1. Glock 48 Review (Glock SLIMLINE Concealed Carry Gun)
  2. Glock 48 1000 Round Review: Not What I Expected
  3. Which Subcompact Glock is Best? Glock 43, 43X, or 48?
  4. Glock 48 MOS Shield Arms Review (The Glock That We All Wanted…)
  5. Why I Still Love my Glock 48 MOS OVER A YEAR LATER | Updated Thoughts on Shield Arms Mags
  6. Glock 48 Review
  7. Glock 48: The Best Of Two Worlds

Glock 48 Review (Glock SLIMLINE Concealed Carry Gun)

[Music],[Music],[Music],welcome to firearms of america today i,am back here at shooters in for mars,florida,about to do the review of another glock,generation five yes and this is,the all new glock,48 generation five,yes chamber the 9 millimeter,4.1 inch barrel this,is actually the slimmed down version,so you have your very nice,and slim grip that fits perfectly in my,hand,i like it lets do some shooting and see,what it can do,now because it is slim you do have a,little bit of a different kind of a,magazine,its not exactly single stacked right,but it is kind of,single stacked pretty much because it,had they had to do it slimmer,so it wont be interchangeable with any,other glocks unless its from,the same um slim down family which they,do have two different ones,now so you have this one a little bit,thicker and they have,one which is even thinner but this one,is capacity 10,and i am gonna do some five rounds,through it,you probably noticed it has the new,all-new,orange guide,pretty good and uh nicely numbered in,the back,lets do some shooting so nine,millimeter,i have high hopes its glock after all,glock was initially built,to handle the nine millimeter glock 17,the very first one,pistole 80,manufactured by gaston glock in austria,specifically for austrian army,i actually did the history video called,the amazing history of a glock,check it out so um lets do some,shooting,see if i can hit anything over there and,i think ill try to,get that uh yellow circle,in the center now the slide here,surprisingly is easy to rag,i do like the way this fits in my hands,its really good,all right i didnt lock back on the last,round but its not because of this its,because of my grip,whenever i have my thumb resting on the,slide release it usually,happens keep that in mind so,as expected it handles the recoil,beautifully i think 4.1 inch barrel is,definitely good,overall length whenever it comes to the,nine millimeter,whenever you have that uh concern of how,it handles,the recoil i do like the grip its,better for smaller hands,like mine it fits just perfectly i like,the slimmer,grip compared to standard double stacked,magazine grip that you get on the glock,i think this fits,much much better you do have,your typical generation five stippling,here,its not as aggressive especially,compared to generation 4,i think would have been better i,personally prefer generation 4,grips the design of grips a little bit,more because it is a little bit more,aggressive,and also because it has some finger,grooves on the front,now this is really a personal preference,some people,like them some people dont i personally,do but overall,not too bad anyway now the mag release,is still,good old mag release nothing really,changed from the generation four,it sits kind of flat to the grip,but because the area of,the mag release itself the mag release,button,is bigger than your generation 3 one,it does a pretty good job now lets move,on to a few other features,speaking of the slide release that i was,holding with my thumb,it is not ambidextrous which,i i dont know in some models they made,it ambidextrous in generation five,but some of them they left none of the,textures which i think is,weird doesnt make a lot of sense to me,because the mag release button is,actually reversible for lefties,but the slide release is not,ambidextrous so it kind of is not a very,left,left handed friendly now,uh the slide release here as you can see,it does not operate as your standard,slide release,on the glock you cant simply one,single-handedly release it you have to,pull,the slide back and,to me thats one of the things that i,dont like one of the reasons why i like,glocks that much is because the slide,releases are so intuitive,not here not on this one its a little,bit different keep that in mind even the,shape,itself of this slide release lever,is a little bit different so keep that,in mind overall the slide is,fairly easy to rack not the lightest,slide but not the toughest either so,kind of in between but that of course,comes with the new upgraded guide rod,with the tougher spring which does,really good job,at handling the recoil but adds up a,little bit of toughness to the slide and,speaking of the slide you probably,already noticed,the serrations that glock added on the,front so if youre one of those people,youre gonna appreciate so lets do some,uh,five more rounds through this and we,will try to talk about a few other,features like the sides,and the trigger now,whenever it comes to glocks i mean glock,if you ask people around and say hey,what is the,you know if you ask 10 people what is,the most reliable,pistol out there eight of them gonna say,glock,you know and theres a reason there are,some serious reasons for that,they are not demanding,for any kind of special ammo you can,shoot literally anything through it,and they will handle,throughout i think throughout all the,reviews that are done on the blocks,i dont think i ever had a single,misfire or misfit,um not a single malfunction in fact,other than user cost,my fault so lets put some five more,rounds,through it and ill try to come up with,some,more or less reasonable conclusion for,this,glock 48 generation five so i have my,five rounds getting five rounds,in and i think,you know what i think i will try six,rounds,seven rounds,i guess its eight rounds so i will try,to hit,some of those flappy pedals and finish,up,my day strong so i can be proud of,myself,lets do that so,alrighty lets see,they didnt want to turn but,on the plus side this is,a pretty good option i think if you want,something,if you want a good option that is well,balanced,between being an easy to conceal,nine millimeter handgun and at the same,time something that you want,to keep in a car,or in your house as a home self-defense,weapon self-defense,great job vlog so thank you very much,guys for watching this was,firearms of america and ill see you,guys,in the next video

