1. Glowforge Pro 1 Year Review
  2. Glowforge Review
  3. Gweike Cloud Pro 50W CO2 Laser Cutter is the Unexpected Glowforge Killer! Review and Test
  4. We review the 10 Things we wish we knew before we got a Glowforge.
  5. Introducing The Glowforge Laser
  6. Better and Cheaper than Glowforge? Gweike Cloud Laser Review
  7. TRUTH ABOUT GLOWFORGE – A Users Honest Review

Glowforge Pro 1 Year Review

this is our one year anniversary of glow,forge ownership,and well show you what we think about,it and how much we made,right now what is up a welcome back,do you like to do it builder make it so,do we and we have a new video,each week this week its me and lola,sparks one year anniversary,and im only a little bit jealous lola,thats what i named my glowforge lola,sparks thats cause she,lights up a room like a showgirl when,she walks in,a little bit he does call her lola this,machine has transformed our business,it actually turned our hobby into a,business this week were going to show,you what we learned after one year of,blowforge ownership,we were going to share a little bit of,our likes and dislikes,what our challenges were some,accomplishments weve had,and how much we made i was gonna say,last but not least,how much money weve made over the past,year,so what do we like about it number one,is the size,its 38 inches wide 21 inches deep,nine inches tall and it fits perfectly,on our craft table,yep it fits perfectly in a craft space,its convenient,all you need is a window or a space to,vent it i dont really have any dislikes,on the size,number two the cutting size for the,basic and the plus the cutting size is,19.5 inches wide,and 11 and a half inches tall but for,the pro,this is what we have its 19.5 inches,wide,and infinity long,we enjoy the cutting size of the probe,because it meets our needs we cut a lot,of 18 inch rounds for door hangers,what we dislike it would be nice if it,were,24 inches wide i would like to make a 24,inch round,but its only 19 and it still cuts those,18 inch rounds and that is the most,common size,and well cut all the letters that fit,on it three the laser power,the pro is 45 watts which is plenty of,power for us we cut a lot of quarter,inch,mdf actually we cut it like all day long,and it cuts it fine and it meets our,needs,anything larger than a probably a,quarter of an inch tall,youre going to need a more powerful,laser but like garrett said,we do we do crafting type projects and,so quarter inch is perfect for our needs,so,um no real dislikes there maybe,maybe it would be nice if it cut a half,inch piece of plywood,but ive only needed that maybe once or,twice,three materials this cuts a wide range,of materials,engraves a wide range of materials and,glowforge sells a wide range of,materials that are proof grade,and ready to go in the laser yeah the,great thing about glow forge materials,is they are a consistent cut they have,very consistent materials and theres,lots of different kinds,different types of wood leather acrylic,its great that you can just go right,back to glowforge and order any other,types of materials you want and they,come with that qr code,so glowforge app just reads the qr code,and knows exactly what it is and sets,those settings automatically,those low forged materials do get a bit,expensive,and theyre usually sold out so you can,go to your home improvement store and,pick up materials,youll just have to cut them down to fit,and maybe the quality is not as good,yeah the quality control is pretty good,at glowforge,yes well theyre not as consistent,sometimes the mdf cuts and sometimes it,doesnt,the lighter cuts better than the darker,we found anyway,yeah we also found that a lot of people,sell low forge materials on,etsy and ebay five,exhaust now this thing is mostly,self-contained except you do need to,vent it out a window or put it in an air,scrubber,the internal fan is loud it is like a,shop vac,and you do have to be close to a window,the great thing though is it does have,its own internal fan you dont have to,have something external,but you do have to account for that,noise or,you can use an inline fan and add that,to the back you can get that on look at,any of the glowforge user groups theyll,show you lots of different models you,can get those on,amazon and that helps quiet it up a,little bit,you can also add an air filter which,will help reduce the noise,and you wont have to vent it out the,window itll be totally self-contained,but the filter is expensive and the new,cartridges are pretty costly also,and if youre cutting a material like,mdf the mdf has more glue and dust to it,so you are going to clog up your filters,quicker,so that is an expense to think about we,did use the filter,but we went back to venting it out the,window six,the design application i like it because,its web-based,and you can use it from anywhere it also,uses the glowforge servers for the,processing power,you can upload your own svgs and you can,cut your files,you can even create svgs and export them,from the glowforge app,but if youre doing any real detail,design work youre gonna probably want,to use,a more sophisticated design tool like,adobe illustrator,inkscape or silhouette studio,the application does have some,limitations like you cant do aligning,or separating layers it also accepts,your typical file formats,it does scanning and the glowforge,artwork,is immense it goes on for days theres,everything they even have some knockoff,star wars stuff in there yeah,yeah theres a lot a lot of images in,there,seven cutting engraving and scoring we,learned a lot this year about,layers and which should come first,scoring engraving and cutting,its also capable of 3d engraving but we,havent tried that yet,and i dont really have any dislikes to,add to that one i think,it does what we need to do score cut and,engrave,eight the camera this thing has a camera,on the lid and i,love it its great for lining up things,and materials especially if youre,trying to get something really detailed,its also great because it does,autofocus you dont have to set the,laser head,distance from the material yes it,automatically detects if youre using,quarter inch,eighth inch and it adjusts that laser,height for you you dont have to,manually do that,thats another one of those auto,features of this thing,the downside is the camera is in the,middle of the lid,so it is the most accurate in the center,of your material,and it gets less accurate as it moves,outwards,nine learning and support there is a ton,of stuff out there about the glowforge,theres a ton of places you can find,information about settings,cleaning i mean anything you want about,it theres youtube channels,facebook groups reddit communities,glowforge,groups glowforge has its own community,and it