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Glossier Skincare Review: What I Loved and Hated! | Beauty with Susan Yara

hey guys welcome back today Im,reviewing glossier skincare products,because you requested it so I spent a,little over a month trying the products,and I have a lot to say alright so the,last time I did a brand review you guys,overwhelmingly said to me in the,comments that you would have preferred,that I go product by product glossier,has just enough products that I could,actually do that so I am gonna go,through each product and tell you what I,like what I dont like I always feel,like most brands have some like standout,hero products that are just really easy,to like theyre really good products and,then sometimes there are some flops I,feel that way about glossier there are,definitely some really standout products,and some products that you could just do,without but I do have an overall opinion,that got me in trouble last time but Im,still gonna share it because I think it,gives you guys a good basis of how to,take information because I do feel like,no matter who the person is that youre,watching their opinion is based off of,something personal also so you have to,take that also with the review because I,think that really does make a big,difference so my overall opinion about,glossier is theyre geniuses at,marketing the packaging the branding,everything about it is genius it really,does market towards a millennial culture,even a little bit of like the gen Z,culture and stuff its cute and its,very fairly priced is it as cheap as the,ordinary no but its still affordable in,my opinion for skincare and for the,types of ingredients youre getting so,my overall opinion about glossier is,that its for people that are already,pretty and thats like more of a jokey,way of saying it I feel if you have real,skin issues this is not the brand for,you and those issues could be aging if,you want to handle some of your aging,issues this isnt the brand for you if,you have major acne I dont think this,is a brand for you if youre dealing,with like really dry skin or really oily,skin this is not the brand for you but,if youre maintaining which is a real,thing if you have nice skin youre,maintaining that skin its more of like,a normal to combination type skin then,you might find products you really like,if you dont wear a lot of makeup you,might find products that you really like,and that is not a bad thing I dont want,that to come off as this is a bad brand,its just a brand that doesnt target,very specific,NEADS its more of an overall skincare,brand that helps you maintain nice skin,okay so Im gonna start with the,products that I really love and then,kind of go down the line the first one,Im gonna start with is solution and,this is their product that I think does,the absolute most for your skin so if,youre looking for something thats,going to attack breakouts even just the,occasional pimple if you have,combination skin or oily skin this is,going to be really good for your t-zone,its gonna really help your skin turn,over and exfoliate it really well,salicylic acid isnt for everybody I,have heard people say this is kind of,like the dupe for be allergic recharge,that p50 solution that a lot of people,love and what they love about it is this,combination of the exfoliators the,chemical exfoliator so their cells,silicic acid theres a ches lactic acid,glycolic acid which are some of my,absolute favorites and then theres also,PHAs where theyre getting into like the,other acids I dont think its too,strong if you have sensitive skin you,might want to move into this real a,little slowly and use it sparingly if,you have just combination skin I would,only actually use it in your t-zone I,think overall this is for people with,acne or oily skin so keep that in mind,its maybe something you want to keep in,your medicine cabinet and pull it out,occasionally but I personally wouldnt,use this as my daily exfoliator because,I have normal to dry skin I didnt use,this in the past thirty days when I was,testing out all of the other products,because it has salicylic acid so,salicylic acid is not pregnancy safe,its probably totally fine if youve,been using it and you happen to be,pregnant or breastfeeding youre,probably okay its not that big a deal,just stop using the product right,alright so for someone like me Im,dealing with really dry skin right now,especially during my pregnancy Im,really dehydrated so I need mega,hydration and I didnt find a lot of,hydration in their products except for,this product and that is their,moisturizing moon mask this was by far,my favorite product out of the entire,line and the reasons for that is because,its just kind of straightforward and,all of the products are actually really,straightforward but it does pretty much,what it says it does its got tons of,emollients in it it has humectants in it,it has ingredients like shea butter,which I tend to really love,my skin it could be too thick for,somebody who has oily skin combination,skin people who breakout but I really do,love this mask its fragrance free it,doesnt irritate my skin i found that i,would use it after her flights i took a,lot of flights this past month every,time i would land I would do my skincare,routine and then I would slather this,onto my skin let it sit for 20 minutes,and then I would tissue it off and Id,go to bed basically and I really loved,the way it made my skin feel its not a,sleep mask which I also like about this,this is a mask that youre gonna put on,to get that added hydration after youve,done your entire skincare routine and I,really do feel like it works really well,that way I also did like their other,masks and thats the mega Greens Galaxy,pack I feel like if youre the kind of,person that has really acne prone skin,this might not be strong enough for you,but I did find for a clay mask its very,comfortable to put on your skin again,its very straightforward the clay base,of it is very mild for your skin so it,doesnt get super tight which I tend to,like I know some people really love to,feel that like bentonite clay where it,gets really dry and hard on their skin,but I tend to find that thats,irritating for my skin and I