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  4. Glock 19 Gen 5 Review
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[Music],[Music],welcome to,firearms of america today i am back here,at shooters in vermont,florida with this glock 19,generation 5 now i wanted to review this,one,for a while so lets get into it,so the good old,glock 19 in a brand new generation 5,15 capacity standard magazine four,inch barrel chambered in nine millimeter,lets do some shooting,and see what it can do now,if you are buying a glide,cant go wrong getting one chambered in,nine millimeter obviously because as,some of you know,that was the original glax 17,that was uh created manufactured,specifically to handle,the nine millimeter round so we will see,how this one handles now what i really,like about this glock 19,is the functionality it is,not too big it is not too heavy not too,bulky to,have it as a main concealed carry weapon,but at the same time with a 15 capacity,magazine that it comes with standard,which you can,increase you can get a 17 capacity,magazine,20 22 you can have it as a very very,good,home defense weapon so,i got my five rounds in or six rounds,looks like six rounds and uh you,probably noticed,the new magazines that are,implemented in generation five they,really are the same,good old glock magazines still nicely,numbered still feel,very very good except they made this,orange guide right here,and i think psychologically it really,helps because you can see it,faster eyes detect it quicker right,human psychology cool lets do some,shooting,so i think i will start with that yellow,circle,in the very center see if i can,get that alrighty,all right and i got the bullseye,so a few,things that happened with the generation,five um,definitely definitely huge in my opinion,huge improvements in a generation five,is that we do have the upgraded guide,rod,now with that you do have a little bit,of a tougher slide to rag,not by a lot if you really want a softer,slide to rack,generation three is probably one of the,softest one however,however with that tougher guide rod with,a tougher spring,you do have a much much better recoil,absorption,by that spring so shooting this gun i,mean,four inch barrel i should handle the,nine millimeter pretty good,but considering that this is,i mean very lightweight its its very,lightweight for a four,inch barrel you know compact,pretty much almost full size right not,compact but almost full size,uh because we do have our five inch,barrel that is considered a full-sized,gun,this is really good now a few other,things that have been,changed um i im not going to say,improve,because from different people you know,different opinions,of course you probably already noticed,we do have,a grip and as you can see,it actually resembles much more the,original pistoly 80 the p80,the original glock 17 generation,one obviously the very first one because,it did not have these,finger grooves so they got rid of those,finger grooves now personally to me i,did like those finger grooves,uh to have them as kind of,in addition to the aggression that was,already on the grip,uh to have,you know that extra something that helps,you with you know managing the recoil,however here,i would say it still does a pretty good,job,its just as aggressive as the,generation 4 grip,but without the finger grooves personal,preference really i would say,there are just as many people out there,that say hey i love those finger grooves,and uh people that say you know what i,like this way better,now the um mag release,here as you can see um it is a little,bit different its its practically the,same as the generation four,it is definitely different to the,generation three however it is flatter,it sits flatter to the grip,and i think i do prefer more,generation three mag release because,i think it is much better and much more,intuitive compared to this one no big,deal,uh not ambidextrous but it does you know,interchange if you want to switch it,um for you know if youre left-handed,uh the slide release right here,is ambidextrous so just switch yourself,a,mag release and uh youre good to go if,you are lefty,not the leftist lefty difference there,now the sides you have your uh,standard glock sides which,i have to admit they do take some,adjusting to do but if youre a black,person you probably already are,adjusted to them lets put five more,rounds through this,and uh well talk about a few other,things well talk about,the trigger now overall overall like i,said glock 19,is probably one of the best one of the,best,beginner buys so if you dont have,if you dont have if you dont have a,gun right,and you want something that can do it,all,you can have it in your house as a home,defense weapon,you can have it as your main concealed,carry weapon you can carry it in your,car as a self-defense weapon,fantastic option because because of the,capacity because of ergonomics because,of,the size and weight its just great and,the way it handles the recoil,is impressive so,lets see if i can get rid of this,mosquito,and then hit that uh yellow circle in,the middle,all right now one thing that i wanted to,point out here you probably already,noticed on this,grip right here as you can see there is,sort of already a mag well going,now you can obviously add a magwell to,this there is actually a special place,for the screw to add the magwell but,but i do like that they implemented that,as well all right so,no more left bottom lets do the yellow,alright be getting uh close to being,proud of myself today so,uh lets talk about the trigger thats,one of the things,that i always liked on the glock now if,you are wondering if this is your first,black,review youre considering to buy this,gun and you obviously dont see any,safety no thumb safety nothing like that,uh youre wondering about the safety,features of the glock,well glug is known for their safe action,system that is implemented on the,trigger and this is what you see here,this little pre-trigger thing now,personally i like this thing because,it gives you sort of that psychological,feel that you have the finger on the,trigger right before you actually have,the finger on the trigger,i like that but the function of it is,to protect from the strike from the drop,so that you dont have an accidental,discharge so if you are not,pressing on this pre trigger here you,wont be able,to press the trigger and this is,the system is called safe action glocks,yes now uh about the slide a little bit,you do have serrations on the back,you do have