is very active,i mean every time youre scrolling on,any of your social media,any number of pages that youve liked,will come across with,so many tips and tricks i have learned,so much just flipping through social,media and reading someones,post saying oh no how do i,and then you think yeah how do i and,i have learned so many things so the,support community is just,excellent theres so many different,resources out there do not be,intimidated,youll learn so much so fast 10.,glowforge customer service now this,might be our most controversial,uh like and dislike yep,we hear a lot of horror stories about,how horrible the customer service is,but i put a gopro in my glow forge,trying to get the best shot,and really messed it up and broke one of,the wheels on the gantry,i emailed littleforge no questions asked,they sent me two new wheels,because it was still under warranty like,i said,no questions asked 11. she gets dirty,especially if im cutting a lot of that,quarter inch mdf,so you have to keep it clean i learned,that i do a two-minute daily clean,i made a video over here and now i,learned also that,once a month ill do a deep clean and,clean the fan and everything i also made,a video where i do that over here,if you dont it gets very smoky and,there can be flare-ups,and there might be a fire my masking,tape might have caught on fire before,and we do keep a fire extinguisher,a can of fire extinguisher near the glow,forge,just in case 12. a comparison,we get a lot of questions about an,x-carve versus the glow forge,in all honesty we sold our x-carve,because we found we,really only used the glow forge and we,used the x-car

Glowforge Review

hey whats up TR oh why the maker,checking in and this is my review of the,glowforge in this review were gonna,talk about everything thats on the,outside everything thats on the inside,the glowforge interface Im gonna show,you the difference between the cut score,and engrave were gonna talk about the,noise hes gonna talk about the Smeal,were gonna talk about the different,models so referral program and which,model that I think is right for you,lets get into hey were gonna start at,the back of the glowforge this is the,power outlet right here this is what the,plug goes into right here and this is,the own and off switch this is the,exhaust fan on the back of the glowforge,and this is the holes that you connect,to the back of the exhaust fan so then,out the window,the glowforge comes with this hose right,here but it doesnt come with this hose,right here I got this hose right here,out of Lowes or Home Depot its just,the dryer vent hose that I attach this,part to right here and this is how Ive,been out the window and this right here,is the start button as you can see I,kind of decorated mine a long time ago,it needs to redo okay this is the inside,of the glowforge this is your printer,head right here this is your laser -,this is your crumb tray this is the,front door it leads now so you can take,the crumb tray in and out for cleaning,this moves up and down this moves left,to right and thats how the laser,machine moves around these right here,are your LED lights they are on each,side okay this right here is your camera,its how you see the glowforge be when,youre on the computer once you login to,your glowforge,interface this is your design library,this is your Home tab this is where all,of your files will be saved in the,glowforge cloud this is your catalog,catalog is basically where you can buy,some clothes for designs and files from,this is the shop this is the glowforge,store this is where you can buy all of,the proof grade materials such as,leather plywood acrylic even spare parts,this right here is the glow forest,community once you log in you can ask,questions like a forum that glowforge,have and this last tab this is the,support tab this is basically where,youre gonna go at once you first,purchase your glowforge,as you can see it has everything from,the unboxing and settings as safety has,you had tells you how to clean this is,the manual your account troubleshooting,using the pro and doing your first cuts,in print like for example if you go to,unboxing and setup its basically,showing you everything like checking,like when you first get your glow for is,light if you want to check for damages,and it says you like everything that we,kind of went over in the beginning it,has step-by-step on how to unpackage,your glow forage and everything like it,and its also detailed and it has,pictures on how to set it up it tells,you how to connect it to your Wi-Fi,and like everything and so for,everything thats supposed to be inside,of it like right here youre gonna have,to go through this to get your glow for,it set up,okay now were about to hit inside a,glow for sprint and Im gonna give you a,quick overview or everything inside and,were also gonna cut engrave and score,so I can show you the difference between,them so lets jump into it okay the,first thing you do you go up here to,create and then you have three different,options you can do a blank design upload,from file or capture from camera were,gonna go with new blank design okay,now were inside a glowforge sprint,right now we have the glow for is off,thats why its offline right here this,is where you import your artwork or you,can search for the victors that glow for,his hands inside of glowforge sprint and,thats what were gonna do and also,before we get an edge this is right here,where you can insert shapes and then,this one right here is what you can do,takes this is your select tool and this,is your pen tool basically this what you,use to like move it around and stuff,like that so were gonna go up here to,import artwork you can either upload,your own file right here or you can,trace the glowforge be using a camera,right here so were going to upload,were not gonna upload were gonna,search a graphic within glowforge print,so were just gonna type in smile search,and as you can see a whole bunch of,smiles pop up so were just gonna go,with one of the little simple smiles,like this one for example and its gonna,upload it okay once its uploaded you,can use the Select tool to like scale it,to what size you want and as you can see,it has a ruler right here has a,measurement on this side and has,measurements at the top so were gonna,take it and were gonna make it about,were gonna make it about one and a half,one and a half inches wide wooden half,inches tall okay so were gonna go up,here to unknown this is where you select,either your glowforge material right,here but if you have some proof gray,material and you already got it inside,of the machine glowforge will recognize,this QR code and then I automatically,put these settings in for you this is a,piece of draft board,Im