Glock 48 1000 Round Review: Not What I Expected

[Applause],whats up guys this is the honest outlaw,here and today were gonna be talking,about the all-new Glock 48 before I do,that one mentioned my patreon supporters,thank you guys very much because of all,your support Im able to buy guns and,gear and ammo to fire those guns for you,guys to see on camera so I really,appreciate that and because of that I do,a monthly giveaway for guns and gear,related stuff like for example the k-bar,a knife and the Ontario rat 3 knife Im,gonna be giving away this month so you,want to be part of that giveaway all you,got to do is be a patron I also want to,mention you but I comm longtime support,of the channel I leave a link in the,description below my videos for a link,to their website if you click the link,youll get $20 off any order of 200,bucks or more now well get to the Glock,48 what is the Glock 48 well it is a,Glock it is a striker-fired polymer,frame pistol like every other Glock made,this is a unique lock in the way that it,is some things people have been asking,for for a long time it has a four inch,barrel and it is a single stack that,holds 10 rounds so imagine the gifted,Glock 19 one on a diet like if the Glock,19 took Jenny Craig for three months or,something like that so its not quite as,small as a Glock 43 the Glock 48 is just,a hair thicker and obviously it has a,significantly longer grip to accommodate,that 10 round mags but even being a,striker-fired polymer frame,nine-millimeter pistol it comes with a,couple of features that Glock didnt,have before number one it comes with,front slide serrations which should have,came on all the guns but it has until,recently a lot of them Gen fives have,them now it also comes with this NVP,whatever coating this is its silver,coating basically its durable as the,previous coating but now its two-tone,which is pretty cool,comes with the standard checkering as,you see right here standard magazine,release which is swappable over here in,case your left hand know ambidextrous,control so youre gonna have to deal,with that if your left hand and it comes,with these standard sights which I have,switched out for a mirror glow Spartans,because they are shockingly superior as,reliability goes the Glock 48 is pretty,spectacular,I shot a thousand rounds for this did,have one failure however it was a light,primer strike and I was shooting,remanufactured ammunition at the time so,I would have to attribute that to,ammunition I also have clean it since,then,nor did I clean it,a thousand renown shooting process so it,went a thousand rounds with no cleaning,whatsoever it had no problem until,around nine hundred rounds or so when I,had that light primer strike and that,was Im pretty sure ammunition related,which I cant attribute that because,Glock does have a reputation of,reliability that its pretty much second,done theyre not many guns gun,manufacturers on the planet that can,tote the same reliability reputation,that Glock does now this does come with,two 10-round magazines and it is 20,ounces with an empty mag thats gonna be,two ounces heavier than the Glock 43 X,and its gonna be about three three or,four heavier than the Glock 34 I,actually have both of them here for,representation the Glock 43 here is,going to be its main competitor Im,gonna have a vs. video on this coming,out here pretty soon between this the,Glock 34 or the Glock 43 and the 43 X,Im not going to compare them too much,but I did want to give you an idea of,how much more slide is on the 43 around,the 48 here so I just wanted to do a,little visual representation Ive seen,change the sights and theyre both,identical so the idea behind having a,longer barrel and why that would be,superior to something like a 43 X is,that it adds a little bit of velocity,now it also adds a little bit of sight,radius but I like the idea of the,velocity a little bit more with smaller,barrels especially the four to three,inch you actually get more than just a,little more power you actually get a,more consistent hollow-point expansion,most people who carry a carry gun carry,hollow points right this is actually the,magazine from my 43 X which is my carry,gun so with a little more velocity you,have more consistent hollow-point,expansion you get a bigger hole and,because on a small smaller size pistol,that isnt 9 millimeter,youre not going to get it a lot of,hydrostatic shock so youre really,working with the hole that youre,putting in the guy so you want to put a,big enough hole in the right area to,make the guy stop doing whatever hes,doing guy girl,I dont wanna be sexist but the point is,is that this helps you consistently make,a slightly bigger hole because your,bullets are gonna be expanding a little,bit more beyond that cold hammer-forged,four inch barrel youre also getting a,little bit better sight radius and that,does help you line up your sights a,little bit better to theoretically give,you a little bit more accuracy now the,problem I have with that is,I didnt really see a huge accuracy,increase between this and the 43 X I,also have a lot of reps behind firearms,and I also shoot a lot of handguns a lot,more than most so it does that mean that,you will see an accuracy increase with,the 48 I dont know a lot of people on,my social media have said that they do,believe the 48 is more accurate as I,said I personally have not seen that I,shoot them very similar and I shoot them,very similar speeds so for me personally,the 4-inch sight radius doesnt help me,out that much the 4 inch slide should,help decrease a little bit of the recoil,as well but I also have not seen that I,shoot the 43 X very similar in speed and,accuracy to the 48 but there is no,denying that half inch of barrel is,going to increase velocity and its,going to help hollow-point expansion so,that is definitely a valid reason to,pick this gun up so accuracy is pretty,good its possible to hit a hundred,yards fairly easy to hit at 50 yards,with this gun and for a concealed carry,gun of this size I found that pretty,reasonable now that accuracy is,extremely handicapped by the sights that,come on the gun as you can see thats,why I changed the sights because the,high definition front sight allows you,to focus on it and it makes it a little,bit faster not to mention these are,steel night sights so they are more,durable more reliable and you can use,them in all hours and people that attack,you they dont just do it between 9:00,and 5:00 so sometimes its nice to have,night sights but what really hampers the,accuracy in the firearm is the damn,trigger now I had a significantly,different trigger between the 48 in the,43 X I had around an 8 pound trigger,with the 43 X and I had an 11 pound,trigger with the 48 and Glocks,if youve ever measured them are pretty,famous for that I get some blocks that,are 6 pounds some of their 7 pounds,theyre all advertised at 5.5 but 11,pounds is probably the heaviest and,dirtiest and nasties trigger Ive ever,gotten for a Glock and that happened to,be in this Glock 48 so it was actually,pretty difficult to shoot and I fixed,that in my 43 X by putting a Johnny,Glock trigger in it you cant even tell,but that decreases the pull weight a,little bit and shorten is the reset and,all that good stuff so I actually put,this lower because they are,interchangeable,on my 48 slide and I did shoot the 48,much better so I really think a lot of,the accuracy issues I had were just that,shitty trigger that glock put Center,from the factory alright so now were,gonna take the 48 and were gonna shoot,it at 50 yards one of the downsides of,shoot in the 50 yards today,is even with my blingy ass gold targets,Im having a hard time seeing because,like I said were in Sleepy Hollow so,Ill do the best I can fairly white,background whitish fog white sights its,one of the reasons why I really prefer a,high definition front sight it really,gives you that contrast that youre,looking for for a good sight picture so,well see how we do not too bad so far,so accuracy is good if you change the,t