dont like,it this doesnt get that dry on your,skin instead you feel it working you,feel like it almost helps to keep that,hydration in your skin instead which is,why I like it but at the same time I did,feel that it was exfoliating just gently,exfoliating and it was delivering some,really nice kind of like antioxidant,ingredients to my skin so I really like,this could it be great for somebody with,really oily acne prone skin I dont know,if youll see many effects with this but,its really great as a cleansing mask as,a detox mask for somebody with just,really normal combination skin next Im,gonna get into their serums because a,lot of people ask about their serums and,talk about their serums and I wanted to,point them out so the one I love the,most of all three of their serums is a,super pure its nice and a my with zinc,and I feel like you cant really go,wrong with that kind of a serum because,everyone can benefit from niacinamide it,basically mixes with every active,ingredient that you have and it helps,calm your skin so if youve got acne if,youve got irritation if you just have,aging issues niacinamide is really great,for your skin it helps to strengthen it,it helps calm inflammation the zinc is,also really calming for your skin so it,just a really nice calming humectant for,your skin a lot of humectants tend to be,very thick and sticky it doesnt feel,that way so I felt like it mixed really,well with all of my other products,anything that I tried to use it with,its still mixed really really well like,I never felt like it was interacting,badly with anything that I was using it,didnt feel bad if I used in the morning,I didnt feel bad if I used it a night,it almost felt like I didnt even,realize I used it and thats what I,think I like about it the most is,because I got the benefit of niacinamide,in my skincare routine without having to,change anything about my skincare,ro


well hey guys in todays video Im gonna,review glossier skincare for you all,this video is not sponsored and I,purchased all of these products myself,check the description box I will time,stamp each product I think theres like,14 of them so you dont have to stomach,the entire video if youre just curious,about one or two items first product is,their milky oil cleanser this is a kind,of a hybrid between a oil cleanser and a,micellar water it contains castor oil as,kind of the oil base,it also has glycerin which is a,humectant it contains,water as well as polyethylene glycols,polyethylene glycols are added to things,like cleansers to allow them to be,rinsed off more readily and this also,has comfrey root extract which is kind,of what their touting as a as an,important ingredient in this coffee root,extract is sort of you know very poorly,studied its thought to potentially have,anti-inflammatory properties but you,know the degree to which not exist is is,really poorly confirmed it contains,naturally Alan Toa Nana which is a,soothing and skin conditioning agent and,it also has some natural rosmarinic acid,in it which is a natural preservative it,doesnt appear to be irritating to the,skin as far as using this product I,actually enjoy using it I continue to,use it it does a good job removing water,resistant sunscreen on mascara I,personally use and love their lash like,the glossy a lash lick which is a,kind of a tubing mascara this does a,nice job helping to dissolve that as,well as a water-resistant sunscreen my,one issue with this is a little hard to,use to get out of the bottle I prefer it,if it were like a pump form but I really,like it its a much more lightweight,down the hot olavo cleansing oil but I,typically use and enjoy it has more of a,watery component to it getting to you,that kind of micellar water aspect of it,but it does a good job and a fragrant,scent out out its effective and I,really enjoyed it the second product is,their milky and jelly cleanser this is a,cleanser thats an interesting and not,you can actually put it on your skin,without any water and begin to break up,makeup while resistant sunscreen what,have you without even using any water so,its nice you can put it on water it up,and start to break up that dont make up,foundation one have you and then you can,rinse it off it also pairs really well,with the milky jelly,excuse me the milky Ill if you want to,use that first to really break up the,water-resistant sunscreen or your,foundation and then use and yet then use,the milky jelly cleanser to further,break it up and then help to rinse it,off even further this is nice I,personally enjoy using this I want to,travel its my second bottle of it I,repurchase that then one issue with this,particular product is that it does,contain fragrance it has rose in it and,if youre new here I always advise you,guys to do your best to try and avoid,fragrance in product and your skincare,products because fragrance is,sensitizing meaning it makes it more,likely the things that you use on your,skin other products that youre using it,makes it more likely that youll develop,a sensitivity or irritation to those,products and fragrance also can drive,inflammation into the skin through bays,and dilation on auto fragrance compounds,are of a zero dye layers meaning they,make the blood vessels dilate they can,contribute to redness these are things,that you may not even a,that may be occurring on a subclinical,level but cumulatively with time,contribute to issues fragrance and wash,off products like a cleanser or less is,less of a risk than I leave on things so,you know that that being said if you,have a sensitivity to fragrance you,cannot use this it does have rose on it,products three through six are getting,into they have three serums so each of,the serums is $28 the first serum that,Ill talk about is their super and glow,vitamin C serum this vitamin C serum has,magnesium Escorial phosphate in it and,if youve watched any number of my,videos at this point you know a main,reason why I dont use vitamin C serums,is that vitamin C is pretty unstable l,ascorbic acid specifically its pretty,unstable it can degrade it oxidizes can,discolor your skin a little bit,l-ascorbic acid because it is,water-soluble,it is challenging to formulate a product,such that the l-ascorbic