gonna use for this review to cut out,those designs so were gonna go up here,youre gonna click unknown and the,material that were gonna use is right,here its called medium draft board,thats the material were gonna use,so with this smiley face were gonna,actually do an engraved so were gonna,go with draft graphic because I think,this setting is a little bit better this,is SP graphic and this is HD graphic,its just like different little small,settings for each one of and were gonna,find another file were gonna do lets,type in heart and were gonna do the,same thing were gonna make it about one,and a half inches were gonna put it,like something like that and with this,heart were actually gonna do a cut,were gonna cut that heart out and were,gonna use the same material thats proof,gray cut if you click this arrow right,here it just give you some more settings,if you want to kind of tweak it or,change it but this is what the low,forwards recommends so were gonna cut,that out and lets do a circle and with,this circle were just gonna take a,solid circle right there do the same,thing make it about one and a half,inches and with this circle were gonna,do a score as you can see it kind of,unfilled the circle cuz its just gonna,score score is basically where it,doesnt cut out it just kind of gives it,like a deeper engrave so this is what,were gonna do,okay now that we got the material inside,as you can see this is what a camera,comes in handy you can actually see the,bed of the globe for it we have the,designs theyre not placed on top of the,material so what you can easily do is,just highlight all of them select them,and you can move them around like so so,rich is gonna put them directly on top,of the material as you can see and you,also can use the zoom in feature to get,even closer like so and as you remember,were gonna score this one were gonna,cut this out and were just gonna,engrave this one so the next thing you,do you go up here to ready,and you just click it and its basically,gonna prepare your print and its going,to set up everything and make sure that,the file is working its gonna send,everything over to the glowforge and,its gonna give you an estimated time on,how long these three designs is gonna,take and its gonna take these three,designs three minutes and 51 seconds,this is your cut this is your engrave as,you can see how to engrave this its,just its just engraved its like taking,just like a little bit of the top layer,off of it and this is your score your,score is basically like instead of,engraving its like a halfway click or,something like it its kind of like how,I would see I dont know if you can see,it but its cuz its a really thin line,but thats basically like how a score is,how you know when a glowforge is ready,to start its print you have to press the,button right here you will see that its,lighting up is going on and off on it,now and wh

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Gweike Cloud Pro 50W CO2 Laser Cutter is the Unexpected Glowforge Killer! Review and Test

I recently got a package that was a,little bit bigger than usual,inside this industrial looking box is a,laser cutter called Greek Cloud Pro,it is a very solidly built 50 watt CO2,laser cutter from Geek manufacturer,it is a very heavy and nice looking,machine with glass top and metal,enclosure all around,it looks similar to the well-known and,popular glowforge but I think that it is,much better and the best thing it costs,half as much as the glowforge,it is supposed to be more powerful much,faster more versatile and at half the,price,in this video I will test to see how it,performs in laser cutting and Engraving,various materials,and I will test all of its features so,you can see if it will be suitable for,your needs,quick is a well-established manufacturer,of industrial laser cutters,they have been in the business for over,18 years making laser cutters bigger,than an average house in Europe,they definitely should know how to make,great laser cutter,weak Cloud Pro is their smallest and,first consumer grade laser cutter,inside we can see that all access,feature industrial linear guides and,very solid Construction,the laser head has a removable,protective cover which can be easily,removed from maintenance,this machine has a third z-axis for,adjusting the focus via the software,even the z-axis has a mini industrial,sliding rail,the CO2 vacuum tube sits on the y-axis,and infrared laser beam is directed to,the laser head where a mirror directs it,through the lens which focuses it into,the material,the machine has an air assist,older models had a very loud air assist,air pump in the filter box but my,machine is the updated version which has,an almost silent air assist air pump,inside the enclosure,this laser cutter has a built-in closed,water cooling system which is an,advantage compared to cheaper CO2 lasers,which need a bucket of water nearby for,heat exchange it has a built-in camera,for positioning the designs on the,material which is very convenient as you,will see later,with the machine you also get two rotary,rollers one for big and the other for,smaller cylinders,you also get big air filter box which,contains an air assist pump which was,used on a previous version of the,machine,you also get a spare air filter and a,generous sample pack of materials MDF,cardboard Plywood And acrylic,on the other side you have another USB,connector which is used for connecting,the camera to the computer if the,machine is used with light burn,but more on that later at the back it,also has a slot for passing through,material boards that exceed the machine,dimensions,and near the power port it has in USB,and Lan connectors for interfacing the,machine with a computer,the z-axis assembly can be covered with,the protection enclosure so less dust,gets into the mechanism and on the lens,honeycomb can be slid in from the front,this machine is built like a tank,the bottom part is made from solid,aluminum plate across the entire machine,with the machine you also get a very,nice looking external air fan and longer,hoses for better fume extraction,the fan is controlled by a wireless,remote which is very nice,the machine can be controlled three,different ways,with their Cloud software,their offline Control software similar,to light burn,or with lightburn itself,this is where Greek winds compared to,the glowforge,blowforge can only be controlled by,their Cloud software or if you want to,draw anything more complex than a,rectangle you will need to pay extra for,premium license no,no if the glowforge has no access to the,internet it will not work,and if glowforge stops supporting their,machine or if they go out of business,their machines will be just a heavy,paperweight,but the geek