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  2. Glock 17 Gen 5 First Shots – Part 1
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  5. Gen5 Glock 17 Test & Review: Is It Perfection?
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[Applause],welcome to firearms of america today im,back here at shooters in fort myers,florida,finally with the glock,17 generation five,now every time i talk about the,generation five blocks usually for the,past reviews,ive been mentioning how glock came out,with,a lot of new pistols well a lot of new,handguns with their,newer generation five one so theyre not,exactly,generation five theyre all new glocks,this however right here definitely,is the generation five because it,was in a generation four it wasnt a,generation three,it wasnt a generation two and the,generation one,in fact this is the very original,glock the very very first,black that ever came to life in austria,back in,nineteen something all right i did the,history on uh amazing history,of glock check it out its pretty good,alrighty so uh,chambered in nine millimeter four and,almost four and a half inch barrel 4.49,actually four and a half inch barrel uh,17 capacity magazine thats the standard,magazine that it comes with,and uh you probably noticed this orange,thing this is what you get in the,generation five this is a,they upgraded magazines for generation,five not by much,just literally the color here uh,i do like it makes it easier to load so,lets do,in fact load and uh try to hit some,targets,see if we are any good,now uh nine millimeter in original glock,17,all the way in generation five so,upgraded by quite a lot,um four and a half inch barrel should be,a,handling recoil like nothing lets see,if its the case,and uh in fact it looks like i did,forget my uh,safety gear right now were ready,so put some five rounds and uh,i think im gonna try to get,that yellow circle in the very middle,i love the slide,lets see if we can hit it,all right dont get too excited,[Music],glax 17 doesnt let you down,alrighty so nine millimeter four and a,half inch barrel,handles the recoil beautifully i have to,mention with the generation five they,did upgrade,the spring in the slide so the guy rod,is a little bit heavier,so what that does is,it feels a little bit heavier,to rack this thing compared to the,generation four,however it definitely helps,with the recoil its a little bit of a,compromise there but lets talk about,some,other things that theyve done of course,one of the main differences,as you can see in the generation five is,the grip they completely got rid of the,finger grooves that you would see on,generation 3 and the generation 4 glocks,honestly i kind of did like those finger,grooves but however this,feels really really good regardless,without them,as well um might actually be a little,bit better i dont know,the more im shooting these generation,five blocks the more im liking the new,grip just because its more versatile,compared to the generation four and the,generation three because there are no,finger grooves,now the stippling is the same as on the,generation 4,same throughout the whole grip,feels fairly aggressive in a good way in,a very very good,way all right your mag release is nice,and flat a bigger area compared to the,generation three,it is reversible in case,if you are a lefty not a leftist lefty,big difference there and of course the,slide release on this particular black,model on glock 17,is ambidextrous so yes,this glock right here is definitely,lefty friendly,not leftist lefty all right um,keep that in mind because there are a,lot of glocks out there a lot of glock,models,that do have a reversible mag release,but they dont have the ambidextrous,slide release so if you are a lefty and,you do,consider reversing the mag release make,sure to check out and see that,you know the flight release is,ambidextrous alrighty so,so far so good lets do some five more,rounds and then we will talk about the,trigger,and the size alrighty so,now the glock magazines all right the 17,is the standard one,but whenever it comes to getting the,extended magazines,with you know higher capacity just you,can go as crazy as you want,as long as you dont live in california,because they only have 10,which is freaking weird but whatever,whoever created it,is an idiot anyway so you can have,yourself a 21,22 uh 30 capacity magazines,just as long as your whatever,imagination there are plenty of them out,there,the uh original glad magazines like this,one,and of course there are a lot of,aftermarket ones as well and probably,already noticed that,magazine is very very nicely numbered 17,very easy to load and you do get with,your brand new glock purchase,first of all you do get two of those and,you also get yourself a,speed loader in case if you are into uh,stuff like that all right so lets see,five more rounds this time ill try to,hit,a few of those flappy battles see if i,can be accurate with this,i love the slide release on this thing,very intuitive,feels very good,all right now too chevy looks like uh,i have one of those disappear on me in,the back,hopefully somebody hits the post,alrighty so lets talk about the uh the,trigger,the trigger is your typical,glock trigger nothing crazy over here,you probably already noticed the safe,action system,which was implemented uh specifically by,the glock in order to,give you um some drop safety in case if,you accidentally drop,from the accidental discharge is thats,what it does,basically how it works is unless you,have your finger,on this pre-trigger right here you wont,be able,to press the trigger yes as you can see,but lets talk about the main trigger,now we have this pre-trigger,obviously that gives you a little bit of,that psychological getting ready right,and then we have about,about two and a half three millimeters,of very safe,familiar travel and then,a crisp break so excellent excellent,trigger on the glock absolutely love it,now whenever it comes to the sides you,have your standard,typical glock size if youre not new to,the glocks you already know,what this is your standard three dot,three post size except its not really a,dots,on the back kind of like a bar going,and if you are brand new to this black,side it might take you a little bit to,kind of get used to these sides,uh but just concentrate on lining up the,posts and thats really all that matters,dont