acid gets into,your skin to an appreciable level but,there is a lot of data that shows,promise with using l-ascorbic acid but,one of the main reasons Im not,interested in it is not we have yet to,really dial down the the ideals as to,the formulation and if anything it can,be irritating and its often coughed and,costly so you know thats l-ascorbic,acid the water soluble form however,there are esterified versions of vitamin,c such as magnesium s Korbel phosphate,which is in the in the in the glossier a,vitamin c serum that are not only lipid,soluble mean theyre not water soluble,so they have an easier time getting into,your skin but they are much more stable,at neutral pH so it doesnt require the,manufacturer to add things like Krulak,acid to to stabilize the vitamin c so it,makes it easier to tolerate sometimes,the vitamin C serum can be really,because theyre quite acidic so you know,thats exciting these these derivatives,of vitamin C are you know come an area,of active research but theyre poorly,studied in comparison to l-ascorbic acid,theres actually some studies that show,that using using the esterified versions,the lipid soluble versions doesnt,actually result in in bio accumulation,of vitamin c and the skin to any,appreciable level superb low vitamin C,uses 5% vitamin C and you know from the,studies that we have we know that you,know most reputable manufacturers will,actually have vitamin C and,concentrations anywhere from 8 to 20,percent lets listen has shown to be,effective for raising raising the levels,in the skin so Im not so convinced that,5% is going to be enough to get you,really any vitamin C into your skin so a,little suspicious though this super glow,vitamin C serum actually delivers,vitamin C to your skin its also,formulated with some nourishing plant,oils like sunflower oil jojoba oil shea,butter which are nice moisturizing,ingredients they are rich in linoleic,acid which is helpful for restoring the,skin barrier I think at the end of the,day this product is a really lightweight,too watery moisturizer that happens to,help vitamin C in it and you know you,can see C no pun intended you can see,vitamin C listed on the inactives of,many products its added because its an,antioxidant so it can stabilize the,ingredients in your product it doesnt,mean that its actively doing anything,for your skin and this is this is kind,of just a watery a watery moisturizer,the way to use this just put it on your,face first thing in the morning allow it,to dry and then put your sunscreen on,over it that being said the allow it to,dry time for this takes forever its,really a watery theres a high water,content to this and its as though you,washed your face it its pretty watering,it takes a long time to dry but its not,irritating and,you know Ive no issue using it but I,feel as though for $28 really what,youre paying for is a very dilute,moisturizer,all right product number four is again,$28 theyre super bounce hyaluronic acid,serum this is a 2% hyaluronic acid serum,hyaluronic acid is a wonderful humic,dunt and the way to use a product like,this is after you cleanse your face go,ahead and drop this onto your skin and,then immediately put on a moisturizer,and the reason for doing it that way is,the hyaluronic acid in the product well,hold on to the water that is still on,your skin and then you need to put on a,moisturizer on over it to trap that held,on water into your skin if you just put,this on your skin and you dont cover it,with a moisturizer or if you just put it,on your skin all your skin is dry and,theres really no water there and the,skin will become drier because the water,will just evaporate and be a

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Glossier – Best & Worst Products / Brand Review – Skincare Review ✖ James Welsh

hello everybody welcome back to my,channel where we talk about skin care,grooming and sometimes hair so that,sounds like your thing make sure you are,subscribed also come and follow me on,Instagram where I post a lot of stuff,youre not gonna see here on YouTube,when Im testing a new product or a,whole new brand I like to generally give,the products for weeks depending on the,product for the last four weeks four,weeks in a bit Ive been testing out,what glossier have to offer mainly this,skin care little bit of makeup,so when glossier first launched I was,obsessed because I was kind of already a,little bit obsessive their CEO their,founder Emily Wiese so obsessed I dont,know how to pronounce her last name I,think thats right she was actually in a,few episodes of one of my favorite TV,programs the hills she was that super,intern from Teen Vogue in New York and,she just walked in put Lauren and,Whitney to shame and if you have no idea,what Im talking about Im really sorry,but she is a very strong powerful lady,so when I saw that she released at the,time was a very small collection of,makeup and skincare I was immediately,obsessed and I knew I had to get,something and I feel like glossier right,from the beginning had a very clear,vision and a very clear demographic when,I look at glossier I think of like an LA,girl who wants like the most natural,everything likes the natural look you,know shes vegan on the weekends morning,smoothie Fe la girl you know that kind,of thing and instantly you can see that,this brand is selling a lifestyle idea,as well as their own products and you,can kind of tell that people buy them,also just to kind of like have them on,their Instagram cuz the packaging the,bottles the packaging is really nice,pretty simple their brand identity down,to a tee like theyve done really really,well but you know as much as I like,packaging the actual products are,important and before I get into the,product reviews I have to say that two,weeks like in the kind like a pre,warning two weeks into my one month,experimentation with these products mix,make up Susan Yara posted their review,of us on the glossier products and Susan,says something that along the lines of,that this is a brand for people with,already good skin something like that,dont quote me dont quote her oh but I,have to agree its not really a single,product here thats gonna,save your skin if you have very specific,skin