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Which Subcompact Glock is Best? Glock 43, 43X, or 48?

[Music],hey guys james with tfb tv,common question i get james what do you,prefer the glock 43 which of course is,the single stack glock,six round nine millimeter sub compact or,do you like the 43,x which is 10 rounds or 15 rounds if you,go with a shield magazine,or do you like the 48 which is just the,43 x with a longer slide in barrel,and there are a lot of different reasons,to go with each one the 43 is of course,the smallest the thinnest the lightest,the 43x,is kind of like the goldilocks,compromise between the two and then the,48 youve got that longer barrel,longer sight radius more weight should,be easier to shoot but,really the question we should be asking,ourselves does it really matter,i mean does it really matter if youre,shooting at a concealed handgun in,counter distances,im here with the best pistol shooter in,all of,louisiana brandon labeouf ryan oh hes,our,tfb tv camera guy extremely talented,cameraman,even more talented shooter what were,going to do is were going to shoot,these at,10 feet 20 feet and 30 feet were going,to shoot six rounds,at each distance and each of us is going,to do that for every single pistol were,then going to tally,everything up and were going to see is,there really a difference with the,practical accuracy between the 43 43x,and 48 of course were going to be using,the same ammo throughout were using,federal syntec 150 grand you guys know i,go hard in the paint,for federal theyre a sponsor long time,sponsor tfb tv,i love syntec because you have lead-free,primers and youve got the polymer,jacket really reduces,your lead exposure got my boy brandon,you all recognize him,brandon what do you think is going to,happen hypothesize with me,we talked about this a little before,yeah we did i think taking general,physics into account,generally speaking the larger gun,theyre all running the same engine so,to speak,so the more mass in a larger guns,chassis is going to handle that power a,little better,i think the varying barrel sizes are,going to be,insignificant until you start getting if,you were really crunching the numbers of,ballistics and things,like that i think whats going to matter,the most the biggest dimension is going,to be the grip,insomuch as how it relates to someones,ability to get a proper grip,and control the gun there is a point of,diminishing returns where the grips too,small,and maybe a grips larger than it needs,to be for a concealed application,i agree with what you said i think the,grip is going to be the biggest factor,48 and the 43x have the exact same grip,size the only difference,is the barrel length and the slide,length i think thats going to be a,non-factor,at 10 20 and 30 feet maybe more,maybe more it might make a difference,but at practical encounter ranges,probably not so much,i dont think so i think where that i,think thats primarily a marketing thing,yes more viral its a theoretically give,us uh,more energy and again the ballistics,argument but uh,and youve got more weight at the end of,the gun so while i dont think the,average shooter would,relate to it and feel it you should have,less muzzle flip because again physics,are gonna have more weight in the barrel,but i dont think thats something that,factors into like,everyday use like where youre gonna,really like oh yeah i feel that,what were going to do to kind of take,that that grip size,and follow-up shots into effect these,six rounds were gonna do them,in five seconds or less i mean thats,not really thats not that fast,thats not that slow either but yeah,faster than one second per shot,again were talking about practical,accuracy and i think that follow-up,shots,need to be included so thats what were,going to do i think were all going to,shoot the 43 the worst even though i,love that gun dearly,it is great though that is more tactical,lets [ __ ] jam,[Music],that was nasty,solve that debate dont it,[Music],god damn same thing like hiding to the,left and then im gonna grab