concentrate that much on the white,stuff,concentrate on the post lining up,alrighty so on the slide,we do have serrations on the back we do,have,serrations on the front uh in case if,you are,that type of uh racker,already you probably already noticed the,accessory,rail that is over here if you want to,put on a,laser or flashlight and of course you do,have uh,some aggression on the front of the,trigger guard,in case if you want to have this sort of,a grip,but overall overall glax 17 is probably,one of the most popular glass out there,maybe comparable to glock 19 by the,popularity just because glock 19 is a,little bit smaller right,it has less capacity its 15 and the,barrel is a little bit shorter so its,easier to conceal,however can say most of the people,50 of the people probably not really,good estimation but,half of the people are preferring more,of the capacity,um than sacrificing that uh you know and,sacrificing that,concealability there is such a way,anyway lets put some five more rounds,through it,just because ammo is very very cheap,these days and easy to find,and uh lets see if i can finish up that,yellow circle in the middle,then well try to come up with some,reasonable,conclusion now if you ask me,is there really a difference between,glock,generation 5 and a generation 4.,specifically glac,17 yes there is but its not really huge,so if it comes down to,finding a good glock 17 in a good,condition,these days especially these days because,they are hard to come around,uh manufacturers they are on the back,order,um the wholesalers theyre all empty,the stores for the most part are empty,especially for stuff like this,you know nine millimeter handguns as,good as glock 17.,um if you do come around and it is,generation four or even generation three,still go for it you know its not really,going to be,that much that h

Glock 17 Gen 5 First Shots – Part 1

whats up bear nation today we were,talking about the Gen 5 Glock 17 you,know see that you know the deal Gen 5,got no finger grooves it has an,ambidextrous slide release it has the,larger mag release button thats,interchangeable and this one,particularly has the Glock factory,tritium 3 night sights other than that,its standard and this one has never,been fired,its out brandnew and these are gonna be,our first rounds through this full-size,combat platform full size asterisk Glock,17 bare hand when you run a 45,this thing is little and yes it is a 17,clock 17 not the 19 but I was at my,buddy the Patriot plumbers house and I,was running his g34 which shoots like a,laser beam and it either had these sites,or something similar,like you know what Im a fanboy Ill get,one Ill try it out so were out here on,the range today please bear with any,gunfire toddlers wives children chickens,guinea hen sheep goats roosters ducks,neighbors wind and bears that you may,hear in the background and Im gonna go,back to five yards Im gonna shoot a 10,round group first group ever out of this,gun with federal 250 round box value box,115 grain ball ammo and then I think Im,gonna do double Mozambique drill with,some reloads and well see what happens,holster is a Bravo concealment for a,light bearing with a tlr-1,and its alright I dont like the fact,that the retention isnt adjustable and,if youre new to this youre like hey,bear has a home range thing yeah Id do,this on patreon all the time once a week,we do a Corsa fire lets put our ears in,and the premise here is that Im Edie,seeing this gun so no war belt no plate,carrier no nothing these Oakley gas cans,from the SEC dock will be our I Pro,thank you brother and lets do it so 10,rounds Center plate first rounds ever,fired through this here platform and I,guess Im gonna try for accuracy,goodand definitely do better put that,Im bad one two three four five six,seven eight nine ten and as you can see,thats all clean okay,so lets do Mozambique with reloads,where were we right here like yall were,right there all right so you can see,weve got a 10-inch paper plate with an,8-inch Bowl above it so two to the body,one to the head two to the body one of,the heads then well reload and repeat,two to the body one to the head two to,the body one to the head for a total of,twelve rounds I should have one in the,chamber and I got five in that magazine,because I counted appropriately then,this reload has six in it so that should,be our six and six and lets do it see,what happens,[Applause],low left will you see better what youre,doing is youre anticipating yeah I got,it 1 2 3 4 1 2 1 2 3 4 that was way off,1,I dont know I dont know where that 1 1,lets mark those holes Im gonna do that,again clean good standby holes been,marked well try that again from a,five-yard line see what happens lets go,look,new holes 1 2 3 4 and then 1 2 up top,thats clean and here weve got 1 2 3 4,so thats good and then 1 2 right there,theres a hole so thats clean I dont,the time on that was but it felt good,for being the third iteration ever fired,how to set pistol what else you would do,okay cool lets do that no turn and draw,though just on three targets stand by,our battle goats have shown up to assist,in the loading of magazines this is good,right now theyre in the process of,establishing a perimeter and as you can,see theyre tactically waddling into my,field of fire which is good because,obviously this brings up the fact that,we need to clearly practice more,small-unit tactics with our livestock so,yeah guys take a note alright alright so,were still 5 were gonna do two rounds,as you can see weve got three new,targets across the top and just briefly,I realize we are blessed to have this,land to homestead on to practice on to,congregate on to live on and not,everybody has that but I would,definitely encourage you to work in that,direction but I would like to point out,that theres precisely zero point zero,dollars in investment on this range that,I have here and we train regularly,pistol right here right here,thats half a load of driveway stone,with an old door stood up with some,cardboard from pallets attached to it,with a staple gun and then these are,paper plates and a paper plate is great,because its about this big and if you,want to work on headshots,get a 3×5 index card for your terminal,tea or a bowl for the entirety of the,you dont have to put a lot of money,into this and while I would not turn my,nose up if some you know rich benefactor,said