will continue to work,forever because it supports lightburn,and other rueta Control software,the first and the easiest to use is with,the GUI Cloud software,this is a simple interface meant to be,used by non-engineers and artists,they offer a big library of free designs,and its interface allows you to use all,basic shapes and text and ready-made,graphics,they also have a big library of,user-added ready-made designs and they,even offer very affordable membership,for even more added features,if you use their materials which have a,QR code then you just need to insert the,material then the machine reads the QR,code and adjusts The Cutting and,Engraving parameters automatically,of course you can use your own materials,but you need to adjust parameters by,yourself,lets make a design from their online,repository to show you how easy it is,this library is an amazing place to get,very nice gift ideas which you can also,customize since you can add your own,graphics on them,you can also use the camera for tracing,the existing shapes,with this feature you can capture,different parts of your life and make,them permanent,a very cool feature,the machine can also be controlled with,their offline Control software which I,didnt use much because I am more used,to light burn,but it looks like a fairly capable,software,and its free,setting up the machine in light burn is,simple and takes less than a minute,calibrating the camera takes a bit more,work but I will not go into details,because there is a great tutorial online,for it the camera needs to be calibrated,with a printed piece of dotted pattern,in various locations which tells the,light burn the fisheye Distortion of the,camera,then you need to engrave the light burns,test pattern which will show the program,where everything is located,I have inserted the included MDF board,for this purpose,[Music],this machine is very fast,then you need to select the center of,the patterns and then the calibration is,complete,now you can make camera overlays of the,workbed in lightburn,you can expect the position accuracy in,the range of one to two millimeters,I will test this by engraving your,rectangles around these shapes,[Music],the accuracy is within specifications,and it is good enough for majority of,the work,maybe if I took more time for,calibration the results would be even,better,this machine is capable of Engraving,with very high speeds,with diode engravers you would normally,use millimeters per minute for Speed,units but CO2 lasers are much faster and,normally speeds in millimeters per,second are used,the Greek Cloud Pro can achieve speeds,up to 600 millimeters per second on,x-axis which is a whopping 36 000,millimeters per minute,on y-axis it is a bit slower as the,y-axis is carrying a CO2 tube and it is,much heavier,you can use this blistering fast speed,for very fast photo engraving and fills,now we will test how the Greek Cloud,performs at plywood Engraving,I will engrave my standard test pattern,which I have modifies to suit much,faster and more powerful CO2 laser,cutters,[Music],the power scale Test shows how the laser,engraves at different speeds,the speeds I have selected here are now,in millimeters per second as opposed to,millimeters per minute as used by diode,laser engravers,the interval test the speeds are also,increased,[Music],this laser is very good at photo,engraving due to the high speeds it can,achieve on x-axis,[Music],looking at the pattern we can see that,this machine is very powerful as it,burned through this three millimeters,plywood at low power when engraving at,50 millimeters per second which is still,very fast,this laser engraves very dark even at,low power levels,compared to diode laser engravers CO2,laser shows a bit less dynamic range for,Engraving,and the photo Engravings look amazing,I have also designed a new test pattern,for testing The Cutting performance of,CO2 lasers,it tests the laser cutting performance,at different speeds and power for one,and two passes,you can download this pattern on my,website,you will find the link in the video,description,I have tested The Cutting performance,when cutting the three millimeters and,six millimeters thick Poplar plywood,this machine Cuts this plywood like,butter,we can see that it is much more

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We review the 10 Things we wish we knew before we got a Glowforge.

[Music],welcome to Salt Lake City Im Steve and,Im Derek and today were going to talk,about the 10 things we wish we knew,before we got a glowforge,as always like and subscribe to the,channel if you like what we do we put,out these videos every week tip number,one make sure that the laser that youre,getting is the size that you need,industrial lasers arent cheap now,thats a big investment yeah like a,laser like this one you know this is,maybe 15 bucks on Amazon but thats a 5,mil elazer right so the glowforge uses a,45 watt laser which is literally,thousands of times more powerful than,this one so its important for you to do,your research so you get what you,actually need the glowforge is available,in multiple different powers but there,are a lot of other laser cutters that,are kind of similar on the market that,range hugely in their power spectrum so,just really like know the scope of your,projects and dont overspend or under,spend like if all youre doing is,lightly etching into leather you dont,need a laser that can cut quarter inch,stainless steel right I would like one,though thatd be awesome tip number two,these things are noisy now I know that,the videos promoting these make these,machines seem quiet if you do them in,the comfort of your home in your living,room in the middle of the office etc but,these things are loud and Moses sound is,actually from the internal fan being,used to pull the smoke out of the,machine,think like,not quite as loud as a leaf blower but,is really close and inside yeah so there,are a couple things you can do to make,sure you mitigate that problem one of,the things that weve done is get an,inline fan we found this one will link,below right on Amazon it comes its its,really powerful its a six-inch fan so,you need to do some duct work with it,but this is significantly quieter and,significantly more powerful than the,internal fan exactly the inline fan,leads perfectly into our next tip which,is you you absolutely must have adequate,ventilation yeah this is a laser that is,burning through materials and what,anytime you burn anything youre going,to have smoke youre gonna have off,gassing yeah youre gonna have off,gassing its just a natural part of the,process we recently just made ourselves,some leather salt make city which were,pretty proud of it yeah,who has leather laser business cards we,do