the,43x probably smoke it,[Music],dont worry about that little guy,yeah that was definitely like all in the,eight a nine and a ten,[Music],all right ryan youre up,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],uh,overall impressions overall impression,overall i think the same,uh laws of physics apply that uh whats,gonna be the biggest determinant factor,in the accuracy,in relation to the fitment of a gun to,somebody its gonna be the grip across,the board,uniformly we are all worse shooters,relatively with the smaller guns,especially under speed you can certainly,get the job done with a 43,but i think if im gonna carry a 48,taking out the shield mag why not carry,a 19.,i would probably buy the 48 if i had to,pick one because uh,i cant get around the bias that im,used to carrying a full-size gun which,thats basically a skinny 19.,um and the shield mag thats just the,reality that show mag,basically makes it an actually a skinny,19. theres just no,theres almost no reason for a 19. i,would do the 48 uh,simply because i typically carry a 19,and the extra length of the slide,doesnt really,bother me that much well lets say,whatever,you dont know what your score is yet,you dont know which one you shot better,lets say,like you shot the 43x just as well as,the 48 would you still,carry the heavier longer 48 over the 43x,yeah probably uh 48 simply because most,of the holsters that i carry are going,to have that extra length for comfort,so the 48 is going to already go in,there anyway um,so thats the dumbest thing ive ever,heard in my life a little bit of length,never hurt nobody,so nice so ive got the results of our,little experiment,right here cant wait to find out im,sure you guys cant either but lets go,over the specs real quick with the glock,43 which is the smallest of them,it weighs 16.4 ounces according to my,scale,with a clip draw installed thats a,little metal clip there its a thing for,idiots who sometimes mexican carry like,i do,its got the same overall length as the,glock 43x its only,0.9 inches thick at the grip its 3.9,inches tall,but really where youre getting,hamstrung on the glock 43 versus the 43x,and 48 is youre limited to a six plus,one round capacity of nine millimeter,i will say my good buddy taren butler at,taren tactical innovations makes a plus,one extension that works,perfectly it only adds a tenth of an,inch to the overall length,of your gun but itll bring your,capacity to seven rounds instead of six,like i said the glock 43x it uses the,exact same slide as a glock 43,so its got the same overall length of,six and a half inches,but its a little bit taller and a,little bit thicker to accommodate those,larger magazines,its 4.63 inches tall so almost three,quarters of an inch,taller sights to butt than the glock 43,its also got a one inch thick grip,instead of a 0.9 inch thick grip a lot,of people dont realize this,even though the 43 and the 43 x use the,exact,same slide the grip on the 43x is a,little bit,fatter and the magazines are a little,bit fatter so theres no compatibility,between the 43 and the 43 x now the good,news is,that the glock 43x ups the capacity to,10 rounds or if you use the shield s15,magazines,which i highly recommend that up to your,capacity to 15 rounds plus one in the,chamber,it weighs only 16.6 ounces,youre looking at basically a quarter,ounce heavier than the glock 43,even though the 43x is a little bit,larger now the glock 48 has,all the exact same dimensions as the 43x,thats the same width,its got the same height but the overall,length is different its a 7.28 inch,overall length versus 6.5,inches its also 2 ounces heavier than,the glock 43x,same magazine same capacity everything,of the glock 48 is the exact same thing,as the glock 43x,except the weights a little bit more and,its got a longer overall length to,accommodate that longer barrel and,longer sight radius,the prevailing theory is having that,longer grip longer barrel longer sight,radius is going to equal a better,performing gun and,certainly that holds itself to be true,most of the tim