serrations on the front so,if youre one of,those people or one of these people,satisfies you both but lets come back,to the trigger you know i didnt finish,the trigger now we have our 26,and pull on the trigger and we have,our typical about,three and a half millimeters of the safe,travel,and then after that,a very crisp break so there isnt really,anything unnecessary in there,the trigger is awesome i love the,trigger so,lets do five more rounds and uh ill,try to come up with some,reasonable conclusion,for this pistol now uh one thing to let,you know since this is a brand new glock,youre probably wondering what it comes,with in the box well it comes with,a few things uh the empty shell is not,included,but it does come with three magazines,it does come with the,speed loader or whatever that is never,used one of those should probably try,just just,for the hell of it uh you do have your,beller barrel,bare barrel cleaning kit right here with,a little rod and a little brush,of course the lock is required by nfa,and,of course you do have thats pretty cool,actually i do like it,you do have a few grip,extenders now i wont call them,extenders,grip fatteners they make the grip,fatter so if this is too thin of a grip,which for me honestly is perfect but if,it is,you can always put one of those,on it and it will make it a little bit,wider,pretty cool pretty cool i like it a lot,so,five more rounds,try to finish off that yellow circle and,finish of this review,with some decent,conclusion i also want to mention here,is that,[Music],if you are a fan of mos which stands for,modula

Sig P320 vs Glock

45 versus 9 mil ar versus ak,1911 versus glock now its glock,versus sig which one is better which one,performs better which one shoots and,feels better but ultimately why did,glock lose the military contract lets,talk about it,[Music],welcome back everybody clint today with,classic firearms and a little while ago,you probably saw katie out here at take,game training and range in her first,solo video so good job katie and uh you,probably noticed that she tested out all,sorts of different firearms uh something,that maybe getting a womans perspective,uh for women of full-sized pistols and a,couple of those pistols she tried were,glock and sig and so today im gonna,come out here and be kind of like you,know what lets talk about these because,it seems like these guys are always at,the forefront of law enforcement,military contracts all throughout the,world and what just makes these things,so good and today im really just going,to kind of hit on,well how they feel to shoot because what,ive got here is the glock 19x which,pretty much has the 19,barrel and slide but the 17 frame so you,have that little bit larger grip all,right,easy enough and then you have what i,actually prefer the glock 45 ultimately,the same but some minor differences,one thing i dont prefer,are the sights because they are just,those basic glock use sights but two,things i do prefer,is the flared magazine well,and the also ford slide serrations,thats what you get the 45 but not so,much the 19x for whatever reason none of,those forward slide serrations and its,not as flared as much as the actual 45,is so my mind cool fde color,im just gonna wind up spray paint it,anyway probably or getting it super,super dirty and messy kind of like the,sig over here,but yeah the 45 is something that i,think i would prefer over the 19x,personally unless you really want that,lanyard loop,so anyway,i understand this for military contracts,i get it okay so now lets talk about,sig right so what i got right here is,the new marine corps sidearm this is the,sig m18 kind of like the 19x in this,model it has the full-size grip with a,little bit more of the compact barrel,easy enough cool both of these also have,a standard capacity of 17 plus one but,they each come with some extendos they,each come with three magazines the glock,has one,standard 17 round but two plus two base,plate extensions giving you a total of,19 rounds the sig is similar as it comes,with three mags but it also comes with,these guys that are also extended but,giving you a total capacity of 21 rounds,so,catch a beat there glock a little bit,larger capacity as you can tell,okay what about some other basic,functions of the gun well the sig is,truly modular if i wanted to put on a,larger slide larger frame things like,that i can do that and its im not,having to change any serialized parts,because the actual serialized part is,internal to the gun and you can see that,right here,cool the glock not so much i really,cant do much to this glock,pretty much it is what it is and how it,comes out of the box so,if i want to change up i want something,a little bit more compact or something a,little bit larger framed or i should say,a larger barrel or longer barrel then i,would actually have to just pretty much,purchase that separately,its not something i can just go out by,throw on here and now i have to not,worry about another 4473 or anything,like that glock you kind of have to so,kind of a downside there then again if,you dont care to change anything out,who cares right cool what about the,overall function of the guns,glocks are extremely reliable pistols,the ndlc coating that are on these as,well makes them pretty resistant to,corrosion scratches marring things like,that and this right here is a brand new,one right out of the box and as you can,tell,it hasnt been used by me yours truly at,all because it looks too clean so,trigger,block trigger theyve gotten a little,bit better over the years but this has,definitely a pretty smooth take,but its still kind of spongy reset is,got a little bit of travel but its not,bad its at least smooth,some earlier models were pretty gritty,as well i feel like youre just,a sponge trying to like grind against,sandpaper,okay not bad what about the sig over,here,all right notice two different types of,safety we have a manual safety on the,sig not a blade safety like you,typically see on glocks right here all,right so lets go ahead and take a look,at,this guy a little bit of take up before,we hit an obvious wall,nice solid break and reset,i thought the reset was gonna be a,little longer than that so,so point and sigs favor as to where it,is a uh its got a better trigger,ultimately all right,after market support the sig p320 which,is ultimately what the m18 is a lot a,lot of aftermarket support not as much,as glock glock you can find anything and,everywhere whenever you want and they,ultimately work really really well,another