care concerns,theres nothing life-changing there,well go into it more in a bit so lets,talk about the first product I ever,bought from glossier and that is their,solution their solution is an IH a PHA,and PHA chemical exfoliator we all know,chemical exfoliator czar used to remove,away dead skin cells and gently,preventing blackheads breakouts all that,kind of stuff we know what chemical,exfoliator is by now right so I was a,big big fan of this when I first got it,but this was a while ago and I didnt,really know what a chemical exfoliator,was or what his real job was especially,when they didnt call it that they just,call it solution so dont really know,how to use it and unfortunately glossier,recommend using it every single day any,kind of chemical exfoliation is we all,know isnt something thats recommended,to do every single day its more of a 2,to 3 days a week,kind of thing as much as you would use a,normal slowly ater but unfortunately I,use this every single day while I had it,not now way back then and my skin,actually starts go shiny or its like my,skin are being taken off stretched out,then place back over my face like cling,film it had an unhealthy kind of thin,skin looking shine rather than that,plumpie do we kind of glow that we like,so of course this time round I used it,two to three times a week depending on,how my skin was looking and feeling and,it works absolutely fine it is a very,good standard chemical exfoliator it,does its job the only problem is and the,viscose for the majority of the video,and I talked about fragrance you know I,used products with fragrance in its not,something I heavily trained avoid is,also not something I look for in a,product but this fragrance in this and I,feel like its really really extra not,needed in this product like well I dont,understand the point,its like putting fragrance in eyedrops,like you dont need it in this product,we know theres no need for fragrance in,any products but its really unnecessary,here and I just feel like when you have,something like a chemical exfoliator,that a lot of people can have a lot of,reaction to the last thing you want to,be doing is putting the fragrance in,there I believe its something to do,with actives and fragrance and that the,fragrance can maybe make that is more,irritating I dont know lets talk about,that,down below but yeah I feel like its,extremely unnecessary here is it a fine,chemical exfoliator yes it will do its,job however I do have my preferred aham,PHA so I wont be buying this product,again I will be using it up but I wont,be buying it again lets talk about,their milk jelly cleanser this is more,of a creamy cleanser than a jelly,cleanser like when I think of like a,jelly texture I think its like thicker,like craves much ahem hydrating cleanser,its pH balanced as well so its supposed,to stock your skin feel dry and tight,after cleansing and Ive actually seen a,lot of people recommend using this as a,first cleanser as well as the second,cleanser I tried that it didnt like it,as much as using a cleansing balm but I,kind of did the job do I like this,product,no do I hate this product no its a good,standard cleanser is a very basic,cleanser again unfortunately it smells a,rose I do not like Rose its very old,fashioned fragrance for me but lets,talk about the ingredients in particular,at dupe thats quite popular online,amongst like for the reddit skincare,forums else bounce-back jelly cleanser,is supposedly an exact dupe of this,product I do look at the ingredients,they share over 50% of their ingredients,and whilst its not about just having,the same ingredients its about the,formulation really supposedly this is,just an exact match and a food cheaper,and I do personally like my cleansers,with something in it to help my skin,specifically so active ingredients,antioxidants all that kind of stuff,rather than just a basic cleanser again,going back to the idea that this is just,a skincare brand for people with good,normal skin who just need that basics,this is a overpriced but basic cleanser,is going to its job again I wont be,buying it because I feel like I need,sometimes is more to my skin type but,its an absolutely fine cleanser bit of,good news with their serums so I of,course had to get the super pure niacin,might and zinc serum the name explains,it all,its nice and white and zinc nice and,might obviously tell purify your skin,even it out also to help with pore size,supposedly as well which is one of the,main reasons I like to use it as ink to,help with oil control and blemishes so,again perfect for people with oily skin,you know how I feel about nice and wide,I absolutely love it and,no Ive already been asked actually what,I posted pictures of that my glossier,hall to compare this to the ordinary,niacinamide which i use all the time and,talk about all the times thats what Im,gonna do I feel like these two products,are a perfect example of you get what,you pay for sometimes when it comes to,formulation now the nice in the mind,from what the ordinary is slightly,higher percentage of nice set of mind at,10% its got a zinc in as well but this,does feel tacky on the skin is a little,bit heavy it takes a while to work into,the skin but it does do its job and at,five pounds you get what you pay for and,its a good product if you dont mind,thats like tackiness glossy super pure,is light almost like water on the skin,theres no residue left on your skin,either is only 5% niacinamide but 5%,plus is still a good amount and,niacinamide it sinks into skin almost,effortlessly as well at 24 poun

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Glossier Milky Jelly Review: What I Loved & Hated about this Cleanser