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Glock 48 MOS Shield Arms Review (The Glock That We All Wanted…)

foreign,[Applause],[Music],ERS of America todays you guys can see,Im here at Shooters in Fort Myers,Florida but to do the review of another,Glock,favorite yes and it is good luck that,actually already reviewed on the channel,Glock 48 but this time it is the MOs,version and Ill tell you why you,probably do if you want to get yourself,a Glock 48 you definitely want to go,with the MOs version by the end of this,review youll understand right also Ill,try by the end of this review to show,you why out of all the Slimline that is,available from Glock Slimline if theyre,newer newer models newer line which are,slim that thats really it everything is,the same everything else is just a Glock,its just a thin Glide all right so,theres 43 theres 43x theres 42 and,380 auto and then there is the 48 and 48,MOS same thing 43x there is the MOs,version and the regular version so,lets get into it but before I get into,it,I wanted to say that this is not just a,regular Glock 48 review no to make it,actually uh to make it a usable gun to,make it a gun that stands up to on par,with uh things like six hour p365 Smith,and Wesson Shield plus uh performance,center easy version they have a lot of,good stuff to make it on par with,Springfield Hellcat Hellcat Pro you have,to upgrade the magazines from the,regular OEM magazines to the shield arms,magazine this is the 15 capacity,magazine and I also have the 20 capacity,magazine which has this extension now,the 15 capacity it sits nice and flush,just like the OEM magazine except,instead of 10 Rounds you have 15 rounds,and that thats the,that would be necessity all right its,almost like pointless now this will work,with the 43x as well okay lets get into,the review but before I get into review,lets do some shooting first and I have,uh some mag tag,ammo which is uh all the way from Brazil,okay so good ammo I like it for the uh,just a regular,your average day you know range practice,shooting including reviews not very,picky not very uh doesnt give you a,hard time havent had any problems with,it yet okay so I think I have five,rounds,lets do some shooting,and then youll find out all about,these unique features of this Glock,sorry guys all right,I love it so much,I love it so much probably because I,shoot it good and I shoot it good,because I reviewed so many Glocks,and literally every single review of a,Glock that I made is the same exact,review alright so it goes like this you,have your grip all right generation 5,grip they got rid of the finger growth I,dont know why they did it I used to,like the finger grooves but no more,finger grooves and thats the whole new,unique upgrade for you not very,aggressive although decent amount of,aggression not as good as Springfield,Hellcat not as good as Smith and,Wessons Shield,is it as good as the six hour no not as,good a six hour but still feel pretty,decent obviously if youre getting a,Glock consider stippling jump youre,considering stippling job consider a,hand stippling jump this is the best,okay moving further we have our mag,release now mag release is one thing,that I wanted to point out here whenever,you are buying yourself Shield arms,magazine you will also get most likely,the first purchase of The Shield arms,magazine you have to get the whole kit,with the mag release because the mag,release that they send you from Schiller,is actually also still not to be worn,out,by the steel magazine because plastic,magazine OEM plastic mag release steel,magazine aftermarket steel mag release,okay makes sense now slide release you,have your standard glax flight release,nothing crazy over here very basic,one hand up brush whats up Mr security,yes I did yeah I did yeah thats a good,one its like a so much value but,all right back here so we have our,standard slide release nothing crazy,over here moving further we have uh our,slide itself serrations at the back,serrations at the front yes one of the,newer things that they added in the,generation 5 glass serrations at the,front for those who like to racket,this this way yeah dont rack it this,way but if you rack it this way probably,dont rack it this way either but still,you have the solutions at the front Okay,moving further we have obviously our,accessory Rail and thats one of the,reasons why I highly recommend going,with the Glock 48 MOS instead of regular,Glide 48 because with the MOs yes you,are getting the optic cut out which is,great Ill probably end up putting a red,dot on it,right now if youre interested in a red,dot for specifically for this black or,Glock 43x,um they have hollow sun which is a,pretty good one specifically for 48 and,43x and they also have I think its,called Shield,rmsc that one is pretty decent as well,but Im gonna look into both and once I,know which ones the best which one to,get Im going to make a review on that,as well but youre also getting the,accessory rail yes on the regular,version that is not MOS you dont get,the accessory Rail and obviously if you,want to use a flashlight like I did here,or a laser pretty good now if youre,interested whenever it comes to the,flashlight so far the best one I found,out there is from tlr tlr7 sub uh very,very good stream light not not the alarm,still are the model Streamlight compared,to the Surefire Surefire is a really,good one but,for the 48 43x I think Surefire they,dont have anything that that great uh,as the,[Music],killer selling okay fine Ill show you,the house,so complete darkness,tlr7,and uh yeah thats uh really really good,and also you have a stroke feature which,is uh very helpful if youre at the,discotheque or,or if youre clearing the room and you,need to kind of make a,confusing impression of yourself all,right,but lets put some uh some five more,rounds through this thing because I,absolutely love shooting it and uh,Im pretty good at shooting it just just,because Im so used to the sides which I,know a lot of people I dont know wait a,second this is not nine millimeter this,is,this is 380 ACP what the heck,why did I bring 380 ACP instead of,naming anyway I have this nine,millimeter right here,so we will see how this shoots I have uh,unfortunately I dont have the box but I,have the,best nine millimeter concealed carry,ammo that I highly highly recommend uh,its a hollow point its plus b its 124,grain and for a shorter Barrel this is,4.1 inch barrel its a really really,good option and its from,beer Gold Dot yes law enforcement,Edition very very good ammo uh I dont,think its anything special kind of law,enforcement Edition honestly but I know,that a lot of law enforcement units they,use specifically that ammo so,lets shoot some expensive ammo and then,a few rounds of unexpensive,and Ill try to hit them Flappy pedals,could have done a better job okay so,obviously the sides you have your,standard glock size nothing crazy over,here you have a cutout for the ammo,because of the MOs which stands for,medical,obligation so I dont know modular optic,system thats what it stands for all,right so you have that option you got,your uh standard Glide trigger some safe,action pre-trigger uh about three and a,half millimeters of pre-travel kind of,long 24 and pull overall you have a,little bit of,so we got this and then this and then,Chris break okay so something to get,used to overall not too bad overall I,think so far this is right here right,now is uh,obviously if youre willing to spend,extra money because its a Glock and if,youre willing to spend extra money on,the shield arms obviously on all the,accessories I think if youre a fan of,black especially like myself and if you,trust your life,to the brand which honestly whenever it,comes to the shorter,versions like 43x 43 42 Ive seen some,problems I think Glock is yet to master,their shorter barrels,but this is 4.1 inch so thats pretty,much a 19 Glock 19 uh just a slim,version of uh Glock 19 and you all know,how reliable Glock 19 is so with a,little bit of extra you know what is it,like a half an inch maybe maybe a little,bit,more that you

