1. Glock 19X First Shots: Really The Best Glock?
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Glock 19X First Shots: Really The Best Glock?

[Applause],whats up guys this is chris here and,today we are going over a gun that ive,had a lot of requests for the glock 19 x,i like glock you guys know i like glock,i carry a glock 43 frequently i carry a,43 x i carry a 19,i shoot a 34 if shot 34 for years im,very familiar with the platform the 19x,is a four inch gun with a full size grip,pretty simple 19 top 17 lower,because of that configuration you get a,lot of cool and unique performance all,its own and the reason for that is it,shoots a little bit better than the 19,because you have the longer grip you,have a little bit more capacity and you,have a little bit faster timing than you,would a 17 because you have a little bit,less reciprocating mass now that would,have been a detriment back in the old,days but with the modern pistols you,could put a red dot on it and negate,that sight radius however this one is,one of the old ones and this one doesnt,have the mos system or anything like,that i think i dont know if the new,ones do or not the 19x was originally,made for the military contract that the,sig won quite a few years ago now and it,was argued that in the actual,performance of the guns that the 19x,surpassed the 320 and that doesnt,actually surprise me all that much um,but the 320 was much cheaper so they,went with that now i dont know that to,be true i wasnt there wasnt a part of,the trials that is just simply what,people say whether thats true or not,who really cares modern day standards,the 19x is a good gun the 320 is a good,gun it really depends on what youre,interested in your ergonomics this is a,polymer frame striker fired pistol very,similar to the 320 however it does not,have a fire control module but it also,has a lower bore axis because of it,glock has different ergonomics than most,pistols however most people are used to,them since theyre the most popular gun,of the last 20 years i threw a surefire,x300 on there because thats how i plan,to run the gun although i think it has,the pick mount on it so its a little,bit loose the color of the gun is,interesting the ambi controls is very,nice it does have gen 5s features,without having mine actually didnt come,with back straps although apparently,some of them do some of them dont i,dont really know i do have a set on the,way im usually accustomed to using the,beaver tail back strap because i like a,little bit longer trigger reach although,this one doesnt have it it doesnt have,the front slide serrations of the gen 5,either although the back ones are more,than usable and this one does come with,night sights i believe theyre trijicon,night sights which is pretty sweet down,the road i plan on getting this milled,for an optic and i also plan on running,a jet brake on here from radian thats,the advantage of having the four inch,slide is that you can put a muzzle,device on it if you choose to a lot,easier than you could the five inch,because you just dont have quite as,much hang or as much reliability,problems at least from what im aware of,the other positive of the 19x is that,its short overall,length of the slide there allows you to,put it in the holster all day in a cut,like in a vehicle for instance and not,have to shove your holster up in your,body i dont know if youve ever sat in,a car for a long period of time with an,outside the waistband holster,particularly like a drop drop system of,some kind like something youd wear in,uspsa,if you wear that in a car for long,periods of time its going to get really,really irritating so now if you run,these shorter guns with the longer grip,you can actually sit in the car very,comfortably and still have a full,capacity of 17 or 19 rounds which is,very nice so people have say this is the,best overall glock a lot of people say,that im not too sure simply because im,a big fan of five inch guns im a big,fan of four and a half inch guns i,generally dont get into the compacts,unless im using it for carry and then,if im using this gun for carry i dont,need this big ass grip so which is the,reason why i generally jump from the 19,to the 17 and avoid the 19x that being,said ive been wrong before so were,gonna go shoot it today and see because,it would be nice to have one in the,collection it would be nice to do some,comparisons and you guys have been,wanting to see this gun on the channel,for years so we both get what we want,today before we do that i want to thank,my patreon supporters thank you guys,very much i purchased this gun with the,patreon dollars for mr guns and waterloo,so thank you very much for that and,thanks elliot for having a gun if you,like the channel thats the best way to,support us like it or just go down to,the link in the description and sign up,if you dont want to use patreon super,thanks is always a thing thats,youtubes version of patreon feel free,to use that helps us either way also in,that description is a link to a local,shelter names iowa its the yss id,really appreciate if you would click,that link and donate to those kids and,finally i want to thank the sponsor of,this video the sonoran desert institute,easily one of my favorite companies to,get a sponsorship from simply because,theres a lot of applications that you,can actually use from a degree from the,sonoran desert institute you can become,a gunsmith which is probably the main,one right gunsmiths that i know are few,and far between great gunsmiths are,almost unknown all of them are,completely backed up with work all the,time and i would really appreciate it if,some of you guys from iowa actually,became gunsmith so i had a confident,gunsmith to go to if you want to do that,just go through the sonoran desert,institute theyre one of the best if not,the best online education institutes for,that particular service all right so,well try this out at 75 here cold i,havent shot him in a while because its,continual shoulder issues but well see,how it goes,end of video,slide away from you here a little bit,well i cant hit those small ones,but i cant hit the big ones,lets go to 50 and try that out youre,having too easy of a time i guess well,its easy to hit the big ones from here,hard to hit the small ones at 50 i can,go for the small ones which are actually,harder than the big ones at 75 does that,make any sense yep,all right so were out of 50 here well,try it a little bit more here,see how we do with these trijicon iron,sights,those four different targets,[Applause],if i can go for one of those plates,i winged it,i heard it i heard it too you know why i,like glock so much,just no [ __ ] i can come out here,throw some blazer brass in it put a,light on it not have a care in the world,except that,what was that i dont know,i dont know i had a feeling it would,malfunction as soon as i said that it,always does,[Music],[Applause],[Music],sight radius problems what sight radius,problems,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],need a couple of reps