[Music],hey guys,welcome back to my channel my name is,lauren if youre new here,and i wasnt planning on doing a video,today but i just got,something in the mail from glossier so i,am going to,put you guys here and,open it up and show you what i got,so im so excited i havent opened this,yet,im going to open this up okay this is,my very first glossier,product and okay the packaging is,already pretty cool they give you this,little sticker here,i imagine they like swap that out but,this is a really cool bag its like a,bubble wrap,bag today i am going to show you,and this video will later be a review of,the milky jelly cleanser from glossier,i am so excited to try this product,because ive heard a lot about it,um it is i know a very,popular product in a lot of peoples,skincare routines,so i figured im trying to find the best,facial cleansers for you guys so its,only right,that i try this one again very first,glossier product,i know they have like a huge following,um mostly i think for their makeup but,theyve,recently i know recently,kind of like vamped up their skincare,line so im super excited to try this so,im just gonna like,kind of show you guys my first,impression of it so this is a,conditioning face wash and i,got this because i was really intrigued,because,it is it says its like a conditioning,cleanser and i never really heard of,anything,like that you can also use this on dry,or damp skin,so this can be used in i guess my,understanding in two different ways,so you can use it on dry skin to kind of,like,melt away and remove makeup and then you,can use it,on damp skin for like cleansing,purposes so im gonna use it just right,on my,hand here and ill show you guys like,what it looks like,and then ill use it for a little while,i like to give myself like three to four,weeks,and then ill tell you guys how i like,it afterwards so,this is what it looks like right out of,the bottle,this is a lot different than i what i,was expecting,um with it being a,jelly cleanser like i was honestly,kind of expecting it to be thicker which,i wasnt super crazy about so im,actually really happy that it is,lighter so it is definitely a,lightweight,id say like a lightweight gel,conditioner,oh this feels really good so it doesnt,foam up it doesnt lather at all,at least on my dry skin i dont think,that it will on my,wet skin either from what i read about,it,but i can already tell that this is like,pretty cool so im actually excited to,try this because the weathers kind of,changing here,its getting a little colder chillier,outside and my skin always goes through,changes,and more specifically when it comes to,be like fall winter time,my skin does get a little dry in areas,so im actually excited to try this,because its supposed to be super,soothing moisturizing,very gentle sensitive formula so im,gonna show you guys,me using this and then im gonna use it,for a little while,and come back and tell you guys how i,like it,i love the packaging i would even keep,this,like little bag for travel and,ive seen other people like get glossier,and i know that they have different,sizes of these so these would actually,be kind of cool to like collect,and nice little like travel bags so i,think that it came,packaged really nicely so far its a,thumbs up so lets go and use it and,then ill come back in a few weeks to,tell you guys how i like it,hey guys so its been a few weeks im,back,with the glossier milky jelly,cleanser i have loved,this product so far so,i last opened it with you guys i think i,tried it out a little bit,um and then i showed you guys what it,looked like to use it,so i cant remember if i said it already,but you can use this on dry skin,or on wet skin and i actually have found,that i prefer to use it on my dry skin,kind of as like the first step in my,skincare routine,i like to use it morning at night most,of the time i,find myself grabbing for it at night i,think because it is,so so great at leaving the skin,not feeling like stripped of moisture,but,very moisturized and just like it says,its a conditioning,face wash so i do feel like my skin is,definitely more moisturized and,conditioned,if thats even like a thing after i use,this cleanser,[Music],[Music],[Music],this cleanser is made for,all skin types i truly have kind of like,a combination skin type,i am pretty sensitive as well and ive,noticed that this does not irritate my,skin,in any way um it sounds kind of cheesy,but theres honestly like no other way i,could describe,the consistency of this than,like um i mean its called milky jelly,cleanser but like it,is truly like a milky gel cleanser its,very lightweight,id say its more of like a lightweight,gel cleanser so,ive really been liking it um if you,guys have any questions for,me leave them in the comments below i,wrote up a article as well,um just recently to tell you guys how i,liked it pros and cons,honestly cant really say much bad about,it id give it a good like nine out of,ten,as far as like top face cleansers go,but im probably going to be ordering,the full size this is perfect for travel,this is the travel size,ive already traveled with it little,like road trips here and there,so i honestly love it i love this bag,that it came with,so yeah if you guys have any questions,for me leave them in the comments below,id be happy to help and check out the,article that i,wrote up about it if you guys want any,more information on,again the glossier milky jelly,cleanser ill see you guys in the next,video bye,[Music],you

Glossier Cleanser Concentrate VS Milky Jelly Cleanser Review… Which is BETTER? | Amy Astrid Beauty

hi guys welcome back to my channel or,welcome to my channel if youre new my,name is amy and this is my beauty,youtube channel where i post a lot of,reviews and things like that so if you,enjoy watching this sort of thing,i would absolutely love it if you would,subscribe and stick around,today we are looking at two of,glossiers cleansers im pretty sure,theyre the only two cleansers from them,first of all weve got the original one,the glossier milky jelly cleanser,and then we have their new addition,which is the,cleanser concentrate were going to be,comparing them were going to be talking,about whats in them the clinical claims,things that glossier claims that they do,um i did a first impressions of each i,tried them both out for a week each,and so im going to be talking to you,about my findings,now as with all of my videos and as with,all skin care i do just want to point,out that,im not an expert everything that im,sharing with you is just my opinion and,based on things that ive researched and,found on the internet,all compiled into one video so hopefully,it will help you to figure out,whether these cleansers are worth your,money or which