Why I Still Love my Glock 48 MOS OVER A YEAR LATER | Updated Thoughts on Shield Arms Mags

hey guys welcome back to my channel,after lots of discussion about sig and,the p365 series i wanted to kind of,bring it back and talk about why i still,love my glock 48 mos and why im still,carrying it about 80 of the time in this,video im going to cover why i chose the,glock 48 to begin with why ive,continued to enjoy it some of my,complaints and were even going to touch,on the shield arms mags so i have a,video about why i chose the glock 48,over several other options and i want to,note that i actually chose the glock 48,over any of the p365 series guns about a,year and a half ago and im revisiting,the p365 series or i have been,revisiting it over the last six months,and i continue to plan on working with,it and trying different variations to,kind of see how i can optimize it but in,this video im talking to you guys about,why i still love my glock 48 when i,chose my glock 48 over these several,other options that i tried i chose it,because i wasnt super duper focused on,size and i was prioritizing optics ready,and shoot ability and all the guns that,i tried that day the glock 48 i shot the,absolute best enjoyed shooting the most,and thats why i chose the glock 48 over,those other options a question that i,get asked a lot and that honestly i plan,on just making an entire video about it,is why i chose the glock 48 over the 43x,and thats because honestly i feel like,i enjoyed shooting the glock 48 more and,also in terms of concealment generally,the glock 48 is going to conceal better,and more comfortably because of a thing,called the keel principle ill link a,video up here about the keel principle,ill link it down below but generally a,longer slide is going to be more,comfortable and more concealable next i,want to talk about why i think ive,continued to enjoy shooting the 48 even,after trying several other guns over the,last year and a half and honestly i,think its because it fits me really,well its not super duper wide like the,glock 19 and dont get me wrong the,glock 19 is an awesome gun and works for,a lot of people but i have these itty,bitty little claws and i feel that the,glock 48 actually works much better in,my hand and fits much better between,these two little this little section,here um just because its thinner and i,find that its a lot easier for me to,manipulate over the glock 19. the other,thing is that there is absolutely,something to be said for familiarity,its something that ive pretty much no,ive taken every single class that i,have taken ive taken with the glock 48,so every little bit of instruction i,received or at least every little bit of,professional instruction that ive,received has been done with my glock 48,and so i just know it so well i feel,confident drawing it from the holster,im really consistent with it um so,again theres just theres something to,be said for familiarity and thats,something that im working on getting,with the sig but its a lot harder i,feel like the grip angles a lot,different um and its taking me a while,to kind of gain that familiarity with a,completely different platform the last,thing and honestly this is a really big,thing and that is that i can put a,striker control device on my glock 48,and ive been running a striker control,device since the day i started carrying,when i was carrying my glock 42 glock 48,ive always had a striker control device,on my gun and its a feature that i,really really appreciate having and its,probably one of my biggest like,uh issues with moving on to anything,else really because i really really,appreciate being able to thumb down on,the back of the slide and be able to,receive um tactile feedback on what my,triggers doing as im going into the,holster but i absolutely do have some,complaints about the glock 48 one of,them and i knew this going into the,purchasing the glock 48 is that for its,size the capacity just really isnt that,good like with with what everybody else,is doing with their magazines i know,like,glock is glock and they dont like to,change things very often but it would be,nice if they could work on,making a magazine that actually has,pretty decent capacity for,single stack guns and i dont know why,that hasnt happened yet dont ask me,super annoying but its only 10 rounds,plus one and were going to talk about,the shield arms mags were going to talk,were going to talk about the shield,ourselves moving on my next complaint is,that it requires a plate to mount an,optic onto it and thats not really,something that bothered me again i knew,that kind of going into it and so i,bought a cnh plate and ive had,absolutely zero issues with my screws,backing out or any issues with my optic,at all but i have had a lot of people,actually email me and be like how are,you not having your optic falling off of,your mos slide all the time and its,just not necessarily something that,every single person out there knows that,they need to have a plate on their mos,48 thats a complete the mos system is,not super duper amazing but its also,easily fixed by just using a quality,plate the main complaint that i have,though is that it can just be really,difficult for me to conceal at times i,mentioned this in last weeks video that,i am a tiny person generally and my hips,are really narrow and so concealing a,glock 48 is actually proportionally,larger on my body than a glock 34 on an,average size male so its a very a,fairly large gun for me to be carrying,and that is a complaint like i i wish it,was a lot easier for me to carry and,thats why ive been looking into other,another system is because i want,something that i can shoot really well,but is also really really easy for me to,conceal and the glock 48 takes a lot of,boxes that the sig p365,series doesnt and the sig p365 series,takes a lot of boxes that the glock 48,doesnt theres a lot of trade-offs,going on there and both of those guns,serve really different purposes for me,my glock 48 is still my primary carry,gun and the sig p365 is the gun that i,use when i need to have deep concealment,whereas like my gun is entirely below my,waistband or im carrying in something,like a dress or a skirt someday ill,probably settle in on a specific,platform and not deviate from it but in,all honesty im only about two years,into my shooting journey period like,guns were not a part of my life prior to,two years ago and so im still like,feeling it out im still trying to,figure out what is out there whats,available and what i enjoy shooting and,carrying so im all for you guys down in,the comments telling me what you,ultimately landed on especially if you,are similarly fun sized um and i would,be totally open to that again im just,kind of on this journey trying to figure,it out still loving my glock 48 a year,and a half in but,i certainly have my complaints which,leads me into talking about the shield,arms mags the shield arms mags are 15,round flush fitting mags for the glock,48 and the glock 43 x and,at the time i was buying my glock 48 the,shield arms mags were all the rage like,you couldnt hardly get your hands on,them you would have to wait for multiple,months or you spend astronomical prices,to get them uh from ebay or something,because everybody wanted these mags who,doesnt want a flush fitting 15 round,mag in a single stack glock therefore i,cant really talk about the glock 48,without also discussing the shield arms,bags when i was going to buy my glock 48,i had it in my head that i was buying a,15 plus one capacity gun not a 10 plus,one capacity because id always planned,on carrying the shield arms mags they,had really really great reviews and it,seemed like pretty much everyone was,having really really great consistent,and reliable results with them,and i think i bought five four or five,right out of the gate and uh started,taking them to classes the first class,that i took my shield arms mags to i had,a 20 round like extended mag,explode at the end of the class and i,thought i must have just installed it,wrong i must have damaged it when i,inst