you know poke them,out,okay,i dont know how many you guys practice,pocket reloads i see a lot of [ __ ] from,pouches,that youll never have in real life if,youre a civilian so a lot of times i,literally do like to stage my magazine,just like i would have in real life so i,have to go in there search for that,[ __ ] and come out and put it in the,pot or put it in the gun,[Applause],[Music],all right so we did the first shots of,the glock 19x and in its stock,configuration it worked extremely well,we did have a couple of issues however,with the new trigger we threw in there,we did throw a new striker spring in,there when we did that and as soon as we,did that we started having a couple of,problems all right so im going to draw,on the beep your beep,hit that guy go to slide lock hes only,got one round reload on the run and go,pile some into that dude,shoot ready,apparently,[ __ ] trigger so obviously thats the,trigger that is what happens when you,mess around with glocks i literally just,mentioned at the beginning of the video,ah its so nice to have a gun that has,no upgrades becau

[Applause],[Applause],welcome to firearms of america today im,back here at,shooters in fort myers florida very,excited because im about to do,the review of the brand new glock,19 x and when i say brand new,well it really does bring a lot of new,stuff,with this particular model well first of,all this is the very first,crossover glock model yes the best,features,of the two most popular blacks out there,the glock 19,and the glock 17 so if youre one of,those people that,just kept on arguing and arguing which,one is better 19 or 17,this might be the answer right here,because,it combines the slide,of the glock 19 and the frame of,the glock 17 and to demonstrate how,it compares to the regular glock 19 i,have a regular,generation 5 glock 19 right here which,is you can see,its a smaller frame compared to this,one,bigger so the same exact slide,and a bigger frame so you have a,larger capacity magazine in fact here it,is extended,so you have 17 plus two,on this particular one which you give,two of these,and you also get one regular standard,17 capacity magazine with this pistol,right here,so far so good but its not the only,first thing another first here,is the factory colored slide,yes look at the color just looks,magnificent,lets do some shooting i am very excited,about it,now i am not new to,glocks especially glock 19 shot plenty,of those,pretty much all the different not pretty,much all of the different generations,that are out there i had an opportunity,to shoot,and uh a little bit longer than a four,inch barrel,handles nine millimeter around just,beautifully without any problems,now you probably already know i mean,glock 19 is very popular,uh but here here in this glock 19x,i have actually higher expectations,because,the grip here fits just perfectly,compared,to a standard black 19 which it does,fit but still you do sacrifice,a little bit of that gripping area,so lets do some five rounds,do some shooting i got fresh painted,targets,out there i think i will start with the,middle,yellow because you know why not right,and uh if youre brand new to the glock,weve got a very nice,magazine that is nicely numbered so you,can tell exactly how many rounds are in,there,and uh im a fan of the extended just,just i think it just looks cool you know,whenever it comes to the glock,having this extended magazine alright so,easy to get the magazine in,plus if you if you know the difference,between the generations,generation five blocks they kind of,implemented a little bit of,this mag well that is already in place,which you can have,another one if you want to you can add,it so specifically designed for it,but with this little mag well already,there makes it,very easy to get the magazine in so,lets see if i can be accurate with this,alrighty so lets see yellow in the,[Music],middle,and the last one the bulls at yeah,thats what im talking about,all right so uh one difference that i,wanted to point out here is that the,sides are a little bit different than,your standard glock sides,this is a regular three dot side which,you can get from the official glock,store they have those as well but,most of the times you get your glock,with,your typical kind of three dot as well,but you do have this,bar going in the bag its a little bit,different,for people who are brand new to the,glocks it just takes a little bit of,time to adjust to this but,honestly i prefer the three dot a little,bit more,but lets talk about the features okay,so grip,obviously i think because it has more,gripping area here definitely better,definitely better than a standard glock,19,i like it much more this is this is the,size that i like uh,the slide is very easy to react,now i have to tell you in the generation,five glocks which,this is generation five its just not,labeled as generation five because,with these generations this is where,they just implemented this,19x so there is no 19x generation four,right but all of the features are from,the generation five blacks,the grip as you can see com compared to,the generation four,they actually got rid of the finger,grooves,which some people do miss a little bit,but honestly it doesnt really make a,lot of difference,because the stippling here on the grip,is actually fairly aggressive,same stippling as on the generation four,um,now the one of the main differences is,the guide rod,and the tighter spring that they,implemented in the generation five,blocks,it definitely adds a little bit more,it makes the slide a little bit harder,to wreck not not not not,hard not too hard you know if you have,weak arms or,arthritis its not going to be too tough,to wreck this um however it is still a,little bit tougher compared to the,generation 4 and generation 3.,but but with that tighter spring,with that tougher slot you also get a,much,much better recoil management,i mean its just so easy to hit the,targets with this,its not jumpy at all this four-inch,barrel with this tight spring it handles,the recoil,like nothing so let me do some five more,rounds,and well talk about some more features,so,other differences compared to the other,generations on the generation five,blocks,we have uh a little bit of a different,uh mag release compared to the,generation three which was,a little bit of a thinner i like this,more because it gives you more area it,sits a little bit,more flush to the frame i like it,now the slide release here,you probably noticed it is ambidextrous,yes,and the mag release you can switch it,the other way so it is definitely,appropriate for uh lefties and the,leftists,lefties all right because uh,ambidextrous,okay so the trigger right uh still the,same safe action trigger,which is what this thing right here is,kind of a,pre-trigger right here so if if this is,not pressed your trigger is not going to,go off,this is the safety measures that glock,implemented on their pistols,uh prevents from you know accidentally,dropping the firearm,prevents from it accidentally going off,um