release right,here you can pull on that and down the,seats go and as you can see you do have,a pass-through right here,so if you want to put whatever it is,maybe youre going skiing in the,mountains or something like that your,skis can fit through here or whatever,you want to put right there but its,nice to know that that feature is there,and something else thats here that,might be a little bit of a surprise you,do have really kind of a split sunroof,but somewhat along the lines of a,panoramic sunroof and if you open the,gas door right here and you notice the,qr code and youre wondering exactly,what is that that is for first,responders in the event of an accident,if anyones trapped and they need to cut,into the vehicle they can scan this with,their phone it will actually show them a,schematic of the vehicle and where all,the charges are for the airbags and the,airbags themselves so they know what to,do and what to avoid to keep everybody,safe and well take a quick look here,you can put a nice blender bottle right,here your protein powder will be safe,right there you can shake that up,driving down the road at least the rear,seat passengers can and then well hop,in here and have the dual air,conditioning vents here on the rear of,the console in addition to some,connectivity in the way of the usb ports,right here and a power outlet right,there that can stow away when necessary,and also the map pockets are really kind,of map nets thats more of a net,material than a pocket material right is,there such a thing as pocket material,well that should be interesting to hear,about down in the comments section,and well take a look in through the,passenger side door a little bit larger,door bin right there so maybe a protein,powder bottle or a blender bottle i,should say and some snacks right here in,the rear area,heated seats here in the front seat so,theres the control for that now these,are manually adjustable seats everything,to adjust lumbar you can adjust the,angle of the rear area of the seat right,here the seat back and then obviously,down here you can move the seat back and,forth and a quick look into the glove,box there is a reasonable amount of,space in there thats a pretty large,glove box for the most part the drivers,side door not gonna be much different,than what we saw on the passenger side,you can control the mirrors and turn the,child safety locks on and off and all,that good stuff right there here is the,control for the headlights and all that,power parking brake can turn those fog,lights on and off and this is a,adjustable steering wheel the steering,wheel is fully adjustable tilting,telescopically although its manually,adjustable and if you want to make those,blinkers on the front end that i showed,you earlier,blink well heres how you do that you,push this into the up position to make,the right side work and into the down,position to make the left side work that,way you know how to use your blinkers,this model is equipped with blinkers by,the way shifter paddles here on the,steering wheel so you can drive,spiritedly in your glb 250,and your steering wheel mounting,controls everything you need is there,and you can go through quite a bit on,the dashboard im just using the mini,trackpad as i like to call it i know,thats not the official mercedes-benz,name for it but you can see what you,have there and all the different,features and functionality that you can,go through and then youve got your,center touch screen right here chock,full of quite a bit of information for,being an entry-level model for,mercedes-benz you still get a lot here,well go in here to light just to show,that you do have your ambient lighting,just like you normally would we wont,really be able to show that as well,today but you still get these 64 color,selections so thats always a good,option its just going to be kind of,hard to show the brightness i think,today just because of the fact that well,its a bright sunny day apple carplay,android auto you can pair your,smartphone all that good stuff and well,go into reverse and take a look at your,cameras and not just one camera thats,the good thing here youve got the,overhead 360 degree view camera there,well hit some other options here to,show you whats here,for the price point and what you get,here i think you get quite a bit so,multiple camera views definitely not,going to have any trouble seeing around,the vehicle and well go back in to park,in fact heres something interesting,lets see how many of you know,what model of vehicle,has a very similar shifter to this im,not going to say any hints or anything,like that but its not a mercedes-benz,in fact its not actually well i better,not say too much but tell me if you know,because im about to give that aw