thing when it comes to the 19x,versus the 45 the sights again the 19x,does at least have some glock,night sights instead of again those,factory use sites but they do have a,really,they take up a lot of surface area i,prefer my sites to be a little bit finer,i can understand in a stressful,situation you want to be able to pick up,your sites quickly and easily especially,in low light conditions and sig kind of,kind of like done that hybrid so you,have really fine rear sights back here,that allow you to pick up in low light,and then a really big kind of like fat,front side up here again that is a night,side as well so youll be able to pick,all that up but i would still prefer,something a little bit smaller so that,way if im shooting at a little bit,longer distance with my pistol it,doesnt cover up as much of my target,the entire aim small miss small concept,right,okay,youll also notice that this has the,capability of being able to remove the,rear sight and throw on a red dot which,obviously im a fan of and keeping my,rear sight well talk more about this,guy here in just a moment,okay,so,im a red dot guy i absolutely love,shooting red dot sights on pistols i,think they definitely have a place but,im also not a big fan of red dots only,because well batteries die and optics,break and things fail so i like to have,my backups the entire mindset of two is,one right,okay,unless you send it off somewhere,there its not coming off its not it,doesnt have any capability of adding a,red dot the 19x or the 45. granted,theres different models out there,that will allow you to do that i think i,think actually glock something new for,this year is that they are actually,incorporating a lot of red dot um,capabilities with all of their guns,throughout throughout so,cool i just have an earlier model all,the later models from what i understand,are all going to have red dot,capabilities well see,i think katie talked to him at shot show,about that so and i think thats what,she said in the video but anyway so,hopefully katie wasnt lying to us or,glock wasnt lying to us about that and,if thats the case great i hope they,actually integrate something that allows,me to co-witness though thats one one,negative mark about the sig here but if,you notice on my sig 320 that i have in,my holster this is the alpha omega,holster by the way,check out alpha omega if you guys are,looking for your next custom kydex,holster these things absolutely,rock alright so,with this guy youll notice um it,actually doesnt look too beat up,because ive been shooting it a lot but,youll notice that this is the xv tac,the cp,sig p320xv tech notice the sights on,this guy,so youll notice i barely get a little,bit or enough height over the sig romeo,to actually get a co-witness its not,gonna be necessarily a co-witness but if,i do lose my red dot capability i dont,have to worry about trying to find a,torque wrench and removing this guy i,can just go ahead and just get down on,the gun and then barely pick up my,fiber optic,i would like for them to be a little bit,highe

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Review – Glock 19 gen 5 MOS – Is it possible to be both underrated and overrated?

welcome back to the channel tonight we,are talking about the,glock 19 gen 5 mos,fs are you ready stand by,[Music],the glock 19 gen 5 when it was initially,released was received with sort of,lukewarm praise,its kind of like pulling up to a,stoplight next to a tesla with the,performance package,its kind of a sleeper except the glocks,not,particularly comfortable or good looking,its probably overpriced but its got it,where it counts,she may not look like much but shes got,it where it counts kid,now i get to read a lot of youtube,comments and some of yall actually,have deluded yourself into thinking that,this is a mediocre performer that,somehow this gun is,less pleasurable to shoot than pretty,much any of the other guns in the,segment and if you think that,youre deluding yourself this is a,straight down the middle of the fairway,offering in this,category of pistol for the compact,service pistol,this gun hits it straight down the,middle especially since glock released,the mid generation changes,the gen 5s are now good to go well,engage more with your comments in a,second,but first you can go anywhere on youtube,and find out why these pistols are,awesome people will read you the specs,that are printed clearly on the website,but the reason you clicked on this video,is you want to hear why this gun is bad,and i am going to tell you why its bad,before,i get to all the reasons that i like it,so you ready here we go,first and foremost the gun feels cheap,there is,nothing that feels quality about the,glock when you pick it up it,the plastic is kind of uninspiring,feeling it just,it doesnt feel like it should cost 620,dollars which is what these sell for,in the summer of 2020. the box or the,gun caboodle as i call them is the worst,in the segment,its not tailored to fit the pistol its,just these slabs of plastic with some,egg crate inside and the magazines and,gun just kind of jammed in there,not a very good experience when you open,up the box of getting a glock pistol,that you just spent,hundreds of dollars for the sights that,come on most of these guns out of the,box,are total garbage they are plastic there,is a white,dot in a white u which is a completely,unorthodox sight picture,and i know at least 15 of you guys are,telling me how you shoot those sights,fine,i can shoot them fine too i just much,prefer,other sight sets than what comes on the,factory and the plastic sights are a,liability,and my pet peeve they put this dumb,indention right here on the side of the,gun,this is where your support hand mounts,the gun and you want,more surface area and more grip not less,of it you dont want the frame to run,away from you and if you put your,thumb in this indention and think this,is how youre supposed to,hold the gun youre probably shooting,left and cursing the ergonomics of the,glock ive got a video that can help you,shoot these straight you should check,that out,so access to the mag catch isnt great,if you have a firing grip i cant even,drop it i have to break my grip to get,the magazines to drop,not only is the button difficult to,reach but while it looks large and,oversized,only the front of it actually actuates,and releases the magazine if i press on,the back of it,its not going anywhere see that its,stuck you have to press the front to get,it to do anything so while the button is,very large,it doesnt