one to go for,that being said everyones skin is,different so if you have experience with,these cleansers,and it is the same as mine all different,please do leave your experiences in the,comments so we can all scroll down and,learn together,give the video a thumbs up if you enjoy,it or find it helpful so that i know,what to make more of,thats all my admin out of the way so,lets crack on and learn,about glossiers two cleansers so lets,talk about pricing first of all,the milky jelly cleanser costs 15 pounds,for 177 milliliters,or eight pounds for 60 milliliters which,is this,smaller bottle here um ive never tried,it before so i thought that was a really,great way to kind of introduce me to the,product see if i want to buy the full,size and then,the cleanser concentrate is quite,significantly more expensive its 18,pounds for 100 ml,so when you consider the fact that this,one is 15 pounds for 177 mil,um its quite a big jump in price so now,i just wanted to have a look at them,separately,so first of all we have the milky jelly,cleanser this one says that it is a,conditioning face wash so,from that im assuming that its going,to be quite hydrating and the glossier,website says that this one,is a nourishing and ph balanced creamy,gel face wash thats kind to every skin,type under the sun,so this is suitable for all skin types,this ones vegan its cruelty free,its dermatologist tested and also,ophthalmologist tested because you are,supposed to be able to take eye makeup,off with this this one is formulated,with five different types of skin,conditioner in it so its supposed to,leave your skin feeling baby soft,and the glossier website says that even,if you dont go straight in with,moisturizer afterwards your skin should,feel quite hydrated,and instead of using normal soap in this,glossier have used the cleansing agent,that comes in contact lens solution to,make sure that its really safe,for use on your eyes if you want to take,your mascara off with it so now im,going to send you over to,past me trying this out for the first,time so you can see my first impressions,im excited to try this ive never tried,any glossier skincare before,so today we are having a go at using the,milky jelly cleanser and it says that,its a conditioning,face wash the instructions are just to,massage the cleanser on dry or damp skin,and rinse,thoroughly i do really like the fact,that they allow you to buy like a,smaller version,rather than going straight in with a big,one just to double check if you like it,i know that they do that with a few of,their products but not all of them,so yeah ive just got the little one so,were going to massage it onto dry,skin were going to try it like that,here we go,yeah okay so its like uh,its white it looks quite firm,um like it doesnt really slip if i hold,it upright or anything,i dont know why i havent tied my hair,back that was stupid,right here we go,oh i cant tell what it smells of,it doesnt smell like really strongly of,anything,but there is a scent to it thats really,interesting,oh it might be the theres rosa damasina,flower water,it does smell a bit floral it might just,be that it doesnt lather,at all um and its kind of,obviously i i still need to wash it off,but like its quite its very sticky,like its almost dried down quite,quickly,um but like you couldnt leave it like,this you do need to rinse it off,okay thats all done it does feel really,clean it is ever so slightly drying on,the skin but i havent done any of my,other skincare yet so,im sure that once i do all of that it,will be fine um,i mean yeah it feels very clean i feel,like,theres not really much to say about it,its nice,it does the job it smells quite nice,um yeah,i like it im not blown away um okay so,after a week of use,my opinions didnt change too much i,like the product,um i didnt love it i kind of didnt,really think it was anything to write,home about it did clean my skin,um i didnt find that it took my eye,makeup off very well but i do wear,fairly heavy eye makeup a lot of the,time so i wasnt necessarily too shocked,about that,um i think it probably depends on,the mascara that you use or whether you,wear a lot of eyeliner or whatever,i did find it a lot more drying than i,was expecting to,um and but when i looked online,there were only a few other people,saying the same thing so i think it,really is something that comes down to,individual differences,from what i could see in terms of,reviews of this online,it seems like a lot of people have a,really vastly different experience some,people,absolutely love it and other people find,that it breaks them out or,um that they just dont get on with it,very well,so i would recommend taking advantage of,the fact that you can get the smaller,bottle to begin with,even though i know that in the long run,it works out more expensive that way,um but i think its worth it,just to check whether you like it or not,and this will go a long way like,i dont know if you can see how much i,use i think it sounds like here,um and that was twice a day for a week,so now lets move on to the cleanser,concentrate this one comes in a really,nice,heavy recycled bottle so it feels really,luxurious and high quality glossier,describes this one as a plant-powered,deep clean,and on the website they say that its a,highly concentrated cleanser,that exfoliates clarifies and,re-energizes skin,in 60 seconds so im looking for skin,that looks,like glowy clean fresh this one is,formulated without any fragrance its,vegan as well its cruelty free and its,dermatologist,tested this one doesnt say anything,about being ophthalmologist tested,though so i avoided using this,on my eyes this one does have,exfoliating properties so because of,that its important to remember to apply,your spf when youre using this because,exfoliating your skin,makes it more vulnerable to uv rays so,obviously use spf always but something,to really bear in mind if youre going,to use this,is to make sure that youve got a good,spf going on and that youre using,enough of it in here we have a cocktail,of gentle cleansers like grape extract,and lactic acid so they will help to,wash away like the dull,dead surface of your skin which should,help to give you a little bit of a glow,and then theres also some niacinamide,in there which is one of my favorite,skincare ingredients,which will reduce the appearance of,pores glossier said that they opted for,soft frothy amino acid surfactants as a,plant-derived alternative to sulfates,to create an undetectable film that,holds onto the formulas key ingredients,so they can work on the skin instead of,just rinsing down the drain,weve got things like chamomile flour,water and passion fruit extract in there,to help maintain your skins moisture,balance and this liquid lavas up into a,foam,when you apply it to the skin as you can,see also if you sh