burning leather doesnt smell great,burning hair burning flesh thats thats,thats the smell also if youre cutting,something like Plexiglas I mean acrylic,has got some real nasty stuff in it when,it burns you dont want that in your,house you dont want that in your lungs,its its just its just not a good,thing not a good plan so be aware of the,ventilation the next tip tip number four,is placement first of all going off of,tip number three place it in your window,or near ventilation also get a sturdy,table you have ours on a pretty hefty,table that we got from Home Depot but,just something thats sturdy and the,right height for you to work at the,third thing is make sure you have Wi-Fi,access at least if its a glowforge the,fact is if you dont have Wi-Fi you,dont have a glowforge because it all,the software run it is run off the cloud,tip number five is that laser tubes,like any other electronic component have,a limited shelf life over the course of,their lifespan the power will fade and,and as it turns out with these types of,lasers so that if you dont use it those,gases are going to separate and that,laser tube is going to slowly degrade in,terms of its potency if its power output,will deteriorate over time so its,better to continually use your glowforge,think about a light bulb or a,fluorescent tube eventually it just,wears out so if youre looking at a,laser you need to consider the price to,replace your laser tube and consider,that almost a consumable as part of your,laser tip number six is you get what you,pay for so youll see on line something,referred to as Chinese lasers theyre,not all from China thats come to mean,its not really like a fare or its not,exactly because you just need to be,aware of what youre getting if youre,importing your laser youre gonna,potentially have to go through a customs,broker some sort of facilitator you have,to pay tariffs shipping a loan on your,laser could be over a thousand dollars,these things are heavy Ill say,glowforge a little bit on the expensive,end ours was about five thousand dollars,but Ill tell you what if something goes,wrong and weve had a couple of problems,we reach out to glowforge and they take,care of it theyve been great to work,with tip number seven is that the,glowforge its not quite as,plug-and-play as as those videos make it,seem so though it is one of the easier,laser systems to use youre still gonna,have to invest some time and material in,learning how to most efficiently use,this tool tip number eight glowforge,software its in the cloud so a couple,of advantages number one its always,updated if the company says hey this is,a change we want to make and they made,quite a few and they continue to you get,it instantly next its always accessible,through the web so you can use any,browser any computer you,use pc/mac phone Android tablet tablet,doesnt matter,you can use it as long as you have,internet access and you can get to the,website the disadvantage is no internet,access no glowforge,on tip 9 so safety is a priority youre,dealing with a 45 watt laser Ill be,honest if it cuts through wood itll cut,through lots of other things you dont,want to look at the glowforge while it,is actually cutting materials the co2,laser in the glowforge produces light,that is not in the visible spectrum,however it creates so much power that it,still can damage your retinas if youre,looking at it youre not wearing,adequate eye protection it also lets off,some infrared light which is nasty to,your eyes glowforge,created their cover so the glass you,look through is actually infrared,blocking however also recommend that you,go out online and get some of these,these look like safety glasses but these,are actually special these are,particularly one or Honeywell glasses,and again Ill link to these but these,also block the harmful rays that come,off of a laser just be careful its,important to know your materials there,are a ton of materials that you can use,I think thats one of the major appeals,of the of the glowforge is that you can,work with so many different materials in,it however there are materials that are,flat-out dangerous to to use for example,I was walking through a outdoor market,in my sisters town and I saw these,really cool records these old vinyl,records with an old Beatles record with,their silhouettes cut into it I thought,you know what I need to go home and do,that and I went to the thrift store I,got a record I was all ready to cut it,and I thought I need to check went,online I said hey what settings should,use to cut through a vinyl record and,what I got was none of them none dont,do it vinyl records are made out of PVC,which stands for polyvinyl chloride and,when you hit,a vinyl record with a 45 watt laser it,releases chlorine gas and its its not,just annoying its deadly so be very,careful the materials youre using do a,little bit of research do a little bit,of homework and make sure that youre,not walking into some totally,non-intuitive unforeseen safety hazard,there are some great resources out there,glow forges own website their their,community forum will tell you what,settings should be and also what you can,and cant cut Ill link to a couple of,sources below that tell you exactly what,your setting should be and also if you,should just not cut something at all,like uranium arsenic alloy for example,is that something you wanted to cut the,last thing Id say was safety dont,leave it alone theres this thought that,hey Im gonna leave this laser I can hit,print and leave it Im gonna go make,some Jiffy Pop popcorn and Im gonna,come back I have this thing thats all,made for you I know its t

Introducing The Glowforge Laser

thank you glowforge for sponsoring this,video to get a 500,discount and also to support my channel,use this link glowforge.com,weber,[Music],meet my new friend the glowforge pro,the glowforge is a powerful laser cutter,and engraver that fits on a desktop,and is easy enough for anyone to use,[Music],these machines need ventilation and you,can get filters or just go out the,window,but i went straight for the wall im,just using a dryer vent from the,hardware store,the glowforge has its own built-in,exhaust fan but several other youtubers,have suggested this aftermarket fan,because its quieter and a little more,powerful ill post links in the,description below this video for all of,the products that i mentioned,heres what it sounds like with me,talking right next to the fan so you can,see how quiet it is,now that were up and running its,playtime,[Music],carson wanted a sign for his bedroom,and then i caught this moment completely,candidly,yeah um i i want to,i wonder what ill do and i dont go on,that,i dont know what do you want to do when,you grow up,i dont know,all i want to do