2022 Mercedes GLB 250 // A Boxy Benz that Seats 7 for Only $38K (Anything New?)

whats going on youtube so mercedes is,of course known for having a very,expansive lineup of vehicles at all,different sizes and today were standing,next to one of their smaller and more,affordable suvs the glb,mimicking the styling of its big brother,the g wagon the gob has offered great,space while sporting mercedes classic,boxy design look,but in the crowded luxury suv segment,how does the glb stand up against the,competition lets go ahead and find out,[Music],all right so lets go ahead and talk,about the exterior styling right off the,bat of course uh the glb really has uh,thats the exterior styling really is,kind of one of the things that really,stands out about the glb because it has,a boxy design and most of its,competition does not have a boxy design,they go for a more streamlined look,so up here in the front youre going to,notice a nice upright front fascia a,large grille this is kind of the classic,mercedes look but we do have a little,bit of a tougher design because weve,got,four different bars that run through,here with the little accents of course,you can make this look a little bit,sportier if you go for the amg model,thats going to give you that amg,grille but other otherwise most the,models are going to look just like this,one,now lets also talk about the headlights,of course being a mercedes you are going,to have standard led headlights thats,what youre looking at right here so you,have a projector led low beam its,actually going to be a reflector led,high beam and then youve got the,daytime running light and turn signals,kind of wrapping around you can get a,fancier led arrangement if you want to,have that with adaptive abilities as an,option and then down below you will find,your led fog lamps as well,now as we move around to the side of the,glb we come to our wheel options of,course you got a lot of different,choices this is actually the standard 18,inch alloy as you can see its got kind,of a plain silver design you can get,lots more expressive options if you so,desire you can even go up to 21 inch,alloys if you choose that 35 amg model,and then as we come up here to the,mirrors you will find standard heating,as well as standard blind spot,monitoring on all glbs if you choose the,premium package thats going to give you,the other two features that youre,missing which is power folding as well,as auto dimming abilities,all right so here at the side of the glb,is where youre going to notice the boxy,design the most as you can see they,really have squared off a lot of,different elements in an effort to make,this look somewhat kind of like that g,wagon the pinnacle mercedes suv and i do,like the way it looks and apparently a,lot of americans like the way it looks,as well because its been selling pretty,well since it came out now as far as,some of the individual design elements,you will notice we have the blacked out,wheel arches on this model we also have,some chrome window surrounds in the very,square shape although you do have a,little bit of a,design swoop there we also have some big,roof rails up at the top,now moving around to the rear design,nothing is going to change for 2022 in,terms of the overall look of it as a,matter of fact one of the main changes,for 2022 is a new paint color called,rose gold thats an interesting color if,youre interested in making your car,look like your iphone and as far as,the rear design itself,we do have a rear wiper up here at the,top and then if you break down some of,the other design elements these tail,lights are going to be reminiscent of,what you see on other mercedes suvs like,the glc theyre going to be full led,although they have a little bit more of,a boxy shape than some of the other,mercedes,suvs dropping down to the lower area you,will notice that we have some more matte,black plastic and at the very bottom we,do have some chrome trim to kind of,spice up the design were also going to,have dual integrated exhaust outlets and,you would have a slightly sportier,design if you go for the amg versions,now for your safety systems,mercedes-benz is only going to include,one of those as standard equipment on,every single glb thats going to be for,to mercy braking,if you want some of the other more,advanced safety systems you will have to,add the drivers assistance package,which will further throw in your lane,keeping assist your auto high beams and,your adaptive cruise control systems now,as far as your warranty is concerned,youre looking at a basic and power,train warranty of four year 50 000 miles,well guys that wraps up the changes on,the outside for 2022 as you can tell,there werent many now lets go ahead,and see on the inside and see if there,are changes in there before we take it,out in a test drive,so as you probably saw on the outside,there was a storm coming and that storm,has arrived so i went ahead and got,inside of the cabin here to talk about,this glb,of course no significant design changes,this year since this is a pretty fresh,model and well go ahead and start off,by talking about your different interior,color and material choices or actually i,should rather go ahead and show you the,key first,this is the typical mercedes key fob you,got the real metal trim down there at,the bottom,since this is the 250 model we just have,the matte finish on here you would get,the gloss black amg key fob if you went,for the 35 amg,now returning back to those colors and,materials this is the standard mb tech,synthetic leather,youve got the choice between this black,macchiato or a nivea gray contrast,option,there is no color contrast stitching or,anything so this is a relatively basic,looking seat however you can upgrade to,real leather thats going to give you,some additional color options including,the one thats my favorite which is the,two-tone black and red option,now one of the interesting things to,talk about,today is the fact that we actually have,full manual seats on board with this,including the drivers seat,that,is because of a the covet chip shortage,um you know certain features had to be,deleted and on this particular model we,got 700 to go to full manual seats but,its certainly very weird to see that a,mercedes that doesnt have the uh you,know power seats over here on the door,trim itself,now speaking of the door trim lets go,ahead and talk about that if you can,hear me over the rain,we do have a nice leather padding here,across the armrest with a stitching,detail and a soft touch plastic along,the top again with the stitching detail,this particular model has whats known,as spiral trim,and then we do have the optional heated,seats for about five hundred dollars you,can get seat ventilation as well all for,the windows will be one touch automatic,heading across the upper dashboard here,it is going to be a soft touch plastic,no stitching details and then weve got,the spiral trim piano black and a faux,aluminum accent through there with your,three prominent vents,and then of course down here in the,center console we got those same,materials once again,no padding or anything like that but,everything does fit together nicely,now start it up put your foot on the,brake and press the standard button,and after you start it up the first,thing youll be greeted with is this,gauge cluster,so we have the optional dual 10.25 inch,display setup,you can actually get a standard,equipment rather its going to be a,seven inch display on both of these with,really thick bezels however ive never,seen one equipped like that,the vast vast majority will come with,the premium package which includes the,dual 10 and a quarter inch displays this,gauge coats are really nice looking very,vivid very crisp graphics fully,reconfigurable you can adjust all the,things right there in your steering,wheel settings,the windshield wipers are going to be,rain sensing on this model as we pull,back to the steering wheel weve got,that traditional mercedes design here,nicely leather wrapped silver accents,again youve got some of those tou

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