now the trigger here is uh i think,its 26 yes it is 26,pool which uh you can find on pretty,much most of the,glocks glock pistols is between 24,and 28 or 26 is in the middle pretty,good,usually with their smaller models,you have a little bit of a tighter,trigger pull,compared to their bigger barrel models,with the lighter trigger so here we have,our typical three and a half millimeters,maybe of the travel and then,a crisp break so as always,great trigger on the glock so i think i,got my,no not yet four,five five rounds,lets do some more shooting,and see if we can hit that orange one on,the top,that one is a little a little bit uh,tougher,a little smaller target there,another very nice bullseye at the end,wow im uh,i think i can be uh proud of myself for,the rest of the week,after this one but,overall i mean this this is really a,fantastic gun i,always like it really i was one of those,people that is,that was between you know either glock,17 or is it glock 19 because,i mean with glock 17 you just,get a better capacity and better grip,but with glock 19,its a little bit of a smaller grip but,its more compact,easier to conceal carry and now you have,the answer,this is the answer glack19x just i mean,whoever came up with this idea,from glock its just great job,but speaking of other features,you do have your accessory rail on the,front typical,um for flashlight laser whatever you,might be into you do have some,serrations on the front of the trigger,guard,which i personally do like in case if,you prefer,this kind of a grip honestly again,sides if you are getting a glock upgrade,them to the street outside maybe even,put some,night sights i dont think these are,night sights,but where are they no,no theyre definitely not night size but,if you are planning to have this as your,home defense weapon,itll be a pretty good upgrade to have,night sights on your glock,uh one thing that you probably are,wondering is what these things right,here,are for well with the generation five,blocks what they did is they sent you a,brand

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Glock 19X Review (hd)

Bienvenido a con pistola nuevamente,Feliz Navidad Feliz año nuevo Espero que,todo el mundo esté bien y positivo para,tener muchas bendiciones en Estas,fiestas en estas Navidades y un año,nuevo que venga muchísimo mejor de lo,que vino ahora y el que no lo tuvo tan,bueno no sé qué que hay alguien que lo,tuvo peor Y pues tenemos que,agradecerles un momento que estamos con,vida con buena salud y lo demás pues que,Dios reparta suerte y nos ayude todos,los días,aquí en la mesa hoy para ustedes tenemos,la Glock 19x la Glock como conocemos una,pistola de fabricación austriaca O sea,que es de Austria y vamos a entrar un,poquito en detalle a lo que es la,pistola Ella viene en su maletín,minimalista de bloques del mismo que,viene en la Glock hace mucho tiempo,espero en la característica especial de,que viene en el color Coyote inclusive,el Case o la maletita del maletín de,transporte de ella viene en el mismo,color Coyote que de hecho el color,Coyote es la primera vez que Glock,ofrece colores en sus correderas en toda,su historia nunca antes había ofrecido,una opción de colores en las correderas,siempre habían tenido el mismo el mismo,color negro y la misma terminación,después vamos a estar hablando más en,detalle de lo que es la terminación,porque hay algo bien importante con esa,terminación de la corredera que estén,aquí con nosotros y vamos para encima,con,Ok primero que todo vamos a verificar,que estemos Clear hacia atrás se fijan,no hay carga,[Música],esta Glock viene con tres cargadores los,cargadores son en plástico son,cargadores que vamos a entrar como ya,saben todo el mundo que nos Sigue los,cargadores lo vemos al final del vídeo,vamos para allá okay el alma como tal,vamos con la Glock 19x que esta pistola,es una pistola que tiene un slide es una,pistola es un crossover una pistola,híbrida cuenta con un frame o un armazón,de una Glock 17 con una corredera de la,Glock 19 la Glock 19x es lo mismo que,una Glock 45 del modelo 45 calibre 9,milímetros modelo 45 tiene exactamente,las mismas especificaciones lo único que,no tiene el colorcito de la 19x en ella,después si podemos notar que es una,pistola yo no les diría que es una,pistola diseñada Para aportar pero en la,persona que la puede portar pues tiene,una gran alma en su cintura tiene un,alma que,fácilmente de acuerdo a la persona de,acuerdo al tamaño de la persona y de,acuerdo como vista esta persona Yo te,diría que no es un alma y les diría que,no es un alma Para aportar es un alma,que está diseñada única y,específicamente para propósitos de una,subasta en el 2017 para las fuerzas,militares en específico el Us Army esta,epístola fue la competencia de esta,subasta con en contra otras pistolas,como la que actualmente ganó el contrato,que es la six 320 en el nombre militar,es la m17 o m18 en algunos casos que es,el tamaño compacto,esta Glock 19x entra esta competencia,con algunos futuros específicos,incluyendo para esta competencia o para,esta subasta de las fuerzas armadas de,los Estados Unidos,Glock por primera vez incluye un seguro,manual o un seguro de pulgar en sus,armas en esta área como como requisita,también para esta competencia tenía que,tener langer look o el juego o la anilla,para enganchar el langer el cablecito,que a uno le pone ahí para que la,pistola mayormente las fuerzas,policiales o las fuerzas armadas pues lo,utilizan para que la pistola por ahí si,se le sale de la baqueta se le sale por,casualidad de la mano de algún lado,puedan tener una mayor retención de su,alma a su cuerpo requerían que fuera,adherida a su cuerpo de alguna manera,otra cosa que viene de esta Alma van a,estar viendo en las fotos son las cachas,intercambiables las cachas traseras se,pueden cambiar en este caso ya viene con,la pequeña apuesta ofrece una mediada,una mediana y una grande y en adicional,a esto ofrece otra mediana y grande pero,con un beavertale más agrandado que te,permite alargar las personas que nos,gustan a mí por lo menos me gusta el que,quede un poquito más hacia atrás,protegiendo mi mano de la corredera en,movimiento y me ha permitido un poquito,más de firmeza es cuestión del de cómo,esté tu mano amoldada y como sean los,gustos pero el bloque está dando,opciones vuelvo y opciones cuando,tenemos opciones tenemos muchas maneras,de sentirnos cómodos otra de las,diferencias de la ya en quinta,generación lo vimos tarde en la cuarta,en la cuarta generación y en la quinta,generación de Glock es este frente que,tiene esta Alma que es biselado si se,fijan no es lo que acostumbra lo que es,una terminación cuadrada en las,generaciones anteriores algo muy bonito,por lo menos en lo que es lo estético,del alma le le da una característica muy,bonita esta sección es frontales,biseladas en la corredera en la parte,del frente ayudan a que cuando vayas a,introducir su alma a la baqueta ella,pueda alinearse mucho más fácil si hay,algún otro tipo de baqueta que sea un,poco más estrecha en la parte donde,entra el