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser: Review & How To

hey guys whats up welcome to my beauty,Series back welcome back I want to show,you something in kind of the mail that,was awesome,its my glossier the new blasty a milky,jelly cleanser yay um Im so excited for,this I went online when Emily and into,the glass they were doing something on,this box down they were doing something,on into the glass Emily and the team at,glossy and into the glass were asking,what people wanted in a perfect,moisturizer so I thought it was pretty,cool that Emily was crowdsourcing and,the team at glass they were,crowdsourcing making this cleanser and,according to legend its according to,glass a legend this is the first part,they started working on although its,just come out so they spent tons and,tons of time doing this I am obsessed,its called a conditioning face wash and,you can use it dry or wet now in the,morning when I dont have any makeup on,I use it dry in the shower and you just,need two pumps and I put it here here,Im a head under my bangs and here,and here and then I just you know,beautifully you can do it on your eyes,cuz the main ingredient here that they,use to cleanse is the same that cleanses,your contact lenses so I thought that,was a very smart and clever easy safe,cleanser that they could use as an,ingredient here the ingredients are,water rose damask Anana flower water,sorry you guys know Im not good at big,words but anyway its a rose flower,water and then a whole bunch of stuff I,cant pronounce because its like good,but thats kind of a main ingredient you,know is what in rose and then a whole,bunch of stuff I cant sodium hydroxide,the good thing is theres none of the,theres no parabens or none of this,stuff I dont think I know theres not,theres not emily wouldnt do that to us,theres like more root extract stuff,polysorbate xylitol ammonium polychrome,online tour ate all the things that they,used to cleanse your,clean your contact lenses so lets just,leave it at that so Im gonna show you,guys how I use it Im gonna just go,ahead and do it dry so I have mascara,and concealer on right now my you to set,up and what I do is I just take booboo,cotton pad and put it on like this,oops and I can get it to work because,Im not very good with opening and,closing things so this is a new bottle I,have another one in the shower that Ive,been using so there you go one two pumps,so that booboo its such a cool milky,jelly texture so and it smells delicious,so you can really see taking off my,makeup and its just such a nice texture,it just doesnt feel like its over,drying you can see really taking off,everything without leaving my skin,feeling stripped so Im gonna dare say,it that this may take the place of the,Bioderma I have in my life you know when,they sent me this cleanser it said meet,your new favorite cleanser and I was,very skeptical cuz I do love my Bioderma,and yeah Im obsessed with this stuff,its great a little bit more for the,other eye so its awesome I love it,so then what you do which I dont have a,sink in front of me because Im,obviously here at my YouTube thingy is,my YouTube station is he rent and my,skin so Im gonna go and rent shoes,arent done with this video I love it as,you can see a makeup free and it feels,great,after I get the cotton out of my eyes,woo so into the glass killed it,milky jelly I love you youre awesome,you can use it wet or dry,just rinse what after you use it dry and,then continue on face mist priming,moisturizer in the morning and then my,skin tint from glassy and Im good to go,so check out milky jelly I love it Ill,put the shopping link below on Klaas,glossy a.com my new favorite moisturizer,sorry moisturizing face wash and Ill,see you guys the next episode from the,beauty series


hi everyone welcome back to my channel i,hope you guys are doing really well in,todays video i have a review video of,the glossier,milky jelly cleanser now ive already,filmed like a review video of the,glossier milky jelly cleanser back in,the days but this video is just a pure,dedicated video regarding this cleanser,im gonna talk about the purpose the,ingredients the results application is,so much more regarding this jelly,cleanser which i have experienced in the,past,few months now so if you like this kind,of stuff please make sure,you subscribe to my channel to dont,miss out on videos like these now this,is the bad boy,which is honestly glossiers most,popular most best-selling product and it,is the glossier milky jelly cleanser,i had this now oh i had this for a very,long time now,i would say six months i definitely had,it last year,and during lockdown was it after long,time something like that,and um still going strong the reason,why i still have quite a lot left now,ive used,this much you guys can see and i still,have,that much left which is quite a lot so,the reason why i have quite a lot is,because i havent been using this,constantly and i have not been using,this,all the time and it is not my go-to,cleanser and im going to tell you guys,why its not my go-to cleanser in this,video,now this is a gentle yet effective,creamy gel face wash for all skin types,why is a special a ph balance daily,cleanser with five,skin conditioners that wont leave the,your skin,irritated or feeling tight which is,really really true,so when you use this face wash its,very nice its a not nourishing,its a it has the conditioners which is,nourishing while you are using,the product but afterwards it does leave,your skin nice,and fresh doesnt leave it tight like,some cleanser stew or very stripping it,is a