hey bear I want to build you a,million dollar range cool Im in dont,need it to get some reps in we are going,to do got three new targets up across,the top as you can see one two three,five yards two on each target reload two,on each target lets do it,the goats are out of the way Im pretty,sure shooter induced malfunction will,edit that out no we wont,this is real life lets do that again,you know what to do tap right bang,brand-new gun the slide came forward,trying to pick up that round before the,round got pushed up out of that magazine,lets continue,thats interesting,brand-new out-of-the-box magazine seated,the slide came forward but it didnt,catch that round out of the magazine and,thats obviously a different magazine,because we just reloaded lets do that,again,we should end up with eight holes in,each plate lets do that again,hopefully cleanly and without two,malfunctions three malfunctions one,being my fault tubing the guns fault,lets try again let us go look,one two three four five six seven eight,that aint bad Ill take it one two,three four five six seven eight,Ill take it dropped one right there,one two three four five six seven eight,23 out of 24 from five hmm guess were,just gonna shoot a lot of rounds through,this thing and see if it does that if it,has that issue with the magazine again,what happened,see what happened was the magazine was,in like so okay and the slide came,forward oh right Glocks the slide came,forward but it didnt strip another,round twice with two different max lets,keep playing with it all right,were back here at three oh were not,back here at three were back here at 7,by the way another generation 5,difference that it does have the,foreword cocking serrations if youre,into that you still feel so little in,the hand,were back at 7 were going to do three,we three reload three reload three cuz,merica,should have nine new holes that ones,touching the plate it counts one two and,I dont see a third to either its a,miss where it landed somewhere in here,over here one two three,so thats clean then over here weve got,one one two three,Ill mark those holes well do it again,no issues that time with the magazine,lets try again,its ten five is sneaky on my gen threes,and Im definitely taking advantage of,it how my Gen threes when the slide,locks back because the mag is empty drop,the mag right and it it does a pretty,good job of free-falling the mag,definitely better than my Gen threes,just honest input however when I drop,the spent mag and come back with a full,magazine when this happens if there was,a round at the top of this mag the slide,will close automatically and I have,several brothers that the same thing,happens the problem with that as if you,will and Im already doing it if you,make that a training habit with your Gen,5 but this your slides back right that,when you you come your slide locked and,you come to here and you reload youre,getting used to this action youre,getting used to that action bringing the,slide forward which it may do on a Gen 5,but at least for me on a gen 3 it does,not do lets see how our hits work we,should have three more on each one of,these top plates one 1 2 3 Ill take it,got a flyer right there,1 2,and who the hell knows where the third,one is I sure dont hmm I guess we,dropped two on that one then we got one,two three shoot better pair okay I guess,I will all right so were gonna die,were gonna do three on the bowl on the,left this guy here and then three over,here and

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The Glock 47 is Coming in 2023!

[Music],thank you,today on tfb-tv were talking about what,might be the best double stack Glock,ever the Glock 47 you wont be able to,buy one on the civilian Market until,after shot show 2023 but we can talk,about it right now James you say hold on,a second youre a Glock shill and the,Glock 47 is just a Glock 17 MOS,in a way,yes,to both but also no I want to tell you,the one thing about the Glock 47 that,makes it unlike anything else thus far,from Glock but I need to jerk you around,a little bit with a story to keep those,viewer retention minutes so put me on,mute come back in five back in April,2019 Glock was awarded a contract to,replace the 40 cal hkp2000 pistols used,by U.S Customs and Border Patrol which,had previously replaced the Beretta 96.,it was a massive 85 million 10 year,contract through 2029 and a huge W for,Glock the contract included the purchase,of the Optics ready Gen 5 Glock 19 MOS,you can get that and a modified Gen 5,Glock 26 with some minor tweaks you can,get that civilians can and could buy,those models when the contract was,awarded however Glock surprised pretty,much everyone when they publicly,revealed the Glock 47 at the same time,and for that matter the Glock 47 was,only us mention in passing Glock wasnt,marketing it to civilians yet after all,so there wasnt need to have a good,old-fashioned Glock and pony show to,drum up publicity the Department of,Homeland Security was the only buyer for,the 47. not to mention I mean look at it,its a Glock 17 frame Glock 17 slide it,uses the MOs Optics mounting footprint,its a Glock 17 MOS yeah its got maybe,some aggressive slide serrations it uses,my favorite ameriglo bold iron sights,but so what,well my brother and Gaston youre,talking to the right man right now the,Glock 47 uses a Glock 45 or a Glock 19x,frame not a Glock 17 frame the Glock 19x,and the Glock 45 are the full size 17,round nine millimeter Glock frames but,theyre made to work with the Glock 19,Slide the X configuration as its been,called that is a compact slide on a,full-size frame has been popular with,law enforcement for a number of reasons,that we wont get into in this video but,for concealed carriers like you and I we,want the opposite right we want the,Glock 17 sliding Barrel on the Glock 19,compact frame we get the better,ballistics of the Glock 17 with the,full-size Barrel but in a gun with the,Glock 19 compact frame thats easier to,conceal Glock has never given that to us,until today Glock 19 compact frame your,Glock 17 full-size slide that is from,the Glock 47 and,there you go youve got now a long slide,Glock 19. so its pretty easy to conceal,but youve got a full length Glock 17,barrel and slide which is kind of cool,and thats the big secret here think,about it the Glock 47 uses a Glock 45,frame the Glock 45 frame uses Glock 19,slides not 