really matter it could be,just itty bitty in about that large and,it would get the job done,the same as it is now the trigger that,comes on the gun is not going to impress,anybody in the gun store so if youre,the kind of person whose entire,self-worth,is derived from the quality of your,pistols trigger pull,this ones not going to win you any cool,points so the mos system that ships with,the gun,isnt the greatest i personally havent,had any issues with my mos guns and ive,got,five of them at this point but plenty of,people on the internet have to the point,where,you cant really ignore that there maybe,is something wrong with the system,the back straps that come with the,pistol are flimsy and feel like an,afterthought and are just basically,bolted on using this trigger pin right,there,if i dont know how to shoot a pistol,particularly well im going to complain,about the ergonomics and im not talking,about the ones that matter like,reach being able to reach the trigger,but the fact that it doesnt actually,fill my palm,and while i dont personally believe it,in the spirit of completeness ill throw,it out there it doesnt have the 1911,grip angle and its not like,every other pistol on the market that,ones worth throwing in there just so,you guys dont have to type it up in the,comments now how big a deal are all of,those negatives,as far as the guns feel yeah it doesnt,particularly feel amazing,but if you gauge it by any objective,standard of which you,judge a pistol other than aesthetic,beauty in which case i actually think it,does look cool from a utilitarian,standpoint,its very accurate it is very easy to,control and recoil,it does everything youd want it to do,the dimensions and size of it it it,conceals quite well,as well its a great pistol it has it,where it counts,she may not look like much but shes got,it where it counts kid,as far as the sights are concerned yeah,theres nothing i can do for you its,20 20 and were still putting plastic,sights on guns like it wasnt some kind,of joke in the 80s it certainly still is,the thumb depression you can ignore easy,enough its not that big a deal i just,wish it wasnt there now as far as,access to the mag catch is concerned,its not that big a deal to break your,grip to hit the button,it really isnt and if you think about,what the core competency of a,weapon such as this is is being able to,reach the trigger,and make loud shooty things come out of,the pointy part,and this does that fine and as far as,the trigger is concerned the trigger on,the glock is honestly not bad people who,slag it,really dont know what theyre talking,about if all you care about,is how it makes you feel when you pull,it at the gun counter in your gun store,and want to impress your buddies in the,safe area fair enough this,isnt really going to turn any heads but,when you actually put it on the clock,and try and shoot it,or try and group with it its not a bad,trigger at,all the mos plate sucking again ive got,five of the things theyve all worn dots,at one point or another ive tried,almost all of the plates at this point,and ive never had an issue,while i do think its a valid criticism,based on people i know and trust,communicating to me that theyve had,issues with them i still kind of wonder,if its not,a user install error and at least in,part,but there is no argument for me that the,design could be improved based on what,other people,are doing the back straps while cheap,are effective this is the large,beavertail backstrack,thats installed on the pistol it,actually increases the length of pull so,if you are a large handed shooter you,can actually,tune the trigger pull reach to where you,actually want it to be,which is not something a lot of the,competitors to this pistol can say,so i actually appreciate the back strap,system and i do like the beaver tail,offering so now for the grip angle and,the ergos,come friends come close gather round if,you listen closely youll be able to,hear the jimmies being rustled,all across the world to speak of people,who criticize the grip,angle and the ergos probably at best the,people are being naive because they,dont understand how to grip a pistol,and at worst,they are being deceitful and well get,into what that means so first things,first,handguns are no different than any other,hobby or sport or,pursuit in which case the equipment is,expensive,and people invest their egos and what it,is they have,purchased as such glock is the king of,the hill,as far as service sidearms are concerned,so people will actively try and tear the,glock down whether its fair or unfair,criticism simply to elevate their,opinion of whatever,pla

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Glock 19 Gen 5 Review

if theres one thing that glock is,proven with their release of the June 5,clock 19 its that they are the apple of,the gun world essentially take a design,that is emitted leave very very good,make incremental changes and in some,case make regressive changes and then,market it as revolutionary now in all,fairness marketing by its very nature is,borderline if not outright hyperbolic so,when I saw this picture floating around,the interwebs I chuckled to myself at,the notion that Glock has raised the bar,with their new Gen 5 what they did was,create a Gen 4 s and then sold it as a,new generation because they know they,could and they were right because I was,gonna buy this gun I only bought it,because I got so many requests from,people wanting me to talk about it and,Ive never had a loss for a reason to,buy a new gun and all my years of dating,none of my girlfriends ever noticed when,I got a haircut they just knew I looked,a little cleaner even sexier and more,edible but didnt exactly know why this,was the case when I first saw the Jim,five oclock nineteen in person it,looked leaner cleaner sexy ish because,locks arent exactly sexy to begin with,and I didnt quite know why until I took,a closer look first theres this in DLC,finish theyre using on the slide I like,it I like it a lot the finish on the,previous gen for Glocks were kind of a,dud to me they were mix of black grey,and a shiness yes the same type of a,shiness that plagued my hands and my gun,room videos but since people want to,shame me and try to pull my black car,from my persistent – eNOS,I made sure I had the cocoa butter on,deck for this video Im not getting paid,for this endorsement but if anyone at,Palmers is watching Im open to the,idea the June 5 end DLC finish is a,deeper richer black with just enough,Sheen to give it a vibrant