Glock 48 Review

[Music],step gun here whats going on everybody,i hope youre all having a wonderful day,if you havent done so already be sure,to hit that like and subscribe button so,you guys can follow the channel and,thats right we have an instagram page,now look down below,step go on instagram get in there and,check them out and if you havent done,so or if youre ever in the area,check out arsenal arms down here in,south florida a wonderful gun store,great atmosphere come on in and check us,out,now for todays video its a glock one,of my favorite line of guns the glock,wait a minute,im wearing a shirt the glock 48 enough,of me lets look at the gun,[Music],[Music],so,all right everybody thats right enough,of my ugly mug lets take a look at this,beautiful firearm right here,and uh as you guys if you check out the,channel if you guys follow subscribe um,you know i did a video on the glock 19,glock 48 comparison we were just getting,the channel up and running,um and you know i really havent took,enough time to really uh,delegate my time to the beautiful glock,48,if you guys can see my hand here when,the ovens on 425 and you have two kids,and youre trying to get some chicken,nuggets out of the oven,you can sometimes burn yourself so,thats what happened to my hand there,and uh beside that so yeah the glock 48,is um,i love it if you look at my video i did,on the glock 19 it was actually a couple,months ago,i said i prefer the glock 48 over the,glock 19. well,this thing we do call it a life here and,where we live sometimes,people change their mind and switch,things up as of lately,ive been carrying a glock 23 which is a,of um you know its a its a glock 19,same compact size,pistol which is smaller than this pistol,but its the caliber 40 smith and wesson,which is bigger than the nine millimeter,nine by 19 nine millimeter luger you,know,if you will um so ive been carrying,that and then sometimes ill carry my,glock 19 as well and then ill also,carry this little skinny joker,at times as well so to cut right down to,it this is kind of the new generation,glock built,as you guys can see here the length,overall is 7.28 inches,the slide length is 6.85 inches and the,width overall what makes this gun,super incredible is that the width is,1.10 inches wide okay,the weight without a magazine is 18.48,ounces and the weight,with empty magazine is 20.74 ounces so,its a very very very,light gun the barrel length is 4.17,inches as well,so this gun is super super its almost,like,you know those of you that are very,familiar with glocks out there and i,know theres many of you,that are experts on youtube that ill,comment below sometimes,um you know that the glock 19 is the,most,you know wonderful carry gun ever made,some people argue its the best conceal,carry hunger handgun ever made but the,glock 19 is just super thin guys,i mean if its a good waist profile if,youre trying to carry the waist i know,for,women sometimes my wife will carry this,gun as well it fits really well in a,pocketbook,it fits well and you know in a lot of,different ways that,women carry guns nowadays theres a,purse roll theres some,inside waist purse for women i know when,the cold weather comes around they make,some good,in-jacket purse holsters as well,but in my opinion you know its not a,bad gun someone commented in one of my,last videos and i checked it out shield,arms,makes a magazine that holds 10 rounds as,you can see here this glock,that i bought came with two magazines i,dont know if its a gen five thing,theyre doing now or why theyre doing,it but,i had two 10 round magazines that come,with this firearm as you guys can see,the gen 5,new generation of firearms comes with,this orange follower so therefore,when youre shooting the gun you hit the,last round you can clearly see,that the follower is orange and for,those of you that are a little paranoid,watching on the other side,this chamber is clear theres nothing in,it this gun is unloaded and its a very,safe firearm im working with right now,but uh yeah thats your gen five,magazine if you will the orange follower,so,shield arms ill put a comment down,below i dont see,the to the website so you guys can look,at that they sell a 15 round magazine,for the last several months ive checked,guys though they have been,on back order for those of you that want,your extra rounds in the pot,you can uh check that out as well but as,we get down to it like i said its,basically,its a very slim glock 19. for any of,you that are familiar with,1911s okay 1911 pistols 1911 a1 the,pistol,the u.s military careful for carry for,several years,it has that sort of profile thats very,slim okay,as you guys can see i have pretty large,hands another thing to wrap your head,around,is that when youre looking at it when,youre holding the gun inside of your,hand,one thing thats really crazy is you see,how my finger kind of comes around here,when i when i get a good hold on the,trigger,so when i was shooting this gun very,rapidly you know fast shooting the,firearm i had a tendency to really stick,my finger all the way through,so it took a lot of i had to really take,my hand and kind of come back this way,if you will around it,so people with large hands are something,to really consider about the glock 48,about how it is so thin now being a nine,millimeter gen five,uh generation 5 when you guys hear me,talk about that glock has made several,generation pistols the generation 4,pistols when they add this bigger,magazine release here they added you,know a double recoil spring you know,well get down into some of that stuff,for those you dont understand,and then the generation three is,obviously the pistol that was before,that,which had finger grooves and a single,recoil spring so,you know glocks have evolved over the,years but still kept pretty much the,same simple process,of uh making these you know firearms,that are,very reliable you know i cant say 100,reliable because nothing in this world,is 100 reliable,um except your wife being mad at you,when you spend a bunch of money on,firearms,and uh you know the glocks you know,besides that,are reliable okay and thats what makes,them so famous so,are you going to ever have a jam are you,going to have an issue i have had jams i,have had issues with the glock before,with thousands and thousands of rounds,through them but the thing is,practicality when your life is on the,line you can,trust this gun you know to be there be,by your side,and not fail okay and now to cut down,into it as you guys can see here we have,kind of an oversized magazine release,which became popular,on the glock gen 4 as you guys can see,we have one slide lock right here,and then the slide is very thin as you,guys can see also on the barrel,you kind of see how the barrel is,proportionate on a downward slope with,the way the slide moves,okay well disassemble the firearm in,just a second or field trip it rather i,say,and you can see this gun is made in,georgia some people have a big,controversy,um you know glocks are made in austria,but georgia is the u.s,import smyrna georgia um here in the,united states,to assemble firearms and yes they are qc,and quality assured checked,and i havent had a single issue out of,any of my georgia firearms so a lot of,the people out there,that have problems and talk about oh,this guns been in george its not worth,it,um in my opinion i dont go off of,hearsay i go off on my trial and error,and i havent had any problems,whatsoever so thats my humble opinion,but as you can see here the trigger they,have on this gun is very,very nice thats one thing i really like,about it you can see its got the,grooves here its got the,the normal drop safe trigger as you guys,can see it has the detent here where,you know when you rack around unless you,push down on the center detent inside of,the picture,uh and inside of the trigger excuse me,um the trigger will not fire,but when i push down here so you can see,i have fired the trigger and the reset,is lets get it here,theres our res