17 thus by deduction Glock 47,uses a Glock 19 slide thats true but,what Glock did with the 47 is the same,thing it did with the Glock 43x and the,48 the Glock 43x is that compact single,stack nine millimeter the Glock 48 is,the same gun just with a longer slide,and Barrel but on the same frame the,slides are interchangeable Glock made,this happen by making the longer 48,sliding Barrel except the 43x shorter,recoil assembly and thats exactly what,theyve done for the first time ever,here with Glock 47. the 47 secret is,that it uses a 17 sliding Barrel but it,uses the Glock 19 recoil assembly and,heres why thats brilliant neat thing,about the 47 if youve also got a N5,Glock 19 basically you have four guns,you have a Glock 19.,youve got of course the Glock 47 the,interesting thing about the Glock 47 is,that its made so you can swap a Glock,19 slide onto it basically making it a,19x that is like a 17 with a 19 slide,meaning that this uses the same,recoil assembly as a Glock 19.,so,you can make your 19x this ones got the,radian comp on it that they sent me I,havent tried it out yet so this is just,like a Glock 19x but whats even cooler,is something that weve all been asking,for for a long time you can take your,Glock 19 compact frame your Glock 17,full-size slide that is from the Glock,47 and,there you go so to make it clear if you,have a Gen 5 Glock 19 and a Glock 47 you,really have four Glocks a 19 a 47 a 45,and the previously unreleased Glock 19 l,or 19 long slide thats the big takeaway,from this video and probably why Glock,will sell millions of Glock 47s so,youre asking at this point then why,even get a Glock 17 anymore there has to,be someone out there an engineer,somebody who watches this video who,could explain the physics or the benefit,of why having the 17s longer recoil,assembly and recoil spring is superior,to having the Glock 19s but myself I,couldnt much tell the difference,between the 47 and the 17. Ryan and I,took them to the range we ran all four,configurations we just talked about we,brought a couple of accessories as well,for the Glock 47 slide I bought myself,the holosun SCS the SCS or the solar,charging system is one of the most,brilliant things that Ive used on TF TV,in a long time this is a holosun micro,optic micro Red Dot mines green but you,know you get it I dont think it has a,removable battery I think it just uses a,rechargeable battery that charges with,sunlight I think about how many times,Ive killed my solar G-Shock by not,taking it out of the dresser in the past,so it makes me worry a little bit to,have to rely on the sun to charge my,battery and I have no clue what the,battery life is for it but it worked and,it was bright enough in full daylight to,be usable maybe they should have called,it the hollow sun Birdman on top of that,its slim enough that you can co-witness,your iron sights most importantly it,requires no mounting plate I effing hate,mounting plates yes even the MOs and Id,rather just screw my optic into the,slide instead of into a plate that then,screws into the slide the SCS does that,for me it screws directly into the slide,with the MOs footprint no plates needed,this might be essential for MOS Shooters,if the battery life is good enough,second for the Glock 19 slide we use the,radian Ramjet and After Burner barrel,and Brake combo its a fancy 400 kind of,expensive muzzle brake and Barrel combo,that radiant sent me to review when you,install this combo in your Glock 19,slide it brings the Glock 19 slide to,exactly Glock 17 length so itll fit,perfectly in Glock 17 holsters it really,does seem to work in reducing recoil,from the Glock 19 slide and I think the,Glock 47 frame and Glock 19 slide may,have been the most shootable using the,afterburner muzzle brake I also think,that the 47 frame with the 19 slide and,the afterburner was Ryans favorite,combo of the day the Glock 47 itself was,of course fantastic having the optic,means great accuracy even further out,than 50 yards but my favorite combo was,of course the least shootable one we had,the Glock 19l that is the Glock 19 frame,with a Glock 47 slide yeah all of the,other combos were better Shooters of,course the full-size Glock 47 with the,full-size slide and frame its going to,shoot better than the compact frame with,the full size slide and that Glock 19,slide with the muzzle brake whatever you,put it on it actually shot really well,so the 19l combo wasnt the best,shooting of the four that we had however,it was still fantastic but for me,personally I like the combo the best,because its a gun thats going to be,just as concealable as my Glock 19 but,with the added benefit of a longer,barrel and with Optics mounting if you,dont have that already were gonna have,more details straight from Glock,whenever we make it to Shot Show,including pricing and availability these,arent going to be available at least,until after shot show so dont close,your browser and look for them right now,but in the meantime before we talk to,Glock in Vegas tell me what you think be,honest you thought the 47 was kind of,lame until I told you about the 19l hack,right huh tell me in the comment events,see you in Vegas,[M

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Unboxing – Glock 17 Gen 5

all right today were going to be,unboxing the glock 17 gen 5.,so its going to come in this standard,uh black,plastic box that most clocks come in,two gray latches on the side,and it flips open like that,so up top,underneath the foam youre gonna have,your manual,then also over here youre gonna have a,cleaning brush as well as a patch tool,so the clean brush looks like this and,its threaded on one end,and then the patch tool has a slot for,your patches,then a little pull,handle right there and then its,threaded,on the end,to put the brush on,this gun is going to ship with three,17 round,oem glock mags,all three have round indicators on the,back,and these are polymer mags on the,outside and then steel on the inside you,can kind of see the steel inserts there,on the bottom is going to be,glock branded floor plates,and orange followers,you also get a glock,branded mag loader,this is just going to aid in the loading,of the magazines itll help you push,down the follower and load rounds easier,you get an orange lock,as well as some additional back straps,this particular model only comes with,two,both of which have,a slightly larger beaver