appearance,without becoming blingy essentially its,a satin black the frame and the slide,however are not the same finish the,finish on the frame if you can call it a,finish is also black but doesnt have,the same depth as a slide it creates a,contrast that I liked having the slide,in frame the same color would be too,intense for my eyes I love blacked-out,cars but I hate when its a gloss black,or an all matte black I like the slight,contrast of satin black and gloss black,when paired together much better the,same way I like the contrast color of,the gin five oclock after the color of,the slide the next thing you notice is,the flared magwell personally Ive never,looked at my gen 3 hour gym for clocks,and thought damn clock and a brother get,a flared magwell,I never really cared but I get it I,rather have a slightly flared magwell,than not my ability to change magazines,doesnt seem noticeably faster but I,cant argue with science its gonna be,easier and faster shoving a mag in a,flared magwell versus a non flared,magwell visually i like it because it,gives a Glock a touch of definition that,gives the gun an extra bit of presence,along with the flared magwell glock,included a frame cut at the bottom of,the grip an increased floor plate on the,bottom of the magazine Im a little torn,about this yes it makes it easier to,strip a stubborn magazine that refuses,to drop free when Im doing my fancies,superfast high-speed low-drag reloads,but I can feel the cut up with my pinky,and it kind of irritates me because it,interrupts with the consistency of the,grip it isnt a big deal but it does,inside my OCD enough to notice it Ive,never had a problem stripping a magazine,from any of the older Glocks so I likely,go without it if I could just like the,flare magazine well the cutout,definitely doesnt make it harder to,strip a magazine so I wont go so far as,to say I dont lie,get but to my pinky its a minor,annoyance speaking of magazines this is,where things get a little interesting so,not too long ago Magpul came out with,their version of the Glock magazine,distinguishing itself by having an,orange follower versus the customary,black follower on OAM Glock magazines I,liked the PMAG Glock magazines but I,liked the OEM versions better,nonetheless I find it funny that Magpul,came out with their version of the Glock,mag with the orange follower and now,Glock comes out with the new version of,their own mag with the Glock follower,thats orange its like Magpul and Glock,or playing game of tactical horse and,its mildly funny either way theres,nothing proprietary about the Jim five,magazines all previous generation mags,will work as well as the Magpul max I,really dont want to do this but I have,to get Glock props for listening to,their customers by removing the finger,grooves personally I have hands that are,slightly bigger than that of hobbits so,the finger grooves on previous,generations work perfectly with my hands,however I constantly hear people,complaining about the finger grooves,because their fingers end up sitting on,top of the ridges of the grooves instead,of the grooves themselves so I get it,but then I dont because you can always,remove finger grooves if you dont like,them but you cant exactly put finger,grooves back on if you want them so Im,positive the Jim sevens will have finger,grooves just less prominent and theyll,call that revolutionary in so many words,is some marketing block decided to show,all the weirdo left-handed shooters of,the world some love by making the Glock,fully ambidextrous by adding a slide,lock to the other side of the gun I,write with my left hand,but I shoot with my right so it made no,difference to me or so I thought,I always had a problem finding the slide,lock when I was trying to use it as a,slide release and I didnt want to add,an extension to the slide lock as I have,a tendency to ride the slide lock,causing my gun to not like back on the,last shot also sometimes trying to drop,the slide using the slide release was a,[ __ ] as some guns required a ton of,pressure before disengaging I remember,when there was a time where a polygonal,rifling was all the rage Glock boasted,about their polygonal barrels like they,were forwards and inside of Mount,Olympus,with the gin five they switched to a,more traditional rifling which makes you,scratch your head and wonder its a,marketing again they say its more,accurate I did all my shooting with this,gun on steel because Im basic and I,like noise oh I cant say that I saw,improve accuracy either way still makes,me scratch my head a little bit okay at,this point Im just delaying the,inevitable so what is the trigger like,if Im gonna go purely based on how it,deals when I draw a fire it feels like,the internals are sitting in a batch of,pig grease its just squishy the stock,triggers on previous generations were,not that bad and sometimes she found,some that were really good no I was all,ready to just throw the Glock gen-5,trigger under the bus and then I shot it,and then I shot it again to make sure,that what I was feeling wasnt a fluke,and it wasnt when I Drive fired the,gin.5 I legitimately hated the trigger,but when I actually shot the gun I dare,say I really liked it,its not my ideal type of trigger but if,I had to live with it I wouldnt,complain it still doesnt have a solid,wall still doesnt have a super crisp,brake but its definitely a lot smoother,and its noticeable when youre life I,earn it,in conclusion the gym five clock is not,revolutionary I repeat it is not,revolutionary if you dont own a Glock,and money isnt an issue and you want to,know what Glock to buy Id say grab a,Gen 5 if you have multiple blocks and,you want to know if its worth getting,the Jin 5 yes if youre a tactical hype,beast that just has to have the latest,or if you absolutely cant stand finger,glues on previous generations if you,have a clock already and youre not a,tactical hype piece you really honestly,dont have a reason to get to Gen 5,youll be just fine with all the,previous generations before you go I,want to tell you about the new online,store shop mr. colleano are calm here,you can grab your 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Why Your First Handgun Should Be A Glock 19