is be a fun daddy,because when i grow up im going to be a,daddy,that sounds good,nolan has this box that my wife wrote,his name on we simply put it in the,glowforge and it scanned the writing,with its own camera,and with just a couple of clicks the,glowforge software turned it into a,digital graphic,and with one more click it made an,engraving right over the pen,[Music],wow,[Music],my wife uses this tack hammer to hang,art gallery shows,so i figured id customize it for her,[Music],this all just seems sort of magical and,they agree,my kids are obsessed with the legends of,zelda and if youre a fan youll,recognize this as the chica slate,made with three layers of thin plywood,and enhanced with tin foil string and,colored pencil,now its time to get serious and give,the glowforge its permanent home,in the weber wood shop,so i did some rearranging and built a,platform to give it a bit more room,then i mounted my exhaust fan on the,wall,and im all set up,my wife designs these stickers and sells,them wholesale to businesses around the,country,and i make the display stands in my shop,that we send to our retailers,we ship them flat packed and the,retailer needs to be able to easily,assemble it in the store,i make them on my cnc machine which is,great but even with a good bit it does,leave quite a bit of sanding,so i figured i would try redesigning,them for the laser and see how they come,out,but i first needed to do some,experimentation,i did some test cuts to see what the,tolerances would be like for fitting my,pieces together,i tried various different settings on,the quarter inch plywood that i was,using before,and what i found was that glowforge will,definitely cut through the quarter inch,plywood but it has to cut slowly which,does leave quite a bit of charring to,clean off later,so i ran some of the same tests in,eighth inch plywood,and the results were dramatically,cleaner this is the little sample i made,so i could figure out the perfect fit,for the slots in eighth inch plywood,it needed to hold firmly but slipped,together easily without any tools,then i made one more little sample of,the actual joints,and i finally got the perfect fit im,doing all of my three-dimensional design,in sketchup and using a plug-in to,export the two-dimensional svg files for,the laser,[Music],i set it up to batch out these name,plates for the front of the display and,it does all of the engraving and cutting,in one pass,im able to make four complete displays,start to finish,in about 40 minutes,and thats it flat packed and ready to,[Music],ship,[Music],it might look a little wobbly at first,but as soon as everything locks together,its,solid,i designed these little locking tabs to,make up for the thinner material and it,worked perfectly,i cant tell you how impressed i am with,how clean these parts come out right off,the machine,you might recognize this from one of my,previous videos,and recreating this marquetry effect,with the glowforge is the one thing that,im excited about more than anything,else,so once again im experimenting with,some thin paper-backed wood veneer left,over from another project,and by the way ill also put a link in,the description for those pushpin style,magnets,i scribbled out a very simple little,mountain in my design software,im using something called affinity,designer for ipad but you can also use,adobe illustrator or various free,programs,but in order to get a tight fit with the,marquetry pieces i needed to try,different offsets in the software to,account for the tiny kerf created by the,laser beam,[Music],and once i figured that out i made this,but thats a story for another day so,make sure you hit that subscribe button,because im going to be showing this,entire build in the next video,remember to use this link to save up to,500 on your glowforge purchase,a huge thank you to all of my supporters,on patreon for encouraging me to go out,into the shop,late at night after the kids are in bed,and produce these videos,if you want to join the club get access,to my sketchup piles,t-shirts stickers and other merchandise,or see your name at the end of these,videos,just find me on patreon see you later

Better and Cheaper than Glowforge? Gweike Cloud Laser Review

so this is a desktop laser cutter and,engraver from gweek this guy is 50 watts,and it is a pretty impressive unit and,if youre looking at this guy youre,probably asking yourself one thing how,does this compare to the competition,specifically how does this compare to,the glow forge which we have running,right back there in this video were,going to review this machine but i want,to put it in context of the glow forge,which is probably the most popular,desktop laser cutter engraver that is,out there all right lets jump into it,[Music],okay so we have eight different,categories were gonna compare these two,machines with so at the very end we can,give you an overall winner and to start,off lets talk about price this is,probably the biggest difference between,these two machines is that the glow,forge is a good bit more expensive in,this case i am comparing the glow forged,pro which comes in just shy of 7 000,that is the highest in on their line,they have several that are lower the,glowforge pro is actually the closest to,this greek cloud machine that i could,find in terms of specs so thats the one,that we are going to be comparing coming,over to the gweak machine currently this,is,3150 bucks so this is half the price of,the glowforge pro in quick aside i have,no idea how to say this companys name,lets just call it the g machine from,now on so the winner in price is the g,machine next up lets talk about,something that may not be as obvious,when you are comparing these machines,and that is the actual company on the,glowford side of things actually started,as a kickstarter but the big part about,it is they are actually us-based so they,are based out of seattle so if you have,support questions just know that is who,youre going to be dealing with also the,glowforge is the only machine they offer,other than the two other versions that,is opposed to the g machine or gweck so,this is basically their glowforge,competitor but they also make industrial,lasers so they have the bigger 50 watt,60 watt machines you might have seen,from other manufacturers in the past and,all the way up to the bigger machines,and the big benefit about that is they,have all that manufacturing know-how,that come from those higher end machines,now probably the negative is this is a,overseas company based in china and some,of you might be cool with that some of,you may not like that but just know that,is what youre going to be dealing with,so for a winner i would actually give,this a tie i do the glow forge is,us-based but also