tail,and it also comes with the larger pin,needed to fit those on,as well as the tool,to remove the stock pin,so lets get everything out of the way,and then well start going to the,features of the glock 17.,all right got everything out of the way,so well start off with some close-up,shots as always,so if you didnt know the glock 17 is,essentially the full size,model that glock offers,its more of a i guess a duty-sized,handgun rather large in the hand,well start off with the barrel the,barrel here is going to be a 4.49 inch,barrel,with a target crown,at the muzzle,one in ten twist rate with polygonal,rifling,and glock on the gen fives they call,this,the marksman barrel,and it features also,that,very slick near diamond like or ndlc,coating,on the barrel,and that finish is also present on the,slide as well,its a very slick and very smooth,coating,on the slide youre going to have,front as well as rear slide serrations,thats present on both sides,smooth on the top,and then your sites are going to be your,standard,glock,sites the rear one is a white u-notch,polymer site and its dovetailed into,the slide,then the front one is a single white dot,sight,that is fixed via a,screw that goes from the bottom side of,the slide,your frame is going to be constructed of,polymer,you have a single picatinny rail section,in the front to attach any lights or,lasers,give some slight texturing on the front,right here of the trigger guard,slight undercut on the trigger guard but,most people,will find that theyll want that a,little bit deeper especially,on this side for your middle finger a,lot of people get something they call uh,i guess glock knuckle youll get a,little bit of a callus right there,but the fix to that is just,do a little undercut,under the trigger guard there,glocks texturing is a,pyramid,shaped texturing its actually quite,nice,to grip,then the front as well as the rear is,going to be directional,pyramid texture,so if you can see that it does all kind,of,face towards the rear,its kind of a slight hump in the back,here,your magazine well is going to be,slightly beveled,to kind of aid in magazine insertion,im going to show you how the 17 round,mags look,right there,and they do drop free so the controls,super simple controls like all other,clocks,uh what does come on the gen 5 is an,ambi slide stop slide release lever,right there,youre going to have an enlarged,magazine release button,that is reversible to the other side,features glocks,safe action system,so the first safety is going to be on,the trigger youre going to have that,blade right here that does need to be,depressed,before the trigger can be pulled to the,rear so,if you just press on the side the,trigger is not going to go anywhere you,do have to depress that,the other two parts of the glock safe,action system are going to be the fire,and pen safety as well as the drop,safety,the unloaded weight is going to be 24.97,ounces or 1.56 pounds,and the total loaded weight,is,33.33 ounces,and 2.08 pounds,if you guys got any questions on the,glock 17 gen 5 just drop a comment down,below thank you for watching

Gen5 Glock 17 Test & Review: Is It Perfection?

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],welcome back everybody today were going,over this pistol that you see in my,hands and you saw throughout the intro,this is a Gen 5 glock 17 so full-sized,nine-millimeter pistol but with the,generation 5 updates from glock so,before we get into that lets back up,and sort of see where this came from for,those that dont know Glock and Sig with,their p3 20 at least theyre military,version of it and of course Glocks,military version of the Gen 5 basically,went head-to-head for the modular,handgun system contract award from the,army Glock cost out at least as of right,now thats being disputed in the courts,and the sig p320 1 now the benefit of,that was that we get a new and improved,gun and one of the qualifications for,the MHS contract was that they had to,have a mean stoppages in terms of,malfunctions greater than 1 in 2000 so,you cant have more on average than one,malfunction for every 2000 rounds the,only two pistols submitted at least that,I know that made that that qualification,if you will is this one well of course,the version they submitted not this,exact one and the P 320 so certainly did,well in terms of reliability there were,some other reasons why the P 320 was,chosen again all that stuffs getting,worked out in court what were gonna do,today is just take a look at some of the,differences with this pistol put a whole,bunch of rounds through it and do an,accuracy test take a look at the,ejection pattern with a few different,loads because I know with some of the,newer Glocks that has been a problem,Ive reported on it here in the past and,I think at least looking around now Im,one of the first people to get one of,these out in a wild theres a few videos,on YouTube of folks that got invited,down to smear to Georgia so the Glock,Factory to check it out and we release,the videos a few days ago I was not,invited thats probably not a,coincidence with some of the things Ive,said about Glock in the past but I do,like Glocks they just they arent,perfect no guns perfect so if they have,flaws Ill point them out and we will do,the same here today with this particular,gun but one thing like I said were,gonna look at is the ejection pattern,thats a big deal nobody wants breasts,the face and the accuracy one of the big,changes to this gun is that unlike the,traditional Glocks with their polygonal,or polygonal rifling depending on from,yes this one has their marksman barrel,which has more traditional rifling it,also has a different crown out there on,the end so well test the accuracy of,that and go over the frame differences,like I talked about and thats pretty,much wrap it up at the end now function,I could have been me actuated the slide,release thats what it would look like,so thats kind of my guess right now,[Applause],same exact thing not sure whats going,on there for what its worth Magpul Meg,thats worked fine and every other clock,weve had it in empty that time as,promised well check out the ejection,pattern with a few different loads here,so first and foremost we have some 115,grain total Metal Jacket bullets here,from Minuteman munitions its primarily,what weve been shooting through the,pistol today well see how that does in,terms of