Glock 48: The Best Of Two Worlds

[Music],oh nice,alright guys checking out the Glock 48,pretty cool like the two-tone on this,one also weve got the standard black,one but the two-tone just kind of it,spoke to me I dont know I just I just,liked it quite a bit,so anyway guys the Glock 48 is a single,stack 10 round capacity 9-millimeter,striker-fired pistol by Glock and,something that was apparently being,asked for for quite a while was,something a little bit slimmer profile,than like your Glock 19 so pretty much,imagine the Glock 19 right but the Glock,19 went like on a diet or something and,well lost a couple of pounds well lets,be real lost a few ounces and it became,this guy single stacked ten rounds four,inch barrel and of course like I said,striker fired with their safety or the,blade safety on the trigger and it just,feels really good so far Im liking,everything about it I think feels good,till I miss one but anyway so liking the,fact that this guy is so slim it comes,in at about 25 ounces fully loaded which,is pretty cool so youve got a nice,lightweight guy and something that that,is that slim I mean thats thats pretty,narrow pretty cool so that would make a,great concealed carry option especially,if youre you know sometimes I like to,carry inside the waistband about right,here so which would make it very,comfortable not so much too small the,back but about right here or maybe even,appendix carry if thats what youre,into but overall Im liking what Im,seeing here on the 48 quite a bit and,the fact that it comes with not just one,but two 10 round mags thats pretty,sweet also and the mags too what I do,like about these is theyre not so thin,that you cant use like your current mag,holsters so like my hsgi tacos that I,have here theyve got a little bit of,girth to them so theyre not as slim as,most of your single stack 9 theyre a,single stack out there in general so,they still fit nice,and snug in my hsgi pouches now granted,these arent exactly concealed carry,pouches this whole setup by far is not,but if you did have a double stack,magazine holster that was set up for you,know for concealed carry these guys can,still be as such look pretty cool lets,go with a few more here way too fun and,way too easy to burn through ten rounds,on the Glock 48 standard use sight – or,your standard sight picture on the Glock,as well just like any other Glock that,comes out there got your year you rear,sight and then the point right up front,and overall Im liking that quite a bit,now this option 2 would be great for a,lot of you guys out there,female shooters smaller frame people me,whos like average I guess this thing,fits so comfortably in hand I like it a,whole lot and because it has just a,little bit of a palm swell right back,here its perfect right into the crease,here oh it just feels really good I feel,like I have a great great my say,purchase on the thing a great grip on it,which helps me control recoil so for,those of you out there that are looking,for a smaller gun for a carry but you,still want that 4-inch barrel you still,want something that has you know in your,double digits of Matt capacity that,would be the thing to check out now,lets take a look at the all-black one,you know what guys Ive been having a,lot of fun with the Glock 48 here so,much so that I think I might just send a,couple more rounds downrange here,oh man that is too much fun alright so,the Glock 48 talked about a great little,concealed carry action or everyday carry,whatever it is you might be looking for,if thats what you are looking this,thing fits so well in my hand I got you,midsize I guess you know theyre not,large theyre not small by any means,its just average you know Im just an,average guy and this seems like the,perfect type of gun for me I like it,quite a bit I mean its like I said,slimline back here it makes it easy so,that way it stays nice and tight to the,body if need be very nicely done,Glock with the Glock 48 lets go ahead,since Ive got empty mags here now lets,take a look at this trigger really quick,because its kind of like your standard,Glock trigger right so of course youre,gonna have that blade safety right on,the trigger and if we start pulling back,some here weve got a little bit of that,take up right before we hit that wall,and then about five and a half pound so,break and theres a reset a little bit,longer right there at it again boom not,bad about your standard or average as,far as a carry gun way to go now whats,cool about these as they also have this,whats called the DLC finish on these,which is supposed to be really you know,resistant to abuse and abrasion and,corrosion and things like that so thats,pretty nice that theyve got that,because I mean if you are the type of,persons gonna be carrying this around,the inside the waistband here gotta,think about it moisture sweat things,like that will actually eventually start,to wear on the gun its true it happens,so if you have the material thats,actually you know pretty resistant to,those types of things and sweet thats,what I think all of them should come,with so very cool and again Ill show,you guys just the difference between the,stainless slide or the stainless look,still that DLC coat as the black one is,just a very nice really cool guns these,are just left hand controls as well but,the mag release is interchangeable so if,you wanted to switch that to the right,hand side for all of our left-handed,shooters you can do that as well,and if youre looking for something,again that you know you want for your,concealed carry option daily carry,options,I would definitely further the Glock 38,nice nice gun and its blocked right I,mean its block perfection you know its,gonna work every time type of thing that,might start some of you on some sort of,debate so go ahead light it up in the,comments section let me see it the very,cool guns easy to work on easy to,maintain and just a whole lot of fun to,shoot all right so again thats the,Glock 48 forest guys and the last one I,want to talk about the last gun that we,have on this bench here is this beauty,right here and this is a gold FN SCAR,and yeah when I say gold I mean its got,like too much gold in it the anodizing,on this guy,I guess @fn they poured a little bit too,much gold in the mixture for the upper,here but of course you still get your 50,shades of fde everywhere else and your,tactical UGG boot so all of that you,know is cool but this guy right here is,chambered in 7.62 NATO this model does,come with the 10 round mag so for,everybody in those states that dont,allow or like those higher capacity,magazines higher capacity what even is a,10 round mag for you so everybodys able,to enter and then again everybody is,able to enter anyway we will work with,the winner if youre in a no-go state,well figure something out for you guys,anyway if you dont know about the scar,17 go check out Texas plankings video on,it because he did a very good job,introducing this as our giveaway and,giving a little bit of detailed,background history on the scar 17 in,fact that the skull is an acronym within,acronym so go check it out to learn a,little bit more about it but again,Chambertin 762 nato does have that mean,muzzle brake on there which helps reduce,that recoil on it some 16 inch barrel,with a 1 and 12 twist and also an,adjustable gas block which yep if it,were me I would be utilizing the heck,out of this adjustable gas block because,I like shooting suppressed quite a bit,just saying Picatinny rail all the way,around including your optics rail or,optics you know optics what sort of,looking for optic ready there you go,Ill have to credit rail right here so,if you wanted to throw any type of red,dot on it magnification scope whatever,you want you can do that all throughout,the top but of course at your three six,and nine positions as well very cool,sling mounts all around and this little,guy right here lets out for that little,guy itll get you because that is a,reciprocating charging handle thats,probably like my real

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