like the full product,line the greek offers okay so lets talk,about the build first off things that,are the same between both units first,off theyre nice overall definitely,nicer than those industrial style units,they look pretty good theyve got a,glass top on both of them with nice,hinges everything runs on linear rails,and stepper motors they both have,honeycomb beds on the inside so it gives,you really good airflow underneath all,the wiring and everything looks really,nice on the inside and probably the most,obvious is this big white button that is,also on both machines and after,glowforce started doing that you,definitely saw a button like this,starting to show up on multiple machines,after now a few differences on the pro,side of things for the g machine the,entire case is actually sheet metal,versus the top being glass on the glow,forge and a hard plastic for the frame,the plastic is still really nice and,actually feels really good but this is,just hard its going to take a good,beating now the glowforge has a,pass-through meaning a slot in the very,front that you can push material through,that is bigger than the y distance on,your machine now this one also has a,pull out this tray can completely come,out and this is nice because you can,easily clean all the stuff that you cut,out that might fall through the,honeycomb but the machine will not run,if that is pulled out same with the lid,so thats a nice safety feature but the,best that i can tell you cant really,have this function as a pass-through,like you can with the glowforge now they,both have an internal cooling system so,with co2 lasers you typically have water,cooling so theres water being pumped,around that laser tube as its firing,with the bigger units that is actually,separate so you have a full tank that is,sometimes cool that then goes into your,machine but both of these that is inside,and thats why theyre a little bit,wider than maybe you think they need to,be and the glowforge has another thing,that is internal to the unit itself and,that is the actual air compressor so all,of that is built in you dont have to,plug in extra wire now while the,g-machine doesnt have that air,compressor built in they do give you an,external unit that is not only an air,compressor but is also a air filter so,ive got this ducted into the filter,right now and then it goes out from,there now its a little bit of a pain,because you definitely have to have more,space to set this thing up you do get,that added in air filter now the,glowforge does have an air filter that,you can vent everything into but it is,over a thousand dollars additional,purchase while this one is just part of,the unit now the air filter for the,glowforge is really nice i can run it,completely closed meaning im not going,to have anything vented out if i do the,same thing with this one the ceiling on,this one isnt quite as good you still,probably want to have this vented out,now the g machine is slightly bigger in,terms of the max material that you can,put inside you can see the difference,right here but really its not a huge,difference between the two and if i was,going to pick a winner on the build,between both of these machines i would,give a slight edge to glowforge mainly,because everything is internal the fit,and the finish feels a little bit nicer,even though this is like a rock solid,unit the whole thing is metal i still,would lean towards the glowford okay so,lets talk about laser power both of,these are co2 lasers meaning there is a,glass tube that shoots out a laser beam,that gets bounced around and then gets,focused right into the laser head that,then goes into your material the greek,is 50 watts while the glow forge pro is,45 watts and then the cheaper units for,the glow forge drop down to 40 watts,something a little goofy that both of,these machines do is the actual glass,tube rides on the gantry meaning as this,moves in the y direction the entire,glass tube moves as well the nice part,about that is the beam isnt having to,travel quite as far but you definitely,run into the risk of potentially,cracking the glass tube as a result my,bigger co2 machines it just lives in the,back and its bounced around on the,mirrors but that is on both machines now,the glowforge one has some brackets that,hold that glass tube in and the g,machine has this pretty much fully,enclosed so this glass tube just feels a,lot safer so the winner in terms of,power would be the g machine because,its more powerful and i like the way,that the glass tube is attached so next,up lets talk about speed so how fast,are these units now a big part about the,speed is going to be about the wattage,so higher power your laser the faster,that you can run it but even with that i,have found the d machine to be faster,even if im running it at lower wattages,they suck this out as having a top speed,of 600 millimeters per second an,acceleration of 35 millimeters per,second squared glowforge you dont,really know they just give you values,from zero to four thousand so im not,exactly sure what those are and even,searching around on the forums people,dont totally know what that means so i,thought the best way to test it was to,do a real life test between the two,machines,i did these two engraves of r2d2 for the,gui it was at 40 power at 20 000,millimeters per minute at 250 dpi now,these images were the same size but the,glow forge you can only select certain,dpi settings so i actually dropped th


in this video Ill be giving an honest,review about the glowforge – the plus,but most of what I discuss will apply to,whatever model that you have this video,will be geared more towards those who,are still in the fence about whether,they should buy or those who have just,purchased and want to get a better idea,of what the features are like when they,get their product in the mail so without,further ado lets jump in packaging so,Ill be honest this puppys for grand I,was a little nervous about transit I,didnt want my four thousand dollar,machine getting bumped or damaged or,anything jiggling loose during transit,and I was a little bit nervous but once,I got the package in the mail all my,fears were put to rest this thing is so,well packaged and insulated around the,whole globe Fords unit you got a just,shell of foam and even on the inside of,the unit inside here you got all this,kinds of foam holding down all the,gantry and all the mechanisms or its,Clips tape everything just to hold this,thing super snug so nothing jiggles,around or you know gets bumped or broken,during transit so if thats something,youre worried about rest assured this,things packaged really well so you,wont have to worry about something,getting damaged in shipping size and,weight this is super funny the