ejection and then well put a,couple defensive loads through there as,well yep walk back on the last round so,no issues it seemed to eject just fine,next up will be the spear Gold Dot load,this 147-grain g2 loads so heavy for,calibre well see how that does,[Applause],there you go,walked open on the last round the,Jackson just from what Im seeing there,on the ground was a little bit more,positive in the last load we have here,is the HST 24 grain load were gonna,test all these accuracy wise here in,just a second but want to make sure they,function first right and eject properly,so this is generally one of my go to,carry or defensive loads for pistols so,hopefully it does well well in that by,far just looking at the pile of breath,beside me that had the most strong,ejection so but all of them seemed fine,in fact much better than some of the Gen,fours I have an even Gen threes for that,matter that have been produced recently,so thats a good sign,[Music],with the accuracy portion were gonna be,using the ctk precision rest here target,is downrange 25 yards and we have a few,different loads first up is going to be,munitions 115 grain total Metal Jacket,stuff for those dont know,Glocks barrel here they are claiming,that it can shoot sub 4 inch groups at,50 yards and thats the standard that,theyre made to with their new marksman,barrel so we will put that to the test,here today and see if itll do it I,should also point out that Im using the,factory plastic sights on this gun,theyre also offered with American,sights and I picked this up over at GG,distributors put that out and the prices,for each are below and if you are,eligible for blue label they also have,available pricing over there if they are,in your region of course but they do,offer the Americas which absolutely are,better sites in my opinion one thing,that I always say about box is that,theyre plastic sights here or just,really bad I dont personally like the,sight picture I dont find them terribly,accurate at least they dont aid in,accuracy and Ive seen him break so many,times that really Glock who sells,himself as a combat handgun which,generally they are and I grew with,should be putting on steel sights at a,minimum so they are the polymer sights,button we will do what we can here with,those just note the americos are a,factory option I will probably be,putting some Serge cons on there the HD,is down the road thats why I actually,opted for the polymer but were gonna,run it as we got it I did have to adjust,the rear sight because its way over to,the side when I got it in so whoever,assembled that you might want to check,on that,anyway target downrange is 25 yards,were gonna do five shot groups and see,how they do with various loads here,again Minuteman munitions is up first,thats you bad with that stuff its,certainly not match ammo of any kind,well continue with that theme well go,with some Fiocchi 115 grain I just,wanted to do a couple sort of match,defensive loads in a couple active loads,so well see what that does,I apologize for the wind if thats get,in the way were hoping a storm doesnt,come in right now so and I can finish,the video out so kyoki not bad results,again for non match ammo next up were,gonna go with the spear G 247 grand you,guys just saw me shooting through the,ejection portion of the video yeah that,does some heavy for caliber stuff that,one looks pretty good,I should point out Im using a factory,trigger now while on that note lets,discuss that a little bit so the trigger,updates is not one of the big five that,Glock is talking about in all their,marketing but the trigger on this gun is,different 100% is different the trigger,spring in the rear when you just,assemble it as you guys can see here the,photos is different its sort of like a,hybrid at least my initial impressions,again I looked at at once its sort of,like a hybrid of the New York trigger,and the standard trigger the brake on,this one is right at six and a half,pounds I might Tim knee gauge and check,it before I went out and again thats,with a little polishing a 25-cent,trigger job as its commonly referred to,but it feels pretty similar to most the,one thing I would say is that it has,less pre-travel so basically as soon as,you depress that little trigger safety,on there you feel the uptake very,similar again to the new york trigger,but its not as heavy as the old New,York triggers are so I dont mind it at,all Ive never minded Glock triggers I,really almost never put aftermarket,triggers on them I shoot them as mrs.,issue find for me as you guys can see,so far but just wanted to point out the,trigger itself is different on these,guns than any of the previous,generations so last up well put through,some of that federal hundred

Glock 17 GEN 5

if youve ever called Glock the Apple of,the gun world go ahead and hit that,subscribe button guys like and comment,the comments section is dystopian out of,control and very enjoyable so go down,there and check them out guys if youre,looking to support the channel multiple,venues to do that then this one is going,to be gun mag warehouse theyre a huge,supporter of this channel get magazines,from them discount code grantham we also,have lax ammo and vertex lax ammo so you,can get ammo and actually train and then,vertex so you can get sick plaid and you,can cosplay and do all that fun stuff,guys thank you for watching not so much,an amazing piece of history or something,very unique but we have the Glock 17 Gen,5 so I did a video on the Gen fives like,right when they were released without,having a whole lot of time when Im,sighs wanted to get some information out,but now that Ive had about seven eight,thousand no I close to nine thousand,rounds on Gen 5 Glocks I wanted to talk,a little bit about my experiences and,kind of do a full review on the Gen 517,so first off disclaimers I bought this,with my own money I wasnt given to me,by Glock or anything ammunition was,provided for by me,it obviously has slide work had done to,it that is from the Jaeger works they do,great stuff and I wanted the ability to,mount an armoire and I wanted some front,slide serrations which is why I sent it,to them does that affect the functioning,of the weapon in any way no not at all,so that didnt change anything about,this review so once again we have,another generational clock this is the,fifth generation of clock perfection and,they hit