alma para lograr mayor,retención esto te va ayudar a guiar el,alma en la baqueta es un poquito más,fácil son cositas detalles que pensamos,a veces que no tienen ninguna función,que es cuestión de estética solamente y,no es así tiene su tiene su propósito,esta Alma tiene un alto total de,47 pulgadas tiene un ancho en la,corredera y algo bien peculiar en esta,arma que su corredera tiene una pulgada,de ancho en esta parte en el ancho de la,corredera como tal es un ancho de una,pulgada pero el alma como tal tiene un,ancho de 1.3 pulgadas si se fijan aquí,si lo pueden notar en el video,El frame o el armazón es más ancho que,la corredera es lo una de las cosas de,tener el frame de una full size con el,slide de una compacta el largo total de,la Glock 19x es un largo de 7.44,pulgadas pero su corredera el largo lo,están tomando desde esta parte desde la,parte de atrás de la empuñadura hasta la,punta del cañón si vamos al largo de la,corredera como tal tiene un largo de,6.85 pulgadas tenemos una diferencia,obviamente ya resalta un poco hacia,atrás lo mismo,17 pues esas dimensiones van a ser el,alma si la miran uno de La mira y se vea,simétrica pero una cosa de las que se,habla mucho es del balance de esta arma,inclusive es utilizada para competencias,o Para aportar es la versatilidad que,tiene esta Alma la que la hace tan,famosa el color Coyote la corredera 19x,tiene un sonido metálico es algo que que,gusta mucho ese por eso es que guste ese,color,si lo miran en como le da la luz en la,reflexión de luz es como si tuviera algo,metálico en en su en su terminación en,su color tiene una manera peculiar que,lo protegen contra de la corrosión con,su terminado su terminado es en el npv,física vapor deposit la manera más o,menos si se lo puede explicar que me lo,logran captar,utilizan unos vapores para introducir al,material,las partículas de las pinturas,se utiliza un mapa entonces la,terminación es como si fuera el Night,Trade Pero esto protege de del uso del,Weber del desgaste de una manera,espectacular obviamente es una como está,diseñada con miras para el ejército esta,manera en la quinta generación de Glock,Esta es la manera que están,transfiriendo la pintura no como el que,era lo que lo que utilizaban,anteriormente es tanta transfiriendo las,pinturas o los acabados a los correderas,de una manera que son bien duraderos,protege bien en contra de los guayazos y,anti la corrosión la gluten es un alma,famosa por en todas condiciones poder,ser útil ser funcional o funcional de,excelente manera en cualquier condición,sea en la tierra sea en el agua sea a,las condiciones que se enfrente Pues,esta terminación le va a asegurar esa,durabilidad no cuenta con ceraciones,frontales sin suceraciones traseras,regulares no muy agresiva las mismas las,mismas relaciones que cuenta Glock de,siempre la corredera,corre corre bastante fácil en el en el,frame es una corredera que no es muy,dura el Sprint de retroceso no es un,Sprint muy duro un alma bastante fácil,de utilizar fácil de accionar en la,parte de arriba de la corredera podemos,enc

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New Glock Model G19X Pistol Review

the Glock model 19 X lets check it out,[Music],[Music],[Music],the model 19 X was glock submission to,the US military handgun trials or the,modular handgun system of course we know,that Sig Sauer won the contract with,their model P 320 the Glock was a really,close second and still being contested,by Glock at this time but one of the,great things about this handgun is it,led to the Gen 5 but there are still a,lot of differences with this pistol from,the Gen 5 in fact there are some unique,features on this handgun that Ive not,seen and were gonna find out what the G,19 X is all about now guys this review,is coming to you January 2nd 2018 these,guns will not be available on dealer,shelves until January 22nd the new Glock,model 19 X there are a lot of unique,features about this handgun many,differences even from the Gen 5 one of,the big things about this handgun is,its not actually designated as a Gen 5,its just the 19 X so its theres some,features on this handgun that are going,to be varied from any other Glock model,of course being inspired by the military,trials and were getting a lot of,benefit from a lot of the new things,that went into this pistol of course,first thing we do is make sure the gun,is unloaded so were gonna remove the,magazine check the chamber and the gun,is empty the gun comes with three,magazines we have a standard 17 round,magazine and then two 19 round magazines,with this extended base plate now as far,as the grip length here I have a,standard model 17 you can see that the,grip length is the same the big,difference is is it actually extends a,little bit at the front and then you,have your lanyard loop here so it does,actually extend a little farther then,your model 17 when it comes to the slide,length were actually down to the model,19 frame so youre getting that little,bit of a compact cut off edge right here,now a lot of times guys like to have a,longer slide and a shorter grip if,youre gonna conceal carry but Ill tell,you we took this out to the range and,the balance was just totally different I,love the way this gun shot,and Ive been shooting Glock 19s well,all Glocks for years but this just had a,very unique feel to it that I really,liked this does have a lot of cues from,the model 17m which was adopted by the,FBI but there are some differences as,well but this does actually fall in line,more with the MSH competition with the,US military the one thing that they did,not include was the manual safety which,Im glad with the requirements of the US,military it requires a safety on the,frame but here theres no safety but,there are already three safeties on the,Glock pistol one is this little trigger,shoe right here that keeps the gun from,firing unless theres a direct pull also,the trigger bar itself has to be pulled,in a vertical position to actuate the,trigger and then also there is a striker,safety as well that keeps the striker,from falling so there are three separate,safeties already this is just one of the,military standards that theyd like to,see one of the big things about this,pistol thats different even than gin.5,is the course the color and you know you,have your polymer what they call coyote,color and then we have the slide which,the slide has been improved and improved,finish with their new npvd slide coating,this is not any kind of seracote its,not just a finish on the outside its,actually impregnated into the metal and,its a new process theyve added to the,gen 5 and of course its more in the,black color but this is even it even has,a higher corrosion resistance and wear,resistance so in really clocks slides,are pretty corrosion and wear resistant,already so this is just an improved,model I love the color its actually,almost a gold kind of a color to it a,little bit of a metallic to the coyote,but it really to me matches with this,handgun of course it has most of your,Gen 5 updates there are some