first,thing that I was impressed by when this,thing got in the mail was holy smokes,this things huge you know I didnt even,look at the specifications on the,website I just saw the videos of this,thing sitting in a kitchen in an office,environment and Im like okay you know,its about this bigger so and when I saw,the FedEx guy carrying this thing into,my door Im like holy smokes and then I,was actually off that day oh my my wife,came home she said the same thing she,walks in the door shes like oh my gosh,is things huge let me give you a scale,all right so now Im standing right next,to it you can see how big this thing,really is Im 6 1 1 55 Im a little thin,but look at the size of this thing,compared to my torso its huge I mean,its not a bad thing but I was thinking,I was just gonna put it on a like my,kitchen table so I can vented out the,kitchen window but now I had to get a,different table for it so it is big it,does weigh a ton I could probably lift,it myself but I dont want to because I,dont want to drop a fourth that was,until our machine but it is really heavy,so make sure you have a sturdy table and,you have two people lifting it when you,do move it around set up set up was,pretty straightforward there wasnt a,whole lot to it theres a web page that,you go to and you just follow step by,step on how to set up the machine how to,connect to the Wi-Fi that was a pretty,simple process in the app theres some,pre-loaded designs that you can just,choose and print off for your first,print this was mine a little gift of,good measures what its called,and within about I dont know 45 minutes,to an hour us printing my first print,Internet so the glowforge uses Internet,to work which is great because it makes,it super super seamless I have 4 3d,printers and every time I load the file,onto a little jump drive walk over to my,3d printer plug it in hit the file its,not a problem but with the internet its,super nice I just hit print on the,internet and then it just sends the file,over to the glowforge and I just push,this button and then it prints the only,downside is is if you dont have,internet or something happens to your,internet or the glowforge servers go,down youre screwed theres no other,option your glowforge is just a sitting,duck so if there was something I could,maybe add in I think itd be cool to,have maybe a jump drive option for,whatever reason just safety for me as a,consumer I dont like being a hundred,percent,dependent on everything running smoothly,at the company what if something happens,I would like to have the ability to load,the file onto a jump drive plug it in,that way so but anyways Internet,it does make it super seamless so as,long as nothings going on with your,internet its gonna be a very seamless,enjoyable process for you exhaust port,all the fumes that your glow forage is,going to be generating from cutting wood,or acrylic or whatever it is its,cutting is it going to be filtered out,this exhaust port right here theyre,going to be getting a four inch dryer,duct hose like this guy that comes with,your glowforge and you will clamp that,hose onto this exhaust port now Im,super handy Im really good with my,hands and I had a heck of a time trying,to get this hose to stay on to this,little port,there were times where I had like a,10-minute cut going on I was in the,other room and starts smelling something,like what is that and walk over and this,hose was pulled off it had slipped off,the port a little bit so it was hard to,get on it was hard to stay on this,things blowing a lot of air and,sometimes it just kind of blew it open,theres a little crack in there and that,bugged me,thankfully however there is this little,product that you can get its about two,inches and it just goes on the back of,your glowforge and your exhaust hose,clamped onto it really nicely and your,hose is never gonna pull off of it you,can get it online for about 20 bucks and,Ill put the links in description smell,now your glowforge cuts by the means of,burning so its gonna generate a lot of,smoke a lot of fumes but it does a,really good job of exhausting those,fumes out the hose out the window,wherever you have it going,but you arent gonna smell some of those,fumes in your house in the room wherever,you have your glow forage set up I think,some do some fumes escape through these,through these joints here at the lid and,also down here at this model as well,Ive even seen one guy online maybe,youve seen the video but he actually,has like blue painters tape running down,here to try to prevent the fumes from,escaping they do have a little weather,seal guy right here on each side but,its really thin it doesnt really,provide enough rigidity to push back,upon the lid to provide a really good,seal so just be advised you are going to,smell some fumes wherever this thing is,if its in your living room your,basement the room some craft room or,whatever youre definitely gonna smell,its not gonna be a lot its not gonna,be terrible but it really depends on how,long your cut is if your cut is only a,minute or two youre really not going to,notice it if youre cutting I had one,piece of acrylic I was cutting for a,friend it was a two hour long cut and I,had to open all the windows in my house,because it was smelling pretty bad so,the takeaway just put the glowforge I,have mine in my living room so it kind,of infects the rest of the house so the,takeaway is just to have the glowforge,in its own room that way if it smells a,little bit its closed off from the rest,of the house and it wont bother anyone,else,no ways okay this is probably my biggest,rub with the glowforge it is loud meat,glowforge the 3d laser printer start,with a design that youve downloaded,create choose from dozens of materials,the first time I fired this thing up I,thought there was something wrong with,it,the actual mechanisms themselves to cut,thats super quiet but its the two fans,you have an intake fan on the right and,then an exhaust fan on the back that,pushes out and those two fans I mean,they move Lots they just move volumes of,air and those things are cranking and,theyre super loud when I have a long,print that Im running Ill take two,thick blankets folded up and just drape,it over the left side of my glowforge,over that exhaust port to try and keep,the noise down which helps a lot,I have seen some people get some,insulated dryer duct hoses and that cuts,down on the noise a little bit this it,definitely isnt a deal breaker but,again have the glowforge in its own,dedicated room again mines in my living,room so when I fire this thing up pause,the TV stop your conversations this,things going so again definitely not a,deal breaker but just take some steps

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