the undo button on a couple,things that were previously perfect but,basically the whole reason for releasing,a new Glock is that gastón it needs to,have more Horcruxes because he is,immortal and the more Horcruxes he has,the more he splits his soul and the less,human he becomes but,and hes immortal so what can you say,about that guys there are a lot of great,things about the Djinn five-block and so,without further ado lets get into them,so first off the heart of any firearm in,my mind is the barrel so Glock has,improved the barrel over older models,they have a new marksman barrel with a,target crown and all that kind of stuff,but what I understand its a little bit,tighter of a fit which gives you a,little more accuracy along with improved,rifling how often how much of that are,we gonna actually see thats kind of my,question when it comes to like improved,barrels cuz Ive always been of the,opinion that for most people the barrel,and the gun are way more accurate than,the person shooting them I have,personally noticed that this gun is more,accurate than my Gen 417 but not by a,whole lot I didnt I have made 130 year,you know yard shots that this from draw,and all that kind of stuff but I think,thats more due to training than it is,the barrel itself but let it be known,that the barrel supposed to be quite a,bit more accurate so good on Glock kind,of moving from the bear lets talk about,the slide a little bit so obviously Ive,had slide work done to this I have front,serrations along with the ability to,mount in rmr now the regular gen 517,does not have front serrations however,the Gen 517 m OS which is meant to mount,optics does have the front serrations so,people are going to ask me why didnt I,get the MOS since I wanted the ability,to mount and RMR well with the MOS,versions they mount their optics a,little bit higher than you would if you,got a gun milled for a specific optic so,because of that because its higher its,a little bit harder to code witness you,have to get taller sights and Im not,into that there are certain optics that,work really well with the MOS like the,shield and that type of thing,however I havent had a whole lot of,time on those optics to say whether or,not theyre proven so stand by on that,well be doing a review on that optic,shortly by surely I mean a month or two,so anyhow that is why I had the had the,work done to it now as far as front,serrations are concerned I know theres,a lot of whats the word we want to look,for debate about whether or not front,serrations are important why would you,need them so front serrations in the,ability to operate the weapon,the front is not a new concept weapons,such as the browning hi-power and the,beretta 92 had scalped front sight front,slides that way you could use the front,to manipulate the weapon so it isnt a,new concept now for me I know a lot of,people say oh if you have a fence or a,shions its so you can do press checks,and that type of thing whats the point,and I understand where youre coming,from because on the Glock switch to the,gen 5 when there is a round loaded the,extractor will push out and you have a,nice indicator letting you know that you,have a round loaded so no point in doing,a press check to see if you can see or,feel brass but the problem with that can,be that if you have thick gloves on,something like that it might be harder,to feel that so in my mind there is,still a reason for a press check now,besides that I like the front slide,serrations because its easier for me to,operate the weapon and clear,malfunctions from the front its easier,to do it from the front than it is to do,it from high everytime that gets me I,really need to watch my phrasing just,like Archer said but in case thats,there um the Agri works did some really,kind of minimalistic work on this which,is what I like I dont like a whole lot,of Gucci you know got each slide work,done on my slides so perfect on that now,when were speaking of slides we need to,talk about the coating so this one has,obviously been recoded since theres,slide work done now here is a Glock 45,which has the original coating still on,it now regarding the coating they have a,new coat which is called nd L see its,supposed to be tougher than any of their,other finishes that theyve ever used,yeah everythings always better and Im,sure there are many improvements Ive,seen some reports that perhaps that the,new end dlc coating is not as amazing as,we once thought i am doing a torture,test on some gen-5 that i have but that,will take a little bit of time before I,can report on that let it be known,though with the nd LC coatings that I,have my current gen fives I havent had,any problems but so before I can say,with some authority I want to wait,before I kind of report to you guys on,that will do a special video on that,once that comes into play,okay moving from the slide and the,coating lets talk quickly about the,sights so the sights on stock Glocks,still suck they are awful there are some,options that have like a marrow glows,like this Glock 45 does but even then it,marry blows arent always my first,choice so one of the things that youll,want to change on the Glock in my,opinion would be sights now I understand,they can be a little pricey around 99 to,a hundred dollars but theres a lot of,great sites out there you have night,vision you have 10 H if I marry glow,Trijicon HDS,so many great ones it just kind of,depends on what you want whether you,want fiber optic or tritium or what have,you but in this case since I was,mounting an R Omar I had to get,suppressor height sights so that I could,see the iron sights through the window,of the Trijicon RMR which in my mind is,vitally important with any type of red,dot equipped handgun that you still be,able to see your iron sights if youre,not familiar with Glocks the takedown,for some people causes some concern so,two levers right here on the other side,so you have to make sure the gun is,clear so youre good and clear point the,weapon in a safe direction pull the,trigger and then at that point youre,going to pull down on both levers well,were tracked in the slide about an,eight-foot inch you can take that slide,off do all the stuff that you need to do,like cleaning it and that type of thing,and you can simply push your back on,rack it and then your backup is ready to,go on the sides of the s

Glock 17 Gen 5 Unboxing! The Best 9mm!