differences,we do have the two pins which is the,difference from the three pin on the gen,3 inch and four we have the lack of,finger grooves and then we have the you,know pyramid shapes all the way around,the handgun which gives it a really good,grip here toward the bottom the magazine,well is not full,like it is on the June 5 and if youll,notice were going with the standard cut,on the base plate for the original model,17s in the gen 4 and Gen 3 here I have,one of the new gen 5 base plates you can,see that it kind of comes out a little,bit,whereas this goes back to the,traditional now one of the reasons why,it has this lip is because there was a,cut in the June 5 right here and thats,absent on the new 19 X and that was one,complaint a lot of people had when they,were inserting magazines they said this,is a place you could get pinched and,then we have instead we have just flared,out a little bit but the magazine well,itself is pretty much like the Gen 4 and,of course we do have a lanyard loop,right here as a plug also because of the,base plate of the new gen 5 you can see,its not gonna fit its just not gonna,set in that grip and this is a G 19,magazine Gen 5 but you can see that it,actually comes up against that little,area so your gen five magazines are not,compatible with the new 19 X another,thing about these magazines and with the,Gen 5 is theyve done away with the,cutout that shows the liner on the,inside both here and here and so its,under there but its just not showing of,course we have our ambidextrous slide,release our mag release of course we can,change from one side to the other and it,does have kind of a rounded edge here,that the standard chin for did not have,that went all the way out one thing to,is the trigger has been improved in fact,its just a much more crisp trigger just,that take up here a little bit of,stacking within a decent crisp snap and,I found that to be true with a standard,gen fives this handgun is more in line,with the model 43 upgrades so theres a,lot of things we look at and we look at,it internally makes this gun isnt,loaded were gonna check the trigger,pull no magazine,five pounds 2.8 ounces were getting,about that same just about five and a,quarter to five and a half pound trigger,pull one thing we didnt check was reset,to pull the trigger right there its,audible and its tactile one thing to is,of course its head the bevel on the,front of the slide like the June fives a,big improvement is that theyve actually,matched it to the frame so I think they,really listened I know there was a lot,of complaints about the frame kind of,jutting out just a little bit and this,actually matches very nicely,another big improvement is that we have,night sights that come standard on this,handgun and they are metal so you know,thats one big complaint with a lot of,people is they have the plastic sights,on your Glock of course here at the back,and at the front a nice sight picture,now not only does it like the finger,grooves but you also have four extra,options for back straps and were going,to look at those in just a minute Im,going to show you how to install it its,pretty easy but this is a small grip and,thats one of the things about the,military trials they required is having,a grip that would be okay for female,shooters and yet had the capacity to,move it on up and that was one of the,big things about the modularity of the,handgun the slide for the accessory rail,is also matched more with the Picatinny,size and you can see here on this Glock,17 its much smaller and this is where,the Gen fours now the military brought,in some criteria that Glock followed and,it was some of the reasons for the,upgrades but one of the things the,military required is a 90% or more,chance of hitting a four inch circle at,50 meters and so the accuracy had to be,improved and so thats one of the things,about the barrel that had to be changed,so Glock introduced their marksmen,barrel now this is not a standard rifle,and groove barrel in fact when I first,did the the Gen 5 review I even,mentioned because Id seen it in a,number of

Glock 19X vs. SIG M18

you might be concerned that with ammo,now in short supply I may not play for,you the song of my people fear not,[Music],all right rains work time now with the,Glock 19 X and the Sig M 18 sig M 18,recently I brought you the first video,on this and I have fired it probably a,few hundred rounds through it this Glock,19 X has never been fired Ive owned it,for probably a year but I have yet to,put a single round through it theres a,little bit of a story there I did do a,full video on the Glock 19 X when they,first came out that was a loaner good,friend of the channel loaned me that gun,and I did the did all the range work,with it and then send it back to him,so then I didnt have one then I,purchased a 19 X for myself so that I,could continue to do more work with it,and plus I just wanted to have one so I,had that Glock 19 X for several months,and I hadnt fired it and then I ended,up donating it to to a fundraiser second,amendment fundraiser so that kind of,went away and then finally I got another,one and Ive had it forever its been,sitting in the safe and now Im gonna,put the first rounds through it so both,guns are clean both guns are freshly,lubed with extreme weapons grease that,includes the Glock even though its,never been fired and since Im holding,it lets go ahead and start with it do a,little break-in Im probably more of a,break-in for me than a break-in for the,guns,my friends at tactical AR 500 targets,provided that target you see downrange,they support me so you should consider,supporting them,Wow,just like I remember it p320 m18 now,and just like I remember that one – nice,well this is a head-to-head but you know,I might have a hard time picking a,winner so forgive me if I dont so I,have two magazines for each gun loaded,up with a full box and this is mag tech,115 grain ball ammo just good,general-purpose range stuff you can,usually find it on sale I think I found,it on sale at some point on Midway,method letter Midway USA those days are,gone for a while you know I can be,finding any 9-millimeter ammunition on,sale Im afraid to say anyway I loaded,up the full box alright so I have one,mag for each gun with ten rounds and one,mag for each gun with 15 rounds that,adds up to 50 thats the full box so,heres the 15 rounder in the Glock and,you know here we are in the roaring 20s,so what nothing says the 20s like a,flapper lets see if I can hit the,flapper,well I mostly hit it,that was the 19x see how I make out with,the m18 the haha I missed on the last,one okay a few of the key specifications,and numbers between these two very,similar guns,starting with barrel length which is,slightly longer for the Glock 19 X at,4.0 2 inches that is the standard Glock,19 barrel length the p 320 m 18 is three,point nine inches overall length,corresponds to that with seven point,four four inches for the Glock seven,point two for the Sig total height of,the pistol from the bottom of the,magazine to