the glock 19 is really the pinnacle of  modern polymer semi-automatic handguns  ,it is sort of the benchmark you could say of what  all other handgun companies are trying to produce  ,hey welcome back to guns.com my name is ben  earlier this year i was looking for my first  ,handgun here in the u.s i recently moved from  canada became a resident here in arizona which i  ,love and i was looking for my first handgun that  could be my go-to gun that could do it all and so  ,i asked a number of friends some of my workmates  as well if they had suggestions and i got a few  ,different options uh one friend in particular  whom i trust and respect mark muller said you know  ,what dude just get a glock 19. just get a glock  19. its affordable its reliable it goes bang  ,every single time you pull the trigger and you  can trick it out you can keep it stock but you  ,know what its probably the only handgun that you  really need and it should be your first handgun  ,and so i you know i i the glock in general its  been around for about 30 years which is actually  ,a really good thing but its also kind of a little  bit dated perhaps and theres all of these newer  ,handguns coming out and theres a couple that are  pretty pretty cool the walter pdp in particular a  ,workmate of mine has it he loves it he swears by  it the trigger is supposed to be out of this world  ,um but you know what its only been out uh like  just a little over a year and you know i think  ,back to the sig 320 when it came out there were  a few little hiccups you know its all been fixed  ,but it kind of made me hesitate a little bit and  then i was looking at the guns.com website one day  ,and i saw a gen 5 glock 19 this one here the  desert tan color i live in arizona so it matches  ,where i live and it looked like it was literally  brand new it was a used certified used gun  ,and so i bought it i purchased it and  it arrived a few days later and true  ,to the description and photos the  thing i swear had never been shot  ,and so i was a little hesitant why somebody  would sell a literally brand new gun  ,and so ive put quite a few hundred like over  a almost a thousand rounds to this gun and it  ,has worked absolutely flawlessly so whoever had it  sold it maybe they changed their mind i dont know  ,but i think i got a sweet deal it was a good price  and im super pumped about it i think its just  ,a great gun to have especially as a first gun  i have a few more guns now but um as a first  ,gun i dont think you can go wrong with the g19  these gen fives now have the front serrations 15  ,rounds in the magazine one in the chamber thats  a pretty good capacity the triggers pretty sweet,marksman barrel supposed to be more accurate  who knows no finger grooves you know  ,its just got all the traits of of a fantastic  gun i got medium sized hands and it fits really  ,well its the most popular handgun on the planet  and theres a good reason for it you know its  ,been around literally it came out in 1988 i think  theyve perfected it over the years this thing is  ,super reliable you know i trust my life on this  gun and so if youre looking for your first gun  ,or if youre on only one handgun this is probably  the only handgun you really honestly need you know  ,but whats beautiful is theres tons of other guns  out there that you can go and get and you should  ,but this is my go-to gun and i highly recommend  it it is the pinnacle of polymer semi-automatic  ,good capacity handguns so check it out if  you go on guns.com we have lots of new and  ,used guns we have ammo accessories we have  hunting gear optics we have all kinds of  ,stuff we would love to be your one-stop shop  for all of your second amendment needs my name  ,is ben withguns.com get out there and shoot have  fun be safe and well see you on the next video

Glock 19 Gen 5 Honest Review: Really Better Than The Gen 4?

[Applause],[Music],and today were gonna be doing a pretty,interesting gun review were gonna be,talking about the very popular Glock Gen,5 specifically the Glock 19 but most of,this review can go for the 17 as well,the g17 has a slightly longer barrel and,slightly longer grip other than that,theyre completely the same gun the,Glock 19 is the fifth generation of,Glocks compact striker fired handgun,its a 9-millimeter with a double stack,15-round magazine capacity its pretty,much the gold standard for polymer guns,Glock has been in general let alone the,Glock 19 probably the most popular gun,or at least polymer gun in the United,States today over the last 30 years or,so it has gotten a little bit more,competition but has still remained on,top of the polymer frame pistol market,until about five years ago when the,competition really started to catch up,and up until about two years or so the,competition maybe even surpass Glock a,lot of Glock guys out there have been,waiting for the generation 5 to keep up,with the competition what can I say,about Glocks I love them there are some,of my favorite guns out there today,theyre reliable rugged their point and,shoot guns that are very simple for the,average person to learn to use theres,no safety the trigger pull is very,reasonable and the gun is just as simple,as it comes its easy to break down and,easy to shoot as far as reliability goes,the galaktion 5 is the same as the,previous models now I did a gauntlet,test on the Gen 5 as you see here and,Ive also done more on the Gen 4,although the gauntlet tests arent an,exact science and I would say that if,the Gen 5 did very very well all things,considering it did fail a little bit but,to be fair no gun that Ive ever put,through the gauntlet has gone through it,with no malfunctions so saying that the,Glock Gen 5 failed is like saying its,just like all the other guns theres a,little bit of myth there with,reliability of Glocks thinking that,there are some people out there that,think Glocks are more reliable than any,other gun on the planet thats false,theyre as reliable as any,semi-automatic gun on the market today,but other guns like the cz P 10 C which,I will be referencing throughout this,video are,just as reliable something like a po7 as,well just as reliable now even the M&P s,now you guys are gonna get a little,shock here but this is the new MP 15,round compact which Ill be reviewing,shortly after this gun which well be,comparing throughout the video as well,try to compare some of the features but,this gun I would imagine is as reliable,as clock as well if its anything like,the previous generation of Evan Ps,other guns like the Walther PPQ or even,the sig 320 again are just as reliable,as your modern-day Glock as far as the,accuracy goes I would say this gun might,be slightly better than the previous it,does have some new features which were,gonna go over in a second Im gonna have,a whole new category for all the