whats up guys and welcome back to the,johnny q channel in this video ill be,unboxing and giving you the first,impressions of my glock 17 gen 5. here,is the glock 17 gen 5,beautiful as ever in the classic glock,box all the stuff on here that you need,to know about you know what it is what,model got the barcode serial number all,that good stuff so lets get into this,unboxing,and there it is thats what you get i,dont have all the magazines in here,just because i have them in my you know,gear bag but you get the glock 17,you get some beaver tails for the back,straps of your handle,get some magazines,got this little loader,got a lock,thats an extra bullet just to show you,guys before anyone comes at me,in the comments,we are unloaded nothing in there were,good to go so obviously theres a glock,i got this little tool that goes in the,barrel a little cleaning tool just put,that in there and screw it in and youre,good to go you can clean your glock got,a manual in here as well,and then some safety precaution stickers,up there so,there it is this is the glock 17,gen 5.,it has been,my go-to,my go-to gun for the last,i would say year or so,and this is the gun that i will be,issued,in the police academy actually,about less than a week i will be issued,this gun as im going into law,enforcement and so theyre going to give,us this glock 17 gen 5 same model to be,quite honest with you i truly love this,gun for so many reasons but ill give,you just a few so lets just start off,with the overall dimensions of this,firearm the overall length is about 7.95,inches the slide length is 7.32 inches,the width is 1.34 and the slide width is,1 inch the height including the magazine,is,5.47 inches the barrel length is 4.49,inches and the mag capacity is a,standard 17 plus one in the chamber so,you have a system safe action trigger,and it holds nine by 19 millimeter,caliber uh ammo the weight with an empty,magazine is,24.97 ounces and the weight with the,loaded magazine is 33.33 ounces that my,friends is the glock 17 gen 5. now my,first impressions out of the box at,first its daunting for new users for,new people getting into this field the,more that you work with your weapon you,go out and just put in reps at the range,and the more that you use your firearm,the more comfortable you become with it,you become one right and it easily,usually comes out of the holster,you put in the reps you know where that,trigger is,it almost becomes second nature to you,right as someone who looking for a first,weapon and i knew that i wanted to get,into law enforcement the glock 17 gen 5,was just perfect because i knew we,potentially would be issued these,weapons and you know we are and so,because its a glock 17 you have a,longer barrel length longer slide which,means a very very mitigated uh,recoil now i know a lot of guys uh love,the edc right the little guns but with,those little edc guns you get a lot of,recoil because of the cut,slide and barrel length but because of,the 17 being a little bit longer,your your recoil is now mitigated,shooting and then coming back down and,having to zero and having a little bit,more time you now have that recoil you,can come back down and zero in just,properly and very precisely and so for,those reasons i love the glock 17 gen 5.,its a great weapon uh if youre just,starting out into weapons i would highly,consider something like this just,because if you move uh from like a,smaller weapon to like a glock 17 you,might not realize how much of a recoil,how much more power that weapon might,have and so i would say start off with,something like the 17 get used to it,shoot get precise get proficient and,then kind of move on to different uh,size blocks or different platforms that,might not be the most traditional thing,but for me thats what worked i can now,go and pick up a glock 19 a 43 x or i,can go pick up just a 19 gen 5 and shoot,very very well and precisely because i,know how to handle a big weapon like the,glock 17 gen 5 i know how to mitigate,that recoil i know how to really control,the glock 17 which makes me able to,control these other weapons that glock,has to offer have i had any malfunctions,of this gun,i probably have shot over 5 000 uh,rounds on this specific weapon and i,think ive had maybe two,maybe three male functions and basically,the bullet will get stuck here and wont,actually eject properly and so honestly,its not that bad now,uh three rounds,three male functions out of 5 000 rounds,yeah,thats reliable ill take that any day,okay now lets get into the trigger pull,really quick,side note this glock 17 gen 5 does not,have a safety the only safety it has is,this little guy right here that little,that little nub right there do you see,that that is the only,safety this weapon has so if im if im,pulling the trigger here,its not going to actuate its not going,to fire but if i go and hit the nub,and then do it its going to actuate and,fire right so here is the trigger pull i,believe its 26 n is what glock says,theres the nub i hit the safety theres,my wall right there the wall is just,how long it takes to get back to that,actuating point,im there,and then,i actuate and fire now while im still,holding it,im going to,now here is the click,and then were going to go back to the,wall,so,that is the trigger pull and the wall i,would say my time on the range with the,glock 17 gen 5 as far as reloading uh,ejection port,as far as magazines uh going in and out,just shooting overall handling of this,weapon its just its perfection glock,is correct when they say glock is,perfection glock perfection so there it,is guys the glock 17 gen 5 so that is my,overall impressions slash unboxing over,the last year or so one last thing if i,could a lot of people love to just just,to hate on the glock sights to be honest,im pretty rough with my gear and,the sights have been just theyve been,incredible like theyve been on nothing,has fallen apart nothing has broken at,least not yet because thats what people,would say in and out of the holster,just fine and again im pretty rough,uh with my gear and,uh theyre pretty lined up and theres,really nothing that i that i would think,that is bad with those sights honestly i,think thats just a lame excuse for not,wanting to train naturally with what the,weapon has to offer just as a natural,feel so you say the sights are bad,go train some more thats what i would,say so,as far as my holster i typically carry,when im on the range a level one,retention holster just to practice,you know and then ill do level two,level three but this is a,safariland holster uh level one,retention i dont know what specific,model this holster is but i will leave,it down in the description below of this,video and this fits the glock 17 and the,22 i also know that it fits the glock,19x which obviously has the 19 barrel,and a 17 handle so,the more you know all right guys i hope,you guys enjoyed this small unboxing and,first impressions almost a review video,of the glock 17 gen 5. please let me,know in the comments below what you want,to see next what weapons i should review,next and ill be happy to hopefully do,them in the future so thanks for,watching ill catch you in the next,johnny q video peace

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