the tip of the top of the,rear sight is five point four seven,inches for the Glock and an even 5.5,inches for the Sig the 19 X is also a,wee bit lighter at just a hair under 25,ounces while the Sig is about 28 ounces,and in both cases that is with an empty,magazine they also take a very different,approach in terms of the rifling in,their barrels the Glock has its,traditional polygonal rifling and the,m18 has the more industry traditionally,no lands and grooves they both come,equipped with good quality sights Glock,puts their steel night sights on the 19,X and Sigma their Sig light night sight,out front with the rear sight being also,a tritium night sight incorporated into,the removable plate published width of,the Glock 19 X is one point three inches,and the published width of the P 320 M,18 is 1.6 inches those measurements are,taken across the widest part of the,handgun and so with an ambidextrous,external thumb safety on the m18 clearly,that makes a big difference and thats,where that dimension comes from as part,of calculating the justin opinion grip,index i also do my own width measurement,and i do it in a very specific area from,the grip tang to the trigger where your,thumb and forefinger are going to grip,the pistol and according to my,measurements there,the Glock is one point one six inches in,width and the sig is one point zero nine,two so its actually thinner where you,hold it speaking of just an opinion grip,index it is three point one seven for,the Glock and two point nine four for,the sig and the other important number,thats part of that is the trigger reach,distance from the back strap to the,front face of the trigger on the Glock,its two point seven three inches and on,the m18 two point six nine inches so,depending on your hand size and the kind,of ergonomics you like and so forth that,number will make a difference you will,be able to feel the difference between,the two guns,okay a couple of other key differences,between the Glock 19 X and the Sig M 18,one which is actually kind of subtle but,I wanted to point it out and I dont,know how well its gonna show up here in,this light because colors look different,in a lot of different kinds of light and,cameras dont always capture them but,they are both flat dark earth and the,polymers have a slightly different hue,to them,I think the cigs is a little more Brown,or a little more magenta perhaps and the,Glocks is a little more on the yellow,side but theyre very similar but the,slides the the coding and the finish on,the slides is definitely different I,like them both and I kind of like them,both equally and differently so Im not,gonna say one you know I dont have a,favorite you may but the Glock looks a,little more gold and the sig is more,bronze they both did a fantastic job,they just approached that particular,coloring from a different perspective or,at least they came out with a different,result,I like them both and they are different,and theyre both pretty another,difference that I wanted to point out is,the safety system of course the Glock,has its standard traditional Glock safe,action system as they call it that,includes this safety that you see in the,center of the trigger that safety has to,be compressed fully before the trigger,can be moved rearward so that is that is,a form of manually operated safety,basically means you got to have a finger,on that trigger,there are also some internal safety,mechanisms like a drop safe and things,of that nature but there is no external,manual safety on the Glock 19 X the M 18,however in contrast has a smooth metal,triggers not a polymer trigger like the,Glock and you can see that it is a,one-piece trigger shoe there is no,safety built into it however there is an,external manual safety on the M 18 and,it is an ambidextrous safety it is also,a safety done right in my opinion,because it is very 1911 like its easy,to operate its easy to engage and easy,to disengage of course the sig also does,have internal safety mechanisms such as,drop safety and things of that nature,well it is right now the end of March,just about the end of March as I speak I,dont know when youll see this cuz you,know I gotta edit the video and then I,gotta upload it and then it goes in the,queue with other things that are already,done so again I dont know exactly when,youll be watching this when I will have,uploaded it but right now we are in the,middle of our craziness right the whole,coronavirus thing and the whole social,distancing and all that so I just want,to reassure you guys first of all I hope,that everyone watching this is healthy,and well and doing okay and staying safe,even no matter when youre watching I,dont care if its three years from now,I hope I hope all those things are still,true but I do want to reassure you now,while we are in the middle of all this,nonsense that I am six feet from the,camera so you could feel a little bit,more comfortable about that,but you know I work alone there is no,cameraman there is there are tripods and,cameras and me thats it I am the very,embodiment of s

Glock 19X : 5000+ Rounds Later

the Glock 19 X the gun that the internet,hated but FF ELLs have had hard time,keeping on the shelf,[Music],all right so I have had this the Glock,19 X for about a year its got 5,000,rounds through it at this point and no I,never did an initial review of it,because at the time everybody was doing,an initial review of it and the just,videos were so saturated with videos are,so saturated with people that had just,unboxed it or maybe put a hundred rounds,through it and said how good of a gun,was that I figured Id wait and weed out,the people that actually shoot and give,you my opinion of it after you know,several thousand rounds through it so,the Glock 19 X its basically as you,well know the submission to the army -,the safety to the army program competing,with sig Glock lost it lost the contract,because sig gives guns away in order to,get contracts so lets go through it a,little bit so a few things Im not going,to go through all the bells and whistles,of it and all the coding and molecular,composition of certain paints and,theres enough people out there that,Ive done that comes with two of the,plus two magazines so thats 19 round,magazines and one of the seventeen round,magazines all in this fde or coyote,brown whatever they call it color I have,the tlr-1,my favorite pistol light and I have the,teal R 1 HL on here in the coyote color,and I have the black one that you guys,are pricing on your on my regular 19,my impression of this gun is that it is,the best shooting Glock Ive ever owned,I have tens of thousands of rounds,through multiple generations of Glocks,and like I said around 5,000 maybe a,little bit more through this one and,this hands down is the best shooting,Glock that Ive ever owned and in an in,the top three of best shooting pistols,Ive ever owned not if I had any,problems with it I had in the very,beginning when everything was like super,stiff from the factory I did have some,problems running aluminum case AM