new,features of the Glock put out and Im,gonna tell you what I think of them but,as far as accuracy goes in my reviews,accuracy is generally sights and trigger,the trigger is slightly better than the,gen force now even though its better,than the stock trigger of the Gen 4 is,it better than something like this Zev,here this is have a competition trigger,absolutely not but I can tell you with,absolute certainty that it will not be,very long until there are aftermarket,triggers available for the Gen 5 there,just isnt at the time of this review,along with the sights,the sights are exactly the same as,previous generations which is nice you,could swap them out if you want to or,now you can actually get upgraded sights,from the factory you just have to pay a,little bit extra and you can get some,Americal idots,and some other cool different sight,packages from Glock which is a nice,upgrade changes Glock made to the gym,five versus the Gen 4 theres a front,cut as you see in the magwell bear that,is not present on the Gen fours is that,a big deal some like it some dont,personally I would preferred the cutouts,here but you cant really do that with a,flared magwell,so I think they did the best they could,with what they had some people dont,like it me I would actually rather have,it to not have it so I think its a good,upgrade personally for myself doing the,gauntlet test and you find out what,features really help you with,disassembling and reassembling the gun,and I think if I got a lot of dirt and,mud in this I actually use this during,the contest so I think its a good,feature I honestly wish they wouldnt,with bigger takedown letters but I think,Im the only person on the internet,complaining about that the finger,grooves are gone I actually like that as,well now the finger grooves on the Gen 4,fit me okay I never really noticed they,didnt fit me until I went with a gen,file,I I actually prefer it without the,finger grooves I think it feels a little,bit better so I think thats an upgrade,they also claim that they cut the,trigger-guard higher I disagree with,that I think its almost exactly the,same as the Gen 4 I notice no difference,whatsoever as you can see my my giant,paw here doesnt fit in that at all I,will definitely need to bevel that with,my dremel you can also send that to a,number of custom manufacturers and have,that done professionally,personally I just like to do it in my,garage because I dont know I guess I,just make like to make guns look ugly,but I also dont like to pay a premium,just to dremel on my gun so Ill,probably do that upgrade myself I really,also like the mag well thats one of my,favorite features if not my favorite,feature of the Gen 5 I complained about,it a little bit in my first shots video,but I really do like it and I felt like,it really did help with my reloads one,thing that should be mentioned is that,this isnt necessarily as good as an,aftermarket I think this is a salient,yea like the same limit because you can,see that the salient funnels it whether,you hit the back or front along with the,sides the Gen 5 only funnels it if you,hit both the sides if you hit the back,here you get the magazine stock here and,here but you can put a grip plug in this,and that eliminates the other side so,its really up to you but I think its a,nice feature that they added it with the,gun because at sailing I think this is,like a hundred dollars so its a hundred,dollar value for free which is nice the,marksmanship barrel I think is just,ridiculous honestly like any other video,that youll see of mine I dont think,that most people are as accurate as,their pistol and barrels and pistols,dont really make accuracy pistols are,difficult to shoot theres only two,points of contact compared to a rifle,you got a five pound trigger and a two,pound gun so its difficult to shoot to,begin with the barrel doesnt have a lot,to do with it so adding a slightly more,accurate barrel whether it is or isnt I,think is more of a marketing thing than,anything else just to get the gen five,sold and more power to them the single,pin design is nice I actually really,like the internals if you watch my glock,gen 5 cleaning video that I do after I,do the gauntlet test you can see how I,take the trigger mechanism apart very,similar to the Glock 43 which is nice,theres not the trigger spring in the,back that you have to unhook and hook to,disassemble the trigger,its just fitted in there just nice like,that Glock 43 and I really,like that its a nice upgrade another,upgrade they did was to the trigger,again I mentioned that earlier when I,was talking about accuracy its nice but,its not in my opinion a distinguishable,enough difference to tell between the,gym for the gym five and if you compare,it to something like this Zab trigger,here this is a custom trigger its night,and day,the zev is definitely cleaner and better,in my opinion the ambi slide release or,ambi slide stop I should say I got him a,bunch of arguments in the comment,section whether this is a slide release,or slide sto


in todays video were going to unbox a,living legend one of the best selling,pistols most popular pistols in the,world today we present the glock 19 gen,3,it speaks for itself,weve noticed a large percentage of our,viewers have not subscribed so if you,like what were doing please consider,subscribing and turning on notifications,its free and you can always change your,mind later,[Applause],thanks for joining us on shoot of the,series my name is ed thorell and we want,to thank all of our subscribers for,tuning in giving us an attraction and if,you havent done it already be sure to,hit the like the share and subscribe so,youll never miss an in any episode,and today were going to spend a little,bit of time talking about the the gen 3,glock 19 which is literally a legend in,its own time and,i could not find an accurate number of,how many have been sold but lets just,say millions and we wont be too far off,and the world changed in 1982,when the austrian army uh went out,looking for a new pistol and a gentleman,by the name of gaston glock who had,already started a business dealing with,uh polymers,decided that he wanted to get in on this,also and with no training,as a gun designer he brought together a,team and came out with the model 17 and,for those of you that know the story,about glock they had 16 patents prior,and 17 was the very first firearm that,they developed and got their patent for,so the glock 17 is their very first,design and the glock 17 changed the,world in a matter of three