non-stripping,cleanser the same joint and cleansing,agents,found in the contact lens solution makes,also safe for the eyes i havent been,using it around my eyes because i have,been,avoiding the eye area but you can use it,around the eyes,as well its very soothing its,purifying its nourishing,non-condemning its vegan and its,cruelty free,it is dermatology tested its safe to,use around the eyes its all for all,skin types,and honestly theyre really really good,reviews regarding this cleanser in terms,of the ingredients the ingredients are,quite healthy looking as well now im,someone who,doesnt go into the ingredients quite a,lot now,i think i should mainly mention it,because im not a dermatologist im not,the skin care,like dermatologist whos really really,into their skin care,like analysis im none of that im not a,doctor,im just a consumer just a consumer like,you guys who is trying out the products,for themselves and of course theres,plenty other,channels in youtube that you can go and,watch people talk about,ingredients but this is not me in terms,of the ingredients it has rose water,which is quite nice,its um really nice and it smells,amazing because of the roast water now,rose water is the main ingredient,which really really shows and the smell,of this is divine i,love the smell so much its also got pro,vitamin b5 which is a powerful,natural moisturizer found and mushrooms,and cheese,its got really good ingredients so,ingredients of this,is really fine in terms of the texture,the texture is like a jelly,milky consistency its not very liquidy,its also well non-red very,not very jelly its just the right,balance between of a gel,and a liquid so its very nice to use,and it distributes very easily onto the,skin,you can also use it as a makeup remover,like two to three pumps,on dry skin gently massage onto your eye,area and it melts away all the mascara,all the,like dirt and all the foundation that,you had throughout the day,but i only have been using this as a,daily face wash in the mornings,its very lovely to use in the mornings,the only problem now,i have with this cleanser is i have been,using,one pump which is a recommended one to,two pumps,um it says its best to wear it or try,it in,the shower which i havent but you can,do it as well so onto wet skin,use one to two pumps with this jelly,cleanser,i did and honestly the one,issue i have with this it doesnt foam,like,yes it does cleanse it does go onto the,skin,but i feel the cause of the consistency,because of the color of it,i cant really see it onto my skin and,it doesnt really form as i like it to,and um ive used so many other cleansers,so many other like foam cleansers,like kind of scrub like cleansers like,cream cleansers,gel cleansers and all of them,really exfoliate really scrub and really,like,foam with water and you can see the,leather,that really really ladders onto the skin,whereas this,doesnt really do any of that it doesnt,really,leather onto the skin it doesnt really,like you can see it,a little bit but it doesnt really foam,thats the only thing and i feel like,im not really cleansing my skin in the,morning thats the only thing i have,noticed with this,and i know its a conditioning face wash,which is like,you know how youll use conditioners and,when you put it on your hair and you,cant really see the conditioner and,it doesnt really foam conditioners they,dont foam like shampoo,they do they do foam a lot so this,its like a conditioner for your face,which doesnt foam,which is like very like invisible when,you put it on your,skin with water on wet skin it gets,invisible,and thats why i feel like i i dont,clean my face,enough and i have been noticing,spots around my face especially on my,pores normally with,face washes whenever i use them i dont,get this issue like my pores are very,nice minimized,i dont break out a lot and once i have,used this i feel like ive been breaking,out quite a lot i feel like my face,doesnt get cleansed,a lot or doesnt get cleansed at all,and i feel like this doesnt really do,much for me is it me or somebody else,experiencing that now i do have dry skin,and you would imagine that this,face wash would be the one for me as i,have dry skin and it would be very,conditioning very nice and nourishing,onto the skin which it has been i mean,on throughout the application it is very,nice and,conditioning and nice but,i feel like it gets just invisible onto,the skin i cant really say,what im doing and one pump or two pumps,i feel like for me is not enough,because of the um invisibility of the,product i feel like one or two,pumps of this product is not enough,for myself so honestly i have tried this,product so many times,different ways other ways in order to,get the gist of,it but i cant just work out,how this product works for me it is a,very gentle cleanser so probably thats,why,the ingredients for my skin type they,dont work as efficient,and it does have four out of five stars,on the glossier website and theres one,comment ive highlighted which says,it didnt remove any makeup with over,five pumps,it works well if youre not wearing any,makeup at all or the day,or if you use it in the morning so im,guessing,other people have issues with this,cleanser as well it doesnt really,do much for the skin so i feel like it,really depends how your skin works how,your skin type is,and basically how you get along with,this product now,of course glossier is the brand which is,more like this minimalistic,more this natural brand aesthetics,products that work but also,are not too much in your face but,sometimes with,products you really want the product to,work,if its a cleanser if its a moisturizer,if its a face mask,you really want to make sure that,product really works especially with,cleansers because this is the first step,that i use in the morning,i want to use a product that really,really cleanses,the skin complexion and whenever i use,this i feel like it doesnt do,anything to my skin,and there are quite a lot of,alternatives,um for example that i can mention that,really work amazingly onto the skin,there is,one ive also i think believe ive,mentioned in my previous video that,one from loreal is the lore

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