ammo,through it where the aluminum case low,that just really low power and stuff had,a hard time cycling the gun that is not,an issue anymore steel case brass brass,of various grades from got really low XR,inexpensive brass too expensive brass,Hornady different Hardy animal Ive run,through it different korban ammo Ive,run through it so there has been a just,an absolute Easter basket of ammo run,through this and it will eat it all just,like you expect from an oclock now,people have commented about how the,finish has worn off of the slide stop on,these I dont know it did on mine too I,wouldnt have even brought it up if,other people hadnt brought it up and,Im just confirming what they have,confirmed I dont care it doesnt matter,I dont take this to the car wash I,dont buff it wax it polish it and treat,it like a baby,it gets beat up it gets used and used,and used some more just like gun should,be so yeah that little bit of wear on,the little tiny lever here is not a,issue for me now if the if the slide had,been completely stripped of its coating,in the same amount of time then theres,a really serious quality issue when,youre talking about rust when youre,talking about you know the actual now,youre messing with the integrity of the,by having the protective coating taken,off of it and so on so there is that but,I have a little bit of where on the top,of the slide I dont know if you can see,it there a little bit of where on the,top of the slide from Safariland holster,because thats where the mechanism rides,is right up there I have it on my gen 3,Glock as well so theres that the three,dot sights I dont care about there okay,I actually much prefer the ball in the,basket or goalpost sights of the,standard Glock Im very used to them I,can acquire targets very fast with them,and it is what it is I the three dot is,fine I would have also been fine with,the goalposts sights a great gun,nonetheless so going over a few things,that the internet wanted to hate on this,gun about theres a theres a number of,things that when this gun came out the,Internet just pulling its hair out about,and of course if you listen to the,Internet this gun was going to be,complete failure even though its been,one of Glocks more you know theres been,far far more popular than Glock ever,thought it would be so lets go through,some of the internet crybaby stuff a,lanyard loop who uses a lanyard loop I,mean really what what are you thinking,block why do you even have a lanyard,loop on there I mean such a waste so,last time I checked the lanyard loop,hadnt called me names hadnt called my,mama names didnt actually physically,harm me and isnt in the way of anything,so I dont really get why thats a big,deal people seem to point that lanyard,luta loop out quite a bit and have some,snarky comment that goes along with it,it doesnt matter its removable you,dont like it take it out its not major,major surgery its not whatever its,its a stupid little hole in the grip of,the gun that is insignificant to those,that dont you,it and extremely significant to those,that do use it so yeah wipe your tears,Oh at least theres something okay about,it they got rid of the finger grooves,finally finally got rid of the fingers,yes they have gotten rid of finger,groups finally gotten rid of figure,groups if you ask any real shooters,people that use their gun under high,stress theyre gonna tell you that the,finger grooves really dont matter,that when youre really running running,this thing hard you dont notice the,finger groups so for me its its I can,do without them it doesnt matter that,theyre there it doesnt matter that,theyre not the texture the grip,textures just fine I dont feel the need,to stipple this gun or add grip panels,to it and again Mike I have a gen 3 that,I use just as much this and it has the,finger grooves in it and guess what I,dont notice is there the finger grooves,whats that stupid thing at the front of,the grip I mean you got rid of finger,grooves but but you added this stupid,little thing which means you cant use,gen-5 mags I mean my god what kind of a,company makes it so you cant use the,previous generation of magazines oh Im,gonna be writing a stern letter to Glock,this little guy this little what I call,like the leading leading edge protector,of magazine theyre for me,the grips it cradles my pinky finger,just right I dont mind the fact that it,doesnt accept gen5 mags I dont care,about people are like people on the,internet they want to say that well why,would they make a gun that doesnt,accept gen-5 mags I dont know why would,they make a gun that accepts Jen one two,three and four max I mean youre talking,about a single single generation of,magazines youre complaining about,that is probably the worst step in any,direction Glock made mind you with the,screwing up the front beveling of it,its just the Gen 5 doesnt seem to be,as popular in my opinion as 2 3 & 4 so,its really like its compatible with,99% of all the magazines out there,except for one generation its also,compatible with the Korean mags you can,buy its compatible with Magpies I,believe with Magpul mags as well its,compatible with the plus two extensions,you know granted this came with it but,if you put plus twos on your on your,mags like I do a lot this compatible,with those I dont really know what,anybody is complaining about if you,dont like it cut it off its its,really that simple its not really worth,crying over well that just doesnt make,any sense I mean how you gonna have a,longer grip than before I mean that,things gonna be impossible to conceal I,mean absolutely just this might as well,not even try and thats my favorite one,my favorite one is the grip length why,in the world would you make a 19 length,slide and frame with a 17 length grip,and this is what separates the shooters,from the hobbyists trigger control,muzzle control purchase all that stuff,all revolve around what class the grip,if you dont have a good full grip on,any gun if you dont have a good full,grip then youre not going to be able to,have ve

Glock 19X