months they,were able to put together a working,design that would end up changing the,world now even though they were not the,very first polymer pistol,they were really the first polymer,pistol that really took off,in terms of mass appeal and mass,production and what that did was it,helped bring down quite a few of the,costs,so,glock started off with the 17 which has,been adopted by,over 45 countries,uh 2 000 law enforcement agencies,and theyre everywhere theyre iconic,you see them in the movies tvs rap,videos the glock is everywhere,now the model 19 that we happen to have,today is basically a compact version of,the model 17 and its about a half inch,shorter in the grip and its about a,half inch shorter in the overall length,so it fits into,the genre of a compact pistol its also,a nine millimeter,now,um this would be the third generation,the first generation didnt have serial,numbers the the second generation did,the second generation also did not have,the finger grooves which the third,generation does and some people really,like the finger grooves for having a,positive grip one of the other things,that sets,the the gen 3 apart is theres an extra,pin that goes through the action,and theyre the first ones that that got,that extra pin they also come with a,thumb rest on both sides,and uh one of the things that uh really,sets the the gen 3 apart from earlier,ones is the fact that it comes with a,universal rail,and that universal rail allows for the,placement of different types of,accessories,whether it might be something like a,laser or something that might be a,tactical light,but it became a,universal on on all glocks moving,forward,now it also had a modified extractor and,one of the things that you get with this,extractor is it has a claw and this,little piece right here below,actually acts as a loaded round,indicator when there is a round in the,chamber this little piece right here is,going to stick out,so that little square,is going to stick out so that in the,middle of the night you can run your,thumb over it and be able to tell,exactly what the condition of the pistol,is and whether or not its got a round,in the chamber which is pretty handy,now you can also get the gen 3 in,different colors black is the most,popular but you can also get it in all,of drab and flat dark earth they are out,there,now like i said its its really hard to,pin down a number on how many of these,have been produced and sold,ive seen a lot of things on the forums,and the one thing you can be sure about,the internet is if its on the internet,it must be true,um and and i couldnt find any straight,numbers but all i can tell you is they,they basically own,a huge,percentage of the market share,for,pistols sold on the market and glock,pretty much dominates not just the,american market but the world market as,well,and its become iconic as a result,now,in california,we are basically restricted to 10 round,magazines and the glock comes with two,of those it also comes with its own,loader which,im not a big fan of some people really,like them but this is what the gun comes,with so,just like we always do im going to drop,the mag,and show safe and clear which is the way,it comes from the factory so we can have,a nice little conversation,so,youre also with the glock um youre,going to get,this nice orange cable lock and this is,something thats required in the state,of california,youre also going to get a cleaning,brush,and i believe hidden in here somewhere,also,they give you all of the various uh,paperwork that goes along with it which,is kind of nice,not that i always read the paperwork but,its important that before you actually,operate it go through and and actually,read the manual there might be some,stuff in there that surprises you,so,that being said,the glock,really,has taken over the market,and,when they set out to design it they,wanted to come up with,the easiest pistol in the world to use,that required the fewest amount of hours,training so it is a very simple pistol,to use and it has the fewest amount,of controls for simplicity,now for example,it has its magazine release over here as,well as the the slide lock,so to activate this you know you push up,on it to lock the slide back,and glock prefers that instead of you,using this as a slide release you would,basically pull the slide back and let it,slam forward which means youre going to,have less internal wear by not over,using this,now it also comes with glocks brands of,sights that,a lot of people are critical of and its,one of the first things that they change,but,today weve got a brand new stock gen 3,and were just going to run it stock out,of the box without anything added to it,so what youre going to want to do with,this type of site is youre going to,want to make sure,that you align your sites,by making sure that this white dot fits,evenly inside the rear sight and so that,they are level all the way across the,top equal height equal light,so if you have this in here you should,see a little sliver of light on either,side,and this is whats known as a cover hold,meaning youre going to put this white,dot,right exactly where you want the bullet,to go,so that white dot is going to be your,point of impact and what you see is what,you get,now its worth noting,that not just the glock,but many pistols that come from the,factory dry,and i recommend to everybody when you,first get your gun you want to make sure,and check out that its lubed,and,glocks in particular are known for,wanting to be run a little bit on the,dry side and thats because these were,designed for operating in northern,europe and in the area like of the,austrian alps where it can get very cold,and too much oil too much liquid could,freeze so,the way they designed it was to use less,oil and i want to show you real quickly,how were going to take this apart im,going to add a little bit of oil to it,and and work it up a little bit in,preparation for getting it started so,to get these things apart youre going,to start by grabbing it at the rear and,pulling this back a little bit to take,it out of battery,this part right here is whats uh is,going to be the spring-loaded pin that,youre going to depress in each,direction and theres one on each side,so youre going to pull this back a,little bit and hold it and let it go,forward,pull the trigger,and the slide comes right off thats it,to remove the barrel for cleaning youre,going to,take the slide out,and the barrel comes right out and you,can see,

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