Hickok 45 here and you know I like a,Glock 19 I especially like one in the,extreme yeah I dont how extreme it is,but you know considering and,comparatively it has an extremely long,grip doesnt it for a Glock 19 yes it is,the 19 X as you can see there and you,guys have requested it and gals that we,take a look at it knowing what you know,about me that Im a bit of a Glock,person well thats an understatement,isnt it I do like the locks I have been,with them for a long time and so I guess,it makes sense that I should try this,thing out the 19 X the Glock 19 X and I,want to tell you about why it it is in,this configuration a little bit and,well talk a little bit about that but,anyway we appreciate the buds gun shop,comm sending it to us so that we could,try it out and then let you all know,what we think about it so appreciate,that go check them out lots of good,stuff going on there also go to the,description if youre not an NRA member,and think about joining at a discount,okay lets go over here and take a look,at it weve got a bunch of federal ammo,loaded up in 125 gram Full Metal Jacket,and all these mags so I shouldnt have,to load mags because that leads to me,just yapping about oh gosh random things,right so we got some ammo loaded up the,blog 19 X okay were having to come,about well it was one of the military,submissions okay for the modular handgun,trials or whatever you know and of,course sig won that much the Glocks this,way you know and then everybody elses,everybody wanted to win that military,contracts are lucrative and you know,desirable of course and this was the,essentially the AFN submission you know,the 509 what they called the military,version of it but,you know so thats where these two,firearms essentially came from you know,because a lot of us criticize farms like,this when were looking for carry guns,the slide on thats just fine but its,got the long grip it holds 17 rounds,just like this this Glock 17 frame holds,17 rounds you know but its got a more,moderately sized slide a Glock 19 slide,see but its because that may not be the,entire reason but they were military,submissions okay so Im not gonna bash,this configuration too much that its,where this came from it was it grew out,of that so then they offered it to us,mere civilians okay and youll get the,nice coloring different color and,everything understands the first time,Glock has offered a you know factory you,know slide coloring you know like that,yeah its right from the factory its,not sarah code or anything on the slide,so thats thats the rationale for these,and as you know by now Ive surprisingly,onto this five over nine even though it,has a bigger grip and Im usually not a,fan of big long grips you know for a,carry gun neck sort of thing and I dont,carry this much but boy its a great,shooter you know like it and you also,know if youve been around a while Im,not a huge fan of the Glock 17 because I,dont like the hump hits me at the wrong,place down here the one reason I like,that 509 so well the grip feels good,even though its a long grip so for me,the Glock 19 which is this department,right here feels much better to me so in,terms of a carry gun this is not as,desirable to me this 19x,it might be to you because you get more,ammo in it in a flush magazine and,everything so it might be exactly what,youre looking for so thats thats what,youve got there basically I brought my,Glock 17 out with the peeling grips,again got to get those tightened up so,youve got a Glock 17 frame and youve,got a Glock 19 this is my June 5 you got,a Glock 19 slide in fact itll fit on,here you can now you cant,cant put a June 4 slide on it okay not,that youd be doing this but just to,show you my my Glock you know 19 June,five slides works just fine here okay,cuz thats what you have all right,they might even look good – yeah the,2-tone there okay so youve got a kind,of a Gen 5 gun here for the most part,Ill put the regular slide back on you,yummy its a typical Glock you know 17,there you youve got some better coating,as I understand because again this was,going to be a military firearm they,hoped and so its got some hotshot the,coating on the I think internally and,externally,youve got the that enhance rifling you,got the crown barrel its got some of,the things that the gin.5 Glocks have a,lot of those things you know reversal,reversible mag you know releases and all,that you get your amber and II slide,lock and all that thing you dont have,is you dont have the magwell which is,nice okay you dont have the mag well,they didnt put that on there okay but,in a lot of ways its just a Gen 5 Glock,17 frame on a 10-5 block 19 slide or,under a Glock 19 slide okay thats,really what you have okay so videos over,if thats what you think you want thats,what it is,okay so just kidding you know Ill go,for another hour dont you until it gets,dark and youve got the better sights,maybe youve got the metal sights of,night sights I think yeah kind of a,night sights on there so youve got some,things that its an enhanced firearm in,a lot of ways I dont think its its,gonna be a highly popular carry gun I,might be fooled I might be it might sell,really well but it doesnt appeal to me,that much the other thing too is you,know me and my trigger preferences I,like a crisp trigger if I can get one,its hard to find one on Glock Ive got,a few that have them though and this gun,has one has a pretty crisp trigger you,know its got to take up,get back to the wall pretty nice Chris,break thats what I like another thing I,like about that you know I like about,some of my Glocks this Mach 17 is kind,of like that,yeah nice Chris break thats why its my,best side gun and its loaded to the,magazines loaded okay I dont get that,with this one its got that rolling on,through and finally it breaks okay and,all the ones I picked up at shot show,were like that too so if youre looking,for a crisp trigger you may not get it,on this you better check the trigger,before you buy one okay I dont thats,just the way it is okay,I was joking with them at the Glock,booth about it looking at it already I,already shot one out at range day and,had the same kind of mushy trigger and I,picked up up I think it was a training,gun one of the blue gun maybe it was a,blue gun you may remember John now,pulled the trigger on it and it was nice,its like that 509 or like my Glock 17,nice Chris break it was a training gun,or something and then he had one of,cutaway guns youve seen those where,they got it all cut open and everything,I picked it up Ill be darned if that,thing didnt have a highly desirable,trigger its really nice so I was giving,the reps a hard time about putting all,the good triggers on the guns youre not,even gonna shoot you know and you pick,this thing up and okay whens it gonna,break finally I just yeah so anyway,thats my trigger preference all right,you know Im biased in some areas and,thats one of them but so Im not crazy,about the trigger thats one of the,negatives on it for me and every one of,them that Ive picked up its probably,just been four or five but they all seem,to have that same I dont know what you,call it theres just nothing crisp I,mean you cant even use the word crisp,in talking about it,okay but some people prefer triggers,like that they actually do apparently a,lot of people because a lot of Glocks,they have that kind of trigger so thats,what you got let me shoot it some more,it comes with with three mags you know,the standard glock 17 mag and you got,the plus one or two there so you get,three magazines with it and lets see if,they work okay well put my ears back on,here,yeah threw some stuff at that paper yeah,threw it all over,okay,nice got one bullet left lets put it on,to go on another mag in here lets go,back mr. gong because of those sights I,have to hold a little bit differently,that Im used to with a Glock but,theyre fine Ill get used to those two,litres all right stop stop,I mean they work I complained about the,trigger but you can m

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